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  1. Готов превод Възпитание на човешката воля - 19.8.1921-СБ-368 / ...: 19.8.1921-СБ-368

    Cultivation of The Human Will

    Now I will give you some basic guidelines on the cultivation of the human will.

    What has been spoken on this topic by the pedagogues so far, as well as the methods they have been using so far, are not well-grounded. A person needs to have willpower. In what lies the human will? The human will can be expressed only in our ability to control the parts of our body. A person, who is not capable of controlling their body parts, does not possess reasonable willpower. Therefore, God has created the human body in order to cultivate in people the power of will. If a person doesn't have a body, they cannot express any will at all. Don't get confused in thinking that your willpower can be expressed outside of your body. Some might say: "Yet, how does the human thought get expressed?" Have you ever seen what kind of thing the human thought is? When I move my hand - this is one realized thought. Thought - this is a form, a movement of the body in a certain direction. If this movement is properly made and expressed, then the thought is proper, too. For example, when we want to caress someone, to express a certain harmonious feeling, we stroke their head gently and say: "My little chicken!" This is a harmonious movement. When we want to express certain discontentment, we say: "Phooey" - we snort and spread our hands wide. So, this is showing lack of will. In this respect, the forces, whose will is not reasonable, always explode instantaneously, whereas the forces, in which consciousness is manifested, lead to graceful movements. Therefore, you all should aim to have graceful movements of all your body parts and muscles, so that you don't appear docile and trained. We must return to the original Divine movements. For example someone wants to show that they suffer greatly, they sigh, they moan and groan, but they don't feel any pain - they want to deceive others, it's a pretence. Someone can grab their stomach to show that they are feeling a great pain. When you are suffering a great pain, there is no need to show this with movements - place your hands on your belly, focus your mind for 5-10 min and the pain will go away. Every painful state within a person arises from the internal intersection of two opposite thoughts, two opposite feelings or two opposite willed actions. Pain can emerge anywhere in our organism, when the mind, heart and will are not in harmony. In that case, you can feel a headache and it can reveal itself through a pain between the eyebrows, in the temples or in the stomach.

    So, the first important thing for us is to know why God has given us the arms and the hands. The hand - this is an expression of the human will. The movement of the eyes, the movement of the mouth, the movement of the tongue - we can control these through our will. Especially, we should know how to control our tongue. As per the current status the tongue is not fully under our control. It's not that we don't have the best intention to keep silent, but when the tongue comes into play, it sometimes says what we don't want to say. Therefore, you should do your best to have graceful movements and be in control of your body. The first thing you need to ask yourself is this: are you capable of controlling your body and your body parts, since this is your right that was given to you by God? For example, can you be in control of your eyes and all the other parts of your body? And don't say God has created you this way - God did not create you such as you find yourself today. If the mother dressed the child with nice clean clothes, but the child tore and stained them, it would be ridiculous for the child to say: "My mother dressed me this way". No, the mother dressed her child well. We go around here and there and get dirty - this is arbitrariness of our own will. So, because now we are entering the Divine School, so that we can put into practice the Divine Teaching, we need to have a proper understanding of the human will. The human will can be expressed only in the hands, in the feet and legs, in the eyes and in the tongue; only after that we will come to control our mind, our heart, our thoughts, and our feelings and desires; only then we will come in alignment with the Invisible World. The Angels, for instance, are able to control their organs very well. You will ask: "Where are the Angels?" Some of you make up the pinky finger of the angels, and when an angel decides to use their will, you become mild and soft, then you get caught by the fear that you are at the top of the angel's finger, but tomorrow, when the angel lets you go free, you say to yourself: "Thank God, I am free!". But then, the angel may put you on another finger. Apostle Paul says that we are parts of one body, which is Christ. During the day our body takes different positions in the Divine World. Some days we are positioned in the Foot of the Divine Body, other times - in Its hands. It is not а misfortune to be in the Foot of God. The Lord says: "Today I will walk with you a bit". On the next day He puts you on His Hands and says: "Today I will caress someone with you". You may become a doctor or a surgeon, you may write a nice letter, you may make for thousands of goods, but if you are not ready to take up the position of the various parts of the Divine Body, you will not be able to understand the Divine law. Put your nobility aside and say to it "Rest in peace", because it is equally noble to be in the Hands of the Lord as well as in His Feet - His Virtues - or wherever He puts you. We must be keen to do God's Will without being hold back by such distorted views.

    Further, another thing that paralyses your will is that you fight with each other and say: "You know nothing!" Well then, I would ask that one, who says "you know nothing":

    - So, my friend, you, the one who knows everything, tell me how many million years have passed since the Sun has been created?

    - I haven't studied this.

    - Good, then tell me, how many million years ago was the human heart created?

    - I don't know anything yet on this subject either.

    - Say, how many years ago did the humans take their current form - when did they start to speak?

    - I don't know anything about this part of the history.

    Yes, and you don't know your own story either - you don't know where you come from, nor where you go to; you don't know anything, both the past and the future are hidden for you, you just know that you are here and you can feel the Divine Sun, but everything else is hidden for you. So far we have been living in the world of illusions - of changes and variations. Now we have come out of the collective subconsciousness and when the time to develop our will comes, we will get into a new phase of collective consciousness - we will be aware that all people, who we live together with, are parts of each other, and that we all need each other. If your brother dies or loses, you will have to carry his burden; but if he becomes intelligent and learned, you will benefit from his good and welfare. Both the goods and the sorrows are common.

    So, you should strive to create harmony out of the good actions of your will. For example, for someone they say "he has a cunning look like a a sly old fox". In every good person the look of the eyes should be determined. You love somebody - show your love! Is it shameful to love? What's wrong with love? Yet, there is this kind of love that aims to get something out of you. Then, in this love, people start lying that their love is big, and when they take that "something", it becomes clear that there was no love and affection. This is the pretended love, from which today's people suffer. Why? Because in this love there is no aspiration, no feeling, no power. In order to have Love manifested Itself, all the above should be present. And when I love, I should make way for the Lord to manifest through me - It is God, Who loves within me. We wish for God manifesting on the physical plane in us. You wish to be loved, but by whom? By God. So, let's free ourselves from this delusion: Love does not originate from people - It does not stem from me, nor from you, but It only passes through us - God is this Love. The world of Love is so infinite that in order to be known for us, It must manifest within us, i.e. in the finite world. And when Love comes in us, we are in good spirits, our mind words well, our heart works well, everything around us goes well in harmony. When Love is missing, our feelings get tense.

    So, firstly you should strive to control yourself, to have your words precise and tempered, not to speak more than needed. I can say "I love you". Another one can say: "No, I love you more than the other one, I love you very much". Once you start putting adverbs such as very much, more, the most, Love is gone. Love does not tolerate any comparison. Then I determine: the smallest Love in the world is the love of the parents towards their children. From there the physical love starts. The physical love is the smallest one. You want to kiss someone, this is the smallest Love. After all, one should start with the smallest thing. You will give someone a little piece of bread, you will say a kind word - this is the smallest Love. However, when you speak of the spiritual Love, It requires a lot - this Love gives everything and takes everything. We cannot yet open the question of spiritual Love. What do you understand by spiritual Love? Some brother may tell you that he has spiritual Love for you, that he loves you, but once he gets inside of his house and closes the windows, his love disappears immediately. As soon as you feel even the slightest doubt, you have no love at all. Love doesn't allow any doubt, Love doesn't do any wrong: if God lives within me, this God cannot do anything evil. If you do wrong, this means that God does not live in you. You ought to get rid of these doubts: " People don't love me, they look upon me holding prejudices."

    No, we are not yet what we should be, we don't have this Divine cult. When God comes and resides within you, then you will have the complete good disposition that you seek: Love will manifest in you.

    We will all concentrate and do an attempt, we will work. We will not wait for just the one to work, we should all manifest our thought. We should know that we are parts of God and He manifests in us in one way or another. Wherever we see a Divine Thought, we should rejoice at It.

    Now I will show you one movement. (The Master raises his right hand above, at a sharp angle to the body, and places the thumb between thе forefinger and the middle finger.) How would you explain this - why is the thumb between the index and the middle fingers? If the Divine consciousness is not awake in a person, when he / she find themselves faced with troubles in life, the physical man behaves like a snake - it hides its head to avoid being smashed. The thumb - this is the head of the snake, this is the physical man, who upon meeting me takes precautions in accordance to the old law and says: "Anything could happen". To the physical man I say: "There is nothing to fear".

    The second position is when you have all three fingers folded together into the sign of the cross - this is the conscious life that is connected to the angels and God. One should be honest, virtuous and just. The thumb consults with the other two fingers. Therefore, the second one (the forefinger) is the spiritual man, who says: "We should manifest ourselves wisely, that is why we need to consult with each other". This is the consultation of the big thumb that asks: "How should I act and behave - I should have my whole respect towards you, to be fair and treat you just like I treat myself." In this situation the Christians will say: "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit", and then you will be able to cross.

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  2. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 20 август - 20.8.1921-СБ-374 / ...: 20.8.1921-СБ-374

    Title: Morning Prayer, 20 August

    Meditation (Contemplations)

    The Good Prayer

    Blessed be the Lord, our God.

    Contemplation on the Descension of the Good Spirit of God in our hearts and minds (kneeling on the left knee).

    "Since you have purified your souls in obeying the Truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart." (The First Letter of apostle Peter 1:22*) (three times)

    "For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of Love, which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister." (Epistle to the Hebrews 6:10*) (three times)

    "Now the purpose of the commandment is Love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith." (First Epistle to Timothy 1:5*) (three times)

    Dear Lord of Love, You are the fulfillment of the eternal law within us, You are joy for all from now on and forever.

    This will be the motto that you will pronounce every Sunday morning throughout the whole year, at that - before prayer. This law is very natural. When does the child want bread from its mother? When it awakens, right? So, this is a request. The motto is connected with the prayer - it cannot go without praying. Hence we consider the prayer to be a link that will connect us with God. If there is no Love, we cannot pronounce this motto. We can pronounce it in the morning, at noon and in the evening before prayer, but only on Sunday. Absolutely no deviation, no "this and that" - nothing more: just three times and only on a Sunday!

    Now, let's make it clear. When I say a Sunday, I mean that this is a day of rest. In the world there is only one Sunday. By Sunday I understand only the day, when we are within the Law of Love. Only then we have the right to pronounce this motto; even if we want to pronounce it on another day, we can't. In the evening you cannot read in the dark, isn't it so? You can read only when it's bright. By "Sunday" I mean only the inner law - this is the Day of Love and rest, or the Sabbath day, while all the other days are branches of this day, they are parts of this day.

    Now, don't let this thought enter your mind whether and why not you can pronounce the motto during the other days. Don't ask "why" and "what for" - quit all philosophizing! I can see that in order to smooth something, people tend to add a thing or two to it, but there is nothing to add: when it comes to God's matters you add nothing and you take out nothing!

    The Lord's Prayer.

    Physical exercises.

    * Translator's note: All Bible quotes are taken from
    New King James Version (NKJV)

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  3. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 22 август - 2.8.1921-СБ-384 / ...: 2.8.1921-СБ-384

    Title: Morning Prayer, 22 August

    May God renew our hearts with the perfect Divine Purity.

    The Good Prayer.

    Blessed be the Lord, our God.

    "Let all that you do be done with Love." (First Epistle to the Corinthians 16:14*)

    "That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in Love, and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ." (Epistle to the Colossians 2:2*)

    "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have Love for one another.” (Gospel of John 13:35*)

    Contemplation on the Divine Purity (Kneeling on the left knee).

    May the Love of our One Father reign in our hearts.

    May the Wisdom of our One Father be glorified in our spirits.

    May the Truth of our One Father, Who is the beginning and the end of all, shine upon our souls.

    The Lord's Prayer.

    Note: The passing from Love to Wisdom to Truth refers to a passing from one condition to another. While we are pronouncing these sentences, let's try to grasp the inner side of what is hidden in them.

    * Translator's note: All Bible quotes are taken from
    New King James Version (NKJV)

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  4. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 23 август / Размишления - 23.8.1921-СБ-386 / ...: 23.8.1921-СБ-386

    Title: Morning Prayer, 23 August / Meditation


    The Lord's Prayer.

    Contemplation (kneeling on the left knee):

    Every reasonable life begins with Wisdom that flows out from God.

    There is no wisdom like God's Wisdom, only God's Wisdom is Wisdom.

    All the conditions for a Reasonable life are built in this Wisdom.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul!*

    "Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock." (Gospel of Matthew 7:24*)

    "Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom." (Epistle of Jacob 3:13*)

    "See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise." (Epistle to the Ephesians 5:15*)

    There is no wisdom like God's Wisdom, only God's Wisdom is Wisdom.

    The Good Prayer.

    After the prayer followed some physical exercises.

    All the men and women split into groups of 61 people and in this order they all went up into the cenacle (the upper room), where they remained in prayer for 15 minutes.

    In the Cenacle

    Contemplation on Wisdom

    Viewing and observation of the paintings on the walls.

    (Task): To pause at all of the paintings or only at those, which especially draw our attention. To try to capture by intuition what remains instilled into our souls.

    Reading three verses from the Sacred Scriptures by lot.

    Saying aloud a mutual wish of the entire group.

    The verses from the chapter that was read, as well as the mutual wish of all groups, were written down on a single joint sheet.

    * Translator's note: All Bible quotes are taken from
    New King James Version (NKJV)

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  5. Готов превод Живо течение - 19.12.1921-ИБ-405 / ...: 19.12.1921-ИБ-405

    Title: Live current

    We will get know through Love, and Wisdom will give us the methods.

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  6. Готов превод Двата полюса - 13.10.1918-НБ-201 / .: 13.10.1918-НБ-201

    Title: The Two Poles

    "One who was there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years"

    John 5:5

    Disease and health, these are the two poles of Life, or the two different states of the human Spirit. They are defined by the pleasant or unpleasant conditions that they create in man. Health is a pleasant condition, the disease - an unpleasant one. Such conditions exist in the physical and spiritual world of man, as well as in the world of the mind. These conditions are due to reasons that stem from conflicting forces. So, when two contradicting forces work at the same time in man, one of them will prevail, and as a consequence this person will be healthy or ill. Why did God create the diseases? They were not created by God, but by the collective human, i.e. the human in their collective consciousness.

    Imagine that someone is sitting on the bank of a turbulent river and is singing quietly to themselves. This someone is observing the fast flow of the river and is enjoying the foamy waters. At some point they are filled with the desire to cross the river, and dash into the water current - without even knowing their own capabilities, or whether they will be able to stand agains the waves. The water is now dragging this person down its stream and tossing them up and down. As they cannot swim, or struggle with the waves, they start praying to God and ask:

    – God, why did you let this happen? Why do you allow the river to sweep me away?

    – Why did you go in the river?

    – I wanted to try the force of the waves.

    – Since you have chosen to enter the water alone, you now need to wait until somebody from outside comes and helps you get out of the water. Once you have tried and tested the power of the river stream, you will turn into a philosopher, you will gain knowledge and experience, and you will be able to tell people what it means to be dragged down by the river.

    Therefore, man alone can be the cause for their own getting into the river current, but also someone else can push them into the river. For example, if one has quarreled with another person, and has come to the river bank to calm down, the other one might choose to follow them and push them into the water. Man looks for the reason outside, but the reason is yet to be found in their own self. If you don't quarrel with people, you will not have foes, who can cause you troubles. In one way or another, man alone is the reason for their own misfortune.

    There is also a third possible cause for a person to be pushed into the water – the wind or the storm. The wind represents the World of the Mind. So, the third reason why a person could fall into the river is hidden in the world of the mind. In the first case, the person alone is the cause, in the second case – the cause is this person’s foe, and in the third case – the cause is the wind. A young woman or a young man reads a philosophical book, embraces the philosophical principles of the author, and wants to apply them in life. As soon as she/ he decides to put into practice these principles, a sudden storm comes and drags this young person into the water. Man needs to be a philosopher in the broader sense of the word – to apply only those principles that are written inside, and not to imitate and follow the philosophers outside. What would you say then about the epicurean philosophy? Is their philosophy right to state that once born, a person should use all the goods of life?

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  7. Готов превод Утринна беседа (без заглавие) - 21.8.1921-СБ-379 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ-379

    Title: Morning Talk (untitled)

    You shall be very careful. The Bulgarians have a specific trait - they start well but ultimately they end up badly. All of you should come here 5 minutes earlier, so that there is no tardiness. You alone are required to bring yourself into absolute order, otherwise there appears disharmony. We have decided to serve God freely, without any laws or any rules. The only rule, the only law should be Love. You must know that there is one particular inner control that is the strictest of all. If you disgrace yourself with some acts of yours, you will be held responsible in the future.

    The Invisible World is very tactful and delicate but at the same time It is strict and exacting. It is patient with mistakes in the physical world but It does not allow them to go inside of It. If you want, with some thoughts of yours, with some desires of yours or with some nosiness, to penetrate somewhere, you will not be able to get free from this act or atone for it even after 10 reincarnations. Everyone, who sets their mind on spying, will have to reap the harvest of their actions, and bear the yoke, as if they were an ox in the field, for ten whole reincarnations. No one has brought you here against your will, you have come of your own free will. No one of you is allowed to try to lie to God! If you try to lie to Him, you will be carried out dead just like in the times of the apostles. You cannot joke with God. With all your thoughts you should serve God, and not fall victim of evil spirits, but to be masters of your own selves, so that God can come and live within you! This is God's Wish, this is my wish as well.

    This morning the subject of our contemplation will be the law of Divine Harmony.

    It's desirable that you all try to have a positive impact on each other, and to be helpful to each other. I wish that you feel like brothers and sisters here, and not say: "Hey, boy!" You'll address each other with "brother" and "sister" and those who don't want to do this should go out! And you will greet each other with the formula: "There is no love like God's Love - only God's Love is Love".

    When you cross this fence and come inside, no other greeting is allowed, and when you disperse and go out, you can greet yourselves however you like. This is required from us, so that we don't become a source of impediment for the Spirit. When you meet, you'll say to each other: "Brother, sister, there is no love like God's Love..."

    Try to be kind and gentle in your relationships among each other. You shall be like the good musicians, you shall hit the right musical pitch, until you learn how to have a brotherhood. Thus I warn you as my friends, I warn you as my disciples, as my brothers and sisters.

    I warn you like disciples, because in the New Teaching there is no hypocrisy, nor condescension - the disciple must study and learn. You may be rich, you may be everything, but if you don't study and learn, you can't have any success whatsover.

    And to be a friend, you need to have a heart, i.e. you need to love your friend. Only in this way you can be a friend.

    Yet to be a brother or a sister, you need to have a soul of a brother and sister. All of you - be diligent. You all have the opportunity - both young and old. Everyone who fulfills God's Law is young, and everyone, who doesn't, is old. Everyone who fulfills God's Law is smart, and everyone, who doesn't, is stupid. Everyone who serves God, who serves Love, is a good person, and that one who doesn't serve Love is a bad person.

    Now we will pray:

    All of you, raise your hands upwards in this position and say aloud three times the formula: "There is no love like God's Love - only God's Love is Love."

    The Lord's Prayer.

    We will kneel on the left knee and pray in secret, so that the law of the Divine Harmony gets established within us.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul.

    The Good Prayer

    Each one of you will read three times to yourselves: "But above all these things put on Love, which is the bond of perfection." (Epistle to the Colossians 3:14*)

    "And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment." (Epistle to the Philippians 1:9*)

    "Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ (Gospel of Matthew 22:37:39*)

    This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself"*.

    Physical exercises.

    Willpower, willpower is needed by all! The devil is restrained only through will and only through will he can be casted out. That is why, if you do these exercises, you will restore harmony. They are based on оne great law in Nature.

    * Translator's note: All Bible quotes are taken from
    New King James Version (NKJV)

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  8. Готов превод Любовта - 27.2.1921-НБ-348 / ...: 27.2.1921-НБ-348


    "The greatest of these is Love." (I Corinthians 13:13)

    “God is Love”. (I John 4:8)

    This morning I will speak to you on a verse that I have placed as the basis of the great Divine science in the world, precisely, on the verse: "God is Love."

    You might say: - We have already known that! - Yes, partly, but not completely. I will set a mathematical problem, a mathematical correlation. We will start with the unknowns: x: y = xi: yi and w: m = e: a. The last proportion – these are the elements of the Highest spiritual mathematics. The X, this is a quantity of the visible, of the real, of the material world. This X can be determined very easily. - How? - You must work. You will define X and Y in the same way you can define two unknowns in the following problem: Two core soldiers come out of two opposite cities, meet and greet each other. Ones ask others: - How many are you? Second answer: - If one of you comes to us, we will become twice many as you. And the first ones tell them: - If one of you comes to us, we will become as you are. He who knows mathematical principles will immediately find how much X is equal to and how much Y is. Once you solve what X and Y are equal to, meaning, the visible, material world, then you will move to the spiritual world - xi: yi. These are abstract truths.

    "God is Love." I take Love as a principle. Outside of Love we do not know God. He is only in Love. Because Love is available to all living creatures, there is no single organic being, no living substance in the world, which in one way or another a way not to be closely connected with Love, and not to be influenced by it. Therefore, we recognize God in Love. And this God of Love is not outside, not only in the universe, but is also inside us. One of the commandments in the Holy writings says, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength." You understand the meaning of this commandment.

    I will examine Love by four perspectives: as an aspiration, as a feeling, as a force, and as a principle. Love as an aspiration acts in the heart, as a feeling - in the soul, as a force - in the mind and as a principle - in the spirit. And this is the whole cycle of human development from beginning to end. By combining the beginning and the end at one place, a new beginning is formed. This new beginning, coming together with its end, will form another new beginning. Therefore, it is an eternal process in the Divine world, without end and without beginning. Love as an aspiration has a beginning. For example, a maiden stays peacefully at home, nothing worries her, but one day she meets a lad, she immediately has a desire, she begins to become restless. The same thing happens with the lad. So, the beginning of their anxiety comes. I say: The beginning of their love as a hankering comes. "What's the end?" - They get married, children are born. - Is this the end of life? - It is not. Now comes the second manifestation of love, its manifestation as a feeling that acts on the soul. This is a higher degree of manifestation of Love. The feeling manifests itself between friends and brothers. Therefore, anyone who has a friend, a brother, must have gone through the first fire of love. Until that happens, you cannot experience the second manifestation. Brotherhood is based on love as a feeling which manifests within the soul. Feeling creates the polarization.

    Aspiration - these are the roots in the physical world, and feeling - these are the branches. The aspiration goes to the center of the earth, and the feeling goes to God.

    Love as a force is manifested only in the saints, in Christ, in people who are ready to defend a Divine cause. You cannot have love if you do not have a mind. Therefore, all those who have accepted the truth and want to defend love, have the power of Christ, the power of the saints, and seal their love with sacrifices.

    Love as a principle is barely entering the world now. It embraces everything. There is hatred, attraction, repulsion, stroking and scratching coming together with Love as a force. There is no contradiction in love as a principle. It reconciles all contradictions in the world. Evil does not exist for it, and everything is good, sophisticated. Each of you who wants to understand the meaning of life should not run away from it, but must go through all its stages, namely, through the roots, through the branches, through the color that is the power of love, and experience the fruit. his, which is the principle of love. As you go through the roots, branches and color of love in succession, you will finally come to the principle - to the fruit of love, and it will give you meaning. There is immortality - a world in which there is no death, but there is a resurrection. This Love is said to be the link of perfection in the Holy writings.

    And so, you cannot understand love until you understand your heart, until you understand the elements and forces that are hidden in it. You cannot understand love until you are not aware of the feelings, elements, and abilities of your mind. You cannot understand love until you are not aware of the aspirations and powers of your spirit. The study of love is one great science which the new heaven and the new earth will deal with. Love is the first great principle of God through which he manifests.

    I do not wish to speak to you on this theme only in theory, but I will prove to you that love has a relation to the heart as an aspiration, to the soul as a feeling, to the mind as a force, and to the spirit as a principle. Therefore, each of you can be aware of what kind of love have. "How?" - By the beating, by the pulse of your heart. The pulse of the heart - this is the beat of love. Blood circulation is also related to love. On the day a person stops loving, the heart stops beating. When some hate, this is the negative side of love. Then there is a heartbeat. The heart sometimes beats more and sometimes less. People call this condition palpitations, and I say that the law of love in these people does not work properly. "How are we going to correct ourselves?" - Enter into your heart, into your feelings, into the power and into the principle of love, regulate them and you will experience such joy as only the saints and the righteous have experienced. Your heartbeat will disappear. This science is necessary for you.

    I will be very principled and realistic on the topic which I am viewing.

    For instance, sometimes you feel love as an aspiration and you say to yourself: - Let's kiss. Then two people get together, enjoy each other like pigeons and kiss. And then they say: - What we have done! I'm not saying that kisses are a bad thing, but every kiss should have a content of love. Every kiss in made of no love is a crime, and every crime brings misfortune either to the heart or to the soul. I'm not one of those people who says it's wrong to kiss people. You can kiss, but how? - You will stop, stand before God and ask: Lord, can I express your love? If the Lord speaks to you and says: Express my love - then you can kiss. But if you go in the name of the Lord, put His signature and do not give any love, this is a crime for which the Lord will hold you accountable. This is karma, the karmic crime of love by people who play with false love.

    Christ is a manifestation of this Great Love. Therefore, when I speak of Christ, I do not consider Him as an abstract principle, but as a real embodiment of Love. Love is not something abducted, but something real. It has a form, content and meaning. He who knows Love will know the world. We understand the world through Love. Where there is love, there is life, there is movement, everything begins to live in it. And where there is no love, there can be no life. And when it is said that God is Love, it means that if there is love, there will be a manifestation of God.

    Someone says, "I love you." - With what? With aspiration, with feeling, with strength or with the principle of love? They are different situations. We must not lie. He will answer you: I love you with the pursuit of love or with the feeling of, or with the power of love. When the power of love comes to you, clarity will come to your mind and thoughts. If you have the love of feelings, if you are sad, you will immediately become kind and joyful, you will be ready for all the sacrifices. If a person comes to you who has the desire for love, he will make you active. Your daughter, who until that day was as meek as a lamb, begins to look down at the earth. She wants to manifest and says: I want to go down into matter, to study life. We say: We have not to make mistakes. Nothing, so we will only understand the elements of love. In love as a pursuit, trespasses are inevitable. We must have in ourselves the aspiration and the power of love. There are two polarizations in love: as aspiration and as feeling, which are manifested in the physical world, and as force, and as a principle, which belong to the Divine world. These are two great manifestations of love.

    You have studied physiology. What is the right heart rate? Make observations and notice in all your positions how many times your heart beats per minute. You will begin with a great science. Observing the rhythm of the deviation, between how many beats the heart varies; at one ebb and flow of the heart, what angle will be formed. This angle will be approximately equal to 60 ° - the law of human evolution. When you have a pleasant mood, read the number of heartbeats again. For example, a maiden has a desire for a lad. Let her calculate how many beats her heart beats in a minute when she meets him. By the beating of her heart, she will be able to determine whether he will still be in love or lie to her, determine his future relationship, and so on. After the girl and the boy separate and lose heart, let them count the number of heartbeats again. When you doubt someone, calculate again how many beats your heart beats. Notice these numbers. Start working in higher mathematics. Why, when a lad and a maiden meet, who are striving for each other, their hearts tremble? Very naturally, it must tremble. If the heart does not tremble, there is no life in it. The mother, when she is pregnant, does not feel trembling, the play of the child in her womb? Then she begins to rejoice. The trembling indicates that the Divine life is coming and the Lord asks: Are you ready to accept this life and process it? In the same way, the Lord asks both the girl and the boy. And the girl doesn't want to know anything. She thinks about hats, about dresses, how to decorate her house, and she doesn't think about the beating of her heart. And shaking is important, other things are secondary. This science I'm talking about is real. Work with these numbers.

    Then you come to the second stage of love. You have a friend whom you love with the purest, most selfless feelings. You notice something intense in you, watch your heartbeat. Find these ratios. This will be Y (the Y) of the proportion. Calculate what your heart beats when your friend or brother is near you or away from you. There is one difference.

    Then comes the third stage of love, i.e. love as power. For example, you read about the life of a saint or you meet a person who is ready to sacrifice for an idea, for humanity and therefore separates from his mother, father, leaves home. Immediately your heart beats. Read the number of heartbeats. As you listen to me say this, you will object to me: - Well, are we going to do such things now? There are more important issues than these. - No, there are no more important things. If you know how to regulate your heart as God originally created it, it will regulate your mind, and your mind will give conditions to the spirit to manifest. All this is connected with each other. If you miss the least, you will miss the biggest. There is a relationship between small and large quantities. What is one in the Divine world is many in the physical world, and what is one in the physical world is many in the Divine world. This is very natural. In the Divine world, for example, a very large river flows as a unit, and as it descends into the physical world, each diverts a small stream from it and forms a small river. When these small rivers, flowing to the Divine world, they gather together and form one big river.

