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  1. Готов превод Слово 1903, Варна - 23.8.1903-ИБ-21 / .: 23.8.1903-ИБ-21

    The Word, 1903, Varna

    Greetings to all my brothers! Peace be upon all of you!

    Here I call you among this nation, to be witnesses and luminaries. I know you by name. All my efforts for a long time have been to prepare you for the great work of God, to develop the powers of your soul, to open your mind so you shall understand the kind ways of God. For that are needed enormous efforts, which I have made for your own good - to protect you from a pending destruction.

    This nation, among which you have been sent from Me, is spiritually undeveloped. But do not be afraid as they have a good essence. I want you to benefit of the fruits of your work. Be joyful that God has written your names in the book of Life.

    I have always been present between you and have always guided you. In the times of difficulty and sorrow in your life, I am around. Yes, the great heavenly Father wishes your goodness. How great and kind he is! Every day he has poured (out) from above his kindness to support you. Listen to Me today. You look darkly to the future, often hesitate, (got/are) afraid of the pressure of the tests and often think that the evil is incurable and God has stopped to listen and to be kind. No, do not (put) this thought in your mind. Can God, the great and kind Father, to forget about his children? But you shall know that his Love towards you and that nation is bigger than before. Your souls are precious in front of His eyes. He has many children among this nation and that is why you have been sent to help them until they got spiritually stronger. My path towards you is open. I am with you in everything, to help you. I came to settle among you and help you. I will transform all the work into good.

    The destiny of that nation, which you love, is in My hands. I will act according(ly as per/) to its deeds. But do not be afraid, I do not want to ruin you but to (create) you. I have come to ruin the evil, to take away the sin and the crime from the hearts of those people. You can already see My deeds, my Soul shows its power. I am working and you will be working according to what has been given upon the wish and within the power of your souls. You need more time. Pray to God and he will strengthen your weak hope. Many times you are worried for your material support. Do not worry, all you need for your life is there. How can the one who sоws, not to reaps; and the one who works , not to be (paid)? All the earthly resources are at your disposal, God has left the best things in life for you. When you comply with His kind Will, everything else would be offered to you. But before all you shall have more Love towards God and towards your brothers and sisters and more sincerity and honesty. This is My greatest pleasure.

    I would like to see you everyday and you to see me, but your souls are still weak to stand (bear) the heavenly Light of my presence. I constantly have to express myself in according to the state of your spirit. Listen to me, my brothers, you - children of the Live God: the knowledge and the wisdom that is sent to you, is there to support you. Speak the simple and the clear Truth. Are you ready to do everything for me or there is something that (hinders) you? I am ready to do everything for you and in My face you will have the best friend in Heaven.

    Yours God Jesus .

    10 August, 1903, Varna

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  2. Готов превод Годишна среща на Веригата , Варна 1903 - 27.8.1903-СБ-22 / .: 1903 - 27.8.1903-СБ-22

    Annual Meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1903

    Varna, 1903

    Todor Stoyanova came on 9th August and he went away with the Doctor.

    On 17th August, Sunday, we had a Secret Dinner and on 14 - 17th August the meeting took place and the following record was taken.

    Protocol No:1

    city of Varna, 14th August 1903, evening

    The members of the Society for lifting the religious spirit of the Bulgarian people, by the calling of God, has gathered together for the annual meeting in the city of Varna, Boulevard hotel, room No 4. The chairperson Mr Dr Mirkovich from the city of Sliven and the members: Mrs Dr A. Zheliazkova from the city of Varna, Mrs Maria Kazakova, a teacher from the city of Veliko Tarnovo and Mr P.K. Danov from the city of Varna, Penyo Kirov, Todor Stoyanov and Milkon Partomiyan from the city of Bourgas decided as follows:

    I. The meeting by majority chose P. K. Danov for a clerk and Mrs Maria Kazakova - for a cashier.

    II. The members' fees are voluntary and will be paid throughout the whole year from 14th August 1903 to 14th August 1904 as follows:

    Mr Dr G. Mirkovich - 150 BG levs.

    Mrs M. Kazakova - 50 BG levs.

    Mr. T. Stoyanov - 30 BG levs.

    Mr. M. Partomiyan - 30 BG levs.

    Mr. P. Kirov - 40 BG levs.

    Mr. P. K. Danov - 40 BG levs.

    Mrs. A. Dr Zhelezkova - 40 BG levs.

    III. During the second year, let the printing and the interpretation of the Gospel in the Videlina (Light) magazine.

    The meeting obliges the members to collect various spiritual experiences and to send them to the editor of Videlina (Light) Magazine .

    The current amount of the Society, which has been collected since 1897, was 200 BG levs and was handed in to the cashier, Maria Kazakova, who was obliged to put them on her name into a saving deposit.

    The current record was signed by all who were present

    The original of the current record would be kept by the clerk.

    19 th August, 1903

    1. All the dates in the records are given according to the old chronology by the Julian calendar, which was used in Bulgaria until 31st March 1916. It is necessary to add 12 days in order to be adapted to the new style.

    2. Todor Stoyanov (1872-1952) is one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in the town of Pazardzhik and completed his earthly journey in the city of Sofia. He works as a clerk in the Pazardzhik municipality and as a secretary of the Regional Court in Bourgas. He serves long years as a cashier of the Society of the World White Brotherhood after its establishment.

    3. The Doctor or Dr Georgi Mirkovich 91826-1905) is a distinguished Bulgarian revival leader and one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. He was born and ended his earthly journey in the city of Sliven. He has graduated from a French Catholic school in Constantinople and medicine in Montpelier, France. He worked as a doctor and took part in the Uniate movement for Church independency, set up a project for Bulgarian schools and contributed to the revolutionary movement. After eight years hard labour in Diarbekir, he worked in a newly liberated Bulgaria as a director of a secondary school and established a spiritual society called 'Mercy'. He was an active figure in the Red Cross and a deputy in the Regional assembly. He publishes the magazines 'New Light' and 'Videlina' (light), where he publishes the first articles of Master Beinsa Douno. He is considered to be the founder of the classical homeopathic medicine.

    4. The records and the notes from 1903 are taken by Penio Kirov.

    5. Anastasia Dr Zhelezkova (1845-1931) - one of the first followers of Master Beinsa Douno, a distinguished figure of the Bulgarian women charitable movement. She was born in Edrine and finished her earthly path in Varna. She was a sister of the notable revolutionary Atanas Uzunov and a wife of Dr Mladen Zhelezkov. She graduated a Greek and French school in Constantinople and was a translator of spiritualistic and theosophic literature from French. Since 1890 she lives in Varna along with Dr G. Mirkovich and was a member of the spiritual society 'Mercy'. For long years she was a chairwoman of the Varna charity women association 'Mother' and was a founder of the charity association 'Mercy'.

    Maria Kazakova (1852 - 1908) is one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. She was born in Sliven and ends her earthly journey in Veliko Tarnovo. She has graduated the American college in Stara Zagora, then studied in Russia and practised spiritualism. Long years she was a deputy head teacher of the Girls' High School in the city of Veliko Tarnovo. She has left a rich correspondence with Master Beinsa Douno (see Petar Danov, 'Letters to the first disciples', Astrala Publishing House, Sofia, 1999).

    7. Penyo Kirov (1868-1918) was one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in Karnobat and ended his earthly path in the city of Bourgas. He has worked as a teacher and a commissioner and was a chairman of the Bourgas brotherhood for many years. He left a rich correspondence with Master Beinsa Douno. (see Petar Danov, 'Letters to the first disciples', Astrala Publishing House, Sofia, 1999).

    8. Milkon Partomiyan was one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. During the above recorded events, he was living in Bourgas. In the correspondence between Master Beinsa Douno with Penyo Kirov and Todor Stoyanov, his name was mentioned several times.

    9. The text win brackets (...) is an editor's note.

    10. 'Videlina' (Light) magazine was an esoteric magazine issued in 1902 in Sliven from Dr Georgi Mirkovich as a continuation of 'New Light' magazine. Master Beinsa Douno has published his first articles there: 'The Secrets of the Spirit' (Hio-Eli-Meli-Mesail), 'Thoughts and Guidance', 'Good timing and the Waywardness' (See Master Beinsa Douno, 'He is Coming', White Brotherhood Publishing House, Sofia, 2004).

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  3. Готов превод Слово 1904, Варна - 4.9.1904-ИБ-24 / .: 4.9.1904-ИБ-24

    The Word, 1904, Varna

    Psalm 75:8.

    'For the LORD holds a cup in his hand that is full of foaming wine (*His wreath) mixed with spices. He pours out the wine, and all the wicked must drink it, draining it to the dregs.

    Hence be watchful of all your deeds and do not deviate from your path, because my justice cannot be delayed. Sooner or later everyone will take what they deserve.

    If I am patient for a long time, it is for your own good, for you can all come to know the truth. Do not take advantage of that virtue of mine because for each misuse, you will endure what you deserve. Do not try through exercising your freedom, to deprive me from mine. Your desires will always be met, but your whimsies will always be punished.

    'The good wishes come from the God's will and the whimsies come from the human's will.'

    Proverbs 10:11

    'The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life.'

    The good desires are one's beauty.

    'The mouth of the wicked will conceal the injustice.'

    The whimsies of the human's arbitrariness, would be paid by shame and disgrace.

    Gospel of John 16:16

    ‘In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me.’

    'In a little while' - this is the temporary life of the flesh, which prevents you from seeing me and to be in a direct communication with me. Everyone had experienced such minutes in their lives. They were minutes of total blackout, spiritual downfall and sorrows. 'After a little while' - this is the rise of your spirit, disengaging from the bonds of the flesh; the self-denial and the consciousness of the good and the love towards God. I have always showed up in front of you in those minutes.

    Gospel of Matthew 12:12

    'How much more valuable is a person than a sheep!'

    If God takes care of the birds in the sky and the beasts on the earth, will He forget you? - No, he will not. But you are tempted by the smallest contradictions in life. You have not learnt to serve God. You are always looking for what is yours - 'the bread and the fish'. You want miracles, you want omens. They will be given to you but not those that you are expecting. I will do that in a way that there will not be a slightest doubt in your heart. And when your eyes got opened like those of a blind man, you will see the nice Heaven.

    Before three years are gone from today, the truth will shine more clearly. Faith is what I want from you. Your weak faith suppresses the power of my spirit. What omens can I make to you when you are blind? What can I do to lead you to truth when your mind is darkened? You think I am similar to you (when you are blind), a person who says one day one thing, on the next day - another; and that the tiniest obstacles can divert me from my will. You distort my words. When I talk, you do not listen to me well. If I am talking about the spiritual bread, you would understand the bread of flesh.

    When God wants your hearts, to serve Him, you think that he wants a tax for you to pay. God wants something more, He wants the dedication of all your life to Him.

    Do not let my words deceive you, nor to scare you. You are afraid, as I see, that they may take hold of your life and to deprive you from your freedom.

    I have not come to look for life, but to give life. I did not come to deprive people from freedom, but to set them free. Each one of you are depriving yourselves from life and freedom voluntarily.

    The one who does not love God, do not love me either, he has not got neither freedom, nor vitality in oneself.

    If you love me, keep my law and my Father will send you His blessing for your obedience. Fulfil all I have said in the beginning and the Spirit will outlive in you. I know you have obstacles in your life, but I had such as well when I was on the earth.

    To the question: 'Is the given from S. true?', the answer is: 'All good giving is from the Father of the light.'

    'Do you understand why I am translating these words?'
    'Why, Lord?'
    'All the inspired goodness comes through the same Spirit. Everyone gets according to their needs - the milk is for the children and the general food is for the adults.'
    'Are the dreams of the God's Mother truth - the Holy message of Patriarch Ioannicius?'
    'I will answer your question through 12:12 from the Proverbs: 'The wicked seeks material goodness, but only the roots of the righteous give fruits.' - Each tree could be distinguished by the fruit - is it delicious or not. The faith is the one that saves the man, not the knowledge. There - where you are - they doubt not only the dreams, but they question me too. And the one who has doubts in me - he can neither believe in the truth, nor to find it. It is like to sieve the mosquito and to swallow the camel. What is the benefit of having the pharisee's truth and the pharisee's beliefs?

    Stay close to the God's law and you will never stumble, because each of you who wants to be loved, close as a brother, sister and a mother, will have to follow the will of my Father.

    You are stumbled by many desires, you want it all, but give nothing in return.

    I know the sorrows of your sisters: one is seeking the good position of her son, the other one - the security in life. They have put words in my mouth which I have not said. In many cases they have treated me wrongly. Have I not said 'Ask and you will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it would open'?

    Don't they have to present their desires in front of me through prayer and fasting, in their secret room? - Yes, that should be their behaviour. And that way, you should not tempt neither yourself, nor me.

    And now, among the good seeds, the evil one has planted his seed too, when you were napping. You start to sink in the sea with your doubt. In the sea, the waves from inside threaten you and you are in a position of a drowning man. Look up towards me and I will lay my hand and will rescue you. The coast is close and the storm will end soon. I am watchful for your lives and always guide you. I have put everything in order and if you are attentive to my words, you will not be deprived of anything, you will have all my blessings.

    You owe your life to heaven, which has done a lot of goodness to you. Do you know how many misfortunes would befall you If I was not your protector? But now many of them have been removed.

    The one who creates the home, who makes the family relationships, who raises the love of the children and the parents, brothers, sisters and friends, He is your Heavenly Father. And if you do not listen to his voice, if you constantly doubt him and show disbelief and ungratefulness - you will lose what you have got. I have prayed for you as for Peter, so your faith do not break down in time of testing. And if you have full faith and belief in me, all would be for your own good. Now, strengthen yourself in faith and do not constantly doubt - do not pull out the wheat because of the weeds, do not reject the truth because of the lie. And if you have lied yourselves, do not assume I will lie to you too. In one moment you are ready in front of a maidservant to disown me. As the old pharisees you are ready to shout out in your soul: 'We know that God has talked to Moises, but we do not know if He has talked to that one.' You believe that I have talked to the others but do not believe that I have talked to you too. You trust others and do not trust me. That is the reason you have lost your peace, that is the reason for your sorrows.

    When I was talking, you did not pay attention, when I was advising you, you did not listen and when I ordered you - you did not fulfil.

    If you leave the thorns to grow and cover you - who is to blame? If I am talking and you are ruining, who will win?

    Turn your eyes towards this world, look at everything around you, look at the crowd moving around you, who is thinking of their needs? Doesn't it say it all, everything is credited according to their merits? Will it be right to prefer the unworthy in front of the worthy, the ill in front of the healthy one, the wicked in front of the good one, the blasphemous in front of the righteous? - No, the heaven and the earth are to be inherited by the kindhearted and the gentle. Who has mind to listen, let him listen. Do not call only: 'God, God, God', but keep the will of my Father.

    It is not the words that ask in heaven, but also the good and pure heart. It is the only pledge which is valid. And if your hearts belong to the world, with what can you attract me towards you? - With nothing. You will be outsider forever - you neither will own the world, nor heaven. It is difficult to serve two masters. But you say you have faith. Ok, let me see the fruits of your faith and then I can bless you. If you are looking for me with all your heart - there will not be anything impossible. When you call me, there should not be doubt in your heart. Your mind have to be quiet and peaceful, to be able to accept the truth and not to impose the desires of the flesh, which grow naturally and reflect within your soul. When they grow as mushrooms, you would pick them up and would say: 'Here are the promises of God.' Yes, the promises of your heart. When I speak to a soul, enlivenment of the soul will occur. Such a person will be planted as a tree around the water - his leaves will never wither and the fruit will never fall. Each heart that withers and mind that darkens indicates that my light does not exist in their souls. I would like to follow the example of the disobedient son who refused his father to go to the field, but then he regretted and went, rather than the example of the one who promised and did not keep his word. I would like you to be consistent as the widow who did not despair but required what she deserved. I would like you to follow that poor person who donated in the temple the most than all the rich men and whose name I gave as an example to you. Yes, she gave all she had without thinking of the future. You can see her example is still preached to you

    Here I am talking through the mouth of your brother and if you believe, you will try the truth of my words because the truthfulness of my words could be experienced in life. Stay at peace!

    The GOD JESUS CHRIST is talking through the mouth of his servant P. Danov

    22 August, 1904, Varna

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  4. Готов превод Годишна среща на Веригата, Варна, 1906 г. - 24.8.1906-СБ-25 / .: 24.8.1906-СБ-25

    An annual meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1906

    Varna, 1906

    On 11th August 1906 a meeting took place, with Mr Petar Dunov as a chairman, . The meeting took place in the house of the renowned spiritualist, Mrs Anastasia Dr Zhelyazkova and lasted five days.

    Towards the old members of the meeting - Penyu Kirov, Todor Stoyanov, Petko Gumnerov12, Dimitar Golov13, Iliya Stoychev14, Todor Bachvarov15, Gina Gumenarova16, Maria Kazakova and Dr. Georgi Mirkovich (who died in his home town in 1905) - this year two new people joined: Mrs Anastasia Dr Zhelyazkova and Mihalaki Georgiev17.

    The meetings took place in the morning from 8 to 12 o'clock and in the afternoon from 2 to 5pm and always started and finished with the Lord's Prayer.

    First meeting, 11th August

    Mr Dounov read Gospel of Mathew, Chapter 7, started with verse 7: 'Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.' 18 After the reading, Mr Dounov got inspired from the God's Spirit and asked us if we could understand the words of the read verse.

    In order to achieve something - he continued - we have to put our mind, heart and will in action.

    The religion aims to teach us how to live. The Knowledge and the Wisdom are acquired one after the other through intense mental work. The conscious life comes from the white light - it is divine. This is the first sphere. The white colour corresponds to the seven other colours.

    A person has five faces - four human and one divine. The human faces are in the legs and arms and the divine face is in the head.

    The anger, fear and the passion are displays of human nature. They have to get cultivated as the anger gets transformed into activity (action), the fear - in prudence, the passion - into willpower. The Wisdom is acquired through many mistakes.

    The radiant matter that is emitted from the human body, flows mainly through our arms and legs. This radiant matter in spiritualistic language is called fluids. It is an energy, which we can keep within ourselves in certain cases when we cross our arms and legs. If we get tired mentally or physically, we are losing a lot from that energy and then we feel a decline of our powers. This radiant energy forms a halo around our head, visible for the clairvoyants. The person's halo is the same as their character. The virulent person has a green halo, the cruel man - a red one, the wise man - blue and so on. The halo of the holy man is radiant, light yellow.

    There are two centres in each - the mind and the heart - positive and negative. A harmony always has to exist between the mind and the heart.

    Second meeting, 13th August

    A Gospel of John 14:1-14 was read .

    It has been talked about the space and the time, which was existing in the Spiritual world. We, here, on the Earth, are existing in a negative pole, and the positive pole is above, in Heavens -towards where we have to strive for.

    It has been talked about God's characteristics. God is the supreme power, a crown which rests over an eternal Wisdom and intelligence. All the grace and Justice, which are represented by the Beauty, is in Him. The Virtue and the primordial Peace is in Him. God is Love which is above every creature; a secret which is above every science; a power, which is above every intelligence; a perfection which exceeds every understanding.

    The third meeting, 14 August

    10:13-21 from Daniel was read.

    11:5-16 from John was read.

    The spirit of Dr Mirkovich was present at the meeting and we had a chair around the table for him. The three Invisible friends, patrons especially of the Bulgarian people, and in general of the Slavdom, were present. These three friends are called by the name 'Vse'. In the room where our meetings occurred, there were three chairs in front of the ikons for these three Heavenly visitors. Upon entering the room, each of us used to bow in front of them and only then sat on their chairs.

    'Vse' means Emanuil i.e. God with us and among us, who is teaching us - He is the Great Teacher and a Saviour. Michael is the warlord and Gabriel is the messenger. Perhaps these were the three angels who appeared in front of Abraham near the oak of Moreh* and promised him the future greatness of the people who was to originate from him - the childless one - because in God there is nothing impossible.

    Gospel 41:3, Exodus 7:16, Acts 18 and 22:14, 15 was read.

    The spirit of Dr Mirkovich spoke through P.K. Danov. The spirit of Dr Mirkovich greeted all of us and expressed a regret that he had not been working as he should when he was on the Earth among us: 'While I was on Earth I was considered a wise and a clever man and here I am like a young child.' He said that in the Astral world the spirits work and rest. Their job was to transform the rough matter and to create the visible world in which we live.

    While alive, Dr. Mirkovich promised to manifest to Mrs Anastasia Dr. Zhelezkova. As she inquired, the spirit said that he has fulfilled his promise on the 13th of August, Sunday. 'I came to your place and you gave me a flower'. - said the spirit. And indeed, on Sunday, when all of us were on the upper floor at Mrs Zheliazkova's place, Dr Rashev came to visit. She gave him a flower - none of us has seen that. It seems like Dr. Mirkovich has manifested in Dr. Rashev and thus he has fulfilled his promise. The spirit of Dr. Mirkovich has said something to each of us and he ended addressing Mihalaki Georgiev with the following: 'Do not advice the wise man, do not become a bridge of the strong man, do not sell yourself for bread.'

    Some of us asked the Doctor if he has appeared to the clairvoyants in the towns of Sliven and Tarnovo. Upon that occasion, a little argument among the people who were present, occurred. As on of the us did not allow me to speak, I (Dimitar Golov, editor's note) got offended and said that the one to speak is not him but Mr. Petar K. Danov who was silent. The face of Mr. Danov transformed and he got mad and said:

    There is no Danov here, it is me, God, who manifests through his soul. You forget that the place where you are, is sacred. Shame on you!

    All of us froze at place.

    Fourth meeting, 15th August

    After a prayer and a reading of the Holy Scripture, God gave us his last advices and directions through Mr. Danov. During all the time, several birds, which were perched on a tree opposite the window, were chirping sweetly. As Mr. Danov was listening to the birds' chirping, he said the following:

    As God makes the birds outside joyful, he will make you cheerful too. Throw the worries out of your hearts as they are the ones that impede you from knowing the God's Wisdom. They are the grey clouds which keep the Heaven dark for you and you cannot see. The world is created for you and you will be his successors. All those residences and worlds expect you. They are your brothers. Learn to be as them, to live in Joy, Peace and Merriment. Never discourage, because there is nothing impossible for your Father. This year you will have great blessings. All that happens to you, God will transform it for your goodness.

    I am the One who will transform and soften the hearts of this nation. You will have My presence throughout this year and I will bless all your affairs.

    Accept the blessings of My Father now and always. Amin.

    11. The home of the renowned spiritualist Mrs Anastasia Dr Zhelyazkova - the building, located on Stefan Karadzja Street - which was initially been left (bequeated) as an orphanage, later on it becomes a school for children with impaired vision and nowadays is a premises of the Odesos municipality in the city of Varna.

    12. Petko Gumnerov (1864-1922) was one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno and was an author of reports from the annual meetings of the Chain. He was born in the village of Tserovo, region of Pazardzjik and ends his earthly path in Arbanasi, Veliko Tarnovo region. He worked as a clerk in the Supreme Court of Cassation. In the period between 1905 - 1926, in his home in the city of Sofia, 66 Opalchenska street, the Master lived and taught.

    13. Dimitar Golov (1863- 1917) was one of the first students of Master Beinsa Douno and an author of the records from the annual meetings of the Chain. He was born in the town of Kotel and ended his earthly path in the city of Sofia. He had graduated Catholic theology in Rome, worked as a missionary in Africa, a teacher in Thessaloniki and a producer in Sofia. He was an owner of the literary magazine 'Chronicles', in which Ivan Vazov, Konstantine Velichkov, Mihalaki Georgiev, Anton Strashimirov, Tsanko Tserkovski, Marko Balabanov and others, have published. He managed the publishing of the Testament of the Colour Rays of Light in 1912. In 1905 the Master Beinsa Douno lived in his home in Sofia.

    14. Ilia Stoichev was one of the first students of Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in Ugarchin, the region of Lovech, lived in the city of Rouse and later - in the city of Sofia, worked as a clerk.

    15. Todor Bachvarov was one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in the town of Sliven, lived in Sofia, an editor and a publisher of the Sofia magazines 'Motherland' and 'Light', author of the book 'Heirs of the Freedom' (1922), devoted to the work of the priest Konstantin Danovski (see The Master in Varna, White Brotherhood Publishing House, Sofia, 1999)

    16. Gina (Angelina) Gumnerova is one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno, born in Merichleri, wife of Petko Gumnerov.

    17. Mihalaki Georgiev (1854 - 1916) - a famous novelist and a public figure, was one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno. He was born in Vidin and ends his earthly life in Sofia. He graduated the agriculture-industrial academy in the Chech Republic, worked as a teacher in the town of Lom, clerk in Sofia and a diplomat in Belgrade, editor of the newspaper Balkan Tribune. He was an author of the stories 'The Yearning of Uncle Dencho', 'With a chalk and a Charcoal', 'Various World', 'Uncle Mitar, the Prophet' and others. The text of the brotherhood song 'Suffering soul' is written by him.

    18. Here and further in the records, all the quotations of the Bible are according to the Vienna edition of 1885 which the Master Beinsa Douno has used. It is a modern language version of the so called Constantinopole bible -the first new Bulgarian translation of the Bible.

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  5. Готов превод Годишна среща на Веригата, Варна, 1907 г. - 28.8.1907-СБ-26 / .: 28.8.1907-СБ-26

    An annual Meeting of the Chain, Varna, 1907

    We had a Lord's supper at 7:30, it took part in the following way: in the high-built room in the building, where our meetings took place, above the hall, where we used to meet, a table was placed in the shape of the picture shown (Fig.1). On that table were placed Paschal containers and next to it - three chairs for I., E. and A.* We were climbing from the hall up the stairs and in the room we did the following in front of the Lord : firstly, we thanked the Lord, our Father; secondly - we prayed the Lord Jesus Christ and Jehovah Elohim* to support us, our loved ones, families, the people, the Slavdom and all the humanity.

    Firstly, Father - gratefulness to The Lord, our Father. Secondly, a prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ - Jehovah-Elohim - to support us, our loved ones, family, nation, Slavdom and the whole humanity. Thirdly - we prayed to the Holy Spirit - Adonai - to give us enlightenment and to fulfil us with all the Wisdom as at that point, we had specified the step which we have chosen - Love - for those who had chosen Love, Wisdom - for the ones who have chosen Wisdom, Virtue - for those of us who had chosen Virtue. Forth - we had bowed three times and eventually, fifth - we have read the band in the Bible, placed on the table. Sixth - we would leave the envelopes with the voluntary donations and would go back.

    The above six steps were taking place in the way of rotation as given below. The order we went was as follows: Todor Bachvarov, Dimitar Golov, Mihalaki Georgiev, Petko Gumnerov, Peniu Kirov, Konstantin Ilarionov 21*, Anastasia Zhelezkova, Maria Kazakova, Anastas Boinov 22*, Elena Ilarionova 23*, Iliya Stoichev, Todor Stoianov (Stoimenov) and Gina Gumnerova. After one person would fulfil the six steps in the example above, they would go down and another person would start. This order has been given from heaven, as Mr. Dunov would explained.

    After we would fulfil the above rituals, we would meet again in the hall, where, led by Mr. Dunov, in the above order, we would climb up and would stand up in front of the table and would break the bread and would pass a glass. Mr. Dunov passed to each of us a glass full of wine, designated from heaven by a letter, mаrking our names. The intended Paschal dinner was on the table, each of us took something, holding the glasses passed to us and in the same order, we entered and sat around the table in the hall, as it was designated. After we finished the Lord's supper, Mr. Dunov invited us to a meeting on the next day at 4 am, when we would say a prayer.

    16 August, Friday

    At 4 am in the morning, we all met in the hall, where the meetings were taking part and from there, exactly at 5 am, we climbed up together in the order from last night: Todor Bachvarov, Dimitar Golov, Mihalaki Georgiev, Petko Gumnerov, P. Kirov, K. Ilarionov, An. Zheliazkova, Maria Kazakova, Anastas Boinov, Elena Ilarionova, Iliya Stoichev, Todor Stoianov and Gina Gumnerova. We would all stand up in front of the table, Mr. Dounov would read a prayer and we would repeat after him.

    After the prayer, we would go back to the hall, would take our seats and Mr. Dounov in an incidental manner said:

    'Today we would set up the Chain in the Astral World.'

    There are seven positive magnetic currents in the world and equivalent negative ones. The first magnetic current is in the legs; the second is in connection with the human power, human energy; the third one is connected to the human feeling, the forth - with the human thought, the fifth - with the conscience of the human being, the sixth is the current of Life, the seventh current is connected to the higher manifestation of the human being, with the human Spirit.

    These currents can get diluted and concentrated and the various human states depend on that dilution and concentration. That is why each dilution is an act of creativity and each concentration is an act of order.

    The excess of matter creates the evil and after the evil gets purified and only the structure itself stays, the Good stays. When our body forms and got built up, the excess will fall in the lower spheres and that excess will become a base for creativity in another world.

    When a person does not understand his place of work in this structure (*the body), he concentrates his state, a thick atmosphere is formed and his activity stops. When another current comes and moves you from the current, in which you are put, then you will suffer. For example, when you have bad thoughts about somebody - this shows that you are in an opposite current and you suffer. Do not apply this principle privately, but generally: do not judge each other, I do not want you to judge each other.
    *Editor's note

    In the Mental World it is required to be active and at the same time calm. Idleness is a sign of concentration of the current. A person could be active without making any noise and at the same time - still to be working. It is not the noise that shows the activity, but the fruit is which shows the activity. For example the light does not make any noise, but it is such a creative act that raises Life.

    God fulfils every space, but in Him the consciousness is different . The more the God's consciousness increases, the more the Godly centres become stronger and you get benefited by that.

    People often are a reflection, a result of what they want - the passions of the Earth and the soul reflect on us. The Earth is not an advanced soul and if we leave ourselves to her - we will not develop. 'The Great Harlot' - this is our Earth which so to say is misbehaving with the other lands. Remember: there exists ascending and descending. And if the Earth gets attracted by a worse world, we will become more evil.

    Close to God and far from Him. We are close to God when we are coming near the centre and we are far from God, when we are drifting away. So in a circle: the more we go near the centre, the larger the circle becomes.

    Since the human is aware to be a human - seven reincarnations are needed so he can reach God. In the seven reincarnations , he would reach the level of the saint. And on these group of circles, one would climb the Jakob's ladder*. (Figure 3).

    How you must lift yourself up? The currents in you are not yet free, they are condensed. You are guarding from each other and afraid of each other. You are ready always to be afraid from the humans. Do not be afraid that you can fail. You must know that it is impossible to get lost - God who is omnipotent, will save all.

    Learn to know God. God is now in the Chain, looking at you, but you do not know Him. Learn to know Him. If you are aware that God is in you, then the Light which comes from you will shine on every brother and you will see him as he is. You will see that you have pulled the hair of a friend of yours and you will regret.

    If a bad thought comes, tell it: 'You do not exist and do not have power over me, you are an illusion and do not have power over me.' Because sometimes the bad spirits hypnotise and tie the person but you could free yourself of the tie of the bad spirit. When we owe someone, we continuously think of him, his magnetic currents hinder us and stop us; that is why it is good everyone to free himself from what they owe to others. It is the same with the quarrels: somebody insults you and you think constantly why is that. If you want to set free, either an awareness must rise in him or you must let that thought go.

    In order to be in Divine harmony, you always have to stay (the connection) with the main centre. For example make an experiment: when you are in bad need, turn towards me with you conscience and I will help you.

    Beware of the thoughts of pride. Pray for each other as if the others are not ok, you will not be ok too. If you think you are saved and the others are not, then know that you yourself are not saved. And when you think the people are saved, then you are saved yourself.

    Bulgaria looks like a crazy bull and the Chain represents a rope, by which we have tied the bull. And you should not be afraid that the Chain may break, as rather the bull's horns will crush, than the Chain would break. You must know that not only the horns, but the neck of the bull is tied too.

    It is true that the others will benefit from you, but you must be glad that through you comes improvement. You can ask: 'Are we the best ones? You are not the best ones, but you are the most suitable ones to call upon at that moment. Do not worry that you are not spiritual or weather you will become spiritual. The thought of becoming spiritual should disappear in you, because if you are asking yourself if you are more spiritual today, that means you will hinder in your way.

    Another thing, do not sieve the mosquitoes saying: 'He did this and that mistake.' Do not rush to give each other advice, to preach each other, because you will always annoy each other. And if some of you wants to say something to another, let he say it in their face, clearly and sincerely, but not behind their back. Be sincere in front of God - sincere in the meaning of pure-hearted.

    You have to stay still even when they carve you, be in peace, do not move; otherwise you will suffer more. The architect knows how many times and how to hit the hammer.

    Vanity and pride will rise in you and that will come from a rivalry: each of you will want to come ahead. But I am telling you that all of you will come forward, because all of you will become a supporting point through which the Chain will move. And then, you should know that other chains will form around you and you will influence them.

    If God loves you, be glad with that because you are connected to the Great world of the spirits and then you must be grateful that you feel good on the Earth too. Most of you have obstacles because of the material affairs and less of you have obstacles because of the philosophy. But it is said: 'There is no one who has left mother and father who has not been given hundredth-fold back.

    God shall give you the wealth so you can be joyful in your affairs and work. Each of you will be given what you need - only keep your desires pure. Keep first class products and pay well to your servants. And if you do so with everything, your face and soul will improve and you will become more beautiful inside and out. A person can be beautiful only when God is in him, because the Beauty is a quality of God.

    Those from the Chain who are weaker, we will have another meeting in order to pray for them so their conditions could improve. And I will let you know which affairs have not been completed so you can finish them.

    You have to be careful not to get too close to each other. Because take for example two trees: after they get too close to each other, they dry. In order to thrive, they have to keep some distance between them. Regarding humans, you always have to give as much as you take.

    There is no desire, no thought in you which not to get fulfilled - all of them will fulfil in their own time. There is no desire or something that your soul ever wanted, which will not be given to you. But you should not rush to take what is invested in the bank in advance. Do not force yourself, as with forcing and torture the work cannot be done. Watch out for keeping what has been given to you, because if you poor the glass, then it is no one else's fault.

    Tonight we will have a meeting at 8 o'clock.

    At 8:30 the meeting continued. And Mr Dunov said again:

    You wonder how you will see and will hear. But you have physical eyes and physical ears; one step further -and you will have astral seeing and hearing. You are hindered because the Astral world is different than that, but you will find it similar to that world, with the difference that it is more beautiful. The Astral world is far, hundreds kilometres above the Earth.

    When your spirits appear, they leave their bodies among the heavenly treasures. And if you would like one of your Teachers to appear, you will have to get ready a whole year and to understand the Life. If you are ready, one of our friends may appear.

    How do you understand the word 'good man'? When we say 'good man', we mean that his muscles and bones and his body in general are in order. The 'good man' cannot be ill, he is always healthy.

    When we talk about a Virtue, we always mean the human personality, but it consists of more than that. A 'good man' always can keep its balance.

    We are afraid not to lose the opinion of one person, but the 'good person' never changes his mind. If you are good, there is no way of misunderstanding.

