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1917_03_22 - The Cross

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The Cross


And the disciples came and said to Him: “Why do You speak to them in parables?” He answered and said to them: “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given (Matthew 13:10-11, New King James Version (NKJV).

Let me clarify the words "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.“ Knowing the secret of the Kingdom of God is the principle object of the human contemplation, as this is what the human spirit seeks to achieve. When light is cast upon your minds regarding the inner content of this profound notion (hereby, upon this notion I mean the original Divine image of an unchanging Essence which everlastingly grows in its dimensions not as a dead object, but as a living and sensible entity), you will understand that the secret of the Kingdom of God contains all the conditions for human development on Earth.

Christ says: "It has been given to you." - To whom has it been given? Now, you may draw a negative inference from this verse because it is said: "It has been given to you, but to them it has not been given." You may think that perhaps the apostles were granted the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but that those secrets remain unattainable for yourselves.

On the contrary, no matter who you are, it is still everything, which is being offered to all people by the Lord. Never personally interpret such words in a negative sense because such conclusions defame God. Whether the mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven has been revealed to you or not, depends on yourself and yourself only. God sheds light on the matter, only when you have the correct disposition to understand Him; sometimes He does not allow you to grasp His secret because you are not in the right state of consciousness. Therefore, it is down to the individual comprehension of your hearing, your mind, your heart and your will whether you understand God or not.

There is a significant similarity between our 20th century contemporaries and those who lived during the times when Christ descended upon Earth. In the above gospel verses, Christ states nothing else, but the fact that to you – to the people of the future, it is given to understand the Kingdom of God, but to the people of the past such a possibility remains inaccessible. In other words, to those of you, living with the thought of the realization of God’s plan in future, comprehension shall be granted, but to those of you, who are still living in the past, no understanding would be bestowed upon. You may of course choose to verify this statement in real life yourselves.

To illustrate what it means to live in the past, let’s take for example a merchant, who has gone bankrupt and picks up their account books to single out their borrowers for debt collection purposes. As a result of the desire to recover what is owed to him, the merchant can no longer progress any further. Such a person would only worry that, for example, Ivan or Dragan, have borrowed a certain amount of money from them. The next day this merchant begins to revisit his account books again, the thought of the debtors becomes alive in his mind, and the merchant starts telling everyone: "Do you know Ivan and Dragan? – They owe me money!" To such merchants and lenders no access to the secrets of the Kingdom of God can be granted, as they are in a self-delusional state - Ivan and Dragan do not owe their lender anything - they are his brothers. Your Father has given in equal amounts to all of you, but you yourselves have brought your brothers into debт by creating the “I owe you” bills, pressuring your debtors and saying that they’ve robbed you.

All those, who say that they need to take back from their brothers on Earth something which is owed to them, and treat their brothers as debtors, cannot understand the secrets of the Kingdom of God. Those who seek nothing from their brethren, but on the contrary, do freely share with them and help them with their mental, spiritual and moral elevation, would indeed understand these much coveted secrets. What secrets? – The secrets of the Universe and of God's creation. To me these verses represent a grand and a spectacular picture, which is great in its conception and so beautifully crafted and decorated by the hand of God Himself! One day when your eyes open (of course, for the time being, in the first stage of your development, they are already partially open), and when you finally throw away your old account books and never look back at them again, you would see the magnificence of this picture for yourselves as well.

For your own well-being, do utilize the true meaning and significance of the cross because it is the cross which saves the human soul. Crosses are placed on top of graves to signify the fact that noting more would be taken back from the person who passed away. When the lender hears that one of their debtors has died, he or she says: "God bless them", which means "I forgive them." That is the true meaning of the cross - that is its deep significance and intent.

Nowadays, the cross is to be found everywhere within the churches, the priests wear it on top of their attire, the church goers cross themselves inside the houses of worship, those soldiers, who distinguished themselves on the battlefield do receive it as a medal of honor, everyone everywhere talks about it, but do you know what the elements of the True Cross are? - I will now speak about the True Cross, which saves and opens the door to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. The vertical line of the cross, which descends from top to bottom, represents the plant kingdom delving its way down into the physical matter, or in other words, this line depicts all those beings who have descended from God, and upon their fall, have remained with their feet and not their face against Him – this stature represents the ultimate contradiction with God.