    So, every disharmony in your heart is a disharmony in your love, either in the aspiration, or in the feelings, or in the power of your love. If disharmony is in your pursuit, you will look for the cause in your heart; if the disharmony is in your feelings, you will look for the cause in your soul; if the disharmony is in your power, you will look for the cause in your mind. Therefore, you will look for the disharmony of your heart, of your life in these three areas - in your heart, in your soul and in your mind. Keep in mind that love without a mind cannot manifest, it is not for stupid people. Stupid people have never felt love. All beings who are deprived of love are also deprived of intelligence, and every being who has love is intelligent. In beings without love, it manifests itself as a mechanical law - movement, growing from the outside in. And for those who have love, the growth takes place from the inside out. Therefore, there are scholars who do not have love, who have knowledge and gather information, quote from different places, but their movement is outside. People who have love grow from the inside out, perceive this food and process it. We, looking at people with a lot of knowledge, but without love, say: This man does not have this love for his brother.


    Most important of all is having a friend who we love. Who is this friend? - "He is the Christ." You might meet some teacher; you start loving him. Who is this teacher? - Christ. In His mind you will find the meaning of Life. A maiden has a hankering for a lad. Where does this hankering come from? - Christ is within this hankering, and He never lies. He who never lies, I call him Christ, and he who plays possum with the hankerings, also with the feelings, and the might, he is the Antichrist. Who having the right hankering in the heart, the feelings in the soul are also right, and the might of the mind is right, he is Christ. Absolutely no lies are allowed in Love. And he who would try to defile this love, he bears the curse, accepts a karmic misfortune. This is the beginning of the descent of Love.


    So, after you solve these numbers, you will find exactly the right numbers of X and of Y. The Y asks X: "How many are you?" X answers: "If one of you comes to us, we will be twice as
    many as you; but if one from us came to you.” So, X = 7, Y = 5. This will be the case if we use the numbers up to 10, but if from Y to X goes not one, but 10, then X will be equal to 70, and Y - equal to 50. After you solve this first equation, you will proceed to the Divine equation - where you will search for the real value of the Divine X and Y. Those of you who are unfamiliar with mathematics, you should find any mathematician in order to explain the imaginary numbers. You might say: Well, are we going to occupy our minds with these Xs now? "Well, each of you is a grand X!" I will prove this to you. Tell me, do you know the exact time you came to earth, do you know where you came from and where you are heading to? "You don't know, you don't remember when you were born." You talk about Christ, but you do not know Him. You know His story, but as Love, as a principle, you do not know Him. Have you tried love as a might, as a principle? Have you had the experience of a saint? Have you tried the experience of a person who is willing to sacrifice everything for his friend? Some of you have this experience. For the hankering of love - there you are all heroes, I recognize your right. Speaking of the hankering of love, about 500 million people understand it; when it comes to feelings, about a million understand it; and when it comes to the power of love, there will hardly be ten thousand people in the world who understand it. And so: 500 million, one million and ten thousand, those numbers could be used to form three equations.

    God is Love. First of all, we should begin with Love. Do not seek God in the Heaven, but seek Him as the child seeks his mother, and as the flowers seek – a soil. Take deep roots, enter the material world. After descending 5, 10, 15, 20 meters down, you will have a desire to polarize and go up. These two opposite directions create a desire to grow up and down. Under this law we reconcile the materialists with the idealists. Then in the world come the materialists, the godless people as they are called, people who have hankerings. The first ones descend deep down into the matter, they have never seen the Sun. These people are the roots however the idealists are the branches. However, if there were not materialists, there would never be idealists. Idealists say to the materialists down below: Today work down below. One day you will be uplifted, you will know that there is a God, however we will understand that there is a place where there is no love.


    It's not like to be pinned with a needle or stroked with a hand. People say: Some lad kissed some girl. Which is better: to bite her, to beat her or to kiss her? It is better to kiss her than to bite or scratch her, as long time ago he was doing it when he was a wolf. Therefore, a kiss is one way for people not to cause wounds. " Long time ago I used to commit horrible crimes, and now I'm going to kiss you to prove you that I don't have nails, I don't have teeth like I had them before," the lad says to the maiden. The maiden says: - How nice is my lover! "Why is he nice? - Because Love has entered this wolf and tamed it." If love comes out of his heart, he becomes a wolf again. That this is so is evident when he leaves her. He starts talking badly about her, wants to have a revenge on her, he wants to beat her, he becomes a whole beast. And the maiden buys vitriol, throws it on his face, makes him unhappy all his life. And then they say:
    What a gentle man he is! - Yes, he is gentle, as long as there is love in his heart and when Love comes out of him, there is no gentleness, he is a sheer demon. These are people deprived of Love. There is no need to be angry with them, they experience such suffering and torment as we do not know. All sinners, criminals suffer great torment. You have not yet experienced love, you do not know it in all its manifestations. Your love has reached to the point where you don't scratch your nails or bite with your teeth. Love should also manifest in you as a feeling, meaning not only to bite and scratch, but also to give something of itself. A mother has experienced this love. She says: Long time ago I suffocated with love. But now she puts her baby from one breast to the other and breastfeeds it. What is breastfeeding? It is a complete science. I recommend mothers and fathers to study the breastfeeding. Observe what kind of law breastfeeding is. Observe your child, whether it will pinch you, whether it cries, whether it will bite you and by this way you will reveal its evolution.

    Now back to the basic law: "God is Love." Put this thought into you: God is Love in His primary manifestation. If you understand this primary principle, you will understand all the subsequent principles; if you do not understand the primary principle, it is not possible to know anything else.


    Therefore, I recommend to everyone to return to the primary principle, to understand God as Love. If you understand the first principle, you will understand the second - the principle of wisdom or faith. Love is the principle of heart and soul, and faith is the principle of mind and spirit. This is a polarization. Faith comes from Love. This is a secondary principle. Theosophists call it "buddhi", an emanation of the second Logos, which creates conditions for life. Only the mind, intelligence, can create real conditions for the right, growing life. Only the smart, intelligent person can develop properly. The stupid one cannot. Some might say: Knowledge makes us proud, No, Knowledge without Love make you proud, and knowledge with Love ennobles you. Knowledge without the primary principle makes us proud, meaning it becomes painful. The English people say: Proud flesh, painful flesh, so it cannot be cured. This refers to a person who knows a lot but who has no love.

    So, this Lord, whom we put as the core of the heart, for the soul, for the mind and for the spirit, is the God of Love. He is the core of love. As love goes through all these places, a whole circle is formed. Therefore, transfer Love from heart to soul, from soul to mind, from mind to spirit, and unite with God. These are four great worlds. The heart is the astral world; the soul - this is the Christian heaven - the theosophists call it "devachan"; and love as a force - this is a mental world. When you enter the mental world, there you will meet creatures who are engaged in love as a force. Love as a principle - this is the world of the Spirit, in particular, the Divine world. When you enter in this world, you will ascend next to God and only there, in a experienced way, you will be able to resolve all torment and understand the deep reasons for everything that is happening now. Now you do not stare to see anything. You will not see anything from the outside, but direct the mind, your thought towards your soul.

    I will give you a method for work. You have a brother, a friend, ask yourself: Am I ready to give half of my wealth to this brother of mine. Can I allow him to possess everything I have? Foremost, maneuver within yourself in order to check yourself and after 5 or 10 years set a battle. Some of you might set a battle within your first year, and some of you after a few years. And then you will experience love as a feeling. In these manifestations of love you will reveal everything that God gives, you will understand things that are not allowed to be said. Do not try to express your love. Be natural! Someone says to another: I love you very much. This friend of yours is asking you for a favor, but it hasn't passed ten minutes since you expressed your love and you already refuse to do a favor. In this case, you better not say you love. If you say that you love someone, you engage God, but if you do not allow Him to manifest, you incur karma, you commit a crime. Better do not speak! When I enter in a house, I do not say that I love the people in it, but I sit in the last place, and if there is someone sick, I do not say that I will heal him, but I ask him where his pain is and when the pain has started, I take full participation in his sickness and then he recovers. His family members began to say: Do you know who healed him? Do you know how he was healed? I am silent on all this and I am glad that my God has manifested. You do good to someone, help him, and then you say: If it weren't me, he had been lost. Thanks to me, he was supported. Do you know what do you look like? There is a sect in America (Christian Sciensists) that maintains that substance does not exist in the world and that diseases are fictitious. A gentleman with a broken leg went to one of the members of this sect to help him. He told him, "You must know that substance does not exist, and you have to put this idea that your leg is not broken." The sick one returned home, struggled for a long time to suggest to himself that his leg was not broken, that there was no pain, and finally succeeded - he was cured. The American met him and said, "Now pay me for the treatment." Thanks to me, you no longer suffer. The patient replied, "Imagine you were paid $ 10,000." - As is the treatment, so is the payment. It is the same science.
    When we deal with the real world, we will deal with facts: a fact with a fact. And when we talk about abstract things, there abstract to abstract will answer. We cannot understand the Divine world until we understand the real world.


    And so: God is Love, and Love is the link of perfection.


    What is the reason for all the discords that are happening now in the world? I will tell you an occult story that you alone will interpret and apply in life. I do not have even a little intention of hurting anyone, but I give you a way to weave, how to work. When God created the world, the water appeared to Him and asked Him: - What is my purpose? - You will go down to water the flowers, the trees to bloom and ripen, you will water the earth and everything that is on it. She descended to the earth and began to do her service. When the sun saw her, he fell in love with her and began to pull her up, causing her to evaporate. As she climbed up into space, they started arguing for her. From this discord, the water froze and fell to the earth again in the form of snow. The water rejoiced for this beautiful, white dress, but an ox came out of its barn and when it saw the ground covered with snow, wondered: What is this white but cold? He looked, thought, and left his eruptions on the snow. The water grieved because the ox had soiled her dress. Her other beloved, who had a fuss with the sun when she was up in the sky, said to the sun, "Now you can take her." I don't need her now. The water complained to the sun because of being so badly damaged. The sun was scorching hot, melting the snow, and the water was seeping out of the earth, from where it came out again, like clean, cold springs, back to the surface. The oxen 'eruptions turned into manure, which were the cause of the best fruit trees grew. The white will melt and the eruption will become a fertilizer on which nice fruit trees will grow. Therefore, these two contradictions in the world will be reconciled. The sun, when it becomes beloved, will shines and brings joy. When love shines, all misunderstandings will disappear, and evil and good will be reconciled; from the cold clear, crystalline springs will come out of the water, which will quench the thirst of tired passengers, and nice fruits will grow from the soiled clothes.


    Therefore, from the perspective of Love, all suffering which we are experiencing now, will become a great, coherent science of the human heart, soul, mind and spirit. Take with idea to solve this problem: w: m = e: a. These are the four manifestations of Love. In Love: w: m = e: a. With this you will lay the foundation of the new science of life, of upbringing. You will begin as a violinist, not only to tune your violin, but also to know how to play, because Love is the greatest aria, symphony in the world. And who can play and sing what she wrote, he is a real man, an angel, a saint, God. In the future we will learn to sing and play in Love. When we grieve, we might not say that we are unhappy, but we will say that we are in a minor mood. When we are happy, we might say that we are in a major mood. The minor scale is a downward aspiration, the major scale is an upward aspiration, and the chromatic scale – these are processes that go from top to bottom and from bottom to top.


    Now, after you get out of here, I want you to stay with the idea - to understand love as an aspiration, as a feeling, as a force and as a principle.


    The heartbeat has an indirect effect on respiration, and respiration has an indirect effect on blood circulation and blood purification. Therefore, all modern diseases arise from a misunderstanding of love, from improper breathing and oxidation in the body. Therefore, all human bodies are infected from the bottom up, so we must work in these four areas to purify our soul. Christianity says we must repent. So, it refers to the pursuit of love. Then comes birth and rebirth. It refers to the feelings of love, to the soul. Devotion - to the mind. And finally comes the resurrection, it refers to the power of the spirit, that is, to love as a principle. Therefore, there are two processes in Love: in the heart and the soul, in the mind and in the spirit. As you go through these processes, you will go through all stages of your development. Work simultaneously in your heart, soul, mind and spirit. There is a cross between the mind and the spirit, because the mind is the man of the heart, and the soul is the bride of the spirit. When we say that God created man in his own image, it means that he created him in the image of his Love, because you must know that Love is the first image of God. So, the words "by image" mean "by love." A beautiful image - it is His Love. If you know Love, you also know the face of God. If you do not know Love, God is impersonal for you. "Similarity" means "by mind". When it is said that man is made in the image and likeness of God, it is implied that he is made in the Love and Wisdom of God. Therefore, if we want to be like God, we must have His Love and His Wisdom.


    The second process is the descent of man, sin. In this person the heart is made of earth, it is changeable. Then God breathed life into him, it is the second process - the descent of the soul and the spirit into the physical world.

    What I am giving you is to work on it, it is not philosophy. There is a lot left unsaid in it. There is a great divine science. And what I have told you is only a preface, an introduction to the great science of Love. Study this introduction, focusing on the four departments: the heart, the soul, the mind, and the spirit. These are the four realms of this great world that God has created. We are called to try this God and to preach Him to the world. There is only one Lord. He is the Lord of Love as an aspiration, as a feeling, as a force and as a principle. Love as a principle is in everything and above everything.

    So, if someone asks me what I am like, I answer: I belong to Love as a principle, I know God only as Love and I serve Him. Christ is the manifestation of the God of Love, and the material world is the materialized Love of God. The whole physical world is one manifestation of God, the materialization of God. Therefore, as we know the physical world, we will know God. Do not think that by leaving this world you will go to a better one. When you leave, where will you go? Do not murmur against this world, but see the Divine in your brother. You will say, "Why did God create this sinner, this harlot?" - No, understand, stop. An ox has thrown its eruptions at him. But what of it? As the sun rises, it will rise again. Don't be embarrassed, let people make mistakes. This world is perfectly, harmoniously created. I always enjoy watching it. Looking at this eruption, I say to myself: It is very beautiful, the best fruit trees will grow on it. And from this stained snow what nice cold springs will be formed when the sun burns it! We will reconcile both states. If you are white and cold, do not be discouraged; if you are an ox and sometimes do mischief, still do not be discouraged. These are symbols that signify a great truth. If you cannot understand the good in its smallest manifestations, how will you understand it in its greatest? If you can't judge a drop of water, how will you judge more? Judge God as Love and do not be angry with Him. Every day, raise your consciousness and tell Him: - My beloved lied to me as an aspiration, he defiled me. He will answer you: - You are in the pursuit of love, go one step higher. You go up one step and say, "I was lied to here, too." And my brother is not what I thought he was. - Yes, and here you will find a contradiction. Then he went upstairs in his mind. As you ascend to the principle of Love, there you will find the cause of all things that happen, and you will understand everything. You ask: - How to reconcile? Reconcile us. "I did not come to reconcile you." You argue, you call me. When you committed the sin, did you ask me? It is not a science to reconcile. I preach a great science of Love. Someone threw their eruptions on another. He did well. Someone is cold. That's good too. This is a process. I preach Love in a great sense - love active, love of kisses, but with content, love of feelings, but intense, noble, love of power, but to have light in that power. Wherever we go, let there be love! When I see that a soul is suffering, I do not weep for it, I am not angry with the ox for soiling it, but I tell it: Evaporate, go up or melt, go into the ground, go down and go out as a source. Don't be embarrassed.

    This is a great science of Love that will solve everything. What you see now in the world, the contradictions in homes and societies, is a temporary process due to a misunderstanding of Love. That is what we need to address.

    Now I want you to think, to strive, to have warm hearts, to be heroes, not to be afraid of Love. All of you to be full of feelings, not to be like grandmothers. I want you to be philosophers, not to chew, who said what, what scientist thinks on this or that issue, etc. I would like you all to have hearts, souls, minds to act. When we meet then, there will be a full exchange between us. This is the new teaching. Forget everything old. Do not object, do not argue. We have no time to argue. You will say: Some ox left some of his eruptions there. I know that. Say to yourself: Each of us has a great mission in the world. We must be heroes, be in the image and likeness of God, and then all our brothers who left millions and billions of years ago will unite with us. These brothers are: the seraphim - brothers of Love; the cherubim - brothers of harmony; the thrones - of the will; dominions - of joy, intelligence; forces - of movement and growth; the authorities - brothers of external forms, art; superiors - brothers of time, condition and tact; the archangels - of heat and fire; the angels, the bearers of life and vegetation, who prepare life. The last - the tenth rank will be occupied by advanced human souls. Let's unite with these brothers! We will all play together and then we will hear the voice of Christ: Come, you children, blessed by my Father, and inherit the new kingdom, the new heaven and the new earth of Love, which I have prepared for you.

    This is the teachings of Love!

    Lecture by the Master Beinsa Douno, given on February 27, 1921

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  9. Готов превод Запазване и консервиране плодове и зеленчуци - 2.1.1921-ИБ-344 / ...: 2.1.1921-ИБ-344

    Preservation and conservation of fruit and vegetables

    1. Preservation of apples: A row of apples are placed, then a row of ferns, a row of apples, a row of ferns etc. in a trap in a garden, and on top of the top row of ferns are covered with a thick layer of soil. Preserved in this way, they can last a whole year and be fresh. The trap can also be dug in a cellar which is wet. They can be arranged in rows and in a tub of apples, a row of leaves, apples, leaves, etc. The leaves can also be apple, quince, vine, etc.

    (By the Master)

    2. Green peppers: A thick layer of dry soil is placed in a wooden container, a row of healthy peppers is placed on it, undamaged, not to touch each other, another layer of soil on them, peppers again, etc. They can last a whole

    year round.

    (by brother K.Ilarionov)

    3. Tomatoes: Unripen tomatoes are plucked with the whole root system and hung on the ceiling to hang upside down. Thus, the tomatoes gradually ripen and are preserved for a long time.

    (By the Master)

    4. Eggplants blue: Preserved in the same way as peppers.

    (By the Master)

    15 o"clock


    Birds use the law of affirmations. The Master was telling how in Sofia, at 66 Opalchenska Street, opposite direction of his room, a sparrow occupied the nest of a swallow. The swallow alone was not able to keep it away. About thirty swallows gathered. One after the other, they flew by the nest, and each of them, coming to the nest, pronounces the sound "chruk", which means: "You are a robber." Within half an hour, the sparrow left the nest by virtue of this commanded tone.

    Swallows also keep cats away. Flying, they pass it quickly and make the sound a "churk" to it. It watches them, watches and hides. These are magic words that cats obey.

    19 o'clock, conversations at the dinner


    January 2sd 1921, Sunday, Ruse

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  10. Готов превод Нова година - 1.1.1921-ИБ-341 / ...: 1.1.1921-ИБ-341

    New Year

    A small group gathered around the Master. At exactly 00 o'clock we congratulated Master for the New Year. He treated each one of us with a piece of honey with wax. From the house of brother Vatev - a cookie and of Mateycho - just a candy. A Bible citation was drawn in the presence of the Master:

    M. Sotirov - The gospel of Luke 22:18 = 4

    K.Ilarionov - John 3:12 = 6

    N.Vatev -

    Peter N.Vatev - Jeremiah 31:20=6

    Vasil N.Vatev -

    Kina N.Vateva - Psalom 32:17 = 4

    The Bible had one thousand fourteen (1014) pages. The Master decided to open on page 999, verse 10, left column. It was Revelation Chapter 1, verse 10: "On the Lord’s day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet".

    12 o'clock at midnight on December 31st 1920 in Ruse, in the house of brother Nikola Vatev

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  11. Готов превод Частен разговор с Учителя - 1.1.1921-ИБ-342 / ...: 1.1.1921-ИБ-342

    A private conversation with the Master

    The moving of the Sun at the poles is observed spiralically up and down.

    The old year 1920 is gone and is now out of the Earth. It leaves with a large caravan: 35 million people and more than 100 million livestock. People are kings, bishops, rulers, people, citizens, grandfathers, grandmothers - a whole nation of 35 million with all of its fortune. It came to Laban with only one stick like Jacob, but left with treasures and gifts.

    1920 gave birth to 40 million people. It came solemnly, leaving with gifts.

    1921 comes ritually, solemnly, with all those spirits who will be given bodies of flesh and bones so that they can be positioned among the people for the return of human side of the humanity. Workers are also coming.

    With the departure of 1920, all those military serving solgiers have also left. At the meeting of 1920 with 1921, they greeted each other with "Hurray!" and passed by with the wishes "Good luck!"

    The condition and position of the Moon shows that much work will be completed this year.

    Angels, archangels work in the human body. In the trees too. Therefore, the body should be protected and the trees shiuld be grown with love, because in them the Lord is manifested and then with our care they will bear much fruit.

    One should always have something to tighten oneself. If the cooper does not tighten the barrel with hoops, it will fall apart. This is a necessity.

    9 óclock


    1921 is strict because the father and mother are coming - 1 and 2. The father is strict.

    1922 - the two mothers will come - the spiritual and the world. The 19th century leaves and the 20th century begins - the century of justice. 1923 - a year of conflics. 1924 - the father and mother of the people will come. 1928 - the Divine Mother will come.

    The mouth is only one, but everything that passes through it, and through the teeth - crushes everything, squishes.

    People have to take food, but also to starve. And then they live longer. When you eat a little, say to yourself, "Oh, I wish I had eaten more, it was good!" - with this you expand, and whoever overeats becomes heavy, is not grateful and shrinks, so nature gives hungry years. That is why the birds fly 40 km. daily to feed.

    18:30 at dinner


    Conversation between the two of us upstairs in the hall.

    Large rivers are formed by small creeks, not by larger creeks (rivers); grand profits come from small profits.

    8 o'clock in the evening.


    January 1st 1921 in Ruse

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  12. Готов превод Съвети от Учителя - 2.1.1921-ИБ-345 / ...: 2.1.1921-ИБ-345

    Advices by the Master

    Diseases are needed in the world. A bad thought comes to the bad person - he gets
    a bad stomach - let him be sick, lie down, stay at home, otherwise he will manifest his bad thought and do evil - such a person should not be healed by you.

    Hunger educates, this the reason why God gives hunger in order to empty the human stomaches

    All diseases are easily treated with 50-60 sunbaths altogether with water procedures.

    Sit in a half bath, legs outside, and start rubbing on the abdomen and the intimate parts. The blood is purified by this strong reaction. Two sweatings and changing clothes per day.

    Old sweat should not return to the body.

    After the lecture, talks on the same topic over lunch.

    1. Open the pores of the abdomen, chest and head and the person will begin to breathe. Close the same pores - breathing will stop and you will die. Respectively, these are the pores of the soul, heart and mind.

    2. Today is a very sunny day which shows that people will begin with love, and illuminated by the Sun, they will come to life and rise again. Today is like the day we came to Shumen (Monday, December 27th).

    3. Once it is transforming and changing, it is lost. For example, a person grows old - he changes. We need to enter a category that does not transform, but changes, such as the sown grain. The dead who have disappeared as we enter the spirit world, we will find them. Everything in this world is transforming and changing; for example, a criminal must change and alter his perceptions. Our physical world is transformational and change. The angelic world is betrayed without changable. The divine world neither transforms nor changes. It is the basis. Everything is built on it.

    4. The husband must tell his wife to love his Lord, and the wife must tell her husband to love her Lord, otherwise both of them will be orphanated.

    5. People say that minor encounters do not startle them, but a cry of the child is needed to see that everyone at home is startled and refreshed.

    6. Bulgarian man is a materialist, but when you startle him to take his possessions, he becomes spiritual.

    7. When the big river flows not into a swamp or a lake, is used for watering gardens instead, it will be useful. Even if the rich distribute their wealth, it will be useful only when it is used for the benefit of others, and not for stagnant capital to aimlessly be spent.

    8. When you do good, Christ says, "Let not one hand see what the other does," i.e. the lower man does not know what the spiritual man is doing; let neither the lower man to whom you do good nor our lower man know of the good we have done. Ours and the other man's lower, the lower man's are partners. We must be satisfied with every good we do. If we are dissatisfied, that is, it is from the old man, as the Scripture says. When we come to the will of God, we must not hesitate to help. The law is: one person at a time is destined to help a hundred people. It depends on the first - if he refuses, the others will refuse, if you help, the first, and the others will help. You can experiment with a beggar - if you give him first, everyone after you will give him the opposite. The divine law does not recognize exceptions - there you must give. People who have not given anything are afraid of it. So it is for evil and for good. It is an irrevocable law when we come to this Divine law - there are no exceptions for it. There are rules for the application of this law in various cases. For example, someone wants to lend you money, make new clothes, and you have no bread - it's a luxury. He wants someone on loan to buy new chairs, and you need something else that you need - you will not help him. Some beg, but do not want to work - they are old bankers who now want old accounts with torn notebooks.

    For those who are really in need, heaven will help. There are people possessing clayirvoyance who see the bad situation of somebody, go and arrange his work: for example, pay his debt without his knowledge.

    If someone is being imprisoned, don't go to release him, don't give him money, because while in prison he will be robbed, but when he gets out of prison, then go to him and offer a job, for instance, to be hired as a clerk. Let him bear his karma. While he is in prison, give him only food, clothing and edify him.

    The poor man is generous in his givings because another brings him money - he easily takes and gives. The rich man is not generous in his givings, because he solely bears a load of eighty kilograms, and do not have time to take off that load, to untie the sack and give, and again tie the sack and put load to himself. Therefore, another carries the load of the generous man, a miser carries his load. He who wants to live long must have to give - then everyone prays for him. Who wants to die soon, lend money and wait to get it back. For such a person, everyone will say: "Rather to perish and not seek for my debt."

    You have a horse, cow or other cattle that serves you - do not sell them to butchers, but give them to a poor family without payment, to serve for them. It is for his uplifting, to serve there as well. It should not use either the meat or its fur for your advantage. Once you start feeling sorry for the cattle, this indicates that we have already established a connection with the animals. The future will correct people. Things will become clear to them. Their current condition is the result of cruelty. The heart is lumpy, hard and needs to be improved.

    The various systems of communication that usually people use are following:

    "I'll drink your blood" - this is the bear's method. "I will kill you" - this is the wolf's method. "I'll catch you" - this is the spider's method.

    10. Kuna comes from "kuan", which means a bee.

    11. Do you have wealth - do good, because if the Lord takes it from you, you will not be able to do good. When the communists come, they will rob you of everything and give you a room to sit down and you will be satisfied. They are now waiting for their grandfather (the bourgeoisie) to die and receive his inheritance. Grandpa is now supporting him with injections to live a little longer. Now it is dualism - unnatural marriage, partnership.

    The sun is setting today, it is already setting. Today was a very nice day, like spring. Today's lecture about love and a good day show that 1921 will be a good year - it brings grace to people.

    A small radium lamp will give a lot of light and will burn for thirty-three thousand years.


    Preservation and conservation of fruit and vegetables

    1. Preservation of apples: A row of apples are placed, then a row of ferns, a row of apples, a row of ferns etc. in a trap in a garden, and on top of the top row of ferns are covered with a thick layer of soil. Preserved in this way, they can last a whole year and be fresh. The trap can also be dug in a cellar which is wet. They can be arranged in rows and in a tub of apples, a row of leaves, apples, leaves, etc. The leaves can also be apple, quince, vine, etc.

    (By the Master)

    2. Green peppers: A thick layer of dry soil is placed in a wooden container, a row of healthy peppers is placed on it, undamaged, not to touch each other, another layer of soil on them, peppers again, etc. They can last a whole

    (by brother K.Ilarionov)

    3. Tomatoes: Unripen tomatoes are plucked with the whole root system and hung on the ceiling to hang upside down. Thus, the tomatoes gradually ripen and are preserved for a long time.

    (By the Master)

    4. Eggplants blue: Preserved in the same way as peppers.

    Birds use the law of affirmations. The Master was telling how in Sofia, at 66 Opalchenska Street, opposite direction of his room, a sparrow occupied the nest of a swallow. The swallow alone was not able to keep it away. About thirty swallows gathered. One after the other, they flew by the nest, and each of them, coming to the nest, pronounces the sound "chruk", which means: "You are a robber." Within half an hour, the sparrow left the nest by virtue of this commanded tone.

    Swallows also keep cats away. Flying, they pass it quickly and make the sound a "churk" to it. It watches them, watches and hides. These are magic words that cats obey.

    19 o'clock, conversations at the dinner


    January 2sd 1921, Sunday, Ruse

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  13. Готов превод Огнената пещ - 17.4.1921-НБ-355 / ...: 17.4.1921-НБ-355

    TITLE: The Fiery Furnance

    "And these three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, fell down bound into the midst of the burning fiery furnace." (Daniel 3:23)

    When a feast or a banquet is present in modern society, all guests are interested in
    the banquet, but the most important thing on the table is the menu. Everyone wants to see what menu will be placed on the table. All conversations are centered around the banquet. There could be a talk about politics, social order, finanace, but the hidden purpose of the talk is the menu: how is cooked, what effect will be produced on the guts of the present guests. There are different menus with different qualities. Sometimes menu is nice, well prepared, there are various dishes. Sometimes the menu is not well prepared.

    In the chapter read, a seemingly historical narrative is converted into a figurative sense. Three young men had a special conviction, of a spiritual nature, which did not agree with the beliefs and convictions of the people of that time. As punishment, they were thrown into the fiery furnace. You will say that this happened in barbaric times. - And the same happens today. The world has not changed much. If anyone today dares to violate the basic law of the Government, at the very first moment he will be in the precinct, in prison, even in the hot fiery furnace. It applies not only with those who deviated of common political views, but also with those who are different by their brothres by religious beliefs and convictions. And they will be placed in the fiery furnace. Anyone can be thrown into the furnace. A man can throw his wife and children, a woman can throw her husband - all people burn in this furnace. I consider the word "furnace" in a broad sense. He who has conviction will come out of the furnace; he who has no conviction will remain there. The maiden can be thrown into the furnace by the lad, but the lad can also be thrown into the furnace by the maiden. Everywhere I see people thrown into the furnace. This is a test, or, as we call it, "evolution," i.e. transition from a lower state to a higher one.

