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  1. Готов превод Поздрав на всички мои братя - 14.8.1909-ИБ-28 / .: 14.8.1909-ИБ-28

    TITLE: Greeting to all my brothers

    Peace to all of you! There I call on you among this nation to be witnesses and luminaries. I know you by name. All my efforts for a long time were to prepare you for the great work of God, to develop the powers of your soul, to open your mind so that you understand the mild ways of God. Great efforts are needed for that, which I made for your good, to rescue you from the hanging destruction.

    This nation, among which you were sent from me is spiritually undeveloped. Don't be afraid, it has good germs. I want you to harvest the fruits of your work. Be even more joyful that God wrote your names in the book of life.

    I was always present among you and I was always leading you. In the hard and sad times of your life I am close to you. Yes, The Great, heavenly Father wants your good. He is so great and gracious, He has poured every day His grace over you for your support. Listen to me today. You look grimly at the future, you often hesitate, you worry from the pressure of the exams and you often think that the evil is incurable and that God has stopped listening and caressing. No, don't put this thought in your mind. Is it possible that God, The Great and Gracious Father, forgets His children? But do know that His love to you and to this nation is greater than it was before. Your souls are precious in His eyes.

    He has many children in this nation and therefore you are sent to help them, until they get stronger spiritually. My path in front of you is open. I am together with you in everything, I came to help you, to settle and live among you. I will pass through everything to make it for the good.

    The destiny of this nation that you love is in my hands. I will act according to its behavior. Don't be afraid! I don't want to destroy you, but to build you. I came to destroy the evil, to take away the sin and the crime from the heart of these men. You already see my actions, my Spirit shows his power. I work and you will work as well, the way it is given to you according to the power and the will of your soul. You need more time. Pray to God and He will strengthen your week hope. You are often worried about you vital support. Don't worry, everything needed for your life is prepared. Is it possible that the one who sows doesn't harvest and the one who works, doesn't accept? All the earthy benefits are on your disposal, the best things in life God has left for you. When you fulfill his mild will everything else will be applied on you by itself. But most of all have more love for God and for your brothers and more clear hearts and sincerity. This is most pleasant to me. I want to see you every day and you to see me, but your souls are still week to support the heavenly light of my presence.

    I should constantly manifest to you according to the condition of your spirit. Listen to me, my brothers, children of the Live God, the knowledge and the wisdom, which is sent to you is for your support. Speak the simple and clear truth. Are you ready to do anything for me or there is still something that stops you? I am ready to do anything for you and in me you have your best friend in heaven.

    Your God Jesus

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  2. Готов превод Деца по сърце - 2.6.1912-ИБ-56 / .: 2.6.1912-ИБ-56

    TITLE: Children by heart

    The Book of Genesis chapter 15 was read from Mr. Deunov and the following remarks were made:

    This chapter has its historical and mystical meaning. Abraham was childless. So is every soul - childless, before the Spirit appears. Canaan means that every men should conquer its own body. The goat in the story, is a sign for contradiction, the raw is Christ. Now during a short period you have to walk through the desert, so that you become rulers of the situation afterwards. And when you become rulers, the peace will be established and the peace will arrive. For now you are still making the bricks in the Egyptian land. The shelfs, these are your cards. Christ has to be the locksmith of your desires. He is the one to open and to close. Then you should have one Peter inside of you, a milestone. For now like Abraham you have to first grab the heifer - your soul, after that - the turtledove and in the end - the ram. This was Christ, that was talking to Abraham. And now the same talks to the men. A man that makes conditions with God is not a good man. I suggest you the pure childish faith, to become children by heart. A man should always be young by heart and should be old by mind. Prepare yourselves to welcome the goodness that God sometimes puts you in bitter pills.

    20th of May, 1912

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  3. Готов превод Ще дойде като светлина - 16.7.1912-ИБ-57 / .: 16.7.1912-ИБ-57

    TITLE: He will come as a light

    Once Mr. Deunov has read parables 30 and 31 he explained:

    The worst mistake in us is that everyone wants to moralize the others, but I have already said it before, that no one should preach and talk about what he hasn't tried. It is a question for a man who can not live on earth if he can live in heaven, because if a child can't walk at home, it will be even more difficult for it to walk in the wide world. The first thing in us is that everyone should taste God in himself. We should go around each corner of the world to find Him, because if we wait for God to find us, we are completely wrong. When the sun rises all the moles and lizards should go outside, to search for it and to find it if they want to take advantage of it, otherwise the sun will pass away and will go down. Therefore we firstly have to search for God. It depends on many conditions in the world to spoil the truth, but we have to be smart and to filter the same way as the sand filters the water - once it passes through a clay soil it will be more muddy. The important words are: "Do not add to God's words". How should we understand this? We shouldn't think about it as that priest, who thought that the breads, with which the Christ fed the people were as mountains. We should learn neither to exaggerate nor to minify, because both are sins. If you exaggerate you will have a shortage of your things and if you minify you will have an overage - in both cases we will suffer. Once your brain fills with more padding it will cause you pain. The brain is only for the necessary and the useful things. Don't pay attention to the people's weaknesses, such as how much money was stolen from someone or how much crimes were made from another one. This is not your business. Why should we load ourselves with people's weaknesses to suffer?

    The world is made to serve to God and God will be the one to fix it. The people's weaknesses are as the human's shit. Once you see it, don't dig in it, because it will start smelling, so instead of digging in it put it to a plant, that will drag the needed juices which you can't use out of it.

    Let's go back to that position in which God has placed us. We should take this woman, for whom we read in the final verses of chapter 31. And if you get married to this woman who represents the wisdom, you will lift yourself up, but if you get married to the silliness, you will drawn. Therefore everyone wants to get married to the woman of wisdom, who will place order and power in us. We need to have a bridge to pass from this world to the other one and we need material to make this bridge and this is the wisdom, Christ, for whom you have to think about instead of simply accepting him as a metaphysical person. At the moment He is greater than He was two thousand years ago. Everyone preaches about Him and talks about Him and indeed He will come as a light. Then we will have satisfaction, much greater than the one we have from the sun. When Christ comes, He will teach us and we will understand what these political events that are happening at the moment mean. What relation does the contemporary materialistic person has to the Tree of Life? First of all you have a king, ministers and a whole nation. What can the king represent? Think about that and I would like to know to what and how you will compare him? All of this is a tree with roots, branches and leaves. What do the blossoms represent? Let's think deeper, so that we understand our relationships and then we will develop ourselves correctly. Now you have a lot of material, but everything is messy inside of you and therefore you need a system, you need an order. Call for Christ and He will teach you how to take advantage of the materials that you have in hand. An English philosopher, who's composition I possess says for himself that he was so week in maths that he would have thought of himself as of an idiot if he was feeling himself the same way in any other matter. It is interesting to know even how you understand me at the moment. Some of you for example take the letter, the logic, but the human logic is sometimes different than the logic in heaven. Everything on earth and in the earth is messy, and it is made this way, so that it makes us think about it. So it means that these messy things are a puzzle for us. We often see good and bad people mixed up. Why? It is not reasonless, because we have to think and to see where exactly the problem is. We have to know in life where the problem is, the same way like my watch has stopped a few days ago and I couldn't understand where the problem is, but once the watchmaker saw it, he told me that the wire inside has broken, so the core machine couldn't work. The human life is exactly the same: something gets messy in you and you immediately loose you good mood and your bliss. This way we learn that we can also immediately fall down. We can be bad today and good tomorrow.

    This is why everyday we have to be in connection with God and to pray to Him to teach us and then once He teaches us, to follow what He has told us. We shouldn't wait to become smarter to talk to the world. You are wrong in this because you will never get smarter this way. I know for example Americans, who came in Bulgaria as missionaries and who were saying that they will start speaking Bulgarian once they learn it well. But they never learned it. And those who made mistakes in speaking, but kept on speaking, soon they learned how to speak. Actually we shouldn't spare our efforts to make good. I want this thought to remain in you, because due to this reason of the ignorance among the brothers, the ambitions and the critics among each other are born and so on and therefore instead of helping each other with the knowledge that you have and that is been given to us, we are killing each other. The knifes that are given to us, instead of using them to help each other we use them to kill ourselves.

    You are telling yourself: "If we don't do anything now it will remain to be done in the next incarnation". Well, but the next incarnations are for lifting up toward God instead of falling down. The incarnation is a way toward God and if you don't do the God's will, then you are simply degenerating and next time you will find a bigger suffering. There was a Bulgarian during the Turkish slavery who didn't want to pay tax, but once they slapped him once, twice, three times and when they came up to fifty slaps he cried: "Hold on, stop, I'll pay the tax!". Often this happens to the people, but we shouldn't say "I can't", on the contrary, we should always say that we can, so that we don't wait like that stubborn Bulgarian to be beaten.

    We often blame the children that they are in shit. But the child will be cleaned up from its mother. But when a grown up person gets dirty, this is bad. It is a big mistake to stare only in the physical cleanliness and dirtiness, because the soulful ones are more important. And when you have let one bad thought you should know that you have felt to the situation of the dirty child.

    Another big mistake that the spiritual people make is when they think they don't have any more obligations towards the world, because you should remember that you can't stop* (cease, terminate, stray) from your obligations in the world.

    And I will say it once again: find wisdom and this wisdom is Christ, Who is on earth. He will correct all your life and He will flatten all the matters that are stumbling you. Apply this experience that you have because of Him, start using the distaff that is given to you. You need a garment that should cover the conditions in which you will come the next time and therefore you have to watch out now, so that you drag the subtle energy for the garments, that will be made for you for your next incarnation. Don't think that God will take someone else's wool for your clothes. No. You have to make the fabric with your own distaff, so that you are dressed up with it for the next time.

    I'm telling you all of this so that you know it and that you help me, so that I help you; because if you help me I will help you too, but if you stumble me I will stumble you too. If you kick me, I will kick you too, if you beat me, I will beat you too.

    3rd of July, 1912, Sunday

    cease, terminate, stray; the antient usage of the used verb.

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  4. Готов превод Ще се приравнят всички по закона на Любовта и Мъдростта - 12.12.1913-ИБ-77 / .: 12.12.1913-ИБ-77

    TITLE: Everyone will be equated by the law of Love and Wisdom

    Someone will argue with me "Can a man live without any wishes?" - I don't say that one shouldn't wish, but he should learn the great law in the wishes, which he should follow, meaning that he should check if what he wishes is good for him, for his closest ones, for the nation, for the mankind and then he should wish, because it is not important to create only temporary a living organism. You create the life of a child, but not even 2-3 years pass by and God takes this child from you. You are crying and you are wondering why your child has died. The reason for this are your wishes, the breaks of the smallest law, that have made you the smallest one in God's Kingdom.

    And the word "small" means a weak person, who falls to all types of temptations, to all influences. The weak person doesn't have a defined sustainable moral and therefore he says "Doesn't matter how this life will be spent". Can you call a life the one of the pig, left in the pigsty, to whom the master brings the food 3-4 times per day? It thinks that there is no better person than its master and there is no better life than its own. I'm asking you what is our current life in regard to our future one?

    A strong desire must arise in us to lift ourselves up as conscious beings and to fulfil this great Divine law in all its completeness, so that we can call ourselves great in God's Kingdom.

    There are special commissions in heaven, who consider people's bills and actions. Whoever wants to get to know more about that, he should get deeper in the occult sciences. You can pray four times a day, but if you haven't thought or made any good in the past and you don't work now, if you don't water your garden, if you don't help people and animals, when you go to the afterlife, no one will look at you. Everyone who sees you will say "Let me check if you have put something in me, so that I help you." There is nothing put inside "Give me your overage". Yes, but in nature there isn't any overage. Such a person will be in the position of that king's son, who got engaged to a very beautiful girl, but got sick from an infectious disease and had to die from it. In that desperate condition he was praying to God to keep his life at least an hour longer, to be able to see his beloved one. Then God sent an angel to some desperate people who wanted to commit suicide and to die, to ask them: can they sacrifice an hour from their life, so that it prolongs the life of the king's son? The angel recalled an old woman who was often praying to God to take her life as soon as possible, as he was fed up of living in that many misfortunes. He went to her and suggested her to take her to the afterlife and she gives instead an hour of her life to this young fellow. She answered him: "Yes, once I wanted to die, but now I changed my intention."

    When you have a wound, most often the cells that are the closest to it will suffer the most and the ones that are more distant will feel this condition of compassion only through reflection. When you suffer on earth the ones organically connected with you will suffer as well.

    Often today in the contemporary society it is been talked about hell and heaven. The bad thing is that we dragged the hell and the heaven here on earth and we are trying it with its most fire and horror, as well as the heaven with all its beauty, as we please.

    It is not important what I'm talking, but it is important that you apply that law, because everything that you see now will completely collapse, nothing from these laws will remain in ten years. This will be the end of this spoiled world with its current debauchery. A united Brotherhood will be created around the whole world, it will take away this slavery, rich and poor will be equated, scientists with primitive, everyone will be equated by the law of Wisdom and Love. This will be the new culture. Arm yourselves with this thought, be heroes and don't be scared of anything. You have served a lot to the devil. The people believe in him more, than they believe in God. Say: "From now on we will believe in the Living God, Who moves the world and Who decided to disband it." This is why he has sent his servants. And if you don't do that, the stones will become alive and will transform the world. It is written, the trees and the animals will rise and if you don't rise you will be the last in God's Kingdom. You will say that I'm a little rigorous. No. You will excuse me, but this is not rigor. I'm saying only, that your relationships as brothers and sisters are not such as God requires them to be. I'm telling you the exact truth. Leave your argues between you aside, because there is no reason for them. Lets turn to the great truth, that God is showing us and calling us for the great work. Put your heart and your mind now at work, to create a great wave of love in the world, that will put you into the path of consent and the great laws of nature and be sure that the future will be yours.

    29 November 1913

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  5. Готов превод Радостни и търпеливи - 21.7.1918-НБ-188 / .: 21.7.1918-НБ-188

    TITLE: Joyful and patient

    "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer".

    Message to the Romans 12:12

    "Be joyful in hope". The hope is a Great principle. It is one of the faces of the Holy Trinity. The Faith, the Hope and the Love represent a triangle: the Love stays on the top of the triangle and the Faith and the Hope - on its two sides. The Faith, the Hope and the Love represent three great worlds, for which everyone is talking about, but only a few know them. Some know only one of the principles, others - two of them, but only a few know all the three. In this sense we are talking about known and unknown values. One unknown value implies a second and a third unknown value. The words known and unknown are meaningful for some and meaningless for others. If it is said that a man is famous this means that everyone knows him. If it is said that a man is unknown either nobody knows him or only a few people know him. If people don't know him this doesn't mean that he doesn't have a content.

    The physical world is known to most of the people, but the Spiritual and the Divine are known only to a few. There's an argue for the last two worlds it they exist or not. There are many logical and philosophical statements and denials for these worlds. And the more powerful the proofs for their existence are, the more powerful are also for their denial. This shows that the plus and the minus are two equal powers in Nature. As strong the plus is, as strong is the minus. There is no argue about the existence of the physical world, which is nothing but a reflection to the Divine world, because it is close to our eyes and to the other senses and we perceive it directly. We don't see the Divine world though, because we are shortsighted. How would you see this world, when you can't see small objects even on a kilometer. You have to be longsighted
    to see the Divine world. When observing the planets the scientists are using binoculars, telescopes. And the contemporary philosophers are sitting at one place and just thinking over if God exists or not; is there another world, apart of the physical one, is there a soul and so on. This is a gymnastic for the mind. The Divine world is as real as the physical one. "How do you know that?" - I see. If I enter the Divine world with my dog, I will see everything that exists there; my dog won't see and won't get a thing. If I visit a lecture of a well known professor with it, I will understand everything and it won't get a thing. It will only be embarrassed of the presence of that many people and it will start barking. The fact that the dog doesn't see and doesn't get the things doesn't mean that they don't exist. Therefore if people don't see God and the Divine world this doesn't show that they don't exist. How would you prove the blind one that the Sun is shining, that there is a physical world? He will keep touching but not everything can be touched. Therefore when the people argue about the existence of God this exactly means that He exists. You can't argue about things that do not exist. Every single thing, for which you have some conception, close or distant one, it means that it exists, it is real.

    There are real things, that exist temporarily and not forever. These are transitional realities. For example, the shadows of the objects are real only on sun or moon light, but not in a dark, gloomy night. So, the light has certain attitude towards the shadows, as they exist only through it. Once the light is gone the shadows disappear. The same relation there is between the light and the shadow the same is between the joy and the sorrow. The more grows the sorrow, the less becomes the joy; the bigger the joy is, the less is the sorrow - this is a law. So, the joy and the sorrow in Life are temporary, transitional realities. But there are realities that are eternal, absolute.

    "Be joyful in hope". The hope has a relation with the physical world, with all forms, that create joy and pleasure to the people. The hope is something real for them. The mother is enjoying her child as it has a form. When she looks at its head, the nose, the little arms, the little legs, its dark hair, she is happy; there is something visible in the child, that she can touch. If you take away these things from the child it disappears together with them. Once the form of the child disappears, the joy and the hope of the mother disappear as well. The hope is a reality, that is visible for the physical world, the Faith - for the Spiritual world and the Love - for the Divine world.

    With the faith the man lives in the Spiritual world, among the Angels. This world is not real for some people. They look at the Angels as airy, unreal creatures. In reality the Angels are more real than the people; the matter, in which they are dressed up is finer, cleaner and more resistible than the one with which the people are dressed up. What are the people dressed up with? With flesh, that is called mortal. It is thick, heavy. The matter of the Creatures in the Divine world, meaning in the world of Love, is eternal, immortal. When a man has hope, he has aspirations in himself and when he believes he lives.

    "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer". This is needed for the everyday life of the man. Therefore the teaching, that I'm teaching you, holds a positive knowledge in itself; it is neither a scholasticism, nor acting. I don't judge neither the scholastics nor the actors, because they also have their purpose, but these are temporary occupations. Should we judge the children for building sand houses with water and thinking that these are real houses? The children are exercising through their games, they develop their imagination, but what will happen with the grown ups if they also play with sand and keep building such houses. They have already passed this period of their life and they should keep moving forward.

    "Be joyful in hope". When we talk about Hope, we definitely have to also stop at the Faith and the Love. What represents the Love? This is a principle of self-sacrifice. God, Who manifests in the world is sacrificing Himself for the small. The Faith is a principle, that creates conditions for the manifestation of the sacrifice with the purpose that the Life manifests. The Hope is a principle, that covers the things in their forms. If someone asks me if he is Hope, I answer: if you have a body, you have Hope. "Do I have Faith?" - Put your hand on your chest and if you hear something beating, then you have Faith. Those who have a heart, have Faith. "Do I have Love?" - You will answer yourself to this question. This is a task, in which both values are known, only one is unknown. You will find yourself the unknown.

    "Be joyful in hope". I'm adding: "Have Faith in Hope". The Hope contains both the Faith and the Love in itself. When you wake up in the morning from sleep, look yourself in the mirror and say: "Thank You, God, that the Hope is in me." What does the coquette do? Once she wakes up, she takes the mirror and says: "Will anyone like me today?" - Someone will like you if you have the Hope. It makes your face beautiful, calm, with proper lines. If your eyes are blurry, there is something unnecessary in your stomach. Once the doctor checks you, he will tell you to adjust your stomach. And I will tell you to adjust your Hope. If your face is pale, if your arm is stiff, if you have a strong heartbeat, you need to straighten your Hope, meaning you have to strengthen it. Every disharmony in the physical body of the man shows that its Hope has weakened. And the other way around: every inappropriate manifestation of the Hope creates a physical disharmony in the person.

    "Be patient in affliction". It is hard to talk to the people and convince them exactly in this, to be patient in affliction. It is said about God that He is long-patient, but can a man be patient? Even more to have endurance when he suffers and grieves. No matter how hard it is, it is possible that a man is patient. If God is long-patient, than a man can be at least patient. There is no creature in the world, that has endured that much vilification, dirty thoughts and ungratefulness as God. Someone says for himself that he is patient. But he hasn't tested himself, he doesn't know himself. Once his patience is put into test, he will see that he has no patience. The patience is being tested only in sorrow and suffering, in hard times. A patient man is that one, who's mind, heart and will are in complete agreement. If one's mind goes to one side, his heart - to another and his will to a third side, then he can't be patient. And such man wants to know the God's secrets! This is impossible. Can God put His treasures in a drilled boat and start a voyage with it? And after all of that someone complains that God didn't visit him. How shall He visit you, when your boat is drilled?

    There was a young man from one Bulgarian village who was constantly complaining to his mother that he is unhappy. I'm healthy, I'm brave, I can beat a bear, but what do I need this bare health for? I don't have any money, the girls don't want me. They are frightened from my strength, and from the lack of money too. What shall I do? One day he felt sick from a heavy disease, that kept him down for three whole years. He became so week, that he was barely moving. Once he lost his health, he started thinking correctly and he said to his mother: "Mom, I hope that God hears my request this time again and brings back my health, even if he loads me with stones afterwards. I don't want anything else but health. I don't need any money, I don't need girls - health is what I want".

    Nowadays everyone wants bread, just like this sick fellow. You hear from everywhere: we want bread, bread is what we want! What is the bread? The Good, the Virtues in man. Wherever you have Virtues you have plenty of bread there, once there are no Virtues, there isn't any bread neither. So, in the Divine world the bread is connected with the Good, meaning with the Virtues. The patience, for example, is a Virtue. Therefore when you are sad, apply your patience to try its power and influence. Whoever doesn't apply his patience, he applies his woe, but it is a burden. The woe understands the law of necessity and the patience - the law of Love. Only the one who loves endures. He applies the powers of the mind, the heart and the will at once, so that he can transform the matter of the sorrow and to turn it into Joy. Only the patience is capable to turn the grosser matter of the sorrow into a finer one; this means to turn the sorrow into Joy.

    "Be persistent in prayer".Why do we need the prayer? This is the connection of the human soul with the higher conscious world, from where the man receives his powers to keep the Life. One needs patience to pray constantly. If one gets sick, he immediately receives recommendations for a strong food and to lay in bed. For a weak stomach some wine is recommended as well. I would recommend to the sick person fresh air, patience and prayer. After that I will recommend him to unite the powers of his mind, heart and will, so that they work together and in agreement. "Is it possible to heal a man like that?" - Yes, it is. It has been like this since the creation of the world. And if it is not this way today, the reason is in the man himself. He has lived in such a way to disconnect the link between the powers in his body. To restore this link he has to pray and endure.

    The prayer is a spiritual process. Same as the breathing in the physical world, the same is the prayer in the Divine world. So the prayer is a spiritual breathing or maturation of the Divine goods. When a man turns his heart toward God, he breathes the elixir of Life. Apply often the prayer, so that you see what ease will become in your soul. The contemporary people don't recognize God, they don't pray and once they get sick, they immediately search for a doctor. It is not bad to search for outside help, but search for it after you have tried some other ways. Once you get sick, first of all turn toward God, after that toward your soul and only after that toward the doctor. You are doing it the other way around and therefore you don't succeed. Afterwards you wonder why instead of some improvement your condition is getting worst.

    The people nowadays are engaging in unnecessary reasoning if God exists or not; if He takes care about the people, if He loves them and so on. If God hasn't created the world and if everything that surrounds us is not His creation, then it can be assumed that He doesn't care about anything; but as the whole world is His, He takes care of everything and everyone. Both God and His helpers are interested in the people who are a part of God, although they create both joy and sorrow for Him. He bears everything, He endures and hopes, that a day will come, when His children will search for Him and will recognize Him as their Father. Until then they will cause Him great sufferings. Isn't it the same with your parents? You cause a lot of troubles and suffering to your parents until you finish your education and step firmly on your feet. Sometimes you don't want to study, they send you money, they are struggling to find more resources to fulfill your needs. Sometimes you neglect their efforts and you occupy yourself with some other matters instead of studying. There is a close relation between the parents and the kids, therefore the disgrace of the parents is a disgrace for the children too. And the other way around - the disgrace of the children is a disgrace for the parents too. Our mistakes and sorrows are affecting God the same way. God has to come to earth so that it cleans up from the mistakes and the dirt of the people, He has to wash His children and clean the whole World.

    From the point of view of the Divine world, the contemporary people are still children, twelve years old, who can work more than that. Once, when people were very little children, two - three years old, God was extremely indulgent to them. But today, once they have grown up, they became 12 years old, the Divine law is being applied to them. They are being placed on the cross where they are studying the two diameters of the circle. Today most of the people are wearing the cross on their neck, but once the suffering comes from above they start crying. When the soldier wears a cross, he shows that he is brave. He wears the cross for bravery and he passes as a hero. Then why you, who wears the cross, meaning the suffering, why don't you be a hero? Wear the cross and be a hero! God gives crosses to the people who come on earth, before they deserved them; once they live a while they reward each other, they give each other crosses for merits and they are passing as heroes.

    When I say that people are crying from the suffering, I'm not against the crying. On the contrary, those who cry deserve a praise. A person should start crying once he dries a bit, so that he soaks himself. Occasionally man should cry a bit, but crying all life long isn't natural. Laughing all life long isn't natural neither. Those who only laugh resemble a desert man. He lives in the desert where nothing grows. If I'm a stranger, I'd rather stop in the hut of a poor man, who cries at least once per week, instead of getting in the house of a man who only laughs and never cries. God acts the same way. He visits the sad one, the burdened one, the unhappy person. Why? Because he cries, he waters his dry flowers.

    "Is it really truth that God has visited us?" - He has entered your hearts many times. He has visited you when you were joyful too. Once He leaves your joy disappears. Don't get disheartened. If He visited you once, He will visit you again. A Bulgarian saying says: "Where water has flowed, it will flow again". Why does your trough dries sometimes? Some brothers of yours, gardeners, have diverted your water toward their garden, to water their vegetables and fruits. Once they water their garden well, they let the water pour in your troughs again. One who has no water to give to the others, he has to rest, at least for a while. You had sorrow once, because a brother of yours diverted your water a little. Don't argue with the people, who make you troubles sometimes. Haven't you ever diverted someone else's water? The fact that you are joyful sometimes shows that you have diverted your neighbor's water and you are happy that you will water your garden. When you are happy you don't think that you caused trouble to someone. But once you are sad, then you start crying and thinking about that. In this case the people resemble to that Russian, who was saying: „Ест деньги, Христос воскрес; нет денег – смертию смерт” (If there is money - Christ is risen, if there is no money - death to the death).

    "Be persistent in prayer." Why should you be persistent in prayer? So that you organize your mind, your heart and your will. What is the joy? A proper coordination of the powers, that work in your body. Same like the healthy machine moves calm, even, without any shaking and rubbing, the same way the man of the joy develops properly and harmoniously. The sorrow is the oil needed to grease the mechanical parts. We can't go neither without a machine, nor without the oil. So this means that a man can't live neither without joy, nor without sorrow. Until he is on earth, he will have both joy and sorrow.

    The sorrow is inevitable. How can you cause sorrow and suffering to the creatures standing lower than you and want only happiness for yourself? Why do you kill the caws, the hens, the lambs and the pigs? The same way you kill creatures smaller than you, the same way you'll have to give your meat to others, so that they are happy with it. When they put the dead man in the grave, the little creatures jump on him joyfully that they have something to eat. They are happy with the nice food that came unexpectedly to them and they are eager to taste it. What songs and fun become around a well roasted chicken! Why shouldn't the same fun happen among the little workers - the worms, the underground workers? They disassemble the human body, they separate the bricks one after the other and leave only the bones. After that other workers - creators come, who start thinking how to build a new human body. They start collecting piece by piece, assemble them together and create the new human body.

    The essential in the man, meaning his soul, is not in his body, therefore sometimes the man is not happy with his house - the body. He finds that it is missing some belongings. Many people are not happy with their life. Why? Because the satisfaction comes always from above, not from below. In order to be happy, call for the help of the Love and the Faith. Creatures from the Divine world will come together with the Love and creatures from the Angel's world will come together with the Faith. These creatures, together with you will fulfill your wishes and your Hope will be justified. The Love is related with the human soul, the Faith - with the mind and the heart and the Hope - with the will. Once you know that, apply the Faith, the Hope and the Love in your life, to see what the result for your life will be.

    Imagine that you are unhappy with a thought or an action of yours. You are getting worried, frustrated, you get energetic and you start looking for someone to pour your anger on. If you are a father, your hand will be either on the back of the first or the second child and sometimes even to your wife. If you are a boss, you will knock with your hand on the table or with your foot on the floor. In both cases your work won't get better. Why don't you search for the reason for your dissatisfaction in yourself instead of searching it in the people around you? So the method that you apply is not correct. Search for another way to deal with your dissatisfaction. What is the point to use a medicine that worsens the patient's condition? If you have taken it for two - three days in a row and your condition keeps getting worst, change it with something else, that may improve the ill man's condition. You'll call another doctor, who will prescribe another remedy. You have the right to change the medicines and the doctors until the condition of the ill person gets completely improved. You should apply the same rule for yourself. You should change the methods of your work until a better result comes out. Why do you have to hit with a hand or a foot? The children aren't getting disciplined with hits and fight. Have patience for your anger to pass away and then instead of beating your child, caress his head and tell him a few sweet words. The anger is being transformed with work, not with hitting the table with a hand or the floor with a foot, neither with hitting other people's backs.

    Many people are unsatisfied with their mistakes and say that they are sinners, that they are bad people. If this can improve a man's condition, if it can help him rise up, then let him call himself a sinner; but if it doesn't help him in any way he should never use such words. The methods which the people use during their self-discipline have meaning only if they bring the desired and expected fruits. If the old ways of education and religion haven't given any good fruits, then you should give up on them. Replace these old methods with new ones and expect their fruits. If you plant fruits and vegetables in your garden in a certain way and you don't have any good fruits, than next year you should apply another method.

    Paul says: "If your life doesn't get better through Hope and joy, get into the sorrow and the patience; if you don't have a result even there, get into the prayer and the consistency." If someone has started from the prayer and the consistency and his life hasn't improved, he should get into the sorrow and the patience and from there - into the Joy and the Hope. This way he will definitely have good results. The creatures before us have tried this and they have reached positive results. You should try this too, to see that there are no exceptions in the application of the Hope, the Faith and the prayer as methods. If you apply only the prayer, this method has 50% exceptions, if you apply only the sorrow and the patience - it has 25% exceptions, if you apply the Love and the joy, there are no exceptions. The Love and the joy include the Faith, the Hope, the prayer, the consistency and the patience.

    So, if someone complains that his things in the family or in the society don't go well and if he thinks that he is unhappy, that the destiny runs after him, let him get into the sorrow and the patience, and if he doesn't have success here, he should enter in the Hope and the joy; if he is still unhappy here, let him enter the prayer and the consistency. The sorrow and the patience, the Hope and the joy, the prayer and the consistency represent the three couples of threes from three different worlds. Most or the people are from the first world, they study the methods through which they endure the sorrow with patience. When you study the sorrow and the patience in the physical world you will lift up to a higher one, to study the proportion between the forms. Then you will understand why sometimes your face is pale and sometimes it is red; why sometimes your eyes have light in them and why sometimes they are blurry; why sometimes your heart beats harmoniously and sometimes not. This is a science, that you can learn only on earth. In this respect, the earth is a great school.

    Now that you listen to this lecture, don't judge how i talk, but watch what I do. The power in the man is not in his words but in his actions. A strong man is that one who pays attention to the little things and he learns from them. When I see that two children are fighting on the street, I don't pass away from them but I stop to watch them and to translate everything that I see. It is important for me with which hand they pluck their hair, to which side they pluck it, with which leg they kick each other and so on. All of this has a meaning. It is not indifferent with which hand someone will hit you - with the right or the left one. These things are related also with me. When you study and observe the little things, you will reach an internal understanding of Life.

    And then the verse where Christ has said, that if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to him the other too, has meaning not only by letter, but also by spirit. This means: if you don't succeed in something with your mind, then apply your heart. And the will will be your target point. If you don't succeed in anything with sorrow and patience, apply the Hope and the joy; if you don't succeed even then, apply the prayer and the consistency. When some misfortune befalls you, don't grumble against it, but turn to God with the words: "God, teach me how to drag more butter from the sorrow and my misfortune." The butter represents the lesson that you can learn. What do you do with the fruits in the summertime? You prepare them for the winter through drying and boiling.

    You'll say that it is easy to talk, but hard to stand the sufferings. It is hard indeed, the situation of the people who suffer. They are on a great fire. There are some homes where one day the woman is in the firebox and the man lights the fire, the next day it is the other way around: them man is in the firebox and the woman lights the fire. The woman begs the man not to roast her, the man begs the woman not to roast him. In the end the fire doesn't disappear. Until they don't become clean and they don't start shining the fire will be constantly fueled. Therefore thank God that he gave you such a man or such a woman, to clean each other. It is important for you to be happy, to endure and to be persistent.

    Joy must come out of the Hope, patience must come out of the sorrow and persistency must come out of the prayer. Why should we grieve? So that we gain patience. Why should we hope? So that we gain joy. Why should we pray? So that we gain persistency. If you want to have joy, apply the Hope; if you want to be patient, accept the sorrow with joy; if you want to be persistent, pray. Pray not only for yourself, but for everybody. Those who think only for themselves won't achieve anything. When you enter the Divine world, among the Angels, then you will think only for yourself. Why? Because there everyone is strong, they don't need anyone else's help. Till you are on earth though, you have to think for the rest as well. If you are a servant you will think for your masters. If you get out of this position then you can think only for yourself. You are in the position of a master, who thinks first for himself and then for his close ones. Apply this and you'll see what a change will become in your life.

    Some live on earth, but they think about the death, they are afraid that they will die. There is nothing scary in the death. To die means to think only for yourself. Therefore when someone says that he wants to live and to think only for himself, God immediately orders that he is taken to the other world. You will think for your close ones on earth and for your self; once you leave for the other world, then you will think only for yourself. The dead one doesn't think about the others. It is funny if the ox who is liberated from the oxbow
    thinks about his master. It thinks about fresh grass and pure water. The dead one, who is liberated from the earth thinks about higher things. That one who is tight to the earth, he is not free even when he is dead; he doesn't know himself if he is alive or dead. Once the dead one has reached a position to think about higher things, this doesn't mean that he is selfish, but he wants to gain more riches, so that once he comes back on earth he helps his close ones. Till you are on earth you'll have to think about the others. Once you go to the other world you'll be asked if you want to remain with God or you want to go back to the earth. You will define your place with the answer that you'll give. This shows that a person can go freely on earth and not with force. Once you know that, no matter what troubles you have and in what conditions you live, don't complain. You have chosen this place, you have voluntarily come on earth.

    "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer". If you don't succeed in the prayer, enter in the sorrow, if you don't succeed in the sorrow, enter in the Hope. Apply this rule for one month and if you have 50 percent result, you'll know that you are in the laws of Nature, because it helps with 50% in any case: in illness, in difficulties, in sufferings. Do the same as the Nature. If you help someone 50%, leave him to help himself 50%. Don't help anyone completely, 100 percent. If you thought to leave your daughter hundred thousand leva, give her 50'000 lv. Whatever you decided to help with, when you come to it, fulfill the half of it. It is noticed that the mothers lose the children they love the most. They want to give 100 percent from what they have and therefore God takes their children back to Him. A man can't live on earth and be 100% secured. God gives 100 percent and a man - not more than 50 percent. Some mothers kill their children with their huge Love. They feed them too much, they want to satisfy them completely. Don't saturate your children, don't saturate yourself neither. Be loyal to the Divine law, by which the little is being blessed like the big. When you come to the person - give 50%, when you come to God, give 100%.

    The woman complains from her husband that she gave him everything, that she became his slave. There it is her mistake. And the man complains from his wife, that he gave everything to her, that he became her slave. There it is his mistake. God didn't send you on earth to become slaves. Everyone is guilty for his own slavery. Whoever doesn't understand the law, gives too much from himself and then he suffers, that he wasn't appreciated, he wasn't accepted the way he had to be. How do you want to be accepted? If someone smiles at you, bows at you, shakes your hand, is this a good approach? This is an outwardly kind expression, but not inwardly. The outwardly expression of the things is not always pure, sincere. The Turks though take the outwardly expressions as real ones and create their own troubles. If a woman smiles incidentally to a man, the last one thinks, that she gives him a sign and he is ready to accuse her. This is a misunderstanding of things. When the understanding is wrong, it is not Divine. Be awaken to observe yourselves, so that you don't fall in wrong actions. Release yourselves from the old habits, so that you listen to what God tells you from inside. When God talks to you, you feel inner Piece and calmness.

    What is the condition of a man that is visited by God? It is similar to the sunrise. It is like you went outside early in the morning on a mountain peak and you observe the sunrise from there and you welcome the first solar rays. In this solemn moment of your soul, you kneel in front of God, you raise your eyes up and you say a thankful prayer to Him. "What will the people say when they see me kneeling?" - Leave the people aside. The people, this is you; these are the shadows of your consciousness, don't be afraid of them. If you look in too many mirrors, you will have lots of expressions, but the real expression is only one, the rest are reflections, shadows of the real expression. When you fall in a reverent condition, raise your hands up, pass through the joy and the sorrow, to see how God works and observes his creatures; how they fall and get up and how He corrects their life. Then get up in a higher world and see how He lives.

    This means for a man to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, persistent in prayer.

    Sunday Talks

    21.07.1918 Sunday, Sofia

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  6. Готов превод Бог е говорил - 9.11.1919-НБ-255 / .: 9.11.1919-НБ-255

    Title: God has spoken

    "We know that God spoke to Moses, but as for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” (John, 9:29)

    "God spoke to Moses." Did the Jews know that God has spoken to Moses, this is a question. I'm saying: If x + y = 20, that means that x = 20 - y. What x and y are equal to, you will answer this question yourselves. It is not strange that God talks to people. There is nothing unordinary talking. A prominent professor from the university may talk to his servant. So what? The servant will say that this and that prominent professor has spoken to him.

    Many of the contemporary people, men and women, say that God has spoken to them too. I'm happy that God has spoken to them, but He may have spoken to them as the professor to his servant in the university or as the professor to his students. These are two different situations. Therefore you shouldn't deceivе yourselves.

    "We know that God spoke to Moses". By "Moses" in the wide meaning of this word we understand everything that is familiar to us. "As for this fellow, we don’t even know where he comes from" - this is the new for the world. Moses represents the old order in the world, that we all know. Christ is the new, that comes to the world and that we don't know. Doesn't the ox know his cowshed in which it constantly gets in and out? If you tell the ox that it may make some change in its cowshed it will object that it doesn't want to. Why wouldn't it want that? Because it thinks there is no greater thing than its cowshed. These are the thoughts of many scientists and philosophers. I take the word "scientists and philosophers" in the wide aspect, as general principles. I am not defending anyone or blaming anyone. In my opinion the people are equally precious, no matter if they do good or bad. They are the two unknowns x and y that equal 20. Calculate what equals x and what - y. The two values x and y are the good and the bad people, with which you have to work if necessary. No progress is possible without good and evil. This is how this matter is stated in nature, this is how I understand it too. It is another question how you understand it philosophically. If you complain against the evil, why do you keep it in yourself? If the woman complains about her husband why did she become his hostage? If a man talks badly about his wife, why did he become her hostage? Understand this matter generally, not in the narrow sense. A man can be a hostage to a certain believing too. Has he tasted the fruits of his idea or his believing? The fruits can be both good and bad. Both the good and the bad people love, both the honest and the dishonest love. What is the difference between the ones and the others? The difference is only in our minds, in our thoughts, by which we accept that some people are good and others are bad. An artist can draw your face and put several wrinkles on it, he can change your lines and tell you are a bad man. Is this truth? This is someone else's face, not yours. This is a creation of the artist. The same way a man can do whatever he wants with his body, but his soul is elusive, no one can touch it. It stays always Pure and virtuous. Whatever efforts the people make, the soul can't be caught.

    "We know that God spoke to Moses." Moses is the visible, physical side of life. Who's that who has been in prison, who was hanging on a rope, who was beaten with a stick, who doesn't know Moses? Moses is everywhere. This Moses, to whom God has spoken is found everywhere. God has spoken to him, but he speaks as well. This means that whenever God speaks, the people speak too. Everyone, who has suffered from someone else says: I know Moses, to whom God has spoken.

    "As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from." Countless temples are built all around the world on the name of This Fellow. Men and women from all around the world call themselves Christians - on His name. Some call themselves Baptists, others - Sabbatarians, others Orthodox and so on. Despite that get in the hearts of these people to see if inside is written the name of the Christ. Everyone says: "We know Moses, as for this fellow, we don’t even know where he comes from." The Jews say it right, that they don't know Christ, because you can't recognize the truth, until you taste it. Christ's teaching in a wider sense is a teaching of the experience, but not the ordinary experience. You will argue with me: We know Christ - you know the historical shadow of Christ. You know that once a man was born - Christ, from a Jewish origin. You have read the Gospel, you know Christ, but even this knowledge of the Gospel is not real. You know the shadow of the Gospel. If the men and the women knew Christ and the Gospel, their homes would have been organized in a completely different way.

    I'm asking you: How do you explain yourself the verse where Christ says to love your enemies? How do you explain yourselves the verse, in which Christ says: If you don't deny yourself you can't be my students"? How do you explain yourselves the verse: "Those who love their father and mother more than me, they are not worthy to follow me?" How do you apply these verses?

    In conclusion, all of you say: "We know Moses, to whom God has spoken. But, as for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from." The question is how much do you know Moses. One thing is required from you: First you have to release yourself from Moses and from what God has spoken to him and after that you can deal with Christ. The contemporary Christianity is a Christianity in a Jewish nutshell. Everything that the Jewish people once did, now the Christians do it. Christ says: "You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." You'll say that the Christ's teaching is inapplicable in life. How comes that if anyone slaps me on the cheek, I would turn the other one also! If they grab you tightly and start beating you, like a real Christian, you have to become calm and silent, not to start crying for help, so that you show you're a hero. Can you bear that much? You'll imagine, that they are beating your shadow, your house from outside, not you. What will you do if they start beating you? You will pray, you will kneel, so that the fight ends. This means you know Moses and you are praying to him. Once Christ comes, you say: We are educated people, we have to criticize, so that we don't fall in delusion. You are already in delusion anyway. I would like to meet people, who are not deluded.

    I'm not talking about the philosophy of the shadows now, I'm not reasoning the things. The mathematics is reasoning too. If I start reasoning everything in a mathematical way, how would you understand me? I will use the unknown x and y, with the equality a + b = c, but you won't understand me. All of this has a meaning in the live math. Once we come to it, I will sow a seed and, as it grows, I will call you to go through the actions accumulation, subtraction, multiplication and division, through which it has passed. After that I'll cease your attention to the more complicated processes that are happening in it: limits, functions and so on. These are mathematical arguments. Observe how the growing happens and get to conclusions, what the reason for the aspiration is of the plant to grow upward, why the leaves are opening and the fruits are hanging down.

    When you study the growing as a conscious process, you'll say that here applies the law of gravity and others. Many are talking about that law, but they don't fully know it. For example, you know that the bodies attract, but how does this happen? I say: You can attract a body, only after you pushed it away. An attraction without a repulsion does not exist. The mother first repulses the fetus and after that she attracts it, so that it merges with her. This condition is called from the Hindus "nirvana" or the law of merger. If the law of merger haven't existed, the fetus wouldn't have merged with the mother and you wouldn't be coming to listen to me. You'll say that this is philosophy, it is not sure how correct it is. I'm saying that most of the contemporary people are dealing with wool breaking. Everyone you meet breaks wool - philosophizes. You are excellent wool breakers in this case. The world is full with wool and wool breakers. If you continue this craft you'll suffocate yourselves in the wool. What should be done? You have to spin the wool. The salvation of the people is in the spinning. I say: Believe in the spinning and you'll be saved - you and your home. Since two thousand years people always believe. Someone comes, wants money on loan and says: Believe me, I'll give them back. He takes the money and you never see him again. You give money and then you wonder why he hasn't give them back to you. I say: The power, with which you repulsed him is so strong that decades have to pass, so that you attract him again toward you. He is not a bad man, but hundred years have to pass, so that he comes back to you. Who will wait that many years? If you can't wait give small amounts of money, so that you don't think about them. The rich man says: I'm not stupid to give a lot of money at once. I'll give little amounts, a few leva only, so that they come to me often.

    "We know that God spoke to Moses". I'll give you a story from the life of a young king. He lived in Egypt, four thousand years before Christ, when Egypt was in its blossoming stage. The name of this king is not important, I won't tell it. Accept it as an equation with one unknown. The king loved to go chasing, therefore he built a little hut in a forest, near a pasture, where a young and beautiful shepherdess grazed her flock. She was singing while doing this joyfully and carefree. She was often meeting the young king, but she didn't recognize him. One morning he stopped the young shepherdess and asked her: Can you bring me every morning milk from your sheep? - Yes, I can. She started bringing him milk every morning, from which he was very delighted. He noticed that since he was drinking from this milk, he started to become smarter. He decided to find out the reason for that and started observing the life of the shepherdess, the way she was gazing her sheep, the way she treats them and he learned a great lesson from her attitude. He said to himself: Once I go back to my kingdom, I'll apply her methods in the rulership.

    The Bulgarians also want to change Bulgaria, but they don't know what methods to apply. They go to England, to the States, to France, they take some events from there for lifting up the Bulgarian nation. See, 40 years already Bulgaria is being ruled only with foreign events, without reaching the results it chases. It can also use the methods of the good old Bulgarian shepherds and shepherdesses, like the Egypt king. There is no need that the Bulgarians learn the laws of Moses, to whom God has spoken. They should have said: Although we know Moses, to whom God has spoken, and we don't know where this Fellow comes from, we will try His teaching. You'll say that for a trial you need hundred years. In my opinion one year is enough for the trial. By that time it will be clear if this teaching is correct or not. When Christ was teaching the Jewish people, due to political reasons they were pushing away His teaching and were saying: The Romans are a strong, cultural nation, we have to imitate them, to become as strong as them. As for the new teaching, which recommends not to resist the evil, to give the other cheek if they slap us on the cheek, this is far from us. We are practical people, we search for a fast way of work.

    The Bulgarians accept the Christs teaching, but they haven't applied it yet. And they say like the Jewish people: The time of this teaching has not come yet. I say: The time has come. More than 40 years have passed from that time. - What will happen to us in the future? Imagine that you live on the North pole, where everything is in ice. Your houses are made from ice, you don't see water anywhere. If someone comes to you and tells you that you have to change your life, to make boats, with which you should travel, you'll object, that you don't trust it and you can't give up the life that your grandparents and grand grandparents have lived. I'm telling you to take measures, because the earth will go through a tremendous change. If you don't believe me, a day will come, when you will check my words. The sun will start shining stronger, it will melt the ice. Your houses will start breaking, the ice will start melting and you will start drowning. You say: What faith has reached us! This is not faith, it's the earth that has changed its way of movement, the sun rays are falling at right angle and melting the ice. You are living on the top of an iced see. If you get late with changing your life, soon you'll find yourselves on the bottom of the see. Now I'm telling you too: If you don't correct your life, the same is waiting for you. This is not a threat; this is the natural state of life. The Great wave, that is coming now in the world, is breaking the ices and turns them to water. In a thousand years from now not only the people will change, but the wolfs will stop eating sheep. They will get discussed from the meat and will feed with plants and fruits.

    I take the words pears, apples, grain in their simple meaning, the way that the mathematics treats the unknowns x, y, z. When we come to the functions in the math, there the unknown X may be changeable, independent value. Such a value is for example the radius of the circle. The unknown y is a dependent changeable value or a function of x. When he grows, a man is a changeable value. If his character is stable we say that he is a changeable independent value. Whatever changes may happen inside of him, he deals easily with them. We say that the value y is dependent and changeable. Every person, who is not a master of his situation, he is the value y. Whoever rules himself, he is the value x.

    When you accept a teaching or some ideas, you have to master their elements and apply them. If you apply them, you are the value x - independent changeable value, if you don't master them, you are an y - dependent changeable value. In the first case, the man expands, in the second - he limits himself. This is an abstract question, but it is as needed, as the sand they give to the duck is, so that it easily digests the food.

    "We know that God spoke to Moses". When you meet each other, you ask each other: Has God spoken to you? Someone comes to me and says: God is talking to me, therefore I don't want to listen to anybody. - God speaks to the servant in the university, but after that he finishes the university and gets out of it. Did you finish university? - I didn't. - Well if you didn't then God hasn't spoken to you. Don't fool yourselves. When God is talking to us, like He spoke to Moses, we do both good things and mistakes. Everyone can test this. For example, a rich father is talking to his son and gives him funds to study; the son studies, but also makes a bunch of mistakes. The statistics show that the sons of the rich people are servants in university; they graduate and become scientists. If you ask why the world is suffering, we answer: The world is suffering, because God has spoken to the learned servants. I don't blame the learned people with that, but we have to understand the essence of the things, we have to understand the deep meaning of what is been spoken to us.

    The Bulgarians have to be real Christians, everyone should search for them, like the violins made from Stradivarius and Amati are being searched till today. Three hundred and more years already have passed since the death of these masters of the violin, but their violins didn't loose their price. If you are masters in Christianity, then in three hundred years your violins have to have the same price as the ones of Stradivarius. He didn't make his violins from the material of the Bulgarian violins. The Bulgarian is making violins from a mulberry tree. He doesn't study the quality of the tree, the direction of its veins, he only watches for the tree to be dry and starts cutting. Stradivarius has first studied the quality of the tree, the direction of its veins, its thickness. It was important for him in which directions the veins go. Then he was paying attention to the thickness of the lower and the upper board, he combined them correctly. Only with this combination of the different components he dragged this wonderful tone out of the violins. There is a common line in the violin, where all the tones are merging. If you don't put this line at its place, the violin won't have a good tone. The good violin is the one which tone resembles a human voice. The violin represents the human soul with which the man works. In 300 years will it be more developed than today? You say that the soul doesn't have a form, but it can be developed. Who would you give it to: to Stradivarius or you will carve it yourselves? Give your violin in the hands of a good master, to God, so that He cultivates it.

    The mother asks: What is going on with the child? What shall we do with it? - We'll baptize it, the priest will read to it, we hope it will become a good child. They baptize it, the priest reads to it, but it doesn't get better. The child doesn't get better neither with the baptism nor with the priest's reading. During the behavioral education of the child there are elements, that have to be kept. If they are kept, the child becomes a good one. The son who studies in the university as a servant says: Let us sacrifice for our nation, let's help those, who are on the battle field, but let's stay on the back side. Let's die for our country - This means: go to the battle field, we will be on the back side and we'll help you from there. I don't understand what this patriotism is. Once the people were fighting for Christ, there were Crusades. Now there are different movements: female movement, cooperative movement, social movement. I'm glad about these movements, they are refreshing the humans minds. On the base of these movements we can build a mill to grind flour.

    I'm asking the current Christians, why they don't deal with the Gospel. They answer: Let's see first what decisions will be taken in the conference in Paris, then 'we'll deal with it.' I say: The conference in Paris won't decide anything important. If you are waiting for it, you'll remain bear foot and hungry. It won't take you to heaven. What will be decided in Paris is not your business. The important is what you have to do. Those in Paris know Moses, to whom God has spoken. As for this Fellow, they don't know where He comes from. You become cruel and you say, that the ones taking part in the conference are not right. Don't judge them. They are the one half of humanity, you are the other half. You'll argue, that you can't do anything, because you are not members of the conference. - You are not right. One grain was brought to the world, but it feeds the whole humanity. The apple and the pear didn't come all together neither. There was culture in the world that has prepared the land and grown the plants. - When did the grain come to the world? - If I open the archives of the nature and read, I'll see that an angel has brought the first grain in the world. Do you believe in that? This has happened 250 million years ago. - The world hasn't existed back then. We may accept this truth if we decrease the years and instead of 12 months we will count that the year was made from 3 months. In my opinion the years back then were longer than the current ones.

    Do you know how the Earth was turning around in the past? Do you have an idea how long the days were? I won't dwell on these questions. The important is that the number 250 represents the basic law of Being. The number two represents a principle of the Holy Spirit and the number five - the principle of the human mind. Therefore 250 million years ago the grain was imported in the conscious world. It was growing firstly in the human mind, meaning in the human's brain. It was gradually descending from the conscious world, until it came to earth. And today we are using it, we know what power it contains. Despite that only a few know the real value of the grain. In certain cases the Bulgarian man would refuse a fresh bread for a roasted chicken or a roasted lamb. Until the war started there was always someone to say that he can give up the bread but not the roasted lamb. After the war everyone says: I'm giving up the lamb, but not the bread. Only after 250 million years of education and hitting the human brain, the people understood, that they can live without anything but the bread. This is the real philosophy, that the people reached. This is the only way that they will understand the verse, in which the Christ says: "I'm the living bread that came from heaven. Whoever eats me, he has life in himself".

    "As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from". Not knowing is not an important argument. Not knowing doesn't solve the issues. Try Him and you'll understand where He came from. The fact that God spoke to Moses is true, but who didn't He speak to? I don't think there is another nation to which God spoke as much as to the Jewish nation. Many of the contemporary religious people say: Do you know that God spoke to me? Do you know that you have to be careful with me? - Do you know my friend, that the Jewish nation, to whom God spoke the most is also beaten the most? Every man to whom God speaks a lot, is beaten a lot. Have you seen this beloved daughter of her mother and her father, how much punishment she passes? - Why do they beat her? - Because she felt in love with a waster. Through the stick of the mother and the father God talks to her. The man has to understand the meaning for this fight. The young woman bears the fight, she bears, because she has an idea. She says: I don't want to walk anymore the path of Moses, whom I know. I'm starting the path of the unknown, the unfamiliar. We will kill you, you can't follow this path! A persecution begins against the maid. - Why does this persecution come? - Very naturally the mother and the father don't want to give her to the unknown and she suffers. Or said in another way: She is a student of the Divine school, from where they put her in a test, to check her love. I say: If they persecute you for something unknown, there is a reason. If they persecute you for something ordinary, you have to say it yourself: "I know that God spoke to Moses". Today all the churches state, that God spoke to Moses. The contemporary nations also support that. But no nation has accepted Christ yet. If Christ comes today among the people, just like that, they will drag Him from one place to another, they will ask Him questions, where He comes from, where He was born, how does He feed Himself and so on. What will Christ answer? He will answer: If the people really believe that God spoke to Moses, they would have also believed Me. But they don't believe in Moses neither.

