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  1. Готов превод Правилният развой на човешките енергии - 22.8.1921-СБ-381 / ...: 22.8.1921-СБ-381

    The Proper Development of Human Energies

    Let us look up for just a few minutes and offer a warm prayer to God.

    I will read you chapter 64 of Isaiah.

    This is what one of the prominent prophets of Israel said several thousand years ago. Of course, this is an inner experience of the prophet. In order to be able to deeply understand the inner meaning of the words, in order to understand what the prophet meant, we need to have the same experiences, the same setting. Many of his words will seem so strange to us.

    Why does the prophet turn with the words: “Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down. That the mountains might flow down at Your presence." This is such a natural figure (of speech)! In Nature, when clouds and darkness have covered the sky and the sun's rays do not touch those little seeds and plants, what will be their prayer? You will say, "May the clouds disperse and the sun's rays penetrate those little souls, that are waiting for God's blessing!" In the same way, human souls pray for the heavens to be torn and for God's Love to descend upon them.

    This morning we have to meditate on three sentences: "May Love reign in our hearts, may Wisdom be glorified in our spirits, and may Truth shine on our souls."

    The first one is, "May Love reign in our hearts." So this Love, which has to reign in our hearts, will evoke a kind of energy; Wisdom, which has to be glorified in our spirits, will evoke another kind of energy; Truth, which has to shine on our souls, will evoke a third kind of energy.

    I have three ordinary devices here (he shows) - one of them, the compass, is connected to the magnetic poles and reads the current of the earth's magnetism most accurately. So, it is sensitive to these energies and always points in the same direction. The second device, the barometer, is connected to another kind of energy, namely atmospheric changes. Whenever there is a change in the atmosphere, this device marks these changes. And the third device marks the flow of human energies that flow out from the right and left hand of man. When this device is grasped by our hand, its arrow shows what our energy is and in what direction it is moving.

    So, these three devices determine the energies. Some that flow from north to south, others that manifest in the atmosphere, and still others - in the human body.

    We should not hinder ourselves. We should not obstruct neither our heart, nor our soul, nor our mind. All the contradictions that arise in us hinder ourselves - doubt, hatred, all the contradictory feelings hinder ourselves first, and then all those who can be infected by these feelings. They are like a fire that can engulf everything. Negative energies are transmitted and the positive energies of evil are also transmitted. The good that we do is expressed in the good aspiration. In order not to stumble, we need to have faith, which is necessary especially for us. It will bring some peace to our minds.

    For example, some misfortune happens to you, you will be disturbed and you will say: “Is not God just, smart, good. Why did He allow this to happen to me?” If you go through these sufferings, you will gain the experiences of these sufferings, misfortunes, disturbances, until you will come to your senses only after months, you will realize that the mistake is in you, not in God, and you will see that you are not on the right track. If you stumble on one road and encounter some obstacle, is God guilty for putting the obstacle, or you are, for not knowing the way that you are walking?

    First of all, we should not disturb ourselves. When I say that we should not disturb ourselves, it means not to disturb our spirit and soul with such childish understandings. Whatever happens to us, we have to say, "Such is the Will of God." And not only say this, but feel it deep in our souls, think about it, realize that what has been allowed, is for our own good at the moment, and then to direct our willpower in that direction, in which the Divine Spirit wants to lead us.

    Yesterday, when you made the selection for the Physical, Spiritual, Educational and Conciliatory Councils, you should have known that you need to have these councils within you. When we talk about the Physical Council, the Council of Labor, let everyone keep in mind and strive to keep our body in a proper condition, to renew it physically, because, as the Scripture says, our body is a Temple of God. We have to work on it physically - we will plaster it both outside and inside. If a brick falls here or there, we will put a new one in its place. When we talk about physical labor, we usually understand the things outside of ourselves. No, we must first understand them within ourselves. If we can apply this law inside us, to straighten our body, we will also be able to correct ourselves. But if I cannot correct myself, how can I correct others? Therefore, physical labor can only be used when we have a high spiritual consciousness. Then physical labor becomes a pleasant pastime for the spirit. When the spirit expands a lot and does not know what to do, the Lord sends it to work on Earth - for the spirit, this is the most pleasant act. All creative work begins with this act. The spirit rejoices in this creative act, which is born in God. Therefore, the physical, material world is a manifestation of God. What is hidden and invisible to us becomes visible. And in the visible world we have to see the Invisible, but we can see it only when we stare at things. When a poet takes a flower in his hand, he sees in it more than an ordinary person does. About this flower, a poet can write 10-15 sheets (of paper), and with the most beautiful description. But the average person, when taking the flower, will say: "This little flower has five petals, red color and a small, thin stalk - I do not know what it was made for." While the poet will sit down, he will describe this flower, he will make it like a living being, and as you read, you will say to yourself: "Where did this poet find so much in this little flower?" Well, then, what is the situation of the poet? Suppose you are standing on one side of a fence and I am on the other side, and I put my finger through a small hole. You push my finger, but you do not know that there is a man behind the fence. If you are an ordinary person, you will squeeze my finger a little and say, "I grabbed something soft, thin." You will push my finger back and it will be hidden. However, if you are sensitive, delicate, you will feel that behind this fence there is some special energy, something else, a living being that you love, and you will begin to describe this being. Such is the situation of the poet. He sees behind this fence what the ordinary man cannot see. Therefore, each of you will strive to develop in yourself the Divine consciousness, to develop your intuition and to see in all forms the Divine manifestations of the Living Lord of Love. When you look at a person, if you do not see the Divine manifestations in him, you will squeeze him a little and say: "There is nothing special." Similarly, if we turned to a butcher to describe to us what a man is, how would he describe him? He would find that the flesh of some of you is more tender, and of others - more tough; he will find that the meat of some of you is good for steaks and of others - not good. Such will be his description of man. And when evil takes over the world, we begin to have understandings like those of a butcher and say, "This meat is tough - it is not for steaks." This is not a reasonable understanding of things in this world, we cannot develop properly in this way. Therefore, we first need to understand the physical, unconscious energies that develop in our body and flow from Nature. They have a special kind of effect. We have to pass these energies through our body from top to bottom, left and right in order to renew it. These energies are transmitted through the arterial and venous blood from the top downwards and from bottom upwards, constantly circulating in our body. And in these physical energies there are other kinds of energy, which I call the energies of sensitivity. We need to be aware of energy not only as a physical manifestation, but also realize that each energy produces a kind of pleasant or unpleasant impression, because physical energy can either push us forward or stumble us. When physical energy stops you, it causes a shipwreck, but when it moves you forward, that movement is pleasant to us. For example, a train is moving from Sofia to Varna - if this energy is stopped suddenly, all passengers immediately jump out of the train. And when a kind of energy from the astral world stops, we feel in the cessation of this energy either a painful state, pain, or a pleasant mood.

    The third kind of energies are in our mind. When they act, we think we have an expansion in our mind, but when that energy stops, we immediately feel as if an iron lid is being placed on your head. And then you think: nothing comes out. Why do these things happen? Because we have lost the key of Love. When we lose this key, misfortunes begin in the physical realm, the physical world, then misfortunes begin in the astral and finally in the mental world. But when the Spirit comes, everything in us comes to life immediately.

    The spiritual energies of God, when He manifests, are physical energies to us, and our spiritual energies on Earth are physical energies to God. And what we call physical does not seem to have any direct relation to us. It is a manifestation of God. Every physical energy is a manifestation of God. God has put the deepest sense in the thing that we find has no meaning, and God finds the least sense in what we see as having the greatest significance. Then, when we are considered the most spiritual on Earth, God does not find any spirituality in us. I speak in human terms. Because we think that when we become spiritual, God will love us. That would be ridiculous! There is no need for God to love us for our perfection. Individually, He has no reason to love us, but there is an inner need in God to manifest, to rejoice in every being on Earth - to make them happy, to make them blissful and to give them form. And God has different ways and means for doing this, and when we do not understand them, we find them unnatural for us. But the unnatural for us is natural for God. So, what we call abnormal, is normal for God.

    So, we will now proceed to straightening our bodies. Your bodies are distorted because when a certain abnormality comes to your liver, you feel some dull feelings, you cannot love. Then your body is not able to transmit your energy, so your whole body - your arms, legs will be cold. The feet will be like dry sticks, and whoever touches you will say, "There is no warmth in this man." Well, I am asking you: who likes to carry dry sticks? If they are for making fire - I understand, but we do not need dry sticks in life. Therefore, you should always have some warmth in your hands. If you do not have it in your hands, you will create the idea to acquire this warmth. You will create it mentally, saying to yourself, "There is a small disharmony in me, but I will correct it." This shows that you have sinned in Love. If your stomach is not working properly, it means that you have sinned in Love, in its first manifestation: you have eaten too much or too little. Sometimes people spoil their stomachs by eating too little, as some stingy people do, so as not to become poor, and sometimes, when they eat a lot, they overeat, and then take various medications. Some torture their bodies by depriving themselves of the food they need to earn money, while others overeat. Both of them spoil their stomachs. Everyone should use this energy as much as they need to sustain physical life. You will turn to God and thank Him for the food, for everything that He gives you.

    Now we all need some physical development. The soul cannot manifest in a feeble body. Imagine that we only have some bones, some veins, and our eyes move in such a body! What beauty will this body have? Just imagine! Some say, "We do not have to be very fat." But what if we are very dry? Both of them are extremes. Therefore, we need to have beautiful bodies in which the Divine energy can manifest. Our faces need to be beautiful, plastic, so that they can express all our feelings and movements. Our movements, our walking have to be so plastic that when a person looks at us, they say: "This person is walking very well!" But some walk like a sailing ship - they stagger from side to side like drunkards.

    The disciples of the New teaching must be different from others in everything. When someone meets you, they should say, "This person walks in a special way, he is neat, he is tidy." You are not allowed to walk hunched over like the letter "S". God does not like question marks. The world may look like a question mark, but we will look like upright trees. We will be so upright that the front of the face is parallel to our spine. As we walk, the spine and the face should form two parallel lines. This is the correct walking.

    The first thing for all of you is to straighten your humps. Students in this school are not allowed to have humps. I will give you a method to know if you have a hump or not. In the evening, before going to bed, lean your back against the door and see the distance between your waist and the door. The greater this distance, the greater your hump. The distance between the waist and the door should be small. Once a distance of four fingers is formed, you already have a hump. It is able to change the energies of your minds. This energy will appear everywhere in our minds and you will not be able to think correctly. If your chest is tight, if you do not breathe properly, if you do not have enough oxygen, if you do not have this phosphorus energy in your body, an internal obscuration will immediately form inside you. Why? Because you have not walked upright. Justice and uprightness are connected.

    When you come here next year, I would like you all to have smaller humps. Nowadays, modern religious people exhaust their bodies, until finally, according to this law, they become unhappy and die. In this respect, they are similar to Nasreddin Hodja, who wanted to wean his donkey from eating, but when he weaned it off, it died and then he had to go and fetch water on his own. I would not want your donkey to die.

    "There is," says the Apostle Paul, "natural bodies and spiritual bodies." There is a natural donkey, there is also a spiritual donkey. The word ass may seem obscene to you, but it also means donkey, and the donkey is an emblem of the fourth initiation - humility. When you come to the position of growing up a lot, God humbles you and you come to the position of a donkey. They say, "He is a donkey." Whatever you say, they always call you a donkey, whatever you do, they will always say about your ears, "He is a donkey." This is an initiation in humility and patience. When we talk about the donkey, it means to humble oneself, to give up one's pride. You think that the donkey is humble. No, it is proud! When you let it go free, you will see that it is proud - it never stays at the back, at the queue, but always goes at the front. It shows: "I am a captain, I am leading." It has great ambitions. Therefore, in order for this donkey to return to its natural state, the Lord put it to great trials. This is our inner state. At first we think we have great talents, knowledge, and we finally say, "People are also right." We humble ourselves and begin to endure all insults. There is no teacher, no preacher, who has not suffered insults. So when you experience this condition, you will say, "I am now in the fourth degree of initiation - the donkey." When you see a donkey, you will ask yourself, "Have I experienced this condition of the donkey?"

