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  1. Готов превод Равновесие между Мъдрост и Любов - 4.2.1915-ИБ-114 / .: 4.2.1915-ИБ-114

    Equilibrium between Wisdom and Love

    The Master Peter Deunov said:

    Isaiah - it is a physical man.

    The Assyrian - the mental man.

    Israel - the spiritual man.

    The city of the sun is now called Osiris - from the root "озари" - illuminate.

    In Egypt, the 19th dynasty reigned for several thousand years and gave the old culture to Egypt, which the Romans destroyed.

    Many other things are locked in the dungeons of the pyramids that will be discovered and explored. As a result of the fall of а stone, a hole was opened and many antiques were found. Everything about Christ is written there. Laws should not be issued. Therefore his servants (spirits) crucified Christ, because he gave a teaching not in time.

    Nature is demanding of the foolish, and condescending to the smart. Nature gives us rules to reform ourselves. The way is only with water, and not to purify ourselves like the woman who, in order to clean her house, covered the rugs, swept the floor and raised the dust, so that it filled the room and it took 2-4 hours to purify the air.

    We have to learn the laws of the Reformation, and they are: from the small to make the big, from the seed to make a beetroot head - beet for sugar, not factories, machinery and then from millions of kilograms of beets some kilograms of sugar. Let us not be like that Bulgarian priest who, when he put the child in the water and baptized him, it died and said: "Give another." Thus Christ out of 5 loaves entrusted Him to prepare more loaves and feed thousands of people. We have the elements of bread in the air.

    It is read from the Epistle to the Ephesians, chapter 3. The last verses are about faith, love - to meditate on this verse.

    Faith is a substantiated science, which rests on study. It is a deep force, which heals. It is the angelic language. People are now very vain, superstitious, and have little faith. He who has faith has immortality, he who has no faith has no immortality; he has hesitation. Now are the best days to develop faith. The more we rely on God's wisdom, the more we can work. Faith, in itself, brings knowledge, and it is gained instantly. As we focus, we will know, for example, what is happening on the battlefield. When we pray, we must feel warmth in the place where the soul is - this means that the spirit works. If there is no warmth, the mind works poorly, and this is no longer a prayer. In faith we must interpret things in the right sense - always give thanks. Suffering is a result of healing.

    He who believes without criticizing has reasonable faith.

    We must bear our transgressions - let us sin no more, and the Lord will forgive us. The correction must be collective - of two, three, ten, who will turn to God and He will correct a ruler, a minister, etc. Christ says, "Everything you ask in My name will be given to you."

    A prayer is needed for each other: the man for the woman and the woman for the man. To bring our minds closer to God and to work. What the Lord has to do, we will turn to Him in faith, without thinking about how He will do the work - the Lord will give us by faith. Without suffering, our prayer is not satisfied. When we come to reasonable faith, we will close the book - we will put aside our knowledge and we will say to the Lord: "You now, whatever you do, it will be, we are based that You will do what is necessary for us." And we should not bargain with the Lord, but obey His laws.

    Human souls do not have the quality of fallen souls, fallen angels but are purer in soul.

    There must be solidarity in our thoughts and feelings. Unity of intellect, heart and soul is needed. "Without faith one cannot please God." We must stand before God without an exceptional opinion. Humility is needed.

    "To bless me ..." - it means learning the ways to be saved, and the Lord pressed Jacob's thigh and told him, "Only through suffering will you atone for your sins."

    January 22, 1915, Friday, at noon In the home of Mincho Sotirov • Burgas

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  2. Готов превод Добро сърце и добър ум - 14.1.1911-ИБ-34 / .: 14.1.1911-ИБ-34

    Good heart and good mind

    In God there is always a desire to be revealed to us, but we with our desires and others. We remove it, ie. we create a barrier.

    God in us outgrows both good and evil. Here is the free will that we must prefer the good, namely: we must educate the heart, and the mind itself will develop. Therefore, education is for the heart. Our mind on earth is a servant of the heart.

    There are certain laws by which the heart is cultivated.

    People teach to fight evil, but it is a mistake.

    One verse from Isaiah says, "Buy without gold, without silver."

    Gold - wisdom.

    Silver - knowledge.

    In the world, wealth is given only to smart people, so heaven is not a place for stupid people, and stupidity in man is a sign of great transgressions, because heaven wants only smart people. The smart life is to build only upwards, not downwards. The force that draws us to earth is sin. If 10 people focus on someone they attract him to them.

    The heavier a person is physically and mentally, the more sinful he is. The lighter you are and connected to heaven, the easier it is to raise you up.

    When you are angry, then you are the heaviest.

    Christ is the vine and all are grafted into Him.

    Man has three main bodies in him - three colors: red, orange and blue.

    The physical body - the flesh.

    Thoughts and desires - the spiritual body.

    Muscles correspond to the physical body.

    The lungs - the spiritual.

    The brain - the mind.

    Man is a symbol of the whole universe.

    For thousands of years if we go with this science, we will always remain in this position.

    Suffering in life is given to push us to lift.

    Many want evidence i.e. they want to see - it's easy, as long as you have a strong desire and your spiritual eyes will open.

    The gospel gives one rule: First, to see God, you need a pure heart.

    The sufferings are waterfalls to wash our hearts, to whiten us. Sufferings will cease once spiritual services are harmonized. Every man who has no flaws is not poor, but is very rich. So let's not grumble about fate, that it doesn't help us to get rich.

    I am telling you all this because you are Christians and because it would be bad to wait for another incarnation to correct yourself, do not leave your lessons for tomorrow to learn them.

    Christ have said "I am the light of the world" - I am the One who has power. And if you want to serve God, it will depend on how much you can sacrifice. This is a law for our development. But the world did not live like that. Don't let this bother you, because it is enough for your world to improve, then the whole world will improve for you. There is a need for understanding people who have good wishes and can progress. Don't throw pearls on pigs, but namely – on bad people. Those who are given by God listen to Christ, and others do not listen to Him. Make an attempt - separate your soul from your body, you will soon realize and then your spiritual gaze will be inward.

    Life is when the spirit leaves the body, and then it will act strongly, that is why Christ says "I gave My body for food", namely, He gave His spiritual body, that is why a person, if he does not sacrifice, cannot rise.

    Religious people must be smart. All people need a good heart and a good mind.

    A mind without virtues has no foundation.

    An artist in London met a torn boy and invited him home to paint him, but he, ashamed, begged for better clothes and then entered, but the painter chased him away, because he wanted him to come with the torn clothes. That is why we must want to go as we are, otherwise everything is hypocrisy.

    The evil that is in us, God will turn it into good.

    January 1, 1911 V Tarnovo

    Notes, held at meetings which Mr. Deunov did at Mr. Boynov's home

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  3. Готов превод Мисли и упътвания - 1903-ИБ-18 / .: 1903-ИБ-18

    Thoughts and guides

    Never overdo one job. Never rush to finish it in half, because you will have to repeat it again, and without achieving the goal you are pursuing. At the same time, remember that everything in life must have its time and place, otherwise you will have to regret that you put things out of place and that you did them out of time. And this will cost you a lot, because it will deprive you of what you deserve to accept - your satisfaction that you have done something good. Because the beauty of a deed depends on the correctness and the order in which it follows to be done in a timely manner - and that is exactly, which gives it its value. Do not offer your favours where they are not needed, nor your friendship where there is no place. Stay in your position right where you are placed to be, and carry out your purpose as you understand it, and is dictated to you by your conscience, for in this lies the dignity of man. And everyone who is lazy to understand the Truth will suffer - his lamp will go out, so be careful in your life, lest you do this to become careless to the eternal principles and build your happiness on sand. Keep your heart from futility and you will be happy in your life. Do not wish for what you do not need, and do not ask for the impossible, because you wish for two unattainable things. Call on God in everything to bless you before you begin and your deed will be blissed with success.

    Do not hesitate in the way of the Truth and do not say what I am going to use if you follow it, because if you get thinking so, you will surely go down into the ditch and you will be forgotten by everyone because of your deed that you despised it.

    Do not stop doing the Good, because if you stop doing it, be sure that you will die soon and you will immediately feel in yourself that life has no purpose. Know that the purpose of life is Virtue, and the purpose of Virtue is happiness, and the purpose of happiness is man, and the purpose of man is Truth, and the purpose of Truth is God, and the purpose of God is Love, and the purpose of Love is Everything. And so, if you also master Everything, you will surely be happy because you have accepted Life to its fullest. And he who receives, receives it from God who is the Giver of everything. And do not be ungrateful for what He has good will to give you, because ingratitude is the first sin in life that shortens it.

    So, if you have gained Wisdom, know that you have also gained Virtue, and Virtue is never ashamed of, because it is the strongest soil on which you can build anything. Stay away from empty thoughts, because they are a snare from the father of lies to rob you. Remember, they are the empty promises that ruin the happiness of Life. Аnd so, if you see an empty space, do not put your foots in it, lest you get caught and then make you sick; and if you get sick, know that you will spew happiness from your heart. And if you lose what you are not in power to return, know that you are doomed to suffer.

    And so, when God speaks, you listen with all your heart and keep His Word, lest you find yourself later deprived of wisdom and thus be thrown out. For that listen to the One who does everything. He is the Eternal Invisible God, to whom the Word flows throughout the world. And if you have His words of Life, you are saved; and salvation is the work of Love. And so, do not despise what Love does, because you will harm your soul. Know that being man means as if you were the Son of God, and to be like that, you need to love His Truth. For the purpose of man is Truth, and the purpose of Truth is Knowledge, and the purpose of Knowledge is enlightenment, and the purpose of enlightenment is ennoblement, and the purpose of ennoblement is education, and the purpose of education is revival, and the purpose of revival is Virtue, and Virtue is the basis of everything because it is eternal in the order of the world. And so, if you own it, you will be safe from everything. And when everything disappears and changes, only it will remain in your soul invariable and unwavering for strengthen you. Therefore, prefer it to all the riches, whatever they are and wherever they are, because if you prefer it, it will love you with the fullness of its heart and its Love will strengthen and consolate you throughout your life.

    Know that the two eternal purposes of Life are Virtue and Love. And the one who gave birth to them is Father of everything, whose Name no one knows. And so, understand the Truth that the purpose of Life is birth, and the purpose of birth is Love, and the purpose of Love is suffering, and the purpose of suffering is character, and the purpose of character is Virtue, and the purpose of Virtue is God, and the purpose of God is Love, and Love is the ultimate purpose of infinite eternity, where whole is Peace and Joy. In Peace for the eternal Will of the unattainable Emmanuel, a mighty God, rules; in Joy for the Virtue and Love reign.
    Therefore, in order to be able to live as needed, these two beginnings of Life are needed, to refresh and elevate it, for without their assistance there can be no Life.

    Keep your soul from nonsense, because in it sin is inevitable; and where there is sin, there can be no peace. Therefore, anyone who wishes Peace and Happiness needs to avoid sin. Because he is the destroyer of all Good; and where the Good is destroyed, the misfortune is ready. Because evil and Good are incompatible with each other - if you prefer sin, misfortune is ready because they are two related as cause and effect and by perceiving one you will also perceive other. And if you perceive Good, you will also perceive happiness, because purpose of Good is happiness. So, know that in the eternal order every violation leads to its consequences and if your Peace has been violated, you have violated some commandment of Virtue. So watch rather to correct your mistake, because otherwise your wound will become bigger.

    Listen to the voice of your Guardian Angel, the conscience, to be calm and blissful ever. Therefore, be careful how you walk the path of life. Do not hesitate when you have to choose two opposite paths, because in your hesitation you show your weakness which can become a catch for you to get harmed. From two paths always choose the right although it is narrow and there is few who walk there. And be sure that you will also save time, as you will not encounter big obstacles. Don't be wisening more than you know, because you will be looking as a man who spends more than he has. And it is as if you are looking for either poverty or madness. So be careful when you speak, lest your tongue slip out and say what you don't know - you will lose a lot from one slipping, which will be difficult to correct later.

    When you feel exhausted of spirit, seek peace in solitude where your soul can receive nourishment. Do not be lazy in spirit not to pray - prayer is the power of Life. What the Lord commands you to do, do not delay and what the Lord wants, do not refuse, if you want the Good of your soul. What benefit will you acquire if you procrastinate, and what if you refuse. And so, reject duality and stubbornness from the path of your life, to let the Truth be good willing in you. For the Lord is pleased only in those who walk before Him in righteousness and purity. Learn before God to walk with a humble heart and the Love of Life will please.

    Refrain from anything that is harmful - do not run to acquire things that will not serve you in anything good. Always be vigilant and be careful not to lose the auspicious minutes of Life, because you will not be able to achieve them. And that, what is missed and cannot be achieved is a real loss in the path of Life.

    And so, always listen to that secret voice that speaks to you and guides you, because in his speaking you have to learn what you need to do in order to gain true bliss. And in three things never get lazy, if you don't want to lose what you have: do not leave the Faith, do not forget about Hope, do not quench the Love, because the Life of the future is hidden in them. Therefore, do not tear down the foundation of your soul, without which you cannot exist as a man. Know that the lamp of your soul is Love that supports you with both hands so that you do not fall into the abyss of despair, from where there is no return if you go alone. Therefore, think carefully before you set out on the path of this world, lest you go where you will find nothing but emptiness, sadness and despair.

    Of the two thoughts, always accept the first - do not give a top the second to be overcoming, because you will surely make a mistake. When you start working, never hesitate, because where there is hesitation there is division. And the division is sure to create in your soul a disagreement between aspirations that will, in themselves, interfere with the realization of your noble purpose, which you have undertaken. Do not serve two minds because it is impossible to achieve your desire. Guard your thoughts as you do your job. Watch for the evil one, lest he know about you. Don't brag, don't talk about yourself, because it's a waste of time. Don't make plans for your life because it's not your job - someone else takes care of that. Just do what you are given to, and the end will be good. Do not give place to any bad thought to enter your soul. Do not hide your mistakes from yourself, do not apologize for what is done, because you will commit two sins. The unity of every thought and feeling is the force that achieves the purpose. Do not set tempting things for your purpose in your life, lest they distract you from the path of your calling. Don't get carried away by the appearance of things, because you will definitely make a mistake in your choice. Do not think that everything that is presented to you is for your personal good. Things have nothing to do with this or that belief, they do not make life better or worse - their use is what spoils everyone's happiness. And so, the first thing in life is to learn how to use them, and everything that is used must bring some benefit, otherwise it is harmful without this good fruit. Do not ask yourself to burden more than you can handle, because you will definitely suffer from overwork. And anything exaggerated is premature and may be useless. Whatever you do, do it as hard as for yourself, because otherwise you may suffer with others. Don't promise what you can't do; do not get involved in matters you do not understand. Unhappiness when it befalls you, do not worry, nor grumble, because if you make this mistake, you will accept two loads as a salary. Happiness, when it reaches you, do not rejoice, because you will bring yourself two misfortunes - you can lose it and it can lie to you. Happiness is like a woman who smiles at everyone as if she loves them, but when it's time for a wedding, she gets lost. If happiness smiles on you, don't think it means good to you - no, it is lying to you. When it talks to you about love, think that it talks you about a game - to make you lazy. He who believes in happiness wastes his youth. Don't be stupid, be sober, Life is not a game, not always a joke - it requires work and persistence in Virtue.


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  4. Готов превод Камъкът има мистично значение - 5.11.1911-ИБ-42 / .: 5.11.1911-ИБ-42

    The stone has a mystical meaning

    Meeting led by Mr. Deunov, who, after reading chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew, spoke on the words of verse 2:

    "There will be no stone left unturned" and expressed the following thoughts:

    The stone has a mystical meaning. It also means the human soul. What has been read has an application for the present century. Only God knows what path modern nations will take, and Heaven makes every effort to make them wise. There are two currents and in the near future it will become clear which opinion will overcome. From 1914 to 1927, nations will have time to arm themselves, but then they will either have to continue to do so or turn to God. Every soul left by Spirit, such a soul remains ruined. And he who wants to develop properly, in his heart and soul he must not let anyone but the Lord. In order for our house not to collapse, Christ must be with us. If you are now feeling blind and cannot see, cry out for Christ to open your eyes, and then you will not see gloomily but clearly and will not need guidance. You are now living in an age when your attention is needed to be close to Christ, in which, if you persevere, your eyes will soon be opened, ie. the sixth sense will come and you will not need a guide.

    October 23, 1911, Sunday, Sofia

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  5. Готов превод Свидетелствата Господни - 25.2.1899-ИБ-6 / .: 25.2.1899-ИБ-6

    Lord's testimonies

    Thus speaks the Lord: Keep my commandments and my statutes.

    Behold, My Word is coming, commanding you to certify the testimony of My Spirit. Certify the Truth of My Covenant through Your Life. Give a testimony of the Spirit, which will be kept before the Face of God as a pledge of your faithfulness to Him. Witness the Truth of God by confessing to His Witness. Answer with the fullness of your heart and with the fullness of your mind without any narrowing, and God, who sees and knows everything, will give you according to his immeasurable Kindness and eternal Mercy. Confess the Truth before God and His face, testify it before Heaven.

    First testimony: Do you believe with all your heart and soul in the One Eternal, True and Good God of Life who has spoken?

    Second testimony: Do you believe in Me, your Lord and Savior, who speaks to you now?

    Third testimony: Do you believe in My Eternal and Good Spirit, who works out your salvation?

    Fourth testimony: Do you believe in your Friend and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and in all your brothers?

    Fifth testimony: Will you do the Will of the One, True and Righteous God without hesitation?

    Sixth testimony: Will you deny yourself and everything in the world for His Love?

    Seventh testimony: Will you dedicate your life and health, and all that is dear to His Glory and the Glory of His deed?

    Eighth testimony: Will you listen to My voice and My advice when I speak to you?

    Ninth testimony: Will you be ready to perform My commandments without any doubt?

    Tenth testimony: will you always walk before Me with all the innocence of your heart and never grieve Me?

    February 13, 1899, Varna

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  6. Готов превод Друго направление - 29.10.1911-ИБ-41 / .: 29.10.1911-ИБ-41

    Another direction

    In this meeting the following thoughts were expressed by Mr. Deunov:

    Everyone in the modern world wants to become a center. But if people turn to God and want to make Him a center, the world will take a different direction.

    He read Matthew chapter 10 and spoke on verse 24.

    Sunday, October 16, 1911

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  7. Готов превод Разговор първи , Упътване - 8.7.1900-ИБ-9 / .: 8.7.1900-ИБ-9

    First conversation, Guidance

    I know the Truth itself, but even if I say it or put it in a visible form, will it benefit you, about whom everything is said. This Truth is great. But how does your faith stand before God, are you ready to listen and do what I tell you? If so, then God will not be late with his intention not to reveal to you what you need to know and what is necessary for your Spirit. The strength is in patience, but it has also its limits. For, if there is anyone to be called long-suffering, it is God, to whose mercy abides. However, if God's long-suffering has been shortened, what do you have to say to that? I know that all things can be stopped or driven to a certain extent, but beyond the limit that God has set, everything is a risk and evil can befall anyone. Yes, evil, I say, the unquenchable fire of hell, which seeks sacrifice and destruction. However, you see and realize that the performance requires the power of the Eternal to every thing and deed. For what surety would someone who would like to commit a certain deed, convince others of righteousness, if the deed itself did not have the imprint of God's hand? In the very surety of the Lord lies the greatness of the work, which was begun with His assistance. At first it may not have had this view, but in time, by putting the truths in the right path, it will finally turn out that God worked here; and such works of God are not measured only by the passing of time, but by eternity, in which all that develops in its fullness will prove its Divine origin.

    Now to the point. What good is it if you doubt your calling or are hesitant about the work you are given to do. Your doubts or the hesitation you experience may not be the fruit of your soul. It may be intrusive from the outside with certain things of your mind for which God is not responsible. However, to be able to eliminate them, you must compare your soul in direct connection with this Living God, Lord of Light, and to express to Him in a direct way your needs, your intentions and to see what His approvals will be. Because if the thought that has taken root in your soul or seed - if it is of divine origin, as soon as they come into contact with their source or soil, they will suddenly show their origin and their nature. Because each embryo tries or fertilizes in its place. The embryo of any life requires its proper womb. Therefore, if the conditions are such that they require appropriate means to achieve a noble cause, it is time to look for them wherever they are. In these conditions the obedience of the Will of God is fulfilled. Because God doesn't just want us to do His deed, but also to do it well. This is precisely the reason why God for a long time puts His chosen ones under a long and difficult exam, so that they may be accustomed to His work, which He has to place upon them, to do it as He Himself would have done it. Since the deed of God in this world is led by people, inexperienced and uneducated in the fullness of the true Light, it causes Him to slow down in his course, in order to give time to the Divine Spirit to correct the irreparable things. It is in this that the words of the Lord are fulfilled - in His Word that those who love Him, all that has happened to them, assist them for Good. It assists them in this way in order to let them know that in the future they should not do as they did in the past. And hence we say that Life is nothing but experience. Yes, an experience that can be said to have been gained from a series of mistakes in our behavior or ignorance. But still, everything must go within its limits. Mistakes only become benefits when Love begins to act as a force. Here it is indicated the same law that works in Nature and which turns those harmful elements to work for the benefit of mankind.

    Know that your life depends on the very little things God has placed you in a relationship with and they cannot be ignored without hurting yourself. That is why, being so exposed to dangers, you need to be constantly under the guidance of the watchful eye of God, which is watching. Here today I begin to reveal to you one by one some things that you will need, and therefore prepare to listen to me to the end.

    And so, the path of Life is prolonged and at the same time - difficult to ascend. Every step taken up requires effort, hard work and perseverance. The highest goods are not easily acquired. It is said: whoever wins, he will be given the wreath of Life. And this is true and right. Not everyone can inherit the Kingdom of God, because many have no desire for the Good - to bear fruit worthy of repentance. As God sees this inner predisposition, He only determines those who are ready and willing to sacrifice all that is most precious, just to compare them to the precious pearl of God's kingdom. But everything I have told you so far should not bother you, because the impossible things in man in God are possible. My word is for you, who should not be embarrassed by anything, because everything helps you from the Lord for good. And since God has loved you, who has anything to say to that? And if he shows his mercy to you, who can resist, because God is not a man to change, nor a son of man to turn from his intentions. He has the power and strength to do whatever He wants and thinks, and there is no one to oppose Him. It is necessary, however, to learn to know all God's ways and keep them by the wholeness of your heart. In this lies perfection - in the knowledge of the Will of the One True God, Lord Savior. Great are His blessings, which He has prepared for those who love Him. There, up in Heaven, there are glorious abodes prepared for the righteous, for the children of God.

    I also have to let you know that in your soul God is already preparing that great change, which is peculiar only to the Sons of God. Your soul will see soon as through new eyes of the world, of everything that is going on around you. It will not be strange to you then to understand these hidden secrets, which now intertwine your mind. And may I speak to you more frankly, to let you understand what I am charged to reveal to you. Because things only matter to the one who understands, who has understanding in his heart. Don't think that Heaven is insensitive about your efforts. Every step you take up and forward makes everyone up there happy.

    We do not sleep, but we are always awake; we do not stand, but we always work. Our joy is in the filling of our position. And what Joy we feel when we are called to do even the smallest and most insignificant deed, which infuriates you many times. It is not difficult for us to feel grief when we pass to perform both the highest services and the smallest ones. The only thing that embitter our spirit sometimes is when we see you have taken a path opposite to the Love of God. And if it is not God's long-suffering, we would soon deal with sinners and their deeds. But Love requires patience until the cup of patience is filled and then the iniquities are visited. Remember that Heaven cannot tolerate the slightest sin or cover it up. Every sin has to be punished and corrected. He who has done it must realize and repent, and know that sin is something unnatural to the spiritual nature of the Sons of God. Sin is not the fruit of ignorance, as some think, but the fruit of the hell of the rebellious forces of hell. Everyone can commit sin, as soon as he denies God and begins to disrespect His Will in himself, in his heart. Therefore, disbelief in life always leads to sin. Because, before a man sins, he must deny God and think that He is not omnipresent and omniscient, that the crime can be committed without anyone noticing. Here is the root of sin. When a man closes his eyes and heart and says to himself, "There is no one to see me, I have to take care of everything myself," he has already committed sin in his heart. He is already creating a path, a plan of his life, which he begins to fulfill by all unforgivable means. Such a deed, no matter how successful, there is no blessing of God in him. Sooner or later, the end will be fatal. In the world, only God has the right to create and organize life as he wants. Anyone who says that he does not know God and does not want to do His good and kind Will is born of a cunning one. Such a man, whatever he may be, whatever position he occupies, will one day find himself in this place and position in which only the demons of the celestial dwell. The sin in life is twofold: when а soul does everything according to the will of its heart and denies the Lord that He is Lord, and when the soul restrains the Spirit within itself from doing the good it can, and keeps the Lord from doing it through Him.

    I see now that my sayings bother you, because you are very sensitive lest you be involved in a crime, but do not be afraid. You need to lighten up by yourself and to accept the Truth as a Light in your soul - to show you what is good, what is bad. Sin begins in the heart, then in the thoughts, and finally in the will and here it is, what was hidden becomes apparent, i.e. begins to be carried out. That is why the Spirit of God always insists on having the heart in his hand first, from which all bad thoughts come.

    June 25, 1900

    The words of the Truth will be fulfilled in this day, the next day, and all the words of the Lord, which He has spoken to all His servants, prophets and priests, will be confirmed. The signs of the age to come are the penultimate time of God's righteous judgment that will visit the earth and all living and dead on it. Decay and unbelief, who bear sin in themselves, will be destroyed in the midst. God will destroy wickedness, and will call on his people. It is time already for everyone to be comforted by the Truth of His Presence. Blessed be henceforth all who love the Lord God. Peace be upon them. Peace to all who trust in Him. Thus saith the Lord the Savior.

    June 30, 1900

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  8. Готов превод Разговор втори , Сърцето и Бог - 13.7.1900-ИБ-10 / .: 13.7.1900-ИБ-10

    Second conversation, Heart and God

    I told you in my previous conversation that the heart must be under the guidance of God's Spirit, because the destinies of Life depend on it. And this is a truth. The heart, which is the center of the soul's life, if not well managed, can destroy the soul itself, expending all its vital forces and producing that inner destruction which is called despair, bitterness, hatred of every life. The heart, which has spent everything and has not saved and acquired anything in return, will inevitably, according to the conditions of life itself, find itself in scarcity and deprivation of every inner good, and since it has not been taught to endure such deprivations, it is decided to self-destruct rather than endure hardships. Here is that in such a case, man after himself gives room to evil spirits to take him over and lead him away from the place of true Freedom. This is the misfortune of today's world that it spends more in mental attitude than it gains. And here comes a crisis in their lives. Morality weakens, good habits lose their purpose, bright thoughts disappear, good feelings are spoiled and and the good seed that was to bear fruit was lost among the thorns and thistles that grew around the man. This is the reason that destroys man himself - his unwillingness to know the good of his soul. But I don't think it should be the case for you. You have to strive for the Good in everything, to do it every day, every hour - never, even under whatever conditions you put yourself in, you shouldn't spare yourself to do this.

    You must always walk in the path of Light. No sin should seduce you, no bad feeling should deceive you, because such things are destructive to your improvement. Do you know that even the smallest sin and the slightest crime can entail the destruction of your life. Do not doubt. You've tried this and you know, and I don't need to convince you. The job is to speak the Truth, not to cover it up. And that's why I came - to talk to you about the Truth to understand it and have it always as a guide in your life. Doubts that constantly penetrate your soul and mind temporarily hinder your success. I have told you so many times that you are not alone in this world and that your life depends on God and He arranges it constantly. Your salvation was worked out long before you knew it. You are only required to accept what is given to you as a gift. Above all, you must know that God always accompanies you in one way or another in this world. It does not matter to know in what way, the only important thing is to know that He is a companion in your way with you. And believe in it, it is the supreme grace for your heart. Because it must be attached to God and always belong to Him. No secondary thoughts should distract your mind into anything. Whatever you have in this world is temporary, and the essential and good things are eternal. They are the things of the future life. They are the eternal wealth that belongs to your soul.

    I, who dictate these things to you, tell you that ambiguity, inner indecision and indecision are the weakness and disability of a life like yours. Understand me, Love wants sacrifices and self-sacrifices. If you do not completely deny yourself, you cannot be a disciple of your Lord. Behold, I see there are many things in your heart that you have to throw away. Do you know how many empty thoughts and desires you have! Give up, Life does not sit in them. I want to speak to you clearly and without detours. Do you know why you suffered so much from trouble and why you suffered so much? To learn that everything is from God. You know very well that you have dreamed many things and they have not come true; you decided to do a lot of things and you couldn't do them. And why? Here it is - because they were empty and vain and God did not want you to waste your time in Life in vain. He forbade them, because He loved you and wanted your good like no one else. You considered all this a blow of failure, a misfortune of your heart, but think - if you were allowed to do anything, where would you be now. No thanks! Your life has a higher purpose. Your destiny is determined by God for something better. You have nothing in common with the enemies of God and their folly, even if they have tried to weave you into their nets and deprive you of the reward you deserve. But God has thwarted their plans and intentions. He has always protected you and has been close to your soul in the most dangerous moments of your life.

    I am talking to you - a friend of yours, that has come on purpose to tell you about the things you asked God for and prayed for. And I am glad today that I am with you, that I can speak to you face to face. And do you know why? For, your soul is now free and you are patiently waiting for the gifts and blessings of God. I have been watching how many times the devil has planted some weeds in your life, but thou hast known them in time, and hast trodden them down with thy Spirit. But God, who has seen all your good efforts, He has blessed them, He has struck evil in its place and left it like a beast without teeth and claws to serve You for Good. And now I am present in this place to help you, to strengthen you constantly. The days that come for you are days of grace and blessing.

    May the Lord be blessed for his much mercy and goodness! Get up and lie down with the thought that God is near. I tell you not to tire your heart. Now is the time for cheerfulness. The Lord will do His work. All his means are prepared. Тhere is not something impossible in Him that I am telling you. He will fulfill. Behold, I will overcome for you with My Spirit, which is incomprehensible to the world. My strength will be in my Word and my grace will be in mercy. And now put these words of mine in your heart and do not negotiate for the future. Put them on and look at them until they come to life. For man will not live only by bread, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    You are good, O Lord my God, and to You only suits all to praise You, to pray and worship You in Spirit and Truth, which You have put in the heart and spirits of all. Praise be to Your name, glory to You, who delivered us from our enemies and put us in a safe place! And we will look on your face and rejoice in you forever, and we will sing You a new song; and we will exclaim with a great exclamation, that You has redeemed Zion, and you have affirmed the new city of Jerusalem as our abode, where to serve You forever.

    June 30, 1900

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  9. Готов превод Разговор трети , Храната и Словото - 14.7.1900-ИБ-11 / .: 14.7.1900-ИБ-11

    Third conversation, Food and the Word

    In the last conversation I told you that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. This is a Truth. Every soul needs to feed on the verbal milk of Truth, which is the life-giving fire. This food is as necessary for the inner life as the food for the temporary one. With its life-giving action the soul acquires Fullness, which leads to perfection - just as food of the body is intended not only to support and strengthen the body, but also to help heal ailments that accidentally or unintentionally enter the body. Healthy food has a purpose if the body itself is not spoiled to expel unhealthy substances by replacing them with healthy ones. So it is with the Word of God. It means to free the soul from everything false and deceptive and to fill it with the sound teaching of Life, which is the Light and Joy of the living heart. As with temporary food, one must feel the need before eating, so with spiritual food. But he not only has to feel the need, but at the same time he has to choose his food so that in some unforeseen way he does not eat certain foods that may harm him. Just as in the taking of material food the Providence, by means of its established laws of the world, has placed protective means in the people themselves, so also in the soul there are such measures taken, and even better ones, so that anyone who wants to can protect himself from a deceptive teaching, from a feigned truth, which has the form of Truth, but not the essence.

    There are many teachings in the world, but only one of them is essential, constitutes food for the soul. Others are completely deceptive or they constitute only a kind of entertainment of the mind, not giving it time to take care of itself, of the good of its soul. Here is the danger of human life - people think they have the Truth and learn from it, but what do we really see? Their life is weakened, it is infected with vices from head to toe. It is an obvious truth that there is some deception involved here. Otherwise it would not be noticed. Appropriate medications should be used to heal wounds. These medicines are the Truths of God, which are given in the form of commandments: not to do this, not to do that - just not to do any evil deed or to think a bad thought, because in these things lies the poison of hell. And when He commands what should not be done, God, who knows everything and is omniscient, says in positive commandments what should be done according to His Will. He said very briefly: to love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself. And when you accept Love as a supreme commandment, it has this power in itself, that it can dissolve all good paths for us and show us in what sits the supreme Virtue, which is the core of our heart life. And do you know why I am talking about ours? Because as soon as Love is accepted as a law and as a supreme Virtue, it becomes a common connection for all of us and we are no longer strangers to each other, but neighbors.

    And let it not seem strange to you - this Love of your Lord has led me to speak to you and to exchange the Lord's thoughts with your soul, to strengthen you, to lift you up in spirit to look and see what you have not seen before, and to understand what you did not understand. And do you understand what a great secret still lies before you? This Love, this presence of mine, this speech of mine with your soul. I see and know that you still hesitate, some doubt penetrates into your soul - whether it is true or not. You are afraid of me, lest I be some ghost of your soul or of your imagination. But the Truth that I lay before you is this: try me, and you shall know me, that I am good, and fruitful; call me, and I will answer you, and you will know me. May the child who has taken food from his mother so many times and who has listened to her voice so many times, to doubt her? No, I say, that's impossible. But here, you, who have received so many goods from God and have listened to His voice so many times, still doubt His presence and all the thoughts of your heart seduce you. And let me tell you purely and clearly so that you know that I know because your love for God is imperfect. You talk about Him, but you are not ready to do everything for Him. This is what confuses you - your ambiguity. Today you think one thing, tomorrow another; today you feel one thing, tomorrow another. Your faith is weak. If it were that big, even as much as a mustard seed, it would work miracles.

    Do you remember the words that I have said elsewhere in the Word of God, that perfect Love drives out all fear. This is what I have told the disciples of Christ, this is what I am telling you as well. You are all disciples of Christ, the difference between you is only a difference of time. Here again I see that your heart is troubled; as if you feel some inner pain. What do you care what people think, isn't it more important for you what God thinks of you? Or do you still want to be under the burden of human legends and delusions? Don't get fooled, God's Word doesn't change from human interpretations. He who understands the Word of God must also do it, if not is exposed to fall victim to cunning deceptions. Because the one who has understood the Word and does not want to fulfill it, since he doubts that it is inapplicable and unenforceable, as his conscience begins to bite him, he will compose thousands of interpretations, which are nothing but an excuse to rape the Truth and to reassure himself again, that this is not the way to understand one verse, but something else. And why - only to get rid of the Truth, which forces him to do this as he has understood from the Spirit of God. Here is the evil of the church, its interpretations and twists of the Word of God. As Jesus walked the earth, He spoke the Word of God so clearly, for he who was hearing them could not say that he did not understand them. And that is why He came from heaven, from the bosom of God - He, the Lord Himself, who was the Truth itself, - to speak and bear witness to the Truth itself, that He Himself was, the hidden and innermost Lord of Peace. What better testimony can be given to you or to another, moreover, when the Sun of Life came. What better than this testimony can be given to someone who does not believe. Isn't Light and Heat itself what everyone sense and feels as the best testimony of the Truth? Undoubtedly. When one begins to feel the Light of God and to feel His Love in his soul, is it not a testimony that God has visited this soul, that He has already revealed His presence in an immediate inner way. Is there already room for doubt and hesitation about God's presence? No.

    I who am present and who am speaking to you now, am I not the best testimony God gives you personally? I know you have read the Word of God many times and said: "Well, this is Truth that is being spoken here, but it was spoken and written so many thousands of years ago from people similar to me in many regards, who knows." Doubt once again penetrates your heart and you tell yourself secretly so that someone will not hear you, if these are not their inventions, attributed to God. Oh, my friend, why do you deceive yourself and why do you overdo the spirit of unbelief. This is a secret sin, a very secret one that no one sees. You think that you have done nothing wrong with this, you have done no harm to anyone by allowing this thought to nestle and become an obstacle in your life. By this, you have embittered God, by not trusting Him, by constantly driving Him away from your soul with these secret sins of yours. Wait, you - I'm telling you, don't do this anymore!

