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This happened on the 12th of September 1933.


I was still teaching in Varna after my parents had moved to Sofia. I wanted to go to the capital too, but so far had not succeeded. At the Ministry of Education the lists with the names of those appointed to be kindergarten teachers in Sofia had been posted and my name once again was not entered therein. I had to go back to Varna and continue teaching there.


In low spirits and dejected I went to Izgrev to bid farewell to the Master and to some other friends. I walked around the garden, drank some water from the beautiful fountain. The garden was wrapped in the wonderful colors of the late autumn day. Many leaves had fallen on to the path around the fountain. Automatically I got the broom out of the Brotherhood's kitchen and began sweeping them off. I decided to do some work as a farewell.


"Oh, you are sweeping. That is good!" said the Master.


I had not noticed when and from where he had come near me.


"And what happened with your appointment in this city?"


"Nothing, Master. Todays was the last day but I am again not on the lists. Tomorrow I have to go to Varna, if I am late I might lose my job there too."


"Go now, I say, to the Ministry. Try again!"


He spoke quietly and persuasively.


"But the reception hours are over!"


"It doesn't matter, I say, go now!"


He pronounced each word softly, quietly but very persuasively and I was simply obliged to go.


"I will finish the sweeping first and then I shall go, Master," I replied and began to sweep more energetically.


The Master was watching me attentively. When I finished with the sweeping, I put the broom in its place, kissed the Master's hand and went down the road towards the city.


I entered the dark corridor of the Ministry of Education much embarrassed. What shall I do here at this time of the day? The reception hours were between 10 and 12 in the morning and now it was 5 in the afternoon. Several minutes I bustled around wondering at which door I should knock.


"Oh, Milka, how are you? What business brings you here?"


It was an acquaintance of mine, a journalist, who at that very moment was just coming out of the office of the President.


"Oh, I have been coming here every day for almost a month," I replied surprised.


He knew that I was helping to support my parents who were in Sofia and I myself was working in Varna. Without a word he motioned to me to wait and entered again the President's office.


Ten minutes later the inspector was asked to come to the President's office. For sometime the voices of the three men could be heard in the corridor discussing rather animatedly and loudly. Then the inspector and my friend came out and the latter entered the office of the secretary. About fifteen to twenty minutes later he opened the door and smilingly invited me to go in.


"Sign the contract of your appointment as a kindergarten teacher in Sofia," he wispered to me, beaming with satisfaction.


As in a dream I signed the three copies. The secretary handed me one of them. My friend congratulated me on my appointment and together we came out of the secretary's office.


"Oh, Mr. Georgiev, I thank you ever so much. I wonder why I didn't meet you until today. I came so often to the Ministry during the last two months."


"Anyway you met me just in time. Today they had appointed another girl but had not yet informed her of it. I explained to the President and the inspector the heavy financial condition of your family, while the girl that was appointed is the only daughter of a very rich architect. They understood and crossed her name off the list and wrote yours instead. This is the right way of arranging things. So long, Milka, I am in a hurry to get to the editorial office."


I was almost flying back towards Izgrev with a copy of the contract of my appointment in my hand, whispering: Master, I am appointed in Sofia! How could you know the exact moment when to send me to the Ministry?! Oh, Master, how little we know you, we that call ourselves your pupils! I am so very grateful. How you came out to me in the garden in order to make me go just in time.


Thinking thus I almost did not notice when I came to Izgrev. In front of the Hall, surrounded by brothers and sisters, the Master was talking with some of them. As I came up to the group, he looked at me, smiled softly and very quietly told me: "Now, work and study!"


Nobody understood what it was all about, what had happened.


"Work and study," I repeated to myself, kissed his hand and ran back home to tell my parents the glad tidings.


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