    You have to notice: Christ did not enter Jerusalem on horseback, but on a donkey. With this He says that people should not ride a horse, but a donkey. The donkey tells us that whoever does not learn this Divine law will bray like a donkey.

    The second kind of energies are the energies of the heart and the energies of the feelings. As soon as the supply of physical energies is sufficient, the body is in a normal state, then the spiritual energies correspond to the physical ones, i.e. physical energies can be more easily transformed into emotional ones. When there is a mismatch between physical and spiritual energies, then our condition cannot manifest itself. Sometimes you feel that you cannot manifest, you have a sinking feeling here, in your stomach. Someone says, "I have lost my Love." No, you have not lost your Love, but your astral body is in an abnormal state. The reason for this abnormal state is as follows: when the thought enters your mind that a friend you loved has caused you bitterness, you lose all trust in him, this friend leaves in your astral body something like a poison that constantly torments you. You have to take this dead man out of yourself, out of your house. You will call all your friends and perform a funeral service for him. Once you take it out, you will cry for a while, but then you will be comforted and your soul will be relieved.

    So, the disciples of the White Brotherhood must get rid of these dead images. You say, "He utterly insulted me!" With this, you already have a dead man to throw out. The more you keep it inside you, the more it will start to decompose, to stink. If you keep it, you will suffer. Do not think that if you keep a dead man inside you, you will hurt someone. No, you will not hurt anyone except yourself, because when the Divine Love does not come to you, you will begin to dry up - your roots will dry up. What are you going to do? You will call on the master of this dead man and say, “In the name of God's Love that works in our hearts, in the name of God's Wisdom that works in our souls and by the power of the Word of God that works in our spirits, may God forgive him!"

    And now bury all your dead. But do not call others to bury them, do not call me to bury them, I will not come! Everyone should go to bury their own. Christ says, "Let the dead bury their own dead." And you, the living ones, will bury your own dead. Do not call anyone but one or two (to help). I do not want to hear about these dead. Someone comes to me saying: "Do you know how someone insulted me deeply?" Another one comes, complaining about the same. I say: enough is enough.There is nothing to talk about the dead! They will offend you, of course. A dead man cannot help but offend you. Every disharmony in our feelings, every bitter feeling we will bring to the surface - so that it goes to its master. These are the feelings of the devil. And we will bring in us the noble feelings of Love - let them fight the negative ones, but we must be free.

    I will now give you a rule for your mental development. Students who start with the occult often stumble with their teachers. They begin to argue among themselves as to which teacher has told greater truths and which one has not. The Divine Truths can neither be greater, nor lesser. If you bring the thoughts of two teachers into your mind and start comparing which thought is more right, you are impeding yourself. You should always have only one Master in your mind. I will call this Master the Master of Love. Someone asks me, "Do you believe in Christ?" I say, "I do not believe in Christ." Well, what is Christ? Christ is the outside, he is the Master of Love. If you know Love, you will also know Christ.

    Christ Himself says, "No one can come to Me unless My Father calls him, draws him." How will He attract him? With Love. Therefore, when Love attracts us, then we will also know Christ.

    So, you will put Love as a philosopher's stone in yourself and you will only think about it. I speak of Love as a great principle that will remove all difficulties, will resolve all issues. Why? Because it brings harmony. When I speak to you now, at this moment, there is no harmony between you yet. This is partly due to the atmospheric changes that take place in you: there is more moisture in some, less - in others. The weather today contradicts our understandings. If we do not understand the law, we will think that there is some contradiction. How can we address this contradiction? You should reduce the humidity a little. Some of you have a desire to take more than they need, while others do not want to take even as much as they need. Those who have taken more should leave it, and those who have not taken enough, they should take what they think is necessary for them.

    The prophet says: "Oh, that You would rend tear the heavens, that you would come down!" (Isaiah 64:1) The heavens in this sense show that Rational life, in which the Divine is manifested in us. Paul says that the veil, behind which these mysteries were hidden, has been torn. So these mysteries have become apparent to humanity. Earlier, when humanity was descending, Love was not as strongly manifested as it is now - there was no such Love. But because today we are at the bottom, with the greatest contradictions in life, with the greatest sufferings, that is why this Love is being manifested more intensely. God is now making a greater effort to help us than in the past ages. He waited for us while we were slipping up, and now He is sending us all His helpers to bandage those broken legs. Now some of you are leaving the hospital. There is no more going down. As you have fallen, you will now take the path of your ascent to God. The way of descending is the Way of Wisdom, while the way of ascending is the Way of Love. That is why the new phase, the new evolution, is a phase of Love. The path of Wisdom is over - it will be in the help of Love. It used to be the opposite, but now you must put God's Love as a principle on first place and obey all its suggestions and impulses in your soul, smoothing out, as much as possible, all the contradictions that are being created mentally between your brothers and yourselves.

    "And that the mountains might flow down at Thy Presence, as when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make Thy Name known to Thine adversaries." (Isaiah 64: 2) Who are these adversaries? These adversaries are the same spirits who want to hinder your evolution. To make Thy Name known - it means the power of God to overcome. You are all victims. There are certain obstacles around you, difficulties of a physical nature, difficulties of an emotional and mental nature. There is no one among you who does not have difficulties. All of you - men, women and children - have experienced them.

    When Love comes, it will manifest the Name of God. Well, when do we give someone a name? When we love someone, then we give them a name; if we do not love him, we give them a number, for example № 1, № 2, etc. In order to love something, we have to give it a name. The first name is Love. God's Love cannot come if we do not know the Name of God. And when we pronounce It, He will say, "I am here." You see someone on the street, you shout after him, "Hey, wait!" He keeps walking, he does not turn around. But when you call him: "Ivan, brother!" - he turns around. If you call on God as the God of Love, He will turn around immediately and tell you, "What do you want?" And you will immediately be relieved. That is why it is said that if we walk in the Path of Love, even before we ask for something, we will have it. The Lord will understand our desires that our minds and hearts long for, and He will give them to us.

    And now, let me say a few words about the selection of the four councils, which took place yesterday. This choice will not be canceled, it will be a task that you will have to solve throughout the year. Do not be alarmed by it. For those of you who join the so-called Physical Group, the smallest task of the year will be to persuade three people to plant trees in their gardens. This is the least they can do. For those of you who are on the Spiritual Council, the least they can do is as follows - to find three people and convince them to make three mistakes in their lives. For those on the Education Council, the smallest task will be to find three people each and convince them to read three of the best books. And for those who enter the Conciliation Council, to find three people and reconcile them with three of their enemies. This is the task of these four councils of one hundred people each. That is clear, isn't it?

    - It is clear - clear and definite.

    This is the least you need to do. You will be able to do it, won't you?

    - We will. But what if we do not find anyone with three mistakes, what shall we do? Should we supplement the mistakes with those from another person?

    There will always be one person who has three mistakes. For example, you will find a man who likes to beat his wife; his second mistake is that he likes to talk badly about his friends, and the third one - that he is constantly dissatisfied with his life. You will find such people, be they men or women. You will definitely find three people. The smallest thing is the easiest one to do. Do not stumble, put in your mind the thought of doing this and you will do it. I am telling you, even if you have difficulties, they will not be such that you cannot overcome them. Do you know, if you reconcile three people each, what effect this will have in the world? Check where the right philosophy is.

    Some people think that what they read in books is the same as when they read it in novels. For example, when a novelist describes the facts, are they really such as he describes them? No, they are not. Sometimes he gives them paraphernalia (unnecessary additions), presenting his heroine stronger than she is, the hero - too. All novelists have one weakness - that they do not present their characters as they are. And our saints are represented as they are not - their holiness is less than we imagine it. Both scientists and geniuses are not what they look like in our eyes. There are two extremes - we will either exaggerate or understate. We have not yet reached the state of understanding things as they are.

    Each group will perform 900 jobs. The group of one hundred people that I will select, will create harmony. It will include the smartest, the best and the strongest in mind, heart and willpower. The thought will now arise in your minds: well, are we not good? The four groups were chosen by God, and I will choose this group. The four groups are higher, God chooses them, and I choose the rest, so they have to make more effort to be a candidate. They are the smallest ones, they are the last. Do you know what they will do when everyone in the other groups occupy their positions? Those who have nothing to do, take their violins and start playing. These people of harmony are the musicians who take their violin and - start playing here and playing there. They are the musicians, and the others, listening to them, say: "Let us give them something - they have played for us!"

    I want to use the conditions, I want to use the influence, the combination that we have now. You cannot have the current situation another time, it is not formed in a human way. Let each of you take advantage of Nature. Utilize its freshness, beauty, fresh air.

    I would like each of you to accept this Divine setting, Divine Love, and for each of you to go home rich. As for the other human things - they are secondary and tertiary. Once we have come here, let us be in contact with the Invisible world, so that everyone can leave refreshed, healthy, so that they can overcome the difficulties they will encounter on their way. May you overcome whatever difficulties you may encounter throughout the year.

    - If I correct three of my mistakes, is it as if I have done this to another person and it is considered that I have to influence two more people?

    The conciliators must first reconcile themselves and only then begin to reconcile others. The conciliator will be the first one, and the other three will be except him.

    In general, there is now a small wave of disunity in all cities. It started like an itching from Sofia, it went to Stara Zagora, it is now in Sliven, going towards Burgas, approaching Aytos; in Shumen it has developed on a large scale - there is diarrhea there! These are psychic waves that are due to certain microbes and those obsessed with them look like those who dance tarantella - in Europe there is a spider that bites someone, the bitten person begins to dance in a special way and stops only when the effect of the poison ceases. So, when the devil passes, we start dancing, writhing, but when he passes, we say: "What have I done!" Well, the devil has eaten from us. Therefore, when he bites us, we will dance. It is preferable to dance, but beware.

    Some of you ask, for example, why we should have leaders. It's like asking why we should have a head. When it comes to a sack, the healthy person is the one who has to pick it up. If this leader is just like a conductor waving a baton, I do not want such one, but if he picks up the sack, I praise him. If these leaders just raise the baton like conductors, be they men or women, I do not recognize them as leaders, but if they work hard, we will call them leaders. Every leader is from God. If it is from God, he will work, but if it is from the devil, he will only be waving the baton. If it is from God, he is the first one to sacrifice - he opens his purse. If he is not from God, he is like an officer who commands, "Forward, brethren, forward!" But when the battle comes, he hides behind the stones. If he says, "Forward, brethren," and he himself comes forward, he is a hero, but if he does not, he is not a hero. That is how I understand that the leader must act. He must be the personification of Love, Wisdom and Truth. If he has this, we will give him all the help, because he has been sent by God. Therefore, we will not hinder the one, through whom the Lord works, we will not attack him. There is no reason. God is working, not us. And so, now the misunderstood things have became clear.

    - Only implementation is needed - God bless him!

    It will, it will - it will be! I believe that there is no one among you who does not want Love to be in his heart - everyone wants it. I believe that there is no one among you who does not want Wisdom to be in his mind. I believe that there is no one among you who does not want the Truth to be in his spirit. Everyone wants that. And if we want - it will be! We desire, and the Lord desires. The Lord desires and will do it, and we - let us follow Him.

    The Lord is walking in front of us. There is nothing to be afraid of. And we will glorify Him. He moves His Hand, arranges the world, and we will follow Him. Someone says, "Well, can I do this job?" You will do it! Why? Because the Lord precedes us. The Lord said to Moses, "I will go over before thee." So, do not ask yourself if you will be able to, or not. This work will not be done as we think, but in the best Divine way.

    I wish that you all have healthy and beautiful bodies, that your hands are soft and warm, your hearts too, and your minds to be bright and flexible, so that you are always ready for work. Your willpower has to be like a saddled horse with a bridle, and when you become on duty, you have to ascend and do God's will.

    I am ready to help all of you, no matter who they are. We will help all who want to do God's will, whatever they may be. Wherever they are, they are with us.

    So, the Lord is greeting you and is saying that He will help you. Love Him, believe and hope in Him. During the year you will check, if my words are true or not.

    Now let us go to breakfast - the Lord will entertain us, so that we enjoy some of the good that is before us.

