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A Lunch

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A Lunch


This happened during my seven hungry years.


At Izgrev the refectory was not yet established. I was in my tiny blue wooden house, and was very hungry and thought: If the Master truly sees in space, does he know that I am here . . . can he see now that I am hungry and have nothing to eat . . . and a lot of such thoughts were passing through my mind.


Finally I came to the conclusion that it was very stupid of me to believe that the Master would see and hear me at a distance. Surely he had more important and greater problems to deal with ... it is not very important after all that some one by the name of Milka is hungry and has nothing to eat.


There was a knock at the door.


"Come along home for lunch," I heard the bass voice of brother Epitropov, who, a second later, opened the door and repeated his invitation.


"Oh, there is no need," I replied faintly, embarrassed and perplexed.


All at once it came to my mind, what if the Master had heard me? I jumped from the chair.


"Oh, come along, my wife has cooked a wonderful lunch today!" he insisted and waited for me to get my coat.


On his way home brother Epitropov always passed by my house. I was a friend of his daughter, but never before had he come on purpose to invite me to have lunch with them.


Still perplexed I went with him and had a really very good, delicious and plentiful lunch.


Who had sent him to ask me to lunch?

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