Consequently, the horizontal line of the cross represents the animal kingdom, where the animals are turned not with their feet, but with their back against the Lord, and when He speaks to them, they do not listen to Him. Therefore, both the plant and animal kingdoms cannot understand the Kingdom of God.

To illustrate, there are people who have committed their minds to digging into material endeavors only, and they have buried themselves face down inside the earth, just like the plants, and have for this reason turned their feet against God. As a result, such people do not think about God. They wish to find their riches inside the Earth’s layers - coal, gold, silver, precious stones - and believe that the more they have, the happier they would be.

On the other side, there are the other human beings who are following the movement of the horizontal cross line just like the animals do and have turned their backs against the Lord by means of saying: "The Lord does not listen to us." How would He listen to them when such people have their backs turned against Him? When a child turns its back on its mother, showing clearly its anger in this way, would the mother take such a child back into her embrace? No, she would not, because such a child behaves for the time being as nothing else, but a four-legged animal. Such an animal cannot understand the secrets of the Kingdom of God.

Do you now comprehend the philosophy of the True Cross? Has this philosophy positively influenced our thoughts and our relationship with the Lord? To be able to be in touch with the Lord, you need to utilize this philosophy correctly.

The third element of the cross is Jesus Christ - nailed onto the cross, but facing God with his head up. The Christ represents the real Man. Therefore, there are three types of crosses - a plant cross, an animal cross and a cross that saves. The true salvation is offered by the Cross of the Christ. His arms and legs were nailed, that is to say, they were pinned onto three different points. The feet were pinned onto the down-facing heads of the plants, by means of which Christ wished to turn the plants back towards Himself. In other words, He had descended and was stretching down to get hold of those who have sunk into the mud of matter, so that they can face God again. The nailing of the Christ’s feet at this precise place also symbolizes the hard soil, which indicates that the cross is placed on solid foundations. This means that Christ at first saves those who sink down into matter similarly to the plants, grabs them and says: “Enough with this earthly descent of yours, your salvation is not there." And to the animals that roam constantly and freely with their back against God, He says: "Your salvation is not in this direction either." Christ wants to grab them by the hand, to turn them face to face with God and to tell them: "Here is your salvation."

These are the two categories certain people fall into: some of you have been like the plants with your feet up, while others have been like the animals with their backs up against God, while Christ is now turning your heads up, so that you could face God. And when Christ says: "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" - do you know what these words mean? He wants to say: "Why have you let your children roam about? Please listen to my request - turn them around, so that they can face you, and draw them back to Yourself.”

Many interpret the Christ words in the sense that God has forsaken Him, but they actually mean: "Why have you forgotten my brethren?" Christ brings his hands down, turns them with their palms facing up and says: "Here is your salvation." And each one of you needs  to bring your hands down, that is figuratively speaking, to direct one’s desires and one’s heart towards God and towards the secrets of the Kingdom of God because within the direction opposite to God there are only darkness and suffering.

I am therefore posing the following question: “Would you still keep the Christ hanging on your cross?” Today, I am asking you to give a serious answer to this question because Christ is coming. How would He find you? - Some would be continuing delving further down deeper into matter, while others would be still moving in horizontal direction with their backs against God.

Many people ask me why they cannot evolve any further. It is simply because their minds and hearts do not assume the right direction in terms of understanding the secrets of the Kingdom of God. For example, if the eagle or the dove would place backpacks on their bodies with a few pounds of supplies, could they possibly fly? Birds serve as a good illustration because before setting off to fly, one should be free from all the unnecessary luggage. The wing feathers, the tail feathers and head feathers are the only luggage required by the birds before they fly out, and the same applies to humans. In any case, rest assured that God will provide all the necessary food for all the birds and people, no matter what flight direction they take.

A few days ago, I went to a house and heard a conversation between two ladies. One of them had chosen the spiritual path, strives to live according to the Word of God and that is why she said to her own self: "It is high time for me to start serving the Lord from now on." Consequently, it happened that she sold the house for a certain amount of money. Expensively or cheaply, she had sold the house anyway, but the other lady, who is deemed to be more spiritual than the lady who sold her house, what do you think she said? - "You did not do well, you sold it way too cheap, you could have kept the house for a while, and you would have acquired more money for it." Here is, I said to myself, a woman who has not yet understood the way the world functions. The lady who sold the house answered though: "It is so much of a hassle, I'm glad I got rid of it."

