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Now all religious systems and sciences have so many false things, so many fake things! Nature, however, persecutes false things. It loves what is hers. We suffer, because we've introduced to this world and our lives many things, which have not originated in nature's laws, which have not originated in nature's facts. Nature's facts are different from a fact of ours. Nature's laws are different from our laws. Nature's principles differ from our laws, from what we understand.




Brother Evgeni says that one day, when he was with the Master for a talk, he asked him: "Master, you have a big and fine library, can you give me something to read, and then give it back to you!" The Master smiled: "Yes, I have a vast library and you can make us of it all". Brother Evgeni was curious: "Your library must be in the upper room or at another place?" Already laughing, the Master pointed out and explained: "The entire nature is my library, every tree leaf hides in itself a whole story and a whole science. All you have to do is learn to read this great book of nature."


The business of one brother went wrong and he was in a severe financial position. He went to the Master and complained about his situation. They were talking in front of the lower room. It was summer. The entrance door was opened and a small bird alighted on the threshold, where it started hopping around and chirping. The Master was amused by that, pointed at the bird and looked at the brother: "So, brother, your business is not going well. This is the living language of Heaven." And indeed, soon everything with that brother was again fine.


Another case impressed Old Blago: "One year 22 brothers went with the Master to the Rhodope Mountain on an excursion. On a nice clearing, at the side of which there was a strong, dense and high pine tree, the Master said: "We will stop here and make our main camp beneath this tree. But keep in mind that you should not hammer any nails into this pine tree or cut its branches - you won't even touch it!" Two days after we arrived, the Master proposed that we go for a walk. We left the camp, and two brothers remained to prepare the lunch. They decided to make a table for all of us, by entwining branches and sticks, so that it is convenient for use. For that purpose they cut some branches from the trees around the camp, but they also liked some of the branches of the pine-tree, beneath which we had set our camp. One of them climbed 7-7 meters up in the tree to cut the branches. Below, the poles for the table, were already sticking out of the ground. After the brother cut several branches, the branch under his feet broke and he started falling with his back to the ground. In a second he remembered Master's warning and shouted out: "Master, save me!" Unexpectedly for both the falling one and the one looking up from the ground, an invisible force held him, put his face to the trunk of the tree, and the brother embraced the tree and clenched to it. When he got down, he once again remembered Master's warning, and realized his mistake, for which he almost had to pay too much."


The Master was staying with a brother in the country. IN the yard there was an apple tree, which had not given fruit for quite some time and the brother was planning to cut it down. The Master learned about that intention and told him: "No, leave it for one more year!" The Master went to the apple-tree and talked to it for a while. He could speak the language of animals and plants, and was able to communicate with them. Behind each animal or plant, there are sensate beings and he talked to the souls of plants and animals. At one place he says: "The group souls of animals, inhabiting the invisible world, are much more intelligent and much stronger than the individual incarnated man on Earth. Therefore man has to be careful with both plants and animals, because of their soul. If man harms them, their souls will avenge him." But let's return to the case with the apple-tree. The Master talked to it a little, patted it and made certain movements around it. The next year the tree gave abundant fruit and has done that ever since.


Brother Kostadin often visited his vineyard in the "Marmanliya" area near Tarnovo. Many friends visited him, sometimes the Master came as well. He was there when Kostadin cut an apricot full of fruit. The Master hid in the room of the house and ate nothing for three days. Then he said: "Don't you know that cutting a tree may cause you harm! Respect everything living, which God has created." The Master fasted, in order to protect them from trouble.


A Brother from Kazanlak came to Sofia on business and, when he was passing through the city, he decided to take something to the Master, some fruits. He saw a vendor on the street with fine peaches on his cart. The Brother stopped by and started bargaining: "I want a kilo of peaches, but good ones. I will pick them myself - I'll pay you double the price." The seller looked at him intently and said: "Ok, you can pick your peaches. Do you want them for the Master?" The Brother met that man for the first time - he was a bit surprised, but answered: "Yes, they are for the Master". The seller picked the best peaches, weighed them and gave them to the brother, saying: "Here you are! Now send my regards to the Master!" The Brother took the peaches and continuing to ponder on the strange conversation, he headed towards Izgrev. When he took the peaches to the Master, he asked: "Where did you buy them? From a peddler on the so-and-so street?" The brother confirmed that and was even more amazed that the Master knew where he took the fruits from. After that the Master gave the brother an ordinary tiny peach from our fruits in Izgrev and told him: "When you get back to Kazanlak, you plant this pit in your yard and see what happens." The Brother ate the fruit, and kept the pit, and when he got back to Kyustendil, he planted it in the yard. It sprouted and when the tree started giving fruit after several years, the brother was amazed that the fruits weren't like the peach, which the Master gave him, but like the ones that he bought in Sofia and brought him. The brother realized that the Master had put in this pit the same powers, which acted on the other fruits.