    Now I ask the following philosophical question: Can't the present order, like this of the past and future centuries, come in a different way, can it? I say: Maybe yes, may be no. As true is the first, so the other. It depends partly on causes within us, as well as on the causes out of us. In other words: Everything that happens in nature, as well as in society, is neither caused only by nature, nor by us. Nature is not the only factor for resolving this vast question, nor can man himself resolve it.

    I will ask you the following philosophical question: Why has nature put man on two legs? You will say that a person is perfectly constructed. - He is perfectly constructed, but not yet perfect. At the slightest loss of balance, the machine - man, loses either a wheel or a spoke on the wheel. I see a man standing up, waving his arms, walking proudly. I say: Wait a minute! Your car is not perfect yet, there is something to be finished. So far, people are still in a hypnotic dream. They believe in something, but they do not know what their beliefs are. They talk about that world without having a memory of it. They talk about God without seeing Him. They talk about Love, but it does not fill their hearts. They talk about such dishes that they have never tasted. They live in a sleepy state, like the characters in the fairy tales "1001 Nights". You say, "I'm unhappy." "It will be strange not to be unhappy if you dream that you are a king's son, surrounded by splendor and splendor, with servants and maids, and when you wake up you see that you are an ordinary man, without palaces, without servants and maids." - "So I dreamed." - You dreamed, of course. For one who awakens from a deep sleep and sees reality, we say that his consciousness has awakened. He awoke in the life of evolution. Whoever suddenly wakes up becomes unhappy. If a woman wakes up, she becomes unhappy; if the man wakes up, he becomes unhappy; if children wake up, they become unhappy. When they wake up, all people become unhappy. They see that their work is not going as it should and as they have thought. - What should be done in this case? - Free yourself at least temporarily from your personal life and reflect with me.

    Often you carry in your mind the thought that you owe someone a hundred thousand levs. - These are not alive levs, ie. alive lions. If they are alive lions, it makes sense to be afraid; to be afraid of dead lions, I do not understand. These are paper lions. Therefore, the things discussed in the chapter read are nothing but life itself, in which both the individual and all humanity are placed. Sometimes the oven is very hot, like the oven in where bread is baked; sometimes the furnace is low, it is pleasant for you to stay inside. There are creatures who are not able to live in the same heat which you live. As soon as they fall into this heat, they die immediately. There are creatures who live at a higher temperature than the one you live at. If you enter them, you will die. Therefore, in order to understand this thought, you must get rid of the paper hundred thousand levs you owe. Keep in mind that you are children free from all debts. You say, "I'm married, not a child." "You're married, but asleep." When you die, will you be married? When you die, will you owe, will you have policies? One day, when all people die, who will owe whom? To whom do we owe? Who is our real creditor? You say, "That's what the law says. It is created by God. - Where has God written that it should be so? Do not falsify God's signature. Do not abuse His name! Few know the truth. When one has to take, one speaks the truth; when he has to give, he does not speak the truth. From this point of view, there are two kinds of people: one uses the truth when they have to take; others when they want to prove they will not give. In both cases, they use the truth to their advantage. You say you are using the absolute truth. - Absolute truth does not use taking and giving.

    What does the truth represent? - A special state of the human soul, when it is in absolute peace, in harmony with the Source of life. Truth determines man's relationship to the Eternal Beginning of life. When we take down the truth from its high and place it on the level of public life, this is our truth, not the absolute, eternal truth. I call human truth by the word "ruth." He who has such a truth, a ruth, feels a sense of loss, disappointment. You say, "You don't have to tell the truth." "Yes, you don't have to get disappointed." Therefore, by changing the first letter of the word "truth", you come to human truth - ruth.

    These three young men fell bound in the fiery furnace. These young men had a character. Why hasn't the author of this drama taken three actors instead of only one? - This is the author's secret. An author wrote a drama in which the protagonist dies and the heroine remains alive. Why are some of the characters imprisoned and others left free? On stage, things happen the way the author wants. The first author - the father of mankind - wrote the world drama as it is played today by his children. If you ask me why everything is like this today, I answer: Your father wrote like that and what he wrote cannot be changed. You will say, "God wrote this drama." "God didn't write it." He does not deal with such dramas. Who did your father write this drama? Do you think he was very noble? Do you think that your mother was also very noble? God had great confidence in your mother and father and placed them in heaven. Your mother broke the laws, so God drove them both out of heaven. Coming out of heaven, your father wrote this drama and said, "Let the future generation know what his parents were like." Let him know what kind of heroes they were - heroes who can oppose the Lord.

    In the lives of the three participated young men, on the one hand, the mind, heart and will, and on the other, the spirit, soul and body. Speaking of the first three - mind, heart and will, everyone accepts it; speaking of the second trinity - spirit, soul and body, they accept only body, and reject the other two elements. The only cult of humanity that all people stop at, is the body. And the spirit and the soul remain as elements of heaven. Say, "Spirit and soul do not exist on earth." However, many ask, "Does man really have a spirit and a soul?" I do not deal with this question; it is personal, everyone can solve it. See what your father wrote about this. Have you seen your spirit? Have you seen your soul? One cannot speak of unhappiness that cannot be seen. The word "vedi" means to talk about things we have seen and know. The concepts you use should not be considered in your mind, but presented as a coherent, great truth. Everyone who seeks happiness outside of himself is a Don Quixote.

    So modern people look like Don Quixote. Sometimes the man is Don Quixote and the woman is Sancho Panza; sometimes the woman is Don Quixote and the man was Sancho Panza. Do not be offended by this comparison. I do not consider you as individuals, but I consider you as ideological people. I examine the stage life, not the real life. I examine your father's drama. So don't think that stage life is your life. You have to think correctly, to understand correctly. Now I do not want to criticize things mercilessly. But I say that things can be true, and sometimes they fail be truthful.

    In ancient times, a handsome young man lived in a kingdom, who possessed rare beauty. Everyone talked about him: poets and novelists sang about him, courtiers, statesmen went around him - to see him, to admire his beauty. This lasted for 10 years. At one point, they started talking badly about him. It was said that his life was not as clean as it seemed. Something mysterious was happening around him. "Who spoke ill of him?" - Women. The men stayed away. He was finally brought to justice. 40 girls injured by him appeared in court. The king issued an order to behead him. Before serving the sentence, the boy said, "Take your time before you cut off my head, strip me naked." What turned out? This guy was a girl. I ask: How could he disgrace these girls, harm them? The accusation fell by itself. So in your drama: you have all filed a lawsuit against the handsome boy for being defiled by him. It is enough to strip him naked to make sure that he has not done any harm

    "Three men fell tied up in the fiery furnace." It was an exam that kept you well. Sometimes the exam can be of a political nature, sometimes can be of a religious nature, sometimes of a family nature, and sometimes of a personal nature. Whatever the nature, the test must be separated. The three boys said to the king, "Know, O king, that you do not serve your gods, and we do not worship the golden image he has set for himself. It's your will, you can burn us, it doesn't matter to us. We will remain firm in our conviction. " - What do you think, the three boys were men or women? They were men on the outside, but what kind of character they had inside is not known.

    Now, I will not go deeply to reveal this drama, but I say that all the sins and deeds that people talk about, are illusions in their minds. The law is: No creature, no force outside of you is able to defile you. The only one who can defile a person is himself. When he defiles himself, anyone else outside of him can easily defile him. You say, "They seduced me." - No, you seduced yourself. There is great fearlessness in the character of the three boys. - When does a person appear fearless? - When his soul and heart are filled with Love. Only he who has seen the face of God and the light that comes out of His face, who understands the great truth of life. Until you know this truth, do not talk about it. It is written: "Seek, knock, seek!" - What? "The great truth." Don't play the role of actors thinking you're kings. Temporarily, on stage, you are king, but not in life. You have found the truth on the stage, but not in life. He who has found the great truth is in the position of the three boys. He is ready to go into the fiery furnace, to burn the ties that connect him with life, and to go free, without any ties to the earth. Next, to the one who has found the great truth, the ties will fall into the fire and burn; if they do not burn, he has not found the truth. If your spirit remains strong, not scorched by fire, you have also found the truth. Do you have to act like treasurers?

    One summer day I was in a village in Provadia. I went for a walk along the fields. A peasant shouted at me, "Sir, where are you going?" - To take a walk, to enjoy nature. "I think you're a treasurer." And I'm doing this job. I am about to discover a great treasure. I have already found the nine signs, the last one remains. Can you help me find it? The tenth sign is hard to find. ”“ That's right, my friend, you're right, but you have to look for your own wealth. I have long since found my wealth. If you want wealth, come with me. "Have you really found him?" "I have found him." "Then you're not like me, a wild one, to fight for so many years."

    Now, I interpret the word "sofa." Sofa, couch means a person who stands up and thinks what to do. He says, "I still have a lot to think about to find the last sign." This sign is needed for your soul, for your spirit and for your mind. Only in this way can a person solve the important question that is asked to him: To go to bed or to enter a new life? Which life is preferable: the life of the drunk, or of the sober; the life of the sleeper or of the awakened? The drunk constantly raises a full glass of wine and says: “Long live Bulgaria! Ours win, give me another kilo! ”When the Bulgarians lost, he wondered how this work had happened. - Very naturally, when people drink, they always lose. However, those who work on the levels that burn in the fiery furnace, only they are people of reality, they elevate humanity. Who has pimples on the mind, heart and will, these are signs that he has worked on the levels. According to people's current understanding, one should have white, clean hands, without any pimples. The body should also be white, clean, without any wounds or scars. The ancient Romans paid great attention to their bodies. And so far people still protect their faces and hands: they keep their faces with veils, they put rings on their fingers. It is not bad for a person to want to be beautiful, but beauty must be inner. I'm talking about the beauty of the soul, the character, to withstand even the toughest exams. The angels above observe which man has the valor and strength to enter the fire and endure. The fiery furnace is created to test the human character.

    I ask: What will women and men do if some king issues a strict command about every woman to leave her husband and every man to leave his wife and marry another? Whoever disobeys this command will be thrown into the fierly furnace. How many women will remain faithful to their husbands? How many men will remain faithful to their wives? Both will say, "That's what we were looking for." Out of gratitude, the women will give a royal feast and say, "May God give health to this king, who saved us from our husbands!" from our wives! ”I say: This law cannot solve social issues. Life has a deep inner meaning. It doesn't matter if you leave your men and women. It is important where you will be in a hundred years, for example, and what position you will occupy. You can be a leaf, flower, branch or fruit of the tree of life, or you can be a leaf or flower that has fallen to the ground.

    Often theologists preach that some of them will be in hell and others in heaven. Those who have enjoyed life will be in hell, and the righteous will be in heaven. In fact, this is so, but such hell, as it is described, does not exist. People have created hell themselves. There live souls who have not passed their exam. Hell implies bad, negative thoughts that seek conditions to manifest.

    Three men fell bound in the fiery furnace. They held a high social position, but they were put to the test for their conviction. The king told them, "If you do not worship the golden image, I will take away your position and throw you into the fiery furnace, where no one can save you." And now the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is repeated. Today all the people are thrown into the fiery furnace. If you do not worship certain opinions, systems or beliefs, you will enter go into the furnace of fire. There is no freedom today; today all people are abused and how! In an illegal way. They present legality as a pretext for justice, but this legality rests on violence. Who they being raped? - Noble and good people.

    Let's go back to the personal, individual life of man. In fact, man lives on earth. If this life creates suffering for him for centuries, I ask: Does it make sense to live? If denying life brings happiness for centuries, doesn't it make sense to deny it? Where is the happiness? "In the man himself." Your happiness is in your good mood. In that sense, what you are experiencing at the moment is real. Happiness is in the light of your consciousness. This state can be interrupted or reappeared; it can exist for thousands of years. When one wants to solve a question, one must immerse oneself and say, "I want to see what is written in my soul, to understand how I think about it." In order to resolve the matter properly, he must give up his weaknesses, his personal life, and present himself as having come to earth for the first time; that there is no connection with anyone, no taking-giving; that he has done neither good nor evil. Only in this way can one solve important social issues. And now, you meet one, he smiles at you, another frowns at you. Why is one smiling at you and the other frowning at you?

    Two young men are walking down the street. They meet a young, beautiful young lady. They both have known her - they greet her. She smiles and leaves. Then two others meet a young lady. They look at her but do not greet her. She frowned and continued on her way. I know the reason for both the smile and the frown. Both girls are sleeping and dreaming. One has a good dream and is happy with it, so she smiles. The other has a bad dream, so she is unhappy and frowns. The girl who smiles at the boys says, "These are excellent, noble boys, of high origin." The girl, who frowns, says, "These are loafers, wild ones, they have nothing in their heads - they just swagger." This is an internal conversation. In my opinion, both young people are under the same denominator. However, both girls are noble. One has the freedom to express her joy and the other her resentment. Both girls have illusions that boys can make them happy. I say: Do not seek your happiness outside. He who has awakened once must seek happiness in himself. If you are healthy, if you have a bright mind, a pure heart, a strong will, you are happy. As long as the mind, heart, and will are within your life, you are happy; once they go beyond that, you are unhappy. Everyone put his hat off to the rich - he is happy. The poor is pushed by everyone - he is unhappy. It is logical, there is nothing to take from the poor.

    "Three men fell bound in the fiery furnace." And it is required to be as brave as the three boys. What is the manifestation of this courage? - Through the mind and thoughts, through the heart and feelings, through the will and actions. Right thoughts, right feelings and right actions are required of all people. You who are listening to me now, try to see how brave and enlightened you are. Try to get rid of the disharmony in your mind. If you can't completely get rid of it, reduce the disharmony at least 50% at your homes, of the obstacles you encounter in your life. Try to strengthen your will without telling others what you are doing. Experiments are conditions for finding the truth, which is based on mathematical principles.

    Now I will dictate to you a few numbers, between which there is a certain ratio: 35, 57.9, 36.5, 29.5, 32.5, 13, 19.4, 16, 15.4, 14.5, 80. These are living numbers, this is man. Other numbers: 163, 47, 71, 36, 17, 16, 10, 7, 6, 9, 8. What did you learn from these numbers? The order in which I gave you the numbers represents jungur-lungur-fluff. The number 35 indicates that a person has orbited the sun 35 times. You say, "Can the sun go around 35 times?" When the earth goes around the sun once, you go around with it. So it is true that man has orbited the sun 35 times. When a person orbits the sun 35 times, his head orbits his center 57 times. Find the ratio of the speed between these two numbers - 35:57. Which speed is faster? I can translate all these numbers to this ratio to see the speed of movement of each organ in the human head. From the shape of the eyes, eyebrows, ears can calculate how many millions of years began their creation. Such calculations can be made for the organs of the whole body. The amount of energy expended in the movement of each organ can also be calculated. These are abducted truths. In the future, when you come to understand these truths, you will know how to organize your life. What's going on today? The woman expects her husband to work, to leave her a pension. What will happen if the state goes bankrupt one day or the man cannot provide it with a pension? Everything can change. On earth, things are not absolute. So, what can you count on? There is a great divine law in which there is no exception. It regulates relations between all people. This is a great mathematical law. The life of all peoples and societies moves according to this particular mathematical law. I see that all nations will, in the end, reach the goal that this law has set. And you, with all your misunderstandings, will wake up and reach this goal. Then you will not be in these bodies; you will not walk on two legs; nor on all fours; nor like birds to fly. How will you move then? Tell me, how does light move: with two, with four legs or with wings? However, all beings that travel throughout space emerge from the light. Each ray of light is a living being that extends from the sun to the extreme limit of the earth. When it reaches the limit, it shrinks, retracts. After him comes a second ray.

    - "Is it possible what we are told?" - It is possible if life is understood. The only issue that is not in dispute is life. Philosophers argue about all issues, but once they come to life, everyone understands it equally. Life implies all the favorable conditions through which the human mind, the human heart and the human will are expressed. In order to understand life, we need a living faith in reality itself - not to look at it as something abducted. God is the great reality. He is invisible because you made Him so. You are moving in the opposite direction to Him. That is why it is said, "No one has ever seen God." It is true that without light one cannot see God. God is the true light, there is nothing to see. The visible cannot be seen. The light cannot be seen. She reveals things, makes them visible, but she herself cannot be seen. The measure by which you determine reality cannot be measured. The unit, as a measure of things, cannot be measured. Therefore, God is invisible. He is the unit by which we measure all things. If you say to measure Him, you will lose all proportions. Your idea that God is invisible is confirmed by the thought of sin. You say, "We are sinners, so we cannot see the Lord." Not so. You do not see the Lord, because He, in Himself, is real, cannot be measured by anything. You say, "When I love, is my love real?" You love one, you love another, and you ask if that is love. What is love? In love, a slight rise in temperature is observed. This expands things. Measure the girl's neck before she falls in love; measure her neck when she falls in love. In the second case, you will notice a slight expansion of faith, at least one millimeter. Her arms also expand.

    And so, any increase, expansion or attachment to the body is called love. Where there is no expansion in the body, there is no love. You say, "I'm a religious person." - Measure your neck and arms and see if there is any enlargement. If so, you are religious. "I'm a politician." Measure your neck and arms and see if there's any enlargement. These things can at least be easily checked. It is easy to say that someone was a politician, a public figure; that he did good to Bulgaria. "He did good!" He brought five, took a hundred. These were virtuous people! He used to do good deeds. - No, in our time what he did. There must always be changes in your heart - to come to a rational number. Today you start a job, the next day you cancel it. You say, "I have decided to live a pure, pious life." The next day you run into obstacles: they put you in the fiery furnace. You put off your intention and say, "Today is not the time for that." You are one of the fast people. Those who are born prematurely, who are in a hurry, soon die. But those who are not in a hurry also die. He who is born on time, only he does not die. That is why a radical change must take place in your hearts. Your love should not be as changeable as the wind; it must be lasting, unchanging.

    "Three young men fell tied up in a fiery furnace." Interestingly, after throwing three boys, they saw a fourth person in the furnace. The king asked, "Weren't there three people?" Who is the fourth among them? ”- This is the one millimeter with which they expanded, ie. the presence of Love. The king ordered them to be taken out of the furnace, to say what was there. He said, "There is a reality there." I ask: Where is your reality? Speaking this way, some distort my words, but that doesn't mean anything. I know the opposite law. When the positive truth becomes a negative quantity, I take another negative quantity and, from two negative quantities, I form a positive one, as in multiplication in algebra. For example, someone insulted you. It turns a positive quantity into a negative one. Say, "I deserve this insult." So you answer the negative value with a negative value and so you get a positive value. Whoever insulted you will start apologizing. This is how you seek that great truth in which people stop insulting you. - When do they insult a woman? - When there is no man. When she has a man, no one insults her. By "man" I mean the mind. Therefore, when you have a mind, no one offends you. When the truth is in you, no one offends you. In other words, when God lives in us, no one offends us. That is why you should strive to find the Lord Who lives in you. You say, "We have tried this Lord. He has always helped us. " - Are you sure He helped you? Tomorrow you may waver in your belief. Some of you believe in me more than in the Lord. They say, "That's what Mr. Deunov tells us." However, if someone says something bad about me, they will confirm the same. So they did with Christ. They greeted Him with date twigs, shouted, "Hosanna in the cherries!" Three days later, they shouted, "Crucify Him!" - This is not a belief, this is not a religion. As long as public figures and religious people change their beliefs every day, there will always be actors on stage, people will always be disgraced. That's what your father wrote.

    Which character trait of the three boys deserves attention? "Their courage to enter the fiery furnace." Now you are also facing the exam to enter the furnace, to clear yourself so that the fourth one can come. It is one millimeter by which you have expanded. Enter the furnace without any fear, without any movement outside. You can move inside, in your soul, but not outside. When you meet a beautiful girl, you smile; when you meet an ugly girl, you frown. The woman symbolizes the soul. As long as you look at it as an external form, you will always be wrong. You say someone is ugly; for another it is bad. Neither is true nor the other. These are temporary manifestations that do not define human character. The true man is known when his soul awakens and begins to think of the Lord. He easily solves his tasks and helps both himself and his loved ones.

    ask: Having listened to me for so many years, what have you learned? You have learned many things, but nevertheless you are in the position of that treasurer who sought the nine signs and sought the tenth - the last sign. You say, "Let's read books, it may be written somewhere for the tenth sign." - Nowhere is written about this sign - neither in the sacred books, nor in the secular. I found that sign. If you come into my room, I'll tell you where you can find it. And when you enter my room, I will tell only the one who has renounced everything, ie. who has renounced life. Stop thinking about any insults. Think you came to earth for the first time. Be kind to all people. (The teacher wrote a formula in the air.) Here, I have given you the secret of this question. Do you know what this looks like?

    In India lived a great philosopher who could talk with the movements of his hands and fingers. He met a simple man who told him that he also knew how to talk with his hands. The philosopher said to himself, "Here is a man I will talk to." The philosopher raised one finger up, the common man raised both fingers. The philosopher stretched out one hand with his fingers facing down; the common man also stretched out one hand, but with his fingers pointing upwards. When asked what the philosopher said to the common man, he said: "I pointed one finger at him, telling him that there is only one king in the world - God. He replied, "There are two kings, God and the king of our country." Then I told him it would rain heavily. He told me that after this rain all the plants would sprout, all the flowers would bloom. The common man was then asked what he learned from the conversation with the philosopher. He said: "The philosopher threatened to take out one of my eyes. I said I would take out both of his eyes. Then he said he would come out against me with five soldiers; I told him I would go against him with five other people. " I say: The language of supposed numbers is dangerous. The formula I wrote to you will be understood for you when you free yourself from private property, from all envy, hatred, and begin to think that you have come to earth for the first time.

    And so, the true real greatness is the supreme Love, which has nothing to do with ordinary human feelings and dispositions. This Love is known by the fact that when it touches the fool, it makes him smart and wise; when he touches the dead, he rises and comes to life; when it touches leprosy, the leprosy immediately disappears; when he touches discouragement, his discouragement disappears. Supreme Love works miracles. Wherever it passes, it creates and recreates. This Love must be studied! All the knowledge of mankind, gathered for eight thousand years, cannot be compared with the smallest manifestation of the great Love of God. Therefore, there is still much to learn. You have already woken up. Be brave! Do not succumb to any doubts and suspicions. Whatever they tell you, be faithful to your mind, your heart, and your will; be faithful to your spirit and to your soul. This is the first principle. If you are true to yourself, you will be true to all; if you are not true to yourself, you cannot be true to others. Someone says, "You have to be faithful to me." - I ask the question differently: Are you faithful to your mind, to your heart and to your will; are you faithful to your spirit and to your soul? "I'm faithful." "If so, you will be faithful to me." If you start to deviate from the answer, your loyalty cannot be relied on. A boy writes a letter to a girl. Write a few lines, put a colon; write a few more lines, again a colon. The colon is an irrational quantity. This guy is working with a few strangers. I say: Dude, you have to convert those numbers. The right relationship must be established between you. And the girl writes a letter to the boy. He puts a colon every two or three lines. I translate her letter: "Indeed, you are a good, learned man, but you are an ordinary clerk, with a small salary ..." The dot means: I am a lady of high society, you cannot fulfill my requirements. As he reads the letter, he stops, thinking about what she wants to say with the colon. - Very simple work. The points are money, gold wheels, English or American. You say of two young people, "These young people are very much loved." - Look at their letters, to see how many points there are. He who marries with a colon ends again with a colon. Marry so that no dots enter the letters. You will throw out the words "if" and "other". Your speech needs to be defined. Say, "I will be faithful to you as I am faithful to my mind, heart, and will, as I am faithful to my spirit and soul." "Then give me your hand." This is a character! And lest our God deliver us, we must be willing to sacrifice everything for Him.

    "Three young men fell bound in the fierly furnace ." They knew the truth, so the fourth came down between them to see what was happening. They were virgin souls, three sophisticated angels incarnated on earth, neither as men nor as women. I ask: Has your angel come down to you? This is a question you cannot answer. You say, "Let's see what else we have to say." I told you one of the great truths of life. You say, "Wait!" - There is nothing to wait for. The one on the way was told on the train, "Wait!" When the teacher taught, the students had already prepared their notebooks. Should they tell their teacher to wait a while while they take out their notebooks? They must be in place at least five minutes in advance. The sun is not waiting! So, get rid of everything that hinders you. I see in your minds and hearts so distorted thoughts and feelings that I wonder with what hose to clean them from the inside. I have no doubt that you will purify yourself, that you will go through fire, that your relationships will fall apart. It is important not to go through unnecessary suffering. Ask yourself: Would you pass the exam of the three boys? Do not rush to answer; don't be in a hurry to tell someone you love them. Love is not in a hurry. She doesn't even talk. She says and does. If you tell someone that you love them, I will ask you: Are you ready to give everything for them? "Ah-ah!" Then you don't have to say you love him. Either you give everything or nothing. He who seeks Love must give absolutely everything.

    I say: Enter into harmony with the whole of Genesis. You will strike with a knife to cut all the old ties and say, "Everything again!" Do not say that you are disgusted with your past. Return to it and give thanks for all the suffering you have gone through. Kiss the hand of the one who stabbed you. Kiss the hand of the one who took your money. Whoever stabbed you wanted to bleed so that you would not commit a great crime. He who took your money freed you from depravity. I will quote the following story: A rich merchant had two children - a boy and a girl, whom he left in the care of his servant, in whom he had full confidence. In time he died. The servant planned to deprive the young heirs of their inheritance, so he sold them to slaves. After great suffering, wandering and wandering, happiness smiled on them as well. The girl grew up, became a beautiful maiden and eventually married the king's son of the neighboring kingdom. So she became queen. After long wanderings, the boy also managed to occupy a high position in the country. The king of this country was at war with the neighboring king, where their former servant, who had conquered their inheritance, lived. The merchant's son decided to demand an account from their benefactor, a servant. And he began to look for him throughout the whole kingdom. He finally found it. The servant lived richly and comfortably with his wife, his five daughters and sons. The sister, learning from her brother about the situation of their former servant, told the whole story to her husband. They both decided to catch him and deservedly punish him. Not long after, the servant lost one daughter after another, and then his sons. The four sons were abducted far away. Then the servant's houses, properties, and fields collapsed. The cattle also began to die, until one day he was left completely alone, poor, torn. He said to himself, "Why did God give me so many punishments?" At last the thought came to him that his punishment was that he had committed a crime by selling the children to his master. You say, "This is a story." - Yes, a story that happens every day in life.

    I ask: Don't you think that you have sold your master's son and daughter? Where is your spirit? Where is your soul? Haven't you sold them? Scripture says, "What do I gain if I win the whole world and sell my soul?" Suffering reformes man. They awaken his higher consciousness until he finally decides to lead a clean and bright life. What is happening now in the world is due to your children sending you punishments from above. Tell me which servant or master, which woman or which man has not betrayed God? There is no person who has not betrayed God, not only for a moment, but throughout his life. Who was honest and sincere with God? That is why I tell all people to dress in sackcloth and live in a new, spiritual way. You say, "We are of high origin. We, the Bulgarians, are tortured by the neighboring nations. " "Leave that!" All people, all nations, along with their priests and preachers, all men and women have committed great crimes. You should all turn to God and say, “Lord, we have committed many crimes, we have distanced ourselves from You. We want to start a new, clean life. "Everyone's sackcloth!" Repentance, not violence! Stop it now - let him drive, let him hang! Repentance is required of all, not one! Give up all gods and live with the new understanding of the great Love. What are you doing now? You are divided into Orthodox, people from new teachings. Put the knife sharply on the old one and say, "All or nothing!"

    You say: You teach us good, but we are waiting for good conditions. What will these conditions be? Tomorrow worms will come to eat everything you have. If the Greeks call you thick-headed, can't your head be sharp-headed? As you listen to me, some of you become bitter, grieve and say, "Too much!" If there's a friend who tells you the truth, it's me. I show you the path to follow. Let's forget the past! Let's kiss those hands that have caused us the greatest suffering! Let's forget our mistakes and live with our virtues!

    I ask you now: Is there harmony between you? Where is the harmony? It is not in the Orthodox Church. It is not in the Evangelical Church, it is not in the Buddhist Church, it is not in the New Doctrine either. Many people come here, but with their old luggage. We do not accept such. If the old man comes in here, he will want to be served. We want to live in the name of great Love and, when someone says he loves you, you know that he loves you. And if someone says he will do something, know that he will do it as promised. You say, "There are no conditions for that." - There are always conditions for good. Do not think that God wants this from you. He looks at everything calmly and says: "My children are still asleep. They have a bad dream. The child sleeps restlessly and cries in his sleep. "What's up, Mom?" "I was dreaming something bad." "What's she dreaming about, Mom?" "They were chasing me." sleep. His mind would pop out of fear. And I say: There is nothing, mom, this is a dream! But the Lord says, "My children sleep and have bad dreams." It is written in the Scriptures that in the last days they will prophesy.

    I wish you all to prophesy and have visions. So let Love speak in you. She has not yet come between you. I do not want to discourage you, but I say once and for all to put a cross on the past. Remember the past, but say, “I begin in the name of Love. I am opening a new page in my life and the worse I have been, the better I will be. I will build in the name of Love and I will lend a hand to everyone. May the living Word be carried throughout the world! The God I preach to you is special. You have never listened to His voice. You have never seen His face. He does not live in churches or in Jerusalem. He comes down from his house and comes among you. Turn to Him, not to me. It is a delusion to worship man! Here is a truth. Some say they had to believe in me. "Don't trust anyone at all." Don't let that offend you. Don't believe in me, don't believe in yourself. This does not mean that you have no faith in anything, but I turn your gaze to God. Believe in God's Love, which settles all things. This is the great and powerful in the world.