    It is better to believe than not to believe. Do you find it strange? Isn't it more pleasant to watch than to close your eyes? Isn't it more convenient for you to listen than to cover your ears? You with your slightest doubt, no matter how small it is, haven't you closed your heart's eyes against God? And you say, "He may not be here." With your hesitation you cover your ears and say to yourself: "He does not speak in secret, I do not hear Him and I cannot be positively convinced." Here that is it "wisdom". You have closed your eyes as a man and you say to yourself: "I don't see anyone anymore." You cover your ears and say again: "I can't hear anyone anymore." And that is it, as if you were solving an important issue. But do you prove anything by doing it? Nothing positive. You are simply committing a cunning deception over yourself and your soul by internal bad suggestions. You may close your eyes and cover your ears when you go to a pit, and to think in yourself that it is not there, but when you fall into it, you will finally be forced, willy-nilly, to open your eyes and unplug your ears - to see and hear where you are when you feel this inner incurable pain of your fall. I tell you as a friend that whatever you do and however you act, God is near and watching what you do. You cannot hide anything from Him. Be careful, therefore. I'm telling you, this is an indisputable truth for you I am present I am going to repeat to you what I have said before to many: "He who follows Me will not walk in darkness." Do you know where these words are? I have come to teach you to understand them and to walk in them. Do you know that darkness spoils everything? It is the dangerous place of life. Someone to walk in darkness means to have lost all that the good world of God has. Someone to walk in the Light means to have acquired all that this world owns.

    Do you understand what I tell you? I know you understand me. If you were one of those who do not want to understand, I would not come to talk to you. But you want to understand, and therefore I have come to talk to you in order to understand me. And I know you will. Therefore, turn your face to God and pray to him, and you will receive an inner grace of knowledge. Because it is said: "Whom God has taught, they will not need another to teach them to know the Truth." But God will teach them in His law every day. He has thousands of ways in which He can convey His Truth. Open your heart and give place to the Lord to enter and fully instill in your soul. The time that has passed in negligence, doubt, hesitation, ambiguity and thousands of other excuses is enough. Now is an auspicious time, a day chosen and dedicated to the Lord. A day you must serve Him thus, as He pleases. This is what I will teach you and will open a wide path for you - to walk and do the Will of the Lord. I see, words bother you a lot, you are very afraid of meanings. Keep your conscience clear so that nothing bothers you. The earth is the Lord's and all that is on it. Then, whom God does not condemn, no one else can condemn. I talk to you today to know it and to keep it in your heart. The power is from God and it is shown in your weakness.

    Behold, I am He that quickeneth the word of God in every heart that receiveth it - This True One, who speaks to you and who dictates to you the secrets of the Kingdom of God, so that you may understand them. I follow you everywhere and guide you and keep you in everything and I give you my grace to grow and improve in the knowledge of My Word. And I wish you to be like the One who is always Light and Virtue. Then the Lord shall dwell, and will make His abode in you, and will live forever. Earth and Heaven will pass away, but my words will not, because I Am the Living God. My Word always abides and I bring it to life in genus and genus, so that everyone may know me and fear me. "I have not deceived you, nor have I lied to you, says the Lord, but I have tried you to know you if you are faithful and whether you will walk in my counsel, and whether you will keep my commandments which I offer you."

    Walk in my path and do not be afraid - fulfill my words and you will know that I am good and of a good womb, and you will try my faithfulness that it is unchanging. Put patience in your soul and wait for me until I put on my strength and stand on to judge for my righteousness. Hey, I tell you, I will repay everyone according to their deeds, I will not delay my journey in which you are waiting for me, I will appear and help you in time.

    July 1, 1900

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  10. Готов превод Разговор четвърти , Животът и възраждането - 18.7.1900-ИБ-13 / .: 18.7.1900-ИБ-13

    Fourth conversation, Life and Revival

    It is said in one place in Scripture: “If you are not born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. What is born of the Spirit is spirit, and what is born of the flesh is flesh." He who is born of flesh and blood is mortal; in his heart dwell the temporary things, accompanied by every lust and seduction. He cannot enter the Kingdom of God because flesh and blood cannot inherit it. He who is not born of God cannot perceive the Spiritual life, nor can he understand it, because it is spiritually felt and perceived.

    Here is the requirement of God, which He offers to every soul, which before putting on the garment of immortality must accept the Eternal Life, which is the Lord the Savior Himself. This is the necessary need for you to be born of God and of His Spirit. Therefore, I am present to do this work in your soul, which according to God's predestination, who in His eternal discretion has decided to do you this good, to clothe you in the life of immortality and to receive you in His kingdom as a son of Truth, whom He appoints to serve Him. This ministry is a ministry by the action of the Spirit, who speaks to you through me and who works himself your heart to produce that act of God's incarnation within you. And this Spirit of complete holiness will perform and work on your salvation and will open to you the way of the Kingdom of God - to enter and receive the innermost gifts of the Lord, which He has ordained for you and which await your presence to receive them. For, only he, who is completely born of God and His Spirit, can receive the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and only he can receive every grace and every fullness of the Spirit and become one with the Lord. Without this inner change and inner unification, God can never and in no other way come into contact with a fallen soul. This is His way, which He Himself laid before eternity and under which He observes His faithfulness of His children. Therefore it is said that everyone who is born of God and who is born of the Spirit hears His voice and comes to the Light because God is Light. And everyone who comes to the Light perceives God in his soul; and everyone who listens to His voice receives the Spirit in his heart, to be sealed and to keep the Truth.

    This is why I am present to be a witness to God's grace that works, and to be a mediator of the Spirit who sanctifies you and do the work of the Lord God of all Light, to whom be all glory and honor. Therefore, let your soul have Peace and quiet trust, because there is no appeal in God's decisions. I tell you this, who led you from the beginning and touched you internally with tireless strength in order to read my word, to labour to walk in my steps, to pray and desire the supreme grace from the Lord God, and to indulge and renew in Him constantly. And now I am, who intercede for you and wish you to grow in the knowledge of the Truth that will set you free. I warn you from now on to beware any sin, whether willful or involuntary, manifested or hidden. Sin cannot be excused by anything, and no one can correct it except one God and Lord. Sin, this betrayal of the devil, this creation of his, keep him aside and keep your soul with all your protection that the Spirit can do for you. And now may the Lord of Peace himself keep you in His name from all the wiles of the wicked. These are the words of Life, which I repeat to you and which I carry in my Spirit for you. Strive before my face with that kind, decent faith and holy Love, which God himself gives birth to by the action of his Spirit. And be a creator of the Word, by doing all that is pleasing and auspicious to the One God. Behold, all the evil mouths shall be silenced, and every evil tongue of hell shall cease, and the Lord God of Peace himself shall reign.

    Here it is my testimony - to know what I have testified about the Truth. When the Spirit of Truth overshadows you, to know that I have spoken this, your Lord, who was dead and now I am alive and acting for your soul. And in My hands are the keys of hell - I open and I close. And I know everything that is done in the celestial - there is no enemy force that can hide its actions from my eye. Here is what I am telling you to know, that it is not the will of the evil one, where it is fulfilled, but mine. And the sheep I have, no one can snatch them from my hand. Do not let your heart be afraid. Be worth to everything my Holy Spirit tells you. God's works and God's words are tested by deeds in life. Not who wants and who strives by himself, but to whom God has voluntarily given of His gift, to him all things belong. These are my words that I tell you. Seal them in your heart and know that I am close and ready to help you. I will flat and smooth all your ways. From now on, you will always walk in my presence, and I will be pleased in you every day, and all your deeds will grow cold like trees planted by the water currents.

    Here is God's Wisdom, here are God's deeds, which proclaim his glory. What you will soon see will make you understand what is hidden in Heaven for you. There, in this life above, you will understand the goodness of God and you will understand His unspoken mercy. There, in this common celebration of all the sons and daughters of God, you will see my Glory, which I had before the creation of the universe. There, in my presence, you will be as merry as all my chosen ones. This is the voice of your God and Lord, who is so condescending to you, that he gives his life as a living sacrifice to the one who sits on the throne, so that you may know Him Himself, who has attracted you with threads of Love. This is Him, The one and true God of Life, who speaks to you through the goodness of his Spirit. And all His words are living food. They are words of Life and whoever hears and perceives them is taught by God. He is the True One who speaks from the beginning. He is thе True One, who has descended from above and ascended, who fills the world with His glory, which is a reflection of His power with the Father of Light, in whom all Divine fullness dwells.

    All these grains and good seeds that I have thrown into your soul today will grow one day. Then, you will understand and check for yourself my words through my Spirit, that they are true and holy and that indeed I have spoken to you with my words of Love. You will then fully know the Spirit of your Good Lord, who, though you do not yet see with your eyes, but the time will come when your eyes will be opened, you will know me with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength and soul. This one will be your day when you receive all my blessings.

    All this is surprising for you, all this makes you wonder. But be true, you will know that these are my words. Truth is the Spirit of the Word. It is the Spirit who gives Life, the letter is useless. What I tell you is Spirit and Truth. The truth is I, your Lord, and Life is I, your God, and my Spirit is your guide, who guides you, who teaches you, and who brings my Word to life every day in your heart, that you may know me. You have listened my Word every day. Here I picked you up early and spoke to you like a friend. I have opened my Word to you and I have taught you the truths of the Kingdom of God. I have persuaded you inwardly by revealing before your eyes to contemplate my deeds and to know my truths of Life. I have told you clearly in any case how to proceed. You have always heard and been aware of my voice. It has been clearer, more intelligible to your soul, the closer you were to me. There have been minutes in your life when you were mistaken, but you know and there is a witness that I never let you fall. I have always been close - always to correct the confused and turn everything around to help you for Good.

    July 5, 1900

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  11. Готов превод Разговор пети , Въздигане Душа и Дух - 18.7.1900-ИБ-12 / .: 18.7.1900-ИБ-12

    Fifth conversation, Ascension Soul and Spirit

    Ever since I started talking to you, I see that there are many things that disturb your soul. Your heart goes through a transitional state. Your mind seems tense. The thoughts and feelings that excite your soul have produced a temporary darkness in the judgment of your mind. The contradictions that are constantly encountered in your soul have produced painful feelings. You feel as if you are not master of yourself. But here the struggle arises between the lower and higher feelings of your soul. You are put between two camps of active forces - the forces of Good and evil, who compete to have their own championship in the country of your Spirit. On the one hand, the world with its lures and polishes draws you to itself, imposing on you its demands that it is much more exportable to live like everyone else. And it warns you that with any deviation from its decrees you will be considered a man out of time, stupid and unreasonable, not to be able to derive your benefits from this very life. On the other hand, your conscience, your inner self-consciousness of the heart, which is obsessed with the higher impulses of Love and Goodness, they call you to fulfill your duty. Isn't this the voice of your Lord, who calls you to start doing His work? Yes. And you already know that He is great and glorious in everything. The limits of His Kingdom are vast. It is not just this world that is a grain in the midst of the ocean of His vast realms. Can they, your mighty Spirit, who yearns and desires to spread his wings and fly to Heaven, to satisfy you with temporary things and benefits. No, I say, they are a lie. There is no food in them, what you are looking for is not there. They appear only visually to have decency and nobility. But can you see at least one who has accepted them and has become better, or has approached Heaven? No, the things sin has penetrated cannot enter Heavenly home. No, no soul will be able to enter Heaven until it is purified of every sin, of every stain, no matter how small. This is a truth that God Himself has pronounced some time ago. Do you know where are those glorious Beings who once filled the vestibules of the glorious Heaven and who, for only one sin of disobedience, for one vice of slander only, for only one stain of impurity, were expelled into eternal exile from the Heavenly abode. There is no predilection in Heaven, no preference for one over the other. Everyone, young and old, lives in the continuous bonds of Love. There are all sons, all are priests, all are kings and servants of God - Chosen genus, royal seed.

    But the test is here, below, where everyone who is born is destined to go through all the tests of Life, to get closer to the path of perfection, to the path of holiness. "Be holy, says the Lord, for I am holy." These are the important things of Life - the knowledge of the Truth, which has a greater price than anything else. The truth is God Himself, and he who receives Him will be free and blissful. The Lord Himself is living water and true bread, and he who receives this bread will be alive, as He is. In your life, as I told you previously, it has to happen that great change I told you about in my last conversation. It is impossible to advance upwards without this inner change. Without it, you will be like a blind man who wants to see the beauty of God's world. Without it, you will be like a fool, who wants to understand the ways of Wisdom and the decrees of Light. Here is the main condition - to be free from all sin. It is said by the Lord that everyone who is born of God does not sin because the Spirit of God dwells in him.

    But you ask yourself internally how can anyone know when is born of God. I'm answering you: when he sees in himself the distinctive features which are peculiar to God, when Love, Truth, Virtue dwell in him in their fullness; when there is in him peace and harmony between every thought, between every feeling, when the contradictions of life cease to disturb his mind; when dissatisfaction leaves his heart; when malice and lust cease to cast a shadow over his soul's life, and he, with a new self-consciousness, as a newborn, newly delivered man, is seen to stand in one world, quite different in nature, and to be excited by things and thoughts of a very different kind; when kindness, mercy, sincerity, benevolence, compassion, and complete inner self-forgetfulness give their lives as a living and holy sacrifice pleasing to God for the good and glory of His work, without seeking their own will or their own desires. This is what it means to be born of God and to be like Him in life. This is a condition, this is a great need for a soul like yours, who seeks God everywhere. You know from your experience in this life that every seed must have the qualities of its kind, and you know that only through these qualities it can be distinguished to which kind the seed belongs. Here is a great Truth that distinguishes people, animals, trees. But this Truth itself also distinguishes man in himself. The flesh-born man, in whom flesh and blood reign, cannot manifest in his heart and soul the qualities, feelings, and thoughts of a man born of God, in whom the Spirit has the Lordship. Because these two souls are of two opposite natures, incompatible in themselves. Where flesh and blood prevail, the Spirit cannot manifest his beneficent deeds, nor can the consciousness of such a soul grasp and comprehend the spiritual things of a soul living in a very different environment, in a position much higher than its. And therefore it is said that the natural man cannot understand the things which are of the Spirit, because they are spiritually understood. And this is right and true. It is true, for it is truthful, and the words of the Lord are continually confirmed daily.

    All who approach the Lord must undergo an inner change as a general basis. This is a general and inexorable law of Life. The same rule applies throughout his kingdom. All beings, from the smallest to the greatest, are subject to the same internal change. No living soul can ascend a step higher unless it changes internally and prepares for the higher environment, for the higher position to which it aspires. This is the general establishment in this temporary life, in whom change, modification are inherent to it as a beginner's life. However, improvement, inner self-consciousness, raising the soul life, purity of heart, nobility of mind, dignity of soul, the sanctity of the will are belonging and advantage only of the spiritual man, born not of a decomposed seed of a son of man, but of God, of a holy seed.

    The things that God has created and commanded must always follow their order. First - the natural, then - the spiritual; first - the visible, then - the invisible; as in a school, where learning begins with subject teaching and then leads to pure thinking of the mind. First, the eye, ear, and any other feeling must be aroused and exercised by touch and sensing and then to move on to the inner notion of things. The comparison here is appropriate. In such a simple and tangible way every undeveloped soul must begin, in which the natural has precedence over the spiritual - because the conditions are such in every beginning. However, the one created for Heaven, irresistibly, must one day go beyond all obstacles beyond the realm of the natural and temporary, and enter the boundaries of the eternal; for only here are all the necessities for the improvement and complete perfection of the soul. It must go back to where it came from.

    "And God breathed into Adam from His breath, and he became a living soul." However, the second Adam, who is from Heaven, is the Lord Himself, who became the life-giving Spirit. As for the first it was so easy and natural to sin and not keep the promise and the commandment, so for the second it was the opposite - who was in power himself, by His Spirit to restore what was lost, and to reconcile the unity of Life. For in the very beginning, when God created Adam, He created him alone, protecting him from every fall and every slip, so that there is no evil place to nest in his soul. But because he had found by experience that his condition was not suitable for him and did not give him pleasure, he asked God for a companion, similar and suitable for him. All this showed that he was not yet able to appreciate God's fellowship with himself. He was not yet spiritual to understand the spiritual regulations - he was a living soul, but not a living Spirit. He preferred soulful feelings and benefits to spiritual ones. He saw in the natural world, that the creatures below him walk two by two, and that there was some connection between them. And he seemed to have some pleasure in this hidden communion. He asked God, for the same motives, to have a comrade similar to himself, but in this particular comrade he did not see that the door of his fall was opening. This comrade, who was the woman, had to provoke all the passions that slept in his soul. And God knew that he would not be able to become master of himself and that he himself condemns himself to suffering. For, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was the woman, from whom it was forbidden to taste after - because on the day he tastes, he will die. But could he stand in front of such a tree, so pleasant to the eye, without tasting its pleasant fruits? No, it was impossible in the very essence of Adam. And the woman persuaded him at last to taste this fruit, by giving him an example, by offering him the seductive reward that he will become like God to know all things and to be able to create his own offspring and to rejoice and receive from him all future honors. That is more, she confirmed, than to be two and to move on and on in this garden forever, than to become possessors of the whole Earth and its riches. God foresaw the future, and when yet He gave His command to test Adam, He told him: "Be fruitful now; multiply, possess the Earth and fill it."

    But could he fill the Earth and possess it, without breaking the commandment, without tasting the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and without understanding this inner meaning of Life? No, it was impossible within the very things of life itself, which he had adopted. There was already a living soul in him, awakened, endowed with judgments, who wanted to taste and experience everything, be it good or bad - it was not harmful to him, as long as he achieved his wish. Here is the inevitable moment of the fall and the unfortunate path on which evil crept in and entered life with all its consequences and horrors. The face of the earth was to be ignited by the fire of hell and to be washed one day with all its sins and crimes.

    But because of Adam's inability (because he was carnal) to do the Righteousness, the Lord predestined Himself to incarnate and bring Adam's suffering descendants out of the land of bondage. And therefore the Lord says that those who become like the future age and the life of the Resurrection from the dead will not marry and will not follow a man, but they will be equal-angels. Evil will no longer have a place, for all who are already redeemed by the power of the Word of the Lord, having tried and tasted everything and have learned from deep inner experience, and already know the consequences that arise from every desire, from every act, will reject the burden of sin and the crime which may entangle them and which may again produce their downfall. But the spiritual man cannot commit sin, because sin itself is something unfeatured to him. Sin and deception cannot find any soil in his soul to grow. He is free from their influence and bait, just as God himself is free. For, says in one place the Spirit of the Lord, that everyone is deceived by his own lust, by his own desire, which, when conceived, gives birth to sin, and sin, when committed, gives birth to death. These internal accidents of the soul are true. But you will ask on what basis. Here is what: every power or every grace, given without bearing fruit worthy of food for the soul, is an irreparable loss for itself; and it is known to you that every soul that spends without earning is convicted to suffering, to temporary and eternal deprivation. This is such a truth for who knows it that does not carry any contradiction in itself. Not everyone who says to me, "Lord, Lord," will enter the Kingdom of God, but he who does the Will of My Father. And do you think that when the Lord speaks, His words will not be established? No, Heaven and Earth will pass, but not My words.

    Beware, therefore, of any teaching that decomposes, that challenges God's Truth. Everything will pass, all that men have said will be forgotten, but the Truth of the Lord your God will stand forever as an unshakable pillar, as the foundation on which all Heaven is built.

    He cannot be born of the Spirit of Truth who commits sin, in which temptation and lust rule and reign. Such a person can never enter the Kingdom of God. Such a soul can never develop and reach its perfection and bear worthy fruit. Such a soul, such a man is similar to a stalk of wheat in a grain-free class. Can such a class continue its life or the life of its kind? No, by any means. That is why it is said that the wicked will perish, sinners will be cut off from the land of the righteous. Here in it the Lord Himself acts, applying Himself and keeping His commandments. No one will escape His punishment. He is righteous and holy and makes judgement over every act, over every deed, and He will pronounce His judgment one day. If His mercy is great, then His righteousness is similar. If His Love is great, then His holiness is equally the same. God is the One pure and holy. For Him there is no merits of differences. In everything, He fulfills the intentions of His Spirit of His supreme Will. As kind and condescending He is to have mercy on a repentant soul, so strict and righteous He is, and holy to condemn an old sinner hardened in evil.

    But these things are not the most important for you - to know in what way God can have mercy and forgive, and in what way He can condemn and destroy. The important thing is your salvation, your revival, your renewal and improvement in the Lord's path. The important thing is your dedication to know the Truth, which is God Himself. You have to look for this inner knowledge, you have to dress in it yourself. Then, surely, your service will be pleasing to God, the work of your hands will be pleasant before His face. For, if you are worth His Will as Lord Himself, then you will be obeyed always and at all times. And there will be nothing impossible for you. You will call on and you will be answered, you will ask and you will receive. Here it is the great blessing of God - to be always favorable to Him. Isn't this the greatest good to be able to always be worth what the Spirit always desires? Yes, this is the ministry of the Spirit. Yes, the ministry of Spirit is precisely this.

    Here I have enlightened you on an object so important and necessary for your spiritual life. What I have told you is not for the world, but for yourself. Because for a long time I have seen your difficulties, the hopeless circle of your efforts. Your constant falling and rising produced mercy and pity in my Spirit. I said to myself: "Here is a soul that seeks me, that wanders in the darkness of ignorance, that constantly seeks Light аnd a starting point in a hopeless situation of this temporary life." Then I stretched out my hand as an intercessor, a father, as a brother, as a friend, and I caught you without knowing me, and I led you to the place of salvation to be delivered. I have paved your way, prepared all the means you need to learn and educate under my guidance. Step by step I had to walk with you and keep you from slipping and falling, and in everything that your soul wanted for this world to acquire, I made it possible for you to try all the goods and bitter things. I have preserved you with all the receptions of knowledge and given flight to your mind to ascend and descend to the highest places that man is forgiven. And yet, I watch with amazement that this does not thank you either. Your inner Spirit is restless. You are seeking for what is neither in this world nor in this life.

    Today is the last day of your course that you will complete, and you will take an exam in front of Me. And when you pass successfully, I will introduce you to a new field, to a new life, unknown to you so far, and there I will teach you everything and show you how you should act and work. If you understand the meaning and spirit of these words, you have achieved my path, you have approached Me, and the action of faith will produce that inner change. Because without faith it is impossible to please God. Аnd so, knowing the Truth, it remains to receive it. And when you receive, the day of your birth in God will be noted. And when you are born and enter into the new frames of God's Life, you will be known as you are known.

    July 5, 1900

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    Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

  12. Готов превод Разговор шести , Пътят и Истината - 21.7.1900-ИБ-14 / .: 21.7.1900-ИБ-14

    Sixth conversation, The Path and the Truth

    Put into your heart all that I have told you so far, for time will justify my words and confirm the Truth that I spoke to you by my heart, because I am truthful today and tomorrow. Here, the inner renewal that is taking place in your soul, you will see with your own eye. I will correct your thoughts and restore the powers of your soul, and I will clothe your heart in Wisdom and Knowledge, and you will rejoice in my presence, and your life will pass from death to Life. The unbelief of every soul is the main obstacle to the salvation of each of you and it is strange this condition of yours, which you impose on yourself out of negligence and laziness. Many times when I knock on your heart, the doors are closed and everything shows that the doors are rusty on their handles. How many times in my life as I passed by, I found you sleeping in the neglect of spirit. Your body and soul were cheerful, but not your Spirit and the interior of your heart. And here it is one main reason for the delay in your rebirth.

    There is no doubt that what I am telling you now, you feel it yourself. Your mind has been busy with many things so far, but not with the Truth. You wished a lot of things, but not anything special. You wished everything, but in fact nothing came out. Where are your thoughts and desires - where have they flown now, what happened to them? What changes do you see in your life today than before? Isn't this a whole deception of your own? Yes, without a doubt. But be grateful and thankful to God that he did not allow you to lose your soul. And this is the greatest good He has done to you. When a man in this world loses all his wealth, but saves his Life, it can be said that he has lost nothing, but on the contrary - he has won. What good would it be for him if he lost his Life and gained his wealth? It would be of no use, it would be nonsense. That is why the Lord says about the rich man: "You foolish, tonight I will demand your soul and to whom will you leave all that you have earned?" This will happen to anyone who does not get rich in the Lord, but in the world. Wealth is the soul, and if one is saving his soul, he becomes rich both in another world and in this world that sacrifices his wealth for the salvation of his Life. Because Life can regain the wealth it has lost, but wealth itself cannot regain Life. In the story of righteous Job, the Lord gives a good and wonderful example for you. Therefore, understand the content of these words and do not be ungrateful, but grateful. Your soul, which the Lord has preserved and loved is the greatest gift the Lord has ever given you. Isn't it true - what is the use for a man if he wins the world and loses his soul? This is a terrible evil that can befall a man: to sell, to ruin the best and most valuable creation - his soul. Isn't this the greatest folly a sinner can do against himself? Doesn't this show the culmination of a decomposition, of a supreme iniquity against God and his own Spirit - to destroy that which is most holy and intimate in itself. Isn't such a behavior for condemnation, isn't such of an act worthy of hell?

    Yes, this is the incurable evil of life that a person can inflict on himself, that no one else can do to him. No one can destroy the Life of one soul except man alone. Be thankful that God Himself has ordained you for salvation, and therefore work and act to accomplish His purpose. He has determined you - this is an innermost secret, which only God knows why he does this. He who hears the voice of the Lord must listen to His words, and in this listening that beneficent action of God's renewal of the soul takes place. As the spring sun and the spring rain have a beneficial effect on plant life, so does the coming of the Spirit of God and his voice. And how good the Spirit of the Lord explains, by saying: "Those who hear His voice will come to life." And now you yourself, who listen to my voice and receive it, are alive and living a life that you do not know where it comes from. But this life is the Lord of Life himself. But this life is the Lord of Life himself. His Holy Spirit enlivens you by speaking to you, for he is in constant communion with your soul, which breathes and receives His Spirit.

    Here is a great and intimate secret of the Kingdom of God, which is realized and perceived. The Spirit is the Life - this is what the Lord says and you must believe in His words. He who listens to the words of God and turns his face to Him in prayer, everything becomes clear to him. Knowledge and Wisdom come into his soul as immediately as Light. And the Lord reigns and life takes on meaning. What is this reign of the Lord? It is similar, as the reign of the Sun over the day. Such a reign is pleasant, isn't it, the heart that awaits the day, isn't it, when seeing the crack of dawn and the approach of the Sun of day, that joy fills the whole interior of man? Such a similar and related state is acquired spiritually by every soul when the Lord reigns. What I am telling you is clear to you.

    The true Light is God. These natural things that you see are only signs, emblems and clarifications of the spiritual. Because the visible world in its main features is created in the image of the Spiritual - order, orderliness are occupied from above. The essence as a whole is the personification of the Invisible Peace. Nature expresses the life and actions of all сritters and creatures that God has created. These regulations, this great stage, these actions of the visible world are elevated for your training. To whom of you are predestine to inherit Heaven, God created it all for you to bring you closer to Himself. And all together it serves as an aid for the above and the more perfect. It is not the signs, syllables and words that give its pleasantness and beauty - it is the content that seeps into them, the Spirit that blows. All other things are means, steps, aids, conveniences, facilities, one by one more adaptable, to bring the Divine thought that goes to you. And when this Divine thought penetrates and enters the most innermost stations of the soul and transmits its message to the Spirit, it forms that inner connection, which is an expression of the visible Lord's Love. And what is this guarantee that a messenger of God brings from Him to your soul, apart from testifying that His mercy, His kindness for you has not been shortened. Is it not He who constantly sends His assurances to your heart that the misfortunes that have befallen you are not some signs and prophecies, that the bonds of union have been broken between you and Him, and that God has turned His face against you as an enemy. No, on the contrary, He comes to give you a testimony that the storm of this world, which has broken some branch of your life, the torrent that has exposed the roots of your tree, or the frost that has scorched one or another leaf will turn for your good. "The broken branch," He says, "will be transplanted with a much better branch." He will cover the bare roots with much better soil and put much better marl around them, which he will surround and preserve. And in the place of the withered leaves He will grow new ones, much better than the previous ones, which will be for the healing of all your pains.

    And now, when He Himself, who holds the reins of everything in this world, promises You His cooperation and His blessing, I ask if there is room for doubt. No, this is as true as the Earth stands on its foundations and Heaven covers it like a garment with its blessings. What can you or anyone else doubt about God's grace? In nothing. Isn't your very life a constant testimony that God is always merciful and good? If He were not omniscient, would He allow you to think, watch, listen, act and do whatever you want? Would He allow you to look freely upward and call on Him as a friend for help? Which of the earthly rulers has ever given such freedom to his subjects and such indulgence that they may always have access to Him? He is the Lord Himself, who has done this, who is everywhere, whose eye is all-seeing, who weighs and evaluates all deeds.
    But you are mistaken, trying to hasten God's work. May a woman give birth to her child prematurely or may she give birth to several children at once? No, this is impossible. If for earthworks, as birth, it requires a certain number of days and months to fill the number of time that conception requires, how much more God's work requires this full observance. But I say: a woman can give birth before time and after time, but both cases are fatal for the child - in the first death awaits the child, in the second death engulfs the child yet within. Here it is why observations must be kept. "If you understand the content of My words now, the thoughts of My Spirit, you will be able to do My Will" - so says the Lord.

    If you knew all the signs of this book, which is written and unfolded before you, which contains the whole Heaven and the whole Earth, you would read quite clearly and read the whole past and the whole future that is printed and written on it for this world and for that. You would understand the language of things, who speak and testify of themselves and of the Truth.

    Ask that worm why he is dragging and he will answer you why. But will you understand this riddle - why does he crawl and drag constantly, and what benefit does he find in this? No, but it seems to you its dragging and crawling without content, meaningless. But, I tell you that it has in itself as much content and as much importance as the circulation of the Earth to the Sun. Yes, he does a decent job, even though he is humiliated to the ground. Ask him why he is doing it and he will answer. But will you, who doubt the words of God, believe his words? He can sometimes bite you off one or another leaf of a tree or bite one or another root of one of your trees, but you have to apologize it for that, because that's his job. And thank yourself, that he, by his apparent negligence, has taught you many lessons. And look, it never grumbles, it is always grateful. If you crush and grind it, it patiently accepts its fate and does not carry any hatred for the evil done to it. Even if you throw it out of its place, it gratefully goes to another, telling you: "Man, I have not done you harm, the earth is the Lord's, and I am doing my duty, even if it is unpleasant. I may look like a criminal to you, but not to my creator. I want to tell you, my food is soil and as you can see, it is not very rich, but I am grateful. But I want to remind you that if you serve the world, I will eat you and remember - don't be mad at me if one day I find myself and start chewing on your fat. Know from now on that this is my position from God - to do so with all who hide in this land. If you like and are disgusted by this terrible presence of mine in the darkness of the night, when you lie down on the ground to sleep and rest, thinking, I say to you from now on: man of God, even if you consider me an enemy, take the wings of your Holy Spirit, which God gives you, and fly to the home of Heaven, because there is the best and blessed place, where neither worm, nor moth, nor thief approaching."

    July 8, 1900

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  13. Готов превод Методи за лекуване - 22.8.1919-СБ-244 / .: 22.8.1919-СБ-244

    Title: Healing Methods

    You would like to heal yourselves, therefore, I will give you some methods.

    Someone who suffers from neurasthenia or is spiritually indisposed should go for a short walk to the nearby garden or forest then turn east and lean their back against a big, thick tree trunk – elm, oak or pine with their right hand on the chest and the left one behind on their back. They should fall into a state of contemplation thinking about the impact of the tree. Soon in five, ten or fifteen minutes or at least an hour their mood will change - they will get a certain power from the tree due to the exchange between their magnetism and the tree's one and thus they will get better to some extent. They should go to this tree one, two or three times and the tree will cure them. This is a natural way of healing. People used to cure themselves in this way long ago. An old man used to take his walking stick and go to a tree, lean his back against it, and the onlookers thought: "Why is this old man propping this tree?" He doesn't prop the tree but it is the tree that is props him. The old man tells the tree: "Today people are big egoists – they do not give anything. Can you give me some of your energy to invigorate me?"

    A second method of healing – if you are indisposed again ad suffer from neurasthenia – during summer when the wheat begins to ripen, go to a village, get the peasants' permission to go around the fields several times, go through the wheat fields, walk about 1-2 kilometers, concentrate on the life of the wheat. You will feel a great relief in an hour. It would be much better if you can go for such walks every day – this will do you good for months.

    Another rule: when you go out for walks or excursions, choose water for drinking which is from a source situated in the south because the water of such springs is full of creative energy. It is healthy. Never drink water which is from a spring that is in the north because its energy is positive.

    Often when you are exposed to the Sun, you say that it bothers you. Do you know why you do not love to expose your face to the Sun? It is because your face drives back the solar energy, which causes you certain discomfort.

    – Does it matter what clothes we wear – white or black?

    – It matters. The clothes we wear affect us greatly. The white colour is negative and it does more creative work.

    I will give you another way of self-development because you do not know yet the outward signs which to make you aware of your shortcomings. Certain organs in the people are underdeveloped, which is due to lack of food. Let's assume that there are some people among you who are ruder than the others. These people's head above their ears is broad and if they touch the head with their hands, they will feel big bulges. If the head at the front is flattened, this indicates that mercy is developed. If it is bulged behind at the ears, such man is rude, cruel and there is big energy in him, which seeks to find out a place to manifest itself. This energy is amassed particularly in these parts of the head, and the slightest knock, irritation on this place causes electric sparks. Such man soon flies into a rage and says: "Mr, you hit me and did much harm to me!" No, the reason for this is the current, which manifests as a result of the touching of the button to the wire.If you are a sensitive person, you will stop and look at the man – you should not get closer to him – you should listen to his voice in which he speaks to you because there at his ears energy is amassed, which waits any moment to explode, to come out. The whole energy of the horse is accumulated around its rump therefore when you get closer and touch it, it kicks. When the horse kicks, it does not do it deliberately but says: "If you want energy, I will give it to you because I have more than enough." The point is that it does not know how to transmit this energy, and you do not know how to receive it. That's why there is a clash. I recommend individuals whose head is developed at the ears to be on friendly terms with people whose head is flattened at this place, and they will love each other. A man whose head is flattened at this place cannot be that cruel to others, and there are ways of absorbing his energy in excess. Then people who do not have these organs or they are not developed, they do not know how to kick, and they should be on friendly terms with people who can kick as to become more active. Everybody should know how to kick a little – the one who does not know how to kick at all, they should learn. What I mean with the word kicking is work – he who does not know how to kick, does not know how to work.When you work with a hoe, spade, it is kicking, isn't it? It is the rump of the horse, isn't it? Some people say: "I do not kick" but I see them doing it every day both ways – forwards and backwards. Pick up a stone and throw it – this is kicking. Kicking is not a bad thing, but you should know how to kick – how to transmit the energy you have beneficially. Evil in the world is especially in this – the energy is transmitted at unsuitable places and thus it causes harm. So if your head is flattened, do not be on friendly terms with with people with the same faults but on the contrary be on friendly terms with people who have developed great mercy and generosity. If you meet a very generous man, do not advise them not to give, but take a little energy from theirs as to develop your heart because if you teach them not to give, it means that your head is flattened.

    Some people think that everybody is religious. Not everyone among you is equally religious.If all of you were equally religious, you could improve the situation in Bulgaria in a blink of an eye with just one blowing. When some people say: "In the name of God Jesus Christ", this means to love God with all your soul, all your heart and all your power, because when you love all people, God will change them immediately. Do not think that when a man prays very much and raises his hands upwards, he is very religious – not at all. He is religious formally. There is politeness, modesty and awe in a truly religious man but not the awe of a servant standing with arms folded together, shaking with fear in front of his master but if he leaves, the fear disappears and the man starts abusing him verbally with curses and other foul language. Not religion like that! On the contrary, awe increases in the truly religious man after his master goes away. If you do not have such a disposition, you are not religious people. The religious feeling has three functions– respect for the old, for one's father, mother and Love for God. This means to love and respect the place where you were born, to love and respect your father, mother and to love God. All this flows out of one power, one and the same center, which acts inside.

    If you would like to develop your mercy, project your mind in that center of the head, which is two centimeters above the forehead and as a result there will be a flow of blood to that place, which will start feeding the corresponding cells. If these cells start developing, they will bring about and take in the vibrations of the Invisible world, and you will start becoming merciful intuitively.

    You would like to become musical, to understand music then project your mind towards the two sides of this ridge, which is above the end of your eyebrows. If you continue with these experiments for about a year, you will get to love music and you wil feel like singing. Some people think that music is outside. It is not, it is inside. God says: "I have sown the seeds, you will water them, and music will come.

