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At a conversation with a brother, the Master said:


By the New teaching, God should be put in first place, and man - in last. Then God draws man and puts him in first place. All who violate this rule break down. The Jews did not acknowledge Christ as a messenger of Heaven, they crucified Him, they put Him in last place, and after that they suffered. Christ put God in first place, and Himself - in last, when he said, "Not my will, Father, but Thine be done!" And that is why Christ got elevated and took first place. The Love towards God has to be at the head.


It is said in the Writ, "The Sun will be made dark and the moon will not give her light and the stars will come down". This refers to the present times. The Sun is the countries, the moon is the wrong religious beliefs, and the stars are the authorities which will lose their influence.


Some people try to settle their own matters first, and put the Lord after that, but the law is: work with the Lord for the Lord. I do not know a person who engages in fishing, charcoal burning, butchery, that has come to any good. All have broken down! A business that is not by the laws of God or a business taken up without God, leads only to loss. Some want to make provision for themselves and to work for God at an old age. If at a young age they have not worked, there is no way for them to work at an old age either. What better provision do you want when you are connected with the Lord of Love. God has given you the most necessary by providing you with light, air, water, and bread. Never has God deprived man from these four elements. And that is why man must thank, believe in God and love Him, work for and serve Him. Otherwise, man will be somewhere far from the Lord, and the dark forces will draw him and he will serve them under the lashes of the whip, of the torment, and of all the sorrows of life. Why are they in torment, why do they suffer, and why are the people miserable? Because they do not believe in the Lord, they do not love the Lord, they do not work for the Whole and do not serve, but are scattered leaves and work only for themselves. That is the old teaching. And in the New teaching, the Love is in first place, and man - in last.


Why are they fighting now? For land. The land is of God! Man is given not to rule it, but to work it, and to be mainly a cashier of the goods, which it gives out to everybody who needs. To himself he must only keep as much as it is necessary for him. What is this massacre of people for, what is a war like this for? For the newspapers to write that a hundred thousand people were killed there and there, somewhere else - two hundred thousand, this many planes were brought down, that many ships were sunken. They do not value these killed people, they regard it as an ordinary thing, but they will give response to everything!


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