    Do you see this cloud on the sky at this moment? What does it say to you? You'll say like the scientists, that this is a cloud, made from the vaporization of the water. It is not only that, it is a living cloud. Its dark color shows, that it is a reflection of the negative scientific and philosophical beliefs. It represents the negative side of life. The lower or the inner part of the cloud is light and the upper part is dark. You'll say that this cloud hides the sun and this bothers you. You have to know that everything, that happens in nature is at its place. If the sun was always shining strongly the whole fauna would have dried out. And the other way around: if in nature there was only moisture, without any sun, the fauna would have disappeared again. All the changes in nature are at its place, they create conditions for the development of life. Therefore everything that happens in life at the moment is at its place, you shouldn't be angry. Now exactly in this era, the Bulgarian nation has the conditions to become cultural, to clean up its powers and to strengthen itself internally. It doesn't need money, because its earth is rich. It doesn't need foreign minds because the it has the mind in itself. It doesn't need foreign advice to work, because it is naturally hardworking. I don't neglect the cooperation of others minds and hearts, but of those who sincerely love it. The Bulgarian man suffers from overeating. If he eats less, everything will get on its place. When he eats the man should eat 20 bites and then he has to stop. When he buys land, the Bulgarian has to step out at least 2-3 meters from his land for the others, so that there are no argues. Today every Bulgarian wants to mow his meadows and to make them fields. Why does he need a lot of fields? - He had debts to pay. Don't be afraid of your debts, don't become a slave of the conditions. This is how that Fellow says, the unknown One.

    The Jewish prophets were turning to the Jewish people with the words: Oh, Israelian, turn yourself toward God! Why they don't say: "Jacob, turn yourself!" The Bulgarians should change one of the letters of their name or the name of Sofia. Both Bulgaria and Sofia end with the letter "я" ('ia') - a dangerous letter. The Bulgarians are in the area of the letter "я" ('ia'). Due to the fact that at the moment this letter rules, the Bulgarians are talking about parties, eating, meet, butter. The letter "я" ('ia') rules whole Bulgaria, as well as Sofia. You live in Sofia without knowing what this word means. The letter 'S' means a law of reforms; the letter 'o' means conditions; the letter 'f' is dangerous due to its vibrations. If you don't believe that this word is dangerous, ask the Jewish people, who have lived with the pharaohs. You say that it is not important what name a person has. Get married to a woman whos name starts with the letter 'f' and check if it is not important. To reform Bulgaria, half of the Bulgarians have to change their names, new names have to be given to them, so that they don't create misfortunes. It is not indifferent what name the person or the animal has. Do you think that the names of the wolf and the snake don't correspond to their actions? If a peaceful and silent by character man pronounces for a month, several times per day the word 'snake', at the end he will definitely start feeling the vibrations of the snake. The contemporary people often talk about the devil, about the devil's stuff and without knowing it, they start perceiving its vibrations. The people think more about the devil than about God.

    "We know that God spoke to Moses". There is the misfortune of the people, that they think too much about Moses, about his law. Once there is a crime, a theft or something, they immediately create a law against the theft. The chambers create different laws against the crimes. Down with the laws of Moses! Bring out those laws, that were written million years ago in our hearts and minds. Live by these laws and you'll see that the more free you are from the law, the more you will live. Believe in what can lift you up. Two people meet and they quarrel immediately. - Why do they quarrel? - Because they don't believe in what some scientists support. Why do you quarrel? Did you check this teaching? No, I didn't, but I think that I'm right. It doesn't work with thinking only. - I can't believe. He starts his belief: I believe in the One God Jesus Christ. - In which God do you believe? - My belief is the following: I believe in love and wisdom, that have created life. I believe that they have the power to recreate the world. I believe, that the living love and wisdom can change our life, our social order, our homes. Once we accept the love and the wisdom, the truth and the justice will come. Then angels will come from the sky to plant fruits in our souls. The religious ones expect Christ to come, to split the goats from the sheep; ones will go to the left, the others - to the right. This is what Christ has said, but do you know what the splitting is?

    Once upon a time the heart and the mind were living together: the heart was on the left side, the mind - on the right side. Today they are separated. In the new age it will be the other way around: the heart will be on the right side and the mind - on the left side. Therefore, if you want to know if you are on the right way, check if your heart is in the middle. If it is on the left side, you are not righteous yet. Christ will put only the righteous in heaven, to whom the heart is in the middle. Are there real orthodox and evangelists, to whom the hearts are on the left side? You'll say that it is natural that the heart of the human being is on the left side. I don't have time to explain that the heart of the man is not on the left side, but the humans moved it to the left. This movement of the human heart is due to the man coming down to earth. Because the earth attracted him toward it, together with that his heart moved to the left. When a man starts lifting up, the heart's attraction to the right will be stronger. This attraction will dominate over the attraction to the left and the heart will stay more to the middle. Therefore think that your heart is more to the middle than to the left. Think about the heart, with which you serve to God. This heart is in the middle and your mind is in your soul. I don't talk about the heart that beats in your chest, but about that heart with which you serve to God. It is in the middle of your soul. When a higher being from the higher world thinks, your heart on earth beats. Each movement is a result of a human thought.

    "As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” The unknown for us is the human heart, or the feeling and the movement. They define the quality and the power of the soul. Like the aroma of the flowers has a weaker or a stronger influence upon us, the same way our thoughts and feelings have a stronger or a weaker influence upon our soul. Tests were made with different colors of the plants, especially of the flowers and the conclusions were, that they have a different influence upon the man. Christ's students asked Him to give them faith and He answered them: if you have had faith as small as a mustard seed, you would have been able to move mountains. - Why Christ has used the mustard seed as a symbol instead of anything else? - Because the mustard seed produces blains. Therefore the human's faith has to be as strong to produce blains. I ask: Does your faith produce blains? - No. - This means that your faith is weak. If you want to increase your faith, in the positive sense, you have to use the blue rays of light - the bright, not the dark blue ones. They are able to increase the faith and to remove the melancholy in the man. When you don't think right, observe the sunrise and the sunset to accumulate the yellow rays.

    Now you expect Christ to come to earth and to fix the world. Christ is on earth, among you and inside of you. I see Him. You say: What is this Christ? I see Him, but not like you imagine Him. You think that Christ sits on the right of the Father, with a halo and a white attire. Christ is among the people, they don't have to expect Him to come among them as a flashlight. It is enough for Christ to look you in the eyes to bring such a light in you, to make you heroes, to work for Him. I would like the Bulgarians to see that Christ, Who can bring the love in their souls. I would like the Bulgarians to see that Christ, Who can bring the God's thought in their minds so that they stop being interested of the devil. No devil exists. I deny the devil as an essential reality. Like a simple being and a relative reality the devil exists, but not as an absolute reality. For me myself I say: I'm not afraid of the relative reality of the things. People with relative essence are temporary, they don't have much of a value. Such a being is the devil, from which the people are afraid. The world, that God created was a relative reality in its beginning, therefore it is said that God created the world from nothing. In this relative mass, conditions were created for the real absolute reality to manifest itself.

    "As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” Search for this unknown Fellow only inside of you and nowhere else. You haven't given the possibility of this Christ to manifest. You have accepted the law of Moses and when Christ wants to talk to you, you are closing yourselves for Him and you say that you don't want to listen to nonsense. When someone tells you compliments and insincere things, you are opening yourself for him and you are feeling happy, that he visited you. Moses also uses compliments. I don't believe in people, to whom God is speaking. If I tell you that God speaks to me, then don't believe me neither. But I tell you: God lives in me and I live in Him. If you don't believe in this neither, then better for me. I will go to another planet and it will be better for me there. If I talk to you now, I don't want to make you adepts, but I want to see what kind of people you are. I'm glad to talk to you and to say: Don't be afraid, one day you'll live with God too. This is what Christ says too. The time has come when God will get into the man and will start talking to him. This time is today. Whoever says that this time hasn't come yet, he doesn't speak the truth.

    I say: God has already removed the stone from the tomb. Leave the prisons, prepare big windows for yourselves, prepare good roofs for yourselves. Live without limitations, without any laws. Only three are the laws that exist: the laws of love, of wisdom and of truth. This is what my God says, with Whom I live. This is how He taught me. This is how He spoke to me. Don't think that I waist my time. I work for myself. I paint and I play instruments - this is my activity. The music and the art is my constant activity. I haven't started yet with poetry, because the human language is rough, I can't use it. I don't want to use it. You say: Unfortunate Bulgaria! - Why is it unfortunate? - Because it was chained. I say: Fortunate Bulgaria! Release yourselves from these links, from these chains and from the people who don't speak the truth. Release yourselves from the contributions. - We need good people, to come from abroad. - You already have good people. They are among you, among your good shepherds and shepherdesses. I found enough clever people among you. Bulgaria is full of young women and men who will contribute a great work. Some people ask me, where will the good come from. I answer: The good will come from the earth and the conditions about the good will come from heaven. When the ice melts and the water covers the whole earth, the most beautiful flowers and fruitful trees will grow from its mud. - Where will the good come from? - From the worst people in the world. Another thing is if you believe in that. Write down these words and one day you will check them. You'll excuse me for talking like that. This is my point of view. Have the kindness to listen to me and one day you will check the truth. The best thing in the world will come from the worst people. The bad people are covered with snow and ice. When the sun comes, the snow and the ice will melt, they will make mud that will bring the greatest goods. These people will be the bearers of the most noble and sublime ideas; they will be the most selfless people. You will fix yourselves the world, the way you are - no one else can fix it.

    The righteous ones say: Believe in God Jesus Christ and you will be saved, as well as your home and your nation. This law is half truth. I say: Accept Christ in your soul, work in alliance with His love and wisdom and you will be saved, as well as your home and your nation. If the Bulgarians ask me how they can rescue themselves I tell them: Accept Christ in yourselves, work with His love and wisdom, in the wider sense of the word, without any laws and limitations. If you expect the salvation to come from outside, too bad for you. Moses won't save you neither. He wasn't able to change the world. He only brought the Egyptians out of Egypt and he died in the desert. Moses didn't enter the Promised Land because he wasn't able to save the world.

    Make space in you for the Holy Spirit, Who is knocking at your doors for thousands of years. You are searching for Him outside of you instead of inside of you. Hear His voice. Once you hear His voice, you will feel this trembling of the soul that lifts up and liberates. Then you won't criticize each other any more, you won't say John is this, Dragan is that. The names of the people are formulas, meaning conditions in which each soul can live and develop itself. In this sense John is an apple, Dragan is a pear, Todor is a cherry. The names are formulas with which the man can grow and develop himself. If you want to improve your blood circulation eat cherries. Christ says: "If you don't eat my flash and you don't drink my blood you don't have life inside of you". With this verse Christ expresses a great law that corresponds to the organic substances in us. Christ is in the grain and the corn and the barley. He is everywhere and in everything. When I take a grain I say: You, Who are in that grain, enter my country. I give you complete freedom, you can live inside of me without any laws. Apply your laws, live freely inside of me. When someone wants to visit me, I tell him: You will undress all your beliefs, you will give up your father and your mother, all the laws of your country and you will remain only with God. Then I will give you the best welcome, I will serve you, I will feed you well and when you leave, say: Thanks to that brother. Let God give him life and health! When I go to a visit somewhere I want to be accepted the same way. Only this way we can understand each other. This is the teaching, with which the people can understand each other. Nowadays it is been preached to believe in God. If you don't believe you'll go to hell. - Why do they preach like that? - For money. They will say that someonе has to be brought to a funeral service. And this is being done for money. This is not an insult. I say: Down with these delusions! If I have to make a funeral service for someone I will do it for free. Everyone gets what he deserves, but in another way.

    Somewhere in the States there was a sect, which was acknowledging only the spirit. They were saying that the matter does not exist. According to them everything was spirit. An American broke his leg and called a doctor to cure him. It appeared that this doctor was from the same sect, that acknowledged only the spirit. The doctor examined the man and told him: Keep thinking that nothing has happened to you. Indeed, some time passed and the leg healed on its own. In a while the doctor passed to examine the patient and to ask him to be paid. The ill man said: Keep thinking that I have paid you. I'm paying you the same way that you healed me.

    Lots of people act like that. They want money because they are preaching or hallowing oil. Why would you pay? You haven't seen neither the oil nor God, for Whom they are telling you about. It is true that the oil and the water have to be hallowed, but it is important what they represent. The water represents your life and the oil represents your thought. The oil is the nectar, from which the human thought comes out. The priest is the father, who has to enlighten your thought. This means that your oil and water should be enlightened. I don't want to become a priest. I am a passenger on earth, I'm interested in the life of the people. The people who think that there is no other life like theirs are strange. They don't have a clue about the other world, for which I'm telling you about. This is a world with a higher culture. The same way that the maid leaves her father's home, once she finds her beloved, the same way you will forget that you are citizens of the earth. The maid leaves with the boy and forgets her parents. This is a real wedding. Giving herself to the boy means giving up the old life. If the girl leaves with the boy and then they both come back to the father, this is not a wedding.

    I would like that all of you to give up your beloved ones, who have peeled lots of skins. You know the story about the slave Stoyan, right? He made a contract with his master with the condition that whoever breaches the contract should peel two skins. The master was always peeling the skin of the slave. You'll tell this master: I don't have anything in common with you. You'll leave your old master and the living God will be with you. I'm not talking about the God of Moses, but about the living God, Who is inside of you. And if this, what I'm telling you right now is in liaison with what the living God in you is telling you, then accept it. If it is not in liaison, then don't accept it. - I am righteous. - And I want to be clean. When you talk to me and when I talk to you, I want to know what our relations with God are.

    First of all believe in your God, Who talks to you and Who is unknown. Then you will believe your soul and then - your fellow neighbor. If you live like that then no one can lie to you. This is how I'm learning from my Master, Who is my priest. I gave you the equation x + y = 20. The number two represents the God's mother. This is a great number. The human evolution starts with it. You'll get to know God through it. Even Moses didn't comment this number. This number represents the second day from the creation of the world. And Moses stayed silent that day, he didn't say anything. As for the other days, it is said that whatever God makes is for good, and for that day Moses didn't say anything - neither good, nor bad. This is a day when the good and the bad reconcile. This is a day when the hatred and the love start holding hands. This is a day when the lie and the truth start living together. They get married. Do you know what means for the lie and the truth to get married? The lie says: From this day onward I will stay silent and I'll talk only the truth. The hatred, once married to the love, says From now on I will be the one to love.

    "As for this Fellow, we don’t even know where He comes from.” This unknown speaks to the whole world, He speaks to you too. He will melt your houses and the ground that you are staying on will disappear. You'll find yourselves on a water surface. Therefore build yourselves a ship like Noah's or at least smaller and bigger boats. Once you enter the ship or the boat you won't need any animals. There would be a little boat for everyone and a little food enough for one person.

    Be brave and decisive now and when you go back to your homes, tell your mothers: I'm not obeying to anyone anymore - mother, father, brother and sister, wife and husband, all the sons and daughters, all the servants and the masters. You can all rebel. Let the whole world rebel and say: We are all done with the teaching of Moses. We want to apply the teaching of That one, who we don't know and Who talks to us. We want to listen the living God, Who lives inside of us. From now on we want to serve Him.

    Sunday Talks

    09.11.1919 Sunday, Sofia

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  7. Готов превод Обсадно положение - 20.10.1912-ИБ-66 / .: 20.10.1912-ИБ-66

    Title: A state of siege

    During today's assembly, after reading Genesis from the Bible, 12 and 13 chapter and the first message of John, chapter 5, Mr. Deunov said:

    We see, in what we read, that it was said to Abraham to leave his father's home, something similar to when a maid gets married and leaves her father's house. The important here is the obedience and the father's home means the field, where the soul is tighten and can't get out. But why should we get out? Because we have thousands of wishes, that are alive and when you want to fulfil the God's will, they are those that spoke you, as if something pulls you back. What is strange is that we are so carried away from our daily argues and needs, that we don't cease our mind to start thinking about God, therefore we don't prepare any provisions for the distant realms, through which a voyage awaits us, an this indeed is the big mistake that we make.

    What is our experience? Paul claims about himself that he had reached the third heaven, but what experience do you have in this direction? Don't think that when you pass to the other side, you will be welcomed with date twigs. Your life here is being observed in many aspects from the invisible ones too, the same way that we observe the ants for example, which we can stamp down everyday and whos houses we can ruin. And when we feel something unordinary, we should know that a being from the invisible world has stepped on us. Yes, the secrets that have caused the man's falling down are deep.

    I will tell you more about that once, when you get up, but now all you need to know is how to walk the path on which you are put. Search for the essential for today, the same way that a lawyer studies a case, that is placed for today. We should keep the same way only the desires, that can be fulfilled. Bulgaria may be in a war at the moment, but why? Because it searches for its freedom, for which it cries and gets timid. If we satisfy ourselves, without searching for the happiness, then the person who does this is a stupid man. And the one who searches for happiness without science is also stupid, whoever searches for the science without the wisdom, he's also stupid.

    Because the right thing to do is to search for happiness, science and wisdom and only then we will be satisfied to be in the right direction. The first thing, which you have to strive for is the wisdom, and through it you will reach the truth, then you will be free, because if you are not free you are not in the truth. This world is not yet a Divine world, it is not organized and therefore we need Christ.

    Now we have doubts. Why? This doubting is normal. The truth can't be given to you by a man, but by the Spirit inside of you. The One, Who'll give you the truth, acts in an inner manner. Therefore each one of you should search the truth deep inside. This is what Christ talks about, because He says "When you search for Me, you'll find Me". And it is necessary indeed to find God. This year it was said to you that God manages the affairs and we are all witnesses of a miraculous cohesion of the nations of Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbians and Black Forests. This is His affair.

    You are staying in the vestibule of a great age - the age of the rise and we can bravely say that we are at 4 o'clock after midnight. Here there is a fight between the dark lodge and white one, now is the age of great deals. The purpose of heaven is to give freedom and whoever can use it - good for him, whoever can't - he will wait for his progress in the future. This war will bring two tests not only of material changes but also another war, that is spiritual and for which we have to be very prepared, because the current war is almost insignificant in comparison to the upcoming one. Now, in this war, many souls will leave to the other world for which we shouldn't cry and get sad, because we will bother them with this, but we should pray for them, because only our prayers are food for them. Your prayers are requisition for them, but you have to watch out and be careful because this requisition should be one of good quality, good and pure, not like those Bulgarians that, once they were asked for butter requisition, they gave such only to get rid of that and instead of filling the vessels with butter, they filled them with flour and other stuff and they've put only on top of them a layer of butter, claiming that everything is butter inside. So if your requisition is the same type, for the ones that passed beyond, then they will draw up an act for you in heaven.

    Actually the truth is inside of you, it will come from inside and no man, no book or textbook is able to teach you this truth. These things that are happening at the moment in front of your eyes - the war and so on, they shouldn't bother you. They are a blessing, because something better stays behind all of them.

    7 October 1912, Sunday

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  8. Готов превод Христос ще дойде и ще се прояви - 3.2.1915-ИБ-113 / .: 3.2.1915-ИБ-113

    TITLE: Christ will come and will manifest Himself

    "And I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice He judges and wages war"

    Revelation 19:11 - 21

    In three ways:

    1. In the visible world,

    2. In the astral world,

    3. In the Divine world.

    When Christ comes, the people will be in a spiritual delirium and everyone will see Him. Seeing Him will be in cry. Don't we see Him now? His clothes are covered with blood. He will go around for a long time so that everyone sees Him - this is literally.

    "The lamb" - this means fire - will be in the astral world - there it will be seen as fire. In the physical field He will manifest Himself in many persons. In the mental world - as a thought, in the astral world - as a feeling and in the physical world - in His movements, in the outcome of the things. Man should have understanding about the things. The bustle is in the world. The first deception of the people would be that every man would feel himself as Christ based on the law of reflection. And now there will show up people who's name would be Christ. There are such already in the States, in France, in England. This is when the spiritual love turns to carnal love - then children will be born and here begins the wrong way, that will bring the persecutions and will create the reaction. Man should understand that he is an expression of God and then God will act through the man.

    If a fight arises, a contest for priority, then we are on the wrong way. If we put and arrange the things not based on the global dictations, then we are on the right way, otherwise we will be wrong. We will start feeling that Christ's spirit acts through us - that we are in the right direction, but once we start thinking that we are Christ - then we are in the wrong direction and we are wrong. We have to have individuals in Divine harmony and then we will have progress. Now all the kings think that they are Christ, but the near future will show how truthful their beliefs are. When Christ descends on earth, the people will feel a relief. The worries will disappear and the peace and tranquility will come.

    Everyone of us is living with many spirits, from the family and friends. We have to split with these spirits and to live separately. We are not able to satisfy them, acting in our thoughts, desires, feelings.

    Christ comes and we are afraid of that - this is not the individual, but the spirits with which we are related - they are afraid and they are dividing us - we should get rid of them.

    Firstly we will see Christ in the spiritual field and then in the physical one, same as the astronomers, who see a planet first from far away and then from close by.

    "As He ascended, so He will come" and also: "He will come like a flashlight", which means that He will appear and will be seen from everywhere, same as the flashlight. It is said this way, like it is said for a certain law, meaning that He will appear based on this law.

    There can be millions of microbes on the stitch of a needle, how many microbes will be on 10 square centimeters? - Many millions. We can't meet Christ in "our house" (the body), we have to get out of it. To see the Christ, the souls should get smaller and should gather in a small place and then they'll get bigger again. The people are praying to get out of their bodies. And then it will be given a free exit from the body, so that we meet Him. And once we get back, we will find our bodies purified - changed. Our bodies will be protected from roman warriors. There won't be any need of guardians. There will be such a hustle, that the evil spirits will run away and won't do any harm to us. This procedure will continue for three days. THIS IS THE FIRST RESURRECTION. The left body will be rearranged from the Holy Spirit. It was this way with Christ - He had to leave His body, so that the work on the resurrection is done. As much as there are determined - the chosen ones, they will be the ones to have a share in the first resurrection. This is the escort of Christ from 144 000 people - the virgin ones.

    After the resurrection we will come to live. We haven't lived up to now, we have complained. We will come whenever we want, we will leave as we call for Peter and we tell him that we want to leave.

    When Christ rules, He will put His people into service, so that they govern. The rest of the people - if they are not against us they are with us, meaning once they are working under the name of Christ. When Christ comes the people will gather fruits only frоm the tree of life, meaning the good. These are the good thoughts, feelings and desires. Some day, when the 'evil ones get us', we are in a bad mood - it is said that we have eaten from the spoiled fruit.

    An evil spirit can arrange his bad intentions via 10-15 people, as he arranges his things through them.

    Christ works everywhere in Bulgaria - in towns and villages. We have to help ourselves with our thoughts, even though some will suffer karmically. Even now some have already seen Christ - either crucified or resurrected. Even now Christ is visiting us through some person, that we are not aware of. Christ is and individual and a collectivity at the same time. Millions of angels are one unity with Him. 101 000 000 serving spirits are serving Him in the third heaven on earth - this is the trinity. The angels are created for His rulership in the physical world. For the astral world - forces, authorities, lordships. For the Divine world - Archangels, seraphims, cherubims.

    We will all be alike Him, and this is by flesh and feelings.

    Lets not burden our hearts with excessive worries for our life. We need the daily bread - this is from God, most of the rest is from the evil.

    Now the small traders are more safe than the big ones.

    Let's read the Gospel and gather all the verses, which tell us how Christ will come.

    Question: Do we have a purpose?

    Reply from G.A.: "In water steps, thirsty walks."

    Purify your hearts and your minds and the power will come - this is what I know - said the Master Deunov.

    In the days of poverty, let's be well-disposed and pleased and not when we are rich and saturated - this is when we are with God, we will be in power and it will be given to us.

    Here in Bourgas you are not smart, but you have created lots of troubles. A dog has bitten you and you are crying, so that the whole world can hear you. When they throw mud on you and you are clean, this is when you'll be praised in heaven. I'm dealing harder with you than with the priests that are talking for you. The perfect law has an application of the Divine principles - and these are humility and others. In Sofia they've sent detectives too, but this is their enlightenment. We are in power and whoever stands against the God's Kingdom, his head would be smashed, his body would be mashed. The same has happened because of two persons in Sofia in 1912, that were interfering. I've stopped the gatherings and they ran to Chataldgia, they ran against the Greeks and the Serbians. The Divine Spirit still can't get calmer, but God has said: "Let's fix the things." If the Bulgarian nation doesn't pray to God, it will be punished with a big punishment. I'll make the priests sing now, but they'll make us sing too. Look at these parties - we have made them do the God's will. Everything is possible, but not to stand against the God's will. They have 2 strings. They'll take money from Germany, but they'll go with the triple agreement. The Slavdom will suffer a lot if it makes a sin. God comes now, but we don't accept any thefts neither profanity. I'm telling you, put yourselves together, work smart, fix yourselves. Don't touch the priests for the good of the nation - forgive them. God will judge them.

    Ask for power, have faith.

    Ask for miracles - the Bulgarian nation was lost. Now both sorrows step back and Greeks step back. We work now and if we don't work, then the situation will become bad. We may be sinners, but we are the most innocent of all. 1440 persons are requested chosen from Bulgaria and the others are from the rest of the Slavs.

    I know God better than I know you. I'm more connected with Him than with you. Isn't that what you want to know - I'm telling it. The God's bliss supports but He can also quarrel. Do you hear His voice? I've heard it. Now you make ropes to strap the devil. And this is what you'll say: "We are knitting ropes, because we need them for our work."

    You will live in this world and you'll check everything that I'm telling you now.

    God talks from thousands of years. This is not the complete Bible. There are other things, that are not written and it is a very large book. And in a while it will become larger. The current Bible serves you as a guide how to handle the other Bible.

    Life needs simplicity and this is pure-heartedness. God reveals many things to the pure-hearted people. For example you'll know what's going on in the battle field. The clairvoyance is sensitivity. You'll feel that a crime will happen and you will be able to warn for it. The Christian should develop his feelings, so that he knows the place where the crime will happen and how to prevent it.

    The Serbians and the Greeks will ask for their fruits now. The Romanians will also harvest. If Turkey has kept the contract (the London one, for the border Midia-Enos), it would have suffered less. What would have happened during the first world war if Bulgaria, meaning the Bulgarians, have entered Constantinople? The Germans would have influenced the Bulgarians and put them in a conflict with the Russians and it would have been worst. Not it is better. Maybe you'll make an Envergbeg' walk to Chatalgia. There might be less resistance and you may enter Constantinople. I can tell you the plan, but there are spirits around you, that will betray it. This will happen soon. Till 1919 many things will get solved. The war continues for two years. You have to have the nerves, to resist till the end. You won't sleep a whole week if I tell you everything. There are many bad things among the good. Temporary, for a certain period, for some years the love between the fathers, the mothers, the children and so on will cool down. Therefore it is said: "shouldn't your hearts weight on". The world needs us - it will look for you. The war gets in a new phase now. The Germans and the English are getting fiercer. The war is for life and death. One of the sides has to capitulate. Romania is getting involved as well. Italy will also get involved. Greece will also get involved. The Germans are chasing the catholic church - they are shooting many priests and this is a big aggravation. English and Germans want to eliminate each other. The Germans wanted and have sent Russia to the Far East. The Japanese were sent back because their designation is in Europe and the Far East will be settled later on. The current invasion of the Germans in Romania is so that they take away their stored food, gasoline springs and its riches in general.

    The sea surges have a spiritual meaning - this is a fight of the spirits. The earthquakes are related with the current events. Today's wind is favorable for the Russians. It is a counteraction of the Greek one - the south wind, that was blowing a few days ago.

    The spirits, that we are related with, are in our matter by the law of karma and a rebirth is needed, so that we get rid of them - they are in us, because we have eaten from the tree of evil. Abel was killed from Cain and the last one has said that he will be killed from whoever meets him, but God told him that he won't be killed as He will put a stamp on him.

    Christ, who is coming now is Seth. A stamp will be put on the devil and same as Cain, he will be thrown away.

    The current situation of the people is a God's kingdom comparing to the times of the Roman empire.

    Everyone will through his net: the commissioner, the trader and others, and they'll catch the fish in which mouth there will be a golden coin, to pay their depts. Peter has thrown his net in the world - this is the lake - to pay Christ's dept.

    In Christ's teaching there is an exchange: more brain centers are ordering to the legs to do a job and they'll serve to the legs. The eyes are ordering to the arms and so on. Some have misunderstood Christ's teaching and it has an exchange in it.

    The Divine law has to be applied in the trading and if we can't apply it, then we necessarily have to apply the human law.

    The rhythmical law has to be kept. In every six working years the seventh one should be a rest: if all the people in a village are working for six years on their fields, then the fertility and the abundance would be large and continuous. The same is with the trader, the administrator and so on. The same is with everyone. The fact is that the invisible world is managing the things with many laws.

    21 of January 1915, Bourgas

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  9. Готов превод Заведеевата майка - 23.7.1918-НБ-189 / .: 23.7.1918-НБ-189

    TITLE: Zebedee's mother

    "The mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Him."

    From Matthew 20: 20

    "Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Him with her sons and, kneeling down, asked a favor of Him." The request is an impulse, a movement of Life, in one or another direction, caused from the human desires. Wherever there's Life, there is movement. The movement can be either in harmony or in disharmony with God's laws. Same can be said for the humans thoughts or desires. And they are caused from an inner or outer reason. The mother of Zebedee's sons wanted something important from Christ and it was that one of her sons sits on the right side of Christ and the other one - on the left side. Christ has only one right and one left side. If the Zebedee's sons take both sides, where would the other people sit? Till today people still argue who should take the right side and who should take the left side. Zebedee's mother didn't understand the God's law that it is not possible that her sons sit on the right and the left side of Christ, same as it is not possible that two women marry to the same man or to men marry to the same woman. Therefore when God cancels to fulfil our wishes, it is because we want to marry two women for the same man or two men for the same woman. In other words: It is not possible that we have Zebedee's mother's desire and that God fulfils it. It is not possible that both our sons sit, one on the left side, the other one on the right side of Christ. Christ answered her: “You don’t know what you are asking." And one should know what he's asking for.

    We are not talking about the children now, but about the ones who walk on the path of dedication. They are exactly the ones who should know what they want. The children want many things, but their mothers give them only what is necessary. Everything in this world is cleverly distributed. For example, the continents are distributed between the different races: Africa is inhabited from the black race, Asia - from the yellow race, America - from the red one, Europe - from the white one and Australia - from the brown race. If you study the animals - fishes, birds and mammals, you'll see that each one of them has its certain shape. Moreover each animal takes a certain place. Whoever doesn't understand God's law is wondering why a small bug should live. Comparing to man a bug is a small, little creature, but the man comparing to the Higher beings is also a small creature, similar to the bug.

    When Christ answers that the Zebedee's sons can't sit, one on His left side and the other one on the right side, He wanted to show the humanity that everyone should wish only what is defined for him. At the same time Christ considers the left side and the right side of man as two great principles: the left side represents the God's Love and the right one - God's Wisdom. Every man has two sons, that he wants to put in two specific worlds: one in the world of Love and the other one in the world of Wisdom. This is impossible. Why? Because no hypocrisy exists in these worlds. Which ordinary man is worthy to take one or the other place? And by the word worthy, Christ understands that man, who is capable to accept the things in their essence. To every man the possibility is given to understand the things as they are in reality. To every man certain specific possibilities are given. This in not only related to the mental, but also to the physical life of man. If you have two children, one with a healthy stomach and the other one with a sick stomach, for which one is the pie that's made? For the one with the healthy stomach. Therefore if you search for Christ to acquire His Love, you have to be healthy. The Love is for the healthy, not for the sick people. The sick one feels and perceives the Love only externally and the healthy one perceives it both externally and internally. When you suffer the Love is out of you, when you are happy it is inside of you. The same is with the Wisdom: when you suffer, the Wisdom is out of you, when you're happy, it is inside of you. Even out of you both the Love and the Wisdom are working for your elevation, but you can't perceive them consciously; you can't understand their internal content and meaning. To understand the things you have to live inside of them, to penetrate into their essence. For example, you read about the existence of different worlds - a physical one, an astral or a heart one, a mental or a causal one. You know that each world represents something specific, but very few have a clear idea about them.

    What is the physical world? This is a world of movement. Here the forms are moving from one place to another. When you reach the Astral world, some of you think that it is far away from them, somewhere beyond the stars. The Astral world is the sensual world or the world of feelings. When you say that you feel pleasure or displeasure, sorrow or joy, you are in the Astral world. Man connects with the souls through the feelings and recognizes them. In the physical world the people study the things through their senses, in the Astral world - through their feelings. The souls have their smell, taste and tone, just like the physical objects. The finer the man's feelings are, the easier he can recognize if a soul is from the lower or the higher world. Everyone should ask themselves the questions from which world they are as a soul, if they are on their place in the physical world, do they have a noble heart and a bright mind. At the same time everyone should know if they are beautiful. The beauty is related with the Truth. You have to cover certain conditions to be externally and internally beautiful, this means that you should bear some Virtues inside of you. The beautiful person is a harmonious combination of his thoughts, feelings and actions. He has harmonized his mind and heart and his will. He lives righteously in the three worlds - the physical one, the Spiritual one and the Mental one.

    People often ask themselves who is righteous and a good man or who is a spiritual man. Whoever has a noble heart and a bright mind, he is righteous and a good man. If you want to know if you are righteous and a good man, then take a look into the Divine mirror and ask yourselves: do you have the proper scent, is your heart a mild one, is your mind a bright one. If you want to know this, then from the Conscious world a commission will be sent to test you. It will check your scent, your mildness of the heart, the brightness of your mind, your fortune and it will understand how you use these treasures to determine in which group you belong. Then it will give you a mark, the same way that it is done with the students here and it will send you to God for approval. The man is being tested in all the worlds. Some think that they can live the way they like it and they understand the things, that no one takes count on that. That's not true, the Conscious world is precise, it measures and assesses everything. Some say that they are good priests, that they do their service well, they were from a good family. This is not enough. They'll test you in any direction and only then they'll assess what kind of man you are. You are a good person, but you can't resolve the smallest difficulty. Through the difficulties the man is being tested, if he can swim or not. The little duckling is hatching and immediately starts to swim, but the man can live decades on earth and still can't swim, meaning he can't resolve his difficulties. Whoever can't swim, he can't resolve his matters and drowns in the water. The good person in its complete sense resolves easily his matters. He has learned the art of swimming. The commission is testing him and gives him an 'A'. To the weak one it gives a 'F'. And after all of this, he wants to sit on Christ's right or left side. What does the left side of Christ mean? A work on earth. And the right side? A work in Heaven. This means that whoever wants to sit on the left side of Christ, he has descended on earth to work. Whoever wants to sit on the right side of Christ, he wants to work in Heaven. No matter if you sit on the left or the right side of Christ, you'll have to work in any case.

    All the people have come to earth to work. God says: give work to every person, so that he manifests. Once the given work is done and the commission declares about his success, only then God would give His word where this person should be placed, on the left or the right side of Christ. Someone is a candidate for service on the left side, but he doesn't have enough patience to finish his work till the end and searches for a new service - on the right side. Patience is requested from everyone, especially from the Christians. You can't be a true Christian, if you haven't gained patience.

    There was a devotional man in China once - his name was Natan. He was famous with his great generosity among the poor people and such in need. He made some big cantinas with abundant kitchens to welcome poor people and feed them. Soon Mitran became famous too. The poor people were going to him as well to feed them and to get some help. He was welcoming them, giving them food and money, so that he can surpass Natan in his generosity. There was a beggar woman among the poor people, who was trying to receive help several times per day. She was either entering one of the doors or the other and she was getting what she needed. Mitran noticed how she was sneaking either through one of the doors or through the other, but he remained silent. In the end though he couldn't support her arrogance any more and he kicked her away. She left his house, but she told him: "Hey, Mitran, all your efforts were lost away. Natan remains unsurpassed. I'm already visiting him thirty times, I'm entering either from one of the doors or from the other, but he never says a word. Everyday he welcomes me, as if he sees me for the first time, and I only came to your house for no more than ten times and you already kicked me away. Remember that the generosity is related with the patience. If you can't be patient, then you can't be generous neither."

    The contemporary people need patience. What they call patience now is a woe. Some support it for a while and then they get angry and all of a sudden they ruin everything that they have built. You say that a man or a woman has suffered tremendously, that they have shown a great patience. Their patience is great, but they bear for no more than fifteen times. When they welcome the beggar woman fifteen times they loose their patience and they kick her away. They should work more on their patience, so that they welcome the beggar woman thirty times and they are still supportive. The man says to his wife: "Now this is too much from your side." The woman says to his husband: "Now this is too much from your side." Once they reach the number 15 they start being angry and whoever they meet on their way they start a fight with him. Wait a minute, you are rushing too much, you have to welcome the beggar woman for 15 more times, so that you reach the number 30 - a number of maturity, of growing up. You have to study in every world for ten years to become wise. After that a new, great science reveals and you have to study it too.

    The new teaching that Christ has brought to humanity - the teaching of Love, it brings Power for the man. Therefore whoever wants to become strong, good and loving, he has to study zealously this teaching, he has to become a student of Christ. Often people ask themselves if their close ones love them. To ask yourself such a question is the same as to doubt your own Love. If you doubt your own Love, then you doubt the God's Love because God lives in all the people and through them He manifests His love. If you love the others they will love you too. If someone says that he loves, then he has given place for the God's Love in him. Whoever loves, God manifests in him and not the man himself. Because it is said in the Bible: "God is Love". Whoever wants to give place to the Love in himself, he should care only about his thoughts and desires, only about his actions and relations. It is not related with me if the peoples fruits are bitter or sweet, what is important is that my fruits have to be sweet. It is not related with me if the people have a pleasant or unpleasant smell, the important is that I carry pleasant smell all around me. The important is that my mind, my heart, my Spirit and my soul are on the right place. This is the main rule, through which a person can improve his life inside and outside. You'll say that a man should live for his household. This is truth but his household comparing to the whole life is the same as the little finger of the hand. The man doesn't live only for his little finger, but for all his finders. The little finger represents the physical world. A man lives not only for his physical, that said material needs. The ring finger represents the curiosity of the man, the middle finger represents the Truth, the forefinger - the religion and the thumb - the will and the mind. Once a man has come to earth, he should serve to all his fingers, he should satisfy all his inner aspirations. We have to give something to the people, so that they love us. And we can give only when we work on ourselves. We love God, because He gave us everything and He keeps on giving, He keeps on satisfying our needs.

    People complain about their failures in life. Despite their desire to be righteous, to accomplish their ideals, they still don't succeed. So, there is something abnormal, unnatural in them that interferes. When they encounter these unnatural manifestations in them, they despair. There's one thing you should know: everything unnatural, that is distorted in your manifestations is not only caused from you. There are other factors, outside of you, that are guilty for your unnatural manifestations. You pass through a place and you feel an unpleasant smell. The reason for this unpleasant smell is not inside of you, but outside of you something is rotting and brings this smell. You are guilty as much as you couldn't feel this smell from a distance and stay distant from it. If you are out of sorts, then the guilt is partly in you, partly in the outer world, that is not in harmony with God. Every part of the body that is separated from the whole organism, starts to rot and falls apart. Therefore, in order not to get in places that are falling apart, hold yourself tight to the Whole. Ask the great and mighty Beginning for help. When you act this way, you'll be away from the bad conditions and your situation will get better.

    This, what I'm telling you today is a little hard for application. Why? Because you have deviated from the right path and you can hardly go back. What should the water do, if it has deviated from its way? It can't go back. It has nothing left to do, but to make a new path. If this is the case then I'm telling you: Don't be discouraged, leave the old riverbed and make yourselves a new one. This is how the Nature does it. The old riverbed is your old life. Leave your old life, go to the commission to test you, to see what you know and what you don't know. Keep the knowledge that can work for you and get rid of the unneeded one. After that, you'll be sent to God, He'll give His last word. If you are ready for Heaven, you'll be kept there. If you aren't ready, they'll give you a new body and they'll send you back on earth, to study and to work. We call this process destiny. Man forges his own destiny. This is why Christ has said to the Zebedee's mother: "You don’t know what you are asking." This means: you don't understand the God's ways. People look only at the outer side of Life, but what God has ordered to be done, they forget it. No matter how the people think, they will know that what the Father has ordered to be done, it will be done. No one is able to cancel the God's plan.

    What is the plan that God has set for the man? He has sent him on earth, to work with his mind, his heart, his soul and Spirit and to evolve. Christ descended on earth to learn the people how to live and how to work properly. He brings bright thoughts in the human's mind, noble and higher feelings and wishes in his heart and this way He lifts his Spirit up, makes it strong and fresh. Many expect Christ to descend from the clouds, but instead of seeing this, their heads get filled with fogs. Christ is knocking on the door of your heart and you are staring somewhere in the sky and you are wondering from where these knocking sounds are coming. Don't look up. He won't come from there, but look at the door of your heart, where the knocking comes from - Christ is there. Open your door and invite Him inside.

    Man has two doors: one is the official one, the other one is the daily one, through which there is a constant entering and exiting. The official door is the nose, and the daily and reachable door is the mouth. Through the mouth come the air and the food; the air also partly goes out through the mouth. This is allegorically said. In other words, the mind is the official door and the heart - the daily door. Christ will pass through the mind - the official door, He'll descend down to the heart and there He'll knock. All the priests are talking about Christ's coming on earth, but they don't know through which door He will enter. For two thousand years He has been knocking to the nose, meaning to the mind of the people, but they have their mouths open, waiting for Him to enter their stomach from there. The mind, the official entrance of the people is closed today. Someone wants to see Christ. I'm asking him: is your mind open? It is not. Since it is not opened, open it and wait. Learn from the worldly people how to welcome prominent guests. Christ is already standing in front of your minds and waits for you to open Him, so that He enters from there to your hearts. Everything comes from the mind, therefore the old people say; the scientists destroy the world, the scientists will repair it. Whoever destroys, he can also repair. God has created the world through the Wisdom. This is how you should work too.

    I wish to all the people to start a new life and to start listening to their enthusiastic and sublime desires. This requires a bright mind, a noble heart and a trained, strong will. It is not necessary that man thinks only about eating and drinking. When you invite a guest to your table, does he think what he'll eat and drink? The important thing for him is to have strong teeth and a strong stomach. Does he have to think if he'll be invited again to your table? If the host is rich, externally and internally, he always puts a table. While eating well today, don't thing about what you'll eat the next day. Don't think about provisions. God said to the Jewish people through Moses not to think about the next day, but to gather manna only for one day, so that it doesn't get spoiled. Where did the rich people stay, that have insured themselves for years? They went bankrupt. All the rich companies have disappeared. They left for the other world with empty skulls and dry bones, without muscles. People say about someone: he was a smart man. Where did his smart head remain? While he was alive, you have seen his head, but after his death you don't see anything, except an empty skull and dry bones. People say about a woman: she was beautiful! I don't see any beauty in her today. "He was a strong man!" - I don't see any strength in him. Everything that has impressed you - rationality, beauty, strength, has disappeared, because it is temporary, transient, variable. Start the New life and go ahead with God. Whoever connects with Him, he'll become rich, physically and spiritually. God, for Whom I'm talking about, is not only a Bulgarian or a Jewish God, but to all the nations, to all the people on earth. There isn't any more reachable creature than Him. He brings the wholeness of Life within himself. Call Him and He'll answer back. Many people are burdened today: they think about their close ones, which are on the battle fields, they are afraid for them not to be killed. Don't think about that, but let everyone ask himself: Do I do the God's will? Do I love my close one as I love myself? When every person and all the nations answer themselves positively, God will bless them.

    I wish you to prepare yourselves to welcome Christ. If He comes to your homes and finds, that you are not ready, He'll take back what He gave you. If your man, your wife, your children are good people, but you don't value them, they will be taken away from you. Christ will tell them: "Come to me, I'll fulfill your needs and will give you a well-deserved place." In the end all of us we'll return back to God, from Whom we were created. You'll say that this return is scary. There is nothing scary in the return of a soul back to God. The scary thing is for those, who live badly, who lie, who steal and don't accomplish the God's will. They'll loose it all. Only dry bones will remain from them. They'll try to enter in their own hearts, but they will be overwhelmed by cold, lovelessness and no warmth, no feeling at all; they'll try to enter their own minds - they'll find no thought, no Light. I tell to everyone turn to God of the complete Life and ask everything from Him. What does the trader do today? He's striving for the positive thing in life. The gold coin has content for him. As for the banknotes, he is not counting on them. The American students have the custom to make each other gifts of checks of 30 - 40'000 leva, which though can't be turned to money - no bank will pay for them. It is better that a man has one lev, but in a coin, than thousands of leva in banknotes, that no one admits. These are tricks in life. Keep your relation with God, like a capital, to whom you can always count.

    So, no matter how much you strive for the right or the left side of Christ, He won't put you neither on His right side, nor on His left side. Why? Because when you have a heart, you are already on the left side of Christ, when you have a mind, you are on His right side. When the man dies, he goes on the right side of God. When the woman remains on earth, she is on the left side of God. The separation of the Christians to Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants shows that they don't understand the Christ's teaching. Some Christians don't support this separation, but they want everybody to be on the same side; either on the left side or on the right one. Actually, one side exists - the right one. It contents everything in it. It is good if all the people go at this side, because it leads to God. Some don't recognize where the right side and where the left side is and they ask where God is, to which place He has placed them and so on. Firstly, God has placed them on a good place. If they are not happy with their place and they find it bad, they should know that they have chosen it themselves. They complain about their life and they say that everything is sour and bitter. It depends on them to sweeten their life. You have to add more sugar to the sour and the bitter. You shouldn't be too sweet on earth though. Here both the sour and the bitter things have their purpose. While you are on earth you can be tree quarters bitter and one quarter sweet; in the Angel's world you'll be half bitter and half sweet and in the Divine world you will be completely sweet. Pray to God to help you to develop correctly your mind, your heart and your will, to dress yourselves in Christ, as it is said in the Bible. In other words: accept Christ in your heart, as a friend of yours; in your mind, as a Teacher of yours and let Him cover you internally and externally, not that you are only dressed in Him, as if you are in a garment.

    Some are searching for Christ through an external path, only in one person. They won't find Him this way. Christ reveals Himself to the one who sincerely searches for Him. How does He reveal himself? Through the internal path, not only through one person, but through many people. He manifests as a Light. Christ is both in the one and in the many. He is both in the whole tree and the fruit. Where is Christ? Above. Two thousand years ago He was on earth, but now He is working in the upper world. Whoever sees Him, immediately follows after Him, same as the maid elopes to a beautiful young man. Don't cry for those ones, who have eloped to Christ. It was that no one valued them here that they went to Christ, so that He values them and they are happy with their condition. Their close ones are crying for them, they want to see them. There's no reason to cry for their torn clothes. Some want to know if their close ones, who have left the earth, are thinking about them. What would they think about? They are not interested in your material condition, but how you live, if you love each other, if you are ready for a sacrifice for one another.

    Christ descends from above. This is a great Truth, that you'll all check yourselves. All the rulers, all the priests and the teachers, mothers and fathers will see Him and will accept Him as their God. I wish all of you to be joyful and calm. The Good is already coming to earth. Christ descends from above! Everyone will see this. Some will be in Christ, some will have Him in them. A great good is coming for the humanity. I wish all the Bulgarians to listen to what God tells them and to be carriers of His Word. If you want to check if God is among us, gather around a sick person and start praying for him. If the sick one gets better, God is working among you. Gather around an extremely poor person and start praying about him. He needs bread. If the bread comes to him, this means that God works here too. If there is drought and you pray for rain in the name of God, the rain will come and together with it the abundance too. The people now-a-days get philosophical, they think about everything, but they forget about God.

    Which God am I talking about? The One, Who gives to every man what he deserves. Don't make statements about the other people's things, they have who to criticize them, who to think about their life and follow it. God requires from everyone to correct their life, to fulfill His will. If they don't listen to Him, then hard days will come. Whoever listens to God, he will have everything that he needs - both bread and land. How shall we recognize God? When we do the same test, as the prophet Elijah did at his time. I'll call God, for Whom I'm talking about and we'll wish that He does something, through which we will see His presence. Let the ones who serve Him do the same test, so that we see to whom He'll reply back. Once you know that God is alive and rules the whole world, you shouldn't be afraid of anything. Death shouldn't scare you neither. If it appears on your way, tell yourselves: God has sent me to earth to work and therefore no external force can take my work away from me. I'm not changing my way until I get it done, I'm not changing my place. Whoever tries to move me from here, he won't fight with me, he'll fight with the One, Who brought me here. He keeps in His hands all the nations. Poor nation to any nation that doesn't fulfill the God's will.

    The Divine teaching is great. Only through it the nations will be reconciled. Only through it the men and the women will agree with each other. Let every nation exist, every country, every home and every man, but let them be carriers of Love, of Wisdom and Truth. Be prepared to sacrifice yourselves for the Great thing in the world. I'm not talking about the ordinary sacrifice, where one dies to save the other; I'm not talking about death, after which the dead one is buried, there is a ceremony and mournful speeches. I'm talking about such sacrifice, after which a man passes away without leaving a grave. Whoever sacrifices himself this way, he becomes invisible for the surrounding ones - no one knows where he is and what he does.

    Blessed are those nations who listen to God of the complete fullness and do His will.

    Be God's servants, to carry His blessing everywhere.

    Be brave to teach the God's Teaching. This is how the Christ talks, the One who is in all the people.

    (It seems that this gathering is extraordinary, as it has taken place on 23.07.1918 => Tuesday, although it is published in a collection of Sunday talks "Is it possible" and in the bibliography it is noted as a Sunday' one.)

    Sunday Talks

    23.07.1918 Tuesday, Sofia

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  10. Готов превод Скритият квас - 25.8.1918-НБ-194 / .: 25.8.1918-НБ-194

    TITLE: The hidden yeast

    He told them another parable: "“The kingdom of heaven is like yeast.."

    From Mathew 13:33

    "“The kingdom of heaven is like yeast". This verse represents the base of the human life, especially for those, who want to enter the Heaven's Kingdom. If you want to understand the inner meaning of this verse, you'll have to work at least as much as the house lady, who cooks every day. How many times does she cut the onion, chops it, her eyes get in tears, but she keeps on with her job. She knows that when she cuts and chops the onion, eventually she'll get something out of it. She takes care for her man, her children, she wants to feed them and to satisfy them. No matter what disadvantages the house lady has, no matter what people are talking about her, she has an idea about what she wants to achieve. If those, who listen to the God's Word don't have the patience and the perseverance of the house lady, they stay underneath her. Watch her, how carefully she controls the frying of the onion, how she listens to the sound of it. By the sound that she hears during the frying, she recognizes if the onion is ready or not. Do you know too when your onion is ready or you resemble those weighty ladies, who leave all the household to their servants and they only order and eat what's ready. They don't think too much. Once they have given up from frying the onion, from the cooking, they stand against their own thoughts themselves, by not giving them a chance to evolve. The fire, the casserole, the frying pan, the onion represent subjects of the thought. A house lady, who knows how to cook, who understands the content and the meaning of the foods, she knows how to harmonize them. She also knows what thoughts are entering her mind - her inner frying pan; she knows how to combine them.

    From the Divine's perspective the human brain is nothing else, but a frying pan, in which the human's thoughts are being cooked, so that something valuable gets out of them, something that can satisfy both the man and his close ones. One day God will say to the servant, like the weighty lady: "Did you cook the meal? Bring it, so that I taste it." If the servant has cooked it well, she'll get a prize, if she hasn't - she'll be punished. You are cooking at the moment, but you are getting annoyed. If the house lady makes the cooking meaningful, she'll make all her life meaningful. Every thought, every feeling and every action will be valuable objects for her to study.

    Many get the frying onion as something unimportant. What would you say about the wrinkled face of the old woman or the old man? Are their faces unimportant too? Whoever knows how to read, he'll find something valuable in the wrinkled face of the old woman and the old man. The story of the whole generation is written on the wrinkled face. The learned house lady also knows how to read the story of the fried onion through it, when it was created and so on. When she fries the onion, she reads, she thinks about different matters. The man can't penetrate in the deeper sense of the earthy Life without the basic philosophy of Life. If he doesn't understand the earthy life, how shall he understand the heaven's one? If the people don't understand the relations towards the man and the woman, toward the brother and the sister, towards their parents and the society and toward the humankind, how shall they understand what the relations towards the conscious and higher Beings and toward God should be? If you don't know how to serve your earthy father, how will you serve your Heavenly one? Your Heavenly Father requires from all the mankind greater actions, greater sacrifices than the ones that the earthy father requires.

    At the same time there are religious people, who are talking about God, but they imagine Him as an ordinary man, from Whom they can require anything that they want. They think that whatever their earthy father is, the same is the Heavenly one. When they talk about the hereafter they imagine it the same as the earthy world. They think that there are fruity gardens with tasty, high quality fruits, music, songs and joy. When they reach the hereafter, they'll eat and they'll drink, they'll celebrate - in a word, they'll enjoy life. Even when they are still on earth they want to escape the sufferings and difficulties, they want to live in a paradise. This is not possible. The earth is a school and whoever studies, he passes through great difficulties.

    What do the difficulties present? Great lessons. It is not important from whom you'll receive these lessons: you can receive them from your husband or wife, from your brother or sister, from your mother or father, from the daughter or the son; you can receive them from the society, from your nation and so on. The important thing is to study the lesson, to understand its meaning and to apply it in your life. All the objects that surround you are shadows of the reality. If you don't understand their meaning and the meaning of the shadows, you won't understand the reality itself. You have to see the things correctly, so that you understand them. How will you watch and understand? As a human being. If you watch the world with the mind of the fish, you'll understand it as a fish; if you watch the world with the mind of a bird, you'll understand it as a bird; if you watch the world with the mind of the mammal, you'll understand it like it. How should you watch the world: like the fish, like the bird, like the mammal or the human? The understanding of the fish, the bird, the mammal is not real. The man also doesn't understand the Life in its absolute, real meaning. Only the one who has passed through the great School of the Earth understands Life correctly.