    Some people complain of weak faith. In people whose faith is strongly developed, this place which is above the place of music, is lifted. When these centers are strongly developed, the head is wide. That's why when you think that your faith is weak, project your mind constantly upwards to the specified center, start watering and cultivating it and you will gradually create that disposition towards the faith, which is hidden in you. We owe clairvoyance, intuition and other abilities, which are about twelve to faith. Faith is the only unselfish feeling. It does not have any practical application on the Earth. You believe that a man is good, but they may not be such, Moreover, you know that if you believe in it, this man will be good in future. A man who has faith, develops their wealth. They are unselfish, generous, which brings them fortune, while a man who does not have faith is poor. Another feeling develops to the detriment of faith, which consumes the energy and descends among the astral, ethereal and physical world. According to the contemporary occult sciences, we should know where the astral world is on our head. Paradise is right on top of the head, the causal world, to the middle of our head at the front is the mental world, down behind the head is the astral world. You will project your mind upwards. Christ says: " If you had faith as big as a mustard grain, you could move mountains." Why does he compare faith to a mustard grain? He does it because only that faith heals, the one which raises blisters as is the case with the mustard grain. When you give to someone, you raise blisters to yourself, your purse, everywhere. Your purse is inside you, so take it out. As Christ has said you ought to have faith as big as a mustard grain, which means this faith to become active, to have an effect, to take everything out. When we want to have this and that, it is not due to our faith. It is because faith belongs to the active world, it is a Divine feeling and it can never be passive. Faith is passive when it is not developed. The fruits of faith ripen above – in the causal world, and it always says: "God is good for us." The fruits of faith ripen neither in the menal field nor in the astral one but only in the causal world. And what are the fruits? Unselfishness. If you are unselfish, you already have a small fruit in the causal world.

    – Is our wish to become spiritual unselfish?

    – You have a wish to become spiritual people, to show your worth. In order to become spiritual, first, you should develop your spiritual feeling – Love for God, respect for your kin and then unselfish belief. The spiritual man ought to have – Love for God and all creatures even for the smallest ones. What is more, they ought to have developed mercy, faith, hope and conscientiousness, whose centers are in the causal world. People whose centers( mentioned above) are not developed do not have an notion of right and conscientiousness. A man is unproductive and unscrupulous if their organs of conscientiousness do not have their roots in the causal world. From this point of view, we have a different outlook. As this philosophy develops in theosophy, it presents the esoteric, inner side of this teaching and it is not for your minds. Even writers themselves, who write theosophic books, do not understand it properly and do not have methods of application. Writing such books requires a great advancement – mind and heart should be developed as to comprehend things even at the slightes hint.

    Physical world constitutes the soil of life, astral world – water of the Divine world while mental world constitutes atmosphere, the air of this Divine world. Causal world is represented by light and heat, which are the reason for the existence of the whole flora on the Earth: astral world forms seas and oceans while the ethereal body – small and big rivers, which have been projected in the physical world. Ethereal world is the one which connects astral world with physical one. The ethereal body is connected with the physical one in such a way that the energy is transmitted through its channels and fertilises the Earth. This is not only a mere phylosophical doctrine but the true explanation of the question.

    – How to concentrate, how to isolate a certain center to project our thought towards another one?

    – What I mean when I tell you to project your thought, is to concentrate. That's why you should pray to God to help you and show how to project your thought. As you constantly keep thinking about an organ, you will start feeling some change – a strong feeling of faith, and at the place where you feel the pressure, there is the place of this organ. When somebody insults you very much, you feel some pressure, tightening behind towards the top of the head. Thus you will develop mercy, musical feeling, faith, religious feeling, which is in the middle of the head but to succeed, you should work for a long time. We recreate our organs in every life, but the most important thing is that we work on them constantly. They do not destroy. Faith is not destroyed but it remains and constantly develops.

    – Can we pay attention to all centers?

    – If you succeed in developing one or two organs, faith and conscientiousness in a lifetime, you have achieved very much. This is a very long school. As you constantly project your mind toward one of these centers, you will be able to develop the respective organs. You cannot develop the organs in the upper part of your head because your thought has been projected toward the lower part of the head, where the whole blood flows, feeding these cells but not being able to reach the upper ones, which consequently fall behind with their development. A man who has some feelings which are developed for the sake of others, should be on friendly terms with such people who can complement them. If you look for religious people, look for them in the world not in the churches. When you find them, keep them as the apple of your eye – they will transmit some of their energy, and you will feel what you should feel. As I talk about these things, pointing out to some of you which organs are developed and which are not, do not say: "We know him – he does not have these or those feelings developed." Somebody else will say the same thing about you. You should never look for undeveloped things in people because thus you go back in your development, which prevents you from going on in your way. God knows what everyone has. That's why do not mock your souls. When you meet your brother, tell him the truth: "Brother, you have a stain about a centimeter big, which is hardly visible.Let me clean it," Do not say that the stain is very big and dark – you can state things as they are. You should always speak the truth.at least.If there is a straw in the eye – say a straw not a beam. Noble relationships should develop in you and respect for people, which to drive you toward the noble and sublime in the world. You ought to think that people are good, and they will be good. When the devil meets you, he says: "You are such a man who does not have mercy and so on."And all this makes you feel bad. God does not think thus about you.

    – What is the use of the religious feeling without faith? What is the correlation?

    – Big. There is a correlation between faith and the religious feeling. There is also a correlation among all causal feelings. When the causal feelings descend to the mental world , they acquire certain forms. Every power is determined by a certain form, which in its actions is determined by the internal power put in it. Astral world provides the fuel, with which every power will be formed. Ethereal world gives the path, and physical world shows the place in the world where the power should fall and what the effect should be. That's why physical world is soil only for the effect. A man ought to develop not only their religious feeling strongly but also their faith, hope, conscientiousness, reason and mercy. The thing which we call reason constitutes just one area. What I understand by causal world is the essence of the things. When we talk about reason, it is the link between causal world and superior mental world. It determines the correlation of the causes, which enter the mental field. When you would like to develop certain organs, you should not do it at the same time but gradually one by one. When you feel love for God, you will develop this feeling. As soon as you project your mind in the spiritual world and you want to live there, you will develop faith. If you want to reach the angels, start developing your imagination. Imagination can be developed only with the power of faith.

    – Can we benefit from the book " Reasoning power"?

    – You can, but these books are not clearly explained.

    – Is it allowed to pick flowers when they blossom?

    – Sometimes it is allowed to pick them.

    – But what to do when the flower does not let you pick it easily?

    – You should not do it.

    – Don't you pick life when you pick a flower?

    – No.

    – Give a short definition of reason, please.

    – Second lecture.

    If you have an eczema, hair loss, rheumatism in your joints or some swelling( intumescence) in your abdomen, if you are rich, make a porch, terrace exposed to the Sun and with glass fence, take off your shirt, lay in bed with your head to the north, feet to the south, sunbathe your chest for an hour but protect your head from the Sun. Then sunbathe your back for half an hour, then your chest for half an hour, your back for half an hour and so on until you sweat. If you bask in the Sun 20, 30, 40 times, all will pass – the eczema and rheumatism will disappear, and you will become healthy. Once your abdomen gets better, your digestion will become normal and your blood will function normally.

    – What to do if your hands and legs are unwell?

    – You can expose your whole body to the Sun.

    – What time of the day is it suitable to do it?

    – In the morning from 8 to 10 o'clock. If these sunbathings have a positive effect on yourr spinal cord, your brain and lungs , you will feel the positive effect in the whole body. All depends on your brain – it is like a battery. If this battery starts to respond, the charging with solar energy proceeds normally, then it is sent to all parts of the body and this energy starts to heal it.

    – What about the fear of sunstroke?

    – The sunstroke depends on the plaques in the brain. When there is a sunstroke, the ethereal body goes outside and the physical body remains on its own.

    – Why do we have to protect our head from the Sun?

    – The head should not be overexposed to the Sun because the brain will immediately attract the solar energy and will not be able to transmit it to the other parts of the body.

    – Some people recommend covering the head with greenery.

    – Yes, you should.

    – Which months of the year are suitable for basking in the Sun?

    – May, June, July and August. When you heal yourself, you would better do it together with several other people. You can do it in groups of ten people, even in the same groups, which you have chosen to see if you can heal yourselves through faith. If someone is ill, try concentrating your thought on them to see whether you could cure them. Healing should not be done at random but systematically – if the first group fails to cure them then the second group has to try and so on. When you heal someone, the effect will depend on the power of your faith. If the man who you heal is not connected to the causal world, you will not be able to heal them through a spiritual way. That's way Christ has said: "It shall be done to you according to your faith." This means: if you have grown up in the causal world, I will be able to heal you with faith, otherwise it would not be possible because the sacred is not given to the pigs.

    – What about the children who do not have any faith?

    – Children, who do not have any faith, are healed by their parents by using their magnetism: a mother will heal her daughter, a father – his son.

    – Will healing be effective if the father is a nonbeliever and the mother is a believer.

    – Yes. As long as the person who heals has magnetism.

    – Everybody has it, hasn't it?

    – No.

    – How can we know if we have magnetism?

    – If you are in a good mood, you have magnetism; if you are in a bad mood or nervous – you do not have any magnetism. Magnetism gives a good mood.

    – The traditional medicine prescribes quinine for treating fevers, aspirin for headache and so on, which medicines, believe it or not, help and are effective to some extent. Is there any positive method and efficacious means in healing in the spiritual world?

    – This healing, which I recommend to you, is a hundred times more effective.

    – You have already said that there may be a positive effect if there is a relation in healing.

    – Yes, otherwise the ill man could not be given the elements from the causal world. There is a slight positive effect when a doctor keeps massaging a man's leg for a year or two while in the causal world the ill man can be cured immediately – they will be told: "Stand up, walk!", and this will be all.

    – May people who are not connected with the causal world see a doctor?

    – All people who are connected with this School and apply the New Teaching do not need a doctor. Those who do not acknowledge this Teaching need a doctor, but you do not. Doctors are not for you, they are for the world. I have noticed that some people keep thinking about something, for example, that they are ill and need a doctor, and soon conditions are created for a doctor. If you say: "I do not need a doctor," the positive and negative phenomena create a resul – you, in particular, do not create the reason for a doctor's help. Do not say: "I do not need a doctor." Say "I always need God," and you will have God as a doctor. The doctor is inside us – God. When you say: "I do not need a doctor," it is already conceit. God will tell you: I will make you see that you need Me to break your pride." And if the doctor has a Divine art, I can leave them to treat me but if they do not have this art to massage and maim me – I will never allow them to do this.

    – Don't we take part of someone's disease when we go to heal them and get in touch with them?

    – Do not think about this. First, you should ask yourself: : Do I have to heal them?" If it is your obligation, you should not yield to any consequences. You should say: "No matter what happens, I will do it." Do I have to heal–this is the important question. If I have to, I will start to heal and learn how – I will learn and master the methods.

    – How will we know if we have to heal?

    –If you love the man, you will have to heal them.

    – In the past people would heal using mineral springs, and the one who was the first to get into a spring was cured. Does this mean that now the first one to get into a spring will be cured, too? Is there truth in this?

    – Yes. Warm springs are created for a reason – they have their purpose.

    – Will the first getting into the water be efficacious? I am asking because some brothers, who are believers, have been bathing for a year but have not got cured.

    – If the spring is visited by an angel, there will be a positive effect. In these cases, it is mainly the faith that does the healing.

    –When will women become emancipated?

    – Women and men will become emancipated when they find the inner connection between Love and Wisdom.

    – What is marriage like?

    – Marriage is quite the contrary process. When men and women find the inner connection between Love and Wisdom, there wil be marriage.

    – What means do we need for a living? And what occupations should we practise?

    – You should know how to kick forward and backward. If you kick forward, the energy which comes out of you should heal people. You should bravely proceed with every occupation which you have been more helpful with to your relatives than harmful. Those of you who want to heal should not become bar keepers and butchers.

    – What do you think about cattle- breeding?

    –The new teaching forbids you to use any creature to your benefit. You may use it only to stimulate its evolution. A cow may be used only to advance in its development. It is sent also to suffer – to sacrifice itself and to learn the law of generosity. As I watch how the cow gives its milk voluntarily, I ask myself: "Do I perform my duty well as it does?" If a cow, which gives us so many good things, does not grumble, do we have the right to do it? Why don't we devote our mind, heart and will to God as voluntarily as a cow gives its milk? Anyway, you can practise every occupation which does more good than harm to the others and vice versa, every occupation which does more harm than good is forbidden for you to practise. An occupation which gives 75% good and 25% harm can be practised, but if it gives only 25% good and 75% harm should not be practised. I solve the problem as a matter of principle.

    – Which trend of the political ones acts in agreement with the Divine plan?

    – All trends work in God's name but not all of them act in agreement with Him. If you modify your question, I will modify my answer, too.

    – What should our attitude towards the existing political trends now be? Should we support them?

    – Every political trend which works 75% effectively for the advancement of society and the people, should be supported because it is Divine. All the left trends in social, political, cultural and spiritual life act in agreement with the Divine plan. All left trends today work in agreement with this plan while the right ones – against it. If a socialist preaches a left trend with the aim of making profit, they are right. They are left by name but apply the methods of the right. Most of all every man no matter what trend they belong to, who understands life perfectly, acts in accordance with the Divine plan. The left trends today should strive for improving the situation of the suffering mankind, that is to say, its moral condition not the houses, because if people's moral condition improves, the problem of the houses will be solved by itself. All preachers and priests say: "When you go to the other world, you will be fine." What is that world like? That is the left world. Now it is in our mind, but it will project and materialise on the physical field in another form some day.

    – What is your opinion about some left trends, for example, bolshevism and anarchism? What are their strong and weak points?

    – There are certain definitions in occultism, and the people who do not understand them, will be mistaken. One of the characteristic features of the left trends is that they are not national but universal ones. The right trends are social and national ones.Look, pay attention: all of you who are on my left are left when I have turned to the east, but if I turn to the west, the left ones become right, of course, if you stay where you are. What is meant by left, a left trend in occultism, is a man who works mainly for their personal good only, generally speaking. What I understand by a left trend is the trend of the heart. The right side is Wisdom and the left one is Love to me. The left trend cannot manifest in the left hand. When it is projected through Wisdom, which gives its direction, we have a wrong direction, a wrong course. The right trend acts in relation to Love and the left one acts in relation to Wisdom. This may seem scholastic to you or as they say stretching of the truth. When a man has taken up studying Wisdom and at the same time follows the trend of Love, they are left and cannot learn Wisdom. They will certainly clash with it. Wisdom causes many sufferings to you as to make you wise, while Love gives all goods to you as to make you good. Wisdom says: ''I live on the right but act on the left. That's why you will go in another direction." Wisdom causes all sufferings but Love brings all kindness and joy.

    – What should our point of view be on the existing trends, which work for the reorganization of societies?

    – If the left trends serve Love, they are right but if they serve Wisdom - they are left. If these new trends have come to create new forms, they will cause many sufferings.

    – What should our attitude to the political parties be – should we participate in them, be their members or shouldn't we?

    – You shouldn't be members of any parties, A man who is related to a noble woman does not have the right to be related to another woman. He may communicate with the other woman: talk to her, do her a favour, help her, do good things but he does not have the right to be in a relationship with her.

    – May we vote for a party if we do not have relations with it?

    –This is a favour, you may vote.

    – We should know which parties cooperate with the Divine plan to establish the Divine order as soon as possible.

    – Both trends – the left and the right one act in agreement with the Divine plan for the time being, but they cannot construct the world. We shall construct it – the right trend followers hold the head, the left ones hold the legs and we shall perform the activity.

    If we decapitate someone, we do not belong to the New teaching. We are neither left nor right regarding them, but as far as the Divine plan is concerned, we are right. We are right in regard to our wish to make place for Love to reform the world. If we let Love in, Love will reform it immediately. We should not be partial. What I claim is well-grounded on a natural law. I shall explain this question to you. Let's assume that we enter a garden with various flowers and vegetables, which have withered. I see a river outside of the garden and I say that if water is laid on as to flow slowly on all the flowers and vegetables, everything will become fresh in 5-6 hours. We, the modern people, always talk about Love but suffer from the lack of Love. We do not have Love inside us – we do not have a stream of water. Our Love is very different from the Love I talk about. We have drunk a glass or two of wine, cheer up, but this is an artificial manifestation of Love in us.

    – Can a spiritually developed man take up the responsibility for governing a people?

    – A spiritually developed man who has Love in themselves can govern a people.

    – What laws will they use? Should they abolish the existing ones?

    – Of course, they will abolish the existing ones, and if they are clever, they will be able to govern.

    – Will this governing be monarcharchist? Will it be technocratic?

    – May this thought not stop you. I shall give you another example. Imagine a big wheel, let's say, with 5000 cogs, interconnected to another camgear so as the cogs of the first wheel go between the cogs of the other one and they drive each other into movement. One cog is enough to drive the whole wheel and the rest of the cogs help it as well as every cog governs. The same applies to people's law. A king rules, let's say, for 20 years then he dies and his son, who is one of the cogs of the wheel, takes over. The man who will reform the world does not belong to the wheels and should not be from the world. You cannot take a sunken man out of slime, if you are not out of it. If you go to them, you wil also sink. What is the use of going into the slime to save them? You do not have a firm ground. You should not have anything to do with their living conditions.

    – You have said in a lecture: ''If you give me a village, I shall administer such perfect laws, which will put people to rights.'' How can this be applied?

    – Find a village.

    – We have found one – Bulgaria.

    – It is hardly available – someone calls out.

    – We can do it when we get access to it.

    – Let's do it anyway, by force!

    – The laws which govern us do not allow violence. You may teach people but you should never resort to violence against them. We can preach to people, teach them but we cannot and should not use their methods. If we misuse them, we shall become alike. Moreover, this will prevent the world from being even slightly reformed.

    – They wanted to crown Christ king, didn't they?

    – They wanted to crown Him king, but He refused because he thought that their teaching was old. He said: "My kingdom is not from this world," which means that it does not observe these concepts and habits.

    – How may fertility be increased?

    – If you have a hen, do not keep it much hungry, do not overfeed it either. If you have a field, do not manure it too much but do not undermanure it either - thus you can increase its fertility.

    – The point was: are there occult laws by which we can double or triple the yield of the fruits?

    – Yes, if you love your trees and fields. There are also other methods which the modern people apply but they are forceful. They use entirely the potential energy, which is stored in the earth, while this energy should be accumulated from the Sun because fertility depends particularly on it. There is a lot of kinetic energy – there is plenty of it. Let's assume that you have kinetic energy - you have a hundred apple trees densely planted – but there is not potential energy to flow into them; these trees will not bear fruit because this energy is spent.

    – Is this the reason why some trees bear fruit every other year?

    – They wait for this energy to accumulate because it has run low. The depletion of the potential energy is illustrated by the following example: let's assume that a lecturer has been delivering a lecture for two hours and meanwhile they have spent their potential energy. As they have just got down from the platform, someone approaches them and asks for further explanation on the discussed questions. The lecturer starts to get nervous, frowns and feels dissatisfied. Why? It is not because they do not feel like explaining this. They do not have what to give you, they do not have the means to express their thought in a good form and they start to work with opposite matter. Sometimes a man can speak for ten hours without getting tired. Why? It is because they draw on other people's potential energy. How should we act in this case? I shall choose someone and ask them: "Are you ready to give me some of the potential energy which you have in excess? If they give it to me, I shall go on with my life. The man, whom I have taken the energy from, will start to get nervous. This should be done after having asked for permission, but nowadays people take it without permission, which causes indisposition and hatred. What is more, you should ask for a certain quantity of this energy, the surplus not all the energy. We should be frank about all our actions.The people of the New teaching should have high morality and should ask permission for everything because there are invisible thefts in the world. If I were in a forest, I would be able to talk to you more time, longer without getting tired. Why? It would be possible because the plants and trees understand me, and I can take more potential energy from them. I would stop by a tree and would take a little energy from it then I would go to another tree and take energy from it. Thus I would obtain the spent energy. There are few trees here and one of them might wither. That's why Christ used to go away to pray in a forest – to the olive trees – this was deliberately done as He would obtain much energy there because people constantly drained Him. The trees understood Him and told Him: "Do not be afraid. We have lived longer than You. We know what people are like and that's why we shall help You."

    – How do we fight against diseases of plants?

    – The diseases of the plants are larvae, which come out from the Earth now because they find suitable conditions for growing and climbing on the plants. This is because miasmata come out of people, go to the plants and are absorbed by them amassing bad matter. This bad matter attracts larvae that swallow it. If we change our thoughts and desires, if we stop to throw out impurity, the diseases of the plants will disappear. If ten people from us go to a vineyard which suffers from phylloxera or peronospora and spread only good thoughts and desires in the atmosphere, the disease will disappear. That's why all bad thoughts and desires, people's impure life are miasmata, which when come out from people pervert plants. Miasmata are poisonous and plants cannot process them which creates alive microbes whose interests are in contrast to the ones of the plants.

    – What about the caterpillars?

    – Caterpillars are not parasites. They have the right to benefit from plants and they dry them up sometimes.

    – What should the future upbringing of children be?

    – Good conditions should be provided for mothers and children. Children should live in good conditions while they are still very little. Which conditions are good? Feed children on fruit. If a child is anaemic, you should give them many pears. If they are a little rough, feed them on apples. If they lack noble feelings, feed them on cherries, which at the same time balance the stomach. Water-melons, cornel-cherries, pumpkins will balance digestion, too.

    – Boiled or raw?

    – Raw. Generally, fruit develop noble feelings. If children feed on fruit, they do not need other food, because fruit will give them the best upbringing. They should not overeat and overstuff their stomach. If I had a child, I would take a red apple and give it to them. They should look at it for a few minutes until they conceive a feeling of gratitude and Love, which will make some impression on them without my talking about the apple, and then I shall tell them to eat it. You should do the same with plums and cherries. If you ask me why God has created fruit, I shall answer – to bring up His children.

    – Should we give milk to children?

    – You may give them animals' milk after their seventh year. Mother's milk is of big importance to them. When a child touches their mother's breasts, they fall under the influence not only of the milk, which they swallow but also of the magnetic power, which flows at times from the left breast, at times from the right one. If another woman feeds the child, the effectt will be different. A power flows out of the mother which ennobles the child. When a mother feeds her child, she should have the best disposition, she should not get angry. Men do not pay any attention to mother's disposition during this period. When a woman is pregnant, she should be surrounded by the best images as to be in a good mood. Ancient Greeks knew this and artificially created a good atmosphere for the pregnant woman. When the woman is pregnant, the man should be on good terms with her and should always be fair. The slightest sign of the man's disposition affects the child. The man should be an ideal for the woman during this period as the woman could see the best qualities in him because if a slightest doubt appears in her, it affects the child badly. When she conceives, she should not be dissatisfied with him because the child will be unhappy – her state of mind will affect the child. A child's upbringing should be referred to very seriously. We have distorted Nature's actions and through ignorance we try to set right the mistakes we have made. That's how matters should not stand. Only God can influence and bring us up today. Christ was aware of this and said: "If you do not come to life anew, you cannot enter God's Kingdom", which means: you cannot be brought up. Upbringing means that we should be born by Spirit and only then we shall be able to bring up the others.

    – What ways of fast development of mind, heart and will are there?

    – There aren't such ways.

    – What methods of getting rid of bad karma are there?

    – One method is to pay your debt. Evangelists solve this question like that: believe in God Jesus Christ and you will be saved and your home , too. I say: believe in God Jesus Christ and your karma will be done away with. This verse of believing relates to salvation in the sense that Christ just turns you back from one direction to another but does not pay off your karma. Selflessness and self-sacrifice are the best and fastest methods of karma liquidation. There aren't any faster methods than them.

    – What ways of turning hatred to Love are there?

    –This question was answered yesterday.

    –What is the impact of various kinds of food on one's character and temperament?

    – This is an extensive question, which will be considered some other time.

    – What are the methods we can protect and fence off ourselves from bad ghosts and influences?

    – You think that bad ghosts are more powerful than you. Don't think like that. You should know that you are more powerful than them but avoid irritating them with anything. When a bad ghost passes by, do not stand in its way, make a room, leave it to go away freely. Do not shout or talk to it, do not reason, do not argue. Make way for the evil to go away. A man cannot learn anything from the bad ghosts. You are like an obstacle in their way, and that's why they want to eliminate you. Get out of their way – nothing more than that.

    – What shall we do if they stand in our way?

    – Turn off the way.

    – What should be done if such ghosts go to a house and disturb its inhabitants?

    – Leave the house– its theirs.

    – What should be done if some of the ghosts go to the other house?

    –If it follows your tracks, this indicates that there is a karmic reason. It may be a ghost that wants to be born anew through you, but you do not give opportunity to it. It will chase you all over the world till you pay off your karma.

    – Where did the snake, which deceived Eve, come to Paradise from if Paradise is known to be the place of bliss?

    – The snake is the human mind. Mind that the snake went to Paradise after Eve's creation.

    – Why didn't it go earlier?

    – The reason was because Adam had a mind while Eve did not have one and the snake told her: "I shall settle in you because there is a heart in you and there is a mind in me – the mind you are looking for, and thus we shall do work in life." "How will you get inside me?"– asked Eve. "As you eat from this fruit."

    – Eve had been created out of Adam's rib, hadn't she?

    –The woman was really created out of Adam's rib, and he gave her everything but his mind. He was noble and sensible, having been aware what power the mind had and did not give it to her because he was apprehensive about it. When Eve remained without it, the snake came and offered her its mind, which Eve had wanted from Adam. Then it told her: "I am the one you are looking for." Adam and Eve are not a single entity. Adam's relationships with God were such as Eve's ones with Adam. Adam did not want to talk to God anymore–he was fed up with the conversations with God and he gave Him up. Then God told him: " You have given Me up but the woman, who you want, will also give you up." Actually, Eve gave up Adam. That's why nowadays all women give up their men. When men improve their relationships with God, then women will improve the relationships with their men. When Adam wanted to individualise, to feel free, then Eve wanted to get free. That's the point. It cannot be talked about more clearly because the one who is weak will be tempted.

    – Are involuntary killings of animals and plants blameworthy?

    – The louse, which is a parasite created by you may be killed. You may press it down with your nail if it does you bad. All parasites are shells.

    – Are there other animals besides parasites that are allowed to be killed, which does not create karma?

    – Mice, hares and all rodents belong to animals, which seek out parasiting. You shall ask me: "Why do the upper teeth of rodents grow so fast?" "Why are the hind legs of a hare longer?" Some people will answer to me that the hares' hind legs are longer as to run easily upwards. But is it easy for them with these long legs when they roll down? All people who are afraid have long legs because they are self-interested. Hares are cowardly and to see the result of their self-interest the hounds chase them and say: "You love self-interest – why do you love it?" And this will continue till hares come to consciousness. That's why some people are self-interested – to be chased as to see the sweetness of their teaching. Self-interest originates from fear. God gives the self-interested people a chance to feel fear as He allows their enemies to chase them.

    – Which animals are shells and which are immortal?

    – All that has been created by people is shells and may be destroyed.

    – If a snake comes and bites one of our children, should we kill it?

    – Snakes do not bite the people of the New teaching. They should not be killed – they will pass by on their own, no need to kill them. But bed-bugs and lice, which are create by the collective man, may be killed. You shall say: "Why has God cursed the snake?" God really cursed the snake like this: "Let the world be cursed because of you!" This means: " Damn it because the world gave birth to you with such desires, ambitions and inclinations." So, if a harmful animal does not attack us, we do not have the right to kill it.

    – Shouldn't we kill the animal and save the others if a beast of prey like a dog with rabies, wolf or another animal attacks and many children fall victims to it?

    – These questions are of minor importance. Generally, you should know that all that is human will disappear and the Divine will remain.

    – How to call ourselves?

    –Disciples of The White Brotherhood. All religions are methods of The Universal White Brotherhood. It would like to draw the peoples closer through them. Its messengers create and rule religions.

    – What about the philosophers and preachers of atheism?

    – They are members of The Black brotherhood. Both brotherhoods fight which one to conquer the world – the mankind. Spiritism and theosophy are methods of the White Brotherhood. They prepare its path.

    – What about those religious teachings which have failed?

    – They are experiments, introduction. The organization of the world is due to the White Brotherhood. If someone who has been chosen to work becomes guilty or deviates from the right path, which this Brotherhood has set for them, It sends them somewhere they will be harmless to the people –for example, It sent Napoleon to St. Elena island because he wanted to abolish feudalism and give right direction to the church but he couldn't resist till the end, and that's why he fell from power.

    Apostle Paul makes an allusion to The White Brotherhood in his Message to the Jews, chapter 12, and what happens to the obedient and disobedient is told in the book of Job, chapter 12 again. All secrets and everything good are kept in The White Brotherhood's archives – nothing is left out. The leaders of this Brotherhood are above – they are initiated there and they work below. All saints are its members and act in the God's Name, whose Spirit manifests in different times through various methods – religions, teachings etc.

    Friday, 22nd August, 4:30 p.m.

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  14. Готов превод Продължение на въпросите и отговорите (Методи за лекуване) - 22.8.1919-СБ-245 / .: 22.8.1919-СБ-245

    Title: Sequel to Methods of healing–questions and answers

    When you lean on trees in order to heal yourselves, you should do it from 5 to 30 minutes, leaning with your back while your head should be slightly tilted. When you stand on a stone, it should be for about 1–2 hours. Good places for healing are the stony ones because while standing on the stones , you become magnetised. There are such stones in Arbanasi, for example. They should be angular because the magnetic powers will flow though their edges. Stones are particularly healing during September. Red horses have a lot of magnetism, too. That's why riding them is good.

    When you bask in the sun, you should be dressed in white or bright green clothes. These colours are beautiful. Sweating is important. If you are in the open, wrap up in a thin raincoat. When you heal yourself like this, you should be focused as to cure yourself straight from Nature.

    If you need to call a doctor, he should be in harmony with your powers. The injections doctors give are not so useful.

    If you catch a disease, it is a test. That's why, despite your suffering, you should go through it to make you character stronger. Suffering from a disease is something natural–a matter of course. If you do not overcome it, you will get another suffering.

    – What ought our relations with each other to be? And what ought they to be with the people who are less well-off?

    – Why isn't it possible for us to have a commune today?

    – I won't answer these two questions, because you don't want to solve them.

    – What ought parents to do if they see that their son or daughter have some vice, for example, they steal, gamble and others? Aren't they due to obsession?

    –This problem is difficult to solve because mothers and fathers search for easier methods to make their children better. In this case, from the mere occult point of view as to heal your son or daughter, they will catch a serious disease which will threaten their life greatly. Parents will get scared at the first illness, they will start praying for their child to be spared from death, which will spoil everything. An extreme process should affect your son or daughter, which to cause a certain change, a physical or moral shock. So that if your son becomes ill, do not get scared and do not be quick at curing them but leave them until their body becomes exhausted. The parents with their strong wish to improve their son's condition, stop them in the middle of their healing. You stop the disease with medicines, and the ill child heals physically but not spiritually.

    A sister said:

    – I know about a case when the son of a family became seriously ill, and the doctor expressed an opinion that he will not recover. That's why he received Holy Communion. But he recovered with strong prayers because he promised that when he recovered, he would be obedient, have faith in God and so on. When he recovered, he forgot about his promise. He became rude to his parents and even told his father: '' You are a donkey because you could not cure me.''

    – Of course, he had not recovered spiritually, and had not learned the lesson from his suffering.

    –Isn't there an occult method though which to reach to the man who he had become obsessed by?

    –There is. You should hypnotise him one or two times and to persuade him.

    –Won't this stop his karma?

    – Absolutely.

    – Does illness come at one's parents will or for some other reasons?

    –No, it does not.It is a result of laws which stimulate his karma. There are many ways, but it's prohibited to share them.These things are sacred and if you violate them, they will affect you badly. The only method, when your son steals, robs, sells things and causes you troubles or when your daughter lives a dissolute life, is the followinf one: look back to your past life, realise what you have sinned according to God, make a clean breast of it. If your son steals or causes harm, you will promise that you will pay off all he will do and help the poor. This might cost you 20-30 thousand leva, but be sure to promise to pay them, or otherwise you will spend the money and experience the harm, too, and your son will steal more in future again

    – The reason your son to steal and ravish is due to obsession. Isn't there a supreme power to place him where he belongs?

    –The father and mother should have this power as to free their son or daughter from the one who they are obsessed by. If there was a good society, it could influence them, but now at this manner of dealing, it would not be easy.

    – What will happen if the parents refuse to pay?

    –The son will steal more in future.

    –Which is the mildest method to free a man when one of the participants at a session is obsessed, starts raging and their life is endangered?

    –A prayer and reverse passes.

    –Which is the easiest and safest method a spiritual man can use to connect with the spiritual world and to get a revelation or a message?

    – Pure heart. To achieve purity of heart, a man should firstly be extremely patient, merciful, they should a firm faith so that it wil not be shattered by any misfortune, suffering. Moreover, they should to be equally fair towards themselves and others, unselfish and dedicated.

    – These are qualities everyone should have, but we want to know some methods.

    –When you succeed in focusing your mind and cheering up, here come the methods.

    –What is the meaning and content of the cross, baptism, marriage ceremony, lighting of candles and icon-lamps-of the religious symbols and rituals in general, if you can tell us?

    –The ring and the wreath are the most important things for the marriage ceremony. Generally speaking,they do not have any practical merit; they are absolutely mystical and will not be of any use to you.

    –How can you tell that a man lies?

    –You can tell this by their eyes. There are infallible signs that cannot be mistaken, If a man has them- no doubt, they lie. If they do not have them, you should be reserved. If I explain the signs to you, you shall begin to suspect all people. This is a delicate matter. You can pray for the one you suspect, and if there are crimes in them, they will turn into an animal. If you know how to interpret these signs, you will have solved the problem. The invisible world is very careful and sometimes doe not want to expose people's crimes but keeps them secret. It is safe for the ones who get rid of them but it is dangerous for the others.

    Often you consider some actions of yours sins, while in the spiritual world they are not sins but virtue and vice versa. For example, when a young man kisses a girl, it is considered a sin here, but in the spiritual world it is considered a virtue. This young girl could have become debauched, but when the young man kisses her, he becomes her idol and saves her. Motives are what matters in the spiritual world. For example, somebody steals some money from you–this is considered good in the spiritual world, and if you are given money sometimes–this is considered evil due to the result of the deed. However, there are certain crimes which cannot be forgiven in the spiritual world such as the moral crimes. A moral crime is if you persuade someone that there is no God. Thus you put their soul in darkness from which it cannot free itself and you deprive them from the greatest good in their life. If you pervert a man's heart, will and mind, these are also moral crimes. These crimes are severely punished in the spiritual world. The Jewish prophets spoke against them, too.

    The law of tithe has been enforced since 9(22) September. You will strengthen your heart, mind and will through enforcing this law. The results of enforcing this law, you will see in thousands of years

    From our point of view, Saint Mother of God is Love, Christ is Wisdom and religion –this is us. Christ is the Divine Wisdom, which is manifested through Love. Religion is the connection–Love and Wisdom unite as to create us. When Christ came to Earth, Jesus took the form of a man to show us that Love bears humans. Men should love women always through God, and women should respect them through God. Women or men, who do not have any Love and Wisdom, are not religious. In the White Brotherhood women and men are equal-when a man fills a woman's place, he is a woman and vice versa.

    Those great peoples, who solve important problems, if do not obey God's will, will become smaller than the Bulgarian people and will be punished.

    What is important now is the moral degradation and ascent of man. Those who degrade morally will remain behind for thousands of years. Everything that is happening now is of God's will. Bolsheviks do that which is predicted–neither more nor less.

    If the Bulgarian people welcomes you, all will be well, but otherwise all will be bad. If the Bulgarian people accepts The Teaching, you bring, God will bless them. If the Bulgarians do not accept it, they will be punished. If they accept you, they will not pay contributions and vice versa.

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  15. Готов превод Лекуване на разни болести - 3.1.1921-ИБ-346 / ...: 3.1.1921-ИБ-346

    Treatment of Various Diseases

    The morning summer sun rays are the only sure cure for all diseases.

    Heavy sweating always heals.

    1. A man whom the doctors returned to his village from the hospital in Varna because he was seriously ill and about to die, was cured by the grandmothers of the village after meeting for a consultation. They put him in a large trough and buried him in hot boiled barley. Put in this way, he sweated too much and recovered after a week. Thus wrapped and placed in barley, due to the heavy sweating and the ability of barley to provoke a reaction, he received his complete healing.

