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The Master about  the Universal White Brotherhood — in talk pages

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Where is the Brotherhood? “In ourselves” Sofia, 22.6.1923

“Let us all remember this thing! This should be imprinted in your minds. The Universal White Brotherhood is not something visible; It is not a sect; It is not a church; It is something alive, outside of these corrupted conditions in which people live. The way people live now, is not a brotherhood.” Sofia, 22.2.1925

"The words of the Universal White Brotherhood must be free from twisted understandings - this is a Divine impulse. A member of the Universal White Brotherhood is anyone who is credited." Harmonizing of the Human Soul - Volume 3 - Boyan Boev (1883 - 1963)

The Master speaks about  the Universal White Brotherhood — in talk pages

Methodologies and Responds to Inquiries about the Brotherhood, the WB-16:30 (4:30 p.m.) -V. Tarnovo, 22.8.1919

What do we call ourselves?

Disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood. All religions are methodologies of the Universal White Brotherhood. By means of the religions, the Brotherhood wants to bring all nations closer. Its messengers create and guide religions.

And what about the philosophers and preachers of godlessness?

They are members of the Dark Force. The two groups are fighting to see which one will conquer the world – humankind. Spiritism and theosophy are methods of the Universal White Brotherhood and they prepare Its path.

What about the religious teachings that have failed?

These were introductory studies. The organization of the world is due to the Universal White Brotherhood. If you are put to work, and you commit an offense, or divert from the path that this Brotherhood has stated, they will send you somewhere that is safe for humans. For instance, the Brotherhood sent Napoleon to the Island of St. Helena, to eliminate feudalism and empower the Church, however, he could not resist to the end and that's why he fell.

About the Universal White Brotherhood: Apostle Paul alludes in his message to the Jews, Chapter 12. And what happens to obedient and naughty ones, is written in the Book of Job, Chapter 12. In the archives of the Universal White Brotherhood are kept all the secrets and everything good, nothing is omitted. The leaders of that Brotherhood are up, in heaven, where they are initiated, but they work down here, on Earth. All Saints are members of that Brotherhood and they act in the name of God, whose Spirit is manifested in various times and with different methods – religions, doctrines, and so on.

The Four Council, SB, BR-9:00 a.m. -V. Tarnovo, 21.8.1921

We, the Universal White Brotherhood will not accept anyone lying to us, no more lies! We and you, along with the churches, we are all servants of God. And what are you doing, that you want to lie to us, it won't work. We know these lies. The man and the woman before they get married, do they not pretend? The man pretends that he is very noble, and the woman pretends that she is very noble. But after they get married, they say to one another, "You do not fool me, we know each other – the pretense was before, but now we have gotten to know each other!"  Why do we have to be dishonest? Now, the pure truth must be made know, so we can renew ourselves, then we can become disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, in this sense, we become disciples of Christ.

Proper use of the Mind, the Heart and the Will in Life, SB-9:15 a.m. -V. Tarnovo, 22.8.1921

No hesitation, no doubts! Absolutely no exception! You say, "What if I do doubt?" If you do that – this is something else. We are talking about what should not be, not what should be. The mind will come fully at the service of the greater Good; the heart will come fully at the service of Love; the will shall come fully at the service of Truth; and your soul will be totally in the service of God's Wisdom. These are the laws that are written as the testimonies inside everyone who wants to become a disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood, in the morality of which there are no exceptions. And if you follow these rules, God's blessing will be on your side and you will grow from knowledge to knowledge; from power to power; and your soul will gradually acquire the joys that you want. 

Three Categories of Students, OOK-19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 30.3.1922

The aim of the occult school is to prepare your minds, and your hearts to understand and apply Truth. Now this School is also a skilled school. I am talking about the occult School of the Universal White Brotherhood, which will show you the way to apply Truth in life – not to find it, but to apply it.

Negative and Positive Features of the Disciple, OOK-19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 4.4.1922

A weakness of all disciples is this: sometimes the disciples think that they know more than their Master. The rule in the occult school is: the disciple cannot know more than the Master, ever. It is the Law of the Occult School. Christ said, "The disciple is not superior to the Master." If you start to think that you know more than the Master – you are on the left; and if the Master starts to think that he is not like his students, he is on the left too. One of them uses the knowledge only for himself, and the other one does the same. And in the school of the Universal White Brotherhood all is used for the Kingdom of God, in order to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Once the Kingdom of God on Earth is restored, then all students and teachers, will have the best conditions to reveal their knowledge and to create something better in this world.

Between you and me, I need to clear up all the questions. Nothing more! In the future, if you do not do as I tell you, I will turn my back and I will not look at you anymore! This is the rule of the Universal White Brotherhood. Why? It is an internal law. He who dwells in us, God, has a path and will not wait for us. The sun rises, the earth rotates and everything goes according to the specified plan. We cannot change the Laws of Being. You say, "I think this way!" Yes, but God thought millions of years ago when He created the world, and therefore, we will think and act as He thought, and as He is acting. You sometimes want to teach me how to operate. I do not operate from myself, but I walk on God’s paths and I want you to walk this way too. I will not amend the Laws of God, neither you, nor the angels, and no being in the world is able to alter, in anyway, the Divine paths. They are unalterable. You can react, but to give a reverse path, it is impossible. Then you will trip yourselves. If you want to be a disciple, this is one of the rules of the school. The school formed several times in Europe, but it was closed for a more favorable time, due to the arising of disputes. Several times it was opened and closed, and now it can be closed again, but if I close it again, you will you teach yourselves. I am not going to teach you for a second time!

That is why I want you to be ready at this time, for when those above have decided and have the grace to teach you. I do not speak in my name, beware: I speak in the name of the Universal White Brotherhood. If they have the good grace toward you, then you have to be faithful to them. You will study these great truths from their perspective. Apply your mind, put everything to a test.

Natural Methods, OOK-19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 13.4.1922

Now what happens in nature, will happen within you. If it does not happen, you are not on the right path. If someone preaches a doctrine without struggling, with no winds, no sleet, no hail, and no rain, it is not the Divine teachings, this is not the teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood. These are principles, these are the conditions that you need to keep in your mind and try them.... 

This is the doctrine that Christ taught. What we have now is not morality. We leave the current morality and give you New principles, which you should keep and develop. When you develop these principles inside your soul, you will feel strong and courageous – you will have strength and courage to endure everything.

Now, I will explain the word "patience" from an occult perspective. Every disciple in the school of the Universal White Brotherhood must be patient.

Faith and Doubt, OOK-19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 17.6.1923

I must introduce you to the Brotherhood. You do not know It yet. I want you all to call yourselves disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, of which Christ is the head. Inside yourself you will say, "We are disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, of which Christ is the head.” And to the others you will say the same thing, "We are disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, of which Christ is the head.” Be brave within yourself and you will see whether or not you are going to suffer. To the outer world you may say that you are occultists. Theosophists say, "We are disciples of the White Lodge." What is more important – Lodge or Brotherhood? "Brotherhood" – this is the first name, but it has a more sacred name that now I dare not pronounce it. Keep this name in yourself. There are names that are not allowed to be pronounced. Where is this Brotherhood? We will tell you where It is. The Church says, "You are heretics!" No, we are members of the Universal White Brotherhood, of which Christ is the head. If Christ is the head of the Church, and we are disciples of that head, we have a common head, therefore, there is no reason to slander us, there is no reason to persecute us. The One who is your leader, He is our leader. Hence, we have a common leader. You call Christ the head of the Church, and we call Christ the head of the Universal White Brotherhood. Which is the more efficient word? The Universal White Brotherhood is the more efficient word. Because the word “brothers” means living beings, and “church” suggests the people inside, the content.  Both are important.