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  2. Готов превод Правилното употребление на ума, сърцето и волята в живота - 22.8.1921-СБ-383 / ...: 22.8.1921-СБ-383

    The Proper Use of the Mind, Heart and Willpower in Life

    I will read to you the second chapter of Exodus, verses one through sixteen.

    It is often noticed that both in Bulgaria and in America and everywhere else, where large gatherings of five to ten thousand people take place, there will inevitably be at least a hundred people among them who will be sleeping. Sometimes the most pious, the most zealous people sleep. The famous American preacher Moody had a large hall in Chicago where he gave sermons. Sometimes he invited prominent preachers to give sermons on certain topics. So he once invited a famous American preacher to say something about the devil. At the same time, Moody went around the city looking for listeners for this sermon to fill his church, but by the time he returned, the sermon on the devil was over and he failed to hear it. Others who heard this tale told Moody:

    The preacher spoke very well.

    I'm sorry - said Moody - I, who wanted so much to hear something about the devil, could not attend.

    But the same preacher went a second time to speak on the subject. Moody said to himself:

    This time I will hear about the devil!

    In the evening Moody got his belly well filled up with sausages at home, but when he went to listen to the tale of the devil, he could not bear the great weight in his stomach and was the first to fall asleep. The first time the devil contrived by making him go and gather listeners for the tale, and the second time he made him eat sausages from which his stomach would get heavy, he would fall asleep and thus not hear the tale. And when he was asked how it happened that he did not hear the tale again, Moody replied: "Do not ask - the devil tricked me with sausages!"

    So now there is in our life a false situation to which we succumb, and which sometimes deprives us of many benefits. For example, you go to a person, and he not only does not arouse any thought in you, but you even start falling asleep while with him. What is the cause of this sleepiness? Sleep exists in Nature as a state of rest. After having worked for a long time, we remain alone in the evening and begin to think we need to rest, we get out of our consciousness and let others preach to us. Another time, after eating our sausages, we fall asleep, and the Lord enters His house and begins to work. But sleep is also due to other reasons, namely that the brain energy is diverted to another path. The brain energy that serves to produce our thoughts can be diverted in the same way as any gardener diverts the watering gutter. And if you are with a very dry person, he will often divert your watering gutter. Then you will be sleeping, and he will be watering his garden. I observed something similar in an evangelical church in Varna. A father and his 22-year-old son attended meetings regularly, but the son kept falling asleep as soon as he sat down. His father constantly scolded him: "You are such an ox, such a cow, you fall asleep when you come to a meeting, you do not think what people will say!" The son promised that he would not sleep in the future, but then, as soon as he sat down, he kept falling asleep again. One day, however, as never before, the son was cheerful, opening his eyes, listening intently, and looking at the preacher; he looked at his father and he was sleeping. The son then asked him, "Father, what is this thing? Today my devil has entered you."

    When people start sleeping a lot, it indicates a state of passive disharmony. A proof of this can be seen from the following example. Two people love each other. When one speaks, the other one carefully listens to him. Then the other speaks and the first one listens. They talk well because their energies are exchanged. But one day they quarrel. One of them starts sleeping - he cannot listen to the other. So, they have both changed their position. The energy of the first one is diverted in another direction. Therefore, two people who do not harmonize should not be together, they should avoid each other or we should put one of them to sleep. People who do not love each other either should not get together or should live far away from each other. When Moses spoke of stealing sheep and donkeys, these things produced dreams.

    In order for a person to be alert, awake, his consciousness should always be awake, his mind should be perceptive. His heart and mind should be clear of any side influences. There should be no side feeling in his heart and mind, no side thought to control him. Once such a thought controls him, he will inevitably succumb to one influence or another.

    You need to know that the modern world uses hypnotism. All institutions, starting with the military, the judiciary, schools - one of the most commonly used tools everywhere is suggestion, hypnotism. Somewhere it is applied in a lighter form, somewhere in a stronger one. All people today are doing God's will not out of consciousness but out of fear. It, the fear, is this water that is released into the mill wheel, it spins it and it grinds the flour. Tr-tr-tr - the flour is being ground. And when we get angry, we say in the same way, "Tr-tr-tr, you should know that I can grind flour." In all these cases, we win nothing. When we are in a hypnotic state, those around us benefit from it, and we pay. Therefore, in true spiritual development, the student of the Divine School, who wants to develop in himself all his mental, volitional and emotional forces properly, these must be present in his body. Then a surplus may appear in someone and from this surplus, but only from it, they can give. But we never have the right to waste the capital of the forces that God has invested in us. And anyone who tries to bet with this capital outside, pays dearly for this mistake. When we say we have to sacrifice something, it means sacrificing only our surplus. I would like you to understand what I mean by surplus. Once I plant a tree and pick some nice fruit from it, I can sacrifice the fruit, but not the tree itself: I will choose some of the nice fruit and will sacrifice them. When I say that a sacrifice is needed for something, I mean that you will make a sacrifice from the abundance, from the best of yourself, and not from the least. The rich man can make a sacrifice, while the poor one cannot make any sacrifice.

    Thus, the law of sacrifice is binding only on the rich, but not on the poor. If you want your mental life to develop, you have to understand this law. There is a danger among the disciples of an occult school or a fraternity that their minds and hearts will develop abnormally and that their minds will atrophy. In what direction? Our energy may be directed to the spiritual world in form and content, but its purpose may be purely material. I will tell you about one such case that happened in Germany. A beautiful countess went to see a prominent young German preacher, she repented and he baptized her. For ten years she became the most zealous disciple of this preacher. Everyone wondered how this had happened. Finally, the preacher said, "This is my companion who will be able to help me work successfully." And he married her. But as soon as she got married, her spiritual aspirations disappeared and she said, "I am tired of this life, I want a secular life, I want to go to concerts, theaters, balls." And after ten years, the preacher fell asleep - there were no more sermons heard. So Christ, Whom this beautiful girl was looking for, was in her mind, and now, when she got Him, she said, "I have nothing more to look for." Therefore, if you have a spiritual aspiration and your goal is material, you will slip. That is why, your ultimate goal should be purely spiritual, and let the methods, the means, be material. You should have absolutely no selfish desires about the goal you are striving for. There are students who do well for a few years and then are seduced. Why? They come here to acquire knowledge, to become teachers, and then to get paid. That is why they preach. If I become a teacher in order to be paid, my goal is material; if I become a teacher in order to have influence, my goal is material. But if my goal is pure, if I want to improve the lives of these people and their souls to rise for the Glory of God and leave their old aspirations in the background, my goal is purely Divine. Our lives are not expressed only now. What exists now is the beginning of a life, of a well-being that we have to try. One day we will meet in a different setting, we will meet in a world that is a bit different. Then your souls will not be like the present ones. Suppose we now encounter each other with horns, hooves, but have consciousness; one day, however, we will meet in a special setting. We will have no horns, nor will we have any hooves. "Why are we without horns, why are we without hooves? It cannot be like that.” We can do without horns, we can do without hooves. Human hands will be arranged differently.

    So, one day we will meet in a different environment, which will be a hundred times better than the current one. We will meet again on Earth, but then the Earth will undergo a change. The second condition, in which the whole present world will come, will undergo an organic readjustment, the whole matter will recrystallize, everything will be modified. What do you think? Will we know each other then? We will know each other. We will watch this scene like in a movie. You will see that so many, many thousands of years ago, in such and such a situation, in such and such conditions in Tarnovo there were such pictures. You will ask yourself, "Was that really so?"
    You will see this whole scene, then you will understand it more clearly than now, because along with this picture there will be other pictures that will give it meaning. Then you will not be a minority like now. But this will be in the distant future. You will ask me how you will be able to see all this. When the time comes, then you will understand. And children will have patience, because the present is a foretaste of the future. This future life is being prepared, it has not been created yet. And you will enter it as being welcome, you will be accommodated there. In the same way, when you come to Tarnovo, there are some people who have come earlier to meet you, to house you, to accommodate you and to take you everywhere. But then you will have a setting, more beautiful than the current one.

    However, in order to be able to achieve that future, in order not to stop in your evolution, you must necessarily preserve your mental, emotional and volitional powers, you should be careful not to distort your willpower, not to rent it out doing evil. You should not give it to any of your close friends, nor to anyone else. No student of the White Brotherhood should give his willpower to anyone for committing a crime. Whoever gives it, there is great redemption for this sin. Then, no one is allowed in the White Brotherhood to rent their minds out for committing a crime for others, just as they are not allowed to commit a crime themselves. No one in the White Brotherhood has the right to rent out their heart, so that it serves as a snare for others to commit crimes with, same way as using their own heart for criminal purposes. These things, you have to keep them as rules. Laws are absolutely immutable, no one is forgiven. The one who transgresses them, will drink the karmic cup to the bottom and will be forgiven only when they learn their lesson. I am telling you this to protect you. You are entering a sacred realm where your mind must be sacred, your heart must be sacred, your willpower must be sacred, your soul must be sacred. And your spirit must be a sacrifice to the Living God. Then you will be disciples of the White Brotherhood.

    No hesitation, no dispute! Absolutely no exception! You will say, "What if I do it?" When you have done it - something else. We are talking about what should not be, not about what should be. The mind will come completely in the service of the Good, the heart will come completely in the service of Love, the willpower will come completely in the service of Truth, and your soul - completely in the service of God's Wisdom. These are the laws that are written like tablets inside anyone who wants to become a disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood, in the morality of which there are no exceptions. And if you follow these rules in this way, God's blessing will be on your side and you will grow from knowledge to knowledge, from strength to strength, and your soul will gradually acquire those joys that you desire. But if you get defiled somewhere even slightly, you will lose everything. For example, many have said, "I do not need a Master, the Spirit speaks in me." He has not understood. The Spirit that speaks within us is one, but we will always need one another throughout all eternity. Whoever says they do not need anyone else, this is from the devil. Remember this. Therefore, they do not need the Living God. And whoever is born of God, they will always need others, because God also lives in them. And if one day you deviate from me, you will suffer, not me. You will immediately feel deprived of God and you will not be able to speak, you will lose your eloquence. This law applies both to me, and to you. Beware of this. You need your brother and he needs you. Why? Because the Lord lives in both and you have to listen to what the Lord is telling you. When you say to someone, "I do not need you," you are speaking against yourself, and when your brother says, "I do not need you," he is speaking against himself.But when I say that I need him, it shows that he is my brother of Love and I am his brother of Love.

    This is the first teaching that you should have in your hearts, minds, souls and willpower, and you will put it to the test. It is an absolute truth, in which there is no exception. And we are doing everything here in the name of this Truth. If I am here now, among you, why is that? Some say, "I do not need you." Well then, I will be leaving. When the mother is no longer needed, she dies. The husband says to his wife, "I do not need you," and she dies. When they tell the father he is no longer needed, he dies. When they tell the son that he is no longer needed, he dies. When you say that you no longer need each other, you will all die. But when we all say that we need each other, this is a resurrection in Christ. Only in this way can we explain why Christ descended from Heaven to help sinners. Why did he descend? This is a great secret. If God feels the need to descend into others, how much more does this apply to us. So you will know that everyone needs each other, but you will not be intrusive. Everything should be done with Love. There is no need for me to come, grab you by the throat and say, "I love you!" It is clear. If I love you, what am I going to do? When you come to visit me, you will find a table ready, I will let you wash, I will give you a towel to wipe, I will guide you around my gardens, through my fields; and there will be kisses, and caresses. These are kisses and caresses! And if I do not love you - there will be no gardens, there will be no table, I will ask you how long you are going to stay, where you you are going, I will ask you if you have a room and I will tell you that I do not have time to walk you around. Well, is this Love? When working with Love, the doors are open everywhere and there will be prosperity; when there is no Love, we will find ourselves in a wrong state from all sides.

    So, now we will open our hearts, minds and souls in the right way so that this great law can manifest and create a more favorable harmony among us. And then, when you meet, you will look at each other in such a way that when you pass each other, you will feel enthusiasm in yourself. Just one look will be sufficient. Love is like that - it transmits all its emotions, movements, impulses. If we create such an atmosphere, we will have good manifestations. Someone says, "Why am I not able to write?" Because you have no Love. Musicians, teachers, priests - all stumble. Why? Because they have no Love. If there is this harmony of Love, everything can be created.

