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Prayer of the White Angelic Brotherhood

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Prayer of the White Angelic Brotherhood

Lord, bless the Cosmic White Angelic Brotherhood, which is now present among the 
Bulgarian and the Slavic people. 
Strengthen its Spirit, grant faith, trust and hope in You to those who follow 
Your way, that they may be revived and praise You throughout all the ages of the 
Perform this, Lord, Our God, for the sake of Your Glorious Name, with which You 
are known above in Heaven and below on Earth. 
Let Your Name be magnified before all those who hinder Your holy deed, so that 
they may know that You are only One, in whom there is no change and who are 
always powerful to help and to deliver. 
Disperse the enemies of Your Kingdom, Lord, from before Your Face, and we will 
praise You with a pure heart, when You help us to overpower and to drive away 
the evil spirits of hell, which wish to ruin Your holy deed. 
Act You, Lord, now with Your mighty arm. 
Do this for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whose Name You have 
deigned us to call You. 
Let the governors in this people recognize that there is no other Lord and God 
besides You. 


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