    Christ says: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour.” You'll say that the words yeast, flour, woman, kneading are ordinary ones. Every day the woman gets yeast and flour and kneads them. That's correct, you are masters in everything. You know how the yeast is being done; the bread too; you know how to grind the wheat. But it is important what meaning Christ puts in these words: "The kingdom of heaven is like yeast". The yeast, the flour, the pot represent the physical world which gets gradually organized. With its organization it creates the human body, for which we need several elements: yeast, water, flour, pot and a woman to connect them. From this perspective the woman, the mother can be compared to the pot; the wheat, the flour is this magical matter, that forms the human body; the yeast is the place, in which the conditions of Life manifest. There are two types of yeast: for bread and for alcohol; not only in the physical world, but also in the Mental and the Sensorial world. The yeast always creates two opposite reactions. The bread yeast creates the bread that all the living beings need. Whoever eats it, he evolves properly. The alcoholic yeast creates the alcoholic drinks, that dizzle the man and reflect his nervous system. Many illnesses are caused due to different types of yeast.

    It was found out that during the creation of the human body two types of yeast fungi take place: the ones are semi-organized and the others are organized or alive. Actually the living organisms take the active participation in this process and they constantly multiply. The yeast from which the flour is done or the matter of the human body, it is the place where the microbes are developing in favorable conditions and they either create some merging or they are decomposing. So, the processes of the merging and decomposing in the body are nothing else but rising of the yeast of the living matter. When the processes in the body cause growing, reproduction, blossoming and maturation, we say that the man is living; when the processes cause decomposition, destruction and disintegration we say that the man is dying. During the kneading of the bread with yeast, the living ferments are multiplying and living by releasing unnecessary substances. Therefore Moses has forbidden the Jewish people to knead a fermented bread. So that the feelings and the thoughts of the people don't get spoiled, they have to keep themselves away from the yeast that doesn't release unnecessary substances. This explains why some thoughts and feelings are killing the man.

    You meet a maiden, who is fermented with a loving feeling. Firstly she is joyful, enthusiastic, well-disposed. In a year or two she looses this disposition, she gets disgusted from this feeling. What is the reason for her condition? The yeast. She was fermented with a brewer's yeast, from which the unnecessary sludges remain. If they remain in the body, they have a negative effect. Once the beer is made from the same yeast, after the fermentation of the mash, all the sludges are being removed. If the sludges remain the beer gets spoiled. Therefore, if the brewer's and alcoholic ferments get in the body of the young maiden and start multiplying, they take her life energy away; she gradually starts loosing her disposition, she gets discouraged, she gets desperate and she sees that she became a victim of a false feeling.

    There are yeast fungi with different origin, both in man's ordinary life and in the religious one. You hear people say about someone that he preaches well, he lifts the people's conscious. They say about another one that he misleads the people. When is a preach misleading? When it destroys homes, families, societies and nations. On the other hand, every preach that has the Love, the Wisdom and the Truth as a base does not mislead. This preach is based on the laws, that God has settled as a base of the Genesis. Everything in the world can change, but the God's laws - never. Those who lie and mislead the others, who get happy from the other people's misfortune, they make evil firstly to themselves. Once you know this, don't get scared that the people can mislead you. You have fallen in the mud - so what. I'll give you a rope, you'll grab it tight and you won't move. You'll be calm and silent. You shouldn't be embarrassed that you are dirty and covered with mud. The new teaching is a pure spring water. I'll put you in this water and I'll keep you in it until you get clean. All the men, the women and the children should pass through this water to get clean. In this case who can say that he was misled from the ideas of the New teaching?

    "(She) hid the yeast in three measures of flour". The flour, that Christ talks about is the matter, from which the human body is being created. This happens in the mother's womb. Therefore if a maiden says that she can become a mother, she doesn't understand the laws. First of all she has to purify herself and to sift well the flour, that she will be working with and only then she can step toward the maternity.

    It depends on the pure and the impure matter that the mother has, what kind of child she will give birth to - a saint or a criminal. You'll say that the Divine is invested only in the good children. This is not correct. The process of the conception and creation of the child doesn't hold the Divine yet - this is a grosser process. The Divine in the human comes afterwards, after the birth of the child, when it identifies itself as a matter and Spirit. Until it is only a matter there is nothing sublime in it.

    It is said in the verse that the woman has hid the yeast in three measures of flour. This shows us that the kneading is made in the three worlds: the physical one, the Spiritual one and the Divine one. If the kneading is made properly in the physical world, it will be done properly in the other two worlds too; if the kneading wasn't made properly on earth, it won't be properly made in the other two worlds neither. Therefore, the growing and the blossoming of the plants depends on the the soil in which they were planted. The good home reflects favorably to the health and the disposition of the man. Every physical worry, every doubt and hesitation are reflecting as well to the disposition of the soul. The doubt, the suspicion, the disbelief are due to the presence of the brewer's yeast in the man. The Love, the kindness, the Belief are other types of yeast ferments, that we all call with the common name bread yeast. The people are also searching for the Love, but they don't know where to find it. It is enough that you get the yeast of Love, to find the Love itself. Put the yeast of Love in your flour and expect for a result. Some people put the yeast of the hatred in their flour and then they expect Love - this is not possible. If you knead the yeast of Love in three measures of flour, hide it carefully, so that no one comes from outside and puts in it ferments from another yeast. Strive for the yeast fungi of the living bread, that are present in the wheat grain.

    The contemporary people are passing through great difficulties and sufferings, because they have lost the proper path and they became ones of two yeasts. Firstly God has created us from one yeast. Do you want to go back to the proper path, to live well and to be from one yeast. This is what the real philosophy of Life is about. If, from one side the man loves, but from another side he hates, this person is made from two yeasts. The result from this life would be acidification or decomposition. If your heart loves, but your mind doubts, you are from two yeasts. This shows that the mind is kneaded from one thought or one desire, and the heart - from a different one.

    "A woman took and hid". Christ uses the word woman not in the sense that the ordinary people understand. The word woman in Bulgarian is being written with four letters. The first letter is "j" ("ж"), it is made from two half-circles, that are connected with two diameters, perpendicular to one another. The half-circles represent the two worlds - the Spiritual and the Divine one, connected between them with the help of the two diameters, that are nothing else, but the Divine woman or a virgin, who descends from above. She comes to the earth to teach the people how to knead bread. She wears the necessary elements of Life. It is said in the Bible that the Spirit must descend on top of the man, to enlighten him and to teach him to everything. According to Christ, the Spirit is nothing else, but the conscious lady, who knows how to knead. She is connected to the God's Love. When she get's in the man's home and finds some flour, she puts it in the pot and kneads it. The wheat if turning into flour through sufferings or through the mill of life. The mill, together with the milestone, set the matter for the creation of the future human bodies. As the man will resurrected through his body, therefore it is getting prepared in the Divine mill of the sufferings. In this sense the words mill and suffering are synonyms. When you suffer, don't cry, but tell yourselves: "Today my mill is grinding flour."

    Why do the sufferings come? So that there is flour for the bread. When the conscious woman descends to your home, she'll search for flour, yeast and a pot to make you a bread. When she prepares the yeast for the bread, she puts some water in it. What is the water? It symbolizes the Life on earth. So, the sufferings prepare the material for the kneading; the yeast is the Divine seed and the water - the condition for its germination and growth. Every man should be kneaded this way, so that he becomes a Christian in the complete sense of this word. Whoever doesn't have a mill to grind his flour, he can't knead the bread. To have bread, firstly you should have wheat. The wheat represents the Divine soul, for which only a few have an idea. The outer garment of the Divine soul is the conscious woman, who kneads the bread.

    The people want to know if they will be saved, if they will resurrect. Whoever has a mill, flour, yeast, a pot and water, he'll resurrect; if you don't have these elements, you can't resurrect - you are a lazy man. What should you do to resurrect? You should turn to God with a plea to help you, so that your mill starts grinding. Whoever doesn't understand the meaning of the suffering, he's praying that his mill stops grinding flour. Let your mill grind too. This is a great good for the human soul. All the mills have to grind flour to prepare material for your future bodies. Don't leave your mill, so that it doesn't get dusty, so that it doesn't get mice and rats in it.

    Once upon a time, in the Christian age, there was a big and rich monastery. The chief abbot loved eating too much and therefore he often ate and drank with the monks, forgetting his obligations towards God and the monastery. Day after day the monastery was getting left, the icons and the books drowned in dust, the cobwebs were covering the rooms - the monastery started looking empty and abandoned. One day the king of this country decided to visit the monastery, to see how the monks are serving to God. He met the abbot, who made him a tour around, they passed through all the monastery buildings and rooms, the church, the library, the dwellings of the monks. The king felt extremely surprised from the dirt and the bad outlook of the monastery. He didn't tell anything neither to the abbot, nor to the monks, he didn't make any remark or scolding, but he said that he wants to visit the monastery again in a year. Afterwards he turned toward the abbot and said: "I'll ask you three questions and I want your answers in a year." The questions were the following ones: How much do I cost? For how many hours can I go around the world? What do I think about you in this very moment? After that the king left toward the capital.

    The king left, but from this very moment the life of the abbot has changed. He started thinking deeply about the given task and he was saying to himself: "If I give a correct answer of the three questions I'll be rewarded; if I can't answer, then a punishment will be waiting for me." Now that he was thinking deeply about the answers of the task, he was often forgetting to eat and drink and therefore he became so slim that it was hard to recognize him. All the monks were asking among each other: "What happened to our abbot, so that he lost so much weight? What is torturing him?" One day the cook of the monastery asked him what is torturing him, what is the thought that doesn't give him a rest. The abbot answered:

    - Even if I tell you, you won't be able to help me.

    - How do you know? I believe I'll help you.

    - If it is so, then I'll tell you.

    The cook listened carefully to the abbot and eventually he answered:

    - I can help you, but with the condition that we'll switch our positions: you take over my service and I'll take over yours.

    Both of them immediately started with their new roles: the abbot has put the clothes of the old cook and covered his face with some dust, so that the monks don't recognize him and started cooking. The cook from his side, in his role of abbot immediately gave an order that the whole monastery gets well cleaned and that everyone does his service properly. During the time of his abbotship he was following closely the order and the services in the monastery. In a year the king came again to the monastery and felt extremely surprised form the order and the cleanliness. After that he turned toward the abbot and asked him:

    - Are you ready to answer the three questions I asked you?

    - I'm ready. You're asking me how much you cost.

    - You cost twenty nine silver coins. If Christ, the greatest king costs thirty silver coins, you cost one less than Him. To the question how fast you can go around the World, I answer: if you move with the speed of light, you'll go around the world in twenty four hours; if you move slower, you'll go around it for more than twenty four hours. To the third question, what you're thinking about me in this very moment I'm answering: in this very moment you think that you are talking to the abbot that you know from a year ago. Actually I'm another one.

    So, you won't solve the three great questions in Live if you don't put your abbot to the place of the cook. Your abbot ate and drank up to now, but he hasn't thought about anything. From now on you'll put him in the kitchen where he will be useful to the others too.

    "The yeast that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour until it worked all through the dough.'" Put the Divine yeast too in the mind, in the heart and in your will, so that it works all through the dough and you become new people. You'll say that you want to go directly to God. You'll achieve this too, but only after you purify yourselves. What do the doctors do when they have an important surgery in front of them? Firstly they wash their hands with pure water, then - with some disinfectant and in the end they put clean, rubber gloves. The Body is a God's temple. An unclean person is not allowed there. What will happen with the ill one, if a person unclean by mind and heart operates him? He'll definitely be infected. From the pure, pure gets out, from the noble - noble. Once you know this, be careful toward one another, so that you don't hurt each other.

    Your pot should be clean and new, so that you make the kneading properly, and your flour and yeast should be fresh. You should check several times per day the condition of your yeast. If your disposition improves, the yeast will improve as well. Check your thoughts and your feelings, so that you know if they are ascending or descending. Through them you will recognize the yeast, with which you've made them. Make this observation also on the yeast of your close ones. Check your condition when you visit friends and family. If, by entering a home you start feeling well-disposed, then the yeast of this home is a good one; if you start feeling discomfort, tightness in the heart, then the yeast of this home isn't fresh - there is something impure in it. This doesn't mean that the man or the woman of this home are bad people, but their yeast is bad. It is enough that you only challenge them a little, so that the bad qualities of their yeast show up.

    There were two friends in a village, that were drinking together and when exiting the pub, one of them invited the other in his home, to feed him. Once they reached the house, he grabbed a wood and started beating his friend.

    - Why do you beat me? - he asked.

    - I'm beating you, because you are coming to my house to see my wife. I'm letting no man visiting my home.

    This is the yeast of the alcoholism, that makes one beat his friend.

    I'm taking the word alcoholism in a wider sense. Whoever has too many desires, he is an alcoholic; whoever always pleasures himself, he is also an alcoholic. Every insatiable thought, every insatiable feeling in the man is making him an alcoholic. The yeast of the alcoholism is destroying, breaking, tearing down. Wherever you place it, it will start destroying. The pots of all the people are either cracked or broken. The contemporary people need new pots, in which they should put fresh flour and fresh yeast. The old flour should be thrown away, as it became bitter.

    God is already coming to the world. He'll fix it Himself, but you shouldn't destroy what He makes. If God works and the man destroys, eventually He'll let him do what he wants to do, but he'll have to bear the consequences of his recklessness. When a man passes through sufferings he gains experience and he learns how to manage his mill, so that it grinds well his flour. Whoever makes mistakes, he destroys his mill. Afterwards he has to turn to God, to repent, so that He give him a new mill. Together with the new mill the miller is also changed. The new miller is better and more conscious. He knows that he'll grind flour in the conditions that were given to him. No one has the right to change the conditions of his life.

    Who's the miller of the children? Their parents. They are obligated to control their son's and daughter's actions. If they see that their children are staying away from the conditions, which the master of the mill has given, they tell them: "You'll sit here. You're not allowed to leave the conditions of your life." You'll say that you have to love your children. How will you manifest your Love? If you leave them to do what they want, is this Love? What does the hungry man need - a bread or a hug? If you feed him, you show your Love toward him. What does the thirsty man need? Water. How will you manifest your Love toward your child? If it is hungry, tired, tortured, you won't leave it with the old clothes, but you'll wash it and you'll dress it with clean, new clothes. Afterwards you'll feed it and you'll put it to sleep. There is an Angel living in every person, through which your Love is being tested. If your child is wayward, you'll punish it, you'll scold it, so that it understands that there is a higher will than his - the will of his parents. The child isn't happy with the attitude of his mother toward him, but it's Angel is happy. He watches everything and writes the methods you apply for the education of your child. And like the children, you should also turn toward God, ask for forgiveness for your mistakes. - "Who has seen God?" - Those who have eyes, they see Him, the blind can not see Him. God is everywhere, in all the beautiful shapes: in the stones, in the flowers, in the animals, in the springs, in the stars, in the people.

    You'll say that we talk a lot about God here. Whoever loves God, he knows Him. If he knows Him, he talks about Him. How do I know God? The same way that I know the Sun. You know the Sun too, therefore you know God too. When you see the Sun, you see God too, but it is not necessary that you see Him as big as the Sun. It is enough for every man to see and to imagine God as big as his brain can comprehend Him.

    What I'm talking about today is an introduction toward the great philosophy of Life. Whoever wants to understand the deep meaning of the Christ's teaching, he has to have yeast, flour, pot and to know how to knead the flour. If the man doesn't have these things, he'll reach the opposite results of what he wants. For example, you have a daughter or a son with strong sensorial desires. But you want to turn them toward God, to correct their love. What happens afterwards? Instead of lifting up their feelings in a higher field they decrease them. To avoid this result, start with smaller manifestations of the feelings. Let the beginning be with Love and compassion toward the poor and the suffering people; let him help his smaller brothers and sisters. From the small he'll gradually walk toward the big and not the other way around. If you start with the little things, the bigger ones will gradually start revealing for you. The man is a combination of many parts: eyes, years, nose, hands, legs, brain and so on. What will happen with him if all of a sudden all of them are taken away from him? Don't start with the big values, so that you don't end up with an accident.

    Study the law of the Whole and the law of the parts, so that you understand the meaning of Life. Some are admiring the scientists, the great musicians, the artists and poets and they are worshipping them. You shouldn't worship the human. Firstly ask yourself the question: does this man have a mill and a miller, flour, pot, yeast and can he make a bread. If he doesn't have these elements in himself, he is not only not a deity, but he stands lower than an animal. Everyone should ask himself the question if he has in himself the good woman that would teach him to hide the yeast in three measures of flour. Where can you find the good woman in life? If you are religious, you'll see her in the face of the patriarch; if you are a patriot - in the face of the king; if you are a good son - in the face of your mother and father.

    When you go back home, let everyone of you say the word flour several times. This way you'll understand its inner meaning. You'll say that the flour is expensive today, that it is difficult to find it; once it was cheap, no one was thinking about it. This is about the physical flour. What shall we say about the flour, that Christ is talking about? You can't buy it with any money - it is very expensive - "How much does this flour cost? How can we deliver it?" - "By giving everything that you have in hand. With what can you buy your body? With nothing. In the physical world there is no value, equal to the human body - "What will happen to our body when we die?" - Love God and don't be scared of anything.

    Search for the good and conscious woman in yourself, so that you utilize her light and heath to cultivate the seeds that God has planted in you. Open your minds and your hearts, so that the conscious woman enters them, to make the good yeast, from which you'll receive the heavenly fruits. You'll say that the good woman is crushing you a lot. Let her crush you, this is for the best for you. Kiss her hand and thank her for what she does for you. She is the only woman, who deserves to kiss her hand. Which man has the right to kiss? The pure one. Kiss everyone if you are a pure man, but if you are not pure, you shouldn't kiss anyone.

    What is the pure man? A fountain that quenches the thirst of every passenger; it waters all the animals and refreshes the dried plants. The impurity is what destroys and brings destruction in life. Purity is required from all the people. Only the master, the tutor, the philosopher, the priest, the public man who brings the real, basic teaching in the hearts and the minds of its students and followers, only he is worthy of his name. This is the pure, positive knowledge, toward which every human soul strives. Why do you need a knowledge that would only load the man, without helping him? What will you say about the donkey, that brought on its back precious books and icons? The people were crossing and worshiping the icons, that it brought, but it remained a donkey, it didn't gain anything. Why do you need such knowledge? Can you use a bright idea, if you keep it outside of you, like an icon? It has a meaning, only when it is applied.

    "And a woman took it and hid in three measures of flour.'" How do you recognize when the conscious woman is inside the man? When he is ready to forgive the one, who caused him the greatest mischief. Let everyone tell himself: "Cause of God I can forgive even my enemies." Whoever can forgive his enemies, he has Love in himself and he'll resurrect. It is not enough that you think you have Love in you, you have to manifest the Love toward your parents, toward your husband, your wife, your children, your friends, your enemies and so on. When the mother gives birth to a child, she should say: "I'm ready to do everything for this child." Why do the children of some mothers die? Because their mothers didn't give them the dough, that they needed. A man and a woman that lived in Love and Purity give birth to healthy children, full of life, full of Love. When your mills start grinding well the wheat, when you prepare new pots and the good women descends from above and kneads your flour, you already stand in front of a new age - in front of the age of the Divine life.

    That, what I'm preaching should be tested. The teaching that is given to you today, covers the whole Life, all the living beings - from the smallest to the largest. This teaching can be preached also to the fishes, to the birds and the mammals, translated in their language. What is important is that the man shouldn't look at the animals like they are lower creatures; he has to value their life. What do the contemporary people do? They take the hen, they twist its head and they put it in a casserole, full of boiling water, to take her feathers off. They catch the flies and they tear up their heads. And then they explain that they spread diseases. You should know that every living being brings more Good, than bad. After all of that someone will come to me to ask me if he can kill flies and mosquitos? - Yes, only if he is capable to show them the way they should follow. - "Can we kick out our tenants?" - "Yes, you can, if you show them a better place, a nicer and cheaper house than yours. Therefore if you tell someone that you'll kick him out, you should give him a better place, than the one he was using. You say about someone that he was talking bad things. He talks bad things, but he does good things. Is it better to talk good things, but to do bad things? When the people are flattering each-other they are only fooling themselves. These foolish things feed the man as much, as when you talk to the hungry man about Love. He needs bread, not Love. People talk about Christ, that He is a great person, they are worshipping Him, but in the same time they'll keep him crucified on the cross. This is not Love. I don't blame you, that you don't love, but I'm telling you the Truth, that will release you from the misconceptions.

    Remember the symbols that I gave you today, so that you use them in Life. The pot represents the physical man; the mill represents the suffering, through which the man passes; the yeast - this is the human mind; the flour - the human heart and the woman, that would knead it, represents the higher consciousness in the man or the soul, that educates, that lifts up and enriches the heart and the mind. Use these symbols like methods for healing, for transformation of the conditions. If you are angry and you are undisposed, imagine that in front of you there is a pot with flour, yeast and water in it. Knead the yeast and the flour together with the water and prepare some bread. Call the conscious woman for help. While you are kneading the bread your anger and your disposition will disappear. Let all the men, the women and children knead flour to fix their life. Don't say that you suffer, but say that your mill is grinding flour, it makes this job. If you think this way, your sufferings will decrease at least by half.

    When you test my words with your experience, you are convincing yourselves in their truth, you don't accept them like an axiom. If your daughter considers to get married, open the Gospel to the place where the parable for the woman and the dough is and try to interpret it. Talk the truth to your daughters and sons as much as they can understand you. If you talk to them based on the level of their development, they will understand you. Don't be afraid, don't think that they won't understand you. What is happening today? The mothers are afraid to tell the Truth in front of their daughters and sons, but they are looking for the right match for them - rich or scientific. The wealth and the science are not important things in life. The important is that the maid and the young man are healthy by heart, mind and will. If some disharmony appears between the heart and the mind, if there are some contradictions in the feelings, they get tuberculosis. Therefore it is said that the tuberculosis is an illness of the feelings. The man gets sick of tuberculosis when he loves and he hates, when his Hope transfers to desperation; when his Faith turns to disbelief. In general, when the hatred, the desperation, the disbelief conquer the man, he starts suffering from a chest disease. The tuberculosis is a psychical disease. When the man starts to shrink and tighten he gets again ill from tuberculosis. His lungs start gradually shrinking, until some microbes enter from outside and he starts to complain from chest aches. The bacilli start attacking him like eagles, they eat his lungs and they say: "This man does not deserve to live and therefore let us help him and send him to the hereafter."

    Today Christ talks to you too to knead well your bread and to keep away from the bad yeast, that spoils the minds and the hearts. Where is Christ? In every good, fair, truthful person, who is ready to sacrifice for the good of his close ones. Search for God and Christ not outside of you or outside the people, but in the hearts and the minds. Look at each other to see that God lives inside of you. You'll say that the evil took over the world. This shows that the time for the arrival of the God's Kingdom has approached. Once the evil takes over, all the people will start crying, God will descend to earth the dry their tears. When the evil kills the people, God will resurrect them. He asks the prophet:

    - Human son, can this bones become alive?

    - God, you can resurrect them.

    I see now how the dry bones are gathering in the good woman's hands and they gradually become alive. In other words: The new life comes to form the new thoughts and desires, to weave the new man from them. A great deal is being created today in front of the whole Heaven and the whole earth.

    Now, when you go back to your homes, check if Christ has entered your husband or wife, your children and friends. If they have pots, yeast, flour and water and they can knead themselves the flour, you'll know that the good and conscious woman or Christ is inside of them. Thank that everyone has been given the elements of Life, so that you live and resurrect. In every person there is something good. The Divine Beginning is put in everyone, but it has to be awaken and it has to manifest. The dead ones will resurrect and the living ones will manifest. This will happen soon. For whom? For the ones who have pots, yeast and flour. There is only one thing left - that the good woman descends from above and kneads their flour.

    It is time for you to put your cook at the place of your abbot and to ask him the questions: how much do you cost, how fast will you go around the world and what does the king think about you? The answer of the first question is given: you cost twenty nine silver coins. When you gather the numbers 2 + 9 = 11, you gather 1 + 1 = 2. The two represents the woman, a number of contradiction.

    The answer of the second question is that you can go around the world for twenty four hours, if you move with the speed of light. The number 24 is made of 2 + 4 = 6. The six means the law of movement. It means the conscious woman too, who knows how to knead the flour. The number 6 represents a regular hexagon, to which three of the angles are turned up and three are turned down. This number means also a descend or arise or the number of the eternal movement.

    The answer of the third question: "At the moment you think that I am the abbot that you know from the past, but you are wrong, I'm another person." This means: the king has to start thinking the other way around, not that he has come to the earth to be ruling, but to be serving. By the word king we understand every person. Therefore, every man should know that he has come to earth to serve with Love to God, to his close ones and to himself.

    Sunday talks

    25.08.1918 Sunday, Sofia

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  11. Готов превод Живи извори - 26.6.1920-ИБ-292 / .: 26.6.1920-ИБ-292

    TITLE: Living Springs

    The rivers are the veins of the earth - the blood goes towards the lungs - those are the seas. The clouds, the rains, the springs are the arteries of earth. It is a living force - it breaths, it is a conscious being.

    The same way that the mosquito puts its proboscis in the human body and gets some blood, makes a whole and then goes and tells the other mosquitos: "Come, I found warm sources, some red springs", the same way the earth has living springs; it is not the different fires that give it heath, but it is the earth itself by the power of the same laws like the man who produces himself the heath.

    The arrival of the humankind on earth dates from 18 millions of years.

    Pity for the rich ones, who are not rich indeed. Pity for the poor ones, who are not poor indeed.

    26 of June 1920, 6 - 8 pm.

    Bourgas - on a walk near the breakwater

    The Master with 6 friends in a talk.

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  12. Готов превод Слушайте Него! - 12.3.1922-НБ-425 / .: 12.3.1922-НБ-425

    TITLE: Listen to Him!

    And while He was still talking, a bright cloud covered them and there was a voice saying from the cloud: "This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him!"

    Listening - this is one of the qualities of the real world. Listen the real, the conscious. In the physical world we notice three conditions, through which a man passes: one of them, purely mechanical, is a condition of movement only; the second one is a condition of feeling and the third one is a condition of thought. A man can move his leg without a feeling and can feel without a thought. The best condition is, when every movement is accompanied with a feeling and a thought. The conscious and the great in life is created in these three conditions, I call it the Divine, that, what puts meaning in life. When the contemporary people talk about the real, they believe in one thing and deny another. We always deny the reality of those things, that don't content the Divine in them. The seeds deny themselves alone. What manifests and disappears afterwards is temporary, therefore it doesn't matter if we support it or not, it appears and disappears by itself. You can't count on a thought of yours that appears and disappears; you can't count on an action of yours that is temporary. Because it will start resembling to this: often the American billionaires are making themselves the pleasure with ice palaces, in the north part of America and they give thousands of dollars for these ice palaces, they decorate them, but once the summer comes, this whole palace starts melting and disappears. Often we also build such palaces on earth. There are rich people now, scientists, but their building is made of ice. It is beautiful, but only during winter time. Once the spring comes, all of this melts down. And when some of you are asking: "Isn't this real?" I answer: it is real only in winter time, not in the summer time, as it disappears. When we tell the rich people that your fortune is an American ice palace, you'll say: "How comes, it is real". In winter time you can count on your fortune, but in summer time you can't count on it.

    "Listen to Him!" To whom? - to the Divine inside of you. It is the one that builds the character. A man who deprives in every sense from it's Divine part, loses the meaning of life and he can't have any philosophy, he can't understand the meaning of life in any direction. And our contemporary life is determined from very small things or it can ruin our complete happiness cause of very small reasons. Our complete happiness, our complete security on earth is put on a spider web, on the thread of a spider web - this is how ensured our happiness is. And the scientists, the contemporary philosophers, even the religious people and the spiritual people want to convince us, that life on earth is something real. I don't have anything against that, it's real, but during winter time; while the child lives, the mother is happy, but the day that her only child passes away, the mother becomes unhappy. While the cash desk of the rich man is full, he is happy, but the day when his fortune leaves the cash desk, he becomes unhappy; the scientist is happy while the knowledge is in his head; but once this knowledge disappears, he becomes unhappy; the great speaker waves hand, while his voice is working, but once his voice stops working, he becomes unhappy. An example: the beautiful maid is happy while her face is beautiful, but once her face becomes ugly, she becomes unhappy. All the people's happiness lays on a spider web. They want to convince us, that this is the real in the world: to be rich, beautiful, scientist. I'm asking: which scientist up to now has kept his knowledge? Which mother has kept her children and for how long? Which rich person has kept his fortune? Which king has kept his rulership? Which beautiful maid has kept her beauty? You say: "Don't bother us with such things:. Yes, I may not bother you, but we want to say: "Listen to Him". To what? - the Divine. And when I quote this verse, someone will say: "He means himself". Not me! This Divine thing is inside of you, it is not outside; and if you think that the Divine is outside you don't understand the philosophy of life. The invisible world is the wide world, and this world that you see is a microscopical world. Have you sit to observe, under the microscope what life there is in a drop of water, if you increase it 2-3 thousand times, you'll see what little creatures there are in it; how they move, what development there is? And there is movement and those creatures have consciousness. If you ask them, they'll tell you that this is the business of their world. And in your eyes their world looks funny. When an angel puts a man under the microscope, because the angel has to put the man under a microscope - we are that big, that the angel should put us under his microscope and he has to increase not three thousand times, but several millions of times, so that we are visible for him. And then the people record, analyze, they write essays, dissertations for a philosopher in an academy, for a priest on the altar, for some interpreter of the God's Word, they write books and then they determine these qualities. And we, the contemporary people, we have a great opinion for ourselves, we think that we are close to the angels. Even during a preach everyone wants to become an angel. It is possible in the future, I don't deny this, but you have to pass so many tests until you become an angel!

    Then "Listen to Him!" Those, who succeeded to become angels, they have the Divine in them and there is no bifurcation there if to act in a certain way or not. In their mind they have only one thought, one desire, one will to make the great, a will, with which they can do anything. Now we, the contemporary cultural people, we resemble to those little children who sit on the sea side and write. I've often passed by the Varna shore and there are young people there writing with sticks, everyone writes according to his development. I see somewhere written: "A-a, sweet is the love!"

    But in a while a wave passes over and the written disappears. Another one has written "Money are needed in this world". I say: this one is smarter, but the wave comes and this also disappears. A third one has written: "Legality is needed in this world!" The wave passes and this thing also disappears. And everyone is always writing near the sea, but both for young and old, whatever was written, nothing has remained up to now. And I call the contemporary life a stormy sea, by which we are writing our happiness, always love letters, promises, we'll do this, we'll do that, but up to now no one has done what they had to do. When I say "no one", I mean the one, who lives close to the sea shore and not far away from it. They write during the whole day and I say: This letter does not last. When you loose your Divine thing, hasn't this wave passed over and erased your love letter? When your daughter passed away, when the scientist lost his mind, wasn't this same wave? This wave erases everywhere. Why? Because we don't listen to whom? To Him? What? - This, the Divine thing. Now I have to prove to every man if there is a Divine thing or not. Exactly the Divine is the stable thing, that Love that exists between two people, this is the Divine in them. While the Divine is inside of them, there is Love, there is connection. But in the day, when they come close to the sea and this wave passes over and erases it, they stop knowing each other. And how would you explain for example this: a gentleman comes and wants a loan of money, he says: "I'll give them back to you in 4-5 months, I'm a decent man, my father is decent, my mother is... But you can't find him anywhere in 6 months, you are searching for him here and there, but he has disappeared. I'm asking: why this man didn't keep his word? I say: the wave has passed over and erased his obligations. He says: "I won't give them to you, it is over, you can sue me if you want". And now everyone in the world is suing, there are judges all around, they are suing from thousands of years and the world is still not corrected; all of us we sit near the sea shore. Now I'm preaching you, because you also want to adopt the Divine thing and now that I'm looking at you, your faces are beautiful, I count you as inheritors, who are waiting once some wealthy relative dies for the testament to be opened. And everyone of you is very serious: "How much would be my part from this heritage?" And sits serious and man wonders what kind of philosophy he has in him? He thinks how much he will receive. Nothing else! They say: "He has great thoughts". A maid sits very serious and they say: "How noble she is!" And she thinks the same: how much her beloved one costs. The moral is there: How much it costs! Now, don't take offense. If you, the young ones, are put on a test, what would you do? Here are the old ones, ask them and don't judge me that I'm tendentious sometimes, but we have to look seriously to life, we have to resolve the issue properly based on this great inner law. This is why we came on earth.

    "Listen to Him!" When the Divine thing comes in the man, it will resolve the issue. There's not much philosophy needed to prove the hungry man if hunger exists or not. Someone asks me: "Is there another world or not?" This philosophy is negative. "Is there God or not?" Sometimes it is funny for me to prove the hungry one that he is hungry. But he knows it himself! The only thing is: I'm hungry, can you feed me? The poor one comes, he doesn't have any money, the important question is: "Can you give me some money?" The ignorant comes, there is no need to prove to him that he is ignorant: "Sir, can you give me some knowledge, this is what is important in life". There is something that we are missing. Everyone knows this and while he misses this, the essential, he is unhappy, he is angry, he can't sleep, he is turning either to the left side or to the right side, he is discontent that he can't sleep. What is it? He misses the essential. The hungry one, who can't sleep, what does he need? He needs some bread. Give him a roasted hen and he'll sleep like a baby. I even recommend a roasted hen and a 6-year old wine. We also consume 6-year old wine sometimes. And do you know which is our 6-year old wine? It is the boiled water. We also have "roasted hens".

    "Listen to Him!" Now, to clarify my thought, I'll tell you a little anecdote about a saint. There was a priest, called Hato, he lived long time ago, when the world was in a worst condition, than today's. He thought that the whole world is going toward destruction and he couldn't explain himself how God can support this sinful world, why doesn't He erase it and do something better than that. Every day he was praying that God comes and removes all these sinners and put order, so that the people stop suffering. But the more he was praying, the worst became the world. One day he decided to go around the city, with hands raised toward the sky and he was thinking to keep them this way until God fulfils his pray. He raised his hands, this was in the beginning of spring. Some birds saw him this way and decided to make a nest there. They started preparing the nest around his hands, checking if this would be possible. They circled and circled around and started putting straw after straw and they made the nest. During the whole day they were making their nest. The man, being a saint noticed that and said: "What would God want to tell me with these birds?" They made their nest on top of his hands and he started observing them. They've put some feathers and prepared themselves for work. When the neighbor peasants saw the man in this situation, they started respecting him more, due to his holiness that made the birds make a nest on his hands. But he kept cursing the people. They came and put milk in his mouth and afterwards he was again rude to them: "Go away, you sinners, you only eat and drink, the world suffers cause of you. The birds laid their eggs and began to hatch them. And he began thinking: "Doesn't the earth look like this nest in the hands of God?" He kept thinking this way. A thought started appearing once in a while to put his hands down and to throw the nest, but then he was saying to himself: "No, I'll keep my promise, I'll stand until the little ones get stronger, until they have their wings and start flying". And indeed he learned a lot from them and he understood why God doesn't fix the world. One day these chickens flew out of the nest and he felt pity. Now someone worries about fixing the world and I say: did you keep chickens in your hands, to understand why God supports it? We say sometimes that the world resembles a madhouse. This are our psychical understandings. This world is not a madhouse, neither it is one of the bad worlds: this is also not true. This world is a Divine nest, were little chickens are getting born. And do you know what these little chickens are doing? Have you ever observed swallows: the mother bird will often take the poo of the little ones in its beak and will through it outside. What a self-denial! And we, the contemporary people are only like the little chickens. The swallow stands higher than us in its development, it stands higher in its purity. The purity is needed for our thought and our desires have to be pure, so that our heart doesn't become unclean. Then all the will efforts come. "Listen to him!" You have to understand why the world is created. It is created cause of us. We are in this situation, in which we are at the moment, we can't be happy: our happiness will come in the future and it will come if we adopt another shape. And the shapes, that exist in the world are shapes, through which the Divine spirit passes. And the God's Providence will take care about everyone. If their house, their bodies are changing, this doesn't mean a change of their spirit, but it is a change of their bodies. When a starfish comes to shape its body, it applies all its possibilities, that are hidden in this shape. If it decides to pass in a higher shape, it will start living again. Therefore if the most learned among us enters the angel's world he'll start his life as a baby and he'll be as much of an ignorant there, as the little chickens are. Therefore we have to have patience to learn and to know what the real knowledge actually is. The real knowledge is only about this essential beginning - to learn how to love. Whom? The One Who lives inside of us. Can you always be ready for the One, Who lives inside of you, not to say a single insulting word to anyone? Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives in you not kill anyone? Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives in you, not steal anything? Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives in you, not to dishonor anyone? This is the negative part. And now: Can you, for the sake of the One Who lives inside of you, sacrifice everything? But when I say "everything", I mean that you give everything useless. And when these desires arise inside of us, we will get to know the One, Who lives inside of us.

    Nowadays many people are visiting all the churches: the Evangelist, the Orthodox, the Catholic and the Mohammedan Church. But the contemporary religion is still in the vestibule of the temple. We look only at the outside. You say: "He is an Evangelist". What does this mean? Does he believe in the Gospel? "He believes, he is an Evangelist". But the belief in the Gospel doesn't make the man an Evangelist. "But he is an Orthodox, he believes in Orthodox". But the belief in the Orthodox doesn't make the man Orthodox. "He is a Mohammedan", but the belief in Mohammed doesn't make the man Mohammedan. When the Divine in us starts manifesting not only as a shape, but also as a content and meaning, then we start to understand what the Divine love is. When we feel this condition, every fear in us will disappear in this world and those vibrations will start trembling in a way that you haven't felt so far, you'll get the most insightful, the most clear mind. The contemporary religious people think that for a man to become spiritual, he has to become foolish. Which men become foolish? The people of the sameness. And when they want to hypnotize a person, they hypnotize him this way: they take a bright circle and start rotating it for a while and he gets hypnotized. And I say: the contemporary people are hypnotized by the money. The money are circling around them. A banker passes, he walks around, but there is a whole notebook circling around his head, he thinks about who owes him. He walks around, but it is always this notebook in his mind. You meet a scientist, he also brings some notebooks. You meet a theologian, who rote a novel and he brings it in his head. A philosopher created a new theory, he preaches that it is the most correct one, and it is the same with his head; another one made a new invention and here is the same thing. Everyone thinks that what they have, that enters the world will correct it. But when it enters it, it will destroy the world. Thank God that He didn't leave your invention to enter the world. You have airplanes, zeppelins and you say: "Well, this is culture". But when the enemies come on top, all of you hide in the ground and say: "Where did this evil come from!" Not only that they didn't correct the world, but they destroyed it. Something else has to precede.

    "Listen to Him", the conscious has to enter in you and then great goods will be given to you. The goods are sent from God because of us. Paul says: "This, that you haven't dreamt yet and you haven't felt yet, this great thing is waiting for you..." When? Once this Love enters you and it actually doesn't enter, but it awakens. And some people ask me what is the Love? Well, how shall I explain it to you? Once upon a time there was a sheep that felt in love with a wolf. The wolf was an excellent gentleman, with mustaches: the wolfs have mustaches too. The mother-sheep told her daughter: "As far as we know the young men from this family end in a bad way with their chosen ones". "But I love him a lot." And once she got married, every day the wolf was tearing a small part of meat from her, until she became totally disfigured and started asking: "Why is my beloved one so cruel?" Because he is a wolf, and once he is a wolf, this is the ultimate selfishness, in which we live in the moment. Our century is a century of the wolfs. Now they can give you a great treat, but they will put a whole trap for you and you'll always pay with your life. Now I'm talking about you, about your homes, if you want to change, you shouldn't make any illusions, that you'll achieve this if you keep living the same way as you do now. But you'll say: "We are making an effort". No, no, you haven't made an effort yet. You'll make a great effort over you if you put your will in action in the hardest moment. What is this moment? An American made a bet to circle around the world, but naked and without any money. He makes a bet and he makes it. His friends take his clothes off and he was lucky to find clothes and money and he succeeds to circle around the whole world. I say: here is a man, who succeeded to turn in the worst conditions everything in a success. Therefore we, the contemporary people, we are not heroes, we are people without will. God says: "Will you circle around the world?" And there is a will in the man that can win everything and I call it Divine. And I say: once we place the Divine in us we can do anything, but in the moment that we lose that, the Divine in us, we lose everything. And if you want a positive philosophy, try the Divine in you and check if the Divine can change the world and turn the wolf into a sheep. Yes, it can. This, the Divine thing, turns a wolf into a sheep. The Bible says: "The lamb and the wolf will graze grass together." And when the Russian kings called for this Arabishapka, a Russian, they gave him this verse. They called him on a celebration and they asked him: "How would you explain this verse, can the wolf and the sheep live together?" "Yes, they can, you are the wolfs, I am the sheep and we can live together in a brotherhood." And he was right in what he said. When the Divine thing enters in you, who are greedy, we can give each other a hand, but once the Divine in you disappears, we won't have any common base and then this separation will arise. Then we determine only by this law the future culture of the sixth race. When I meet you, I'll look at you and I'll ask: do you have the Divine thing in you? We call it the sun of life. While the Divine thing talks inside of us, our mind and our heart are in a marvelous condition. Therefore those feelings - sometimes you have beautiful feelings arising in you - don't destroy them. Let's say that you have a poor man, who has a great opinion about you, he loves you, don't break this thread with him, meet him, he is a loving person. But then you say: "He is poor, he is less cultural". That little river passing through the garden, gives life to the plants. Therefore the Love in any shape - and I don't talk about the love of the shadows, don't get me wrong, because there is a love of the shadows - the real Love resembles a little river, that will bring something new in your life and your mind will become bright, your soul will become fresh and your will will become strong.

    Who loves you? Only the one who, when getting closer to you, your moral feelings get stronger in his presence and both of you become joyful, only he is the one who loves you. But if you get an unpleasant feeling, then he had influence on you in the negative sense. Therefore he walks on the left side and the other one - on the right side. And now the Bible says: "Listen to Him!" For 2000 years, since Christ has descended on earth, I'm not wondering why the world doesn't believe in Christ, but why the servants of Christ don't preach His teaching. Even today, if you enter an Evangelist church, you'll hear much more talks about different authors, than about Christ. Christ is on a third place. And they say for Him: "Christ is the head of the church". Let's have one head, but now the Evangelist church has one head, the Orthodox church - another one; the Catholic - a third one. Well, how many heads should there be? Can a church with three heads succeed? It can't. And now they say: "The church has to have one head". But it already has a head, God has created it with a head, we shouldn't put a new head on it. The new heads that we put, spoil the churches. And I insist that now in the world there is only one head, it is the Divine. There is no other head. Cut down all the other heads. Some people, who are listening to me will say: "What will you say about me?" I say, what will God say about you in 60 years: "How many heads where there on earth?" And I ask: how many heads do you have? My teaching is a teaching of one head: to make the people free in every way, to open the cash desks of the people, to open the prisons. So that all the people live like brothers. This is not my teaching, this is what our Heavenly Father requires.

    And now when there are wars coming, they say: "Can it be that there are no wars?" At least us, who have faith, we can go without wars. The world can fight as much as it wants. Two people are quarreling and fighting, one of them gave 10'000 leva, the other one doesn't give them back, they fight, they even call me. I say "How much does he owe you? - "10'000 leva". I take out 10'000 leva. I say: "Here you are, don't beat this brother, he didn't have any". And what will happen? The least I'll do is to get close to this waster to see why he doesn't pay. This is not a philosophy of life. I'll put myself on his place and I'll say: "Brother, I'm paying for him, don't beat him". And to the other one I'll say: "When you find yourself again in a difficult situation, come to me". I ask: if everyone places the issue this way, you'll say: "When all the people become healthy, how will the doctors feed themselves, who will pay for them, who will visit the church?" - "But the people don't go to church now". Please excuse me, I'm that direct, I ask everyone to excuse me, but what people talk in front of God is a theater, not Love. I understand a man being sincere, sincere in his soul, not having any back thoughts, this is what I understand by Love. When I get close to him, whatever he is, a man or a woman, to be so pure, to have all the felicitations, to act toward this brother the same way that I would act toward me. And this is the great law, that says: "As you want people to treat you, so you treat them".

    And some are saying: "This is a beautiful teaching". It is beautiful, but can we apply it? And now everywhere in the world they are waiting for Christ to come. In the States, in Germany, they wait for Christ to come, to fix the world. Even here in Bulgaria they started waiting for Christ to come. Christ has come, He knocks on all hearts: "Love!" This is Christ - this consciousness inside of us. Christ has come, he knocks on the door and the angel says: "Won't you get up?" - "I'll sleep a bit more." - "You can sleep a bit more, but you are late". The people are late. And then they ask me what thing is the Love. The Love is a fire on 35 millions of degrees. And when this fire enters, it brings life and not destruction of life and your soul will tremble like an angel's soul trembles and everyone will be mighty with this fire. This fire breaks down everything, both churches and cash desks. This fire comes in the world! And if you don't get out, do you know what God will do with you? Sometimes I observe some ground squirrel looking from its hole, then it hides from the children, it looks again, then it hides again. Sometimes this children are smarter, they bring 2-3 buckets of water and they pour it in the hole and this ground squirrel gets outside through the water. Now God has decided to pour water in the holes of His children. You'll get out of your holes! And if a fire comes, then you'll leave your house. If a fire comes, both men and women and children will run out. And then you'll find yourselves in the situation of that rich American: when Chicago was burning, the whole city was in fire, everyone was running, a rich man took his cash box and told a worker: "I'm giving you 25'000 dollars to take out the cash box". - "I don't want your money". At the end the rich man left his cash box and left away. You'll leave your cash box and you go even beyond, a fire is coming after you!

    "Listen to Him!" The Divine Word comes and it will melt both the hearts and the minds of the people, it will bring in the new. It is said in the Bible: "I'll give them a new heart". Why don't we perceive the new teaching? Not only that we say "new teaching" silently, but to proceed with the application of this teaching. Those farmers, who want to cultivate an agriculture, they start with some small experience. And I tell to all the Christians, who grew up in this country, that they can give a hand to each other and enter this Divine teaching. "And Moses and Elijah came", why did they come? They came to learn from Christ. And it is said in the Bible that Christ spoke about the sufferings, but He gave Moses and Elijah two lessons, because why didn't the world deliver the results that they expected with their teaching? Because, due to Elijah, 400 prophets had their heads cut and Moses placed a legislation and now it rules the world. And Christ told Moses and Elijah: until that great teaching of the Great God's Love doesn't enter, the world won't change and therefore He said: "I have to suffer", meaning that the Love that is in me, I have to give it to the world, to enter the human souls and the people start to live with the Divine Love. When Christ told this to the Old Testament prophets, his face became as bright as the sun.

    I'm telling you, you are Moses and Elijah, but you say: "Money is needed, to give something to the church", you insure yourselves, therefore Elijah and Moses are with you. Aren't you a learned man, a lawyer, whatever you are, you support the old Testament of the things, well you are Moses and Elijah. Christ came and He told you: "This way your live will never get better". And if you understand, you'll say: "The same way that God sacrificed Himself for the people, the same way I can sacrifice myself for God" and then your faces will turn bright as the sun and your clothes will become white as the snow.

    Now they'll come to interpret my words. Man will live the same way, so that the world will get right only when we die. You shouldn't do this when you are dead, but while you are still alive. This is a funny philosophy, when you say: "When we die". But when I lose my fortune, how shall I help the poor one? While I'm rich I can help - the healthy one can help - but when I become weak, how shall I help then? But my soul has to be full of Love and I should sacrifice this Love. This is the teaching that has been taught for thousands of years. This is not a teaching of violence, this is a teaching of the absolute freedom. And how great His patience is! He constantly says: "These children of mine will become smarter in the nest". He turns them, He caresses them, sometimes the thought of throwing them away passes through His mind, but He says: "They'll become smarter". And I believe, my brothers, that you'll become smarter, you'll become good. I believe, that your wings will grow and you'll fly up around this nest, you'll fly away to the God's Kingdom and not to hell. One day God will take all of you out of hell - the earth is hell - to His Kingdom, where His Love rules. Believe in this Love and the God's Kingdom will come! All of us we should be saved and we will be saved. Now some may quote the verse. But in the Revelation John says this way: "And I heard the whole creation to praise God". And if he has heard the whole creation to praise God, then all of us will be saved. But during the whole time there will be sufferings and one day all of us will get out of this fire and we'll enter the God's Love. Some of you are on their way out. Get out!

    "Listen to Him!" The one that is inside of you, listen to Him. And when you meet a preacher, a priest, tell him: "Brother, do you listen to Him?" You'll tell him: "We are up on the mountain and Moses and Elijah are with us". And now they say: "He is excommunicated from the church, he is cursed". But Christ says: "No, Love for everyone". "All of you are brothers", this is what Christ says: "All of you are brothers", there are no heretics. Elijah and Moses are full only with Love and for Christ there are only brothers and sisters, although you are named differently. One day your heresy will disappear and only the Divine will remain in you. And why don't we start living this life, this conscious life and study the great philosophy of life - then we will become thousand times smarter than now. And in this land if all the Bulgarians decide to listen to Him, then honey and butter will flow. If everyone stops on this verse and decides to listen to Him, honey and butter will flow and all their debts and misfortunes will disappear. Now this is a real philosophy. Every nation, who has listened to God for thousands of years, has been blessed. He is the Great God of Love, as they have been preaching it up to now, the one who saves, the one who sacrifices Himself, who is giving us food and consolation every day in all conditions. He says: "Don't be afraid, your situation will get better". You have lost your son, your daughter, but He says: "Don't be afraid, your situation will get better!"

    "Listen to Him!" Now I want you to get enthusiastic from this thought: to listen to Him inside of you. Once He enters, the issue is solved. Elijah and Moses will tell you: "Our teaching was up to now" but they will add: "Listen to Him". And the voice from above says: - which voice? - the Divine one: "Listen to Him" - what I have put inside of you, listen to Him, this Spirit, listen to Him! Some say: "This is a very simple teaching". Apply it everywhere, we won't go opening monasteries and churches. We'll form one church in our heart, there will be one altar, we will place this church in our mind and we will keep them pure, so that our bodies be the temples of the living God. The other, outer temples are easy to be built. Where shall we find God now? If you are not honest toward the one who loves you, if you cheat his love, how shall God manifest in you? Isn't it God the one who loves you? And who are you able to love? Isn't it God? Therefore the Love is the one that manifests one way or another. And they'll ask us if this is Love or not. The Love never thinks evil of anyone. The first thing is that the Love is the absolute good. I call it the absolute good in the world. God enjoys to see that all the creatures can live. I pass by an ant and I step to make a path for it. I may step over it, but no, I enjoy that it has its own life. It climbs and descends. I say: this is a brother of mine and if I respect the ant I respect more that greater brother. You say: "But these are ants". A mother says: "My child rips off the heads of the flies". And then? His head goes away too. "What shall we do, they attack the kitchen?" Clean the kitchens and the flies won't attack you. Put a plate or too for these little brothers. And now they'll put some sugar and a trap on top of it and they you have cleaned from the flies. This is not a culture! This is where all crimes start from. And then we wonder why God made the world this way. No, the flies also have their purpose. The flies, the ants, all the creatures make a great deal in the world. These ants, that make holes, do a great job. Everything has its purpose for us, no matter if it's good or bad from our perspective, it has its purpose for us, the "clever" people on earth. And so "Listen to Him!". And then in front of His face your heart will start trembling and when we meet the wolf, we shall look at it as if we look at a sheep and it will change its character. And when the wolf meets us and sees that we have "Listen to Him!" in us and it will say: "You are listening to Him and therefore I'll listen to Him too and both of us can live". And a "wolf", as we understand it now, is the lack of the Divine in us. Nothing else! This is a negative idea. And Mathew, who chronicles this idea says: "Up on the mountain". We are also up on the mountain. Someone says: "Am I there as well?" Today you are there, on the mountain. He says: "Let us make three tents here". Which are these three tents? These are the three churches: one is the Evangelist, the second - the Orthodox and the third - the Catholic. This is what some are saying. And everyone who is not in one of the three tents, they say, he is not a Christian. And everyone says, for example the Catholics: "The salvation is in our tent!" No, no tent! Peters says that and Christ says: "Peter, I should descend down to the earth, to sacrifice myself and to give my soul for the redemption of the world". No tents. Therefore, if you live in a tent, you are in the teaching of Moses and Elijah, but if you live without a tent, you are in the teaching of Christ, where the whole world is your home and therefore the Christ's teaching is not a tent, but it is a teaching of the absolute freedom. The anarchist, who lives in the sky, is on the right path. This is why we came, to learn what our rights are, how to listen and whom to listen and only then we can go back to heaven and be its worthy citizens. And until we don't accept that, we will live for a long time in the boarding house and we will receive love letters! And it will be said to you: "Son, you haven't finished yet and once you finish, come back, son, with your diploma". To all of you, who have finished the boarding house I wish you "farewell", go back to your Father and Mother and have a great feast.

    "Listen to Him!"

    Lecture, kept on the 12 of March 1922 in Sofia.

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  13. Готов превод Името Господне - 3.11.1912-ИБ-68 / .: 3.11.1912-ИБ-68

    TITLE: The name of the Lord

    Mr. Deunov has read psalm 115, and after the reading he has said:

    In the Lord's prayer there are three important words: "Hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done". And there are also important words in this psalm: "Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to Your name be the glory, because of Your mercy and Your truth." So here it is wanted that the things that have order and arrangement are given. We can't praise God and hallow Him without Him being present. Therefore, to be able to hallow the Lord's name, we have to hallow our body first. And so that the God's Kingdom comes, our heart has to be ready, because the God's Kingdom is related with our hearts - if the God's Kingdom hasn't come for the heart, this means that it is not organized yet. As you can see, there is a fulfilment of the God's will and the God's will is also related with the heart.

    The conditions, through which the individual passes during his evolution are three: the unconsciousness, the subconsciousness and the self-consciousness. And he can follow God only when he has self-consciousness. Whoever has only the consciousness, there is also fear there and a gun, a sward and so on, meaning the rough force is the overcoming one. On the top there is the superconsciousness.

    God will uplift only those, who have self-consciousness and those that are not uplifted from God, they are in the area of the consciousness - the animal.