Then you will consider the following: In the Universal White Brotherhood three methods for work are used. One method is that of Love by which Christ now works. The second method is that of Wisdom, and the third method is that of Truth. These are the three methodologies, the three teachings that the Universal White Brotherhood uses simultaneously. Therefore, we operate with Love, with Wisdom, and with Truth, all at the same time. Christians operate with Love; Theosophists with Wisdom; and the Yogis use Truth in the service of the will in its physical manifestation.

So, in the Brotherhood the studying of Love, Wisdom and Truth are methodologies for establishing the spiritual links for serving God. Christ said, "Seek the Kingdom of God in His righteousness and everything else will be given to you.” This is the idea. Christ said, "Who denies Me in front of men, I will disown him to the angels.” The members of the Universal White Brotherhood are the servants of God, they are the angels. This is what is implied in the line “I will disown him” not to God, but to these brothers. You must say, "We are preparing for discipleship, to enter the Universal White Brotherhood, of which Christ is the head, and in our striving we will not retreat a single step, we will not forsake the principles of Love, Wisdom and Truth.” This is the only way to become a member. When you are a member you will begin real life. I will pause at any time to talk to you about the Brotherhood, there is much to talk about it, familiarize yourself with the Laws of this Divine science. I will gradually introduce you to the Brotherhood, not at once. If you are ready, we would have to walk you among these Brothers, for you to see them, but they do not allow anyone else.  Do you understand?

Implication, IB, BS-16:00 (4:00 p.m.) Sofia, 21.6.1923

Now you are watching what some others did. Do we have to look at what God has done in the world or what people have done? The first sacred thing that I want from you, is for you to arrange your relationship with God. But what about the Church and everything else? The first relationship in the Universal White Brotherhood is the relationship between God and you. I will prove to you why all the other relationships that you have in the world, are unnatural relationships.

Therefore, as disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, you must distinguish yourselves at first with honesty. Do you know what kind of a thing honesty is? It refers to your personal dignity. It is not an auxiliary character, it is something moral when you think rationally. You should no be dishonest. When you promise, you have to be true to your word. When you say a word, when you make a promise, you have to keep your word. Moreover, the disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood has to be good, which is already a moral quality.

As a disciple of the Brotherhood you must be so alert that you can give anyone an answer for what you believe in. We should also be courageous, noble, and have a sublime, steady, and inexorable will, as constant as the Will of God. This is my desire. This is how you will be distinguished from the others, and when you walk, the others should say, "The disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood are honest people, they are people who, no matter what they start, they complete it.”

The Primary Link, EB -10:00 a.m. Sofia, June 22, 1923

Do not think that if you get drunk and fall into the mud, this is how it should have been. The fact that you got covered with mud, is a result that was entirely up to you. You have fallen, and you will stand up on your own. The morality of the Universal White Brotherhood is absolute. It says: When the Master accepts a person as a disciple, he stops interfering with the mistakes of the disciple. In other words, the Master is blind to the mistakes of the disciple. Before you became a disciple, the Master warned you about everything. As soon as you become a disciple, the Master no longer sees your mistakes. In turn, the disciple does not understand the mistakes of the Master. Why? Because you cannot correct the mistakes of the Master. Even if you see them, you cannot correct them. Can the Master correct the mistakes of the disciple? Sometimes the Master cannot. Why not? Because there are some weaknesses in people that derive from a natural law. Imagine that the Master did not eat for ten days. What will be his condition? Would he be as keen and cheerful as when he ate? If the disciple does not understand that the agitated state of the Master is due to something unsatisfied in his organism, the disciple can attribute that state to the will or character of the Master. For example, if the disciple has been starving for five days, and the Master has found some agitation in him, the Master will understand it. If the Master starts moralizing, it will not help. Bread is needed for the disciple! So, the bread is able to correct the flaws of both the Master and the disciple.

Hence, we derive the following great, absolute law that puts things right instantly. This law state, "Every ailment can be corrected when the connection between the human soul and God is restored." This law is of the Universal White Brotherhood. This connection has not yet been restored. What should you do to restore your relationship with God? We will say that you must love our neighbor. How will you love your neighbor? As the child loves the mother? The child constantly takes from the mother - the neighbor, but in return the child does not give anything. The mother gives and comforts herself with the thought that one day her child will love properly. If the expectations of mothers were to be realized, our society would be unlike the present one. The exchange between the mother and the child today is not correct. The mother has love, but the child has none. You cannot have a right relationship with anyone else until you have a relationship with God.

Contemporary religious people talk about God, yet they want to improve society without God. They say, "Let us love God!" They speak generally, with words only. In order to love God, we must connect our soul and spirit with the Soul and the Spirit of God. Then there will be a flow, a proper exchange between God and us. As many good things as God has given us, so will we give to Him. When that right relationship has been established, then God will call upon us to be His co-workers. He said today, "Come and work with me." As soon as we become co-workers of God, all our affairs will be blessed. That means having proper leadership. In this connection you will feel inner fullness within yourself. That is how you will study the Divine knowledge that will bring to you, peace, inner impulse, and the elevation of your spirit. It will create within you such an inner good disposition, that you will overcome all the difficulties in your life. In the relationship between you and God, there will be no trouble that you cannot overcome.

The first thing that is required to create this relationship is humility. This is one of the laws of the Brotherhood. Humility is the first quality that is required from the disciple. In front of God you will go not as a righteous person or a scientist, but humble. Now I will use the following analogy. When you enter the clear water, do you say that you will wash first and then go into the water? No, in the Divine Life we will enter as we are. Let God say we cannot enter. He will tell us, “Welcome!" But when? When everyone bears wears the inscription: “Humility” I am talking about conscious humility. If we have this inscription in ourselves, we have laid the cornerstone of the relationship. What does Christ say? "Come to me, all the working and burdened, for I am humble in heart. Come to me, all who have lost the meaning of life. Come to me, because I am humble.” He does not say of Himself, “I am a scientist, I am love" but he says, "I am humble." If you have humility, God's Love can come to you. In the spiritual world, humility gives plasticity to the human soul, to perceive the good things that the Divine Spirit carries within itself. This is what the human soul is aspiring for. Only in this state can we perceive.

