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One brother had a private conversation with the Master in his sitting-room. Praying was mentioned.


Man shall pray all the time. He may get up after midnight and pray, and in the day-time, he shall devote five minutes each hour for praying. This may be done everywhere and the others will not notice. Even if you are a clerk in an office, you may become thoughtful for a while and look as if you think on what you are writing, but you are actually praying secretly.


The Brother said: "Thank you very much that you gave us a method for praying each hour for five minutes."


Do not tell everybody about the five minutes, about which I have told you.


The brother asked: "When shall we pray during the night?"


The following rule may be applied: when you awake in the night, you shall pray; but this matter has a deeper side - even when you are asleep, you shall be still awake, have an alert consciousness up, where you have an astral work. Yet, during sleeping, you may go even higher. Man shall have Belief, pray, expect and raise high with his consciousness. One day, man will go up to a peak, in order to have space in front of him. The new work today is to become to love each other! It shall be started from there!







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