    And so, there are three great forces that act: the unconsciousness, the consciousness and the self-consciousness. The Lord's name acts upon the unconsciousness and all the creatures, who have mind are there. There should be one object, so that we praise the God's name - you can't thank God without Him giving anything to you. Therefore when we have to praise God (there should be one object), we have a reason to praise Him. The God's will won't be fulfilled, until our mind is not a place for this will of His. And when it is said "Don't lead us into temptation", the meaning is that He doesn't give us an ordeal that we cannot bear.

    So, the first thing is to be aware of the Lord's name, as it is the first crane that we have to drop in our soul, because a man, who hasn't dropped a crane in his soul in the name of the Lord, he can't evolve.

    You need to organize the body, the heart and the mind - only then you will be in the right direction. God is the same toward us, as a mother is toward her child and only when the child is on its mother's breast it gains life. But its mother will also stop breastfeeding the child one day and she won't constantly giving it milk. You shouldn't ask the same way to be constantly fed with milk.

    You should remember one rule and keep it well: never doubt regarding the Lord's firm, but hallow quickly the name of the Lord in your heart. Let this name remain pure. This is a great law, to which you should obey. Never hesitate. The first thing on the path to the God's Kingdom is the whip and this is the fear. Then comes the faith, that has to be an expression of an absolute trust in the God's Providence and we should never get doubtful. Everyone of you should try to love and hallow the name of the Lord, to act for the God's Kingdom to come, as well as to apply all efforts to accomplish the God's will. And so, this is what God wants from us:

    1. To hallow the name of the Lord - in terms of the body,

    2. The God's Kingdom to come - in terms of the heart,

    3. The God's will to be accomplished - in terms of the mind.

    And the war that happens now and that is in its peak, this isn't anything but the coming of the God's Kingdom. We have to help these people, that have passed away to heaven. Focus your minds to help these people, who left for the freedom of their close ones.

    21st of October 1912, Sunday

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  14. Готов превод Двете жени - 11.8.1918-НБ-192 / .: 11.8.1918-НБ-192

    TITLE: The two women

    "Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years..."

    From Mathew 9: 20-22

    "There was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years..."

    From Luke 13: 10-11

    The contemporary people are asking themselves how are these cases related with them, where somewhere far in the past, there was a woman, who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years and another one, who was sick from a heavy disease for eighteen years and therefore she was bent over. Indeed, these cases are not directly relevant to us, but they are indirectly relevant. These diseases haven't disappeared to this day. Even today there are people, who suffer from bleeding, even today there are people, who are in the situation of the hunchbacked woman.

    The interesting is, when talking about the two sick women, that their diseases are from different categories. The bleeding is an illness of the heart. Depending on the part of the human body that is bleeding, this is due to the disharmony of the human feelings and desires. The hunchback though is an illness of the mind. It is due to the disharmony of the human thoughts. When healing the two women Christ was acting parallelly in two different worlds: the world of the mind and the world of the heart. Therefore if some of the contemporary doctors don't succeed with their methods, this is due to the fact that when they treat their patients, they are acting in the same world. This is the reason why the diseases not only don't decrease, but they even increase day by day.

    A German doctor once went to the States to study the different neurological diseases. When he studied thousands of different cases of neurological diseases, he gave them different names. But he felt surprised when every day after that he was figuring a new, unknown, different case of a neurological disease. Once he didn't know anymore what names to give to them, he named all the neurological diseases, more than thousand different cases with the common name americanichi. Today the people know so many manifestations of the sin, that after they gave them different names, they came to a condition where they couldn't name them with their names anymore and they called them with the common name of sin or americanichi. Today by the word sin we understand all types of painful conditions that attack the people.

    The old people believed that the diseases are caused from the influence of bad spirits upon the people. Most people deny this statement and they look at the diseases as a result of some organic damage or some contagious microbes, that attack the human body. When they drag their attention on the different microbes, the scientists study their origin, conditions of development and so on. For example, the question arises about when the microbe of the plague appeared. Eight thousand years have passed since the time when the Bible was written. Therefore the plague was not familiar before that. It appeared after the original sin. Generally speaking the diseases and their causers - the microbes appear during distortions and unnatural human life. The bad life creates good conditions for the development of the diseases.

    What causes the neurological diseases? According to some scientists, the neurological diseases are a result of a mighty brain action, of lots of knowledge. We deny this statement. According to us, the neurological diseases are due to great worries, concerns, distortions and so on. For example, someone works several years on a book, but once it meets the wide world, he starts worrying how it will be accepted, what judgment it will have, what the critics will say about him and so on. Once he worries and disturbs himself with these questions, his nerves will certainly get distorted. So, the fear of the critics makes the people nervous. If a high-class lady goes on a ball with her dress, a concert or a theater, her dress may provoke such critics, that her appearance with the same dress for a second time becomes impossible.

    It is said in the verses that were read, that one of the women was sick for twelve years and the other one - for eighteen years. The numbers 12 and 18 define the categories to which the disease of each of the two women relates. The number 12 shows that the first woman was sick, because she has violated one of the Divine laws. She lived on earth, without turning her sight toward God. The number 12 contains the numbers 1 and 2. The one shows that she was living without God and the two - that she was living a sloppy life. When the disease came and kept her like this for 12 years, she started gathering the numbers 1 and 2 and she received the 3 - a number of balance. The plus, that represents the sign for gathering is Jesus and the three - the Son or Christ. The number 12 predicts to the sick woman that once she gathers 1+2 she will receive the three - the Son, the Man who will heal her. Christ brings the number 3 in Him. When you suffer from a disease, gather the days, the weeks, the months or the years of the disease and by the received summary you will recognize who will heal you - a doctor or Christ.

    The second woman was sick for eighteen years. The number 8 shows a laxity of mind. It is noticed that the mind illnesses are harder to heal. They need a longer period of treatment.

    The two sick women represent the illnesses and the disabilities of the contemporary society: the first one - the disabilities and the illnesses of the heart and the second one - the disabilities of the mind. The word woman according to the primary language means life. The woman, who was sick for twelve years means life, that doesn't comply with the Divine laws. Therefore every person who does not comply with these laws suffers from bleeding.

    To reach the Divine laws, a man has to study the deeper sense of the Nature, which laws are related with our personal life, as well as with the life of our soul. The development of the soul is a personal process, that depends on the conditions given to the man. The nation among which you live is one of the conditions that were given to you. The nobler this nation is, the more favorable the conditions of your development are.

    "There was a woman who had been subject to bleeding". To suffer from bleeding shows that the blood doesn't follow its determined way, but it bleeds outside. The blood is related with the desires. What is the gain of a person's desires, if they constantly pour outside? When the blood runs out, the person gradually gets weaker: his feet doesn't hold him up, the arms are weakening and he feels dizzy, his feelings become distorted: he becomes grumpy, pessimistic and he can't bear the people, he starts being suspicious, that they are not treating him right. If you see a man with such behavior, you should know that he suffers from bleeding. Parallelly with the bleeding the magnetic energy that brings life forces in the body also pours out. Every disharmony in the desires creates bleeding. When we talk about bleeding we take this word in a wider sense. It means the internal and external dissatisfaction of the man.

    There's one thing you should know: the reasons of dissatisfaction of the man are hiding inside of him and not outside. To deal with his dissatisfaction, meaning his bleeding, the man should find Christ - the higher principle, the higher beginning, that recovers the Faith. The sick woman said: "If I only touch His cloth, I'll get healed". Some people are asking themselves when reading this verse isn't it superstitious to think that once touching the Christ's cloth, one will get healed? Isn't it superstitious to think that if one takes a spoon of the medicine, that his doctor recommended him, he'll get healed? It is not a question of superstition, but a man should have Faith.

    The Faith and the superstition are completely different: all the rings of the Faith are connected in one whole and in the superstition they are separated. All the facts are inextricably linked in the Faith, there is a link between the causes and the consequences of the things; the desires arise from one another and there is a harmony among them. In the superstition the facts are not interconnected, the reasons and the consequences of the things don't have a strong link; the desires are scattered and there is disharmony among them. The Faith is related with the Virtues as the eternal goods of life. The Faithful person uses the Love, the Wisdom and the Truth like a golden capital and counts on them. The superstitious person counts on the temporary goods of life - richness, learning and power.

    And Christ answered the sick woman: "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” The worldly people are laughing at the faith of the religious ones, but they believe in miracles themselves. The sick one believes that the doctor will heal him, but in the same time decades of people around him are dying, all of them dealing with doctors. The doctors help the sick people, but only partly, they can't heal the disease perfectly. You can make a cut of a fester, you can squeeze it without removing the cause of the fester. A fester will be healed, but another one will appear instead. The healing of the contemporary people is palliative, instead of basic, absolute. The reasons for the diseases are hidden in the human mind and the human heart. That's why the doctor has to first affect the mind of the sick person with his own mind. The similarities attract. The experienced doctor can heal the man before he becomes ill. He sees the reason in the future illness of the man in his mind and he starts the healing from there. When turning to the sick woman with the words: "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”, Christ shows the common method to the people, by which they can heal all the diseases. The faith, as a conscious principle, can always serve with its elements, by which it can oppose all the illnesses, especially the ones of the nerves. It is enough for the man to remove from his mind the thought that bothers him, so that he calms his nervous system. To remove a thought means to put it backwards. God says to the sinner: "I'll put your sins behind your back". This means that He'll put them somewhere down in the physical world, so that they serve as a fertilizer for the plants. Why don't you put down your thought that bothers you the same way, from the Mental to the physical world?

    Which are the thoughts that bother the man? The ones that have a negative effect on his mind. The same way that the unclean food has a negative effect on the human body, the same are the bothering thoughts that have a negative effect to the mind. Never the less, there is food that is harmful for some creatures, but it is useful for others. For example, the meat is harmful for the sheep, but it is useful for the wolf. And the other way around, the grass is harmful for the wolf, but it is useful for the sheep. Therefore, not all the desires, no matter how good they are, can have a favorable effect on the heart of the man. On the contrary, they are a burden for the human heart. You should release yourself from this exact wishes. You'll say that you have faith in God and you want to follow the right way. If you are truly a believer, is it hard for you to throw a bad desire out of your heart? What costs the trader to cancel the debt of thousand leva to his poor brother? To cancel a debt of your neighbor from your book, means to gain power, to give a new push for action to your will.

    The human will gets stronger in the obstacles and contradictions that it meets on its way. By regulating his thoughts and desires, the man makes his will stronger. The will gets stronger through the illnesses too. When you get a flu, a fever, a cough or another illness, don't try to make it go away, but first talk to it friendly, to convince it to leave voluntarily; if it doesn't listen to you, you can declare war on it. Who is the one that declares war? The strong one. If you are strong, fight with the illnesses, if you are not strong, then apply other methods. Make tests with yourself and your close ones, to try to heal yourself. Visit an ill person, who suffers from a cough and make the following test: put your hand on his chest. If your magnetism is strong, healthy, the ill person will immediately feel a pleasant heath, that will gradually increase. Sometimes a little raw may appear, as if the place is burnt. If your magnetism isn't strong, the sick person won't feel any heath. In general, in the healing the strong ones should help the weak ones, the big ones should help the little ones.

    There is a habit among the Bulgarians, where when they go wrestling several men are going at once to the contest. The weaker ones leave one after another during the wrestling until the strongest one remains to take the garland. This is how you should deal with the illnesses. You should be the strongest wrestler and you should beat all the illnesses. The flu is one of the wrestlers, the fever - a second one, the neurasthenia - a third one and so on. When you stand against them say: "I'm a Christian, I have mighty tools and I can beat all the diseases." What do the people do? When they get sick, they immediately start searching for doctors and start taking medicines. If the fever has attacked them, they start taking quinine, to stop it. They do stop it, but they don't heal themselves. Instead of using quinine, drink hot water for three days, without taking any food and your fever will leave you. This is the way you should also treat the flu. You'll say that you can't starve. It is not a matter of starving, but of making your will stronger. Whoever has a strong will can fight all the diseases. Many people have a strong, but unreasonable will. When it is a matter of their money, they are ready to give their life, but not to reveal where the money are hidden. They show will regarding the money, because they love them. But if they get sick from a flu or a fever, they can't help themselves, they immediately start looking for external help. When it is a matter of salvation of the soul they don't have will. Start loving your soul the way you love your money and you will help yourselves.

    The two sick women approached Christ or the great Teaching, to understand the conscious laws of Nature by which they can help themselves. You can't understand Christ if you don't study the Nature. Study the elements and their properties, the waters that pass through the earth layers, the plants and the animals. Study the clothes, with which you dress up and the influence that they have on your body. Moses has said to the priests to dress up with linen clothes when they serve to God. Why didn't he recommend clothes from wool or cotton, but from linen? He was seeing the bad life of the people those days and he has recommended the priests to dress up with linen clothes while serving, so that they send higher vibrations toward God. Moses was learning the Jewish people how to live and how to heal themselves. And Christ has come with the same mission.

    The man can heal himself alone, he can correct his life, but he has to have Faith in himself for that and in his close ones too. A Faith without a will doesn't bring anything. If you don't apply your will, you can't heal yourself, neither you can heal the others. How would you heal the sick person if he doesn't want to heal himself? How can you help an alcoholic, if he doesn't want to give up drinking? How would you make a child study if it doesn't strive for learning? All the facilities for healing are hidden inside the man - it depends on him to bring them outside and utilize them. In relation to this the man is a warehouse of stored powers and energies, which are waiting for the moment of their manifestation. An atom hides such quantity of energy that can blow up the earth in the air. One needs knowledge to manifest this energy though.

    Many want to be strong, but they search the Power outside themselves - in the money, in the knowledge, they don't have a clue that the Power is inside of them. Man has to get deeper in himself, to see that everything is hidden inside - both richness, knowledge and power. If he can accomplish this, he will manifest his power by the laws, by which he lives, according to his age. If one doesn't want to work on himself, this means that he counts on external help. The two sick women searched for the help of Christ. Which help will you search for?

    Some expect Christ to come from the sky, surrounded by Angels. I say: the sound hasn't come yet for the deaf people; the light hasn't come yet for the blind. But what expects the one who has eyes and ears? Whoever has ears, let him direct them toward the space to hear what he is interested in; whoever has eyes, let him raise them to see what his soul desires. Get deeper in yourself to develop your hidden feelings and capabilities, to believe in the mightiness of your soul. The moment that you have faith that God lives inside of you, you'll be mighty and strong. Until one doesn't get to know his power and mightiness, he'll always search for it outside; he'll read what Kant, Shopenhower, Hegel, Tolstoy have said; he'll turn the pages of the Holy Book to see what the apostles and prophets have said. This is like if you read a list in which there are the names of hundreds of well known people without being connected with them. This is the same as if you were participating on a great celebration, you have seen the table with plenty of food and beverages without tasting a bite. What is the purpose of this celebration? You have seen it all, but you haven't tasted anything. When I talk to you about Christ I'm preparing the celebration that He'll give for you. If you are ready you'll be invited on His table and in front of you there will be a plate full of food; if you are not ready, you won't be invited. Once you say that you can't eat, you'll be thrown away. There are no people with weak stomachs invited on the Christ's table. Whoever joins this table, he will eat by the rules that Christ applies.

    What did Christ do when He invited the five thousand people to join His table? He took the five breads and broke them. This way He has put His magnetic power in them. The breaking of the bread means digging the earth. A man should break the bread with two fingers - the thumb and the forefinger. These fingers show that during eating bread, the mind and the will of the man should participate. While breaking the bread, the man should thank God for the cares that He takes for him and to realize that he is not alone on earth. Once you know this, don't bother God with your dissatisfaction. If you accept the bread with gratitude and consciousness, not only your bleeding will stop, but you'll become unbeatable for all diseases. If the ill man eats with gratitude and realizes that God takes care of him, his condition will improve in a month. Apply the teaching of Christ both healthy or ill, so that you have His power.

    Remember that every thought, every feeling, every action or occurrence create a certain effect on man's consciousness and if he can't release himself from what he saw or heard, then in a while this occurrence will repeat again. Therefore perceive only good thoughts and feelings, give your eyes and years only for beautiful actions and occurrences, so that they mark your consciousness. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences of the negative manifestations of life.

    A young American felt a strong pain in one of his legs, around the ankle. He visited several doctors, but no one was able to help him. All of them were telling him that this pain is caused from an illusion. In the end the ill person went to a doctor, for which it was said that he heals all types of mental illnesses. The doctor checked the patient and like the other doctors he also didn't find any external or internal reason for this illness. He asked the patient if he remembers to have seen someone with an injured or a broken leg, that has strongly impressed him. The patient thought back to recall such a case. Eventually he recalled that six years ago he was on the station and he saw a person falling from the train and braking his leg around the ankle. This impressed him a lot. And now, six years after this case, he felt a pain on the same place of his leg. The doctor's task was no more related with searching the pain in the leg of the patient, but with going backward and releasing his consciousness from the strong impression. He succeeded doing this and therefore the pain disappeared.

    What do the people do today? When they see an unnatural manifestation in someone they start laughing at him. If a woman or a man gets angry, the surrounding people start laughing at them. Others go from one house to another to tell stories about how their neighbor went angry, hurt his wife, his children and so on. The people don't know that these things are like the diseases. If you laugh to your neighbor today, soon you'll manifest similarly. Instead of laughing and criticizing your close one, pray for him, so that he deals with his anger. The critics don't correct the people.

    A young maiden, a good piano player, got married. As a house wife, she had to take care for their home. One day when she was frying onion she caught some sounds that gave her an idea about a musical aria. She went by the piano with the spoon under her arm, she opened it and started composing. By that time a strong smell of something burnt reached her nose. She went in the kitchen and saw the the onion was burnt. Did her husband have to be angry at her for the burnt dish? Is she guilty that in the frying of the onion she felt these sounds? The man has to be grateful to his wife that she was able to transfer the frying in a musical aria.

    "Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding". The bleeding is a bad thing, but if she didn't suffer from it she wouldn't have found Christ. If the blood of our land, meaning our body didn't pour, the wheel of our mill wouldn't turn. In other words if the blood didn't circle around our body, no Life can exist. The water that runs on the surface of the earth and inside of it, this is its blood. We call its passing through crevices pouring. Some will say that due to the water the wheel of the mill is turning and grinding the flour. This is right, but if the blood didn't run, there wouldn't have been flour. Let everyone ask himself: is your mill grinding fine, is the miller at its right place?

    Remember: every misfortune or suffering on earth turns to fortune and joy in Heaven. Therefore it is said that whoever suffers on earth, he feels joy in Heaven. The same as we see the good fruits of the digging, the watering and the planting of the flowers and the fruits, the same way the Conscious beings see the good results from our sufferings. One day, when you enter the Conscious world you'll say: "Thanks, that our blood was pouring out." The sick woman that was a subject of bleeding for twelve years, she was turning the wheel of the mill for twelve years until eventually she found Christ and touched His cloth. When He saw her, Christ said: "Your faith has saved you. Go home and have a rest. Another one will come to replace you."

    A few years ago I was in Sliven. I went to the home of a woman sick of neurasthenia. All of a sudden her husband - a strong and healthy man, entered the room. When I saw him I told him: "Your wife will get healed if you give her some of your strength and health." The healthy people are keeping distance from the sick ones, so that they don't suck their powers. There is nothing to be afraid of. Give yourself fearlessly, so that you are also given. The small rivers and streams should be closed so that they don't weaken, but the big rivers should be opened and they should give. If you are healthy, I'm happy that you can give to the sick and the weak ones; if you are sick, you have to make your will stronger, you have to help yourselves. Who is the one who has a strong will? The one who is not surprised of anything and can bear all the tests. The fact that he was robbed, that he has no clothes or shoes, that he is sick - nothing frightens him. You'll say that nowadays the clothes and the shoes are expensive, that the life is heavy. For the strong-willed person this is not scary. A day will come when the shoes will be made from wood and not from leather like now.

    The people nowadays have to organize their desires instead of going with the flow. The thoughts, the desires and the actions of the people are dictated from Conscious beings, which differ from each other by the level of their intelligence. Even the cells, like little beings are differing with a certain consciousness. It is enough that you hit or burn a finger of yours, so that the pain is transferred to the brain, which immediately orders the motor nerves to squeeze the finger and to pull it away from the fire. If you are a trader and someone cheats you - steals ten thousand leva from you, the same finger that opens and closes your notebook tells you not to worry. It advises you to close your notebook and to not open it again. You'll say that you can't skip the cheating. The heroism of the man is exactly to feel and understand the things and to restrain. A hero is the man who, after not eating anything for three days, is ready to give up from his good lunch because of another hungry person.

    Up to now the slogan of the people was "Let it leave from you!" But this slogan has created the misfortunes, the misunderstandings and the argues in the world. The new teaching has a new slogan: "Let it leave from me!" Whatever givings and receivings you have, whatever your relationships with the people are, hold the new slogan: "Let it leave from me!" This slogan holds peace for the whole humanity. The people can't correct themselves all of a sudden, they'll do it slowly, but surely. The day you believe in God and accept His Love, you'll start developing correctly. You'll still have your sufferings, but you'll understand their meaning, you'll still have your illnesses, but you'll talk with them and you'll know that they are needed for your purification - physical and spiritual. And if you believe in that, then everything will be according to your Faith. If a relative of yours gets sick, put your hand on his chest and tell him softly: "Let it leave from me!"

    Christ stands in front of the unconscious people today and waits them to accept Him. Where should He be - in front of the man or inside of him? Different interpretations can be done on that matter, but it is important that the Truth is known. A famous English theologist discussed for a whole hour in front of his audience the matter how the whale swallowed Ion. The religious people do the same thing today - for two thousand years they discuss the matter of how to accept the Christ's teaching, how to accept Christ inside of them. No theories are needed here. You'll open your mouth and you'll swallow Christ, you'll accept Him inside of you at once, just like the whale swallowed Ion. The contemporary people need an application, not a theory. There are matters in life, for which resolving no reasonings are needed. The same is the matter of accepting Christ. Christ will enter inside the man the same way that Ion entered the whale's stomach. Whoever accepts Christ in him, he will become a great man. The people, they say, were about to laugh at him and mock him - this shouldn't bother him. Who's the one that was not laughed at and mocked from the people? Those who started talking about flying machines the first, weren't they stated crazy? But now their idea has manifested. Today this machine flies in the air. Why the contemporary men and women don't understand why the families fall apart day after day? Because the people have lost their Faith. They don't trust each other. What is this life, where the people don't believe in each other? Many things are being said to you, but you don't believe in them. It doesn't matter for me if you believe or not. I believe in what I'm saying. I believe in the God's laws and I apply them in practice every single moment. To gain a true, positive Faith, you should study the things and apply them.

    Accept Christ inside of you. If you can't do that at once, then touch His cloth. The Christ's cloth presents the Faith. Touch everything that God has created - the flowers, the fruitful trees. Plant several flowers in pots or in your garden so that you are healthy and grow them. Plant fruitful trees and vegetables in your garden, to study them and to use the powers, that they hide inside of them. Touch the sun's rays of light. If you are searching for Christ, you'll find Him in everything, that God has created. This means that you would touch His cloth and your bleeding would stop. Then you'll hear Christ's voice: "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

    Make tests to see that everything hides a certain power inside of it. Everything in the world is alive. Have you tested the power of the diamond? Have you tested the power of the grain? You say that everything is alive, but you often mistreat the life of the little creatures. The children love especially tearing the heads of the flies and they don't think about the bad consequences of their actions. The mothers should forbid their children to tear the heads of the flies or to destroy the nests of the birds.

    There was a ten years old child of a rich man in one Bulgarian village, who climbed on a tree where there was a swallow with her five little birds. He took the little ones out of the nest and cut their tongues. Afterwards he has put them back in the nest. The mother not only didn't pay much attention to her child's action, but she even laughed at it without punishing him or scolding him. What has happened to this child? When it grew up, it became a big man and got married. He became father of five children, one after another and they were all mute. Why should a man do something evil, why should he torture the little and helpless creatures? Sometimes a man does evil due to lack of knowledge, but sometimes he does it consciously. You have to be awake, all of you, to report even your thoughts, to guide and learn the ignorant and smaller than you.

    And today Christ turns toward all the people and tells them to correct their life, to purify their heart and to touch the cloth of their Father. - "Where is He?" - Everywhere. The grass is His cloth, the stones are His cloth. Take your shoes off during the summer and go for an hour or two bare feet on the grass and the stones. Touch the flowers and the trees and you'll hear the silent voice of your Father: "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

    Now is the moment to touch the God's mantle. It is in front of you and it is ready to help everyone, who believes in its power. This is what the Divine Spirit preaches to all the people on earth: "Sons and daughters, slaves and servants, turn toward Me and I'll turn toward you. You'll be My children and I'll be your Father. I'll write My law in your hearts and there will be Peace and Joy on earth."

    Sunday Talks

    11.08.1918 10:00 Sunday

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  15. Готов превод Детето растеше - 30.3.1919-НБ-222 / .: 30.3.1919-НБ-222

    TITLE: The child grew

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom" (Luke 2:40)

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom and the grace of God was on him." There are two conditions here: growing in spirit and wisdom and the God's grace. Who is growing in life - the child or the adult? - The child. Indeed, the growing is the main difference between the child and the adult. The child grows every day and the mother is happy, when she sees how a piece of meet becomes a big, strong man or a beautiful maid. During the physical growing the parts of the body should develop simultaneously. In this case it is said the the body is externally beautiful, strong and healthy. In physical aspect the spirit manifests in power and the wisdom - in plasticity or in strong bones and mighty muscles. So, if the bones are not strong and if they are easily breaking and the muscles are not mighty, then the man hasn't reached the wisdom, that Christ talks about. Those who don't understand the meaning of the physical growing in spirit and wisdom, they say that the meaning of life is hidden in the eating. This is not right. It is not enough that you only eat, but you have to eat with pleasure, you have to be glad both when you eat and when you don't eat; to be glad about everything that is given to you. If you eat and you feel unpleasant, you don't live like a conscious and smart person.

    And so, the eating is indeed an important life issue, but a conscious approach is needed for it. Therefore all the parties, both in the past and today, are dealing with the eating at first place. Both the bourgeois parties and Bolshevism are placing the matter about the bread at first place. The rich one wants to have more ducks, more hens, more lambs, to eat and drink with friends, with relatives, to celebrate the day of the son, the day of the daughter, of the wife or the husband. Another time they are gathering for a feast, to eat and drink together in the name of st. Peter, st. John or some other saint. They will always find a reason to eat. The poor one looks how the rich one eats and drinks and tells himself: I would also like to eat in the name of some saint, I would also like to celebrate for the day of my children. In the end some hatred and argue appears between the rich one and the poor one. All the people have the right to eat, because they grow when eating and they gain the elements, needed for their development, for their life. Whoever does not agree with that, let him try to live on earth without eating and drinking. When it is being preached to the people that they should eat only a little, that there should be poor ones and reach ones, there is something venal in this. This teaching understands that the richness is a wealthy life on the back of other people. This is not right. All the people should eat without overeating. There is one thing that all the people understand the same way and this is the eating. Call a hungry, indisposed person in your home and feed him well. He will become well disposed, he will open his heart and he will listen to you. Whatever you tell him, he will accept it. He will accept the idea about brotherhood, equality and about God. While he is hungry, he isn't interested in anything. He denies both God and the moral - he denies all the great ideas.

    Christ says: "The God's Kingdom is already close on earth". It is close, but it hasn't arrived yet. - When will it arrive? - When the matter about the eating or the bread gets settled. Some will say that the church recommends fasting. By "fasting" I understand work. Whoever fasts, he works actively on the field: he plows, he digs, he sows and reaps. When he finishes his work, he goes home and destroys the fasting. He says: Let me eat well. I finished a work and now I have the right to eat and rest. I fill well and I enjoy it this way. The eating is related both with the physical and the spiritual world. Therefore, the same way you eat with your stomach, you will feed your mind and heart the very same way and you'll thank that you have satisfied them. You'll accept pure thoughts and feelings, you'll assimilate them without overeating. This is the only way for you to understand that there is a close, unbreakable relation among the physical, the spiritual and the mental world. This is the only way for you to understand that the physical world is a shadow of the things and the spiritual and mental ones - they are their reality. The physical world is the external shape of the object, it passes through different changes, the spiritual world is the content and the mental or the Divine world is the meaning of the things. Their power hides in their content and meaning, not in their shape.

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." The natural growing is the one where the man walks consequently step after step, the same way that the child passes from one grade to another, from one class to another. This is the way of the human development. Whoever tries to skip a step, he meets big troubles. The same the relation between the power and the human body is, the same is between the spirit and the wisdom. One is not possible to manifest without the other. - Is this comparison true? - Try it and you'll convince yourselves. Every man has the possibility to try and test the things himself. How will I prove you that an apple is sweet? It is enough that you taste it yourselves, so that you state if it's sweet or not.

    Paul says: "There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body." By 'natural' body we understand the physical body, which is closely connected with the spiritual one, therefore the link between them has to be kept or in other words shouldn't be destroyed. The closer the connection between them is, the stronger a man is, both physically and spiritually. A physically strong man is the one who's nervous system is in complete order. The nerves in the human body resemble the strings of an instrument. The instrument is well kept if it falls in the hands of a master-musician. If it remains in one child's hands, soon it will be destroyed. Every man has a child inside of him, that is not able to think yet and therefore it makes mistakes and mischiefs. Once you know this you shouldn't ask yourselves why your strings are teared or the instruments are broken, but you should educate your child to grow in power and wisdom. A man is not able to grow and become adult and gain wisdom if he doesn't understand that he is a child that makes mischiefs and that has to be educated.

    The contemporary people think that they are very cultural, that they are well educated and so on. Once it is about their grand parents and grand grand parents they think of them as of uneducated, uncultured people. Actually, the contemporary people are still only children that are growing, but they have a lot of work to do in front of them, until they grow up in spirit and wisdom. Until a man still messes up his father's matters, until he argues and gets angry, we say that he hasn't grown yet in spirit and wisdom. Therefore don't be angry to each other, but keep your connection with your Father. He teaches you how to live and to settle your things. What is right for the physical world is also right for the spiritual world. Never the less, there is a certain difference between the physical and the spiritual world. The creatures, who live in the spiritual world are following the Divine laws without any argues, but the people on earth don't obey these laws and they are in a constant contradiction among them. The things in the physical world don't go well because they are constantly postponed. In the spiritual world though no postponing exists. In the physical world everyone thinks of himself as of a smarter and more educated person that he actually is. In the spiritual world they have a clear picture about themselves and about their possibilities. In the spiritual world the schools and the families are better situated than on earth. - Are there also children and students? - Yes, there are. In the Bible it is spoken about God's children. - Are there God's children on earth? - No, there aren't. So 'God's children' means the children in the spiritual world. they study there and if they get their last exam - the matriculation, they are being sent to earth to be your children. On heaven they cry for them and on earth the people are happy that a good, noble and smart child was born. When it spends several years among his parents on earth it leaves again for the spiritual world. Then his parents are crying and on heaven there is joy that it finished its work. It came to earth to lift up his parents, to bring a new idea in their minds and then it leaves.

    The contemporary world is caught from a new idea - the bolshevism. It is a Divine idea, but it is dangerous to be distorted. Every new movement, every new idea is Divine, but once applied, some human elements enter it - selfishness, egoism and so on that are distorting it. Don't be afraid from the Divine. But stay away from the temporary, the human that is based on the personal life. Don't be afraid that a certain movement will have big dimensions. It is determined what dimensions this movement has to have. Once it reaches them, it can't move any more. The pendulum of the clock is moving from one side to another, but its movement is determined from its length. Therefore the dimensions of the human development will reach those limits up to which a man will grow and receive the God's grace.

    And Paul said: "We will pass through lots of sufferings until we enter the God's Kingdom and we receive the God's grace." He teaches this from his own experience and from the life of Christ, Who came to earth among the nation chosen from God - the Jewish nation, but the Jewish people didn't acknowledge Him. Their prophets predicted the coming of Christ as their Messiah, but they crucified Him. As a consequence for their mistake they bear sufferings until today. - What should they have done? - Accept the teaching of Christ. He taught them to live the right way, but they didn't accept this neither. What is said for the Jewish people counts for all nations. Every nation should accept the Christ's teaching, that brings a social, political and spiritual culture, that rests on the law of love. By "love" we don't understand the physical experience, moods and feelings, but something high, that goes beyond the possibilities of the physical man. Only the one who has overgrown the physical conditions is a master of himself, only he is the one who loves. None of the contemporary languages can pass the content and the meaning of the God's Love. To live with this Love means that in a moment the whole world reveals to you, with all its science, philosophy, art, music. Whoever lives in love, he grows and evolves the right way. To lose the love, that is put inside of your soul, this means to lose the meaning of life, to lose every knowledge and culture, all the music and the poetry in life. If this situation happens, the man loses the power and the light of his mind. He has nothing left to do, but to manifest the love. - How does this work? - By opening the windows of his heart and his soul. God has put the love in all the living beings, but they should manifest it. Make tests with the love, to see what kind of power it is. If you start feeling desperate and you start feeling abandoned from your parents, your friends and your relatives, don't search the reason outside of you, but forget everything bad. Open your heart for the people, for your close ones; look at them as of beloved creatures, that think the best for you and immediately your despair will be replaced form joy. - This is heard to accomplish. - Indeed, this is a test only for heroes, who can easily get out of the personal life, enter the spiritual life and widen. There is no arbitrariness, disagreement and contradiction there. Therefore if you want to exit the life of the contradictions, enter the spiritual world. This is the only way that you'll get to know the love and enjoy truly the life.

    Therefore, when we talk about philosophy, about Christianity, about occultism, we understand the spiritual world. When we talk about the ordinary things, we are in the physical world, where tests are being made. - Isn't it possible without tests? - No, it isn't. The physical world is a testing school. Whoever has consciously passed through it, he enters and exits freely in the spiritual world too. He is in the position of a man who knows many languages. No matter among which nation he goes, he knows its language and he talks with the people there. - Where is the spiritual world? - Around us, same as the physical world. And both worlds are at the same place, but to understand them, the man has to have the corresponding organs. In the spiritual world there are houses, but from glass and therefore the light comes from everywhere. There are rivers there and seas, oceans, same as on earth, in the physical world. We make a conclusion from here that the physical world is created similar to the spiritual one. It is said in the Bible that the earth was unorganized and empty. For the spiritual world though nothing is said. So, it has existed before the physical one. Man has to strive toward the spiritual world, but he can't enter easily inside of it. He will have to pass through many difficulties until his foot steps there. The spiritual world is an absolute reality by shape, content and meaning. The physical world is real only by shape.

    No matter how much it is being talked to the people about the spiritual world, they will get to understand it once they immerse in themselves. To immerse or to get inside of you means exiting the physical world and entering the spiritual world or exiting your home to go in the nature. By 'themselves' I understand the Divine beginning the man. This is the house of the man, that doesn't need protection. No one can enter your Divine house. - Why? - Because it is in harmony with the houses of all the people. From this point of view the man is a friend will all the people. Therefore, he has no enemies, to violate his house, to enter it. If you enter in a society in the spiritual world, you can pass through all the phases of the spiritual life and stop there. This is not allowed on earth. On earth all the things are split and everyone takes as much as his part is: the scientist remains scientist, the dumb remains dumb, the noble one remains noble. There are borders in the physical world, but there are no borders in the spiritual one; you can pass through all the places to evolve. All the people talk about brotherhood and equality without asking themselves where this idea comes from. It comes from the spiritual world. Only a few people realize that. Until a man is on earth and lives by the earthy laws, he is always in a hurry to finish his work sooner, not to lose his time.

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." The white race or the contemporary people have to become strong in spirit and wisdom and to gain the God's grace. This is the only way for the God's Kingdom to come to earth. You'll say that the people today need other things, they are not interested in the God's Kingdom. Whatever they are interested in, whatever they need, they won't achieve it easily. - Why? - Because they use violence. They are stubborn, instead of hard, they are wayward, characterless. A man achieves his ideal only if he has a hard, unwavering character. The ideal should be achieved with meekness and humility. This means that the man should be plastic, he should use the favorable conditions of life. The humble one has all conditions to make his spirit strong. Therefore Christ says: "If you don't become like the little children and if you don't become humble, you can not enter the God's Kingdom."

    "Growing and becoming strong in spirit and wisdom". By "spirit" we understand the Divine life, that organizes and transforms the materials for the human mind. So, a man reaches the Divine Wisdom, that gives conditions for gaining the God's grace needed for all the people and nations. The Bulgarian nation should grow and become strong in spirit and wisdom to gain the grace. I'm talking about the Bulgarian nation and not about the Bulgarian tribe. The nation is something internal and the tribe - external. And God turns toward the Jewish nation and not toward the Jewish tribe. The nation means the higher consciousness of the man, who feels himself a citizen of both the physical and the spiritual world and works parallelly for the physical and the spiritual. The true work is related with both worlds, because they are tightly connected between them. You say that no matter how a man works, the same is waiting for him - death. What is the death actually? You die on earth and you get born in the hereafter. You are born on earth and you die in the hereafter. Is this death? This is a change of the status. So, the man can simultaneously die and be born or he dies in one world and gets born in another world. It is said that a man gets born to die. This means he was born on earth and he dies in heaven, he's born in heaven and he dies on earth. - How should we look at life? - Like an infinitely large wheel, on which some are descending, others are mounting. Everything in life changes, nothing is static, unchangeable. And the spiritual world, that is organized, is changing externally, but its internal, essential lines are unchangeable.

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." Christ takes the child as a symbol of the separate person, the nation and the whole white race. For a man to grow in spirit and wisdom means not to be deceived from the external changes in life. Cold and heath, light and darkness, truth and lie, good and evil, these are two necessary forces. All the contradictions also have two sides. And they are necessary. The necessity is a law, due to which a man can't make a choice. It is necessary that you descend on earth, to study and to suffer, to grow in grace and to be joyful. It is necessary both for the ordinary man and for the great spirit. It is necessary that a man dies, means to ascend to the other world, to be born there. The death and the birth are two necessities, which no one can deny. If anyone says that he is a great spirit, that he can't descent to earth, everything is lost for him. He is obligated to descend, to leave the good conditions and to fulfil the program that was given to him.

    And so, the creatures of the spiritual world conjugate the verb "I can" and serve with it in all the situations of life. The people on earth conjugate the same verb, but in its negative form - "I can't". For the first ones the verb "can" is a necessity and for the second ones the verb "can't" is a necessity. Everything is possible for the creatures in the spiritual world, because they count on God and they work in His name. For the people there are both hard and easy things. They say for the hard ones: We can't make this job. The easy ones they treat with contempt. The hard things are Divine and the easy things are human. Whoever uses the verb "can" for thousand trials of his, only one gets unsuccessful, whoever serves with the negative form of this verb for thousand trials only one gets successful. This is a law that has an application in the science too. For example if one wheel is moving with one thousand turns in one direction we will have only one exception - that the wheel turns in the other direction. Therefore when we say that every rule has its exception we understand only one deviation of one thousand identical cases. Observe the movements of the parts of a machine to check this law. It is related with the physical world - the world of the three dimensions. If you put a wheel on a surface and move it, it will turn around its axis, but the surface will remain still. If the same wheel turns in the spiritual world, the surface will move together with it. In the physical world the car moves in one straight line or in one direction, but in the spiritual world it moves in four directions at the same time: east, west, north and south. You'll say that this is misunderstood thing.

    When it is spoken to you about the spiritual world, you are interested on one side to hear something more about it, but on the other side - you don't believe in what you hear. For example what will you say if you see a train that moves simultaneously in four directions. Lots of hours and days are needed on earth so that you reach a distant city. In the spiritual world the traveling happens fast, almost immediately. If you need hundred years for a complicated work on earth, you'll need no more than a year in the spiritual world. The work conditions there are better and richer.

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." This is the way that every man should grow. Only then the Christ's teaching becomes understood and it can be applied. It is not enough that you only strive toward the Christ's teaching. Conditions are needed for that. The first condition is that the man changes his heart and his mind, so that the new thing penetrates in them. When do the flowers blossom? - In spring, when the nature awakens, when there is more light and heath. It is not possible that a man always deals with religious, philosophical and scientific matters. Observe how much time in a day you have for such matters. It is not enough that you say that you are a merciful man, you have to manifest your mercy, you have to do some work with it. Never the less you have to keep the moment when the mercy works. Therefore God says: "Search for Me when I'm close to you." This means search for God while His Spirit and His Wisdom manifest.

    Many expect the favorable conditions of life so that they start working. They are on the wrong way. You'll always work, so that you don't lose the favorable conditions. If you lose them, then the unfavorable conditions will come. During May all the flowers are blossoming, all the fruit trees. If one of them doesn't blossom, it has lost the favorable conditions and it waits for the next May during the next year. The other trees have fruits that ripens, but the late tree, even with favorable external conditions can't grow and can't develop. It passes through internal unfavorable conditions, therefore it suffers. It is devoid of inner energy. - How can we help such a tree? - By bringing it in another area, with conditions that are favorable for it. There it will blossom and it will follow the path of its development. This is a law that is related with the psychical life.

    You meet a little girl, a poor and hungry one, with an exhausted body, with sunken eyes. People are passing by her, but on one pays attention. - Why? - She can't blossom. But a merciful man sees her and takes her under his patronage: he feeds her well, he dresses her with beautiful warm clothes, he spends time with her. Soon the girl gets better, she gets beautiful, she becomes joyful, happy. Whoever sees her stops and enjoys her. Very naturally the love has already illuminated this child and it blossoms and grows the right way.

    Many things are being said about the contemporary people, they discuss lots of matters but in the end there will always be something that they don't understand. The non-understanding shows that they have fallen in a shadow. When the flower grows close to a tree it can't blossom - its shadow is too big. Therefore I'm telling you too: Don't stay close to rich people. Don't build big houses. Keep a distance from scientific people, philosophers and priests. When someone tells you to stay close to him, he wants to rob you. His wallet is empty and yours is full. He wants to take something from you. Once you know this, don't get close to him. He preaches about brotherhood and equality - don't be deluded from his words. Whatever teaching he preaches we are all equal in front of the love. We should all work and help the weak and the poor ones, who need our help. The contemporary people should talk in a basic language to understand each other. Someone needs help and you are talking to him about prayer, about God. What better prayer there would be than the rubbing and bandaging his leg? Sit close to the sick one, bend down and start putting his broken leg at its place. If he asks you why his leg has broken, say: You'll get to know your relative this way and I'll give God a chance to manifest through me. He tells me: Fix your brother's leg, so that his development is not stopped. The prayer doesn't finish with lighting up candles and chandeliers or in bows, but in the participation you take in your neighbor's life. If you meet a hungry person feed him; if you meet a poor person, dress him up. There is no better prayer than this one.

    All the people today suffer from critics and dissatisfaction from each other. Everyone sees the mistakes of the other, but doesn't see his own ones. Accept the Christ's teaching, apply His love, so that you liberate yourself from the old habits of critics and judgment. Everything that man does has to be based on the love. When you do good to your close one, you do it to yourself too. This law has no exception. If anyone tells you that he is not in a mood to do good, he is limiting himself. With the good you are always in the mood, with the evil you are always indisposed. Whoever lives only for himself, he serves to the evil or the devil. Therefore put the devil into work. Tell him that he has the right of a guest only for three days. On the fourth day he has to go to work.

    Now when we study the manifestations of the people we see one difference that is determined from the different structure of their heads. The brain is strongly developed in some people - they are intelligent, although the different centers of the brain are not equally developed in the different people. If the front part of the brain, above the eyebrows, is well developed, the man has an objective or natural mind, if the back side of the brain is better developed, he shows other types of feelings and capabilities. In some people the heart is well developed, they are extremely sensitive, warmhearted people. The different brain centers have different influence upon the man. Therefore some people are brain workers, others - philosophers, others - diplomats, politicians, etc.

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." By "spirit" we understand the sensorial, political and social life of the man and by "wisdom" - the cultural and the spiritual life. When a man finishes his spiritual development, he gains the love. This is not happening at once. The man works for thousand years until he manifests his love. Hard and conscious work on the heart and the mind is needed for that. Such a person resembles a rich relative, who has collected money for years and wherever he goes, everyone enjoys him, because they taste his wallet. When he finishes his money everyone abandons him. No matter how disappointed he is he sees himself forced to go back from where he came from. This is the way that both the social and the religious people act. And his relatives are telling him: "Come on, go back from where you came from, to collect money again, to help the people.

    A teacher is hired in a high school. In the beginning he is rich, full of energy, full of life. Everyone is happy with him, because they receive something. After working a few hears, his students rob him, he becomes poor, he sees that he has to quit teaching. In terms not to find oneself in such situation the rich man should leave his main capital aside, he shouldn't give it to anyone. On the same base I'm saying: When you open your heart for the external world, don't leave all your heath to get out. The world doesn't need your heath. No matter how much you give, nothing uses it. If you want to help your brother call him in your room to warm up instead of opening your windows, so that the heath goes outside. If he remains outside for you to warm him up, he doesn't achieve anything. The world doesn't evolve correctly, because it counts on heritages: this one bequeathed him something, the other one bequeathed him something else and in the end the heritage finishes, the benefactors get poor and the springs dry up. Once a spring dries up then both sides are suffering: first of all the spring itself and second - everyone around it. This is an important social matter that has to be solved correctly. One of the methods which can solve it is the following one: Every man has a field to work on. In future every one should work on his mental, heart or material field.

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom." Everything that grows in spirit and wisdom has conditions for development. The land must be cultivated and split in spirit and wisdom. And then if you are well-disposed you'll work; if you are indisposed you'll rest. Work is been required from the people and sincere desire to support the Divine work instead of stopping it. This is the only way that the world will correct itself. It can't be corrected only with talking. Don't be afraid of what is happening at the moment. There is something Divine hidden in it. Support the Divine, as for the human, the temporary, it will fall aside by itself. One can have its feathers plucked, the other can have his wings cut off - this doesn't mean anything. Aren't the leaves falling down in the autumn? Aren't the blossoms falling in the spring? This is the order of the things. Every nation has a certain mission that it has to fulfil correctly. A precise piece of land is given to every nation that has to be cultivated and ruled. No one has the right to rule another one's land and to enslave and torment other nations. The earth belongs to God and He is the only one that has the right to rule it. All the nations are God's servants who fulfil the will of their master. Whoever doesn't fulfil this will he signs his own sentence. It is said that God gives to every man and every nation according to their deeds. Everyone receives what he deserves. Teach the history and you'll see the destiny of the Romans, the Egyptians, the Babylonians and so on. Therefore the essential for the man is to grow in spirit and wisdom, so that he gains the God's grace. Strive toward the grace that comes from above, from the love.

    How do we reach the God's grace? With work and study in spirit and wisdom. Learn all the teaching, all the philosophical systems and religions but hold on to the Divine in them. They are given from the conscious world, but by the time the people have distorted them. Today they are not what they have been in the beginning, when they descended from the Source. The task of the contemporary man is to purify them and to liberate them from the sediments of the past. Every teaching, every religion, everything philosophical system is a branch of the Divine tree. Therefore every branch has to stay on the tree. If you say that the tree can deal without branches, you'll fall in the illusions and the delusions of life. Give a whole cup of corn to a hen and check what it will do. Once it feeds up, it will through the corn around and on the other day it will expect another cup. But it remains cheated because it doesn't see any food around it and it starves. This is the way that many people act. Once they see themselves surrounded from different teachings and religions, they jump over them and once they feed up they through them around. On the other day they search for food but they don't find such. This way they condemn themselves to starvation. What does the squirrel do? It stores the extra food, same as the bees with the sweet juice. Every religious and philosophical system represents a blossom from which you can collect the sweet juice. Gather the sweet juice of all the blossoms inside of you and don't say that this or that blossom is not needed. Everything that God has created is at its right place and is needed. Whoever says that a certain teaching or certain system is dumb, useless, he will be called up to tell his opinion about that matter. And he has to know by himself why exactly something is stupid and what should be made with it. Many talk about the Christianity, about the socialism or the communism as edgy teachings that can't contribute with any benefit to the people. The conscious world listens their thoughts and it will call them to report in a few years, to tell their justified opinion, that was proved, so that they correct the mistakes of this teachings. You'll say that once their called above they die. This is a death for us, but for the elevated world it is nothing more than calling the man up, to give his report upon the important life matters. In conclusion it can be said that the people leave for the next world due to too much knowledge.

    What did the first humans do, Adam and Eva in heaven? They gained lots of knowledge and they met a great adept who told them that there is still something that they don't know. They became interested of this new teaching and started to want to gain it. - What is the conclusion of this new teaching? That if they eat from the fruits of the forbidden tree, not only they won't die, but their eyes will become open and they will become like God. This teaching made them hesitated, they felt in doubt in the words of God and they disobeyed His order. After that God searched for them to prove Him why His teaching is not correct and to kick them out of heaven, so that they go in the world to study there. The Jewish people said that the teaching of Christ is not correct. Christ called them to prove this. Indeed when you read the history of the Jewish people, you see that they have passed through such sufferings that they never expected. For example when Tit conquered Rome, 60'000 Jews were crucified. This was the way by which the Jewish people had to prove that the Christ's teaching is not correct. Today the Bulgarian clergy together with scientists and philosophers say that the teaching that I preach is not right. Let them know that they will follow the same path like the Jews. They will be called up to give a report in which they should write their opinion. They will argue with me that I will be called up too. They will call for me but these ones will come too. Once when the Jewish people have robbed Christ, they crucified Him, today this is not allowed. No one today can rob or crucify Christ. Everyone who preaches the Divine teaching is unbeatable. The Divine teaching is inseparable. It existed in the past, now it exists too, it will remain also for the future. Therefore whoever has preached it, whoever preaches it today, he will also preach it tomorrow, this is not important. The Divine Spirit is the same in all the ages and years. Therefore no force in the world can beat it.

    What is required from the contemporary man? To respect God, Who lives in every soul. If we don't love God, then we can't love anyone. He is one and all the living creatures are inside of Him. This is the only way that the people would get along and the world will fix itself. The Love will heal the world, not the non-love. The Love brings freedom and the non-love - violence. Wherever there is violence, nothing good comes out. What will you gain if you hang someone? Do you know which person you have to hang? When you go to the vineyard to cut the sticks you should know which sticks are to be cut. If you cut the ones that are healthy and full of energy, you are harming the vineyard and the whole society too. Woe to that vineyard person who cuts sticks that have two-three buds! This is forbidden. Woe to that person who hangs and kills his close one! Christ says: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, who pervert the Word of God!" - What shall the people who go to the battlefield to fight do? They would solve the matter themselves. I say for myself that I'm against any kind of war, that spoils the people. All the misunderstandings, all the fights and wars that come up between brothers, between close nations are due to human inventions. There is nothing Divine in them. This is not a blame, but everyone should know how to fulfil his job, as a mother or a father, as a teacher or a priest, as a trader and so on.

    Everyone should grow in spirit and wisdom. The task for each person, for all the societies and nations is to send a love wave to the whole world to help the humankind. Every man is a pump that waters the gardens. Many suffer from a lack of water. Where would the water for the pump come from? From the learned people, from philosophers, from the musicians and from the religious ones. You'll say that the religious ones are only praying. Through the prayer though they send water for the pumps, to water the dry gardens. When the wheat is ripe, the fruit will split equally among all the people that have sent water to the fields with their pumps. The wheat needs good thoughts and feelings, that we have to send toward all the fields. If we don't do this, we are spoiling our relationships as brothers.

    Two brothers meet at the street: one is a lieutenant colonel, the other one - a simple soldier. The second one approached his brother and started directly talking to him without giving him the proper respect for a lieutenant colonel. He arrested him for 24 hours of strict imprisonment and told him: There are no brothers' relations at the street, they exist only at home. You have to know that outside of home we are like strangers. The brotherhood exists only at home, meaning inside the man, in his thoughts, feelings and his internal life and internal relations.

    The contemporary people think like the two brothers. They say: God is up in heaven, not on earth. He doesn't exist. They think this way, because one of the two brothers is a lieutenant colonel and the other - a simple soldier. How would the lieutenant colonel think when he gets fired? An officer was telling a story that since he was fired, the people didn't give him the proper respect like in the past. He was telling to himself: John, you shouldn't be insulted that today when you have no officer's uniform only a few people respect you. Today they talk everywhere about officer's uniforms: you are a teacher, a boss, an officer, a minister - everyone respects you cause of the uniform that you are wearing. The uniform is the external side of life, we shouldn't be influenced by it. Therefore if you are an officer and your brother meets you, don't get insulted that he didn't pay the proper respect to you. Stop, tell him a few words and keep on your way.

    What should the relations between the people be? How should they act? - Like the Russian general Kutuzov. One day he went to visit the regiment of one of his officers, who had the habit to go around his soldiers in the morning in a bathrobe instead of an uniform. Kutuzov knew this weakness of his and decided to give him a good lesson. He went to the officer and found him in a bathrobe among his soldiers, drinking coffee. The general greeted him, told him a few words, grabbed his arm and asked him to go on a walk to check together the condition of the regiment. The officer looked around, found himself pressed, but didn't have a choice. He went on a tour with the general and from this day on he was always strict in wearing his uniform. The general didn't make him any notice, but he corrected his behavior himself.

    And so, if you meet a man, dressed in a bathrobe, or said in another way having deficiencies, don't talk anything to him, don't moralize him, but take his hand and walk him around. He will see his deficiency and he will correct himself. When Christ meets you, he will take your hand and he will walk around with you and you will correct your mistakes yourself. I have met many people and I still meet, but I can't say about anyone of them that he is naturally bad. But, there are moments in a man's life when something deep inside of him stops him from doing good. Often the outer conditions influence the man to manifest the good. For example a poor, warmharted young man married a ritch and beautiful maid. Due to the influence of her parents he changes his life, he gives up from God and descends down in the grosser matter. He loves God, but the fortune makes him blind and all of a sudden he gets off the right way.