Now you want to be disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood. Your desire has its place, because there you will learn a lot. Some ask the question, "Where is the Brotherhood?" Within us. It is not a chimera or a name, it is a reality. It is not enough just to want to be disciples of the Brotherhood - work is required of you. There are occultists who have traveled the courts of the Brotherhood, but have not comprehended its essence. What can a student who has never visited a professor know? Some theosophists say that in order to achieve initiation, you must go to India. You may have gone to India, gone through the tests without dedicating yourself. If you want to dedicate yourself, you can get an initiation anywhere: both in India and here. You can go to India, but your Master can find you here too. Going to India can be done in five minutes. The Masters of the Universal White Brotherhood know the Laws of Nature. They can compress and dilute the matter of their bodies and carry them wherever they want. A Master of the Universal White Brotherhood can meet you anywhere if you wish. He will lead you through initiation and will depart.

After Three Days, Sunday talks-10:00 a.m. Sofia, 24.6.1923

If the Bulgarian people do not accept this doctrine, something terrible will come for them. I will not say what, but you have to know it. You will see what will come. If you accept this doctrine, you will be one of the first nations, and it will be recorded that you believed in the resurrection of Christ. From you, the Bulgarians, courage is required. One has to be humble. I will tell you what it means to be humble: Never lie, be bound to God, have a great soul, be noble and lofty in all your manifestations. That should be the Bulgarian! We must be as the ancestors of the Universal White Brotherhood were, like the One who is made in the image and likeness of God, who has inherited the whole earth: This is Christ. He said, "I am the first one made in the image and likeness of God. If you listen, you will have God's blessing; you will pass from death to life, and when I am lifted up I will draw all to myself." And all the cultures that come into the world carry the name of the first born brother of humankind. You will ask, "Is there no other way out?” Today or never! Do not hope that favorable conditions will come another time. By the word "today" it is understood that the Divine Spirit is now going everywhere, through all the European nations, and says, "Regain consciousness, regain consciousness!" Everywhere this Spirit speaks. There is no person to whom He does not speak. He says to everyone, "By Love, not by violence, not by murder!"

Therefore, lift your heart to God and pray. Let this question be solved by the Orthodox Church, “Has Christ risen in the Orthodox Church and has the Orthodox Church accepted the Love?” There is one church in the world. But outside the church is the Universal White Brotherhood - It is higher than the church, but even higher than the Universal White Brotherhood is the Kingdom of God. Therefore, the church is the first step; the Universal White Brotherhood is the second step; and the Kingdom of God is the third step. The greatest thing to be manifested is for God's Love to live in all hearts and minds. And when people meet each other, to know that they are brothers and sisters, they are the children of one Father, one Love, one Wisdom, and one Truth.

Divine and Human, OOC - 19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 28.6.1923

You must have a compelling faith without any doubt. And when someone comes to talk to you about any religion, as disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, you will say, "We exclude this question, we do not talk about religion.” You can talk about some public issues. Say, "No, we are not talking about it. These are old things, and we do not deal with old things." You should know this! I say this to all of you, “Do not worry about old things!”

Manifestation of Rational Forces in Nature, OOC - 19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia 1.7.1923

One thing you should know: You cannot apply a formula of the Universal White Brotherhood inside living Nature if you have wrongdoing and misconduct. If you do not connect with the Laws of God, with these great forces of Nature, these formulas are worth nothing, then these formulas will have an opposite effects on you. You should know this!

We Will Come to Him, Sunday talks - 10:00 a.m. Sofia, 1.7.1923

There is one morality in the world - the morality of the Universal White Brotherhood, which can be applied if not completely, but at least in a small amount. There are ways to apply it. This morality is Divine. It has a magical influence on people.

The New, the Divine doctrine, as I call it, does not deal with relative honesty, relative goodness, relative rationality. It deals with absolute values. The Universal White Brotherhood tells Its disciples, "Be absolutely honest, with no exception; be absolutely good, with no exception; be absolutely rational, with no exception."

There are two schools in the world: one is the school of the Universal White Brotherhood, and the other is the school of the Dark Force.  The center of the first school, the Universal White Brotherhood is on the Sun, and the second, the Dark Force is in the center of Earth. Each day, the Universal White Brotherhood sends Its energy from the Sun, and the Dark Force harvests everything it encounters in its path. As soon as they harvest the fruits, the Dark Force goes into the center of Earth. The wars, the decay of morality, and the lies are exclusively due to the Dark Force. They spoiled the world; they diverted people's thoughts from the right path. And death is a process created by the school of the Dark Force. The Universal White Brotherhood, devoted Adam and Eve to true knowledge, and told them, "On the day that you eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree, you will die." I translate, “On the day that you connect with the school of the Dark Force, you will die.” Then people held the thought that God has ordered that they have to die. And before that they have to be judged. This is nothing but a distorted occult truth. Humankind was not created to die. Therefore, death is a result of the misunderstanding of the Great Laws of God. In this sense, death is an accidental phenomenon. Through dying, a person is transformed; passing from one state to another. Whoever understands the laws and applies them, goes to the center of the Sun; goes to the realm of life.

School and the Development of the Disciple, OOC - 19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 26.12.1923

Therefore, we must use the conditions in which we are placed. Do not whimper, but use the conditions! Do not modify them, but refine them! And then: do not blame anyone, do not take sides, do not fight against anyone in the school. In the school, when someone takes the side of another, they immediately split into parties. There is nothing to divide into parties. Every disciple has to learn. If the disciples begin to divide, this work is not going to develop correctly. If you notice that there appears to be some disagreements, some who are aggrieved at the school, they are the exception. In a school such as the Universal White Brotherhood all mistakes are absolutely excluded.

And He was Writing on the Earth, Sunday talks - 10:00 a.m. Sofia, 22.2.1925

Well, you will one day come in contact with other cultural beings. You will not be as you are now. Some say the Universal White Brotherhood is in Bulgaria. It has brought a great honor to Bulgaria, if you think It is here. The Brotherhood cannot choose such a small nation for Its headquarter. It has not chosen England, or France, or Germany, or Russia, Its headquarter is elsewhere. The only thing that exists now in the world is the Universal White Brotherhood. All other people: writers, priests, preachers, philosophers, and so on are all workers of the Brotherhood. The whole culture of Justice in the world is led by the mighty power and ability of the Brotherhood. When Christ came to Earth, these great Brothers sent from heaven a regiment of angels, and their officers to sing. Following them were the three wise men, adepts from the East, who came to worship Christ, and they were employees of the Brotherhood too. Some people say, “The Brotherhood does not prosper in Bulgaria.” Bulgarians should know that their freedom is given by the Brotherhood. And if they sin, the Universal White Brotherhood will deal with them. There is no nation that they cannot deal with. Let's all remember this thing! This should be printed in your minds. The Universal White Brotherhood is not something visible; It is not a sect; It is not a church; It is something alive, outside of these corrupted conditions in which people live. The way people live now, is not a brotherhood.

Living Laws of Virtues, OOC - 19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 10.3.1926

I say, “The Universal White Brotherhood requires the disciples of the Occult School in Bulgaria to acquire the three great virtues; patience, charity, and love for God, for three years.” If you take on that task, you will have their cooperation, their help everywhere. If you are working on this task, you will also have the support of your Master. Under the word "Master" we understand the great Wisdom of God, which brings new forms, new ideas, and new feelings to life.