Our hearts and minds should be free from all unnecessary burdens and once and for all we need to acquire the belief that God's Providence works for our own benefit. If the 4-5-year-olds would start providing for their own food at such an early age, they would not grow up and would quickly age instead. Therefore, their fathers have to take care of them until they become 21 years old, so that the grown up children are strong enough to provide for their own sustenance. The digit 21 represents 2+1, which is the total sum of 3 – the Trinity itself or Completeness in other words.

Before the face of God, we are not yet 21 years old, but 10-12 years of age only, and He and all His angels are still performing some work within us, so that we can become accomplished. The punishments we are given are because God invites us to go to school and instructs us to learn, but we nevertheless resist and run away from the classroom. He is now wielding his stick, thus punishing the world collectively, and is saying to us: "You shall go to school, so that you learn and gain experience." Every retreat and digression from His commandments has its own criminal consequences. Such omissions cannot be compensated for in any other way, but with suffering. As a result of the incurred suffering, the human feelings become more sensible and stronger.

Now, let's go back to the original question about the cross. The cross that saves and which you have to wear should consist of two necessary elements. It should be neither made out of wood, nor should it be turned upside down the way the plain cross is. Further, it should not contain any imprudent elements and it should not be whimsical. As soon as you experience some suffering, you say: "Why is this suffering given to me, when there are other people who are more sinful than I am? The Lord should have given this suffering to them and He could have been more lenient with me!"

Such a way of thinking is already a display of discontent and disobedience. In this particular case, people assume either the position of an animal turning its back to God or the position of a plant, which is turned upside down. The human race has been carrying the two animal and plant crosses for the last two thousand years and has not been saved yet. I have not seen a household without such crosses and when I walk on the streets, I prefer to avoid these two crosses, as I am tired of seeing their nonsense. The Christ was not nailed to such a mindless cross.

You suffer and you do not understand why this is happening to you. The woman says: "I will have my revenge on this man", while the man likewise says: "I will have my revenge on this woman." The judge revenges against the defendant, the teacher against the student, the merchant against the buyer and everybody in general is always threatening to have their own revenge. Let me tell you that wearing such crosses does not save one’s soul. A cross that truly saves is made out of Wisdom and Love.

Next, I shall stop by the cross, which is upside down, I would lay the Divine Love on it, then turn its head up, so that it follows the same direction as the head of the Christ, and eventually say: "Lord, whatever may happen on Earth, and even if the world turns upside down and is eventually destroyed, I will still fulfill Your will! There is no creature in the world to prevent me from doing so, and I will do it!" This is what the Law of Love demands and so does the Divine Wisdom, which similarly says: "Lord, through all the suffering you give me, I shall learn the deep meaning of my life on Earth and shall work for Your glory." When the Lord is punishing me, I would say: "The beating on my back is a blessing, thank you!" - This is how the salvation cross of Love and Wisdom thinks and acts.

So, it turns out that you, who are now suffering, have these two outdated cross elements within yourselves. Therefore you need to add the third cross element of the Christ. Do not try to reject the former two cross elements because even Christ did not attempt to reject them. He had to be nailed on the cross, and through this courageous accomplishment, He did the greatest work in this world. Such is the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice that mankind cannot even recollect from its existence so far any similar event of the same scale. Even after He was placed in the grave, He was still “crucified” because He descended into hell, opened its gates, brought out the sinners and said to them: "I have come down here because of you."

You all want to go to Paradise. Should you not go down as Christ did in order to find and bring out your brothers and sisters from hell? To be able to return to His Father, Christ had to spend three days down in hell with his brothers and sisters and then release them from their enslaved state of consciousness. This is the exact interpretation of how Christ understood the words: "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given."