    Today both the religious and the secular people don't succeed in life - Why? - Because they don't understand right neither the religion nor the science. What does the religion present? It is a method for improving the outer and the inner life of the man, as well as ennobling the soul. Both in the religion and the science there is hidden a positive knowledge for a good life. When this knowledge is applied both the society, the family and the individual get better. The sheppard knows when his sheep should conceive, but the man doesn't know when to concieve a child. He says: It is not important when the child is conceived; the important is that it is born - it may be by its time or not in time, whenever God gives it. God gives everything, but you should keep the favorable conditions of the conceiving and the birth of the child. You have an idea given from God. You have to create favorable conditions for its manifestation. The correction of the men's life depends on the conscious work of the men. When the outer conditions of life get better, the inner ones will get better too. Therefore we say that in the future the people will work less than today. They will have time for brain and spiritual work. Then the question between the woman and the man will get settled right. Now they are fighting to be first, which one will be the ruler. There won't be rulers in the future - everyone will serve God - the only Ruler of the world. The man will leave the woman to manifest herself freely, but the woman will also leave the man to manifest himself freely. No man has the right to stop the freedom of anyone. In fact there should be respect and reverence among all the people. Every leading and public person has the task to keep the freedom of the citizens.

    Now we come to the conclusion, but not to the end of the things. This is how the fishermen act. They throw from far away a big net in the water and once it fills with fish, they start pulling it. The more the net reaches the shore, the more they get closer too. When they reach the shore they take the net out of the water, to see what the conclusion is. They pull the net, but they remain surprised: a big net with very little fish inside. But there are lots of little fish swimming above it - sprat that doesn't enter the net. You'll say that you don't want to get into that conslusion neither. I wish you that the Divine remains inside of you, not the human; that the conclusion about freedom remains inside of you and not about slavery.

    The word "conclusion" is related with putting a new beginning in life. I conclude means I make a contract with something new. The contract with the new contains the acceptance of the Spirit as a base of life and the God's Wisdom, with its light, would serve the people like the rays of the sun serve all the living beings. Then the real writers will come in the world and they will serve the Truth. The world needs real scientists, musicians, artists who understand the Truth and apply it. There are such people everywhere, there are in Bulgaria too, but there are no conditions for their manifestation. The nations can't value yet their gifted people. If a writer, a musician or a scientist gets sucsessful, his close ones and compatriots will knock him down the first. The society rises against me too, as well as the clergy, but they couldn't disgrace me. Why? I'm a deep sea. Whoever tries to enter inside of me will drown. I'm a big, full river that no one can stop. If you put a dam on it a flood will come that will drag away the dam and the water will cover the whole area.

    The citizens of one American city decided to put a dam on the river that passed by the city, to separate a place that would freeze during the winter, so that they can scate. This was the way that they entertained themselves for 20 years, without thinking that one day a trouble may reach them. Indeed what happened was unexpected. During a big flood the dam was destroyed and the river covered the houses by the shore and two thousand people drowned. Once you know this don't make dams near your rivers, as a flood will come that will drag away the dam and the water will cover the whole area. Woe to the one who is under the dam. This is what mean the words that Christ said: "Don't fight back the evil". In other words: Don't fight back the Divine teaching that comes with a force from above. God settles and fixes the world. If it comes to the human you can oppose him, if it comes to the Divine you have no right to do that. You may have a specific opinion regarding the human things, but no one has the right to claim the Divine things. The Divine rules the world. It rules the nations, the societies and the people.

    "And the child grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom". This is the way that all the Bulgarians, all the nations all the white race should grow. Don't be affraid of what would happen with you. The future of the Bulgarian nation, with some small exceptions, is bright. The future of the Slavs is good. They will bring such culture that no one suspects. All the nations will gain from this culture. It will be a culture of brotherhood, equality and freedom. In the name of this freedom all the nations will unify but in the way that the big nations will patronize the little ones. Therefore I'm turning toward all men, women and children to support the idea that will bring brotherhood, equality and freedom among the nations.

    And so, the fight between the nations should stop. Every nation should strive to become great in spirit, wisdom and love and not big in order to rule the small nations. Let everyone work in this direction, to libarate himself from the atmosphere that is now suffocating him and to tell himself: We can agree with one another, we can settle our lifes because God is with us, the spiritual world is with us. Whoever opposes the Slavdom to manifest itself, he won't have easy days. In the future all the nations will work for the Slavdom. This is what is said in the Divine book. The Slavs are ritch people. Their summer granaries, their bags will open for all the antions and they will say 'Brothers come to us, let's live in peace and accordance, in brotherhood and equality among us. This is what the new culture brings for the whole humanity. There is a new philosophy coming in the world. When you leave toward the hereafter you'll come back to Earth and you'll check yourself if my words are correct. While you are in the other worl, you'll read the programm that will be applied for the future.

    I wish you to be happy and joyful. No sorrow, no suffering, no fear. A courage is requested from everyone. You'll have abundance in everything. All the dead people will get alive. We'll call for all the killed ones and the hanged ones from the hereafter. During not more than 100 years there would be no man in the world that is unjustified. During 100 years an order will be put in the world. The Gods grace will poor on top of you and your children.

    Sunday Talks

    30.03.1919 Sunday, Sofia

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    Превеждали: Elena_Ivanova (Елена Иванова)

  16. Готов превод Вярата - 6.3.1921-НБ-349 / ...: 6.3.1921-НБ-349


    (Sunday Talks, 06 March 1921, 10:00, Sunday)

    Beinsa Douno

    And now these three remain:

    faith, hope and love.*

    My talk today will be about the second principle of human life- the faith. I take the word "faith", as we have no other better word than that. I take it in the broadest sense and make a distinction between faith and belief. In faith, there can be no contradictions. It excludes any doubt. However, beliefs allow half doubt. You may believe that you will become good, but you may also believe you will become bad; you may believe that you will live, but you may also believe you will die. Today, people always get elevated, suffer and die from beliefs. The world is always full of beliefs. All scientists and religious people teach only beliefs. But this belief has neither brought the expected salvation, nor liberty, nor knowledge, nor love, because it is a belief. I am not saying that belief is bad, but it is only a preface to faith.

    I will touch on faith from four points of view, namely: I will consider it as a subconscious aspiration in the heart, as a conscious feeling in the soul, as a self-conscious power in the mind, and as a super-conscious principle in the spirit,
    or scientifically speaking, as an aspiration in the subconsciousness, as a feeling in the consciousness, as a power in the self-consciousness and as a principle in the super-consciousness. Now, keep this interrelation. I will speak on the issue as a matter of principle. I do not intend to defend any limited cause, nor any limited doctrine. My aim is to speak the truth as it is.

    Faith is a principle of the human mind. So, the beginning of the human mind is faith, or in other words, the mind is built on the foundations of faith. Faith connects the human mind and intellect with the harmony in nature, and gives it an impetus to develop and study the laws of Being. Now that you are listening to me, be so kind as to put aside all your prejudices for just one hour. Not to throw them away, but to leave the backpack with your beliefs and delusions aside until you are relieved. When you finish listening to me, put it on your back again and leave. I do not mind that. Otherwise you will look like that Bulgarian with the heavy load who was overtaken on the road by a carter. The carter, seeing how heavy the traveler's load was, offered him to get into the cart. The traveler got into the car, sat in it, but did not take the load off his back. - "Take off the load, my friend, and put it aside in the cart", the carter told him. - "I do not want to bother you", replied the passenger. - "No, you do not bother me, but yourself. My wish is for the load to come off your back. I accepted you and your load to rest equally. There is plenty of room in my cart for both of you." When we get into the Divine Cart, we must take off our burdens and rest.

    Therefore, each of you who wants to have an enlightened mind in any aspect, who wants to explore nature in any field, must strive to get in touch with the living nature, must have faith. I am not one of those who say that we should strive and develop in only one direction. Philosophically speaking, all directions create one true direction, which is the Truth. That is why we must strive in all directions, because from the point of view of faith all directions are good. In some of these directions may come suffering, but it is a way of redemption. When this suffering comes upon us, it shows that in the past we have broken the Divine laws, the harmony of the Divine world, from which violation evil was born in the present world. And as we do not understand, we constantly ask ourselves what is this evil? If you cut an electric wire from an installation in which there is a constant flow of electric current, and catch it with your hands, do you know what will happen to you? This wire is safe as long as it stays still, but if you cut it, it becomes dangerous. If you are standing on a sewer pipe, you are in a safe place, but if you decide to drill a hole to see what is in the pipe, you will get hurt and will have to run away. Why? - Because you have drilled a hole into the pipe and the flow of water has shifted, it will flood you. Modern people are interesting. They, like young children, carry chisels and say: "Let us drill into the pipe, either here or there." When danger comes, they say: "Run now!" Some chemist-professor stays in his laboratory, holding a retort, experimenting; then the retort bursts, the liquid spills, the professor runs away, everything goes wrong. I say: This professor has drilled into the pipe. This is not the only way to explore, there is another way.

    When you want to tone your mind, to purify it, you must definitely bring faith into you. Someone will object: Nothing happens by faith. - Everything happens with faith, and nothing happens without faith. As long as you have faith, your mind will be healthy, strong, ingenious, it can do anything. The moment you abandon faith, your mind will split, cracks will form in it, and you will be lost. Do you know what happens to such people? - They start a job, they work for an hour, get desperate that their work is not going well. Faith comes again, they resume work. They work for an hour, then leave it again.

    And so, in the world, some people work, others stay in cafes, twiddle their thumbs, do not work. They have lost faith! What can you do with these people? Put faith in their minds and they are saved. I will give you an occult story that you should always have in mind when reflecting on faith. In ancient times there was a king's son who fell in love with a maid, who was very smart, intelligent and beautiful. He decided to marry her. The girl was very happy and said to herself: Now my life has meaning. This prince will give me everything I have ever dreamed of. She imagined that she would have wonderful palaces with many rooms, where court ladies would serve her.
    Indeed, he made her a great palace, and also promised her everything she had dreamed of, but when they got married, he told her: Please, I do not want any maids in my palace, so that they do not remind me of your low origin. You will clean this palace yourself and will arrange everything.

    When faith appears in the human mind, the mind will tell you: I do not want any maidservants in my palace. Who are these servants? You know nothing and you say to yourself: Wait, let me see what a certain author said, what Kant said! Kant is also a man like you. He may have expressed some very good thoughts, but you should not rely on him. What did Kant say in his work "Critique of Pure Reason"? - He said things were unattainable. This is 50% true. For a person who has faith, everything in the world is achievable. Therefore, it depends on faith whether things are achievable or unattainable. Faith encompasses time, and time is a process of the Divine mind. It is a measure of Divine harmony. Faith determines the ratios of tones, the combinations within this Divine harmony. It also determines the correlation of our thoughts. Every thought is a tone in our mind. And if we have faith, all our thoughts will form one majestic Divine harmony.

    And so, faith must start from the heart, in your subconscious - there must be focused this bright ray of reasonable aspiration. As you go to bed at night, put the following thought into your mind: the faith in which I live will bring Divine harmony into the aspirations of my heart. Lie down with this thought, with full confidence in your subconscious. Do nоt philosophize, do nоt think about the consequences. When you sow a grain of wheat in the ground, do not think how it will grow. It will do its job on its own. If you sit next to it and think how it will grow, whether it will grow or not, and you start digging and burying it, you will ruin it, hinder it, interfere with its development. This is how some people perceive a Divine thought, but begin to reason whether it is Divine or not. Let this thought grow in your mind! Do not touch a thought until it grows, it starts to develop, blooms, bears fruit, and the fruit ripens. Until then, one cannot tell whether it is Divine or not. One cannot know the Divine truth that is embedded in it. This thing takes time. Time is an expression of truth. Where there is no time, there is no truth. Lying always shortens time. Anyone who borrows money from the bank with short terms, does not fare well. They change their loans every three months. In modern thought, all teachings have short deadlines. We do not believe in the short term, but only believe in the long term. We consider the long term as a rounded movement of energy within the soul.

    The second manifestation of faith is, as a feeling in the consciousness. This means: at some point you feel that your thought cannot be a thought until it is projected into the material world. This thought must take the right form, because the right thinking is nothing but your thought having the correct match with the laws in which you live. If your thought does not get the right shape, it will look like an ugly woman, and we do not like ugly people. Therefore, ugly forms produce a disharmonious impression in our minds. Beauty is a quality of thought, so the thought in us must be beautiful. If you do not feel that your thought is right, you will start checking it with other people, but that will take you to the other extreme. Why?- Because they may also be in the same condition. Then how do you check if your thought is right or not? Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is this: to believe that your soul feels things right. The soul never lies. In the human soul there is no lie!

    The third manifestation of faith is in the power of thought. Your thought must have power. Inside it there must be movement and expansion, i.e. it has to be productive, you have to be able to do any work with it. You can experience the power of your thought. If your thought is correct and goes harmoniously in every respect, i.e. there is the right aspiration in the heart, the right feelings in the soul, the right expansion in the mind, then if you have some wound on your arm, focusing your thought on it will heal it quickly - in five to ten minutes or in one or two days, depending on the wound.

    All the catastrophes that are happening now - in the public, in the political and in the scientific field - are due to this disorder of our mind, which has not put faith as a basis in life. We live with beliefs in the world. Where do all the catastrophes in the world come from? - They come from the fact that we have doubted God, the great law of Love, and we say that God is not Love and that man is wolf to man. But this wolf was created by God. Then, what philosophy, what meaning is there in life, when we call the most sublime thing in the world a wolf? And the wolf is a denial of love, a denial of faith. Therefore, any man can become a wolf. Once you lose your love, you are a wolf, a bear, a tiger, a fox, because these wild animals are the negative qualities of the great virtue that we call Love. And faith determines why we suffer. I say: You have lost your love, so you are a wolf. - How will I correct myself? - When you bring love into your heart, it will bring faith and you will rise, you will become an angel to serve in the Divine world.

    Arm your mind with faith, not with beliefs, because beliefs are religious, pagan systems that appear as a result of past experiences. Modern religions are an attempt to uplift humanity. I do not condemn them, but I say that all religions have a desire to help humanity. And all the great Masters come among this humanity to raise it up, to help it, because they are servants of the great Divine law. But their followers have distorted this law, they have focused only on the outside, and thus distorted life. Thus they have created beliefs. A doctor comes and tells you: Believe in me, I will help you. He starts with one injection today, another one tomorrow, you spend a lot of money, but nothing helps. The priest comes and performs a funeral service for you. No, no, do not believe in such a doctor, but only in the one who carries love as a principle. If your doctor or friend carries this principle of Love in himself, let him in, but if he does not carry it, no matter if he is a teacher, a priest, a doctor, close the door for him, do not accept him, let him stay out.

    As Scripture says, "Without faith one cannot please God." I interpret these words like this: without mind, without wisdom, one cannot please God. Which children make their parents happy? The smart, obedient children, right? A stupid, mischievous child does not make his parents happy. Everyone who brings joy and fun is smart. The smart sons and daughters, the smart friends, teachers, priests, they are people of faith. When you ask these people if there is an afterlife, they doubt it and say: Who knows? Science has not yet proven it. But who is more advanced: science or us? And who created science, did it create us or we created it? We are like the ancient pagan nations, who created an image like themselves, fell on their knees before their idol Baal and begged him: Show us where the truth is? So we have also been praying for eight thousand years for science to show us where the truth is. It will not show us anything. There is one science that we must rely on. It is the Divine science, the science of the human spirit of love, of which the second principle is faith. It is an immutable science, it does not change. Modern science is human, it is the science of beliefs, of hypotheses. But in the science of faith, everything is defined precisely, mathematically. Everything in it is precisely provided, same as in technology, same as in the body.

    We say that the stomach is not intelligent, it works purely mechanically. No, it is an excellent chemist. By giving it the right conditions, it works much better than our chemists. In it enters uncooked, undigested food and it immediately secretes appropriate juices for the digestion and dissolution of food. After a few hours of work, the digested food passes into the intestines which keep what they need, and is then spread via the blood throughout the body. The lungs are not bellows, as some say, but they work by certain laws. Also, the brain does its job well. But we, the modern people, who think we are smart, intelligent, we do all kinds of nonsense! The husband, when unable to correct his wife, beats her up. The teacher, when unable to correct his student, expels him from school. The priest, when unable to correct his congregation, excommunicates them from the church, declares them heretics. The state, when unable to correct some of its subjects, sends them to prison, to the gallows. And all modern countries make special establishments for their guilty subjects. These are places of your nonsense, for which you will be judged! So it says above, in the invisible world. These are debts that one day will be paid. The various ministers and officials should not think that one day they will not be responsible for those hundreds and thousands of people they have imprisoned! No, heaven and earth will pass away, but not a single line of the law will change until everything comes to its original state. It has been so since time immemorial, and it will be so until the end of the age. And not only in Bulgaria, but everywhere.

    As I speak of the end of the age, I understand the end of our nonsense and the beginning of the Divine harmony in the world, of that great thought of which I speak to you. And when we meet, then we will not ask: Are you a wolf or not? I say: Try my nails, try my teeth! If I have them, I аm a wolf, if I do nоt, I аm not a wolf. This faith, the noble, rational in man, does not allow you to have any nails, nor teeth. Nails - this is the wrong mathematics. When the wolf loses his love and cannot expand his thought, he stands on the road, waiting for a sheep to pass by, so that to catch it and eat it. Why does he do that? He says: Just as you gentlemen have the right to buy cans from your shops, I also have the right to buy a can from the Divine Shop, so I open and eat it. But in the Divine world it is forbidden to eat canned food. There are no cans there. According to the Divine law, when the wolf meets the sheep, he must tell her: I am very hungry. Can you sacrifice for me according to the law of love? If the sheep agrees, he can eat her; if she does not agree, he will wait for a second, third sheep to pass until one is found to sacrifice herself. If no sheep agrees, he will feed on roots. This is how the wolf lived in the olden times. I will prove this to you. It is not a figure of speech, but a great law. When the wolf stays hungry for seven or eight days, he says to himself: How stupid I am! Once I ate differently. He goes to the forest and feeds on roots. If he has never eaten like this, where would this thought have come from? So he lived under other conditions.

    And now the Lord must leave us, the modern people, hungry for about ten days, in order to teach us that we can live in another way. We will go to the forest, will take out sweet roots and will eat. And you can also live this way. Modern doctors will explain to us what are the elements of canned food, what elements are necessary for our body and through what foods we will supply them. I am not against that, but it is not cultured. Keep in mind that any organic food that you eat, no matter how pure it is, always carries its own toxins and causes deposits. There is no creature that does not die when it eats organic food. And man has begun to die since he started eating such food, because in every organic being there is pure and impure polarization. Watch how the cat eats the mice. It catches a mouse and eats everything in it. If the cat, which is such a cleaner, ate properly, it would live much longer. It says: According to our science, I cannot delay and waste time, I am hungry, so I am eating you whole. So does the husband - he comes home from work and says to his wife: Quickly, I am hungry. If nothing is cooked, the wife is in trouble! This is no science. We need to start with these basic things in life.

    Now it is up to you to become acquainted with faith as a principle, in order to understand that one of its manifestations which reconciles all contradictions in life. I will show you how contradictions occur. For example, two young people love each other. When love manifests itself as a principle, they are both ready to run away from home. I say: They are both heroes. When their first child is born and the mother starts breastfeeding him, she sees around her that the conditions are unfavorable and the love between them gradually begins to cool. Why? - Because they have not understood love in all its aspects, in its deep sense, that it must be maintained with reason. When a bird makes its nest on the branches of trees, it chooses such branches that are protected from even the weakest wind and storms. So the bird builds it much smarter than any engineer. It understands where the favorable conditions are for building the nest and lays its eggs there. But modern people say: We can lay our eggs without a nest, without good conditions. Indeed, they lay them, but then they go to hatch them in the "Obstetrics and gynecology hospital". This is the culture of cuckoos - they lay their eggs in an alien nest. Ask a naturalist, where did the idea in the cuckoo to lay its eggs in others' nests come from? Someone will answer: The Lord has commanded so. No, the Lord has not said that. There are many cuckoos, and intelligent ones, which lay their eggs in others' nests. Do you know the characteristics of the cuckoo? It chooses the nests of weak birds, so that when the cuckoo hatches, it being stronger throws the other small birds out of the nest. This is also what you do with your ideas. You throw away the other one, but yours is again a cuckoo one. Now try to understand what this cuckoo means. If you accept a Divine thought but it does not teach you how to put yourself in harmony with the Divine law of nature, if it does not bring love to people, what will it benefit you, what do you need this thought for? A thought can also bring you doubt. Therefore, without faith one cannot serve Love, without faith one cannot please the God of Wisdom.

    As you read chapter 8 of Proverbs, from verse 29 onward, you will see that there is talk of wisdom, but here we are talking about faith.

    When he gave the sea its boundary -

    so the waters would not overstep His command

    (the water, the sea, this is the modern world),

    When he marked out the foundations of the earth

    (by "foundation of the earth" is meant our bodies and all organic bodies),

    Then I was constantly at his side and arranged everything;

    and I was filled with delight day after day

    rejoicing always in his presence.

    Rejoicing in his whole world;

    and delighting in the sons of


    (This is not about the current sons of men, but about those who lived then in faith - the bearer of love.)

    Now then, my children, listen to me;

    blessed are those who keep my ways.

    Listen to my instruction and be wise.

    And do not disregard it.

    Blessed are those who listen to me.

    Watching daily at my doors,

    waiting at my doorway.

    For those who find me find life

    and receive favor from the Lord.

    ("Those who find me" means: he who finds faith will find life. All doubt will disappear from him. The new consciousness will come into him, a new intelligence will ignite him and he will say: Now I understand the meaning of life. )

    And whoever sins against me;

    harms his soul.

    All who hate me love death.

    People nowadays say: We can do without faith. No, no, you cannot do with disbelief. I say: It is not beliefs that are needed, but faith. Disbelief and faith are two opposite poles, because the disbeliever can become a believer, but the man of faith cannot be polarized. Faith is related to the human mind, to the human intellect, while the mind is related to breathing. And because we are on the verge of a new evolution in the world, we have made an angle of 180°. The path we have walked since the day we left the Divine harmony is a path of descent. Now we are at the bottom and we start the other half of this circle, we have to pass another angle of 180°. This is the law of evolution, in which you will study things from the bottom up, and not from the top down as you do now. Only in this way will you have an experience much more real than the previous one and more accessible to your mind. Therefore, all Eastern doctrines must be verified from a new standpoint. The experiences of eastern and western peoples must be tested. Both are 50% true. And there faith will come in handy. Every thought and every science must be tested by experience and nothing must be taken for granted. Faith implies living experience, but experience does not happen in one way. If you want to check a musical play, you will find an experienced musician, not an ordinary one, and you will find out from him if this music is correct. If you want to understand the properties of matter, you will find a learned chemist who does not drill into pipes or make explosions, and you will want him to give you the first instructions on the great laws of matter. Matter, this is a reality. In its present forms it is transient. Therefore, if we rely on these forms, we are mistaken. Its current forms will pass into other forms that will be real.

    Our current thoughts are also transient. All our current understandings are just a preface to that correct understanding which will come. With these words I do not mean that you are ignorant, that you do not understand things, but I only state that the reason for your ignorance is due to the fact that you have no faith. And faith is connected to your mind. Therefore, he who does not have faith cannot have proper breathing, because the mind is connected with breathing. Smart people breathe smoothly and harmoniously. A thought that affects breathing, is right. Observe a beautiful woman or man, healthy in will, heart and mind, you will notice the beauty and plasticity in their breathing! Whoever does not breathe properly, their thought is wrong. An author will write an article, starts thinking, exhales deeply, then breathes unevenly, gets up, makes a cigarette, walks around the room, sits down again, writes. The article is ready. Critics are starting to say: Someone wrote an excellent article. - He wrote smoke! The article itself is as true as the smoke of his cigarette. He wrote an article on how to fix society. Before starting the article, he says: Wait, let me cross myself! He crosses himself. No, my friend, the cross shows how to endure hardships. When you make a cross and say, "In the name of the Father," ask yourself: does my head know how to think correctly? "And the Son" - does love work in my heart? "And the Holy Spirit" - is the power of God in me? This means making the cross and reading "In the Name of the Father". The cross is something internal. Someone says: Let us cross ourselves. Yes, let us cross ourselves with our head, our heart and our power. As you cross yourself, say to yourself: Is the Lord of Wisdom in my mind? Do I have faith?

    How does a person with faith differ from others who do not have faith? By whether he has fear. There is no fear in faith. Someone says: Let us call a doctor. If you call a doctor for fear that you are ill, you will die; if you call on him in faith as your brother, your friend, you will be healed. When you call the doctor with fear, the doctor will get scared and will say that the situation is dangerous, he cannot decide to the treatment himself. They call a second doctor, and he says the same thing. They call a third one, gather for a consultation, and finally all three of them say: "he will either heal, or not heal". This is similar to the situation of that gypsy who said: There will either be water in that valley, or not. Everyone knows such a science: "he will either heal, or not heal"; "she may be good, but may not be good." The old people say about the girl: We know she may be very good, but she may not be good. They do not say like the gypsy, for example, "it is either true, or not," but they say "it may be true, it may not." Someone asks: What do you think of my thought? - Well, it may be good, true. Not that it may, but it has to be true. And then we say: I do not know who will be saved. I also do not know who will be saved; I know who will enter the Kingdom of God; I know whom the Lord has chosen; all those who have faith know it. There is nothing hidden for the believer. There is something hidden, but when? Only in crimes, only they are hidden. Also, good deeds must be secret. In this world, both good and bad people have to hide. Why? Only evil can be hidden. The bad man hides from being caught and imprisoned. The good, the rich man hides, lest he be brought under the fourth article of the law, so that they may say to him: You are the enemy of the people, go to prison. Therefore, now the rich deny that they are rich, but in the past people boasted that they were rich, that they had money. Today, all the rich want to pass for being poor. Why? - Because there is the fourth article. This is not correct thinking, this is not a philosophy of life. The ox that plows in the fields and divides the furrows says: I am the one that plows. Yes, because there is the prod; and it is the plowman who carries out the law. And I think we have passed that teaching of the prod. Now is time for the teaching of faith.

    According to the new teaching, everyone should try for themselves whether their thought is true. I will present my thought to my brother and let him perceive it. He will not ask me if my thought is true. Why? Because I have tested my thought ninety-nine times. Not only me, but people have been trying this great law for eight thousand years. And you can also try it. Today I am talking to you about faith. Say: We will live by faith. Instill faith in yourself and start working with it. Do not think about how people look at you, whether you are intelligent or not. Well, well, if you are intelligent, let me give you a problem to solve:

    ai : a = bi : b = ci : c

    What will you learn from this task? It is a task that determines the relationship of the invisible world to the visible. When a phenomenon occurs in the physical world, the corresponding phenomenon also occurs in the invisible one. Such is the law. When a person is born on earth, another one is born in heaven at the same time. When someone dies on earth, someone also dies in heaven. When a man dies on earth, for heaven he is born, i.e. for one man to go from earth to heaven, another must come to earth. They replace each other. There is a certain ratio between the magnitudes. Someone asks: Why do I have to die? - No, you will not die, but I say: it is decided for you to be born in the other world, and another one to be born on earth. You will say: We have listened to you so far, but we will not listen to you from now on. I do not insist that you accept this as a positive truth but as a symbol, however, you will check it and understand that there is a certain relationship between the spiritual and the physical world.

    So, you will consider what is your faith in the subconscious, in the consciousness, in the self-consciousness, and in the super-consciousness. When all doubt, hatred, lies disappear from your soul and they come to the surface, say to yourself: No, I can no longer handle this magnitude. If you say so, it shows that faith has put its first root in your heart. Faith is connected with rhythmic breathing. That is why Hindus strive to breathe rhythmically, sometimes wanting to regulate their thought from the top downwards. While Western nations do not know this yet. They have an aspiration from the bottom upwards. It has been noticed that in people with tuberculosis breathing becomes fast, the rhythm of their breathing is short, therefore the change of energies in them is incorrect, which means that there is a struggle between faith and thought.

    What causes tuberculosis? - Either out of fear, or out of hatred. Any girl can become tuberculous: take away her lover, deprive her of the hope that there will be another one and she will have a constriction, hatred and she will get tuberculosis. She says: I cannot live without this lad. There is the delusion. No, your boy is in your mind. He is your love. If the girl meets a person from the physical world who resonates with her, let her take him, but if she does not meet one, it is better for her to live alone. The first beloved of the heart is the mind. If the two of them fall in love, this is the right marriage. However, the girl says: This inner lover will not feed me, but the outer one will. - No, the outer one will betray you. You, men and women who have tried this law, who have been married, are you happy, have you resolved this issue correctly? - No. You are like the famous English reformer John Wesley, who married his beloved and three days later said: It is not worth marrying. And this was said by a great man, a reformer! The mind is the first lover. He will bring you light. This lover will find outward forms to express himself. Then the boy's heart will find its beloved outside and they will interact correctly. When the boy's mind interacts with the girl's heart, a good, true marriage happens in the physical world. But today every boy is looking for a girl and vice versa. He finds a girl, starts reading to her what he wrote. She admires that, he says: Ah, I am a genius. When the girl expresses her coveted feelings, he tells her: How naive you are! If he says so, for her to stay away from him, there is no rhythmic breathing in him. You will say: You will show our dirty shirts. - Yes, this water that is now coming into the world will show all your dirty shirts. What about when you dip the dirty shirts in warm water and boil them, does not the dirt boil and come out on top? Therefore, by planting the right thought in your mind, it will bring out all the flaws.

    Do not think that my talk refers to your mistakes! But I tell you: if you want your life to be harmonious in the future, put faith in yourself, change your thinking and start making your past right. All our thoughts and desires, layered in you from a series of past existences, can be rectified only through the law of love in human spirit and through the law of human mind. When love penetrates from the bottom up, from the heart into the soul, from the soul into the mind and from there into the human spirit, there will be harmony, movement in two directions - two opposite currents. When two people shake hands, they extend their hands from two places; it is a movement in which there are two opposite currents at the same time. If the boy's thoughts and breathing are right, there is a correct flow in him, and if you are a clairvoyant, you will notice that a light will flow from his hand towards the mind. If the girl's feelings are correct, you will see a white, soft light coming out of her, surrounded by a very pale pink color. These two lights, of the boy and the girl, when they meet and unite, will form a Divine wave. What do these young people feel? They say: We are both ready to fight together in the world and to sacrifice ourselves. Then, in this situation, the old women will be resurrected. Because there are no old people. Old people are those who have lost that primary law of faith and they are starving to death.

    Herbert Spencer said: “When the exchange of energies in the body happens incorrectly, a person grows old quickly and can die soon, but when it is done correctly, i.e. he earns as much as he spends, he can live a hundred, two hundred and more years”. I do not hold such a view, because the meaning of life does not consist in its duration, but in its rational application. Christ says, "I have come to give life, and that they may have it abundantly." Knowing how to combine the forces of our heart, soul, mind and spirit, we can do this to ourselves and to our friends. That is why Christ says, "If two people are gathered together in my name, they must have a common purpose." These are the people who need to have love. God is Love and all people move towards Love, but at the same time they want to be rich, happy, and this is based on certain laws.

    So, breathing should be rhythmic. If you allow hatred or falsehood in yourself, your breathing will change. It is enough for a person to allow himself a hundred such thoughts and desires to cause an apoplectic stroke. The accumulation of these thoughts will affect the breathing, the breathing of the heart and life will cease immediately. Why? - Because this man did not think and breathe properly. They will send a commission from the invisible world that will say: This man did not think right. And they will finish him off.

    Without faith one cannot please God, without faith one cannot serve humanity, without faith we cannot serve our neighbor, without faith we cannot serve ourselves. The day a man loses his faith, he is also lost. You need positive faith, faith in your thoughts and feelings, not in others' ones. I am not talking about the cuckoo's eggs. Which are your thoughts? - That, which is born of God is yours, it is common, not that which is born outside - it is a cuckoo's egg. Someone wants to make a big house, to give a big feast, but woe to the hens who will participate, who will suffer for this feast. This is everywhere in the world. One nation will become rich, but another will become impoverished at its expense. This is not right, it is not civilized.

    Therefore, by perverting the law of faith, the nations degenerate. Whole nations, whole tribes, continents and races disappear. If people think like that for another hundred years, both the current race and all the peoples of Europe will get stupid, they will degenerate. When they degenerate, a new race will come that will put a new order of things. Therefore, the first thing is to make our thoughts right, to put faith in us. For now, we will leave the nations, we will let the law of evolution go its own way, but I do not want any fear to remain in your soul. Leave the fear out! Be afraid only when you sin, but when you do good, do not be afraid. We, modern people, only think about what will happen to us. Nothing bad will happen. He who sent us to earth, the Love that gave birth to us, which is the first thing in the world, will make us immortal. Our clothes can change, but this is not death. These are variations, this is singing, a Divine harmony of things. First, you need faith in order to change all your thoughts. At the first lesson, try your best to bring harmony in yourselves.

    You have a certain painful condition, say to yourself: To correct this condition depends on faith, so I will change my beliefs into faith and will put harmony in my thoughts. Unite with all people and say: All people on earth are good, all laws are right, there are no exceptions. Death is something transient in the world. If you apply this law in your mind, it will not take more than one, two or three hours, or depending on the severity of the disease, a few days and your disease will disappear. In the same way, you can check if your thought is right. Try this law also when you have rheumatism in your legs. Do not rush to call a doctor, but check if with your thoughts you can shift the disease to your hand and throw it out from there. If you act through your faith, you will move the currents of your electricity and magnetism from one place of your body to another and your rheumatism will heal. Rheumatism - these are accumulated thoughts, obesity - these are thoughts again. A person who thinks a lot will start to feel a lot. This shows that in such a person the heart operates a lot. If someone eats a lot and does not work, he will become very obese and will soon call a doctor. Obesity is a sign that your thoughts and feelings are not right.

    The same law applies to dry people. They are very active. No, everything should be in moderation. If a thought comes to you, do not stop it, but manifest it; if a feeling comes, manifest it. Work, do not give up work. Thus you will enter into connection with the great Divine law. If you meet an old man who has fallen on the road, and you are a student or a teacher, you are in a hurry going to work, you do not stop. No, stop, help him as much as you can. Or you see two children fighting, crying - stop, reconcile them. Do not beat them, but give them each one coin or, if you have apples, one apple. Advise them not to fight. And point out to them that they are brothers, that they are both right. Thus reconciled, these children will always listen to you. You will do a good job. But if you reconcile them and explain to them that they are not on the right side, they will not understand you. They are both on the right side. There is a lot of crying among you, religious people. What for? - For your sins. The worldly people, on the other side, cry that one of them has died. Students cry that they have failed their exam. The professors cry that they have lost their position. Everyone cries because they do not think right.

    Try to bring rhythm and regularity into your breathing. If a right thought comes to you, check immediately if your breathing is done correctly. Every thought that gives impetus to your life is right. You breathe intermittently, but this is an irregularity that you have to get rid of. If you breathe like this, some misfortune will befall you. Notice that when you breathe incorrectly, your heart will pound, tremble from time to time. Such trembling also happens to the sheep of a shepherd when some misfortune is about to happen to them. If the sheep hurry and stop suddenly, the shepherd knows that it will not be a few hours and the misfortune will happen. If your thoughts and feelings run from one place to another like sheep, you need to be on duty, knowing that the thief is close to you.

    So, faith is a living principle of the mind. Only through it will we be able to know all the secrets that are in the nature. If we know these secrets, we will be able to renew our lives. This will not happen in one, two or ten years, but it will happen within a hundred years. So, these two principles - love and faith, we must unite them. We must combine the power of the spirit, of the mind, of the soul, of the heart - as an aspiration of the heart in the subconscious, as a feeling of the soul in the consciousness, as a power of the mind in the self-consciousness and as a principle of the spirit in the super-consciousness, and in this combination will come the new thought that can renew us. And then you will notice that when two people who have such a rejuvenation meet, they can tolerate each other. And this is very natural, because both are negative either in heart, or in soul, or in mind, or in spirit.

    There should always be harmony and complementarity, i.e. when the mind acts in the boy, the heart must act in the girl; when the spirit acts in the boy, the soul must act in the girl. Only in this way will there be complete harmony, complete combination. Wherever these people are, there will always be a union between them. If the same thought enters both of them, there will be disharmony, disunity. Every thought has a movement from north to south or from east to west. This represents man. Otherwise there will always be a crossover. These are forces of the heart, forces of the soul, forces of the mind and forces of the spirit. The forces descend from the mind to the heart, i.e. from the central nervous system to the sympathetic nervous system, and from there they enter the head. Where this entanglement takes place, a new impetus is formed.

    Therefore, if you meet a person, be it a man or a woman, with whom your thoughts intertwine properly, you will feel a certain harmony and you will be born with either new thoughts or new feelings. If there is no such harmony between you, you will return home burdened, you will have a headache. This is not to say that these people are bad, but you should do otherwise. Will you wear white, light clothes in winter? Will you wear thick clothes in summer? When you go to a person who lives in the winter of his life, you will put on your thick clothes. When you go to a person who lives in his summer, you will dress in light, light clothes. You will consider where and when you go, and do not think that people are bad. There are no bad people in the world, in a positive sense. Bad people, in my opinion, are those who have a lot of manure and who rob at will. What are they robbing? - The good of other people. Good people are those who give, and bad people are those who take. The robber is standing in the woods, waiting for someone to pass. A man who has worked for three or four years to earn something and feed his children passes by. He takes his money, robs him.

    So, there are two methods of robbery in the world: slow one and fast one. For example, you want to take a person's money. You start convincing him. You go to him the first day, you talk to him, he does not agree. You go the second day, you try to convince him again - he does not agree. You finally manage to take his money. He says: This man lied to me! The quickest way is that of the gangster: when you go to someone with a revolver in hand and he says: Take that, take it soon! In this way, no time is wasted. The fast method is harmful. All current people act according to it, they carry a revolver and say: Give me our money! You will work and I will rest. But it is written in God's law: We will all work and share the goods equally. Everyone will work as hard as they can, and no one should take advantage of anyone else. This is the law of faith.

    Speaking of faith, I say that there are other beings on earth, much smarter, whom you do not see. I will now enter another realm where x : y = xi : yi. The last relation xi : yi represents the abstract world. These beings are smarter, more intelligent than you, they have mastered the laws that guide our lives and work among us. Whatever you think, whatever you design, they are among us. You are under their influence. You think about how to solve an issue. They struggle and they resolve it. Do not think that these people are shadows. They are real people, materialized, dressed in bodies. There is a way to talk to them. They are not shadows. In order to understand me better, I will give you a comparison. Imagine that I am in front of an anthill. Ants have a certain order of things, they carry this or that in the anthill. I place my cane in their anthill. There is immediately a loud noise among the ants. - Someone is upsetting their anthill. They say to themselves: There are some disturbances in nature, natural forces have influence. And these forces are my cane. Then I put my finger among them, an ant bites me. Imagine that an ant has the idea that there is some intelligent being here that is bothering it. Is it far from the truth? Therefore, in relation to these huge people that I am talking about, we are like ants. I can prove to you that they exist by putting their cane among you and by stirring you. You can try to see their cane. One day I stand in front of an anthill and fix the light with my magnifying glass straight in the ants' way. They go to the light, but when it burns them, they bounce. They say to themselves: What is this phenomenon? Something very bright, but hot. The ants surround me, they think around me - that is a whole concert. They wonder about this phenomenon. I tell them: This is me. Do you know me? Often these big people, the smart ones I call them, do to people the same way we do to the little ants. They have decided to fix the world. They have been given power from above, they have been given a plan, and now they will ruin the world. What these beings will bring, I call a new order and a new orderliness in the world.

    As you listen to me now, you say to yourself, "If this is true, it is a big lie" - as the Turkish proverb says. If you have faith, you will make an attempt to make sure, but if you only have beliefs, you will say according to the Turkish proverb: "If this is true, it is a big lie." No, that is not a lie. So, let us get back to our idea.

    This primordial intelligence that must come into the world emanates from God. From this original source now comes a new wave that people must accept. They say, "God breathed a soul into man." Now God is taking a new breath. God breathes once in thousands of years. You will understand the two principles - that God is an all-encompassing Love that envelops all beings, and that God is all-encompassing Intelligence. This Intelligence will manifest according to the nature of each being. There must be diversity, but there must also be this Divine harmony in all of us. Experiment with the teachings, make your breathing rhythmic, bring into your heart, soul, mind and spirit, as well as into your subconscious, consciousness, self-consciousness and super-consciousness the idea to see these beings, and you will see them. When you see these beings, you will find your teachers, your brothers and sisters. They are noble beings, and so elevated in their deeds, and so fulfill the teachings of Christ, that you have no idea of all this. When you visit their home, they will accept you as their younger brothers, they will give you the best reception, and will send you into this world to spread the new teaching. In your current state, with these minds, hearts and souls that you have, you cannot see them. Your sky is cloudy. The doubt you have shows that you cannot serve the faith of this Lord, Who is within you.

    And so, without faith, one cannot please the God of Love. You are not yet inside your body, but you are outside of it. To the soul of a man, his body is just like a chair to a professor - he gets on it, teaches his lesson, stays for two or three hours and gets off. A man lives in his body only temporarily, where he also has a chair. The spirit descends into the body only for some time, for several hours and minutes, while teaching its lessons. But the soul is something great! Some people ask me: If it is such a great, large thing, how do so many souls fit into the world? A great soul is one in which there is intense, vast love and right thought. A soul in which there is no love, has no right thought, it is small. The point is not in the outer form, it is not in the large bottle. The saint can live in a hut, and the criminal - in a palace, but it is not the palace that creates the genius, nor the hut that creates the ignorance. Therefore, you have to change your thought in order to change the world. We have all collectively created our thought, our bodies, by distorting them. Again, we will work collectively to return to the original consciousness by uniting with this great law.

    Today, the weather is clear, it is a witness to the fact that if we accept the new teaching, we will have this light. It testifies about me. I am happy and rich anyway, but you have to acquire this for yourselves and pass it on to your children, to your generation. But now your gloomy faces and gray hair show something different. I would like your hair to turn white, not out of fear, but out of love. When hair changes out of love, it takes on different colors. When iron is heated, it becomes bright, and when it cools - it turns black. Everyone whose hair is black should turn white. You ask: Why are we getting older? - Well, what about the burnt coal, it has to heat the iron, right? So, the energy from coal passes into the iron. That is why we need to bring some coal. Do not think that it is bad to have black hair. Black hair, black eyes show that these people are still in the shadows, the light has not yet penetrated them. Such people are not sinners, but they have stored energy that will manifest later. They expect to bloom and ripen in the future. While people with white hair show that they have bloomed and ripened. Love is the beginning of life. Thinking - it is the elderly man who has understood the meaning of life and therefore his head has started to turn white. Without faith, without this mind, you cannot serve God. I challenge the view that we do not need a lot of intellect and knowledge. No, we need a Divine intellect, Divine understandings. (We need) to understand calculus, biology, astronomy, natural sciences, and in all their interrelations. (We need) to understand how animals, plants are connected. Nothing in the world is meaningless. That is why we must get to love every plant, every animal, and pass on some good thoughts when we get close to them. Do not think that things in the world are bad. We have become the cause for them to get bad. That is why, we must know how to fix this world from the inside out.

    So, start correcting your thoughts, your passions. There are passions that burn. I have often heard a girl say: He burned me. Yes, this current that the boy sends to the girl can be so strong that it will kill her instantly. A mother's feelings can be so strong that they burn the child. We need to know how to feel, how to think. Thought and feeling are sometimes so strong that they can resurrect someone. Feelings can kill and resurrect. They are both true. And now the forces of nature are subject to the human mind. If you want to benefit from this law, you must have faith and love, and God will give you a new way to check things out. Then you will say: My thought is right. But now (you say): There will either be water, or not. This is the faith of the gypsy. Apply love and faith, make an experiment and then you will understand the matter in more detail. I would start explaining all this mathematically, with modern algebra and geometry, but how many of you will understand me? Which mathematics professor was able to convince his students of the correctness of his theories? They study theories, many rules, but if they come to apply them in life, they do not know how. We, the people of the new teaching, know how to apply an energy to the organic life. When I say "we", I mean the White Brothers who live among us. I listen to them now, saying: Some of these students may become good and others - may not. Some of them will be disciples and others will be followers. If you accept them, they will help you and you will become bearers of the new culture, the new heaven and the new earth that are now being created. This new thought says to the world: There must be absolutely no lie in your mind. If you accept any hypotheses, keep them as such, but you must keep in your mind those truths that are absolutely proven. This work is done with faith. And you should know one thing: where you came from and where you are going.

    Where did you come from? You say: I was born.

    - Do you remember the date and time of your birth?

    - No, my mother, my grandmother say that. I know that I am going to die.

    - How do you know that?

    - I believe.

    No, this is not faith, but a belief. By focusing our thought, we know when we were born; we know when we will leave this world; we know where the physical world begins and how far it extends, we know where the spiritual world begins and how far it extends. Therefore you need an excellent mind, as in Christ.

    In order to be pure, smart, sublime people, heroes in the world, you need faith through which everything is obtained. It is one of the qualities of angels. This quality should also be acquired by people. With faith begins a new culture. Apply faith and love now. They start with time. Time is a measure of Divine harmony, and harmony is the inner meaning of life. This is the teaching of the faith that Christ preached in the world. "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will be able to move even a mountain." Believe, and you will be saved, you and your house." So, believe in your mind, which will influence the breathing that should be rhythmic, without any snoring. Assert your will through your thought, so that to make your life happy.

    I will now translate you a story from Tolstoy. A king was given a grain of wheat as big as a hen's egg. The king ordered that the oldest man in the city be summoned to ask him if he remembered such a large grain from his time. They barely brought this old man, propped up on two crutches. The king asked him about the wheat, but he replied: In my time there was no such wheat. Ask my father. His father came, an old man propped up on one crutch, he saw the wheat and said: In my time there was no such wheat. Ask my father. His father came, a slender, good old man, without any crutches, he looked at the wheat and said: Yes, such a grain grew in our times, we ate it. The king asked this old man: Why do you, who are the oldest of all, walk so upright and without any crutches, while your son has one crutch and your grandson two? The old man replied: This is because this grain of wheat does not grow in them. And so, when this right thought grew in people, they walked without crutches, but when it was distorted - with one crutch, and when there was no trace of it - with two crutches. The king asked the old man: Did you buy it with money? - There was no money in our time - replied the old man.

    So, I give you this hen's egg, this grain of wheat, the faith that people once ate. Accept it, plant it and live with it and you will have the best thoughts in your mind, you will be healthy, while the nervousness, the meaninglessness of life, the suffering, everything will disappear and you will say: Now it makes sense to live. It is good for us and for all humanity. The life of the Bulgarian people will be meaningful only when the faith manifests itself in its primary essence. Then you will understand those tasks that are now unknown to people.

    Sunday Talks

    06 March 1921, 10:00, Sunday

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    With each new movement you will count slowly and rhythmically to six; when kneeling, the knee barely touches the ground.

    First exercise

    Both arms are outstretched on the side of the body at shoulder height with palms down and are held that way until the end of the exercise. The right leg is extended slightly forward kneeling on the left knee; the body stands up, the left leg is brought forward kneeling on the right knee, after which the body stands up. The right leg is extended forward, kneeling on the left knee, then the body stands up. Return: the right leg recedes kneeling on the right knee; the body stands up; the left leg recedes kneeling on the left knee; the body stands up; the right leg recedes kneeling on the right knee. The body stands up, the right leg is placed next to the left and the arms are relaxed.

    Second exercise

    Both arms are outstretched on the side of the body at shoulder height with the palms facing out and pulled back. The right leg is placed forward, kneeling on the left knee, while the hands are lowered with the palms facing forward and the fingers slightly bent, as if scooping up. The body stands up and at the same time the arms go parallel to the body with the palms facing inwards. The hands stand in a vertical position, with the palms facing forward, outwards, and the fingers tucked and straight. The left leg is placed forward, kneeling on the right knee, while the arms are bent back and down.The exercise continues in the same way, as the right leg is extended once again. Return: the arms are raised up, the right leg steps back and the right knee is bent, and at the same time the arms are bent back and down; the body stands up and the arms are raised upwards in front of the body, parallel to each other, with the palms facing outwards; then step back with the left leg and kneel on the left knee, the body stands up and once again the right leg goes back. Retract the right leg next to the left one (arms are upright). The arms are also retracted in place at the side of the body.

    Third exercise

    The hands are placed on the waist, the right leg is extended in a curved line in front of the left knee. Extend the same leg in a straight line forward. Kneel on the left knee. The body stands up. The same is done with the left leg forward and once again the right one forward. Return: right leg in a curved line back behind the left knee. Extend the same leg in a straight line back. Kneel on the right knee. The body stands up. The same thing happens with the left leg and once again with the right one back. Retract the right leg next to the left one. The hands are also lowered.

    Fourth exercise

    The hands are raised sideways and upwards until they come together in the form of a cone, the fingers and thumbs touch each other. Step forward with the right foot, kneel on the left knee, while at the same time the hands are lowered sideways and down until the fingers touch below the right knee. The body strands up, with the arms being raised again until the fingers touch in the first position. The same is repeated with the left leg and again with the right leg forward. Return: step back with the right leg, the hands are raised until their fingers touch, kneel on the right knee, while the hands are lowered and their fingers touch below the left knee; the body stands up and the arms are raised; then the same is repeated with the left leg and once again with the right leg. Finally, the right leg is retracted next to the left one, and the arms are lowered to the side of the body.

    This is how to develop human willpower.

    19 August, 07:00

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  18. Готов превод Кратки обяснения върху гимнастическите упражнения и бележки по други въпроси, - 20.8.1921-СБ-373 / ...: 20.8.1921-СБ-373

    Brief Explanations on the Gymnastic Exercises and Notes on other Questions

    The great law in Nature is only for those who are not in a hurry, but those who are in a hurry fall into the abyss. You think you will lose something and that is why you are always in a hurry to take the first places, you are not disciplined. Whoever starts to get carried away has no willpower, so you have to be put on the battlefield with the grenades exploding, so that you see how much willpower you have. A soldier, for example, walks quietly and calmly. This shows the presence of spirit, or a person who has willpower. Some people pass by glancing around, while others pass by quietly and calmly.

    Select ten women and ten men among you, good gymnasts, to do the exercises, so that they are well assimilated by everyone.

    Watch out, so that they are done rhythmically! These are not ordinary exercises, but exercises that are done according to the laws of Nature. If you do them in this way, you will benefit. All exercises follow a certain law. We will try to understand the law, as much as it can happen rhythmically. These are simple exercises, but your mind has to take part in them. When you stand on one leg, there should be no swaying, no hesitation, because this indicates a nervous condition. Every hesitation is a symptom that there are certain elements which are outside your nature, and which you have to deal with. This is not a deficiency of your nature, but it shows that there are some obstacles that you need to take action against.

    You know the anecdote about that cook who cooked a duck for his master and when it got roasted, he ate one of its legs. The master asked him, "Ivan, where is one of legs of this duck?" "All ducks have one leg, my lord," replied the servant, and led his master into the field, so that he can see that all the ducks had one leg. But his master drew his pistol, shot against the ducks who ran away, and said to his servant, "Do you see that all ducks have two legs?"

    In these exercises the willpower begins to act consciously, so I call them volitional exercises. You will control each individual movement. Everyone will practice, so that to perform them well.

    The mistake of modern education is that we divide things into important and unimportant ones, while in the manifestations of Nature all moments, all actions are equally important. There is no process, no action that can be considered unimportant - they are all equally important.

    It is important for you in the first place to be self-possessed, not to hurry. There will be swiftness, but it will come in the end. Did you know that fast and phlegmatic people are two extremes? The one who is very fast eventually squats somewhere and becomes phlegmatic. In phlegmatic people, the glands take over, they begin to control and the person becomes phlegmatic. Such people look like casks, while fast people look like dry sticks. Have you noticed how the fast the person, who looks like a dry stick, moves? He is so light that when a wave comes, it may carry him away and everyone can play around with him. The phlegmatic person, when in the sea he should throw away some of his luggage, while the dry person should add a little to his luggage. There is a danger of drowning for both of them. A person should have vitality, a vital temperament, the influence of both the stomach and lungs should prevail in him. When the influence of the stomach only prevails, we have a phlegmatic temperament. When the influence of the lungs prevails, we have a sanguine temperament. When the liver takes over, we have a choleric temperament, and when the influence of the nerves prevails, we have a mental or nervous temperament.

    What does the first move forward mean? Both hands - this is the willpower, the manifestation of Love. You take the first step - to do good. You count to six - so you have already decided to do good in the world. Then the squatting begins - the descent inside life, to do what you have decided. If you have made a wrong step - step back (which happens in the exercises) and correct your mistake! If you have planned to do evil - step back now by the same law! In the same way you do good, you will also smooth out the evil in yourself. These movements back and forth go in a straight line.

    I give you these explanations about the first exercise, which represents the first step in life - to do good. And these steps are called the law of self-denial. Give place to others - if someone has comes to do good, you will give way, you will make room for him to manifest. There is also a place for you, because there are three situations: when someone comes to do good, you will give your place to him; a second one may appear - you will also make place for him; and the third one will be you. When your foot moves in a certain direction to do some good, rational deed, all other rational beings and forces will participate together with you. A movement is reasonable only when it is in harmony with the movements of all rational beings, but unreasonable - when we do something ourselves and others do not participate. When we do a certain deed, then we feel the effect of this inner law. When all beings have been in harmony with us, we feel inner joy, but when we do something stupid, we feel sad. This shows that our action is premature; it may be correct, but it does not agree with the Intelligent beings. Every movement of ours, every thought of ours, every feeling of ours must be in accordance with the Whole Divine law of all beings, who are in the collective consciousness.

    - Will there be a fifth exercise?