    You are thinking if you are good. Actually you are good, but you are lazy, you have spiritual laziness - you do not measure and do not know how to use the Goodness. Sometimes you appear very hardworking, but this is only on the surface. You look like a person who is working only when his boss is next to him and after he leaves, the man starts working his own way. The laziness is a result of the earthy nature which overcomes you. And God as he sees that the people are lazy, sends suffering, so they can get out of the laziness.

    From the laziness you can set free in the following way: you have to lift yourself spiritually, so you could enter an atmosphere, which will benefit your arisal. Therefore when a good thought comes to you, fulfil it and do not ignore it, because when you fulfil it, it will help you to lift yourself up.

    The old existences have to be reminded to you, because you have wandered for many thousands of years and you have forgotten how have you lived in the Heavens. Now you need to be reminded.

    Where the laziness exists, the willpower cannot be developed. That is why a Virtue and laziness are two incompatible things.

    If you would be able to see what energy has a high spirit, what constancy and persistence it has, you would have been surprised.

    If some of you succeeds in lifting someone else, you are lifting yourself and that would be your reward.

    The earthly soul is which hinders you in Life and it is her that binds you down.

    You do not need to hesitate and be afraid in your Path, because those Teachers, which have been given to you now, will guide you and direct you. One traveller in the forest could hesitate and be scared if he did not have a guide, but when he has got a guide, there is no need to be scared.

    Pay attention to the three Friends, which have been designated for Teachers and as you get rid of the laziness, you will stop all the threads of the influences which stop you on your Path. You can help each other on the Path.

    You have work to do regarding this world, that's why I do not want to take you from the world so you can work. And the power from above will come little by little, accordingly to the activity you show.

    Now you are looking for a cure of the laziness, right? I will tell you that the cure is to learn how to love. Everything in the world depends on the Love and if you try that, you will see it is correct.

    Pray in order directions to be given to you from Above.

    Your minds cannot stand at that time the influences from Above and let us finish for now and tomorrow morning, at 9 o'clock we will have a meeting again.

    17th August, Saturday

    At 9,30 am, after the verses 17 to 26 from Gospel of John have been read, Mr Dunov said:

    The human life starts with the Truth. The words read in the God's Book 'sanctify them' means 'purify them' - the Sanctity and the Purity are synonyms. The Sanctity is a state of the Spirit in which there is not any disharmony. There could not appear any bad feelings and desires in it and there is no conditions for a sin, because all the desires in that world are known to the Spiritual world; and nothing can be born that is a sin for them. That is why is said in the read above : 'Sanctify them through your truth', because if you are sanctified like that, the evil will have no ground.

    In order a person to get sanctified by God, he has to be ready to go down in hell and to go to Heaven too - wherever he is sent by God. And he should not doubt that what God gives him, is bad for him. A person, sanctified by the Truth, will praise the Light even if he is in hell. So there is no matter where God will send him.

    That is why we put the Truth to correspond to the human's eyes, where the base of his brain can be purified. And because the base of the brain corresponds to the lower spheres, it should not go lower than the inferior spheres of the body. That is why the basic stone of the brain is the Truth and everyone who builds his knowledge without the Truth, this knowledge will collapse. And that is why the Knowledge has the Truth as a base. Only the Truth is the one, revealing the creative action of God. You may think the Truth is something non-animated, just a word, but the Truth is an act. When God wants to reveal his creative act, to reveal Himself, what is thought is behind His wish? We call this wish of God, Truth. So a person living with the Truth means to be surrounded by the Light of the God's Spirit, which works.

    The Truth is a great current, which comes down from the Kingdom of Light of the Divine worlds and in the lower words, forms the colours. The Truth is manifested through the red colour on the physical field. Red is the colour of Life, where all the organic development starts from. In its essence, the red colour is the lowest in the ladder of colours, but at the same time, it is the highest one.

    When the Truth comes from Above to the physical field, the vibrations it will create will be respective of to the current state of the person. The lowest manifestation of the red would reveal in the lowest organisms. These lower organisms always show a medium activity towards those people with who they have similarities. If the medium in which a person lives is too dense, they will start coming from the depths of Life towards the surface; and as dense the life, as much they will come to the surface and the different illnesses appear as a result of that. The illness comes as a result of the fight of the human consciousness, the human body. So when a lower organism acts over a higher organism and takes over, it forms a disease. And when a higher organism acts on a lower organism, this forms health. So if the body dominates over the Spirit, the person will always be sick; if the Spirit dominates the body, a person will always be healthy. As you know that basic low, apply it in your life. Because if you ruin what God has created, others will ruin you more. If you do not love your Life, how do you expect others to love it?

    To love does not mean to indulge. To love means to strive for God and to let it in yourself constantly. Your Love towards God manifests in three directions: First, in a quest towards God, which means Justice; second - in unity, which means Virtue; third, in a form, which means Life.

    The God's Love towards you shows through fall, which means Truth; in suffering, which means Kindness (what do you think the last one is?) and in their death, which means Adoption to sonship. Now you are rising and when you reach the peak of your perfection, one day you will understand your Love towards God. When you reach the peak of your perfection, you will become to go down, you will understand the Love towards you; because when you begin to go down in order to help your brothers, then you will know the God's Love towards you. And then you will go down and rise constantly and that will be your eternal Joy and Bliss.

    Break time.

    In relation to this you want to cultivate your willpower. To cultivate it, you shall work with the yellow colour, because in the process of cultivation the willpower, the mind need to take a great part, so that we would be able to manage and adjust certain powers in each and every action. An uncultivated willpower often times falls under the red colour with its vibrations and turns into a storm. The yellow colour needs to be used in order to get out of this state; it will raise the vibration above the red colour and (the willpower) will start to develop in an orderly way.

    Try to imagine in your mind the yellow colour and try to imagine its content. For example when looking at the yellow flower, your willpower gets stronger. That way, you will influence on your natural willpower.

    Those of you who has chosen the first step, the Virtue, will work with the yellow colour; those of you who have chosen the second step, the Wisdom, will work with the blue colour and those of you, who has chosen the Love - will work with the pink colour. And then you will make combinations.

    The Virtue is based on the willpower and if you do not possess willpower, you will not be virtuous. For the willpower, the yellow colour is needed as the mind takes part.

    And then, to cultivate the heart, the pink colour is used; for the willpower - the yellow, for the Wisdom - the blue. The order by the way is the following: the yellow colour is the base and then comes the blue and then - the pink.

    In the music, the two tones which have not got a similar one, produce disharmony i.e. the only reflect. In you too, when antipathy exists, the waves of your soul must be cured. For example someone steals your money; if you say that those money was his and he took it back, then you will calm down.

    The virtuous person is rich because he does not get angry. And if you have some fault in you, you are a poor man. Now you are learning the ways how to get rich. Many times you complain from your mistakes, but if you knew how to watch for them, you would teach yourself very well. Because the mistakes itself shows you had a fault. So do not regret that you have done mistakes, because you were not able not to do them.

    How many of you are feeling weak and want to have the help of the Chain? What kind of help want those of you who have obstacles? The Law is: the joint good-wishes help to strengthen the person who wishes so. Now - in the Chain those obstacles shall be put away, because someone who is disabled, may ask another, who is stronger, to spend more strength than needed. So, the one who starts praying for others, shows that he has strengthened and the one who is praying only for himself, shows that he is weak. In order the Chain to be able to help, a joint prayer is needed.

    This year we can do as such: anyone who is in need, send me a letter and I will designate a time in which you can pray. So you should know that there will be a certain form of those letters, as when you receive it, you will know who you will pray for. And in those cases, you will always call the three Friends as you say their names. And when you call the Friends, you should say: 'Lord, Jesus Christ, Jehovah - Elohim; Comforter, Holy Spirit - Adonai.'

    8:30 o'clock in the evening a meeting and friends' lectures on various topics were read.

    18th August, Sunday

    About 9 am we got together and Mr. Dounov said the following:

    There is something to be given to each one. And what will be given to you now, you shall not show to anyone, nor make it available to other's eyes. You have to keep that for one year ahead since it is given to you. Always when you pray, you have to present it in front of you and then you will start each your prayer and asking. That is the wish of the Directors. You should not show even to each other what is given to you at this year's assembly, and everyone should keep it only for themselves. Because there is an internal spiritual law: you have to keep unconditionally the God's wishes in order for you to grow in the actual Wisdom and Love. You do not to philosophise as that will mean that you are wiser than God. Only that way you will be able to acquire the God's Wisdom and that is why you have to keep everything as said. If Love has to be manifested through you, that is His wish and therefore you will be a form of what He wishes. A battle should never exist between the source and the river.

    The Law is as follows: through the law of the Virtue from the Spiritual world, you have come here. You have come to the material world through the Virtue, have gathered all the impurities and the Love is the one that will clean you, and the Wisdom is the one that will take you back to Heaven. That is why when you come back to Heaven, you should not be back with empty hands.

    Sometimes the Truth is showing in its simplest way, but only when a flower is developed, then you will see what that is. And when the seed ripens, we can see what it is. You will find out later the thing that cannot be said by words, because there are things which cannot be explained. How the people have perceived the things 10 000 years ago and how they get them now? That's why from human point of view you are living in the future and from God's point of view, you are living at the present. Do not act like bankrupt traders, who only think; neither do think of what is to come in the future, but only enjoy the present, because it is the one which you can enjoy.

    After the above words, Mr Dunov left us and went upstairs in the room above, over the meeting hall and then he came back at 12 o'clock lunch time. Then , at 1:30 pm, he went upstairs again and came back at 2 pm and continued:

    Tomorrow, 19th, Monday, at 4 am, we will have a meeting, which will continue until 12 o'clock. All of you should be ready with your questions and issues you have - regarding yourself or your relatives or friends. Prepare all the requests, which bother you, so you will be able to ask all pleas and questions in the next day's meeting.

    Your personal envelops will be given tomorrow. The things that will be given to you this year, you shall always carry in front of you, as each envelop, which you will carry, is connected to certain magnetic currents, so when you forget the envelop, you will not be heard. You must keep the envelope away from other peoples' eyes. If some of you show only once the written content of the envelop to someone, no matter who, even someone of you - you will lose what you want.

    Always appoint time for a prayer and in that time you shall pray. Always keep the envelope in a way so it will not crumble and when you go to a place that is not pure, if the Spirit remind you, leave the envelope aside. The best time for a prayer during the day is 4 am - 9 am and during the night - from 9 pm to 12 midnight. As much you keep that order, as much you will get strong spiritually.

    Each week, we shall choose one day for a prayer, so that in fifty two weeks, which are in the year, you will have fifty two days for a prayer. These days shall be the Fridays - Friday will be a day for a prayer. During this day, you shall not eat anything that is cooked. You shall ask no one to cook for you during that day, but if there is something cooked available, you can eat, as long as it is a plant based food. And as you ask no one to serve you, God will help you, but if people to serve you, you get deprived from the Heaven's help.

    At 3:30 pm the meeting continued. Mr. Dunov turned towards Anastasia Dr Zhelyazkova and said in front of everyone:

    All the things which hinder you, shall not disturb you because the Spiritual world works for you. Fasting is a necessity to increase your willpower. What is required from you is for your benefit - mental, physical and spiritual.

    Mr. Dunov prompted us to ask from Above, a day from the week to be appointed for a prayer and all of us wished that day to be Friday. And then he added:

    Then the first three Fridays of the month shall be appointed for a prayer and during that days, you shall eat what was explained above and the last Friday of the month, shall be for fasting. For a food for the Fridays, you can use by the way warm wine, wheat boiled on Thursday, with sugar and walnuts; it is allowed one coffee or a tea.They do not want to hinder you from Above, even the other way around - this is a hygiene for assisting your physical body.

    So, the following rules will be valid during this year: first you shall pray every Friday during the week to strengthen the Chain - as you mention in your prayers the names of all that are in the Chain; and the last Friday will be designated for fasting and prayers; second - those which want to pray for the dead, shall do that on Friday before Christmas, Friday before Easter and the Friday before Virgin Mary's Day. And all that shall be done within one year. If you would pray for dead, you will not be able to help them only through those three ways unless you pray with the depth of all your heart.

    By raising the question - to pray for the dead relatives - you make a mistake as to be able to help the Astral world, you have to be lifted yourself. Because before you would be able to help your dead people and before you find them to help them - others will also ask for help in the Astral world and you will not know what to do.

    As I said, your personal envelopes will be given to you tomorrow and the things written in them will enlighten your Path in which you have to go. Three words are given to each of you in the contents of each of the envelopes and if you understand them, you will go successfully in your Path.

    Think over everything, related to you, that you would pray tomorrow morning - think of your material and spiritual needs. Ask for the God's blessing to remove all the obstacles that hinder His Kingdom. You will pray each of you to succeed in their chosen steps.

    The prayer you all have to do separately will start that way: 'My Lords Jesus Christ, Jehovah- Elohim; Comforter, Holy Spirit Adonay ...' And you will end with the words: 'Because Lord, our Joy is in your Kingdom coming to Earth; our Fame is in sanctifying Your name and our Love is in fulfilling your will.'

    19th August, Monday

    We gathered in the hall, where our meetings would take place at 4 o'clock am and at 4:40 am early in the morning we gathered in the room under the hall in which the table with the dishes were still there. Mr Dunov designated our places around the table as shown below on Fig. 4.

    Seated that way as we prayed with the Lords's Prayer and the Good Prayer, Mr Dunov read the following verses: Mathew 2:20, John 12:5 and Psalm 21:3. Each of us after quietly said our prayers as we have been advised.

    Then quietly in our heads and separately, following the directions of Mr Dunov, each of us prayed for: the Chain, for those who serve the God's Kingdom, for the Bulgarian people, for the clergy, the teachers, the students, which go to school, for all the clerks - so God can make them reasonable, for all the farmers, for all mothers and fathers, for all young and old, for all the Slavdom and for all other nations.

    After all that finished, all who chose the Virtue, turned towards the chair of the Virtue. Those who have chosen the Wisdom, turned towards the chair of the Wisdom (the Truth), and those who have chosen the Love - turned towards the chair of Love (the chair in the middle).

    And after all that Mr Dunov announced that God says the following:

    Your heart shall not be scared this year. Have a dare and He shall bless you. You will have all his assistance, in a way that your faith shall grow. He will turn all your suffering into Joy and merriment. Be truthful to what you have been given and if you are loyal to the little that is given, you will accept the big gifts too. Let your deeds be so enlightened that when the people see them, they would glorify your Father that is in Heaven. Do not get confused, do not worry as from the beginning He has prepared all for you and never should forget your vocation, for which you are sent to the World.

    After those words of God, we bowed three times each and came down in the hall, where the breakfast was served at 6 o'clock in the morning. After the breakfast, Mr. Dunov said the following:


    God, our Lord, our soul has quiet hope in You. You have showed us your Way and we see Your kindness, you have showed us your mercy and we see your patience, you have showed your Love and Your goodness, you have showed us the Truth and we see Your sanity, you have showed your name and we see your Justice, You have taught us the Wisdom and knowledge and we see your great deeds, you have turned our hearts and see Your presence everywhere, you have enlightened our minds and see your creations that all are good, you have encircled us within Your Power and we witness Your mightiness.

    And after all the goodness and kindness, which you have poured above us, according to Your internal Fullness, our desire is always to watch Your face and to be merry and joyful in the fullness of Your Love. We are grateful for Your kindness and care with which You have encircled us. Our soul is always glad that Your kindness is after us. You always listen to us and are ready to support us and give us help when we are in need.

    Kind Lord, Great Father in Heaven, save us from the guile of the evil. Here you go, You have talked and we believe that You will accredit us forever to glorify You.

    Lord, You, who are permanent, support our weak brothers and sisters so we can all abide in You and you can abide in us and we all be one, as You and our Father is; and so we can glorify You with the fruits of our Life in front of the people.

    Dear Lord, who has given us Life and health, who feed us bread and water and satisfy us with your thousands blessings every day, Your Sun rises every morning like a groom and runs in its way, which You have drawn. It brings and disperses Your blessings every day. The whole Earth enlivens In Your name , carries and brings the clouds, irrigates the land with rain and humidity and takes out every stalk from under the ground, decorates the wild flowers with all their beauty, which You have given to them in the beginning. (The Sun) cheers up all the living beings and the mankind, which You have created in Your likeness, breathed Faith and Hope in our veins so we can work and operate and said that You will bless our work.

    Your orders are great! All of us, Your children, are coming to present you our gratitude. You have dressed us in the clothes of Life and how beautiful are those clothes in which you have covered us!

    Blessed You Lord of all times, accept our gratitude, which we offer to You from our soul. Amin.

    Mr. Dunov explained that everyone will read this 'Praise' after every Friday, designated for an absolute fast. i.e. once a month.

    The envelopes with the messages were given to us, after which we have shared some of the wine and the olive oil, which were standing in the presence of God.

    At 9:30 we gathered again in the hall front of the table. ANd now Mr. Dunov asked us: 'What are your thoughts at that moment?' Some of the present said what they were thinking at that moment. There was a list of the politicians in Bulgaria - people who were dealing with politics, and Mr. Dunov asked: 'What do you think of that people in the list?' Some of us shared their opinions.

    After that Mr. Dunov invited some of us to choose a page from the Bible and a verse from the page. T. Bachvarov was invited first of all, he chose Psalm 69:5; then D. Golov chose Zachariah 14:7, Peniu Kirov - Genesis 18:13, Anastasia Dr. Zheliazkova - Fourth Book of the Kings 23:18, Maria Kazakova - Joel 2:7, Elena Ilarionova - Exodus 9:3, Ilia Stoychev - Genesis 21:3, Mih. Georgiev - Fourth Book of the Kings 17:17, Konstantin Ilarionov - Second Corinthians 13:9, Petko - Luke 6:7, Gina Gumnerova - Acts 4:7 and Todor Stoyanov - Joan 21:23.

    After the first verse* read by T. Bachvarov, Mr. Dunov said:

    'Yes, God knows the foolish sins of all that people (referring the people from the above list of political names).

    After reading the verse*, chosen from An. Zheliazkova, Mr. Dunov said:

    There is hope.

    After reading the verse* of Mih. Georgiev, Mr. Dunov said the following:

    Seven years the suffering will last and in 1914, Bulgaria will come back.

    Finally, after the verse* chosen by T. Stoyanov was read, Mr. Dunov said:

    So what is said to you is to go ahead without looking at the others.

    Mr. Dunov chose and read Luke 24:4* and said afterwards:

    Macedonia will have a little freedom (that has been said 3-4 years ago), for which it will be glad. There will be negotiations, diplomatic discussions, intrigues and arguments between the European nations until 1914. Those things are common and if you know all of them, you will be hindered. It is true that a decision has been taken in the Union. The freedom of Macedonia will come again from the European nations - England, France and Russia will take part in giving that freedom. After Russia sets free from its internal arguments and from the Far East, it will start dealing with its politics with the Middle East.

    If you listen to the Heavens, they will use you as ambassadors and will operate through you.

    The harvest will depend on the position of the nation. The famine in Bulgaria could be removed, but could be increased. In this year many will get wiser, because a Chain can always cause famine in one country. Causing famine is a very easy thing. A Chain can provoke fertility, and famine. Eli prayed and there was not rain for three years; he prayed and the rain came. Eli was a spirit of the Justice, and Elisha had a double spirit as he wanted Justice and Love and that's why we see he was kind.

    Now we will come to an end. Our friends will soon go away.

    10:40 am.

    The Doctor greets you from Above. He said: 'I would like to be with you. A person will eventually know his purpose, but a little bit late. Less divagation and more work. Thank you for the good feelings you have towards me!'

    The Friends went away (10.50 am). Upon leaving, the Friends said to us: 'Let My blessing abide on you throughout the whole year.'

    After the above said, all the dishes from upstairs, which were presented in front of God, were taken downstairs in the following order: Mih. Georgiev brought the big cup, Ilia Stoychev - the tray, the candelabrum - Ilarionov, the three chairs - Golov, Bachvarov and Penyu Kirov, the sheet - Gina Gumnerova, Kazakova and El. Ilarionova and all the small cups from upstairs were taken by Petko, Gina, Zheliazkova, Voinov and El. Ilarionova.

    At the end Mr. Dunov said to all of us:

    'I greet you with the meeting and let everyone go home safely.

    *19 The building in which the meetings took place - the location of the annual meetings of the Chain in 1907, is not known.

    *20 Paschal dishes - means a set of mysterious dishes, ordered and prepared for the Master Beinsa Douno. The set consists of thirteen silver cups (a large one, having the Jesus figure on it and twelve smaller ones).

    * Konstantin (Kostadin) Ilarionov Petsov (1868 - 1929) - one of the first students of the Master Beinsa DOuno and a long-time Director of the brotherhood in Veliko Tarnovo. He was born in the city of Gabrovo and ended his eartly life in Sofia. He graduated the Military Academy in Russia, served as captain in the garrison of the cities of Pleven and Tarnovo, a border officer in Tsaribrod. He organises the purchase of the house in Arbanasi, where the Testament of the coloured Rays of Light was written. He left a rich correspondence with the Master Beinsa Douno (see Petar Danov, Letters to the First Students, PH Astrala, Sofia, 1999)

    *Anastas Boinov (1848 - 1936) - one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno. Born and ended his earthly life in Veliko Tarnovo. Lawyer, and in the beginning

    was a chairman of the spiritual club in the city. The annual meetings of the Chain in the period of 1910 and 1915 were taking place in his holiday house.

    Elena Ilarionova (1878 - 1956) - one of the first students of the Master Beinsa Douno, was long-term director of the brotherhood in Veliko Tarnovo, a wife of Konstantin Ilarionov. She was born in Ploiesti, Romania, graduated high school in Veliko Tarnovo. In the beginning she was working as a teacher, later on she established a private school in her own home. She left rich correspondence with the Master Beinsa Douno. ((see Petar Danov, Letters to the First Students, PH Astrala, Sofia, 1999).

    Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
    Статус на превода: превежда се

    Преведено в Beinsa.eu

    Превеждали: elijoja (Eleonora Petkova)

  6. Готов превод Правилното растене на душата и хармоничното развитие на душевните сили - 22.8.1921-СБ-382 / ...: 22.8.1921-СБ-382

    TITLE: The proper growth of the soul and the harmonic development of the soul forces

    Now I will ask you like that orthodox priest, who asked:

    - Blessed Christians, do you know what I will say to you?

    - We know, reverend.

    - So, after you know, there is no point for me to speak to you.

    - We do not know, reverend.

    - So, after you do not know, again there is no point for me to speak to you.

    I will partially touch the proper growth of the soul and the harmonic development of the soul forces. The main task in the current life is the proper growth and development of the soul. The soul has to develop, to grow, to expand, to take up a bigger space, because in the spiritual life big things are only those, which are organized in a conscious manner, are used harmoniously and develop certain forces.

    There is one great law in Nature, according to which all those forces get developed regularly and consecutively. Among the present-day methods for development of the soul forces, which are created from several thousand years ago, there are some, which are correct, and others - incorrect, because they awaken some forces earlier than the others and consequently a lot of undesired results are born. At your current development you have to have a normal imagination, namely you do not have to be without imagination, but it has to be strong and normal, by which the things are presented in their natural, and not in a distorted look. A natural look in the world is for example in the morning, when the sky is clear, without any cloud. Then you can have a natural and correct appearance of Nature. As soon as clouds appear and shadows get formed, you will get a totally different impression, another understanding for Nature. And so, when you go in the morning among Nature and you see the natural look of the things, an internal joy arises in you, and when you see the unnatural, distorted look of the things, sadness emerges in you. You cannot explain to yourselves why is that so, but there are unnatural things, which you have taken in. I will give you an example. You are walking in the garden and you meet there a friend of yours; in this moment you see a man, who hits your friend and breaks his leg. Immediately, the beautiful impression in you from Nature gets erased, in your heart sadness emerges, in your mind an unnatural phenomena has been put in and you are feeling pain. The pains are always due to one such abnormal condition. When you enter in a teaching, when you enter in the religious world, there will also be an abnormal understanding of the things, you will feel a sadness without knowing why. There also will be broken heads. But when you enter in an erudite world and you read a good book, haven't you felt a sad impression? This erudite person has something, which is not quite right. Of course, the lower, animalistic soul of the person is not that intelligent to be able to understand where the mistakes are and because the intellect uses touch in the spiritual world, it has to be helped by the spiritual sight. But we do not have to go also to the other extreme and to say, that those, who have intuition, do not have a need to touch. No, they also need it: for the far away objects is the sight and for the close ones - touching.

    We enter to study the spiritual world not in the way, as we have been taught until now, namely as it has been described to us - as something unreal, etheric, gaseous. About the soul, about the spirit we do not have a clear and real mental picture. Well, alright, when you are sick and somebody comes to you, takes your hand and with that handhold you immediately get healed, as your mind gains health and clarity, I am asking: what is the reason for this healing, caused only from the touching with this person? It is due to the Spirit, of the real manifestation of the Spirit. This is the real form. And if this form cannot produce in you this effect, this means, that the Spirit is not there, means that you only have the shadow of the Spirit. Therefore, from the manifestation of our mind, of our heart and of our soul in a given moment, it will be recognized to what extent tangibly our Spirit manifests. We inside ourselves have to know to what extent it is real or not. We have to know that.

    Afterwards, I want your ideas about God to be clear. For God by all means you have to have a very clear, real idea, in which no doubt to be left and according to this idea to always recognize Him, wherever you go, to know that He is, and not somebody else. This is required from the student of the White Brotherhood.

    There are moments in life, in which God Himself manifests, God Himself gives orders and you have to know these moments. You will learn this from some internal experiences and then the phase of the initiation will come about. When this phase occurs, your mind will set foot on the correct path of this philosophy. This will be the initiation. And after that you will be able to study the celestial bodies - the Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn; then you will enter in other worlds to come in contact with their inhabitants. This, which you are experiencing now is still not life. It is an alphabet of life, because there are also other states, in which life has manifestations, different from those, which we know here. And then what is our goal, what is the goal of life? To come into contact with them. We have to think in a real way. What is the goal of the young girl, who is with her mother? One day she becomes dissatisfied, she wants to meet with another soul, but distorts that. She wants to find another form and finds it. When those two souls unite, they want to find a third one who on its own part wants to find a fourth one and so forth. They want to unite and when they do, they understand the Divine Wisdom, which is waking up currently. This is the eternal aspiration.

    You have to put effort to develop your mental capabilities. In you there are a lot of talents, which are waiting for their development, they are waiting for you to give them a more substantial base. Do not despair. If you lose courage, it is from the Devil!

    You want to be heroes, but if something comes which touches you to the raw, you lose everything. A hero is that one, who when he gets cut to the quick, immediately spits on his wound, heals himself and continues his path. With a spit he cures his wound and goes forward. And now when you get nettled, you call this one and that one for help, months pass by and you say: "Thank God, I got rid of the Devil!" You think yourself to be very smart, you think that you know a lot. You do not know anything, when you cannot heal yourself on your own. And not only you will heal and clean your wounds, but also the wounds of your friends! And now, when we find somebody hurting, we say: "But why did not you pay attention, why did you fall? Was there any point in doing that?" This one and that one will advise you, but to nobody comes to mind to spit on the wound. This is an old philosophy! It is not the point why he did it. The mistake is that it has been done. He wrote there some wrong numbers. What is left for him now? To take his kitchen towel, to erase them and to write other numbers. Instead of four, write five, do a calculation and walk forward.

    Another delusion, which appears as well between the young and between the old is who of them knows more. The knowledge depends on the awakening of the Divine capabilities, which you have within your soul. They have to awaken and through them we will study the world in an objective manner. We have to study the world everywhere in an objective way, and we as we do not have such an objective comprehension, we stop and ask ourselves if so and so says the Truth or not. For me this question is resolved. I will give you a method to know if a given person is speaking the Truth or not. And you, when you are talking, others will know as well if you are speaking the Truth.

    So, we will now strive to wake up within us those noble feelings, which are still in a dormant state. In you for now the ordinary feelings are awakened, the ordinary Love, which from time to time gets mixed with the spiritual Love, but the spiritual Love itself has not still started to manifest. That it is not awakened is noticed by this jealousy between you, it is being noticed by the fact that you cannot stand one another. Spiritual people, but cannot stand one another! They are with a spiritual sign, and their content is not spiritual. Somebody says: "This sister is not spiritual." You are not spiritual as well. Another says: "And this sister is not spiritual." You are not as well, because if you were, you will only touch them on the eyes and immediately they will see and will walk ahead.

    When Karavelov created this change - karavelcheta (named after him), how many bulgarians were deceived with them! You see them, from the beginning they are shiny, they are passing off as napoleons and after that they blacken and lose their value. You think that every theory, every teaching which is shiny, is valuable and you say: "Do you know what is that I have, what I learned! Here, it is here in my purse." Not a month passes by, they blacken. Do not get deceived by the gloss of these teachings! We are ready to accept every teaching, wherever it comes from. Whoever brings us the Divine Thoughts, the Divine Teaching, we are ready to adopt it. Whoever brings me a good book, I will accept it. But a book which does not have any content even the most erudite person to bring it to me, I will say that there is nothing in it.

    So, what is the main goal? To become good. I said that Goodness is a fruit of Love, and Love is the fruit of the Spirit.

    This life, which we now have is natural. In the Bible it is said that God would destroy the current body, the paunch. How do you interpret this thought? This body He will not destroy, but after it fulfills its function, because a new body is coming, which is being built now, it will concede its place to the new one. Therefore our new feelings, senses and capabilities will turn on in these new bodies, which are now being created. The new body in some is in its inception, and in others is one month old. I am talking about the creation of this new body from which your resurrection will spring. With these bodies, with which you are now living, you cannot walk in this Truth. The body of the flesh is flesh, and the body of the spirit is spirit. The flesh is a body, where the spirit is living temporarily, and the spiritual bodies are bodies of the Eternity. In this sense I want from you to undertake to study the teaching of the White Brotherhood. You will find it scattered in the entire occultism - in the Theosophy, in the Christianity, you will find it everywhere. In this teaching there is unity everywhere, in it there is no disagreement. In the teaching of the White Brotherhood there is one particular concept about the creation of the world, there is a special theory. The White Brotherhood never controverts the modern theories, it is being silent about them. It does not say to anybody: "You are not right." It will say to him: "You are correct." And the present-day people are right - this, which they have seen and described, they have described it correctly. But when they describe this, which they have not seen, it remains silent there and says "This, which I have not seen, I do not know and there is nothing for me to contravene."

    Somebody says to me:

    - You do not understand the spiritual world.

    I ask him:

    - Have you gone to the spiritual world?

    - No, I have not.

    - Have you talked to the angels?

    - I have not.

    - Have you talked to the saints?

    - I have not.

    - Well, then?

    - I have seen something - a shadow passed me by.

    - Well, what, did it tell you something?

    - It did not tell me anything, it just smiled.

    And this smile, do you know how the turkish people interpret it? When a woman smiles at them, they say to themselves: "Everything is good - she says: "He only thinks about me."" This is wrong comprehension of the matters. This shadow smiled - this smiling you have to interpret in a different sense. There is a smile and a smile. The shadow looks at somehow seriously, you say: "It wanted to tell me something." What did it want to tell you? When a person just smiles, the muscles of his mouth rise up, and the eyes are clear, fiery, there is no softness in them. What does all of this show? Such a smile shows: "I will eat you up!" And when a smile comes from inside, in the eyes there is divine light, there is softness, tenderness. This man says: "I am ready to help you, I love God." Therefore, for me the smiles immediately resolve the issue. When a shadow passes me by and smiles at me, I watch if its eyes are sharp and if it wants to eat me, or if they are soft and delicate, and wants to help me.

    Somebody says: "I saw a shadow - I did not see its face, but only its back." What did it want to show you with its back? During the time of the Gallic spiritual movement in England in the year of 1905 the woman, who was leading the movement, accompanied by fiery balls, when she was coming back one night from a gathering, she said to a close friend of hers to wait for her outside. Suddenly, she saw a gentleman with a black cloak to walk in front of her, she thought that this is her friend and rushed ahead to reach him. She called him by name, but he did not turn his face. At one point, he got closer to her with a veiled face and shook his finger threаteningly. She immediately realized that this is not her friend and wanted to know who he is. She immediately recognized him - he transformed himself into a black dog and hid himself. She said: "This is the Devil, who is interfering in my kingdom, but I will have it out with him."

    We have to know exactly, if those who we are meeting, are our friends or not, do they think like we do or not, do they think in a right way or not. We have to have with all of our friends one thought, one heart - our thought to be directed towards God, to serve God. And everyone of you, who is ready to act for God in this way, we are ready to accept with open arms, we are ready to give him our full assistance. But the White Brothers are very demanding and if someone gives up to serve God, they will close their doors for him.

    Now you have to know, that in Bulgaria there are enough brothers from the Dark Brotherhood, who are ready to fight with us. Those brothers are among the Orthodox in the church, among the Catholics, among the Evangelists. There are among us as well. They act everywhere according to the principle: Divide and conquer. They want to perturb everywhere. They often are deceiving you. Everywhere, where there are such gatherings, they come and are always very polite. Those, who do not understand them, view them as great gentlemen. They are incarnated. For that reason, you will test the spirits. These people are always very well dressed - with elegant clothes, with black gloves, with priest's kamelaukion, with priest's clothes, with bishop's crowns, at the desk of a professor. We do not need to be mad at them for anything - they are very polite. This is a fight - they are perfect in their manners, they are very smart. Do not think, that you can that easily fight and to get away with them. They are from the Dark Brotherhood, but they are very smart - there is knowledge in them and they can trick you, to trip you up in your path.

    I am not telling you this now for you to get scared and to think that whoever you meet and see is from the Dark Brotherhood. Be calm - there is no reason to be scared, they are not bugbears. They are people, placed in their evolution and are fulfilling their mission, but we have to know their function and our task. Everyone to stand in his place and when we meet such a brother, to tell him: "Your movement is one, our movement is different, the direction in which we are going is right, and the direction, in which you are going is also right."

    If you can present yourself in front of one such brother like that, he will accept you, he will step back and will say: "In your mind there is a philosophy." But if you decide to turn him towards God, you are placing yourself in the wrong direction. Every soul has to turn towards God on its own, towards the Divine Sun - you cannot turn it over. The Gospel says, that you can turn it towards God, but only if it wants that. Every soul has to turn itself on its own towards God, because in its motion it has its own orbit and alone has to turn itself towards the Sun. Until it is moving away from the Sun, until it is moving in its own orbit, it has to be left to walk its path - you cannot change its path. And if you want to turn over this soul, you will change the entire order of the Cosmos.

    Therefore on the Earth we can help only those, whose path is coinciding with ours. And when their path is not concurring with ours, you as well from the one side and from the other side will spend your energy in vain.

