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Feeding Is A Mathematical Problem

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Feeding Is A Mathematical Problem


The Master ate only simple, fresh, vegetarian food. He had his lunches in the Brotherhood's dining room and his breakfasts and suppers alone in his own room. In the course of 25-30 years I had the chance to observe that usually he prepared his morning and evening meals alone-potato soup or only some fruit. He ate slowly, with enjoyment, and in the evenings, as a rule, before the setting of the sun.


From the Publishers that day I was hurrying up to Izgrev to show the Master my new book, "Plays with Songs for Children." It was nearing sunset and the Master received m^ up in his own room, where he was peeling potatoes.


I told him all the details about the publishing of my book and he was happy because of my success.


Somebody knocked at the door.


A sister handed him a plate with caramel-cream. A bit upset, she was explaining something. The Master answered quietly and firmly but she pleaded again and again.


The woman went out and putting aside on the cupboard the plate with the cream, he continued to peel the potatoes, I looked at the cupboard where, together with the cream, were some other delicious dishes and I naively asked:


"Master, why don't you have the cream for supper, it looks so delicious?


"Listen to what I tell you: that Sister wants me to do her a favor. If I eat from her cream, I bind myself and am obliged to do it, but in this case the right is not on her side. Each food gives us its energy. Not all pleasant food is useful. Feeding is a very important process and one must take good care of it. Do you like cream-caramel?" the Master asked me, and cutting a very big piece of it, he covered it lavishly with its own sweet sauce and handed it to me.


Feeling a bit bashful and embarrassed, I ate it all with appetite, while the Master, sitting at the opposite side of the table, supped his own-made potato soup.


"Choose pure and fresh food. Drink water from a pure fountain, make bread from fresh wheat and accept fruit only from good people. Eating transforms man's condition into positive or negative energies. Give from your food to the hungry and you will satisfy yourself well even with a little of it. Feeding is a mathematical problem which must be correctly solved.


"If a man solves correctly the questions of his food and sleep, that shows that he has attained to a certain harmony between his emotions and his thoughts. When he attains this, he is ready to solve correctly all his remaining problems. Freshness and vigor are necessary for man's thought. And one of the very important factors of thought is food."


Thus the Master spoke to me about food while we were supping together that far -off evening.


Once I brought to the Master some very nice peaches. He was in front of the Hall, talking with several brothers and sisters. As usual I handed him the paper-bag with the words:


"Master, the sun is sending you its best wishes."


He smiled, thanked me and looked at the fruit. The peaches were so beautiful that everybody looked at them. He handed a peach to the sister who was nearest to him, then he gave a second to a brother, the third to the next and so on. He gave out all the peaches except one. Then he looked at me, smiled again and said:


"For me I left the most and the best."


I remembered his words: "Feed the hungry and the little that is left for you will be more than enough to satisfy you.


The Master was always very consistent and always practised the things he taught.


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