    The doctor recommended to another patient to take warm baths in the baths. He had to spend a lot of money, but he didn't have it. One day his wife baked bread in their village oven. Instead of going to the baths, he told himself to go into the furnace to warm himself. He sweated too much in the hot furnace. He asked his wife and drunk a litre of hot cabbage sauce. Only his head was next to the oven door, in order to breathe freely. After nine such entrances into the furnace, he was finally healed. Three weeks later, the doctor passed through the village and asked in the pub about the condition of this seriously ill patient of his. The same patient was in the pub and after greeting the doctor, he stood up and told him that he was the same person and that he was now perfectly healthy, by also explaining the method of his treatment to the doctor.

    Tuberculosis, first period is treated: a) with blue cinquefoil, by boiling and drinking its water; (b) coins (the fruits of the thorns for hedges) boiled with basil blossom in boiling water for one and a half hours. The extracted boiled water is drunk in two coffee cups a day (in the morning and noon (or in the evening)).

    Tuberculosis second period is treated: summer time by exposing alternately the back and chest of the patient to the sun. It should be done for two months during the warm summer season 60-80-90 baths for three to four hours every morning (before noon, when the sun is still rising on the horizon).

    Note: We know that a patient is ill from tuberculosis by the following signs: he becomes lazy, he wants to infect the whole world. They are very persistent in general. Tuberculosis - these are ghosts that suck a person's strength until they destroy him completely.

    Irrigation baths are also useful for the above treatment - by sitting in a bath, in which the legs remain outside and the body half-lying from the waist upwards. 50% will be cured in the first year and another 50% in the second year.

    Against the blood lice. Wash the affected area of the tree with wood oil.

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  16. Готов превод Кротките - 25.1.1921-НБ|ИБ-347 / ...: 25.1.1921-НБ|ИБ-347

    The Meek

    "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
    Matthew 5: 3

    The word "meek" is familiar to you, as is the word "earth." Christ says who will inherit the Earth - the meek. Modern cultured people have a superficial notion of the word "meekness." The modern language we humans speak has lost its meaning, that is, we speak without understanding. That we do not understand each other, that is that we do not understand our language and cannot get into each other's position, does not require great philosophy and great logic to be proved. Each of you can check. Every word has a meaning and this meaning is hidden in the compound letters of the word. You can turn a word into absolute numbers, into absolute values. When a chemist says H2O, this is the formula of water; and the very word "water" itself, is also a formula. How will you turn water into its constituent parts? You say that water consists of two elements - hydrogen and oxygen. However, water, at the same time, is a formula of life. I now ask: What are the elements of life? Here is a great philosophy we can dwell on.

    I will dwell on the word "meekness" and will bring it into values: 10, 70, 50, 90 and 800: -10 +10 - absolute value, -90 - negative value and 800 - positive value. What did you understand now from this 10? Take the Bulgarian letter K (printed). You have a straight line that is drawn from top to bottom. This straight line indicates that the circle of life is divided. This is the diameter that runs from top to bottom through the centre of this circle. Therefore, it is meekness that separates one life from another. What life? - Evil from good. This line divides the circle in two. After that there is another line that comes from the top to the straight line and the other from that middle downwards. Then three 60 °angles are formed on this line that all added will give 180 °.

    When we want to study the development of human life, this measure is the human spine.

    To explain why exactly the meek will inherit the Earth. This line, which has formed the backbone of the snake, has merged with the face because there is no deviation. Therefore, the face of the snake is at the back, not the front. That is why, we say about famous people that they have a double face - one in front and one at the back - the face of the snake. This angle of the face in a dog that has already begun to develop, has begun to rise to 45 °, and it goes from back to front. Therefore, evolution goes from backwards - forwards. This angle in the elephant rises to 90 °, in humans - to 180 °, therefore, the face is parallel to the spine. Therefore, we say that two values added together are equal to the sum, so the sum of the anterior and posterior values of development is equal to 180 °, and therefore, the number 2 shows the movement of human life backwards - forwards, towards humanisation.

    So, by the word "meekness" in this formula (the letter K) we mean a person who has passed from 1 ° to 180 °. I said that these three angles that get formed on this letter K are below 60 °. If we reduce the zero, there will be three sixes left. Therefore, it is said in the Revelation that the sign of the evil man is 666. What does 666 mean? This is a ship without a rudder. Zero is a movement that goes from behind the ship. This is a propeller, isn't that a wheel that moves behind the ship? The rudder of life stands with this propeller, with this wheel. This 666 is 3 x 6 = 18 - the zero is missing and therefore, the rudder that carries the ship is missing. If this ship keeps its strength and has no rudder to guide the way, there will always be accidents in life.

    I say: All people who do not have a rudder are bad. Some tell me, "He's a bad man." I say. He has no rudder. How can this person get righted? - By giving him a rudder, and in human language this means: educate his will, create a will in this person. When I say "create a will", the word "will" is again a formula for me. Here 6 means the logic in life, to be able to think correctly and succeed in all your work, to be happy. Meek people are those who have a logical mind, who succeed in all their endeavours, and are always happy. There are no dissatisfactions in their souls, and they are not greedy for any wealth, because the whole earth is theirs. They are people who do not believe in private property and do not crave for it. Private property is the devil's greatest invention.

    I am not talking about the state, but about the two brothers in England, whom their father left some property to and who began to divide it. One remains the heir in a straight line, takes everything, and the other - nothing. Someone may be deprived of their property, but when? When there is no rudder, when there is no will. He may give it under the tutelage of his guardians. I define the letter P with the number 70. It means great science. A scientist creates a certain theory and it becomes a science; another one comes and creates a new theory, and thus overthrows the old one; and so new theories emerge every day. A science that changes is not a science, but a performance. In this science, the basis is the virtue and the values are absolute, unchanging, they are mathematically determined. This number 70 contains the word grace, i.e. all those conditions under which a person can develop.

    The letter O is the number 50 and means the human head. Let me dwell on this letter O. You are all scholars, many of you have graduated from high school, and some have higher education. Assume that through this O, by lowering its diameter through the centre, the sphere will be divided into two parts. If you rotate this circle around its axis - what will be formed? A sphere will be formed, will it not? However, imagine that you put another axis on this circle and the circle rotates around its centre and diameter at the same time, and if you put one point in this circle that moves in two directions, can you calculate, after one minute of movement where would this point be if it made 1000 revolutions per minute around its circle and at the same time revolved around its diameter? This point will go around the surface of the whole sphere, you will see zigzags and you will wonder what this phenomenon is. This phenomenon stems from the fact that the circle rotates around its diameter simultaneously. So the human head also moves around itself and then around the heart. They are both a movement. Then the letter O means liberation. A woman is pregnant, gives birth; so she is released. You hate someone, but then you love them; two people reconcile or forgive someone, it is still the letter O. Only in the letter O can you forgive, i.e, when you have a head. People who do not have a head cannot forgive. Someone says, "I can't forgive." I say: You have no head. - "But for me this is impossible." I say: You don't have a head, work done.

    The third thing in the letter O is freedom. Only those people who have a well-shaped head, a brain, only such people, only such a home, only such societies, men, women, children and friends can be free. A head, a head is required here! Bulgarians often call themselves "head" - the head of the family, the head of a party, etc. Yes, your head should not be made of flakes, it should not be made of onion. So, the letter O has 9 qualities of meekness. The number 90, I say, is a negative value, i.e the meek person is always ready to pay his debts, there is no need to send him red sheets. He comes just in time to pay off his debts. If he insults you, he will punish himself. He will not say that others are wrong, but he will say: "I am guilty, I am that musician, I am not allowed to take false tones. "I, who have a developed mind and hearing should take these tones absolutely correctly and well". Therefore, the meek person self-punishes himself in order to rectify himself. And he punishes himself not for himself, but for others. And I will tell you what this punishment is. When the meek man sees that that a man's field is not plowed, harnesses the oxen and plows it. This is his suffering for the good of his neighbour. When such a meek man, whose bag is full, meets someone who is hungry, he takes off his bag and feeds his neighbour. If the meek person is a teacher when students make mistakes, he knows how to correct them. When he meets blind people, he does not think, but opens their eyes. This means the letter T. The letter T means to reconcile the mind and the heart in yourself. Men and women will have to find a common ground, to reconcile.

    When some match a boy or a girl, did they find out that they matched? When a girl got married, the rooster began to sing, and she told him, "Don't sing, as they can marry you too." Modern marriage is similar to the marriage of John Wesley, a religious reformer in England, who married and three days later said to his friend, "It is not worth marrying."

    We have the number 800, which means victory, state and Kingdom of God. The number 800 means victory over evil. Christ says to the meek, "Fear not, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". So, what qualities do you see in a meek person? We have 16 qualities. Adding 1 + 6 = 7 - the number of completeness. The meek person can rest in peace on Sunday. Sunday is a day of light, and Saturday is a day of the darkness. The Saturday means that evolution has completed its cycle and there are no conditions. And Sunday shows the first day of this Divine awakening. When someone says, "It is good to celebrate Sunday and the Sabbath," I say, "When you die, you will have to celebrate the Sabbath, and when you are resurrected - the Sunday." That is right. This is the huge difference between the Saturday and Sunday.

    In your opinion, which day should be celebrated? If you die, you will celebrate the Sabbath, if you are being born - Sunday, which is the day of light. Isn't it right that on Friday evening and Saturday, Christ sat in the tomb, and on Sunday he went out of his rest. Therefore, Christ recognises the Sabbath, and then they began to celebrate the Sunday. We, the modern cultural people need to celebrate Sunday. What about those who have entered into the grave? I do not believe in people who have not entered into the grave, who have not descended into hell to bring out their brother. Going to hell is an art, and in the paradise everyone knows. Everyone loves the beautiful girl, when he sees her, he says: "How beautiful she is!" - and he starts to flatter ; but, sir, to carry her inside your belly. You will say, "I don't want to be a woman!" He who cannot be a woman and give birth, cannot be a man. He who is not able to give birth, he doesn't deserve to lead this beautiful girl. The meekness speaks that. This is how you need to understand the deep modern philosophy of life if you want to build a society that is firmly based on these laws. The current laws have been good for their time, but they have become obsolete.

    Don't get me wrong. If you connect a beetle with a thread, it cannot be released. This thread is moral for this beetle. However, if you connect an elephant to your thread, do you think that this thread will restrain the elephant? Therefore, it would be very foolish to say that the elephant has not obeyed some law of the thread and is breaking it. A law that is broken is not a law. Therefore, you must have laws that do not break. The elephant needs a thick rope so that when it comes, it can stop and say, "This is a law, I stop with reverence." A law that cannot bring respect in you is a ridicule. The current laws must be such that people are equally subject to, i.e. not to be threads.

    What is morality? I have quoted this anecdote another time too. In the realm of spiders, the newspaper journalists gave the news that a large elephant was marching in their country. All the engineers came together to decide what to do, and finally came to the following decision: to criss cross all the streets with ropes and they covered thousands of kilometres. However, the elephant hurried past this web, and they began to calculate what a disturbance they had made inside the elephant. What shock can a cobweb produce in an elephant? He has felt nothing.

    Someone says, "The old." "What's old?" "Only the truth is old." Anything that breaks like a cobweb is not old age, but a shadow of things. Christ says, "The meek shall inherit the Earth." The Earth, in this sense, implies all the conditions under which man develops. The letter 3 means a number that does not recognise any laws. The word "зло"(evil)", as it is written in Bulgarian with three letters, means that it does not obey any laws. This is the evil. All forces, therefore, which do not obey any laws, we call them chaos in life. You shout, get angry and say, "I have become nervous." I say: You have become evil, you live without law, you cannot control the forces that are inside you. What if a singer takes wrong tones? They will tell him, "You are not a singer, you do not know the inner law of music. The ox, the donkey, and the hen can sing like you. "Modern people want to be moralists, to get on the Divine stage.

    H2O - this is water. (We understood.) However, did you understand what elements water contains? H2O is sometimes pure and sometimes has some impurities. If it went through the human body and came out, would it be pleasant to you? The water that comes out of the mountain spring is needed, but the water that comes out of the human factory for which this H2O works every day is not needed. Every doctor will say that distillation must be done to remove all these sediments.

    There are certain people who are not meek. The meek man does not lose his balance for a moment. Do you have in mind that the path we are taking in this world is not a wide one? It is narrow, thin as a thread. It takes great art to keep one's balance. You must have the composure of that American who crossed Niagara Falls by running a rope over it. This gentleman passed with his pole on the rope from one shore to the other. This shows that he has self-control, because if at some point he loses self-control, he will go into the waves of Niagara Falls.

    The world is a waterfall. You want to be heroes outside, on the shore, but if you go over the waterfall on the rope, then I will tell you that you are excellent heroes who keep your balance in life. The man comes in the evening and makes a noise, the woman doesn't know how to convey it. "Last night," she says, "my husband got a little drunk, he came in and opened such mouth that I couldn't sleep for two or three hours." I say: After having climbed this thin rope, your man has lost his balance and sank in Niagara Falls. When you say you will be meek, then be a man and boldly cross the Niagara Falls. They say to the man: "Be a man! Get a little angry, show your anger!" Yes, but you will be upside down in Niagara Falls.

    The meek girl begins to be taught. "Don't be so stupid as to keep your balance, but try to go down." Sometimes she frowns at her beloved, and when you look they have both quarrelled. - "What evil has happened! Our Ivan and Stoyanka have quarrelled!" I say: Your Ivan and Stoyanka lost their balance on top of the rope and have fallen into Niagara Falls. What philosophy is there to think about? So, life has meaning.

    Let me now give you an example from the past of humanity.

    In ancient times, there were two kingdoms. The king of one of the kingdoms was a very clever and meek man, and of the other a very cruel man. The meek king had two sons, an older and a younger one. On his deathbed, he made the following will, according to which he left the kingdom to one son and a flute (Bulgarian whistle) to the other but under the condition that whoever took the latter should leave the kingdom. The two brothers were obliged, after the death of their father, to draw lots and whoever drew the whistle to leave the kingdom. The father died. They draw lots and, in fact, the younger brother gets the whistle. He picks it up and travels the world with the whistle. However, the elder brother did not allow him to take anything with him. The elder brother put on the crown and remained to reign in the place of his father. The younger one entered the other kingdom of the cruel king. The king needed a shepherd. He had sheep with golden fleece, but he was so cruel that the shepherd who lost one of his sheep was sent into exile, to eternal imprisonment. The king's son went, introduced himself as a shepherd and started playing his whistle. All the wolves, as he began to play, stopped and lost their desire to eat sheep. When the king ordered someone to be executed, by leading him through this place, the guards released the convict at the sound of the whistle and said: "Let the man live, let's play!" Wherever he drove his herd to, all the wolves began to lose their cruelty. When he goes through a prison and plays, all the prisoners play games and there is brotherhood and equality everywhere. The king heard of him and said, "Who is this vagabond who corrupts my people and does not do my will?" He went to him to punish him. As he approached, the shepherd began to play and the king began to play. He realised that there was something else in the world. "Come, son, to my palace. I have a daughter. You are the man who must rule, and you will play to my people, make them happy and will turn over a new page."

    So, I say: Tune your whistle, that flute of yours or that whistle of meekness, so that when you start playing, and wolves, and guards, and prisoners, everyone will start playing and say: "It can be lived in another way. " Understand me correctly. What I am telling you cannot happen by force. That hungry man needs to be fed. And what is the most important for a hungry person? "The bread." And what is the most important for the thirsty person? - The water. What is the most important for that offended soul? - That love that can be shown in a given moment. If anyone is desperate, stop with your whistle and play to him. I would use those verbs: feed, water, teach, preach, etc.

    And now I ask: Have you gone to church? The church, this is our soul, and our heart, this is the great altar that we must play with this whistle to, and the Lord will say, "You are the man who will inherit the earth." I would like every Bulgarian to have this whistle, so that when he plays, whoever wherever they are can start playing. When you are played to with this whistle and when you hear it, you can play because sometimes you play to other whistles. There is a difference from game to game. A child starts playing, making noise and fuss around him. He is not playing to the sounds of this Divine whistle.

    Christ says, "The meek shall inherit the Earth," that is, those meek people who understand these great laws; the forces that function in the world are not far away too. I say: That shepherd, the king's son, comes with his whistle. He will not come with a sword, rifles or explosives. You will hear his whistle in the distance and when he starts playing with it, there will be playing, jumping, all will live in a brotherly way - men, women, children, animals. Can you turn that fictitious whistle and give it that inner, real meaning? Can you turn it into a formula? I can't speak to you more clearly than that. If I start explaining the word "meekness", there are 16 forces in it that have different states. Do you know what to do in the first hour after waking up? What should you do the second, third, fourth and other hours of the day? Do you know, that every hour of the day has an exact, mathematically determined job. It is as definite as when a great virtuoso is playing with his violin, must take exactly every single note. If you miss just one note, lacuna could immediately be felt.

    Therefore, life is a great Divine play, for the performance of which we have come to earth. Some say, "I live"; you are not living yet, you are just practising. When you take your pipe or your flute, everyone around you will have to feel good and light. When you learn to play so well, you will be able to pour your thought, your grace over people. I have made experiments, and so far this law has not deceived me.

    Once I was walking half a kilometre from the Varna coast and I felt that somewhere two young people were making love. Their thoughts and feelings had filled the whole space for a while. Indeed, I go down the shore and see these young people cooing to each other. I go further and see Rouen ducks. I project my thought on them and as though someone seems to be telling me, "I'm going to take a rock and hit them." I don't stop in order to do that. I watch these Rouen ducks and see that they are already half a kilometre away from me, because they have accepted my thought. I continue on my way and see another group Rouen ducks. I send them a good thought that there is good food for them on the shore. I stop and see that all of them have perceived my thought and are rushing to the shore. These are facts that ascertain that animals can perceive our good and bad thoughts. When you meet a dog, it looks at you and understands your hidden intentions, and understands what you intend to do with it. I have observed how a dog looks at me when it encounters me. It looks at me carefully, tests me, but I tell him: Don't be afraid, I won't do anything to you. I am from the new culture. - "hope it comes sooner, because we suffer from these uncultured people who pass by us, take a stone and throw on top of us." - This is not an allegory, but a fact. This is how you treat each other. You meet a friend and immediately attack him with bad thoughts. We must treat all people well, because what comes out of our heart is a great powerful force that simultaneously builds and destroys. We alone destroy our own happiness. We are the people before whom God builds the world for the future. So don't expect other people to come. We who live on earth are able to build and destroy our lives. Each of you is called to a great work. You say to yourself, "We are called to great things." Therefore, you go up to the designated place and you begin to command from the height of your position. In this situation you look like the Bulgarian who after the Liberation began to look for a job. He went here and there, submitted applications, but everywhere he was told, "This job is not for you." He was looking for an easy job. One day, while walking in the garden, he saw the conductor waving a wand and all the orchestra players playing. He stopped, thought, and said, "Here's a job I'm looking for - to be light and pleasant." He applied for this job because it seemed to him that there was no easier job than managing people. However, it's a great art to manage people. You have to understand the mind, heart and soul of these people. You have to understand their everyday thought and feeling and only then to raise the wand, according to the tact, and there are different tacts. Keys - also different. And now we all want to become ministers in Bulgaria.

    Doesn't anyone mind? If you understand this art, I will be the first to vote for you. If anyone, even a child, understands this art and picks up the wand when needed, I will vote for him.

    We will all be bandmasters and this inner wave, which will lift us up will begin to form. This is the inner meaning of the words: "to be meek and kind." And now a long time is needed to argue with people whether there is a God or not. I have a lot of evidence to prove this to you, to justify it, with these great attempts to bring all those forces to pass through your hearts. You are waiting for everything ready from your father that he delivers you money to go where you want. You can check these things by yourself, but for this all the cells that have not yet been awakened will have to be woken up in your brain. The cells that make up your mind are asleep. The higher spiritual, religious cells are still asleep and you are waiting to be given something ready. Do not rely on your father's inheritance, I hope you receive one hundred or two hundred thousand levs, to buy a car, go for walks, to balls and concerts, to spend a happy and carefree life and say: "I am a rich man." However, you are poor. Your Heavenly Father has left you what you need and tells you, "You will make a living with hard work and sweat on your forehead."

    And do you know what it means to get a drop out of your forehead? I respect every person who earns a living with sweat on his forehead. Doctors cause a patient to sweat in order to cure him. In order for all the impurities of the heart and mind to be expelled, for fresh water to come into the world, sweating must take place. It is said of someone, "Poor man, he has got sweaty!" - No, pity that man who has never sweated in his life. Sweating is a very good thing. What should we do when we sweat? Throw off your shirt and change. If you are a passenger, throw off your shirt, put on your coat, wash your shirt and wait a few hours for it to dry, then put it on. Don't wait for it to dry on your back so that your sweat doesn't return to your body. Today's people say, "Let's perceive the old thoughts, which we have had in life. This means to dry the old sweat with our warmth. What will we gain? This old sweat will send you to the other world. You will gain a minus with this, not a plus, because the plus is a movement upwards, and the minus - movement downwards.

    You say of someone, "He went to the other world." I ask: What was in front of him, what sign: plus or minus? - "Minus." "And then he did go indeed to the other world, but he is just down there, so don't look for him up." You need to understand the four arithmetic operations. You understand addition because each of you can add two quantities, for example, add five and six. How much are they equal to? Five add six is equal to eleven. Can you gather two good people in one place, if you understand and know how to add? Can you bring together a good girl and a good guy and the total to be even? If we can add up, we must add all our thoughts and desires.

    If I ask you what subtraction is, where you find it in nature, you will probably say, "We know what subtraction is, we've studied it in schools." I ask: Can you apply this art? - When you sow a seed, it first starts with the subtraction, it takes its steps down into the ground. Then comes the process of reproduction - when it branches, it ties its classes. Finally comes the division - when the wheat grains separate from the stalks, they fall down into the ground. These actions - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - take place every day in our lives. Often you take a thought out of your head, but it is important whether that thought is good or bad. If I take mouldy bread out of my head and give it to someone poor, is that a subtraction? A first-class ignorant man is this one who takes mouldy bread out of his bag. You say: "Our Master teaches us to put the minus sign in front of the actions when subtracting. "While I teach differently. Namely, you will put the plus sign and you will subtract again. Well, when you lend money to someone and take the interest, your money is multiplied with this - is this multiplication? Multiplication is when you multiply the number of good people, when you reconcile people who quarrel. This can be done by the meek people who will come into the world.

    Don't think you are meek people. You are meek people, but you can learn if you have the ability to be so. And it doesn't take much time for a student, an artist, a musician or a Christian. Five or six years are enough to learn this art. How will you apply meekness? When you return home, if you are in a bad mood, say to yourself, "I am a meek person," that is, you must think logically, you must seek success in your work, and you must be happy.

    I will explain the word "щастие"(happiness), as it is written in Bulgarian, in the following way. The letter Щ is formed by the letters Ш (sh) and T. Two letters are lowered down in the letter Т, and in the letter Ш there are three lines, which together with the first two form the human hand, which we release down. Therefore, your hand must be ready for your happiness. The letter A means the human nose, i.e. your will must be strong, meek and the mind must be united with your will. The letter C, this is the moon, which constantly forms this law of changes. By putting C on T, you will make a boat. Therefore, you will put all the wealth that you acquire through your will on yourself, which is your heart. And so, a happy man is this one who can harness his mind to work together with his will, ie to harness the male and female principle together and put them in his boat, and thus manage his life. If he doesn't know how to do that, he'll say, "What a fate took place, we are both slaves." I say to this: Excellent poetry. As soon as one harnesses his mind and his heart to work together, he will say, "What a destiny happened, we are both happy."

    If I take Bulgarian poetry and translate it in my own way, everything will come out opposite to what the poet sang and wrote. Some read and wonder how the poet could have written such things, where these things come to his mind. No mind, no art is required for this thing. What art is required of this if I take a hammer and hit a bottle or a pitcher? I would like to make this bottle, this pitcher, not make holes in them. Modern people only make holes. I watch some people dig holes and ask them: Why are you digging these holes? - "We don't know, they pay for holes." A lot of holes! There is a surplus of holes in the world. It must be sown now. Put seeds already in these holes, plant trees in order to form a beautiful paradise garden. When you fall into one of these holes and break your leg, you will say, "What a fate, to be both slaves. "While when you plant beautiful fruit trees in these holes that when giving you fruit, you will eat from them and say:" What a destiny has come, to be both happy, and eat together. "The latter is now prose.

    Christ says: " the meek will inherit the earth. I know that you are meek people, I can prove this, only from the outside it seems that you are not meek.

    Thus at one time the saints wore clothes with thorns from the outside, so that the devil would not pay attention to them and tempt them. They protected themselves from him with their thorns. And you wear such robes from the outside, which do not disclose you as meek people, and therefore, the words "push him a little" are often heard between you. In this respect, you resemble this woman who used to constantly push her husband, no matter what he did. Whatever he said, no matter how he was, she constantly nagged him, she always poked him. He was always patient at home, but one day they were invited to visit their godparents, where a very nice lunch was prepared - a nicely roasted turkey with a nice old wine and he relaxed a bit. His wife followed him all the time, and when she was dissatisfied with him, she poked him. He couldn't stand it and said to her, "Well, you overdid it. It is not enough that you are poking me at home but you do the same here. Modern people say," Let's poke this man a little, he should stop eating, let him be moral. "Leave this man, let him eat and drink.

    The evil is not in eating and drinking, but in the misunderstanding of life, by thinking that if we eat a lot and become fat, we will be fine. Some parents say, "Let's feed our daughter well, let her be as full as the moon." Well, God didn't make you become like the moon. Why not say that you want to become like the sun and shine like it. Here is our delusion, by thinking that everything lies in fullness, in becoming the moon. It is written in the original language we must become sons of God, ie to carry such lights, which to build, to bring life and joy everywhere on earth through. Do you know what the moon is? If you are like the moon, you will be sentenced to death. The moon is a canal, which all the impurities of the Earth pass through. And you want to resemble with this canal. However, there is neither any sense in this, nor any philosophy.In the future, never say again that you want your daughter to become like the moon, but wish her to become bright like the sun, or at the very least like the early star Venus. If you wish her to be like the moon, she is doomed. Today's people go for a walk on the moon, watch it, but do not know that it corrupts them. As you pass by an unclean place, your sense of smell is spoiled by the great smells.However, if you want to clear up, walk on clean, high mountain places. When you make a mistake, turn to the moon and say, "Moonlight, teach me how to throw my sins away, how to get them out so that I can also be cleansed in this way." When you observe the sun, say, "Oh, bright sun, clear sun, when I look at your virtues, show me the way as to how I can also manifest my hidden virtues and develop them in myself. "And you stand and reflect on what Kant, Hegel, and others have said, and you say to yourself," Well, that's a deep work. "

    Yes - a, b, c; this is a relative value. However, do you know how many things are hidden in this: a, b, c?

    Incorporate the word "meekness" into yourself and do not think of it as you have thought by now and in the past. It is a great word, which you must build the future culture of the Earth on. If Bulgarians want God to bless them and bless the land which they live in, they must write: "The meek will inherit the Earth." We are meek, we believe in meekness and therefore we will inherit the Earth. The qualities of the meek man are as follows: he cuts boils, but not heads; he cuts off with his knife all sorrow from you and frees you from it.

    All of you who listen to me are meek people. Therefore, when you return home, take off your old clothes. Today I am very generous, I will give all of you a suit - I sign this. Therefore, when you return to your homes, put on these new clothes that I am giving you.

    As you listen to me, you say to yourself, "Are you really saying this or just like that?" "I'm really telling you." I say: I love you, and it's over. Why not? Do not hesitate. Finish with the old master. Everyone, men and women and children, tune your flute, play so that everyone jumps up and plays. When you return home and sing, "What a destiny took place, both of us to be slaves," it shows that you are still serving the old culture. From now on you will sing to the new culture, as I translate. "What a fate took place so that both of us to be happy" When we play to the new culture, love will come too, because all forces are invested in this playing. As soon as this playing is heard, all beings will start to play and the earth itself will commence playing. Do you know why earthquakes sometimes happen? There are good people on earth who when they start playing their flutes, they make the earth play so much that it begins to throw out its inner matter in the form of lava and says, "Down, down the old clothes, throw away your old houses, get out of prisons, open your windows!"

    When your hut is collapsed, thank God and say, "Thank you, God, for helping me to get out of this ruined house." Look at the birds, which as they get up in the morning, they begin to thank and praise God with their singing. And when you get up, you start: "What a fate took place that we are both slaves." Or: This woman of mine will tire my life. "No, she will not tire you, she brings her own happiness, she was the number 13 in you and at the time she caused you bigger trouble, and now she is out of you. Once upon a time, before Eve appeared, the man had 13 ribs, but God took one of the ribs out of him, the thirteenth, and said to Adam, "Be careful with the number 13, it is both the number of righteousness and evil in the world." The number 19 is the moon. Women, take no offence for you must know that before, the moon was as bright as the sun but now it is extinct, it is dead. There will come a time when it will come to life again.

    Someone says, "My beloved is a whole moon." I say: You will never satisfy your moon, it constantly gets full and empty. - "And what should I do?" - When she becomes like the sun, there will come a time when you will live in the image and likeness of God and you will be joyful and merry. Do not take offence, because I do not think that all men are men and all women are women.

    To clarify my point, I will give the following example. An ancient king had a very beautiful daughter who he kept from all temptation. He ordered his sages to invent such thin and fine suits to change every day, but the material should be so natural that no one would suspect that she was dressed. Everyone who met the king's daughter kissed her. They began to say to the king, "We met your daughter, someone was kissing her." "None of this, he only kissed the outer shell, but no one has kissed her soul, no one has seen the king's daughter." The outerwear can be kissed by everyone, but when it comes to the soul, there are other rules there. I know the king's daughter differently from how she is disguised now. Some say, "Don't you know how beautiful my daughter is?" "No, she's not your daughter yet." Do you know that she is the thirteenth rib? A guy marries a girl, but their life is not going well. Why? Because he took another one and put her between his ribs, but she didn't fit. Then God says, "It is not this woman who is made of you." - "Yes, but the priest married us." - "Regardless, the marriage is not from God." When people began to marry in a way not ordained by God, death was created to execute people so that they could find their half and set it up. If we do not find our half the first time, we will look for it a second time; if we do not find it even then, we will look for it a third time, until we finally find it.- "Yes, but the priest married us." - "Nothing, she is not from God." When people began to marry as God had not ordained, death was created to execute people so that they could find their half and set it up. If we do not find our half the first time, we will look for it a second time; if we do not find it even then, we will look for it a third time, until we finally find it.

    Someone says, "My wife is a whole queen." "She may be a queen, she may be a scholar, but she is not your soulmate." Only when our eyes are opened, only then will we know our loved ones and love them. And that will be when we become meek people. The Earth - that is the meek woman. The meek man who follows the law of God will inherit the Earth. This is implied by Christ's words, "The meek shall inherit the Earth." Whatever you are, if you do not serve this law, you cannot inherit the Earth. Therefore, only through meekness will you inherit this meek earth and understand these laws that are now being revealed.

    I cast my thoughts as the sun its rays, and everyone will perceive them as his soul desires, and will create with them as much as the art of his soul is, and everyone will dress as his taste requires. I don't want everyone to be the same. Everyone can be meek in different ways. One may be as meek as a carnation, another as meek as a rose, as a violet, but all be meek. This is what the king's son plays with his flute: "Diu - diu - diu, the meek will inherit the Earth. Diu - diu - diu!" The Bulgarian flute (kavakl) says: "The pure in heart will inherit the Earth - diu - diu - diu."

    This is how the Bulgarian bagpipe or the Bulgarian flute will play and the Bulgarian will raise his hands up and play.

    Raising your hands up means you will have to bloom. Both hands are the man and the woman. Men and women, unite now, give your hands. How do you shake hands? Place the bottom of your hand on the bottom of your friend's hand and place your thumb on top. The lower part of the hand is the female principle, and the big finger that you put on top is the male principle. The handshake means that in the name of God you will do that. We women, ie the law of Love, by intertwining with the law of Wisdom, will free the world from the present slavery. So, with each handshake, invest your thought in: "So, brother, let's start with Love and Wisdom and intertwine them, so that God may bless us." This is how I want all Bulgarians to greet eachother. When they meet, to say to each other: "Welcome, brother, in the name of God's Love, Wisdom and Truth!"

    25th January 1921, Sunday

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  17. Готов превод Ако солта обезсолее, с какво ще се осоли - 28.1.1915-ИБ-111 / .: 28.1.1915-ИБ-111

    If the salt is desalinated, what will it be salted with?

    Salt is a necessity in the organic world. It is needed in the construction of organic life. Scientists have studied it and know its composition. There are three types of salts in the world. The relation between the three types of salts is the same. Salt is a process in nature that prevents rot. Human life is a compound of two elements: acid and base. There is spirit and matter in man, which, united, form life. It is superconscious, self-conscious, conscious and subconscious. Self-conscious life is: "Know thyself," as the old philosophy defines, that is, to keep one's balance. There must be thought, feelings and will in life. This is the life of self-awareness. Today's people are desalinated, and Christ says, "Let not salt be desalinated." Human life becomes desalinated when it looses its meaning. When a person loses his balance, he becomes gloomy and can commit suicide. Modern science has studied man down to the last detail in his physique, but this is only the outer side of man. The latter is like a walnut with three shells, three layers. Inside is the soul, it is man himself. To think, feel, act - this is man - the soul. We must have direction in life.

    A Bulgarian worked gardening for 10 years in Macedonia and finally got fed up with this craft.He went to Thessaloniki and since he decided to take up another job, he arranged to start with a tailor-Master as tailoring seemed the easiest craft to him. One Pasha called this Master in his house to sew his harem pants "birbochuklia". The Master sent the new journeyman forward with the meter and scissors, while he slowed down. The journeyman goes to the Pasha's home, who thought of him as the Master and gives him the cloth in front of him, to cut his "birbochukliya" pants. The journeyman does not say that he is not the Master, but he started, he measured from here, he cut from there and still nothing came out. When the Pasha saw that this was far from becoming "birbochuklia" pants, he told him to cut at least one "saltamarka"(short outer garment lined with leather) from this fabric. He started again, he cut, he did what he did but the Pasha still saw that it did not become a saltamarka. Then he said to him:"You could not cut a saltamarka, but at least as you used the fabric anyway, make me a tobacco bag from it, but cut well because if you can't do that, I'll beat you". We often cut in life, like this Bulgarian journeyman, with a meter and the scissors but when we are ignorant, we can do nothing but tobacco bags. However, why do we need them? In modern life, everyone is like tobacco bags, everyone is nervous, everyone else is bad, and only we are good. This is a painful state of our mind - intellect. We look like this sick person who doesn't like anything to eat, while after the fever passes, he likes the same meals that he used to reject. And our life is so arranged by us.We have all raised dust around us and we think the whole world is so dusty too. That's why Christ says, "If the salt is desalinated ..."What should renew us? - Love - it is the acid on the base - our soul. This is the expression of Love in the body through the spreading of blood, in music - in tones and in the heart - the beating of the pulse. Love is expressed in great deeds. Reasonable Love creates. It is a force that can change above all the mind, the heart, the will. We have to change. Where there is change, there is life. In the change of life is life itself. Movement is the bearer of our feelings. The heart too gets constipated like the body. The cure in this case is reasonable love. An English millionaire was a hypochondriac. He went to many doctors, but no one could cure him of his disease, which tormented him greatly. He finally turned for help to one of the American doctors who undertook to cure him.However, above all, he told him that he would not raise any protests against all his medicines, for which they made a contract. The doctor then proceeded to the treatment and, after anesthetizing the patient, ordered that his right leg be amputated.When he got awake from the anesthesia, he was so horrified by what they had done to his leg that he began to curse everything and threaten the doctor who tricked him into treating him and instead deprived him of one leg. The doctor only reminded him of the contract, according to which he had no right to protest. After leaving him like this for a few days, the doctor told him that he could fix what he had done, ie. to return his leg. He did so by giving him an artificial leg, because there was no difference from the old situation and the millionaire was satisfied. However, all that he went through had such an effect on him that he recovered from his terrible disease. The Lord works in the same way. When a society is dissatisfied with the good, the Lord cuts the legs - gives suffering. We should not be afraid of them. They will give us the experience, which we will all become smart with in 100 years. This is salt. Everything will be salted with fire. The current war is a war for a great idea of freedom of action that all nations want. However, there is a law in nature that regulates all actions. It would not be good if our Christian civilization suffered the same misfortune as the Babylonian one, for example. Only the strong will survive in the world, and they are those ones who have harmony between mind, will and heart. When we understand the attitude of one man to all mankind, we will be noble. There will be noble children from noble parents.Sometimes there can only be one mixture.

