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At each brotherly dinner, thoughts were discussed, which supplemented what was said in the talks and the lectures. That is why the brotherly dinners were original and unique; they were not the same in spirit. The remarkable thing was that the Master, when expressing thoughts, always took into consideration the state of the souls, their needs, their searches, the contradictions they were undergoing. At one brotherly dinner, the question about some qualities of the Love was brought into discussion. The Master said:


Somebody says that he has fallen out of love. This cannot be. After the recession, there will be an accession, but never a detachment. Between two people, who love each other, there cannot be falling out of love. There are two explanations here, and both are correct: let us say that the person "A" loves the person "B". If the consciousness of "A" is occupied with something else or is reduced, then the Love of God, who loves through "A", will manifest through another person, then it can do so through a third person, etc, but never will the Love towards "B" cease. On the other hand, the person "A" says that he has fallen out of love with "B", but that is not true. There is only a reduction in his consciousness, that is why he cannot perceive, he cannot realize his love towards "B". This looks like a sound, which, because of a reduction in hearing, cannot be perceived by man. But then, when the consciousness of "A" becomes increased, he will again display his Love towards "B". "A" will always have Love for "B" inside himself. There has only been a stretch of the thread between them, but not a rupture. You cannot fall out of love with the one you love. The one you love cannot cease to love you. At some time, he might visibly stop loving you, but that is not true, only the installation has been interrupted, but once the circumstances come along, the Love will manifest again. The Love has not ceased, but there are no perceptions of the Love of God that passes through him. Through him, God has not ceased to love you.


A brother asked, "So the Love of God is constant. Does that refer to the person, whom he loves, himself?"


This refers not only to the Lord, but to the person himself. If man loves somebody, he will always love him, this love cannot cease; it can weaken, it can visually become lost, but only when man falls asleep, i.e. sinks into other matters. Then, when he awakens, the love manifests again. The love man has towards somebody is not from this rebirth. It is from the distant past, many existences ago.


A sister asked the Master, "You said that there is no falling out of love. Does that refer only to the Divine Love, or to the human love as well?"


The human love continues as well, it does not become lost. On Earth there are days and night, right? But in the Sun itself it is not like that. The human love manifests again after a periodic sleep of the consciousness for it itself, it constantly perfects, refines itself, until it becomes Divine. The human love will evolve. It is a Love from God, only that it has impurities. And one day these impurities will be removed, the sufferings will cleanse them. Love does not become lost. Each autumn, the leaves fall off, and in the spring, they sprout anew. So everything outward changes in the Nature. When some connections are Divine, they will certainly overcome all obstacles and will manifest.


There is an unchangeable Love and a changeable one. Not that the changeable love is bad, but it changes, it ceases to function, it becomes alienated temporarily, in order for man to rest. Someone says, "That one loved me, and now he does not love me". The one who loves you has left you right on time, and has given you exactly as much as you need. After that he will appear again, his inner attitude will not have changed towards you.


The Earth goes round the Sun on an orbit, so sometimes it is closer, and sometimes - farther away from it. The difference in the distance is a couple of million kilometers. The same law is in respect of the souls, between which there is Love. Sometimes you are closer to the one whom you love, and whom you go round, and sometimes you are farther away from them. That is the reason for which those who love each other move away from each other.


A brother asked, "How are Your words explained, that the Love is always mutual, and that when you love somebody, he loves you as well?"


When you love somebody, you have accepted and display God's Love. When you love a person, his soul loves you above, even though the physical consciousness of that person might still not know that. If you love a sinner, his soul above loves you already and accepts your love, and it will not be a couple of years before he comes to love you down on Earth, he will turn over, a change will happen inside him. And so, if you love somebody, his soul above loves you. That is why we say that the Love is by all means mutual. What is above will come down to Earth, and what is on Earth has been above previously. Initially, the Love might be mutual only above, and then it becomes mutual below as well. If you love someone in the Divine way, there is always a response to the Love, and that people do not love each other, it is apparent. Somebody tests you. Even as you love someone, your love has a response within him. We must not wait for an answer. Love manifests in one moment. The manifestation of Love is only a moment. We say "a long time", yet "the long time" is a result of the Love. In time, you will have a second moment. Those are things which cannot be measured. Actually, Love is constant, unceasing, but we perceive it from time to time. That is for now.


Always the stronger comes to love earlier. When they love somebody, in him a gathering of energy happens, and if he does not appreciate the Love, this energy will melt him. How many authors have written thus about the Love? None. People have paid attention to many other things, but the Love is incomprehensible to them. In the past, people were ready to apprehend the great science of Love. Few dedicated ones were able to apprehend that. The suffering, the torment is retribution when you do not make way for the Love to pass through you. When you love someone, he does not pay any attention to you, but should you become passive, then he becomes active and starts loving you. So, when one is active, the other is passive. A change happens. The great law of God works in Life. You cannot but love a creature that loves you. Then they will swap. There is a touchstone, which shows whether there is mutuality in the Love or not - if you are content with your love, this shows that there is mutuality. When you are content with your love, this shows that the other one loves you, however, with his ordinary outward consciousness he might not know this, but the Spirit inside him loves you. This is a deep inner process. Mutual Love is dangerous for the time being, if on Earth it is immediate. That is why when one loves, he should not want mutuality down on Earth. Heaven does not allow this.


A sister said, "It is a pain when there is no mutuality".


There must not be mutuality simultaneously. If two people love each other with equal strength, they will destroy each other. One will be active, the other will be passive, and then the opposite. When you love, you become strong, and when you are loved, you become meek. The Love will come back to you from those people, whom you love. Distinguish between Love and Fondness. The one who sends the Love, has Love, and the other, who receives it and appraises, has Fondness. Then they swap.


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