The Way of Desires, OOC - 19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 26.5.1926

I ask, “Do you know why the occult school is now in Bulgaria? Do you know who the chairman is, who is the secretary of the school, the street and number where they live?” You do not know who is the chairman, and who is the secretary of the school, and you want to know who its members are. You are often talking about the Universal White Brotherhood, but this idea is not clear to you either. Some people say, "Is there really a Brotherhood or is it something fictitious?" Our acquaintance, who has been in America for a few years, now wants to find a member of the Brotherhood, but he cannot find any. Why can he not find them? Because they are not to be found. If you meet a member of the Universal White Brotherhood, he will never say he belongs to the Brotherhood. He does not talk about himself, but he even passes for a simple, ordinary person. This way he tests your foresight, your knowledge. He wears the sign of the Brotherhood, but you are blind, you will not see it. If you have an inward preparation to comprehend and understand, you will recover your sight and see the sign that a member of the Universal White Brotherhood carry. By this sign you will discern them.

The Special Law, OOC - (unknown time) Sofia, 7.7.1926

Now you are all passing for disciples. In your opinion, who is a disciple? What are the characteristics of the disciple? Above all, the disciples must have a connection with the living nature, understand its laws, adhere to them correctly, and apply them in their lives. There are two categories of disciples: there are those that are disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, and the others are disciples of the Dark Force. Between these two categories, there is a third, that reconciles both categories. As for the third category, I will not say anything because they fall outside the present life. Disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, and those of the Dark Force, differ radically in their methods of action. In order for the disciples to be successful, regardless of which category they belong to, the disciples must have self-control. If the smallest incident, the least of opposition or surprise disturbs their equanimity, they cannot hope for success in their work.

Think Rightly!, OOC - 19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 14.7.1926

Now as I speak to you, many will say, "What is the purpose of the Master to speak to us this way?" I say, "The only purpose I have, is to help you become worthy members of the Universal White Brotherhood.” Someone will say, "Here they talk about members of a new society." The Brotherhood that I am speaking to you about, is not a new society; it has existed since time immemorial, and still exists today. To be worthy of this good, you must pray, work hard on yourself until your heart is completely calm: all the storms and winds, all the roughness of the sea within ceases. If your heart is quiet, the dawn of your sun will come, it will become a bright day for your sky, with no clouds, and no shadows. If the sun of your life rises, your heart will tremble, and you will hear the voice of the Spirit of God, all the angels, and all the advanced brothers. And then you will enter the Great City, between the sublime and Rational beings. If you succeed in this, your joy will be indescribable.

The Light Way of Knowledge, SB - 16:00 (4 p.m.) Sofia, 22.8.1926

So, this inner relationship with God must be created. In the Bulgarian, this connection is very weak. One of the tasks of the disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood is to raise the religious feeling in the Bulgarians, not only in form, but in a radical way. We are not interested in the outer form, but we should first produce a conversion within us, and then through us. Afterwards, this spiritual stream will flow into the whole Bulgarian nation and a general elevation of the people will happen. The first thing is to make an interconnectedness, an inner link between the Divine world and the human soul. This relationship is not yet strong in all of you. Take, for example, how easy you loose faith! Sometimes you say, "Is there a God, or is there no God?" You doubt. This shows how weak your relationship is. The most beautiful thing, however, is to live in God. He will give us an inner impulse for everything. When people live in God, they can do anything, everything is spiritualized. I say, the psalmist that wrote "Praise the name of God" understood this thing.

Resistance, Pressure and Aspiration, OOC - 19:00 (7 p.m.) Sofia, 30.3.1927

True achievement is found in the connection that you make with all the noble, lofty beings who work in scientific societies. You will certainly draw something from them. Therefore, when you say that you are a member of the Universal White Brotherhood, you have to ask yourself what this Brotherhood is and what you will use from it. The Divine Doctrine of the Brotherhood is not appearing now. The Brotherhood has existed since time immemorial, since the beginning of the creation of the world. It has existed since the Universe existed. The Brotherhood has taken part in the creation of the world, the whole of the cosmos. Every member of this Brotherhood is a manifestation of God.

Therefore, as disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, you must follow Its path, follow the lives of its members. Did you study their lives and how they came to this knowledge, to this Love? They have achieved all this through hard work, not as an inheritance. If you study the lives of these Brothers, you will see what sacrifice they have given to the world. If someone were to describe their life as a novel, you would immediately follow their path.

The Path of the Student, SB - 7:00 a.m. Sofia, 19.8.1927

What is Love without Light? Did not all Old Testament people have Love without Light? What did they gain? What is Light without Peace? Did not all New Testament people have Light without Peace? What did they gain? Therefore, you must properly understand the inner process of life. Once you obtain knowledge, that knowledge must give you Light. Is that really so? You have a lot of knowledge, but you are unhappy with your life, you have no Peace in yourself. Religious people accept that they do not have Peace in themselves, they have no Joy. Therefore, when religious and scientific people tell about some of their experiences, their views and conclusions are ordinary. When a disciple speaks about an experience, he can tell about an experience of Love where there is Light. The disciple can tell about an experience of Light in which there is Peace. The disciple can tell of an experience of Peace, which brings Joy to the soul. All disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood lived between the Old Testament people and the New Testament people. Today they live among the righteous.

Constant and Non-constant Quantities, OOC - 5:00 a.m. Sofia, 21.11.1928

I wish you now, to make an inner connection to the First Cause of things, by thinking and applying the constant quantities in your life. Work on yourself so that the angels carry you, both in this world and in that world. Many are afraid the angels will not come and take them. No, the angels can only carry those who are connected to God. Only those who have been associated with the higher world, with the Universal White Brotherhood can ascend, and develop their gifts and abilities, Whoever wants to develop quickly, must be connected with the Great World. This relationship can turn the simple person into a scientist, and the ordinary person into a genius. The reconciliation of this relationship is not through violence, but voluntarily, through love. When can this happen? Whenever a person sincerely wants. To create this relationship consciously, this means awakening your consciousness. To awaken the consciousness of humankind means resurrection. When all people make  a connection with the higher world, when their consciousness awakens, it means the world will be illuminated from all sides, from all four corners. Then all false theories and doctrines will fall, all doubts and delusions will disappear, and people will get rid of evil smoke and soot, of the influence of the Dark Force. They will begin to eat the pure food of the Word; breathe fresh, clean air; drink pure, crystal clear water; embrace the Divine light; and enjoy the New Life, the New Science, the New Love, the New Wisdom, and Truth.

Aspire to restore the intimate relationship with God, with the Rational world. The New Year, 1929 that comes, favors relationships with advanced beings, beings of the Divine world.

Law of Opportunities - Law of Opulence, OOC - 5:00 a.m. Sofia, 9.1.1929

One must understand the laws, in order to use wisely the conditions of life. Those who do not understand the laws think they can achieve everything magically, like Moses. Indeed, Moses waved his staff and did something, but he had knowledge. Moses studied in the Great Occult School in Egypt, he was initiated. He had to be born a Jew, to be put into the water where the Pharaoh's daughter could see him and love him. Moses was not an ordinary child. Even as a baby in the basket, he was open-eyed, aware. The royal daughter loved him and wished to take care of him as her child. This combination of conditions was provided by the Invisible world so that Moses could go to Egypt, to study at the School of the Universal White Brotherhood, which was located there during that time.