    I am throwing about these thoughts, because some will appear and will tell you: "Are you saved, have you known Christ?" Do not be afraid that somebody will turn you - your turning consists in this to have Love. If you have Love, you have God within you, and if you have God, you have Christ as well, because God is Love. They will tell you: "Did your heart warm up?" Yes, when I am waking up in the morning and I am fulfilling God's Will, when I am eating with Love, when I am talking with Love, when I am writing with Love, when I am reading with Love. I am asking myself: am I with Christ? Then do I know Christ or not? Yes, not only do I know Him, but I am also living together with Him and I am talking with Him, every day I am eating together with Him. An excellent man is Christ!

    You have to be downright and definitive - then also all other deeds will come. There are also other spiritual acts, but you have to try to develop your psychic powers - the powers, which God has put in your souls. For example some of you through your will-power will be able to go out of their bodies outside, but not everybody will be in the position to do that. Whoever is ready will leave his body, will go for a walk - he can go also in America, and in China and somewhere else. And whoever is not ready, will wait. Not everyone of you are heroes - let everyone be content with that which the Spirit has given him. Or with other words, let everybody respectively to the level of his development, in accordance with that which the Spirit has given him, to be loyal to God. This Spirit is now working and is distributing everything.

    I want everything to happen according to the will of this Divine Spirit.

    I want you to be in internal harmony, to not be in two minds. You cannot split me in any way - as soon as you try to split me, I am cutting the threads and I am leaving you down. There should not be any splitting in two. But someone is sending me the thought: "Are you on the right path." I am cutting the thread. In my path there is no right and left side. There is only one path - the path of Love. Nothing more! Both the right and the left paths are connected to Love. Walk on this path and do not be afraid! You will say: "Brother, this question I have resolved for myself in this way, I will also tell you how to solve it. This water - I have tried it." "But what is it?" There is no point for me to describe it, I will say: Come with me, drink and try it out!

    I want you to try out the New teaching as a living water, to see its power and to say: "We have a personal experience." Not to say: "He deceived us, he hypnotized us." In the hypnotization there is no turning - I will convince you that I am giving you something, that you have something; tomorrow I will convince you in something else, but you do not have in your pocket neither the one, nor the other. This is hypnotization and in the hypnotization there is depletion, while in the truth there is growing and the soul is growing in boon.

    And so, when we are drinking from the Divine spout, there is no hypnotization. But we are hypnotizing as well - I am not denying this. But what - when I meet someone from the dark brothers, still before he sees me, I am pulling my hands down, he goes into sleep and I am walking away. When I pass on, I am drawing back my hands after him, to wake him up. And when I meet a good person, I make way for him and I say: "With the Divine blessing walk your path!" Because that one, who tries to hypnotize his brother from the White Brotherhood, carries a huge responsibility. The hypnotization is a big delusion.

    There is no hypnotization within us, but there is a great Truth, which serves for our growth and as you apprehend this Truth, I want to see your faces with different freshness - even though your face is black, in it there will be a light, in the eyes something distinctive will be seen. The question is different, when the Divine comes but when that one comes, which is not Divine, we then know that we are not in harmony with God.

    The first thing in us: no trace of lie to be present - neither I will lie to you, nor you will lie to us. No one to even try to do this. Because, if you think of trying to lie to me, I will lift my hands, I will put you to sleep, I will go away, after that I will lift again my hands to wake you up. Such is the law. Because, if you give in to such an influence, you will become a weapon; the other influence cannot exist in that moment. Then the movement will be from top to bottom, and it will not be aside.

    I am warning you, that if you want to develop yourself correctly, I will not talk to you about this, I will not stop myself on it, because from now on there is a lot to be learned, a great science is awaiting us. Before us there are a lot of things for studying, a new great life is being revealed.

    I want everyone to be rejuvenated and in mind, and in heart, and in soul, and in spirit, so that the old person at the age of 100 to jig as a calf. And this, that he was such and such - this is not a philosophy. Between you no judgement to be present - leave it outside! When somebody comes to show his abilities, to present the art, if he is a musician, I will give him my violin and I will say to him: "Play me a piece of Chopin." I will listen to him if he can play well. If he is playing well, I will say: "You are playing well!" If he is not playing well, I will say: "You are not playing part so and so well. Play something from Beethoven." An artist comes - I will give him my brushes. If he is drawing well, I will say to him: "Come on, draw something, your ideas are good." But when someone does not know how to play, does not know how to read, does not know how to draw, to write but is saying that he has a lot of ideas, I am asking: "And so what, where are they?" The music has to be expressed - this music has to be expressed no matter how. It is not possible for a person to have a talent for music and to not be able to express it. Take up the smallest gifts to develop them. Everybody, whatever smallest talent and idea to have, to develop them. Everyone of you, whatever smallest gift to have, to not overlook it. Give it a place, it will develop, it is excellent. Do not stop to say: "This brother of mine is more talented, God has not given to me anything." This brother of yours, who has so many gifts, has dedicated ten lives of work and perseverance and has not gained anything just like that.

    Gratis is given only to the capable students. When a student is hard-working and talented, the teacher is ready to give him everything, and if he is not diligent, may he works on his own.

    In the future I would like all those, whose minds are developed to study everything, to study the entire Nature. Those, in whom the hearts are awakened to create within themselves a trait of love for the neighbour, kindness, humility - but not apparent, external humbleness. I would like to create from yourself a character.

    A humble person I call this one, who knows a lot, who knows everything. When he enters somewhere, where children are studying, he says to them: "So, kids, are you working? Oh, you are working perfectly!" He sits with them as if he is at their level and gives them an impulse in their work, and the children say: "This person is like us - he thinks like we do." Why? Because he is transferring his own knowledge. He is talking to them with his soul. This is what it means to be humble! And when you do not have humility, you will say: "They are the only ones talking, they did not give me the word." Such a person is not humble. The humble person is waiting for his time, his turn. For everyone of us in this world there is an appointed time. When the time comes, the humble person says: "And now I will say my word." There is a time, when God will say: "Ivane, get up, say your word as well!" He knows that you are vainglorious, he will open one day His notebook, he will flip through the pages and as he knows your thoughts, as he knows that you are vain, he turns His page and does not make you stand up. As He knows all of this about you, God says: "Stoyan to get up!" You say to yourself: "Ah, this Stoyan - He is always making him stand up!" But one day when you are unprepared, God says: "You stand up!" "Ah, we are in for it." And this is happening often. You are saying: "God to send me to work." But He does not send you.

    No, we have to be always ready and when he says to us: "Get up!", when we do not expect it, to stand up and to say our lesson. In God there is a great Justice!

    Now again I will ask you throughout this year to try to put harmony in your minds - to think harmoniously, to feel harmoniously, to act harmoniously and only in this way you will create a new impulse, otherwise you will paralyze your evolution. You will become melancholic and you will say: "We did not find here as well, what we were seeking." Where will you find it? I would ask you: "Where will you find the path towards Christ, who will show it to you?" An evangelic preacher will come and will tell you:

    Come, I will tell you what has Christ said, what has Paul the Apostle written.

    Yes, but you did not write it. Do you know where is Christ, have you met him, does he live in you?

    I have not met Christ, I only know that this is how it is written.

    Good, you are 1,65 m tall and I am that much; your forehead is 6 cm wide and mine as well; your nose is 7 cm long and mine is that much; your ears are 7 cm and mine are that much; your hand is 75 cm long and mine is that much; your body weighs so and so kilos, mine weighs more. Then, with what do you outmatch me?

    These are not facts. This is knowledge gained through internal experience. If it is gained in this way, we can always do this experiment. When a sculptor can mould a beautiful statue, a mechanic can make a machine, an engineer can build a railway, an astronomer to calculate the trajectory of a planet, this is knowledge, this is science! And if somebody foretells something and it does not become reality, this is not science, this is not knowledge.

    In the White Brotherhood, the Teaching is unchanging, in it the exceptions are very rare and they are very soon corrected. All in all, the Teaching, in which you will enter, is based on a rock, which cannot be smashed. In this teaching ever since the beginning of the world, ever since the very beginning, there is a line of facts, which are written but are kept secret. This is known from those brothers, who have gone up and all of this now is being kept on the Earth. All of this is written on rock tables and one day, when you develop you will read it, you will see what is the history of the creation of the world from the beginning until now. You will understand all stages, all phases through which you have gone and you will start to see those phases. They will appear in front of your eyes like living images. It is worth it to study this science!

    Therefore, it is worth it to be students of the Great White Brotherhood, because the masters of this Brotherhood are holding the whole archive of the Cosmos. They are keeping the book of Life and everyone of you have to study this book. There is not a greater good than it. This is an art and that's why all of you will strive to gain it. It will not come all of a sudden, but gradually. One day you will say to yourself: "We are thankful that we started on this path!" Because the sooner you start, the better and the later you start, the later you will arrive. Do not despair, challenges might come, waverings, doubts. These are normal things in this path. Do not get scared, believe, you are under guidance. If you are loyal to the law of Love, there will be no exceptions and then you will learn everything. You will learn to pass on the teaching of the White Brotherhood. Not to say that this is the teaching of one Deunov, that he has invented it. If I have invented it now, tomorrow someone named Ivan will come, someone named Petko, someone named Stoyan. Well, what will happen, if we think up the things? What will happen with those images? The question is put in another way. All great people, who have come, have passed on this Divine Truth in the way as it has been given to them. Their greatness lies in this, their glory - that they have delivered this Truth in this way, as God has given it to them, and every one, who has not delivered this Truth in the way, it has been given to him, is from the dark brothers. The matter is not about Petko and about Stoyan, but about the Divine Wisdom and the Divine Love, in which all have to learn and enlighten that as we are walking in it, the eyes of everyone to open. All of us to be with open eyes, and not you to be blind and I to see.

    I am giving someone a cherry. I ask:

    - How do you see the cherry?

    - Red.

    - Touch it, taste it if it is sweet.

    - Yes, you are right, it is such as I see it as well.

    As we see, touch and taste, we are testing the things in the same way. If we are thinking and feeling in the same way, we are the same. And if you are blind and I am convincing you, that this is like that, that is like that, such a philosophy cannot exist in the world. There can be philosophy only then, when the student and the master are seeing identically and thinking identically, but the master only has bigger experience, has more knowledge and that's why is walking ahead, showing the path, and the students are walking after him. Such is the path, which God has created in this world.

    And now between you the doubt to lessen at least with 75%, to gain faith in yourselves. You know in what - in your God Self. In all of you, inside of you, there is one Divine Origin. Believe all in the Divine, which lives within you, which talks to you, only this is the path of salvation! If the Divine in you is talking, you are on the path to salvation, if it is not talking - we are all in the human path. And then it is dangerous.

    And now everybody in various directions at work! Who whatever gift has, who whatever gifts God has given him - everybody to try to develop within himself some little gift. Every one of you to strive to be distinctive in certain moments, everybody to have one special feature, which is not present in the others, for you not to be the same. It will be your special characteristic, so as people see you to say: "In this person there is something distinctive." This is the beautiful thing! You meet somebody - in him there is some trait; you meet somebody else - the same trait. You say: "This is not something distinctive!"

    In the bulgarians there is a custom - you go somewhere to pay a visit, their child has studied only two years to play the violin, but the mother says: "Come on, dear, play Flower nice, flower pretty." The child plays. The guests say: "Good!" You go to another place - again a child is playing. The mother says: "Come on, dear, play Flower nice, flower pretty." "Well, okay." But when you go to some house, where it is played well, you are content. You go to another house - they are playing even better. There has to be variety everywhere! So within us as well there has to be diversity in the understanding of the things.

    And Nature is so diverse that for everyone of you there is an opportunity to be distinctive.

    I want you to be distinctive! Every one of you to guard this distinctive trait of his. You not to want to be the same - for example not all of you to be humble in the same way. Do you know how many ways there are for expressing humility? In compassion there are so many beautiful forms, that many nuances, through which it expresses itself, that you cannot meet two merciful people, who are expressing compassion in one and the same way. Compassion, humility, everything can be expressed in endless diversity.

    And so, you will perceive the variety as a process, which produces joy and leads you towards the Eternal. In the world there is a center, from which all of these diversities radiate and it is Love. If you are feeling - you will think; if you are thinking - you will act; if you are acting - there will be progress, diversity.

    And so, you will be students of Love!

    I want now to enroll as students those of you, who want to enter in the first class of Love, that's why may they give their names. The students, who will enter in the class of Love, will start gradually to enroll. We accept all of you, without distinction. We open you a school to enroll in.

    And after that, when you enter, before you start your study in the special field, you will stand before a commission to take your exams and the results will depend on your abilities. It is so - the White Brothers are opening you a place in their School. If you are loyal in this law of Love, you will test the truthfulness of my words, but if you are not loyal, if you play false, they will expel you. I am not responsible for that, you will not get mad at me.

    The first thing is to have one selfless Love. You will enter with full heart, mind and soul so that you show your will, to learn from God. It is said so with the language of the prophets - to learn from God, but you all will start with Love. This is the Divine Path - there is no other path! There is another path, but for others.

    The White Brotherhood walks on the path of Love. When you enter in this path, you will see another special path and you will understand, that this is one of the best systems, which exist in the world - the system of the White Brothers. There is not a better path! And this you will not learn in one life, and in two lives, and in three, and in five, and in ten lives you will not learn it. Do not bother - it is fine! Whoever tells you, that can learn it in one life is not telling you the truth. Well, if a White Brother takes your astral body, takes you to the Sun and you see that light, you will say: "What have we thought and what it is!" I am asking you: how long will you want to live there? And when you come to the Earth, you will only look at the people, you will feel unusual joy and you will say:

    - May you go there to see what is there!

    - Describe it!

    - It cannot be expressed through language, as Paul the Apostle says.

    Someone will ask: "What is there on the Moon?" I have to take you there to see. The Moon is not as some say, deserted. It is not deserted. It is a very beautiful place, but if we transport ourselves with our organism in it, it is not adjusted to accept us and death will await us. But if you go in it with your spiritual body, there are things there, from which you can understand excellent stuff. It is the first station for the Sun, up. Well, if I would have told you what is there on the other side of the Moon, do you know what alarm would set in in the scientific world? And why the Moon has stopped to move around itself, why is it turning only one side? But this is vanity, no need to be spoken about it.

    I say, that on the Moon there is an excellent life. Often those, who are completing their evolution and they still have to come down to the Earth, but have not come down until now - there are many more human souls, who when they finish there their evolution then they will come down to the Earth. Some are saying that they have come down. They have not come down yet. There are many more souls. But those are abstract things. How can a person go to the Moon? He has to go out of his body, to emanate himself, in order to see the relations, the internal connections, to see how it is standing in a spiritual respect, to see the Earth and only then he will have a right understanding. If you are developing correctly, the first try, which you will make, will be to go down towards the center of the Earth. Then the second attempt will be to go from the center of the Earth to the Moon. This is one serious attempt - to go to the center of the Earth and from there to go to the Moon. This is a rather serious experiment. Then you will already have knowledge, real pieces of knowledge. And when you come back, you will know what is down in the Earth. And when all men of science are saying, that on the Moon there is this and that, you will say: "They are talking well, it is correct, it is exactly like that as they are saying." The Earth hides great treasures, the Moon hides great treasures, the Sun - as well. And those treasures are all for the human. That's why we now have to be students of the White Brothers, that's why we need to be obedient in this incarnation of ours and when we do not have anything to do, we will use our free time to go for a walk towards the center of the Earth. If some of you decide to go down 10-20 km towards the center of the Earth, they will start to become short of breath - it is hard to go down. They will stay there. Some as they go towards the Moon, they think that they will not be able to come back, that's why they will hesitate, they will get afraid and will come back. No, you need to be that brave, that to know: when you go there, you will come back again. Sometimes the thread breaks and you stay there. And then the brothers from the Moon need to emanate you in the reverse way to bring you back to the Earth to finish your evolution here. They will say to you: "When you are inexperienced, you should not have come here!" The first thing: to try to be virtuous and smart, to have a quick to learn, sharp mind so that people are not able to lie to you. You will leave yourself to be lied to without being deceived.

    Now the general instructions are getting completed. Throughout the year everybody will try to work on himself in a particular way. Everyone of you has to have his own particular method for work on his mental and spiritual development for strengthening of the will and the mind. You will create a method inside yourself so that this particular trait forms within you. Everyone to have something distinctive, no two people among you to be uniform. This is the beautiful, the good! The mixed bunch is the beautiful one and not the cut off one.

    From tomorrow still you will try to tune in to be able to perceive those vibrations from the Spiritual world. To tune in internally and to position the energy inside of you. And according to the law of Freedom this means to expand from the Divine Love as from its surplus you emit outside. Natural streams to be present. Let out your spouts so that from this source the Divine Love to spring forth outwards.

    And start from tomorrow on your own, according to the law of harmony. And now you are like those little crows, who are waiting their mother in the nest to bring them food. She comes, they open their beaks and - hop. But she sees that it can open its beak on its own and to eat, she goes to another little branch and as soon as it opens its beak, she glances at it and does not give to it anything.

    That's why some of you have to go out of their nest. I want that you go out from there. Those of you whose wings have grown, have to leave their nest and to find food on their own. And those whose wings have not still grown, can stay there. When the little storks grow up, they lift themselves up with their wings and then come down again, after that they lift themselves up more and come down. They do several such tries and when they see that they can fly, they fly away. You will do that as well - bit by bit you will lift yourselves up until at last you become free and you can teach yourselves alone. Those are all symbols - you will use them and you will employ them.

    Ask me now the most foolish question.

    - Why has a person become stupid?

    Because he has stopped to believe in his mind and has started to believe in somebody else's minds. He has stopped to believe in the Divine within himself, but has started to believe in the human. In order to be smart you have to stop believing in the outside and to start believing in the Divine within yourself. Then you will create a relationship between yourself and the outside and you will become a clever person.

    I will give you an answer. The most foolish question cannot be said, but also the smartest question as well cannot be said. Extreme stupidity infers extreme wisdom and extreme wisdom infers extreme stupidity. These are extremes in the Nature. The high peaks infer deep valleys, and the deep valleys infer high peaks. Where there are weak people, there are also the strongest people. Where there are strong people, there are also the weakest people. The strong one cannot exist without the weak one and the weak one cannot express himself without the strong one. I will translate to you those two terms. The weak in Nature - this is the potential energy, and the strong one in Nature - this is the kinetic energy. Therefore, the weak one is always stronger. In the beginning, the strong one is strong, at the end the strong one is weak. The weak in the beginning is weak, and at the end is strong. Therefore every one, who is strong in the beginning, is weak at the end and every one, who is weak in the beginning, is strong at the end.

    And the Holy Scripture says: "The good people are not the smartest." The whole world thinks of us to be dunce, but in the end we will be smarter than them. Those are aphorisms, in which only one half is truth.

    Out of these reasonings we can draw a wrong conclusion and to say: "So I need to be stupid, in order to be smart." Well, in Nature is the child born smart? No. And are the deeds of this child moral? The deeds of your children are not moral. But the mother puts up with that. She erases all those immoral deeds, cleans up her child from all physical ailments and wishes that it is always clean. And one day, when it grows up, it becomes moral, strong and it is always clean. In Nature this is how it gets started, this is how everything manifests. That's why you will understand your weaknesses as a necessity, as a phase from our development. When a weakness shows itself within us, we do not want it. A 15-16 year old boy can discharge himself, this is shameful for him, but in his organs there is something, which he cannot control through his willpower. When the willpower strengthens, when the muscles strengthen as well - then already the weakness does not manifest. In the same way in moral aspect our organs are not that developed, that's why our willpower is not able to control them. And in our efforts we have to strive to strengthen ourselves spiritually, to develop our abilities and whatever we have - hands, legs, eyes, eyebrows - to appreciate them, to use them to their utmost limit and when we finish our work, to say: "God, we thank You very much and we are again returning to You this, which You gave us!" At another place we will take again what we are given, we will thank again and we will leave this book. This body, which we have is a book, we will leave it and God will then give us another body.

    Now you will experience all contradictions and you will retain the good. You will look widely, you will not judge, to criticize. If someone of you is quick-tempered, rapid, you will say: "We thank God, that we have such a brother." If somebody is phlegmatic - you will thank as well. In everything you will see the good side and you will thank. And when we meet with all those brothers, we will see that in everyone of them there is something good, we will see still something distinctive.

    In today's occultism silence is recommended. This is such an oppressive state that it cannot be endured. If in such a gathering we let in a dog, it will not stand up to this silence and will start barking. If the people are talking, it will feel good and if everyone is silent, it will think that some disaster is about to happen and will start to howl. So under silence I understand only when we are alone. When we are alone in the Nature, we can be silent, but with our loved ones we will talk. We will give to the others to speak, and we - all in good time.

    I would want you to write in a book those questions which you are interested in and are vital for you, which are useful in nature, which are important, in order to give you strength to evolve - we can look at them tomorrow after lunch. Ask questions of urgent nature, and the others leave for the next year.

    This evening we finish the first phase of our gatherings. And the sky above is showing that if you sow, God will give you - there will be rain. If you sow, you will have harvest; if you do not sow, there will be again rain, but then something else will grow.

    Let's sing now a song and change the scale!

    (Love is a spring.)

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  7. Готов превод Смел и решителен - 10.12.1913-ИБ-76 / .: 10.12.1913-ИБ-76

    Brave and determined

    The Master read to us chapter 10 from the Gospel of Luke. He fixed on the verse "Mary chose the good part".

    Mary, this word means "salty water". Christ in one verse says "If the salt renders saltless, with what will it salt?" The salt is necessary in life "Mary chose the good part". Do you know who is she? I will leave you to think and after that I will talk to you about that. When her sister complains to her, that she is not helping her, Christ answered to her, that she takes care about many things, and one is required, namely what Mary chose. With that he wanted to tell her, that the people for thousands of years have dealt always with these things and have not gained anything.

    If you want to do good to someone or someone comes to ask you for something, keep this rule, as Christ has said "Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing." And you are giving, without blessing and that's why you are eliciting anger in him and bitterness as he thinks that you are obliged. The hand is the most primary instrument in the human organism. Through it all the thoughts and desires form.

    And do you know who is rich? - Rich is only God. The people are either servants or masters. If you know - you are a master, if you do not know - you are a servant. (An example for the impoverished wealthy man on an island, where his servant becomes his master)

    God has sent every soul to develop and has determined its place. Everything, which you currently have, God has given it to you and you do not have the right to scatter (the example about the crumbs, which Christ ordered to be brought in)

    Why a person is poor? - He is poor, because when he was rich has scattered, namely he did not know how to use the wealth, which God has given to him. After that God puts him in the position of a poor man in order to humble him, namely to not be proud. He gave someone intelligence and he did not know how to employ it, second time he sends him an idiot to learn from the others. You have come on the earth to cultivate the wealth given to you and to use it well. And you, as you are not keeping the Divine laws, you burden yourselves with useless things and you begin to resemble a boat, loaded up with useless baggage, which is swimming in the sea and during a strong storm can turn aside and drown with all of its burden, then you will find yourself naked. Such will be your condition when you get called for the other world.

    Now namely you have to work and to form yourself a body, with which you will live in the astral world. Mary precisely chose the good part, she accepted Christ into her heart.

    "The path is narrow" as Christ says, He understands to enter inside yourselves, to become masters of your mind, your heart, your soul and your spirit. The broad path - this is the world. And this world you have to understand it, to transfer inside in order to set. You have to understand life, what for is for example a horse, an ox and so forth. You would look at them with disdain, but they are in their place and they have a deep meaning.

    A Christian has to be brave and determined and to have a noble and grateful heart in whatever position God puts him. I am telling you this, because you have to go through a lot of exams, which are coming for the world. Now the undressing of everything material is coming, so you as well will not avoid this. That's why you need more faith and determination. Through this path Christ has gone and all of his followers, you will go on it as well. Now you want Christ to come and fix the world, but He will come from inside.

    Your heart has to open up and to start to do good by internal impulse, and not under constraint.

    You want to create jobs for the poor. First, you have to prepare for them material. Now, when you are weaving, first you need a base and other things.

    In the same way you have to work as well in life. The hill, which is moving from bottom to top, it takes up the matter which you have to process. The shuttle, which is moving from one side to the other, sends out this matter from the heart in the brain and back, where it gets processed and goes into the head, which represents the Divine world. The loom gives an explanation to life. It represents a cross and on this cross the cloth forms.

    I look - you are wearing crosses, but these crosses have to come deservedly. Crosses are wearing also the soldiers, but they know, that they have shown heroism and selflessness. The suffering, this is weaving. And you, when they put you through suffering, it means, that they weave you in the astral world.

    The upper part of the loom represents the head, the shuttle on the right is the mind, the heart on the left, so the mind and the heart has to unite, in order the cloth to be weaved. Everyone, who are faint-hearted, to stay at home, and those who will fight, let them have courage. I want, when Christ comes, to consider you worthy of work. He comes to look through the registers of the people and what do you think he will find written? That you have slept 8 hours, three times a day you have eaten and changed clothes and barely throughout the year you have done one good deed. For many of you bad has been written. And in your prayers you want always material things, and for your soul, mind and heart you are caring the least. You want some to do the will of God, but how will they perform it, as they are constantly fighting? You start here, and in the astral world you will be given greater work.

    You have been sent to the earth to save at least one soul and now, when you are going to the heavens, you have to invite at least one of your close ones.

    27th of November, 1913

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  8. Готов превод Силата на мисълта - 8.3.1939-ООК-3048 / .: 8.3.1939-ООК-3048

    TITLE: The power of thought

    Wednesday, 5 AM

    Our Father,

    "God's Spirit"

    When the child is born, what does it know? When it comes out of the womb of its mother, what does it know? You all have to fix on the power of thought. You all work with one power, which has already two edges. It is sharp both on one side and on the other. And if a person does not know how to cope with the thoughts, he can create a lot of troubles in life. The desires and thoughts of the people are two blades. You can ask yourselves the question, why is it like that? It is like that. Do not ask! You will say: "How will this be proved?" No evidences. A man, when somebody has hurt him, what will you prove how he had hurt him. He hurt him. When two people are quarreling, who is the cause? In the physical world two people, who are close can come into a collision. And in the mental world even if they are far away, they can quarrel. That the one thought in one way, and the other in a different way about his credo, about some interest of his. And you then say: "Why do all misfortunes come?" They come from the human desires and thoughts. When a desire is not at its place, a collision happens. When a thought is not at its place, a collision happens. And every single collision produces an explosion, small or big. The explosions can be from the smallest to the biggest. An explosion can happen, that the whole earth to explode into pieces. And from an explosion a person can explode. Many people die from that. An explosion happens into his brain. Therefore, you are in a realm, at a place, which is sacred. And you have to walk barefoot without any shoes, no nails in the feet, nothing more. You will enter barefooted. Moses, when he was 40 years in the desert and tended the sheep, God appeared to him. An erudite person was Moses. He saw that the blackberry bush is burning but not burning away. He wanted to see what a natural phenomena is this. And he heard a voice: "Take off your shoes!" - These views, which you have, take them off. And in a simple form he will say: Take your shoes off. It is the animal. The Bulgarian has sandals. What did Moses have, when he was a shepherd? He also had sandals, nothing more. Now you will say: "We know these things." Knowledge is that, which a person can apply. Some things you know, some things you do not know. "Yes" is in English, and "oui" - in French. You will say: "We know it." Why does the Bulgarian write in this way, the Englishman in another, and the Frenchman in a third way. Why do they use various ways? The Bulgarian in the situation is open. "A" is an open sound. Whatever the Bulgarian does, is open. He, when he lifts the sign, he lifts it. And in the negative things he is open. "No" is with an open letter at the end. But in the Englishmen is with a closed letter, at the end there is an "S". The Englishman, when he says "Yes", is thinking. And the Bulgarian is not thinking. He says: "To fight, to fight!" And the Englishman, who wants to fight, will think. He will look at the question from one side and from the other and will see what results he will have also in 200 years. And the Bulgarian says: "Let's beat them up", so that they know him. Good, but if they beat you up, so that you know, then? I see, some time, you are not diplomats. You announce a war to one another prematurely. You have started a war, do you know what the consequences will be? You will say: "I will teach him a lesson." Good, either you will understand or he will. You, when you are quarreling with somebody, you are hindering your evolution, maybe for 20 years, in one shortened time. In 20 years, maybe, you will spoil your market. Is it worth it for a person to quarrel, when for 20 years he will damage himself. You say: "I am on the right side." You can be on the right side, but I ask, who will give to you the right, that you are on the right side. The Englishmen act confidently. They think. This letter "A" by us is a vowel, and in the Jews is a consonant. In the Bulgarian "A" is an open letter, and in the Jewish language is a closed letter. In the Jewish language there are not any vowels. When you are writing, they are implicit. The Jew is so much a politician, that he has everywhere dams. You will say: "Why do we need a philosophy? Let us live on the Earth." But how will we live. In the world, in which you are living, there are always obstacles, difficulties. And you as you are walking, if you knew, what dangers there are, you will feel dizzy. If you go in the forest with your wealth, which you are carrying with your precious things and you have started singing some song and some robbers are waiting and they say to you: "Stand!" You say: "Why did God let them here in the forest?" God let them, they are professors - robbers and they say: "Why do you need this wealth? Why did God give it to you?" And because you do not know, this material is not for you, this wealth is not for you. - "Give it!" They take it away from you. And you will stay without your wealth. These are interpretations only for clarification of some ideas. You say: "Why did God allow these things?" I ask, when you say "yes", who makes you say "yes". And when you say "no", who makes you say "no"? He asks you: "Do you love me? You can say "no". That one can say: "Why would he tell me that he does not love me?" The other one will say: "Let me not to lie to you, if I say yes." Or he can say: "I love you!" You are saying again: "How does he dare to love me?" But who will not take offence at that. Let one man say: "I love, to his wife, I love so and so woman." And his wife will take offence. Why does she offend? Because in her mind a negative thought is invested. The man understands the positive, and the woman understands the negative. The man understands "yes", and the woman "no". The Englishman is a diplomat. He, when he comes to "no", he says: "No, not".

    So I say, with every thought, a person has to think. We say: "Let us love one another!" Love that, which is for loving and do not love that, which is not for loving. What do you have to understand under the word "I love". A lot has been said with that. Firstly, you have to understand the essential. When a person says that he is hungry, he has to understand what is the essential in the hunger, what is the essential in the thirst, what is the essential in the pain. The pain produces pleasant feelings.

    Every single thought, when it comes in the person, he has to understand its nature and see if it is useful to him or not and what result will it produce. That you, when you love somebody, you can produce a whole explosion. If you want to give freedom to the gunpowder, what will happen? The gunpowder is locked up in some sack. You say: "To free ourselves!" You put the fire inside. I ask, you as you release the gunpowder, you will become free, but nothing will be left out of you. You want to do good to somebody. You have to understand what kind of thing is the good. Do you think, that when you meet a poor man and you at once give him a million, that you have done good to him? Do you think that a frozen snake, after you warm it up and feed it, that this snake will change its character and it will be grateful? It, if it is a boa, as soon as you warm it up, it will swallow you first. You will be the first victim. It will wrap itself up around you and it will swallow you. You do not think about these things, you are playing around. You say: "I will tell him so that he understands." He says so as well. And you all always say something. What have you understood. You have understood that, that you say: "He offended me. He offended me, he offended me", you say. Then how is an insult corrected? You will say: "Forgive me" You want him to forgive you. What have you said? What do you want to say? What to forgive you for? You have broken a pitcher and you say: "Forgive me". No, the pitcher does not forgive with an apology. The pitcher says: "I have to repair my form, I want to resurrect, to become alive." It cannot be done only with an apology. You can also go without saying "Forgive me" and still the person to forgive you. You break one pitcher of his, you bring him another. You have broken a two kilo pitcher and you will bring him a three kilo one and it is better than the first one. And you do not say any "Forgive me". And he, when he looks at you, he makes a comparison. And when you go and break his pitcher and you say to him "Forgive me", he will say: "With an apology this thing does not work."

    You are playing around with the sacred things in the world without knowing. Do you think, that an artist, when he creates a painting, that you can go and put somewhere a dot on the painting? Imagine that you go to see his painting. The Bulgarian likes very much to sign himself. You sign, that you have watched the painting. This one, that one sign themselves and what will it happen when they sign? Your paintings do not require any signatures. Only the one, who painted the picture has the right to sign. And you, when you go to see the painting, want to sign. You, when you love somebody, you want to sign under the painting. This is the most sacred thing. God does not like any signatures. For a person to sign himself, he has to know how to think. You cannot sign, when you do not know how to think right, how to feel right and how to act rightly. The Invisible world does not accept your signature. There is always a penalty for signing this which you do not know. You should have thought it over very good, as an Englishman, when he says "yes". The Englishman, when he says "yes", does not take his word back. When he gives a promise, keeps it. The Englishman prevaricates it, he will think, he will think, but when he gives his word, he is precise. And he will do it on time.

    Now you often talk about the 10 stars from first magnitute. We already have their names. They have to be sought. You will say: "We know them." You do not know them. How do you know them? It should not be only by book. You know them by book. They have been described. But where are they in the sky? You say: "We know them, the 10 stars" and you say them. This is not knowledge. Now, you need at least one year, in order to learn them. And whether you will learn them for a year, it is a question. I give you 10 years, in order to learn them. You can learn them for a year, but some of you. Observation is needed in the night time. In the night time you will not be able to see them all. Some are located in the southern hemisphere. Different weather is required - very clear nights. But yet it is not a very tough job.

    Now the question is about the thought. You have started to operate with it. Your future depends on the thoughts, how you are collating them. If you write in English or in French, they are very demanding. The spelling in the French language is very hard, there are many rules. There no mistakes are allowed. A religious person, if he writes in French, can say something, he can also talk in French, but if he does not talk as he should, what will the Frenchman understand. In the Bulgarian there is not one established spelling. 20, 30, 40 years ago they found the difficulty in the question where „ы“ to be written. They had three "i" - и, ы, i. Everybody was in the quandary where the „ы“ to be placed. And lastly they threw it out, in order to ease the spelling. After that they threw "i with a dot'' (i). And only the ordinary "i" was left. And then you say: "Can it be simplified even more?" - It can be simplified, but what will come out of this? They asked Paganini a question. He gave a concert on 4 strings. They asked him if he can play on three strings? - "He can." He gave a second concert on 3 strings. After that they asked him: "Is it possible on two strings?" - "It is possible." He gave another concert. - "Is it possible on one string?" Paganini did not show up. As soon as you stay to play on one string, you will look like a person, who walks on one leg. I ask, where will you go with one leg? You do not have a crutch. You say: "I will walk." - Alright. But you are supporting yourself with a crutch, but without it where will you go with one leg? - Nowhere.