    I wish all of you to become unbelievers. - "Then?" - You will liquidate everything old. - "What should we believe in?" - In Love, in that unit that changes all quantities, that gives meaning to life and lays the foundation for new life. Get rid of all the philosophers who have spoken about God and say, “We want to see this God, Who is coming for the first time in the new way in the world. We want to see Him with our own eyes, without any intermediaries. This applies to those who give up private property, to their past, not to those who say, "Let's think a little!"

    Now return to your homes and carry in your mind the thought of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The first letters of these names are "C", "M", "A". What French word would you form from these letters? - "C'est moi." In Bulgarian I would form the word "seeds". Which Lord do you want to serve now? You will say that you want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, who lived two thousand years ago on earth and was crucified. I am glad that you believe in Christ, but where are the fruits of your faith? After all, Christ said on the cross: "Lord, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing!" Why do you still have sins after these words? What did the European nations, followers of Christ, do? Did they say, like Christ, the same words when they were crucified? Did the priests speak like Christ? Now they gather at conferences to get things done. - No, the world does not get better with a lie. One day I will give a talk in which I will prove mathematically why the world cannot be fixed with a lie. I will prove how the lie was created as a quantity.

    Turn to your soul, to find that life which has not yet been pushed and about which you know nothing. Turn to yourself and start a new life. Go back to your homes and start working without talking. The new life will have a shocking effect on you and will transform you. You will not go wrong, but you will become heroes. New power will flow into you and transform the conditions in which you live. Your inner world will change, and with it, the whole outer world. Then the Lord will say: For you have changed, and I will change my attitude toward you. This means that peace will come to earth.

    Return to your homes and find where your Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are. One lives in the mind, you will look for it in heaven. The other lives in the heart, you will look for it in the astral world. The third lives on earth. The fourth is now coming from above. Because your suffering is great, God sends His ray and says, "A great cry is heard from the earth." Go see what is going on there to put an end to this suffering! As you listen to me now, some say, "Is this man telling the truth, or is he wrapping us up?" - What I am telling you can be tried. I have given you different methods, I have recommended many attempts, but so far no one has done them to test their power. You have made many attempts, but not this serious, decisive experience. Because I told you not to believe in anyone, you will not believe in yourself. Don't be discouraged. I tell you not to believe in what you are today. Believe in that beginning that once lived in you - in the Divine beginning. Not what you are today, but what you were originally when you created the world. Go back to that time and say, "This is us." When you reach this state, move forward.

    Accept the Love that is already coming into the world. It will make you happy. She will show you where your loved ones are. Aren't your hearts talking with love now? You say, "Our hearts are beating." "Your hearts are beating, but your loved ones are gone." They are now coming down to earth. You only see their reflections, so you get frustrated and say, "My beloved has weaknesses, too." - Yes, the truth is not in them yet. When your loved ones come from above, then you will understand the truth.

    I ask: Are you offended by what I am telling you? Will you hold me responsible for my words? I don't like to be responsible for what I say. I want to pay now. I do not want to say my special opinion, but I want to repay now. I say: This is the real way, but only for the sincere who want to develop and live in the new conditions. Suddenly you can't fly up, however, a new life requires a new understanding. Nature does not tolerate anything old. It is not possible to live like caterpillars and beetles in the future. Those who follow you may live like you, but you cannot live the old way. If you enter the furnace, your shackles will fall. Now you are all in the furnace.

    I wish everyone's shackles to fall! Let the fourth among you come and say, "There is no other God like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. There is no other God like the One who puts order and harmony between all brothers, sisters and friends. There is no force like Love. If so, accept Love consciously, according to the laws of absolute denial. When you renounce the devil, the church asks you, "Do you renounce the devil?" - "I renounce." This means not believing in the devil, who has ordered everything in the world. He embraced the Divine works, held them in his hands and placed his signature under them. Say to yourself, "We renounce everything old, everything devilish."

    So there is no God like the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I want you to return to your God. He is also my God. My God is yours too. He is one. For the first time since the world existed, He sent a ray to the sons of mankind and said through the prophet, “Turn to me. Accept my love. Make my law. Bring the fraternity everywhere. Put the violence aside. Not a trace of the lie! Awake, my children, not to dream terrible dreams, not to be ashamed of heaven by your words and deeds.

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  14. Готов превод Двамата братя - 22.9.1918-НБ-198 / .: 22.9.1918-НБ-198

    TITLE: The Two brothers

    "The two brothers were greatly displeased".

    Mathew 20:24

    "And when the ten heard it, they were greatly displeased with the two brothers". Key words in this verse: ten, two, the verb being displeased in singular and plural.

    Who are the two and who are the ten that the scripture is talking about? The two are the sons of Zebedee (James and John, translator's note), Jesus' disciples. The ten are his other disciples. So, Jesus had twelve disciples. When we subtract two from twelve, we have ten. When we work with subtraction, we have two-sided meaning - on one hand the act of subtraction by itself, and on the other hand, the numbers we work with. In this case the numbers 2 and 10 are important. Nevertheless, any number in the universe, manifests itself as a sum of forces. These forces have some influence on the people and Mother Nature as a whole.

    "They were very displeased with the two brothers". People can be displeased too, as well as plants and animals. The apple seeds gathered in the apple and lived life full of joy. They talk and sing happily until someone comes and picks up the apple and swallows it. Then, they become displeased. Their quiet, care-free life is now shattered. The brothers take on, going down, forming the roots. The sisters set forth to make up the branches and the father remains in the middle like a stem to connect the siblings. The father likes to teach his children how to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities. The Father does not like them being preoccupied with how to divide His will. He wants them to understand that they were brought into this world to be servants, not masters.

    Jesus demonstrated the following law: there is some connection between the two brothers going down to the roots and the other ten going up to the branches. They are connected through Christ, the Father. When He is between them, they start working together by saying: "we are brothers and sisters, we must tolerate each other". Regardless of their effort and tolerance, there was still a bit of resentment. The two brothers represent the human mind and heart. They feel privileged - one wants to sit at his Father right, the other, on His left. Simply said, they both wish for front seats. The other ten brothers symbolize the human will and desires. That is why they felt bitter and displeased.

    When you observe how people act, you won't help but notice that displeasure and indignance are everywhere, surrounding all matters of their life: schools, family, society. For example, a musician is indignant because he believed he was not appraised; an artist is indignant because someone else got all the attention; another person is indignant because, when the mayor came to the town, he was not among the first to great him; the student is indignant with his teacher because someone else, with less knowledge, received higher score; the teacher is indignant because his students are sloppy and do not study hard. The students are indignant- they go in one direction. The teachers are indignant- they go in different direction, but the tree is growing. The host and the guests are indignant and go in different direction, but the tree still grows. The tree, represents the society, the grain. The grains are plants, but also, a miniature society. So, despite of displeasure and indignancy, life is growing, develops and follows its own course. People must transform displeasure into work. This is what is required by Jesus' law and moral. How? You were told.

    Some of you will say they have heard too many preachings. You have heard but did not listen. If you do not apply your knowledge and understanding, there will be no benefit to you. Some will say: "I have nothing to do today, let me listen to some news". And this is true- the person is listening without hearing. God addressed the Jews: "Listen Israeli", a mother is saying to her daughter: "Listen my daughter", the daughter replies: "I listen mother". She listens but does not hear. Listening goes in downward direction, hearing - in upward direction, and applying this is the stem that connects them both.

    Today, people understand life in millions of different ways. Everybody has a specific way of arranging his own life. Every time the conversation about life is thrown on the table, people start preaching about their way of living. If you ask someone to do a certain job, he will say:" Why are you asking me? There are so many people out there doing nothing". When a person has a chance to take something, he will; but when he must give something- then he pulls back. This shows that the humans tend to be displeased. When is a person displeased? - when he wants to shine. Ten are displeased that the one wants to sit at the right side, and the other - on the left. What is left for them? - to stay in front or behind, but they do not want to be guards. In Christianity, guard means a worker i.e., a person who is ready to work. To occupy the right or left side, means a person, who desires big riches with less work. In the physical world this is impossible. Make no mistakes that on the physical plane, where everything is constantly changing, one can think or speak of happiness.

    If you have a chance to see a map of our planet from millions of years ago, you will be amazed at the big difference in the appearance between then and now. The mountains, rivers, seas, and oceans are completely different from todays. This means that the mountains and the waters are also being displeased. They also fall under the law of growth. So, to be displeased, means to grow. If the husband is displeased, let not say that his wife is the reason; if the wife is displeased, let not say her husband is driving her out of patience. You must know, when you are displeased, the reason is your own will looking for a way to manifest itself.

    Today's scientists experiment on frogs to prove that frogs do not have consciousness. They remove her brain, pour some acid on her back and the frog starts moving her legs in effort to remove the acid. This means that her consciousness is manifesting itself. Although instinctively, the frog demonstrates that there is some life in her. Therefore, every feeling of displeasure and indignance, shows that Satan has sprinkled some acid on you. When a person complains that he cannot think, this means that Satan, his enemy, has removed persons' brain. If someone is not satisfied with his own brain and wishes he had a bigger one, like Newton, Kant, or Tolstoy, he is in the hands of Satan. What can Satan do? The Satan can suggest negative thoughts like you cannot think, you are stupid, you will not achieve anything. The displeasure is appropriate when it comes naturally. For example, a person is in a great state of displeasure, all tense and tight and some other person approaches him, starts talking, then the first person explodes. Bombs start flying left and right. this type of displeasure is not in accordance. It is not natural. These two people can understand each other without exchanging bombs, just say that you need peace and quiet and people will understand.

    " And when the Ten heard, they became displeased". The willpower must not work against the desires of the heart and the thoughts of the mind. The desires nourish heart and mind. People must have plenty wishes and desires. It becomes a problem when people do not apply them. Do not figure that all thoughts and desires come from you. Only these for good deeds are yours. The rest of them do not belong to you. There are lots of shoes and outfits in the retail stores, but they are not necessary yours. When you go to the store and choose something according to your taste, you pay for it. Then, it is yours. We can apply the same principle to our desires and thoughts. You clothe your heart with some desire, you clothe your mind with an idea, and you look around if people like you. If people like them, you hold on to them, you pay and say they are yours. If you don't like them, you put them aside and say: "I don't wear someone else's clothes”. Therefore, all thoughts and desires become ours only when we completely accept them internally, when they become inseparable part of us.

    We often hear people say, "do this" or "do that". What is the right thing to do and how to know it? People say, "don't eat this or that", I say people should eat in moderation, without overwhelming their stomachs. People say, "do not drink", I say drink, but pure water only. A person can do anything that brings Life, like the sweet wine Jesus made. If a person drinks fermented wine, then he is heading to his death. Any feeling which makes you bitter and betrayed, brings death and any feeling which brings you Cheer and Joy, means Life. How do we know which one we need? Feeling that betrays, is not for you and feeling that makes you happy is for you. Accept it. We can apply the same law to our thoughts. Any thought which brings confusion and uncertainty, is not for you. Any thought that brings Light in your mind, it is for you.

    There was a fly that pray to God every day to grant her with a little crown, so she can beautiful. God heard her prayers and granted her wish. The fly was so happy, she really loved the little crown on her head. She started travel around the world, so everyone could see her crown. One day she met a spider and decided to shine. Before she even started talking, the spider said: "how beautiful are you with this little crown on your head. Come and see yourself in my mirror". Flattered, the fly went to his cobweb, where there was no going back. Why she needed this crown to boast around the world?

    There are many people in today' societies, unsatisfied with their lives, who desire God to put crowns on their heads, so the entire world can see how beautiful they are. Yes, but the world is smart and clever; the world removes the crowns from their head and debunks them. Today many people have lost their crowns and they must be thankful for that. The human head needs no crown nor spider's mirror.

    How many legs a spider has? Take a close look at his legs and see now he threads his web. Does he use his front or back legs? If he threads with his back legs, he is dangerous like the horse who kicks with his back feet. To threaten with your back feet (like the spider), means that you are contemplating, your heart is divided. When your heart starts threading with its back feet, be alert, if you are not awakened something bad will happen and you will lose your crown. A heart which threads with its back feet is a spider heart, not human. If a spider thread his web on time, this is normal, but if the spider is making his web to prey at, this is not quite so.

    Therefore, if your indignance was caused by your superconscious, by your feelings of being displeased with your own mistakes, your bad thoughts, and evil desires, then your feelings are normal and natural. On the other hand, if your indignance was caused by your lack of big heart and bright thoughts, inability to attract people, so you can use their virtues, this is abnormal and this kind of indignance leads to evil. In this case, the Latin proverb "Homo hominis lupus est”, comes true. There is also another saying, "Man is a brother to a fellow man". How did a man who was a brother become a wolf? One of the main characteristics of the wolf is that he uses his teeth and legs to attack. The shepherds like to say that if the wolf attacks the herd with his mouth being closed, then he cannot hurt the sheep. The wolf can only scratch them, but not really hurt them.

    You will see a lot of scratched faces, hands, and legs, when you enter the societies of the world and /or religious people. For example, in religious society, you will hear them speaking about how they are connected to God and their beliefs are the only right ones. If you ask these people have, they seen God, have they spoken to Him, they will tell you, they have not, but there are prophets, who have. That does not count. What count is- who did you see and whom did you talk to? Here is an example with the tailor, who learned the art of sewing and knew every single theory of how to do it. Of course, this is important, but most important for me is to be able to create the perfect suit for me. If the suit does not fit perfectly to my body,
    all his knowledge doesn't really matter. Let's wear large, comfortable shoes on our feet. Small and tight shoes resemble today's rules of life that limit and tighten the person. Why do you need small and tight shoes that cause you blisters? Get rid of them and dress your feet with large, soft, and comfortable shoes that make you walk with ease and good disposition.

    Jesus Christ addressed his disciples and spoke to them about the Ten and the Two. He gave them techniques on how to move from the visible and invisible. Many times, people feel displeased because they like to manifest themselves and see God inside and outside of them. This is not needed. Accept God with all your heart and be content. When you enjoy the warmth of the Sun, do you see it? Do you need to know how big it is? Turn your back towards the Sun and completely allow its warmth to absorb all your cells and bring good disposition in you. Man recognizes the Sun by the way it influences his body. How do you recognize the man? - by the energies coming out of him. How do animals recognize each other? - by sniffing their noses and tails. If they recognize each other, they become friends, if not- they start fighting. I have many bruises and wounds from fighting.

    Many people complain from life and say they cannot take it anymore.
    I think they have not become patient. They carry their difficulties and suffering because they must, without being patient. Even today, I test my patience. I would like to know how patient I am. A man visited me some time ago for a chat on some important matter. I told him that I was busy, and we could talk some other time. The man insisted, it would only take five minutes. We met and he kept talking for three hours, while I was listening. When he finished, I offered him a walk in the garden. This day was incredibly significant to me, it was a day for exams. I took my test on patience.

    The Devil tests people's patience too. He enters a person for five minutes and stays there for hours and days. After that, it takes a long time for that person to recover. All disputes, arguments and disagreements come from the Devil. Someone's hen went to the neighbor's yard and laid an egg there. There is nothing wrong with that, but no, the whole family is now going to the neighbor ready to fight. This human behavior is caused by our wrong belief that "mine belongs to me only". If the hen knew why people argue, she would say that she is free to lay her eggs wherever she likes. Does your servant have the right to buy produce from someone else with the money you paid him? Yes, he does. The man has no right to be angry with the hen for laying her eggs at the neighbor's. Please, have patience, all of you, the hen will lay eggs for everyone. She will stop at everyone's backyard and will lay one egg for each one of you. After that, the question will arise, in whose backyard to stop first. Everyone wants to be the first.

    All people fight to be first. In this fight they look like the beautiful ladies, who voted for themselves. Here is their story: a guest of great importance was about to arrive, and twelve beauties were selected to attend and welcome. One of them had to present the flowers. Big arguments arise, which one to choose. They could not reach an agreement, so they decided to vote. When they read the ballots, the question remained unsolved - each one of them voted for herself. It is real art for the man to be able to harmonize and attune his mind and heart, the way Jesus reconciled his two disciples - Zebedee' sons.

    In the story of the Two disciples, the desire of Zebedee’s mother to secure her sons in a good place - one at Jesus' right, the other at his left, is very intriguing. Here we see the polygamy of the Spirit. He has several women, i.e., several souls. It would be odd and weird if a man has several women or a woman to have several men. You will barely meet a person (man or woman), who has never had polygamic thoughts, feelings, or desires. How many Christians kept the law of Absolute purity in their thoughts, feelings, or desires? Angels live in this law, but man can’t follow it. Those who have pure consciousness, live in the Absolute state of being pure and holy. There is no real wedding in the material world at this moment. If men and women live in full agreement, the world would be paradise.

    People in today's world want to be happy, but they can't achieve happiness because they want to live at each other's expense. The smartest one, acts like a spider. He/she starts working on the web by complimenting and flattering the other, building golden towers, until the moment the partner gets caught in the web. Then the arguments start who was the liar. The mother-in-law is not happy with the daughter in law; the husband talks to both of them and tries to make it work to maintain the peace. Then children come to the family, they start arguing too. The husband and wife represent the two disciples- Zebedee's sons, who are fighting for the first place. The mother and law, the sons and daughter, represent the ten disciples who are displeased with the two. What happens in reality? - some go up, others go down, but the tree continues to grow. God uses unhappiness and arguments to create conditions for future happiness. When the two generations realize they can’t live together, the parents make their children leave the house, so the parents can stay in the old house. The honeybees act just the opposite -
    the youngsters stay in the old beehive and the parents move out to a new one.

    No matter what people do, they cannot be happy with the understanding they have today. Happiness means renewed life, life of Absolute purity and holiness. People need to master the art of making bricks from the mud they are living in, or to be like the plants and suck the nutrients from the soil to convert them into sweet fruits. People consume sweet fruits and become amazed. They look at the fruit tree that stays buried in the ground and each year delivers sweet fruit. The tree offers its fruit unselfishly. One thing this tree wants from people - to plant its seeds in the ground. People must study the selflessness of the tree. Some people think that lending money to someone with an interest and a co-signer, is a good deed. They believe that they are noble good doers and wonder why the world is such a gloomy place. When people start lending money without interest and cosigner, like the ancient Bulgarians did; when everyone stands for what they said and promised, the world will become a better place. When men and women stand true to their love till the end; when brothers and sisters sacrifice for each other- then the world will become a better place.

    " The Two brothers were displeased". A man has a right to be displeased, but to displease against evil. Few years ago, I went to visit a dear friend of mine, who was a lawyer. He was in the company of a vicar. They were both working on a claim against some young man, whom they wanted to take to court. The lawyer and the vicar insisted, they paid the man money to buy and deliver flour, but he disappeared. Since they left with neither money, nor flour, they decided to take the man to court. They also heard the man did the same scam to other people and with the money he obtained, he paid for his wedding. When the story became clear to me, I pulled some money and gave it to the vicar. I wanted to pay the lawyer too, but he refused. Why they had to destroy the life of the young man. In the name of Jesus, pay the debt in your neighbor. It is not enough just to preach; we must become role models with the way we live and act. People are getting tired of preaching and moralizing. Their hair turned gray. People need good deeds and Knowledge that could be applied, not just some theories.

    What is the meaning of the black hair? Lots of knowledge and carrying a heavy burden. When a person releases the burden, the hair will become black. Black hair contains a lot of juices and many flowers and thorns grow there. People with black hair are very energetic. They are very sharp in their love and hate, with lack of softness. When the hair becomes gray, people lose their energy and believe they are mellow. The point is to have black hair and be mellow, stop kicking. When the hair gets gray, we can't kick even if we want to. Kicking doesn't mean displeasure. The displeasure manifests itself in two opposite directions - up and down. Each feeling of displeasure ends when the causing forces reach agreement. There is a feeling of being thorn in every person. This feeling most often signifies displeasure. Sometimes we really want to do a good deed, but something inside of us is telling us not to do it. We become thorn in half and eventually solve the problem one way or the other.

    "The two brothers were displeased". You will say that Zebedee' sons loved Christ that was why the others were displeased. Why they loved Christ? - Because they desired to sit on His left and His right. The same principle applies to mother and daughter. The daughter loves her mother as the mother takes care of her, gives her money, buys her nice things. The mother gave her daughter something more important- her body. If someone say, he had never received anything from his parents, he is not speaking the Truth. Your parents gave you many things, but you do not value, whatever they gave you. In the same way, some will have the guts to say that God didn't love him. This man doesn't speak the Truth. Who gave him all the goods he is constantly using? Who gave him conditions to develop? Who gave him a body to manifest himself? God is everywhere in everything that surrounds us. What else do you want? You must pass through eternity in order to understand the greatness of God and eventually, to see that He pays attention to every living creature, big and small. You will say: "I want to see Him the way I see the fellow man" - have you seen the man? Do you know what, actually, the man Is? What you see is not the man but his manifestation. A man manifests himself through his heart, mind, will and soul. We recognize the heart by the level of its generosity; the mind- by the inspiration of its thoughts; the soul- by the readiness for sacrifice. The appearance of the man is not the actual man; the way he is dressed, the work he is doing, the way he talks and carries himself- this is not the man. Search for the man in his good deeds, his generosity, his sacrifices for others. When I say "man", I don't mean an individual only, I mean the families, the societies and the nations. Today people live in doubts and

    People have always looking for God, regardless of all the talk "for" and "against". I would like to recommend taking a good look at your desires first and then see what kind of God you are looking for. You strive toward some ideal - you must be able to describe it, to know what exactly that is. For example: a young Lady is looking for the right gentleman, but she cannot really describe what personal qualities she would like to see. You cannot seek for the "right" thing without having an idea what is it. Let us say, someone is looking for pure water. He will find it because he knows the qualities, the taste. Therefore, if you are seeking for the God whom you know, then, you will find Him everywhere. If you do not know God, then, it will be impossible to find Him. The man doubts God's existence and say: "If God exists, why is He allowing wars and misfortune?".

    Here is a short story. A man went to the market to sell cherries. While he was walking, he ate from the cherries and swallowed the pits. When he arrived at the market, his stomach swell and started hurting. The man was taking to the hospital, where he underwent a surgery to remove the pits. You may say: "Why God allowed this surgery?". Who caused of the surgery? So, people allowed the war, and God is operating, removing pits from their bellies. When you stop being blind and actually start seeing, you will understand why things are happening the way they are. Until you think you know everything, there always going to be wrong conclusions, like the commoner who once said: " France is not a big country, but her villages are big". People draw wrong conclusions, and this that life ends when they die. Life never ends. The end of one life is the beginning of another. What is the meaning of the death? - the crimes and evil are dying; new life emerges, full of good deeds. The Death is nothing but divorce between the flash and Spirit. A person dies because his soul or Spirit left him. The Spirit leaves the woman, the soul- leaves the man. When a man leaves her lover, she has no desire for life, she wants to kill herself. The opposite is also true. Many people have died that way, and then came to life again.

    What people should do in order to not die? - to become a servant to themselves, their soul, and his Spirit. Then, their parents will give them anything they want. Does the soul exist? - If one thinks and feels, he has a soul. If one has a soul, he also has a conscious. When one loses his conscious, he also loses his soul. The one with conscious knows the difference between good and evil, therefore, he has soul. When someone prefers the Good and rejects the evil, then his soul becomes apparent.

    "The two brothers were displeased". Displeasure is contagious and goes from one person to another. The parents are displeased because they do not have money to send their kids to school. Then, the children are displeased, sons and daughters, because there was nothing to inherited. Vicars and teachers are displeased, their students are also displeased. People are displeased, they could not buy butter, sugar and cheese. We can live without butter. Meal cooked without butter tastes lighter and it is better for the stomach. When you season the butter, let’s say with paprika or black pepper, your stomach may hurts. The simple and natural food represents the good life man is leading but the rich food is a bad way of living.

    When and now we can improve our lives? Right now. Happiness comes immediately, but it takes a while to prepare the conditions for its arrival. If one Godly thought enters your mind, instantly, you become happy. It takes exceptionally long time to prepare the conditions for its acceptance and understanding. When you lose this Godly thought, you become sad. Imagine you stay on the bridge and you lose balance, then you sway to left or right. In order to be happy, follow these rules; eliminate any doubt, believe in God who lives in you, do not look for Him outside! Work on yourselves and every day add something new to your building. Do not judge other people how much they know, if they are good and holly. Think about yourselves only, how much you know and are you good and holly.

    You would think that that prophets and apostles were very clever, pure, and righteous, but that's not the case. Everyone, who came to this world, made some mistake, could be exceedingly small mistake, but he made it. The power of great people is rooted in the fact that they perceive their small mistakes as big and fix them immediately. There have been cases when some great people have dedicated their entire life to fix one mistake, and this brought a great character. Very often children expect rich financial legacy from their parents in order to fix their bad finances. Do not expect riches that comes after the death of your parents. Let everyone starts working and depends on himself only. Christ did not leave financial will to the people, nor he lend them money. What Christ did was that he prepared the way of their development.

    Therefore, if a person would like to evolve, he must follow Christ' path. This path leads to real happiness. Christ says: "I have a vineyard, come to me and work". People don't hear and don't understand. All people want is to have money, to dress in expensive cloths, so everyone can pay respect to them. Here on Earth, this is impossible. Why? There is mud. You dress in nice clothes and suddenly, it starts raining, your new expensive clothes are ruined, you lose your nice disposition. People must learn now to restrain themselves so nothing could destroy their temper. Even, lets say, people lose their temper, they must remain calm, and know, they didn't lose God. All people live in God. Therefore, regardless if you lost a husband or a child, please know that they are not lost. They are in God and you can find them anytime.

    Today, all people are holding on to each other; the wife is holding on to her husband, children- to their parents. They don't know that they are living in God's presence. The husband had met his wife many times here on the Earth and he will meet her again. Even after thousands of years, they will meet again. Every person is manifesting God in some way and when he/she is away from you, you feel sad. When you see dry leaf on the ground, stop for a moment and notice your thoughts. The leaf is humble, quiet, and saying: " It was a time when I was a tree, but now I am dry and fallen". We need to encourage by saying: " That is ok, after few months you will be young, green and full of life". God says: " Those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted". The same principle refers to the man. When I see a sinner, I encourage him" " Don't worry, next year you will be on the tree, young and happy".

    God has more empathy to the sinner, who is repenting, than to the righteous, who is full of pride. To encourage the one who has fallen, means to apply the teaching that our Father gave us through His Only Son- Christ. Where to find this teaching? Unfold your soul and there you will find everything you need to know. You may find some difficulty going into the folds of your soul due to the lack of light. Your mind is the light, and the heart is the fireplace where you pour the lighting material. When you ignite this material, the fire will give you much needed light, so you can read everything written in your soul. When God's light comes into us, i.e., the Spirit, we can say like Paul did: "Acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight".

    Pray constantly to release all sins and mistakes. Pray to God to stay within you and guide your steps. If you experience anger, then you must know that He is not inside of you. How to heal yourselves? By cleansing your bodies from the unclean blood, cleansing your mind from the unclean thoughts and cleanse your heart from the unclean desires. Unclean thoughts and desires lead to unclean food. What kind of good deeds can you expect to happen from eating salami or meatloaf? Mincing meat is an invention of the devil. How many people have died sooner than expected because they have eaten salami and minced meat? Billions of animals have filed an affidavit before God to free them from the butcher knife of the man. This is the Truth that must be swallowed and whoever cannot swallow it, will bear the consequences. The new teaching does not allow eating of any salami. I use the word "salami" in wide, general meaning. When a husband violates his wife and vice versa, they are salami; when parents destroy their children- they ate salami. God expelled Adam and Eve because they ate salami. Because of the same salami the humane race is in a state of suffering.

    In the new teaching, Christ says: " To regard all men as brothers". If we are brothers and sisters, we must live in a brotherhood. God teaches that there are no enemies in the world. People are friends to each other. Stay away from the one who suggests negative thoughts to you, like man to man is a wolf. This is untrue, unclean, twisted thought from devil's the old teaching. God will uproot this old teaching and there will be to trace left from it. This is what God says today and everything He says will come true because is from God.

    You are all brothers and let that sink in. Today, people propose peace. You can send your peace note to above, to God. Ask Him for peace. The world is surrounded by angels. Woe to those who teach that the man to man is a wolf. Woe to those who lie and steal! The time has come to apply the teaching of God into your life. Project your thoughts up high and fulfill God's will. Lets all Bulgarian people take their prayers up high to God. This is the only way to get Bulgaria blessed and free. Each country that thinks they can solve their problems by themselves, is wrong. If all European nations think that way, Europe will fill with handicaps. Finally, all nations will turn to God. Some will say that the people in charge have the responsibility, but this is not so. All people, all families, all societies share responsibilities for the conditions their people live in. Every single person, by himself, is as responsible for the wellbeing of others, as the ones in charge.