And in your life, when people do not understand you, you should speak to them in parables like Christ did. Everyone needs to be nailed to the True Cross - this is a responsibility, which needs to be fulfilled. Christ saved you and you would have to save your brethren too. When I go to a sick person, cure them or prescribe them the correct treatment, this very same person, in turn, should willingly and freely help heal a different human being in need. The person I helped has no right to come back to me again and say: "Please come and help this other person, find a cure." This sort of personal transformation should enter into our lives, our thoughts and our deeds. Now, some people may think or, perhaps, affirm that for a person to save his or her soul, it is necessary to break away from this world. No, on the contrary, you have to enter the world and help organizing it, but before that you need to organize your own inner world.

In this era, Christ is descending upon the Earth every two thousand years. In the past, he had been coming down every thirty-three thousand years. At present, sometimes He stays with us for a longer period of time, and sometimes - for a shorter time span, but from now on Christ shall live on Earth for longer periods, and in future you will have the opportunity to see Him and speak to Him. You may ask as to when this will happen, and the answer is that it will happen only when you have the three above-mentioned elements as parts of your own cross. It is said in the Scriptures that some shall see Christ under the clouds, others over the clouds, while to some others He would appear completely transformed.

What use is it to those who are deaf if they enter a hall, where excellent concerts are being held? - None. What is the benefit to the ones whose stomachs are upset, if you serve them the most delicious meals? – None. Therefore, in order for people to understand things correctly, they should be in possession of the right elements. - In this respect, they should be on the very right track. Humans without steadfast belief systems are like a road which is trampled over by everyone – whatever is being said to them, they listen to and then agree to it without any thought whatsoever. If today someone tells them that the Lord exists, they would nod in agreement and if tomorrow they are told that God is fiction, they would acquiesce again.

Such people have the fate of the furnace, which was made by the popular parable character Nasreddin Khoja. A friend came to him and said: "Because the wind blows in this specific direction, the door of the furnace should be on the other side." Nasreddin Khoja knocked down the furnace and rebuilt it the way his friend suggested. A second friend came over and recommended to place the furnace door elsewhere. Again, Nasreddin Kjoja knocked down the furnace and erected it according to his friend’s advice, but then a third friend joined in and put forward a new suggestion about the location of the furnace door. Finally, Nasreddin Khoja took the decision to build the furnace on top of a horse cart and was then turning it to whichever side his friends chose in order to satisfy them. In the physical world, this solution may have been clever indeed, but with regards to the spiritual world, we need to move in a single direction only – forward and upward towards God. That's the right direction. You may now ask if those are the only two directions towards God that we may take and the answer is that to reach out to God, it means to reach out in all directions. If you have no established belief-system in this respect, you would be, as I have already said, like a road, which is trampled over by everyone. Place a hedge as a barrier or just dig a large hole across the “road” of your own belief system and say: "From now on, none shall pass."

In addition to the people at the lowest level of knowledge and understanding, there is a second category represented by the modern people with all their multiple theories. Throughout the 19th century, around one hundred geology theories regarding the Earth's structure were presented before the French Academy. All scholars of this kind argue, prove and disprove, and maintain a certain idea, but after five or ten years here comes another new notion, according to which the Earth is built otherwise, and this new hypothesis breaks its way through to discredit the previous theories to only lose its superiority to another newer theory, after eventually some time has elapsed. But how can we then trust them when such theories do not rest on solid ground?

The scientists and the rich people, who are in a constant search of worldly glory, pleasures and happiness, do live surrounded by thorns it turns out, as indeed there are no conditions for happiness on Earth. Happiness is an inner process in the spiritual world represented by the rational attitude, which is adopted by the human souls in regards to each other. If you love, you will be loved. If you are acting with virtue, others would treat you virtuously as well. If you are righteous, justice shall come your way. If you love the truth, so others will treat you truthfully. The Lord answers the same way we treat Him. He speaks softly and gently to those who are wise, but to those who are stubborn, He sends suffering.

Next, there is another cross element that I need to explain. There were two outlaws on either side of the Christ. He was nailed, while they were both only tied to their crosses. Why did the soldiers break the robbers’ tibias, but did not do the same with Christ and pierced His heart instead?

Since Christ is now descending upon us, I will clarify this question. The two robbers were the first human beings created by God and those were the humans who sinned first - Adam and Eve. Do not take my words literally; I only mean this figuratively. The two of them ate from the forbidden tree and that is why their shins were broken for it is said: "Cursed is the one that walketh to do evil with his feet." The act of breaking of the robbers’ legs denotes all people who have lost their virtues.