    So now the important thing is in this, to understand what thing is the power of the human thought. If you know how to think, you will know how to study, you will eliminate from yourself the despair, the discouragement, you will know how to remove from yourself all opposing thoughts, which can attack you. Many of you have thoughts from the past, which are now hatching again in you. You carry with you all negative thoughts from previous lives. And the thoughts are sprouting in you like seeds. Some are saying: “To uproot them!” No, you will know how to cultivate your beautiful and how to deal with your bad thoughts. One bad thought can become like a padding. You have to graft the bad thoughts and you have to understand then the law of grafting thoughts. How are they grafted? A tree with a seed can be grafted again with a tree with a seed. And a tree with a drupe is grafted again with a tree with a drupe. But it is not possible to graft a seed tree with a drupe tree. And the opposite is not possible. I am asking now, if you take a plum and you graft it with a cherry and both of them are drupe trees – you will succeed. But, if you graft a cherry with a quince, it becomes difficult, because the quince is a seed tree. You can graft a cherry on a plum or a morello at the same time and leave one plum branch. A person comes and he will see that one branch of this tree is a cherry, the other is a plum, and the third one – a morello. And he says: “What a miracle has God created.” God did not create this thing, it is a human work. Imagine that a cherry is grafted on a plum. If all the branches of the plum break off, it will give cherries, the plum. And if a morello is grafted, it will give morello cherries or you can graft a plum on a cherry. You, some time, say, that life is good. Life is good, but it is transplanted. You have put a number of grafts, which are negative. There are a number of fruits, which have bad consequences. Give me one bad thought, which has been grafted over one good thought, over a good graft. Give me an example to look at, or give me an example of one good thought, which is grafted on one bad graft, over one bad thought. Haven’t you seen children what kind of policy they have, when they want to catch some bird. They entice it with grain, placed under a trough. They support the trough with a stick, tied to a string. The trough is half-open. The wheat is under the trough. Where is the bad thing? The birds say: “How noble are those people! They have prepared this trough to welcome us, they have put a stick on the trough so that it does not press us down.” The bad thing is, that the wheat is under the trough. If these children were with a good intention, what would they have done? Now in the modern times there are other ways, there is a gun with pellets. It lifts it up and shoots over them. If the wheat is under the trough, this child has one bad thought. Some time you are quite erudite, but the devil in the world has a lot of troughs. And if he has put a trough and at first you do not see this trough. It looks like a temple with wreaths and he has put several bluffs inside. And says: “All of this is for you.” But when you enter in this temple, you already are not able to come outside. Or in the current century there are other such ways. In Europe some are afraid to travel in the trains. A person comes and gives you a cigarette, but he is a thief. You are carrying quite big treasures in your suitcase. And if you are a Bulgarian and you are sincere and you will say to yourself that this person is very good. You fall asleep and he takes everything that is yours and leaves. And when you wake up the suitcase is gone. All of this for one cigarette. In such cases you will be an abstainer, you will say: “Thank you very much, but I am an abstainer, put your cigarette in your pocket.” You can accept and you can say: “I am an abstainer, I do not smoke, but I thank you very much. I will have a nice memory.” And he will look and see that you don’t get tempted. But you get tempted every day with such cigarettes. I look here, they are seeking the right for the places and say why this one sat here or there. The right belongs to the strong one. Whoever is strong will sit wherever he likes, and whoever is weak will sit where he finds. If you are weak, you will sit in the last place, if you are strong – in the first place. And the strong one can be compliant. He can be a cavalier. When the weak one comes, the strong one can say: ”Please, please”. If the weak one invites the strong one to his place, the strong one will take offence. But, the strong one can take the weak one and to place him in the first place.

    You are in need now of thought. And the future culture, which is coming now, will be a culture of the human thought, of the human feelings. To know, in the given case, a certain thought if it is for the good and what will be the results and that not only for the given moment, but after 100 years what will be the consequences of this thought, after a thousand years? One desire of the woman, where it was standing? One meal has consequences for a thousand years, only to eat from one fruit. What bad consequences there are for eight thousand years! One meal, it is a thought. When I look, it is desirable she says, this thought is distinctive. Good, if you have this thought, that if you eat this fruit, you will be like God. You will be like God in one respect – you will carry all the suffering which the world has not seen. You will have all the suffering. So I am saying, now you will start with your thought. Every single thought will define what its quality is. You are saying: “I want to love the people.’ You are often saying that we have to love. I am putting the definition, to love this one, who loves God. Eat that fruit, who has riped in the sun. Some artificial fruit, made from the human, he had the same value as the one, who has riped in the sun – it does not have the same value. Drink that water, which God has created! Do not drink that water, which the people have produced! You say that a person produced white water. Have you drunken from the white water? How they call the white water in human language? – rakiitza, anisette, beer. Now I am talking to you in your language. And I am talking not for your current mistakes, but I am talking about the past. You are carrying mistakes from the past. Maybe from a number of existences, let me not dwell on details. This, which is now being said to you, it is a result of the past. You have to know how to deal with your past. Now is liquidation with one karma, not paying off, but liquidation. In the same time it has to be liquidated with one debt. A new path to be taken. You have come to a point. This path, which you have walked on, stops. One person, who has started to live as God wants will not live like the one whose consciousness has awakened. If you want to turn a person, who does not have a concept, what kind of thing is the Divine life, if you want to make him live like you do, you will create the greatest suffering to him. And if you want a good person to make him live like the worldly person, if you want to take him back, as the people from the world, you will create for him a suffering. If a person wants to live religiously, you will make him suffer. In the world there is an entirely different stimulus, which inspires us. In the spiritual world the motivating reasons are different.

    So now I am saying: The first thing – you will know how to control your thought. In the school of Pitagoras the students were accepted as the student comes whole year he will be mocked, he will be offended and if he endures all this ridicule and insults, he will get accepted. If he does not endure, they say to him: “You are not fit for a student.” You often come here and you say: “So and so student offended me.” In the school no insult is allowed. The law is: Whoever is offended, he has also offended somebody. If I get offended, I understand that I have also offended someone. The one, who gets offended – has offended someone. The one, who does not get offended, means, that he has not offended anyone. If we do not get offended, shows that you have not insulted anybody, and if you get offended, it means that you have offended. Such is the law. You think, that you are offended, that you are just, that the people have insulted you. The people are guilty, you are not guilty. You are guilty as well. Then if you do not get offended, you are good. And the others are good. If you come into a society, if you get offended, you will know all are guilty. And if you do not get offended, all are guilty. The rule in the Divine world is like that. You say: “I cannot love him.” You are not in the Spiritual world. Let’s say in the class you say: “I cannot love this student.” – you get excluded, you are not a student. You say: “I love him!” – You are a student. Now what we have to understand under the word “love”? It is a sweet word. When you love one person, this person starts having a run of luck. To love someone it means for him to have a run of luck. If you start thinking, things get fixed. It is love. If you get into trouble in a love, this is not love. I am often talking to you, that you have to rejuvenate yourselves. In this way you cannot rejuvenate. In “yes”, people become younger. In “no”, the people get old. You say: “Yes, yes, yes”, the positive in life is capable of “yes”. We can live. We will not live. If you say: “I will not live”, you will not live. Until one day you disappear from the face of the Earth. Then you understand in the thought. I am talking about thoughts, which are not static. You want to be good only in one day. One day to have a nice mood. It is not good life. Is it possible, the one who drinks sweet wine, if to everyone, to whomever of you, I give sweet wine, he will have a good mood, but this good mood will not show that you are good. I give wine, it expresses itself in pleasantness. But it is temporary. The good one is a person, who is always like that in good spirits. He talks sweetly. He drinks a sweet wine. He has understood what kind of thing is the bitter wine. He drink only sweet wine. This, the sweet wine, what does it give? – Life, good spirits of his thought. Now you will object. We have to know the evil. Eight thousand years you have studied evil and good. What more do you need to study? What does a drunkard have to learn? Whatever the first glass contains and the thousand other glasses contain the same thing. One glass of wine contains as much as the others contain. To drink a hundred glasses, two hundred glasses, a thousand glasses, you will not gain anything. If you want to learn, whatever you learn from the first glass, you will lose from the last one. The more you drink, you will lose your power. Here you have a professor Mateev, he was quite a capable man. He did not drink much. Look, he says, how capable, good person, and erudite as well. I say, if he was not drinking, he would be 10 times more erudite. He says: “Bad person, but erudite.” I say: If he is not bad, I say, he will be 10 times more erudite. The evil always hinders the person. The evil and good are two powers, which are fighting. The evil is always in contact with the good, so that the evil melts down. It draws power from the good. Therefore, in you the evil wants to draw power. When it gets it, this power we have to accept because of ourselves. Then you feel that something is lost. Until one person feels he became weaker, the evil in him has worked. The evil is reasonable. The evil is the external side of life. In the spiritual world the evil is one condition. The good is another condition. They do not belong to the internal life. He says: “You will not eat from those conditions of the good and the evil, you will not eat!” God says: “This is not necessary for you.” But we came into this path and now everybody is trying out the good and the evil. After the good and the evil is tried out, the good births one thought, one feeling. The evil births another thought, another feeling. Now you are constantly planting thoughts within you. And they have their fruits. You have to know every single thought what it stems from, from where this thought has appeared. Often between students suspicion arises. Some time the thought arises, that the student knows. Some time the teacher becomes very suspicious. The student has written his lesson on his hand and is reading. His teacher looks at his hand. He has not studied his lesson, but on the back side of his hand has written the lesson. The teacher says: “Let me see now what this is.” On the back side of the hand all the virtues are written. Where does the evil stand? Where is the evil? The teacher says: “I do not want these things to be written here, but they have to be written inside.” He wrote them outside and wants to lie to the teacher that has them written inside. Firstly, there are teachers who get deceived. He says: “He knows his lesson quite well.” Give him an A. Some students whisper, and some whisper in an indirect way or they write the work. I have watched there was one teacher, he passes by and asks: “You say.” The student looks at the hand, does not think what is written in the head, but looks at the hand what he has written. The teacher says: “Do not look at the hand, but look at me, I will teach you.” The student looks at the hand, the teacher says: “You will look at me here.” When he is coming, the teacher is a joker, he will not insult him. He says: “How dumb are you. Do not look at the hand, there is nothing on the hand. You have written it. It is not correct. Here is correct, in the head.”

    You want respect from people. Self-control is needed. A person cannot have composure until he does not control his thought. You are stopping yourself every moment. Why are you worrying? It is possible in your worry, in the Spiritual world a whole worry to be created. You come for no reason at all, you say: “What is here at home?” Some time you make big noise. Why is this noise? For no reason at all. You can find yourself in a position of that Englishman, who wanted to go to India, read various stories, that there are snakes, which some time go into the houses. He comes in the hotel when he went in India, took safety measures, he was carrying a thick smooth cane. He closed everywhere in case some snake comes. Through carelessness he placed the cane in the bed so that he can protect himself. In the evening he switched off the lamp and during the night at one time with the hand he touched something cold, suddenly he jumps and starts to scream. They are coming, he thought, that some snake has come in the bed. They see that the cane is there. Often your canes are imaginary snakes and are inflicting all of this suffering.

    So I am saying now, is Love a thought? Love contains three properties: The word Love contains light, contains warmth, contains also power. This, which does not carry light within itself, this, which does not bring warmth, this, which does not bring power, this is not love. Let’s define what kind of thing Love is. This, which brings light, this, which brings warmth and this which has power within itself, it is love. When I say: Love solves everything in the mental world, because it has light. Love solves everything, because it brings warmth. The warmth defrosts all hardened things. Love brings also power. What do you now understand under the word love? Every word, which does not carry in itself light. Every word, which does not have in itself warmth and power, this word cannot represent Love. So at the same time I understand when you say “Love”, immediately to feel a flash, light. In your heart to feel warmth and in your body to feel power. Then you are brave. When you look even if you are in the forest, when the bear comes to say: “What do you command?” The bear will stop. You will tell it like this: “Either you will redirect or I will.” If you want, I will turn aside. I will stay, I will not turn my back. I will make way for it. You will withdraw a bit, you will watch her in the eyes. I ask: Which one of you would have the courage to make a way for the bear like that. Firstly, some of you are afraid of snakes. Find a dead snake. Pass your hands on from the neck to the tail. Or you are scared of some wolf, find wolf skin and pass your hand over to become used to be fearless. I have been told that parasites cannot live in the skin of a wolf. How true this is, I do not know. I suppose 50/100 to be true.

    Self-control is needed now. To you a future is presented. You are sitting and murmuring. So and so passes, does not look at me well. Does not have a good opinion of me. How will you understand, that he does not look at you well? How will you make him look at you well? After he looks at you, you say: “Such is the will of God. I have not looked someone exactly like this, as I would have wanted. I see myself in him. He looks at me very well.” You say: “He offended me.” Say: “Exactly like this, he said it very well!” And I have also said, this is at the right place. This way you will free yourself, you will say: “I do not want to look in the way this person does. From today on, as he looked at me, I do not want to look.” When you meet some person, who looks at you with a nice glance, you will say to yourself: “I also looked.” You will say: “I want to look like he looks at me.” Then I will remember his name, I will want always, I will photograph his glance and I will want to imitate this person, because he is already something loving.

    The first one is the preferable – “no, no”, said in Bulgarian, in Russian or in French, or in English. When you say in English – “yes, yes”, you have the character of the Englishman. When you say “yes” in a Bulgarian way, it is nice. The Bulgarian, when he is saying “yes”, says: “I am ready to do everything.” The Bulgarian is very generous, likes to do favors. He is very helpful, but for you not to want to help you for a long time. When you overdo it, says: “You overstrained it.” Then in the insult, when the Bulgarian insults, says: “What’s wrong when I insulted him? And he should not have taken an offence.” He says, that he is smart. One word came out of his mouth. “I thought that he is smart, from such a small thing to take offence.” The Bulgarian thinks like this. The French, after you offend him, what does he say? And he is like the Bulgarian, says – “oui”, and the negative is – “no”. In the negative, he is dueling. He will fight a duel. He will not say “pardon”. He says: “Mister, you offended me.” After they beat each other, they join hands. The Bulgarians do not duel. He says: “Why should we fight? We will hurt each other.” The French will duel, it is the honour of the French. He cannot reconcile. By all means he needs to be scratched. Or he has to scratch somebody. Two, three drops of blood will fall down. He says: “Just so you know for every bad word, you will give blood.” The Bulgarian says: “And without spilling blood, it can happen.” This does not solve the question. To every bad thought, you have to find its place. You have to place it in a safe place and to put it to work. Every negative desire you have to place it in the right place and the good desire to place it in the right place. And every bad deed you have to put it in the right place, not to reject it. And every good deed you have to put it in the right place. Give me now one good thought. One good thought, which simultaneously contains three properties. The Bulgarians have one good trait, they are hospitable. A wanderer sits in the tavern. One goes out, another goes out and somebody says to him: “I see that you are a wanderer, come into my home.” When they come in, the poverty will run away. He will prepare something to eat. He will prepare water to wash his feet. He will take off his shoes, after that he will make the bed. This is love. Firstly, there will be food. Firstly you will feed yourself, secondly you will wash your feed, because you are a traveller, you have to rest. And they will make up a bed for you. This means to be a guest. There will be food, water for the hands and the feet and a bed for a rest. You will spend one night. Let’s say you call somebody. You say: “Come to pay a visit.” You do not give him food, you start to apologize. You say: “I am in low waters.” You will find yourself under the shadow of a house. There is no warm water and there is no bed. He says: “Lay wherever you find.” Often you, the occult students are doing like this. When somebody comes to pay a visit – there is no food, there is no warm water and there is no bed. You say: “Like me, you as well.” It is an internal process. You love one person, you will invite him over in yourself. This is one passenger. This person, that you have invited him, it is one good, he brings you happiness. He has come out of the Divine world, he has come to pay a visit. You do not know in the given moment, in this body, in which you are moving, you do not know who is inside. The Scriptures say that as you have accepted and fed some wanderer, it can be some angel. You say: “I know it.” In the given case you do not know. You have not studied. Very rarely you know whether he is a friend of yours. You say: “Once upon a time he loved me, now he does not love me.” This one, who loves you, is gone. He, who has not loved you back in the days, loves you now. It is the same person. Back in the days he lived in the body of one, who did not love you. Now another has entered, who loves you. The two of them are different or in the given case you have two different thoughts. The thoughts are alive, they have a relation to you. Now you take a static position. You say: “How did not God foresee?” You want to have no suffering. God to have foreseen for you to have all the comforts, to have absolutely no suffering. Your children not to get sick, you wife not to get ill. To have money in abundance. To be treated well. If you had such a life with all the comforts on the earth, what would happen?

    I say, in the way you are thinking, you will never have such a life on the earth. In the present circumstances, different tasks are given, which you have to solve. You sometimes I see, a lot of writers, a lot of inspirers write, say: “We need inspiration.” But by inspiration the things are placed exactly in the right place, neither more, nor less. Those things, which are written under inspiration have content. A fruit, which has ripened under the sunlight has content in itself. You have written something, you read it to a person, who understands the language, for him to show you if it is written well. Not only to one, but some time 4-5 people, erudite people have to review this, which you have written if it has content or not, in order for you to get convinced how it has to be written. The things, which are written under inspiration from the Divine world, they live a life with thousands of years. Those, which are written in a human way, after 100 years they disappear. If it is a question for one thought, it will live one moment. It is possible one thought of yours to live one day. It is gone already the second day. You have a desire only for one day, for a week, for a month, for a year. I am talking now for thoughts, which have to live with centuries. Not only in this life. These thoughts, for which I am talking to you, have to pass over with you also in the next existence. When you go into the Divine world, wherever you are going, those thoughts to walk together with you. The Scripture says: “Their works follow them.” Now, in the first place, it is possible to seem to you that it is very hard. You say: “How it is possible! It is very hard to live well.” There is not an easier thing than to live well. There is not a harder thing than to live badly. The surprising thing is that you, when you come to the good, you say: “Hard work!” When you come to the negative, say: “Which is for me the hardest, I cannot do it.” And you do it very fast. I say, how easily you do it. A saint, if it happens to make him tell off somebody, he will be in a quandary. It is impossible, how will he quarrel! You say: “Are you that simple-minded, for me to tell you how.” The saint says: “Tell me one more time, how you said it?” It is a very simple job, the saint understands the consequences of that, which he says, and you do not understand the consequences, you are talking easily. But for the consequences after a 100 years you will understand, what the bad consequences are. The saint sees this thing, he sees all the consequences. If you say: “But what consequences?” Do you know how strong the thought of the saint is? As the foolish people say: “May you become crippled, may you die!” If the saint says, you will die immediately. If he says for you to become crippled, whatever he says, it happens. The foolish one says: “But these are all blank cartridges.” The cartridges of the saint are not blank. He when he fires, it is a dangerous thing. He says: “In this way I cannot do it.” When you go into the next world, they will look through your cartridges, your thoughts, are they blank or they have reasons. If the thought is good, in the right place, they will accept you. If they are blank, they say: “For the earth!” The first thing – self-control of the good thoughts. They are a creative force. To the person to be pleasurable to think inside himself. This person already approximately has come nearer to that law which carries in itself the holy thoughts, the holy desires and the holy deeds. It carries his future happiness. The future happiness depends on the human thought. If you learn to think well and to appreciate, God looks benevolently. If you are negligent, He cannot entrust you power. You want to entrust you wealth, he can’t entrust you. You want Him to entrust you, he cannot entrust you. If God gives you wealth, He will give to you for an experiment. If you do not learn, God will give you wealth, not for you to rejoice, but for an experiment. If you do not learn, God will give you a woman, but He will give you the woman also for a test. But the woman as well, if she has not also learned to guard her thought, he will give her one thought to torment her. Everything which God gives you will be a huge trial for you.

    So I now say: The occult students have very important questions to solve. Yes, yes, oui, no, no, non. What do you have to learn? – Yes, yes and oui. When I say “yes’, immediately I feel what the Bulgarian is like. When I say “yes”, I feel what the Englishman is like and when I say “oui” – what the French is like. When I say to the Bulgarian the negative particle “no”, I know what the Bulgarian is like. When I say “no” and “not”, I know what the Englishman is like. “Non” – I know already the French. When I say the words, the typical traits come out. Then we have a choice. To do it like a Bulgarian, like an Englishman or like a French. In what way to do the good. They want, some things on the physical plane to do them. I will take the physical law. If they want in the spiritual law to do something, I will take the Englishman. And if they want to do something in the Divine law, I will take “oui”. The French says “oui”. As he says “oui”, he thinks, feels and acts. He says, thinks it, feels it and then does it – “oui”. The Englishman says: “Firstly, you think it over, you have decided to have money, everything is there, in yes.” To know, to have a good plan, to do it. Think well, to have a capital, resources. Not to start without money, but to have a very good plan. The French, he is the Divine world. “O” – it means a center of the circle, to which God is a center. All of the things have to be equal. Whatever you do, it has to be equal everywhere. Then you have to have a cup. The cup is “U”. To gather everything inside. Whatever you are doing, to do it for God. The French do not know this. I chose the three methods – the Bulgarian method, of the French and after that of the Englishman. Now, when it comes for me to talk, I say: “Do I do it in Bulgarian, in French, in English? If you go to France, the French will ask you immediately. If you know or do not, he will test you. The Englishman is totally different. He sits, there has to be someone to make a recommendation for you. The Bulgarian, in some respect resembles the French. Wherever you are going, the Bulgarian will ask you, are you married, do you have a wife, do you work, how much do you get paid, where are you going now, for business? They are asking all of this. I say: The Love for God will awaken those methods, through which we have to live on the earth. When I am talking to you about the Love of God, I understand for you to gain that power through which to be able to make your life such as you want both on the Earth and in the Spiritual world and in the Divine world. The Love towards God, implies this. It is a good for us. Without knowing we are benefiting. If we love God, firstly you have a good through which the Divine thought works, which will attract all those goods which you want. The Divine thought can attract you. The Divine thought will give you a direction how to think and how to act. The Love towards God will create this. If you want to become a man, a woman, a child, you have to have love towards God, in order to become this, which you want. If you do not have love towards God, nothing will come out of you. This now is practical. Firstly for his own good, a person has to love God, in order to become what he wants. But it is the best. To become this, which you want, it is the best, so for that, for which God created you. Now work for that for which God has created you.

    The good prayer

    As we are arranged, write it down, you are students, among you there are Frenchmen and there are Bulgarians and Englishmen. So the students in an occult school are the best rules. Every single student is a rule for the others. You are а rule. You are needed for one another, as a rule. In order to do something, you have to have a rule. You cannot have accomplishments, you say: "[Why] will I always meet with this person?" Without him you will not have any accomplishments. You meet this person, you are students, in order to accomplish something. You might not love this person, it is a rule for you, you will achieve something. So you are indispensable to one another. Do not think that every one of you is not important.

    22nd school lecture, March 8, 1939, Sofia, Izgrev

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  9. Готов превод Назидавайте себе си - 26.8.1913-ИБ-71 / .: 26.8.1913-ИБ-71

    Title: Build yourselves up

    If God is with us.

    Build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.

    All of you read this message of Judas, because it is very interesting. In verse 20 there is the word "build up", and this means to construct, which is equivalent with construction, as well as to cleanse your heart, it means to work it up, for someone to be there to help it. In the Bulgarian language there is a saying: "A house does not come about with one rock." And a person, if he thinks that he alone can clear his mind and to uplift his heart, rests on a false ground and understands life falsely. If a person works together with God - then yes. But a disciple can work with his Teacher only, when he has constant communication with Him.

    The soul dies, perishes, the spirit falls, but does not die. The soul has a need of revival, the spirit has a need of lifting. The material and the spiritual world are the two poles in life, coming down from the spiritual world in the material and going up from the material world into the spiritual. This going down and coming up repeats itself eternally, because such is the unchanging law for the progress of humanity, for its uplifting, in order the people to get a progressive thought, namely to realize that everything, which God has created is good. In short, this law manifests with the self-sacrifice, and towards this virtue Love urges us. Without Love there cannot not be self-sacrifice, without self-sacrifice there is no progress, there is no progressive thought, there is not enlightement of the mind. If we only live in the spiritual world, we will not have any progress. We have to come down from the spiritual world and to enter into the physical, material wold, in order to raise ourselves spiritually. The lessons are learned and passed on the physical plan, as well as the exams are taken on the physical plane. On it all tasks get resolved, which a person has to resolve by his purpose. In the spiritual world we receive our purpose, the work, the occupation - on the material world. Coming down and going up, these are life and death, death and life. But in every life there is death and in every death there is life.

    These angels, who have left the Heaven in the old days, they understand very well the occult laws, and for assurance of this you will see, that whenever a noble thought births itself in us, they immediately place opposite thought. For example say in yourself "From today I decide to follow God", they immediately realize and tell you "Wait to get old, put your state right and then you will do that more successfully". You immediately perceive the suggestion and you begin to resemble in such cases that young man, who, as he decided to go to the church regularly and went to church, the Devil met him and discouraged him from doing this, because he was young, and going to church was only for old people. But, as he got old, this young man went to the church, the Devil met him again and said to him: "Now you are old, where are you going, don't you see what you look like, stay at home, rest, this work is for the young."

    Now, the question is why these angels try to divert the people from God's path. This is very clear, as we know, that when you have a good servant, you want to stop him in you, to serve you. You can check also another fact in life. Namely notice, that there are many drunk also in the society, but nobody says anything to them, while they are drinking, nobody says to them that they do not do well. But if some drunkard decides to follow God, they will compete to convince him that this is not the right path. I ask where were these people earlier? But these people are the same, who made him drink before. Yes! There is not a moment in life, when these angels to not be able to possess and to hinder. The intrigues, quarrels, strifes, these are not human things, because a person is not that lewd. Who brought the Romanians? - They. Who made the Bulgarians to fight with the Serbians? - They. They want to make you to withdraw from God's path. The odd thing is, that you also alone were beating the drum and you wanted to fight, you fought, but here are the consequences. So many years I fight so that I change this hypnotic state, because I see, that you are both serving these angels, and they beat you. That's why I said to save yourselves and to free yourselves from this slavery, which you accept not because you want it, but because purely and clearly you bribe yourselves. This is the way, by which the people on the earth commit treachery towards God and that the Devil comes and convinces you that all wealth and possible goods are in his hands. You perceive and you give in, when, as Christ you have to say to him "Get away from me, Satan!" Here's why you have to become used to discern these angels, because the hatred, the lie, these are not your things, but are theirs. The people sometimes perceive the workings of these angels and get deceived in such a way and that's how their fall happens. The human soul always longs for the Divine love, but these angels cannot do in any way the human soul happy, because they truly promise the good, but they do not do and do not give good. The human soul is a ground - an arena, and on this arena bad and light spirits work. We have to give place of the good spirits, because they are the ones, who will lead us on a good path. The entire heaven and all good spirits have an interest to save humanity. But you will recognize if you are possessed by a bad spirit - nothing else is left, besides to stare in the mirror and to look at yourself. Immediately you will find a change in your face from the hypnotic influence of these spirits. Never, but never stick to some thought very intensively, so that to be ready to sacrifice everything. Because it is not a secret, that if you give that much on a feeling and a thought, so that you are ready to sacrifice everything, in this thought or form lives either a good spirit or a bad spirit. And if you give in yourself on the influence of the bad spirits, the various hurtful states form, the illnesses and all sorts of ailments, which bring suffering also to your bodies. That's why namely in verse 20 from the read chapter: "To build up yourself in faith".

    The crisis, which is gone through today, is a crisis for you alone. Because Bulgaria out of carelessness left itself to the hypnotic influence of the bad spirits, went too far, deceived itself; and God, in order to bring it to its senses and save it, permit this crisis. There is not a reason why to be perplexed and to be confused about this crisis. When God wants to save humanity from some upcoming and dangerous ulcer, He always takes some seeming goods and sends them in the space - sends the pigs in the sea, as Christ did, so that he saves the raging. And that's why the masters of the pigs are crying, of course, because in the fatness of these pigs they lose some carnal gain. But to you God says: "What does а person make use of, if he wins the whole world, but harms his soul?" Many are indignant, frown and say: "What a shame, Bulgaria failed, Bulgaria disgraced" - and so forth, in this spirit. Yes, I will say, God did very well, that He sent the pigs of this nation in the sea, so that to free its soul. And that's why, in order to save the soul of a nation, God can do everything - here's why to, God chased the pigs of the Bulgarians and sent them to Greeks and Turks. And the Bulgarians are crying, and crying now.

    Naturally, they lose the gain from the pigs. But you free yourself from this development of the things, because God is coming and will come, and will find you what? Given in lust, that you have several houses, that you have taught your children, daughters and sons, how more skilfully to turn around at the balls and more chic to braid their hairs. What use of all of this for your souls? What does a person gain, if he gains everything, but loses his soul? Protect your souls! Have no illusions, because you are in the eleventh hour. Do you not place in your mind to live affluently on the Earth, until you are here. This will come, but by better conditions, and now there are not these conditions. Now are last times, hard and riotous times. Find me an example, someone of you, which in today's time to be loved duly by his sons and daughters. Find me subordinates, who to hold dear their superiors. There is not! But God is, Who comes to put in line and order and will put this line in quite ordinary and natural way. To you now, in the last hour, belongs to cut and throw away everything worldly and to prepare yourselves, because when your Master comes, not to find you, that there is not oil in your candlestick.

    Some of you say: "You do not sympathize us!" Sympathy is, when you are barefoot, to put you on, if you are hungry - to feed you, if you are closed - to come to you. But more of this is redundant. The words are not valid, the deeds are which beautify. Love is the foundation. It is the base of everything, because it is one virtue, blind towards the mistakes and errors of the people, and does not take offence from anything. Even in the biggest mistakes of the people, it sees only the good. Read Paul in chapter 13 from the first message towards the Corinthians and you will see what are the qualities of love. This love we need it exactly mostly now, because the loss, which you underwent in material sense, may we make it up with God and He is with us, we have not lost anything. That's why learn not to be under the influence of the bad spirits. When a thought in your mind comes to criticize somebody, ask youself: Why to feed bad mood in myself? If you want to heal yourself and save from your daily deceits, do not join together with damned spirits and chased away from the Heaven. Christ did not come to help the spirits, but came to help the souls. From 13 years since I watch how these spirits throw into confusion the human souls and I see how skilful are they. That's why stand on the Christ's side, because I suspect a big danger for you to lie close. If God decides and puts your faith to the test and readiness to serve Him, you will feel so burdened, that some of you will not think much, to blow his brains out. But I ask you then, do you leave the battle field so easily? Many, when they are close together, say to themselves "If God does not help us, we will go into another direction. We will go in the Triple Alliance. We leave the Triple Entente. But this will be with disastrous weakness in you. This will not recommend you in the Heaven as people with a strong, solid character, character to whom the Heaven cannot rely on at the least, when we have to place ourselves in such a way, so that the Heaven to rely on us. All of this is not surprising. It is a weakness for the people to be bribed from the external things. And you, because you are in the eleventh hour, fill up your butter-dishes, in order to be able to wait for the groom. Truly, how long will you still live here? At the most you will live 50 years more. If we say, that all these years you do good, where will your souls be? When and after the passing of these 50 years, you become old, your body collapses and your strength leave you, who will help you? Do not deceive yourselves, do not rely on the temporary forms! These big and solid buildings, do you see? A stone over stone will not stay from them, that's how much is the evil, which is coming for the impious world. But all of this for you this is a lesson, which you have to understand and comprehend, and fathom, and to be ready to meet the God of Truth. The world will not understand, except when God comes. And if you, who you are with me, want to stay still in the world, I at least do not want to stop myself, but will go on my purpose. But for you as well is far more suitable to follow me. Because, I am telling you, for your souls it does not play a role who will take Kavala, neither who will govern Thessaloniki. These questions are external. You look at your souls, because the times are such, because there is a possibility to lose them, then what gain, if a person wins the entire world, but harms his soul? This is, what now God Jesus Christ says to you. I will close my speech with a little tale. Years ago in China lived Liao-yang, a person devoted to solutide, philosophical contemplations. The more he became engrossed into his philosophy, the more his things did not go well. He married, but also his wife started hating him because of his peculiarity - his silence and sulkines, and the situation ended to that, that they had to separate, because she was looking for a different life, joyous life, with amusements and pleasures. He allowed her to marry someone else, to be free. She married a rich dealer. At one time China is pushed and the chinese leaders saught Liao-yang for advice. Through his wise advice he became famous and rewarded from leaders and nation. Then his ex-wife goes to him and asked him to allow her to come back into his home, to forget the past and to live again together. He did not answer her anything, but he spilled a cup full with nectar on the ground, as he said to her if she is able to gather the spilled nectar, to put it back in the cup and to keep his purity. Of course, she was not able to do that.

    That's how also Christ, when He comes, will tell you to gather this spilled nectar, but you will not be able to gather it.

    I could leave you, that you alone to solve this rebus. But I explained it to you, because I wish the good of your souls and because I see,that the most of you in this relation your eyes are open towards the world, as well as the eye of the ox is always in the millet.

    Beware, therefore, to protect your souls and Christ will help you.

    The present word is given in the Sofia group through Mr. Deunov at 11th of August 1913, Sunday.

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  10. Готов превод Искайте сила, имайте вяра - 3.2.1915-ИБ-112 / .: 3.2.1915-ИБ-112

    Title: Wish strength, have faith

    The event is late with two years - the beginning had to be year 1912.

    The current wind from northeast carries something new.

    They will catch the Antichrist - the time has come - there is no postponement. One of his legs is in Romenia, the other in Greece. He is like a big octopus - in order to free ourselves, his leg has to be cut.

    Bulgaria will be last in the fire. The karmic things, if there are to be undergone, it is not possible to be passed on, if there is not - the fire will go round us. Whoever can withstand, he will stay, the others will go - they will watch from there, from afar. 1914 carries the freedom of the homeland. It carries freedom. You wanted it, right? It decides the balkan question. These sufferings are nothing.

    There are more terrible things. These things are not from now - they are prepared from thousands of years - now are played. We have to carry - we should not say, that we can't. Whoever has carried the cross, will not carry it a second time - the cross is carried one time, and not two.

    Since two days the northeast stormy wind opposes to the earlier southwest and says: "We do not want you."

    A person to want abstract things, he has to have a glass in camera obscura, as in the photography, in order to accept the light. Without a glass it is not possible to be printed.

    The year 1913 raised, violated the international law, and 1914 imposed the Divine law and entire 45 years the liquidation of the national law will continue, so that the Divine law sets in. When God came on the earth, He pays 50% because of the people and these last - only 50%. He makes an amnesty 50% - in half. The people did not reform themselves and the things did not change, and the heavy events had their way. Now if the people pray all, it will shorten and will go into a shortened form.

    The number 13 is a number for the spiritual world.