Made by God, SB - 10:00 a.m. Sofia, 25.8.1929

Today, all of you have the support of God, as well as the support of Christ, all the saints, all the great Masters of the Universal White Brotherhood, and the sublime beings who have completed their development. We will all work to build the New culture and when we build it, only then we can say, as the blind man said in the time of Christ, "I was blind once, but now I see clearly." Everything that God sows grows. Everything good and exalted that your soul desires will be accomplished, but your consciousness must be awake, not to interrupt the relationship.

Day of God's Statement, SB, RB - 5:00 a.m. - Seven Lakes, 7.8.1931

Now, you must all be truth lovers, be burning candles, because you are missionaries of the Divine Doctrine. This teaching was not born now, it has existed since the beginning of genesis. If anyone wants to know why the world was created, you must know that the world was created to manifest God's Love, Wisdom and Truth. When you go among people in the world, you will not tell them why the world was created, but you will be the carriers of God's Love, Wisdom and Truth. From what you preach, people have to find the reasons for the creation of the world on their own. Only then your sermon will give fruit. Should the Englishman boast that he is an Englishman? As he behaved, everyone must know he is an Englishman. Should you praise yourself that you are a disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood? From your deeds, they will know who you are.

Two Principles, Common Occult class – 5:00 a.m. - Sofia, 11.1.1993  

And so, if the present life with suffering, good, and evil are not reasons for a person to get onto the right path, toward Heaven, then time is lost. Everything in life must be turned into conditions, possibilities and achievements for a someone. That means to be a disciple. This is the student’s path in the inner school, in the school of the Universal White Brotherhood. When you enter the school, then will come the resurrection.

Now you have come to the possibilities of life, but not to the achievements. None of you know what achievements you will have in the future. Achievements mean seeing. You have not reached the phase to see things clearly. I have spoken many things to you, but everything needs to be sifted, in order to leave only what you need. And you have many desires, but they are ice that will melt and disappear, like the water that sinks into the ground. Do not feel sorry for what will drain. Do not feel sorry for the bran. For you what is important is the flour.

It is important for you to use the time for your mind, your heart, your soul and your spirit. Do not think about why misery, sorrow, or unhappiness comes. Do not waste your time thinking about them. Say, “Let God's Will be done!” By coming to Earth, you have received something.      

Physical life is a condition for obtaining the spiritual; spiritual life is a condition for acquiring the Divine. Only in the Divine life can one find all the opportunities for attaining what the human soul desires.  

The Unsaid, Common Occult Class - 5:00 a.m. - Sofia, 8.12.1937

The real Brotherhood is above. Where is the station of the Brotherhood? The station of the Universal White Brotherhood is between the thumb and the index finger. Through this station you will perceive whatever the Brotherhood speaks about. As I am watching a preacher when he is talking about God, if the gap between his thumb and the index finger is open, he perceives and emits. When the sun shines on you it is one thing, but when those lamps are glowing on you, it is a different thing. Now, I do not want what I am talking to conflict with what you have. I do not want to break what you have, not in the least. Your feelings, what you believe in, and what you have achieved thus far is in place. But for what will be coming today, you have to listen. From what you already have, you will attain something new. The New that is coming today, the entire day, you will perceive between the thumb and the forefinger. That which you have to learn, you will not learn from me, but throughout the whole day, while the sun is shining until the next day, you will perceive. The day will be formed according to your perception.

* * *

Conversation at El Shaddai - Harmonizing of The Human Soul, Volume 1 - Boyan Boev (1883 – 1963)

Conscious Emanation

The methods of the Universal White Brotherhood gives the disciple the opportunity to acquire clairvoyance in a higher area of the Invisible world, in the superior worlds. Clairvoyance is not an easy job. A person who is clairvoyant, will have difficulties, will have temptations, because when he looks into someone, he will also see the past, and will know that in the past the person may have been a criminal; and he must have great spiritual strength, to be able to still treat the person well, with a sacred feeling - not only outwardly, but inwardly as well. This should not change his attitude toward the person.

Selfless Serving

One brother asked, "What is the fundamental feature of the school of the Universal White Brotherhood?" 

The Path of Love, the Path of Wisdom, and the Path of Truth enter simultaneously in the Doctrine of the Universal White Brotherhood and the Brotherhood gathers these three paths in one. The disciple periodically goes through the waves of Love, Wisdom and Truth, repeats them again and so on.

* * *

Harmonizing of The Human Soul - Volume 3 - Boyan Boev (1883 - 1963)

The Universal White Brotherhood

During a private conversation between the Master and a disciple question was raised about the Universal White Brotherhood.

The churches of people are many, but God's church is one. Those who belong to Gods’ church, have one heart. It is said, "I will give them one heart and one shepherd." Apply what Christ taught, not what people teach in the name of Christ.

There is one God of the people in the world, and He is the great reality; all prophets, saints and mystics have originated from Him. The advanced beings are organized and they form the Universal White Brotherhood. And today they work on a plan to fix humankind. The Universal White Brotherhood should not be impeded, because the consequences will be bad. The true Brotherhood exists - the advanced beings who form it, live rationally and we must manifest, and proclaim the Universal Brotherhood through us. The brothers have completed their evolution on Earth and know the principles of human thought.

What is the modern weapon compared with the power of the Brotherhood? The Universal White Brotherhood has mainly inner strength, while the Dark Force has only an external manifestation. This is why the Dark Force can have only external achievements, while the Universal White Brotherhood which conquers first from inside, has the opportunity for all outer and inner developments, and is stronger.

The words Universal White Brotherhood must be free from misconceptions - this is a Divine impulse. A member of the Universal White Brotherhood is anyone who is credited. Currently, the Universal White Brotherhood prevails in the world, but another epoch is coming, the Sixth humankind will come. Today, the power is already in the knowledge.

A member of the Universal White Brotherhood can pierce the darkness, but a member of the Dark Force cannot pierce the light. Those righteous souls that will come to Earth with fiery swords, have resurrected thousands and thousands of years ago. Now they are in the Invisible world. 

The society of the Universal White Brotherhood is in three places: in the physical world, on Earth, in Agartha; in the Spiritual world; and in the Divine world. The members of the Brotherhood work in three places and those three places are interconnected.

Agartha has many doors. There is a door to Agartha in Rila. Except for the advanced Brothers who live in the places where Agartha is located, there are other members of Agartha who travel from place to place. The advanced beings who live in Bulgaria, are in a physical body. How many times you have met them? But because people are afraid of the inhabitants of the other world, the advanced beings do not appear frequently to avoid disturbance. A member of Agartha will appear to you, like he has resided here for centuries, otherwise you will be overwhelmed.

Among the modern humankind there are people who are distinguished by their ideal artificial body, because they live an absolutely pure and sacred life, and they are helping with the development of humankind. Such people are all over the world. They live 200, 300, 400, 500 years. A member of the Brotherhood will live in one location for 50-60 years, then will go somewhere else to help, maybe changing names or not.

