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The Spiritual Teacher Beinsa Douno

(Peter Deunov) in Marchaevo

By Hristo Madzharov[1]


Past events gradually disappear from people's memory, overshadowed by daily survival needs and covered by the dust of time. Thus only a few still remember or know that events of biblical importance and worldwide impact took place during the stormy days of 1944 in the small village of Marchaevo, which is huddled at the western side of Mount Vitosha.


At that time the world was overwhelmed by WWII, which took the lives of more than 50 million people. On December 13, 1941, the Bulgarian government was forced by Germany to declare a token war on the United States and Great Britain and was immediately punished for this provocation. The Master Beinsa Douno predicted that Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, would become like a chunk of Emmentaler cheese perforated with holes. And this came true as 1,784 bombers dumped their deadly load over the city day and night. Bombs fell in the vicinity of the spiritual center Izgrev as well, but did not explode. The Master's explanation was that he had covered the place with a protective white mantel. The bombing was heaviest on January 10, 1944. As at that time the Master was staying (as often lately) at the house of his disciple Boris Nikolov, situated in the vicinity of Simeonovo,[2] they both went to the Izgrev community the next day and found out that everyone had left. After an hour spent in prayer, the Master said, "The conditions for people to maintain their communion with God no longer exist in this place. Let us leave." This phrase brought an immediate change to the course of events. After an hour one of his disciples, Simeon Kostov, ran up to the Master, out of breath, "Master, come to Marchaevo! My house is at your disposal!" After another half an hour Slavcho Pechenikov (a publisher known also as Svetoslav Slavyanski) came too and offered the car that was in his possession at that moment.


Peter Deunov set the departure for early in the morning on January 14, Friday. But the car they were traveling with was delayed because the bombers overshadowed Sofia again. The streets were full of panicked running people and that is why the car was moving very slowly. Then the Master went deep in concentration, leaving his body. As a result, the bombers left the city and dumped their bombs over the mountain terrain of Stara Planina.[3] In the afternoon the Master Beinsa Douno, accompanied by hundreds of his disciples, arrived at the outskirts of Marchaevo. But he directed his steps not to the house of Simeon Kostov, which is in the center of the village, but to that of another disciple, Temelko Stefanov Gyorev.


When I first visited brother Temelko, I saw a man with a petrous face reflecting his profession of a stone cutter and strong willpower. Yet, at the same time it expressed enormous gentleness - attained as a result of the beneficial influence of the Master.


I kept coming to his home and listened again and again to his stories about the Master, learning new details every time. These talks revealed to me the profound life of an honest man who had completely transformed himself under the guidance of the great spiritual Teacher. I am going to share some of Temelko's experiences during the stay of Peter Deunov in Marchaevo. The deeds of the Master need special attention:


"My daughter Kossena warned me, 'Father, empty your room as the Master is coming to stay there.' 'Do not repeat this,' I scolded her. 'We do not deserve the honor to welcome such a great Teacher.' 'I am telling you, father, vacate the room,' she insisted. A week later Kossena told me, 'The Master is putting together his luggage. Everything is ready; he is coming! And when he arrives, you will be obliged to make his room ready for him.'


"And still I did not listen to her. At noon, my second son, a soldier in leave then, came and said, 'Congratulations, father, you are expecting special guests!' 'What guests?' I wondered. 'Your Teacher and almost sixty people coming with him.' I was shocked and felt sorry that I did not listen to my daughter as her prediction came true.


"After the greeting the Master went directly to the living room and sat on a chair. Evidently he knew that his room was not ready yet. I tossed everything from the room through the window and my wife began to clean. We overheard someone telling him that there was a room waiting for him somewhere else, but he did not accept. When we finished, he came in, even before our invitation. And the Master stayed ten months with us. In this house he held lectures and received many guests."


The arrival of Beinsa Douno in Marchaevo was marked by an important event - the electrification of the village. The disciples took an active part in this event when it happened. And when the first electric lamps lit up, the Master mentioned that now it would be more proper for the village to be called "Svetlyaevo." This means: in the light. The first day after the Master's arrival he led the disciples to a clearing, which was later covered with pine trees. Nowadays there is a tall forest there.


In Temelko's backyard Peter Deunov combined a few small wellsprings into a big one and named it "The Wellspring of Good." A platform of colored stones was made around the wellspring. Three granite steps led to it, symbolizing Love, Wisdom, and Truth - the three Principles guiding the human soul toward the Great Wellspring of Life. At this Wellspring the Master guided the events in the world using sacred formulas and movements.


He suggested to build up another wellspring at the eastern side of the backyard and called it "The Wellspring of Wisdom." The numerous visitors coming to see the Master were walking the beautiful path along that wellspring. They washed their faces and drank from its crystal-clear waters, refreshing themselves both physically and spiritually. Because of its magical healing effect, this wellspring is known as "The Wellspring of Health."


Many beautiful flowers bloomed around both wellsprings, and people could smell their aroma from a distance. The drinking water in the village was not tasty at all; and when the villagers heard about the nice, tasteful water of the "magical wellspring," they began coming to get water from there.


Four kilometers west of the village was a big source of mineral water. By then it was used only for laundry. However, after the Master pointed out its healing properties, people from neighboring villages began to use its water for drinking. Years later, after an extensive drilling around the source, the debit of the mineral water was dramatically increased and two big swimming pools were built. Thus the place was transformed into a relaxing and healing spa center.


Metodi Konstantinov, a disciple of the Master, who was also evacuated in Marchaevo, went every day to Sofia, where he worked. Returning from work in the evening, he ran in to see the Master and spent long hours sharing the latest news he acquired thanks to his previous work at the Ministry of Information and asking many questions. Some of these talks were recorded in shorthand by Boyan Boev, the so-called "secretary" and are included as a part of this book. It was Metodi who told me that many Bulgarian political leaders and foreigners were coming to visit Peter Deunov in Marchaevo in order to learn more about what is going to happen to Bulgaria and the world, and what their destiny will be.


After arriving in Marchaevo, the Master asked that two flowers be planted, one white and the other red. Two pots were to be used. He explained that the white flower represented peace, and the red one, war. When asked whether the war would destroy the world or whether peace would reign, the Master pointed at the flower-pots. The sisters watered them regularly, but gradually the red flower withered and died.


Where the Master Beinsa Douno stayed, Life and Beauty blossomed. Human culture seemed to follow in his steps.




[1]  Hristo Madzharov is a Bulgarian academician at the International Academy for Bulgarian Studies, Innovations, and Culture. He is a renowned lecturer and writer of esoteric science with many international recognitions. He is the author of: "Cosmic Plan 5,500 years ago," "New Age," "Bulgarian Mysteries,": The New Culture in the Age of Aquarius," "Melchizedek - the Path to Faith," "Bulgarian Mysteries," "The Return of the Bogomils," "Love and Evolution," and "Mysteries in the Dawn of Aquarius."

[2]   Simeonovo is a village on the outskirts of Mount Vitosha.

[3]   Stara Planina (the Balkan Mountains) is a mountain range in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The Balkan range runs 560 km from the border of Bulgaria and Eastern Serbia eastward through the Central Bulgaria to the Black Sea. This mountain has an enormous role both in the historical and modern development of the Bulgarian nation and people.



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