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May of that year was really the month of flowers. The entire Izgrev smelled sweetly. Flowers, flowers, everywhere flowers - a symphony of colors and fragrance.


It was early in the afternoon. A few friends were around the piano in the Hall of Izgrev. They were animatedly disputing about music when the door of the Hall opened softly and the Master, with light steps and in very joyous mood, came in and went towards the group. All were pleasantly surprised and welcomed him gladly


I had an appointment with a friend in the Hall and having to wait, I went up to the group, too, took my notebook out of my hand bag and began to write down the very interesting interpretations which the Master was giving on music.


"Argue not about unessential things. Music must be used as a means of self-education. It is a method by which virtues grow. Every tone is a seed which has to be implanted in order to manifest itself.


"You accept singing as a method of concentration and a connection with the higher beings. When you sing concentratedly, you will penetrate into the vital force of each tone.


"Learn to sing simply, correctly and with a concentrated mind. The occult music must be sung not as men sing - but as the angels sing.


"Sing each excercise several times until you sense the pulse and the rhythm of the song.


"Now, sing the song "God is Love."


We all sang the song and the Master quietly played on his violin.


"Heart and mind must participate in singing. The tenor has a relation to Jupiter and the alto - to Venus. The soprano attracts the solar energy and the bass-the terrestrial. Each tone is subject to certain laws and brings a specific influence.


"The music of the future will make use of present methods plus the new ones which it will bring forth. The dynamic music is easily rendered but what about the light! You must learn how to harmonize the tones so that they generate light and warmth! The musicians have to know the vibrations of each tone. The basic tone "C" has 256 vibrations, half of which are positive and the other half-negative.


"For the present you learn to sing and the laws of music will be disclosed to you by and by."


Then the Master took up his violin and played "In the Dawn of Life." He played very, very softly - like an echo from the world of the angels;


We listened with abated breath.


It was a day in May 1938 ... .a wonderful May when the Master was with us!

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