But then again, why did the soldiers pierce Christ into his heart and did not break his legs instead? It is because one should be free from the desire to taste the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. Christ said: "Since I am willing to take you back to Paradise, my heart has to be impaled and your legs would have to be broken because you have taken from the forbidden fruit.“

Now ponder over the following thought: “Whoever is willing to go back to Eden, will have his heart “pierced”, and whoever has committed a crime shall have their legs broken.” As I said, those crucified on either side of the Christ, were Adam and Eve. Both of them were saved in principle. The one on the left said to Christ: "You have saved so many thousands, save us, save us without any suffering." This robber on the left side of the Christ represents the female principle to which Christ replied: "I will save you." However, to the robber who was on His right side and represents the male principle, He said: "You will be in Paradise with me today." and the Christ fulfilled His word - He took the man on His right side all the way up into Heaven and kept the woman on His left side down onto Earth. Even now, Christ pierces the men's hearts on the battlefields and says to them: "Come with Me." And to the women He says: "I will save you in future, but for the time being I shall leave you on Earth to further do your work." Well then, dear women of today, how would you meet the Christ when the time comes? I pose this question to the Bulgarian, German, Russian, Austrian, French, English etc. women.

I have presented to you the philosophical meaning of the cross and I am inviting you to apply it in your lives. I am glad because this meaning of the cross is in itself deep, great and Divine. I have interpreted for you the words of the great Master of Peace. I have heard His voice and now I am translating the meaning of His words. - You women shall be saved by the cross which has the three elements. The legs of those who do evil shall be broken and the hearts of those who desire evil shall be pierced. Only then will the evil be destroyed. I share to you what the Lord spoke centuries ago on the 9th of March when he introduced the Man to Heaven. Back then, this day fell on a Friday, but today it falls on a Thursday. Be aware that 9th of March applies to all the days of the week, so when we place you in Paradise again, would you again eat from the forbidden fruit?

I am here teaching you about the meaning of Life, I speak to you about the Christ, Who is now coming and already performing His duties. Ahead in time wonderful and great things will happen in the world. Do not deceive yourselves; they would happen in an ordinary and natural way. Do not assume that the changes shall fall upon us as a sudden burst of flame. They would arrive very gradually. I can see that some of you are afraid. Don’t be afraid, as those who are cowardly will not enter the Kingdom of God. Act as heroes instead!

Now, we will go further down the Earth and down below we shall study the small mysteries. In the depths of the Earth we would descend and learn how life functions in there. From that level there is a door leading to the Kingdom of God. Through this door we will find the Christ. When we descend, we shall meet Him and when we exit and go back up, we would see Him again.

Christ says: „Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given." - You should study well the modern sciences to understand the secrets of the physical world and the secrets of the Kingdom of God. You should know about astronomy in order to understand the meaning of the secret world as well as you should learn physiology and anatomy. What do you know about the structure of your body, heart, blood, lungs, stomach, ear and eyes at present? For example, how does the light, which is coming from above, become an impression to your eyes and brain? What do you know about the relationship of the elements that make up your body, thoughts and desires? Imagine the kind of awe you would find yourself in when you begin to see the forms of your feelings and desires, imagine the greatness of the world which would be revealed before your eyes. And next, what do you know, for example, about the modern political movements? What is the reason behind the prevailing aggravation of the humankind nowadays and what is the reason behind the wars among nations? Can the mankind not develop in a different way? These are the type of questions that need to occupy your mind.

Therefore, in order to be able to understand these events, you should recognize that the main reason why all this is happening is because your heart is filled with discontent. When you wake up and get up in the morning, you are not in a peaceful state of mind, as you think that all people all over the world are abnormal and bad. When we perceive people as abnormal, then we become abnormal as well, and vice versa - when we see the people around us as normal, then we also tune into normal mode.

In general, those who are drunk tend to be happy during their temporary euphoria, while those who are sober are often suffering. When you go to a pub, you may see someone being drunk, laughing and cheering, but when this person comes back home, no one could even possibly talk to him.