    I notice that many of you have entered the New Way, but they carry knives, swords, and after applying the methods of Love, they finally say, "Here we go now with knives, here we go with swords!" No, I will ask you all to come next year without knives, without swords - they will be left in the entrance hall. As long as you are in town and being walked around, you do not need any needles, nor any swords or knives. Women should not wear bun hairstyles and needles on them, and their hair should be let down. And long nails are not allowed because they are dangerous, but will be trimmed in a round shape. Your feet will be washed, not sweaty. You will all wear linen socks and linen underwear. This is symbolic. Linen clothes are the best conductors of electrical and magnetic energy. Under the current conditions, woolen clothes are the most hygienic ones, then come cotton ones, but the best are hemp and linen ones.

    Now for this year I will give ten topics from different fields to all those of our friends who can write. These topics are as follows:

    In Chemistry: "The Relation of Chemical Forces to Physical and Organic Forces in Nature."

    In Physics: "The Relation of Physical Forces to Chemical and Organic Forces in Nature."

    In Astronomy: "The Relationships of Solar and Lunar Energy to Terrestrial Energy and what is the Relationship and Influence of the Sun and Moon on the Earth."

    In Mineralogy: "The Consciousness of Minerals."

    In Zoology: "The Way in which the Transition from Inorganic to Organic Consciousness Takes Place, i.e. from the Consciousness of Crystals to the Consciousness of Cells."

    In Botany: "The Influence that Plants Have Had on the Development of Human Life."

    In Theosophy: "A Description of the Primary or Embryonic State of the Buddhist Body when Man Began to Fall."

    In Mathematics: "The Fourth Dimension and its Relation to the First, Second and Third Dimensions."

    In Occultism: "How Many Millions of Years Ago Came Man to Earth." Those who practice occultism should read all the conjectures on the subject and resolve the question on the basis of them.

    Again in Occultism: "In what Place will the Sixth Race Appear."

    These are the ten topics that you will distribute among each other. Let volunteers be found for this job.

    If all these talks are successful, we will publish them in one collection. I want ten kilograms of honey from you! You will have a job for the whole year. Many of you know foreign languages. Let them read and collect material from everywhere, just as bees collect honey. I want one kilogram of honey from each hive. I want ten kilos of honey from the ten of them. I will remind you again. This year you will focus your energy. I have decided to sever all ties that hinder you. Let us leave all Divine relations alone to act in one way, and may God form a Divine organization based on the law of Love. When Love comes, it will organize us. Once we organize, we will be in our right place and will begin to act, to function as a normal Divine organism. Then your willpower, hearts and minds will work properly, you will not feel any constriction, the connections between you will become normal and pleasant. You will not feel any constraint, but excitement; there will be music and poetry. Then we will be able to climb to an altitude of 2,500-3,000 meters.

    Now I recommend to both young and old, Love that never ceases. It flows out from a constant source, for which we will open a place in our heart. That is where salvation is. There is no other philosophy in the world. Let us not try to explain Love. No matter how we explain it, it is important to start expressing it. How are we going to express it?

    Now young people need Love the most. The old ones have Love, but they have no strength to use it. Young people have strength, but because their Love is weak, they cannot use their strength. Therefore, the only thing we can do, is make the old ones young. Making the old one young is a great art. The best shot is all of you to talk about Love, but in a principled sense. As you talk about this Love, you will feel it in your mind, and in your heart, and in your willpower. At the same time, you will put in your mind the idea to ferment yourselves, so that your every action is fermented by Love. I often feel your condition. Sometimes I pass by you and my mind freezes. And do you know how? I have to make an effort, so that it thaws. Everyone can try this condition. You may often experience palpitations, headaches. These are abnormal states, deviations of Love. You may experience palpitations or feel pain in your heart. If I send you two opposite thoughts at the same time, you will immediately feel as if an arrow has pierced your heart.

    You will beware, you will close your minds to evil. There is no way that you will rent out your mind. Your mind, your heart, your willpower and your soul will be dedicated to the Lord. This is the motto of the disciples of the White Brotherhood.

    Whoever does so, they are welcome and we will open the door for them, but whoever does not do that, they will find the door closed. They will remain in one place and it will take them one hundred and fifty reincarnations to get out of there.

    I recommend cleanliness to all of you - no other philosophy! Who is right, who is wrong - there are no right and wrong people in the world. We have decided to serve the Lord. We will enter, we will learn as the angels learn, and we will do His Will. We will listen to our older brothers and will learn from them. As they write, so shall we write; as they play, so shall we play. We will learn their spelling, their poetry, their arts, their way of dressing and eating - all their rules of life in general.

    In the future, you will have to start feeling that you are disciples of the White Brotherhood. If it does not show in your life that you are students of the White Brotherhood, will they recognize you by some kind of signboard? Every brother should walk straight like a candle - there should be no hump!

    The eyes of the disciple of the White Brotherhood should not be blurred, but Love and energy should flow from them, they should shine day and night. Let light flow from them. The chest should be open, convex, not so skinny. The face should be bright and cheerful, to show that there are Virtues in it. The mouth, the lips should be open. It has to be seen that there is life in them. Someone says of another, "What is he thinking?" He is not thinking anything! That is how I want the faces of all of you to speak. When people look at you, they should say that there is an idea in your faces. Everyone should say about you that you are special people. Try to be muscular as well, not to be afraid, so that when you grab your opponent by the leg, he will feel that you have caught him. You will all strive to be strong. And when the apostle Paul says, "I boast of my weakness," it means to be weak in evil, but strong in Good. Once you start something, complete it. Being strong means to control all our cells, to direct all our muscles at any moment. You should have elegance in everything. Your mouth should always be clean and odorless. If someone has bad breath in their mouth, they will say: "In the name of God's Love, in the name of God's Wisdom, let what smells in me disappear." With a suggestion, you will command your mouth not to smell, and one day the smell will disappear. You will also order your teeth not to smell, not to spoil. You will keep them in good condition, you will eat clean food. There should be nothing stuck between your teeth. This is required of the disciple of the White Brotherhood - to have absolute cleanliness. When the disciple has conditions, water, but does not clean his mouth, this is not allowed, it is a sin of his soul.

    All this will bring new freshness to you and you will say: "Our mouth, the place of Love, should be clean."

    Then we have to develop our sense of smell, our sensitivity, to be attentive to all flowers, to plants, to animals. For the disciple to be careful, it means to see on his way his younger brothers, the ants, and to make way for them, not to tread on them. This is for the disciples of the White Brotherhood. When the little woman-disciple meets an older woman-disciple, she will kiss her. When the young man meets an old man aged 80-100, he will kiss him and wash his feet. This old woman and old man will be so grateful that they will say, "These students are really disciples of the White Brotherhood." That is the kind of relationship you should all have. And you should do all this not by force, but by Love. If you have Love, do it, but if you have no Love and you do it by force, evil will be created.

    The rest of the time until 12 o'clock, if you want, separate yourselves into groups of men and women, young and old, discuss there under the trees, exchange some important, essential thoughts and whoever can, let them give you some enlightenment on these.

    And now sing the song: "Brotherhood, unity".

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  3. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 24 август / Психически упражнения №1 и №2 - 24.8.1921-СБ-388 / ...: 24.8.1921-СБ-388

    Morning Prayer, 24 August / Mental Exercises №1 and №2


    1. "The Lord's Prayer."

    2. Reflection (kneeling on the left knee):

    "May the Lord bless us to walk tirelessly in the Path of Truth and Life."

    "And all our thoughts, desires, actions and deeds to be fermented with the Living Truth, which flows from the Spirit of Love."

    3. "Bless the Lord, O my Soul!" (song)

    4. Let us pray to the Lord: "All our friends who are here and who are not present, may they be fermented with the Living Truth of the Living Lord, Who is now among us."

    5. "The Good Prayer."

    6. "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24)

    "Sanctify them through Thy Truth: Thy Word is Truth." (John 17:17)

    "Therefore, putting away lying, let every man speak truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another." (Ephesians 4:25)

    "For the law was given by Moses, but Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ." (John 1:17)

    "Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and Truth." (1 Corinthians 5: 8)

    Mental Exercises №1 and №2

    I will give you a mental exercise (№1). When you are doing it, you will say the following sentence: May God subject every inferior activity in us to the Spirit of Truth. As you are doing the exercise, you will pronounce this formula and keep in mind the inferior in the world that corrupts people - you will bring it downwards. As you raise your hands up, you will concentrate your thoughts, so that the Spirit of Truth may begin to work on you. You will do this exercise three times.

    The sentence that you will say in the second exercise (№2) is: Let Love, Wisdom and Truth reign in all their fullness in our souls. The hands are placed horizontally in front of the chest with the palms facing forward and the middle fingers touching; then the arms are unfolded in a horizontal direction and raised upwards until they touch above the head, then lowered downwards in front of the chest. You will do this exercise three times, and at the last execution of the exercise you will say: Thus we open our hearts to the Lord, Who is now among us. May His Name be glorified! Amen!

    Then it was proceeded to perform the four physical exercises.

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  4. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 25 август / Психически упражнения №3 и №4 - 25.8.1921-СБ-390 / ...: 25.8.1921-СБ-390

    Morning Prayer, 25 August / Mental Exercises №3 and №4


    1. "The Lord's Prayer."

    2. Kneeling on the left knee: "May the Spirit of Christ abide in our souls throughout the whole year!"

    3. Reflection:

    May our souls strengthen in the Truth, so that we may abide constantly in its light.

    The power of life is embedded in the Truth; it is always an expression of the Great Spirit of God.

    4. "Bless the Lord, O my soul!" (song)

    5. The following verses to be read three times:

    "Because of the truth that abides in us and will be with us forever." (2 John 1: 2)

    "But we ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers beloved by the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the Truth:" (2 Thessalonians 2:13)

    "Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of Righteousness." (Ephesians 6:14)

    6. "The Good Prayer."

    Mental Exercises №3 and №4

    During the first exercise (№3) you will focus your thought on the following sentence:

    "May God remove every cunning yoke of the wicked one from our hearts."

    And during the second exercise (№4): "May the Lord bring our souls into the eternal freedom of His Good Spirit."

    Now concentrate your mind on the Living Lord of Love - in Christ.

    Mental exercise № 3 is the same as mental exercise № 1 (p. 426), except that the words to say here are: "May God remove ..."

    Mental Exercise №4:

    The hands are placed in front of the face, facing each other, with fingers touching and palms facing outwards. Thus, they slowly open to the side, to a horizontal position, then rise up above the head, fingers touch, palms get closer to each other. In this position, the hands are lowered in front of the face to below the chin. The palms move away from each other, but the fingers touch, with the palms facing outwards. In this position, the hands rise slowly up to the face. After that, the hands are again moved to the side to a horizontal position, etc. This is done three times, and when the hands are lowered for the third time, this position is maintained: the palms face down with their fingers touching each other, from where each hand retracts into place.

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  5. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 21 август / Утринна беседа (без заглавие), - 21.8.1921-СБ-378 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ-378

    Morning Prayer, 21 August / Morning Talk (untitled)

    You have to be very careful. The Bulgarian has one special feature - he starts very well, but ends badly in the end. You all have to arrive five minutes early, so that there is no tardiness. You are required to impose absolute order on yourselves, because otherwise disharmony appears. We have decided to serve God freely, without any laws, without any rules. The only rule, the only law must be Love. You should know that there is an internal control, which is the strictest one. If you disgrace yourself with some of your actions, you will be held accountable in the future.

    The invisible world is very delicate, but at the same time demanding. It tolerates the faults of the physical world, but does not allow them in itself. If you want to penetrate somewhere with some of your thoughts, with some of your desires, or with some of your curiosity, you will not get rid of this transgression even after ten reincarnations, you will not pay it back. Anyone who decides to spy, will pull his yoke like an ox in the field for ten incarnations. Nobody has brought you here by force, you have come voluntarily. Let none of you try to deceive the Lord! If he tries to deceive Him, he will be brought out dead, as in the time of the apostles. There is no joke with God. You should serve the Lord with all your thoughts, should not surrender to some evil spirits, but be masters of yourself and let the Lord come to live in you! This is God's desire, this is also my desire.

