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Life Is An Endless String Of Divine And Human Manifestations

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Life Is An Endless String Of Divine

And Human Manifestations


I went to the Master to ask for his blessing for on the next day I was to have a model lecture before an inspector and quite a number of students. This time the Master was not occupied and received me at once. Not waiting for me to say a word he began:


"Light begets light in the mind, warmth in the heart and life in the soul.


"Light is the first Word of God, it is the beginning of all.


"Material Life, external conditions are only the reflection of your inner world, of what you need for your growth at the moment. The most essential for a pupil is to study, to learn. What is and what is going to be, these are just theories. The most essential for the pupil is to learn. To learn through everything: movements, posture, bearing, eating. The correlation between the pupil's thoughts and emotions must be defined, clear and pure. Everything must be clear, pure and bright."


I absorbed hungrily every word of his and wrote them all down in my special notebook.


"Learn to understand and live life according to its contents, not according to its form."


"Master, I would stay forever here in your room listening to you but tomorrow I have very important work; my lecture with the children will be attended by an inspector and forty student-teachers. I have to go home and prepare very diligently for tomorrow." I said it reluctantly, still writing down his last words.


"There is no important and unimportant work. There are only divine and human moments. Man on earth is free to choose. Listen to me now: never miss the divine because of the human!


"Yes, you are very right, Master, but what shall I do tomorrow if I am not well prepared?"


"When a man prefers the divine, God Himself will arrange his tomorrow for him. Perhaps you will have no guests at the lecture."


Soft purple light was filling the room and a strange mysteriousness engulfed me within a harmony and an enlightment hard for me to understand.


"Every divine Word reverberates in your consciousness until it ripens and begins to live in your soul. The more divine truths you perceive, the better for you."


The Master continued speaking quietly with foresight. At the time I could not understand all the meaning of what he was saying but I wrote down in my notebook every word of his.


"The most beautiful moments of life never repeat themselves."


When the Master stopped talking, it was dark outside, but in my soul it was so bright that I never knew how I reached home.


The next morning I went to school very early, at six o'clock in order to prepare myself as well as I could. At eight I began work with the children; nine o'clock, ten, eleven-no guests turned up. Why? At about twelve I was informed that instead of that day, the guests would come on the next. The inspector had some other work and was late, so they decided to visit a nearer kindergarten that day and come to mine the next day.


"When man prefers the divine, God Himself will arrange for him his tomorrow."


Thus it happened.


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