    The point is not in the multitude, but rather in the small but nice thing. If I told you to stand on one leg for ten minutes, what would you do? Once you start thinking about eating, you will tremble. In the exercises you do not observe the time. You are like those teachers who are constantly correcting. If you want to know what your condition is, do the exercises. Through them you can do a lot of checks on yourself. When I talk about circles, then I will explain their meaning. Forward movement and backward movement correspond to two currents in the new theory - one electric, the other one - magnetic. You have one impact with the right leg, this is the active side of electricity, while with the left one - the passive side, the impact of magnetism. If you do the exercise well with your right leg but you cannot with your left one, it means that you are active, so you will try to balance your movements. One must always know where he is wrong. He should not think that he is sinful, that he is morally wrong, but he should be like the one who makes errors in music. Even the most perfect beings in the world make errors. While matter is being educated, the spirit must come to a higher consciousness, to use all its powers to regulate it. This is what people call sin and they say, "I am sinful." No, there is however disharmony in the consciousness of your matter and your spirit. We have such magnitudes. This is energy. You have the magnitude to do something, and then you have the opposite magnitude. Both are right, but all of these magnitudes should match at one moment. That is why examples are needed. From the disciples who know how to do exercises, I not only demand theory in the future, but I want them to know how to play as musicians. The best musician is the one who can cause the best effect for the ear. The best artist is the one who can produce the best colors for the eye. And in life the character must manifest in the same way. Each one of you has good traits that are in place. For example, someone is very polite, gentle in their greetings - this is a good trait. Another one is rude. The polite one, he also has his place, the rude one too - you will put every person in their place. But when you swap places with them, things go awry. When you send the delicate one to greet guests, he will do the job, but if you send the rude one - he will ruin it. Everyone is in their place. We return to the moment when you are delicate to do the work that God has given you, and when you are active, to use that energy which is needed. We should not change the energy of Nature, but should agree with its actions, and then there should be no words I can, I can not, but we should only say: "I can". In the word "I can" it is implied that you go and climb up without any obstacles. In the word "I cannot", in the particle "not" there is an obstacle - you get to the middle and you stumble. The "no" implies a locked door. You will find the key, you will unlock it and go downstairs. All the things that we have known and forgotten, they are a locked door. "I cannot" means that you have to find the key. You have to find the key and say to yourself, "What should I do - break the door?" No, you will go back, you will find the key and open it.

    The great law is all within God. God manifests in us and tests us. The Great Consciousness tests us, the little ones, it puts certain obstacles in our way and begins to test us. You are angry, you pray, but you do not know how to pray.

    Now I will use examples from human life that are so clear. Let us say that a man and a woman love each other, they have Love for each other, but it so happens that the man cannot bring anything to eat for three days - both of them are starving. The woman starts getting indisposed, her whole nature is upset. She begins to doubt her husband and says, "I loved him because I thought he was smart, but now there is something about him. The man starts getting annoyed but wants to reconcile, and if he tells her, "Let us kiss," she will refuse. Then he will go to find a friend, ask him for money, buy some butter and the key will open the door. This is the manifestation of this law in the physical realm. That which is true of the physical world, also applies to the spiritual world. Gratification of the needs - that is the key.

    In the great laws of God, there are no exceptions. There are exceptions only on Earth and they are allowed due to ignorance. There will be exceptions for many years to come, they are inevitable. Without exceptions, we cannot do neither now, nor in the future. But you will strive to understand God in His manifestations on Earth. We all suffer from the thought that we are strong, that we know a lot, but Providence gives us every day a number of experiments, so that we can see that we are not very strong and we do not have much knowledge. We advise others how to live, we moralize men and women, but when it comes to us, we cannot apply the same experience. Then how are you going to shave someone else's head like that? First you have to learn to shave yours.

    So, from a purely mystical point of view, the great law consists in the fact that we explain the Good as something in which there are all possibilities and no limitations. As soon as the smallest limitations occur, evil is already being created in the world. The Good - these are the infinite possibilities of seeing things as God created them. The evil in the world is nothing but a limitation of Good. Good means doing all that God has created, while evil means that you do not have all the opportunities to do Good. For example, when the thought comes to you that God has abandoned you, that He has not given you the man or woman you expected, that He has not given you the children you wanted, that He has not given you houses, you have doubts about God and therefore all your misfortunes start from that day. You may have comfort externally, but inside you will have all kinds of misfortunes. And think that He is omniscient. When you realize that God is gracious, that He is a perfect Being, that He is Love, that there are no exceptions in Him, you will immediately feel some joy. You may not have all the conveniences in life, but you will be cheerful and merry. So, at any moment you can check that when you think of God as Love, you will all be happy. But if you are in doubt, if you allow the slightest bit of suspicion, you will notice some gloom in you. God will withdraw from you and say, "Now, show us your virtue!"

    So, you will think that God is perfect, that He is gracious, and that all our inner manifestations are due to Him. All the Good in us is only due to Him. All great thoughts, all great feelings and great actions we owe only to Him, to the Lord of Love. He is the same. We call Him Savior. He comes into the world, incarnates. We must have only one opinion about Him - that He is an eternal Love, from which breathes only life, life, only gracious life.

    Because this year is the 13th one in terms of content, and in terms of the sum of its numbers, those who think of doing Good will not do it, and those who think of doing evil will also not do it. This year is a year of rest. I want you to rest during this year. Do not try to become neither good nor bad. You will not do anything all year. Now, let us understand what a rest is. This is a Divine rest. For example, the Jews leave the fields to rest for one year after every six years. The soil should be allowed to bask in the sun to gain energy. You also need to gain energy. Many of you have a desire to do Good, but it takes energy, and you do not have it. There must be something that you can give. I have noticed that when a rookie comes, others start treating him with the best food, with a nice pie, they play music for him, and finally put him to work. Spiritual people act differently. When a disciple comes to them, they immediately intimidate him. He takes his hat and runs away. Worldly people start well but end up badly, while spiritual people, on the contrary, they start badly and end up well. But it is better to start well and finish well. If we start badly, we will also not end well.

    According to another law, in the collective consciousness, people must collectively help each other. When you meet someone, a brother, for example, do not criticize him in your soul, but try to find some good trait in him and help him through the Divine Spirit, because your uplift is his, as well as his fall is yours. He will fall in one respect, you will in another. I can explain this law to you. Many misfortunes arise from it - when someone makes a mistake in one respect, someone else makes a mistake in another respect. When someone does Good in one respect, someone else will do Good in another respect. Because both Good and evil are common to all of us.

    This Lord, Who speaks to us, Who teaches us outside and inside of us, I see Him manifested in all forms and His desire is for us to know Him as Love. I am sure that one day you will know Him - some sooner, some later, some maybe now, some in the future, and some may have known Him in the past. In the astral world, the sufferings of the astral beings are all past sufferings.

    Do you know what happens to someone who enters the astral world? As he is unable to commit any new sins, he starts seeing old pictures of his past and suffers. These pictures appear to him like a movie and he begins to live with his past. One day, two, three, whole days from morning till night the tapes follow one after the other in front of him. Tapes, tapes, every day, until the idea that he must do the Will of God enters his mind. And then they say, "Now send him to Earth, so that we see if he has understood what he needs to do." The soul comes to Earth in a new incarnation. When he comes, if he forgets what he has learned from the Invisible world, he makes mistakes again, and when he re-enters the other world, he will see his mistakes again - he will see both the old tapes and the new ones. If there is an improvement, then he enters the Spiritual world. He rejoices, sees and arranges his life as it should be.

    And so, what we are experiencing now at any moment will be bright pages in our future life. When you enter the astral world, all your encounters with people, all pictures of past experiences will pass through your consciousness. All this makes good things in life. Do not think that this is out of place - every action is in its place. And whatever is not in its place, the Lord will wipe it away with His brush. He says, "I will wipe away your sins." So, in the end, only the Divine things will remain in us, and then the eternal life of harmony will begin.

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  19. Готов превод Физическият живот – път към духовния и Божествен живот - 9.6.1921-ИБ-363 / ...: 9.6.1921-ИБ-363

    Physical Life - a Path to Spiritual and Divine Life

    Several people read some verses from the following chapters of the New Testament:

    1. John 10: 1-10

    2. Luke 2: 1-5

    3. Matthew 13: 5-10

    4. Luke 14: 14-20

    5. Mark 10: 10-15

    6. I Corinthians 5: 5-10

    7. I Peter 4: 4-10

    8. I John 3: 3-7

    9. James 2: 2-10

    10. Epistle of Judas, verses 10-15

    After the verses had been read, the Master gave a talk. During the talk, a light, pleasant rain was falling. A large fire was kindled. We were all lined up around the fire because the weather was somewhat cool. The sky was cloudy. There was fog all around us.

    The Master was sitting under a small, makeshift tent, and we were listening intently in the best, most pleasant disposition.

    Physical life is a primary, necessary condition for passing into spiritual and Divine life. When studying the spiritual life there are three realms through which the Divine thought passes. In scientific language, I would say that it passes through material, substantial and essential realms. Or through the stomach, through the lungs and through the brain. Many of your thoughts pass through the stomach, many of your thoughts pass through the lungs and the brain, and once they pass through the brain, they enter the astral world through the astral body. And in the astral world they will again pass through three realms. From the astral world they will enter the world of Wisdom, i.e. the mental world. And here they will pass through three realms again. As they leave the mental world, they will pass into the causal world. When they enter the causal world, they will pass through three realms again. The other realms are almost inaccessible to you, not only to you, but to all learned people.

    The divine thoughts that are now manifesting in the material world are all distorted. There is no Divine thought in the material world that is pure. It is distorted, crooked because of human minds, because of human hearts. As a result of this distortion, there are different interests between people. As a result of this distortion of the Divine thoughts, now comes this conflict in the world, a collision that is so tangible that there is no home in which it does not manifest. You will rarely find a society or home, spiritual and religious, that has approximately this ideal manifestation. It is you who have to intercede to study not the spiritual, but the material world. It is easy, but you must first study the relationships in material life. For example, what is the relationship of man to woman, what is the relationship of brothers to sisters, of masters to servants, of judges to defendants, of teachers to students and many others, thousands of relationships exist in the physical world. Some will say that a person's karma forces him to be one way or another. No, karma does not force man. It is funny when someone says that karma determines human life. Man creates karma. Therefore, it cannot determine his life. In this sense, it does not give any direction to his life, but only determines the nonsense in his life. It is possible for someone, after passing a life in poverty, in deprivation, to become angry, to become embittered, and in another life to be even worse. Someone says, "When I come to earth a second time, I will redeem myself." This is questionable. Redemption begins only when one knows that he has created his karma and he must correct it himself, and not expect God to correct it for him, because God will not do it. For example, a husband hits his wife. Why? Because she has not cooked well. The Lord will not come down from heaven to reconcile them. They can stay angry for weeks and they have to reconcile by themselves. Keep in mind that the Lord does not interfere in our disputes at all, and when we call on Him as an arbiter, seeking Him with all our heart, He will come and take part, but otherwise He never leaves His place. It has never been and will not be! He is not so foolish to expose Himself to such childish whims as we have on earth. Now, you often take on the role of conciliators, do you not? But you take on the role of conciliators as lawyers, to gain something. The judge takes on the role of judge, but to gain something. The teacher takes on the role of a teacher, a conciliator, but to gain something. I wonder why the world is going so wrong? Well, as long as we have such conciliators - "to gain something", that is how it will go. Now, as you listen to me, you say, "Will I gain anything?" - You will gain nothing, neither from my side, nor from yours. Sometimes you want to listen to me, to learn something. But do you know how dangerous a man I am? I also know how dangerous you are to me. Therefore I will tell you: When you are not ready for a truth, do not be in a hurry to hear it, because one more perturbation will enter your soul. For example, you often want to have Divine Love and seek it! Good, but if you have not applied human love, which is at the lowest cost, how will you apply the Divine one, which requires large costs? Your husband says, "Can we both agree with love, that you cook for me, wash for me, patch for me?" If you go to God to ask for Divine Love, it will not even stop, it wants a lot. I have noticed many people come to me; and sometimes, when I tell them the truth, I look at them, they get angry with me, they get arrogant. I say: So, you have to start the earthly way. Anger is a quality of earthly love. In order to love, you must be angry, and therefore whoever is not angry has no love, and whoever has no love is not angry. Therefore, the man who is angry, take him; if he is not angry, leave him, so the law says. Well, if this man is not angry, he does not have the strength to protect you. You, as a woman, may be attacked somewhere tomorrow, and he must protect you, he must be ready to fight everyone, to break their noses. Even for earthly love, one's nose must get broken.

    When people are told about Divine Love, they say, "We do not understand you." When you break a person's nose, what does that show? By doing so, you will show him that love requires sacrifices. When you get that blood out of his nose, he says, "Love wants sacrifices, I am not going anymore." I lead you to this thought so that you have the right understanding. The laws that now exist in the world are the basis of your life. You cannot change these laws, i.e. you cannot enter into any relationship with God until you have resolved all your relationships on earth. If there is one person with whom you have not reconciled, he will be an obstacle for you to walk in the spiritual world. I look at you, sometimes you make great effort, you say, "I have been working for ten years, I have been making an effort, but I have not elevated myself." - How are you going to elevate yourself? Untie these connections and you will see what an upsurge, what knowledge you will gain!

    So, the first thing is to start settling your material accounts. The law is such that whoever has not settled his material accounts, will also not settle his spiritual accounts. Whoever has not settled his spiritual accounts, will also not settle his material ones. Whoever has settled his material accounts, will settle his spiritual and Divine accounts.

    And so now, you men, women and everyone else, who are not only in the new teaching, you all want to become spiritual, but I have not yet found a single author or person to explain what they mean by "living a spiritual life." I would like you to tell me one day about your experiences, what do you understand by the words "spiritual life"? Stop, consider that thought, think about what a spiritual life is.

    Now we have come here, to Vitosha mountain. What are the motivating reasons for our coming here? If you ask me, I think there must be a very specific reason that made us come here.

    When a person enters an inn, what is the motivating reason that makes him get in? It is not hunger that is the motivating reason, but the bread. When we enter this inn once, the quality of the bread will determine whether we will go there a second time or not.

    Now, what I will be telling you here, if I were to tell you that in Sofia, it would not have such an effect in our minds, as it has here. There is no such oil there, so that I can cook for you. Now I open my kitchen to cook something nice, because there is butter. When you cook a meal, what do you find delicious in it? Is it beautiful, is it in the beauty? There is redness on the outside, but this beauty is fictitious, it is suggested by the tongue. But there is something else, the stomach, which then gives its opinion. The tongue says: "The food is excellent, it is delicious", it signs, but when it comes to the stomach, it does not agree with the tongue, it does not sign, but gives the inscription: "Vomit this food, it is no good!" Then the taste and the stomach are in conflict. Therefore, nice things, delicious things in life are not the best. By the way, not that they are not the best, sometimes they are good, but with the 50% exception. Then you can make an experiment in your home, namely as follows: those of you who have children, choose one of them and constantly praise it, the other child you constantly reprimand, and the third one either praise or reprimand. Make an experiment to see what the results will be. You have not made such experiments. Their results are as follows: the children who you praise a lot, some of them will be completely spoiled, and some will correct their behavior; when you reprimand them, some will correct their behavior, and others will be spoiled; and those who you both praise and reprimand, will become indifferent and say, "That is the way things are." These are my personal observations on you. I have used all three methods - I have made experiments with each one of you and I have seen the results. There is another method, it is the best one, and it goes like this: not to say anything to anyone, neither praise nor reprimand, be indifferent, pretend not to see, as if you are blind to both good and evil. I have not applied this method, I will apply it in the future. From my first experiment I have a 25% profit and a 75% loss. From the second experiment only 25% profit, 75% loss, and from the third experiment 1% profit, 99% loss. So 75 + 75 + 99 = 249 loss; 25 + 25 + 1 = 51 profit; the result: subtract 249 - 51 = 198, i.e. nearly 200 loss. So I have to give 200. You all hold me responsible for 200. You will apply these methods to yourself, because you do not think that we, by praising and reprimanding people (this is the material side), cannot praise and reprimand ourselves. We can brag, we can blame ourselves. Each of you has this experience. Now some people brag a lot, saying, "There is no other person in the world like me." But others say, "There is no vagabond in the world like me." Still others say, "I am not that bad, I am both good and bad." These are the three methods that you use.

    Well, this is karma. I am talking to you about these three methods, because they have been applied and applied for a long time, and not only in this life of yours, but also in your past incarnations. As you can see, not much has come out of us. These results that we have achieved are thanks to these three methods. In the future, the new method of love is to be blind to everything - not to see evil and good in the world, because that is the law. You will see the good in a person, you will also see the evil, you cannot avoid it, this is polarization. If you look for his good sides, you will also find his bad ones. And the opposite is true, i.e. if you look for the bad sides, you will find the good ones. If you do not touch him, you will only see his relationship with God. Therefore, your first understanding should be such as the feeling of a healthy stomach, not a sick stomach, i.e. make it a rule to always take the advice of your stomach; if you want to be good in the physical world, to understand God's thought, you have to satisfy your stomach, to comply with it. Having worked for a while, being pleased with your food, it says, "Lord, I am pleased with what you have given me." It then processes the food and finally sends it to the lungs.

    The important thing is your thought to make a pleasant impression in the physical world, and that thought must be purely specific. Do not seek to suddenly move from the physical, material world to the spiritual one. I look at you, you all jump immediately from the material to the spiritual world. But you have not yet explored the physical world! And you all have the most points of contact with the physical world. What if your child in the physical world did not need any food, would he love his mother? If this child did not need a specific teaching in school, mental food, would there be any connection between the mother, father and child? If this child did not need friends to play with, would there be any relationships developing between them? Therefore, our current relationships are material - purely of the stomach, emotional - purely of the lungs, and intellectual - which are related to knowledge and human thought.

    So, in the future, we must strive to have these correct physical perceptions. A person who does not have the right physical perceptions cannot have the right spiritual perceptions. If our physical perceptions are painful, so will be our spiritual perceptions. The law is correct. If our will is weak, our heart will be weak. If our will is strong, meaning the physical strength of a man, his feelings will also be strong. Take those people who have a healthy body and a strong will, how do they sustain their love? And those mothers whose will is weak, when being alone they promise to hold their feelings, but when the test comes, they deny three times like Peter. The will of man is only recognized in the physical world, and from this point of view many people have exercised their will for thousands of years. People who have gone to the battlefield have developed the will to endure for thousands of years. From the point of view of the spiritual world, war is not needed, but from the point of view of the physical world, it is necessary. Whoever has not developed his will must break his nose and have it broken, he must kill and get killed. That is why all the animals that are here, around us, learn this law, they harden. They will be hardened until they learn to be brave and determined, not to waver their will. Then a rule is added into the occult science, the suffering of man continues as long as the fear continues; as fear decreases, so does suffering. That is why the Scripture says, "The cowardly will not inherit the kingdom of God." But they will kill me! So what? As long as you are not brave, the suffering will increase, but the day you become brave and determined, these sufferings begin to recede.

    And so, we have to solve the question purely materially, to resolve all our relationships in the physical world. What if a person is disgusting to you, you cannot stand him, cannot look at him, you do not have feelings to overcome all this, how will you think about something spiritual? There was a woman in the town of Varna who could swim 4-5 hours in the water like a catfish. She was fearless, but when she saw a leech even in a bottle, she ran away. She was so masculine that she could kill a man, but when she saw a leech in a bottle - she ran away. Now, this leech, it will ruin your life. You may be afraid of just one leech in your life, but it will ruin your whole life. You may be a man, but if there is only one thing you are afraid of, that fear will ruin everything you have built. Let us say you are a Christian and you are afraid of leeches, they beat you - you resist, they chase you - you resist, but the day comes when they put a leech on your neck, you say: "I can handle everything, but to have a leech put on my neck - no I can stand it." You lose everything. I ask: Where is the philosophy? - There is no philosophy. You can do all things through Christ. Now, as I speak to you, some thoughts in your mind again stand out in the physical world, that someone, Dragan or Stoyan, is afraid of leeches. This will not save you. You say, "No, I am not as scared as the others." It does not matter. Knowing the mistakes of others is not a good thing for us. The more we know people's mistakes, the more we fall into temptation. The more we know them, the worse for us; the less we know about their mistakes, the better. Most importantly, you shall apply this law specifically to yourself.

    Now, many of you have not come to Vitosha because of the fog, because of the rain, so that it does not wet them. They will look at their shoes, their clothes, the rain - they will give up. Look at this cloud, you say, "Oh, it is scary!" For the best things in the world that bring us the greatest good, we produce such forms in the physical world that constantly hinder us. When you come to earth, no rain should stop you. These drops from above are a blessing. They are a blessing, but when? If according to this law you have sown in yourself all the good thoughts and desires, there will be the best results, but if you have sown the worst thoughts and desires, this rain will have the worst results. The Scripture says that one seed fell among thorns, another on stony ground, a third on the road, and one on good soil, and only that one bore fruit, some 20, some 60, and some 100 times. Why is that? The one that fell among the thorns, it prepared such conditions by itself and therefore fell there. Christ says, "This is what you have prepared, there you will grow." The other one that fell on the road and the birds pecked, Christ says, "This is to see what it means to make roads." And the one that fell on the rocky ground is what you have planted yourselves. Only one fell on good soil and bore good fruit. And that is also what you planted, i.e. prepared. You say, "Damned thorns, how they hinder us!" You have prepared them. Christ does not explain the reason. You say, "These stones!" You have prepared them. Therefore, the thorns, the stones, the road, we have prepared them, and the first thing ahead of us is to repair the road, to plow it well, to remove the thorns, the stones and then to sow. Some people come to me and say. "Master, sow!" Well, I have sown so much, but some thought will fall among the thorns and you will create evil for yourself. Any blessing that God has given, if it does not fall in a good place, it not only fail to be sown and sprout, but will create bad conditions. It was us who created the thorns. Through what? Is it not a thorn when we can poke this or that person, to impede them? For example, a person reads something there, he has set out on the Divine way, but I go and tell him. "Why did you go this way, why not skip it!" And immediately in this man, the whole impulse of his soul ceases. Another case that evangelists often do and cause the seed to wither - they throw it among the stones. Imagine there is a very able, gifted student who has set out to study, but they need a worker and they say, "You do not need any more studying, why not become a preacher!" He finishes only the third grade, drops out of school, takes the Bible, and goes out into the world to preach; when he has no knowledge - he perishes. And then he gets worse. At first he is very spiritual, but then he becomes lethargic, you look at him, he has abandoned preaching, he has become a merchant. They must tell him, "Listen, go to study, become strong and wise, and then come to work with us. When you come, you will not take any money, you will preach without money." If there is money involved, if you say that a lot of knowledge is not needed, I say, "This preacher has thrown the seed on the stone." This is one of the big reasons why Christianity is not progressing today, because all work is done for money. There is absolutely no result, i.e. there is, but this result is not due to any preacher. Anyone who has turned to God, has been turned by a man who is not paid. The preacher constantly seduces him, but he says to himself, "That man who turned me to God, he was a good man." And so, the current achievements of Christianity are due to those unpaid preachers, those unpaid priests, without any cassocks and priest's caps, while those on the outside, I call them "crickets", they have also done something, they have created the roads, stones and thorns in the world. The bigger the thorns, the more money they paid; the bigger the stones, the more money has been paid; the wider the roads, the more money has gone into this bag. So, we have to work for free. Do not let the thought of becoming a preacher to get paid, enter your mind. Woe to you if you learn to get paid. That is what the new teaching says. Woe to them who preach for money, woe to them who serve God for money!

    So, when it comes to preaching for money, it is out of the question. In the physical world matter tolerates anything, but the purely spiritual world does not tolerate any payments. The one you have turned to God, he should not repay you with money, he should repay you with love. Love for love, such is the law. For example, you have saved him. He buys a peacock, then a house - he wants to repay you. No peacocks, no houses, nothing he can repay you with. He wants to get away with very little. So, we will now undertake to apply, to understand the physical world. Do not try to be spiritual until you have taken shape in the physical world, until you have a healthy body, a healthy stomach, lungs and brain, so that when you command them, they listen. That is what adepts do. Fasting is not to exhaust your stomach, to exhaust your whole body. The stomach is your good friend, you will talk to it in a friendly way, you will say to it: "Listen, it is good for you, and also good for me, come on, you will make do with less, you will reduce your work." And you eat at least three times a day and with each meal the stomach has approximately 4 hours of work, so it works 12 hours a day. And when you tell the stomach that 12 hours of work is unbearable for it, all its members will say: "Let us reduce this work, let us apply the law!" By reducing the work of the stomach, the brain benefits. Why? From 12 hours of stomach work, do you know how much energy will be sent to the brain? There is no energy left for the brain, for the thought. If the stomach works a lot, the brain works a little and vice versa. The law is like that. In order to make our brain work, of these 12 hours, we should spent 6 hours on thought and 6 hours on the physical world. You will not tell the stomach not to eat, this is an extreme and nature does not tolerate extremes, but you will reasonably ask that it does not want to eat a lot, because it is not profitable. And so, we will return to that basic idea, when the first humans had healthy bodies, healthy stomachs, and not as distorted as today's stomachs. There is no healthy stomach in the world! And this stomach, in order to make it work, they put in the food some butter, pepper and whatnot. We do not get a natural hunger, but as soon as we smell the food, so deliciously prepared, our taste is irritated, we eat and then say: "This food did not fill me up." You eat well and then say, "Let us become spiritual now, let us love God and the people!" You cannot love with an upset stomach. A man with ailing lungs cannot love at all. A man with a damaged brain also cannot love. A man with an upset stomach cannot love 1/3, with a damaged brain cannot love 3/3.

    Some people say, "That is not true, the soul works." I ask, if that is true, why does the soul not manifest outside the stomach, lungs, and brain? Why does it require food from the stomach, air from the lungs and thought from the brain? So, God has put our soul confined to the body. You will say, "It is written, 'God will destroy this stomach.'" Yes, but if a person makes the stomach and lungs a goal in life, they will file an application to God and He will fire you.

    First of all, strive to have healthy bodies, healthy stomachs, lungs and healthy brains. Each of them feels in their own way. The stomach feels in one way, the brain - in another, the lungs - in a third way. The Gospel of John says, "The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy." By "thief" He means the physical world. In it there is eating and drinking, there is theft. In the spiritual world, there are no thefts. Wherever there is theft, that is the physical world. It happens here.

    Now I will ask you: Up to now, to the point where I have reached in my thought, what have you understood from your point of view? (They answer: Let us be healthy.)

    Good, health is the goal, but how to get that health? What methods, what ways are there for this? (They answer: To live reasonably, moderately.) What is reasonable, moderate? (They answer: In food, in thought, in desires.)

    No, the answer will only come when you make an experiment. Even if I give you an answer, this will not do you any good. So, what is Christ's method? (They answer: Love.) - Where is Love? What I am saying is for you to harmonize, to live fraternally, these things are indefinite values, X's. When a rich man becomes poor, he looks for the poor man and says, "You are my brother." Why? Why does he change his behavior? This is not a fraternity. The fraternity implies that even when he is rich, when he is a scholar, and when he is a king, there should be no change in his behavior, there should be no change in his life. If you have a friend, and after he becomes king you begin to shy away from him, is this a brotherhood? Where is the friendship? He should remain the same as he was in the first place. And because we serve the Lord, we have come to the point that when we become clergymen, we begin with God most perfectly, but then we start to fear Him, saying, "I will not pray any more." Well, you have lost the true concept, the true notion of God. God never changes. He is always the same. Sometimes you say that God was like this, other times - like that. These are the views of various authors. From what the apostle Paul said, he abused some Divine thoughts. And you all abuse the Divine. You say, "The Apostle Paul said so"; "One spirit spoke to the apostle Paul, another, higher spirit spoke to this spirit, another, even higher spirit spoke to the second one." Do you know how many realms this thought has gone through until it reaches us? In order to understand this thought as it was transmitted, you have to catch it from this first spirit. Not that Paul did not know these things. No, he has experienced a lot of things, and when he was hit 7 times 77, he started writing very well and said, "Brothers, we will enter the Kingdom of God with suffering." Many of you say, "We will enter the Kingdom of God with Love." When you get hit 7 times 77, you say, "Through suffering one enters the Kingdom of God." You say, "The Apostle Paul was very foolish." No, he was very smart.

    So, in order to gain health, the first thing is to realize the basic law that God has put in the physical world, because the physical world also has its good side. Matter in its original state was of the Divine substance, but after it was separated, it is no longer the same as it was then. But we will return namely to that physical world, which was pure, crystalline, and in this body there will no longer be any excesses, it will not smell, death and life will be constantly balanced in it, there will be constant changes in it. Therefore, we have to create a pure body in which the Spirit can live. That is why the apostle Paul says, "If this body is destroyed, we have a house which we are building now, and in which the future body will enter to dwell." It will be better than the one that we have now.

    I would like the fourth method to remain in your mind: to stay blind to the virtues and mistakes of people, and to open your eyes for yourselves, to know both your good and bad sides, not to rebuke yourselves and brag, but to know why you are like that. And so, Christ wants to save us in three ways - physically, spiritually and Divinely, and then the resurrection will come. And I say - the rising is related to the physical world, the revival - related to the spiritual, and the resurrection - to the Divine. We cannot come to life without physical health; we cannot get spiritual life if we have not obtained physical life, because physical life is the basis of the spiritual, and the spiritual one is the basis of the Divine. So, do not say, "I want to get rid of this physical life." You should have all the respect for this physical life insofar as God has given it a price. The spiritual one will be planted on him, and the divine one will be planted on the spiritual. I would not like you to say that this spirit said so, that spirit said so. A true philosophy is when a person has a healthy body, a healthy brain, healthy lungs and a healthy stomach. The condition of these three organs determines your physical life. And spiritual life is determined by the parts of your brain. When the lungs are healthy, one has a healthy heart; when the brain is healthy, a person has a healthy mind, meaning the mind then can manifest properly; when the lungs are healthy, the feelings are manifested properly; and when the stomach is healthy, the willpower can manifest properly, but it does not mean that the stomach creates the willpower. That is why we have come out today to Vitosha, among this Divine air. Do you see this land? This rain, these clouds, seemingly unpleasant things, but in order to be in this situation, we must be able to interpret these things in nature. Through these drops falling on our heads, let us receive God's blessing. Every drop has brought thousands of riches. In this school, students are required to create a favorable atmosphere. But now you all have one bad desire. Let me tell you what it is. You are given an apple, you eat it, there is one more left, you want it too, to insure yourselves for tomorrow. The remaining apples spoil your stomach. Besides, you take, but you do not give. Everyone around me, you are just like leeches. You just take and fill your bags. Then what should I do? "I am sending some ghosts to rob you." I tell them: Go plunder them, their bags are full. I send them on purpose to rob you. Why? ”“ Because you do not need what is in your bags. That is why God sends evil spirits. They are like guards, they say, "Give it yourself." Then you nod, "Thanks for not beating us." I am telling you how I understand your condition. Sometimes, when you are around me, I feel such an oppression, as if thousands of thorns are pricking me. By a selfless visit I mean that when a person comes around, you feel some goodwill, as if that person is carrying something. Because each of you wants to suck, you sometimes cannot stand each other. This is not right. Sucking is not allowed. That is why demagnetization occurs, there is no harmony. These things happen to you unconsciously. That is why selflessness is recommended in Christianity. Because, when a person takes a higher step in the activities of life, better conditions are required. The energy from the stomach has to be sent upwards.

    I will give you as example an anecdote that happened in Sofia. In one meeting, a good speaker gave a speech. There was a large audience, so the people were crowded. A large, elderly gentleman, elated by the speech, started waving his arms up and down, applauding. There was a small man under him, whom he had not noticed, and only after he heard a shout: "You crushed my hat!" - he realized that there was a man below him. So, sometimes we also get excited, but the person below us suffers. When you get excited, it is dangerous to raise and fold your arms among people, because if you are a giant, those around you will suffer. Away from people, you may get excited. These giants are people of strong willpower, and if you are among them, by getting excited they may harm you involuntarily. Something remains unclear, doesn't it? The ambiguity is that people cannot see the connection between the physical and the spiritual world, between the spiritual and the Divine world. We say that we do not need the physical life. No, physical and Divine life are the two poles.

    If you notice, today's people, whether in Europe or America, anywhere, when they see a healthy, beautiful person, they cannot stand him, they start to envy him. Preachers in America preach that people should not be healthy, but a little dry, with sunken eyes. This is how they perceived the saints, that they must also be thin in the face, with sunken eyes. This is a pathological perception of the saint. If he is a saint, his face should be bright without being skinny.

    Now let us all set out to correct our mistakes, which have been introduced into our body from our past. What we are experiencing now is not due to our present life, it is due to our past existences, and the present life is determined by our past existences, so we must be sincere. Someone says, "Tell us our mistakes." First, we need to fix our stomach, then our lungs, and finally our brain. There is no other better system, no better way of education than these three. They tell someone, "You are ambitious." - "Why?" - "Because you love fame." The tell another one, "You like to stretch the truth." We need to understand the causes, the roots of these shortcomings. We have many deficiencies that stem from the stomach. Many of our deficiencies stem from the lungs and many stem from the brain. We cannot eradicate our mistakes if we do not know where evil is rooted. For example, if I recommend that you develop your feelings, I will tell you like this: "Extend your nose, breathe deeply!" By extending your nose you expand your feelings, by flattening your nose you also flatten your feelings. As your lungs expand, so do your feelings. I say: Expand your lungs, extend your nose. "No, I will pray," you say. Whoever breathes deeply prays well; whoever breathes shallowly prays shallowly. There are yogis who breathe deeply, hold their air for up to 20 minutes. Whoever prays shallowly, his prayer stays an inch above his head. You need to breathe deeply, you will hold your breath for 5-10 to 20 minutes and then you will concentrate your thoughts on God. So there will be good prayer. Notice when you are not praying well - it is when you are irritated. Once you are focused, prayer is also good and you breathe deeply. I will define for you what the prayer is all about. The prayer is a force that transforms. Sometimes someone insults you, you cannot control yourself and say, "I will put up with it now, but one day I will make sure to give him a piece of my mind." Such a person cannot have a deep prayer that the Lord will hear. When you are insulted, you should immediately polarize yourself and throw out this poison, there may be a small particle of the poison left, but most of it you have to throw away. If you have left most of the poison inside you, then you have a great handicap in the astral world, therefore you cannot forgive.

    In the future, a large school will be formed, in which exams will be held, objects will be made, same way as women make various objects, men sew shoes, paint pictures, etc. Then we will say whether we have a correct method of work or not. How many of you, if subjected to a test, would pass it. For example, you come back from a sermon, you are enthusiastic, but everyone at home attacks you. If you keep your peace, your joy, it shows that you have understood the Divine and realized that these are temporary ordeals. One of you may say, "When I came out of the talk, I was in a very good mood, but one sister worried me, I lost my good mood." The other one responds, "Well, so do I." This is a leech that is found everywhere. For in the Divine life you are required to understand the laws of the physical world in order to endure suffering. Sometimes, when I stand, I also try to endure. For example, I have often noticed that as soon as something has an effect, some of you quarrel and everything gets stirred up. Then I sit down to put everything in order. I have taken the brushes, the paints - I paint, I fix what is broken. You quarrel again, you scatter my brushes, paints, everything becomes a mish-mash. My situation is ridiculous. I have no choice but to take a cane and disperse you. I say to myself: They have left again, let me see if I can put everything in order, can I forget all this? This is science. It is for all of you, not just for me. You will encounter these obstacles everywhere. One has to pass these exams. The Lord will put him before them and he must endure them. There are no privileges there, you will only study. You will gain patience on your own, you will gain knowledge on your own, you will learn everything on your own. If you do not study, that will be a temptation.

    All the contradictory verses that we have read, explain the following: we should bring all the contradictions in life into harmony, and when we bring them, we will have a different experience in life, a different consciousness will come. I would recommend you the following: to be blind and deaf to the mistakes and goodness of people, and neither to brag nor to rebuke yourselves. I have noticed, you take someone you love, you praise them, but tomorrow the situation changes, you start reprimanding them. This is what the women in Sliven (town) do. When a man follows their will, they say that the Spirit speaks through him, that they see him in magnificent clothes with a crown and a wreath on his head, like him there is no other. But if he starts not following them, not going according to their will, they start saying that he is no longer dressed in such nice clothes, that his crown and wreath have been taken away. And he says, "In order to be as I used to be, I must follow in their footsteps." This is extortion of our religious beliefs.

    In order to follow the right path, you must be blind to the goodness and mistakes of others. Whoever wants to know my opinion about him, I will not tell him anything, but if he wants 1,000 leva (the currency of Bulgaria), I will give it to him. If I tell him that he is an honest, good man but I do not give him the 1,000 leva that he wants, where is the consistency between words and deeds? When I give him money, by that I praise him and say to him: In my face you have all the trust. So, we should not brag, but show everything in deeds.

    From this talk, keep the following in your mind, be blind and deaf to the mistakes and goodness of others as much as possible. I want you to be 75% blind and deaf, and 25% to see. I want you to be cheerful and happy today!

    Now we will have lunch and then some gymnastics.

    (In the afternoon we climbed high on Vitosha mountain. We all felt very good. Up there, on the high Vitosha hills, we did some gymnastics.

    And then we went back to Sofia cheerful, happy, satisfied.)

    09 June 1921, Thursday, Ascension of the Lord (Spasov Day), Vitosha





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  20. Готов превод Общи упражнения - 1.8.1921-СБ-375 / ...: 1.8.1921-СБ-375

    General Exercises

    You will read the New Testament in the following order:
    (Note: The Master said this to groups of disciples from each Bulgarian city, gathered at the annual summer congress in Veliko Tarnovo, August 1921)

    The Sofia group will start from the Gospel of John.

    The Tarnovo group will start from the Epistle to the Romans.

    The Burgas group will start from the Gospel of Matthew.

    The Sliven group will start from the Gospel of Mark.

    The Ruse group will start from the Gospel of Luke.

    The Varna group will start from the First Epistle to the Corinthians.

    The Plovdiv group will start from the Second Epistle to the Corinthians.

    The Kazanlak group will start from the Epistle to the Jews.

    The Stara Zagora group will start from the Epistle to the Galatians.

    The Aytos group will start from the First Epistle of the Apostle Peter.

    The Yambol group will start from the Second Epistle of the Apostle Peter.

    The Shumen group will start from the Epistle of the Apostle James.

    The Nova Zagora group will start from the Epistle of the Apostle Judas.

    The Panagyurishte group will start from the First Epistle to the Thessalonians.

    The Svishtov group will start from the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians.

    The Sevlievo group will start from the Epistle to the Colossians.

    The Gabrovo group will start from the First Epistle of the Apostle John.

    The Karnobat group will start from the Second Epistle of the Apostle John.

    The Elena group will start from the Third Epistle of the Apostle John.

    The Pazardzhik group will start from the Epistle to the Ephesians.

    The Belogradchik group will start from the First Epistle to Timothy.

    The Lom group will start from the Second Epistle to Timothy.

    The Tryavna group will start from the Epistle to Titus.

    The Vidin group will start from the Revelation.

    The Gorno Oryahovo group will start from the Epistle to Philemon.

    The group from the village of Gartsi, Vidin region, will start from the Epistle to the Philippians.

    The reading will start from the assigned text and will continue successively until the end of the New Testament. It will start right from the Congress, from today. You will read ten verses a day when you are in a good mood. When you are not in a good mood, you will read only one verse, either the first or the last one, or whichever you want. And then you will note down which of these ten verses has drawn your attention - whether the first, second, third one, or any of the ten. When you are in a bad mood, you will read only one verse, because then you are on your way. When you are in a bad mood - you travel; then, of course, you will only read one verse. Once you are in a good mood - you are on vacation, you will read ten verses.

    Now I assign for everyone one day a month for rest, during which day you will not eat - you will rest in the physical world, but you will work in the spiritual world. This day will be the third Friday of the month, so you will rest on 12 Fridays. The fast will start on Thursday at 12 o'clock noon and will end on Friday at 12 o'clock noon. This is a rest, a law, not a fast. It will run from noon to noon. Why? Next year I will explain to you why you will rest from noon to noon. The Sun is then at its zenith, above. What I give you as a fast is very little, but if you obey the law, you will have excellent consequences. This is a great law. You will say, "Well, I have fasted so much!" Yes, but you have not fasted that way. This rest is the same as when we travel through a mountainous area in the summer - you walk, you walk, at some point you sit down to rest, you drink some warm water, you eat well, you breathe some fresh air, you change clothes and then continue again. This is a walk that renews. But if you drink cold water when you are tired, you will return home sick.

    So, what I am giving you is not fasting, but rest - this is for the renewal of the nervous system. And do not think that you are fasting - do not put the thought in your mind that you are fasting, but that you are resting, and then you will see how well you will eat the next lunch. Some people have this weakness: when they will fast, they eat a lot beforehand to endure the fasting. Then this makes them crave for water, so they can hardly wait for the fast to end. No, you will eat little - both on Thursday and on Friday. The little one is the law of blessing. The fast will start on the third Thursday of the month.

    - Some office clerks who leave from work at 1 o'clock, when will they eat?

    Whoever is a clerk, let him take two pretzels - that is enough food for him. Others will say about him, "The man eats breakfast, it is not a bad thing." You are an exception that happens once every 10,000 times, but I do not believe any of you will fall into such an exception.The clock that you will be guided by, is your feeling, it is your zenith. As long as you are in a great mood, your lunch is coming, but once you lose your mood, the lunch is over, the sun is already at an angle. This is because not all people on Earth have the same attitude towards the Sun. Lunch does not happen at the same time for everyone - in a psychic sense, time is different for all people.

    - Is this assignment obligatory for those of our brothers and sisters who are invited to the Congress but are not present?

    Yes, they can also do it if they want. All our brothers, whether present or not, all our brothers who have one spirit with us, they are no different from us, there is no difference, and they can do whatever you do. But those brothers who do not have one spirit with us, even if they are here, do not benefit much. It is important for the fraternity that everyone has the same understanding. What connects us is the Divine principle that works in us, and we want that principle to also work in all people. It is the thing that connects us. If it exists among us, we are brothers, if it does not exist - we are not brothers.

    This is the least that I am giving you, but if you do it in good faith, with Love, you will have some of the best results that you have never seen in your life. It is very small, but if you implement it out of Love for God, you will see what a thing it is.

    The special exercises are available only to the worthy students who have performed the general exercises conscientiously. These exercises are according to the law of freedom, and it is very strict. In the spiritual world, the law is very strict - once you have promised and you have not done it, be careful not to fall into this mistake again. That is why I do not want to cause you unnecessary suffering - once you have committed to something, you have to do it, even if the Earth is going to turn upside down. After these general exercises we will come to the private ones, which will be given only to those who will perform them in good faith and with good will. Many of you have a good will, but when a difficulty comes, they say, "To be postponed for now!" There are no delays! There are no delays for the special exercises. When Christ came, He had a special duty to drink the bitter cup, and He said, "Can this cup not pass from me? No, that is why I came! ”If you give in, you are a goner - these are the laws. Now the Lord will not change His laws because of our understandings. We now say, "Lord, can you not make one exception for us?" An exception can only be made by saying, "Wait, do not take it now."

    And so, throughout the year, you will let the law of harmony work in you, so that everyone can feel that a spring is flowing in you, that fills your hearts. But now you meet each other and say to yourself: "The people of Stara Zagora are not going on the right track, the people of Sofia - also, etc." Then who is going well? You are all going well, only the devils in Sofia, in Tarnovo and so on are not going well. When did they go well? In order to make them go well, we must make them servants. Compete to pay homage to each other.

    And so, when I meet you now, I will look at you for ten seconds and thus I will greet you. When I look at you, some lower their eyes. Do you know what that means? It means, "I am not ready to serve the Lord." When I meet you, I will look at you for ten seconds and give you half of God's Love. And now I am greeting you like this: I am giving you half of the Love, which the Lord has given me.

    One sister wrote me a letter claiming that everyone gathered here was a vagabond. This is a misunderstanding of the law and we will not succumb to it. God is Love and we will no longer desecrate our Father's name for anything.

    And now we are going to have a delicious breakfast.

    The sun seems to love you. You will endure its Love. I will not hold you for long.

    - Has everyone come yet?

    - There are more to come.

    - Shall we wait for them? How long?

    - Five minutes.

    - If you are giving them five minutes, it is a blessing. The common decision is God's decision.

    - Is that always so?

    - Always. When people carry out the will of one person, they are committing a crime, but when one person carries out the will of many people, he is doing Good. Evil always means one person, and Good means everyone. This is the difference.

    21 August, Sunday, 09:00

    Clear sunny day.

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  21. Готов превод Определяне работата на четирите съвета - 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-376 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-376

    Defining the Work of the Four Councils

    Let us now make a secret prayer. I will read you several verses from the sixth chapter of the Epistle to the Galatians, verses 6-10.

    What is the great law? You cannot love someone who neither loves you nor hates you. These are the two conditions: in order to be able to love someone, they must either love you or hate you - one of the two. But if they do not have one of the two dispositions to you, Love cannot appear. However, the one who provokes your Love with his hatred, he regrets that he has given you more oil. He realizes that he has increased your fuel - Love; he regrets allowing Love to increase in you.

    So, God loves us for two reasons. For now, he loves us because we sin. And the sinful is a temporary delusion of the human soul, which deviates from the path of Love. We think that there is another way in which Love can manifest, but once we have completed our evolution, we will see that there is only one way of Love, one way of manifesting it.

    Now let us go back to the practical side, i.e. to the real side, which is essential for us. We want to get organized, in order to work. Organizations can be mechanical - when there is no close internal connection between their parts. The connection can also be organic, i.e. internal; but if in this internal, organic connection there is no consciousness, meaning there is no understanding between the parts, the goal is also not achieved.

    What is the great law within Nature? Those who start with the mechanical way of organizing, they grow from without, while those who start with the organic way, they grow from within.

    Therefore, if we now acquire knowledge only from without, from the experiences of other people, we have mechanical organizing - we gain knowledge from the outside, without having the inner knowledge that plants have - to organize from within and grow. After our death, this external knowledge disintegrates - this is the reason why some prominent philosopher who wrote many books, after his death may be reborn as a simple man. So, knowledge that we acquire from without, through people, can be easily erased, but no power can erase the knowledge acquired through the great experience of Love. Therefore, true knowledge can be acquired through the right way of Love. This is a law.

    In order to love a person, we must know him, be able to reveal his soul, his past and future, and then we will surely love him. In order to respect someone, we must love him. If we do not have this Love, we are strangers to each other. And in order to know God, we must love Him. I will not dwell on how we will know God. We will find Him. We can begin to love God, as we can love a person. So, Love is a quality of the human soul, not of the human mind.

    This organizing that we are talking about, you ask, "Well, how are we going to organize?" Do not think that we are creating this organization now, it is implanted in us. And the small disputes that can cause misunderstandings, are like those antiquities that are found during excavations. When they find such antiquities, they pour various acids over them to clear them of the dust, but during this cleaning they also wash the inscription, and in fact the valuable thing is what is written.

    We have to be masters ourselves, so that when we clean, we do not erase what was originally written. Now each of you is born for a certain activity. You are not all born for the same activity. This is a fact: all those of you who have low foreheads are not destined for any philosophical activity, they are not for mental work. If the idea of becoming a writer occurs to them, they will waste their time. They are (destined) for practical work. And in the present life they will prepare the conditions for their future life. I have checked this. As a result, those whose foreheads are low and think they have a mind are lying to themselves. They have a mind, but in the astral world, while in the physical world they do not have the conditions for it to manifest. If their violin had only one string, what would they do? Can anyone play on one string? Or if their violin has only my strings and sol (key), can it be played? So their violin must be full, it must have all the strings and the players must understand the laws.

    Some of you want to be very active, but cannot be. Why? Their head at the back is very flattened. A person who wants to be active must have a wide head at the back. A man who has his head flattened at the back, when he is asked to do something, always leaves his work unfinished. He will always find one reason or another. But the person with a wide head at the back will always find time to finish his work. So do some of us, when they are put to work - they are gone. Therefore, we must determine the place of each of us - who is for what. Whoever was born for spiritual work - to be spiritual. And what they will be in the future - this is another question. Someone is born a musician and he has a price as such, but another one is not born a musician and even spending a lifetime as a musician will achieve nothing. He will still learn something, same as the one born for it. So, we are all born for something. And if we take up what the Lord has planned for us, we will achieve something, but we say, "I will correct God's plan." And we correct the Lord all our lives. Finally, we say, "I could not achieve anything!" In our next life, we correct the Lord again: "I could not succeed in anything!"

    And another thing: in order to know whether your mind is able to manifest itself, give it more intensive work. If in three years you manage to widen your forehead up, so that it becomes two millimetres higher, you can achieve something. But if after three years your forehead has not undergone any change, do not waste your time with various philosophies.

    So, according to the intensity of the willpower, we should be able to change our forehead, the shape of our head, our nose and to model our face like an artist. The reason for our failure in this is that when we talk about ourselves, we have a higher opinion than we are, while others have a worse opinion of us than we are. And there lies our whole mistake. Thus we find ourselves between two extremes, so we have to add these two values and divide them by two. We should to take 50% from what we think about ourselves, and also take 50% from what people think about us. What remains - it is you.

    Now we should try to create a favorable atmosphere between ourselves for all endeavors, but without ambitions. Because I notice that you tend to develop more personal feelings, those at the back of the head, i.e. you have the disposition of the rooster, of the peacock - oh, its colorful feathers - whoop, whoop, whoop. It says, "Look what I have done!" Well, this colorful tail is millions of years old. But what have you done now? When the peacock finishes speaking, you will see that it is nothing. As it climbs the fence, the rooster crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" Then it goes down again. The next day it climbs up again: "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" Day after day it always does this, and what does it mean by that cock-a-doodle-doo? Once a cock-a-doodle-doo, twice cock-a-doodle-doo, a third time cock-a-doodle-doo, a thousand times cock-a-doodle-doo. What does it mean? Watch this cock-a-doodle-doo by the rooster. When the first roosters begin to crow, a person feels light-hearted, as if he has freed himself from some misfortune. But when you enter the village and hear the dogs barking, you get overwhelmed with fear. The barking of dogs implies that there is some danger, while the crowing of the rooster implies that there is no danger, that something good is hiding. Well, if a rooster came to my doorstep and crowed "cock-a-doodle-doo," then a second one - cock-a-doodle-doo, then three, ten, fifteen roosters crowing, what impression would they make? The first rooster will make a pleasant impression, from the second one onward this impression will begin to weaken, while finally the last rooster will make an unpleasant impression on you and you will want to drive it away. We do exactly the same. This rooster brings great trouble. A rooster comes and says, "cock-a-doodle-doo," he presents a work plan. A second rooster comes - "cock-a-doodle-doo" again, presents another plan. The first plan is good; the second plan says, "This work is so and so, but let us leave it."

    Now let us get back to the main idea. In your current state, God has planned what you need to do, He has connected you with famous people and you need to find them, you will feel them and you will need to work with them. These two, three or more people will come with others and you will work together. This is how people, families are united, this is how all humanity is united. Ants and bees are organized according to the same law. Every ant knows its purpose. Who organizes the ants, who organizes the bees? The work goes in a mechanical way. And we, who meddle here and there, think we were created differently. No, we are also organized like them, only we are moving away. This collision, this sinful state, has moved us away from the right path of development.

    Each method is useful because once you apply a method, it will reveal where its weaknesses are. You will apply a second method - and it will also reveal its weaknesses. And by applying this method for one, two, three days, you will find the errors yourself and will correct them. These errors occur naturally. Do not think that every job will be perfect. There will be a number of gaps, but over time, if you rely on the Divine law and on God's Wisdom that works, the beings who are interested will help us organize. So now we will start with the organization, which we will test. You will be in a group of a hundred people, won't you? I am asking: how will you start your first job now? How will these work advisors get started? And what will the advisors of the spiritual life start with? Have you seen how some experienced musicians, when taking the notes, they play something here and there, but when a virtuoso comes, he starts from the beginning and plays the whole piece without any notes. Of course, you are not a virtuoso yet, but you will open the score and learn to play the piece well. I hope you will learn it. This will be an impulse for you to awaken the abilities that you have, and you will give each other your energies, which will intertwine.

    There are some people in which the natural mind is highly developed, so they will transfer some of their energy to others in which the natural mind and abilities are poorly developed. There will be a transfer of energies in all of you and then an inner uprising will begin. Those who are very energetic will pass on their energy to those who are less energetic, so an exchange of your energies will begin. But if you do not understand the law, you will affect each other in contrast and these energies will be neutralized. How are these energies created? You may have a desire to be first. You must avoid this mistake, otherwise you will look like those 12 beautiful ladies in a city, who were chosen to welcome a king, but provided that the most beautiful of them handed the bouquet to the king. The question of who was the most beautiful one, would be decided by a majority, by a vote. Everyone voted and when they looked at the ballots, they saw twelve ballots with different names - each one voted for herself. If everyone votes for themselves, then there will be no candidate to choose from among all. If we all submit the ballot for ourselves, we will not be able to finish God's work. And this, to put it simply, means that everyone has to make their own way. You will not leave the path in which God has placed you! Each of you will go their own way and will not waver, neither to the left, nor to the right. You can benefit from the experiences of others, but you will not deviate from the path in which God has placed you. This is the desire of all of us - all who are initiated. Neither should anyone impede you, nor should you stumble yourself. And each one of you, when he sees his brother stumbling, should show him the way and say to him, "This is the way," and should encourage him.

    I will stop here and if there are any important questions, I would like to give the floor to anyone who wants to speak specifically for five to ten minutes. Let them express an idea clearly or give their opinion. But this is not to give an opinion that they think one way or another, only if they have some basic, Divine idea that comes from the Spirit, if the Spirit speaks to them, then let them talk.

    - How do we know when the Spirit is speaking to us, because we doubt it many times? How can we know which path is (meant) for us?

    Suppose I am a poor man. I go to a gentleman and I want him to give me a job. He does not give me any. I go to a friend of mine, but he tells me, "Wait for it!" But imagine that I have the gift of making wheel axles. I can make nice cars. I see - someone's car has broken; my first job is to offer him to repair the car. He recommends me to a second person, to a third one and here it is - I am making my way. This person will give me something, that one will give me something. Both their car is repaired, and my car is repaired.

    Let us now assume the following contradiction. Let us say that I have graduated from a famous university, I have graduated in finance, but there is no suitable position for me and I have to wait one or two years until something becomes available. And I say: I have a degree in finance, so I am not going to make any cars, although I know this craft. I go to the cafes, I smoke cigarette after cigarette... puff, puff. I am asking: what is the point of this? Instead of saying "puff, puff", just take the adze and "clink - clink" with it. Isn't that smarter?

    Let us take other examples: you have a degree in beekeeping and you have the gift of handling bees. Get involved in beekeeping. You have an inner gift for farming. Manifest your activity in this regard! You may encounter difficulties, but if you go against your destiny, you will encounter other difficulties. You will overcome the first difficulties more easily and while your karma improves, you will find good friends.