    The subject of this morning's reflections will be the law of Divine harmony.

    It is desirable that you all try to influence each other, to please each other. I want you to feel like brothers and sisters here, not to say to yourselves, "Hey, boy!" You are going to say brother and sister, and whoever does not want to do that, will go out! And you will greet yourselves with the motto: "There is no love like God's Love - only God's Love is Love".

    When you come behind this fence, absolutely no other greeting is allowed, and when you scatter, when you get outside, you will greet yourselves as you wish. This is required of us, so that we do not cause the Spirit to stumble. When you meet, you will say to each other, "Brother, sister, there is no Love like God's Love ..."

    Try to be kind and gentle in your relationships with each other. You will be like the good musicians, you will play the musical tones correctly, until you learn what is brotherhood. So I am warning you as my friends, I am warning you as my disciples, as my brothers and sisters.

    I am warning you as disciples, because there is no hypocrisy and courtesy in the New teaching- the student must learn. You may be rich, you may be anything, but if you do not study, you cannot have any success.

    And in order to be a friend, you need to have a heart, i.e. you need to love your friend. That is the only way you can be a friend.

    And to be a brother or sister, you need to have the soul of a brother and sister. Everyone should try. You all have the opportunity - both young and old. Everyone who keeps God's law is young, and anyone who does not keep it is old. Anyone who keeps God's law is smart, and anyone who does not keep it, is a fool. Anyone who serves God, who serves Love, is a good person, and anyone who does not serve Love, is a bad person.

    Morning Prayer, 21 August

    Now, we will pray:

    1. Raise all your hands up and in this position say the motto three times: "There is no love like God's Love - only God's Love is Love."

    2. "The Lord's Prayer."

    3. We will kneel on the left knee and we will secretly pray that the law of Divine harmony is instilled in us.

    4. "Bless the Lord, O my soul." (song)

    5. The Good Prayer.

    6. Everyone will read to himself three times in their mind: "And above all these put on Love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony." (Colossians 3:14)

    "And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment." (Philippians 1: 9)

    "Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

    This is the first and great commandment, and the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'" (Matthew 22: 37-39)

    Physical exercises.

    Willpower, willpower is necessary to everyone! The devil is only kept away with willpower, he is only expelled with willpower. Therefore, if you do these exercises, you will restore harmony. They are based on a great law in Nature.

    Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
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  6. Готов превод Законът на самопожертването - 24.8.1921-СБ-387 / ...: 24.8.1921-СБ-387

    The Law of Self-sacrifice

    Christ says that every scribe who learns about the Kingdom of Heaven is like a master of a house, who takes out of his treasure both new and old things.

    I will read you Psalm 108.

    When the psalmist sang this psalm, he was in the ascending line of his spiritual development, and began as follows: "My heart, O God, is steadfast..." This means - it is already placed on a rock. And as it is firmly placed on the rock, he has no one to fear.

    "I will sing and give praise, even with my glory!"

    As a poet he says to himself:

    "Awake, psaltery and harp:

    I myself will awake early.

    I will praise Thee, O Lord, among the people

    and I will sing praises unto Thee among the nations.

    For Thy mercy is great above the Heavens,

    and Thy Truth reacheth unto the clouds..."

    So he expresses an inner experience of his. He has passed his exam. The psalmist speaks of that Lord of Love, of Whom we are now speaking.

    By clouds it is meant here: our mental world to be embraced. These clouds represent the fact that thoughts should be embraced by the law of Love.

    "Be thou exalted, O God, above the Heavens,

    and Thy Glory above all the earth!

    That Thy beloved may be delivered, save with Thy Right Hand, and answer me! ...

    God hath spoken in His Holiness:

    Moab is my washpot...

    Through God we shall do valiantly

    for He it is that shall tread down our enemies."

    When these formulas are translated into the law of Love, into the law of Wisdom, and into the law of Truth, all united in one, these are weapons with which we now have to fight.

    I will now talk to you about the law of self-sacrifice, how this law should be interpreted.

    The Master is holding in his hand a lemon with a very regular shape.

    Do you see this lemon? It has the brightest, strongest original color. It is a fruit of the mental world, which has sacrificed itself. Do you know where this being in this lemon comes from? It has descended from the Realm of Wisdom and is therefore clothed in this yellow garment.

    Only Love can make a sacrifice in the world. Without Love, no sacrifice is possible. Sacrifice means that we give the best, the most sublime, the noblest in the service of God, to sacrifice it to work for Him.

    Do you know what a coup this citric acid makes, when it enters our body? When a being is desalinated through sin, i.e. when his thoughts are no longer so active, his feelings and actions weaken, he needs this acid to awaken every potency. Therefore, in its primary manifestation, the Spirit inserts an acid, i.e. it first awakens the activity in all beings, and those who understand the law will manifest their activity, while those who do not understand it will get angry. The reason that excites man to action, is the Spirit who wants to manifest. We have to sacrifice our purest thoughts to God. For example, your sweetheart comes, whom you have been waiting for years. What do you think, which apple are you going to pick for her? The best one, the best shaped; you will wash it, you will approach your sweetheart tenderly and delicately, and you will offer it to her. Therefore, when the Lord comes, you will offer Him your best thoughts, because the thought is a fruit. Our thoughts become food for other beings, serve for their growth, just as the fruits of the Earth help our growth. And so, for God or for those beings from the mental world, we will sacrifice our best fruits. We will not lose anything. After receiving these fruits, they will sow in their gardens the seeds, that are hidden in the thoughts. And when our thoughts begin to grow in the angelic world, we become geniuses. This is a genius - when an angel sows one of your thoughts in his garden, you will become a genius. If your thought is sawn in an angelic garden, you will become an extraordinary person, but if it is not sawn, you will remain an ordinary person.

    The same law applies to feelings. When we come to a world, we will have to sacrifice the most sublime, the noblest of our feelings. They will be the contribution to this living Lord, Who will manifest in one way or another. It can take the form of a man, it can take the form of a spirit, a seraphim or a cherubim. Whatever form He manifests in, we have to offer Him our noblest, most sublime feelings. And when these feelings serve as food for an angel, he will definitely sow their seeds in his garden and then we will become daring, rich. Man's wealth is hidden in his heart. That is right in the Spiritual world.

    We finally go down to the physical plain. When a friend we love visits us, what are we going to do? We will knead some bread for him. The mistress of the house will take out the best wheat flour, she will sift it with her sieve, ferment it, knead it herself, bake it in her oven, offer it herself and thus express her love in the physical plain. And when he eats it, the friend will say: "Your bread is very good - it is perfectly kneaded, it is perfectly baked!"

    And so, we are obliged, from young to grown-ups, to sacrifice a little, but our sacrifice should be made out of love. A sacrifice in which there is no love, is not accepted. If someone comes to me and says, "I want to express a thought that I have towards you," I will ask him inwardly, "Do you want to say this out of love, or to bribe me?" If it is out of love, I will sow this thought of yours in a garden, but if it is not out of love - keep it to yourself." Someone comes and tells me, "I will express an inner feeling towards you." I ask him, "Will you say it out of love, or to bribe me? If it is out of love, I will plant its seeds, but if you want to bribe me, please keep it for yourself." If someone comes and wants to express some action towards me, I will ask him in the same way: “Do you want to express this action out of love, or to bribe me? If it is out of love, I will take it and plant it in a garden, but if it is for the purpose of bribing me, keep it to yourself."

    And so, in your minds, in the minds of the disciples of the White Brotherhood, there must be the thought that the law is unchangeable, and it has to be known that everything we do must be for God. If you have doubts in your mind about whether you should do what you set out to do, you better not do it. Do it only if there is no doubt in your minds, hearts and actions, but if there is any doubt creeping in, stop and do not do it, because not only will you not benefit yourself and others, but you will even cause harm. I would like every thought, every feeling, every action, whatever it is, whether in the physical, in the spiritual or in the mental world, to be done with love, to be permeated with love. If all our actions are permeated with love, then they will be accepted, they will be blessed. And if sometimes we fail materially, it is because we do not observe this law. If you do not sacrifice the material out of love, then whatever you are - a merchant, a farmer, etc., you will not succeed. But if for everything you do, you have in your mind and heart the thought that you are doing it out of love for the Lord, you will have a blessing in general - you will go to bed and get up with joy, you will eat and drink with joy, there will be joy everywhere. That is why I want all your actions to be amorous. And if you are not ready to do everything with love, refrain until Love comes. Whoever does not have love in themselves yet, refrain until it comes. If someone wants to give us something, to help us in any way, let them do it out of love. This is for his blessing. If he cannot do this out of love, he should better refrain, because some doubts may arise. For example, some friends come here, they stay for a while and when the the time comes to leave, they put some money as an offering, but then they say to themselves: "What happens with this money?" We do not even want five bucks from those who think like that. If the slightest doubt enters them, let them keep their money. Those who do not think like that, let them keep their money. Whoever doubts, let them not give anything. We will give him everything without money - we will feed him, we will pay him for staying. This is for you, not for us. What will money do for us in the world? Now they are a means, but we can do without that means. Do not think that we cannot. You will say, "Then how are we going to get together here?" Well, how are we going to get together? Everyone will bring their own bread. This is one way, and there are thousands of ways. I want to tell you: let the law of self-sacrifice take root in your souls. When you want to sacrifice something, do not rush, stop, ask yourself, put this question in your intuition, think and say, "Lord, I want to sacrifice for You out of love." If you feel the Lord smiling on you - sacrifice yourselves. However, if you see that His Face is serious, refrain yourselves. After a while, pray again and observe His expression. If he smiles, make a sacrifice, but if not - refrain yourselves. It will be the same as with Cain and Abel, with those Old Testament brethren who made a sacrifice to God. Why was the sacrifice of one accepted, but of the other - not?

    Now we will begin in our lives with this new Teaching, with the Teaching of Love. All our actions must be permeated with love and whatever we do to each other must be dictated by love. And let no one be cheeky to say to anyone, "Do this for me!" I will never tell anyone to do this for me. This is not in the New Teaching. I am ready and I would rather do a job for you ten times, plow your field ten times if you're not ready for it, than make you do something for me. You have no right to say to anyone, "Do this. Do you have no love? What kind of a Christian are you?” There is no such teaching in our country. If someone in our country offers his services ten times, we will tell him, "Brother, if it is out of love, we are ready to accept it." If you apply this law, there will be no disputes among you. Where do disputes originate from? Now let us say someone was a leader in a city. "Why should he be?" Well, if Love has put him here to sacrifice himself - welcome! But if he imposes himself, we will tell him: "Brother, keep everything to yourself!"

    I want all leaders across the cities to be appointed out of love. Are we not a brotherhood, founded on love? Two, three, four people come together - let them all compete in love. Suppose we have ten mechanics who have gathered to repair a broken car. One of them says, "I will do it." He comes, turns around, tries, he cannot fix it. He says, "I could not fix it." A second one comes - and he also cannot. A third one comes - the same. Finally, the tenth one comes to the car and fixes it. It does not matter if the first one or the last one will fix it. You wait your turn to show your craft, do not hurry: it is not a matter of hurrying. And then, we deceive ourselves: there is only one Master in the world, he is the Master of Love. He is One, do not think that there are many. One is the Great Master of Love, and all the other teachers are manifestations of Love. When we talk about the Master, we understand the Great Infinite Love, which is expressed in giving knowledge, wisdom, happiness and bliss to all beings on Earth. This being thinks every day about other beings, what shape He will give them. And every day He hears their sighs, thinking all day about how to improve their existence. This is the Great Master and we all want to be an expression of His thoughts, of His feelings, of His actions. I would like us all to be like that. And then we will all be disciples, we will all be masters. When? When He is inside us. We are disciples when we receive, and masters when we transmit some Divine Thought which He has conveyed to us. And after you pass it on, you are a disciple again, you go to receive again. To be a master means to express the Divine thoughts, the Divine Truth and the Divine Love before the world. Think this way, so that the thought does not arise in you in relation to someone: "Well, is he a master?" When Love speaks in him, we will all listen to him. Be it a child, be it a cow, be it an ox, be it a fly - when they are speaking, we will say: “The Lord is speaking through them.” If the Lord does not speak through them, then we will go, we will not listen to them. We will do our job without paying attention to them. You will say to such masters: “Wait, wait, I have a very urgent job to do. I have children, I have a wife, I have no time to listen to you.” But when Love speaks, you will say: “I am free, I have done my job, I am at your disposal.” And this is how you should also treat yourselves. You need to know when the Lord speaks and when the Lord does not speak. When the Lord speaks, we will say: "I am free, I have all the time at my disposal to do what you want." When the Lord does not speak, you will say, "I have no free time now."