"I am happy," the drunken person says, but the next day when he sobers up, his head hurts and he begins to wonder whether he should have drunken the day before or not. Afterwards, such people go back to their normal state, where all the merrymaking has gone out of the window, and the suffering has arrived in order to replace it.

Modern people say: "We suffer much" and I answer: "You are now sober." In the last 19th century, all people were more or less intoxicated and were saying: "God does not exist! Ha, ha – give us concerts, balls, merrymaking ..." Now, in this 20th century, people have sobered up and are asking: "What are we going to do now?”

An officer on the battlefield told me once: "We all pray out there, our thoughts have changed", while a socialist was asking himself: "What is happening to me? So far I have been so dumb, but now I know that the Lord exists; now I know why I have come to Earth." It seems that all those people are recovering from their hangover. And if you face the English and the French troops on the battlefield and experience the intensity of the exploding shells and mortars, how would this turmoil affect your faith? I believe that people having that sort of experience are now holding their graduation exams on what we nowadays call “initiation”. For some, the first initiation exam has already been completed. The women, who are here, will suffer, their initiation will pass, and they will sober up. Being sober is the best - it means that one is able to function in a normal state of existence.

There is a joyful state in us which can be reached, so that we can acquire balance. I would show you what it is, but for the time being I will leave this topic out, since I will talk about it this coming Sunday. Afterwards, you will then be able to communicate with all the good people all over the Earth. For example, if you have a friend in America, let’s say, you would direct your mind towards them, forward your thoughts to them, and your friend will reply back to you with their own thoughts. In this way one could travel the entire Earth, and you could go, if you wish, into the invisible world as well and talk to both all the good people on Earth and to those whose physical bodies have already left the material realm.

Some people say that the dead should not be disturbed, but there is nothing to worry about in this particular case. Take, for example, someone who is locked up and restricted - you may reach out to them and ask how they feel and give them some useful advice.  For instance, such are the departed souls which are still roaming the Earth - you can talk to them too, but deeds of this caliber are reserved for strong people only. Some may say: "The spirits are dangerous and whoever preaches about them is a heretic." Do not be afraid, the existence of spirits signifies the existence of real life.

To illustrate the above statement, here is the following verse: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7, NKJV).” The first zodiac sign corresponds to the Spirit - the Spirit has descended and has chosen, as a result, its first “piece of clothing”.

The original first month of March represents the idea of the human spirit. When March arrives, do ponder over the power of the humankind to be the master of еarth, master of water, master of air and master of fire. A person who is not a master of the earth, water, air and the fire elements has not acquired the human spirit within themselves yet. The most important thing is to be masters of your dark side and to say: "My spirit is the master within me." and if you are in a bad mood, do say to yourselves: "My spirit is the master within me" and you will see how your mood would change. Instead, however, you are saying: "I'm overwhelmed and I cannot fight on", but the Lord does not like soldiers who run away from the battlefield - you have witnessed how such soldiers are shot down by machine guns, so that in future they would abstain from fleeing the battlefield.

Now, how would you meet the Christ? Would you show Him your back or would you face up to Him? Go and ask the priests, teachers, and judges how Christ would find them. Have they gracefully brought their hands down and turned their faces towards God by means of helping their compatriots and humanity? This is the path of obtaining Christ’s blessing if you wish Him to bless your children and your friends.

Try this cross which is called the Power of Salvation. If someone else gives you a different cross, throw it away, this is not the True Cross. I will now ask what your desires are and what they are directed at – are they directed towards the earth, are you willing to indulge in the animal flesh? - For thousands of years humans have been eating animals and plants, but this is not the source of their salvation.

What would be your situation if you have eaten a very well cooked lamb and someone turns you upside down, so you’d face the ground? In this case, what would cost you this excellent meal? Remember, this is the state of the devil. As soon as you say: "Let’s just eat, drink and enjoy life." the devil will turn you upside down, and anyone, who has their head facing down towards the ground and their back against the Lord, would not know how to think and feel correctly.

Now, as soon as you return to your homes, try your hearts out. I would like, when I go into a house, to see the lady shining like a candle and I would like people to talk to me without speaking a single word. When I enter such a house, I know that its inhabitants love me without the need of saying anything, but visiting a different house, where people speak out to tell me that they love me, I know for certain that they are lying to me. Speak first with your heart, then with the mind and finally with your mouth. Never say a word with your mouth before your heart and mind have spoken first.