    Every person should send his payer to Heaven. "Where do I go pray? What church to attend?" Any church is suitable; you can pray outside, under the open sky. The meaning of this warm and dry day today, is that, God is sending his blessings to all the nations. Since we are all brothers, the sin of one, falls on all of us, and the good deeds of one, count to everyone. Christ says that. All nations today are displeased with one another. On one hand they like each other, on the other- they are like hypnotized and such state of hypnosis is clouding their conscious. They do not understand how to communicate and appreciate one another. Address to the Living God Who says: " Call to me in need and I will answer". Sometime people would like to be spared and pray to be put on the back seat instead of front one. Today, everyone is a driver. Millions of people are dying today, some other are becoming handicaps, while others live in poverty. Today's culture is one of crying and suffering.

    "The Ten were displeased with the Two brothers". "What is going to happen with the European nations and us". You should not warry about the nations, they are responsible for themselves, every nation is responsible. God has declared the development and the limits of every single nation, so that, the nation can walk the straight path. People and nations must have their eyes open. When nations can't keep their eyes open, then, they won't be able to drink from the juice of Life. You, don't be afraid, nothing will harm you. God will bath you and change your cloths, then, He will lay you down in the new conditions. That is how is meant to be. Have you noticed how happy your children are when they are promised new dresses for Easter? Great Easter is coming for everyone. We live in time of war but Christ will open the eyes of the blind, dry the tears of those who suffer and raise the ones who have died.

    People will return to the Earth in three different ways: some will reincarnate, without knowing it; some other will know that they have reincarnated and third will raise. Those who raised will be free from karmic law and all infirmity. They will live life on Earth like the one on Heaven, where all souls carry out the Will of God with Love. Then, the Earth will be "the land of milk and honey", people will be young and happy, average of 33 years old. Everyone will serve God, like the Son of Man serves.

    To be servants of God! This is the highest possible duty that men can accomplish here on Earth.

    Sunday sermons.

    September 22nd, 1918, 10:00am
    Sunday, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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  15. Готов превод Двете жени / Двѣтѣ жени - 2.6.1921-НБ-364 / ...: 2.6.1921-НБ-365

    The two women

    Two women will be grinding together: The one will be taken and the other left". (Luke 17:35).

    "Two women will be grinding together". The two of them will be on the mill. "The one will be taken and the other left". This is idiom. By this symbolic meaning we express the higher, Godly life because it cannot be expressed with simple words. The sole reality is the conscious life, which manifests itself by pure thoughts, sublime feelings, and good deeds. The life in general as a display, includes the life of all living creatures: fish, birds, mammals and vegetations. Every living creature has one and only one goal- to sustain life. I have found interesting the fact that when I talk to people about Godly life, they say it was empty of meaning. Many people say: "I won't live like a monk". In their minds monks lead Godly lives. It is not so. If the monks believe they lead Godly lives, this is a deception. Their life is only a parody of the Godly one. People often say: "I won't live like a monk; I will live like a normal person". How normal people live? You know how. You know how you live. I will not describe how people lead their lives, nor your lives but will tell you what a Greek vicar told his audience.

    Before the beginning of the sermon, the vicar addressed his people: " Do you know what I will talk about today?" - " Yes, we know" - " If you know, then I won't tell you" - "No, we don't know" - "if you don't know, I won't tell you anything". This is twisting of the truth, but in some way, the vicar is right. When a person cannot understand the truth, there is no reason to talk to him; when he understands- he already knows, no need to argue.

    Jesus said: "Two women will be grinding together: The one will be taken and the other left". When will this happen? Some day. When is that day? When the Son of Man comes. Imagine you have two daughters and a young, handsome man visit your home, which one will he take with him? The most beautiful and healthier. They both grind to their mother all they long. How they grind? With their mouth. The mouth is chewing and the stomach is grinding. Christ says: "Two healthy women will grind with their stomachs together; one will be taken, other left". Why one will be taken? Because is fit for work and the young man likes her. Religious people would ask: " Why one is taken and the other left?" Because one is developed but the other one is not. The daughter who is developed, will get married and leave mother's home. The two women represent the two lives of man. The woman symbolizes the two beginnings - the material and the spiritual. Which of the beginnings will be taken? The Spiritual one. So to speak, the spiritual i.e. the Godly life of the man will be taken due to existing conditions for development, and the material life remains on the earth. In algebra, when we multiply any given number by one, this number remains the same. The number one represents the Godly principle, where things are neither increased nor decreased, they just remain the same. So 1x1=1, 2x1=2 etc. When we multiply 2x2=4, when we multiply 2 women by 2, that equals 4. So the number 2 is the only number which multiplied or added by itself will equals the same number. Example: 2+2=4 and 2x2=4. That is why when certain fact is indisputable, Bulgarians say it is like 2x2 or 2+2.

    All people who live on this earth have some sort of mission to accomplish; this could be personal or family mission; mission towards country, society, or just common wellbeing missions. Eventually, every person will accomplish his given missions, one way or the other, according to the level of his development and understanding. The elderly, who have interest in religion and spiritual life, frequently tell younger people: " This life is not for you. When you become older, then you can start thinking about religion". How interesting is this! Basically, you are telling these people that they must wait first to become old and then it is ok to become spiritual. Let me assure you, God does not need old and grumpy people. So, when a person is young and energized, he will waste his life on empty desires and when he gets old, will say: " Here I come God, now I dedicate my life to you". Then, God will ask: " What do you have to dedicate? What is left from your life?". No, there is no such kind of thinking. Elderly do not need any religion; they are marching to the cemetery. Young people need religion, but not the one that makes people dumb. To think about religion in such a manner, means that the understanding itself is twisted. When the religious and spiritual life are correctly understood, they enrich and develop human mind and heart. Some of you will argue: " We do not need religion; we are happy without it". According to this sort of people, animals are happier. Animals do not have churches, vicars, and rituals; therefore, they are happier. Is that so in the reality? If animals were free and happier, they would have been masters, and we, the people - their servants. Actually, is quite the opposite.

    "One will be taken and the other left". One is taken because she is doing the work. That, what is left inside of you is an excess; it is not needed for these specific conditions. However, it is the only potential that can serve as a foundation for the future in understanding the inner meaning of life. This is the only way to understand in depth the emotions you are feeling. As the pleasant feelings do not represent life, so the sad feelings do not represent lack of life. There are so many illusions in this life to get rid of. Illusions are the dream of life. How many times you had nightmares and then you thought: " Thank God, it was only a dream". In your dreams you worry about things that are not real. How many times you worry during the day? The only real conditions are those that never change. What sufferings are real? The ones that leave deep mark in your existence. Let’s say, you suffer today but no trace of it is left for tomorrow, then, your suffering was imaginary. What you need to do, is to understand spiritual life from your present life point of view, not from past or some future life. In this case, religion is wrong talking about some future spiritual life. Both, past and future refer to conditions that have been given or will be given. Real life refers to the present. It is extremely important for a person to establish his beliefs in the present and know what they really are. So many people today live with believes from the past. You say: "I am a believer". You may believe in something, but this belief is not yours. You have adopted it from your parents and grandparents. A clairvoyant may say that he traveled to the spirit realm, where he saw lots of things and you believe him. He may have seen lots of things, but you have not seen any. Therefore, you will deduct 50% from what he saw, 25% from his belief and the rest 25% is for you to believe in. Do not believe 100% in human's affaires. Another clairvoyant may tell you that he visited the lower world and what he had seen there years ago. Will he see the same things today? What is the lower world? The one located under the ground. According to some legend, two thousand kilometers into the ground there is a life and people live there with a culture similar to ours. If a clairvoyant from the lower world, look at the earth during the winter, he will tell underground people that he only sees snow, ice, winds but no people around. Another clairvoyant may come to the earth during the summer when flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the earth looks like paradise. Is that true? Both clairvoyants are arguing, each of them defending his own points of view. They were looking at the earth at two different occasions, and of course, their views are different. If you look at the angelic world, you will see snow, flowers, birds, and fruits. You will think: " How comes here is a snow, we are running away from it?". The snow here is a symbol. Do not make mistakes that you could be happy in the angelic world. Even if you enter the Godly world, with this present level of development, still you won't be happy. There is fish who live on the ocean floor regardless of the tremendous pressure of the water. If you transfer one of them on the surface, where the pressure is low, the fish will not survive. Did you make the fish happy? How will this fish benefit from the beautiful world? Lots of people are getting ready for the Spirit world and think once they get there, they will be happy. They are mistaken. They will be as happy, as the fish you took to the surface of the ocean. In order to benefit from the Spirit world, one must prepare in advance and study its law. The Spirit world has to do with feelings. Let say, a lady, who is spiritual, fall in love with a worldly gentleman, she will be in trouble, her sufferings will be great. If her sufferings are great, her joy will be great. Suffering and joy are proportional. This law of proportions refers to feelings, and feelings refer to thoughts. The more generous are your feelings, the more generous are your thoughts. The opposite is also true - the lower the feelings, the lower the thoughts. The mind is becoming weak. The mind cannot change unless the heart change. Sometimes the heart lapses into minor key, and the mind into major and vice versa - the heart is in major and the mind is in minor.

    Some believers have declared that life is a misery. This is their conclusion and very subjective one. Life is a misery because they have lost a loved one: mother, father, husband, or wife; some others have lost their fortune. If we accept their conclusion as a general truth, we will be found at one end of the spectrum. There is another group of people, who believe life is good. Now we are at the other side of the spectrum. The truth is life is neither good nor bad. Imagine, we have the following situation: a gentleman comes and marries your best-behaved daughter. The mother misses her and says to herself " Couldn't he take my lazy daughter?". Some mothers condemn their daughters in front of their fiancées, and other - compliment them. When mother condemns her daughter, the fiancée becomes elated. " I want your daughter the way she is, i need to see her true self". This situation is a two parties’ politics, each party is looking for a gain. Man is always looking for a gain; even if he sees God, still will look for something to gain. When people act honestly - this is gain. The world suffers from believers. I could call true believer a person who has mind, heart, and soul like God. Strong person is nor necessarily a believer. Jesus said to his disciples: " Remember Lot and his wife". Why she became a salt rock? - because she turned back toward Sodom and Gomorrah to see what will happen. Christ says: " Those who work with the plow and look back, are not mine". Many young people say that the spiritual life is not for them. They are frail. When the world enters the new culture (era, epoch-translator's note), the frail will be left for the future, and the ones who are ready will be taken. The seeds which have been planted in the soil, have potential to multiply; the others are left in the barn for grinding. The one who is taken, is taken to the field to grow and develop, the one who is left- stays in the barn. Some people may say: " Hope I won't be taken". If you are not taken, you are going to the mill. Don't make mistakes, the nature doesn't play around- you will be de given two choices: field (where we can grow) or mill (where we will be ground).You are going to serve to either God or Mammon. When I say "God", I mean the greatness and goodness in the world, it is not the name that defines. If you serve God, you are obliged to live in harmony with all living things. Everyone can try this. Religion, spiritual life, this is a scientific experiment. Cold blood is needed to try this experiment.

    In a small, narrow street in London, an English Lord met a Russian Duke. They were both sitting in their cars, so they couldn't pass by. One of them had to give a way to the other, but they didn't know how. While they were wandering how to maneuver, the Russian Duke pull out his "Thames" newspaper and started reading calmly. The Lord sent his butler to tell the Duke, if possible, to give the newspaper to his master when finish reading. The two Highnesses were just sitting in their cars waiting for the problem to solve on its own. If you come against a Lord or a Duke and can’t pass by him, you will start whining and suffering. It is a privilege to meet an English Lord, who wants to borrow your newspaper. It is a privilege to meet a Russian Duke, who is as coldblooded as an English Lord. When a person studies the occult science, he must be coldblooded. This kind of science is not designed for frail, weak or eccentric people. Instead, the occult science is for people who have healthy minds and hearts; people who will have the guts to read entire "Thames" from A to Z, and then will solve the urgent matter. Do you know how many pages "Thames" has? - 16 long pages. It will take half a day to finish it.

    Now, you, who came to this world, can find yourselves is very narrow, crowded, and jammed street. How would you maneuver around other drivers? All men and women are gathered in one place, wandering what to do. What people do? - They get married, talk or fight with each other, read "Thames" every day and then argue about what they just have read. The husband is reading the newspaper, and the wife is waiting his turn. The arguments, the misunderstandings between them is a result of not understanding life. If in one person' spirit has more of "the one who is taken", than this person is ready for the new culture, or The Kingdom of God. Therefore, Christ has said: "I am the way and the truth and the life".

    " Two women will grind together". The word "woman" (in Bulgarian language- "jehna") originates from the Greek "zoe", which in turns means Live in Sanskrit. The Woman, i.e the Life, has been and still is a learning subject to the male. She is a learning subject to herself, also. It has been said that the woman is bone from the bone and flash from the flash of a man. Therefore, the woman must be a subject of studying from all, so the knowledge of her can be used in the future. Don't think that the life of the man is much different from the life of the woman - if they experience the same conditions, the man will display the same "life" like hers. When the woman is in troubles, she cries, becomes bitter. The man looks at her from above and says: "Female heart". When the man gets injured on the battlefield, he cries too. One has a right to make his opinion known only after he experienced all life's conditions and really understands them. It wouldn't be sufficient to understand the Good only. The Good that you possess, is not yours; the life that your father gave you, is not yet yours; the life that your mother gave you, is not yet yours. Yours is only that one thing, which you have worked for and gained. What have you learned and acquired from living this life for 40-50 years? For example, a young lady may say: "It is time for me to get married, I need to find me fiancé". The marriage is something of great importance but cannot be done here on earth. The marriage, or the mindful and conscious match, can be only done in the spirit world. People call marriage something that is only an introduction to real marriage. People say: "We know what marriage means. This is to birth children in pain". That's how things work here, on the earth. In the spirit world there is no birth pain. Men give birth too, as the women. Birth and multiplication are two functions done in a different way when referring to plants and animals. Plants multiply by cell division and budding. If you enter the spirit world believing that you will give birth in the same way, you do this here, they will tell you to leave. The spirit world is a place where unclean thinking is not allowed. The life people live on earth is ridiculous. Men don't think of women in a greatly noble way. The man never gets in her shoes when she births children, she is his cow or a sheep. "When our calves and lambs are born, we know what to do"- says the man. This is the culture of the wolf.

    The ancient wolves and sheep were very sophisticated. They ate grass together and talked brotherly to each other. Nevertheless, one day a great teacher appeared and said: " Eating grass is not the only way of life, eating meat could be a way too. Have some bites from the sheep meat to become eternal". Since that day, the new teaching of the great teacher was applied and the wolves begun feeding with sheep. The wolf refused to eat grass, and sheep's legs became longer so she can run when sees her brother from the past. These kind of teachers come between you, today, and tell you that you can live with meat. When this teacher appears, then brotherhood and friendship between the wolf and the sheep disappears. Since the wolf received the teaching that he can feed meet, not only grass, the culture of the wolf entered the world. The wolf today feeds meat, unless he couldn't find it, then eat grass. Many people have twisted minds today, like the wolf. Ask a believer, what Christ was teaching, and the person will tell you that Christ came to save the world or to teach people how to love each other. This is not enough. The important part is to see where his teaching has been applied in full. Go visit the home of any Christian man and see how he will welcome you, especially, if you are a stranger.
    He may offer some food, but he will immediately close his heart out of fear that you may ask something else. If you ask him for a favor of 2-3 hundred dollars to borrow, he will say that was way too much, go somewhere else. This is the teaching of the world. According to this teaching, the week must work and create goods for the stronger. Those who are strong can benefit from the "meat" of those who are weak; women, who are much weaker that men, need to be their servants. And this people call Christian or sophisticated teaching. To me, this is a pathological thinking, created with the lack of understanding of the Great Law of God which applies in the entire universe.

    I would like to tell you a story about king Amar, who lived during the end of the silver era, the time of the Elmars. He created a law where the surplus from the rich was given to those in need. When two people appeared before the court due to a conflict, he issued the guilty one to be locked up. Then, he invited the guilty person to the palace, fed him well, and sent him to prison. The prison was well furnished and heated. Just the opposite the king treated the person who was innocent - he had to receive few whips on his back and work on the harvest. The prison was a place where the criminals could satisfy their greed and lust and represented pleasures and luxury. Each prisoner had to clean his own place. How clever was this king, he knew how to satisfy the desire of the man! So, my question is:
    what kind of life you prefer - life in luxury without freedom, or the free life of the righteous, who can enjoy the harvest of his work. I prefer the second one. Today's world is very similar to the past, king Amar still rule over the world. He put all criminals in well furnished prisons but limited as far as freedom. Still, the prisoners are cleaning their impurities. To those who are righteous, the king gives fields and gardens, to work, plant and harvest in freedom. But, there is the condition - will receive 10 whips for each mistake. You can say:" This means to do good!". King Amar rules today, but people don't understand it. The Bible says: " God punishes those he love". What signifies the punishment? - The whip i.e, the unit One, things neither increase nor decrease. Whoever is using this unit, he understands life. When a woman understands life like a manifestation of God, she will solve her problems with ease without feeling restricted. No man could restrict woman like that. The same statement is true for the man. When both, man and woman, see life like something wild and use two as an unit, instead of one - then, all kinds of misfortunes will head their way. Some people can say they know that already. I think they don't know, that's why, so many people are feeling stuck, being poor, not able to afford anything. And this is good, your king will give you fields and gardens to work on; if you are rich, he will put you in luxury prisons with all conveniences. The king had two books, where he kept track of how much he took from the rich and how much he gave to the poor. The rich complained that the king wasn't fair, and the poor celebrated. The king gathered his citizens every 50 years to address the rich: "You owe me such and such" or " You gain such and such" to those who have become poorer. His citizens changed their opinion accordingly: "The king is making us rich", or "The king is lying to us". Now, you must rid yourselves from the illusion of live and let be known that if the king is giving you something, he will take it back and the opposite - when he takes something away, he will give it to you. This is one great law in place in the intelligent universe. No human being can take away the goods you worked for with your labor and sweat. In the situations when you lose these goods, don't panic, at some point in time, it will be given to you. Now, I don't have a time to explain the inner secrets of life. You will get to it when you study the occult science.

    When I speak, people understand in different ways. Often, they tell me I should speak more clearly. I speak in a way that everyone could understand 25%. This is the Law. The rest 75%, you will find out on your own. You should experience life and learn from it. Don't expect answers to be revealed to you, because aptitudes, gifts and capabilities are already given to you. Everything you may need, is given to you, you just must do the work. Life, the biggest Good, is given to you free of charge, the rest is demanded from you. The life of the biggest sinner ever has better conditions for development comparing to the life of the angel. If an angel wants to make certain progress, he needs to come down to the earth and undergo great difficulties and sufferings. In the spirit world, the angel is like a tree, which can increase its volume but never its height. In the spirit world, this angel may have reached the pick of his development, but here on earth, he may discover new possibilities and conditions for his development. People have desires to be angels, and angels - to be people. Angels will gladly trade their life with yours to experience some suffering, but the Law of God doesn't allow them. It is a privilege for an angel to come down to earth in flesh. Completely new world will open to him. Going through live gives understanding, and there is no understanding without real life experience. The lowest point of the angel's life is higher than the most sublime point in human's life. This is due to the intensity and speed of angel's life. In contrast to the angel's life, the human's life pretty much resembles the life of a plant. In order for an angel to make a connection with you, he must come down to you, wake you up and shake your brain hard enough. You are wondering why you have been awakened. The angel wants to tell you, there is an entity from a higher plane standing next to you, to connect, so you can learn something.

    "Two women will be grinding together, the one will be taken and the other left". The woman who will be taken represent the angel i.e. angel's life, and the woman who will be left - the earthy, human life. Like attracts alike. When we say, we must pray God, this is an idea that crosses entire humanity. The two lives, human and Godly, pass simultaneously though the human body. The roots represent the human life, branches - the Godly. We cut the branches, the roots remain; the upper is taken, the lower remains. When a person reaches high level of development, the two lives inside of him merge into one. Then the entire plant is being uprooted and planted somewhere else. Now you know that the spiritual life is for young people not for old. The old people we will put in the prison with the furnished rooms, where there is plenty to eat and drink. The youngsters we will send to the fields and gardens to dig. If we hit you with the whip, you already know that you have been chosen. The first thing to do is check if you have scars, if you do, you are from the new order. I like people from the new order - that means they heroically passed the sufferings. If you think your life has no value, you are wrong. Your life is like a treasure. It was a big mistake when the teacher came to the wolves and told them they can't live on grass only. The same teacher tells people just work is not enough, they also need money. What is the meaning of money? This is the "meat" that cause the greatest sufferings to people. Many people have lost their minds due to desire for money. Today's people, both, believers, and nonbelievers, want to be treated as heroes. I think, a hero is a person who can live with grass without money. Can someone live without money? Yes, but not under today's conditions. Everyone, who came to the earth, possesses certain gifts and abilities; the rich can use these gifts and abilities. If one has strong muscles to work, can do any sort of work and get paid for. If you are not strong or gifted, then you may not find any work. Rich people are not workers, the poor are the ones who work on the fields or gardens. The rich lives in restrictions in furnished rooms. I don't have an intension to condemn you, and I am not saying go home and toss all furniture in the garbage. Most of all, you don’t have decency to do that. Keep your furniture until king Amar gives you 10 whips on the back, then you may leave the prison and go straight to the field. If you sin, you will find yourself in well-furnished prisons with lots of food and drinks. Why? Because king Amar punished the righteous and rewarded the sinners. He rewarded the sinners for their lack of fear and great courage and punished the righteous for their fearfulness. He ordered bashing of 10 whips to make them fearless and courageous. Some may say: 'I am a decent man". Yes, you are decent because you fear the whip. Apply the good in life and avoid evil, not because of fear, but because of understanding of the Laws. We have two incompatible lives: lower life i.e the evil life, where our current lives are rooted, and higher life - needed for flowers and fruit. These two lives inside of you must make peace. Most people believe that the society must change so the citizens become good. Nothing will become better until people don't change their understanding of life. The Kingdom of God will not come. They haven't come up yet with one uniform understanding of the salvation, the second coming of Christ and the establishing the Kingdom of God among people. As many religious people out there, as many different opinions and meanings. Christ must come again and show to his followers and students the meaning of his teaching. Some of it was written, but what was written is one small, microscopic part of what he has said. Where to find all, he has said? In the great, wise Nature. Let’s connect with the nature and start learning her book.

    Few days ago, I was in the park with couple of friends. Sitting on a shade under huge tree, I said: In 1911 the weather was as humid as is today. My friend asked how I knew. I said, it was written on the tree. In future, when people learn the language of the Nature, they will be able to acquire knowledge straight from her book, without going to some library like they do today. Intensive and conscious work is required from you, work on your mind, heart and will. Work on yourself day and night, without worries and troubles. If one deceptive thought enters your mind, one deceptive feeling, enters your heart and one deceptive act, enters your will, toss them outside according to the rules of occult science. When, exactly, this deceptive thought entered your mind? You know that moment very well, because there were specific personal manifestations that took place, when this thought was born, just like we can tell the weather by looking at the tree. The thought is manifesting itself today but was conceived in the past. Christ said: "One will be taken and the other- left". The life that is in harmony with God, will be taken; the life that is not in harmony will be left. If your mind and heart are in harmony, they will be taken; if not in harmony - will be left. Some may ask me to prove this is so. In the world of God, things or events are not to be proven. In the world of God, everything is being tested and experimented. If you conduct one hundred test/experiments, you must end up with one hundred correct results. For example, a person would like to learn something, or a given moral, then he will enter the Godly world by himself, will see and meet with that thing or experience and will test it. Christ spoke to his students: "Be aware of the life of Lot's wife". What kind of life is this? The old way of life. Some of you mat say: "We want the old way; we are not ready yet for the new way of life". What means the old way of life? - The history described it well enough: battle fields, chemical labs, destructions, violence, this is the old way. Why is this happening? Men are fighting for women; women are fighting for men; rich are fighting rich; poor are fighting poor; the entire world is in state of military alert. "It was meant to be that way, this is how God said will be", most of you may say. And you consider yourselves Christians, following Christ's teaching. I say, this is left over from the old era and the end is approaching. This, what we are experiencing today in term of heavy burden, is the karma of all human beings. This is a debt; we all must pay off. Every single person will be affected. That woman, the one who will be taken, is close to paying off her debt and liquidate her karma. She is free of obligations. The other woman, who is left, still has debts to pay. Our current life requires courage and determination to use wisely the conditions of the day. Just don't say you are uncapable to use the gifts and talents planted inside of you. You haven't use yet one hundredth of what God planted in you. You meet a person, you don't treasure his inner qualities, you are more interested how this person is dressed, if he is a handsome and rich, how high is his social status. Even if he were a saint, you are not going to like him. This is the way the husband values his wife, and the opposite; this is how the children value their parents and the opposite; when the father is rich and educated, his sons and daughters value him, when he is poor or dull, they don't know him.
    And these people call themselves Christians.

    After all that, they would like to convince us that the Higher Power is the external way of life. No, we are not going to find the Godly life in the outer glitter of our surroundings. The Godly life is hidden inside of us, this means, the force which creates generous feelings and sheds light on our way, is hidden inside of us. This force contains the reality of our surroundings. It is about time, all of you, to take on the road of light in an inner, not outer manner. Some people say: "give me your hand!" You give them your hand like a trooper on the battlefield, where you fight. After you come home, you may receive something, or you may receive nothing; you may lose an eye or a leg. "We fought for the Fatherland", you say. I don't consider this giving of a hand. Giving a hand means two minds to become one and work together for the benefit of the humanity; two hearts to beat together, and two wills to unite for the same benefits. Saying that the science teaches us this way or religion teaches us different way, is not a solution.

    When I mentioned science, I meant the science of God. If we enter the world of God, we will realize, there is only one science. Here on earth we talk about two sciences, spiritual and worldly. We are, also talking about religion, but in the world of God, religion does not exist - there is no temples, candles or services. Other things exist there, things you have never dreamed of. Like Paul says: " Eye has not seen, nor ear heard the things which God has prepared for those who love him". When religion appeared for the first time? - after the fall of the first man. Then, people started building churches and allowed vicars to serve. People want to follow them. I am wondering, why people don't follow God, but follow vicars. Nevertheless, people have created them and insisted that God is talking through them. That is a lie, God doesn't rule through paid judges, ministers and managers and doesn't talk through paid vicars. No service is paid in the world of God, everyone there works for free guided by divine love. People constantly ask me about the spirit world, how they will be dressed or how their houses will look like. Eventually, everyone needs to connect himself according to his own mind and understanding. And then, when you receive a prayer, it will make sense to you.

    Let me ask you this: why animals are walking parallel to the ground; why the head of the plants is buried in the soil and why people are walking with their head lifted upright? Why the head, which is so heavy, is lifted upright? If you look the human head with an eye of clairvoyant, you will see that in the spirit world, the head is in constant movement, like a pendulum clock. When the head is rotating, the man is alive and well; when it stops moving- the man falls on the ground. Therefore, in the spirit world, the man is in constant movement, rotating in circle, who's proper life depends on that rotation. Although some say that Man is Godly, he is nothing but rotating circle. Have you seen this Godly Man? Don't make mistake, the contemporary man is nothing but Godly. He underwent three phases: the first one - he was created by image of God; the second - he was created from mud, and third - Eve, created from Adam's rib. When they sinned, God expelled them, and they dressed in skin. The man today is dressed in skin of beast but say he was created in God's image. This is so confusing; to come closer to the first man alike, he will need to transform himself twice.

    I would like to explain this mathematically. We have the number 2,22,23 and 24. In what plane this number is the best understood? If the number 2 is in the first plane, we understand man and a woman walking together in a straight line, like a soldier. Number 22 means the movement in two dimensions, two plains. The number 2 in third plane means movement in three dimensions and four dimensions in the fourth plane. What is exactly the fourth plane? In this plane life becomes enlarged more and more. To understand better, which way to take in the fourth plane, you must close your eyes and concentrate inward. Concentrating inward, this is to enter one exceptionally large world, where the matter and the living things like plants and animals have strange form and the light has unusual vibration.

    When I say that your eyes must be closed in order to access the fourth plane, you get scared and think this is dangerous. To those of you, who have passed through the first, second and third plane, I say, close your eyes and keep climbing. The spirit world holds the cause of all things, the explanation of why your life is the way it is. The spirit science explains why you live in this specific manner and not in a different one. The world is created in a way that you can only walk the path you are walking now. No one has the potential to change your life and to remove you from this path. The Earth will change and will enter a new, higher phase. The creatures who inhabit the planet, will lift higher too. Those, who evolve first will revive and enter the new era; those who won't be able to evolve will stay in their graves i.e. the old era. They will become demons of plants and animals and will torture them. Long time ago, when the angels were in situations like those of the fellow man, they had to pass different exams. Some of them passed the exams, some others didn't and became fallen angels. Still, today they torture people. Why this happened? This is not your business. If you want to solve this problem, you should stop eating. Can you stop eating? No, you can't. Can you stop thinking? You can't. Stop feeling? Again, you can’t.

    Now, you will ask why the evil exists? I am answering: The evil exists as a necessity for development of the Genesis but not as common good. Without this necessity, you would find yourselves in the situation of the fallen angels- demons. Be grateful that there is someone there to torture you; without this, you would torture those who are beneath you. If no one is torturing you, you would torture others and find yourselves in a ditch. For example, if you are rich and unwise, the spirit world will send an evil spirit to rob you so you don't cause problems to those close to you. An evil spirit will come to you if you are healthy to cause misery and affliction in order for you to get sick and prevent you from creating problems to others. Only, if you realize all that, the spirit world wouldn't send anyone, but you would suffer even more. The time has came for you to lift up above your daily worries. Everything will change in a way the life of a young lady is changing. In the beginning, she dreams about the man of her life, then she dreams about her wedding dress and tiara, but as she gets married, she realizes things are not the way she expected. "I won't think about marriage second time", she says, but when she gets old, no one wants to marry her anyway. The young woman was traying; to love is a noble move. The attempt may not be successful, but we must look for a reason and correct it when fails.