    Now some of you find themselves in favorable conditions, others - in less favorable ones. Some of you will fight harder, but we will help them overcome everything. It will not go smoothly for them, but we will show our activity, our mind, our heart and our willpower. Let us say that a sister is a seamstress, she is poor. She wants to work for the Lord. She will leave and will enter a city, asking, "Do you have any job?" She will work in one place or another and will make her way. But if she thinks that she can take an easier way, then she is not worthy of spiritual attainments, that is not the right way. So at the given moment, this is a weapon that God has given you. It is sacred and it will save you from certain temptations.

    So now we - both younger and older, will return to develop our abilities as much as we can.

    First in the work plan, get busy in the physical world making fraternal gardens. Every city should have a fraternal garden: an orchard, a vegetable garden of 5-20-30 decares (1 decare is approximately 0.25 acres) - as much as you have. Those of you who have nothing to do, let them go there to work, to invest their labor, and what is produced to benefit those brothers who have less. It is practical to utilize free time, isn't it? Some of you may want to open a carpentry workshop in a city. Try to make tables, casks, apply in your free time the art that you have mastered, and whatever you acquire, you will be able to sell. Put into action all the crafts that you know. Someone is a teacher - let them gather 5-10-15-20 small children, open an educational school, a nursery and start entertaining them. Some of you may gather in groups of two or three and translate books - this is an accomplished work. Some may form classes, circles for reading books, works of famous writers, scholars. Others, with musical abilities, may form orchestras of violins, clarinets, etc. When we get together, there should always be a great variety among us - to know and to work, and to write, and to sing, and to play, and to read, we should be able to do everything. The Lord wants us to know a little of everything, so that others can say that these people know everything. And now that we come together, we all want to be spiritual people - especially those who have more experience. What do experiences consist of? The experiences consist of the following: if I take you to a mountainous area, you will have an experience. But if I only have some photos and show them to you, what will you use them for? You will only have some mental ideas. If I take you to a mountainous area, you will perceive the magnetic influence of this area, you will breathe its fresh air, you will drink its fresh and clean water, you will taste all the benefits of this area. Therefore, in order to take you to the spiritual world, I will not bring you a book describing the spiritual life and let you explore it from there, but I will tell you: "Come with me!" One day, if we go on a trip to the spiritual world, you will cut large sticks and I will tell you, "Take one stick each and let us go to the spiritual world." We will find this spiritual world in some mountainous area. You think that it is in some special place.

    Where I was this summer, we found a Paradise, I call it the "suffer-joyous Paradise". Any place that can produce in your mind the most beautiful thoughts, the most beautiful feelings and can change your life in some way is Paradise. You will say, "We have never seen such a place." This is a part of Paradise - a corner of Paradise. When you go elsewhere, you will find another corner of Paradise. This Divine Paradise is scattered all over the globe.

    To know each other, use the following method. You gather two people together in one place, you tell your friend something, but he is not interested in what you tell him. The reason for this is not that this brother does not want to listen to you, but that he has developed some abilities and you have developed others. You talk to him about music, about art, but he thinks about the trees, about his cows, about the butter, to have a house, a garden and so on. You talk to him about music, but he thinks about his cows. Then he starts talking to you: he tells you about his cows, gets excited and wonders why you are not interested. You are both right. He is interested in one thing and you - in another. Then the one who is smart will say to himself, "In order for this brother to understand me, I have to descend where he is." Or he must ascend to you. And so do the young people. When two young people love each other, the boy, being a musician, talks about music because he has a musical feeling, and the girl intuitively adapts to him, shows that she is interested in music, fawning. He says, "Oh, I have found her!" But after they get married, he sees that she has no interest in music. "What a fool you are," she says, "I was interested until I got married, but now it does not have to be this way between us."

    I see that some of you may think like philosophers, while others may not. Some of you are active in the physical world and can do a huge, excellent job, while others are not active - they cannot do so much work. So, all these energies that we have, we will leave them to act in a Divine way. We will not change the Divine way in any way.

    Those of you who are in the Education department, let them exchange thoughts on what books to publish, what books to be recommended for reading. And some of you who can, let them read these books. We will try to distribute this work to become more intelligent, because as we are going now, we are not intelligent. People from the outside world are smarter than us.

    Keep in mind that Christ says, "The sons of this age are wiser than the sons of Light." Some of us must suffer long until we learn the right Divine way.

    Now there is another danger. Those of our spiritual brothers who are engaged in physical work, we should not let all their energy be absorbed only by the physical, but let the spiritual also speak in them. A man of physical labor, who has not expended his physical energy, and enters the spiritual world so unprepared, he will cause a whole anarchy. You will investigate this matter. Each group of one hundred people will choose ten of the smartest people among them.

    This morning, when you drew lots, you made a mistake. This mistake consists in the following: when one of the apostles became a traitor and a traitor to Christ, he lost his position as an apostle. The apostles gathered, drew lots who to replace him, and chose Matthias. And then there were other candidates in front of God. The apostles chose Matthias as their candidate, but the Lord chose Paul. Which of the two did the bigger job? Paul. Once you have two opinions and draw lots, it is 50% true. The draw cannot resolve the issue. So, you will also draw lots to solve a difficulty, but it will be 50% resolved. Then do you think that in drawing lots everyone has fallen into place? Therefore, the work that you could do yourself, you assigned to the Lord, and here, He resolved it again. The physical man asks: "Should I work in the vineyard or become a clerk?" The question is resolved - the hoe. There is his calling. It will work wonders. If he has a mentally gifted son, he does not need a hoe, but a mental field - to work there.

    - Can there be any shuffles from one group to another?

    There may be a shift of some people from one group to another, i.e. an overflow. Once you settle, those who are left outside, they will be in reserve. You will tell them: "Can you not come to my place, and I stay in reserve?" In these hundred people you will all take part, you will start thinking about how to create a job for everyone. Here is a sensible way to create a job! When someone is in a path of temptation, create a job for him in order to get rid of that temptation and to be able to earn at least his livelihood.

    - Since bees live the most harmonious life, and we are preparing for such, isn't it good to start with bees and take up researching their life?

    When you give an artificial honeycomb to the bees, they do not throw it away, but just fix it here and there. So do we - will not throw away the artificial honeycomb, but will fix it only here and there. Some friends have already started - they have taken up beekeeping. Some attempts have been successful, but others have been unsuccessful. Do not be discouraged! Every job should start with the little one.

    If some of you want to express their opinion on some unexplained issues, let them speak. Talk about issues of self-development, self-education, and I would like you to dedicate your idle time to external activities. I speak of idle time, because it must be used wisely for our spiritual development and ennoblement. This should be the first thing, the purpose of your work.

    - What work will the fourth group do?

    It has the biggest job - conciliation. For example, two sisters have quarreled - the conciliators will investigate the main reasons why and for what they have quarreled, and that is not to decide who is to blame, but to look for the reasons. This activity is important not only for you, but also for those from outside. We will make a small model, to show how it should work. In some city, you can do the following work experiment: get two or three families together for a year, at least eat together without any restrictions, let us see how you will do the experiment. When eating together, you will cut your budget. We had such an experience at our resort. There were twenty of us, who, if we ate alone, separately, we would pay dearly, but together, we paid 16 lev (TN: the currency of Bulgaria) a day per person. And at the same time you will learn to eat only what you need. One or two meals are enough. Then women will also get rid of unnecessary work. Then the sisters can get used to having a shared laundry, to wash together and to have a shared kitchen. Make an attempt - this is not necessary, but this way you will see what the practical results will be. While now a woman - she spends all day at home working and her labor is scattered. For example, when washing separately, more wood is burned, more soap is consumed and the expenses are higher. Apply this where you can, where conditions allow. The first time the attempts may be unsuccessful, they may give the opposite results.

    - In order to be successful in such a life together, should not there be competition at work?

    There should be, but with Love.

    What is the target point of the mother? The child. As long as she has a child outside, she can work. What is the target point of the teacher? The students. The teacher works while there are students. Once he loses his students, he stops working. There must be an outside stimulus everywhere.

    - Is it possible for these groups to work together if there are people from different cities in them?

    At first they will correspond by mail. For example, some brothers from Sofia will rent a plot and will start cultivating it. Now the Ruse group are making such an attempt, but they have not done their job yet, they have not seen their result yet. The Aytos group are also making attempts - everyone is working.

    When trifles occur in a job, it breaks down, and this can be done by anyone, be it a man or a woman, as long as they use the trifles.

    Keep the following idea in mind: when you start these attempts, if you plan to provide for yourself financially with them, do not get started at all. These small attempts are not means for providing (material) security. If someone has free time, let them engage in these experiments. Let us Suppose now that a few young brothers form a small commune, they want to live an ideal life. Now why do they get blamed? They enter this commune and start earning. After a while, a sister turns to God and says, "I also want to work," and enters inside. She falls in love with one of the brethren and wants to get married. Well, that is not bad. They get married, then they have children. And now, to provide for her children, she will expel all other members of the commune. And that is why I do not say like you that women ruin everything, but women take everything. And the opposite is true. For example, five or six sisters decide to live a communist life. A brother wants to come and work with them. He falls in love with one of the sisters and wants to get married. They marry and drive away the other sisters. These things are not bad, people have to get married, but when we start working for God, we have to put all things in their place. The question is not whether to get married or not, whether to have children or not, the point is to live a reasonable, Divine Life.

    Finally, let us try to make an ideal commune. The whole fraternity will rent some plots together, so brothers and sisters from all cities will go to these places to work throughout the year.

    - Will all brothers and sisters agree to work in the common vineyard?

    The work is difficult to arrange in the physical world. This is one of the difficult questions. Now this work must be undertaken by young and old, by everyone, so that we will see both the good and the bad sides, and this will be an experience for you. In this job, I want you to engage only in your idle time, when you have nothing else to do. The Svishtov group are also making attempts, and the Sliven and Sofia groups are also planning to make experiments.

    Some brothers and sisters expressed different views on the forthcoming work of the four councils and the formation of the communes. Everyone emphasized that this work would be successful, if there was Love and readiness for self- sacrifice. A wish was expressed to correct the mistake made in the selection by lot, and a desire was noticeable in everyone for the Master to point out to us certain jobs for the groups.

    These four groups (Councils) are one task that you need to solve correctly. When you say that the choice must be annulled, this does not mean that when you make a debt, you have to cancel it, and by signing, you have to get your signature back. Whatever happened - happened. We do not think this is a mistake. This is not a mistake, it is an experiment that you are making now. And this experiment will be fixed. Everything will be fixed, it will come to its natural order. All those who are elected will enter their roles. First of all, you did not understand what it means to join the Labor Council. You got scared - you think you will take the hoes to work. The idea is not like this at all - to take the hoe. We just want to use our free time and not be left idle, to enter into sin. It can be one day of the week or the month, but according to the law of Love. Even if we use one day - we have succeeded. Now you have already entered, you have harnessed yourselves. With your work you will create a wave of working. You get excited, but then you immediately step back and say, "I am not fit for work." Those who have entered are already starting to regret that they have entered, and those who have not entered are regretting that they have not entered.

    You have four groups (Councils) and I will select a hundred people, because I have stock, I have the right to select a hundred people. Everyone will get to work and no one will be left idle.

    Do not be embarrassed if your experiment has failed. Each first attempt is unsuccessful, it is always like that. Do you know how many unsuccessful attempts God has made? Well, He created the first man in His own image and likeness, put him in Heaven, but the experiment failed. Christ came, and He made a second experiment. And this experiment failed. Why? Because, by leaving the work to His chosen disciples, they ruined it and He has to come again to correct it. And more attempts are to be made. The Lord drove Adam and Eve out of Heaven and then came down to earth to teach people not to fight. Now people are trying to solve theoretically which teaching is more correct.

    It should always be known that the first attempt is unsuccessful, not that it is not successful, but it is a preparation for a second attempt. Do not get discouraged, because if we think like this, we will all begin to fall into a dizzy state, we will begin to feel heaviness in our heads.

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  22. Готов превод Храненето, условие за вечен живот/ Правилното ядене, като условие за вѣченъ животъ - 3.4.1921-НБ-353 / ...: 3.4.1921-НБ-353

    Proper Nutrition, as a Condition for Eternal Life

    "Verily, verily, I say unto you, except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you" (John 6:53).

    If it was said, "If you do not eat, you will not have life in you," everyone would understand that thought well. However, the inserted words "unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood" hinder the understanding of this verse. The present life, viewed from a human point of view, consists of a number of contradictions. So, life begins with contradictions and ends with contradictions. Nevertheless, people do not dwell on them, do not take them into account and look only for the positive in life. This is the reason why they encounter great difficulties. And the young, despite the experience of the elderly, still do not pay attention to the contradictions and look for the easy way in life. In this respect, the children - the son and the daughter, represent a positive value, while the parents - the mother and the father, represent a negative value in life. In order to understand life, one must first deal with the contradictions. Only they force him to think. Sufferings, of whatever nature, make a person think. They have created today's culture, philosophy, poetry, science, and more recently - forced labor. Without suffering and hardship, compulsory labor labor does not exist. When they found themselves in a difficult financial situation, the Bulgarians created forced labor. The rich and the poor, having difficulty, fell into contradictions. This made them put labor into action. The poor man says, "Forced labor is a good thing." The rich man says: “Are we slaves that we have to perform compulsory labor? What kind of law is this? ”So the poor are a plus, a positive value, while the rich are a minus - a negative value. Now, I will focus on the issue of nutrition. For a person, to eat is the most important thing in life. There is no greater musical aria than eating. First they start arranging the table, putting plates, forks, spoons, knives, and finally they put the food. You can immediately hear the clatter of strings of violins, mandolins and guitars - a whole orchestra. Plates, forks, spoons, knives are the instruments in this great orchestra. It is an art to know how to play well, i.e. know how to put the spoon in your mouth and eat. It is also an art to know how to draw a bow on the strings of a violin to make something good come out. A woman is angry with her husband, she does not speak to him, she does not open her mouth to say at least one word to him. He says, "My wife does not want to open her mouth." - It is not true, invite your wife to the table to see how she will reach into the soup with a spoon and will put it in her mouth! She immediately opens her mouth to eat. The woman also says, "My husband has been silent like a log for a while, he does not open his mouth." - Put a meal on the table to see how he opens his mouth. - Why is he opening his mouth? Because food contains something valuable in itself. A positive truth is revealed through it. That is why life must be understood with all its contradictions, and the cause of these contradictions also has to be found. Behind every reason there is another reason, behind every consequence - another consequence and behind every result - another result.

    Christ says, "Except ye eat my flesh, ye have no life in you." In this verse, the important words are "if you do not eat." I am adding: if you do not eat, if you do not feel, if you do not think, if you do not struggle, if you do not work, you have no life in you. I put all this under the same denominator. One of the sublime things is to take the spoon and open your mouth. They say about someone, "This man is an excellent philosopher." In my opinion, anyone who opens their mouth and puts the spoon in it, can become an excellent philosopher. Whoever does not open their mouth, cannot become a philosopher. A mother says, "I would like my daughter to become spiritual." - If she opens her mouth and swallows the contents of the spoon, she may become spiritual. "I would like my daughter to get smart." If she opens her mouth and swallows the contents of the spoon, she may get smart. Religious people insist that one should eat little. - These people are a minus, i.e. negative value. However, there is a difference between religious and spiritual people. The religious ones have not understood life in its entirety, the spiritual ones understand it. The rich support the idea that one should eat a lot. They are a plus, i.e. positive value. The religious person has understood life in one respect and the spiritual one - in another aspect. Mathematicians use plus and minus as two necessities in their calculations. In order to fill the bottle with new contents, you need to pour out the old contents. The minus shows an action with inside-out direction, and the plus - an action with outside-in direction. You take something inward, that is a plus; you throw something out, that is a minus. Opening your mouth and swallowing the contents of the spoon, is a plus. I am saying: you, like all rational beings, have to understand those laws of nature, which life in general is based on. You need to know why you are eating. According to some, one does not need to know why one is eating. - It is necessary. You finish eating and you say, "I do not need a spoon or a plate anymore." - You do not need them because you are full, but when you get hungry, you will look for them. - "I do not need science, I do not need faith." - You do not need them because you are full; when you get hungry, you will look for them. If you can resolve all the issues and controversies that arise around nutrition, you will also resolve the other issues. Have you ever wondered why hunger occurs, why you have a disposition for some foods and not for others? You will say that nature has ordered it that way. - This is not true. If you are a mathematician, you have to know exactly why one value is positive and another one - negative; why one value is larger and another - smaller. When students ask you a question, you have to answer them correctly. The student may tell his teacher that this is what is written in the textbook, but the teacher must be prepared to explain to his student what is written there. If the child asks us why we eat, should we answer with the words that God has commanded so? People suffer from explaining everything with the words, "Thus it is written," "thus it is said," "thus it is commanded," "thus it is prophesied." - Do you know what the prophet said? - "There are written laws." - Do you know why these laws were written? When the citizen obeys the laws, he should know why these laws were written. It is funny when a lawyer takes a case, but does not know under which laws he will defend them. You go to church and pray. Do you know why you pray? You say, "As I eat and drink, so I must pray." This is a quick solution to the issue. This is what many philosophers thought and how they solved the issues. And the issue of nutrition is resolved quickly. - "Why should we eat?" - It is so ordered by nature.

    Religious people say that we must live well in order to inherit eternal life. - Is life on earth not eternal? You do not understand temporary life, and you are talking about eternal life. You do not understand yourself, but you talk about God. First you need to understand your life, your mind and your heart, and then you will talk about other people's lives and about eternal life. If you do not understand the things nearby, you will not understand the distant things at all. If you skip the things nearby, your math will be devoid of logic, content and meaning.

    Now, as I speak, some of the listeners find that my speech is incoherent. I do not know which speech is incoherent, mine or yours. My speech seems incoherent, because I use two values at the same time - with plus and minus, but you use one of them - sometimes with a plus, and sometimes with a minus.

    Therefore, you think I am illogical but according to me, you are illogical. Now I will ask you the topic: Why should we eat? Ask this question to your professors, priests, and preachers to see what they will answer. Everyone should think about the meaning of nutrition. I do not deny nutrition. On the contrary, eat, but abiding by all the rules of nutrition. You should eat like heroes. You say, "I do not know why I am not hungry." -You are not hungry because you are sick. The child says, "Mom, I do not feel hungry today." - Why does not he want to eat?" - Because he is a minus. Tomorrow, when he wakes up, he will say, "Mom, I feel hungry today." - He wants to eat because he is a plus. The mother wonders why her daughter does not want to eat. - It is very simple, her daughter has planned a date. She says, "Mom, I have an important date today, I do not have any time to eat." She has a guest, so she cannot eat. As soon as the guest leaves, she has a desire to eat. When a girl wants to get prettier, she eats a lot. She eats more butter to get fat; more meat to develop his muscles, and more carbohydrates to gain a clearer eyesight. The more she eats, the more she adds something to her face: she paints it red and makes it smooth. The girl is doing well, she knows how to paint her face. She uses nutrition to paint her house, so that her friends like her.

    So, if you ask what life represents, I will answer: life is a collection of processes. Nutrition is one of these processes, the result of a great cause. One of the important incentives in modern culture is the question of nutrition. War, disputes and misunderstandings among people are mainly due to the issue of food security. Some philosopher writes books, always philosophizes about eating. The lawyer protects people, the professor teaches - everyone provides for their food. The materialists say: “The bread, grandma, the bread! It is the meaning of life.

    I will continue my thought with an explanation of materialist views. This may be misunderstood by you, but in addition to many misunderstood things, let something else remain misunderstood. When a child is born into a family, the parents immediately deposit a certain amount in his name in the post office or in the bank for a certain period. Once the specified time has passed, they withdraw the money, together with the interest. A famous mathematician calculated the amount of five cents, given in the name of Christ at compound interest, would become from the day of His birth until 1880. He calculated that a huge number with 39 digits would be formed. The mathematician continued his calculations. According to him, the earth weighs 5,875 sextillion kilograms. If it were made of gold, the earth would weigh three and a half times its current weight, i.e. 20,562 sextillion kilograms. Its weight in gold, calculated in money, amounts to two billion times two billion English pounds sterling. The value of the whole earth, still, cannot be compared with the sum received from the five cents given in the name of Christ. So the price of the whole earth could pay off only a part of the capital received from the five cents. If every minute a golden orb as big as the earth fell from the sky, it would take 4,900 million orbs for 9,300 years to pay off the amount that the capital of five cents will have reached. - How is that possible? - It is possible. Mathematicians, when they have no work, they make similar calculations. Whether this is true or not, is another question. It is important that they come to the conclusion: small causes produce big consequences.
    If five cents would increase to such a large amount in a certain period of time, how much greater would be the result of the larger reasons.

    Knowing this, apply this law to nutrition as well. If you eat only once according to all the rules of nature, you will have favorable results after years, i.e. you will acquire great wealth. Many people today do not know how to eat. As you eat, not a single bad thought should appear in your mind, not a single bad feeling in your heart, nor any loss of spirit. When eating, you should not see any mistake anywhere. If you see the slightest mistake, it will give bad results after years. While eating, people often make small mistakes that cause them to suffer, they pay off the debts of their mistakes for years, and they finally die. You say, "We are free to eat as we wish." - But nature is also free to impose whatever punishment it wants. The Bulgarian government has issued a law on "compulsory labor" and all Bulgarians go to work - they comply with the law. Thus all citizens obey the regulations of their government. Nature also requires them to obey its laws, but people protest against them. Ask yourself, why was compulsory labor created?

    Christ says, "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." This is a great mathematical problem in which there are known and unknown quantities, as well as positives and negatives. Some of Christ's disciples were seduced into the negative, others - into the positive, and they left the school. Christ said to the other disciples, "I do not speak literally, but figuratively. I am not talking about my flesh and blood, but about the Spirit, Who works. He carries life within himself." You say, "We understood one truth." - Do not be fooled, you have not figured it out yet. Have you seen what the wretched poor man mired in debt does? Since he is unable to pay his debts, he walks among rich people, bows to them, talks to them, but only thinks about his debts. He says that he is tired of poor people, he wants to get acquainted with rich people, to find money somewhere to pay off his debts. He knocks on a banker's door, but it does not open. The banker replies him from the inside, "Sir, I cannot lend you money. You are knocking on the back door, so please go back. Money is given only to the one who knocks on the front door. All the disciples of Christ who entered through the back door went outside. At that time, these students were few, but now they have multiplied. Today the world is full of disciples who have entered through the back door. They talk about heaven in order to have their sins forgiven, but how will that happen? It is a great science to know how your sins will be forgiven. The rich man, who lends money, wants a guarantee. He wants to know if you are honest or smart. If he does not trust you, he wants you to introduce people to guarantee for you. And God wants a guarantee from all people. It is determined by the human soul. When you give a word about something, you have to fulfill it. A person should have a broad understanding.

    "If you do not eat, you do not have life in you." I do not deny the process of eating, but we need to know the way how to transform energy. When you have eaten, you need to transform the energy that you have received. If you do not know how to transform it, it will create a series of layers in your body, until one day your bottle becomes clogged and you say, "I do not know what is wrong with me, I have no appetite anymore, I am not feeling well, I do not feel like working." You call a doctor, you take a purgative, but your appetite does not return. This law is true not only in regards to the physical world, but also in regards to the astral and mental world. The law is the same, but the methods are different. You want to love, but a painful feeling has entered your heart and you say, "I cannot love, my heart is hardened." You want to eat, but you cannot. You say, "Some devil has entered me." - No devil has entered.

    I am asking: how do you imagine the devil? Does he have a form, content and meaning? Is he a rational number or an irrational one? The incarnate devil is man himself. If you say that the devil has entered your belly, it means: You, the devil who has confused the laws, have entered your belly. The devil moves a lot, therefore he gets tired. When you realize that he is very tired, you tell him: "My friend, now you will rest." By "rest" I mean fasting. So if you cannot eat, you will fast. Fasting, rest, hunger are synonymous. The religious person thinks that fasting can save him. It is not true. Energy needs to be transformed. How does this happen? - Through fasting. Nature sends man some disease that makes him lie down for a while and not eat. As he fasts, his stomach gradually improves, his appetite returns, and he recovers. The mother is glad that her child has gained weight. I see that in time he will get sick and become as thin as a rake. Obesity is like an inflated bagpipe. As the bagpiper plays, it inflates to bursting. As soon as he stops playing, it starts deflating and emitting sounds like "pee-woo-woo". Then it inflates again and starts playing. The bagpiper understands the laws well. When he does not feel like playing, he folds the bagpipe, puts it under his arm and leaves. - Where for? - Where there is a wedding. There he will inflate the bagpipe and everyone will go around him. He will play, they will dance. This is how the exchange will take place. Scientists ask, "How are we going to play like that?" - You will play, of course. When one plays, another one dances. Then the first one dances, the second one plays. If one does not play and the other one does not dance, they will both fast, they will put their hands on their bellies, or their head in their hands, and will pass themselves off as religious. To dance and play correctly, it means to learn to eat and think correctly. That means folding your bagpipes and going somewhere else to play. What I am talking about today is important to you. If you do not learn to eat properly, you will become neither learned nor religious. A Turkish proverb says, "It has come as a calf, left as an ox." If you tell someone they do not know anything, they are offended. However, we know that we do not know. There is a philosophy of ignorance called "agnosticism." It claims that people know nothing. What is the philosophy of thinking you know nothing? Agnosticism, in my opinion, is the science of knowing how to empty the bottle. The emptying is a negative value, i.e. minus. When you empty the bottle, it will become "ugly" and you will start pouring something into it. So there are two philosophies: agnosticism, with a minus, and gnosticism - with a plus. Both are arguing over whether to drink blood or not. As you eat, you need to understand the deep meaning of nutrition, to understand why nature has imposed it on you. This seems ridiculous to you, however, I often use funny things to keep you awake.

    A famous evangelical preacher gave a good, meaningful sermon. The hall where he preached was large and ventilated with many fans. They forgot to open the fans that day, which caused the air to deteriorate from the carbon dioxide formed during breathing. From the unclean air, people began to fall asleep one after another. Half asleep, they barely understood what they were being told and said, "That is right, you are right." Seeing this, the preacher shouted out, "Fire!" - "Where?" - "In hell." So when people are told about sublime things, they sleep. When they hear the word "fire", they immediately jump up and ask where the fire is. Now I am asking you again: Why has nature imposed eating?

    Christ says, "I am the living bread that came down from heaven." So there is bread that is not living. It is an art to eat living bread, living food. People eat dead, contaminated food from which they suffer. - "Is it true that we eat unclean, contaminated food?" - Take some meat and put it under a microscope to see what germs there are in it. According to some doctors, even the most resistant germs already die at 100 degrees Celsius. No, there are germs that do not die even at 2,000 degrees. Therefore, it is not safe to eat meat that has been put on a hook for two or three days. Some germs, which bring their venom into the body and cause various diseases, have already developed in it. Contemporary medicine has made it impossible to deal with many diseases, especially neural ones. Doctors no longer know how to name them, so they give each new neural disease the common name "americanitis." A famous American doctor studied nerve diseases in America and came to a position where he did not know what names to give them. Every day he came across different variations of neural diseases and finally called them by the common name "americanitis". The mathematician finds himself in the same position, when dividing irrational numbers. He divides, divides and still gets a remainder. He finally says, "You get a certain number with a remainder." No matter how much this number is divisible, its end cannot be found. - Why? - Because the number is incommensurate. I will present a scientific fact that is as misunderstood as the example of the five cents given at compound interest for 1880 years. Imagine placing a small cell under a microscope that magnifies several thousand times. At this magnification, it appears very large. It has a stomach, nervous system and others. There is a certain strain of cells with 20 stomachs. The scholar who makes an observation, says: "If we assume that the cell does not represent one thousandth of the closed space of the microscope, but one meter, then each molecule of it will be one millimetre of its size, and its atom is one millionth of the meter". The same scientist calculates how many atoms are there in the head of a needle two millimetres in diameter. How long does it take to count these atoms? If we count one billion atoms from the needle's head every second, it will take us 250,000 years to count the number of all atoms, which equals a number starting with 8 and having 21 zeros at the back. What do we gain by counting all the atoms that make up the needle's head?

    And so, the lives of today's people are nothing but a test of what they have done in the past. Your thoughts and feelings that you have are a test of your past life, but this is all so messy in you that you have no idea what comes from where and why. One day you are excited, the next day you are huddled, you do not know what to do; one day you are hungry, the next day - full; one day you are sick, the next day - healthy. When you do not know why this is happening, you say, "This is americanitis!" - you pass for a learned man. You say, "Modern science has resolved everything." - If it has really resolved everything, it has to show us how to arrange our lives. If sociology has resolved the important issues, it has to show how to fix relations between all nations and societies, how to avoid wars. Let a housewife come and explain to us how to extract butter from milk. Apart from churning it, can she get it in any other way? Why do they churn butter from milk? Why do they ferment milk? You will say that according to Professor Mechnikov, yogurt contains certain germs that prolong life. Have you checked this? You are using unconfirmed truths. When Christ says, "Except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood," He means the great laws of Being. Therefore, whoever understands God's Wisdom and eats according to all the rules of Divine science, they have life in themselves. Now I am talking about the issue of eating from a practical point of view. All mothers and fathers, all scientists, the whole society are looking for a way to improve their lives. This question depends on proper nutrition. Resolving all social and economic issues depends on proper nutrition. - Is this possible? - Of course, it is possible. If you know how to scoop with a spoon, how to open your mouth, you have solved many issues. You have to deal with your nervousness, with your drunkenness. - Why do the hands of the drunkard tremble? - So that to grow out of the habit of drinking. Nature deliberately relaxes his hands, so that he does not drink. He takes the glass of wine, and until he brings it to his mouth, it spills. He takes a second glass and also spills it. He says to himself, "Who is this devil that is torturing me?" He ties the cup with a string, but spills it again. He starts thinking how to deal with the devil. You say, "Let us tie the devil's hands and feet with shackles." - This is not the way to resolve the issue. You will complicate it rather than solving it. Therefore, when your food spills, you will know that some devil is bothering you. - What needs to be done? - Do not tie the devil! Your hands must be free! When you put the spoon in your mouth, you should hear some nice music. Break your bread by all the rules. Chew it for a long time, so that to absorb all the energy it contains. You say, "It is important to eat, even if it is not according to all the rules of nutrition." - I do not mind this, but the consequences of eating will also be the same. Christ says, “Whoever eats according to the rules of divine science, has life in himself; whoever does not eat according to these rules, has no life in himself." Let us eat in the new way: with a little bread - with the living bread coming down from heaven! Today's people eat a lot and still suffer from a lack of energy. This is the cause of various diseases. When the beams of your house start tilting, that indicates it needs new beams. If you see a hunched man, you say that he is old. - He is not old, but he made a mistake in eating. You have a headache, you have made a mistake in eating; your chest hurts, you have made a mistake in eating; your stomach hurts, you made a mistake in eating. If I treat a sick person, whatever his illness, I will say: My friend, you have made a mistake in eating. You must learn to eat right. - "We know how to eat." - No, you do not know.

    Make experiments to see that my teaching is based on great laws. Set a goal for a week to be kind, considerate to all people; to eat and drink according to all the rules of nutrition. Then see what energy you will gain, what joy you will bring into your home. You say, "Let God fix things, there is nothing we can do." God bless the world! God has came to earth to fix things, but with negative signs. He has decided to empty all full bottles. He has decided to empty all the coffers in which wealth has been accumulated for years. He has decided to empty all the barns and sow the new seeds all over the world. How God will do this, I do not intend to translate into your language. If I translate it, your legs will start to tremble. I will not reveal the whole truth. It is dangerous to tell the truth to people. When you lead the coward through an abyss, blindfold him so that he cannot see where he is passing. If he does not see which way you are leading him, he will pass safely. And I say to you: If I untie the bandages with which you are temporarily bound, your hair will turn white. Your bandages still need to stay. - Untie them! - No, your bandages will stay until you cross the abyss. When you reach the other end safely, you will say, "This was a good journey." Now you will think about eating. The words of Christ: "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." This means: Unless you receive the Spirit and the Word in yourself, you will not understand the inner meaning of life. Scary things are coming, but you have to be heroes. The soldier on the battlefield also feels fear, but the debt to the fatherland forces him to be a hero.

    A colonel told me about his heroism on the Thessaloniki front. He recounted: "The general and I were standing and watching how the battle was going on. It was a terrible battle. I was trembling with fear. The general asked me, "How are you?" - "I am very well. How about you, Mr. General?” - “ I am very well, too.” We were both trembling with fear, but we were passing for heroes. When the battle was over, the general turned to me and said, "Did you see what heroes we came out to be? All soldiers should be like that! ”- When a person enters life with ideological understandings, his teeth should not be chattering with fear. A man should know that one eats in order to live. A man's life must be directed towards the great, the sublime, and the beautiful. One should know why he is sacrificing.

    And so, make an attempt to eat for a week according to the rules of Divine science. Eat in a good disposition of spirit, without any internal disturbance. Be cheerful and happy all the time. When eating, be cool, like Socrates. One day, when guests came to him, his wife began to rattle, to make noise. In this way she was expressing her dissatisfaction with the guests. They asked Socrates, "How do you put up with this?" - "Never mind, I often listen to my wife's eloquence. She is very eloquent, she produces thunder and lightning, and then comes the rain.” While Socrates was talking to his disciples, his wife was quick to produce the rain. She took a basin of water and poured it over Socrates and his disciples. He said calm and unperturbed: "Never mind, nothing can grow without rain."

    People often come to me and say, "We have become bad, we are just criticizing each other." - Those who like to criticize and gossip, are postmen. They bring letters to people informing them that someone has died, someone has won or lost, and so on. The fault for the unpleasant news is not in the postman. He has been appointed by the "Bureau of Conscription" to deliver letters, for which I congratulate him. When he has done his work, he is free. And nature has imposed on man compulsory labor, as he needs to eat. Whoever does not eat according to her rules and laws, she punishes him. - How does nature punish? - Through various diseases: rheumatism, chest pain, neurasthenia and others. She says, "Until you learn to eat by my rules, you will always suffer." The husband brings home only wheat, and the wife gets angry. No, she has to say, "Never mind, we will get by with wheat. I will boil the wheat, I will add some sugar and we will eat deliciously." What should he do? He is poor, unable to buy meat, butter, cheese. You can make lunch even with one kilogram of wheat a day. And the next day you can also make do with wheat. When people understand each other and help each other, they can live well. Today people struggle and suffer because they do not want to eat the flesh of the Son of Man and do not want to drink His blood. This is the reason why they have confused the laws and do not know which law to follow. There is now a great struggle between the higher and lower animals. One day, however, people will connect with rational nature, they will understand its purpose and the great contradictions in the world. Until then, there will be diseases, suffering, wars, contradictions - it is impossible without them.

    Today's people want to reconcile the present with the future. That is impossible. They can only agree on their final results. Therefore, everyone has to receive the Spirit, the Rational Will, the Word. This means understanding the law of why we have to eat and how to eat. I study this question, I observe how and when animals feed; how and when people eat. From my observations I make mathematical calculations, and from the calculations I judge about future people. I do not reproach people, but I study the laws of rational nature. When the poor man visits the rich, I know why he is doing it. He is looking for a way to pay off his debts. Based on this, the ignorant seek the knowledgeable, the sinners seek the saints, the sick seek the doctors. These manifestations have their reasons in themselves. This way you can check your thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are alive, not dead, as some people say. Therefore, when you start eating, you should invite your thoughts and feelings and should say, "Come on, my servants, my friends, let us all eat together." The master should sit down to eat with his servants. Make this attempt to see the result. Only then will you become stronger, healthier, more resilient. And when a suffering comes to you, you will know how to turn it into joy.

    Now, when someone gets sick, they immediately call a doctor. However, if they are ill and cannot pay the doctor, they are angry that he is not giving them a discount. The fault is not with the doctor. Doctors are teachers of today's humanity. In order not to need a doctor, you have to learn to eat properly. No matter how much money your doctor asks from you, he is still not paid properly because he wants to teach you how to eat correctly. In this respect, both spiritual and worldly people are under a common denominator. In the future, people will have to learn to eat properly, so that there are no sick and hungry ones. Nature does not tolerate hungry people because they spoil the spirit and mood of those who are full. When someone is eating, there should be enough for everyone. Filling up should be for everyone, and emptying should also be for everyone. The current revolutions are nothing else but the result of many years of improper nutrition. Now God is saying to the poor, "Go and throw out the rich, to take their places." In two thousand years, when I come to earth again, I will balance the accounts between rich and poor. This is a law. If you cannot eat right, the revolution will come inevitably. It will happen in the head, in the lungs, in the stomach - everywhere.

    Christ says, "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." If your thoughts, feelings and actions are not reasonable, the bad consequences in life will come. This is the philosophy of life that can be applied. Try this experiment for a week. Whoever does not do that, will be judged by nature. It will sentence him to two thousand years of slavery and put him to work in forced labor. - What does forced labor represent in a person's mental life? - Nothing else but sickness, hardship, and suffering.

    So, people's understanding or misunderstanding is due to the way they eat. Nutrition solves all issues. If an enemy comes to your home, do not chase him away, but feed him well. This is what the Gospel recommends. It is said: When the enemy comes to your house, if he is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him water. If you are rich, give to all who need it. If everyone does that, there will be joy and happiness everywhere. That is why Christ says, "Except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood, ye have no life in you." Christ gives his flesh and blood, i.e. everything that he has. People say, "Christ gives everything, but we do not give." - If you do not give, your life will be full of positive and negative values: you will get sick, you will suffer and you will struggle. So it will be for those who do not give. Those who give like Christ will have life in themselves and will enjoy the fruits of the great teaching. When they listen to me speak, many say, "Say whatever you want, we will do what we know." - Do whatever you want, but you will pay. The simplest teaching that you can apply right now is the teaching of proper nutrition. I am advising you all to go down to the teaching of nutrition, not to think that you have already entered heaven. No one lives in heaven yet. There are no pious people yet. - "He is a religious man." - His signboard says religious on the outside, but inside him there is nothing religious and pious. - He believes in God. - His signboard is like that on the outside, but there is no faith inside. You say, "I have great faith." - Then lend me a thousand leva. - "I cannot lend it to you, I do not have it available; I do not lend money without a guarantee.”- Your faith has not yet reached a thousand leva. They want a hundred leva on loan from another person. "Oh, I do not have it now." - If he says "oh," you will know that this man has no faith.

    Enough lies already! Stop lying to yourselves. Do not say what is not; say only what it is. Men with men, women with women, brothers with brothers, sisters with sisters, speak only the truth! Tell the truth to yourself too! You are not telling the truth because you are not eating right. Your stomach hurts, you moan. At that time, a friend of yours comes to see you. You say, “Get out of my sight! My stomach hurts." - He could barely find an hour of free time to visit you out of love, and you are chasing him away. I tell him: My friend, your stomach hurts because you ate unclean food. Be careful not to upset your stomach, so as not to ruin your good relationship with your brother and friend. Improper nutrition spoils good relations between people. Apart from proper nutrition, I do not accept any philosophy. Eat according to the rules of nature. Only in this way will the questions of life be resolved. Think about nutrition, the same way as I think, I apply the rules of nature and observe what results I get. You also try to make experiments.

    When you get out of here, remember the words that I have told you: Eat right! When you take a boiled potato in your hand, say, “Brother, you will excuse me for taking off your clothes. I will send you for a walk in my stomach, in my lungs and in my heart. You will not be well there, but as you pass through me, you will enter the bright side of my life, you will understand what my mind and my heart are. We will give each other a brotherly kiss there." You will do the same with the apple and with the pear. As they pass through you, you will kiss again. As you finish eating, you will be thankful for the visit that you had at lunch. Anyone who hears you talking to potatoes and fruit will say that you are talking to ghosts. Say, "I talk to the food that comes into me, I thank her and give her a kiss. Then I ask these guests not to tell anyone what we have talked about." When you eat and your brothers and sisters go to the other world, they will say, “People have already learned how to live and eat right. They deserve that we visit them."

    Make this little experiment that I have given you today. If you succeed, it will strengthen your faith in future experiments.

    A talk by the Master, held on 03 April 1921 in Sofia.

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  23. Готов превод Фарисей и садукей - 20.3.1921-НБ-351 / ...: 20.3.1921-НБ-351

    A Pharisee and a Sadducee

    And Jesus said unto them, "Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. (Matthew 16:6)

    "Test everything; keep what is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

    Leaven is a necessity, a stimulus in life. There is no person who does not have any leaven in himself. Everyone is fermented with something. Evil is not in the leaven. The important thing is, what is the result of the leaven. "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees!" Everyone has read this verse and understands what it means to call someone a Pharisee or a Sadducee. This is a literal understanding of the issue. When they want to offend someone in form, they give him the nickname Pharisee or Sadducee. However, the issue must be understood in principle. There are two currents in man: the current of the mind and the current of the heart. Therefore, a person is a Pharisee in mind, and a Sadducee - in heart. In general, the Pharisees pass for pious and orthodox people. They are a measure of every truth. They are the Hindu Brahmins. What does the word "Brahmin" mean in modern language? You will translate that word yourself. The Sadducees are people of negation. They do not believe in anything. The Pharisees say, "We are free-thinking people, we think of God and we believe only in Him." The Sadducees say, "We are free-thinking people, we do not acknowledge God." The Pharisees believe in God, but they also believe in money. The Sadducees do not believe in God, but they do believe in money. Although they differ in their views, they both still believe in the power of weapons, in prisons, in spies. Anyone who deviates from their teaching may be condemned to death by them. They say of him: "He is a heretic, an enemy of the state, of the fatherland, of all mankind." The Pharisees go to church, they light candles. When they pass by a church, they do not pass it until they have crossed themselves several times. Whatever they say, they do not miss an opportunity to mention the name of the Lord at least a dozen times. With this they brag before the Lord. The Sadducees boast of their unbelief. Wherever they sit down- they stand up, everywhere they support the idea that God does not exist. So the former boast of their faith, and the latter - of their unbelief.

    In his Epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul says, ""Test everything; keep what is good!" Both the Pharisees and the Sadducees have good and bad sides. It is true that there is a God in the world, but He is not what the Pharisees imagine Him to be. It is also true that there is no God in the world, but not exactly as the Sadducees say. You will say that this is a contradiction. True, this is a contradiction, but when we claim that God is omnipotent, all gracious, and at the same time in His name we hang, slaughter and condemn people to pure righteousness, is God there? - No, God did not favor the death and punishment of people. Where justice is absent, God is not there. Not that God does not exist, but He cannot exist in the minds and hearts of such people. The teaching of the Pharisees is man's desire to approach God in form. The teaching of the Sadducees is man's desire to move away from God in form.

    You will ask yourself, what is the reason for the existence of these two opposing teachings? The reason is clear for me. What does a boy do when he falls in love with a girl? He walks around her house several times a day, meets her, gives her flowers - he crosses himself in front of her, tells her, "I cannot do without you." From time to time the girl looks out the window and smiles. He keeps going around her house, praying. They say of the boy, "This man is very pious." Yes, he is a Pharisee.

    There were two evangelical schools in Plovdiv (town): boys' school and girls' school. They were opposite each other. One of the students in the boys' school, a capable young man, was preparing to become a preacher. According to the requirements of the evangelical church, whoever wants to become a preacher must repent and confess their sins before God. In order to be accepted as a preacher, he had to be followed, so that to see how he lived. They noticed that he was crying a lot, and they said to themselves, “This young man is worthy of being a preacher. He loves Christ, he cries, and repents of his mistakes." Yes, his Christ was at the window of the girls' school. He was in love with one of the evangelical schoolgirls, constantly looking at her and crying. Therefore, when people say that someone is Orthodox, I know that their Orthodoxy is at the window. Another one is said to be an evangelist. - His evangelism is at the window. Whatever a person is by faith or belief, he always looks at some window. - Why does a person become a Sadducee? - Very simply, the girl whom he loves, has rejected him and has fallen in love with another. He says, "I am not interested in this girl anymore, I do not want to know anything about her, she does not exist for me." As he walks past her house, under the window where she peeps from, he spits and walks past. This is the way many people act towards God. As long as they have power, money, they are Pharisees and say, "There is a God in the world!" When they lose their power, money, and position, they say, "God? We do not want to know Him! We are not interested in such an unjust God." - These are the modern Christians. They laugh at the pagans for believing in idols. I do not find much difference between today's Christians and the pagans of the past. They differ in form but not in content.

    If you enter among the Christians, you will see what culture they have on the outside! If you enter the central market of Sofia, or the market of any European city, you will see what cleanliness and order reign there! Nevertheless, pieces of slaughtered cattle hang on the hooks. After all this, these people pass for cultured, for Christians! I do not believe in such priests and preachers who visit the halls to buy meat, or to buy lambs and chickens, to slaughter and eat them. I do not believe in the feelings of such Christians. In this case, I take the side of the chicken that says, "I do not believe in this priest, bishop, or ordinary Christian." Whoever can slaughter a chicken, they can slaughter a man. This is correct in principle. You say, "We cannot do without meat." - If we are Christians, we must wipe out any rudeness, any violence. "Who is going to fix the world?" - Neither the Pharisees nor the Sadducees; neither believers nor unbelievers. God does not need believers or unbelievers. It does not matter to Him whether people believe or not. Will the sun decrease or increase its light and heat, depending on whether you believe in God or not? Will the earth stop moving, depending on whether you believe or not? Whether you believe or not, the sun will keep shining and warming up. It does not shine only for you. There are beings on earth who are much more cultured than humans. There are people who do not eat meat from birth. Nobody has convinced them. They carry this belief inside, within themselves.

    I am asking: What good has the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees contributed to mankind? The Fall was due to these teachings. There was once a golden age when the first race lived on earth. It was characterized by an advanced culture, which humanity will reach only after 400-500 thousand years. The paradise spoken of in the Scripture represents a majestic culture that differed from the present one in science, art, technology, philosophy. The earth then was not like the present one. However, with the advent of Pharisaic and Sadduceic teaching in the world, the earth suffered a great cataclysm; during this time people lost the Divine in themselves, they lost Love. Thus perished the first race on earth. People have reached the last point of their fall. They cannot go below this point. Do you have to wonder why today's people are bad, sour, why there is so much evil in the world? Today's people are going through hell. And greater evils will come. As they go through the various realms of hell, people become infected by the epidemics that exist there and spread them around the world. Which person, having passed through an unclean place, has not become infected? And now, while you are still in hell, you will carry all its contagions and impurities. - Where is that hell? - Around you and in yourself. Some have already come out of the hell, others have entered it, and still others are preparing to enter. Those who have entered hell need at least 25 years to get out of it. If their train is fast, they will go through hell in less time; if their train is slow and the machine is damaged, they will stay there longer. When Christ comes to earth, he will teach people the rules and methods by which they can guard against sinking into the dense matter of hell. He will prepare humanity for the new life. That is why Christ came and will come again. That is why virtues are needed. Through them, people will withstand the fire of hell. Someone says, "This fire is burning me!" - Of course, it is burning, you are in hell.

    So, when we both accept God and when we deny Him, these are all some distorted human understandings. When you say that you believe in God, are you ready to sacrifice for Him and for those who love Him and whom you love? Are you ready to sacrifice for those whom God loves? If I say that God's love is the same for all living beings, from the smallest to the largest, you will object to me that you do not agree with me. "Why do you not agree?" "Because man stands above all living beings." It is true that man stands higher than any animal. However, in essence, there is no difference between a human and a dove, for example. In time, the pigeon can become a human, and a human should have the aspiration of a pigeon, to fly high in the air, to feed on grains like it does. The pigeon feeds on the purest food. If your husband were a dove, would you not live like the doves? And if your wife were a dove, would you not eat and live like the doves? You are saying, "Now we are crying and suffering so much!" I am asking: Does crying save people? For thousands of years, people have been crying - men, women and children - everyone is crying, but no one has saved themselves by crying. It is a delusion to think that crying will save you. - "Then who will save us?" - Love. Apart from Love, there is no other force that can save humanity. This is the absolute truth. If someone says that another force, outside of Love, can save you, he does not understand God's truths.

    I say: If there is a power in the world that can save humanity, it is God's Love. If there is a force that can point the right direction to people, it is faith. If there is a principle that brings light and knowledge into human minds, it is God's Wisdom. So, Love saves, Wisdom makes man wise and shows him a way how to live. Outside of these truths, every other teaching is Pharisaic and Sadduceic. - "Prove it!" - I will prove it easily. If now, as I preach to you, I mean to collect a certain amount from you, to build a church, my thoughts and feelings are not pure. There is something Pharisaic in them. How much do we have to pay for the sun that shines from above? How much do we have to pay to our mother, who gave birth to us and raised us? If my mother tells me that I have to pay her and take care of her because she gave birth to me, she is not a real mother. By "mother" I mean a being of absolute selflessness; the brother is a being of absolute selflessness; the sister is a being of absolute selflessness. The fraternity is based on complete selflessness. Where there is self-interest, there is no brotherhood. This is a matter of principle.

    When I speak like this, some may be offended by my words - it means nothing. Those who offend Love, I will also offend them. To those who do not offend Love, I will give my kiss. Those who insult Wisdom, I will also insult them. To those who carry Wisdom in themselves, I will give my kiss. You say: "Whoever insults us, that is their funeral!" - You are the ones who have to think, there is no reason for me to think. - When does a person think? - When his business is not going well. When does a woman think? - When her husband leaves for the other world. While he is alive, she only knows how to ask and give orders. When she is left alone, she starts missing her husband; she sees that she cannot find another one like him. Finally he says to herself: "I have to do some work!" As the woman says, so does the man. Whatever decision a woman makes, so does a man. It is a good thing to work! So one starts thinking when they go bankrupt. In my opinion, most people are bankrupt traders, who turn over their notebooks to see how to settle their accounts, i.e. how to fix the world. How are you going to fix the world? With the rotten beams? Strong foundations are needed, as well as strong, iron beams. After all that, they will recommend people to eat meat. I am talking about nutrition from a principal point of view, not a vegetarian one. It is funny that people call me a vegetarian. I am no vegetarian. I think about the primary food that God has given us. Does meat-based food make people healthy and happy? - It does not make them, but there is nothing to eat. It is funny to say that there is nothing to eat today, that life is expensive! - Why is it expensive? - Because you have to buy cheese, butter, olive oil, eggs - these are all expensive products. I walk through the market and listen to a peasant woman and a townswoman talking. The latter wants to buy a few kilograms of butter. The peasant woman wants 200 leva per kilogram. The townswoman finds that butter is very expensive. From her point of view, she is right. However, let her make another calculation, to see how cheap her life could be. Today, one kilogram of wheat costs four leva. A person needs 250 grams of wheat per day, so it totals one lev; rice costs 14 leva per kilogram - one hundred grams per day make 1.40 leva, for the fire you will give one lev per day - 4-5 leva per day in total for one lunch. Now how much money does a person spend per day? - About 50-60 leva. In this situation, life is really expensive. It is necessary for a person to learn to eat properly, to use all the energy of food.

    Now, it does not matter how you live or how you eat; it is important not to complain. Apply living math to your life. Doctors say that if one does not eat meat, they lose weight. When a mother gives birth, does not she lose weight? I am not happy to see very fat or very dry people. I rejoice in people whose minds and hearts are not Pharisaic and Sadduceic. I rejoice in people who think right. They ask me: "Does your teaching agree with the Orthodox Church?" - I do not recognize any church. As a measure in life, I acknowledge only God's Love and God's Wisdom. I am now in God's house and I will do as they do there. When I come to your home, then, whether I want it to or not, I will do what you do and what you want from me. The mother forces the child to do what she wants; she teaches her child to eat what she enjoys. When he grows up, he says, "Mom, you lied to me, you taught me to live according to your understanding." When a person dies, he tells his parents, "I will not come to your home a second time." The mother asks about her children, "What are my little angels doing in the other world?" They say, "We will not come to the same house another time." When the daughter begins to lose weight and turn yellow, the mother says, “Eat some meat, my daughter; eat in order to heal yourself, to become white and red. Boys love red-cheeked ones."

    "Test everything, keep what is good!" When some thoughts disturb you and cause doubt and suspicion in you, look for the reason, how and why they came, and then check them. When it comes to diseases, you definitely say that they are the result of certain microbes. Know that those microbes, to which a person has a certain predisposition, nest in him. They become partners with him and begin to draw from his energies. He gets ill and falls victim to them without noticing. It is impossible for a microbe, with which you do not agree, to nest in you. If you are in harmony with the Divine Beginning, it is impossible to live in disharmony with those around you and with yourself. Put in your mind and heart the idea to accept God's Love and Wisdom, to be neither Pharisees nor Sadducees. Do not claim that God exists, nor deny Him, but let Him live inside you. And with your life, show people whether you are believers or not. People ask me, "Do you believe in God?" - I have already ended with beliefs. It is important for me that Love and Wisdom are embodied in my life. What do I benefit from my teaching and my theories, if I impede any person who advances? What will I contribute to humanity with my ideas if I am ready to put a spoke in the wheel of anyone who stands in my way? What kind of a Christian am I if my heart is anxious when meeting a learned and sensible person? The Christian has to enjoy the good!

    "Test everything, keep what is good!" Test both the good and the evil, but keep only the good as a condition for your advancement. Good, as a principle, is not anything abstract. When they do not understand something, people say, "It is an abstract thing." Bulgarians say a girl has been abducted. (TN: a play of words, as the same word in Bulgarian means both "abstract" and "abducted"). If the girl runs away with her lover without the blessing of her parents, is this an abduction? An abstract issue is one that we have left in the background. In order not to be abstract, we have to leave it close to us and start resolving it.

    As I am watching you, I see that some of you will be coming out of hell soon. What will you do when you get out of hell? Getting out of hell means entering a new culture. What will happen to you as you enter this culture with your current minds? - You will be turned back. There is one danger awaiting you. If you start climbing up with your old beliefs and views, your car will not endure: it will detach and fall into hell again. The English call this condition "backsliders", i.e. loss of faith. The cause of this condition is due to the severance of the connection between God's Love and Wisdom and the human soul. There is no person in the world - a priest, a bishop, a mother or a father, who, by violating the Divine law, does not fall into the state of "backsliders". This law acts ruthlessly. The new culture is great because it does not tolerate anything negative, no bad thoughts, feelings and actions. In order to prepare for this culture, one will go through fire 77 times. When you have been checked and tested, they will say, "This man is pure, he can enter the new culture." You say, "If we weep before Christ, our sins will be forgiven." You do not just need crying and remorse, but you need cleansing.