When the famous Egyptian sage Hermes was once asked a great question he had not previously mulled over, he merely pursed his lips. This meant: "I have not thought about this question yet, so that is why I need to keep quiet", while on the other hand, his disciples were astonished by the fact that he did not answer the question.

Many of you say: “Why don’t you tell us?" And how am I supposed to tell you?!? - I have told you a great secret already, but you would say that everyone knows the secret about the wooden cross with the Christ and the two robbers besides Him with their legs broken. I am telling you, this is not the True Cross.

When the True Cross enters your being, light will illuminate your mind, while simultaneously your heart and your spirit will begin to work with vigor, and then you would become lords of the whole world. Some people say that a certain person has a mighty Spirit. Only the True Cross has a mighty spirit. The One Who is calmly carrying this True Cross is now looking upon us ...

The legend tells us that the Roman legions of up to six thousand men had administered eighty thousand blows to Christ whilst torturing Him, but He nevertheless remained silent. How did Christ manage to withstand all the suffering? He simply said: "Hit me, those blows are a blessing - let the others be blessed through the suffering of my back. I am doing this for my disciples for whom I am ready to endure everything.”

This is what I call magnetization. Where were you then? Of course, you were not within the Roman legions, but you stood somewhere among the street crowd and your thoughts were that the Christ was dying without attaining the real purpose in life, despite being a young and a clever man. You thought that His deeds at the time were foolish. Such was your philosophy then and such was the philosophy of all the priests, pharisees and sadducees – just eat, drink, lie, steal more money from your fellow human beings - that is how the meaning of life was interpreted back then.

Nonetheless, there is nothing more virtuous than Faith, Hope and Love. When people ask me what I eat, I say: "I feast on Faith, Hope and Love." These are the fruits of the Spirit – this is what I eat. Now, let us abstain from criticizing anyone any further. When someone eats more than I do, I am glad that their stomach is strong and healthy. I'm happy when those around me are happy and I share the sorrow of those who grieve and I say to them: "You were full of joy before and can become full of joy again."

A few years ago, sometime between May and June, both I and a former teacher were passing near a tavern in the city of Varna. The tavern was inside a hotel with a garden, the tables were laid out, deliciously smelling steaks were being served and wine was also being handed out among the guests. As we passed by, this former teacher groaned and I asked him why he groaned. He then said that in the past he used to be one of those lucky people who indulged in all those fine meals and that he is now suffering, as it is no longer possible for him to join such occasions. Consequently, I shared with him that for me it would be a great misfortune to enter this tavern and that he should be grateful to God for teaching him how to live modestly, as a little bit of bread and salt is enough for one’s sustenance. I also told him that he has already sampled all this type of feasting, and that even the devouring of one thousand more steaks would not improve his life anyway.

The Lord says: "Because now you are not living a better life, I am excluding you from life, so that you can learn the true meaning of the Cross of the Christ, which is really the meaning of Life itself." Yes, these are the great mysteries of the Christ, Who is now coming. Be faithful to this great master. He is now arriving with all the angels and the saints, with all your forefathers and ancestors, but not the way the church and the Sabbaths envision His descent. You will see how much confused the modern day people are with regards to Christ’s arrival and you will subsequently admit how great the Lord is and you would show gratitude that you have gone through all these tribulations and suffering.

Nowadays, Christ is handing over His wreath of thorns to all women. We all know that when the wedding ceremony is conducted, a wreath is placed on the bride’s head. In the tradition of mysticism and the occult science, this wreath is shaped as a circle with a cross on the inside. Whoever has come to Earth has to acquire the Divine Wisdom. Whoever is in Heaven and wants to become very wise, obtains a ticket for the Earth because it is a school intended for gathering wisdom. Christ will come down to inspect this school and He would not scold you, but may ask you different algebra questions. He may ask how much is one plus two, and you may say that this is a very simple question. Others would be asked how much is two minus one. Some could be asked about the triple rule, others may have a chemistry test, while the rest would have a physiology test - for example, to elaborate on digestion or on the topic of blood circulation.

