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Here's what I say: whoever now tries to bring forwards the truth, he shall always be suspected. There's a suspicion in all believers. When they hear you talking, they will at once ask you: "Who are you?" If you go to an evangelist church, they'll ask you if you're an evangelist - if you are, they'll accept you. If you go to a catholic church, they'll ask you if you are catholic - if you are, they will accept you. One must always have a name, but it's not the name that makes a man. Man creates the name.



Sister Veselka was like this by nature - she was hard to start to believe. She often said, even before the Master: "I am the Unbelieving Thomas!" She doubted him as well. But deep down inside herself, there was a strong desire for something to happen, which would convince her to believe in the Master. She said that she herself used to send such a thought to the Master: "You are the Master and have all the capabilities, you can show me something that would make me believe". One year, when she was in Izgrev, during the council, she attended a lecture. The master was standing behind the desk and speaking. The sister said to herself: "You talk very well, but I still have doubts!" And in this moment as if a curtain dropped from her eyes, and she saw the Master in a fireball, and he was bright as the Sun. His hair was like Sun's rays, his beard emitted light in various colors. Light gushed out from his face and entire body and vibrated. The sister thought that this was some kind of a hallucination, she rubbed her eyes, to check if she was dreaming, she even pinched herself to wake herself up. But what she saw didn't change. All the time the Master was looking at her calmly, without interrupting his lecture. The sister looked at the others around her, but she soon found out that they weren't seeing same. How much time did that continue, she wasn't able to determine. Then the picture went away and the sister saw the Master as everybody was seeing him. She thought: "This must have been a hallucination". At this moment the Master looked straight at her and smiled slightly. When sister Veselka went to him and told him about her experience, he laughed: "Are you still the Unbelieving Thomas?"
At a lecture, while the Master was speaking, a man in the audience thought: "What a charlatan!" The Master was jumping from one topic to another, and that's why his thoughts seemed charlatanism to that man. Then the Master looked him in the eyes and said out loud: "I am not a charlatan and crook, but I am answering the questions of the people here". The man, who thought that, sunk into the ground with shame. He told me this himself.
A brother from the country, who had not seen the Master, wanted very much to see him, but he didn't have enough money to come to Sofia. He had a rich neighbor, whose boy got very ill and, according to doctors, was bound to die soon. The neighbor then asked our friend, who was then also a supporter of Krastnikov, to take him to the Master. Our friend replied that he had no money. The rich man promised to pay all the expenses. At that time Krastnikov had issued a book, in which he had arranged by classes all the spiritual people and he had placed himself first, and the Master below him. The Brother took that book with him and thought with doubt in his mind: "If Deunov is really a Master, I will hold this book in my hand, he will ask me to give it to him, and then open it on the precise place, which refers to him, and read what is written". He started from Haskovo and came to the Master with his rich neighbor. When they entered the yard at 66, Opalchenska str., where the Master was living, there was a great queue of people, waiting to be admitted in. The two newcomers said to each other: "With all those people, when is our turn coming?" Soon after they said that, the Master showed at the door, and to their surprise he ordered: "Let the two men from Haskovo come to me". The Master told the farther of the sick boy what to do in order to heal him. Then he turned to our friend and, laughing, asked him: "What do you want?" He reached and took the book from his hands, opened it on the page, which contained references to him, read what was written, smiled again and returned the book. From that moment, our friend from Haskovo became a devoted brother.
In the first years of Master's activity, just before he started a lecture in a provincial town, a man stood up at the door of the hall and started shouting: "Hey you, there on stage, why do you deceive people that there is some kind of God? There's no God, you are delusional!" The Master calmly replied: "I will prove to you that there is God!" - and he started the lecture. While he was talking, nothing special happened. However in the night, when the man went to bad, he fell asleep but soon woke up in terror - his bed was moving around the room, with him in it. He rubbed his eyes, to check if he was dreaming, but nothing happened and he realized he was awake, so he right away remembered the words of the Master: "I will prove to you that there is God!" The man started praying: "Please Mr. Deunov, I believe there is God!" After these words the bed went back to its place. The man wasn't able to sleep all night, and early in the morning he went to the hotel, where the Master was staying to tell him: "I am sorry Mr. Deunov, I now believe in God!" Then he told him what he had experienced the previous night.