    I wish you now to smooth out through the law of Love all the obstacles you have across the cities, and not to treat me to judge you who is right and who is wrong. If there is someone to blame, it is all my fault. If the Master Who speaks to you is wrong, then I am also wrong along with Him. Such is the law. Did the Jews not say of Christ, "If this one is righteous, what has he got to do with the sinners, gathering the prostitutes around him?" Make no mistake - we do not yet know the deep relationships that exist in life. Do not be deceived by the external manifestations of man. Sometimes a person can make some mistakes, but do not deceive yourselves, you do not know why he does that. You do not know his condition at any given time, you do not know what his relationship with God is. You do not know that. We must reverently stop and wait to see what God is working. Our judgement about one thing or another, must be truthful, with love, as the Truth is not spoken in haste. It is not a sin that we are quick-witted, because light is also fast. And when I say to you to be slow, I mean to be slow in sin, but quick in Good. Slow in sin, but with lightning speed in Good, in Love, in Truth, with the greatest speed that can be put into action.

    Now I will ask the leaders in the cities to start with the law of Love. Let them take the last places. Christ also says, "Anyone who wants to be first, must be the very last." May the strong in Love begin to serve everyone. You are a clairvoyant, aren't you? Well, God has given you this clairvoyance in order to serve others with it. How will you serve them? As a clairvoyant, I see that they want to tempt someone, to make him fall, so they put him in trade - this brother will tempt him, and the other one will tempt him. And you see him - already fallen. As a clairvoyant, I tell him, "Brother, the plan, the intentions of your brother towards you are not sincere, he has no good intentions. You should give up.” Or, two young people will get married - they are among the brothers and sisters, they want to live spiritually. But I, as a clairvoyant, see that they will not live according to God, and therefore I tell them:

    - Do not get married. If you listen to me, do not get married.

    - But are we not going to live according to God?

    - If you do not get married, you will live according to God, but if you get married, you will live according to the devil.

    For others, however, I see like a clairvoyant that if they get married, they will live well.

    - Yes, but how - we have no money!

    - If you get together, you will move forward. Get married, do not be afraid, listen to me!

    We need to enter somewhere, in order to help each other. Such is the law of clairvoyance. Someone comes and asks:

    - What are you?

    - A clairvoyant.

    - And what do you see?

    - Ghosts.

    What if I go to a city and see all the male and female dancers, white horses, black horses, ministers with nice hats, and tell this to a farmer, for example - what does he care? That some minister had such a bowler hat, that he wore such shoes, that he had such suitcases and brought this and that to Bulgaria? What does he care about all this? He is not interested in anything. But if I tell him that when he went abroad, this minister brought a lot of seeds from a fruit crop, he will say, "Yes, that is good."

    I would like to use all the abilities that you have. I would like you all to talk to spirits, I would like you all to be clairvoyants, to see these spirits and to touch them. When Christ appeared to His disciples, they were frightened and said, "Is this not a shadow?" "Try Me," He told them. There was a pulse in Him. You say, "We will be like the doubting Thomas." I like Thomas. You say, "We should not tempt the Lord." No, sometimes we have to put our finger in His body. Some say, "Until I put my finger in His wound to try, I do not want to delude myself." We should try the wounds of Christ not with this physical finger, but with our spiritual finger, to get in touch with Him, to experience His past life. Someone says, "I want to know Christ!" "You can know Me," says Christ, "well." And He gives you such great misery, suffering, that your house catches fire on both sides. Two thousand years ago Christ suffered, and today he says to those suffering: "Behold, this is Me - I am in you now, this is what I experienced." Did you understand?

    Suffering - this is the first phase of initiation. But you say, "No, I want it differently, I want to see Your resurrection!" No, first you will experience His sufferings and then, after passing them successfully, you will come to the Resurrection - to the Great Love. Then we will know Him. Our heart will open and we will say, "It is worthwhile for a person to live in God's Love and to serve the Lord." And in life you will be, as if you are living in the Kingdom of God. Well then, you find a friend, love each other, read together, cuddle, and when you live like that, is it not the same as if Christ lives in you? You live in harmony. Is this not God, Who lives in you? When you go from the first step to the second, you will come to see Christ in such a primary phase. But this does not always happen. There are only three instances on Earth where one can see Christ clothed in flesh. Christ will appear, take you by the hand, and say to you, "Touch Me - this is Me!" But this cannot always be seen. In the physical world there are only three cases in which Christ can be seen, but in the other worlds there are more cases. If you use them wisely, each of you will be able to see Him. Someone says, "I want to see Him!" Yes, but there is a need for sacrifice. Until you learn to sacrifice your best thoughts, your best feelings, your best desires, you cannot see Christ.

    I will give you an example. Years ago, Christ went to the house of a priest in the form of an old monk, whom the priest did not love and did not want to receive. I said to the priest, "Listen, the monk is your brother, let him in!" The priest agreed and let him in. In order to test the priest, the monk said to him:

    - I need money because I have to travel.

    - "I only have five leva", the priest replied.

    - Well, then, I will do without them, I can also travel on foot.

    And he went out. I then said to the priest:

    - That was Christ.

    - Well, if that is Him, I have money. I will go to bring Him back.

    Christ has come in the form of a monk, but as soon as the misfortune passes, after the self-sacrifice comes, this mask will fall and Christ will manifest Himself. Otherwise He will only pass as a monk.

    So the Divine in the world is hidden in all forms and when we manifest our love in thoughts, feelings and actions, then It will manifest to us. Otherwise, It will be a distant secret for us and we will only sigh for Him.

    And now, young and old, all the disciples of the White Brotherhood will act according to this law - absolute freedom in Love. Throughout the year we will try to send each other love thoughts. If disharmony appears somewhere, we will all focus our thoughts for blessing. Therefore, I want you all to have such a correct shape, as this lemon. I would like you all to be smart like this lemon. It is very clever! If you were as smart as it is, that would be good. It is modest, it does not speak. Its speech is alien to you. It tells me, "You will translate my thoughts to them. Tell them that the world we live in, lives in the law of Love, and I have descended among men by that law to observe and study their lives, and in time I think of returning to my homeland."

    Now you will say, "Deep spirit!" No, that is the form. The spirit is hidden in it, you do not see him. Do you know where its spirit is hidden? If there are clairvoyants among you, let them see this spirit and let them see where he is hidden. You are all first degree clairvoyants. In the second degree you are guessing about clairvoyance, and in the third degree you are guessing whether you can be clairvoyants or not.

    We will not have breakfast this morning. Do you know why? Because we think of having a fraternal lunch. Let us have more time to prepare the lunch, so that your senses are sharpened a little. You will spend the time until noon calmly, in reflections - about Love, about Wisdom, about Truth. Try to perceive all this. Whatever you think, ask for it so that you can perceive it. And whoever has any desires, should not be afraid to put them into action. Feel for the Lord! Do not hesitate to apply every good feeling, thought, desire and action, such as they arise in you. No matter - young and old, who understands what. Let each of you endeavor throughout the year to apply everything as it has entered, as it was born in his heart, mind and soul, and the Lord will bless him. And this spirit of the lemon says, "And we, all the spirits, will help these disciples, we will assist them!"

    Throughout this year, you will not pay attention to what others think about you, but what you think about others. You will start with the first, the most important thing- to listen and perceive all the great thoughts, you will read good books, you will listen to the advice of your friends. You will use everything as a means of realizing those great thoughts and desires that God has put in your soul.

    And I would like each of you, when you come next year, to bring a nice fruit from their mental garden, from their heart garden, from the garden of their soul, of their willpower. By bringing such a nice fruit each, we will welcome you and say, "Welcome, Disciples of Love!" And these fruits will show the degree of your development. Then we will exhibit them here, on earth, and in the other world, and each of you will accept their reward. What will be this reward? The reward will be that the Truth will light up and illuminate you, and you will be walking in the Path of Truth.

    - Amen!

    And now all of you, who have urgent work and can not wait after the fraternal lunch, are free. Their path is wide! We send them all our love, return to their homes and start living as the Lord wants. And those of you who are free, if they want to stay out of love, they can stay as long as they want - out of inner motivation. But do not let any of you stay with a selfish purpose - to finish eating the cream. No, the cream has already been eaten, leaving only the kefir. So, there should remain no thought of seduction, of doubt that there is something hidden from you. No, the hidden one is elsewhere - the hidden one is above, with God.

    Sing a song! Let us sing the song by one brother of ours: "Arise!" (T/N: this is the name of the song) Let us sing it quietly!

    All friends will spread in the yard, 2-3-5-10 people together, and you will exchange thoughts on Love and on everything that may come out of your soul. Exchange thoughts until lunchtime comes. Today's lunch will be an amorous one, so I want you to put all your love in it.

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    Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

  7. Готов превод Разумно служене - 25.8.1921-СБ-389 / ...: 25.8.1921-СБ-389

    Reasonable Service

    I will read you the 12th chapter of the Epistle to the Romans:

    "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may test and prove what is the will of God.

    For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.
    For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith; or ministry, let us use it in our ministering; the one who teaches, in his teaching; the one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who gives, in generosity; the one who leads, with zeal; the one who acts of mercy, with cheerfulness. Let love be genuine; abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection, outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse! Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. Be of the same mind toward one another, do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble; do not be wise in your own opinion. Repay no one evil for evil, have regard for good things in the sight of all men. If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to God's Wrath. For it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Therefore, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

    The thoughts that the apostle Paul brings in this chapter through the inspiration of the Spirit are important to apply. All teachings make sense to us insofar as they are related, as far as we can comprehend them according to the level of our development, or as far as they fall under our view.

    Imagine if you landed on Earth and it was just like a ball - there would be no plants, no water, no stones on it. What would you learn from the Earth if it were just a round ball as smooth as glass?

    That is why the beauty of things is in that unlimited diversity that exists in the Divine thoughts. And we ourselves are such a manifestation of God's thought, and this Thought is something real. Its reality is in our soul and the most important thing we strive for, is to embrace and get to know our soul. Both happiness and unhappiness, both joy and sorrow, both meaning and nonsense, both strength and powerlessness - all this depends on our soul. When you begin to lose your strength, you break the threads of your soul; when you lose your mind, you break the thread of your willpower. Therefore, you have lost your soul. And when inspiration comes to us, it shows that we have removed the mistakes from our soul. And the soul - this is us. This Divine soul is clothed in various forms, and every form is necessary for the world in which the soul manifests. It should not be overlooked! When the soul descends to the physical world, it will put on such a body that it now has. Do not mix the flesh of your misunderstood desires and aspirations, with your body! The body we have now is the most magnificent building, it is a model for the future body. It is not finished yet, the true Divine temple, the Temple of Solomon, will be created upon it. You want to understand what the heart, the mind of man is, what his spirit is, what soul he has, but you have neither seen the heart, nor the mind, nor the soul, nor the spirit. What you know are just concepts, vague perceptions.

    If you ask yourself, "What am I?" Let us say you are happy, joyful, but some neighbor pricks you with a small needle, and from the tip of that small needle, your happiness is spoiled. I am asking: where has your happiness gone? Or, let us say, you have some great pain, it is purulent somewhere, and someone pierces this place with a small needle, squeezes the pus and you are released from the burden. So that foreign substance that was in your body has caused all the suffering and once it is discarded, you are relieved, you become happy and cheerful.