    21st January 1915, Wednesday, Bourgas

    The Master talked in the home of P.K. Stoycheva

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  11. Готов превод Методи за уякчаване вътрешната връзка между хората - 19.8.1919-СБ-238 / .: 19.8.1919-СБ-238

    Title: Methods for strengthening the internal connection between people

    In all beings exists an internal connection. You have to strive to remove the conditions, which hinder the strengthening of this connection. Every one of you needs to work sincerely on himself and as he is working, to think that he is working for everyone and that everyone is working for him. It is a Divine law, which has to work in us as well. The occult science calls it "Higher Self", but it is more correct to be said "Divine soul". In it all conditions for its development are invested, and when the connection is established, all abilities and feelings grow. Imagine, that you have a garden planted with peppers and cabbage, can you cultivate this vegetable without even small ditch for watering? You can plant all kinds of seeds, but if someone deprives you from the ditch, you will be working in vain. Everyone of you has to have such a ditch. If you have it, everything will sprout, if you do not have it, do not expect any fruit. A lot of believes and many philosophies fall through namely because of lack of such a ditch. Can you find out whether you have a ditch? You can. You have to feel the presence of the Higher self, of the Divine soul in you, to feel readiness at least once on Sunday or in the year to sacrifice yourself for everyone. And Christ says: "Whoever loses his life for the good of the others, he will find his life." This is the exact translation of the words of Christ and in them the essence is hidden. In the state, in which you are currently, this connection is still not established, and as a result of this, your lower soul, the lower self, the lower manas, as the theosophians call it, strives towards opposite movements. The soul does this, not that it has some hatred towards the man, but its strivings are different. If you ditch had watered the planted seeds, you would have had an opposite result. You have two gardens, one on the west, the other on the east: if you send water to the west side, you will have one result, if you send it on the east side, you will have another result. You consciousness and your heart are expanding every day and they gain bigger plasticity and strength, and your body is getting old, you become more religious, but also dissatisfied with life, and you go on the west side. You have to fight with your lower soul, because in it all negative things are invested. When powers enter in your soul and start to work, instigations will stimulate in you to gain knowledge, wisdom, but these pieces of knowledge you can transform in evil, in violence on the people. You can externally put the the cloak of piety and to trade with him, to go on the opposite path of the Black Brotherhood, some members of which wear white clothes and their souls inside are black. As soon as they meet somebody, they promise him. If they take once your energy, which you have, if they divert your ditch, they will leave you alone and will seek others, to promise them and them to lie. That's how with thousands of years they sponge on such faint-hearted people, on the account of their death. Some people die out of dampness or life.

    As we understand the Christ's teaching in this high meaning, it is nothing else than manifestation of God in the world. And all good people, teachers and saints, they are branches and leaves of this big tree. I will not stop to talk about what kind of form this tree has. Everyone has to look to fulfill its functions and to do that, which it has to do. If you stay true to your vocation, you will change and one day you will not be the branches of a tree or members of an animal or a man, but you will individualize, the Spirit will come in you to incarnate, as in Christ. You will see how He will permeate like sunrays, He manifests also in animals which are working on the field; He is found in the wheat seeds and generally in all fruit seeds. We can say, that we in fact are feeding from His flesh - He became a sacrifice for us, only to be able to lift ourselves and when we understand life, from the gained to be able to help with our life to others. That's how you have to understand this great law and to apply it in all directions of your life. Everyone of you will look to develop himself not unvariedly, but by the path, which his own soul has showed him. The branches of the trees go not by one, but by different directions, but they still make up one internal harmony - symmetry. You cannot all to turn into a big river; there are many big rivers, as many great people, but there are not good people, namely such people, whose will is enlightened and in surplus, so that they can give also to others. We do not teach people to give everything, to empty their barns, to self-sacrifice, but to only give the redundant. One of the reasons, which impairs the people, is this, that when they meet each other, some out of big jealousy reproach one another: "You do not walk in the right path" and with this they stand in one another’s way. That's how a breach in thoughts is produced and they start to repel. Today you cannot gather the leaders of the religious societies, neither 4-5 bishops to think alike, because they do not understand the great law and because all are serving themselves.

    Firstly, look to free yourself internally from the self-interest, which is not yours and which is engrafted. Break off this graft, because this, which is engrafted not in place, has to be removed. Apostle Paul says at one place, that the wild olive tree is grafted on the domesticated. If you are grafted on the tame olive and do not develop, do you think that your master will keep you a long time? He will say: "To be removed." In you there are some things grafted from yourself, they simply has to break off, and they break off when some misfortune follows, for example, a person loses money, social status or is restricted from everywhere. Then he kills his desires for transitory goods and searches a different path. It is said to him: "You have to choose the path, there is life, if you go down, there is no life for you". We usually think to shirk and to choose another path, but there is no other exit door, except one - above. As Christ says: "I am the door.", He understands only one way in life. By our current state there is only one way, by which your future life can develop and be placed, there is only one door, through which you can enter. Your future incarnation, you future state is determined from this door, through which you will go. Seek and find Christ. And you will find Him in yourself. Under the words "in yourself" I talked to you what you have to understand. Firstly you have to find Christ, but you have to know that He will not come in you in the form of a man or a woman. Paul says: "Neither man without a woman, nor a woman without a man is able." The man has to find his woman, and the woman - her man, namely the soul to find its spirit, and the spirit - its soul, the mind has to find its heart, and the heart - its Divine spirit. These are tasks which you have to solve in a practical way. You can read many books and to dash your head, but this job - to find your soul is a very easy thing. The easiness consists of this, to keep the moment, which God has determined, to be punctual and on time, that when the Spirit meets you, to be ready. And something more, to be several minutes earlier on your place, but not to be late. Your failure consists of this, that you are constantly postponing. Somebody can say that this for now is hard to be done, that in the future there might be more favourable conditions. You do not know what the future will be: your personal future is now, just right now you have all conditions to do that. The Spirit comes periodically and cannot come for every single soul, when it wants or to project to work. Christ has said: "Seek me until I am near." because if He walks away, you will wait for Him a long time. This moving away can be for 1, 2, 3 or more days, but it can also be for more years, and it can be for an entire life.

    In your soul there should not be any doubt. I see, that you confuse a lot, how will you solve this question. Leave the confusion, God will solve these things. For example, you stay in the night time in darkness and you want through touch to know the person, but how many years do you need, until you study the person in details: what is his age, is he young or old, white or brown, does he have blue or black eyes, you cannot guess by the lines of his face what mood does he have, what does he think and feel, but if someone comes with strong light, and you look at his face, in one moment all of this, which has been hidden in the darkness, will become visible down to the last details. Our face is nothing else but a projection of our soul, the field we cultivate. If you have a beard, you have to scratch it, because otherwise in it there can hide some animals. But someone will say: "I do not have a beard." It means that your forest is cut down. The question is: whether your entire face present a cultivated ground. The hair presents an energy, which waits future development, from there the energy comes. Those that have thick and more black hair, have more energy. The more wooded places have dampness and all conditions in order to develop those powers, which God has given to them to use for themselves and of course for everybody. So, you can also now make an experiment, only that you have to get prepared, otherwise this try will make you to leave the correct course of your development. Many rich sons have stayed uneducated simply because their fathers have left them ready inheritance. If also to you is given a gift without any effort you will say: "I do not need anything else"; but if you are not ready and do not know how to use it, it can be taken away from you. There is something more essential than the gifts - that, what Christ says: "What does a person make use of, if he wins the entire world, but loses his soul?" He does not cultivate it, but leaves it deserted and without a ditch, which waters. What does a soul make use of, if it is not constantly watered - develop?

    The first thing in this development is the humility - to fathom the correct meaning of the humility. It is a process of devouring Divine energy. If you are not able to perceive this Divine energy within you, you do not have deep humility. Not despondency, but mood of the soul, in order to perceive every moment everything, which God gives it to cultivate. Not to say that this, which is given to it, is hard. These should not be doubt in you, that God can give you an examination, which you cannot pass, do not confuse, firstly He will give you the lightest - he will say to say to the person only one kind word. Say to the person, when you meet him "Good day" or wish to him some good. But you will say: "What will this help him?" From such small things your future development depends on. The occultists have very hard methods, but they cost very costly. How many occultists are ruined! Somebody concentrates to temper his will, temper it, temper it and one day he breaks and says: "Let me start in another life once again." Such experiments were done, done a lot. How many of you have dealt with the black magic! Now you have repented, because you already realize it. Not that you have wanted it, but you have entered rashly in the wrong path. Apostle Paul as well has been in the black magic - "Once I was persecutor.", says he, so he has been in the black magic, "And now I am confessing" And you have to have the same valour to confess. Paul says: "And as I come to know the teaching of Christ, I think that the knowledge, which I had till now, are a waste, from now on I will not be a persecutor." And you say like him.

    You will watch to restore an internal harmony between everyone, to adjust yourselves like the notes - everyone at his place. And to do this not in a mechanical way, but by Divine way. As you start on this path, Christ will correct you, this tone is not at place, you have to take one tone higher or lower, and, when He adjusts you good, then the Spirit will come and will play correctly the song.

    This, what I am talking to you, is an introduction - during the fair many thoughts will come to you in this direction.

    What does this clear sky show you? It is a good sign. It shows you that it has the mood to send you all good thoughts and desires. Since the morning there were a little clouds - unrest, but as the sun rose, they all disappeared. This shows that you have all conditions for work and that you do not have obstacles. Perceive the Divine and water your soul. There, where it is dry, water; of course as you watch not to put also much dampness, after that the growing will come. And it will come soon, because the process goes very fast.

    Every group to write down those essential questions, which interests it, which we will discuss, will put under solution and lastly you will apply the methods, by which you can try them.

    What questions concretely? This, that everyone is feeling?

    Many of you get sick and you want to know the best method for healing. You will heal yourself by the laws of the occult science, namely by the laws of the Divine science and only then you will have good results.

    In this field only?

    Let's presume that two, a man and a woman, friends or fellows cannot live well, they quarreled, you want to know now the best way, in which they can reconcile, the harmony between them to be restored. Some of them do not get along with each other and do not know what are the reasons for that; they are not new, but are created from thousands of years, only now they emerge. Do not regret that they have emerged, but learn how to avoid them.

    Can somebody as he meets you, to tell you: "As you separate from the church, from the people, do you know that you are in the right path?" And in you doubt will birth whether you truly are in the Christ teaching, expressed in the Gospel. You will have to resolve it. We do not rebel against the church, but we want the Kingdom of God to be restored on the earth, we do not create laws, and we work, or said more correctly, we become carriers of the restoration of these Divine laws.You can bring a book to the person, which is useful for him, but in every work of yours love and wisdom need to lead you. We said that God is high and comes sometimes, but He never comes in disorder, His Spirit comes namely through love and wisdom to transform the disorder into order.

    After that, other practical questions can be raised as well. When this connection between you all forms, you will have certain permits through which you will enter at work. In the occult law is impossible without permits. You have these permits, you can use the law. The permit is something like a key to a home, through which the door opens and closes. These permits will be given to you only then, when you are true, not to abuse them. True person to his soul, true to his neighbour, true to God. Some time the betrayal can happen unconsciously, but many times it has happened and now happens by slipping. Such slipping there was also in Apostle Paul, when he wanted to give an advice to Christ, Christ said to him: "This thought comes from Satan". And then He stepped and said that, which is in the Gospel: "Whoever does not renounce himself from himself" and so forth. Bear in mind, that the Christ teaching is light. When Christ says: "My burden is light", He understands his teaching. And truly, practically His teaching is the lightest method. So, these that are preaching that the Christ's teaching is a heavy burden are not right. Your current burden is 10 times heavier.

    After that you can ask also these questions: Which is the best way for self-development, for developing the mind, the heart, what are the ways through which love can work in us, which are the ways, through which wisdom can work in us. These questions we will discuss some other time, you have come here as workers, I will give you a little spud and I will want you to divert the ditch towards the right way and everyone to watch for the work of the ditch, which waters a given place. That's how you will become more cautious also towards your friends and towards the people - towards everyone. I will explain what do I understand in this little allegory under the word "spud". I understand a way of work. As you see, a little work - Christ's burden is light. So, I repeat you will note the questions which are obscure to you, in order for me to explain them to you. But I still say, whatever explanations I give you, until you do not do this little experiment, they will stay obscure. Until this time, the coming year you will do experiments, which to strengthen your strivings and your will. Everything will go symmetrically.

    - Under ditch, is love to be understood?

    - Conditions for work - this prana, which enters the person and he devours it.

    - How can a person know his soul?

    - Under the words "to find your soul", it means to feel that between the people and you there is no disharmony, but there is a correct exchange of thoughts and feelings, meaning harmony to exist between the heart and the mind - love and wisdom to manifest. As you find your soul, you will feel inexpressible joy. You have had, by the way, such joys, you have been for a moment in the Heaven, but you have lost it.

    - Everyone has lived, but the question is: how can he keep these joys?

    - Now you will learn the method for their preservation. The ditch and the spud are means for this. The advantage for this work are these, that ditches which are torn, very easily get united - it is not like you to tear some metal wire.

    (Talk, held on 19th August 1919, Tuesday

    7 o'clock after noon)


    * This one and all other talks, explanations and directions are held in the vineyards of Tarnovo city - in front of the garden of the hut.

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  12. Готов превод Преходната граница - 29.9.1912-ИБ-63 / .: 29.9.1912-ИБ-63

    Title: The transitional border

    In today's gathering, Mr. Deunov after he read chapter 14 from the St. Lucas Gospel, fixed on the words "Whoever does not carry his cross" and said:

    - These words in the present-day life have the following meaning, that a person, who wants to become rich, and who wants to know and is not making the efforts of every sort and kind for this, is not deserved for the wealth and teaching. Some want to have the Divine blessing and to enter in Heaven, but they do not know that there is not a place for a sinner and ignoramus, but the Heaven is a place for the just, for the smart and the sweet-tongued. That's why whoever wants to be strong, he should adhere to the laws in this world.

    You have an opponent in the world, who opponent is the Devil, from whom you have to become stronger, in order to defeat him, because, at least for now, he is the stronger one, and the right is in the hands of the stronger one.

    You have to walk either on the left, or on right side. On the left side the people of the black magic are walking, and the good people are on the right side. You have to dispose with knowledge, but the knowledge does not go without virtue.

    A person has to be also hard like a diamond and plastic, because then you will be in the state to welcome suffering. The branch of a tree for example can bend, because there is life and you as well will be able to bend, if you live correctly.

    The highest meaning in life are the sufferings and the worst people are those, who cannot suffer. And when someone is complaning of sufferings, it is because he wants to go in the left path. There is not a bigger sufferer than God, who the people crucify every day. Every one of you needs to study himself and only then he will be able to understand the people. All these difficulties, which you have now, you have provoked them and you carry them from the past. When you want to fight, reconcile with your opponent, because he is stronger and you will be beated. If you want to walk on the right path and to be strong, you by all means have to dispose with Divine knowledge, for which you have to pay very expensively, namely for this knowledge you have to set you soul. Cowardice, anger, ill feelings do not help.

    Who are weak nature? The weakness is a characteristic only to the nature, which makes mistakes.

    Christ says that nobody can be His disciple, if he does not find pleasure in suffering. And sometimes as if we want to be of service to God, but when from His side is arranged to put us to the test, we start to yell ''Oh dear, enough, God!" And then such a person with his "Oh dear" is not ready for work. Another one is also trying, but because he proves to be hard and constant, God says, that he is ready for work and includes him among his workers.

    For you to know, when we are passing in life from one state to another, this is a transitional border, a border where there is always suffering. But this suffering of ours is always around material things. And there are also heavier things. For example to lose your body, is heavier than to lose your money or that you quarrel with your wife.

    And so on, in those, in whoever fear will birth into their soul or doubt in their mind, I do not need them. It is better right now to be brought back from the border, because there is no need for doubtful people, fearful, angry. Let all such go back into the world and I will wish them every good, because there is good also in the world. And those, who want to persevere in the path of life, we will give them to fight with the new weapons.

    It is not enough to say to Christ that we love Him, because we have to show our love with our life. That's why every one of you to take his cross and to say to God "Thank you, God, that you give me this cross." And then God will draw you to Himself and will make you strong. If you persevere to want the future to be revealed or what was your past, then God will ask you "Are you able to drink this cup?" Because if you want these goods, but you are not drinking this cup, you will be told "Out".

    Yes, here, among people, you will temper yourself. The bad people will be your teachers. And I will say it again - until then, until you are not ready to drink the bitter cup, which God will give you, you will not be helped. That's why namely Christ has said the words, which I read from the beginning "Whoever does not carry his cross".

    Look the world directly in the eyes, because I do not have a good opinion for a person, who watches the ground, because there he watches for his treasures to which he will go lastly. And our treasures are not of and in the earth, but are in heaven, where they are prepared for all of us. There is no need to be afraid from the cross, because it namely is the secret, through which the people are rescued. And as so, the cross you have to carry it, only that not over your body with diamonds, but in your heart, where its beautiful smell will be able to blossom and to overflow the wanted gain. The cross, it is the man and the woman, Christ and the Spirit, it is equivalent of the four elements in nature.

    16th September 1912, Sunday

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  13. Готов превод Дали може - 10.6.1917-НБ-174 / .: 10.6.1917-НБ-174

    Title: Is it possible

    1. Lecture from the Master, given on 10th June 1917 - Sofia

    "He told them a parable: Can a blind one lead the blind?" (Lucas 6:39)

    Christ asks the question "Can a blind one lead the blind?". What is understood under the word "blindness"? Three types of blindness exist: physical, spiritual and mental. Physically blind is the one, who is deprived from the organ of seeing, needed for this world. In order to deal with the conditions of life, the blind needs to be lead by somebody. He cannot move freely from one place to another, he cannot do his things alone.

    "Can the blind one lead the blind?" This question has to do more with the mental blindness, than the physical. Can the mentally blind learn and to lead other people? Who can lead the physically blind? - Only that one, who sees. The same law has an opinion also towards the spiritual, and the mental world. It is easily recognized on the physical world, who is blind and who is not, but try to say to somebody that he is spiritually or mentally blind. As much as you convince him in this, even if he is blind, you will hardly convince him. Why is he not convinced? - Because he does not realize the state in which he is. In this sense we distinguish three categories of people: in the first category are these, which does not know that they do not know; in the second category - who know that they do not know, and in the third - who know that they know. How and where these people are recognized? - In the society, when they clash with the surrounding ones and from themselves alone, when they come upon to their "I". There are students who think that they know a lot, that they are capable, that easily solve their tasks. As they see their ignorance, their teachers scold them, expose them, but they do not step back from their opinion which they have of themselves. And as they do not agree with the words of the teachers, big troubles come among them. Instead of convincing his student, that he does not know, the teacher has to give him one very hard task and to stay aside. The task will show does the student know, or does not know, is he capable, or he is not capable.

    "Can the blind lead the blind?" In regard to the physical eye sight of the person, we can easily say that he is blind. Given how little does he see and how much more he has to develop his eyesight, we can bravely talk about for physical blindness. A person does not see even one ten million part of this, which is in front of him. Can you then think, that you see everything and you know everything? The same goes to the seeing of the person in the mental and in the spiritual world. The knowledge, which a person has about the spiritual world, do not compose even one hundred million part of this, which lies ahead to gain in the future. Many know, that they do not know everything, but few know that they know. From the last category you will find hardly 10 people on the earth, and in the Heaven there are only 24 old men, called wisemen. It is said in the Gospel that they sit around the throne of God. Who saw them? You will say that John has written for them. What do they do around the throne of God? They bow and serve. You will say that it is not correct a person to sit on one place and to bow. Here the word "bow" is used in the sense of serving. Only the wise and the loving can bow, namely to serve God in spirit and truth.

    If he has come on the earth, a person has to work, to develop his eyesight in a broad sense - and in physical, and in spiritual, and in mental respect. This is one of the tasks, which he needs to solve. To see clearly in all worlds, this is the true culture towards which the people are striving. The vague and limited seeing is not seeing, but looking. For such people it is said, that they look, but they do not see. Who see clearly, they enter in a conscious relationship with the things, understand their language and talk to them, as I talk to you today. You listen to me, understand and think about my words, whether they are true by form, by content and by meaning. To see the things only physically, this means to see their form, to see them spiritually, this means seeing by content to see them mentally, this means to see the meaning of the things. But, a person has to see also in the three worlds - by form, by content and by meaning. This means external and internal seeing.

    And so, the organ of sight, namely the eye has a relation to the human mind. A person has to have healthy eyes, in order to rejoice of a healthy and well organized brain. The intelligence, the reasonableness and the capabilities, with which a person manifests himself in the physical world, are found on the forehead. It is enough to look at the forehead of the person, in order to understand to what extent is he reasonable, intelligent, capable, observant, judicious. Someone looks at his forehead and says that he is very smart. How smart is he? I have done measurements of the foreheads of the Bulgarians and I found out that of height their foreheads reaches at most 6-7 cm, and of width 16-17 cm. In these measures the mind of the Bulgarian is moving. But, the importance of the things does not lie so much into their size, as in their organizаtion. It is not enough the forehead to be very high and wide. It is important the brain to be organized. The surface of the human forehead is little, but through it three worlds manifest: the mind of the physical world, the mind of the spiritual world and the mind of the Divine world. These worlds manifest in every person differently, because of this the people do not get along. That's why we say: As many people are on the earth, that many concepts exist. Some occultists divide the mind of higher and lower, namely "higher and lower manas".The higher mind is divided to higher observant, which takes the upper part of the forehead, it looks at things outside and inside. The middle part of the forehead is taken by the so called retentive mind, it perceives the outside and the inside impressions and stores them in itself. The lower part of the forehead, above the eyebrows, presents the lower mind, which we call observant, objective or impartial; it perceives impressions from the nearby objects and events. The three areas of the forehead complement one another mutually. They represent the area of the human mind.

    "Can a blind one lead a blind one?" The blindness in any area, creates misfortunes and difficulties to the person. The physically blind one can reach in there, where he should not and to cause to himself a misery. The spiritually blind can cause himself some misfortune in the world of the heart, and the mentally blind - in the mental world. A person is not created blind, but subsequently has become such. There are many reason for his blindness: either his dishonourable and bad life in youth, or because of the bad life of his forefathers and ancestors. From the bad and distorted life the nerves lose their plasticity, the blood circulation does not happen correctly and on the optic nerve deposition is put, which hinders the correct refraction of the sun rays in the eye. By the physical blindness deposition is formed in the optic nerve of the eye, by the mental blindness deposition is formed in the brain and are hindering the correct perception of the thought. When the thought is not clear, a person feels a certain constriction in the brain, namely in the mental area. As for liberation of the person of physical blindness good and pure life is recommended, likewise a pure life is recommended also for his liberation of mental blindness. The blind one has to clear absolutely his body, mind and heart, no deposition to stay on his nerves. As He asks the question, can a blind one lead a blind one, Christ wants to know who has to lead and heal the blind. It is not enough to only lead the blind. Something else is hidden in the asked question of Christ. To lead somebody, it means to show him the way. Who does not understand the laws of the sensible nature, can he show the way and lead the others? The observations, which the scientists do on the human brain, show that many of the misunderstandings between the people can be avoided. If two people, a man and a woman make a family, they will either live good, or they will not - this depends on the structure of their skulls. If to one the skull on the back is flattened, and to the other it is strongly developed, they will not live good. One of them will feel and think in one way, the second in another. This disharmony in the feelings and in their thoughts creates misunderstandings and contradictions between them. If the woman is broad in her feelings and is in good spirits towards the people, the man will be dissatisfied and constantly will ascribe to her weaknesses which in fact she does not have. If the man is amorous and with broad views, the woman will not be content. The woman says, that the man is crazy; the man says that the woman is crazy, and instead of getting to know one another, they move away from one another. The woman says that the man is crazy, the man says the same for the woman. In fact, nobody has gone crazy, but they do not understand each other: the man thinks and feels in one way, and the woman - in another. Why? - Their brain centers are not developed equally.

    Which person do we call crazy? - He who has caught for something, which the other people do not see. If the woman is blind and does not see, what her husband carries, she calls him crazy. If the man is blind, he calls his woman crazy. One of them, who is blind, the man or the woman, starts to ascribe to his beloved things, for which he has not thought about. They will accuse themselves in unfaithfulness, in cooling of the feelings and so forth. They in this way create their misfortune, alone they become a reason for discord and misunderstandings in between. The woman says that she thought her husband for an honest person, and he has got carried away in another woman. And the man also does not believe his woman. Is there something true in their suspicion? There can be something true, but there also might be nothing. If the man is in good spirits towards some woman, it can be his mother, sister, friend. He wishes them good and rejoices at their success. Is there something wrong in this? To wish the good of your close ones and to rejoices at them, this means to have real relations with them, in agreement with and the morality, and with the religion. If somebody has developed his clairvoyance, he will see things which the others do not see. What will be then his state? He has the right to talk about the blindness of the people. But what will you say, if the blind one talks about the blindness of the people? For the blind ones Christ says: "Can a blind lead a blind one?"

    Therefore, the blind cannot have correct and wide comprehensions about life. The vision of the modern man is so limited, that he only just sees one millionth part from that, which exists on the physical world, with his spiritual vision he sees only just one ten millionth part of this, which exists in the spiritual world, with his mind vision he only just sees one hundred millionth part of this, which exists in the mind world. Because in whichever world the current person enters, his vision is limited. Rejoice that you do not see everything, because in front of you a wide world opens, with great possibilities for studying the boundless and great. When you go from one world to the other, you gradually go from the unknown to the known. Thousands and millions of years lie before the peron to study and gain knowledge. Do not lose heart, but take heart and seek the meaning of life. And life has meaning. The scientists make calculations and find that in the human brain there are three billions and 600 million cells, which work in the field of his mind activity. They have calculated that the entire worldly knowledge can be printed on the human brain in 90 books, as big as the Bible and there will be left free space for 900 more such books. This shows that to the person awaits to think much more and to study. If he thinks that he has learned everything, he is deceiving himself, he is in the path of his delusions.

    A man to deceive himself, this means to be in the state of a mouse, which stands in front of a trap with dried meat and thinks how to take the dried meat without the door of the trap to tap and it to stay outside, free with the dried meat in mouth. After many going abouts, after a long strategy, it decides to place its muzzle in the trap, to take the dried meat from afar. It enters cautiously inside, takes the dried meat, but the trap quickly closes after it.

    We are talking about the mouse that it is not free, that it enters easily in the trap, but also a man is not free. There are not absolutely free people on the earth, everyone is in the trap, everyone are tempted by the dried meat. As it enters in the trap and eats from the dried meat, the mouse starts to think and to ask itself: What happened to me? I will try now to get out of the trap. It touches here, touches there, everywhere it is closed. In the same state also the people are found. Until they do not have suffering, they do not think much. As soon as they come upon suffering and difficulties, then they start to think, to find a way to free themselves from them. That's why we say, that the difficulties and suffering incite the mind for activity. Through them a person gains experiences and correct comprehension about life. In order not to enter in the trap, or if it has gone in, to get out, the mouse should not be a mouse. Until it is a mouse, there will always be a trap for it.

    Now the question appears: Who places a trap for the mouse? - The people. You will say that if they are placing a trap for the mouse, they are bad. There are not bad, but the bad in the mouse makes them to place a trap in front of its way. In order not the need to not arise to place traps for the mouse, it has to change its form and the way of its reasoning. So, until there are mouses, there will be traps as well. This conclusion is similar to the philosophy of Schopenhauer, who says: Until there exists a bad will in the world, the world will always be bad and the people in it will be bad. Schopenhauer is right for himself, but where from does he draw his conclusions? You will say that his philosophy is a result of his experiences. A man, who has suffered from his wife says: I know the women, they are bad. Where does he know them from? - From his wife. He has seen one woman and thinks that he knows all women. If a man knows several women, this does not mean that he knows all. There are bad women, truly, but there are also good. Not all women are similar to the mice. What does the word mouse mean in a wide sense? - A being, which likes to pick, to gnaw. Why does the mouse gnaw? - In order to blunt its front teeth, which are growing fast. In order for them to not grow too much and to hinder her, it gnaws and in this way gradually it erases them. Why her teeth are growing fastly? - Because it is an extremely greedy being. The greediness makes her eat everything which it finds in the trap. There are people, who possess some of the characteristics of the mouse. As they enter in a chest where the young lady has ordered her new clothes, the mice create holes, they gnaw away the clothes and lastly they go out. As they ask them why are they doing mischieves to the people, they say that God has created them in this way. As they are created, so they do. In order to blunt their teeth, they have to gnaw by all means. In my opinion, the mouse can also act in a different way, but it has to give up its greediness.

    If from the mouse a different life is required, different acts, how much more is demanded this from a person. Every person acts according to his development. This is the reason for the great variety between people. They are saying about a general Washington, before he became president of the USA, the following case. In the time of the english-american war as he was walking around the soldiers, he saw how one junior non-commissioned officer was commanding 10 soldiers to lift on their shoulders one long heavy beam. The soldiers lifted the beam from here and there, but could not place it on their shoulders. They needed a small help from the outside, in order to execute the command of their chief. The non-comissioned officer yelled, he insisted to lift the beam. Washington, who was dressed modestly, approached the non-commissioned officer and asked him: Why do not you help the soldiers? - I am a seargent, answered with dignity. As he understood that nobody knows him, Washington got near to the soldiers and with them together he put his shoulder under the beam and that's how he helped to lift it. After that he turned to their chief and said: I am general Washington and calmly continued his way.

    You will say that except between the military nowhere else seargents are found. There are seargents everywhere, in the families, in the societies. I take the word "seargent" in a wide sense - a person who waves with his stick and commands to the others. After the liberation of Bulgaria, a bulgarian decided to ask some light service, to rest a bit from the heavy slavery. He thought what kind of service to ask for. One day, as he was walking around town, he saw how one person stands in front of several musicians and waves with some stick. He raised and placed the stick, and they played. - Here is one light work for me - said the bulgarian to himself. I will go to some chief and will ask such a job. As he showed by the chief, the last one asked him: What do you want? - A job. - What kind? - To raise and put the stick, and the musicians to play.

    Many of the today's people men or women, learned or uneducated, want to wave with their stick, namely to be bandmasters. This happens not only in the material life of the people, but also in the mental. Many writers, scientists and philosophers are seeking an easy way for becoming famous.They want to become famous in the world on another's account. Others to play, to carry the weight, and they to stand before them and to wave with their stick, to pass for bandmasters. Years ago, a famous american preacher read an excellent sermon, which appealed especially to one of the mediocre preachers. He succeeded to aspire to this sermon, rewrote it and soon he read it to his ... as his own. His ... were very satisfied and said between themselves: Such a sermon nobody has ever read until now. Only our preacher can read such a sermon. In the near future this sermon spread among the entire USA. One after the other the preachers rewrote it and everyone read it in front of his audience as his own.

    You have to know one thing: The thing of another is always a thing of another. Do not think with another's mind, and do not look at the things with another's eyes. Everybody to think with his own mind and to look with his own eyes. The mind of every person has to be possibly more sober, more awake and clear, to understand truly and correctly everything, which is going through it. - Do we have to reject the mind of the great people? - Do not reject the great minds, but apply their thoughts, imitate them in their dilligence and perseverance. Mother or father, who can raise their children well, are able to raise a whole nation. They pass for great people and deserve imitation. They have eyes, see well and can lead the ones, who does not see and confuse their path.

    "Can a blind one lead the blind one?" As He is going out from the physical blindness, Christ touches upon the internal, spiritual blindness. Fearful is the physical blindness, but more terrible is the spiritual. It creates great misfortunes to the person. Whoever does not have internal light is exposed to constant changes; as he does not know and does not see the reason of these changes, he is pushing in himself, like a closed bird and cripples himself. If some sensitive person goes into jail in between criminals, he will go out from there with heavy mood, with confused thoughts, without being able to help himself. He is wondering what has happened to him, why did his mood change, but as internally blind he does not understand that the reason for his bad mood is due to the thoughts of the criminals with whom he has been in contact. Every person is similar to a battery from which special rays come out, thicker or thinner. Whoever is not able to assimilate them, takes them in his organism like a difficultly digestible food, which produces headache or some other disorder. In such a case the bulgarians say that this person is brought misfortune. This is not no bringing misfortune, but he has come upon to these two streams with opposite energies, which are not harmonizing. Whoever sees well and externally, and internally, deal easily with such streams. From afar he sees them and feels and can avoid them. If he does not see them, he comes across them and carries their bad consequences. As he has come on the earth, a person has to study all conditions, in order to deal with them.The Earth is comprised of air, water and land. The present-day people study the conditions of the water and the air, to be able to swim like fish and to fly like birds. When somebody says that the conditions of his life are adverse, this is showing that he has fallen to live either in the water, or in the air. If he has learned how to swim, he will go safely from one shore to the other. If he knows how to fly, he will travel certain space in the air and will go down on the earth.

    The task of the present-day mothers and fathers, preachers, teachers and social people is to scatter light in the minds and hearts of the people, to teach them how to swim and fly, namely to teach them of the laws, which govern the heart and the mind. With his heart a person is swimming, and with his mind is flying, going around the heavenly space. Whoever does not fulfill his duty, he bears responsibility for the ignorance and darkness, in which humanity is found. Whoever takes a high social status and does not fulfill his duties, he bears responsibility for the catastrophes in the world. This responsibility dates from the time of Christ until today. Another is the question if some of the leaders - mother, father, preacher or teacher confesses that he is blind. He frees himself of responsibility, but obliges to work for his own education and seeing. At the same time he obliges to free those, who he is leading, to leave them to see again by themselves. Left on their own, they will see again sooner, than in the hands of the blind leader. May everyone alone seeks the light. If the mother is stupid, the daughter should not stay at the same level. If the father is stupid, the son has to be smart. If the son is smart, and the father will become smart. This is a matter of time, but obeys the law of reincarnation. It is impossible a smart father to birth a stupid son. The son has to work on himself, to develop those brain centers which are not developed. This is accomplished with thought, with increased mental work. As he is working with his mind, a person feeds the cells of the brain and they gradually develop. Every morning as you get up from sleep say to yourselves: I want to become smart. This thought goes towards the brain and starts to feed the cells. If you do that the whole year, in the end of the year you will have a little result. Your mind will clear, you will understand the things correctly. Does not the same happen and in the schools? As they study different subjects, the students send more blood to their brains and with that they feed certain brain centres. Do not say that you are not able to think, but tell yourselves: I can think as a smart person. Every positive thought raises the person, and the negative - destroys and lowers the level of his mind. If the king's son and the son of a stupid father have equally healthy and well developed eyes, and the two children will see the things equally and will equally rejoice at life. Therefore, if your mind is healthy and well developed, you will have such comprehension for life, as those of the philosopher. To understand and comprehend life correctly, this means to rejoice at everything which surrounds you.

    Many want to become spiritual, to gain internal knowledge. Nobody can become spiritual before he has developed his mind. Someone wants prematurely to understand the spiritual things. This is impossible. Why? - His forehead is low. He has to work on his mind, to lift his forehead and then he will be ready for spiritual science. The human mind is moving in three worlds - in the physical, in the spiritual and in the mental. Someone has closed only in the physical world, and wants to understand the spiritual things. Go out of the physical world, widen your horizon to the spiritual and to the mental, then you will understand everything that you are interested in. Can't I enter in a different house and from there to permeate in the higher worlds? - You cannot. The bulgarian proverb says: "The thing of another is not taken even on Easter." As he cannot realize his desires, somebody thinks that the fate is chasing him. The fate is not chasing him, but he is not thinking and stays blind in life. A person has to think about the good, the justice, the love and the beauty. What is beauty? - A flower which only is looked and smelled from afar. If somebody picks it, it immediately dries. Until the young man rejoices at the beauty of the lady from afar, she blossoms and develops well. As soon as he approaches her, she gradually dries. In this case, the young man acts towards beauty, as the spider with the fly. It is enough for it to fall into its web, so that it sucks it dry. After that the spider throws it outside. Try throwing a straw in the web of the spider, to see what it will do. It will break the threads of the web, will take out the straw and will correct his web. With this it wants to say that it does not tolerate useless things.