    " One is taken and the other left". The one that is taken becomes victorious over her difficulties and transitions from one state of life to another. First, she ground in the stomach and then in the lungs i.e. in the spirit world, place much higher, where she started working consciously. Spiritual people must be clever enough to not work with fantasies but with what is real, seen and tangible. They must distinguish between the true and untrue. Their description of the angels and the spirit world in general is laughable, since they attribute physical qualities and make the spirit world looks and feel like the physical. There is something similar, but just on the outside. On the other hand, the ordinary people talk about love and understand the connection between man and a woman. I see this kind of love more as continuation of the line, rather than Love. Love is something sublime, something that only few have experienced, even the feeling of being a mother cannot be love. A man feels and experiences all possible feelings until he finally reaches the real love. At this moment, he says: "Once I was blind, but now I see and understand completely what is love". Paul said: " Once I knew little, now i saw, I was recognized". You will experience Love the way God is manifesting it inside of you. This love will bring the beginning of a new science in all branches of your life. Everyone will benefit from this science, especially the spiritual people, because they need it the most. Truly spiritual person is the one, who can use the worldly knowledge. I have heart people saying that they will study when they go to the other side, but this is completely different story. In the heaven we study one thing, here on earth- something else, therefore, while we are here on earth, we will study the earthly knowledge. I don't mean that the person must be an encyclopedia. No, not at all, because then he will be like a loaded camel. By earthly knowledge I mean to know how the world was created, what physical laws govern the universe etc. A man must develop all his feelings and abilities; he will create his eyebrow by using his objective mind and his forehead- by using his brains. Everyone must develop all-round to create the right shape of his head, otherwise the head will be deformed, flattened on one side and swollen on the other. God's harmony means variety. Use this harmony to develop yourself symmetrically and have better life.

    "Two women will grind together; one will be taken, the other left". Why one will be taken? - Because the mill needs only one. People amaze me when they ask about our teaching. There is only one teaching in the world, not two or three. When people ask you about our teaching, you suppose to say: " We want to be honest and truthful students in the school of God, who put genuine efforts to justify the trust and confidence of our parents, brothers and sisters. We don't want to be in prisons, nicely furnished with rugs and chairs, but we want to study the living nature: every rock and spring, every plant and animal. We are interested in everything that God has created". If your eyes are blue or brown, you are expected to know why they are like that. Thousands of years ago, you have lived in conditions that are still responsible for the color of your eyes. You say: "My beloved has blue eyes".- Just saying this is not enough. You are expected to know why his/her eyes are blue and how this will affect you. People with blue eyes are cold, have low imagination and passive faith. What is the meaning of the black eyes? The black color is opposite of white, it swallows everything, therefore symbolizes evil; white color reflects, it gives, symbolizes good.

    The black color is in constant fight with the white one, wants to absorb its energy, and rule over it. On the other hand, the white color, while fighting the black, wants to penetrate and control. The white color resembles small frogs, who enter the mouth of the crocodile (the black color), then, go to the stomach and abdominal cavity and eat up entire internal tissue. By doing so, the frogs create a hole, which allows the water to get in. After half an hour, the crocodile turns up his belly, but now death. On the other hand, while absorbing the rays of the white color, and by doing so, destroying itself, the black color becomes a foundation of the new culture. White people don't like blacks, but without them, culture cannot exist. We can't have harvest without fertile soil. White people, white woman, cannot produce wheat. Black people, black woman will produce wheat. Some will say: " This person is bad, he is black". He may be black, but he will produce wheat. So, what do we do? We will blend the white and the black woman into one and we will see harvest as never before. This is a universal law and must be used wisely.

    "Two women will grind together". One is white, the other - black. The white woman must weave herself into the black i.e. the higher power must penetrate the lower power. When people are dying, the say: " I am done with the third dimension, now going to the fourth". They close their eyes, while still in this world and expect to open them on the other side. No, you first need to let go of all your worries, forget about this world, and say to yourself that you start a new life, without disturbance and confusion. What the result will be? Wheat. You will give birth to wheat. Those who enter the fourth dimension, become wheat. All the people must become wheat, to sprout everywhere. Strive to become saviors of the world. Take wheat with you everywhere you go to feed the world. In this sense, the wheat means angels, advanced beings, who save and lift entire world. When I pick up a grain, I look at it and say: People will understand you, when they accept you inside of them with love and awareness.

    Be strong, don't be afraid to make decisions and know that the world has been created for you to learn without harboring negative thoughts and feelings. Walk boldly in God' s path without deviation and distortion.

    Sermon by the Teacher, held on June12th,1921 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

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  16. Готов превод Защо ви помагам? - 15.9.1912-ИБ-61 / .: 15.9.1912-ИБ-61

    Why do I help you?

    In this meeting, Mr. Dunnov said the following;

    We will start working this year. All small talks must be put aside, so we can have a good start. There are lot of circumstances that could make this endeavor successful. In each endeavor, the battle is external, and the harmony - internal. Certainly, we will have some resistance on the outside, but between us and inside of us, there should be no conflicts, otherwise, we won't make progress. There is specific order to start with that is given from above. There is absolutely no need from our part trying to fix or correct the Gospel- theosophists, orthodox etc., since every single teaching is good, yet people may use it in the evil way. God is sending us this pure source, and we must stay alert to keep it that way without sending impurities. We need completely different channel for our filth. We are required to stay clean because these who are above us will pull back. First and foremost, I would like you to have love toward God and if you have it, then you will have a foundation for work. If you don't have love, arguments will occur who is to be the first and who last. God is close, but He only says things once.

    Don't reason whether God is talking to you or not. God talks because if He doesn't, sadness and confusion will take place. Don't ask yourself if you are worthy or not, rather, show that you are worthy. Once you are invited to work, start fulfilling your duties and if there is something you can't do, God will not count it against you. However, sometimes we feel like God is making us sin, this is karmic, we feel sad for the past and suffer.

    Now, I would like to show you the right way to be and if you are not mindful, you will repeat the past. Numerous tries were made in the past but without success. We will repeat our experiment by having these three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In order to rebuild the harmony of the soul, we will work with yellow color. I don't want any arguments between you. There is a devil among you, and if you don't tell him to leave, I will. Why are you arguing? Go outside in the world and fight there. Don't halt your success, because if you don't stay in agreement, the heaven will eliminate anyone causing a conflict.

    After reading the days scheduled for reflection, Mr. Dunnov continued:

    By using the following understanding regarding the connection day/color: Friday-pink color, Saturday- violet and Sunday- orange, you must tune your deeds into your inner Spirit. All of you stumble over obstacles due to lack of harmony and the law we need to apply this year is to be selfless i.e., no desire for what doesn't belong to you. You have lost what once belonged to you and now I am helping you to retrieve it. Why am I helping you? Because I would like to help other people who are coming after you, and you have become a clog, blocking the trail. By helping you, I am removing that clog, so the other people can follow; therefore, move forward or step aside. If you do neither, you are entering tremendous sin. The law is clear. Tune your mind to God, Who is speaking to you now, it is not me, it is God who is talking language easy to apply. Each one of you has a worm that I want to remove. By using the colors, we are conducting an experiment allowed by heaven. The White Brotherhood is in charge for that experiment, and you will receive the help needed. Let not be upset by the different forms since all faiths and teachings are moving toward inside. The inner side is the same for all.

    You must love all people and respect all beliefs; for the sake of your love of God, don't go there. The wellbeing of the Bulgarian people will depend on how well you do your job. Don't meditate too long on "who are we". You are the person who holds the handle and pushes the water up. Who am I? A person who pulls or pushes the handle. That's what our work consists of. Plus, it is true that you must improve physically, mentally and financially.

    Sunday, September 2nd, 1912.

    First meeting after the yearly meeting of the Chain in the city of Tarnovo.

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  17. Готов превод Добрата молитва - 12.9.1920-ИБ-317 / .: 12.9.1920-ИБ-317

    The Good prayer

    Both, prayer and breathing have something in common. The lungs are filling with air and the breathing becomes slower. When you read: "Oh Good Lord, who gave us life", stop, think, and reflect in a manner that allows you to proceed slowly and complete the prayer for more than half an hour. Along with articulating the first few words, take a deep breath and visualize all your life from childhood up to this moment. When we say: "Good Lord from Heaven", we also must be good like Him, due to father-son connection. All things that give us joy and happiness, courage and determination, are called "presence of Spirit". It is better to lose 10,000 dollars, than to lose your praying disposition. We should never rush or be in a hurry, when praying. Rushing in life, doesn't bring solution, only confusion.

    Start the Good Prayer by inhaling and exhaling.

    How to fulfill God's will? Let say, a poor man prays God for a long time asking help, then God sends his Spirit to someone else, leading him to carry out good deed to the first man. And when the Spirit is leading us, we must drop whatever we are doing and fulfill God's will, because God's will has tremendous importance above anything else. We should never say: "What is going to happen to us?" Let me ask you this: you have always been after your business and your affairs have always had priority. Look at your life now, is it better? There is no man, nor angel who had refused to fulfill God's will and was able to succeed; they have always been destroyed. So, lets fulfill God's will and stop thinking about the consequences. If you read The Good Prayer by inhaling and exhaling, you will be healthy and in good spirit.

    Take a notice, when you rub a person who has passed out and start reading the prayer, the way I just suggested, he will start moving slowly and then will take a deep breath and you will experience great feeling of joy.

    I gave you the short version of the Good Prayer. This prayer is way too long and I will need more time to explain the meaning.

    In this time a woodpecker started jabbing on the wall outside and the teacher said: This shows us that all of you must remove the warms you have in your heads. One day, when you are ready to hear the entire prayer, you will see the benefit. The agreement that is based on love, comes from God; if the agreement has been forced- it comes from the devil.

    Now, sit down and think which passages from the Good prayer you will read by inhaling and which- by exhaling.

    In this case you will be fulfilling God's will. Then you will be strong and mighty.

    The Good prayer is a passport, you will start by saying it.

    We are starting the Good prayer by saying: "There is no love like God's love. Only God's love is love". When we write someone, we write: T.I.N.L.L.G.L. (there is no love like God's love), and second: O.G.L.I.L (only God's love is love). If a friend writes to us T.I.N.L.L.G.L., we will reply: O.G.L.I.L. You can spell out entire text but only to brothers and sisters who are loyal; they won't throw the paper in some dirty place for people to step on it.

    September 12th, 1920.

    G. Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

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    Превеждали: SophiaV (Edith Nakova)

  18. Готов превод Ще постигнем - 5.12.1913-ИБ-74 / .: 5.12.1913-ИБ-74

    We will achieve

    We read Romans, chapter 12.

    We reflected on the following verse: " Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation and steadfastly in prayer" (Romans 12:12). What we need to know about hope? The hope comes from God. The hope, this is the mother of the humanity, she feeds and supports us, like the mother nursing her child; she gives us strength and life; she sustains our faith and belief in our good deeds. Without hope, the man is losing courage, impulse for work. When someone is feeling down, we say he lost hope; a similar feeling of not having a mother; a person without Divine shelter. Whether, with hope we acquire courage and motivation to complete our work. Lets be joyful in our hope. We feel happy and satisficed in our good desires, and if we are not- that's when we whine. However, most of the time we feel sad, unhappy or gloomy because we are not on the right path and we don't put the efforts to follow in God's law. We want to have love- it is furniture we want to have, without having a house to put it in. Therefore, first we need to build a house from our good deeds, robust house, made from sturdy material and then to bring the furniture in. We need wisdom to furnish the house well and to install a floodlight. The Truth will brighten it, since if there is Light, there is no thieves to rob us. Thieves exist in heaven too, they rob us from our good deeds, thoughts, our love etc.

    Usually, we tell ourselves that we wish to do good deeds, but since we are weak, or poor, we just can't. It isn't so. We have been sent to school and we must take lessons from everything around us- from the sun, the grass, the stones etc. Let be known that until the sun and the stars are shining we can't lose hope because there is light and the light fixes everything. Everything is placed in the manner to learn from it, we just must open our eyes and minds and reflect on it. Then, we will be like a fountain where every day our Father will infuse knowledge. We must learn from everything and develop our minds, se we become capable of building healthy home. We build, but we build using weak materials and poor minds; to be able to build, we need skills or the foundations will collapse. If we are not smart enough to do good deeds, everything will collapse, but if we learn how to read the Divine book, we can then, understand the language of the Nature. One day some people asked Dr. Buckley what he has been doing and he replayed, he was watching the fleas marching. The people thought he was joking, but he told them to come and see for themselves. He took them to a restaurant where under one of the tables there was a glass lid, and many fleas were marching under the command of their trainer. Now, if creatures so small can learn something, what can we say about the fellow man. When he appears in front of our Heavenly Father, what he will say, what he has learned? Maybe these fleas are ahead of us; they serve their purpose well. God is sending them to bite those who are lazy, so they scratch, move around and work.

    Our Heavenly Father is constantly working and creating, we must do the same. We must create good thoughts, they are future conditions; and if we suffer at this moment, those are conditions from the past - these conditions we have created ourselves, they are our own creations.

    For example, if we meet someone and say this person is bad or ugly, this won't be true since the Divine creations can be neither bad nor ugly. A person can have an ugly lips, nose or eyes , but this futures have completely different meaning: the nose tells us about not quite developed brains, eyes- not quite developed soul. This person may have shortcomings and limitations in his present life, but we have no information about his past and if in this present moment we don't see him as beautiful as we want, this can change because there is nothing bad or ugly, it is all creation of our mind. Therefore, we must create positive thoughts and ideas without losing hope, regardless of mistakes we make. Making mistakes is not that bad at all, as opposed to, not making mistakes due to not working.

    When in school, children make mistakes, the teacher corrects them and they will finish at the end, except the lazy ones, who neither make mistakes nor study. Sooner or later, they will be expelled to make room for the ones who want to work. The same principle applies to us, we must work and keep at it, acquire wit and make a plan about life by putting our knowledge in order, so that when we build, we have tools and hope that we will accomplish it; without hope we will feel lack of courage and fortitude, like skeletons in this world.

    Socrates was not famous during his lifetime. Very often he swept the streets for living. In the meantime, he learned how to sweep his own heart and the hearts of his neighbors, that is how he entered the history. Similarly, if we learn how to sweep our own hearts and those of our neighbors, our names will be written in the book of life in heaven.

    Now, the second idea: " Be patient in your sorrow".

    What is sorrow? We grieve and cry for many things in this life.

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    Превеждали: SophiaV (Edith Nakova)

  19. Готов превод В правда, истина и святост / Правда, истина и светость - 26.6.1921-НБ-367 / ...: 26.6.1921-НБ-367

    Title: In truth, righteousness and holiness.

    Put on your new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. (Ephesians 4:24).

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  20. Готов превод В рова на лъвовете / Въ рова при лъвоветѣ - 24.4.1921-НБ-356 / ...: 24.4.1921-НБ-356

    Into the den of lions.

    They brought Daniel and cast him into the den of lions. (Daniel 6:16).

    And the light shines in the dark ness, and the darkness did not comprehend it (John 1:5).

    "The king gave the command to throw Daniel into the den of lions". This king was Daniel's friend. Read the chapter to see how that happened.

    In connection to the above verse from the book of Daniel, I would like to read John, chapter 1, verse 5: "And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it". Regardless of our life situations and how difficult they may be, we all need understanding of how life works. External understanding or thinking that we understand, is just not enough. There is a difference in the way we understand and when I say "understanding", I mean this type of understanding that builds and creates. I speak of knowledge, that brings order in the world and harmony between the people.

    Many of you reflect on the word "knowledge" and argue that according to apostle Paul, it can make you self-important. It is true that Paul says that, but the Love will edify it. I will add: "A knowledge, joined by Love enlightens". Those, who don't possess the Divine Wisdom, they are able to set apart; they carry hammer to break a stone into million pieces. I see all these intelligent people, working in the labor camps, braking stones and paving streets.

    We are not going to see two people sharing the same opinion in any society today. If one person says: "Let me tell you what I think about this", the other will say: "No, let me tell you what I think about that". Then, they start arguing who was right. If two drunks are rolling in the mud and argue who got less dirty, what would be the moral of their argument? The society today doesn't solve the root of the problems but blames people for not being moral. I have a specific idea about what is the moral. Some people believe that lying less or stealing less will fix the problem. This is not significant. People today have become so one sided that the quality to see things from one side only, is causing them pain. People have become so grandiose, they resemble an electric button or a ticking bomb, it is enough someone to touch it and it will explode. So, when we read the contemporary literature, we will see the similarities between the society today and the one in Roman Empire. There is some analogy. There is a big downfall in Christianity! Instead of looking for the way out, the people are trying to hold up what is coming down. They look like a businessman who is heading for bankruptcy; he is trying hard to find money and patch his finances. The same in the field of science; we have reached the frontier and can’t go further. The organs the man is using and the strength he is possessing, are not sufficient to propel him across that frontier. To make a complete stop, he can't. The nature will come into play to awaken his noble and sublime forces so he can continue the path of his development. It is not important whether you understand or not. The living nature will force you understand, the way it forces the water to move machines. They pour water into the boiler, heat it up and the steam then moves the machine, tutu, tutu. One day, people will be inside of this boiler; the husband was not happy-tutu; the wife was not happy- tutu, until the wheels start moving. The teachers, on one side will say tutu; the student on the other- tutu; the preachers on one side-tutu, the congregation on other- tutu, until the wheels of Life start moving forward.

    "They cast Daniel into the den of lions". Daniel is a character, completely opposite to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3:23). Their ordeal had political reason. The trials, people go through, have different undertone: personal, domestic, social, or public. Now the Bulgarians are going through trials. No matter how different these trials are, they have common denominator. The Bulgarians are in the burning furnace just like the three figures from the book of Daniel. The common denominator puts them in the furnace saying: " money, need to pay some money!". "Wait for us to catch our breath". "Nope, need to pay now". The Bulgarians are now in the situation of a commercial lawyer, who was attacked and beat up because didn't have money in his pockets.


    He traveled from Tarnovo to Sevlievo (villages in Bulgaria). He emptied the contain of his pockets at home, before the trip, because he didn't want to be robbed. Eventually, he was stopped by robbers, they searched his pockets but found nothing. Angrily, they asked him: "You are a lawyer, you make good money, why your pockets are empty?" After that they beat him up and let him go.

    Now, they beat the Bulgarians real bad. "We suffer from the union", (countries allied in WW1, translator's note). Why they beat them? Because they don't have money. The newspapers tell us different stories about this, but there is only one reason for the suffering - Bulgarians don't have money to pay their debts. If Bulgaria has two and a half billions in gold to pay her creditors, the torment will stop. (Here the author speaks about reparations following WW1, translator's note).

    " They threw Daniel". In this chapter, the test was designed for one person only - Daniel. I mentioned about the three men and how they were forced to bow before the golden obelisk. Speaking of Daniel, he was forbidden to pray to his God. He was told: "You have no right to exercise your belief. You are expected to act according to our demands". His enemies turned him over to the king, who established the following statute and made a firm decree:" Whoever petitions any god or man for thirty days, except the king, shall be cast into the den of lions". But Daniel didn't follow this order and prayed his God three times a day, the king ordered him into the den. The test of the three men, I call "test of poverty", because a man struggles to make ends meet. The man will be in the fiery furnace to fight this struggle. The second test, that of Daniel, I call "test of fortune", because man wins over the external difficulties; he has knowledge and that brings internal temptations.


    Today, the world is going through the first experience - the one of the three men. Christians, including you, are going through the second one. If they throw you on the lions, will you still have your beliefs? Lions represent nails, i.e. the raw force in the universe. Are you going to obey that force? When they threw Daniel in the pit, he managed to tame these lions. Your soul has been already thrown in the den. Can you tame the lions, or they will stick their nails and teeth in your skin and shred it? Need you come out of the den and admit that you have no beliefs? Dive deep into the meaning of the prayer to understand why Daniel prayed God three times a day. He drew strength from God. A person must draw strength from somewhere - his family, society, the humanity if you will. Don't assume that man is strong to stand just by himself. The belief itself is not enough. A person is strong because he is drawing living force from somewhere. Living force is the one that builds, it is undivided conscious; If you attempt to split it, you will lose it. The Bible says: " Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate".


    "They cast him into the den of lions". Daniel knew the danger he was facing and prayed three times a day. He prayed three times a day like people eat three times a day. So, the same law that apply to eating, also apply to praying. When a person is food deprived, he feels a lack, a shortage of some sort; when the soul is prayer deprived, she feels exactly the same way. The prayer is not some mechanical process, but just the opposite, it is inner necessity of the soul. The prayer is a chatter between the soul and God; it is a reality, not a shadow, it is this, that in a certain moment gives strength to the mind, the heart, the soul, and the spirit, and is real. The reality doesn't exist outside of the man. A person, who understands the inner code of reality, understands the sameness of all things; if a man doesn't understand this code, he sees things in different forms- some easy to apply and some difficult; the way he sees reality, will define his relationship to the Root Cause of things. The life of the strong man comes easy and pleasurable, but the life of the weak is full of sufferings. A person who is weak and poor-spirited, often put himself in danger; he doesn't fulfill his obligations and is forced to lie; he doesn't think and feel right; he doesn't like to work and always looks for the easy way out.


    One day, one Bulgarian man, a farmer, became tired of the hard work on the field and decided to look for a better job, where he can rest. "I had enough of pushing the plow, time to look for something else", said the man and drove to the city. He knocked on few doors, but the work seemed to be difficult. One day, while he was strolling in the park, he saw a conductor who was waving his stick, while the orchestra was playing music. "This is the job I want", said the peasant, " I will be waving the stick and the music will play". The man requested immediately to be hired as an orchestra conductor.

    Today, everyone has put his application to God to get hired as a conductor; for them the meaning of life lays in waving the stick. Everyone runs away from difficulties or suffering and only talks for food, drinks, and leisure. Everyone discusses the latest theater play. I see much better plays on the streets of Sofia. The actors in these plays are natural, they play without pay, untaught. How many men and women play on the scene of their homes without expecting reward! How many children take part in their parents play! Bravo, you are true actors, no one pays you, no one applauds you, but you keep on playing.


    "They cast him into the den of lions". When we read about Daniel's life, can help but notice how much knowledge and wisdom he possessed. The prophecies he made clearly show that he was familiar with the codes of science, back then and today. He was Kabbalist. When he passed the test, he moved to a higher position in the kingdom of Babylon. You are also passing the test of Daniel. They will throw you in the den of lions, along with the raw forces and if you pass this test, if you manage to deal with your own raw nature, you will come outside and enter the new era. All this means that you will be master of the conditions and situations. Who are the lions? - The human passions. No force is more vicious, and no lion is scarier than the human passions. They have destroyed kings, popes, scientists, and philosophers; no ordinary person can resist. Once upon a time, there was a saint, who stood out for his holiness and purity. Tons of people came to him to be baptized by laying his hands on their heads. One day a beautiful, sinner woman came to him. She repented to enter the new life and wished to be baptized. When the saint saw her, he started running. He ran, she followed. She asked him why he was running, since she already repented and wanted to correct her life for better. While the saint was running, he bumped onto John the Baptist, who, in his turn asked him why he was running. "I met a very dangerous woman and have no desire to baptize her". John the Baptist made the sign of cross over him saying: "Now you can continue your work". The saint went back and baptized the woman. " Finally, I baptized this woman", he said. No, you didn't baptize her, John the Baptist did.


    Exactly the same is happening to you - every time you face a danger, you run. Chris meets you on the road, crosses you over, and you go back; you conquer the danger saying that you have won. No, Chris is the one who won. This is the problem today, people think they accomplish things by themselves. The reality is, no one can accomplish anything on his own. So, I am asking you, how many of you can baptize woman or a man like that? It's not to blame, but you are far from understanding the human soul, if you know what soul is. That is why any form can be appealing to you. "They threw Daniel into the den of lions". In Daniel we see a man who already built his character, a man, who has endless love toward God. Who can pray? -Only those who love God! Prayer without Love does not exists. A person speaks well or prays from the bottom of his heart only when he experiences deep suffering or joy. When a person loves someone, he speaks polite, with Love. I don't mean prayer based on fear, this is not what I am talking about. When I say "prayer", I mean conversation with God. You are going to pray like the child saying: " God, when I was coming down from heaven, I couldn't foresee what was awaiting me. I came out of you clean and now I am unclean. I have sinned without any intention. I didn't fulfill my obligation to You. Forgive me and set right my path". When you say the truth, God will help you immediately; when you say that you are a sinner, without mentioning how and where you have sinned, you are not ready to speak the truth. Sinner could be a husband who didn't fulfill his obligations toward his wife and the opposite; mother and father towards their children or friend toward friend. When a person doesn't fulfill his obligation toward mother, father, children, friend, he is a sinner.

    One may ask: "What obligation do i have to my wife?" You know better than anyone else. When you came down from heaven, you have promised to help and lift her. "I have promised to whom?"- To God. You have promised to merry her and be faithful. God told you that if you fulfill your promise, he will help you too, but when you came down, you completely forgot about it. You said to yourself that there are so many women that you don't have to marry to that specific one. It is true that there are so many different women, but only one exam is given to each person. A specific woman is set for each given man. Having many women means adultery. The bible says uncertain is the way of the two-faced man. We need one law, one moral. The current life is preparation for the future one. Very simple, you will exit this world and will enter the other one; will exit the school and enter the society, among educated, intelligent people, who don't tolerate any lies and dishonesty. If you cant baptize one beautiful lady, then you are weak.

    "Into the den of lions". Your soul is in the dent of lions; today's person shows his true self. Life will put him through different obstacles, just so he can see his inner doubt. People today don't trust each other; you talk to someone who trusts you and the next day he doesn't know you anymore, doesn't trust you. Who is the loser? - The one who has no trust, who moves away, stays afar from the Source of Life, he is the loser; he is the one who loses his inner strength and as a result, scars his mind. Everyone, man, or woman must befriend a noble-minded person, because not every noble person is noble-minded. Since people's interests are so enmeshed, they think, it would be beneficial to befriend ministers, doctors etc. What count is to be a noble-minded regardless of your status. Possessing power is not sign of being noble. Being physically strong is one thing and being mentally strong is another. The first one carries bombs and weapons and can kill at any moment; the second doesn't carry any weapon, but anywhere he goes, helps, and lifts others. The inner, the spiritual strength, defines the dignity of a person.


    " Into the den of lions". You, who threw your souls into the den, what was your reward? The story goes that King Darius, who commanded Daniel into the lion's den, couldn't sleep all night. Then the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste to the den of lions. He cried out with a lamenting voice to Daniel: "Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to deliver you from the lions? Then Daniel said: "O, king, live forever" (Daniel 6:20,21). Then the king commanded they should take Daniel up out of the dent and to bring those men, who had accused Daniel and they cast them into the den of lions - them, their children, and their wives. When they throw you into the den, your soul should not sleep, but pray all night long and pass the test. Christ is saying: "Stay awake to take the test". Today, all the people, men, or women, are taking a serious test. The future generation, your children will affirm whether you passed it or not. If you pass the test, you will come up and out of the dent with bright face; if you fail, your face will darken.


    " And the the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it" (John 1:5). In this case the meaning of the darkness is the condition when a person scarifies the Divine, in order to receive pleasure. The meaning of the light is the condition when a person grows and develops rightly. Today our society needs more than ever people/characters like Daniel. How can we build a future society or parties without characters like him? What we see today is that all parties, societies and nations walk on the same path. If this keeps going like that, everything will fall apart. All nations and societies came to the point where the humility should take over. That is how Christians think: " One day when the human race raises to nobility, we will take our share". Well, don't wait for that time because the human race is made up of individuals who need to take their exam. This wont happen at once, everyone has specific time for it. The Spirit world is perfect, no one can enter this world without passing the test. The test is given here on the earth, and only individuals who pass it will enter. No man can receive the love of his wife until doesn't pass the exam in the lion's den and vice versa. Respectively, the same is true for the nations and societies. No nation or society can advance without passing the test. What can expect a woman who is in a state to sacrifice her husband's life and the life of others? What can expect a man who had sacrificed the life of many women? We can see from the statistics that both, men and women are ready to commit the most horrible crimes, raping and killing each other. This is happening in our contemporary society. How can we explain that? We say this is the law of deterioration. This is done by people who call themselves Christians and pray few times a day. If you were able to see the "naked" life of the religious people today, you would be horrified. How horrible are the inner filth and wickedness in the man!

    I don't want to expose your sins, now, or to talk about the test that is coming up, but I can say that every single one of you must take it. No doubts are allowed, or you may not pass it. When a woman meets a handsome man, she should remain calm; no temptation, just remain virgin. The man tells her: " I can’t live without you". Tomorrow the same man will meet another woman telling her exactly the same. Take down this wolf and demon! They should go all the way down to the center of the earth and stay there thousands of years to pay for their debts. Do you really think that God i.e. the Love will save them? In the future, the ability to sin will be taken away from people; this will be their punishment. They say so and so has a high rank in the society. So what? That's not important. what's important is what personal qualities has this person. Can you show me one honest Bulgarian man, who remained virgin throughout his life! How about one Bulgarian woman. I am not saying that there is none, but how many Bulgarians can pass their exam? When they sit for exam on Christ or on the nation, they all flunk and everything gets flushed down the toilet. They all say: "Lets fight for our Fatherland". Go Fight, but it must come from inside, there should be an inner feeling of duty being fulfilled; that's how you stay true to yourself. when someone believes in one thing but does another, completely different, this is a crime; in this situation you can’t raise up.