    The soul gives a body, and when it plays its part with it, it leaves it and prepares the matter of a new body, lives again, and so on, eternal life. Death is the decomposition of matter.

    There are three things that lie to us, and three counterparts to them that tell the truth: our taste can accept a spoiled food seasoned with something and find it pleasant. However, when the food comes to the stomach, it will tell the truth and may vomit it back. Our intellect also lies to us, but when the thought enters our mind-spirit, it will be thrown away when it is not good. The third thing that lies to us is our feelings. Feelings always deceive us. When we accept someone by feeling, the soul will appreciate him. So we have to believe in our stomach, in our mind and in our soul. We must accept three things: soul, spirit and mind. We must choose what is useful for us. There are people for milk, there are people for solid food. We need to take the healthy food: dairy or solid. We need to start with what God thinks.

    What is Divine brings mind, simplicity and there will be no disagreement, but there will be peace and love and we will have no opponents. He who speaks of money does not speak the truth. When we finish the work at the vineyard, we will then clear our accounts. We need people - active, selfless. Let us prepare the people and when they get rich, they will pay us more than now - HONESTY. The example of the salep-salesman in Dobrich, who, selling salep, found a purse with BGN 8,000 one early morning. He puts it in his belt and keeps looking at his work. Opposite hime, comes the very owner of the money and, tired, asks if he has found any purse. As soon as the salep-salesman heard this, he calmly took out the found purse and handed it to him, continuing to sell and shout: "Salep!"

    There are people who are honest for BGN 100, BGN 1,000, BGN 10,000, etc. We wonder why we are unhappy? That one who sells himself is given a headstall and pulls like an ox, he has harnessed himself. Those who steal constantly degenerate, become stupid, and the world tramples them, as it now tramples the stupid. Christ says: "If the salt is desalinated..." And it will not desalinate when there is Divine love. If a person is "gold", he has true wisdom, knowledge. He cannot be bribed. If another one is bribed, he also degenerates after a generation.

    Our dead friends, relatives, parents are with us. If they are far away, we will not think about them as we do, but we will forget them. However, they are with us and in us and that is why we think of them. Their spirits penetrate each other. Things penetrate each other and this penetration depends on the matter, which they are composed of. For example, if we take a gas can, as far as it can collect with the largest balls, bullets, gaps remain and we can fill them with smaller bullets. On the latter, if we take to pour the smallest balls, they will fit too. Even if we pour from the finest sand, the gaps that remain in the tin will accommodate it. The tin filled in this way does not seem to be able to collect anything more, however, if we pour 1,2,3 ounces of water, it will easily fit in the same tin. And above all, if we take a few grams from the purest alcohol, ether and pour it over the water - it will fit too. So we see from this example how things can penetrate each other. Every day we put food in our stomach, movement, energy is formed and we live. However, the day comes and the One who runs the stomach says, "I have done my work" - and leaves. We say, "This is death." It is not death, it is going out. In a thousand years we are back on Earth, but more perfect. We cannot manifest with one life. As in one life the child becomes a man and an old man, and still remains the same person, so it is with the whole gradation of our perfection.I'm done "- and he's gone. We say," This is death. "It's not death, it's going out. In a thousand years, we're back on earth, but more perfect. We can't manifest with one life. in one life the child becomes a man and an old man, and still remains the same man, so it is with the whole gradation of our perfection.I'm done "- and he's gone. We say," This is death. "It's not death, it's going out. In a thousand years, we're back on earth, but more perfect. We can't manifest with one life. As in one life the child becomes a man and an old man, and still remains the same man, so it is with the whole gradation of our perfection.

    Is this salt we have enough? It is not enough now and we have to salt it. Christ's teaching is not inapplicable, as they say. If we understood it, we would have been happy. A foundation is needed, and it is faith, the reasonable faith, without which we cannot live. There is an example of an American woman who was terminally ill. On her deathbed, she asked her husband to promise that he would not marry after her death. However, he did not want to give her such a promise, and therefore she said, "Is that so? Well, I will not die either!" And indeed, she didn't but recovered.

    Every day we are influenced by our thoughts and the thoughts of our friends who shock us. We want to fix people, while we look like that gardener who, in order to fix his tree, cuts the roots instead of the branches. We need to trust each other. We become infected with mistrust and obey. Years ago, I lived in Varna in a family whose son was very naughty. Subsequently, the father's relationship with his son was bad: he beated him, harassed him and reproached him. However, he did it with such a tone that I hoped the son would get ambitious and prove to his father that he would become a man. The son, on the other hand, did not rectify himself and did not want to understand his father's wish, so the matter got to the point that one day the father tied his son's legs and lowered him into the well. I intervened then and asked to take the son into my care. And within two weeks, when I told him "two or three words", he corrected himself and became a good son. A good word, spoken in due time, produces its effect. We need to pull people out of the deep abyss, not kick them so that they fall even lower.

    Our ideal should be love for the One who has given us life. This is God. He participates in our thoughts, deeds and warns us not to make mistakes in order not to suffer. We are also helped by other Higher beings, the angels. And they are all guided by a reasonable force. Evolution includes intelligent beings who guide evolution. Christ came to tell us that these powers are reasonable. Christ says, "If we have lost the salt He has given us, what will happen to us?" There is one example that I give you, of course, for clarification only. Someone left this world and because he was sinful, he was thrown into hell. After a while, God, Who wanted to help him, said, "See if this man has not done something good in his life so that it could serve and save him from hell." Then they checked in the book of life and found indeed that down on Earth, he only once gave a carrot to a poor man. "Take, said the Lord, this carrot and go and take him out with it." The guardian angel, grabs a carrot and hands it to him in hell, to catch him and take him out. The angel began to pull him up, but other sinners from hell caught them from where they passed. When the donor of the carrot sees this, he turns to the others and says: "This carrot is mine! Why are you rescuing yourselves? Let it go!" However, while he was still speaking, the carrot fell off and everyone fell into hell again, without rescuing themselves, and the angel himself climbed up in front of God. What can we do then to save ourselves? We are selfish. We only want to save ourselves with our carrot. We do not want to give room with our carrot for others to save themselves! I am ending the talk with that thought and am leaving you to think about it.

    January 15, 1915, Thursday, Master PK Dunov spoke at the 'Father Paisii' School

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  18. Готов превод Сеятелят / Сѣятельтъ - 27.3.1921-НБ-352 / ...: 27.3.1921-НБ-352

    The Sower

    And he spoke many things unto them in parables, saying: "Behold, a sower went forth to sow".(Matthew 13: 3)

    There are two essential elements in the parable read: the sower and the seed. Christ partly clarified this parable, leaving its deep meaning undisclosed. Modern people replace the word sower with culture. Sowing is a sublime state of activity of the human spirit. There are certain processes that precede sowing. The land must first be plowed and then sown. One crop cannot be sown and cultivated until the land is plowed. By "earth", in a broad sense, we mean something reasonable. In this case, it means man. So before the sower comes, the plow will turn the earth, change its original appearance, and it will lose its beauty. In modern language, this means the onset of anarchy. In my opinion, the decline in modern society is nothing but the result of a temporary anarchy in it.Moralists attribute this anarchy to the decline of the manners, customs, and morals of society. - Was society more moral before? - Not at all.

    Don't be misled by the appearance of things. Can you say that a 21-year-old girl who has been beautiful and intelligent will be less intelligent at 40-50? As an adult, she loses her beauty, but her intelligence cannot be diminished. There are often more cultured people between the ugly and old ones than between the beautiful and young people. So to think that a society that lives seemingly in peace and harmony is more cultural than others is a delusion. This can only be 50% true. The beauty of the girl is an expression of a preceding culture. When she reaches her greatest beauty, the girl is considered mature and is thinking of getting married. As soon as she gets married, she begins to lose her beauty. The same thing happens with the field. Beauty is a symbol of maturation. It is a sign of a culture that has matured and borne fruit. Old people need to be plowed again.The Divine plow must pass over them again in order for them to become beautiful in the future. Thus, youth represents a culture that has reached its highest point of development and maturity, and old age is a culture that prepares for that point. If you are old, pray that the Divine Plow goes deep through you, that it plows you, that when the sower comes, He could find ready soil for sowing. Everyone is waiting for the sower. He is the ideal of our souls. He is a Divine element that awakens the human soul from sleep and elevates it. If the sower does not shed his seed, the soul remains barren. Isn't it the same with the earth? If the sower does not throw the seed on the plowed soil, it remains barren. The barren land turns into a desert. The sower of the Earth has come many times! "Who is the sower?" - Christ. Some say that Christ came down to Earth only once.Christ has descended to Earth many times, but His last descent was marked by His crucifixion and resurrection, so it became known to the whole world. And theologians claim that Christ came only once on Earth. This means to think that the sun only rises once. The sun has risen countless times and continues to rise. Therefore, many times will Christ come down to the Earth in the future. Everyone interprets things freely, but these interpretations must be tried. - How will they be tried? - In two ways. Keep in mind throughout the year the thought that Christ came only once on Earth and observe what your state will be. Next year, keep in mind the thought that Christ has come to earth many times and will continue to come, and observe your condition again. Whichever thought bears better fruit, is the right one.Wrong interpretations and thoughts have stifled society, which is why few people think properly. As in the past, so today, people think about everything, but for he truth, for the essential in life.

    What is essential in life? The freedom of the human spirit. In order to acquire this freedom, one must study the laws of life. Only in this way will he remove the restrictions that hinder his spirit. Only in this way will he restore his inner harmony. You put the idea of freedom of the spirit close to your heart and mix it with the thought of your salvation. You say, "Christ came to earth to save mankind from sin." Now I am not talking about your salvation, but about the sower. I believe that you are among the saved, so I preach to you, and the drowning person is not preached to. He needs salvation. They ask me why I do not preach about salvation. It is ridiculous to preach to the saved one about salvation. It's funny to preach to a drowning man about a sower. If you could grasp the idea of the sower, you would know your origin.The most important thing for man is his origin: to know what his origin is, where he came from, what his purpose in life and in nature is . The path that man now walks through is transitory.

    The world we live in is a great school for training of the human spirit. All objects, all bodies, all that surrounds us, these are tools for the great school. These tools must be studied because they contain Divine ideas. Man is born as a small, helpless child. His mother bathes him, feeds him, cleans him, puts him to sleep, but he cries, grumbles and is dissatisfied with the living conditions. As a child, a person is immoral, his mother cleans him several times a day. When he grows up, his mother dresses him, gives him books and sends him to school. Here one learns, acquires knowledge and begins to think that s/he is a learned, cultured and moral person. Thank your mother who constantly cleans you. If she doesn't clean you, the stench will spread around you.

    The sower is this Divine Mother who descends to earth to purify and sow sublime and noble seeds in the human soul. I do not deny the present life with its daily manifestations. In one form or another, one way or another, it must be experienced. It is important, after all, what will be gained from this life. Many people think lightly and say, like a Turk: "Ya aht, ja baht!" This means: "Let it be what it will be!" - It is not so. Only the fool does think so. If you act sensibly, you will never say "Ya aht, ja baht."

    "The sower went out to sow." The sower came among the people to sow the wise word and thus to improve their character. The contradiction that appears in this parable is interesting. Why did the sower, who was so prudent, let one seed fall on the road, another on the stony ground, a third one between the thorns, and a fourth one on the good ground? - This is inevitable. The path represents physical life. Therefore, when the sower comes, some grains will inevitably fall into unfavourable conditions and will rot. They will support the physical body of man. They will support the temporary physical life. The birds gnawed the seeds that fell on the road. So the birds took advantage of them, not man. In modern language, the energy of wheat grains was used in compulsory labour: to build houses, streets, roads, railways. The seed that fell on the road,gave the birds a boost to work. Christ says nothing about the other seeds that fell on the stony ground and among the thorns. It is not known who used these seeds. I compare the thorns to the mental life of men, because the mind is occupied with resolving only material matters. This seed can germinate, grow, but still can not give the expected result. See how many definitions scientists give, for example, about the concept of God. Some define Him as an absolute value, others - as the Source of things. Finally, one gets confused by concepts and says, "This issue will be resolved in the future. The philosophers can't solve it, will I, the common man, solve it? Don't trust philosophers. Do not expect them to solve this great problem. Your mind must solve it on its own.

    So, work to develop your mind. If left undeveloped, whatever idea comes into it will surely fade away. Sublime ideas must fall on good ground, in well-prepared minds. Otherwise, they will give the opposite results. Ideas, that have fallen in raw minds create a culture like the current one: people will dress nicely, will slaughter chickens, lambs and pigs; they will know how to cook and preserve food. They will cut down forests and make planks and beams out of trees, they will build schools and churches, study, go abroad to specialise, but they will not achieve the essential. This culture originates from the seed that fell between the thorns. The whole world is full of boards and beams, with canned meat and fish. You see a well dressed gentleman who enters a carnage or the butchers, looks eagerly at the hanging thigh and says to himself:"Having such a thigh will make me solve one of the great tasks of life. Then, let me have a little wine! ”He eats, drinks, and if he's Bulgarian, he'll say," Long live Bulgaria! "If he's English, he'll say," Long live England! ". However, the thigh and glass of wine do not resolve issues.

    In this regard, people look like a negro preacher who spoke to a congregation of scholars about how God created the world and man.He said, "God made man out of good quality soil, in His own image and likeness, by putting him on a hedge to dry and breathing life into his nostrils, and three days after which he became a living soul." They asked him, "Who made the hedge?" - "It's none of your business." One of the current scientists solves the same question. He says that man came from a cell that gradually evolved until it became human, in the image and likeness of God. He dried himself on the hedge for three days, and finally became a living, intelligent soul. If he is asked what the laws are that regulate these phenomena, he will answer: "This is not your job, you should not deal with this issue." The scientist stops here, he is not interested any further. The seed that fell among the thorns, created this culture, which corresponds to the current mental development of man.

    A seed has fallen on stony ground." I liken this ground to the human heart - in occult language - to the astral world. The seed soon sprouted, but soon withered. We see this in people's current lives as well. One example: Several people come together to form a Spiritual Awakening Society. The newspapers immediately begin to write that a new society with a special program and activity has been formed and invite all citizens to join it. The future of Bulgaria depends on the activity of this society. From day to day the members increase, they pay their contributions and intensive activity develops. Less than two or three years pass and the life of the Spiritual Awakening Society falls asleep. Its members are scattered and its voice is no longer heard.

    Another example. A young man fell in love with a girl, met her family, relatives and friends. Everyone invites and entertains him. He brings the girl bouquets, gifts, the work is going well. At one point, the boy begins to withdraw, no longer looking for the girl and no one invites him to a feast. - What happened? "It's a broken job." The seed fell on stony ground. The boy and the girl tried to form a society for the education of the Bulgarian people, but failed to enlighten them. "One seed fell on good soil and bore fruit 100, 60, 30." This process is the opposite of the first three. The number 100 means the growth of the seed in the human heart; the number 60 - the growth of the seed in the mental world of man, and the number 30 - the growth of the seed in the causal world, i.e. in the spiritual body of man. It is said in the Old Testament that God will take away the stony heart of man and replace it with a new one, of flesh. He will write his law on the new heart. Then all people, from small to big, will know the Lord. All people will go through this process. The new heart will not be of ordinary flesh, but of matter taken from the angelic worlds - of the finest matter. The present heart has passed through the hands of scientists and doctors. How many times have they cut it while studying its device! Its valves often break. Many complain of palpitations, heart disease and others. The new heart will always be healthy, life will come out of it. It will be an altar on which the Divine fire will burn forever.The highest ideals of mankind will be sacrificed on this alter. When the seed falls on this heart, it will soon grow and bear fruit.

    And so, the seed, which fell on good soil, bore fruit 100, 60 and 30. When you add the numbers 100 + 60 + 30 = 190. By reducing this number to 19, the number 10 will be obtained. This means: when the seed passes through the physical and spiritual world, it will enter the Divine one. Also, every idea must go through these worlds. "Why?" - To draw energy for its existence. As it passes through the human soul, it becomes a feeling. Apart from a feeling, the idea must turn into a force, i.e. to enter the mind in order to acquire a certain form. Finally, the idea must enter the causal world and become a principle. Just as at least two elements are needed to develop any idea, so does the seed sown in the ground need two elements: soil to give it food and light to grow it. Fish need water, birds need air.And human thought also needs conditions in order to develop. In general, even more conditions are needed for the manifestation of a human.

    I say: Man can manifest in his fullness only when he realises that God lives both in him and in his neighbour. You will realise this only when you are in hardship and suffering. If you seek God in your affluence, you will never find Him. I am not talking about this Lord, whom today's people know. I speak of that Lord, Who reveals Himself to you when you are forsaken by all men, when you are in conflict, when you are on your deathbed. Only the dying one can know God. Only he who passes from death to life can know God. To pass from death to life means to be cleansed of all old understandings and delusions. Death says, "Down with any property!" It deprives man of health, property, of all that he has on Earth. She says, "Only he can know the true God who follows my laws." That one cannot know God, who thinks only of his well-being. You will fill your stomach with ducks, chickens, lambs and pigs and you will think about God! It is impossible. This means loading your car with dirt. Get rid of all impurities. Get rid of the lie. There should be no memory of it in you. Your mind must be penetrated absolutely by the idea of God. Once you find God, you will return to the world again, but now as masters of yourselves, as people who can help the weak and suffering.

    Many come to me and tell me, "We doubt about what you are telling us." "How can you not doubt?" I'm a young, handsome guy. I walk into your house and start talking to your wife and daughter. You begin to doubt, you want to get rid of me. Finally you tell me that you have promised to go somewhere and offer me to go out together. When the rich man wants to count his money, he likes to be alone, not to be disturbed. What kind of culture is it that sustains doubt and suspicion? The sower comes to remove all delusions, all old and distorted understandings. The birds will gnaw the seeds that have fallen on the road. In other words, the divine birds will devour the wealth that people have accumulated for centuries. Everything old will fall apart. The seed that has fallen among the thorns will wither, and what has fallen on the stony ground will dry out. Everything old, uncertain and false must disappear. Death will come and take it away.

    A new epoch in life is coming - the epoch of that seed which has fallen on good soil. Humanity needs a new system, new reforms. Under the old understandings, no development, no progress can be expected. Mankind has already reached the end of its understanding. A new impetus is needed. No matter how the wheel of the old world turns, nothing can move it. Regardless of how they patch the old one, more holes will open. The current world is a bankrupt merchant who constantly repairs his house, but it still flows: from one place you patch it, from another it starts to flow. Day after day, year after year, you patch it until the whole house finally collapses. I want you to be free, not to put a barrier to your thoughts, feelings and actions. Think, feel free. Know that every action meets counteraction. That's why ,if your actions are not in harmony with nature, you will encounter counteraction. - Why do the contradictions come? - They are allowed as conditions for development. Without contradictions, without good and evil, the human mind cannot develop. If you were clairvoyants, you would see good and evil as opposing forces in all of nature; you would see how beings live in hell and heaven. Only in this way will man understand both worlds - hell and heaven. Only then will he understand why evil and good exist. Until he understands these things, he will always encounter contradictions. Until you understand the laws of all life, you will always encounter contradictions.you would see good and evil as opposing forces in all nature; you would see how beings live in hell and heaven. Only in this way will man understand both worlds - hell and heaven. Only then will he understand why evil and good exist. Until he understands these things, he will always encounter contradictions. Until you understand the laws of all life, you will always encounter contradictions.

    You say, "I love the Lord, I am ready for all sacrifices for Him." - You love the Lord, but when He takes your husband with Himself, you cry and grumble. You love the Lord, but when He takes your daughter or your son, you murmur again. Do you not believe in Him? You love Him, don't you? Why are you crying and grumbling? Here is a contradiction that you have to resolve by yourself. When you cry, God says to your loved one, “Come on, return to earth among your loved ones. You are not for this world. When he returns to earth, everyone is happy that their loved one is among them again. They say, "We have a baby." However, this is not a solution to the problem. The man of the new culture must enjoy death and life equally. He should rejoice both when his child is born and when the child dies. This is heroism!

    "The sower went out to sow." Everyone, like the sower, has tasks to accomplish. The task of the human spirit is to achieve freedom, knowledge and wealth. Knowledge is power, and wealth is a condition for development. Wealth is the soil, and knowledge is the sum of the forces of nature that contribute to the growth of the seed.

    Now I turn to the mothers with the question: What do you do when your child is born? I have watched how the mother enjoy her child. She bathes him, caresses him, pats him on the cheeks, kisses him, swings him and sings to him: “Danduri, dund-diri. To become a rich man, to become a rich merchant, a strong man. What does the mother not wish for her child, but she forgets to wish him the essential. The child grows up, becomes a great merchant, but begins to lie, to get richer. He becomes a scientist and begins to fabricate poisons to destroy humans. He becomes a strong man and begins to blackmail the weak. The mother only knows "dan-duri, dun-duri", and then she wonders what kind of person came out of him. "Is that what I expected?" She says. Whatever she sang to him, he became. While the child is small, his mother sings whatever she wants from him and pats him on the back side. Don't slap your child on the back side but touch it on the head and say: "Let the bright Divine thoughts enter your head, bring light to humanity, help your weaker brothers." Put your hand on your child's head and say, "Let the noble and sublime Divine feelings enter into you, mother." A mother hugs her child, holds him in her arms, but with that she develops selfishness in him. She says, "When you catch someone, hold them tight, and take their last strength." She does this subconsciously, but one day she sees the result of her love. And the serpent, when it catches its prey, squeezes it until it breaks its ribs. Is this love? This is not a reproach. Understand your urges. The mother is happy that her child is healthy, but she must penetrate deep into his soul and sow the real seeds there. If she does not sow in the soul of the child, every seed sown by her falls on stony ground and dries up.

    The sower went out to sow. This sensible sower understood the laws of nature and knew in advance that three of his seeds would not fall on good soil, so he did not expect anything from them. Only one seed fell on good soil and bore abundant fruit. This seed has fallen into the human soul. Therefore, open your souls wide to this sower, to sow in you His sublime thoughts and feelings. "Who is the sower?" - The Divine Beginning in man. Once He sows His seeds in you, you become strong and start a new life. Now you feel weak. "Why?" - The seed that has landed on good soil has not yet grown. You have faith, but you have not yet seen its results. You have love, but it has not manifested too. Christ says, "There are strict laws for the creation of man." When a child learns to read, he must go through all the rules.When one studies music, one must know the rules of music. Once he learns the rules and laws of music and becomes a prominent musician, he has the right to express himself freely, to express his idea. The great musician is his own master, he has space and freedom to play. While studying things, man is subject to the laws and rules. Once he studies them and becomes a master, he has the right to change them. Then the idea determines the situation. One is the law that can change all laws. This is the law of God's great Love. And then, when I say that you must love, I mean the one who has completed his study. He is free and has a wide swing in his actions. He has the right to change human laws and to present his idea in a new, complete and perfect form.

    What does the life of the present man represent? - Musical play. It depends on the person how he will play this play, what performance and feeling he will bring to it. He who has risen above the ordinary conditions could easily cope with his difficulties. Every difficulty is an exam that must be passed. The man, the woman, the children, your friends, the family, the society, these are trials that one has to go through. If he does not deal with them, he will be limited, he will not be able to manifest himself as he wants. These are laws you must obey. "How long will I obey?" "Until you understand the law of great Love and begin to serve it." When the mother obeys this law and determines her relationship to it, she becomes the mistress of temporary human laws and is freed from the limitations of life.

    I say: Today's society cannot recover until people learn to obey the internal laws of life. If a person does not obey these laws, he can ruin the work of a hundred people who obey them. For example, a company is formed. After a while, an ambitious man joined the company. He launches some intrigue between its members and, not long after, the company breaks down. This man is an uninvited guest. You need to know how to deal with uninvited guests. The devil is an uninvited guest. Beware of him. By "devil" I mean people's false misconceptions . Be vigilant, do not deceive yourself. You say, "This man is my benefactor." "Why?" "He Lent me money and built me a house." "You still don't know how much this man is your benefactor." There are two types of benefactors:one takes your purse and empties it. The other takes your purse and fills it. The more money the first one takes from you, the more the second one gives you. Which of the two is a true benefactor? - The second one. Imagine that another person takes your empty purse and fills it with small bombs that explode easily. Another one meets you, takes your purse and empties it. Who of the two is a true benefactor? - The second one. So there are benefactors who take something from man; there are benefactors who give. It is important, both by giving and taking something from the person, to make him happy. I would never want to inherit a fortune acquired in a dishonest way. An English billionaire in Africa, who called his son-in-law, Stead, to tell him that he would make him the heir of about BGN 360 billion, our money. Stead replied, "I will not become and inheritor of such wealth." When they found out that he renounces the inheritance, his relatives called him a fool. And the Bulgarians would call him a fool. Stead is not stupid, he carries a high idea in himself and serves it.

    So, until people decide to make a living in an honest way, God's blessing will be far from them. I would rather go to a poor house where everything is earned by honest work than go to a rich home where everything is acquired on the backs of others. The world will be better when people give up inheritances acquired in a dishonest way. You say, “Let us distribute this money in the name of the Lord. It doesn't matter how they are earned. " "It's not like that." God does not need people's stolen money or their houses acquired through injustice. All He wants is to find people with bright minds and pure hearts, ready for any sacrifice. Now, speaking of the sacrifice, I do not mean the ordinary sacrifice, but that readiness to give up all that is old and impure, to unite with the One who created you; to serve the Great with all your heart, mind and soul. Christ's words, "Except ye eat my flesh, and drink my blood, ye have no life in you," meaning: Unless you enter into fellowship with the pure spirits, you have no life in yourself. If you eat in this way, you will come into contact with all pure and righteous souls. That means to self-sacrifice yourself. - "How can we save ourselves?" - Through the sacrifice- "How does this happen? When we leave the world? ”“ I am not saying that you should leave the world, because you will encounter noble and ignoble manifestations, essential and insignificant things in it. When you separate the noble from the ignoble and the essential from the insignificant, you will learn many things. I am not saying that society is corrupt, but it has many unnecessary manners, traditions and etiquettes that have nothing to do with high morals. The sower went out to sow. What? - The new seed, which brings joy and gladness to all people. Can you rejoice and be merry when you are robbed and run out of money in your pocket? If you can, you are a great hero. Can you show the heroism of the Alexandrian saint? After enduring 20 years in the spiritual path, in order to ever be able to help people, he had to go through the last temptation that was deciding for his fate. One day, while walking in the woods, deep in thought about life, he unexpectedly came across a pot of gold. A hole, in which the gold shone from the sun's rays opened in front of him. Closing his eyes so as not to look at the glitter of the gold, he jumped up and ran away from it. His fellow saw him jump and became interested in finding out the reason for this. He approached the hole and looked: a pot of gold! Strange thing, he said to himself, why should one run away from gold? ”He bent down, took the pot of gold, and immediately went down to Alexandria to think of how to use it. After much thought, he decided to build churches, schools and hospitals. He said to himself, "Here, I put the gold into work. In this way, many people will benefit. " When he had finished his work, he asked the Lord to tell him if he was satisfied with his work. God sent an angel to answer his request. The angel told him, "If we put everything you did with the gold on one of the scales, it will still weigh less than your fellow's jumping."

    What does this example show? - Be rich in mind and heart. Don't get attached to external wealth. The real wealth is in the virtues of man. Only he who leads a pure and holy life is rich. This applies to the individual as well as to each nation. The well-being of a nation is determined by its spiritual and moral life. This is a truth that must be preached in silence, without words. Only life can preach it. When does the wheat preach ? - When it is grinded into flour and enters the stomach like bread. The fruits preach in silence too. Every silent sermon gives good results. If you want to preach, preach with your life. True doctrine is that which is preached in silence. Purity and holiness, this is the true sermon. "Can purity and holiness preach?" They can. This is the only force, which does not defile the heart and mind of man. If one violates the purity and holiness of one's soul, one defiles oneself. No force can defile him outside of him. - "Very strictly speaking. Strict morality! ”This is a law, not a morality. The fruit of the sown seed also depends on the soil. Whatever the conditions for the fruits that ripen in you are, so will your virtues be. "A seed fell on good ground and bore abundant fruit." If your life is selfish, its fruit will be like it. This life is like the seed that fell on the road. Greedy life is like a seed that has fallen on stony ground and among thorns. You say, "I believe in God, I'm ready to do anything for Him." "Shall I try you?" "Try me, I'm ready for anything." Without expecting, I write him a letter in which I throw an insulting word. He reads the letter, throws it aside, and says:"I no longer believe in God or in the teachings of this man." I tell him: You are not a hero, my friend, you act very fast. With my letter I wanted to tell you: Give me your purse! He gives his purse and doesn't know what I will do. I want to fill it, but he doubts it and immediately gives up both God and the teaching. I have many such examples. You say, "Because I've suffered, I don't trust people." - You have been hurt, but you have not suffered. He who has suffered much is soft and noble. Without suffering you can acquire neither softness nor nobility. Someone is said to be a scientist. - He is a scientist because he has studied a lot. If he had not studied, he would have become stupid and ignorant. Without work, nothing is gained.

    Many quote the verse, "When the Spirit comes, He will teach us all things." - How will the Spirit come? You think that by waving a stick up and down, everything will be fine. You will say: "Aller - passer - hop!" When you take the stick, you will wave in the air and move mountains! You will wave with the stick and fix Bulgaria. - How will you fix Bulgaria? With prisons and gallows? This one guilty, that one guilty, come to the gibbet! Is there anything ingenious about this?

    In Varna, before Mithad Pasha, there was a governor who issued an order to plant the Varna and Silistra districts with fruit trees. The order was carried out. The trees grew and began to bear fruit. They noticed that many of the fruits were gradually missing - someone was stealing them. They put a guard to watch who was stealing - the fruit was missing even more. They put two guards - the fruits were constantly missing. So they both stole. The governor was informed that fruit thefts were taking place. He issued a law: "Whoever gets caught stealing fruit, let him be hanged!" One hot summer day, a Turk passed by the orchards and, as the weather was very stuffy, he stopped his car under a tree and fell asleep. The oxen, defending themselves from the flies, waved their heads and tails and hung a pear that fell to the ground. One of the oxen ate it.The governor was immediately informed that a theft had taken place. He ordered the Turk to be imprisoned and the oxen to be hanged. Did the Turkish state recover in this way? "It didn't work out." It is already time for your consciousness to be awaken, for a radical change to take place in you, so that when the sower comes you may open your souls for His seed.

    "Test everything, keep the good." The disciple is not allowed to doubt. He has to check things out. The new teaching is a teaching of experience. It does not deal with the questions of whether there is a soul or not; whether God exists or not. He is not concerned with the question of whether the world will be put right. We know positively that God exists, that man has a soul, that the world is right. Only people are difficult to be put right because of their waywardness. You will say that these are statements that need to be proven. - That's right, these are misunderstood things for you. There is a world where life is unlimited. Death does not exist there. There the human soul manifests itself in its infinity and immortality. The beings who inhabit that world are extremely intelligent. Their lives flow in musical tones. Whoever wants can go to that world. "How?" - By fasting nine times for 40 days, in the course of 20 years. When he returns from that world, he will tell what he saw. Whoever is a hero, let him fast. He will go to that world and will see it. He who is not a hero, let him not fast. He will live on earth, give birth to children, eat and drink, dress nicely. If you fast, you must obey the laws of fasting. Fasting does not mean starving and suffering. If you are hungry, do not fast. Only the one who is full can fast. Once he has eaten, the food keeps him warm for 40 days. You will go to heaven full, without any luggage. One day you will all enter the other world, but you must be relieved. You will leave private property on the earth; you will give it to the one who will replace you. As you prepare for Heaven, you must set an example for humanity and carry with you only the Divine seeds of the sower, and sow these wherever you go. As they grow up, the seeds will bring the necessary energy into people for new life.

    "The sower went out to sow." To understand the sower, you must have an enlightened mind, an enlightened heart, and an enlightened will. Therefore, the new teaching is difficult to understand. Many of you are like the sick man whose blood is impure. He understands with difficulty whatever is said to him, his whole body hurts, nothing can comfort him. Take the impurities out of his blood and see how he will begin to understand. And I say to you: Purify your blood! It must be clean. This means: change your lifestyle. I'm not saying you have to leave the world and go to the forests. We do not need monks and fasting people. They mattered in the past. Then they lived in the woods, walked around the trees, cried, prayed, but the trees did not answer them. Animals - bears, wolves, tigers roamed them and lived like them. Today there is no place for fasting people and saints in the forests.They have to go between people, among bears, wolves and tigers. You say you don't want to deal with people.Then how do you deal with the domestication of different animals?

    You are now in the second phase of life, with great disappointments. Someone says: “I want to go to the forest, to hide from people, so that no one sees me. I will go where my eyes see! ”It is a heroism to live in the big city with all the difficulties and contradictions. Yesterday, a preacher peasant came, who complained that he had gone to speak to the priests, but no one wanted to hear him; he came between us, and here they do not want to listen to him. I ask: How will they listen to him? He says he was John the Baptist, he had a body but no head. We invited him to eat with us, but he refused: he had a belly and no head. The next day he came again and said, "You must all repent." "How will they repent when he has no head?" As you can see, it is clear why no one wants to listen to this man's sermons. This is a vain man, whose vanity is seen even through torn clothes.We don't need eccentric people. We do not allow any lies or exaggerations. Everything must be tested. Some religious people say they are chosen. How do you know who is the chosen one? Is there a head that thinks right? The head has to do with Wisdom. To say that you have a body and no head shows that you live physically and you do not have Wisdom. This preacher asks me why he suffers. "If he's wrong, he'll definitely suffer." He turned east, then south, then west, bent down to the ground, kissed it, and left. You will say that the Spirit lives in him. "Nothing lives in him." He has given a place to a foolish spirit in himself that has no head, ie. it has no thought, no conviction. As he has gone into him, the spirit became proud and said, "Listen to what I am saying." "How will they listen to him when he doesn't have a head?" There is only one sower - God.Only one reasonable principle does pervade the whole universe and all human souls.

    Christ says, "I did not come to do my will, but the will of the One who sent me." He is the great, the invisible, the whole sky. By "sky" we mean the boundless, the infinite. When the Spirit comes, do not say that you are without a head and a soul. Years ago, I met a religious woman who said she had no heart. I ask: What should be thought of religious people if one of them says he has no head, another - no heart, a third - no stomach. Secular people will say that these are crazy heads. They say of themselves, "We have a head, a heart, and a stomach." The secular man says, “That I have a heart, I know by the pulse that beats; that I have a stomach, I know from the food that enters it; that I have a head, I know from the accounts I make. Open your cash register in front of me to see what I will do. The religious one says:"I have not studied the art of emptying people's coffers. However, I know how to fill empty coffers. The manifestations of the religious man are exactly the opposite of the manifestations of the secular one.

    I say: Religious people must beware of delusions. "How do you know they have delusions?" - I see them, I feel them. I feel such things that other people can't - I'm sensitive. For example, someone came to me; he thinks he is alone, but I see a dozen are coming with him, accompanying him. He sits down, while they line up around him and start talking to me. They begin to flatter me: "You are a scientist, a holy man, the Divine spirit is in you, you can do many things." I am silent, I do not answer anything, but I think: Here is a lie. I say to myself: How many people are like me in the world! When everyone comes to talk to me, I ask them: Can I be useful to you in something? Is your purse empty? If it is empty, take it out to fill it for you. If I don't fill your purse, I know what opinion you will have for me. Regardless of how much they flatter me, I'm not mistaken."Why?" - Because if they lift me up today, they will take me down tomorrow; if they kiss me today, they will spit on me tomorrow. I'd rather go naked and barefooted, but tell the truth, than flatter people. I do not flatter anyone, but I do not give in to the caresses of people. One day a young lady came to me who had suffering from love character. She asked me, "Have you suffered?" "I have suffered." "So you've suffered too!" Then we will understand each other. ”“ Yes, but there is a big difference between my suffering and yours. The way she and I suffer is still different. When suffering comes to me, I welcome it politely, entertain it, converse with it, and invite it to visit me another time too. And you run from suffering, you chase it. - "You are a great philosopher then." - No great philosophy is required, this is simple wisdom. Welcome the suffering kindly and feed it.Look at the suffering as a living thing and be grateful that it has visited you. Indeed, every suffering is due to one living being. Who can cause you suffering? - Your wife, husband, children or friends. Aren't they living beings? So behind every suffering lies a living, intelligent being. The dead cannot cause pain and suffering to anyone. When suffering comes to me, I ask it: What is it, my friend? Do you want anything? Here, I give you half of my wealth. Are you happy? "I'm not happy." "I give you three-quarters of my wealth." Are you happy? "I'm not happy yet." "I give you all my wealth." Are you happy? - "I'm happy." - Goodbye! I leave you my heir. You say, "Here's a fool!" - And you are such fools. When you leave your inheritance to your son or daughter, aren't you acting stupidly? - "This is in order. This is a noble deed. ”“ You are right, but when you begin to treat suffering as a father and mother, you will be on the right path. The new teaching requires heroes. And to be barefoot, but to be honest and fair. I'd rather walk barefoot than skin an ox; I'd rather be hungry than take the life of a hen who doesn't want to sacrifice. This means to have freedom of action. This means that the sower of the new seed will come to you. What is happening in the world today? One creates something, another spoils it. They do the same with me: I build, others try to destroy, but fail. This deed is based on a great law. Whoever tries to knock it down will break his head. If the whole world opposes it, the world will not overthrow it. The world will rather collapse soon than ruin this great Divine work. It is sown everywhere, among all societies and nations. You will see what is about to happen in ten years. I do not say what will happen, what you will see, but I say, like the Turks: “And whoever enters inside will repent; and he who does not enter will repent".