Some would be questioned on magnetism and electricity and some would be asked to explain how the human thought is formed, while others could state what they know about marriage. Women, for example, would have to develop the subject on how they understand marriage. Because in future there would be fewer men on Earth, women will have more exams on the education of their children.

Next, the Lord shall ask the judges how they have judged and applied the Divine Righteousness, then ask the lawyers how they have defended their clients, the teachers - how they have taught their students, the doctors - how they have treated their patients, the priests - how they have preached the Word of God. The Lord will revise everyone’s deeds. He will remove the crowns from the bishops’ heads and tell them: "I did not wear a crown, but a wreath of thorns. A bishop, who has not worn a crown of thorns, is not allowed to wear a golden crown." - Be aware that all of you are blessed to have been born on Earth at this particular point in time.

And now, let this essential thought of the cross remain sealed within you. - Turn your head and face towards God and when you ask God why you’ve been forsaken, He shall reply by saying: "Here I am, I have not forsaken you, I will explain to you the deep inner meaning of this cross."

To all of you I wish: “May the Lord grant you the blessing to go hand in hand with Him” (people from the audience said “Amen”). Do not be discouraged, do not moan, but do rejoice even when you are weeping. Offer each other a helping hand. From now on, all churches and faiths should be reconciled - our Father is alive and He is the only God for all the existing religions. He will attract you towards Himself, just like the magnet attracts metallic shards. One day, you'll find yourselves magnetized and suddenly changed. Afterwards, just carry the True Cross and Christ will begin His work within you.

From now on there is no force whatsoever to stop the Christ from doing his work. He will enlighten you and give you every wisdom, but you need to be true to your Father. We all already live in Heaven anyway, so do say: "Father, from now on, we shall walk Your path, we will cultivate this Paradise, we’ll eat only from the allowed fruits and we shall act in harmony with Your eternal law." Then God would reply: "Come all of you who are blessed. - For you is My Kingdom". Then he shall send you back to Earth again to work and the Earth will become part of the Kingdom of God. Some of you will be governors; others will be judges, lawyers, teachers – everyone shall do something according to their best talents. There are so many different job vacancies that there are hardly enough people to occupy all of them. There are enough jobs for both men and women, but with regards to women, these jobs are for real women only.

Socrates said: "There are women and women." - That is to say there are two types of women. When you meet a woman, this woman needs to positively change you, and not pervert your mind. When you visit a real woman with a foul thought in your mind, she should help you transform your state of mind, and then you would say: "I will not do such a bad thing." This is what I call a real woman. If, however, one’s mind is perverted in a bad direction, then this is not done by a real woman, and you should know that her head is turned upside down just as it is with the kingdom of plants. We need real women to turn around the minds of these obstinate Bulgarians. You, women, have the key to do this. Do not be offended, as I am here telling you to help your stubborn children change their minds, and to transform your own hearts and your own entire spirituality.

This change, of course, will not happen within one, five or ten years, it is a matter of centuries. Our contemporary times, our day today … is a day for work. The Lord is coming to offer work and service to all women and to also offer them equal rights with men. When the man and the woman are not yet married, they are very fond of each other from a distance, but when they get together under one roof, they start to hurt each other. At present, the Lord has placed the men up in the area of the mind and the women down in the area of the heart.

Sometimes, women may lament that their honorable husbands have passed away, but instead these wives should thank their husbands for helping them change their own minds.  On the other hand, the man, when he looks at his wife, would say how good she is and how well she talks. Some women say: "The Lord took away my husband." No, the Lord did not take your husband away; He just placed him further away, so that you both can contemplate one another in order to again become fond of each other. In the evening, the woman will let the man into her well cultivated garden of the heart, while the next day the man will invite his wife to his own well cultivated garden of the mind.

So, please consider if it is possible for you to live without a well cultivated garden? To you women, I recommend to plant your gardens well, so that men would come down and walk in them. And to you men I suggest to work on your gardens well, so that women could stroll in them with joy.  

This is the meaning of the words: "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven …“ Such are indeed some of those secrets.


Sunday Talks, 22 March 1917, Thursday, Sofia

Translated by: Pavel Iordanov

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