    What lesson can you draw from the spider? To not let in your mind useless thoughts. If somebody throws a useless thought in your mind, throw it away immediately. You will say that the spider is deprived of all intelligence. The fact, that he can spin a thin web which the people cannot, shows that it is intelligent, that in it there is some reasonableness. If for the web certain degree of reasonableness is required, how bigger reasonableness is required for the weaving of the human thoughts. The human thought has to be free of delusions, in which people get caught, as the mice get caught in traps. It is not allowed to the person neither to deceive himself, nor the others. Every moment he is found in the face of God and bears responsibility for everything he is doing. In order to free himself of delusions, a person has to work on the development of his brain, to study its structure as well as the correlation which exists between the different brain centers. If between the brain of the man and the woman there is not harmony, they cannot live well. In order to get along and to harmonize, between them there has to be three points of contact: on the physical world, on the spiritual and on the mental. With other words, they have to have equally organized bodies, same thoughts and same feelings. This does not mean that they have to obey completely one to the other. Every one of them can be independent, to think and feel freely, but to get along, unity and harmony to be in between them. The man has to be encouraged by the woman, and the woman from the man, but everyone to keep his independence. Great can become only this one, who is stimulated by some reasonable, raised woman, namely by Love. Everyone who has been lead and stimulated by love, has become great. Read the lives of the great people and you will convince yourself in this. For example Goethe, Milton, Byron and others have become great thanks to the influence, which some woman has caused them. There are women, who influenced the man in a negative way, and others - in a positive. The first ones have repelled him, but with this have awakened more ambition in him to work, to become a great man, in order to deserve the love and attention towards this one, who is not interested in him. The second ones have encouraged and incited towards work and activity. Sometimes a small reason can incite the person towards strengthened activity, to accomplish this, which he wants.

    Years ago in America an athlete became known with his power. One day, as he was doing his exercises a student passed by and said something about him. This offended the athlete and in order to revenge, he slapped the face of the student and knocked him down. The student jumped on his feet fast and dissatisfied and shame-faced went back to his home. On the way he was thinking how to revenge the athlete. At last in him the idea was born to trace back his life, to understand what methods he has applied to develop such a power. He aspired to these pieces of information and started to work hard on his physical development. After 5 years he was already able to lift a horse with a small horse with one hand. He went to the athlete and lifted him up high in the air with one hand. After that he asked him: "Do you know who I am? - I do not know you. I am that one whom you slapped on the face five years ago and knocked me on the ground. I remember but now I recognize you as my teacher.

    As they fall in weaknesses, the people excuse themselves with God. They say that they are created like this. - They are not created like this, but work is required from everyone, to become strong, in order to deal with ther weaknesses. Everyone can, like the student, to work hard 5-10 years, to develop his power, to become a hero. It is not needed a person to become an athlete. It is enough to become that strong, that to overcome the hardships that the day brings. Work on yourself, to apply the Divine teaching in your homes, in order to accomplish everything, which you desire. - Why today the sons and daughters do not respect their parents? - Because most of the parents have neglected their mind. They work a little on their mind and stay back mentally. The mother and the father need to stay high mentally. Whoever has developed his mind well, he has conditions to manifest his high consciousness. Where the mind, heart and soul of the person are well developed, there already can be talked about high consciousness, for causal world. This is accomplished gradually, through consecutive work on the physical body, on the heart and mind, on the higher mind and lastly on the soul and spirit. That's how people become great and eminent. And the ordinary person can become great, but if he works on himself with dilligence and constancy. You will say that for this it is required listening, attendance of nice and rich talks and lectures. And this is good, but not enough. As he listens, a person has to apply everything which he has heard and understood. If you only listen, without learning alone and applying, you will know God such, who He is not. For those, who work and apply, God is good, loving. Towards them He sends his light side. Towards those, who do not work and apply, God sends his dark side. Without wanting, He punishes them, He leaves them to bear the consequences of their idleness. Is not it the same in schools? The teacher punishes the idle students, and at the capable and diligent ones rejoices. The idle student says that he is created like this. If he is working and studies the lessons regularly, he will see that he is not created like this. Everyone alone can correct his weaknesses and mistakes. And I do not want to preach to students, who only listen, without learning and applying. Whoever is ready to apply, to be useful to himself and for his nation, and I am ready to work for him; whoever is not ready to apply, and I give him up. Where from and how we will learn? - A person learns from three things: from the mistakes of the people, from his own experiences and from the knowledge and experiences of the great people. That's how you need to learn as well. In the morning, as you are waking up from sleep, do not think that you know a lot, but say to yourself that you know a little and that you have a lot more to learn. Only in this way you can develop and gain knowledge. Whoever thinks that knows a lot, and in fact does not anything, he is on a dangerous road. He always seeks the easy way. To take the stick of the bandmaster in his hand and only to wave with it. By every failure in life he will see the fault in the conditions, in his parents, in the society, and the least in himself. There is a certain fault outside of him as well, but in fact the main culprit for his failure is he himself. Seek the fault firstly in yourselves, and then in the others.

    Work on yourself consciously with love and constancy. It is not important to build a house in several days. Build slowly, but soundly, do not complain from the neighbours, but use their good characteristics. Every person, every society, every nation has good traits, which deserve imitation. Do not seek the fault in your neighbours, but imitate the good, which they carry. The Bulgarians spent the slavery under the Turks and Greeks, but they gained something valuable - endurance. By this they learned something also from their oppresors. For the person it is important to learn. Under whatever circumstances he finds himself, he has to learn, to gain knowledge.

    "Can a blind one lead a blind?" This verse is related as well as towards the individual person, also towards the countries and their rulers. Every ruler has to know the sensible nature laws, in order to know where he is leading the state's ship. Why did "Titanic" die? - Because its captain wanted to shorten the path and took a turn, which brought a surprise to him. If he had taken the known path, although with more go arounds, he would have reached successfully the defined aim. He thought that "Titanic" cannot drown, but was left deceived. Someone wants to make progress fast, to shorten the path of his development. And this is possible, but if the shortened path is cleared. Then it does not carry surprises to him. But, if it is not cleared, he better go about, to continue the time. Until the path of somebody is straight, free of obstacles, he walks ahead and does not think of anything. As soon as the path curves, he starts to think which direction to take. If the direction of the movement changes, you have to stop for a little while, to study the new conditions and then to continue. The greatness of the artist is in the crooked lines. If he is able to draw crooked lines, to put them on their place, he goes for a great artist. Whoever uses straight lines only, he is draughtsman, and not an artist. What do the crooked lines mean? - Plasticity, flexibility. The light is moving by twisted, wavy lines. So, nature as well uses twisted lines. Somebody says for himself that he is frank, straightforward person, does not like to deviate from his path. Has he tested himself, does he know what he will do in all cases in life? What he will do, if in front of him a cash box full of gold stands? First of all, he will look around, if there are people around him and when he sees that he is alone and nobody is following him, he will reach in and he will continue his path. He walked on a straight line, until he was not alone, as soon as he was left alone, he crooked his path immediately. To be straightforward out of fear, this is not high morality. The fear does not contribute anything. You cannot make the child to think through force. However you threaten it, the fear cannot make him a smart person. Only the love, as a internal impulse can make the person to think and work. It is an art a person to learn to love. That's why, namely, Christ asks the question: "Can a blind one lead the blind?" Only the loving can lead people.

    It is time the present day people to love the Divine wisdom and Divine knowledge, in order to harmonize. Without this knowledge they will always have different understandings and desires, as well as different points of view for life. As they do not live well, the men and the women excuse themselves with their different understandings. This does not excuse them. It depends on them to perceive the new, Divine understanding for the things. The man says that the woman cannot think like him, that's why he places her at a lower step from himself. Until now the woman has worked more with her lower mind, but she starts to work already equally with the man and can perceive the new and to be its bearer. She has conditions for fast development. And from the man, and from the woman work is demanded. To hold in equilibrium their thoughts and feelings. As soon as they lose their equilibrium, they lose everything that they have worked and gained. The task for the present-day people is to work on their mind, to organize its powers, to put them in harmony. When the mind is developed correctly, the thoughts and feelings of the person are harmonious. He is feeling lively, strong, ready for work. The slightest disturbance of the activity of the human mind creates certain disharmony between the thoughts and feelings of the person. He is constantly tired and wherever he sits, falls asleep.

    Many people do not succeed in their life and soon they fall away, because they exert themselves to solve their tasks in one day. This is impossible. That you are not succeеding to solve everything all at once, this should not throw you into despair and discourage you. My house burned down! - Nothing of that. If you are calm and you rely on God, your friends will gather and when they pray they will help you in God's name. Do not doubt in the help of the good and sensible people. If you are relying on their help, it will happen however you have thought it. To the smart people everybody is ready to help. How many poor and sensible childen have been raised, brought up and educated all from rich people. How many rich children have failed in life! Great spirits, great souls are there in the world, who have taken the task to help poor, orphans and suffering. As it is talked about spirits, the people are afraid of them, they do not want to hear the word "spirit". Some deny their existence. If you want to see sprits, observe the girls and the boys and see what kind of changes happen with them. You will see in their faces how the spirits in them change. Until in them the desire to love has not awakened, they are calm, with beautiful clear faces. As soon as this desire wakes up, their faces change and they become restless. Whoever is observant will see that through them many ancestors and forebearers go through, they are talking with the young ones, advise them to get married. They want to incarnate throught them, to come again on the Earth to complete their job. If you ask the girl and the boy for their state during this time, and they will tell you that something happens with them. They feel stretched, a sacrifice of some internal battle. If they marry and a child is born, the fight stops, their faces clear, and they calm down, they rejoice of an internal peace. Therefore, every internal fight in the man is a result of a presence of spirits in him, so the spirits fight in the man.

    Can a blind one lead a blind one? As they do not understand the life of the spirits, the people say that those, who believe in their existence and know a lot, are dangerous, because they ruin the world. It is not so. The world needs true learned people. The stupid people ruin the world, not the erudite ones. Dangerous people are those, who think of themselves as erudite, without being such. The real erudite person is up to the mark in all his acts. Whatever promise he makes, he does it on time. He keeps his promise and always talks what he thinks and feels. If he says to somebody that he loves him, he has felt that, he is not speaking empty words. Somebody says to someone that he loves him, without having felt love for him. He says he needs to be religious, without having felt and understood what the religious feeling is. Strange are the religious people! They talk about things, which they themselves do not understand. Religious people have come to me with various intentions. One wanted to turn me towards God, and he himself had not turned. Another one comes to me, to test me, wants to know what do I understand under the word "salvation". Only that one can talk about salvation, who has gone down to the bottom of hell, between the sinful and fallen people, to see how are they living. The hungry, thirsty, sick, suffering, dying gets saved. It is funny a person to talk about things, which he has not experienced. As she births her child, the mother saves it. Without her it would have been abandoned somewhere. How many mothers have thrown away their children! When she carries the child to the end, the mother saves it. It is said in the Scriptures, that the born from God does not commit a sin. Therefore whoever makes a mistake, is not born from God. With this it is explained why some people are good, and others - bad; one are smart, and others - stupid. Initially the people came out of god and were good and smart. Some of them have fallen down and started to make mistakes, because of this they lost their goodness. They pass for bad and unwise today.

    Today from all people it is required to be smart and good, to realize that they have come on the earth to work, оn one hand for the development of their mind, of their heart and of their will, on the other hand to work for the manifestation of their soul and for strengthening of their spirit. If he is not developing like that, nobody can lead the blind. Whoever wants to be useful to himself, as well as to his neighbour, has to say to himself: Today God fixes the world.He has fixed it long ago but we have to be sensible, to not ruin this, which is created already. Only in this way the natural order of things will come. If the skin of your hand peels off, leave it to dry up, to crust over. Nature cures on her own. If you scratch it constantly, the crust will tear up and below fresh meat will be left, to which every touching will cause pain. Do not pick things, but leave them to heal. You will learn of patience. God gives first an example of patience. He bears people, He waits for them to awaken, because He knows that there is something in them with a Divine origin. Because of the Divine in the person He bears. And you have to bear for the same, in order to help yourself alone in the path of your development.

    Christ says: "Your heart not to be disturbed". If something disturbes you, think about it several hours or several days until one light thought comes to your mind. Apply this thought and be grateful that it has visited you. If light thoughts visit you without applying them, you cannot better your life, neither your relations with the people. Then from the sensible world will issue an order to take you up, to learn your lesson there. Until you do not learn it, you will not come down to the earth. Whoever wants to live long on the earth, has to solve his tasks correctly.

    Can a blind one lead the blind? - He can't. In this way everyone has to answer for himself to work for his recovery of sight. Until he does not begin to see clearly externally and internally, nothing can reach the person, no culture. Today it is preached to you how to plough, how to root and in the future it will be preached that culture, which Christ brought to humanity - the culture of the Son of God, the culture of love. For this culture are needed people with open eyes, with open minds and hearts. If this culture comes to the earth, the higher consciousness of the people will manifest, Christ will inspire among them and everyone will live like brothers, like sensible people. Today Christ cannot come between the people. If he wants to come, he has to prepare his back for new whips. If he decides to preach, every sermon will have to be reviewed and approved in advance. He is waiting for other times, when the people become sensible and start to see, hear and understand correctly. Christ is not far away from the people, but they do not see him. He is behind the clouds. As they go away, it will become light and everyone will see Christ dressed in glory and magnificence.

    "Can a blind one lead the blind?" Until a blind one is leading, no development can be expected. Think for the development of your mind, for the culture of love. Rejoice that light future and great work expects you. The world needs good mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, judges, technicians and so forth. The world needs of all professions, but not of gravediggers.

    Do the following experiment. Every morning as you are waking up from sleep, ask yourself the question: Am I good or am I not? Am I smart or am I not? If you answer positively, wish to manifest the goodness and reasonableness in their completeness. If you answer to yourself negatively, do not blame yourself, but start to work on yourself, to manifest what God has put in you.

    Now I ask you the question: Do you see me, or you do not see me? If you say that you see me, I wish to you next year to start seeing, to see me even better. Your eyes and ears to open, to see and hear good, in order to understand what is right and what is not and to place every thing at its place in your mind and in your heart. This is what the new culture requires, which is coming already on the earth.

    1. Lecture from the Master, held on the 10 June 1917 - Sofia

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  14. Готов превод Неизвестното - 29.12.1918-НБ-212 / .: 29.12.1918-НБ-212

    Title: The unknown

    "And at home his disciples asked him about the same thing."

    from Mark 10:10

    This verse does not contain anything in particular in itself. If this is a mathematical problem, it will be with two unknowns. The known quantity is at home, and the unknowns are the bride and the groom, the disciples are the known and the school - the unknown. I take this verse in order to show that as in Life, so in nature there are known and unknown quantities, between which exists some relation. For example, we say cold. The cold is a physical sensation, which is perceived by the organism. The scientists define it as lessening of the activity, or decreasing of warmth. So, we accept the cold like a state; in reality does cold exists in Nature, it is unknown. There is something common between cold and hatred. They are from one and the same category. Cold is a state, which has relation towards the physical world, and hatred - towards the Astral or sensual. But and the cold, and the hatred are formed in the person. Whoever has a little warmth, he will feel cold; whoever has a little love, will feel hatred. Cold is perceived by the person like a sensation, and in Nature it exists like a force. In the same way also the hatred is perceived by the man like a feeling, and in Nature it exists like a force.

    "And at home". The word house means newly married. A house is аrranged when two young ones gather to live together. When two birds gather to brood, and they create a house - laying place, nest. When students get together to learn, a school is created. Where there are students, a school is necessary. Who creates the judge? The criminals. Who creates the priest? The sinners. So, there cannot exist a teacher if there are not students. By that, if the teacher is good, and the students will be good. The state of the teacher reflects on the state of the students. Often the students are an external impulse of the teacher in order for him to express himself his internal nature. It is correct the teacher to exist by the reason of the internal striving of the students for studying; the priest exists because of internal thirst of the soul towards God; the judge - because of striving of the person towards seeking of Justice. The real mother is this one, who sacrifices out of Love. She understands the will of God and becomes a mother voluntarily. Every person, who fulfills a certain service not out of Love, but for money-making and growing rich, he is not sent from God. His fate is defined by the people, and not from God. These are relations of quantities.

    What are the quantities? Real or absolute and unreal or relative. Which quantity is real, and which is unreal? You have two globes, same in size, but one of them is empty and only on the outside gold-plated; the second one is dense and is out of pure gold. Which of them is real and which is unreal? The first is unreal, and the second one real. A person can marry for an empty globe, he can marry also for a dense globe, made of gold. He can be a teacher for empty students, and he can be a teacher of students of pure gold. These are relations, who have a price only for those, who touch, see the things and want to understand them. Whoever does not touch, neither sees, nor wants to understand the things, he is in the position of a submachine gun. He can talk, move, to be warm and to be a submachine gun. You will say that this person is warm. His warmth is only physical. In order for the human organism to be created, it is necessary, besides warmth, also and feelings. In order for a Spiritual body to be created, consciousness is needed. In order for a Mental body to be created, the participation of thought is necessary.

    "And at home his disciples asked him about the same thing". The building of the house is a result of two young ones. The house in which Christ has entered was of good, honest people; it was stable, nice. In this house namely the disciples of Christ have discussed the question is it allowed for a man to leave his wife or an owner - his house and to rent it. Christ answered: "A man can leave his wife only because of adultery." Said in other words: An owner can leave his house and give it for rent, only when his wife has done some crime. When a person wants to become rich, a person already gives his house for rent. It is not bad that you have given your house for rent; the consequences are bad.

    And so, for the solving of a task with unknowns, we go out of the knowns. The unknown quantities - the young couple, will be found from the knowns - the house and the disciples. The house represents the body of the person. Every house, namely every body is created by two newly married. That's why we say that from the house of the person is judged for himself. The generous a person is and the better developed in mental relation, the bigger the doors and the windows of his house are; if he is miser and mentally closed, the doors and windows of his house are narrow and small. Maybe you see it as odd what relation there is between the miserliness of the person and the small and narrow windows and doors of his house. Observe the acts of people in life and you will get convinced in the relation that I am delivering. See what kind of a vessel or sack does the greedy carry, when he wants to be given something - the vessel or the sack is very big and on the bottom of the vessel to be put something, he will carry always in his mind the idea for a big vessel, to hold more. Whoever is not greedy and by the abundance of things, he goes with a small sack.

    The Bulgarians are using often the parable: "Do not go to overpraised strawberries with a big basket". This parable can be translated with other words: there, where all realities are unknown, do not think that you can win a lot. On the basis of this law, a person knows in which house he can be accepted and in which not. Everybody lives in such a house which is proper to him. Somebody says that the house he lives in has become a burden. So, whatever is the body, namely the house, such is also his soul. The house represents the physical world of the person, the disciples - the spiritual world, and Christ - the connection between the two worlds. Because He is the connection between two worlds, Christ enters only in clean, stable houses, and there He makes connections. The house, in which He entered with his disciples, was like a temple. The people to which it belonged, were beautiful, generous, with wide blow of the mind and the heart. As soon as he entered in this house, Christ felt disposed to talk.

    Therefore, the stable, clean and beautiful house is an accumulator of Divine energy. If the soil on which the house is built is black earth, it represents good conditions for development of the seeds that had fallen into it. It easily takes in Divine light and warmth. If the matter, from which the body is made is black earth, it hides in itself favourable conditions for development of the seeds of Life. In this house Christ talked with his disciples about the marriage. The conversation was carried on under cover. So, the question for the marriage has to always be discussed under cover, because it is connected with Love. About love it is not talked openly, neither in airless space. Why? Because it understands relations. Where there are relations, there are also limitations, that's why for it, it is only talked under cover.

    As it is talked about Love, we come also to two other principles - Faith and Hope, who have relation to it. Then I say: Hope revives, Faith resurrects, and Love unites. Hope has relation to the heart, to the feelings, to the physical life. If you need Hope, say: "God dress me in Hope." Hope is not given, but is dressed. It is a cloth, with which a person dresses. The dressing, the giving are Divine processes. It is said that Faith resurrects. It has relation to the human mind. Therefore, the Resurrection infers acquision of light. When you need Faith, you will say: "God, fill me with Faith." Faith is not given, it fills in the person. When you need Love, you will say: "God unite me with Love." So the Life acquired through Hope, Resurrection through Faith, and the union - through Love. The Bulgarians say: Union is strength. Here something is missing. It is correct to be said: "Love makes the union, and union is strength." If the Bulgarians want their works to go well, they have to use the entire expression, and not only with the last - union is strength. In order to be strong as a nation, as believers, we have to be united in Love. This union will make us strong. They say: "To unite, to form an association." Union or association without Love easily breaks up, as the hoops of the cask break up. Develop the Hope, Faith and Love, in order to become stronger in the three worlds as well: Hope will do all of your things in the physical world, Faith - in the Mental and Spiritual world, and Love - in the Divine.

    Someone is complaning that people do not love him. He is in the first phase of Life, does not have hope, does not have also love in himself. He is trembling out of cold, that's why he has to enter home, to dress him and treat him. First you will warm the person up, you will dress and feed him, and after that you will lead him into a higher world. He will walk from Hope towards Love, namely from the physical world towards the Divine. That's why we are saying, that whatever is the life of the person on the earth, on the physical world, it will be such also in the Heaven, in the Divine world. Do not lie to yourself that if you live bad on the earth, you will be good in Heaven. That's how some students think. They do not listen what they are taught in school and rely on private teachers. The student must listen what is being taught and to learn alone. Then also his teacher will be genius. If the students are lazy, and their teachers will not be able to get something special out of them. Enter in a class and see how the teacher is teaching. Like attracts like. If you want to attract the Divine Spirit in your house, create conditions for It, which to attract It. If the doors and windows of your house are small, He will pass and go besides you, without visiting you.

    The Divine thoughts require elevated minds and hearts. Which person creates a house at a boggy place? No one. How much less you can expect the Divine Spirit to settle in such a place. If he decides to settle in such a place, thousands of years before that He will send workers to fill it in and dry it. When it becomes suitable for living, then the Spirit can visit it and to leave there its blessing. Everyone wants God to visit him, like Christ visited the house together with his disciples. If in the past God has visited you, He will also visit you today. The Bulgarians say: "Whoever’s been rich will end up rich". If God has never entered in your house, he will not enter today as well. When can't God enter in the house of a man? When there is no door. How will guests come, if your house does not have a door from which to enter?

    "And at home his disciples asked him about the same thing." What did they ask him about? For the relations of the person to the world. It is said in the Scripture to not connect to the world. With which world? With your world of the illusions and delusions. All people live in illusions and delusions. For example, a girl thinks that she will get married to a good boy, she will have good children. This is not bad, but what is the reality? This which she is imagining, is still not a reality. Firstly, a person has to think of his body, to have a healthy body and between the thoughts, feelings and deeds to have harmony. You will answer back that there are not absolutely healthy people on the earth. It is so, but all painful states are not illnesses. For example, the cold, the fever are not illnesses, but states of cleansing. Through them the organism clears itself from redundant depositions and deposits. But the tuberculosis and canker are illnesses. There are psychic illnesses also. Whoever is convicting himself, without correcting himself, he is sick. Someone says about himself that he is a sinner, despite that he continues to serve his vice. As soon as you realize that you have a certain vice, take it with the pincers and throw it away. It is yours illegal child. You have born it, you have the right to throw it outside. If someone says that he cannot free himself from the sin and his vice, he is deceiving himself. As you have sinned, you can also free yourself from the sin. Whoever does evil, can also do good; whoever does good, can also do evil.

    The disciples asked Christ: "Does a man has the right to leave his woman?" The answer of Christ can be told with the following words: the man can leave his wife if she does not love him. If the man does not have Faith in his wife and she cannot believe him; if the man does not have Hope in his wife, and she cannot have Hope in him. It is a rule: the negative force cannot provoke positive. The man represents the brain in the person, through which he is connected to the outer world. The woman represents the stomach brain, through which she is connected with the internal, with the Divine world. The stomach brain has relation to the entire Universe, that's why the woman is closer to the Divine world than the man. This, which the person perceives through the stomach brain or through the sympathetic system is more correct than this which he perceives through the brain.

    When the Divine origin in the person, namely the Spirit or Christ enters in your house, you will discuss on the relations between the men and the women, between the sons and daughters. The son is a reflection of the father, and the daughter of the mother. The man represents the house, and the woman - the student, who should enter in the man, namely in the house and to plaster it up on the inside. She has the right to freely go out and enter in the house, only when she is going to school. The student is obliged to take care of the order and system in the house, to fix doors, windows and roofs, to not leave one broken roof-tile. As she is taking care of the house, that's how she has the right to demand from it. To many men the tiles on the roof are broken or out of placе, that's why their houses are leaking. As they do not know the reason for this, the women complain from their men, that they were bad. If the woman is taking care of the house, she has to climb on the roof, to see what is the state of the roof-tiles and if there are broken or out of place to fix them. Therefore until the woman is placed from God to live in a house, she does not have the right to leave it. In the given case, the house is her possession. When God created the second Adam, God gave him the woman for a friend, to regulate him. The man is complaining from the woman, as a culprit for the sin, but without her he would have completely fallen through. The woman is the least evil in the world. Without it the world would be worse.

    Why did the woman get out of the house? In order to become a student. Her first Teacher was God. He said to her: "Beware to not take down the house, which is given to you". As she spoke to her first Teacher, she went out between the trees, where she found her second teacher. The bad in the woman lies in this, that as she has one teacher, she is looking for a second one. It is dangerous to have two teachers, two fathers, two judges, two creditors, two lovers and so forth. The house which God created at first, was visited by Christ. He took out the woman outside of the house and talked to her on the question for the relations between the man and the woman. So, the student of Christ is the woman. Who is her teacher? The mother, namely Love. Now there are also men - teachers. In the book of the prophets the expression is used: "We will marry our sons." This expression seems unnatural to us. Truly, it is strange a mother to marry her son. It is strange, because under marriage the todays people understand just one relation, a marriage between a man and a woman. From the expression "We will marry our sons" we understand a connection between the mother and the son, which is based on Love and Fondness.

    In the original language under marriage it is understood Love, manifested in the physical world. If someone says that he has married, I ask him: did you marry with Love or without Love? If you marry with Love, you go through the marriage, if you marry without Love you make yourself a slave. If you follow one teaching without Love and do not apply it, you are a servant and a slave of this teaching. How does God expresses himself on the physical world and through whom? If you love your mother, God expresses himself through her. She is talking this, which she perceives from God. Through your mother you connect with Hope, Faith and Love. Through Hope you connect with the physical world, through Faith - with the Mental and with the Spiritual and through Love - with the Divine.

    "And at home his disciples asked him about the same". And until today people ask the same question. And until today you encounter also people, who complain that they do not have a house, money, they do not have the opportunity to send their children to school. If they do not have a house, this is showing that the mother has died. The mother to die, this is a bad sign. The mother has to live as much as the son lives, to bring something valuable in him. The son, whose mother has died early is deprived of many goods. The mother of humanity died 8 thousand years ago, as she left Adam and Eve orphans - this was their punishment. They had to go through great suffering, in order to perceive in a different way this, which they do not received directly from their mother. If the mother of the humanity was alive, there would not be suffering on the Earth. Every person has a mother. If she dies, his mind dims, his heart hardens and Love stops to operate. He does not see anything beautiful. His house gradually destroys, the Master with his disciples does not enter in it already, the question on which Christ has talked is not discussed anymore. The verse, in which it is said "I will send my Spirit to teach you" understands namely, the Divine mother. A great good is for the person to be the Divine mother, namely the Love in him. It is gentle, delicate, responsive. Whoever does not listen to it, he is left alone. It moves away from him. Until the Divine mother is in the person, he has all the favourable conditions for the realization of his desires. He easily solves his tasks, easily deals with his difficulties.

    Now I will give you a formula for solving: the flour carried from the water-mill with a car; the axle of the wheels and the horses are moving; immovable stay only the halters of the horses. The solving is the following: whatever is the relation between the wheels and axles, between the horses and the halters, that's the relation between Justice and Injustice from one side, and between Love and Wisdom on other side. So, only Love and Wisdom can move the wheels of our life. The wheels are moving in a curved line, the horses in a straight line, and the halters stay immovable. The halters represent Justice, the axles - the Goodness. Learn to see the internal side of the things, to understand the symbols with which the sensible Nature is using.

    "And at home his disciples asked him the same." The final words of Christ in this day were the following: "In order to fulfill God's will on the earth, you have to dress with Hope, to fill in with Faith and to unite with Love." This is the path, by which the Bulgarians need to live. This is the way by which they can turn to God. Only in this way they will connect with the Noble beings, with the good people, with the saints, with everyone who works for raising of humanity. When the sun is shining, do not attend with side things, but expose your back on the sunrays, to perceive its light and warmth, to transform everything in light thoughts and noble feelings. If you are able to transform the sun energy in thoughts and feelings, you will help also your close ones. I have also come to help the Bulgarians. However they treat me, as much as they persecute me and chase me, I have decided to warm them up, to make such a Good to them, which nobody until now has ever done for them. After that I will say to them "Goodbye".

    Nowadays people, wordly and religious, succeed with difficulty in their lives, because they bifurcate. They do not listen to their inner voice, but are influenced by various authorities. The wordly and erudite people argue on different theories; the religious seek the right path, they want to know which church is the most right. It is said that neither in Jerusalem you will bow, neither to this mountain, but you will address your mind, heart and soul towards the God of Love, Wisdom and Truth. He brings Freedom to all people, for all nations on the face of the earth.

    Now, friends I leave you with Hope in your hearts, with Faith in your minds and with Love in your souls, to resurrect and understand the deep meaning of the words, which I talk to you. Follow the path which God points you. Be free and live in the way, as God has taught you to and continues to teach you. Be free by mind, by heart and by soul, healthy by body, in order to carry the Divine teaching which is invested in you since the creation of the world. Be workers on the Divine field. This is the path, by which the bulgarian nation can be raised. Bulgaria is a body, and the bulgarian nation - a soul. I am talking about the bulgarian nation as a soul, the uplifting of which goes in the Divine plan.

    I wish to you, Hope, Faith and Love to be within you, in order to understand the deep meaning of Life.

    Sunday talks

    29.12.1918 Sunday, Sofia

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    Превеждали: tea_kavroshilova (Теодора Каврошилова)

  15. Готов превод Двете заповеди - 27.10.1918-НБ-203 / .: 27.10.1918-НБ-203

    Title: The two orders

    "To come to love your Lord God.. To come to love your neighbour..."

    From Mark 12: 30-31

    The striving in the life of the beings is nothing else but impulse for manifestation of Life itself. In order for the sensible life to be manifested, object and conditions are needed. The object and the conditions show, that a person has to feel this striving internally.

    Christ says: "’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." Expressed in this way the Love towards God, this understands manifestation of her internal meaning. A lot is talked about Love, but how do we have to love? In the today's society Love is manifested in different ways, but the purpose is still not gained, which we are pursuing. Normally, an object in the love of the girl is the boy; an object of the boy is the girl. They both love each other and think that as they marry, they will be happy. But it does not come out like this. Then the girl starts to seek the guilt in the boy, and he in the girl. Children are born to them, and they start to think that happiness will come through their children, but as she gained it, she is disappointed again. The disappointment is due to misunderstanding of Love.

    The present-day people do not understand the Love neither by form, nor by content, nor by meaning. For a word to be understood by form, by content and by meaning, this means, it to produce certain action on the human mind, heart and will. If you hold an apple in your hand, you have a partial idea about it: what is the size and its form, what is her colour, whether it grows in Bulgaria or somewhere else. But what taste does the apple have and what is her power you do not know. There are two kinds of apples: one that are born on the Tree of knowing the Good, and others - on the Tree of knowing Evil. The first ones will be sweet or bitter, the second ones - cruel or merciful. From the person and from the case it depends which of the two traits will manifest. The fruits of these trees are like houses of sand, which the children make and destroy. As they become hungry, they go in their homes and say to their mothers: "Mother, we are hungry, give us bread!" After that they go out again outside to create and destroy their sand houses. Their mothers ask them: "Where were you?" - At work. Such is the understanding of today's people for life and that's how they live. Every day they build houses, arrange gardens and every day they destroy them. Christ defines how we have to love God and how - our neighbour. We will love God with all our heart, with all our soul, mind and strength and the neighbour like ourselves.

    As the path of the human development is traced, we see that a person grows physically, heartily, mentally and as a soul. So, he goes simultaneously through four worlds: through the physical, where the body is developed; through the heartily, namely through the passions and desires, through the Mental, namely through the world of thought. The mental world we call also a world of immortality, of the conscious soul, of the human ego, when a person realizes that he is a separate individual. We also call the human ego a body of the Divine Spirit. Under strength we understand the human will, the higher manifestation of a person. The four worlds - the physical, Spiritual, Mental and Causal correspond to the four bodies of a person. The most known of all is the physical body, which consists of three covers. One of them is etheric, which goes out from the physical body at one-two centimetres. Through it the physical forces are going: electricity and magnetism. As we are dressing our physical body with thick or thin clothes, in order to protect it from cold or heat, so and the etheric cover is a healthy cloth of the physical body, which it protects from outside influences. The etheric cover is connected with another, called astral, which governs the passions. It protects the person for example from wrath, from the desire to revenge and etc. The astral cover is connected with the Astral world, called subconscious. This world is connected with the wide Divine world, from where it draws materials for construction of the internal or spiritual life of the person. The soul represents the true person, who builds, creates and makes things. As a person gathers materials for the building of the physical body, so the soul gathers materials for building its Divine body.

    A person has to have a house, not only for guests from the physical world, but he needs a house for accepting of God. For the creation of a physical house not only beams, bricks, doors and windows are needed, but it has to be beautiful, healthful and solid. For the creation of the physical world a plan is necessary. On equal reason a plan is needed also for the building of the Spiritual, namely Astral and of the Divine house. The angels give a plan for this house. In this sense the suffering which a person goes through, is nothing else except demolition of his old house. The commission, sent from the Sensible world, looks through the house, does not approve it and gives an order to be demolished. Some houses are demolished to the ground, and others partially, according to the times and conditions. From centuries on the people constantly build and demolish, because they do not know what is the Divine plan, and cannot apply it. It is time already for the Divine plan to be realized. For the construction of their houses, the people use rocks, bricks, beams, boards and other materials. For the creation of their body, they use food, water, air and light. That's how and the people and the animals build their bodies. The experiments which the people do for construction of their bodies are a result of the human Spirit, and not of the Divine. Why? Because the works of God are perfect. For now in the world the people and the Angels are building. And the angels make mistakes, but less than the people. When we say that in every law there are exceptions, we understand the works of the Angels, who have not done exactly their calculations. Their mistakes are small, but yet they make exceptions. So that renovation is brought in the worlds, which the people are building, Christ recommends Love towards God. The love of the person towards God is determined by the connection with Him. The more correct is the connection, the stronger is the Love.