    Therefore, all thoughts, feelings, desires and actions that have nothing to do with our lives, cause a painful condition once they enter the body of the soul, and you should strive to find a way to get rid of them. Do not say, "Nevermind!" No, there is something to mind. If your foot hurts, you will find the thorn and remove it.

    The apostle Paul also had a thorn, but he said he needed that thorn - it was a brake on his life. This thorn served as a brake for him, because Paul still had to go down. The Lord said to him, “You need this brake, My Grace is enough for you. I cannot take the brake away from you now, but go down and when you start ascending, I will take it away from you." This thorn can not be taken away, but when you go down to the bottom and start ascending, the Lord will remove your brake because there is no need for a brake when going up. Now some of you have sufferings - they are going down and have a brake. And if you ask me how long the sufferings will last, I will answer you: you will have these sufferings until you go down to the bottom, and once you start going up, all the sufferings will begin to disappear and when you climb to the top, there will be no sufferings.

    I say: those forms in which we are clothed in the physical world are necessary. The most important organ in the physical world is the human brain, and you must guard the most impressionable part of the head. This is its front, the forehead. You have to keep your forehead to be impressionable, to be able to perceive the Divine forms correctly. Try not to make your face rough. Once it gets rough, your thoughts, feelings and desires will also start getting rough. Plants grow by the same law, and those who have planted flowers know what happens when the soil is sun baked. Because if the clay soil is sun baked, the water cannot penetrate down to give moisture, and the roots cannot grow. Our face can also be baked and this burning can stop the entry of the Divine moisture, which gives impetus to development. And when you start to burn, you become rough, your eyes become cruel, your mouth becomes rough and there is some disharmony in your face. You will try to remove this burning, you will try to get rid of it from your face. If you lose the Divine sense, you will turn black like charcoal. Your face may also turn white like white soil. Therefore, you will make every effort - with prayers, with work, you will try to restore the plasticity of your face, until at last it reaches the state that it shines, that a certain light begins to emanate from it. Then it will have an expression and the Divine light will begin to enter your brain, your soul. You should have a desire for your face to become receptive to the Divine from the outside world.

    How do your feelings get rough in you? When you perceive a negative thought or a negative feeling. And every feeling is determined by a number of reasons, by the vibrations of the various movements. There are reflective movements that come out of the brain and go out, towards the face. And as a result of these blows from the brain to the face, you become so acidic that your nose begins to distort, to flatten; sometimes it rises up, sometimes it bends down, sometimes it sinks and gets disfigured. Then your eyes begin to sink, to shrink. And so these horrible wrinkles begin to appear on the face, and it becomes as chopped as cracked earth, as if it had been cut with some sharp meat chopper.

    The Divine Spirit of Christianity says, "Every thought that you project into your heart, can either be perceived or not." Will you take advantage of it by giving it a way out? I am talking about the conscious thoughts that enter us and we give them life. Therefore, any thought that penetrates you and is in disharmony with your growth, do not drive it away, but stop it at the main entrance. Make it wait a day, two, three, ten, a month, a year, two - let it wait there.

    And we, the modern people, the modern Christians, who are walking in the right path, in the New teaching, if we cannot straighten our faces, then what is our science, this new teaching? If our faces become coarse like the faces of worldly people, if our bodies become coarse, then what does our teaching consist of? Then we will begin an opposite reaction, we will reach the collective conscious manifestation of the human soul. There are conditions in life and they are the following: let us assume that a bitter thought or feeling penetrates your soul or consciousness; you may not be to blame for this, but you will first find out where this thought comes from - from left or right, front or back, top or bottom. There are six directions from which the thought may come. You need to find at least two directions, to see if the thought is coming from the left or the right. This bad thought may come from the left, and then a woman sends it to you; if it comes from the right - a man sends it to you. So you need to know who has sent you this bad thought. It is a science, a philosophy - to know who this thought comes from, a woman or a man. Because if the thought comes from a woman but you accept it as sent by a man, you will use the wrong method. Now when I say man and woman, it is because there are both female and male devils. There are not only men and women like you, but there are female devils and male devils. Among all beings there are both male and female ones. You should know from which category of beings this thought, that is sent to you, comes.

    The Apostle Paul, who understands the laws, says, "Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God." And in our modern scientific language, this means: expose yourself to the sun's rays and all the harmful microbes that are in your body, may the Lord forgive them, will disappear. As soon as you expose your bodies to God's rays, united with God, this light of God will properly penetrate into you and God will change the conditions. They will change so naturally that those things that seem impossible to you will become possible, and there will be joy every day. You should not only listen, but make experiments and your movements will become light. It only remains to change our noses. Do not say, "When I come to Earth, the Lord will give me another body, another form." Think about it: if you have a beautiful diamond enclosed in a box, do you think that this box does not serve an important function? It protects it from being damaged from the outside. It protects the body of the soul. Therefore, this box is needed and you have to protect it because of the diamond. Once the box breaks, your diamond will also break, but if you keep it in good condition, the diamond will also be in good condition.

    If your soul has not yet developed in order to enter the astral world and acquire another shell - the astral body, you will expose yourself to danger - your soul will be distorted.

    That is why the Scripture says in this respect: "Our bodies are the Temple of God, in which the Spirit of God is manifested." We will try here not to damage not only our body, but also the body of any of our brothers. I know that some people make the following mistake: they focus their thoughts on something and cross them. For example, when they see a very slender person, they start to envy him. They want this beauty to get away from him, this young man to lose his strength. We also act like this when we see that a person has special talents - we envy them. No thought of envy should enter our mind, our heart. We should use the talented and smart person, not envy them. And then this person can bring us a lot of benefits. There are people you can hang out with, and then you can receive a great blessing.

    The most dangerous people in the world are the stupid ones, they are pickpockets. Who can rob you? The one who has nothing. The scientist, the talented man is like the one who is loaded with a very big sack and when he meets someone, says: "I do not need what is yours, I can give you some of mine too." But the fool carries an empty sack on his back and he will rob this person, rob that person, until he fills his sack.

    And so, being disciples of the White Brotherhood, you must beware of all sour feelings, of all inner ailments. Every thought that you project into the world, it first touches the Divine consciousness and then goes to the object to which we are sending it. Every thought of ours passes through the consciousness of the Divine Center, and all sins arise from the fact that we sin against God and His great laws. So, as soon as one of our disharmonious thoughts touches the Divine Consciousness, the Lord writes, "Let this man bear his burden, his punishment, in the future." This is karma. Do not think that this is something indiscriminate. God records your every thought very accurately, leaving nothing unwritten.

    In the future, we all have to think as Christ thought. Not the historical Christ, but the Christ of Love, the Great Spirit of God, Who creates all the goods in the world. And when you see the face of that one, the Living Christ, you will be filled with joy. The psalmist says, "When I see Your Face, my soul will rejoice." And indeed, in the future life, in the other world, the New that you will see, is the Face of God. I cannot describe it to you, but once you see that face, you will understand the meaning of all the other faces - both the mental and the emotional ones. When you see that face in this light, you will understand everything. Therefore, we strive for our mind, heart and soul to be so impressionable that they perceive the Face of God, because it will produce in us the effect of renewal in this life, in which we are now groaning. Each of you now says, "Oh, he is gone, he is gone!" The girl is looking for him, the woman, the father, the mother - everyone is looking for someone but they cannot find him. And when he comes, they catch Him, kiss Him and say: "It is not Him!" So the mother kisses her child and says: "It is not Him!" They have been looking for Him for thousands of years, but they do not find Him; when He appears - they do not recognize Him.

    The prophet says, "When you seek Me with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, you will find Me."

    Let us now go back to the brain, which is the most important organ in us. There are millions of small threads in it that protrude from the center and are directed to the surface. All these threads are conductors of the Divine energy, which serves to form the Divine thoughts. This is a harp, by playing on which the human spirit creates harmony. In the front upper part of the brain, rational thoughts are formed; in its back upper part, our personal feelings are formed - the feeling that we are free individuals. The lower threads at the back, behind the ears, produce the militancy in man, and at the bottom, at the back - the physical love in the world. Love begins with a current - positive and negative. That is why people hold hands. These currents start like this: first the arms are crossed, then they are released, and finally people say, "I do not understand what you mean." They hold each other again, cuddle, and then let go of each other. Still, they cannot understand each other. Why? Because these centers in the brain are not so developed, as to be able to grasp the first thoughts. Every amorous thought should have a correct shape, not a crooked, distorted shape. It will lead you into sin. When you meet your lover, you cannot clench your fist and say, "Let me punch you in the mouth", so that to check if he loves you. No, no! In the modern world we use the forms of lower beings. In order for someone here to test you, he has to cause you the greatest suffering. But in the law of Heaven it is just the opposite. And now, among us here, I am telling you not for my sake, but for your own sake: in order to be able to grow and develop, it is necessary for your souls to harmonize with each other properly.

    We always have to love. You all have to love each other equally, without being deceived by the external forms. There are some people who make a pleasant impression on us and we feel some warmth in the solar plexus, but there are also those people whose presence is distressing for us, we feel like having a lump in our stomach and we cannot think, we do not feel free.

    A wasp passed around me just now. What does the wasp have at the back? What is the wasp? It is a carnivorous animal, extremely destructive one. It passes around me and I say, "As long as this wasp is buzzing around your eye, you cannot develop properly - there is danger." So any bad, ungodly thought may impair our Divine vision. We are talking about harmony. Keep the following thought in your mind: the conditions that now exist in the world, are not created by God, they are created by us. But they are a necessity that we cannot ignore. Therefore, they do not represent any obstacle to our development, but are a stimulus for development. Think like that! Let us say that now one of you has a husband or wife who is incorrigible. Do not be mad. This incorrigibility is a blessing to you. You have a friend who is eccentric. You should know that your friend is not an obstacle, but on the contrary, he is helping your ascension. Or let us say, that one of your girl friends is like that - this friend of yours will give you very good lessons. The same law also applies to you, if you externally represent an obstacle to others. We are set up like this, to help each other without knowing it. Do not try to be better than you are now. I do not want you to be better than you are now! Remember this: any exaggeration brings exhaustion. Keep this state in your mind, be what you are now, throughout the whole year. I am pleased with the mood that you are having now. But do you know where your mistake is? You often expose yourself, saying, "Come and see what I have!" Do not display your jewels, do not show them. Let the disposition that you have in your soul, stay in you. Do not open your whole spring. Let others see the water through the spout. Let there be something secret in your soul, let people not know everything about you. Only God should know what we are. If God knows us, we also know Him. That is enough for us. But people should better not know us. It is a blessing to be known by the good person, but a curse - to be known by the bad person.

    I see now that you have a desire for the world to know what you are. They do not need to know us. This world, whether it knows us or not, we will still do to it the same good, no matter what.

    So, I do not want you to get better, but to stay as good as you are now. Neither do I not want you to get stronger. May the Great Spirit of God put something new in you, whatever He finds good. Put this thought in you, so that when you come next year, you will notice that something new has been born in you. If you notice this earlier, you will say, "Cluck, cluck," like the rooster and the hen; if a fox hears a rooster crowing, it immediately comes to him. That is why you should be silent in your actions like philosophers. And now the hen clucks, clucks, and will lay the egg. People will come out and say, "Our hen has laid an egg!" When you do something, keep quiet - otherwise the egg may be gone. And in their original state, the eggs did not fail, as they do now.

    And we will leave this state, we will leave the yard with the cackle, we will leave every bad thought, feeling and desire in the depths of our heart, our mind and our soul, to be processed into the Divine law and to become part of our organism.

    I would also like all your faces to become more beautiful by next year. What do I mean by more beautiful? This means that you have completed a certain subject. So I am saying: when you come to school next year, you should play music better, because beauty is the art of playing.

    We are beautiful when we think, feel and act. When our spirit works, we are beautiful, but when we stop acting, our faces become ugly. Therefore, each of you will strive to control your thoughts.