    Free yourself from delusions, from all ties that hinder you, and serve God. Accept in yourself the living seed of Christ. It was planted two thousand years ago. Some seeds fell in the church, but did not sprout. The church did not understand Christ's Teaching. I wonder at the church that thinks it understands Christ. Secular people who practice labour understand Christ's Teaching more than those who pass for Christians. In England, many realised that there should be no private property. This view was to be applied by the church too, but it was adopted by people who are far from Christ. Therefore, Christ says that the Sons of God will be cast out into the outer darkness, and those who are outside will enter the light. Today God is calling these people. The uncircumcised will apply this great teaching. It brings freedom to all people, for all homes and societies. And we want freedom for all living creatures. Enough of this yoke! We no longer need bishops and priests. We need brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, teachers to teach us.

    I wish you all to be mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, teachers and mentors, to free your spirit from slavery. This preaches the great doctrine. "What is required of us?" Should we rise? ”- Be ready for any sacrifice for God. This is the Teaching that Christ carries for all mankind. He says he will uproot all prisons and gallows. There is no going back. God's Righteousness, great harmony and joy for all souls will reign in the new life. Those who say that everything will go back are on the wrong path. The old is gone, it cannot go back.

    So, if people accept Christ's Teaching voluntarily, Christ will come among them with peace and love. If they do not accept Him voluntarily, the whole culture will go through fire seven times, but it will be purified and renewed. A wave of fire will pass through the minds of all people, but it will straighten them out. There will be no one left who thinks wrong. Then people will not ask themselves who is what, but they will ask themselves: "Can you manifest Love in your heart, as an aspiration, as a feeling, as a force and as a principle?" Only in this way can people lend eachother a hand. Only in this way can they understand eachother. Then the young will be young, the old - old. The young will show up and the old will sacrifice. The old will prepare the conditions for the new culture, and the young will be the bearers of the new. When I say that the future belongs to the young, I mean that they bear the germs of future seeds,and the old are the soil for these seeds. In the new culture, both old and young will meet. There will be no old people in the new culture, with white heads and wrinkles on their faces. Everyone will be young, 30 years old. The hair turns white from contradictions. When white and black are natural, they are in place. Today's people go through an unnatural life, worrying about nothing ; they think they have done a lot of things, but in fact, they have done nothing. Many think they have come to the position of Christ. Can they carry their cross like Christ? He says, "Take up your cross and follow me!" You say, "I will go with Christ, but I cannot carry my cross on my back. I need a cart. "If you follow Christ, you will go on foot." Young and old, who carry their cross and follow Christ, should sing and rejoice.What are today's people doing? They hang their crosses with a gold chain on their necks , put their hands on the well-being, raise their heads and go boldly into life. The cross is the teaching of the mind, the heart, and the will, while sin is the greatest bondage. - "Why did Christ come to Earth?" - To sacrifice for people and free them from sin. Carry this thought in your mind and do not ask if Christ will come to Earth for a second time. Christ has already come. Put the cross on your shoulder, renounce the world and say, "We are ready to work for Christ!" Many people say they are ready, but if they are called to work for Christ today, I do not know how many of them will respond to this invitation. Everyone to give up is indifferent for me. I will do everyone's work. I am as strong as everyone. I will dig, I will plow the land, I will sow the seeds, and then I will invite you and say:You, noble followers of Christ, come to taste the fruits! If you decide to work together, even better. God is able to make Abraham's children out of these stones. So, each of you is a factor. Everyone is strong, they can do God's will. Do not underestimate yourself. When God is in you, you can do everything but without Him nothing is accomplished. When God is in you, your minds will be full of great ideas, nothing will discourage you. He in whom God dwells accepts suffering with joy. He talks to it, entertains it, and then invites it to visit him again. This is the ideal we must all strive for. By working according to the Divine rules, such a society will be created that will never be destroyed. It is time to liquidate with the old life, with your old understanding and morals. Give up all deception and lies, all doubt and violence. "The sower went out to sow." And today this sower goes and sows. One of its seeds fell on good soil and gave: one 100, another 60 and a third - 30 grains. If your minds and hearts are open, you will hear the voice of the angels singing, “Today the Lord reigns in the world! Come, blessed of my Father, and inherit His Kingdom, prepared for you at the beginning of creation! ”

    A talk by the Master, held on March 27, 1921 in Sofia

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  19. Готов превод Дойди след Мене / И рече му: „Дойди слѣдъ мене!“ - 19.6.1921-НБ-365 / ...: 19.6.1921-НБ-365

    Come after Me/and He said unto him "Come after Me"

    And He said unto him: "Come after Me"(Matthew, ch. 9, v. 9)

    “And as Jesus passed by from thence, he saw a certain man sitting on the receipt of custom, named Matthew; and said to him, “Come after me!” And he arose and went after Him.

    There are two important positions in this verse: Jesus, who passed by, and Matthew, who was sitting in his customs house. I see the whole world as one customs house, where all people sit and work. They are officials of this big customs house. Whatever they are, whatever position they occupy, everyone handles certain materials. There is taking and giving in the whole customs house. And what does the customs house represent? - An institution in which various goods enter and leave. In this way, they bring some revenue to the customs house. This is the external work of the customs house. And man is a tax collector for himself. And something is constantly coming in and out of him. The door of this customs house is the human mouth, from which sometimes very good things come out, and sometimes very bad things.

    "Jesus was passing by" - an ordinary man, without any social status, without any title. He said to the publican, "Come after me!" Matthew left the customs house and followed Jesus. From the point of view of modern cultured people, only the secured person can do so. Only he can leave his job and without expecting any good to follow Jesus - a man who preaches some teaching. It is not known why and what for he left the customs house. You say, "Both our daughters and sons are leaving their homes like this." - Indeed, both your sons and daughters are leaving their homes, but officially. In order to take your daughter, godparents and wedding guests will come, they will call you, they will talk to you, they will bargain - one down, one up, they will make contracts and finally you will agree to let go of your tax collector who has sat in your home for years as an already unnecessary clerk. You will say to yourself:"There are younger people than her who will replace her. The old clerk has been working for 20 years, we will replace her with a younger one. " When a country girl marries, wedding guests and brothers-in-law with a car adorned with flowers, bagpipes, drums come and pick up the girl - the old tax collector. "Where is she going?" To another customs house. Music and whistles can be heard from one customs house to another. When the tax collector leaves the customs house it is in place. And when the girl leaves home, it's in place. Both situations show what a person's external understanding of life is. One is easily attracted when one is interested in external forms only, in one's temporary experiences and feelings. This is natural. External things always have a strong influence on man. However, there are things in life that have an inner effect on a person.

    I say: In life you meet a girl and boys who fall in love with each other. "Why?" - Because their eyes, nose, forehead and hair are beautiful. It is natural. for a man to be attracted to beauty. What would you say, however, when boys fall in love with ugly girls and girls fall in love with ugly boys. There are ugly girls and boys who one is afraid to look at, but they are also fallen in love with. What is the reason for this? The girl says, "People find my beloved ugly, but I don't see it. He is beautiful to me. They don't see in him what I see. " And the boy is told that his beloved is not with all her mind, but he sees something else in her. "Which mind is it talked about?" - About the objective mind. From the point of view of this mind, all people get carried away, but from the point of view of the inner, subjective mind, both the boy and the girl are right. This mind deals with abstract things. That's why,by looking at things through the objective and subjective minds, you evaluate them in two ways. Imagine that you have a book with excellent content, with gold pages, with gold covers, decorated on top with precious stones. If this book falls into the hands of a person who pays attention to the material side of things, he will say, "This book is good!" Then he will take the gold and precious stones from it and sell them, and use the money to eat and for drinking. Anyone who pays attention to the inner side of things will open the book and start reading. Whatever he learns from it, he will use for the good of his fellow men. Therefore, people view life from two points of view: as an external good that brings conditions only for eating and drinking, and as an internal good that brings conditions for internal growth and development of man. The publican understood the inner meaning of life, therefore he left the tax office and followed Christ. "What did he learn?" - We have to call him in front of us, to tell all by himself about his experiences. If he himself does not tell us what he has learned from Christ, we will make a series of conjectures and assumptions. If the publican was the only one who accepted Christ's teaching, I would have called him before you to say what he had learned, but since you also accepted this teaching, I call you here to say what Christ has said to the publican.

    I ask: What made the publican leave his customs house? If an official allows himself to leave the customs house without permission, he will immediately be asked, "Who gave you the right to leave your job without the knowledge of your superiors?" At least one month before leaving his job, he must inform his supervisor. Otherwise they will hold him responsible. The publican, without any explanation, left the customs house and followed Christ. What made him do that? Since you are silent, I will call one of the current maidens to answer the question. If you ask her why she left the customs house and followed her beloved, she will say, "I love him." "Here's the solution to the question." If you wish, deny this solution. In my opinion, this love costs more than all the customs houses in the world. The girl says, "Once I have love in my soul, no customs house can hold me back."When people come across love, they start arguing about whether they have to sacrifice for it. The love of today's people cannot stand the test - it always fails. Today, at the turn of the century, all men and women will hold a test about their love. If you ask me why there are so many contradictions, I say: The contradictions are due to the failed test of love. A commission has already been appointed to test you.

    Future love will be radically different from the present. The new love will be distinguished by two essential qualities: The good of one will be good for all; the good of all is good for one. And now they say so, but in words. When it comes to application, the work does not turn out that way. You say, "Help me to get up, to arrange my material affairs, and then I will arrange yours." However, it doesn't happen this way. You put your own affairs in order and forget the others. You have tried people's promises and you see that when it comes to implementation, the work is not going well. The man says to his wife, “Give me your love! You'll see what happens. And the woman says to her husband: “Give me your love! You'll see what happens. They both entrust their love to each other and then see what happens. They have applied only the preface of love. To apply love in its fullness,it takes faith. The basis of faith is Love as a principle that sustains everything in the world.

    The word "love" is made up of five letters. The Bulgarian letter „Л“ (" L") is made up of two straight lines that form an acute angle pointing upwards. "How many degrees is this angle equal to?" - Around 30 degrees. This letter indicates that two forces are coming from the Earth from different directions. They aspire to the Heaven, but there is no balance between them yet. From the point of view of geometry, straight lines are dead, but from a psychical point of view they are living lines. These are two living, rational beings who, proceeding from their own personal interests, strive for a common point - the ideal of their soul. They strive for one ideal, but, in fact, they do not touch at one point. Indeed, when two people love each other, even though they strive for a common center, they cannot yet touch the center of true love until another straight line comes between them to unite them. I call this straight line an equal force.It is a living, rational force that reconciles all contradictions. This is the perfect man - neither man nor woman - called in the Scriptures the Son of Man or the Son of God. Now, when I am speaking in this way, you find that this is not for you and that these are deep philosophical questions. You say, "Life is real, there is no philosophy in it." "You'll excuse me if I tell you that you haven't stepped on the edge of real life yet." When you enter real, unchanging life, suffering will disappear. Even if you have suffering, it will bring you joy. Now that you are still in transient, even your joys turn into suffering. When a girl is born into a family while she is still young, her parents rejoice. As soon as she grows older, their joy becomes sorrow. They say to themselves, “Why did God give us this child? We have to make sure we get her married, while money is needed for that. What will happen to her if she takes the wrong path? ”- Why do parents worry about their children, especially for the girls? - Because people have not yet entered the real life, where the Divine laws work.

    Remember: Good, like life, comes by law. In general, all positive things come by law, and negative - death, hatred, envy, are without law. You say that crimes are punishable by law. - This is not a law. To live, there is a law for that. Therefore, we live because of God's will. There is no law that determines the death of a person. Therefore, suffering is without law, and joy is with law. There is a law for that to be happy, rejoice, and eat.

    And he went after Him. Who? "The Publican." He left the transient, apparent forms, and followed Christ. You ask, "Why the hatred and misunderstanding exist between people?" - Because they live in a world of lawlessness. When you know this, strive to establish the Divine laws on the Earth. Then you have the right to talk about both life and love. Only he can speak of a life that understands its basic laws. Only he can speak of Love, who understands its laws; only he can speak of Wisdom who understands its laws; only he can speak the Truth who understands its laws. Because you descend from top to bottom, you do not understand the truth outside its laws. When I talk about laws, I do not mean those laws that have been established by scholars. The laws I am talking about are alive and unchanging. I'm talking about the reasonable world, in which everything is alive and reasonable. "And as Jesus passed forth from thence, he saw a man, named Matthew." What "митарят" (the Bulgarian equivalent to "the publican") was like can be seen from his name. The letter "M", which his name begins with, shows that after going through the philosophy of the material world, he realized that all this is empty work. He came to the conclusion that the material life is a mill that constantly grinds. He found no point in grinding and thought for a long time how to get rid of this life. The letter "M" also represents a bottle turned upside down to get emptied. The second letter„И“ ("I") shows that this man's mind was free from all contradictions, from all sophism. He came to an insight, to the awakening of the higher mind in him, which is why he began to deal with small mathematical quantities. I consider the letter "M" as a symbol of the small quantities.That is why, 'Мъдростта' (Wisdom), which begins with the letter "M", is a science of the small quantities. To be a mathematician is to deal with the small quantities. In large quantities there are whole units. There it all comes down to the unit, ie. to the whole. You cannot understand the unit until you have studied its parts. Man himself is a great unit. Therefore, until you study the parts that make up the whole person, you cannot know and understand him. The human brain is made up of about three billion and 600 million cells, ie. little sweethearts. The respiratory system is made up of about ten billion cells, and the stomach is made up of about ten million cells. I will stop here, I will not talk about how many millions of cells the other organs are made of. These are huge numbers. It is important to know that the human body is made up of countless living cells: some of them form the outer,the physical body of man; others form its etheric counterpart; others form the sensual soul of man, i.e. his astral body; fourths form the lower and higher minds of man. All cells together form the whole person. Thus,it is required from the present man to have a deep knowledge of the occult sciences, to know how he was created and how far he has come in his development. By studying the external aspirations of the human body, he will understand why some things in his life happen in one way and others in another. Only in this way will one understand that there are no coincidences in his life, that all things are defined strictly mathematically. And when a person is in harmony with the sublime world, which regulates all worlds, his life flows smoothly, naturally. Once he comes into conflict with this world, his life becomes disharmonious, full of contradictions and suffering.Suffering, therefore, shows that man has entered into violation of the laws of living reasonable nature. "Follow me!" This is not about the physical person. This appeal is not addressed to him. Did you conjugate the verb "I'm going, I go"? "And he went after Him." This verse refers only to a man who can think. Only he can perceive the Divine teaching who has sublime thoughts; his mind is well developed, capable of right thinking. He who does not think right lives only in the sensual world, ie. in the world of feelings. Knowing this, work on your mind to develop properly. Do not deal with the trifles of life, with the mathematics of onions, garlic, meat, shoes and clothes. Today's man is more concerned with these things. As an excuse, he says, "If I don't think for myself, there is no one else to think." I ask:Who takes care of the child's diapers - the mother or just he, himself? You say, "What will I do if I go on the Divine Way?" - Ask the child who takes care of the diapers, the food and his clothes. Once born, he finds everything ready: food, diapers, and clothes. His mother provided for him. She tells him: "I want only one thing from you - to learn. If you do not study, I will regret that I gave you all the conditions for growth and development: food, diapers, clothes. The Lord has called us in this world only to learn. He thought of everything else. Unaware of this, we say, "God has not thought of us." When we say so, we begin to take care of diapers, food, housing, and, from hard work, we gradually become idiotic. Our task is strictly defined: just to learn. Once we learn, everything will be given to us.

    And he went after him. Where did he go? - To study. The publican realized that everything in the world was provided for, that human life was insured, and said, "I don't want to think about insurance anymore. I have been wandering in this customs house for so many years. I will go after Christ to study. He left the customs office and went to study. The third letter "T" in the word 'митар' (publican) shows why the publican followed Christ. He followed Christ to understand the two great laws of Love and Wisdom. The horizontal line in the letter "T" shows man's striving for God. It is the great diameter in which all the lines are concentrated. The vertical line, which forms a perpendicular with the first one, stops him from time to time in the way and asks him: "When you go to the Lord, what do you want: money, food, or knowledge?" And wisdom stops the man in the way and asks him: "Why are you getting married, to study? ”The woman says:"Until now, I was a slave to my mother. I'm not going to study, but to live a little. I'm looking for a lavish life. " Wisdom answers, "You will see what a lavish life means that you will remember it for years." Indeed, once you get married, suffering and hardship come, and you begin to repent and say, "Why did I have to get married?" Then the horizontal line of Wisdom answers, “Marriage is a school. Every school makes sense. If you look at marriage as a condition for an easy life, you are on the wrong path.

    You say, "I will marry and live with my beloved as angels": - Yes, they are both angels, but without wings. Both are without law. The man says to his wife, "Do you see this staff? If you don't cook well and on time, a stick will play on your back. "Is that possible?" The woman asked in surprise. Before marrying, the man calls his wife "my angel." When he got married, he gave her other names. He shows her the stick. She asks, "Where did this stick come from?" "From heaven," he replies. According to the man, it is legal to beat the woman's bottom to listen to what she is told. This is what teachers used to do once upon a time with their students.

    A teacher from Varna used to beat pupils who did not like to study. He took a stick and hit them on the bottom. One day he took his staff and hit one of the lazy pupils. The teacher beats and asks the pupil, "Will you study?" - I will study. The next day the pupil did not go to school. His mother asked him, "Why don't you go to school?" "My bottom doesn't want to study anymore." - And today's people, like the old ones, want to present their nonsense as something sacred. It is time for people to give up their sacred nonsense. Nonsense is nonsense, it cannot be sacred. All people whose Divine consciousness is awakened serve one law. They represent the unit that is a living, conscious, rational value. To lift and place this value on the back of a person shows a misunderstanding of the great Divine law. When God created the world, two angels visited paradise and hell, and as good mathematicians, made their calculations on the creation of the Lord. One of them found that God had made only one mistake, and the other said that he did not find any mistake in God. However, both did not speak aloud about the Lord's creation. When He understood their thoughts, God sent them to the Earth on a special mission to work until they learned their lessons well. Each year God sent them 360 walnuts - the budget provided for them by the Garden of Eden. While they were in Heaven, the angels thought well, but when they came to Earth, they became entangled, because of which their thoughts became confused. He who thought that God had made a mistake in the creation of the world, when he met the woman, he immediately fell in love with her and said, "And God has made a mistake, and I can make a mistake. I will marry, and though I will go astray,I will always rectify myself someday. " Because his food came ready from Heaven, he and his wife ate walnuts, drank, talked, and philosophised. The second angel, seeing that the world was well and infallibly created, instead of eating the walnuts he received, he planted them in order to turn the Earth into a garden of Paradise. Both angels lived 120 years on Earth. The married angel had two sons and two daughters. As he left for the other world, he sighed calmly and said, "I have left a generation on Earth. There is someone to eat the walnuts from the Garden of Eden. However, young people's lives were not going well. They started arguing and fighting over who to take more walnuts. As soon as the walnuts arrived, the struggle between them began. The angel who planted the walnuts turned a large area into a paradise garden.When they saw each other in the other world, they both began to look at their deeds, to see which of them had done better. The first angel who said that the Lord had made a mistake realized that he was thinking wrongly and had not solved his task on the Earth correctly. His heirs were in a constant fight for the walnuts. Each of them wanted to eat more. They said to themselves, "We are nobles of high origin. We don't have to work. Our food is provided. We will eat and drink and have fun. I say: The two generations of the world came from these two angels of the distant past: one generation is working, loves to build and create, and the other thinks only of eating and drinking, it doesn't work anything, neither does it create.

    "And when he saw a certain man at the customs house, He said unto him: 'Come after me!" You say, 'If Christ comes now to the Earth and calls us, we will follow Him.' Others say, "Why didn't we live in the time of Christ and follow Him?" In my opinion, this is a pity only in words, nothing more. And I can say like you: Why didn't I live in the time of Christ, to follow Him? It is a pity that we did not live in that time, to follow Christ! We are late. What matters is what we, the latecomers, have to do. Two thousand years have passed since then. The historical Christ cannot illuminate all people. How many people can Christ see if He came in flesh to the Earth today? Today, Christ has more than 500 million followers. How long would it take until all His worshipers line up to greet Him and kiss His hand.If it takes five minutes for each person, calculate how long it will take in order for all followers of Christ to see and greet Him. Everyone must see Him up close, say two or three words to Him and hear His voice, so that he has the right to say: "I heard Him and I saw Him!" The prominent people such as patriarchs, and bishops will be on the first line ; then the common people will come. Where will you be? - On the queue. Have you ever asked yourself this question? Everyone thought that he would be the first to see Christ, the first to visit Him. This is a fantasy. You are partly right, but in fact you are not. You can be first in spirit, but not in flesh. The publican had the privilege of being invited by Christ to follow Him, and he responded to that invitation. This is one of the exceptions in Genesis. Christ began with the publican, the man who spent his life in meaninglessness and whose bottle was absolutely empty. Christ said to him:"Come after me!" And the publican followed Christ. He was a brave and determined man, without any doubt or hesitation. He was a smart man! In order to be a publican, you have to be a smart person. The publican cannot be lied. He has studied ancient mathematics and knows what he gives and what he takes. Therefore, Christ called a smart man, with great life experience, who understands the weaknesses of people, as well as the good they carry in themselves. He who wants to follow Christ must carry the experiences of life in himself, to be smart, brave and determined, not to hesitate before anything.

    Today, many people want to see Christ. "Why?" - To make them happy, to eat. By saying this, I am not affecting your life. Your desire to eat and dress well is natural. This desire is honest and noble. Another question is if a person is provided for and aims at insurance. This desire is unnatural, illegal. What does a person gain if his mind is occupied all day with thoughts of money, houses, of eating and drinking, of bringing one or the other to justice? This is a meaningless life. Human life is ordered in a human way, in its own system. The life of today's people is not absolutely divine.It is Divine in form and content, while it is human in manifestation. It is said in Scripture, "The image of this world is passing away." "Why?" - Because Father did not plant it. It is said, "Every tree that my Father has not planted will be uprooted." It follows the human world will be uprooted while the Divine will remain.

    "And he went after Him." The publican realised that the human world was going away, and left the publican house earlier to understand and learn the inner meaning of life. This means knowing that one is insured. One thing is required of you: to love your brothers and sisters. If you love as you should, there will be no brother or sister in the world who will not open their hearts to you and help you. If you knock on a heart and it does not open to you, you do not have Love in you. Whoever you go to, as soon as you want to help, everyone will open up to you. If you want the world to be right, apply Love. To apply the law of Love is to serve for free. Mothers and fathers, students and teachers, clergy and pastors, rulers and ruled, serve for free. As there is a law of Love, so there is a law of gifts and virtues. These are methods, which are studied in the Divine school, and their results are seen on the Earth. "Come after me!" Now I speak of the publican in principle, as a single and as a collective life. This publican lived two thousand years ago, but he still lives today. Many of you are in great contradiction and afraid of life, you do not know how you will spend it. "You'll spend it well." "Then why do we suffer?" - Because you do not apply the living laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth. People suffer because they do not know the Lord. I met someone and I asked him: Do you know the Lord? - I do not know him. I say, "If a person does not know the Lord, from Whom he receives all the benefits, what can he expect from his fellow man?" It is asked in one verse of the book of Ezekiel "Can these dead bones come to life?"The bones represent the physical world. Only God knows if these bones can come to life. When the flesh came, it clothed the bones, connected them, and shaped them. Then life began to manifest. Finally, the Spirit came. Today's people are in the position of bones, clothed in flesh and blood. They think that when the Spirit comes, they will be resurrected. As bones, muscles, and the Spirit come together, so must the physical, spiritual, and mental worlds come together. The physical world is the basis of the astral or spiritual world. The astral world is the world of the senses. The Divine world determines what man's feelings and actions should be. In order to be in harmony with the spiritual world, your feelings must be right. If they are not right, the thoughts are distorted. Then, when you go to visit and see that the host is in a bad mood, you will conclude that he also has something against you.If your leg is broken and a doctor comes to fix it, you will conclude that he is not a good doctor. "Why isn't he a good doctor?" "Because you feel pain." These are wrong conclusions. Neither the host has anything against you, nor is the doctor bad. When the girl has to keep her good impression of her beloved, she closes her eyes. This does not indicate that she is dissatisfied with him. If the girl has her eyes open to the world, she will sell her beloved the next day. I say: During the day be with your eyes closed, and in the evening with your eyes open; in light with eyes closed, and in darkness with eyes open.

    And so, every frown indicates that a person is thinking. By squeezing his eyebrows, he releases himself from the outside light and immerses himself in himself. Thus he begins to manifest the good. If one does not think, one is like the moon, which is constantly filling and emptying. He is an empty bottle with no contents. So the eyebrows placed above the eyes have the task of regulating human's thought. By frowning or raising one's eyebrows, one has a certain thought. Otherwise, it is pointless to frown or raise your eyebrows.

    Now, let's come back to the publican. The fourth letter of the word „митар“ (publican) is "A". This letter shows man's desire to help his neighbour. One descends from above in order to help. The letter "P" indicates that by living on the Earth, man has learned to distinguish good from evil. He knows the reasons for the existence of evil and good. The publican is a person who deals with the mathematics of Wisdom and Love, he has applied this knowledge for his own benefit, as well as for the benefit of his fellow men. Once he decided to do God's will, he was ready to follow Christ. I ask: When Christ passes by your customs house, will He find your publican there? If He doesn't find him, it's all over with the customs house. The publican says, "I don't want to serve a publican house without laws. I will follow Christ. I say: As long as you sit at the customs house and take more duties than you should, your work has failed. Say, like the publican, "I no longer want to serve such a customs house!" I don't want to obey the wolf laws. I am going to serve the law of Christ, where the relations of taking and giving are harmonious". Then Christ said to him, "Come after me!" And he followed Him.

    Today all people want to see the physical Christ. Married people have the physical Jesus, but they do not acknowledge Him. Your beloved is your Jesus. Why don't you acknowledge Him? You are like the Pharisees and Sadducees, who saw Christ but denied Him. How will the man and the woman prove that they are your chosen ones? The man says to the woman, "I am your chosen one." The woman does not recognise him and is looking for another man. The woman says to the man, "I am your chosen one." The man does not recognise her and is looking for another woman. I say: Jesus has already come for you, but you do not acknowledge Him, you are looking for Him elsewhere: sometimes in the face of a priest, sometimes as a man or a woman. When you don't find Him, you say, "He's not here." A clairvoyant comes, you say "He is here!" Then you see that He is not here either. You are looking for Him in one, in another, in a third church, but He is not there either. You say, "He will come from Heaven." And He doesn't come from there. Finally, when He doesn't come from anywhere, you say, "This is an empty job, nothing will come of it. At least, let us hit on eating and drinking.' If you expect people to show you where Christ is, your job is failed. Christ will come from within. He is already inside you. Your soul and spirit must know Him. Your soul and spirit must reveal to you who Christ is. Someone says, "I think this one is Christ." This issue is not solved by assumptions. Everyone must know exactly who Christ is, where He lives, and how she should serve Him.

    Christ tells His disciples, “Flesh and blood have not revealed this to you, but my Father who dwells in you. No one can come to me unless my Father attracts him." You say, "Someone drew me to you." - "You are not right". Only the Father can draw man to Himself. - Why does only the Father attract people? - Because He is Love. Only Love brings life. Christ says, "I have come to give them life in abundance." "What life?" - Life that carries Love. Who is not looking for this life? He who accepts this life and understands Christ will have a radical change in himself. Most people are far from this life and therefore are dissatisfied with each other and see only eachother's mistakes. People often come to me to test me, to see if I really am what they think I am. They test me, but I test them too. They say, "We thought you were a saint, and you were an ordinary person."It is better to think I'm an ordinary person than praising me today and scolding me tomorrow." This shouldn't be done. He who can rebuke a man can beat him too. In this respect, he is like that peasant who went to the city to see a doctor for medicine for his sick wife. Without thinking much, he went straight into the room of the doctor who was doing something and said, "Doctor, give me some medicine for my wife." The doctor became angry at the trouble the peasant had caused him, and slapped him in anger. "Here's a cure for your wife." Then he slapped him again and said, "Here's another medicine." The peasant was astonished by the doctor's action and said to himself: "The current doctors are odd! What special medicines they give to the sick? He returned to the village and his wife immediately asked him:"Are you carrying any medicine?" "I'm carrying it." "Give it soon." The peasant approached his wife and slapped her. "Enough!" Said the woman. "I have another medicine." "Keep the second medicine for yourself." "Smart woman!" Said the peasant. His wife went into her room and began to cry, but two days later she was perfectly healthy. Satisfied that his wife had recovered, the peasant took two geese and went to the doctor to thank him. - What do you want? The doctor asked him. - A few days ago I came to ask for medicine for my wife. You gave me two medicines, but she healed only from one, I give you back the second. The doctor began to ask him about his family, but without answering, the peasant slapped him and left.Said the woman. "I have another medicine." "Keep the second medicine for yourself." "Smart woman!" Said the peasant. His wife went into her room and began to cry, but two days later she was perfectly healthy. Satisfied that his wife had recovered, the peasant took two geese and went to the doctor to thank him. - What do you want? The doctor asked him. - A few days ago I came to ask for medicine for my wife. You gave me two medicines, but she healed only from one, I am giving you back the second. The doctor began to ask him about his family, but without answering, the peasant slapped him and left.

    This is the law that Christ expressed through the verse: "With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." Therefore, when we seek the Divine, we must proceed with all our sincerity. Absolute sincerity, absolute purity and absolute knowledge are required of you. If you believe that there is a law that regulates relations in the world, it will lead you to the Great Source of life. To find the Divine in yourself is to find Christ. When you find Him, your life will be meaningful. Christ will bring peace between man and woman, between children and parents in whichever's house He enters. This home will be an example for everyone. Where there is peace and harmony, there is Love. God draws all people to the Son, Who is a manifestation of His Love. So, get rid of the delusions and do not ask where Christ is and how you can find Him. The woman can find Christ in the man,and the man in his wife. The brother can find Christ in his sister, and the sister in her brother. However, he who has lost his Love will also lose Christ. - "I'm looking for Love." - You will look for it, of course. Love is God who gives meaning to life. When you find the Lord, i.e. Love, your superconsciousness will awaken and you will pass from the physical world to the spiritual and from the spiritual one to the Divine. The passage from one world to another cannot be described in words. Only seeing will show what these worlds are. Seeing has to do with the perception of Love. However, you are still in the preface of Love. What you call love is, according to the Bulgarians, "blind Saturday". Today, blind love works between people. The great Love, which will work for the unification of all souls into one whole - servants of God - will come in unification. Men, women, children, these are objects,through which the law of Love is manifested. Thousands of beings have worked on Earth and in the invisible world to create the conditions for the manifestation of the Great Lord as Love. What is coming into the world now is so great that all the angels are peering from heaven to see what is coming and what is happening on Earth. The whole Heaven, the whole Genesis is interested in this. A great moment is coming! The manifestation of the Great Lord is awaited with interest by all good, intelligent, and exalted beings. Those in whom the consciousness is awakened will receive God's ray and will be resurrected. The others, whose consciousness is not awakened, will sleep. It is said in the Scripture, "Be vigilant, for you do not know at what hour or on which day God will come." This is the solemn hour in which Christ will pass by your customs house and say, "Follow me!" Will your mind be awake or will you say, "Lord, wait a minute, I have some accounts to settle with the customs house. ' If the Lord calls you, immediately follow Him. No settling of accounts, no waiting! You will immediately liquidate with all accounts, you will immediately resolve the issue. No philosophy! That it was written that way, that it was written differently. What is written will be interpreted by our vigilant soul. Only she knows the truth. This is meant by the verse, "We will all be taught by the Lord." You will not learn from men, but from the Lord. And I will not teach you, but I want to free you from all the delusions that are embedded in your minds. There will be no remembrance of injustice. There will be no remembrance of the old beliefs either.

    What are the beliefs of today's religious people? Some believe they will be resurrected with their old bodies, while others believe otherwise. I say: In the future you will have other faces, not like the current ones. You will have other bodies in the future too. Then which bodies will you be resurrected with? The physical ones will remain on the Earth. Therefore, you will be resurrected with other bodies. It is said, "We will not die, but we will change." By freeing yourself from the temporary shell of the body, you will then penetrate into the beauty of the spirit and the soul, the mind and the heart, and you will understand what man represents. Do you know what light and warmth comes from the heart and mind of the one who has Love in himself? You say to someone, "I love you." By measuring the warmth of your heart and the light of your mind, I know how much you can love. "I'm wise." "By measuring the intensity of the light coming out of your mind, I'll know how wise you are."This is a literal expression, not a figurative one. The most pleasant and beautiful flame that the human eye can see is the flame of Love. Life is meaningful only in this flame. Whom is the young boy sacrificing for: for the girl or for the flame that burns in her? "For the flame." So far as the flame burns in her, she is his beloved; as soon as it goes out, his love goes out too. So far as the flame burns in the boy, he is her beloved; as soon as it goes out, love goes out too. While the flame burns, this is Christ in you. As soon as it goes out, Christ also disappears. The flame must burn!

    "Do not quench the Spirit." The Spirit is the Divine in man that burns. Do not extinguish this flame. While it burns, you will have such an aura that will protect you from all bad conditions. He who carries the Spirit in himself has the flame. If there is no Spirit in him, there is no flame and he begins to philosophize that things can be achieved in many ways. No, there is only one way to live properly. Each word must have only one meaning. All your thoughts, feelings and actions should have only one meaning. One should not be divided and give a reason for his actions to be misinterpreted. All our manifestations must be measured and absolutely pure, not to judge one other.

    Therefore, in order to properly understand the teachings of Christ and apply them, absolute purity of heart and light of mind are required of you. The teachings of Christ will reform the world. It is the only one that has the power to fix human life. Just as light, air, water, and food, as external forces, reform human life, so does the teaching of Christ, as a Divine force, reform it from within. This teaching frees man from all lies and delusions. Wherever freedom comes from, it is a Divine force. Everyone who comes to you with a desire to set you free is sent by God.

    And Christ said to him: "Come after me!" The publican left the customs house and followed Christ. You too could leave the customs house, but that is not enough - you must apply the teachings of Christ internally, not externally, as it is applied today. You say, "The time has not yet come to apply the teachings of Christ." - He whose time has come should apply It. For whom the time has not come yet should wait. If a woman is three months pregnant, she has to wait, there is still time until the baby is born. If she is nine months pregnant, she does not have to wait. If the child is not yet born, this indicates that he/she is dead. If she waits for more than nine months both she and the child are lost. That is why I say: The time has come for some of you to accept and apply the teachings of Christ in order to make your life meaningful.

    "Follow me!" With his readiness to follow Christ, the publican set an excellent example for mankind. What example have you set so far? You get together, sing a little, get excited and go home. Then you say, "The teaching of Christ cannot be applied." Once the week is over, you wait for another, to hear something new, to cook a delicious meal. However, one day I will close my inn and say, "I do not accept anyone." "Why?" - Because it is written that there is food only for those who study. A loan is granted only for them. There are diapers and food for every child who is ready to listen to his mother. If the child is not ready to listen to his mother, no diapers and food are released. While things happen through violence, nothing can be expected. This is the reason why people's lives are not settled. They wonder why they pay a fine for everything.When you pay a fine, your work is sorted. You say, "We're fine." - Yes, because you pay fines.