    You say: "Let's be honest Bulgarians; let's be true Christians". These are two methods used for uplifting, but before that you must sit for exam. Person's honesty will be tested and if he is not a liar or a thief, then he is an honest person. Can you find a single person in Bulgaria who had never lied? If you find a person like that, Bulgaria will be the greatest country. This person will be a rare crystal. Very often you talk about Heaven and God saying: "May God forgive my sins!" There is no forgiving anymore! God is done with the liars, thieves, and criminals. He says: " I will not forgive to those who have lied to me 999 times". That doesn't mean God hates these people, it means He will make them take the test to pay for all the lies. How many years it will take for them to pay off the lies they have spoken? One lie per year, 999 lies - 999 years. Respectively, 999 thefts - 999 years. If you add them up 999+999=1998 years. The same applies to murders, 999 murders will be paid off for 999 years. You have to keep paying off for thousands of years! Don't you think that God's Law and His Love have no value. This ordinary time has passed; new Love is coming like burning fire. This Love will propel the good people, and those who are bad, will burn in great suffering until they purify. This Love will make them go 777 times back and forth through the fire until they become absolutely pure. Then, the Love will ask them: "Are you going to sin again?" - "No, we won’t". What is going to be your situation when the Love comes? A duck walked down the street with her little ones. Out of nowhere, a rat jumped in front of them and took one duckling. The mother duck grabbed the rat by his neck and dipped him in the water until he stopped moving. "Are you going to take my ducklings? You think I am stupid?"


    I am telling you this now: Do you think that you can play games with God? He will catch you, the way mother duck caught the rat, He will dip you in the cold water, until the desire to do evil is gone. I pronounce the following verdict, and you see for yourself if it is true or not; the righteous will listen and the prophet will get to work. Use Daniel's strength as a sword to cut with it. Can a woman resist the temptation of a man? Can a man resist the temptation of a woman? Can't you resist the temptation of cash? Cant you resist the temptation of good, tasty food? Everything can tempt you, but you can resist! Like going in the grocery store, where you like all the groceries there and you have the money to buy it, but you want to take it for free. Why the groceries tempted you? What if they catch you?

    In a small village, close to Varna, one fox had a habit to kill the chickens of a rich man. To protect his chickens and hens, the man builds a coop with tall walls. One night the fox got inside the coop, took couple of chickens but couldn't get out. In the morning, the man went to the coop saying "Finally, I got you. I will make me a wonderful leather coat from your skin". We behave just like this fox; we kill the chickens until God catches us: "Are you the one coming in my coop messing with my chickens? Watch out". Doesn't matter if you are a lawyer, a teacher, a minister, a vicar. I am speaking here about the sins of all people; therefore, you must have zero tolerance towards your weaknesses. Absolute purity is required from all people. The members of different parties must be pure like a crystal, so we don't have a need for a police. For example, today in order to get a loan, I need at least two co-signers. If I must present myself along with two co-signers, this is a shame; if I can't pay off my debt, they will arrest me. No one pays off his debt today- those who have and those who haven't, both don't pay; both say, "Thank God I am not such a sinner". We are not talking about murder; this is the biggest sins of all. Those who kill in full understanding are sons of the demon. Even God doesn't forgive that. Why was it never forgiven to a demon? - because he is a mankiller. Do you know how difficult is to forgive a killer? He (the killer) may fill a bucket with tears and still it won't be forgiven. Why so many misfortunes happened to the house of David? - Because of the killings. Why Jewish people suffer? - Because of David's killings; his killings won't be paid off for another thousands of years. The priests today will tell you to say a prayer and fast for 40 days and it will be forgiven. Don't lie to yourself! This is not a joke, there is no forgiveness for murders, only suffering.


    I talk to believers and non-believer because they both commit killings. Some people believe that the devil is retaliating; the average man tries to protect himself, and the spiritual man, having inner strength, rises above all and doesn't kill. Some man tried to shoot at me twice, but the bullet didn't hurt me. I asked him "What do you want, my friend? - money, horses, I can give you whatever you want, I will work for you free of pay, but to shoot at me, that is not permitted. You are taking the wrong path. Christ says: " No revenge, no killing is permitted. There will be no forgiveness to the one who kills his brother". Husband who kills his wife or wife who kills his husband, is the lowest of the humankind. The same is valid for a brother killing his sister and sister killing her brother. This is not Christian moral; this is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Even a thought of killing is forbidding. Those who commit a killing, will be condemned forever from Heaven and Earth; those who violate the commandment "Do not kill" will be considered a criminal. Now, I speak to the Christians, who have been carrying swords and guns for the last thousands of years and priests are reading prayers for blessings of the weapon. All the priests who support the idea of war, have been already condemned by God. You have seen pictures that represent judgment upon the priesthood. I can say that I am the first one who had slapped them with a lawsuit, and I will not take it back. When there is an argument in the family and one of the spouses says to the other "I wish you death", don't let that happened. Peace and harmony must be upon you; this is the new moral. I don't talk about people who don't kill, I talk about those who kill. If you this that this is revolution and all means are justified, you are wrong. People must change radically in a positive way and comprehend the idea of not killing. It is of great importance to not cause suffering and pain to the fellow man, but just the opposite - live together in mutual understanding. I don't approve the prisons and hanging places, no matter where they are. We must tell all people that the path they are walking on, is not Godly. The Christians nations did not pass Daniel's test. They don't have the inner understanding of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They didn't pass this test also; the consensus didn't pass the test, it bowed down to the golden calf. The second test is coming their way - the moral test of their values and norms. Based on the great universal laws, we already know how God will punish the nations. Will be no nation in Europe, left unpunished; they all will be shaken like a wave. To avoid this, people must take hands and stop the killings. Absolutely no killings. People are too smart today to understand all this.


    Say no to delusions! Do Christians still think they have been saved? How comes a person who was saved to curse his neighbor "I wish you death"? He prays three times a day, repents, admit his sins, and at the same time wishes his neighbor death. That is completely out of sense. And yet, vicars and priests are talking against us saying: "God, these people from the new teaching, we wish them death. They destroy the foundation of this country". Here is our answer - there is no need for us to die, nor there is a need for them to die; all we must do is take our hands in order to fulfil God's will. a Vicar and priest should not lie or kill. Once a vicar hit one priest and knocked him down death. He didn't hit him purposely, but in a state of anger. This also is not permitted. I know lots of cases like this and I have much to say against the vicars; if I stay quiet, those from heaven wont. Maybe I am the most dangerous person in the world. Nothing is dangerous until I am still alive but when I depart, there will be nothing left from this earth. That is how God has decided. This will happen soon. I am not scaring you guys; these are laws in place.

    This is what I am saying: if you continue to walk on this path, you will change the laws of universe and will create an artificial hunger; misunderstandings, discords, epidemics and deceases will appear all over the world; everything old will be swept away. Is there anything worst that that? Is not me, who is saying this, the Heaven speaks through me; my Word is alive. Do you understand? The word of God is my Word. When I project It, the deeper It goes, the more fire It catches. God is already among the European nations; the steam and pressure among the nations, the dismay among those who suffer, as well as the war, that means God has penetrated everywhere. God reveal himself as Samson. The bible speaks about the unusual strength of Samson, whos wife discovered the source of this strength - his long hair. His enemies cut his hair, gouged out his eyes and tied him to a pole next to a building. As he was tied, he prayed God to give him back his strength. God heard his prayer and soon his hair grew long again. Samson regained his power, shook the pole, freed himself, the building collapsed, and all his enemies ended up being buried underneath. God is a giant, who is awakening in the human soul and destroys everything old; God is the one who is outraged in you and fight against all injustice; He set the world in fire and fans the flames. The world cannot be fixed with guns and weapons. What will you do? Make this a rule of your life - no killings. Each killing is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Since the man was created in His image and likeness, killing will destroy God image. To kill a man, to kill the Devine in him, this means to commit the biggest crime. Control your anger; don't say that you want to get rid of you wife or husband, brother, or sister. If you get rid of them, God will get rid of you, there will be no trace left. This is how you must preach. You ask what happened with your militancy? - Militant is the one who can maintain order in the world, and preserve God's harmony. People turned away from their real purpose and started using guns and weapons, saying: "Let's sweep the world". The first ones to suffer from guns are the soldiers. The guns take their arms, legs, eyes. They say they suffered for their fatherland; they kill each other believing they are heroes. I think hero is the one who can sacrifice his leg for the leg of his suffering brother. If you make this choice consciously, I will appreciate you. Therefore, don't give your leg to the fatherland, but do give your leg to the widows and orphans. There are such heroes. One of the great Slavic characteristic is the self-sacrifice.

    Few years ago in Russia, a poor widow with four small children, was accused in setting in fire the estate of a rich man. The verdict was 15 years labor camp in Siberia. A young man from the same village, thought the verdict was very cruel, since no one would watch after her kids, so he decided to tell the judge that he committed the crime. The judge decided that he made a mistake the first time, and sent the young man to Siberia. After about ten years, an old man was dying in his home and call the priest for the last rite. The man confessed that years ago he set ablaze the estate of some rich man and ran. The man also said that they couldn't catch him and punished someone else instead. The judge was let known and he ordered immediate release of the young man. Unfortunately, the young man was no longer alive. Here is one noble character!

    So, it we put today all the Christians in the melting pot, we may not be able to get one real Christian. If we put all Bulgarians in the melting pot, we may get one leg of Christianity; if we melt all Greeks, we may barely get one ear of Christianity; if we melt all British, we may get the nose of Christianity. Thus, the Christianity of the British people is equal to one nose, and the Christianity of the Germans is equal to one eyebrow. This is how I see the things, doesn't matter if you are upset with me or not. Some people look at me from above and spit on me. Let them spit. They call me a criminal. It is quite true that I overstep your law, but you also overstep God's law. I would like to be punished according to God's law; if they judge me according to the human law outside of God's law, then they will never succeed.

    So, we said absolutely no killings. The step after killing is lying, and after that all iniquities will follow; walk from big mistakes toward the small ones. This is a law. Start from the biggest sin, the killing and walk toward the little one. The murder created all other sins. A brother killed his brother - the first murder. It has been eight thousands of years and the humanity still can't free itself from that sin. This sin weighs heavy on the conscious of all people. Do you have an idea, what eight thousand years mean? After all that they try to convince us that killing was ok. You can't redeem a murder that easily; even Christ couldn't pay off the consequences
    followed by the sin of Cain. Be alert! Don't let your old teachers confuse you. We are karmically related; every one of us is redeeming for the crime committed by someone else. People ask me why my hair is gray, because of your killings. Due to the karmic law, I am also a part of them. Your hair is gray due to the same reason. Any moment when a crime is committed, I can hear it, I feel the suffering. I see when the knife stabs someone, I hear the cry, the begging to stop until the last breath. Somewhere someone is killing a woman or a child. At the same time I see people passing by saying: " These people from the new teaching, they destroy the country, we wish them death". The truth is that I won't die. Why? Because I will chase away the devil from the Bulgarians, the vicars, and the priests. Not a single devil will remain in Bulgaria. I will easily solve the problem with the devil.


    We are now preaching a positive philosophy, a new teaching. It is available to everyone, who is going to take it, it's not important. I have been telling you that the path you are walking on is not straight. This is true for those who rule and for those who are being ruled. Both, the left and the right, are going in the wrong direction. We don't want to sugar coat the reality. We raise out voice to every single injustice. It is not about my teaching, but the Bulgarians must live by the slogan "Do not kill". Let's every, priest, soldier or policeman say: "I wrote in my soul that I disagree with the act of killing". If you do this, don't you think that God will take your side? Still, some people are upset with me, claiming that I have insulted them. I just started; my hair became gray, yours will be too. To pass the test like Daniel, you must time the lions inside of you. If your lions tear you apart, that means that you have committed some crime. The wife says: "Look at this, something happened, my husband died unexpectedly". I know this evil thought in the wife's head that made her commit a murder. There is no mercy for the one who kills!

    Let every Christian, hold a sign around his neck: "No trace of killing". Killing is a sin against the Holy Spirit, God will never forgive it. God said to Cain: " Therefore whoever kills Cain, vengeance will be taken on him sevenfold" and the Lord set a mark on Cain, lest anyone finding him should kill him". (Genesis 4:15). People today, with their ordinary moral want to reorganize the society. This is impossible. Why man and women cant live in harmony? The husband says "I can't stand that woman"; the wife says the same "I cant stand that man". Well, if you can't stand him as a man, then stand him as a brother, or a teacher, or like a father. Go one step higher saying "he is my brother, I will stand him". Address your brother with "Love and agreement". After some short time, you will notice that he was getting mellow. The wife will achieve nothing by yelling and arguing. Then the man will say "Love and agreement!"
    and the wife in her turn will get mellow. What is happening now, both men and women are acting a play, saying "we can live without love". I haven't seen yet, the face of Love among people, not yet.

    Have you seen the eyes of Love? Have you seen the face of Love? People still speak about Love that burns. This is not Christianity. The wife should treat her husband like a brother and send his way clear and beautiful thoughts. The husband should treat his wife like a sister, to protect and provide for her. This is so needed today; you will be so beautiful. Do you know why people become ugly? Listen to this - when a young man finishes school, employers will catch him immediately and do all kinds of checks and tests to make sure he can work like a horse. When a woman likes someone, she will dress nicely and attractively so that she births few children when she gets married. The man says, " I am a father now", no, you are not a father, you are a hostage.

    I am talking to you as a friend. You cant continue to live like that in the future. If you love that woman, just say "I am taking you the way you are". The woman must say the same to the man, instead of looking for a rich man and live in agreement, without arguments. Today, both, men and women, like to show off by looking good in expensive outfits. How they look from the inside, this is not important. This is acting, a play, moreover, this is a crime. It happens, the wife gets pregnant. The man says "I don't want that child, find a way to get rid of it". Few years pass by, and she becomes weak. "I don't know why I am so weak?". Because you got rid of it. At the same time, her husband's business is going down. No abortions, no killings! No spite and malice, these are the new ideas. Let's put the Love above everything, not just by speaking but by doing God's will. God says: "I don't kill anyone but I punish those who kill". I don't take revenge to anyone, except to those who kill. I love everyone, but to those who disregard the Love, I show hatred. No killings, no abortions, no hatred. These are the foundations of the new society. Today Christians are against Christians; evangelists, orthodox, they all say "I wish you death", then they read the gospel and cite scriptures. When they need to show off, they are ready to kill.

    "They cast Daniel into the pit with lions". I challenge you to be fearless and brave like Daniel and pray three times a day. I would rather grab the shovel and work on the field with Love all day long, than to become a minister in Bulgaria; I would rather stay hungry and be the last beggar, than to become a pope. To remain pure inside, what is more beautiful than that!

    When you go home, write down the following: "Absolutely don't kill your brother!" Let the husband tells his wife “She is my sister", and the wife tells her husband "He is my brother". Brothers and sisters, love and help each other. This is what God's teaching requires all over the world.

    God is coming to the world. I see Him coming with frown face, holding a stick in his hand. All vicars and militias will be beaten; their robes and swords will fly in the air. Then God will ask you: why did you come to the earth: to study and learn or to disturb and embarrass the Heaven?

    He is coming and there is only one way to avoid the crash: no killings. This is the only way to suppress the forces surging inside of you and the lions in the den. Then King Darius will say: "There is no God like the God of Daniel". I can say the same: "There is no God like the God of the greatest Love, which can free us. God is connected with all living creatures. He is the living Christ of Love. When He comes, it wont be any prisons or hanging places. All people of the new teaching will hold hands; let it be life and joy among us; let's say No to the old order, No to the violence, No to the prisons; Yes to the new order everywhere. You will say "Amen. Let it be". No, don't say Amen, but put your will into action!

    Today's people look like that Turkish dervish, who when into a public bathhouse to take a shower. After he took a shower, he told the attendant: "Thank you, I showered well". No, it is not enough just to say, "Thank you", you need to pay a dime. Since the dervish didn't have money, he addressed God: "Dear God, please, give me a dime to pay for my shower, or knock down the bathhouse!"

    So, when you come back here next week, I want you to bring a new, positive moral. I wish all men and women to grow in height and become at least 4 cm taller. You worry now, you worry what will happen to you and how you will finish your life. I promise to support those, who don't kill. If someone's business is not going well, I am ready to help in one condition- stop killing. I am ready to do whatever it takes, for the one, who first engrave the Law of non-killing into his soul.

    Let's now announce the Law of Love. Apply this positive moral in life and don't be like the priests wishing dead those from the new teaching. God gave them knowledge and wisdom to shrink their stomachs, to eat and drink less so they can accept the Love of God instead. Some time ago, one Bulgarian man studied the history of the Bulgarian church. He had noticed that during time of differences, the clergy was actually, closer to the people in their joy and sorrow. When they united with the Greek high priests, they became closer to the government and drifted apart from God and people. If the Bulgarian clergy loves the Bulgarian people, let's commit to life according to God's teaching. All we want to know is how to apply Christ's teaching and how to rearrange our life. Why don't they tell us what Christ preached about? Christ says: "absolutely no crimes, absolutely no killing is permitted!" Everyone will love his brother; everyone will go even further by loving his enemy. Christ was applying this law. We saw that when he was on the cross. He said: " Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing".

    "Don't kill!", this is the only real philosophy. A teaching that oks the murder, is fake and is not in accordance with God's love; it is teaching of the black lodge. Therefore, those who support the murder, I put on the left. I don't take part in their crimes. Christ said this, not me. Those, who call themselves "man" by definition, must stop once and for ever with the subject of killing, must separate from the fear and be ready to sacrifice his life. Everyone must stand against the violence and raise his voice by saying that whatever is happening in the world is not according to the teaching of Christ and God's Love. Come out of the lions' den whole and healthy saying: "There is no God like the God of Love! There is no Father, like the Father of Christ!". Crist said: "I am going to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God!". Right now, God is in people's hearts, and He wants to redeem them from the biggest evil.

    I would like you to be heroes. Don't worry whether my sermon is sound or not but remember the following: Murder is the biggest sin a person can commit. Whoever rejects the murder, I will send him to heaven among the saints, they will give him a hug. This is the meaning of fulfilling God's Love.

    I repeat: Be heroes! Stop with all these misunderstandings among you. Eliminate the killing once and for ever!

    The King says: "There is no other God but the God of Daniel, Who freed him from the den of lions".

    I will add: God, whom you serve, can free you from the lions.

    Sermon from the Teacher, held on April 24, 1921, in the city of Sofia.

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    Превеждали: SophiaV (Edith Nakova)

  21. Готов превод Ананий и Сапфира - 20.11.1921-НБ-400 / ...: 20.11.1921-НБ-400

    Title: Ananias and Sapphira

    And the young men arose, and wrapped him up, carried him out and buried him. (Acts 5:6).

    This is the only "job" these youngsters can do - to bury people when they die. The new ideas replace the old once. Since we are speaking in accordance with the laws which govern the Nature, my goal always has been to present in symbols everything that is going on in the living Nature. Without learning the symbols, you won't have the understanding. The text says: "The young men arose", doesn't say the "old men". "The young men" means the ones who are strong and healthy, with strong armpits. This law is correct in every way you want because strong armpits mean sound mind and healthy heart. Moreover, sound mind and healthy heart mean a normal soul. I will not go in depth to explain this, you can read it in the books. A normal soul is considered a soul that develops and manifests itself in a normal manner. You shouldn't be concerned why the soul is not manifesting the right way. This is because she (the soul) is still in the first stage of her development. What is manifesting on the outside, is the human mind and heart. The fabric is still weaving; while the fabric is weaving on the loom, it is call work. Once the fabric is complete, then the soul will manifest. This will not happen in these times, in this epoch, with this type of understanding, but in the next one, so called “the sixth race”. Then the mind and heart, the two greatest principles: the principles of the man and the principle of the woman, will come to agreement and realize why they came down to the world. Here is the thing, if the man believes that he came to the world as a man, and the woman believes she came to the world as a woman, we will always see bleeding noses, broken legs and ribs, broken hearts and so on. The women will now say: "Why we have to be born as women?" I can explain why. They ask: "Why we were not born as men?". God has created the world so beautiful and so just, that everything that is weak, He has compensated with bigger advantages. The purpose of this law is to avoid differences. The man has been compensated with wisdom, and the woman - with emotions. All the growth in the world depends on the small, not the big. I will walk you through this. The urge of growth depends on the Love; later the Wisdom comes helping. Therefore, first is the weak and small seed, and then - the big oak tree. If there wasn't a seed, there won't be an oak. Now, when I explain this, some women may say they want to remain women. You must build the new moral, not the moral that is written in some book, but the eternal, Divine moral, that is absolute and never changing, moral without exceptions. If you allow one exception, the devil will put his foot down (no matter how miniature is his foot). In the Divine moral, you will find an absolute measure for everything. Now you are a woman here in the physical world, but in heaven, you are a man and the opposite - if you are a man here, then you are a woman there. I will tell you why the man should not insult his wife. Here in the world, she is weak, he is strong. If he insults her here on the physical (plan), he will be insulted by the woman in the spiritual. When a woman insults a man in the spiritual, all his glory will be gone. There is a saying: "Women, appreciate your men", when you know this principle, you understand that your men are on the spiritual plan. Appreciate them and know that your strength is on the spiritual, not the physical plan. It is your mistake that you look for his strength here on the physical world. Some men say that their strength sits in a woman. Man' strength sits in his wife, who is on the spiritual plan. Therefore, men and women on this plan, love and appreciate each other the way men and women love each other on the spiritual plan.

    Therefore, there is a crisscross. I used these words in their purest form. Take this literally. I used them as I understand the Divine union and harmony of the souls. A woman must be absolutely pure; a man must be absolutely pure. You women, do you know why you must be absolutely pure? Because, when you sin on earth, you defile your man up there, you defile the great principle. Therefore, you create your own misfortune. Some people think that just because they are men, their sin doesn't count, but the sin committed by woman - counts. Well, the sin in heaven counts because there he is a woman. This that doesn't counts on earth, counts in heaven; this that counts on earth, doesn't count in heaven. Therefore, men and women must live pure and holy lives, without a drop of street moral. Some men say: "we can do it our way". Yes, you can, but then you will create such a bad karma, that generation after you will ask why they are going through so much suffering. You can make your own conclusion. So, all men and women are equal, some up there and some down here. The woman that is weak on earth, is strong in heaven; the man who is strong on earth, is weak in heaven. As you see these values are balancing out; then the Love will start coming down and will weave through the Wisdom. All of you must follow this Law. The woman must see her man in every man on earth, and the man must see his woman in every woman on earth. Do you understand? This is how he must love every woman on earth, do you understand? This is call moral and everything that doesn't fit - is call garbage. No other moral exists, that is how we understand these things. The verse says: " And the young men arose, and wrapped him up, carried him out and buried him". I see now what you are thinking: "this, the whole thing is so difficult". Yes, it is. It is difficult to enter His Kingdom. I am talking to the young people, the ones that will take the old out and bury it. The old that is rotten in adultery, we will bury it. We will bury it without priests, prayers, songs, music; we will bury it and won't put a stone or a sigh. We will make it disappear in total forgetfulness, because it was full of nasty doings. Those, who want to protect it, they continue to lie. This is what Ananias is saying and it is coming to the world for everyone without exceptions. You now have expectation for your cornfield, right?

    I am asking: "the cornfield, for how much you sold it? First, comes the man and speaks: " we are safe, we put some in the bank". here comes the woman: "That's how much you sold it for?" - "Yes". They both agreed, but they both were burying themselves. And who will take them out? - the youngsters. Who is the youngster? - The Love in the world. The youngsters, who are coming with this kind of spirit. The youngsters are always ready for sacrifice; the child is always giving, doesn't calculate like the adult: "at this old age, without wife, children or money, who will take care of me; I can't give". This is how the old man is thinking, and how noble is he with this gray hair. What kind of life or culture he can build with this gray hair? So, for how much you sold the cornfield? The man and his wife agreed: "for $100", no more, no less. You will say: "give $10 for your son". No, you will give him everything. It is cold outside, but you have an advantage: it is cold, but the air is crisp, when enters the lungs, it refreshes. As far as the others, they have privileges, but they don't have what you have, so everything balances out. They are the man inside; you are the women. I am speaking very seriously, without any back thought. I am speaking the truth the way it is. No departures, not at all.

    They took him out - who they took out? The one who told a lie, the one who lied to himself and God. That means that today you will take out of yourselves your Ananias and your Sapphira to bury them. When he comes, ask him quietly: " You, how much you sold the life for?" When his wife comes, ask her too how much she sold the life for. Bury them, apply the law absolutely if they tell you lies. Let the youngsters take them both out and let this life's drama finish once and forever. In the nature, the young ones always chase out the old ones. The young leaves chase out the tree the old ones and what is happening with them? They fall on the ground and the young ones take their place. Therefore, the one who lies, will fall on the ground too. Those of you who think they can change the laws of the Nature, will find themselves in a situation of a leaf that will wither just to see someone else, better and worthier, taking its spot. Now, God is Love, but you also must be Love. There is understanding between love and love; wisdom and wisdom; truth and truth; justice and justice. That is how it works: if you love, you are going to be loved; if you are thoughtful, others will think about you; if you help, you will be helped; if you shine on others, they will shine on you. This is how the great Universal law is working. I call all of you young people or old people, but I distinguish in the following way: "old" person the way is written in the Book, means person of the sin, and the "young" person - means person of the Divine, person of excellence, who is ready to serve God. Please, be aware that in this specific sermon, when I say "old" person, I mean sin. Usually, "old" is connected to the Wisdom, but not now. An old man is a selfish man, who only thinks about himself. The young man is a man of Love. You can't help but notice how closed channel these old people are - they live with old ideas, no one can tell them anything new to accept, and they constantly repeat the same old thing over and over again. The old man doesn't want to suffer, he wants to live in abundance. The world is now old; you will see in all these offices telephones, bells and telegraphs. Everyone will tell you that we have a great culture today, we can talk through the wires. I know a culture, much greater than the culture of the telephones, bells and telegraphs, I can program my telegraph any time without expenses. You sit around the tables, you want someone to come to you and you say; " Come to me". But me, when I want someone to come to me, I go to him, in one-two minutes, I walk around. Sometimes I walk to the sun, it takes me eight minutes; your fancy phones it takes 4-5 hours to get reactivated before you can use them again. We can go to 100 places in only 4-5 hours. Then, I am asking you what kind of culture your culture is, comparing to the culture in the Spirit world. You may say: " Do you know that we are using telephones?"; and we will say:" Do you know that we are using the light and the thought?" In this case, you are correct, but we are also correct by not wanting to replace our culture with yours. You are now going into the next phase, where all of your wires will be replaced. How? The old wires will be replaced with new ones, more flexible in accordance with the new energy. The young people must replace the old ones. The old electrical installation must be updated. You ask:" If we invest in the new teaching, now will we live?" The people that have old habits ask: "How can we apply the new teaching with the old habits we have". The answer is you can't. Everyone must become young. In the new culture there should be no one that is ill, lame, in mental distress, everyone will have healthy body and mind; no one will think about dying because the two worlds will be connected, and the soul will freely ascend and descend. Except that the soul won't descend here on this earth but will descent on the new earth that is now in a process of building. Then, the New Jerusalem will come, and the new culture will begin - the culture of the Divine Soul and Spirit. Sometimes you say: "my hearth is broken" or "my soul hurts". Your soul doesn't hurt, your soul never descended. Your soul stays in heaven and waits.

    "And the young men arose" to do what? To take out this Ananis, the man of lies. What kind of moral can you have if you don't take the lie out of your mind? It won't be any positive moral. All the problems of today's misunderstanding, all the errors are occurring because the mind is not flexible enough to understand in depth. For example, a distance of 4 kilometers, some will see it as 5, and some other - as 10. The man is getting confused, without knowing that he has special tool in his brain just for that purpose. We can measure everything with an error 1 to million. Today we can calculate everything to one million i.e., in million doings, we can make one mistake. This is almost nothing. Later, I will talk in symbols, about the visible world; just don't think that this world is imperfect. It may appear to be imperfect to you, but from God's point, the world is perfect.