    It is written in the Scripture, "If you believe in the Lord, both you and your home will be saved." On the other hand, it is said, "In order to inherit the Kingdom of God, you must renounce your wealth, your mother and father, and finally yourself." One day, when this change happens to you, no one should notice that you have changed. What is happening now? As soon as you have planed some reform, everyone already knows it. Before it takes place, it becomes known throughout the world. That is what happened to (Woodrow) Wilson's 14 points. The Bulgarians said: "Wilson's 14 points will fix the complicated issues in the world." However, this egg did not hatch. The process that saves people and fixes the world is internal, not external. No man is able to hatch such an egg to save the world. Everyone can hatch such an egg by themselves, but woe to him who leaves another person to hatch his egg. If you let someone else do your work, you will find yourself at the bottom of hell again. What are you missing now? Why do you not sit down to hatch your egg yourself?

    You say: "The world will be fixed when new reforms are introduced. Bulgaria will recover when the government changes, when we are given lands in Macedonia, in Thrace." How many times have Bulgarians ruled these lands! Are their issues resolved? - They are not resolved. How much land the English are ruling! Are all their issues resolved? - They are not resolved. You say that Europeans are cultured people. - They are cultured, but they also rob, slaughter and hang, as well as the uncultured people, but only more delicately. All people pursue the same goal, but use different means and methods to achieve it. The spider, the wolf and the tiger have one goal - to strangle their prey and suck its blood, but their methods of action are different. I do not care who strangles me. Eventually, their flesh and fat will disappear. You say, "A spider bit me." - Well, brother, the spider and the wolf are partners.

    Now, when I am watching you, you look very pious, as if you are preparing to go to heaven. - "If we are not ready, we will get ready." - Do not think that you can lie to me. I have tried both the Pharisee and the Sadducee teachings - I know their fruits. I heal both Pharisaism and Sadduceism. I have prepared a special treatment for them. There is one cure, a panacea, for treating all diseases. It is thousands of times more efficient than a painkiller. - "Let us try this medicine, let us see what it is!" - I will only say its name: Love and Wisdom. - "We are not so stupid not to know Love and Wisdom. We have tested them." - You only have the experience of different feelings and thoughts, but you have not yet tried Love and Wisdom. A boy takes the girl's hand. She enjoys it, and she says, "How much he loves me!" - Yes, but he will eat you. This is what a nobleman does with a lamb. He grabs it, strokes it with his hand, then touches it on his spine to see if it is well fed, then says to his wife, “This lamb is ready for slaughter. It will be good to slaughter it." Therefore, anyone who touches you and strokes your back is considering how to stab you in the throat. Do not believe in knife culture.

    You say, "How to preach the New teaching?" - The Lord wants us to be fair to all defenseless beings, no matter how small they are. A small animal is drowning - save it. - "I do not do such things." - Then what things do you do? - "I want to fix Bulgaria." - You will fix it as much as all Bulgarians have fixed it. I will explain to you with one example, how Bulgaria will be fixed. This happened in the town of Johnstown in America. The citizens, in order to enjoy themselves in the winter, decided to block a river above the city, so that to skate. For that purpose, they erected a high concrete wall - a dam, and blocked the river. They skated for several years. However, during a major flood, the concrete wall collapsed, flooding the city and drowning 2,000 people. After the accident, the citizens realized that they had not done well in erecting the concrete wall, but two thousand people had perished. I am asking: Have you not blocked this river in yourself? Yes, but when the wall falls, 2,000 people will perish. Now, when a catastrophe happens, people say, "Let us stop this river, let us also do something." - Today, all people are blocking rivers. A dam should not be built above the city. If you want a dam, build it under the city. We do not need the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees. We need people with noble hearts and minds. We are required to live a life of self-denial, a life of good deeds. You say, "Many people have spoken like you." - Yes, many have spoken, but I am the last one. After me, this wall will fall. Do you know what will happen then? Do not think that I am joking; I am warning you to remove the dam, you do not need any skating rinks. You have blocked hatred, envy, all bad feelings, but I am saying: Brethren, the wall will fall! Johnstown will perish.

    And now the priests are being called to a council to judge me. Until that happens, the wall will fall and Johnstown will perish! Do not be afraid of what I am telling you, it is for the heroes. And let the cowards still hold their dams. Whoever wants to reform others must break his dam. When he knocks it down, let him say to his neighbor, “Brother, I have taken down my dam. Take down yours too, because great danger is awaiting you." I say: Let us start with reforms! We have to correct the evils of the past. How many times have you loved and hated each other! How many times have you imprisoned and killed! Does that make any sense? - No, it makes absolutely no sense. - Will you excuse the wolf that eats the sheep when dying of starvation? - We will excuse it. - Will you excuse eating one sheep and strangling 99, throwing them aside? Then how will you excuse yourself when you have eaten one sheep all your life, but strangled 99? Have you come to earth to be wolves, just to eat and drink? You will not stay hungry, but the meaning of life is not in eating and drinking. You are required to be sensible, to reform your current life properly. You can be happy right now. - How? - By reaching into your mouth two or three times, to vomit the unclean food that you have eaten. Only in this way will you get rid of everything impure in your mind and heart. Do not ask yourself whether you are Orthodox or evangelical, but ask yourself the question: “Am I serving the Lord in the name of the great Love and Wisdom? Am I ready to take the side of the Lord? ”If you answer in the affirmative, everything will be fine - your health will be restored, your peace will return, and your life will become meaningful. Let ten of you, who are in harmony in mind and heart, make this experiment and observe what the result will be. Once they are in complete agreement with each other, they will have a good result. Only then will they verify the truth of my words.

    Christ says, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees!" This leaven has infected all people and must be thrown out. God needs neither the Orthodox, nor the heretics. It is a shame to call yourself like that. God needs people who can carry His Love. When I speak to you about Love, you imagine the love for your children, for your brothers and sisters. No, rise a degree higher than the love you have. To love your brother or sister is natural. To love your enemy, that is heroism! - How shall we love our enemy? Imagine that someone has done you the greatest harm, but one day God takes away all his wealth and leaves him in the position of the poorest man. He comes to your house like that to ask for your help. If you accept him well, feed him, give him water, and do not say a word to him about the evil he has done, nor threaten him, you love your enemy. When a wolf's claws and teeth have fallen off, you can accept him in your home. While his nails and teeth remain, keep him away from you until he has transformed.

    "Beware of the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees!" These teachings have spread throughout the world. It has taken over science, political life, art, music - all aspects of life. If you think that in science you will find the meaning of your life, you are on the wrong path. It is another matter, if you use science as a means of developing your mind. Then you are on the right track. If you apply political life for developing your virtues, you are on the right path; if you use it as a means of subsistence and material well-being, you are on the wrong path. If you use religion for good deeds, you are on the right path; if you use it as a means of subsistence, for personal gain, you are on the wrong path. The soul of all people has to be filled with sublime and noble aspirations, you have to serve your neighbor, all humanity. You say, “I cannot be useful to others; I cannot serve humanity." - Everyone can make a big reform in themselves. This is required of them, it has been provided for. When you turn your key, how do you know that thousands of people will not follow you? When thousands of people turn their keys, they will be followed by a million people. - "We cannot do this, we cannot fix the world." - You do not have to fix the world. You will turn the key of your sublime Love and Wisdom, you will throw out all lies, all malice, and you will say: "We want to be servants of good, of Love and of Truth, we want to become true people!"

    Now, you will excuse me for revealing a secret of yours. As I watch people - both sinners and righteous, I see a mask on everyone's face that gives them a pious appearance. Someone asks, "How are you?" - "I am very well. How are you? ” - “I am also fine, thank God. ” - This is acting. Both are not well. A person should be natural. His soul should be full of Love. When you enter a home, you should bring a blessing to all. If there is a sick person in this house, you will get down to work: you will wash everyone's clothes, you will clean and tidy the house. If it turns out that these people do not have money to buy any bread, you will bring them some flour, to make something, to satisfy their hunger. - "Can I do this every day?" - Do this today because you are on duty, and you do not think about tomorrow. Tomorrow another one on duty will come to carry out the program of the day. You say, “When Christ comes, then we will do what is required of us. We are still sinful people now, we cannot serve the good." - No, it is not like that. With this talk, I have decided to force you to do good. Remember: You will not get rid of me. I will grab all the people by the throat and ask them: Are you ready to serve the good or not? If you want to say a bad word, grab your throat. When you say a kind word, relax your throat. You will say, "They can suffocate you too." - If I say a bad word, let them grab my throat. I will thank and kiss anyone who does this to me.

    The new teaching that I am preaching to you is related to the name of God, to His Love and Wisdom. Love and Wisdom are implanted in every person - they only need to be manifested. Your understanding of the spiritual world and your connection with it depends on the manifestation of these great forces in you. Nobody can fulfill the service of a mother and father, of a public figure or a reformer well, if these forces do not work in his mind and heart. There are no two opinions on this matter. If you want to be strong, to understand life, arm yourself with Love and Wisdom, which alone can make a change in you. I do not want you to act like me. The big boiler needs a lot of steam, the small boiler - a little steam. Make a small reform in yourself, but it has to be absolute, you should not have any doubts in your mind, nor hesitate whether you have done well or not. In the new teaching - the teaching of Love and Wisdom, there is no exception. If I were to cause only one exception in the laws of Love and Wisdom, I would turn into charcoal. There is no creature on earth that has perverted these laws and has not become charred. If you also pervert these laws, you will turn into charcoal; if you fulfill them, you will turn into diamonds. You say, "This is hard work." - It is not hard. It is easier than what you are doing. You are doing much harder work than the teaching of Love and Wisdom.

    I am not talking to you about affluent life, but I am saying that the way you live, you will have great hardships. This should not scare you, but be awake, use the hardships for your development and ennoblement. Have you ever wondered why you were given the hand, the elbow, the fist? You will say that your fist is given for hitting, the elbow - for pushing, when you want to force your way. It is not so. The hand is given to man to bring with it the blessing and help for those who suffer. The hand is not given to sign death sentences, but to overturn them; to put out fires, to help the sick, the infirm and those who suffer. Today, many people use their hand out of place: they kill, slaughter, strangle with it. Then they calmly say, "Someone has died." - He did not die, but you put a towel in his mouth so he would not scream, and you strangled him. How many dead people I see moving on the streets! How many alive people I see being carried to the cemetery. They put a towel in their mouths and carry them to the cemetery. If I say that these people are not dead, they will consider me crazy. When I meet such a dead man, I tell him: Be silent now. When you come to earth a second time, you will live by the law of Love and Wisdom, and no one will touch you. He says, "It is hard, it is very hard for me." - Once you put towels in people's mouths, now you are trying the result of what you have done. Now I also say to you: If you do not fulfill the law of God, they will put a towel in your mouth and say about you: "May God forgive them!"

    What needs to be done now? - The Pharisaic teaching needs to be turned into Love, and the Sadduceic - into Wisdom. Just as scientists turn water into steam and the energy of steam into electricity, so you should learn this great law of transformation - to turn evil into good. Evil is not a bad thing, but when? When used as a force to transform all negative forces into good. Paul says, "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." Keep up the good, both in yourselves and in all people. Do you know what it would be like, if Sofia represented a high spiritual and mental center and all the people of Sofia turned their minds to God, to all souls in the world, to all good and righteous people on earth. Bulgaria's affairs would be fixed very soon. What are Bulgarians doing today? - They are sending delegations to England, hoping their affairs will somehow get fixed. Nothing can be achieved with delegations. The British open a small window for them from time to time, where a little light comes from. In this respect, the British are like bankers who, the more they give, the more they take. God has put the Bulgarians in a tight spot, so that to learn to think right. Everyone has to stand up on their own. I say: Do not expect anything from anyone. Be content with what God has given you. Trust only in God. Be strong internally. Give way to the inner urge within you that can fix all your confused matters. You say, "We cannot do this." - How could you do so many things at the war front? You were heroes there. If we tell the priests to fulfill the law of Love, they will also say like you that they cannot fulfill it. It is not true that they cannot fulfill it, but it is not in the interest of the church. When they were going to war, was it in the interest of the church? - What is the interest of the church? - To preach Love and Wisdom in their entirety. You will say that the church and its ministers should be trusted. Have trust in the Living Lord, the living Love and Wisdom, which give us the light and the great goodness of life. The future brings a miracle to the world: believers will become unbelievers, and unbelievers will become believers. Those who are in the Kingdom of God will be driven out, and those who are outside will enter the Kingdom of God. This is expected to happen on earth. In order not to be expelled from the Kingdom of God, go out early to help your brothers who want to enter. Christ wants to see you with the unbelievers, and that you enter the Kingdom of God together with them. Christ says, "The sons of God will be cast out of the kingdom of God." Knowing this, say to yourself, "Lord, I want to be in the world, to work for my younger brothers." You say, "The Lord is good to me." - The Lord is equally good to everyone, but your attitude to people is not the same. And the attitude of all people towards God is not the same. When you say that God is not good to you, the reason lies in the evil in yourself, that you have given way to. Seeing this, God presses you and starts rubbing you. God will rub all people, all nations on the face of the earth. There will be no man left on earth, whose belly is not emptied.

    I wish you all to start living according to the law of Love, to restore complete harmony and unity among you. Whoever I meet on the road and see that they are not in harmony with Love, I will grab them by the throat. I have decided to use the fast procedure. I will act quickly, same as thieves do with rich people. One patriot enters the home of a very rich man and tells him: "Give me an amount for the sake of God, for the fatherland or for the people." The rich man thinks about it and says: “I have a wife and children, there is someone to take care of and someone to support. Besides, my wife does not agree that I give money outside. " After a long hesitation, he gives a small amount to the pleader. Another time a bandit comes to the rich man with a revolver in hand and says to him: “Are you ready to voluntarily give a large sum for our cause? If you do not give anything voluntarily, you will pay with your life." The rich man immediately takes out his purse and counts as much as is wanted of him. When the bandit leaves, he says, "Thank God, he did not kill me." When he aims his revolver at the rich man, the bandit says, "You, scoundrel, who has never done God's will, give me what I want as soon as possible." The rich man gives the requested amount, but then files a criminal case for extortion. He does not think that he has blackmailed hundreds of people. You are suing someone, but you do not know that there are many lawsuits filed against you in heaven. How will you defend against these cases? You will all be judged. You will all be suffocated. This is a great truth that everyone will check. Heaven and earth will pass away, but the laws of God's Love and Wisdom will be applied. To serve these laws is to feel that something is protecting and uplifting you. When everyone feels this, they will have a good impact on those around them. Today, when two or three people gather together, they immediately form a party. Two or three others form another party. Men form one party, women - another party. There are many parties in Bulgaria. Everyone thinks that they solve important issues. Down with your partisanship!

    As you listen to me, you say, "Let us see what else there is new that we can hear." - What is new is, that I will give you a feast." You will come to my inn, you will take off your clothes, you will take off your shoes; I will give you new clothes and new shoes. And I myself will serve you to eat. Then I will give each of you a kiss and say: Brethren, I want you to do the same. Only in this way will you have my blessing, as well as the blessing of all good and righteous people. This is the path that Christ opens for mankind. In this way you will meet Christ, Who will tell you: "Be courageous, I am with you!" Do not get me wrong! Christ is inside you and outside of you. Seek Him in the light that is outside of you, and you will find Him.

    "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees." And today Christ is saying, "Cast out Pharisaism and the teaching of the Sadducees from your hearts and minds. I will dwell in you, and God's blessing will come upon you." When you return to your homes, you will all feel this blessing: someone sooner, another one - later; someone in about ten years, and others - in 20-30 years. There will be no man left on earth who does not feel this blessing. The day will come when the words I speak to you will shine and burn, and you will play the rachenitsa (a Bulgarian folk dance). The rachenitsa is a good thing. And in the good there is playing. Why do only the healthy people play? In my opinion, the sick should also play. I would like all people to play. Someone says, "My belly, my mind, my heart has started playing." Playing is an excellent toning tool. - "Now we do not want to play." - While you are in evil, you should not play, but once you get into the good, I recommend both young and old to play. There is playing cards, the piano, the violin - play everything, but so that your mind and heart are cheerful and merry.

    Now, do not be left with the thought that when I meet you on the road, I will strangle you. If I see that you have some fester in your throat and you are dying, I will immediately reach into your mouth to pierce it. If you have caught a cold, I will rub you. I say: Your every action must be for good.

    Now, watching you, I see that half of you are heroes. You say, "We are already convinced of what we are being told." The other half say, "Let us think a little!" - You can think as much as you want. I have given you a deadline of a thousand years. If you want, you can get to work today; if you want, maybe later. The Pharisee and the Sadducee must come out of you, and everyone should think well of their brother and sister. It is heroism to love me when I am offending you, not when I am giving you gifts. Sometimes an insult costs more than a kiss. For example, someone has lost consciousness and fainted. To wake him up, they slap him. In this case, the slap is preferable to the kiss.

    "Test everything,keep what is good!" Apply Love in your hearts and Wisdom in your minds. Get rid of the old beliefs and delusions. Get rid of the past and start cultivating your new virtues. Be heroes and sincerely express your thoughts and feelings. Do not say that you have decided to be sincere and good, but manifest the good. And when you come to my inn, do not bring money. Whoever brings money, we will arrest them. In the Kingdom of God, money is a curse, but in life - it is a means. Once and for all, you have to liquidate with money, take it out of your minds and hearts. Put Love and Wisdom in their place and trust only in God. There is no greater guarantee than the power of God. There is no greater joy for you than the fact, that the Living God always loves you. As long as you trust in God, you will all be learned, you will work with joy and merriment, and your hand will do only good deeds. To be ignorant in the present age, that is unforgivable.

    I wish you to be wise, learned, with noble and pure hearts, with pure blood. Work in order to get what you need. You say, "We have enough knowledge. We have studied enough." - You have not yet acquired the necessary knowledge, you will acquire it from now on. - "We have read the Bible." - You have read it, but you have not yet understood it, you have not sown its principles. You have not understood the lives of the prophets and the apostles. Those who have written the Holy Book are present among you and say, "We have invested our lives into this book." Believe in everyone who has invested their life in building the great work of God. Christ has come down to earth many times, not just once, so He tells His disciples, “Go and preach the Word of God. I will be with you until the end of times." The church says that Christ sits at the right hand of the Father. No, He works together with all people. Christ is the best worker. He brought the teaching of Love and Wisdom to the world. Whoever has fallen under His hand, can hardly escape. If someone says he has met Christ, I will ask him what change has happened to him. If he says that he has not changed, it shows that he has not met Christ. Can the fruit be baked in the sun and not ripen? Can a person feed on God's Love and not become noble? Do not fool yourselves. I love the truth. Get rid of delusions! I see things in strictly defined, mathematical terms. - "So you also see our weaknesses." - I do not deal with people's weaknesses. They are below me, I do not see them. Neither do I deal with the pettiness in life. I only deal with the good. If someone tells me that he is a big vagabond, I answer: I have not checked this, I do not know, I do not see him as such. This person's soul is good, but something is wrong in his mind. He is noble, but his servants do bad things. Therefore, you should try to help him.

    Now you think that I will satiate you, so you say to yourselves: "We want you to tell us something important, how Bulgaria can get fixed." The divine world is fixed, but yours is not yet fixed. It will not be many years and your world will get fixed. Put more faith in the Living Lord. May He rise in your souls! Your angels are coming from above to lift the stone from your grave and say, "Lazarus, come out!" When they call to you, will you listen to them? Lazarus heard these words and immediately went outside, where his shroud was removed. The last word you will hear is, "Lazarus, get out!"

    Now I say to you: Get out of the tomb of Pharisaism and Sadducism and enter the Divine world of Love and Wisdom. Take the shroud off yourself! Then you will see the face of God's angels, and we will all rejoice - both you and I.

    A talk by the Master, held on 20 March 1921 in Sofia.

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  24. Готов превод Четирите съвета - 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-380 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-380

    The Four Councils

    I am going to read to you the 21st chapter of Revelation.

    Chapter 21 has a connection with the 21st year. Israel - these are all the sons of mankind. The twelve gates are for all races. The three gates to the east are for the yellow race, the three gates to the north are for the white race, the three gates to the south are for the red race, and the three gates to the west are for the black race.

    As you can see, the mussels that formed these pearls were very large. Because now God is making a New Heaven, your old heaven will be destroyed - because this heaven is going away, your heaven will also liquidate your old understandings, convictions, beliefs; all this will go away and there will not be even a trace left of it. Do you know what situation you will find yourself in? You will be like that man who married a beautiful woman whom he only hugged and kissed; when she died, he kissed her again, but she was not there, she was gone! This is not Love, this is not Life - to lose touch with reality and live in dreams and illusions. Life is the greatest suffering - there is no greater suffering. You are like those passengers who travel through a desert and see a spring in front of them; they travel for a day or two, always approaching the spring, but it does not appear. Distant mirages that only affect your life! We often have such mirages - do not be fooled by them, this is a distant reality that has nothing to do with you. A small spring is preferable to a large spring, which in order to reach, you have to travel 400-500 kilometres.

    Since God is building the new in us, He is telling us to beware of these illusions that deceive us. I will not dwell on illusions - you have enough experience for them.

    Since I am calling this year a jubilee year, you have to settle your accounts - any give-and-take. To whom you have anything to give, you will return it and you will say, "Brother, I have something to give you, so take it." And if there is anything that you need to take back, you will take it, you will say, ”Brother, give me back what you have taken from me." Let everyone take what belongs to them! You will cross nine rivers but you will take what is yours. However, you should not to take your brother by the throat and say, "Brother, give me what you have taken!" Then say instead, "You also take me (by the throat)." By taking by the throat, I mean Love. Is not that how kids get caught? You should not to take him by the throat and shake him, but according to the law of Love you will catch him and say to him: "Brother, give me mine and I will give you yours and we will start the New Life that is coming." Each of you must personally liquidate his accounts this year if he wants to study, be a disciple, and understand the teachings of Christ in the future. He must liquidate his accounts. Someone will say, "There is time." There is no time! Once this year passes - you will lose everything. There is no time!

    And this Jerusalem, which is already descending, these are the new bodies in which people will be clothed. Figuratively speaking; every day you will remove, you will take off these old clothes, these rags. You will try to take them off as soon as possible, to put on the new clothes, and then your soul will be in the New Jerusalem. Until we are dressed, while we are in prison, guards will be coming in to beat us. Can there be any bliss in prison - there is no Love in prisons. They will go to the prisons to do an audit, they will let you out from time to time for 5-10-15 minutes, for half an hour. And then you will go into the prison again. Everything is measured there. This is modern life - to be imprisoned. We are all prisoners: the priest, the judge, the teacher, the mother, the father - they are all imprisoned. Anyone cooking in the kitchen is imprisoned all day. The teacher is also in prison, and so are the students. The teacher is a big prisoner, and the students are little prisoners. The teacher teaches them the new culture. You will believe in God - but what faith is there in prison! The priest preaches, but what is in this sermon? Everyone is waiting for money - there is no faith in the church, it gives a blessing but wants money. This is a false teaching, it is all about money! These are lies!

    I say: we will leave these prisons. And you say, "When we go to school, we will become scholars, and when we go to church, we will become pious." No, you will enter the school with one devil, you will go out with ten devils. That is right. When a child goes to school, he will go meek, gentle, and when he returns, he will be with his eyes open - he will know how to deceive both his mother and his father, how to steal from them. "My son is very learned!" Yes, he knows how to steal from his father. This is no science! The priest will come, he will sanctify oil, he will sanctify water - well, his own oil is not sanctified! A person who cannot sanctify oil for himself, how will he sanctify it for others? Let us not be deceived - God cannot send His blessing through impure means, through impure channels. Do not be deceived, if a preacher tells you that through him God is sending His grace. God always chooses pure means. When God had to send His Word, He sent His Son and through Him sent His grace. Some will find themselves saying that grace can come not only through Christ, but also through them. Do not be fooled - they are lying! This is the Truth. If someone says that God can speak through him, he is lying to himself - God cannot speak through you. Do you feel your situation as that of the Son? If you do not feel it, God cannot speak through you. Do you feel that when the Lord puts you to all suffering, you will be able to sacrifice yourself and say, "Lord, let it be Your Will!" If you feel this, the Lord can speak through you, if you do not feel this - He cannot speak. But for God to send pure, holy Love through you - this is not possible! It cannot pass through small and dirty channels. Therefore, the law is true - the New always passes through a piping made of the most brilliant, cleanest pipes. When God makes things new, He sends the best, therefore we must all be pure and holy. Do not be afraid of purity and holiness!

    And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, "Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them, and be their God."

    So, the Lord must necessarily come and live with us. If we unite with Him, there will be no more marriages in the future like the present ones. The present ones are without the Lord. They have got married, but you see - the Lord is not there. The husband does not get along with his wife, nor with his children. The Lord is not there. And where there is no Lord, there is no understanding. When the Lord comes to dwell among them, the woman will see her husband and embrace him; when the man sees his wife, he will embrace her; when the children see their mother and father, they will embrace them. And there will be peace and joy everywhere. Therefore, the Lord must come to live among us. If He does not come, you will not understand me and I will not understand you. Do you know what to say when the Lord is not among you? "Well, let him talk!" But everything the Lord says is not fulfilled. And I will say, I also speak to fulfill my duty, but the Lord is not among us. And then the work is lame. Why? Because the Lord is not among us. We have plowed, we have sown, but the weather was dry, nothing has grown. We go to the field - it has not borne any fruit. However, when this living Lord comes among us, with Him we will finish everything, says the Scripture, and that inner growth will begin, and everything will happen without compulsion.

    Now you meet someone and say: "He is a teacher, he will be appointed by law - he must have a qualification, he must have graduated from university." You are right. But when the Lord comes to live among us, there will be only one Master and this Master will be living in all of us. And when He speaks in anyone, we will listen to Him, we will recognize His voice. When this Master speaks, His words are definite, special, His voice is special. This Master speaks with the Word of Love. Do you know how strong Love is? When a person says a word to you with Love, how your heart opens and you are ready to do anything. And when someone tells you something without Love, you say, "Enough, enough, I understand that, I do not want you to talk to me anymore!" When someone talks to you with Love, you say, "Tell me one more word." Love does not say much, it says one word, but that word is remembered for years. It grows, develops, lives and brings its blessing.

    The most important thing is to have this experience. The Lord is in your hearts, you know Him. Or do you want me to show you what He is like? You know Him, you have been to Him many times and you have returned. Sometimes you have felt the Divine staff of knowledge on yourself. How many times it has landed on you! How many times He has taught you and asked, "Do you know me?" You know Him, but you are in a hypnotic state. The devil has hypnotized you, and therefore you do not know the Lord. My goal now is to disenchant you, so I make reverse movements. When they want to do something with you, they stare at you. So does the devil, like the wolf - he catches you, looks you in the eye, and then shakes you. Then he enters all your limbs, takes a place in your brain, and says, "You will do this, you will do that." And you obey his commands. He says, "The Lord is not what you think, He has undergone a certain change."

    We now make reverse movements (the Master spreads his hands aside and blows), and with each movement of the hands we say: "This is already a law" and according to this law we give Love on one side, and Wisdom - on the other. When we say these words and blow, the devil's threads are torn, there is a shaking in the person and he says: "Where have I been until now, where have I been?" So now you will ask yourself where you have been - you have been at the bottom of hell. Well, you all need to get rid of this hypnotic state. That is why I am telling you that you should work with Love and Wisdom, because they are God's hands. And you will start in a straight line. This is what I call purifying breathing - you shall project the willpower into yourself and say, "In the name of God's Love, in which there is no betrayal, and in the name of God's Wisdom, and in the name of His Word, so be it!"

    There is no force in the world that can withstand this magic, this force. Thus all the foundations of the black lodge will be shaken and all its forces will be removed. Therefore, each of you will be trying to wake up.

    I have seen someone - they come and give a peculiar look. This is not a good look. How do you, mothers, look at your children? How many types of look do you use? That is magnetism, isn't it?

    - Depending on the disposition.

    You have lost the first art! How careful we should be, in which direction we pull our hand! What attention is required! You can do some small experiments with yourselves to see how quickly these vibrations are disrupted, because outside of your physical body a person is clothed with his astral body, which is inside an etheric, mobile form, and when he runs his hand over it, he causes some shock there. Sometimes, as we are among people from whom malice emanates, these arrows of malice cause us some discomfort. This is because they have caused certain blows in us, which we perceive as pain.

    The first rule when approaching someone is: do not rush to go towards them suddenly, but stop, raise your hands and say, “In the name of God’s Love and in the name of God’s Wisdom in which we live and move, and in the name of His Word, let all evil and every evil thought be scattered! ” (with blowing)

    If you say this, you will notice that every evil thought, all the arrows and ammunition of your enemy will be scattered. He surrenders his weapon and says, "I surrender!" If you do not do this, if you do not prepare, you will be ambushed. Then come the doubts, the torments, the hatred, the malice, and then you say, "Something is suffocating me."

    Now I want the disciples of the White Brotherhood to walk sensibly and use this weapon. I am giving you a law, apply it to anyone - whoever it is, you will always do like that.

    - Should we do this in front of them?

    No, from afar, as soon as you notice the enemy. We have the right to use our weapons.

    The Scripture says, "Arm yourselves there." How? If they use certain forces, we will use others in opposition. You will do your exercise from afar - you will look up and do the exercise. Whoever sees you will say, "What is he doing?" He will not understand anything. This is just one way to focus your mind to counteract. You can also do this exercise mentally, but when the hands are involved, the impact is stronger - both our mind and our heart are involved.

    - What about when we are very close to the enemy?

    Then you will act closely, but these are exceptions - one case in 10,000. If your opponent comes close, it shows that he has already enchanted you from afar. If you put in the effort, you will see him in advance. It is like that in the spiritual world - whoever sees first, they win. The white brothers are strong in seeing from afar and taking action. When the dark ones see you first, they win. Sometimes we may lose the battle and retreat, we will correct our mistake. But that does not mean anything. Sometimes we will win the battle, but I say that we have to fight like men.

    Now you will all unite and work according to this law of Love. You will put the law of harmony into action and it will begin to open your way. God's thoughts will come in you.

    This world belongs to God, we are His servants and we will work for Him. Nothing more. We will not work for any church - neither Orthodox, nor Protestant, nor Catholic. We will work for the Kingdom of God. And if these churches also work for the Kingdom of God - they are welcome, we are with them! But if they do not work for God, I will not give them a single hair. One hair of my beard is more valuable than such a church. Our principle is to consciously serve the One who gave us life, the One who gave us everything.

    We will not allow anyone to lie to us, enough lies! We and you, the churches, are servants of the Lord, and what you do, that you want to lie to us - it will not pass. We know these lies. Men and women dress up before they get married, don't they? The man dresses up pretending to be very noble, the woman dresses up pretending to be very noble, and then, when they get married, they say to each other: "Do not dress up for me, we know each other - that was before, but now we have got to know each other!" What to lie about - now the pure truth should come out so that we can be renewed, and then we will become disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, we will become disciples of Christ in this sense.

    We will not run away from the world now - there is no reason. Now the world is running away from us - once we had to run away from the world, but now the world is running away from us. They ask, "Should we live in the world, or should we run away from the world?" There is no need to run away - the world is leaving on its own. So the issue is resolved. Its time has come, the world is leaving us. "I am leaving you," - it says. "Well, good luck!"

    I will give some suggestions for work during the year to those present here. You will choose the ones that you harmonize more with, because not only are you in the same area of development, but also your connections from the past are stronger. Start corresponding with each other. You will be developing three types of work: first - work in the physical realm, second - work in the mental world and third - work in the spiritual world. Let a practical method of work that will give results, not just a theoretical one, come out of you. Let two, three or five people gather to exchange letters on how to work in the physical realm: to plant orchards with fruits - apples, pears, vegetables and others. Or to establish small colonies, day care centers for children or small schools, as well as exchange thoughts on different teaching methods. Or to open inns; in general, to show your initiative everywhere. It is good to deal with young children - to take part in their doll games. Why not? If you cannot handle young children, how will you deal with adults? Each of you has something very valuable in their experience. You can create a general plan for the next year and everyone can make use of it. As I told you, during this year your work cannot last, we cannot say that we will do this or that. During this year you will settle your accounts, open your notebooks and say, "Brother, I have some balance left from your grandmother, from your grandfather - come and get it." The other one will write: "Brother, I have with you the balance left from my grandfather - I will come to get it." So you will write to each other and start an exchange and trade-off between yourselves. Then your consciousness will begin to brighten and your mind will start working. Let those of you who show the most initiative start something, so that both the younger and the older ones can all start working, as they start in life. First the young ones start, then the adults, and finally the old ones. When an old man is healthy and smart, even in his old age he can start writing something good, which young people will be excited to read. If he is not healthy and smart, but sick, he will only talk about his illnesses, he will say that there is no one to look after him, that his legs do not hold him, that his head hurts.

    Spiritual work, however, consists in the following: you will gather in groups of 5-10-15-20-100 sisters in one group and you will pray for one of your brothers or sisters. For example, a brother of yours is suffering, you will pray for him and he will be helped. We will call this group the Counselors of the Divine Prayers. Men will do the same - you will set special days during which you will pray for a brother whose work is not going well in any respect. This is a collective method of helping. But now you say, "May God help him!" Well, when I want to do something, my mind, my brain, my legs, my muscles, my whole body have to take part, right? And when we ask something from the Lord, He also has to move, right? That is why we, being His limbs, will move. When the Lord begins to work, whether you are a foot, a claw, a hand, or whatever you are, you will take your place and work; another one cannot take your place. You will say, "Well, am I determined for this job?" Yes, you are determined. You will say to yourselves, "Lord, we can do Your Will." God's Spirit will give us some suggestions.

    I will be very happy if some good things can come out of you. If I give you some things, as I have given you so far, I have observed, you look at them then say to yourself: “It is close to the mind, it is a good idea, but can it be executed? Let us leave that for another time.” And when the child comes out of you, when it is born, the mother enjoys it more and brings it up more easily. The foster child is alien, but when the child is yours, you will commit to it. Now I want each of you to commit to something, to give birth to something.

    So, you will form three councils of one hundred counselors each - the Council of Physical Labor, the Council of Spiritual Life and the Council of Education. In this way you will distinguish which matters fall under the Council of Education, which ones are under the Council of Spiritual Life and which ones are in the sphere of physical labor. The latter is the most important. Do not deceive yourselves, but start working. The law of your current development requires you to start with the physical council - to start with the material, not the spiritual. This is necessary. The Apostle Paul says, "First with the visible, and then with the invisible." First we will arrange all matters that are close to us - the physical ones. And if we can arrange them, we will be able to arrange the spiritual ones according to the same law of development; when we arrange the spiritual ones, we will also arrange the educational ones. We will start with the physical matters. If there is a sister who worries about her sustenance, she cannot serve the Lord, she cannot be spiritual. In order to be spiritual, one should not be afraid. And if he is spiritual and afraid, he is not a great hero. Can you pray to the Lord when you are being beaten? There are few such people. Take the little child - when his mother beats him, he says: "Please, mom, do not beat me!"

    Your first duty is to try to fix your work in the physical realm. You will create a job for everyone - if one of the sisters does not have a job, you will create one for her! Do not consider it humiliating among you that a sister is poor and ashamed to work and expect alms. We will do everything out of Love. One sister is poor, she will go to another sister who is wealthy and will tell her, "Sister, I will come today to do your laundry out of Love." And the other one will answer, "Sister, I will also help you out of Love." She will wash your clothes out of Love and you will open your purse out of Love. But now she comes to you, she starts talking: "I am poor, my husband this and that" - she complains. We do not have such a teaching, it is from the devil. One of my brothers is poor, he has no job - he goes to his brother: "Brother, let me help you in the shop!" And the other one, closing the shop in the evening, says: "Brother, I will give you something from what I have won, out of Love.” In this way we will try to put Christ's teaching into practice. You will sweat a little, but if you apply it this way, the Lord will say, "Because you sanctify My Name, I will bless you, I will go with you." And then there will be no woman whose husband is bad, there will be no man whose wife has not kneaded the dough for her bread, who has not washed her clothes - and everything will go well and will be blessed.

    We now have to settle our affairs, we must work for ourselves for God's sake. Not only will one person work, but you will all begin to work, insofar as the consciousness in everyone is awakened; but not by force, each one of us will work consciously, out of Love. Each of us will consciously open his purse and help his brother out of Love, he will say: "Brother, let me do it out of Love." "Well, I will accept it with Love, but without Love I will not take it." This is the rule that I am giving you. Apply it, and your mind will create something. This rule will create small rules and by applying them in life, you will create a lot of things. When we get together next year, you will tell me about some things that will also make me happy.

    In addition to these three councils, you will select another hundred people for the so-called Council of Conciliators, which will address all misunderstandings that arise in the cities. And when a small scandal breaks out for the first and last time, these hundred people will come together for advice and settle the issue. Then everyone will raise their hand and say, "In the name of God's Love, in the name of God's Wisdom, and by the power of His Word, let all devilish things disappear" (you need to blow) - and everything will be fine.

    So, you will have four councils: the Council of Physical Labor, the Council of Spiritual Life, the Council of Education, the Council of Conciliators.

    Each council will consist of one hundred people, men and women will be mixed. Each city can also make something similar separately in miniature, but these councils will be connected. And so there will be four hundred of you clerks, but without any salary, without any portfolio.

    This afternoon, towards three o'clock, you will gather and select these four councils, so that they start work immediately. Of the 100 people, half will be men and half - women. They will also include young members - the young boys and girls should be 21 years old and above. They will be in stock, in reserve. They will replace the old ones when they lead the battle. You will put the old ones at the front and the young ones behind, because the old ones are hardened. When the young ones see a couple of battles, their turn will also come - they are already heroes.

    - How will the selection be made?

    You will figure it out yourselves - you know that better. Get together, do something and then tell me what you have done. I will agree with you and whatever you do, we will put it into action. And next year, if there is any issue, we will fix it.

    And so, you will exchange thoughts seriously. Do not think that this work is very difficult. It is not difficult, it is good fun. Now no one will be left behind. When a hundred people come in, they will still do some work. You will write to each other during the year. We will have a council to bring harmony, and we will work throughout the year to create this Divine harmony, we will be sincere to ourselves, to our neighbors and to God. And then greater blessings, greater manifestations will come. There may appear among us people with greater abilities, with more open eyes, musicians, poets, with abilities in the arts, all areas will be included, everything that is Divine.

    I would like all the misunderstandings that have existed so far, to be gradually cleared up. There is no need to stumble under the old Heaven and the old Earth, which are leaving. When you are left alone, you will be heroes. If you want, get busy making that choice right now. In order not to bother you, I will leave you alone for an hour, so that you settle your job. Well, what do you plan to do?

    Each council will select ten people among you, who will be the permanent presence, so that the work can be done faster. When necessary, you will send the ten of them as an executive committee. Those who will join the Physical Work Council will need to have strong muscles and willpower. Those on the Conciliatory Council will need to have judicial knowledge and be reconciled themselves; those on the Spiritual Council will need to have more developed hearts, and those on the Educational Council will need to have a more developed mind. Conciliators are people of mercy.

    (400 people were chosen by lot for the four councils.)

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  25. Готов превод Правилни методи за разбиране - 21.8.1921-СБ-377 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ-377

    Correct Methods of Understanding

    Let us take the violin as one of the most common, one of the most perfect instruments. If we are asked what it expresses, we will say: "The violin is an instrument of harmony." Man's need to play, to express his inner feelings in a tangible, external way, has forced him to make this instrument. Let us now make an analogy and compare the violin with the human body. According to the same law, the human body is a necessity for the soul in order to be able to manifest in the external world - the body is created according to the same law. Therefore, when a prominent violinist has a well-made instrument, he is very attentive to it, to his violin, he puts it in its case, he keeps it very carefully. From what? From moisture, so that it does not get loose, does not get wet and the wood does not lose its elasticity. Sometimes he protects his instrument from great heat - so that it does not dry out and crack. So the musician tries to keep his instrument from two extremes: high humidity and high dryness.

    It is the same with the body. The body is a tool that needs to be protected from both extreme moisture and extreme dryness. Where is the moisture? I will explain to you: it is in the excessive feelings that spoil the body. And excessive thoughts bring dryness, from which the body can also suffer. I will give you some facts. Notice how all the young girls, who at the age of 15-16 start playing their first music, to love, they start not wanting to eat and they lose weight. The mother wonders what is happening to her daughter - a lot of moisture is getting inside her. What should be done? The moisture should be reduced. You will close the box, you will put a little more fire than true Love. Because feelings bring only moisture, they are not Love yet. They are only conditions for the manifestation of Love. By the word Love I mean what life brings, and the moisture in the world, water, is a condition for the manifestation of life, because life cannot manifest without moisture. If there is too much moisture, it will also interfere, so only as much moisture is required as is necessary for the manifestation of life. Thus all our thoughts are seeds that need moisture. If we give them a lot of moisture, we will damage them, but if we also deprive them of water completely, we will still damage them. That is why we will beware of both extremes. Some say, "My heart is burning!" But what is it burning like - a candle or straw? Because there is burning which emits a lot of smoke, and there is a pleasant fire. The most pleasant fire is the one that gushes from the hearth, which we warm ourselves around. And sometimes the fire flickers so weakly that it cannot bring any benefit. And so, feelings are necessary as moisture for the manifestation of Love. While dryness in the mind is necessary to give space for growth. In general, the roots grow more downwards in moisture, but when drought occurs the branches grow more upwards, so the roots may overgrow and be damaged when it is very wet, and the branches may suffer when it is very dry. And this mutual influence between the roots and the branches affects the plant.

    And so, your Love at first will consist in this - to have a little dew every morning. You will start with the dew drops. When you get up in the morning, the flowers should have a little dew and you will start with it. Sometimes we get up in the morning and there is no moisture on the flowers, no dew. This is already a sign of dryness. When there is no dew, these ratios affect the heart, mind and willpower. If you take the lower joint of the index finger, it corresponds to the stomach of the physical man; the middle joint of the index finger corresponds to the respiratory system and blood circulation, and the upper joint corresponds to the mental life of man. Therefore, the upper part represents the forehead, the middle part represents the nose, and the lower part - the mouth and chin of man. That this is true, you can check with your observations. All people who have developed self-indulgence, the lower parts of their fingers are thick, there are no gaps. Such people like to indulge. And all those whose stomach system is poorly developed, the lower part of their fingers is thin. The same law also applies to the respiratory system. When it is not in order, that also affects the middle joint of the index finger. If the lungs are properly developed and wide, the middle joint of the finger has a corresponding shape. And finally, if the brain is well developed, if a person is mentally well developed, then the upper joint of the finger is equally well developed. So the stomach builds the first phalanx, the lungs - the second one, and the mind - the third one. If you take a man's whole arm, his hand, it also expresses the same law. The whole arm can also be divided into three parts: the hand represents the mental, the spiritual man. The arm from the elbow down corresponds to the sensual man, in whom feelings play the most important role. Some old ladies take measure with the elbow - each measure involves feelings and thoughts. The arm from the elbow upwards represents the physical person. One should never measure with the upper arm. This part corresponds to the stomach, to the self-indulgence. If it is thick, the stomach is well developed. If the hand is well developed, then the brain is well developed.

    So, in all things there is a certain ratio of parts, so nothing is to be neglected. You will say that you do not need a lot of mind. Well, if you do not need any mind, if you do not need any heart, then the external organs begin to deform. And when I say that your mind needs to be well developed, I mean that the front of your hand also needs to be well developed. As the mind is hidden inside the brain, when we look at our hand, it shows us like a barometer, what the true state of the brain is. If your little finger starts bending inward, this indicates that the centers of conscience, of the brain, are beginning to deform and are in an abnormal state. If the index finger starts bending, deforming, it shows that a person's personal feelings, the feelings of respect are beginning to distort. This man has hung his self-respect on a stick, he no longer keeps his honor and therefore his finger is distorted. If the middle finger is bent in one direction or another, it indicates a deformation of the moral feelings in man. And if a person's ring finger is bent, it shows that person's mind is being distorted. So the various states of distortion show us the states of the brain centers and the forces that work in the soul. So, when one or another finger starts bending, the Lord shows us that there is an internal deformation happening in us. What shall we do then? We should pray three times a day to straighten our crooked fingers. If your fingers start bending, your mind will definitely bend. That is why it is said that we carry everything written on us. And when an angel comes down, he looks at your hand, looks at your nose, looks at your face, your eyes, and he already knows what is your condition in the physical world. And if he knows what you are in the physical world, when he returns to the Invisible World, he begins his calculations and knows the deep reasons for all this. For example, in order for a person's little finger to be bent, this means that he may have worked in a wrong direction for ten generations - these are the consequences. So, by saying now that we must serve according to the law of Love, we must activate one of the greatest forces of our lives to correct our wrongdoings. That is why we must love, because only Love is able to shorten time and save energy, while giving the best results. If you follow the current way of upbringing, you will need at least ten reincarnations to correct one small mistake of yours.

    We do not know ourselves - sometimes we consider ourselves very good, but when we are placed in unfavorable conditions, it is immediately known how good we are. What is anger? Anger is an oxidation, rusting - a person who is angry is made of iron. Therefore, the rust will melt him. But a man must be made of gold, to be a man of gold! That is why the old alchemists sought that great law of transformation of the elements from one state to another, until the state of gold is reached, which is a symbol or method of not oxidizing the body, but of being able to remain constant and unchanging, both in relation to oneself and in relation to others. This is the great science. Someone says, "I love the Lord, I will do anything for Him!" But at the slightest hindrance, this love evaporates. This is not love, this is moisture, it does not show anything yet.

    It is important for you to know your weaknesses first, not to think of yourself as perfect and not to criticize each other. All of you who are here before me, are at the same level of development: some of you have certain Virtues, others have other (Virtues); one has certain mistakes, another one - other mistakes. Both your weaknesses and your Virtues are not the same, so you will have to unite all your Virtues, because we need a lot of Virtues, we need a lot of Love and when we unite, the weaknesses, the mistakes will disappear. These mistakes occur completely natural. I know their reasons, but I will not stop here to explain them to you. I will give you an example. A poor boy, an orphan from Macedonia, entered Varna High School to study. The director accepted him and gave him a room in the attic to live there. The high school students ate at the innkeeper Shishko. One day this poor student ran out of money, but because he was very hungry, he went to the innkeeper and told him:

    - Hey, give me something from the first pot!

    The innkeeper thought that he had got rich from somewhere and poured him a portion.

    - Hey, give me something from the second, and from the third pot!

    - The innkeeper poured him some of them too. The student had a good meal and was set to leave.

    - Hey, you should pay now!" - said the innkeeper.

    - I have no money.

    - Well, if you have no money, why did you eat so much?

    Shishko went and beat him up. The student went out and said to himself:

    - I was beaten, but at least I ate 5-6 bowls of food.

    Even with us, all our mistakes always come from such a necessity in life - the person is hungry, he wants to eat. So we have also eaten, eaten, and when we leave, we have nothing to pay with. The innkeeper says:

    - Shell out!

    - I have no (money).

    Then he catches you and beats you up.

    So does karma now - it catches you and beats you up, so that when you come to the inn another time, you know how to eat.

    Beware of criticizing. Criticism is an itching - a mental itching. When you criticize, you say, "He is a rascal." Give facts, prove it! When I tell someone that he is such and such, I will look at his hand. If I see that his middle finger is bending, I will tell him:

    - My friend, your finger has started bending, you like to stretch the truth - and you lie to yourself, you also lie to your brother, you also lie to your friend, you are not going on the right path; your moral feelings, your conscience have diminished.

    - How so?

    - Here, that is a fact. If your ring finger is bent, your mind is deformed.

    - What shall I do?

    - You will ask God to help you. Every day you will rub your finger and when it gets straight, you will call your friends and make a feast. As soon as your finger gets straight, your mind will also get straight.

    Now, as I tell you this, it is dangerous because those of you who are critics will say, “His finger is crooked; mine is also crooked, but his is more crooked.” They also look at his little finger and see that it, too, has started bending:“ Mine is also a little crooked, but his is more crooked. ”This is not a philosophy, because if the one who has gone bankrupt and fallen to the bottom has a crooked finger, by the same law, my finger has also started bending a little, and I will go down to him. It is only a matter of time - I have already slipped and will go down soon.

    Therefore, in the Divine Law, we must know whether we have set foot on a sound foundation - if we do not stand on such a foundation, it is not true life, but a life of slipping and improper development; it is Life only when placed on solid ground, so that there is no slipping, and this is possible only in the Divine Life.

    Worldly people can exert great influence on us. They may cause us great harm under the law of suggestion. Now everyone wants to suggest that we are traitors, atheists, anarchists. No, we are not fooled in the least. Whether I am an anarchist, I read, I look at my little finger and say: I do not see such a thing. I look at my middle finger - I do not see anything anarchist either. I watch his fingers, he has such signs. Well, look at those who criticize us - all of them have a prominent belly. A man who reasons with his belly cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Reasoning is done with the tip of the finger, not with its base. The tail is put on the ox to defend itself, while the head - to show the direction in which it is going. We do not think with our stomachs and do not go backwards, but forward. The law is like this: when the mind is healthy, the lungs will be healthy; when the lungs are healthy, the brain will also be healthy - that is the correlation. Every Divine law goes from the bottom up. We cannot say that because we are good, the Lord is good, but we will say that because God is good, we are also good. We love. Why? Because God is Love and this Love is with us, and as such, it cannot act otherwise. We cannot say that God loves, because we also love. Some say of us, "They are not on the right path." No, we are on the right path because we love.

    Do not allow any side thoughts! When your little finger gets crooked, when your ring finger gets crooked, when your middle finger, thumb, forefinger gets crooked, you are already a devil. Take those who portray the devil - how do they represent him? All his fingers are crooked. And so, every man whose fingers are all crooked, is a devil. The devil is a creature with crooked fingers. Crooked fingers show a willpower that serves itself, and by the devil I mean an image that serves its selfishness. This principle awakens in man - we get up in the morning, we think about ourselves; we go to bed in the evening, we think about ourselves. We all fight with this principle within us. The devil lives in us, God has placed him in us to serve us as a good servant, but once he begins to rule you - it gets dangerous. Keep him as a servant! You will tell him, “God has appointed you as a servant, it is not your job to give me advice. Come to work!” When the devil comes to you, put him in the fields - he knows very well how to plow and reap. He has taught the world to invent machines, to make steamships, he is an excellent worker, but if you leave him as a master, you will get beaten up. And if you put him in the servant's place, everything will be resolved - thus, by all the rules. He is very careful!

    Now, in the New teaching, we want to say to the devil: “You are a servant, and Lord is the master, and you will serve like me. Come to work with me!” On one side the devil, on the other side - you. You wield the hoe, the devil wields the hoe, you see - the field has been dug over. And when you return, you will say to the devil, "This is the New teaching." You have to educate the devil. And he, being very clever, says: “Listen, why do this, come take on another job!” You listen to him, go around the world, accumulate karma and then say to the Lord: “Lord, the devil has lied to me!“ Do you know what the Lord will do then? He will smile at you - one never wants to admit that he lied to himself, but says that the devil lied to him. The Lord says, "All right, you will return to Earth and straighten this devil up!"

    So, the first thing you need to observe in the future, is not to attribute to others what you do not know - for example, that someone was wrong. You will say, "But that is how I feel!" Do not rely on your feelings - out of a hundred feelings, only one is correct, while the other ninety-nine are not. And you can check every day that your feelings are lying to you. But intuition is something different - it is a divine law that shows what the relationships are. Intuition shows the relationships correctly - both ours and others'. Therefore, try to develop your intuition.

    Let there be no self-condemnation among you! This is necessary in order to form a certain harmony among you. For example, I often walk thinking of something, I observe a fly, an ant, and I have not paid attention to someone, but you say, "Look, the Master is not paying attention to me." I want to find out the reasons for this, but you say, "You pass by us, but you do not want to pay any attention to us." So you should not think about God, you should not think, but you have to hold your hat in your hand and give greetings. It is good to observe this external etiquette, to be polite.

    I would give you a way of greeting when you meet. Look each other in the eye with Love for 5-10 seconds and greet each other with a slight bow of the head - and this means: "My head is in place." The other one will also answer you with the same: "My head is in place too." The look has to be serious. Then, give him your hand and tell him: "Come on, good luck!" And you will leave. When our head is in its place, then our heart will be in its place, because God is the Head of Truth. In this case, we will try to be natural. You will say: "I am ashamed - how can I look him in the eyes for so long?" Do not look at him too much, look at him with Love for 10 seconds and say: "Brother, my head is in its place, I am sending you half of the Love that God has given me.” And he will tell you:“ Brother, my head is in its place too, I am also sending you half of the Love that God has given me." And when you meet on the second and third day, you will always greet each other like that, you will share this Divine Love and the harmony will begin.

    Then, try to respect each other, young and old, because you do not know which of you is young and which is old. Some of you have lived longer, they have more experience, they are older - because man is not what one says, but what one carries and experiences. Suppose that I carry with me a bag with ten kilograms of gold and I do not tell anyone. While another one says, "I have so much and that much money," but gives nothing to anyone. I reach into the bag and give you one of those golden coins. And the other one takes money out of his bag and asks you:

    - How much do you want?

    - A hundred leva.

    - Give me a bill of exchange!

    The one who has taken the bill of exchange wants to discount it, to cash it, but I give him a gold coin and tell him:

    - Go now to work with metal money, with funds!

    Therefore, our every thought, our every feeling should be a metal coin, and time should not be wasted, but it should be used.

    This year I will first give you a way to read the Bible. There will now be a general reading for everyone, and then - a special reading. Some will have a fixed prayer, some will not. However, everyone will be given general exercises, they will be mandatory. I will only give special exercises to some of you - do not be angry, because some of you are not yet ready to be given such exercises. Special exercises are voluntary, while general exercises are mandatory. Special exercises are not mandated - so it is in life: there is a general education for all, and special one is given only to those who have the means to go abroad to specialize. When someone wants special exercises, I will say: you do not have any funds, you cannot be sent abroad - you will wait until you acquire funds, otherwise the goal will not be achieved.

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