The Universal White Brotherhood has worked in India, Egypt, Persia, Palestine, Babylon, the Rome Empire, Greece, Italy, and France. After the Brotherhood left Italy and France, It went to work in England and in Germany. From England and Germany, the Brotherhood moved on to the Slavic people where it is working now. In every nation where the Universal White Brotherhood works, It always leaves something precious. This Brotherhood started with India and will finish with Russia, because they are touching, and this is how a circle, a cycle completes. The British were surprised that the Hindus in India knew the news before them. And the fact of the event is in this: the devoted ones served as a live radio, a receiver. 

What is written in the occult books today, is only 25 percent true, while the rest, the meaningful is known to the initiates in India and they hide it.

A brother was interested in the commonality of the different mystical Brotherhoods around the world.

One is the path that leads to the Kingdom of God. The ideal is the Kingdom of God, brotherhood and love. The difference between the understandings depends on the stage of development. All the understandings are in their place, but because the humankind is progressing and is evolving, so the understandings are different. We are pleased with all those who carry the Divine, no matter where they come from. Every movement is in service, the Brotherhood is in its place and forms part of a whole; God has the philosophy of the Whole.

The Greeks actually conquered Rome. All the Romans knew the Greeks; the Universal White Brotherhood was in Greece. When Alexander the Great entered Jerusalem, he released the people because the Universal White Brotherhood was there. But when the Brotherhood departed, Jerusalem fell. The Brotherhood also departed Greece and now it has faded away.

If you only know how great the Divine plan is! The ideas of the Universal White Brotherhood will be accepted. Not by everyone, but only the ones who are ready, and the others will accept them in another age. All those who will accept the New ideas are appointed and will come. Now, we do not have to win them - they are of the path, we only need to wake them up. They are sleeping and when they wake up, they will say, "We are ready!" And those who are still not ready, will find themselves wondering and will say that they are not ready. Leave them, when they come, they will do nothing. The prepared ones are specified. Christ says, "You are not of this world, as I am not" they are the prepared ones. Apostle Paul explains this thought as follows, "The ones that God had foreknown, them He foreordained.” The souls that are ready have worked in the past. Apostle Paul says, "In the womb of my mother, God has chosen me” it means from the deep past, that is, all the souls that have worked diligently in the past, God sees it and choses them. From time to time they might have deviated slightly, but they have never deviated completely. And when Elijah became despaired and complained to God that he was alone, God told him, "There are seven thousand people that have not bowed before Baal."

Exiting of the Thirteenth Sphere

The heads of people are not ripe. Now is the siege of Jerusalem. The Christian world is Jerusalem. Today, the whole world is under siege, the advanced beings from the Invisible world have come down to Earth and occupy it. Their plan will be fulfilled. You must believe in the plan that exists and has been created above. The Heavenly host is now here and has occupied the Earth. The Universal White Brotherhood has its members all over the Earth and holds everything in its hands. It will not become what this or that one wants, but will become what has been determined by the Universal White Brotherhood. There will not be a triumph of this or that country, but the triumph will be the plan of the Universal White Brotherhood. There is no force that can oppose to the Universal White Brotherhood.

The Sages from the East

Who are the beings that are behind Christ and constantly promote His Cause? In the following text is announced the existence of the Great Universal White Brotherhood, "But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the first-born, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.” (Hebrews 12:22-24) This is written by a devoted one, as was the Apostle Paul. Under Mount Zion, in the city of the living God, in the heavenly Jerusalem is apparent that Rational centre that works through spiritual sources in the Nature. By mentioning the innumerable company of angels and the council of the firstborn, are meant the members of the Universal White Brotherhood. They stood above the humankind long ago: in prior universes, they have completed their human evolution, and now they lead the building processes in Nature through their spiritual essence. The spirits of the righteous ones made perfect are beings of the current humankind who have completed their human evolution and are already helping in the great creative work of the Universal White Brotherhood. With the phrase, “Jesus the mediator of a new covenant" is defined His mission, related to the ascension of humanity, while the lower expression, “The sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel” implies the sacrifice that Christ made through Love in the name of abundant life for humanity.

At Dawn

The dawn itself is a sign that the Divine manifests and brings abundance. Through the dawn is illustrated the appearance of Christ as a great event in human history, and as a border between the involutional and the evolutional period of humankind. There are bright souls and great geniuses from whom comes all the bright impulses of the humankind. When humanity sinks into a deep night, then from the great centre of the Universal White Brotherhood, whose head is Christ, comes the Light and brings the dawn. The New culture that is manifesting, will be the realization of the Christ impulse. And all the past cultures have prepared the human consciousness and its ripening to perceive this impulse. And when humankind follows the Christ impulse, it will not be possible to pull in the net because of the many fishes, then the results  will come.


Paneurhythmy is sacred. Through it, spiritual values are created that are infused into the universal culture. There is a need for spiritual centers, through which the Divine will ascend to awaken the souls of the world, to renew them and to introduce the New culture of the Spirit. Paneurhythmy is adapted to express the New ideas and to pass them on through music, movements, and words, awakening the Divine in human nature. Paneurhythmy is not an ordinary dance - in its movements are embodied the ideas that today are building and constructing the New Culture. In its movements are hidden springs with magical power, which will put into motion the creative forces of the human soul - forces that are awaiting their development. The Universal White Brotherhood brings the New into the world, not only through the thoughts, the feelings, and actions, but through movement as well. After all, when the wind blows its spirit stirs the leaves and thus, makes possible the sap, right? The movements of Paneurhythmy have an inner power and spiritual influence over humankind. Every place where Paneurhythmy is practiced, becomes a centre for sending bright ideas into the world.


This chapter in the Bible is clearly talking about the Universal White Brotherhood, namely in the Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews 12:22-24, "But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the first-born, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.”

The mystical brotherhood will have the support of the above organization, if they are bearers of the Divine principles, and then through the Universal White Brotherhood they will be united. The external rapprochement between the mystical brotherhoods can and should be. The acquaintance will visit each other, have delicate friendly relations, and will be able to see what each has been given from above. Does not every prophet say what is revealed to him? In this there will be no monotony. In such an inner exchange, the sap of each of them circulate to the others without any difficulties, just like the vital juices in the organism. On the other hand, international assemblies of all the mystical brotherhoods and mystical souls in the world, can be convened on the mountains, in the Alps or Rila. But these assemblies are only for mutual acquaintance.                                                        

Victory is On Our Side

All of the first Christians have been waking up very early to pray, at 4 a.m. they were on their feet. Also, the Bogomils (Beloved of God) have welcomed the Sun, and this is a tradition of the Universal White Brotherhood. It has visited all the nations, it has been in Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, and in Palestine. Now, the Universal White Brotherhood is among the European nations. Among the Caucasian people there are people from the Red and from the Black race, and each takes such a function that suits them. The headquarters of the Universal White Brotherhood was first in Atlantis, from there it moved to Egypt, and after Egypt it moved to the Himalayas, which is a newer formation. Africa and Asia were once connected, but they divided into two continents. From the Himalaya branches they are sent to the different nations.

