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Does The Master See In The Life Beyond?

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Does The Master See In The Life Beyond?


I was still a teacher in the city of Varna. We dismissed the children for the winter vacation. The same evening I was preparing my luggage to go to Sofia.


The door bell rang. My mother opened the door and invited in Mrs. Popandreeva, the wife of the chief schoolmaster of the school where I was a teacher. She was dressed in black and had a very sorrowful face.


This was the first time mother saw her after their great misfortune and she expressed her condolences. Tears streamed from the eyes of the woman and she began telling how she and her husband simply could not go on living without their daughter Dora. Their first two children had died also. Dora was taken care of like a princess and they had tended her every step. For her sake only they had come from their native village to Varna, for her they had bought the house . . . and now when she had just graduated from college . . . during the summer they had gone for a month to their native village. They could not tell where or how she caught that cold but in two months time she had died. "Her father and I will go mad from grief," she ended.


My mother tried to comfort her but she continued to sigh and cry.


"I want somebody to tell me, even if it be a lie, that she is somewhere and that is why I have come to you. My husband told me that Milka is going to Sofia tomorrow. She believes in the life beyond and the Master lives in Sofia. Oh, please have her ask him where our Dora is now?


Hearing this, I went to her and just for comfort's sake I told her that I would make use of the first chance and ask the Master. At the same time I thought: poor woman, how desperate she is! And what could the Master tell her?!


During the ten days that I spent in Sofia I talked two or three times with the Master but dared not ask him about the daughter of the chief schoolmaster. I thought it was not fitting to take up the Master's time with such things. He is a Master, a philosopher, a wise man, nevertheless how can he see beyond and tell what people are doing there! It is simply impossible.


I went back to Varna. The very first day at school the chief schoolmaster asked me to come to his office. His wife was there also and both were impatient to hear what I had to say to them. I was very ashamed and blushed lying to them that I had not had the chance to speak with the Master. Tears came down the faces of both mother and father. I pitied them much and was conscience stricken.


"Oh, never mind, you will go to Sofia during the spring facation also, won't you? I hope he will tell you something then," said Mr. Popandreev trying to comfort his wife.


The day before I started to Sofia for the spring vacation, Mrs. Popandreeva, with tears in her eyes and a box of chocolate candy in her hands, pleaded with me to ask the Master this time about Dora, why they could not even dream of her.


I decided to ask the Master this time.


On the last day of my stay in Sofia I went to say farewell to the Master and at the end of my visit I told him about the grief of the mother and father and how they asked where their Dora is now and why they could not even dream of her.


While I was speaking, the Master listened to me and looked at me searchingly.


"Now she is at a better place and is well."


That is a very general reply, everyone could say that, I thought.


"They cannot dream of her because of their tears, she cannot draw near to them," the Master continued.


This too could be said by anyone, I thought again.


Then the Master shook his finger at me, became very serious and told me:


"Listen now! Their daughter came into their family in order to try to melt the ice of their hearts. Both of them are great egoists. After they did not learn their lessons in one way Heaven tried some other way."


And he continued telling astounding details about the life of that family.


"Now Heaven took away from them their Dora and in this way, through suffering and pain, they will have to learn. Do you understand? But this I say only to you, to them you will say that she is now better and she is with them. They must send their daughter good thoughts and stop weeping all the time if they wish to dream of her. And also tell them to give some of her garments to poor people. Is that enought?" the Master ended softly.


When I heard him telling details of the family's life which he could have learned only by inward sight, and feeling that he was aware of my unbelief, I was much stunned and was so much ashamed that I didn't know where to look. Turning very crimson I just repeated, "Yes, Master, ... it is so, Master


I understood that the Master saw and heard in the life beyond.


This time when I went back to Varna, I had something to tell the sorrowful parents.



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