    Some ask how can we love God, if we have not seen him. I ask: Everything which man loves, does he see it? Another one says, that until he does not hear and see the things, he does not believe. In fact, a person believes in things, which neither has seen, nor heard. Sometimes a person loves something only as he has touched it. How does the blind ones love? The blind one does not see, but as he touches an object, comes to love it. Often the love of the blind ones is stronger than this of the people, who see. In fact, which people are blind and which have eyes? Whoever wants to rob, sees better than the others. Such a person has to become blind, namely to turn his sight towards the Spiritual world. Christ says: "If the right eye is enticing you, take it out and throw it outside." With what can the right eye be replaced? With touching and feeling.

    The people are unhappy sometimes because of their physical seeing. They look at things externally, and do not train the feeling, namely the internal seeing. For example, a boy meets some girl, likes her externally and gives effect to his feelings, without knowing her soul. Not a lot of time passes, he becomes disappointed in her and becomes unhappy. In this case, it is preferable to not have this eye, which can entice you. If you touch the person, you will understand him better, than if you see him. The touching understands reading the letter, which he carries. From the letter you will know everything, which is hidden in hidden in the folds of his soul.

    In order to understand the person, you need to stare at the features of his face. Everything is written there. Otherwise, he can smile, to be kind, and simultaneously to to wish you ill. Somebody else can be dark, closed in himself, but is ready every moment to do you good. So, it is not important with what ink the letter is the letter written - with black, blue or red; it's content is important.

    The girl and the boy can write a letter with nice ink, of beautiful, flowery language, and by content to be caustic. There are beautiful people, who bite, there are ugly, who caress. In the face of such a beautiful are written out greed, egoism, self-interest and etc. As you are developing your sight, hearing and your other senses, work also on the internal traits, for example sensitivity. The sensitive person can with one touch to the hand of the person to know is he good or not. As he touches the hand to some beautiful, but bad person, he feels unpleasant feeling, as if he has touched a bear.

    Christ says: "There is nothing hidden in the world, which will not be revealed." Truly, if the sensitive closes his eyes and touches the hand of somebody, he can immediately say is he good or bad. The things are hidden till then when we do not see or understand.

    Therefore, when it is said that we have to love God and our neighbour, this means to begin to see and to change our life, to enter in the new conditions. This is a natural striving of the human soul. Every person wants to be healthy, beautiful, sensible, and this is accomplished only by the conditions of the New life. Remember, the health of the person springs from his will, the happiness - from his mind, and the bliss from the soul. These are not forms, are not empty words, but real things, which we can apply and in present-day life. As we are building a house, we give it a corresponding style. We give a certain style of the school, not like a hospital. Christ determines how many elements to participate in creation of the human body: mind, heart, soul and strength, namely will. You cannot love God only with your heart, or only with your soul, or only with your mind, or only with your will; you have to love Him with the four elements. Firstly he will arrange his heart, and afterwards his mind and soul. When the soul is arranged, we say that such a person revives. In the spiritual world the person is represented in the form of an alive house, which talks and moves.

    Three masters - sculptor, artist and magi united to do a work in common. The sculptor took a rock, whittled it down and from it moulded a human. The artist took his brush and put him colours, which revived him. The magi inspired him life, and the statue became an alive person, who started to talk. Does not the same happen also in the Alive Nature? From the organic and inorganic matter, the Great sculptor made the person, with his external and internal limbs. With his brush the Great artist brings in the stains - the red blood cells, and at last comes the Great Magi, who inspires breath of Life, and he becomes an alive soul.

    The physical world, in which we live, is not organized, but has to be organized. How? Through Love. That's why it is said that a person has to love God. Without Love towards God there is no life. This is what we see in the young girl and the young boy. As they marry, their first job is to make a house. Why do they need a house? For the child who will come. The child is their God. Therefore out of Love towards the child they build a house.

    Some people do not build houses. In this relation they resemble birds, which do not create nests, but lay their eggs either in another's nests, or in the holes of the trees. Nobody asks them rent, that's why they are carefree. Their state is not like of those people, who pay hundrends of leva rent for an ordinary room, similar to a pit. And this is what the present-day cultured people of 20th century do. You live in one such hole two-three years and after that you carry the consequences of this prison. And when you go out of it, you thank that you have become free of the landlords. And the landlords thank that they have freed themselves of their tenants. A person is freed easily from his external tenants, but what will he do when their child comes, their internal tenant? It cries every night, gets its way, wants this and that, and the mother cannot sleep, she is not free to go to bed. The child is crying and as she cannot calm it down, she wakes up the father, and he to be occupied a little with it. The father says, that this is not his job, the mother is obliged to take care of her child. This is not love towards God, this is lack of understanding of the great Divine law. Why does the child cry? Because it sees that he has deceived itself. It says: "There is no love in this world. I paid a lot, I received a little." But the mother takes it in her arms, bathes it, feeds it and as she satisfies its needs, it calms down and says: "Now I am content, life has meaning."

    A person has tenants also in himself, which make him dissatisfied. Today the woman is dissatisfied, does not want to live. The man buys her something, cheats her. Tomorrow the man is dissatisfied. His wife makes a banitza, satisfies him. But, these are toys with which the people calm themselves down temporarily. The dissatisfaction does not have to be cheated, but has to be brought up. This is accomplished throught the application of Love. We have to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength. If the heart is not working, also the soul will not work. If the mind is not working, also the will will not work. This is the internal connection between the forces in the person, through which he is brought up. To bring up a person, this means, to put him in the Right path of Life, to be able to work on his own.

    The people educate and self-educate, but they do not have results. Why? Because they have started to work firstly with their heart, after that with their mind, and have neglected their soul. In this, namely, the mistake of the current century lies in. The present-day people have not gone through the evolution of their soul, but only through the evolution of their mind and their heart. This is the reason why the people are dissatisfied. You cannot jump over one or several steps, so that you reach the top sooner. Whoever thinks that with jumping over of the steps will reach the top earlier, he resembles of philosophers, who carry out wrong conclusions for Life.

    A philosopher liked to lay under the shadows of the trees and to cogitate. One day he laid under one tree, rested and fell into a deep sleep. As he woke up, it was already dark, it got dark. He said to himself: "Oddly thing, how soon it got dark! In the old days the summer days were longer." Another philosopher laid under a pear tree to rest and to cogitate about life. This was during one warm autumn day. As he was thinking, he raised his eyes towards the tree and saw that there were pears on it. Now he started thinking: "What great incongruity there is in Nature. This pear is so big, and its fruits little. The pumpkin is a small plant with big fruits. Could not God make exactly the opposite: to give to the pear big fruits, and to the pumpkin little?" As he was pondering on this question, he got carried away and fell asleep. In order to give him a good lesson and to free him from the wrong conclusion, God sent strong wind, which moved the branches of the pear and took down several fruits on the ground. One pear fell exactly on the nose of philosopher and made it bleed. He got stressed, touched his nose and saw blood. He immediately thought of his wrong conclusion and said: "Thank you God, that the pear does not have big fruits like the pumpkin. If one little pear was able to make my nose bleed, what would have happened with me, if on my head a pumpkin had fallen?"

    And today's people think like this philosopher. They are staying under the pear and tell to themselves: "Why did God placed on our tree such small fruits?" If God had put a pumpkin on this tree, your head would have suffered. The smaller the fruits of your pear are, the better for you. You have many desires without suspecting that they are explosive matterials. Thank also for the small desires, because the Divine life starts with small quantities; if you realize the small desires, they become masters of the big ones. As he strived to realize his big desires, the person jumped over one step from the ladder of his development, because of which today the egoism, pride , greediness have got the upper hand in him. Somebody thinks that he knows a lot. If he knows a lot why does not he free himself from death? You will answer back that as he has been born, by all means a person has to die. This is true but not in an absolute sense. A house which is built only on four stakes, will surely fall, but it is not like this with the house which is built on a solid foundation. We see the same also in Nature. Plants, which have thin roots and branches, wither easily. But those plants, which have healthy, thick roots, stand up to big storms and winds. They are notable for long life. The idealists neglect the material life and say that a person does not have to strike his roots deeply in the matter. On the contrary, you will go down deep in the matter, in order to obtain those materials, out of which you will make use of in the future. The deeper the person goes down in matter, the bigger suffering he has and the greater experiences and lesson he derives.

    The present-day people go back to the evolution of the soul, towards the degree which they have jumped over. In the future they will go through the evolution of Power. It is said that the Kingdom of God is not built on the mind or the heart, but on the Power. We have to love the person that much, in so far as our mind, our soul, our heart and our strength represent an object of Love. The Love, for which the people are talking, is determined by the material conditions of life. That's why often some say that they do not love people. For them this is natural. They love in order to take something. Who will sit under some dry pear? The pear under which you sit has to have not only leaves but also fruits. Who do they not love? Whoever does not have leaves and fruits on his tree. Such a person they call demagnetized, he is depleted, there is nothing for him to give. He passes for bad, for not understood person, but also the others who do not understand him, are not differing very much from him. Everyone is complaining that he is not understood, but he also does not understand people. It is not easy to understand the person. "To love one another!" - And this is not easy. But as hard it is to love a person, the easy it is to love him. If you give to a person something of your mind, of your heart, of your soul and strength, he will love you by all means. That's why God says that we have to love him, in order to receive something from him. He says: "Pick from the fruits of the Tree of Life, in order to be strong, to manifest the Love, Justice, mercy, gentleness and abstention." Only in this way can a person show his character, only in this way can temper his will. Whoever has strong will is gentle and humble. You will say that you do not want to be as gentle as sheep. The sheep is not gentle. It has softness, not gentleness. Great efforts has the sheep manifested until it becomes a sheep. It has been once a wolf and afterwards it became a sheep. Whoever wants to gain softness, Love, to feed himself with sheep's meat. As soon as gains these traits, he does not need such a meat anymore.

    A person has to know what kind of food is necessary for the development of the mind, heart and will. The future science will point the path of the person also in this respect. The more solid the house a person wants to build, the more solid material he chooses. The same goes also for the body. The food which you are using, has to be healthy, pure, of good-quality. The health of the person depends on the food. Every food has to correspond with the development of the person. According to the degree of the mental and spiritual development, some feed with meat, others with plant food, and third - with fruits. It is important for a person to know how to eat. When it comes to the evolution of the soul, a person will feed with fruits. Until this time he will use meat or plant food and he will answer for every violence done on the alive beings. In the book of Life is written for every person how many birds, how much game, how much beef he has eaten in all of the years of his existence on earth, as in a boarding house, and will be forced to pay.

    The suffering of the present-day people are due to namely the overeating and the indiscriminate eating. The mother of humanity - Eve, dared to eat only one time without permission from the forbidden fruit and paid a high price for this eating. Eight thousand years went by since she ate from the fruit of the tree for knowing Good and Evil, but even to this day this lunch is still not paid in full. The snake was telling her "If you eat from this fruit, you will learn all secrets in the world and you will become like God.'' She did not become like God, but learned a lot of secrets. But to this day is still paying for the knowledge which she learned prematurely. I want all people to prove with their lives that they are able not to sin like Eve. This means that they have learned their lesson and have correct the mistake of Eve.

    It is said to love God with all your mind. With this it is underlined, that a person has to love God also with his thought. It is enough to direct your mind in the Mental world, in order to perceive these powers, through which you can love God. Can your mind understand the laws of the Mental world, you become a creator. Only in this way a person can make a character in himself. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, your will has to be connected with your heart; in order to be smart, your will has to be connected with your mind; in order to have correct relations towards all people, your will has to be connected with your soul; in order to have a steady and strong will, your soul has to be connected with the Divine Spirit.

    Do experiments every day, to see if you love God with mind, with soul, with heart and with your strength. Imagine you want to do good to someone. You will strive in the Good the four elements to participate: mind, heart, will and soul. That one, to whom you will do Good, is an object; the way in which you will do the Good has to include the powers of mind, the heart, of the soul and of the will. Done in this way, it is a Divine good, namely you have connected with your heart, mind, soul and with the power of God. Think of Him as an absolute reality. As you connect with God, for a moment he can take you in his world, to see and understand what does Love mean. It is dangerous to enter in this world, because you would not want to go back to the earth. That's why the Divine world is closed for the people. When they are ready, and this world will open up for them, as today the physical world is open.

    "To come to love your neighbour as yourself" - The second important order. It is not said to come to love the weak, but your neighbour. Who is your neighbour? Every suffering, who you meet on the path. To love him, this means to connect him with the mind, with the heart, with the soul and with the strength of God. Rejoice that you are in connection between God and your neighbour. Only in this way you will correct your mistakes towards him. Once you have offended him, enticed him or impeded him in his development. The suffering of your neighbour are conditions, which favour for his connection with God. And You will serve as an intermediary. Somebody has to give you a hand, to take you out from the water, in which you are drowning. Without suffering a person cannot find God. It is said in the Scripture: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish."

    "To come to love God." "To come to love your neighbour". These are two orders, which have also a scientific and practical meaning for the person. How do you understand these orders, is not important; the important is to love. If you love, God will send a Teacher, who to reveal the internal meaning of love. Then you will not ask why you have to love God and your neighbour.

    What will happen to you if you only love yourselves? Whoever you meet, you will always talk about yourselves. A day will come when your close ones will stop visiting you. Not only this, but whoever does not agree with your opinion, you will beat him on an equal footing. And every one will run away from you.

    What sense there is to visit a person, who will you beat you up in the end? You will remember him on this and on the other world. As the person is remembered with the bad, which he has done to you, that's how he is remembered also with the Good, and the Love towards you. Christ has shown himself into the world, namely through the law of Love. You apply the Love as well, in order to show yourselves to your neighbour. It is not important to know what does Love represent; it is important to apply it. You make use of the sun light and warmth without knowing what does the Sun represent, from what elements it is composed and etc. The real knowledge lies in the Love. What sense there is much knowledge, if the man is beating his wife? He knows a lot, but does not know how to restrain his hand. And the women is going to church, listens to spiritual sermons, but when she comes back home, will surely beat one of the children. If they ask her why she beats it, she will say that she wants to put in place his mind, or to make him expess his love.

    All people ask where do the suffering come from. It is easily answered to this question: the suffering comes either from the men, or from the women, namely either from the mind of the person, or from the heart.

    A Bulgarian has a soft spot towards the wine. He was always drunk. Whatever he earned, always gave it to the bar keeper. One day his wife waited for him in front of the door with a stick in her hand - she was healthy, strong Bulgarian - hit him stronly on the hand and broke it. After that she helped him to enter inside and asked him:

    - Will you drink again?

    - I will not drink again.

    On the next day he went to some healer to put into place the broken arm. He asked him:

    How did it happen, that you broke your arm?

    - Leave it, I fell badly from the horse.

    The stick made him sober. This stick plays in the hands of parents, of teachers, of chiefs, of ministers and helps people to become sober. A person to become sober, this means to stop making mistakes.

    Nature is using another method - with death. When she wants to make a person to not wrong, she sends death. When she pushes him with her hand, a person dies. They put it on the back, they fold his hands and carry him to the other world. The folded hands show repentance. A person repents and says that he will not make mistakes anymore. Some people as they die, they turn with the back up, they are ashamed to look God. Death teaches the person to live by mind, by heart, by soul and by will. As he passes through the zone of death, he will surely learn something. For a start he loses heart, but after that the forces of the mind, the soul and of the will come to him for help, and he takes heart.

    What should be done today, in order for a person to get over the difficulties in his life? The only salvation is in the application of the Christ teaching. As he is applying, a person comes to knowing himself. That's how he understands with what capital he disposes of and what is lacking. The Christ teaching gives methods for dealing with the negative forces in himself. For example, hatred, envy are two negative forces, which are poisoning the human organism. It is enough to look in the spectroscope, in order to know what kind of elements or compounds you observe through it. By the light and dark lines in the spectrum you get to know the presence of certain elements. In the same way, it is enough to look at the lines and forces, which are working in the mind, heart, soul and will of the person, in order to know what feelings, thoughts and desires stimulate him. The suffering of the person show the degree of disharmony between the elements mind, heart, soul and will. As soon as the disharmony is removed, and the suffering disappears. As the water in Nature plays an important role for the life of the organisms - plants, animals and people, also the entering of the person deeper in the dense matter of life leads to degeneration. The water is necessary for the organisms in certain quantity. If its quantity increases, they drown. Protect yourselves, to not drown in Life.

    Christ says to his disciples: "To love God with all the heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. To love your neighbour as yourself." The people ask themselves: "Which God do we have to love?" - The visible. But, as the mother is invisible for the child until it is still in her womb, so for many people God is invisible and unknown. They are still in the womb of God, they have not come out of him. As they come out of Him, they will see Him, without knowing Him. A lot of time will have to pass, in order to see Him and know Him. Whoever says that He has seen God and knows Him, he is already born, has found his feet, has tried the gentleness and Goodness of his Mother. He believes in the existence of God. And all philosophers in the world to talk him out, will not succeed. He has experiences which cannot be neglected. For example, some person predicts one and the same thing ten times, and ten times it happens exactly like he has predicted. You will say that it can be some kind of coincidence. I agree that this also happens. What will you say, if a person predicts some things 999 times and there is no exception in his predictions? Nothing is left but to accept them for true and factual. God talks to the people and they say this, which have heard from Him. The said comes true. Do you believe then in the existence of God? A day will come when everyone will know God, from little to big. Then everyone will know the visible God and will not doubt His existence. Whoever doubts God, he has thrown Him out from himself.

    New culture is necessary to present-day humanity. New, reasonable peace is needed to the people - peace, which to change their faces, to soften and ennoble their hearts, to bring more Light in their minds. To many people today the eyes are yellow. Why? The liver is disordered. To many people the colour of their face is black. Why? Because they live in darkness, under big shadows. As it is, they will be sick. The shadows of the big trees are dangerous. Somebody lives under the shadow of a tree, whose branches have grown from the money, from the millions of the world and thinks that he can be happy. I say: Brother, if you think that with the millions of the world you will be happy, know that in ten lives you cannot expiate the sins wihch you have done with these millions. Remember: the salvation of the person lies in the true creative work, in the true construction. This means to build his Astral body, his Mental body and the body of his soul. If there is no connection between the mind, heart and soul, the body starts to suffer. If the body is ill, the Spirit cannot manifest. - "How can we build? - As you come to love God with mind, with heart, with the soul and with your strength, and the neighbour as yourself. You cannot build without love.

    Love brings materials, opportunities and conditions for construction. Whoever has learned to build for himself, he will build as well for his neighbour. As he meets someone suffering, he will not be rude to him, to call him a fool, but he will stop to work a little on his building. - "If he is poor and does not have funds, how will he help him?" - For this one, who wants to help weak and suffering, poverty does not exist. In my opinion, if the rich does not open his heart and his purse for poor and suffering, he himself is poor; if the poor man sacrifices everything, which he has for the good of his neighbour, he is a rich man. It is not needed to save the entire world. Plant one apple seed and leave it, it will work alone. Further there is someone to work for it. Be carriers of the New teaching, to become conduits between the people and the Angels, between the Angels and God.

    What should you do if your heart is tight and does not open? You will connect with the heart of God and you will move by His pulse. Then you will free yourself from the illnesses of the heart. Many illnesses are due to the heart, of the impure blood. For example, venereal diseases, canker, scrofula and etc. are due to the heart. As in the bacteriological institutes, for scientific purposes, various bacilli are cultivated, by specific conditions, also in Nature there are hidden forces which are dangerous for the human organism. With his distorted heart the person works his way, namely, to these forces, puts them in his heart and infects not only his blood, but the blood of a number of generations after himself. That's how dangerous, incurable diseases appear, which poison the blood of the present-day humanity. In order to free himself of this evil, a person has to come to love God with all his heart, to use his heart for building of his body, and at the same time to help in the building of his neighbour. Whoever builds like this, he is invulnerable to all diseases. If you suffer from some dangerous illness, do not say that big misfortune has befallen you, but say: "Thank you God, that you have decided to clean me." From Divine standpoint the microbes, bacilli are brooms, with which the Sensible beings clear the unclean yards and houses of the people.

    The time has come, today's people to apply the Divine hygiene. It demands of everyone new, pure life. Let all nations apply this hygiene and will see how many diseases will remain and how many death cases there will be. Let them keep statistics and compare it with the former. Apply the new hygiene after the war. You will say that this hygiene is against science. Not only is it not against science, but it includes the entire present-day science in itself. In fact, one science, one hygiene exists - it is the Divine one. The Divine medicine cures completely. If some medicine heals the diseases only 10 per cent, it cannot help you. The Nature alone heals 50 percent, a person heals 25 percent, so for the doctor 25 percent is left. If also cannot give this, where does his science stay?

    We do not declare ourselves neither against science, nor against religion, nor against the country. We wish and the science, and the religion, and the country to become bigger, to make themselves bigger windows, more Light to enter. We want people to be free, to not have fear for their future. If a house is weak, you do not have to be afraid. A committee will come to check it. If it cannot withstand, they will throw it down and will build a new one. Every demolition understands new building, new try. Everything that happens in the world is for Good. As he builds a new building, a person expands and his mind, and the heart, and his soul, in order to perceive more from the Divine Love. He will learn to work, as God has worked and as he also today continues to work. Only with this state humanity can rely on elevated and advanced mothers and fathers, of sensible and advanced clerics, teachers, judges, rulers and etc.

    Present-day people do not believe in the existence of spirits, namely of the Spiritual world. They want you to convince them in the existence of God. If they do not believe in Him, do not approve the way, in which the world is created, let them they become gods at least for their family. The man is one of the gods, the woman - the second one. Let them create immortal children, let them place their home on the base of happiness and present it for a model to all families. For 2 thousand years Christ preaches, but only just today his teaching is perceived as it should, and the people are expecting results and become disappointed and lose faith. Have you solved consciously tasks of the heart, to apply Love in its completeness? Have you tried to become sculptors of yourselves, to mould such an image, which to match the primary, created by image and likeness of God?

    David has said: "My mother conceived me in sin." Here the word sin means darkness. What does the sensible people do when they are left in darkness? In order not to push themselves in the objects, which are placed on their path, they place their hands in front, testing the surrounding furnishings. These are people, who work with their soul. Here's why when you fall into darkness, do the same as well. Do not turn around your cane to one side and to the other side, but experiment with it, to not have some danger in front of you. Use today your cane to go in a higher state, to become a human-Angel.

    Experiment to connect with the forces of the Sensible Nature through your mind, heart, soul and will. That's how you will understand the life of the minerals, of the plants, of the animals, of all people and you will learn from everything. If the first try comes out unsuccessful, make a second one, third and so forth. Do not lose heart, because God works in the world, in every alive soul. He unites them. He can do his job alone and without me, but as I am talking, I am accelerating your evolution. This, what you alone can accomplish in one year, with me you will accomplish it for a day. If someone says that he does not want to learn, that he does not need a Teacher, he is in the state of an animal. And the animal is wagging his tail during the whole day and does not want to know anything. But a person should not stop at one place; he has to study, he needs a Teacher. And I am also learning to wave with my cane but in a particular way. I will also teach you of this art. Wave your cane in the direction of the mind, heart, will and soul. When you are going in the direction of your heart, you will move your cane in a straight line; when you go in the direction of your soul, you will move it on a flatness; when you go in the direction of your will, you will move it in three dimensions, in the dimensions of the cube and lastly, you go in direction of your strength, you will move it in the center.

    If you go in one direction, do not go back. If you perceive a Divine idea, give it firstly width, or length, after that - spaciality - width and length, after that three-dimensionality - volume - and lastly with the power of your Spirit, put in it content and meaning. This means a person to love with his mind, heart, soul and strength. This has Christ preached to his disciples - their soul to be filled in with Divine ideas, with Divine content, which to raise them. What does the sensible person do when he meets an animal which freely is wagging its tail? He does not preach to it, but directs it there, where there is good pasture and a clear spring. All people are placed in good conditions, to everyone is shown where there is abundant and good-quality food and pure water, but a few use the good conditions. Most of the people divert from their path and as they die, their close ones say: "He died, poor fellow, but at least he fulfilled his duties as a person" - He has not fulfilled anything. He built and destroyed, namely he lived in an old way. The new life understands new way of building. Christ gives the two orders to present-day people, in order to free them from the eternal destruction. Should a person do in the future like the scorpion, which poisons himself if it is not able to destroy its enemy.

    I wish to all people to move on this straight line, by flatness, by the three dimensions and at last to merge with the Divine center, in which Divine content is infusing. That's how all people need to move, so that they build new homes, new churches, new schools.

    I wish, every person to become strong by mind, by heart, by soul and by will, in order to use his power as for his good, so that also for the good of his neighbour.

    Sunday Talks

    27.10.1918, Sunday, Sofia

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  16. Готов превод Вие сте поканени да работите - 24.8.1912-ИБ-60 / .: 24.8.1912-ИБ-60

    You are invited to work

    At 9:00 pm, after dinner, we have gathered, all the old members, without the ones that joined this year and Mr. Deunov said:

    There are things among you here that have to be clarified. We have given a lot of sacrifices and God's will is not to give more sacrifices like that in the future. It is fine to give small sacrifices, but we shouldn't give unnecessary sacrifices. You have to make a decision about this or that. In the future whoever wants to follow God, decide it and follow him and be certain that they will have all the proofs. We are in a suburb. The truth is not afraid, but there is a certain disharmony that becomes a reason that the black lodge applies a bad influence. If you don't do everything needed now, the invisible world will interfere and will correct the matter themselves.

    You have to leave the human thoughts. You want to have all the blessings, right? Then listen to me and treat me the way I treat you. But there is some monarchism in you, I can become a freight donkey. You want freedom, then give freedom to me as well. The friendship requires that you behave towards me the way I behave towards you. And in case there is some disharmony between us, then whatever was thrown against me during the last two years, you would have all be gone in the astral world. I would have done everything with one hand wave, but with this you would both impede me and yourselves. In the end if anyone of you has any doubts then please tell me. My task is clear. There are new fellows now and more will be coming in the future and they want to impede me. Therefore you have to decide for yourselves what you are about to do - I was ordered to tell you that. You are dealing with a Brotherhood that is not human. They will want this promise from you and if you keep it you will get in the inner chain, there won't be any anger there. Once you merge completely with the Brotherhood, that you are included in, then the things will go well. But if you don't listen to me you can be sure that I will leave in three years, although I may stay many more years if you create these conditions. And let me tell you that this is a serious thing, I am not joking here.

    There is discord among you and therefore I couldn't help there where I was supposed to help and this is for what I regret the most. If I only knew that you would create this obstacle for me, I would have never interconnect with you and I would have done the job by myself and then leave, but now I can't do this anymore, because I'm connected with your karma. Now you see the things bleary, but afterwards you will see clearly. No matter how you see or how you feel, just know that if this cause is impeded the whole Bulgarian nation is impeded, you are impeding yourselves and this is for several generations to come. You all have to know and you have to keep the rule that you shouldn't talk about things that you don't know, that you haven't seen with your eyes and that you haven't tested, because what will lift us up is the truth and the truth itself - no guesses, no assumptions, no rumors should affect us.

    This year I want to work only for you, there is no need to work for me and therefore I want to clarify all the misunderstandings that exist among you and between you and me. You have a huge need for help and only I know how huge this need is. There are doubts in you that have to cease by all means.

    Do you know the meaning of the three flags, that are placed this year in the yard above the dining room and that all of you are watching? They mean either war with the earth or peace with heaven, there is no other way.

    I gave you the pentagram this year and due to it so many things have happened in some of your homes. Some people even used the pentagram against me. But all these things will get clear once we remove the misunderstandings, on the contrary - if we don't remove these misunderstandings some unpleasant people will appear on our stage and our work will get even more obstacles, because we shouldn't forget that both in life and on the path we follow there are robberies. So there is a need of certain operations, but if they are done by us this is a crime, if they are done by God it is orderly and fruitful. Yes, you should protect yourselves and if you want to test me you should be with open cards in front of me, because eventually I want to know if I'm dealing with enemies or with friends - are you with me or against me. And for me I want to tell you once again and to repeat it - I want to give you an example how to love God. This is my whole task and if I succeed - that's good, if I don't succeed - that's also good. A man can be a great man without anyone knowing that.

    You have children, you have homes, you want to educate them and I want to show you how to achieve this. This nation needs people and if you impede this work God will find other people, but this isn't good neither for you nor for the nation to stumble ones way. Therefore rise up as conscious and noble people. My wish is that the disharmony in you that causes so many troubles disappears. This same way, due to last year's misunderstandings and argues, Mr. Tihchev's son-in-law passed away, Mr. Vatev's child passed away and Mr. Doinov's child went blind. Look at the sad results and let this increase your desire to clear the troubles among you even more, because this is also what stumbles me. And if you keep on stumbling me then until 1914 I will get my work done by myself. You are invited to work and if you follow me this is good. And because I'm connected with you I want you to not stumble me. Because what else can stop me if not the cause and the task for which I stay here? Someone's opinion? The culture of the contemporary life? I don't want to form a circle around me that is arguing with one and another. I don't want you to have any back goals and you have no right to jump with or without reason against anyone who wants to work. You may not do it on purpose but you are disposing me like a fighter in a contest where you sit on the side to watch and applause. But do remember that the good leaven gives a good result and the bad leaven gives a bad result.

    I'm trying only once with one man - the second time the others are making the trial. But I'm the one that the heaven keeps responsible for all the consequences. Now I'm considering you as friends and I'm telling you that but you are stumbling me. Even though I'll tell myself "There you are, you might have not gone, but now that you engaged yourself, bear your consequences." If you want to work for God, this can't be done without love and self-denial.

    Christ has told me: "I'm going to help this nation, to consider all the misunderstandings and to blow away all the obstructing ghosts". Me and Christ we are one. And you can't entice me with anything but your love. Your thoughts are torturing me - they are a suffering for me. My situation is like of a child that walks on thorns.

    I will make heritors only those who hold on to me. I want you to make this great feat for God - the reconciliation, because I owe you - I'm telling you this and I want to reward you. (At this part there were listed all the names of the people who are arguing among each other, who are fighting and hate each other. Some circumstantial explanations took place after which there was a reconciliation.) After all Mr. Daunov went on:

    Yes, the Christ has met me in Arbanassy and talked to me about all these obstacles. The Christ is in Bulgaria now, he is present at this moment here. Once there is a reconciliation among you here now, I will also tell you the political situation. From this year on Mohamed will be learning from Christ. He will teach him lessons. The matter with Turkey is over now. From the invisible world efforts are made to free Bulgaria from a war with Turkey. Therefore Italy was involved, otherwise this burden would have been held from Bulgaria. Macedonia has to be released. The Brotherhood of the invisible world is helping Bulgaria. I know exactly what will happen to Maccedonia, I'm aware of that, but it's forbidden to talk about it. You should know only this - whatever happens it is for the best. Let us be fine, because all the other currents depend on us. You shouldn't talk anything about the inner chain though. The workers in Bulgaria are determined and I want you to take advantage of that. This year we will work on the inner strengthening of the Chain. We will do something in Arbanassy in a new order, colonies and shelters.

    I've been told that our vigils will start from tomorrow onward in the secret room from 7:00 pm and then during the whole night.

    We left around midnight after we read "Our Father".

    24 August 1912

    A meeting of the old members of the Chain, 9:00 pm.

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  17. Готов превод Кротостта и смирението - 22.1.1920-ИБ|ООК-266 / .: 22.1.1920-ИБ|ООК-266

    TITLE: Meekness and humility

    Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, because I'm meek and humble in heart".*

    I'm asking you: which word is the most important one and the most meaningful one for the hungry person? - "Bread". - Which word is the most important one for the thirsty person? - "Water". Which word is the most important one for the ill person? - "Health". - And for those who study? You answered well to the first three questions, but you couldn't do it for the last one. Why the bread is the most important word for the hungry person? The same law applies in life; therefore I want to help you to understand all the words the same way that you understand the word bread. When you pronounce the word "bread", immediately in your brain appears the power that it brings, the life that it contents. So, the bread is the most important word, not only because it satisfies the hunger, but it also brings the necessary to the person to keep going on his way. Which is the word in the spiritual word that matches the word bread?

    You are getting prepared for work in life and therefore it is necessary that you understand the meaning of the words. All of you here were students in different classes, some of you even in high schools and you know how the teacher consistently unveils the first letter, the second one, the third one and then the rest of the letters, then he teaches you how to combine them, then he unveils the numbers, combines them and so on with the other disciplines. The words play the same roll on earth and once you understand their inner meaning you will see that they are magnitudes. For example if the teacher tells you to divide the number 10. To which numbers you can divide it? To 2, 5 and 10. But if you divide it to 2, 5 and 10 will your proportions be the same? If two men split 10 leva each one of them will take 5 leva, but if five men split them each one of them will take 2 leva. If ten people split them, each one will take 1 leva.

    From the point of view of the earthly life, you would rather have 5 leva, instead of 2 or 1 leva, but in the spiritual world the number one is always preferred: it has a higher meaning, higher value than the number 5. Let's assume that your father has left you a heritage of 5 kg of grain in the barn and 1 kg of sown grain on the field - which one of them would you choose if you have to split it? Once you think for yourself, for your own good, you will have the 5 kg in the barn, but if you think about the others too, then you will prefer the one kilo that is sown on the field. The important one is the one that is sown on the field. Therefore the contemporary women should learn how to sow. You know how to sift flour, but it is already ready, grounded, you don't know how to sow grain on the field, neither you know the time it requires - when it should be sown. Therefore I'm leading you to the great inner law, which is like the first yarn of the sock. How do you learn your children to knit socks? First they have to make one loop, then a second one, a third one, a forth one and so on, and they are connected and they are forming a small circle, then they go up and start forming the rows one after the other. The knitting is a whole form of art. And you are asking if there is a meaning for the man to knit a sock. Yes. The meaning of life is also in knitting - the live knitting. Some people think that if they visit our school they will be given everything ready for them. No, they will have to make the loops first. The scholar has to learn how to knit, and that one, who doesn't learn will have to buy the ready socks from the market. But if there are stores in this world, in the spiritual world there aren't any, there you can't buy from anywhere. And if one doesn't know how to knit, there he has to find someone who knows how to knit and also who loves him so that he knits these socks for him. There the socks are being knitted. If you don't have anyone to love you, you won't have any socks. There is an analogy between the earthly and spiritual life, you understand this yourselves. When you were children you were joyful, happy, but once you started to get old your mood was lost. Why? Because you gave the earthly life a higher value than it actually costs.