    When you take that clean canvas to the artist, without knowing its purpose, and he takes the brush and smear it all over with paint, you are going to say:" What is he doing, he completely destroyed it?". No, he didn't, he wants to express an idea, but he can't do it immediately. Like in photographic picture, the idea is not always expressed. This artist needs time to express and plant his idea, and if you hold and wait, his idea will stand out in this gorgeous painting, and the canvas will acquire its value. When God starts working on you, the first thing He will do is to make you dirty. Your thoughts will change, just wait for a day or two. That, people today don't get, when they come to me and I make them dirty, they say: " he changed my thinking". Yes, I agree, that I have changed your thinking and I made you dirty according to your perception, but just wait a day or two, or maybe a month and then speak. Don't think that I am kidding or taking sides. Just assume that people are canvas and this artist, this Divine brush has now started making a mess. Look at this beautiful woman, when she gets pregnant, blemishes appear on her face. Inside, this great painter is painting his picture, but this white canvas must get dirty, or there will be no effect. What I mean is that we don't want the stupid painter to get you dirty, but the one that is smart, genial and Divine! Please, make a difference. Someone can draw a different conclusion. When you make someone dirty, you should be able to get something out of it, like
    wash him, paint that picture and say: "Are you happy? Go and enjoy yourself". When some people come to us, they want to see us clean. They are old people, running away from the world, coming to us like coming to a mountain shelter, saying that we are not good people. They believed we are generous people, but we put them to work. They believed they came to us to eat pork chops, drink wine and celebrate life: "This is a perfect pig, and the wine is blessed. What great things God created!" And keep drinking, one glass, second, and start talking about moral and what is the right way of life, holding their knives. What is the right way of life? The pigs squeal, the chickens squawk, the lambs bleat, the cows moo, the women cry. Why so? A wedding is celebrated with meat and wine; churches are being blessed, but nothing works out the way it should. Even in America people have noticed that when a church is being built in attempt to make up with Life, this is still not enough.

    I will tell you now two jokes that i heart some time ago. One day, a good Christian man was walking down the street. He had a neighbor, who was constantly praying in front of the chimney for the Spirit of God to come through there. He had noticed that the devil was sitting on the top and he asked him why he was sitting there. The devil said that down there was a man, wo was praying a lot and by doing so, was disturbing him. The man, then, suggested the devil goes into the church because everyone was praying there. The devil said people in the church were his, but this specific one was burning incense, that was why he wanted to block his chimney to stop burning, because he couldn't stand him.

    The second joke about the devil is the following: the devil went outside to visit different churches. The first thing he wanted to see was their condition. He went to one orthodox church and saw lot of dust. "I don't need that kind of church", say the devil and go out. He went to another one but didn't like it either. Finally, he went to one that was clean, and everything was well polished. "I like this church, I can work here", he said. So, the devil started working and making a mess. He has his own brush and says: "let me draw something". He is a painter. The youngsters must take Ananias out, the young women must take Sapphira out. Men will bury men, and the women will bury women. The new will come when you bury the old; when you deal with disappointments and suspicions, you are on the Truth's path. You are closer to God and His Kingdom when you are overwhelmed by suffering, difficulties and suspicions. Then, you are closer to solving your problem. When the studying becomes extremely difficult for the student, this is when he is the closest possible of solving his problem. This is also the moment when the student would like to quit. Wait a minute, when you deal with difficulties, you must know which way is the right way. The right way is in the Love! The right way is in the Wisdom! We are not talking about the ordinary love; we are talking about God's Love and God's Wisdom. The right way is the Truth, that looks into everything without exception. The young people must bury the old within themselves. The new is now coming. The new, Divine brush, that will start painting the canvas. Have patience to see what the Divine Spirit will create inside of you. You think that the Spirit is something imaginary, without essence. No, the Spirit is real, it has essence, the most real, never changing essence. The Spirit - the foundation of being. When this Spirit comes, He will bring goodness and life. You will feel like the blind man, whose eyes Christ opened. You will say: "I was blind but now I see!", this kind of life the Spirit will bring. I said that many times before, when you immerse yourself in the Love of God, and feel all her vibrations, when you understand this Love, then you will understand the great symphony of this life. Right now, you value life from your point of view only. You say: "There is no children like mine, there is no husband like mine"; and the man says: "there is no wife like mine". No, wait a minute, your wife isn't here, she is up in Heven. What is Heaven? Pure, clean, spotless. If you caused spots to the holiness inside of you, wait until you become clean again. Why we need to clean ourselves? This heavenly man (God's Wisdom) and this heavenly woman (God's Love), when they unite, they will take the ordinary man through 7 living fires, and then we will become clean, the matter will transform, we will acquire new bodies where the sin won't stay. Then, there won't be important if someone hugged or kissed some woman, or someone received compliments, because it will be done like the Light hugs and kisses. Does the Light kiss all of us? Every single ray that comes from above is alive, it kisses us on the face and brain, it hugs us. And you are thankful. If it didn't kiss and hug us, we wouldn't be there. And that woman who tells her husband: "if you just know how well my lover used to kiss me". The man replies: "I know, your love hasn't been the same for the last 5-6 years". This external man should not kiss you but the Spirit of God. The external man cannot give you anything. People can give only when they acquire the Love of God. The Love must come from inside. The source runs from the inside like a fountain so we can taste the life. Today, the young and the old people, they are both wrong, they know that the marriage is a lie. The way people understand, and practice marriage is a shameful and is a parody of the primary Law of God of God's Spirit and of God's Love, God's Wisdom, God's truth, justice and virtue. The marriage today is a disgrace. I am speaking of behave of this great Love of God, where there is no exception. The entire world is disgrace. People are not being born according to the Law of God's Love. They are being born because of their lustful desires; they are not coming from above, they are coming from below, from the ground and the world is getting full of criminals. Recently, I have heard the story of a 12-year-old boy, who broke into the safe of his father, robbed him with 2000 leva and disappeared. His father went to the city council asking for help to look for his boy. If this 12-year-old run-a- way starts dealing now, what kind of moral we are talking about. Dealing is now everywhere- in schools, churches, and all these dealers are complaining that there is no moral.
    What is moral according to you? - "They charged me too much". Oh, they charged him too much, and so what. A gentleman was telling me how the bribing works, so listen to this. A man goes to some office and says: "I need five more days" and shows his five fingers. That means he is willing to pay 5,000-leva bribe to get the job done. The teller in his turn, shows 10 fingers and says: " Oh no, you will need 10 days". That means you need to pay 10,000 leva to get the signature and get it done. We are all people, we have families to feed, we understand. When you look at this situation as an outside viewer, you may say this was funny, but actions are so contaminating, like a bad disease in the Spirit world, that a 1000-year coup is happening in our organic development. You are going to say "like this" with your hand, but do you know what this hand could create. These small actions will have big consequences. For example, the biggest fire in American history happened in Chicago in 1875, when the entire city burnt down. How that happened? A cowboy went to the barn to milk his cow. The cow kicked the candle, the hay caught fire, and everything burnt down. The biggest fire was caused by a candle. Now, you go to the office showing your five fingers, not knowing that after several generations this will cause bad consequences. During the fire a rich man told some worker: "I will give you $2000, just move my safe to the other side of the city". The worker responded that he was running for his life and didn't care about the rich man's safe. like, now the world is burning, big fire is coming, and you are asking: "where is it?" You are now getting amused by playing with your safes, like "of course I will take my safe with me". I see now lot of Christians carrying their safes with them, thinking they will be able to feed their children when the fire strikes. The fire is coming after you. A man won $50,000 lottery money and thought he and his family were taken care of for life, but he died the same night. Took the safe and died. This is the old man thinking, young people need not to be concerned with money and safes. We must have pure souls and bright minds to not put our trust and hope in the banks. This is an adultery. You create this money; it is to bring simplicity, not trust. Therefore, we should not deposit our money in the bank; we should become God's living banks. Men and women, the energy God planted into us, we must use it for good. The old must renew. This is the teaching to renew the world. God Himself said He will renew the world; it was not me. The old planet earth and the old heaven are both walking out like an old piece of cloth. This teaching is not my own, new teaching, this teaching God Himself invested, this is His teaching. God is now seeping your old heaven. His servants are coming with their brooms, millions of servants. Do you understand? All existing problems, God will solve instantly. Rich and poor now are leading wars. Recently, I saw two children, brother and sister, their mother gave each an apple. They immediately started fighting, the brother insisted to get his sister's apple because it was bigger. He started pushing her and pulling her hair until he grabbed it. The mother said: " he is my angel". No, we don't need angels like this, we don't need heroes like this. It would be different is the sister took the apple, sliced it into two equal parts, God understands sisters like that. The brother to say: "look, my apple is bigger, I will let you have it". Why are kids acting like this? Because they see this type of behavior and copy it.

    Then Peter said: "Rise and carry Ananias out". Why? He wished lying to the Holly Spirit. And Peter told him: "this is yours, right?". Therefore, according to the Devine teaching, we must do everything voluntarily. We don't oblige anyone. Try and see for yourself. The things that you do, you must do consciously, led by this great Love. Can you do it like that, then, it is accepted by God; if you can't do it like that, from Love, is not accepted. When comes to this, we must be cleaver. A cleaver man can accomplish a lot. I will tell you a story from American life to understand better. A rich, American man build a railroad from Chicago to Buffalo, 400 km, spending millions of dollars, but in a process, his venture led to a bankruptcy. The man started thinking of killing himself. He spent lot of time in his room, isolating himself, until one day his wife asked him what was going on. He told her he had millions of dollars in debt and didn't want to live. The wife said, she will try to help him. The next day, she went in the office of another prominent man, who was a billionaire and asked him to be the first person to ride the train from Chicago to Buffalo. The billionaire agreed, saying it didn't cost him anything. The next day, the newspapers posted the news that such and such prominent person will ride the train for the first time from one end to another. Since this railroad, ran parallel with another one, owned by a different man, the last one asked whether it was for sale and offered to pay twenty million. This is how a cleaver woman arranged one billionaire to ride the train from one end to the other. Now, the railroad is in state of bankruptcy, let your wife go to Christ and say: "Please, dear God, come to our railroad and we will be saved". This is a symbol. You will have 40 million dollars in your bank account. You can say this is an empty talk. Can Christ ride the train on this railroad? Yes, He can ride the train on your railroad. Your whole life is a railroad. From time to time, Christ is coming down saying his time is very expensive but if you practice the new teaching, and if you are determined to become a good person, then He will ride on your railroad, otherwise - not.

    The world we are talking about is real. Don't think that no one is taking care of you. Someone loves you, at least one loves you. Do you know who that is? If you are a man, there is a woman that loves you. I have seen her. If you are a woman, there is one who loves you and is absolutely loyal to you. I fully accept him. There is one who loves you and is ready to sacrifice everything for you. When he walks along the road of your life, all your difficulties will disappear, and you will resemble a beautiful, blooming rose. You may say: " this is all good, but now we are all shivering". It requires time, like the public speaker has an anxiety in the beginning. The shivering signifies inspiration. Can you speak in front of public?

    I will now give you another example from the time of Nero. You are going to say: "we know all that". You and I, we both know lot of things but keep quiet. During the time, when Nero was on the Thron, there was a man, roman patrician, whose name was Onorcii. He was about 35 years old, extremely educated nobleman, who gained his knowledge in philosophy and occult science by spending time in Egypt and India. One day, after his comeback to Rome, he saw on the street a 10-year-old girl. The girl was dirty and very ugly, but he felt this overwhelming desire to help her, although he wasn't clear where this feeling was coming from. Onorcii took the girl by hand, and they walked to his house. The name of the girl was Amriha. He then, decided to give her the best education available in the Roman empire. She started attending Seneca's classes and studied Greek philosophy. Onorcii couldn't help but notice how beautifully the girl's appearance begun to change and toward her 16th birthday she became one of the most beautiful Roman women. And not just that, but he also noticed that her hands possessed extreme power - when she stretched her hand to grab a rock, the rock flew in the air. You will say this can't be, but this is real. Like 25 years ago in America appeared a very strong woman. Eight men couldn't constrict her to a tree and hold her in place because when she put her hand on the top of the tree, it started to rotate; when she squeezed it in a clamp - it became a mulch.

    Onorcii had a goal to seal in her conscious that her power must be used for good. He has also noticed that everything she said, was well thought out, she never spoke anything in a foolish way. All the speech and words coming out of her mouth, were chosen like the most beautiful pearls and diamantes; she would never say a cuss word or anything ignorant. She was clean on the inside. Many rich roman Patrici started hand around her house in hope of meeting with her. One day Nero walked down the road, saw her and told her to come to his palace. She went there. Nero's intention was to have her and play with her as a beauty. The night came down, Nero tried to grab her, but she placed her hand on him and he flew in the air. He didn't know what to do, first time he experienced something like that, and he became scared. He looked at her saying: "I beg you...". He relaxed after she removed her hand. He reached to grab her second time, and again he found himself in the air. Then, she opened the door and went out. They wanted to stop her, but she put her hand on them and they all flew in the air. That's how she did all praetorians. The entire Rome started talking about her. When she met a soldier dragging a prisoner, she would put her hand on the soldier, he would fly in the air and the prisoner was free. "Comon, go home, you are free", she would say. Every time she came across someone poor, she would help in a similar way. Everywhere she walked, the path was clear. Nero came out with an order no one should speak or write about Amriha, since she was a dangerous woman. Nero didn't want people to know this awesome truth. I say, how many of you, today's people, can be just like Amriha? All the rich and powerful people in Rome admired her, her way cleared in front of her and every time she placed her hand on someone, he flew in the air. Everyone admitted that she is not from this world for people to play with her. Can people play with you? Yes, they can. Do you have Amriha's clean vocabulary? You must know that the power of man sits in his speech, in his word! If you can refine your mind in the manner that all your words are well thought out, all your feelings are clean and positive, so you can fall in love with God, and because of His love, you now have clean thoughts and feelings, you will finally, gain the power of your hands. Here, I will give you a suggestion: give yourself ten years to purify your mind and heart and when you place your hands, then you will have Amriha's power. You, today's Christians, why you don't have that power? Because you boast too much; because you do one good thing and then you don't stop talking about yourself. For example, I have helped many people heal. Just imagine if I say:" This person wouldn't feel better if it wasn't for me. I only put my hands on him, and he was cured". It doesn't work that way. The reality is that I helped him by the Law of Love. This Love is Divine. Using the Low of Wisdom, I gave him knowledge. At the moment I say that I did all of this, I will lose my power. Bear in mind that you are only a vehicle of the Divine Spirit in the world, a note on the stave and millions of notes like you will create the most beautiful song. When this Divine impulse passes through you, it will bring greatness to your life. I can't boast for my holiness, strength and knowledge. With all this boasting man loses his power. Be modest, this is the force that comes out of you. God, who lives in you will bring you up. The Bible says that God will lift you up, not you. When you have strength, God well lift you up, but only if your soul and heart are absolutely pure. God, the great Spirit will come, but He can only live in our soul and not in our mind because our thoughts change. You know the mind of the man. One day the man says: " This is that way", and the other day, he says: " No, is not that way". Today, the heart will say: "I love you", and tomorrow will say: "No, I don't". So, I am asking what kind of love my love is? How many times I felt it? Someone comes to me, and I listen to his stupid things out of being polite; then, someone else comes, much wise than the first one, but I am in a hurry, saying I don't have time. You don't have for me, but you listened to the stupide guy, say the second man. Yes, I have you down for a different time; I am testing their patience. I will now tell you a story with my own words. This story is about the life of a Hindu. One day, a very determined Indian student, who wanted to know more about the teaching of the Yogas, went to a prominent teacher saying: " I would like to learn about the world, and I like to be your student; I met different teachers, but only you can pass on the great teaching to me. What should I do?" The teacher stayed silent and silent for a day, two, three days, a week. Finally, the student said: "Teacher, tell me what to do, you are the only one". The teacher got up, took the student by hand and dragged him to an empty room. There, he gave him a bag with salt and said: " You are going to grind that salt to become fine. You can thing about anything, except for the word rhino. Don't allow this word to come to your head". The teacher then left. The student started grinding the salt, then ground it all and went back to the teacher. "Well, what did you think about while grinding?", said the teacher. "I couldn't think about anything else but the word "rhino", said the student.

    Let me explain the meaning to you. This teacher gave student freedom to think about anything he wanted, except for the word "rhino". Thinking about "rhino" was forbidden. This means - you can think about anything you want, but not about the sin. You, the contemporary people think about the sin only - this is the rhino. I say, until you think for the rhino only, this great power will not come to you. Turn off the rhino, and the power will come to you. In India the rhino is just a symbol. This power will flow through your heart to make you mighty!

    I can't make fun of you, because this will mean to make fun of myself. However, the weak side of you will manifest itself because you can't stick to what the Divine Spirit wants from you. On the other hand, we must be vehicles of the Divine Spirit.
    Remember Amriha? - she lived during the time of Nero until the Christians arrived. She was well honored while she stayed in Rome. The persecution of Christians began when she moved away from Rome. But why she moved away? Because the Christians started asking themselves whether her power came from God or the devil. With their thoughts they chased her away and consequently, the witch hunt began, and if a suffering comes to the world today, it comes because Amriha went away. This world demands purity and truthfulness. Some think that we preach one thing and do the other. Purity is like when you are in front of God. That kind of purity the world needs. One day everything will be revealed. Our life will open. Christ said: "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed". We are not afraid. I am telling you there is only one way, and the Bible says that the fear of God is the foundation of the Wisdom. Therefore, fear God and nothing else. Let the young people bury the old. I tell the young people I don't want you to get old; if you get old other young people will bury you.

    Would you like me to elevate all of you in the air? (The teacher extended his arm). I will elevate you; not just me, I want all of you to extend your arms like that. My knowledge, I will give it to you can see how they will hang from the air. Then, the youngsters will be ready to bury the old Ananias and Sapphira. The lie must leave the world. The first condition for us, for those who listen to me, who want their life to become meaningful, to push up their hearts and minds, to become stronger - finish with the lie once and forever. Do not fight with it. Do not fight with what is worldly. We will replace the lie with truth; instead for the negative, we will look for the positive in everything. I have told many people who came to me, while I gave them the power: "You are going to live pure and holy lives". "But what if I comit a small sin"? I think you are talking to me about the rhino. When I tell you, you must live pure and holy life, I really mean it without conditions. It is not me who is talking and if God is telling me, I will simply say "God, may your will be". I say: "every time you have talked to me God, I keep your name like a treasure in my heart, for it is so holy and sacred. I want all of you to have the name of God, inside your soul, to keep it pure, clean and holy, then this power will appear that will enlighten your life and you will begin to understand the new occult science. It will all make sense to you; you need to develop the new senses that are required. We are now using the language of symbols since is faster to communicate that way and I don't have much time either. If I need to present a speech according to your language, it will take me a year to talk. I tell you this now - the Universe is one whole with multiple varieties. That is how the Universe is manifesting herself. Take one seed and plant it. It will grow millions of leaves and roots, one huge variety, but at the same time it is one. Therefore, the variety has one principle, and the movement of this principle derives from one Divine beginning. The movement is the way to transfer this energy, the principle of oneness within us, the numbers, on the other hand, the mathematics - this is the result of this movement. When we say that some activity is over, that means all of us are going back to this principle of oneness, to the one God, where we came from. You may say: "the end is here". The end means that everything has completed, and we are returning to God. He is the One we came from, lets live inside of Him and with this rich experience lets understand the meaning of all the different worlds that exist. If I tell you what is like on Sirius, what kind of culture is now developing on the Pleiades, Orion, Ursa Minors, what kind of beings exist on the Milky Way and on these 18 million solar systems, what a beautiful world for traveling! You are saying: "What sense does it make?" If I would take you on my wings as an angel to carry you there, you will say that there was meaning to live. You need room, space around you, but you are sitting and crying. The stars are telling you: "Why are you crying, sister, come to me, make sure to come". The Sun, Mars are telling you the same thing. Not just them, but in secret, a spirit on wings is telling you to not be afraid. When you pray and dream in silence, the same spirit will whisper something. "Something is whispering", you will say. It is real. We are being surrounded up and down by witnesses visible and invisible. They tell us: " Don't be afraid! Faith, Love and Truth, everything is for you. All your sufferings are nothing. You can be strong. If you are weak on Earth, you are strong on Heaven", Some can say: "I am good for nothing". If you thing like that, let it be. What if you become like Amriha, to be chosen your word and to be pure your heart, then Rome will be an open door and Nero will be hanging in the air without barking orders: "take him out".

    I am telling young people to get strong and bury the old. This Ananias was yours, young men, bury him. I address the young people today, only them. I tell the young ladies to bury Saphira. In your homes, an absolute Truth must rule, without any lie; an absolute Love, without any hate, absolute Wisdom, Righteousness and Goodness. We made a decision to serve God to fullness, without exception. We will not stain our soul for no one! Our God, the God we serve is loyal, we call that "Faithful and truehearted". The Bible calls Him that. I would like everyone to know who Christ is. His name is "faithful and truehearted". Is this "faithful and truehearted" in the church? Or is He in their hearts? Is this "faithful and truehearted" in the courts? Or is He in your homes? This is what I am talking about. I want you to sit this "faithful and truehearted" in His Throne and to proclaim everywhere: "Faithful and truehearted is God, who now lives inside of us"! I would like you to call all people "faithful and truehearted".

    Some of you are blaming me now for people taking me as a deity, surrounded by women and such. A Godlike being, they say. Am I a God? I would like all people to be Gods. What means to be a God? - To Love like Him. "Gracious is", says Christ.

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  22. Готов превод Своенравието - 1903-ИБ-19 / .: 1903-ИБ-19


    The beginning of Wisdom is understanding the Lord's path. In this stands the beginning of all knowledge useful to the human heart. Therefore, to become wise, you must abandon waywardness, which is a major obstacle in any life. The wayward man cannot conform to that which is good, because waywardness is the beginning of the disorder which excludes Virtue. Anyone who wants to advance in life or gain Knowledge and Wisdom about the things of this world, must give up its waywardness, which, if not removed in time, will bring disorder and upset Life itself. Because waywardness wants to go its own ways without thinking about their bad consequences. The wayward on the whims of his desires wants to change the general order and make things move according to him. For him, the desires of others mean nothing. He is a master of himself, to whom all must carry out his wayward will. The wayward man is persistent in all his ways. And the persistence of the wayward soul is the first beginning of all misfortunes, because the wayward persistent man is negligent of the Good of others, and therefore of his Good, which is included in the Good of his fellow men. And it is known from experience that negligence is the mother of all evils. And you, who want to avoid evil, know that waywardness is his father, and negligence - his mother, persistence - his brother, and recklessness - his sister.

    And so, waywardness is deprived of all Virtues. Therefore, he who walks in its ways and listens to its advices will not see good in his whole life. Beware, therefore, of such a bad manner, which begets evil from himself. And if you are wise to understand these things that are told to you, you are blessed, because your happiness depends on the understanding of things - only they are directly governed by the Spirit of God. And where God Himself rules and directs things, there can be no evil, because He is a complete Light that penetrates everything. Therefore, accept Knowledge and Wisdom to be your guides and your life will always be full of Peace and Joy. Wisdom will teach you how to live. And you will achieve this with the help of perseverance and tireless diligence, which will gradually develop and give to your soul all the good qualities that are given to it by God. And with their development and flourishing, your soul will resemble a cultivated and well-arranged garden, in which all the fruits of your Life will ripen in time and bring an abundant harvest of all Virtues.

    And so, walk with the fullness of your heart before God and always listen to His teachings and they will be your eternal advice. Guard your soul from this evil manner, do not give it a place to nest inside you, because with its entry into your soul the devil will enter and sow thousands of evil seeds. And you will become a hotbed of evil and a pursuit of hell, which will have you as it wants. And woe to you, if the evil one inserts in and nests in you and hell makes its way to your soul. I tell you the Truth, you will not come out healthy until you pay with your life. Therefore, beware of this great inextinguishable evil, which can deprive you of all good and make you miserable forever. And so, do not give place to the devil, nor to his brother, keep his father and mother aside, lest they become your neighbors. Believe me, you will always pay dearly of their dishes. Therefore, strengthen yourself in Virtue, put on the Truth, arm yourself in Righteousness and take the weapons of Love and you will always be free from their power. You will have the Freedom that no one will take away from you; you will have the Peace that no one will disturb you, and the happiness that no one will deprive you of.

    (Thoughts dictated by a sublime spirit).


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    Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

  23. Готов превод Божието обещание - 8.3.1899-ИБ-7 / .: 8.3.1899-ИБ-7

    Lord's promise

    And so, in everything you promise to me, try not to say a lie, for you will bear a guilt of death. Know that you stand before me, your Lord, who knows your cunning and fickle heart, full of all vices. Therefore, it must turn to me and be renewed through my spirit, to be processed and educated through my word.

    You, who from now on become mine and entrust everything in my hands from now on I will lead, think and assign by myself everything for you. I will teach you everything you must do. You will lie down and get up under my wings. I will be a watchman over you and my eye will watch over the destinies of your heart. You will call upon me early and I will answer thee in the morning dawn. Before you will call, I will give you my divine gifts. I will be vigilant over all your needs. But try not to desecrate my name and not to defile my grace. Know that I disgust of evil, I resent injustice, and I am grieved with cruelty.

    After all, always be ready to carry out every command I give you. The rule of your life will be to perform everything, to give thanks for everything. When you lie down, when you get up, when you eat, when you drink, when you do everything, you have to give thanks in your heart for everything.

    I Am, I, God One, will establish you in everything and your Peace will rise up like the morning sun of Life.

    February 24, 1899, Varna

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    Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

  24. Готов превод Благовремието - 1903-ИБ-17 / .: 1903-ИБ-17


    What do you want? Say it clear don't hesitate. Whether you agree or not, don't search - every need must be met on time. If you beg, beg properly, if you are willing to acquire. Don't think that without doing this, you will get what you want. Desire must find the need, and the need must rightly be supplied so that there is no break in the order of the soul. And if you beg and you do not receive, know that you must understand the way of the begging, and not go in silent. Silence only when you are full, but not when you are hungry - the purpose of silence is to give the soul time to do its duty. And know that doing two things at the same time is incongruous - every moment in your life has its work, when nothing else should be done, except what is required. And understand that God is a God of order, and not of disorder, there are no incongruity in Him. He always comes out initially, comes in at first, and works from sequence to sequence. There are no leaps in Him, nor gaps - in Him everything is complete and ready for every given moment of eternity. He cannot be surprised by anything, because he abides in all moments.

    And so, everything follows its moment from the beginning, and this moment, unclaimed at its temporary beginning, will leave an imprint of disorder in this soul, which has not stood faithfully in its post to meet all the given moments of Life. And every moment lost prematurely is lost forever in eternity. And so, remember that there is no excuse for not understanding. That's why you have to ask - to understand, to be ready. This is why you must constantly pray to be in touch with the moments you expect and be prepared, like a groom, for the bride to leave at the appointed time. Therefore, stay true to your place to the end. And let nothing tempt you to leave, either first or later, because in that case you will be out of the Divine order. And everything out of Divine order cannot exist, nor to be in agreement with it. And everything out of its order ceases to be its. Do not think that you can enter Heaven whenever you want and when you wish. No, you can only enter there when they call you and you are ready for the moment.

    And so, be careful not to lose the case of the calling, for it is only one for all eternity. And know that eternity runs to its infinity, in which Life is born. And all that is once born, must follow the One who gave birth to it. Because, as the child cannot do without the mother and the father, so your soul is unthinkable without God - He is the beginning and the end of everything and without His presence there is no Life. And so, if you understand Life, you have understood the given order, you have mastered the given moments. Therefore, you are moving forward towards the purpose, which is the unification of everything in the Divine order, in which all enter consciously into the general message of the Love which has begotten all beings - from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from man to the Archangel and to the infinitely Great.

    And so, remember that there is only one moment to be born and to enter into the fullness of Life, because in all eternity no two moments are the same, nor two souls are the same. Because moment by moment it is evident by virtue of its weight, and soul by soul is evident by virtue of its consciousness. And so, do not think lightly of the things that God can do as He wills - God has no will as man does. He has a Love that must give everyone what they deserve. And what God gives, he must give at its appointed time or at a given time.

    Do you understand where you are now? If you understand, think! Because the moments are coming and you are blessed that God is with them.


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    Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

  25. Готов превод Любовта - 25.8.1909-ИБ-29 / .: 25.8.1909-ИБ-29


    From ch. 13 of I Corinthians

    1 HOPE - this is the present - the near future. FAITH - this is the future - a distant future. LOVE - unites the present with the future - the present realized.

    2 God's love leaves man free to develop on his own, giving him all good conditions. Our work is monitored by the fruit we will receive - control is our conscience.

    3 A man who has Love is omnipotent, invincible.

    4 EVIL - it is impossible without it, it must always be present in every person. Evil for the soul has the same purpose as bile for the human body. Evil is useful for man when he is not inactive, but works, if he is inactive, it decomposes us, if he works, it teaches us. Therefore, suffering is a teacher for man. We must defeat evil with good. If we have an evil thought, to immediately oppose it with a good one - there is a work for evil. Here already appears need for courage and determination. We must overcome evil with knowledge, but not be proud of it.

    5 The inner goods in man always acquire the outer ones - the opposite is never the case.

    6 A man's past is his body, look inside yourself and get to know yourself. Never think about the past.

    7 The future depends on the present, what we put into our lives now, it will be our future or whatever we sow, we harvest.

    8 Man rises with self-sacrifice - so Christ did for the salvation of mankind, so that we may walk the same path.

    9 REVERENCE - this is the center of life - the only ability to see God on the window through which we will look.

    10 MERCY - this is the purgatory God is said to be man-loving.

    11 The body, the world and the devil are teachers. The body is overcome by love. The world is overcome by faith. The devil is overcome by hope.

    12 Long-patience is willpower - it is victorious, it is a trial.
    Оx tolerance has no will, so only the weak-hearted, the fearful and the ignorant have such a will.

    13. To acquire the Kingdom of God - all other goods will find us on their own - they will seek us. The kingdom of God is in us.

    14 One king on earth is worshiped by his people; one servant of God is worshiped by all heaven.

    February 18, 1910, 9 to 10 p.m., Thursday

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    Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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