    Religious people often say, "We are righteous people." - Yes, we are righteous because you are forced to be Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical or Muslim. This means living outside the law of freedom. - Why are some people free and others not ? - Quite simple. A free man is the one through whom the wide, great Love of God flows. It is a spring that has no tap and is constantly flowing. You say, "I want to be free." "As long as you have a tap and run from time to time, you can't be free." - "When will I be free?" - When you unite with the great Divine law and Christ orders from above that the tap is turned off and that more water flows through you. When he comes down to Earth, Christ will open all the taps and a roar will be heard everywhere: "Boo-boo, boo-boo!" Then everyone will say, "What's going on? It's very noisy. " - It is preferable to have noise than silence.He who wants to be silent should go to the cemetery. There is as much silence there as you want. However, while you are in life, silence cannot exist. When your hearing develops and you get into the wake of life, in the great humming, you will get to the great harmony of life and understand the meaning of "Bu-U, Bu-U". What you perceive as disharmony, the Heavens perceive as harmony. While viewing life as a disharmony, you will always suffer and break God's laws.

    Now let us return to the great law of life - to faith, and apply it. It has been said in the Scripture, "Believe and you will be saved!" Faith is based on the two great laws of Love and Wisdom. These laws must penetrate your minds, hearts and souls and work there. In this situation, you will not be preached that God exists, but you will know and talk to each other in another language. If you were believers, I would have given you another talk, not like the current one. I would have told you about the changes that are taking place in the Heavens; about the letters sent to you by your mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Now you are doing ordinary things and saying, “Either God exists or He does not exist; it is either so or not. We'd better stick to the old in order not to lose it. " - The old represents the sacred human nonsense, and the new - Love, which is now coming to transform people, to reform their lives and set them free. By liberating people, it will liberate all animals and plants. Love will bring order to the Earth, as well as to all Genesis. Love. This is the Divine teaching. - "It is inapplicable." - Love will not come without sacrifices. I honour all people who have fallen victim to the truth of Love, ie. for their ideal. All who have suffered and are suffering for the upliftment of humanity, enjoy the respect and esteem of good and righteous people. Today, Christ passes by your publican house and shouts: "Matthew!" - Who is Matthew? The first one? When you hear the word "Matthew," say, "I am coming, Lord!" When the man hears the Lord is calling him, say, "I am coming, Lord!"If the woman hears she is called to say" I am coming Lord!" "What will Christ say?" - He will tell both of them:"Go home to apply my teaching." He will call both the daughter and the son and tell them, "Go home and apply my teaching." As you apply this teaching, talk about it everywhere - in society, in the family. It will improve the lives of all people.

    "Matthew!" "Where are you, Matthew?" Are you alive? Your voice is not heard yet. I see that in some this Matthew has woken up from sleep, rubbing his eyes. In others, he has already got up and started working. Matthew must be resurrected today. This is the great teaching of Christ. As the day is good today, this awaits you in the future. If you accept Love and Wisdom and apply them, from today on your life will be the same as the day you are enjoying now. Everything will be so clear and fresh. Do not erase your old life, but erase your old and crooked understandings and misunderstandings. Erase your old embarrassments and worries and write on them: "Matthew, leave the publican house and follow me!" - "I am coming, Lord!" This is the new inscription you need to put. When someone comes and reads the inscription, he will say, "Matthew is not here." He has done the work with his customs house. And so, you will go after Christ, return and bring the new teaching. Then Christ will speak through thousands and millions of mouths and there will be glory and praise everywhere. People will know each other as brothers and sisters. This is the future teaching. "Matthew!"

    A talk by the Master, held on June 19, 1921 in Sofia

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  20. Готов превод Разговори с Учителя (Разговор с Учителя) - 8.1.1922-ИБ|НБ-409 / .: 8.1.1922-ИБ|НБ-409

    Conversations with the Master (Conversation with the Master)

    "Why don't the Jews slaughter chickens themselves?" - In the future, not only Jews, but no one will slaughter animals. Then, any guy who wants to get married will not carve anything not just chickens. His hands must be clean of murders or blood. You will say that the animal is a lower being, therefore, anyone can encroach on its life. - It's not like that. In my opinion, just as they pay homage to a dead person, they perform a funeral service for him, they bury him, so they should perform a funeral service for the slaughtered pig or lamb. There is no action in life that, up to four generations at most, does not give its counteraction. Know that if you commit a murder today, sooner or later, you will suffer its consequences. Whatever you do, do it not out of fear, but out of love. This is required by the Divine morality.

    How is the Divine morality manifested? - Through the law of love. There is no other morality but love. -Why? - Because if you love, you will never do evil or crime to the one you love. Love excludes all evil and crime. - What love is being talked about? - For any. - From whatever source it stems from, if it is love, it does no harm. It can be limited; it may limit you, but it will never cause harm.

    How about animal love? - And animals show love. And they have consciousness, albeit limited. Those who deal with animals must be lenient with them. As you study animals, you will understand how developed your feelings and abilities are. And plants have consciousness. This can only be understood by this one whose morality of love is developed. He will approach the plants like his younger brothers. And they will accept him as their guest.

    "Should we cut down the forests?" - You should not. - Then how will we heat? - When people come to consciousness not to cut down forests, then they will use electricity not only for lighting, as today, but also for heating. When one speaks of Divine Morality, one must accept and apply it without any justification. How we will heat, where we will get building material from, we should not think about it. Apply this morality, and do not think. This will bring you its goods. Man does not live only once on the Earth. Therefore, whatever he makes today, it will bring him future good. The present life prepares the future conditions. Carry in your mind the idea of being friendly with the plants. Your thought will influence the thought of other people who will change their attitude towards plants. It is enough to go through the forest with the thought
    of the trees to not be cut down so that others after you may perceive it.

    A man enters the forest, with an ax in his hand, intending to cut down a tree, but when he perceives your thought, he stops in front of the tree and says to himself: I will not cut it down, and I will pass without it. Unsuspectingly, good people leave their good thoughts everywhere in the world. They keep like a guard. This is a law. Few know this law. The forests that you see outside of yourself also exist in man, in his organism. If you had the eyes of the clairvoyant, you would see in man the whole plant and animal kingdoms that you see outside of him. Therefore, when forests are cut down in nature, it also affects the forests in man. Violations and deforestation occur not only in Bulgaria but also around the world, especially in America. Hundreds of acres of forest are cut down there every year. However, this has a bad effect on them.Neurasthenia in humans is due to indiscriminate deforestation. Nowhere do people suffer from neurasthenia as much as in America. The cause of neurasthenia is also due to the indiscriminate extermination of animals. The Americans are already aware of this and prohibit the extermination of animals and deforestation by law. Vegetarianism is making its way to America en masse. The destructive feeling within the Bulgarian is highly developed. There is no tree, which he has not tried his ax on. Enter a forest and you will see how many trees have been chopped down by the Bulgarian's ax. However, he tries this chopping on himself as well. Whatever troubles come, they will always pass through Bulgaria and chop it. Anyone who can read will see what kind of history is written there.

    Start with the new morality and keep the rule: What God has planted, man must not uproot. In the future, when his vision develops, man will see that there are such plants and animals in his body as in the external nature. Therefore, by studying the laws of the great sensible nature, he also studies himself. - Is it true that some people are dominated by such plants that determine their spiritual development? - That's right. There are plants that predominate in one person more than in another. And to this they attribute his high spiritual development. In some people, red predominates, in others - blue, yellow or green, etc. Each colour gives a specific character to the person. At the same time, the colour indicates the direction in which a person is moving - up, or down, right, or left. It is said that man is a thinking being.Since thought is a bearer of light, then man is light. It has created the living forms in the world. When the earthly light harmonises with the Divine, then man begins to shine. While on Earth, man is a transformer of the Divine light.

    Why do we sometimes fail in our lives? - Because your work is becoming more complicated, while you do not have methods for diluting the dense matter. Someone complains that he can't weave. Knowing how to weave is a great art. You look at the loom, you think it's easy to weave. However, as you begin to align, you see that you cannot. Don't be discouraged, but start with the basics and gradually move on to the more complex ones. God has determined the program of each person. Therefore, everyone can fulfil this program. Another question is if you want to get out of your program. It requires special strength. Few can do that.

    So when you wake up in the morning, say to yourself: I can fulfill everything that God has planned for me for the day. If you begin to doubt this or philosophise, you will stumble on your own. For example, God has commanded you to work today to grow a millimeter in height. You say: Can I grow so much? "It works, and don't doubt it." You will grow as you are destined. You should reach 1.60 m in height. You will work and add a little to your height every day . It is determined for a person what eyes to have, what nose, mouth, ears, and if he does not interfere in this plan, it will happen exactly as it is said. It is also determined what profession a person will perform. You have available not one but at least a hundred professions to you . It's up to you which one you choose. However, out of the hundred professions, you are not allowed to take another. A man dies, without having realised even a hundredth part of the program assigned to him. You are destined to become a scientist but you want to become a statesman. Why do you change your purpose? "I want to be like my friend." - This is an imitation. Do not imitate anyone, but fulfil your program. You were born to become a scientist. You will take the microscope and do research. You were born a poet. You will take the pen and execute the program given to you. Say to yourself: Everything that God has planned, I will fulfil. I will realise everything he has invested in me. I will use the conditions he has given me wisely. I will do what God says.You were born to be a scientist. You will take the microscope and do research. You were born a poet. You will take the pen and execute the program given to you. Say to yourself: I will fulfil everything that God has planned. I will realise everything He has invested in me. I will use wisely the conditions He has given me.

    Many ask: Can I carry out the plan that God has drawn for me? - Such a question is not asked. One day before leaving for the other world you may ask yourself: Did I do what I was assigned? If you have not done everything, you will put it in your mind as a task of the future life. Man has come to the Earth to grow and develop and not to get sick and die. To be sick, poor, weak, this is the human programme. The programme that God has commanded is quite different. When a person enters this program, everything goes well. What would you say about that ox that leaves the forest and goes among the people. "Why is he leaving the forest?" - To learn something new from people. It will learn to plow their fields. In my opinion, the position of the ox in the forest is better than working for people. In the forest he is free, and in the yard of his master - limited.Such is the situation of the people. When they lose their freedom, they enter the society of the civilised, to prod them with a goad. You should not go beyond the Divine plan. Whoever comes out has a goad waiting for him. So has the Lord decided. If you do not want voluntarily, you will do God's will with a goad. There is no exception in this. The salvation of all is in the fulfilment of God's plan. Everyone has their own path. What gifts are not hidden in man! Despite that he strives for the civilisation. It does not contribute anything. Often are students taken to performances and let to read different novels. This is not a bad thing, but when they do not understand the truth, they try to imitate the main characters. Thus, they harm themselves. The young man says: Here is an opportunity to become a hero. The old man says: Ah, if I were young! - What will you do if you are young? You will do nonsense.And the author of the novel has hardly presented the facts as they really are. There are few writers who bring out the real life. You will say that the characters represent smart people. - Yes, smart people who play on rope.

    A smart person is one who foresees what evil is about to happen to him and avoids it for at least ten years before that. You will say that the characters are brave, determined people. If they are brave and smart, this is one side, if they are brave and meaningless, this is another side. We need new writers, new novelists - to bring out the essentials in life. If the novelist takes his character from the lowest society, from the mud of life, and elevates him to the position of a real man, that character is a worthy example to follow. However, to take a man from high society as a hero and bring him down to the lowest rang of life, this hero will bring temptation among the young. New writers will come, they will give a new direction to human thought. What will I pass on to you if I only show my knowledge to you, without giving you conditions for acquiring this knowledge. It's like to give money at an interest. What will I gain from this? Not only does the moneylender not win but he loses more. Externally he wins something, but internally he loses. He who gives money at interest shortens his life. I have seen many such cases in my life. If you are a moneylender, you must become completely insensitive. He tries to fence himself, but his work does not end well. Usury is not a way to get rich. I have said jokingly: If you want to continue your life, borrow money. - Why is that? "Once you have to give, your creditor will beg for your life to be extended to pay off your debts." It is better to borrow money than lending. It is better to take away the evil of people and give them good. Therefore, do not lend evil. The Americans realised this and have created an excellent system in the relations. In America, people avoid causing a mischief to one another.Someone poor wants help from the rich. The latter says to him: Behold, I have a great house. I need an assistant. Come to me: you will light the stoves, you will sweep and, if you want, you can study. Many poor people graduate from university like this. Several students rent a house; form a student club. They do not hire outside staff, but accept poor students who work in the kitchen, clean and wash the hall, and who thus eat and study. Ten poor students can pass with their work among ten rich ones. In our country, many expect a ready-made. Therefore, work must be created for all.

    How about those who are getting older? "Who's getting old?" No ageing is foreseen in the Divine Programme. If you get older, you are out of the circle of life. They will send you to the other world and in time you will come as a young man, ready for work. By "old" I mean a smart person. So, you can grow old, ie get smarter, but not become disabled. This is not provided for in God's programme. By fulfilling God's great plan, you will live and go to the other world. without being a burden to anyone.

    Everyone is required to enter the new life, to immerse themselves in the new atmosphere. Imagine a society of 100-200 people, all sensible and noble people. It is enough for them to combine their spiritual and material capital to work miracles. Let's do the following calculation: we take a hundred people, each of whom is connected to another ten thousand. So, 10 thousand per hundred, makes one million. Do you know what a million people living in unison represent? Each of them is connected with another ten thousand of the astral world. So 1,000,000 X 10,000 = 10,000,000,000. Imagine a hundred people on the battlefield. Each of them has a back of one million soldiers. They have another back of ten thousand. As you can see, for each job one has the opportunity to make at least ten thousand attempts. If a person has ten thousand job opportunities, can you imagine what opportunities are hidden for ten thousand people? You say: What can a hundred people do? - If you are alone, little is expected of you, but if you are connected with another 10,000 people, this is a back you can count on. Even the strongest dam can be removed with the help of so many people. Knowing that you are not alone, do not be discouraged. One will chase ten thousand. "And two ones?" Both - these are the two principles. There are ten thousand more behind the second one.

    The first thing: To make everyone aware that there is a great, powerful back behind us. The Lord is behind this back. No one can appeal for help directly to the Lord. You will go gradually from one hierarchy to another, until you finally reach the Lord, where everything happens instantly. Today's humanity has reached the limit where Christ is. He has taken up to help humanity do all its work. He works with the law of one million. That is why it is said in Scripture, "Thousands will serve to thousands." This shows that we have a back behind us and we can do everything with it. This is the meaning of life. If we live for ourselves only we will not leave anything on the Earth. If we live for the Lord, we will also work for the back of the head. He who lives for himself has not understood the meaning of life. He who understands the law of ten thousand and one million, can he go without fear to the farthest reaches of the world. One in ten thousand will welcome you, serve you, and recommend you to others. Wherever you go, at least one in ten thousand will meet you, you will not be left alone. You will be welcomed at the first station and you will be served. "When will that be?" - When you say to yourself: While I am in this circle, with all the possibilities and conditions that God has set me, I can do everything. If you doubt and say that there is nothing you can do, that no one cares about you, you will be left alone. Keep in mind the hundred, ten thousand and one million. The Great is in these numbers. Through them the Lord is manifested. I want you to have a desire to realize the Divine plan. Only in this way will you respect the Divine in man. There is no culture, no evolution, if you do not respect the Divine in man.

    Let's sing the songs: "Bless, my soul, Lord" and "Dew drop". (All the brothers and sisters gathered around the Master in the small dining room of Opalchenska, sing with enthusiasm. It is a cold, snowy day. The windows are open. Outside, the brothers and sisters sitting in front of the windows, with bated breath, listen to the quiet but deep words of The Master. The Master continued. The psalmist says, "And the Lord will be your back guardian." And it is said of the future, "I will always see the Lord before my face." Therefore, when a man descends to the Earth, God is his back guardian while when he ascends, God is his front guardian. Nowadays man has descended so deep, in such a tunnel that, when he comes out of it, he will be cautious from getting there another time.This descent and ascent implies the processing of the material.Use the material without counteracting.Use the natural countermeasures and do not create artificial ones. In order not to make mistakes, stick to the law. Know that there are only gains on the path you are walking. The Truth is in this path.

    Sing another song. (The conductor stuck his head out, set the tone for the outside and the inside ones, and everyone sang their favourite song, "I'll Rejoice." Despite that it's getting dark, it's cold outside, nobody thinks about going.)

    The teacher continued: A good heart always implies an enlightened mind. However, the enlightened mind does not always imply a good heart. Every feeling is a quality of the time that established it. Which is better: To love you, or to love? Both when you love and when you are loved, you will always suffer 50%. You have a gem. You rejoice in it, you love it. At one point, the thought passes: whether this stone is not fake? Your heart is pounding. Then you calm down and say: It is not fake. What if it's fake? - Your heart beats again. Doubt creates suffering. However, it is inevitable. When you love, and when you are loved, you will always doubt. You doubt the gem, and the one who sold the stone doubts that the money is counterfeit. Doubt is the cause of the trembling of the human heart. There is no person whose heart has not trembled. If you are in the place of God, it is better to love; if you are in the place of a flower, it is better to be loved. Every day the dew and the light come to help it grow. These are letters that encourage it.

    Can you love and be loved at the same time? - When you love, you are like God; when you are loved, you are like a flower. Much is required from the one who loves. God created the world because much is required of Him. When we talk about love, a pleasant, soft light surrounds us. When we talk about love on Earth, we are talking about selfish and selfless love. When we talk about God's Love, the word "self-interest" is excluded. God's Love is known only as love, as the light of life. Love can be presented in two living pictures, which it could only be said for: Come, see! Thus they did with Paul. They took him up to the third Heaven and said, "Look, and whatever you see is for you. And you will write for those who cannot see. If you enter the invisible world and doubt what you see, you will go through such suffering, which you have never experienced. You will descend to the bottom of hell, where the place of doubt is. Hell is not as terrible as the contradictions. However, they are inevitable in human evolution. As they descend to Earth, both the angel and the ox will go through controversy. Anyone who understands the law knows that controversy is in place and can easily deal with it. He who does not understand the law, puts the contradictions on his back and runs away with them. Knowing this, pass everything through your fire. Keep the gem to yourself. And when Christ found the precious pearl, He gave up everything earthly.

    I will present you a romantic picture. A young, handsome young man desponded to life and fell into pessimism. His mother, father, and teacher admonish and show him the good side of life. However, life had no meaning for him and he decided to commit suicide. He went to the forest to look for a place to commit suicide, but a masked person approached him and whispered something to him. The boy stood up, looked up, smiled, and gave up his intention to kill himself. "Who is this person?" "His beloved." He thought she didn't love him. Being of high origin, she disguised herself so that they don't recognise her but she revealed herself to him - she whispered a few words of consolation to him. He immediately transformed, forgot his despair, and they both went back. (At that moment, the lights went out - the power went out. We sang the song "Love is a spring." This represented more dawn than dusk in the dim light of the candle, with the good song and in the intimate atmosphere ). Therefore, do not doubt your loved ones. Know that they will never leave you. And when Christ was on the cross, He said, "Lord, why have you forsaken me?" He had to pass through fire and when He passed His test, He said: "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit". After these words, Christ saw His beloved, Who raised Him on the third day. When one falls into sorrow and despair, one feels abandoned by one's beloved. This is not excluded. Everyone will be abandoned to gain some experience. This is not a sign that there is no love, but a necessity. In order for the higher love to manifest, it is necessary for your beloved to hide his face from you, to temporarily abandon you.

    Where are our soulmates?" "They're hiding from you." If I had time, I would give you examples from the novels of great writers, in which the lives of soulmates is described. In order to give these examples, the writers have adopted the thoughts of a soul who has gone to the other world. These writers write under a dictation. As long as love is manifested, one is careful in one's relationship. When love descends into the astral world, shadows appear that cover it. As it descends into the physical world, love begins to limit. It puts man in limitation. While in the physical world, one will always put one's beloved in a cage. There will always be someone to put you in a cage. Sing the song "Wake up, dear brother."

    -There is no Love like God's Love.

    January 8, 3 p.m., 1922

    Opalchenska Street, Sofia.

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  21. Готов превод Целувание не Ми даде / Целувание ми не даде - 8.1.1922-НБ-410 / .: 8.1.1922-НБ-410

    You did not give Me a kiss/You gave Me no kiss

    "You gave Me no kiss, but from the time I came in she has not ceased to kiss My feet.”(Luke 7:45)

    I will now touch on the origin of the kiss, i.e. I will consider in principle what a kiss is. If this had happened to a chaste girl in a secret room or to a guy, you know what all modern journalists would write about your daughter if she were your daughter, of course. This is an episode - that's what I call it - or an incident or an event that happened 2,000 years ago with one of the great sinners and wantonnesses the world knows. Debauchery from love, debauchery of love, because there is debauchery without love. Now I move back 2,000 years. This woman approached one of the greatest men who had ever descended to Earth; the purest man who has ever appeared on Earth; the most exalted soul who has ever visited this world; the greatest spirit that has ever illuminated human thought.

    If Christ had decided to come to the modern world today, I do not know what form He would have taken, how He would have appeared, and how He would have been received by modern cultural people. "Like then?" "Probably much better than then." And there is no doubt! Today there are so many churches built in His honour, in His name, there are more than 500,000 employees of his - a whole army, yet they will give him an excellent reception, at least officially. An official reception is easily done: a fattened turkey, weighing at least 12 kilograms is slaughtered. When the Bulgarian, weighs it and sees it is weighing 12 kilograms, says: This turkey is fattened, a good soup would come out of it and you know what thing the oily soup of turkey is, with a little drained lemon and its liver and gizzard so finely cut into the soup, and when you come across such a small liver.. ... ”Then this turkey is filled inside with rice, raisins, peanuts, this or that, roasted, reddened, so when they cut off such a reddened piece for you, you will say: "Come on, for prosperity, Christ has come to Earth." Or at least they will roast one of these little pigs, 10-12 kg each, which are slaughtering now for Christmas, nicely roasted, put it on the table with a little wine, all to eat because Christ has visited us. This is the official reception - then there will be speeches and thanks for His willingness to come. And He will answer that He was received well. I guess so, I'm not saying de facto. And here, in Simon's house, there is another reception. They received him without roasting a piglet, neither were there any kisses, nor washing of his feet, but a simple reception as the Jews could give him.

    This woman enters, you will call her impudent, shameless, utterly shameless, in order to approach the purest man.

    Imagine what courage, what audacity, what thickness she had! I don't know a more brazen woman than her! I use modern language. You will say, "How could there be such insolence!" However, here it is that this great insolence is chronicled in the Gospel and serves as an excellent example. Do you know what this woman said when she kissed Christ's feet? I will explain now. She said, "Lord, for Your sake I have committed all these crimes as I searched for You. Here I thought it was You, there I thought it was You - I have committed all crimes for You. I did this not out of evil will, but I did not have this Wisdom to know You, and now, now I have found You". I present this woman as an ideal of Love: there is no ceremony on her side to express her Love to the whole world. She says: "Whatever happens. I'm already dirty, let them say what they want, I will kiss in public, I do not give five bucks for people's opinion.

    Now, why the kiss is sometimes considered illegal? I have here a mathematical solution to the kiss, expressed in geometric form: what does it mean by the rules of the higher, transcendental mathematics? - The letter means the origin of the kiss. The letter represents a square that was previously closed, because all crimes, all struggles in the world take always place in a limited space, which the square encompasses, ie. there is a desire to be free in every living thing, which is limited in any form, and this desire for freedom produces a crime. Therefore, the kiss is a direct way to get rid of evil. So the kiss is a straight line that is placed at the bottom of the square and forms the letter„Ц“ ("C"). This in Nature I call flowering (цъфтене). Therefore, he who wants in Nature to be properly freed from evil, from restriction, which is over him must necessarily remove the upper, closed line in order to absorb the sun's rays, and has to be an open square.There must be flowering (цъфтене) in nature. And in humans, flowering (цъфтенето) coincides with kissing (целуването). When we kiss someone, we tell them, "The way to your salvation is to blossom (цъфнеш)" That means the kiss. Who should kiss? We say that the sun's rays kiss the flower. No, the one who has come home is kissed. When a guest comes home, the owner of the house will kiss him. If you are the owner, you, your daughter, your son, will line up to kiss him. If the guest kisses, this is not correct.

    Therefore, I can tell you that Christ visited this woman. She had rented a room in Simon's house, who was giving a banquet to Christ, and when He came, she kept constantly kissing him. She acted according to the laws of Nature, according to the law of flowering (цъфтенето), to show that salvation is there. Therefore, she opened her soul, she opened her heart, mind and spirit to receive these Divine rays, and transformed into a flower. Christ says, "Because she has acted so wisely, all the sins she has committed in the past are forgiven."

    Another time, I will stop to interpret what "sin" and "error" mean.I will leave you now with your old ideas about sin. When a man does not know how to bloom (цъфти) and kiss (целува), he is always in the square, his neck is like the one of that ox with horns. The ox once made its horns to defend itself, but the man, by holding it by the horns, created the letter V ("B") and formed a yoke from it in which he harnessed it. We say a "great man" (велик човек). Who is a great man? - Great is the man who can harness and unharness himself. A happy man is one who has a yoke and is harnessed. They are both happy. Then what is the point of untying an ox? This unit on top of the letter V ("B"), must be removed to keep the ox free. Because you can be tied and untied not only with a rope, but you can be conscious as a person. A headband is put on an ox, and a man binds himself with his word, with his consciousness. Therefore, the reasonable tying takes place according to the law of freedom.

    Therefore, the kiss, according to its origin, is the way we can save ourselves from the evil that now exists in the world. What is a mouth? - The lower lip means Love, the forces that create - they have one origin - and the upper lip means Wisdom. Love and Wisdom in the Divine world form the foundation on which all living, great beings live. Therefore, when I kiss someone, it means that I commit myself to serve and live in accordance with this great Wisdom and Love that make up the Divine world.

    So, you are a guest to the one who kisses you. To kiss someone, the Lord must be in him. This is the real kiss.

    Who lived inside Christ? "God Himself." This woman understood the law — she kissed Christ, not he. Therefore, we can only kiss the Divine. Someone says, "Why don't you kiss me?" - Does God live in you, is S/He in you? If S/He is not in you, I shouldn't get my mouth dirty. The only being you can kiss and that can bring your salvation is the light. Flowers open for whom? "For the light." If there is light, they imbibe it. These sunbeams, this sunlight kisses the flowers, it produces their wonderful growth. So, the issue is resolved. When you are asked, "Can two people kiss at the same time?" No, it's unthinkable. Either the man will kiss or the woman; either the brother or the sister; either the master or the servant. Such is the law. Two people who kiss at the same time do not understand this law and there can be no good results from such a kiss. Two people who are kissing eachother are like two bankers, operating with their capital in the same house; there will definitely be a kick there.

    Now this gives you a misunderstanding. The question is not about who kissed you, it's about who you kissed - that's the question. I'm not talking about who kissed you, but the question is - who did you kiss. The devil kisses. When someone asks who kissed you, I mean evil, and who you kissed - I mean the Lord. Therefore, there are two kisses. If you kiss a woman, she tells her husband that you have kissed her. She has the right. This kiss is not divine. However, if this woman kisses Christ, it's different. Who did she kiss? If you ask this flower who it has kissed, it will tell you: "The sun, I kissed the sun. The sun has made me as beautiful as I am. As I kissed the sun, all my sins were forgiven, the sun lifted me up. Christ turned to Simon and said, "You did not give me a kiss." This Simon was a cultured man like us, the modern ones.He said to himself when he saw this woman kissing Christ's feet, "This man is a prophet, a teacher who knows everything, who is pure and holy, and here a woman has been kissing his feet for so long, doesn't he know what she is? If I were him, I would have driven her away 10 times so far! ”And then Christ turned to him,“ Simon, I have something to tell you. ” And he says: "Teacher, speak!" - "A lender had two debtors: one owed him 500 dinars, and the other - 50." The number 5 is what prevails here. One number means the spiritual man, and the other - the secular, carnal man; one who understands things only forever, and the other who understands things temporarily.

    In studying the teachings of Christ, we should not make the mistake of St. Anthony's servant. We need to understand this teaching correctly, because it is based on great laws, on living laws that we, today's people, can apply. What is the mistake of St. Anthony's servant? This is an anecdote, I don't know how true it is. I am taking it to clarify the principle. St. Anthony was invited somewhere to visit and took off with his servant. He rode a horse and his servant a donkey. However, St. Anthony had opponents who wanted to stop him in his path. In the evening they stopped at an inn. His opponents came, cut off the head of the horse and the donkey, saying to themselves, "He must not visit, that's it." In the morning, the servant comes, wishing to take out and prepare the horse and the donkey for the journey, but he sees that their heads have been cut off.He reported this to St. Anthony. St Antony tells him: "It doesn't matter, stick them and we will go!" The servant, in a hurry, exchanged the heads, by putting the donkey's head on the horse and the horse's one on the donkey. St. Anthony got on a horse with a donkey's head, and his servant - on a donkey with a horse's head, and off they went. The heads of modern people are shifted. Men think like women and women think like men. You say, "Then how will the matter be resolved?" - The horse's head - on the horse, the donkey's head - on the donkey! Things must be as they were originally created, and not interpreted. I say: Take this horse's head off the donkey and take the donkey's head off the horse! This means interpretation - to give a correct explanation of the great law on which our current laws are built. What Christ said was that this doctrine with its basic principles can be applied now. It will be the same in thousands and millions of years. Love will be the same until the end of the century and after the end of the century. When I say the same Love, I mean the same substance and essence, not in form. Have you seen how the sun rises in the morning? So it is with Love. It will intensify, intensify to its zenith, then it will set, and at the new dawn it will intensify again. Therefore, Love is intensified in all its manifestations. That is why, we must be prepared to bring out, first, the great thing - God's Love. You have not felt that Love yet. If people would apply this Divine Love, which the woman who kissed Christ's feet was enthusiastic with, the world would have been saved today. And if we take this position, and ask ourselves why are we learning, why do we need knowledge in the world, I am answering: knowledge - this is knowing of God. All philosophy in the world is contained in this - to know God in His essential manifestation, as He Himself knows Himself, to know Him in His substantial manifestation, to know Him in all His manifestations in the world. This is the great science in the world.

    And so, all the modern struggles that now exist are nothing else but knowing of the true God who will bring in the Great Love, which serves for growing, blossoming, binding and ripening of this fruit. I will not dwell on the inner meaning of Love, because this is a great task that you must study. To speak of Love is as meaningless to me as to speak to you of this transcendental mathematics, of the higher Divine mathematics. All numbers have their ratios. Numbers from 1 to 10 have their ratios. You say, "I know what the number 1 means." This number has countless ratios. It can have thousands of manifestations with thousands of qualities. Do you know it in all its qualities? It can mean one kilogram of water, it can mean one kilogram of air, and so on. And what other ratios the unit has!When we come to the number 2, we need to know its ratios too. We need to know what the numbers : 1, 2, 3-10 mean. This is a manifestation of the primordial Divine world. Therefore, the first kiss formed the unit: the kiss took out the first unit: When you want to be the first, it means that only the person who can open the square can be the first. Someone says, "I want to be first." I ask: Do you know the science of opening the square, do you know the science of kissing? - "Oh, how many I have kissed !" - Do you know, like that sinner, how to kiss the feet of Christ, the greatest man, ie. has your mouth dealt with the essence and substance of the Divine Love and Wisdom? Have you tasted them like fruit? Because, when you taste Love and Wisdom, it is as pleasant as when you take a fruit and say: “Oh, how beautiful it is!"This is the substance of these foundations on which the Divine world rests. That is why Christ says, "I am the living bread that came down from Heaven, and he who eats me will have eternal life." How? "With your mouth." The word "eating" always means reproduction. And he who (целува) kisses me - (цъфтенето) the flowering means opening this square. Now I ask you: You are unhappy, aren't you? What causes your misfortunes? All for Christ's sake. You are looking for Love and in the name of this Love you can commit thousands of crimes. You can see a beautiful woman and say, "Oh, love is there." You kiss her, but when you kiss her, you say it's not her. Then a disgust, a hatred appear in you. First the devil lied to you to kiss her, then the Lord came and said, "It is not her." "If it's not her, I'll take the knife and will stab her." The Lord says again, "You will not stab her."

    Imagine now a modern woman or man who have committed such a crime as this prostitute. You would excuse me but I have no shadow of intent to take any of you. To imagine for a moment such a woman who has committed a crime, and who is kissing her husband's feet and says, "For your sake, I have committed all sins." What would a modern man do?

    He will say: "Get out of here, you disgraced me!" And if a man is found who forgives his wife and says: "Come on, let pass from me", all the newspapers will write - a valiant man! But Christ treated her differently, there was something else - so is it written in the Gospel. He said, "Simon, I went down to your house, you neither gave me a kiss, nor did you give me water for my feet, and this great sinner hasn't stopped kissing my feet since I came in." And the feet, this is the great, these are the Divine virtues. He who seeks the virtues and who seeks the righteousness is the one that kisses these feet. What thirsts and is hungry represents the mouth. Therefore, this state of the human heart, and this expression of the human mouth we call a kiss . This kiss is found not only in humans, but also between birds and other animals, and even between flowers.However, people today have ruined it, they have lost the meaning, and instead of being kissed by someone when they get drunk, they say, "here you are one fist, to know that my hand is strong." And now, we the modern people are at war. Why? - Because people have lost the meaning of the kiss, the way to kiss, they do not know how to kiss, and start fighting, there is hitting of heads, breaking of legs. The orthodox then begin: “Lord, we pray that you will bless our weapons, so that with our great army and heroes we may win and be greeted with pies and wine, for we have won; so that all nations may know that you alone are the Lord and that there is no one like You. " And then they say, "Blessed be the Lord, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen." No, no, no, all priests must preach to the modern world and kiss the feet of this harlot.Whose feet ? - the ones of the poor widows, the poor orphans; the suffering ones, and the unjust ones. This is what is required. You will say, "Kiss!" Yes, a kiss; you need to warm your heart to give a kiss. Kissing requires great heroism. And in Bulgaria I have met few who know how to kiss. I have met some who adjust their lips and blush. Heart, heart! I do not want you to take anything from me, but to realize that your life has been meaningless so far, a life of delusions in thoughts, desires and feelings, and great thought to be born in you that from now on you will live a pure life, you will kiss those rays of the sun that create the growth of your soul. Therefore, he who kisses must be in the place of this sinner, and when he is kissed, he must be in the place of Christ. So when no one comes to kiss you, you will say, "Wait, brother, wait, do you think you can get anything from me? ”“ No. ”A monk told me the following case:“ I went to church, he says. A rich man came out and I took his hand and kissed it. He gave me 100 leva. Then a rich woman came out, I grabbed her hand and kissed her. She gave me 200 leva. Our bishop finally came out, and I kissed his hand. He gave me 1 lev. I said to myself, "Poof, If I knew that my kiss went in vain!" This man was selling his kiss for money. "That rich man gave me 100 leva, the rich woman 200 leva, and the bishop, he got annoyed, and not only did he give me a lev, but he took it out with displeasure and said: "Come on, go away!" However, a kiss for 100 leva, for 200 leva and for 1 lev should not be sold. The bishop was the first to tell the truth. He said, "Listen, don't be stupid, I am a bishop, I am not Christ. While you kiss my hand, you will still have this head and you will not see good. " And the rich man who gives 100 leva says: “As long as you kiss my hand, there will be wooden stick. I am not Christ. This means 100 leva. And the woman who gave 200 leva says: "As long as you kiss women for money, you will never thrive." The kiss must be perfect, absolutely selfless.

    Here you have a woman who is rejected by the whole world and seeks salvation. She is the woman who drowns and clings to Christ and says, "Only you, Lord, only your Love, only your Wisdom can deliver me from this situation I have fallen into."

    And you women - I will turn to you and the men - I do not have your experience, you have all kissed and been kissed, what did you feel after the kiss? "You've been turning and tossing on the bed all night." Why? - You did not kiss Christ, but the devil. There is the torture. Where the devil is kissed, an ulcer appears, and evil is born. There is everything. Note, this is a fact. The face of a woman who has kissed a corrupt man turns black. A man's face who has kissed a woman who is not in the place of Christ, and his face is spoiled. If he was clean, his face will necessarily change. A kiss always produces transformation either for good or for evil. If you have kissed Christ, your face will surely shine, but if you have made a mistake in the kiss, you will always walk bent over like that sinner. You will say, "There is no meaning in life for me." Then, what is the cure?"You will come to Christ." You can find Christ today. Take the Gospel, go back 2,000 years, or go 2,000 years ahead, you will find and kiss Christ. And there is no living being that can put itself in the position of this woman and that Christ does not manifest to. Then Christ will say, "Your sins are forgiven, and now your new development begins."

