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When Master Speaks Does He See Us?

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When Master Speaks Does He See Us?


The hall at Izgrev was always packed on Sunday mornings when the Master spoke. Anybody who was late had to stand by the door or even to remain outside, in front of the windows. Summer and winter all the seats were occupied early in the morning.


About half past nine brother Simeonov began playing the violin and we all sang in chorus.


Exactly at ten o'clock the Master came into the hall with a Bible in his hand. He passed through the people and went up on the platform and stood until we ended the song. He saluted us with upraised hand, then we all said some prayers together and sat down. He also sat down, read a chapter from the Bible and began his lecture.


The Master talked quietly but clearly, as if he whispered to our souls. We were all ears and each one thought that he spoke specially for him alone. So strongly his living words appealed to us-the verbal milk with which he fed our hungry souls.


Usually I listened to the lectures sitting somewhere at the far end of the hall. Once it happened that I was a little more to the front, by the column, near to the door. I was standing but was very content because from that place I could see the Master all the time. I listened and looked at the wonderful picture — hundreds of people with fixed eyes were looking at the Master and listening to him with bated breath.


Just for a moment my thoughts wandered from the lecture and I began wondering whether, while speaking, the Master still saw us. Whether, for instance, he saw that I am standing by the column? Perhaps, bringing those Divine Words to earth for us, he was being transferred to other, higher spheres and was detached from the ordinary earthly, material things.


The lecture continued and I continued to write down the most important thoughts which I wished to remember.


At twelve o'clock the lecture ended as usual with the prayer "Our Father."


Once again the Master passed among the people with the Bible in hand and went up to his room. Some sisters and brothers waited for him at the door to kiss his hand and thank him for the lecture.


The audience dispersed. Some people conversed animatedly, others walked off towards the town and still others grouped themselves around the dinner tables.


The sisters in charge laid white table clothes on the tables under the hazelnut trees. When everything was ready, the Master came down and took a place at the middle of the table, prayer was said and the dinner began. The food was simple but very delicious and well-cooked. At the end of the dinner the sister in charge let a small money box be passed around and everyone freely, according to his means, dropped in a few cents for the food he had eaten. Again the saying "Divine Love brings plentiful and complete life" and songs, prayers and talks with the Master began.


Those sitting at the side tables usually came and stood around the Master's table. We sang and he looked at us and saw in us that which we could not see in ourselves and even did not suspect. Questions were put to him and he answered, then he asked questions-and again songs were sung.


That very Sunday I stood just opposite the Master while we were singing. Looking around he saw me and very quietly whispered to me "You were standing by the column."


At that moment I was not thinking about this, but he replied to the question that came to my mind while listening to his lecture in the hall.


Nobody heard or understood, because these words were pronounced very quietly with a light joyous smile on his face.


The song continued:


"Great art Thou, Oh God,

Great are Thy deeds,

Great is Thy Name

Above all... "


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