A spiritual hunger is coming, but you are already prepared for the days when you will need to help the world with New ideas. And how will you look then, and how will they look for you?


There is a movement of the Universal White Brotherhood everywhere around the world and it is in contact with us.

* * *

The Good Will - Boyan Boev (1883 - 1963)

Some words about the first steps of the Disciple

I, The Master said once during a conversation, "One cannot enter the Divine School of the Universal White Brotherhood by one’s own wish.” Someone may say, "I am free, if I want, I will get in." No, when the Universal White Brotherhood sees that you are ready, they will accept you up there. And then, on Earth a desire to enter the Divine School will emerge from inside you. If you are not accepted above, no desire to get in the school will emerge.

The Master about Christ

The coming of Christ to Earth is such a great event. Christ cannot be compared with the other masters. In Atlantis there were Occult Schools and then the masters were saying, “There will come a Divine being who will give an impulse for the uplifting of humankind and it will bring something precious to Earth." This is what they said in the Occult Schools of India. In Egypt also, they have waited for the coming of this great event on Earth.

If this is so, then what meaning did the religions have before Christ? Christ is the central figure, all the religions originate from Him. Now we are going to read the Epistle to the Hebrews 12:22-24. There it speaks about the Universal White Brotherhood in relation to Christ. The "Joyful angels” spoken of in this chapter, are the most sublime beings. “The spirits of the righteous made perfect,” are advanced people. We speak of Angelic beings who work for human evolution. All these beings spoken about in those verses, form the Universal White Brotherhood and work under the guidance of Christ. Everything that happens in nature is guided from above, by the Rational world. At first glance, human history looks chaotic, but it has a Rational guide.

Dawn of the New Culture

The dark age of Kali Yuga, the last and the darkest age that has lasted thousands of years is expiring.

The Earth is moving upwards, it is escaping from the thirteenth sphere, the thick matter, which lasted for millions of years. When it emerges into the new sphere, it will give a banquet and will say, "Children, we have already escaped!" The ones who cannot move upwards, will remain below.

All intelligent beings from the Universal White Brotherhood are mobilized and are preparing the New culture. The Universal White Brotherhood will turn everything into good!

* * *                                                        

The Source of Good - Boyan Boev (1883 - 1963)

The Universal White Brotherhood

We celebrated the Summer Solstice on the mountain. We were there for several days, and we used the small hut in the foothill of Ostritza peak. Every morning we went to the peak, we greeted the Sun, we said the morning prayers, and we did the gymnastic exercises. After, we would choose a sunny place on the lawn between the rocks, and sit around our beloved Master. One morning, the topic of the Universal White Brotherhood who guide the humankind was discussed. The Master said, "There is one Divine society, there is one Divine nation. I advise you to connect strongly with It and accept the New Light in your minds, your hearts and your souls. I say to everyone, "We will win! God is with us. There is no force in the world to oppose these great principles that we serve. All good, honest, fair and smart people; men, women, and children are with us. All those who support the three great principles, from any church or party they are with us."

We are asked, "Who are you and how many are you?" We are one Universal White Brotherhood, such as the world has never seen. A Brotherhood that has branches on Earth, in Heaven, and in the whole Universe. Whoever serves God, is a citizen of this great Universal White Brotherhood, which we call the Brotherhood of God's Love, God's Wisdom, and God's Truth.

You will say, "We want to become members of this Brotherhood.” I want you to be disciples of this Brotherhood. To study God, this means to go through the School of the Universal White Brotherhood. The best professors, the best teachers are in this school. Each of you should find it. It is not like our universities. There are no hypothesis and theories. As you complete this School, you will be given difficult tasks that you have to solve correctly. For example, you will be given the task to walk between the wild tribes and among the underdeveloped people. Then, they will send you among good and bad people, animals, and plants and they will monitor how you will deal with it and how you are accepted. At last, they will give you a gem and a simple rock and they will see what you will do with them. If you use well the simple rock and the gemstone, the Universal White Brotherhood will accept you as a member. They are very demanding of everyone, because they will have their effect. If they accept you once, they will always help you. Great prospects, great future, and great achievements are standing before you.

John the Baptist who came just before Christ, was familiar with the Divine Science, the Divine Doctrine. He was not from the simple people, the ignorant. He had been dedicated, he studied at the School of the ancient times.

The New in the world was always given by this Great Brotherhood. The Universal White Brotherhood, through Christ, have brought the good into the world. If Christ had not come two thousand years ago, what would be the situation of humankind? Everything good in the world was brought by the Universal White Brotherhood, who has worked for the elevation of the nations.

The people, in whose soul and spirit God lives, are the Great Beings, the geniuses, the Masters of humankind and they have the highest manifestation in music, poetry, art, and in all talents of Life everywhere. These are the souls that drive humankind forward. For the historical process this or that nation, this or that person are not factors, however, the Invisible World, the Powers that orchestrate events, and namely the members of the Universal White Brotherhood are factors. Those who complete their development, will enter into this Universal Brotherhood. The good people are connected to the Universal White Brotherhood in an internal way. Whatever good you acquire, you bring it to the Brotherhood. People are looking for us, because of the capital we have.

A brother is the one who came from God and until he returns to God, through all existences, he has been your brother. In all the conditions of life, he was willing to sacrifice himself for you. And he does all this not by force, but by the great consciousness of that Divine Spirit that lives in his soul. If all of you had such an ideal, you will be disciples and workers of the Universal White Brotherhood. 

Thus far, such a poet or a writer who is able to write such a novel cannot be found. Why? Because he cannot find such beautiful images neither in his mind, nor in his heart. Only that person knows the new philosophy of Life, the one who has contacted the Universal White Brothers and walks on their path.

One brother asked, "Why is the phrase “White Brotherhood” preferred to the phrase "Advanced, Bright Beings?” 

When we say Brotherhood, it is understood that they have feelings toward us, they are our brothers, they are connected to us. In some of the most ordinary events are hidden things that you do not suspect. You meet a person whom you think is ordinary, and he is from the  Brotherhood.

"In future times, will these Brothers appear into the world, amongst the people?" 

Some of them have already emerged. The angelic hierarchy guide humankind. The angels have representatives on Earth. The School of the Universal White Brotherhood is on the Sun. Every year the Universal White Brotherhood makes an assembly there. And the representatives of the White Brotherhood on Earth have a gathering too. Where? On a high peak in the Himalayas. Where is the peak? I know it, but I cannot tell it to you, it is not allowed. Then, the Universal White Brotherhood on the sun express their Love to the Brotherhood on Earth, in all their fulness, with all their energy, they send it into the whole world. This energy is the reason for the advancement of the religions, the sciences, the arts, for the rebuilding of societies, improving construction and management. The bright and beautiful days of our lives are due to the assembly of the Universal White Brotherhood on the Sun. When a member of the Brotherhood on Earth passes through dedication, he must be careful to do so on the day of the solemn assembly on the Sun. Exactly when the Sun rays sends something new to Earth.

A sister asked, "Can we visit the members of the Universal White Brotherhood where they live?”