    Christ says, "I came down to your house, you did not give Me a kiss." A noble thought entered you. This thought is Christ. Sometimes Christ passes into this world. I see Him. He often passes. Now I'm not going to talk about myself, I'm going to talk about a clairvoyant who told me the following: I look - he said-Christ has stood up by a beautiful woman who is very beautiful from the outside but not from within
    - and is talking while I see on the other side, someone else is talking. " Christ says, "Woman, turn to God, you need more Love to be saved." Then the devil whispers something. In the place where Christ speaks, she constantly waves her hand near her ear, because Christ says, "Love!" And it means, "To love is to kiss." What will my husband say? She carnally understands Love. An inner self-denial is a process of the soul, not a process of the body, of the mind.This is a relationship that exists between my soul and my original source, God whom I came from.

    And whenever these thoughts of Christ are whispered, we criticise them. When someone comes and whispers such thoughts to us, for example: "Open a trade, you will have big profits" - you do not wave your hand near your ear. You start trading. When Christ comes, He said to the woman: "Woman, you are rich, there are so many poor children there, give 2000 levs to help them." The devil says, "Don't listen!" She waves at her ear. I watch people waving all the time. Christ speaks to a woman, she waves in her ear, "This is not for me." When someone else comes and whispers something, she says, "I'm ready!"

    And then they ask me: "How can we know Christ's voice, so many voices speak to us?" Christ speaks like no other. He says, "Give all your possessions to the poor!" And you wave. "Go to a hospital to serve the sick!" You wave again. "Wash your husband's feet, reconcile with your friend!" You wave again. And when you are told, "Rub your friend's nose," you accept. "Take him to court, you have 20,000 leva to take", - "I understand that, I have so much money to take". When Christ speaks, there is no soul in the world who does not understand His voice. Every thought that makes a person ready for self-sacrifice is a Divine thought. There is no exception in this. Accept it, it comes from Christ. If you stop to think about whether he is the Christ who was 2,000 years ago, you lose everything. Listen, my friend, if you are waiting for this Christ who was 2000 years ago, you will go to the bottom of hell. This Christ has grown up now, 2000 years ago He was a little child. He was a baby when He was 2 years old, and He is now mature, He is now old, He is strong. Therefore, you will not look for Him like a little child and say: “Ah, to have a little baby like Christ and to stroke him! Then He could not save the world. He fled to Egypt, He was beaten, and crucified. That was the will of God. He said to himself, "Well, you are weak, that is how it will be!" When he was resurrected, He said, "All authority has been given to me in Heaven and on Earth, and it will not be so in the future: I will not be beaten. Go and preach this Word, I will be with you until the end of the age. They preach to us about the crucified Christ. I am not preaching to you about the crucified Christ, I am preaching to you about that Christ's resurrection of God's Love, of God's Wisdom, of God's Truth, Righteousness and Virtue and also for that Christ who brings life in Himself, who brings Wisdom, knowledge of the world; for that Christ who bears the Truth, who comes to give us this inner light, to build our homes, to give us the Righteousness and to measure with its measure, to give us the Virtue too. Christ also brings those great methods which we will be able to build our homes by. This is the great Christ. You will say, "Where is He?" "I see Him now," He whispers in your ears. Here, I see Christ, I see him. Do you see Him? I see Him, I see Him, Christ whispers. Now I determine who will do what: someone will wave his hand to his ear, and another will listen.

    Many people think that I want to enchant people. No, Christ is speaking to you. And do you know what Christ is saying to you? Here is what I am listening to: “Your hearts are cold, there is snow outside, therefore you have no ventilation, there is opposition there; You need Love, Love, which to overcome everything with; Love that warms these icy hearts, tio warm them with a temperature of 100,000,000, so that your hearts may shine. Christ speaks to you again. Do you know what He is telling you?

    "Knowledge, knowledge is what you need. You do not need knowledge of how to cook beans, how to cook the turkey, how to chop the cabbage and make kebabs. It is not this you need, but knowledge, knowledge, to pass on this wisdom to your daughters, sons, your husbands, your servants, friends and enemies. I see Christ, He speaks to you now, and you are sitting. I see a great picture: it's as if a girl is sitting waiting for the guy who's coming now and proposing to get engaged. She is very serious. I see her in a serious pose. You have taken such a pose and I say: everything is ready, just do not move your right hand to your ear. The girl says, “Now that the boy has come, wait for me to think whether to take him or not; to take him, but I have another richer, more learned one, he will create more conveniences for me, but he has not yet proposed to me. She decides and thinks, how seriously she thinks! She is thinking seriously, but about "that one"! She has nothing to think about: "Are you taking me or not?" - "I'm with you, Lord!" Done! If you keep thinking a lot, nothing will come out. There are times when a man should not think much. He must decide immediately. And we have to be like that Napoleon's engineer to whom Napoleon said, "You have to build a bridge for the army to cross." "I have no tools." "I'm telling you, if you don't build the bridge in 20 minutes, I'll shoot you." The engineer pays tribute, goes away, his brain starts working immediately
    and builds the bridge for 20 minutes.There is no time, there is nothing to solve with tools, we must work quickly. When a person makes a mistake, he wants a long term, prolongs, procrastinates in court. Sinners want a long time when their deeds are considered. When we steal, we want time to be long, and when we want to have results - to the contrary - time to be short. When it comes to rewarding us for our actions, we should not procrastinate for years, but like Napoleon, an order should be issued to us to build this bridge in 20 minutes to pass from one shore to another, from one world to another. Therefore, we must apply these principles in our homes, in our lives.

    Christ says, "I came to your house, you did not give me a kiss, and this woman, since I entered, has not stopped kissing, not my mouth, but my feet." She says, "I am unworthy to kiss your mouth, but I will kiss your feet, those dusty feet that walk on the earth." To kiss Christ on the mouth requires an angelic life. Someone says, "Let me kiss you on the mouth!" Angelic life is required for this, purity is required! If we would appreciate these kisses! ... Bulgarians who have been to Russia say that on Easter everyone kisses eachother - "kiss-kiss" - until they defile it: "Ну, поцелуемся: цап цап (let's kiss eachother- kiss-kiss)". Now Christ tells them what a kiss should be. This square must be opened, and these delusions must be discarded, they must cease in Russia. You say, "The Orthodox Church was like that." I will give you an anecdote. One of the Russian emperors wrote confidential letters to all Russian monasteries, asking whichever monastery held the head of St. John the Baptist to send to him. He received one head from all the monasteries! He put them in separate rooms - 40 heads in 40 rooms. Then he goes to the Russian Synod and asks: "How many heads does St. John the Baptist have?" - "Your Imperial Majesty - only one head!" - "No," he said, "there are 40 heads." He takes these old men to all rooms: "40 heads, 40 documented heads!" They are right: if we take the rebirth, we can say that John the Baptist had 40 heads, but the emperor told them: "Do not deceive the people with these superstitions!"This is why the Russian church is suffering today because John the Baptist had 40 heads! God should not be insulted. There must be no lies in His name. If I want to deceive you, in the name of Christ, the karma of this people is heavy. No one can succeed if they have lied. Someone says, "It's worth lying." Not never! Sometimes you can save the truth, you can avoid the answer, or you can keep quiet, but never tell a lie. You can't tell the truth - be quiet; you can't tell the truth - run, no one is forcing you to talk.

    So, two things are needed: humility like this woman, to know our delusions. This woman knew that the path she had taken, the life she had led, the knowledge she had had, had all yielded the worst results. And after all that, she says, "Lord, I'm changing all this now." I know that this woman, as an individual, is not alone. This woman changed her life, then she became an excellent worker of Christ's work. She has completely changed her life. Her life was changed by the kiss. Therefore, if this Divine light enters us, and we receive this light and kiss it, it will produce all these good results. So when someone comes to your home, what should you do with them? After all, when you have a jour fix, a friend of yours comes to you, a lover of yours that you love, you put her to sit in your place. One comes, you kiss her; another comes and you kiss her; a third comes, you kiss her; when up to 10 come, you kiss them. The other 10 that come, you don't kiss them. Then you kissed 10 but 10 - not. I determine: 10 are from the Lord, and 10 - from the devil. Your rendezvous, this jour fix of yours will always be a jour fix. When they leave your home, they will start criticising you. You will kiss all of them! If you start with a kiss, you will kiss everyone. If you don't kiss, you should not kiss anyone. Then your jour fix will be successful. You will say, "I don't like this woman." What did you like about the one you kissed? Was that woman charming to Christ? That what you like is the devil. You have two girls: one is cheeky, with wounds, and the other is not, she is beautiful. Which one will you kiss? - The beautiful one. The devil is in her. Christ is in this one, the cheeky one. The devil is in the handsome guy with the moustache. When you kiss him, your face will turn black. And Christ is in this one, the ugly boy. In the name of Christ you will kiss him. The principle of Christ is in him.

    And this woman chose to kiss the dusty feet of Christ, and not the clean ones of that bourgeois, because Christ walked in leather sandals and without socks, barefoot. His feet were dusty. This woman did not kiss Simon's feet, but Christ's. She said, "Lord, you are dusty and unclean, and so am I." I will wash your feet, and you will wash my heart. And Christ answered, "Woman, said and done." And she did it. Today's scholars say: "He gathered them, all such ignorant people, don't we know who they are?" That I did not come to Bulgaria to gather the beautiful girls and boys, I leave them for the church, while those who have no shelter, the cheekbone ones, they have come to me. So there's no reason to be in a misunderstanding, but once a sheep of mine healed in such a way, I don't let it go anymore. What do I mean by the word "church"? - By "church" I mean a living being, that thinks and feels, has a will, while all these stone buildings are shelters, these are not churches. And now the priests are asking, "Are you going to church?" I would come to you, you are an open door. I see that the doors of the hearts of the priests and bishops are still closed, there is no key to them. I ask the cleric: where are the keys? "Grandpa bishop is not serving today, come to the other church." This is not a church. When someone wants to come to my church, I open the doors to the worshipers at 4 o'clock before the sun rises. Thus, the doors must be opened to all people who want to serve God, and all the chandeliers in this church must be lit and light and kindness must pour out of them. And whoever enters it, must leave out all his burden. This is a church, so it must be understood. You will say, "What about the common people?" They are not ordinary people, we are talking about all scientists - they have graduated from high schools, universities - will we keep them entertained? We will allow them to enter the church, to serve. But how will they serve? - When the bishop comes, let him put on the garment of Love, it is the inner garment. Then there is a felon, it is the garment of Wisdom. When they put on these clothes, then let them put on crowns and other things, and then let them serve. When he comes like this, I will give him the first place, but if he comes with his current clothes, I will drive him out. You, who sold the name of Christ, go out, you come to serve for money, to collect it in your rissoles! Christ did not die for money, Christ came to serve in the name of God's Love and Wisdom to resurrect people. This is not only with our priests and bishops. When I speak the truth, I speak it in the name of Christ. Woe to those who oppose these Divine truths! In the name of Christ, in the Divine name, there is no delusion.

    Let the Bulgarians sow their fields. I am ready to give the Bulgarians 100 times more wheat and corn, in abundance, let them sow , and let the priest sow, but not with the cross and a cauldron in hand. There should be nothing in the church: no money, no discussion. This is an outrage! All this must be thrown away, so says Christ. Now someone comes and asks me: "Do you light a candle in a church?" I say: My candle is always burning, my lamp has been lit since time immemorial, it has never gone out. - "Do you believe in the church?" - I believe in this one, the church of Christ, in the church of Love, Christ is in it, all the saints and good people are in it. - "Why don't you come to us?" - I came to you, but your churches are closed. "How?" "They're closed, and now I can't kiss them." They want me to kiss the bishop's hand. I'm not one of them to kiss the hand of the bishop. Sometimes I don't want my hand to be kissed either. A few days ago a man came who beared the Spirit. After I invited him to stay at the table, he said no one should kiss my hand. I say to myself: Well, that tempted him: "And he is one of the bishops," thought the guest. Half an hour later he got up, went out, wanted to shake hands, I stopped him - not to shake hands, and I told him: "Good luck, you think well." I am for that inner kiss of Love, of our kindred souls. Some ask, "How do we find our kindred souls?" This is the easiest job! There is no easier job than this. Even the youngest children will tell you that. By the age of 5-6, children will tell you how. From the age of seven upwards, they will deceive you. In the Ruse region, a father told me that one day he asked his young child: “Son, where did you come from? ”This child replied,“ Don't disturb me. ” - "Who are you, where did you come from?" If you have Love in you, you will not ask him where he came from. You know that Love knows where you came from. When we love people, we came from God, and when we do not love them, we came from the devil.

    The first thing: when Christ comes to your home, you will wash His feet with your mouth, and this, translated into your language, means: you will serve him with Wisdom and Love, you will carry his Word without any impurity. This is the kiss. When I apply all my mind and all my heart to serve Him so that I can carry his Word without any impurity, this is a kiss. If you can serve Christ in this way, He will tell you, "Your sins are forgiven, and your names are written in heaven before the angels, and in the future you will become citizens of this great kingdom."

    So, I now congratulate you all to serve Christ with Wisdom, to serve with Love, to put them in your minds and hearts. I see this Christ, I am talking to Him now. After you go home, He will talk to you again. Be careful, don't keep thinking, but say, "Let's decide!" Not where the deadline is, decide now! Said and done - no waving of the hand. You will tell me, "Are you telling the truth that Christ is with us now?" Christ is with you, with your souls, understand inwardly. I am telling you a great truth. Great is this Christ, and when people one day realize this truth, do you know what kind of culture there will be? In Europe we will travel freely, without any obstacles, and then everything will be cheaper, and wheat, and butter and everything. How? - When people begin to serve God with Love and Wisdom.

    This teaching must be accepted by all clergy. And they still get offended, but Christ will force them not to get offended. Both teachers and all others in the future must serve Christ with Love and Wisdom.

    Now I am preaching to you not as Bulgarians, or as Englishmen, or as Frenchmen. I preach to you as to my brothers and sisters in the name of Christ. I will never distort the Truth. I speak to you as my brothers and sisters, as friends, as students, who I keep on an equal footing with me, I give you my best thoughts, even though these people tremble outside, in the cold. I give you the best of myself, I introduce you to these truths that no one else has told you about for 2,000 years. Why? - Because I love God, because I serve Him with Love and Wisdom. And you can all serve Him. You can all serve God with Love and Wisdom. We can all be brothers, no matter what our level of development. We will go to work to the best of our ability. So we can give this kiss to Christ, because Christ is everywhere, in all of Nature. Christ is everywhere! And we can give Him that kiss; once we give it, we will blossom, bind, and become strong. My words are a bit symbolic, but their truth is inside. Every thought, every kiss must be imbued with Love, and when you kiss, do not regret, but know that you have done a duty, that you have given something from yourself, and then you will hear this voice of Christ: "Your sins are forgiven. "they are forgiven" is an excellent word. If today the Antanta says to the Bulgarians: "Your debt is forgiven", what will happen? - Drums will be beating around the city, announcements will be posted in all cities, in all municipalities that the Antanta has forgiven Bulgaria 2 and a half billion levs of debt. What Christ bears is much more than these two and a half billion levs.

    We all need Love and Wisdom now. Love and Wisdom! Some say, "One of your sisters is sour." I say: she has not yet kissed the feet of Christ. "This one criticises a little." I say: She did not kiss the feet of Christ. "Someone is ignorant" - she has not kissed the feet of Christ. Those men and women, whose hearts are imbued with this Love and their mind - with this Wisdom, they have kissed the feet of Christ. A person who has once experienced this Love, who has once touched it, has already risen in a way that the world does not suspect.

    So, serve with Love, serve with Wisdom. This teaching must be applied. There is the strength and salvation in the future.

    Speech given on January 8, 1922, the second day of Christmas, in Sofia.

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  22. Готов превод Годишна среща на Веригата, Варна, 1908 г. - 22.8.1908-СБ-27 / .: 22.8.1908-СБ-27

    Annual Meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1908

    August 9, Saturday

    Anastas Boynov, Gina Gumnerova, Dimitar Golov, Iliya Stoychev, Elena Ilarionova, Konstantin Ilarionov, Maria Kazakova, Mihalaki Georgiev, Penyu Kirov, Petko Iv Gumnerov, Todor Bachvarov, Todor Stoyanov and Anastasia Dr. Zhelezkova were called and came to the gathering.

    We were free before noon. At 4 o'clock Mr. Dounov started to prepare the upper room, and at 9.30 am we all gathered in the meeting room when we were informed that this meeting was one of the preparatory ones.

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  23. Готов превод Умни и силни - 28.11.1913-ИБ-72 / .: 28.11.1913-ИБ-72


    "Walk in the light (*visibility/clarity), that you may be sons of the light." What did Christ mean by the words "Walk in light"? Light to the soul has the same meaning as light to our body. Walk in the light to be sons of the Kingdom of God. Man grows as well as the seed of the plant upwards. The word "son" means heir. Christ says, "All that the Father hath is mine, as He hath everlasting life, even so He hath given Me. Walk in light, that ye may know your way." We need to know our aspirations and what to do. For example, bees strive to collect honey, people seek goods for their earthly life, and those who strive spiritually must strive for heaven. There, it is a place not for the poor and it is not an inn, but a place for purified and prepared souls - sons of light. He who purifies his soul, accepts the light that purifies the soul. The human soul is a plant on earth, the earth must be cultivated and our soul must bear fruit. Walk in the light to purify yourself and give these fruits, good deeds that consist in good desire and thought that will bear its fruit. We can never sow a good thought if we do not perform one act. The act is the connecting thread in the ground to bear fruit. We must use every desire, fertilise it, mature it in order to benefit from it, otherwise we will not be saved. We say that God is good, He will save us, but "salvation" means changing the conditions for our heart to develop, and after we are saved, then we must work, not that we are already saved and our work is over. "Walk in the light." It is difficult for one ignorant man in the profound sense of the gospel to define himself, but when the light penetrates our soul, then love appears. Otherwise, love cannot appear in us. As when someone delivers the drowning person from the water, there is a thread of gratitude and love between them, because he is saved from the limitation, from the bad conditions, so it is with the soul, when it is saved - the thread appears in us - the light of love for Christ, and then we have to start working.

    Love always begins with giving something, just as the father gives an inheritance for the knowledge of the son he loves, so does God, when he loves us, give us knowledge to save us from our bad situation. God shows us only His presence with the light. When He comes to us, when the light comes to us, we already feel God and do not seek Him.

    Heaven is the heart, the pulse of the whole world, the whole universe - the heart, where life comes in and goes out from, everyone enters and comes out of there. When we are well disposed to self-denial, to virtue, to love, we are in Heaven, and when we are the opposite, then we are in hell. Walk in light in order to be sons of Heaven. What should the sons be towards the father, or our souls to God? It is what thoughts there are in us at a given moment. He who has the experience of this will understand everything and more will be provided to him. However, if we do not have experience, it will not be clear to us, because we will not have a measure to determine more complex relationships.

    If children do not know the basics of mathematics, they cannot understand the higher mathematics. There is mathematics in life. Addition is understood as a mechanical process - we put something together, we gather someone with another, etc. And subtraction is a mechanical process - we take someone out of his house, we remove something, we take thoughts out. The neighbours bring out their dirty thoughts and desires with their quarrels. Quarrel - addition and subtraction, but as soon as the process of multiplication comes, it already requires mind. To multiply means to put a grain of wheat in the ground, but to also figure out how, when and where to sow it in order to bear a lot of fruit. From one grain - 300. If we can't evaluate someone, we don't know how to divide. The mind is a force that we must know how to multiply and divide with in order to use it and give us wealth to multiply and divide. The mind is a virtue of God. And we need to know this virtue - not just to add and subtract but to also multiply and divide. We need to multiply and share our virtues, to want to become smart and strong. If we have a passion, it is a current, and if it comes from high above, it is strong and does mischief, and if we want it to be destroyed, it means that we want no mountains, but they give the best springs, they are a blessing.

    Passions are our humps, which already carry blessings, as long as we know how to develop and work them out, as Iskar for Sofia used to bring her muddy water and make swamps, and now, when it is developed, electricity is took from it, which illuminates the whole of Sofia today. Walk in the light, use your strengths, your knowledge, develop them. What does this law teach us about our practical life? We can apply it everywhere, we can always say to ourselves, "I will walk in the light." We need to gain knowledge. As there is light through the wick in the lamp, so is the human mind. We must defeat the devil through our minds and harness him to work and he will teach us in mind, because he bears, he has stolen the riches from God for men and gives them only to the one who becomes his master and if he overcomes us, he will we serve him and we will be in darkness. It is, when dark thoughts occur to us, if we are in doubt , we are on the top of the mountain and on one side are the light and God while on the other- the darkness and the devil, we need to keep balance and strive to reach in the light.

    Freedom - it is a wide space of the soul. To distinguish our soul in a broad framework. Often do we feel burden, it is because our soul seeks to crack us in order to develop.

    Every suffering tells us that we must get out of these conditions and go into space. Not to be deceived, not to love the bodies of our loved ones, but to love the souls of people, to seek the soul, not the body - the house. We often change it, we have been in animal houses, etc.

    Animals strive to become humans, and humans must strive to become angels in order to be sons of light, and until we are sons of light, we will not be sons of God. Do not expect good things on earth, because purification, suffering, trials are coming, and let us be strong, firm, and not hesitate, but be ready for Christ. Our thoughts should never be for material goods, but we should have a good, pure, bright soul that will give birth to good desires and good thoughts. When we suffer, our soul, which strives for pure and bright thoughts and desires suffers.

    We will walk in the light and let us be sons of the light.

    15th November 1913

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  24. Готов превод Избраникът Божий и Вождът на Истината - 2.10.1898-ИБ-4 / .: 2.10.1898-ИБ-4

    The Chosen from God and the Chief of the Truth

    A Conversation of the Master with the Spirit of the Lord

    I am your Lord, who comes to support you through the power of My Spirit and to make you understand the God's secrets which your Lord is pleased to reveal to you. Being loved and chosen by God, the Eternal and unsearchable God is pleased to enlighten you with the Spirit of His Truth. Here and now all of us are glad in you and we are sent by your Lord to dress you in power and strength and to hand over the reigns of the Earth Realms, to glorify and reveal you in the eyes of the world so all they shall know that the Lord has ascended in the minds and the hearts of all who love him. The day has come and we are coming with the eternal promise from the heavens, to restore the order and justice on that Earth. The words of God are true.

    The world will purify from the celestial fire. In the end of times will come a messenger from the heaven who will enlighten you. An Angel from Heaven will come to you personally to bring you a great order, which is sent by God for you to fulfil. The words are true and will be witnessed by the power of the Holy Spirit of God, which will dawn on you and will always lead you. The following year, you shall see with your eyes this messenger, The Angel of the testament, which will be marked by God's finger. Here this place, where you stand now, shall become a portal, through which all the righteous will pass and come to Sion, in the Holy Forest and the Lord of the powers will announce his kindness and his Holy Will. The test which you had was to fight personally with the prince of this world, with this old-fashioned snake - whose head you saw - was glowing like a candle in its flame. This is a test which the heavens allowed in order to show your internal power of your spirit: that you are loyal in everything; that you are the one whose soul stays in the path of the Truth; that you are the one whose Spirit is kind and sublime in the face of God.

    We are sent from your God on purpose to greet you with the good news in heavens, which have already drew its voluntary lot on you. And they are all who greet you comradely and with love in the name of your Holy Father, whom all belongs and in the fulfilment of his Will, is our joy. Because you are the chosen from God, chosen from us. We are with you and we are ready to do all, shall it be allowed by heavens, from the Home of your Lord, our God, whom we serve with the entirety of our hearts, entirety of our spirit and mind. Let the respect towards you, which we cordially offer to you with deep and immutable love, not disturb you. You know what kindness is the love, what overpowering force is it. And is it possible someone not to love you? It is not possible. We get excited from the highness of Your Spirit, from the highness of Your soul, which constantly offers kindness and joy to all who breathe freely and without restraint the heavenly life beneficial forces.

    We are wondering how a soul in such unfavourable conditions, can get excited and can overcome all obstacles which all the dark forces managed to put in opposition of its success. Yes, we are all joyous for You and we wish to get to know you better and to permeate in your secret life, which springs constantly as a source of which Lord himself is a chief. We admire the fact that you understand so clearly the Heavenly truths and figure out so well the eternal germs which they carry with themselves.

    And because you are born from the Spirit of the God's Truth, your Lord blesses and enlightens you. Because God himself is embodied in your soul and it is Him who breathes an abundant and Eternal life in your high and great Spirit, who watches tirelessly in all directions. We are joyful to welcome you among us and to offer you all our Love, which we harbour towards you. Because we will know you and you will know us from the Only Spirit, which lives in all of us. Be blessed by your Lord and bless us in your name. Your name is known because it is a name which God himself has laid upon you in order to reveal His Justice, to restore His Love on Earth as it is in Heaven.

    But this solitude is a solitude imposed from above, from the eternal unaltered Will of God, your Lord. But the time of your solitude is over and the day of your future glory is coming and God himself will take over and will be the commander of all. Let your voice ascend to the Throne of the heavenly worlds, to the Throne of the heavenly words, to the eternal spheres of the glorious celestial worlds, in the infinite realms of the universes, worlds, where the glory rises and which we all strive to reach.

    Oh, eternal words! Oh, eternal realms, full of glorious life; embodied spirits, full of eternal, indefinite and immense Wisdom, in which float the minds of all living beings, who constantly strive for the vast and unsearchable Soul, attracting all towards its boundless heart, that loves and cheers all - a Heart, in which all Life is manifested. Towards the infinite Heavens, worlds and realms, boundless universes of worlds and realms in which that eternal, limitless and immense Soul permeates and fills up all with Blessing, abundant with never-ending and perpetual, eternal and glorious Love, which warms up, enlightens and rejuvenates the souls, spirits and minds of all small and great creatures. Love that fills up their hearts with reverent awe and ascent in the glorious way of Life which rises from universe to universe, from realm to realm, from soul to soul, from spirit to spirit, from mind to mind, from heart to heart, from feeling to feeling, from strength to strength, from thought to thought, from manifestation to manifestation, from one beginning to all beginnings, from one end to all ends, from one particle to all particles, in all things and all objects, from the beginning to the end; towards that living, global universe of the universes; towards that Realm of Realms; towards that world of worlds in which Eternal realm, eternal world, eternal joy, eternal truth, eternal justice, eternal kindness permeates in all and beyond ; from one boundless highness towards other boundless highness, from the infinite and boundless eternity in all its immense spheres and domains - vast and unsearchable; in that sublime and overwhelming silence of the endless eternity, all is stillness. Honour and praise to our Lord is given there - in this sacred and glorious stillness. All joys and exults of his endless creatures who praise and worship Him, ascend towards Lord's eternal Throne.

    This is the future Glory, this is the future Joy, towards which your Spirit will lead us. Great Spirit, glorious Spirit, through which we unite in a great family. Be blessed by God, you - the Chief of the Truth, Saviour of the world and
    a great adviser of the Angels' hierarchy and God, wise Love of the Cherub's hearts, almighty God, leader of all, you, who sustain and maintain all in yourself. Ascend now and let Your spirit rejoice and Your Soul be merry. We are around you and one with you, inseparable from your spiritual Glory, which God is pleased to give you with his own discretion. The words and speech of Lord, who invokes you, are true. Let the Heavens rejoice, and the Earth triumphs for your Justice has risen in the world of the worlds; for your name is written in the eternal books of God.

    All rise and chant aloud gloriously and rejoice unspeakably: 'The time has come for God, the Lord to show His glory, in His greatness.' Sing a new hymn, in which all the supreme World to take part. Keep going as the words are true that the Almighty God will descend and will announce His grace towards the Chosen one. The Angel of the testament will greet you and along with all the Army which will descend from the spheres of the Heavenly realms will welcome you and escort you in the glorious procession, which will arrive at the appointed time at the Mount Zion. Arise and see the world is ready for harvest. Call your people and tell them to pick the wheat in the pantry and to burn the weeds and throw them outside in the darkness. Summon your brothers and tell them to be awake and ready for the day, which is coming very soon. The Lord's glory is on its way and there will be an omen about His coming through which order and Justice will be set on the Earth. And the Earth will purify and clean from all corruption and will be blessed with eternal grace which will stay forever.

    20 September 1898, Varna

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  25. Готов превод Влиянието на музиката - 12.4.1917-ИБ-163 / .: 12.4.1917-ИБ-163

    The Influence of Music

    All of you are exposed to the music - all of you can sing and play music.There are few descriptions of the music, it is a feature of the soul. It is located in two centres to the front part of the forehead. Everyone likes to sing but not all people have the same musical talent. It means that the musical centre is not developed to the same extent in every person and those with less developed musical centre, do not like music.

    Not to like music is a negative quality and it means that the person lacks something. Some people say 'I do not like anybody' - this is a negative quality, meaning something is missing in you. When you like something - this is a positive quality.

    The word 'something' means a materialisation in the world. 'Something' means an idea which came true in the physical world. On the first place, a thought comes to the person and as it is made to happen, the significance becomes double. The speech is music. People, who does not have musical talent, have a rough speech, they are sharp, harsh. People who have got musical talent - their voice is soft and peaceful.

    The music is necessary and the love cannot manifest itself without music - it is a dress, which the love has to put on. A girl who can sing is well respected among the Bulgarian people.

    There are two essences in the person - one is striving towards the centre of the Earth, it does not have music, only noise. The other essence is the Divine one, whose striving is towards the sun, upwards and there is music in it. Each person who has got music, is a spiritual person. He may not go to church, but he strives towards the sun and according to me, he is a religious man. Every spiritual person could be religious, but not every religious person is spiritual. That's why I say that the music has got two aspects: a real one - non-essential and a real one - essential. The music is necessary for everyone; it can heal the person from various illnesses, for example - the diseases of the nervous system. If you feel nervous, sing a song in a major scale every morning for a period of one, two, three days, weeks, months, every noon and evening time and if your condition does not go away - come to me. What do you do in such cases? You call a doctor - he gives you bromine and other tranquillisers, which numb your nervous system but do not heal you. The musical vibrations are so delicate. They make a good massage, the medicines are toxic substances - an wack with a mallet.

    So the music in you will be a certain way to show your feelings and the feelings will be a form to express the mindful aspiration towards God. That is why all religions start the rituals with songs. Take away the songs from people in the world and they will not get married. The wheel of life is turning through the songs. The song is the steam and if the steam stops, the wheel of life would stop. When the people commit a sin, they would stop singing. But there is music in the reading too. There is music in the poetry. There is music in the gradual voice raising, but if you raise your voice immediately - you make a broken line and this has bad results on the ear drum. When a person gets angry, he suddenly raises his voice and he does not have music within anymore or his music does not have a measured rhythm. First place in life holds food and then - the music.

    If your hearing is well developed, you will hear what music is there in the eating. The 32 teeth, while chewing, present 32 cords, playing on the bread, and the tongue is the bandmaster, who beats the time. Each meal may consist of several pieces. Do you notice upon eating how many pieces have got your concert? Each bite is a new piece. So, eating is the first concert in life. I, when I observe people, can see how many of them, when they get together, a develop a good appetite and become singers. He, who does not know how to play well with his month i.e. does not know how to eat correctly, he would feel sick and the internal listener - the stomach - would say: 'You do not play well.'

    The second stage of the music is the feeding of the heart i.e. the chewing of that food, which is useful for the heart. So the first music is the eating, its centre phrenologically is under the eye. Second music is the singing - its centre is under the forehead. Third music is the prayer, praying - its centre is on the upper part of the head.

    The minor scales have got more moisture and the major scales are drier. When a wind comes - these are the major scales, a dust is rising and after that - the minor scales are coming, it starts raining. If you could hear what great minor music is the falling of the raindrops! Only the grass can understand that music. I would recommend, when it is raining, you to go out in the rain and to let yourself about 15 min to get wet and then go back home, but do not change your clothes - notice what you will feel. You will get the best massage ever. People can heal themselves because warmth is forming within yourself. But when the wind comes, a strong draught comes and those are the major scales. If you expose yourself in the rain at that time, you will catch cold.

    Explanation of some words in 'The Song Of Love' ('The Love is a Spring'). In that song, the word 'mother' has a different meaning than the usual one. The word 'spring' is used because it means something that bubbles from top to bottom, it comes out of the centre, from below. You have to see your soul as that spring.

    'It gives birth to life' - a spring cannot give birth to life, but between the spring and life there is something in common, they belong to the same scale. In the astral world the life springs like that, that's why from this love, life springs. Here, on Earth, we call it springing and in the spiritual worlds - it's called giving birth. Under 'giving birth' is meant something which is harmonically organised. Only that, which is well organised, has been born. To give birth means to put the things in correct order. So, in you the love has to exist as water that springs. From the spring, you will go to life which also has to spring in you.

    I would like to know how do you imagine that love? Some people say it is a power. What would you say? You are ashamed to say. The shame has to be transformed inто humbleness, because in the spiritual world shame does not exist, there is humbleness. People are not humble. To find out if a person has got shame - give him power, money, feed him. God also tries you. For example to see if a woman has got shame, God gives her much beauty. When she sees herself very beautiful, she starts directing and all around her sing. If the woman is ugly, she will bring herself into humbleness, she is not the bandmaster. So people are either bandmasters or simple singers. In the music, a person always has to keep the tact, there must not exist a disharmony.

    In the psalm 'Praise the Lord because he is kind' which word is the most important? First, we have to find the Lord. Verse II: 'Because His kindness is till the end of time.' Verse III: 'Praise the God of the gods.' God and Lord are two different names. The emphasis would fall on God. You in your life put the emphasis on unimportant things. For example you would say: 'I would do that.' - you would not do anything. These words of yours has got no content. You say: 'I do not love.' You have to find the object. Who would you love? The word 'love' should never be pronounced aloud, but quiet. The strong words do not need advertisement, when you whisper it, people will understand you. The strong person do not need support. We do not have to support God, but to work along with Him. Some of you would say: 'He does not love me.'

    That is not correct. If he does not love you, then what? - 'He hates me'. You cannot recognise love if you have not been hated. First you have to be hated in order to be loved afterwards. Take for example a statue, for example it is now everybody's favourite, but earlier as a piece of stone, it was forgotten far from all. This piece of rock has to get carved and smoothed in order to become beautiful. Do not think that you have always been what you are now. God has carved you, that's why you are good. When your statue is ready, then you are in the music.

    Verse IV: 'Who does great miracles himself.'
    On which word you would put the emphasis?

    Verse V: 'Who created the Heaven with wisdom.' Here which word is significant?

    The music has to be toned in. Your husbands starts a quarrel, then you say: 'Wait to see in which scale he sings.' He directs one song, he is the bandmaster. You must tell your husband: 'You do not take the right tone.' You may think this is an allegory. No, in those contradictory things you will find a very correct answer. When a woman gets cross, she cannot find an answer of that anger. Let the person spring. A man has to spring the anger through music. And the modern Christians say: 'A person has to be kind, humble, virtuous.' What means to be good? It means to be able to sing in tune. When you had your food, then God is good. You had enough sleep, food, God is good, if there is no food, God is not good. You had enough sleep and had enough to eat and then you would say: 'That is good.' You have to apply the new music. Be aware not to be like one American and to say: 'Why I need to eat and drink?' That American becomes Evangelist and said he had learnt everything, then just indulged in meditation. One day his 10 years old son asked him: 'Why do you not sing like others do?' - 'I am established already' , said the father. One day they harnessed the horse to the carriage, but the horse stopped, he would not go. 'Dad,' said the boy, 'the horse has established himself.' Many Christians look like those horses, so be aware not to establish yourselves. To establish is not music. Some people want only to be happy, but the happiness and unhappiness are two blessings in the world. If you are only happy, everyone will attack you. But if you make the smallest good to an unhappy person, they will become happy. I want you to understand the happiness and unhappiness and to know how to sing them. You have to be patient with everything. What opposite word can you use to 'patience'? The opposite one is the compassion. The opposite of white is black. Dark - light. But to the red? To the truth - lawlessness. How would you interpret the word 'virtuous'? On the physical plane, the truth is tact. When you are not in accord with the bandmaster, he gets angry - it means the divine justice is in action. They say: 'The rod has come out of heaven.' You must think about the truth and justice as a rod, which guides you. A sinful soul could go in the right path through the rod.

    12th April 1917

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