Slavi Kamburov is the brother of Nikola and Stefan Kamburov. Nikola and Stefan were in the Brotherhood, and Slavi was a "wide" socialist and materialist by belief. One day, he threatened his brothers: "Let me just meet this Master of yours, and I will refute him in no time!" He thought that the Master was a scribe like him and he would be able to refute him with dialectical arguments. One day, when the Master arrived in Stara Zagora, the three brothers were there. They went to him and Slavi entered the room with the pomposity of a scientist, who was ambitious to disprove the Master. The Master received him and started a conversation on the four degrees of consciousness and on the fourth dimension. Slavi Kamburov had not heard about these things and he got confused, and wasn't able to object anything. The Master talked to him for more than two hours. After that Slavi entered the Brotherhood and he even read lectures and wrote articles on the Master and the occult science.
As an officer, brother T.B. was on the front and had to come to Sofia on important errands. He told me this himself. He went to the general to ask for a leave, so that he can come back. The General, as soon as he saw him, told him: "You're a good officer, your name is popular throughout the artillery, but I can't stop wondering why you are such a follower of that Deunov!" After that the General addressed the Master with some threatening words, adding that he was going to deal with him. He sneered: "So you think he knows, what I'm talking?" The Brother replied: "Yes, I believe that he knows what you are talking now." "You amaze me - said the General - but, anyway - go now, farewell!"
The Brother came to Sofia to meet the Master. After talking for a long time on their own business, the brother got up to go, but he was surprised that the Master - until then joyful and in good mood - suddenly became serious and said sternly: "Tell your general that I know everything he says, and tell him to shut his mouth, for something bad might happen to him". When he got back to the front, the brother visited the General. The first thing he asked him was: "So, did you go to your Master?" The Brother replied: "Yes I did, and without telling him anything he asked me to tell you that he knows everything, what you've told me and warned you not to treat him like that anymore, because something bad might happen to you". At this moment the General flinched, moved back a little and asked: "Did he really know what I had told you?", "Yes, without me telling him anything, he started talking to me in a very stern tone, about you." After that the General never spoke to the brother against the Master. One year after that he died of a heart attack.
The violinist Petar Kamburov had an exciting experience: "It was 1921. I received a message by the brothers in Plovdiv, to go to their city, where the Master was going to read a lecture for the public in the military club. On the train I met some people from Yambol and Burgas, and in Plovdiv we were accommodated in the houses of brothers. On the next day the hall was crowded. I was in the middle of the rows with some friends. The Master started his lecture, which was on the subject of "The Effect of Light on the Bodies", with the words: "When material objects are put in a cellar, where there is no sunlight and the temperature is below zero, they are frozen and there's no decay in them. But if sunlight penetrates that cellar, the objects will start decaying and smelling. This also applies to human minds. When the Divine Light and warmth enters them, at first they start decaying and smelling, until the thing that decays in them disappears and only the material, on which the Divine can be built remains in them."
When the Master said that, a young man jumped from a chair and shouted: "Gentlemen, the man who is standing there on stage, is a black magician. He killed my mother, don't listen to him!" After that he sat back - he was sitting two rows away from me. The Master continued talking. I noticed that when he said those words and sat back, the face of that man changed, his hands bent, he started making grimaces and fell into convulsions. After that he once gain stood up on his chair and said loudly: "Gentlemen I am deeply sorry for what I said before. The man on stage is not a black magician, but a saint. I can't remain here anymore for Christ is driving me away! I am deeply sorry for my words and ask forgiveness!" The man stepped down from his chair and went out. What happened caused confusion in the hall, some spoke against the Master. The editor of the "South" newspaper also stepped on a chair and shouted: "Mr. Deunov, go preach these theories in Patagonia, not here among us!" somebody else said another thing, other people started talking too, there was great uproar in the hall.
The Master was standing on stage and listening calmly. After a while, he raised his hands, the public calmed down and he continued. He was reaching the end of the lecture, and suddenly we heard a voice from the back door of the hall - it was the same man, whom Christ drove away. He continued: "Gentlemen, if we accept and apply the teaching of this man, of this Master, the world and life on Earth will change in 24 hours!" After his words the Master continued: "I can tell what each of you is thinking and feeling right now." Then I priest jumped up: "I want you to tell me what am I thinking!" The entire hall started shouting, there was a great uproar and nothing could be heard. It was a real chaos, and there were about 2 thousand people inside. I sister rushed forward to protect the Master, but others pushed her and she lost her balance. I called out to tell something to the Master, but a large hand fell my head, knocked my hat down and I heard: "Are you one of them!" The Master finally managed to take the word. "Friends I can tell everything the priest thinks, I can tell everything to each of you - where your wellbeing is. Did you act according to the rules of good sense? I accept all the abuses that you poured on me and thank you for that. I will use them to fertilize my fields and gardens, and to you I leave my Love." Saying that, the Master left.


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