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He Saw From A Distance

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He Saw From A Distance


Soon after the Revolution in Russia, in the year 1923, an enthusiastic young man, by the name of Vassil, managed, through Germany, to go to the Soviet Union. During the first two years he was in regular contact with his family, then stopped writing. For twenty years his family knew nothing about him, whether he was alive or not. They tried to find out something about him through various persons and state embassies, with no results.


One day I met his elder brother Nicholas. He was very sad and was of the opinion that his brother was not among the living. I was grieved for that really very nice young man and didn't want to believe that he was not alive.


"Nicholas, I will go up to Izgrev and ask the Master about Vassil, perhaps he is still alive."


Many years had passed in my listening to the Master's lectures and I firmly believed in his great ability. All this was strange and incomprehensible for me but the facts confirmed his unusual abilities. Therefore, I ran up to him in ever difficulty. He was for me a beacon in the tempestuous sea of life. For each occasion the Master found some bright and hopeful words, something positive and I knew that he would find a way to soften the grief of Vassil's family.


"You may ask," Nicholas replied, "but now it is 1943 and Vassil went to the Soviet Union in 1923! If he were alive he would have written! Mother is almost on her death-bed for grief of him, he was her beloved child. Ask ..." he ended and tried to hide from me that his eyes became a bit moist.


The next evening was an evening before a morning lecture and I went earlier to Izgrev. Several persons were waiting for the Master. I waited too. When my turn came, I asked him to spare me a few minutes. I knew he always had supper before sunset and I was ill at ease.


"Please, excuse me! I am coming to you about a very important question."


"Come in."


The Master invited me to the reception room.


"Master, the son of a family friendly to my family went by way of Germany to the Soviet Union in 1923. During the first two years he wrote home but later stopped writing altogether. And since then his family knows nothing about him. Please, tell me something about this soul!"


The Master was listening to me attentively, then closed his eyes. I sat reverently on my chair. Some few minutes later he opened his eyes and said in a soft quiet voice:


"He is alive. Tell his family that in two years time he will come back to them."


I swallowed my breath for emotion, thanked him and went out. The next day I told his family. The mother, the two sisters of Vassil, and Nicholas received this news rather sceptically but a thin hope grew in them.


Two years later, in 1945, Vassil came back and is now still living with his family.


The Master's ability to see from a faraway distance was unlimited. There are many occasions narrated by other pupils of his, in which he even materialized himself to them in order to give them instructions in very hard and perilous moments of their lives.


And he, our Master, continues to help us. The author of the present small book of big facts is preparing another small book giving experiences, occasions and facts about the help the Master gave us and is still rendering to us after he passed beyond.


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