    On a trade language this means that you buy a house for one million leva, but due to the reason that the prices are changing you are selling it for 100.000 leva, this means that you loose 900.000 lv. In this case this is a loss. You evaluate highly the earthly life and you are ready to give everything precious for you for it, you are ready to sacrifice your mind and your heart. This is a big mistake. I don't say that you have to despise this life, but for everything you should give as much as it costs. For example the one, the two, the three, the four, every number has its own value; but if another division comes where the one starts being divided on smaller pieces, same for the two, the value of these numbers will decrease even more. As for the earthly life you have to learn its inner meaning, meaning the life of your consciousness. In what stays the power of this inner life? Let's say you think that you believe in God and you pray, but you don't have even one positive experience that God is listening to you. Sometimes it happens that you pray for something and your prayer is being heard, but sometimes not; then some doubt arises in you if you are being heard and you have no positive experience to know why sometimes you are being heard and sometimes not, meaning you don't have the experience of Moses, who had a strong belief. Why was his teaching so powerful? Because he had taught about one God that he knew. He had always said: "This said the Lord". You are Christians, you believe in Christ, I'm asking you: how many of you have experiences by which you know Christ, not as he was on earth, but as he is now? And this experience is necessary and you should strive toward it. And to gain it you should have a great humility in your soul. Why do you need the humility?

    Christ says: "Come to me, as I'm meek and humble in heart". What do you understand by the words "meekness" and "humility"? A meek and humble person doesn't understand that he has to become a bridge for everyone. No. The meek and humble person is not the weakest, he is the strongest, who doesn't do any harm and the smartest, who never allows negative thoughts. Many of you understand that you make mistakes and you get sad about that; but to avoid them you need two qualities for your heart - meekness and humility. And you gain them during the biggest tests and the hardest times in life and not during a festive life. You don't gain them in the stores, neither in the schools nor in the churches. You will ask me: then where do you gain them? I will answer you with a comparison. If the steal asks you where it can gain light and warmth how will you answer it? In the fireplace where you need a blower and a blacksmith. Now I'm driving your thoughts toward this low, so that you change your point of view regarding the things. Where stays the fireplace in the man? In the heart. Is your fireplace ready for work? The human heart is not as simple as the steal's heart, because you forge precious thoughts on it. You need coal for it. The coal can be either wooden or pit coal. Do you also need the same for the heart? Yes. The contemporary technicians use electricity instead of coal and they receive it with the help of different acids. Can you bring this earthly fire in your heart? How do you form this energy? The love is the electricity that transforms our hearts, therefore it should be let in. I'm asking you: which is the coal needed to warm up the stomach? The food. So, the wheat makes the coal for the stomach. Which is the coal for the lungs? The air. Which is the coal for the human brain? The thoughts. Lets apply the same analogy for the spiritual life, so that we understand it. Can there be fire in the fireplace if there is no air? "No, it can't". Then which is the air for the spiritual life? The thought. So we have to let it in us, so that there is fire.

    When a person wants to produce inner heat, needed for the creation of what he wants there should definitely be a running thought. You know from your experience what the the blower produces on the outside. The thought awakens through five channels and these are the five senses. Lets assume that you live in several rooms where the air is not clean and these rooms are interconnected with special ventholes; than if the dirty air gets from one room to the other will your condition improve? No. You have to bring fresh air in your rooms from the outside, from the nature. This means that if you like to fresh up your mind your thoughts should come directly from the Divine world? The contemporary scientists can compress the air, they can make it to a liquid and then to solid state, so if you take a compressed thought the way that you understand the laws, you can transform it to a liquid and then to an air state and this way you would learn how to think. If you don't know how to transform the state of your thoughts then when you take a solid thought it will hurt you. Therefore The Apostle Paul says: "The solid food is for the strong ones". Which one of you knows how to transform their thoughts? Very few. Your bigger brothers will work for you. You watch how fine they work on you and you say to yourselves: "This is dark work, it is not for us, we are noble, we are born for more noble work". No, this is where you start from.

    Assume that sometimes you are being tortured from a desire of yours that happens often and therefore you have a ball laying in your heart, which painfully shrinks. What is this ball, how does it shrink your heart? What is the shrinkage? The contemporary science says that the bodies shrink from the cold and they expand from the heat. Therefore once you feel that your heart has shrunk, I'm telling you that you have negative desires and thoughts, such as: hatred, jealousy, resentment and so on. This hatred may be in your conciseness, you may see it, but it can also come out karmically from your subconsciousness and you don't know the reason but you feel your heart shrunk. From this shrinkage of the heart often the navel may unroll. Many of you suffer from unrolled navel. I don't think it is pleasant when someone's navel is unrolled, and therefore the Bulgarians are trying to roll it. I will explain you what means the unrolled navel. You know that when the baby is in the mother's venter it is feeding via its navel. When you feed your children with a feeding bottle once it opens the child can not be fed. Now you are thinking: "Shall we deal with the navel now, that's easy?" The biggest sufferings of the people, I'm telling you are laying in the unrolling of the navel: once your navel unrolls spiritually this person is not normal, there is some anomaly in his feelings. The rolling of this stomach brain is nothing else but putting his power in an active state, meaning so that is becomes positive.

    The Solar knot serves mainly to the human magnetism and the brain serves mainly to the electricity. These two flows are crossing each other. A movement starts on the place of this crossing. Those who suffer from neurasthenia feel a specific budding from top to bottom and this is from the molecules of the electricity that are crawling on their nervous system. Once they interrelate with the magnetism, one immediately feels a certain heat that is unrolling from the bottom to the top. After that the neurasthenics feel again a certain cool down, then again a heating and so on. During these rapid changes the person gets a flue. In the spiritual world these rapid changes are not accepted. There should be a balanced exchange between the head and the sympathetic nervous system or the solar knot or putting it in another way - on the musical language, there should be harmony between the mind and the heart. The heart functions through the stomach brain and the mind functions through the nervous system. All spiritual people who want to tone themselves can do that because there are certain ways of toning the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. This toning is necessary because if the wires of your nervous system are not prepared your thoughts and your feelings will not be transferred correctly to the outside world. The nervous system can become so sensitive that the slightest push can cause some pain. With every push or with every unpleasant look you will be exploding. The unpleasant look is nothing else but electricity coming out of your eyes. The electricity of the thought is the strongest one and it is not being regulated directly from the human will. You should learn how to regulate your eyes. When you look at someone the invisible world should send their blessing through that look. In all the people that want to learn there isn't a desire to give, but to receive. Their eyes are not like pipes through which they send water, but like pumps. You don't need this. The exchange should be balanced - you should give as much as you get.

    The living nature never tolerates the fakeness. If it gives you 1 kg of wool it will tell you: that much will get lost during washing, that much will get lost during spinning and you will remain with 700 g of pure high quality wool, this means that 300 g are lost. If you loose more from these 700 g it will ask you where this wool is and it will show you that you are being sloppy. A woman can make a whole suit from these 300 g. If you don't succeed today this is because you are throwing away too much of the wool. A feeling comes to you and you say: "Oh, this feeling should leave, I'll take another one". You throw away this and that and then you go to your living mother and she tells you that you don't have 700 g of wool but only 300 g. This is due to the fact that you don't have that humility and meekness in you that Christ had. You come with those concepts of past glory that you had on heaven. But no, you are no kings daughters here. For Christ it is said that he became humble when he came in a servants form and semblance of human. You came to this world many times, now you came to study, but so that you learn you have to understand the basic laws that God has put in life.

    I will give you this basic thought: the laws won't change according to your desires, no matter if you have the knowledge or not. No matter if you are rich or poor, if you have heard it or not, the living law doesn't excuse anyone, it doesn't change cause of anyone. The way that you do good is one, it doesn't change. From the Divine world it is required that the relations we have between each other are pure - nothing more, nothing less. Your relations should be as of the baker to whom was given first quality wheat and based on the law he knows what purity and what clarity this wheat should have, but he takes part of it, hides it and puts a lower quality instead and spoils the bread. You often practice this art, meaning that you are spoiling the nice feelings that God gave you and you mix it with bad ones. But from the invisible world they often revise you and if they see that your bread is mixed, they punish you ruthlessly. God is fair towards all actions. When we do mistakes unconsciously he excuses us, but when we do mistakes consciously he keeps us responsible. All of you want to study, to follow the God's will, but I'm asking you: why don't you start? You say: "I don't know". The unknowing is not absolute, you know many things. You have to strive from what you know to what you don't know. If you compare a lower animal with the human there is a big difference: it needs a long time to get to know the basic elements of life, because there are elements that should be possessed in every life. In first place, as a rule, you should know how to save energy and to live time. You hardly supply energy. You see this in the different ill people, like neurasthenics and so on. The power that God gave you you have to live it smartly. I'm not imprinting you the thought to save it but to live it smartly. When a person is healthy he never looses his energy. But when you start making these inner gaps, the energy starts running out of you itself and then you start looking like a broken vase. Do you know what people are doing with such a vase? They are putting wax on it or other stuff but it is temporary. I don't want you to reach the state where your cracks are being glued with wax. Christ says: "Come to me, as I'm meek and humble in heart". When a man learns this art - to become meek and humble he will notice in himself a certain process of rejuvenation. The meekness and humility are a method of healing different disabilities.

    So, during the first lesson make your foundation with these two elements: meekness and humility and let us see which one of you will get a prize. When a student has mastered the art of sewing, of drawing, of playing different instruments and whatever other art, there is a test of how he has mastered the teachings; you will be tested the same way. I'm talking about the meekness and the humility, because many of you think that you can go without these qualities. No, they are the foundation of the earthly life, you can't make a single step forward without them. You can't teach any secret or any art without meekness and humility - they are the capital. It is said: God opposes the proud and gives his blessings - the conditions for development, to the humble ones. It can be proved with statistics that all the great scientists that have given something to the world and that have done something for the good of humanity, that brought it a step forward, were humbled and meek people. It is said for Moses that he was the humblest among the people back then. His students were putting all their mistakes on his back and he has supported that. They have killed people saying: "Moses said so". Moses was telling them to root out their mistakes and they were saying: "The men and the cattle are easier to root out then the mistakes".

    I will lead you to a situation, so that you think about it. When you observe the sunrise you are watching East and you are observing if there is some change on the horizon. If the sky is clear the change is sharper; if it is cloudy, foggy, you will see the change more difficult. If you want to see if there is a sunrise inside of you which direction will you turn? Which direction is your East? Find where is East, West, North and South and where is your zenith? I will ask you something else: where is your tropical belt? When you go back home, try thinking deeper about that. Make the following experiment. The children or your husband irritate you - it immediately gets dark for you - you have an evening inside of you - go out and check if your sky is cloudy or it is clear, if there is a storm, a thunder or it is clear and still. If your sky is clear, there is a little light but soon it gets lost then it becomes dark for you, it becomes night - this shows that you are not waiting for the sunrise. What is your method when your mood changes? You have to pay an installment of 10'000 leva, but you don't have money, your mood is dark; a friend comes and gives you this amount - immediately it gets bright for you - the sunrise comes. Another example. Sometimes you are in a difficult situation, you start praying, immediately you get a little hope, like a bright ray that slowly but surely starts glowing brighter. You follow where this feeling comes from. These things are happening almost everyday with you, but you don't observe them. Try to allocate the place of these occurrences. Some of them look like this Bulgarian that passed close to a draw well with two water buckets hanging on the rope; he dropped the rope in the draw well and watered his cattle, but when he was leaving he figured out he needs rope for his cart and he decided to cut the rope of the two buckets, he finished his work and left. Soon after he passed again through the same place, he wanted to drink water, but he saw that the buckets are missing and he thought: "Hm, the buckets are not here". This way the people destroy themselves their own happiness - they are cutting the rope of the buckets and then they are wondering why the buckets are not there. I'm making a comparison. The two buckets are the meekness and the humility. Without these buckets you can't water your soul. The rope that keeps the meekness and the humility is missing. The next time that you come to me I want you to put the rope on its place, no mater where you will take it from, you may buy it. You may doubt the success and you may say that you are old, let your daughters learn. Every mother says that: "Let my daughter learn, this is not for me", you won't do anything like that. 8000 years you are laying on your daughters. Your real daughter doesn't leave you. If she leaves you she is not your daughter. A son that leaves his father is not a son.

    God's blessings come with the meekness and the humility. A house that has these qualities has health and power. You have to keep away from bad thoughts, from anger because they will take away your power. The bad people know the way to take your power out of you, like the niggers that are hunting elephants - they cut the muscles of their legs on two different places and the elephants fall on their knees. A person should have a shield against the bad characters so that he doesn't loose the power that God gave him. Therefore the Writings say: "The bad societies destroy the good habits".

    In this school first you have to learn how to create art, to be carriers of good thoughts, good feelings, that you create a harmony among you.

    Then a lot of the knowledge will come naturally and the light will spread. When I look at you I see that everything in you is mixed up. This shows that your buckets are not connected with a rope.

    So, as a first rule, you will place yourselves this task to be meek and humble, but not as like you have understood it up to now, but meek and humble about endurance and power. Some say: "I became meek and humble, but everyone attacked me". No, the meek and humble person supports everything with dignity and his mind becomes more flexible. You shouldn't irritate people. You often make jokes but if someone smarter and stronger appears you become irritated. You should know that: "with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you". I don't say that you are bad people, but you have too much salt, you have oversalted the dish. What is the cure then? Put more water in. Sometimes you put more peppers and you become more spicy. What is the anger? Peppers. The peppers are a good thing, but you shouldn't put more than needed from them.

    What do you do when a ball appears on your heart, when you have some pain? A friend of yours comes, you start complaining to him and in a while this ball disappears. You have given this ball to your friend. He goes somewhere else, tells your story and transfers your ball. And so this ball keeps circling around until it goes back to the first person from which it came out. This thing that you do is not a science. It is correct to share your pain only with the man who will understand you and will heal you or you should go in a deeper state of thinking or start praying. This way the ball will disappear. You will start working and the art will come to you itself. I know three types of people: the first type are meek and humble when they are in the society cause of fear, the second type - when they are in church, because the veneration
    requires it, the third type - at home. You recognize the meekness and the humility at home. They correct all the mistakes. I think that the law of love can't work if you are not meek and humble at home. When you get in your room where no one bothers you, there you will learn this art. The meek and humble person never stands out in the world, he always takes the last place. It is good that a man takes first place in the truth, in the love, in the virtue, in the wisdom, but if he wants to take a first place in this world, he will loose the art to be meek and humble.

    Christ has said: "If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all". That one who is first in heaven remains last on earth and the other way around. I would like you all to be first in love, in truth, in wisdom, in justice, in meekness, in humility, in mercy. This way Christ has started the first school 2000 years ago, but afterwards it was corrupted. The first Christians had a direct message from the spiritual world. You can't be spiritual until you have a tight connection with the invisible world. Only then it will get clear to you, you will see how the people are living there. For now you have only glances from the other world and you study it the way that some study life - circling around the museums and the old monuments. They see some birds, animals, but they are dead, this is not the other world yet. Once you get there you start studying the life of these birds, how they live, how they reproduce and so on. When you get in a tight connection with the spiritual world, then you will rejuvenate and you will become strong. In the Gospel this is called "a new birth" for which all kinds of definitions are given. The new birth means rejuvenation - means that you will be able to live both in this world and the other world or to say it another way to know how to transform the energy of the physical world to the spiritual world and the other way around.

    Keep working on meekness and humility because there is no better thing than that, to be in a society of meek and humble people. When you put the meekness and the humility as a milestone you will be able to remove all obstacles, difficulties, troubles that you meet in the society, in your homes or wherever else. You have the meekness and the humility in yourselves, but up to now they have been sitting in your barns in a potential state, now you have to drag them out on the field and to sow them there. Some of you are meeker and humbler because they have more moisture. And those who are the harder lumps on the field, they have no moisture. And some don't have any meekness and humility so even the love come to such person it won't do anything, it will dry him, it will make him to a smoked meet. To understand love you have to pass through the meekness and the humility. This is the law. That energy that comes from the sun has to pass through the moisture first and then it will transform. I can transform the ordinary love of anyone, even the greatest beast since I feed him regularly, if I give him some wine. But this is the animal state of love, this is not that love that we are striving to. If someone takes your food, if he insults you, this ceases your love. You have to have the same attitude toward everyone that God has toward you: for so many thousands of years you make sins in front of Him and He hasn't changed His attitude. The meekness and humility are the shield, the protecting tools that push away all the troubles. Imagine that you are in a modern fortified fortress and the shrapnel that attack you from everywhere are bouncing away; you are not worried because you know that the shrapnel don't fall inside and you are waiting for your enemy to finish all his munitions.

    This is what humility is. A person comes to you to insult you, but if you are humble he will say: "I'm not angry any more". If you are a meek person you will change the mood of your enemy. If you can't do that this means that you are not a meek person. The meekness is a gift for the man - there's nothing to study about it; you have learn it when you were sheep or caws and cattle, when your wool was taken, your meat was taken, when you were working all day on the field and in the morning you were looking at your master pleased and smiling. Now you have to awaken all these forms from the past in your consciousness, this meekness that you have from the old times. The modern clothes that you wear now are not as comfortable and as hygienic, therefore when you go back home you put your old clothes. Put the faith in you mind and know that for that one who believes everything is possible. That one who has no meekness and humility, only he can't make an achievement. You have to keep your dignity as a soul and to be insulted when you tell a lie, when the hatred gets in your heart, when you make nonsense and so on.

    Don't insult anyone, because often in you there lives a noble spirit, you may insult him and after when you look for him he won't be there anymore. If there is something that disgusts me the most it is a man that insults. I'm putting such man in the last place in life. The most unpleasant thing for the spirit is when the people are insulting each other. Tie this devil or at least put him to work. So the humility tames the greed in the man and the meekness is the arm against the anger in the man.

    You have to form groups of two, three, four, not more than ten people and you should choose such that you are in harmony with. Don't gather only tiny or only fat, but one tiny, one fat. Two tiny or two fat have the same mindset. Or to gather one with a pear face and one with an apple face. When you group up based on your tempers the magnetic flows will be able to circle correctly. The best is that you always remain lined up like that. This is necessary for the inner rejuvenation of the organism. Afterwards I will tell you if your choice was right. A person shouldn't only study, but his brain should always rejuvenate. Only this way you will gain true knowledge and you will become positive people, because you are not such ones now. If you are put to persecution, to tortures, how many of you would last? I will give several exercises to these groups. But for this there should be created a harmony, so that the laws of this matter are tested. Along with that will go the faith. Whoever has doubts won't succeed and therefore he shouldn't waist his time. Everything here happens by the law of the freedom. That one who follows it will be blessed from God. That one who has no doubt and who gets in the school to learn, he will remain till the end and that one who has doubts he will leave the school very soon.

    If you place the meekness and the humility as a foundation you will be able to do anything. The rejuvenation will come only this way.

    (A talk given in front of the female students of the occult school of the Universal Brotherhood of Light on the 22nd of January 1920, Thursday)


    *Mathew 11,29

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  18. Готов превод И гласът му се чува - 14.4.1912-ИБ-50 / .: 14.4.1912-ИБ-50

    Title: And you can hear His voice

    Mr. Deunov has read the 12th chapter of the Gospel of John and he has shared the following more important thoughts based on the 10th verse:

    We read here, that they wanted to kill Lazar only because he was resurrected from Jesus Christ, in Whom the world would have believed in case they let him. The same is now: the world wants to kill the resurrected ones. Often our good thoughts can cause us the worst troubles and misfortunes and this can be explained with the fact that both the heat and the light of the sun make one plant sweet and another one - bitter; one mineral bright and the another one - dark. The reason for the cataclysms in the world is the human mind. We, who are in the world should obligatory suffer if we want to lift up and when we suffer we have to be thankful, because this is something that is worth it, because only through the sufferings the mind becomes creative.

    A smart and a strong man is that one, in which God is living and if God doesn't live in you, you are just a bubble.

    Notice the law of the thoughts and the desires in relation with the society in which you live and abide. When you are in disharmony with the thoughts of the people, you feel some heaviness on top of your head; when you are in disharmony with their love you feel some heaviness in your chest; and when the disharmony is in their desires the heaviness is in the stomach. All of you should be in good condition, because Christ is very close to Bulgaria and next year here in the physical field you will feel His arrival. He comes to work, whatever may happen don't be disturbed from it. He comes now to make a general purification of the whole world and together with it the Bulgarian nation should be purified too. Christ is already so close that you can hear His voice. So be joyful and brave in your soul. The world would be scared and you will also feel this fear, because you are not separated from the world. And I should tell you that the world is so scared that their pants are shaking. Yes, Christ is close. Bulgaria is far behind and He comes to be given what He wants. Now you have to be careful and it will be good to use that. As for me, I have taken the decision: "Your will - my will, Your Spirit - my Spirit". If this nation doesn't accept it I'll leave and will go to another nation. If you are ready to say the same as me, I'll reach out and give you a hand and I'll bring you to the top of the mountain. As Christ is close, you can hear His voice, so keep close and be brave.

    1st of April 1912, Sunday

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  19. Готов превод Господнята вечеря - 27.8.1911-СБ-38 / .: 27.8.1911-СБ-38

    The Lord's Supper

    All of us we have gathered at 7:00 pm in the conference hall, we have taken our places around the tables, where we had the wine, the bread and the fruits served. And it the other hut-house was served the standard meal - fish and so on, from which we had supper after the serving of the Lord's Supper.

    Based on the directions given from Mr. Deunov Penyo Kirov read 26,26-30 from Mathew; grandfather Peter Tihchev - 14, 22-26 from Mark; IL. Zurkov - 22, 14-20 from Luke; D. Golov - John 6, 53-58; Mathew Popov - John 13, 1-29; Todor Stoimenov - I Corinth. 11,23-32; Romans 5,15 was read in the end again from Penyo Kirov.

    After reading the above paragraphs from the Lord's book Mr. Deunov made the following remarks:

    This ritual is one of the greatest rituals, established for the remembrance of the great sacrifice that the Lord has made for the rescued ones. The bread means the life that the Lord is sending us. Christ had to come so that He establishes the Living bread. And indeed, in every bread's grain in a miraculous way there is a hidden particle of the Divine life. The wine - this is the Divine Spirit. If it is being drunk from a good person it will affect him in a completely different way. A man who drinks the wine with faith will perceive the gift of the Spirit, believing that the Lord is the one Who gives the goods by which He will resurrect us. And once we accept the Lord in our hearts, then the fruits of the Spirit will also appear in us. I want you to embrace in you what the Lord will give you. Only when you unify with the Christ you will get to know Him the way He knows you. I want the Spirit to act in you, so that He reveals to you according to the way and the need so that He turns every hesitation, doubt and suffering into joy and happiness.

    To everyone was given bread and wine from Mr. Deunov, to whom we were going one by one. When handing over the bread Mr. Deunov was saying: "This is the Living bread of Life, which came down from heaven to rescue your soul." And when handing over the glass of wine he was saying: "This is the Lord's glass, the Lord's Spirit, Who has been given for your salvation". Some of the brothers and the sisters claim that different words were spoken to the different people.

    It was raining outside, so it wasn't possible to go to the other house, called a hut from the citizens from Tarnovo, where there was served a table with food, therefore we ate from the fruits served in the conference hall for the serving of the Lord's Supper - dry grapes and fresh ones, almonds and hazelnuts, figs, pears and so on, and once the rain has stopped around 9-10 pm we have all headed for the other house for supper, although it was night and it was muddy, so it was difficult to walk the pathway connecting the two houses. We had just started the supper when it started raining again. It was around 11 pm - 0 am when we left in groups, some of us walking, others by car. And the weather was still cloudy and partly raining.

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  20. Готов превод Що значи съдба? - 31.3.1912-ИБ-48 / .: 31.3.1912-ИБ-48

    TITLE: What means faith?

    Mr. Deunov has read the First Chapter from the first epistle of Peter. The text was verse 17 upon which the following thoughts were shared.

    "The righteous ones" from God's home are all those who have kept the God's will during all their reincarnations. What means faith? To judge the right of one person. But this word also means a definition of the things - to define the attitude of the people, that they have between each other and the quality of one thing, by clarifying what exact work it may accomplish. Each one of you should find a place in Christ's body. The karma is the first understanding of the faith. For example I have justified someone - he has to return it back to me. Following the thoughts above and when we answer the question what faith is, we unknowingly stand before the truth that, to be able find the right answer we should know first that the process will come where we will be tested. So, first of all Ararat is in front of us, meaning we have to find a harbor for us. We are in the flood and the first place that we have to find is a mountain on which we can stand. The second stage is the forest of Moriah, where we should make a sacrifice to God. The third step is Sinai, where the God's law was given. There it will get foggy, but the law will be given. The forth step is Tavor, where Christ has transformed. And the last stage is Golgota. One must pass these stages during his spiritual development and should think upon them. Jesus Christ is the One Who has this alchemical power that was given to us, so that we can successfully pass through these stages. And what concept do you have about Jesus Christ? You should only ask Him, so that you have the right concept about Him. The power won't come in us until we start judging ourselves. Therefore we shouldn't complain when we are put under test, because we have voluntarily went to the "competition". In the current times we have the greatest conditions to get closer to God and to become rulers of our faith. And to be a ruler means to be beyond the karmic law. Work, work: you should work best for God for another 15 - 16 years and after that you will welcome Christ either here or in the astral world.

    18th of March, 1912, Sunday

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  21. Готов превод Любов и единство - 17.3.1912-ИБ-46 / .: 17.3.1912-ИБ-46

    TITLE: Love and unity

    In today's gathering Mr. Deunov read the gospel of John chapter 13, he stopped on verse 13 and shared the following more important thoughts:

    The word "teacher" means the one who fixes the things. We also need a teacher to learn us how to apply the things in life, because we still don't know how to apply the Divine laws. The process of destruction and the evil is necessary, but the process of good that builds is also necessary. And when you have love this law will put in action your knowledge about the laws. So, first you have to become sour, because you can't become sweet before you become sour. First you become bitter, then you become sour and in the end comes the sweetness. It comes out that the first teacher of man is the evil. Now you pass through the way of sweetening and you are the ones that will sweeten the world. The good people are the salt, which is the process that keeps the balance in the world. Actually if you listen to me I'm telling you and advising you: have love. Love means that you have unity, fusion and not depersonalization, you are with the same interests and in general you have to put the one that you love above yourself; love means to put the other one above you. And then comes the question: "Am I ready to do more for the other one than I would do for me?" Let the love in you because it will bring the new light in you. Jesus Christ washed the feet of his disciples. For you also the biggest art will be to be able to wash the feet of the others. Your feet can't be washed yet because Judas is still among you, although we are all together on the table and we eat and drink together. When Judas comes out among you then your feet will be washed. Let this be a topic for your thoughts. All your thoughts and your desires will be washed through the love.

    4th of March 1912, Sunday

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  22. Готов превод Защо Бог не премахне злото завинаги? - 27.1.1912-ИБ-43 / .: 27.1.1912-ИБ-43

    TITLE: Why God doesn't remove the evil forever?

    The things in the world are not given only to be used for the good. For example the fire is given to us to warm up, to cook and so on. But if we don't pay attention to it we will burn the house in which we have lightened the fire, so that we use it - here is how we have made something bad.

    14th of January, Saturday

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  23. Готов превод Да бъдем готови - 28.4.1912-ИБ-52 / .: 28.4.1912-ИБ-52

    TITLE: Let's be ready

    The Hadji (lady) and captain Sotirov participated on this meeting.

    Mr. Deunov read the gospel of Mathew 10:36 and underlined the verse:

    "a man’s foes shall be they of his own household"

    This verse has an inner application, because there are thoughts in the man that tell him "Don't be stupid, live like everyone else". These are the ones of his own household and he will live fine with them until he always agrees with them. Every thought like this thought should be put on its place, because every thought should obey our will. A man should sacrifice himself by all means, because otherwise he will start resembling the grain that lays unsawn in the barn. Be sure that if everyone sacrifices himself our relationships will get better. The people today don't suffer that much from material lack than from bad spiritual suffocation. We often say that we want to serve God, we even have the good intention to serve, but once He starts testing us we start hesitating and begin to retreat. It comes out that often we serve God not because we love him, but because He is rich and therefore we want him to give us some material benefits so that we pass through our lives more comfortably. The Divine person should be connected with the physical one. We want God to come to the Earth, but we have to be ready for that, because once Christ came among the Jews, but as they weren't ready they have built themselves a karma and we see its consequences. Now Christ came among the Caucasian race, the European nations and if they don't accept Him, then the yellow race will conquer them and they will be beaten badly. The worst possible misfortune will reach them. We have the motto: "The power of the human soul is in carrying out the God's will", there are also other mottos like that. Indeed "For a man to be strong, he needs to be virtuous", "For a man to be strong, he needs to be righteous", "For a man to be strong, he needs to be smart", "For a man to be strong, he needs to be wise", "For a man to be strong, he needs to have the truth in him". I know that you need peace at the moment, but you need to keep balance to have it and you will achieve this balance through exercises, just like that acrobat who passed above the Niagara Falls on a rope only with the help of a stick and after that keeping on exercising he didn't even need it, which shows us that he was already able to keep strong balance. Actually we have to have strong balance, so that we have peace. You think that during these 5-10 years you have done many things for God. But you haven't struggled for 100 - 200 - 500 - 1000 years like many others have done. So you shouldn't hesitate, because for each one hesitation there will come a day when God will hesitate about you. Let's love God in us and in the other people and let's listen to Him when He speaks to us and to the others. The completely religious life is not monotone, the mind and the feelings should take part in it, the lifting happens in a spiral way. The moral is Moses's law and the Christ's law is the freedom. Therefore we have to be free.

    15th of April 1912, Sunday

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  24. Готов превод Мисли от г,н Дънов - 22.4.1914-ИБ-85 / .: 22.4.1914-ИБ-85

    TITLE: Thoughts of Mr. Deunov

    The soul possesses the entire thorax, but it abides in the pit of the stomach where one feels the pleasures.

    The Spirit is in the head.

    In the spiritual world they feed on nectar and it is one millionth part from what we consume here; therefore those here who are used to eat a lot, they are suffering when they pass into the spiritual world.

    The Earth is one school and a place where the spirit gains power and experience. The one who lives well is a learned man, although he is simple, based on your understanding. Therefore we also need to learn to live well.

    Whoever hurts us, he is veiled in something, so why should you be angry at him for his rude behavior or for not understanding you? The hardest thing is to tolerate. And the one who can be tolerant, he is a great man.

    We go in front of God and pray to Him: "Give us this, give us that", but we are afraid to take the old sins that we hide from Him and with which we don't want to split off our shoulders. And to take them off we have to confess them to an old priest and God will enter in him, He will listen to us and He will take them off from us and afterwards it is possible that within a month we gain clairvoyance. The confession may happen in a quiet place where we imagine in a vision one of the brothers, God will also take over this brother and He will listen to us and release us.

    Don't confess to young people, as it is possible that they are not strong enough to berry your sins and you may become a reason for them to fall. (Mr. Davidov told us a story that when he started believing and turned to God, he made a confession to priest Nikola from the Kodjabuksky monastry, to whom he said all his sins. Then Mr. Deunov said that he released himself, but he burdened priest Nikola and as he couldn't support the sins he fell and now he is in the position in which we see him.)

    Man lives in the material world with his mind and his body, in the astral world - with his soul and in the spiritual world - with his spirit.

    The spirits take over us in two types of ways: through yawning and through anger.

    Those who take over us through yawning are not dangerous. (Once Mr. Deunov spoke with grandfather Sava Hadjidechev from Bourgas who afterwards passed away. Once during a standard conversation grandfather Sava yawned and started talking about Christ, the Gospel and the faith. He yawned a second time and turned on talking about the king, the army and the wars. He yawned a third time and started talking about the monasteries, the governance and the policy. He yawned a forth time and started talking again about the Gospel and the faith. It is obvious that the first spirit has been someone religious, the second - a military man, the third one - a politician and the forth one was the first one again).

    In a moment of anger when the brain stops functioning in the man, the spirit is being pushed away, the body remains empty and in that moment a new spirit might appear who enters the blood and it has to be dragged out with force.

    When clairvoyance is given to someone, he will see with semi-opened eyes some conical forms with a small ball on their top and curved in the shape of a comma, spinning in a circle, some of them white, others - black, these are two spirits - a white and a black spirit, who are fighting who will conquer us. It is better that we don't interfere in this moment in this fight, because we may become a victim, we should only help the bright spirit by praying to God that he would be the winner. In the end, when the white spirit wins, a bright matter will cover us and this is a sign that he has permeated us.

    Once we eat gratefully we are using everything that we ate. Once we are happy with the cooked meal, if we make even a small remark to the woman that the meal is unsalted or soured, the "prana" disappears and we haven't used anything from it. If the meal is unsalted or not sour enough, praise her that it is perfectly cooked and get up and fix the taste yourself. The "prana" is the life energy that exists in every person, but in different quantity. If a man's cut heals easily, this means that he has a greater amount of prana. And the other way around - whoever doesn't have enough of it, his cut would heal slowly. There is a law, by which if you put your hand to a cut with any bigger size, it will immediately be healed.

    Thank God when you eat, because he gave you the possibility to be satisfied and to gain new powers and to keep on with your life on Earth. Thank Him when you read a book, because he gave you the possibility to gain new knowledge.

    Thank when you pick a flower and you smell it, because He gave you this pleasure. And thank, thank for everything!

    The physical body gives us the rough material and serves as a scaffolding for building the spiritual body, with which we will materialize and dematerialize, once we pass to the spiritual world. If the soul in the physical body didn't manage to build a spiritual body, then after the death of the physical body it remains like an orphan, poor and it can not manifest, because it doesn't have a place to draw power from.

    The spiritual world is like a mirage - when people get closer to it, it disappears from their sight, they don't find it and they say that there is no spiritual world. After several tests like this they become reasonable that the base of the things is somewhere else and they will come backwards one day, but not for the mirage, but for the essence itself. The same thing happens when we look at the things through mirrors.


    9th of April, 1914, Bourgas

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  25. Готов превод Въжето на дявола - 22.9.1912-ИБ-62 / .: 22.9.1912-ИБ-62

    TITLE: The rope of the devil

    During today's meeting, after reading 105 psalm Mr. Deunov has added:

    As the animals are suffering from the men, likewise the men are suffering from the astral world Egypt, this is the current world here. For the prayer to be heard and for the vibrations to be intense, the heart should be so clean that the prayer going upward can destroy all the obstacles which appear on its way.

    What is an intense prayer actually? This is the situation when we regret that much for are past mistakes, that we are ready to fulfill by all means the will of God. Therefore when a bad thought comes, throw it away, because it is a rope of the devil that tights you. Our thoughts should be intense for good. This is it, the God's will. And you shouldn't stare in the mistakes of the others. Each suffering of ours is coming to us as a blessing and when God will rescue us, He will always send other people to do that.

    You should never complain, because there isn't more thankless thing in heaven than the complain. I'm comparing the contemporary people to a conus, in which, while they live, they move from bottom to top and the more the go upward, the greater space reveals to them.

    Therefore you should think upon the following four points:

    1. Have patience on first place

    2. Be calm

    3. Don't criticize anyone else. The mistakes of the others should serve you only as an element

    4. Respect each other

    9th of September 1912, Sunday

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

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