Another brother from the village of Lyuibimets had a field near the Maritsa River, where he was growing pumpkins. But very often the river swelled and washed them away. The field was at the end of the road, and therefore the village cattle often trampled it and grazed it down. One year his son proposed: "Father, let's plant one pumpkin for the Master". The father agreed right away. This is what happened that year to the amazement of the brother: Maritsa flooded the field, but in such a way that the pumpkins, weren't damaged, but just very well irrigated. The plants grew big and exuberant, as never before. Village's cattle didn't enter the field either, as if it was fenced. And the plant, dedicated to the Master, wondrously produced five large pumpkins of over 10 kilos each. The brother just didn't know how to take them to the Master. Finally he put two of the pumpkins in a bag, got on the train, arrived in Sofia and went to Izgrev. Even before he was near the premises, the Master opened the door and met him smiling at the threshold. The Brother kissed Master's hand and, before being able to say anything, the Master told him: "So this year the pumpkins were really good, and Maritsa didn't wash them away, right?"


This is the story, told by brother Manyu Savov: "One year I got into a lot of debts and went to the Master to ask him how to cope with that situation. He asked what I was doing for living, and after I told him, I was into agriculture, he told me this: "As soon as August comes, you will take some wheat and you will sieve it and clean it well - there should be no admixtures in it. You will let it in the sun for three days and then bring it back in, and then when the humidity is right, you will sow it. While you are sowing, you will sing the song "Praise the Lord, my soul!" After you sow it, every morning you will go to the field and say your prayer there. One morning at one corner, the next morning - at the other, and so on - you will say prayers at all corners, until the wheat thrives. Until you reap it, you will say prayers like that every day." I had sown 13 decares. The field came out in a perfect condition, lush wheat with large ears covered it and soon heavy grains could be seen. I reaped a lot more than the neighboring fields, which were worked by experienced farmers. They used to tell me: "We were supposed to be experienced farmers, but you managed to produce much better grain than us!" I knew I had managed to do that with the help of Master's advise and my prayers."


Another brother, Panyu, was a blacksmith, he used to shoe horses and oxen. Sometimes he had to deal with nasty animals, and he was forced to beat them, to keep them calm. Therefore one day he told the Master that he wanted to quit that job. The Master gave him this advice: "You won't give up your job, I'll teach you how to treat the animals, so that they are content with you and you'll be able to work without any troubles". So he taught him: "When a horse or an ox is brought to you, you should pat it with your right hand, and then drive your hand from its head to its tail, all along the back. When you get to the tail, you'll blow, as if you are blowing something off your hand. When you do that several times, the animal will calm down, and you'll be able to work without problems." Brother Panyu started doing that with the animals and he attracted a lot more clients, because people didn't want their animals to be beaten. Everybody was wondering how the blacksmith was able to calm down even the most evil horses and oxen.


The Master and brother D-ski were talking under the shed on the lawn. From the forest, at the fountain, a church-owl or another nocturnal bird was making sounds, which disrupted their conversation. The Master asked the brother: "Do you want me to make it stop?" And the brother replied: "If you want so - yes". The Master got up, stepped forward several steps in front of the shed and stood there for a while. The brother did not see or hear anything, because it was dark, but the birds got quiet after that.


Sister Elena remembers that when they went to the mountain her husband and her were really afraid of the large shepherd dogs, because they rushed at them with open jaws. But the Master walked serenely and when they came one meter close to him, the dogs stopped, whimpered and then swiftly went back.


In the first years of Master's activity, he was in contact with the protestant circles. One day he was visiting an elderly protestant. The man was digging in his garden, and the Master stood there next to him and they talked. Heavy rain clouds approached and hanged above them. The host invited the Master: "Peter, let's go home, because we'll get soaked in the rain". But the Master just reassured him: "Don't worry, keep working, the rain will come close, but it will not fall on us". The rain was approaching them like a wall, but when it came ten meters away, it turned to another direction, without there being any rain there. It happened just like the Master had said.