It is not that they do not want your visit, but people are not yet ready to understand the knowledge that is being studied there. And on the other hand, they do not have physical bodies such as yours. They live in etheric bodies. In time, the Universal White Brotherhood will provide even greater assistance to humankind and there shall be a bright era. There is a plan in Nature that no one can alter. This plan will be implemented and people will become free.

One brother asked, "Does the movement of the Bogomils have a connection with our movement?"

We have not had any phase of their development. We are a source which has come from God. Other movements flow out of us, but we have not emerged from another movement. The Bogomils have similar characteristics to our movement, because we come from the same great centre of the Universal White Brotherhood. 

In the past, we have manifested ourselves in one way. In future, we will evolve even more perfect.

* * *

Letters from Boyan Boev - Volume 2 - Boyan Boev (1883 - 1963)

The Rational Reality

Always eat your breakfast after sunrise and eat your dinner before sunset. Never go to bed until you wash your feet with warm water. Every night before sleeping, release the unnecessary thoughts, feelings, and desires. Every night before you sleep say, “I am going up to learn, to pray and to work. I wish to visit the Heavenly School of the Universal White Brotherhood.”

* * *

And My Eyes Saw the Sunrise - Nikolay Doynov (1904 - 1997)

Logos of the Planet Earth

About Universal White Brotherhood the Master said:

The members of the Universal White Brotherhood are from seven hierarchies, from seven categories. Some of them belong to the Love, they are called Brothers of the Love. And there are those that belong to the Wisdom and are called Brothers of the Wisdom; they belong to the sciences and the arts. They bring the knowledge to humankind. A third of them are called Brothers of the Truth. These Brothers bring freedom to the minds and hearts of humankind; introduce freedom into their thoughts and feelings. They bring that freedom which makes the human spirit, the human soul, the human mind, and the human heart completely free. Free in the full meaning of the word. Others are Brothers of the Justice who bring the righteousness to the humankind and they have the invisible wealth that the modern people need. Others are called Brothers of Virtue, Brothers of Beauty, and the last ones are called Jehovist  or Yahwist. These are not the real names of the Brothers. I cannot pronounce the names, because they are sacred. All these Brothers are not so ordinary. Each of them can lift the Earth in their hand and throw it into space just like a ball. Such knowledge they have. They can pick up the Earth with a hand, because behind them is the more powerful, who they work for. When Christ descended to Earth, He left all his power and glory with these Brothers, and He came alone, as a servant, to show the people how they should live.

In the distant past, on Earth lived the First humankind. Today, these beings are known as the Universal White Brotherhood. These Brothers have already completed their evolution. They are not imaginary, but real beings. They have representatives on Earth and are distinguished by the fact that they fulfill the Will of God and live according to His laws, that is, they live under the Laws of Rational Nature. They live on the high and low areas, between the people.

All the laws that governed the sacred schools in Egypt, the initiates borrowed from other Sacred Schools, but in the beginning all of these principles were perceived from above. The lifting of the giant rocks for building the Egyptian pyramids happened by decreasing the weight of the rocks via the Laws of the Electricity and Magnetism. The Egyptian initiates had mastered these laws, which is unknown now.

It is worthy to be disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, because the Masters of the Brotherhood keep all the archives of the Cosmos. They keep the book of life and all of you should study this book. There is no greater benefit than it. When you go to God in the Great School of the Universal White Brotherhood, it is absolutely forbidden for anyone to complain.

The Law of Love must be applied. It is the first law of the Universal White Brotherhood. The second law is Wisdom. Love brings Life, and Wisdom brings Light and Knowledge. These two laws have to work together in the world. The Universal White Brotherhood tells its disciples: Be absolutely honest, without exception; be absolutely good, without exception; be absolutely intelligent; without exception. If by your life it cannot be known that you are a disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood, will you be recognized from a sign? Every disciple of the Brotherhood must walk straight like a candle, with an upright posture. The eyes should not be dimmed, love and energy should emanate from them: day and night, light should flow out of them. The chest has to be opened, with shoulders back. The face should be bright and cheerful, to show there are virtues in you. The lips should be barely touching each other, to see that there is life in them, not so tight and closed. When others look at you, you want them to say that in the face of these people there is something prominent. Let everyone tell you that you are special people. Look strong, with no fear, so when you grasp your opponents’ leg, they will know that you have caught them. You must strive to be strong. To be strong means to control all of your cells, to control all of your muscles in every moment. You must have exquisiteness in everything. Your mouth must be always cleared and not smell bad. If your breath smells bad then say, "In the name of God's Love, in the name of God's Wisdom, this which smells bad in me must disappear!" By command, you will order your mouth not to stink and one day this smell will disappear. Keep your teeth in good condition, and eat pure food. No impurity should remain on your teeth. This is required of the disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood, to have absolute purity.

Meditate daily on the advanced beings because it makes communication and connection with them possible. In addition to night time, suitable hours are: 11 a.m. and 12 noon, between 17:00 (5 p.m.) and 18:00 (6 p.m.), between 21:00 (9 p.m.) and 22:00 (10 p.m.), and 24:00 (midnight) the exception. When you are in contact with the Universal White Brotherhood, you are in communion with them. You have to study the laws. It is not very pleasant for them to appear on the physical surface, because the environment is a very thick material, unfavourable, and they have to make great preparations to appear. It is much better when you go to the mountain, where there are better conditions for them to be visible. And you have to choose not only a clean place, where nobody else will be following you, but no one else should know, and no one must see them appearing to you.

A society of harmony needs to be created, so beings from the Invisible world, the Divine world can come and work. When such a society is created, it becomes the focal point for their appearance. Then, they come into view and create intimate relationships. In the Universal White Brotherhood everyone needs to have unity, not to live individual lives, but to help each other. If 10, 20, 30, or 100 people unite in one mind, in one heart, they can successfully complete any work. The members of the Universal White Brotherhood will come to you themselves, you will not find them. One Bulgarian brother, now in America asked me how to find the Brotherhood. I told him that there is no need to look for them, they will find him. Yes, they will find you. Christ came and found his disciples. The law is such and I want that when they arrive, for you to be ready.

The teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood you will find scattered throughout Occultism, Theosophy, and Christianity. In this teaching there is unity everywhere, there is no disagreement. In the teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood there is a special understanding of the creation of the world, a special theory. The Universal White Brotherhood never question the modern theories, they keep silence about them. They tell no one, "You are not right!"

You will say, "Why do we need to enter and study at that school, at the School of the Universal White Brotherhood?" To learn the Laws of Happiness, the Laws of Life, and to know how to live. There is no other way. The New life is a path to the Universal White Brotherhood. It will give you true methods and laws. Our future life will be determined by the school. So you have to go, there is no other way, because if you do not go to learn the New Methods and ways to live, you will be bankrupt, just as you are bankrupt now.

We are a great Brotherhood that has branches on Earth, in Heaven, and in the whole Universe. Sometimes the Rational advanced beings, occupy the bodies of humankind for 10, 15, or 20 years and work. This is more efficient, and they save time. The genius is a collective being. One or more advanced beings manifest through the genius. The people who the angels dwell in, we call them geniuses.


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