A sister told me that one day they were on their way with the brotherhood and the Master to the Vitosha mountain. When they got out of Izgrev, the weather was rainy and misty. Nothing changed until they reached the Camp. One brother was carrying a violin and when they arrived, the Master took it and started playing a strange melody. The sister asked him what that music was, because the tones were very strange. The Master explained that this was a melody of fourth tones, unknown to modern music. After he played for a while, the mist disappeared, the clouds vanished and the sky gradually got clear and it was sunny all day. And from above it could be seen that the entire city was covered by a thick fog. When they got down to Izgrev, the friends met them with the words: "Well, at least you felt the cold today". But then they found out that the weather up there was fine and sunny, and it became so after the Master played a melody of fourth tones.


One year the Master called several young friends to go with him to Tarnovo a week before the council, in order to repair the roof the villa, where we used to meet. The brothers started work and had already uncovered the roof, when a big black cloud came their way. They expected a pouring rain to start any minute, and the roof was uncovered and everything was going to be soaked in water. The Master went to the brothers and asked them how much time they needed to finish their work on the roof. They estimated that they would need about two hours. The master went out of the gate, said some words and made specific movements with his arm. And here's what happened: when it reached the villa of the Brotherhood, the cloud changed its direction, split in two, went around that part of the city and headed in another direction. The Master returned to the brothers and said that the rain was postponed for two hours. And indeed, that time had just passed, the roof had just been finished, and the cloud returned and it started raining heavily. When the rain started, the brothers were just coming down from the roof and they got all wet.


We were on a trip to Vitosha. In the early morning we got to the mountains and it was still covered in snow, at the end of the winter. The Master pointed to me: "Can you see that bluish color on the ground and on top of the snow? This is the prana, which is now abundant. Great flows of energy and prana are coming now from the Sun and flowing on the surface of the Earth. And because the plants are not awake now to accept it, and there are no animals around, the prana is free. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, make frequent excursions at the end of the winter and in early spring, before the plants have developed and while there are still no animals in the mountains, so that you can make use of the prana, which is abundant at that time."


Brother Stefan Toshev tells the following story "When in 1913 there was an earthquake in Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa, I met the Master, who had come to see the destruction. I was accompanying him, together with Dragan Popov and after the Master saw the destruction in Gorna Oryahovitsa and Lyaskovets, we returned to Tarnovo, to the house of the Illarionovs. We sat in the yard, around a small table. During our conversation, we saw that a fierce storm was coming from the west. The Master jumped up and rushed to the back yard, spent some time there standing against the wind that was rushing at him, making some movements, then he returned to us and said: "It would have been horrible in Tarnovo!" Then we found out that the hurricane had rooted enormous 40-50 year old trees, just outside the city."


In 1923 an earthquake shook Plovdiv and Chirpan. Then the Master read the lecture "I came for destiny", where he revealed the following: "A major earthquake was about to happen in Sofia, as well, but, at least for now, we managed to cancel that. We helped the earthquake in Plovdiv to happen during the day, so that people can save themselves. If it had happened during the night, as planned, the disaster would have been much worse."


Brother Boev remembers one of the many excursions with the Master: "In the mountain we greeted the Sun and performed some gymnastics. While doing that, a blue light came upon us and we looked at each other with amazement. This continued for several minutes. One of the brothers asked: "What was that, Master?" He replied: "I brought you here this morning, so that you bath in ultraviolet rays ".


During an excursion to the Camp in the Vitosha Mountain, the day was very dry and hot. After the lecture the Master addressed everybody: "Nobody should leave here before four o'clock". One of the brothers started to go, but the Master made the others stop and bring him back. At about three-thirty everybody got ready to go, they said a common prayer and started on their way. When they reached the big lawn beneath the Camp, they stopped and, according to Master's instructions, said one more common prayer. Until that moment only separate small clouds were to be seen in the sky, but suddenly these clouds gathered together, became thick and large drops of rain started falling. At the end of the prayer the rains increased and kept on raining until they reached Izgrev. Before they said their goodbyes, the Master explained: "Such a rain shower in the summer is more valuable than 100 regular showers". So he saw that there will be rain and requested them to stay, so that they can make use of the energy of the natural shower.

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