    I would like you not to spoil the harmony throughout the year. But you can ruin it, and do you know how? You may ruin it unknowingly. If a maiden enters among ten young men, she will spoil the harmony. And vice versa - if a young man enters among ten maidens, he will spoil the harmony. I know such cases. Five maidens gather together and promise to live a pure, pristine life. However, after a while a young man comes to them, he is also active, but falls in love with one of the maidens and thus ruins the brotherhood. He has to be a gentleman and say, "I am coming here to get one of you." That is right - nothing more!

    People need to be honest in all their actions. This is Divine. And what is Divine is right. What is not Divine is not right. The law is like this: when one of our bad thoughts enters among good thoughts, it can ruin them; and when a good thought enters among bad thoughts, it can correct them, improve them. No matter how weak a bad thought is, it can ruin the harmony of good thoughts and it may take a day, two, a month, a year for harmony to be restored.

    So, pay attention to your brain. When you get up in the morning and have darkness in your mind, you will project in yourself the thought that a bright stream of light is coming down from the Invisible world. Accept it, so that it enters the depths of your heart. Then run it through the back and front of the brain. Carry out a mental manipulation and this depressing condition will disappear immediately. You can do this exercise for five to ten minutes and you will get to certain rules that your spirit will teach you during this year.

    There will be no irritable people nor bad people among us, but there are people who do not know yet how to play music. The irritable person has a lot of excess energy, and does not know where to use it. Someone says, "His love is out of place." He has a lot of love, but it cannot get out and will blow the pipes. Is it the fault of love that in excess, it manifests itself in this way? We will install new, wider pipes, we will make a new piping.

    You will say, "Can all people love each other?" Yes, they can. But how? You will realize that all people are part of the same Divine Being, That you love. If you love this and that, you will love everyone. How does a mother love her child? She kisses him below, and above, and everywhere, because she loves his soul. And when the child dies and his soul is gone, then they say, "Come, may God forgive him!" While we realize that God lives in us, we appreciate Him in this child, but the moment we feel that there is no God, we begin to hate man and thus cause evil. Therefore, you will always think that the Spirit of God dwells in each one of you and that you are all Divine. Whoever of you has more respect for others, also has more love. If you love me because I love you, that is no advantage; but if you love a person who does not love you, it shows that you have character. If you give something to someone who has given something to you, it is the natural order of things. Sometimes you can do services to someone who is chasing you. This is art, this is character! And God also looks at us like that. If you are doing a favor to someone who has lied to you ten times, that is already something special. And the Lord says, "Become special in your manifestations!" We have to do extraordinary things. This world needs such extraordinary things. And we will lend each other a hand.

    All those, who have remained today, will form the one hundred that I select.

    (The selected ones call.)

    Whether you will be selected is not yet known. If you apply what was said, you will be chosen. The one who applies the law is chosen, and the one who does not apply it will sit in the entrance hall. And you, who have stayed here, will write to the others immediately: "The Master said that for those who stay here, there will be kefir, but he lied to us - there is butter and cream here." Yes, but whether you will eat it - this is the question! For those of you who are present here, there will be one rule: when you get up in the morning, you will send someone a harmonious thought. If you do not know what to say, you will say, "May the Lord be glorified, as He has written in His Book." The next day you will say the same. Every morning throughout the year, when you have a beautiful thought about a brother of yours, say it. If you do not have such a thought in your mind, say, "Let the Name of God be glorified as He has written in His Book." And each of you will send 365 such thoughts this year to glorify the Living Lord. Then you will say the second thought, "And as the Lord is glorified as He has written in His book, may His love be manifested in my soul and in the souls of all my brethren."

    You will send these good thoughts only in the morning. You will start today without any delay! You may obey the law from morning till noon. By sending a thought like this every morning, we will be able to eliminate many painful conditions. And now, if there are still among us some neurotics, some with headaches, with stomach pains, with malaise, we will establish harmony in this way by sending such thoughts. Then we will eat sweetly, we will think harmoniously, we will work sweetly. It will always be sweet everywhere.

    I want to get you out of the jails, you know, to get you out of those cages. You will send thoughts to everyone, whose consciousness is awakened. You will try to get in touch with all your brothers, whose consciousness has been awakened. The law is the same - as soon as the consciousness of the person, to whom the thought is sent, is awake, he immediately comes into contact with you. There is no place or space for the awakened souls - the connection is established instantly.

    If some gloomy thoughts and ordeals come to you, consider this a great privilege. You will stand before the Lord and say, "Lord, thank You for this great privilege with which You have honored me!" Thus you will say to this consciousness. You may encounter a little resistance and some difficulties, but then the difficulties will disappear, you will start to melt, to melt, and you will be gradually relieved. The law is true and these flowers will begin to grow. You will have at least 65% profit.

    In the world you live in, watch out for your purses. When you return home, those poor people will come looking for you: "Is there not anything left for us too?" And if they find it, they may rob you. You will keep your purse closed. You may give them, but you will give them with an account and you will give them as much as you think is good, not as much as they want. Christ says, "He who has two shirts, let him give one." You will give the two shirts, only if he is a tyrant. If he is an opponent, give him one of your shirts, if he is from the devil - give them both, so that he can go!

    "Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God." And so, our soul will learn how to dress in the astral world - with its astral body, in the mental world - with its mental body, in the spiritual world - with the spiritual body, and when it enters Paradise - with its Divine Body. If you are with your current bodies, they will not recognize you in the other world of harmony. This is how you will change your costumes, and when someone meets you, if he does not understand the Laws of Harmony, he will not even suspect that it is you, he will not recognize you - in order to know each other in the other world, we all have to be in the Law of Harmony.

    Thus you will try to keep your brains in good condition and use the thoughts that bother you. Do not sleep, watch out not to be surprised by the enemy. Do you know when the enemy surprises us? - When we start feeling the happiest and most cheerful, when we start making a lot of noise - then we should necessarily know that the enemy will come and we must be on guard. This is a rule. The great joy always shows that a great trial will come to you, and the great sorrow shows that a great ordeal will soon come to you. And you will not be afraid, but you will only know that great joys foretell a spoiling of the weather.

    And so, you will try to establish harmony among yourselves. Let there be no trace of the thought that someone was such and such, and we cannot tolerate it. For us, everything is harmonious. Where God is, all is good. And if someone comes to us, we will melt him, we will squeeze him, we will pass him through this and that chimney, through this and that pipe, through this and that retort, we will pass him through 99 retorts, until he finally says: "I am with you!" Whoever enters 99 retorts - that is right. Until he says "I am with you", there is no escape. This is the Divine in the world. The Lord keeps the same law among us - we suffer, we fall, this is a retort, then another one, a third one, etc., until you say: "Lord, I have known You!" Then the Lord will also say: "And I have known You." But you should know this: there is no way back - there is no going back. This road we are walking on, is the best.

    Now you understand, right? Is it clear?

    - Yes.

    Are there any more hesitations?

    - No.

    Has any of you remained with a dissenting opinion?

    - There is no one.

    But can anything happen?

    - No.

    We may not have foreseen something?

    - There is no such thing.

    You may ask what will happen to the others? The question is resolved - from a Divine Viewpoint the issue is resolved. We will fulfill the Will of God, as God has written in His Great Book. And then the Lord will finish for us what He has written. And the matter is settled.

    And now we are going to sign - are you ready to sign?

    - We are ready.

    We will do an exercise - we will sign it: The Love of Christ in us will finish everything started. You will say these words mentally three times.

    You will do the exercises rarely and only when you are alone or when you are ten people together, but in harmony.

    Keep everything that is given to you, as something sacred and valuable.

    You will apply the exercises where the Spirit tells you, you will listen to your intuition. I do not mind like that. But where the Spirit has not spoken to you, do not rush. So your task is greatly facilitated - you will listen to the Spirit.

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  8. Готов превод Гимнастически упражнения - 23.8.1920-СБ-309 / .: 23.8.1920-СБ-309

    Physical Exercises

    First exercise

    Raise both arms to the side of the body with palms facing down, at shoulder height. Then the right arm is slowly raised at an angle of 45 ° to the shoulders, and the left one is lowered, also at an angle of 45 ° to the shoulders. In this position, squat six times, with the thought focused on the front of the brain.

    This exercise serves to regulate the front of the brain.

    Second exercise

    This exercise is the same as the first one, except that the position of the right and left arm is exchanged, thereby squatting six times. In this exercise, the thought should be focused on the heart.

    This exercise serves to regulate feelings.

    Third exercise

    Extend both arms back with palms facing each other and scoop forward by squatting six times. During this exercise, focus your thoughts on the spine.

    This exercise serves to regulate the spine.

    Fourth exercise

    The starting position is the same as at the end of the previous exercise - the arms are extended forward, to the east, at shoulder height, with palms facing down. The left arm is raised up and forward, and the right arm is lowered, while the body rotates slightly around the waist and at the same time makes movements as in swimming. This exercise is also done six times, with the thought focused on the stomach.

    This exercise serves to regulate the stomach.

    Fifth exercise

    The hands are placed on the waist and the body weight is shifted to the left leg, while the right leg is brought out, to the right, slowly forming a semicircle from right to left six times. Then the body weight is shifted to the right leg, and the left leg makes the same movement six times, as the right one at the beginning of the exercise. During the exercise, the thought is focused on the nervous system.

    This exercise serves to regulate the nervous system.

    Sixth exercise

    The two arms are spread apart at shoulder height and slowly raised up until the fingers touch, and the body is raised on the toes and in this position slowly squats, with the arms lowered and retracted at the sides of the body. This exercise is also done six times. It represents the completion of the first five exercises. It is called magnetic undressing and dressing: going downwards - undressing, going upwards - dressing.


    You will do these exercises once a day - if done in the morning, it is wonderful, at noon - good, and in the evening - good. If you want to have good results, you need to do the exercises very slowly and correctly, with well-stretched arms and legs. The movement of the arms helps the development of the heart and chest, and the concentration of the thought strengthens the mind. While performing all the exercises strengthens the willpower.

    These exercises are some of the best occult exercises; however, watch out that they do not become like a snare to you, but be imbued with their benefit. Think that you have known them once, and now you are recalling them.

    Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
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  9. Готов превод Необходими условия за ученика - 20.8.1920-СБ-304 / .: 20.8.1920-СБ-304

    Necessary Conditions for the Disciple

    Talk held in the Upper Room to a group of 72 women.

    Absolute purity of the heart

    Complete self-control of the mind and heart

    You already consider yourselves as disciples of the Occult School or you want to be such. But the rules for the disciples in this school are different from those for the students of the schools here - the schools on Earth. When you enter one of the local schools, you will pay the fee and after completing four years of your lower education, you will receive a recommendation or certificate that you have graduated, and then you will move on to a higher course of your education. However, two things are needed for the disciple of the occult school.

    The first condition is absolute purity of heart. This purity must be alive - just as alive is the purity of that spring, which is constantly gushing and cleansing itself. That is how I understand living purity. Do not ask yourselves, "Can I be clean, or can I not be?" This question should be excluded from your mind. Whoever wants to be a student, must be absolutely pure, to be a living spring. The Scripture says, "My son, give me your heart!" Therefore, in order for your heart to be pure, you must give it to the Lord - by the word Lord, I mean this great White Brotherhood, through which the Lord is now working in the world. These white brothers are the current teachers of all mankind - both men and women, and from now on you will get acquainted with them.

    The second necessary condition for the disciple is complete self-control of the mind and heart. The disciple must control his mind and thoughts, his heart and desires.

    Thus, absolute purity of the heart and complete self-control of the mind and heart are absolutely necessary for the disciple of the occult school. If you do not have absolute purity and complete self-control, no matter what they tell you, you will not benefit from anything, it will pass and go without leaving any traces in you. Those of you, who do not have purity and self-control, when they enter this school, will begin to think that they possess these qualities, and will fall into hypocrisy, will experience a burden that will hinder them.

    Whoever enters here, must be clean - if they do not want to be clean, let them stay outside so as not to stain others. And I say that you all have the opportunity to be pure, because purity does not depend on you, but on God, Who is a spring. You must be brave and determined, not to be afraid - fear may come from the outside, but you will not accept it in yourself as your guest. If you are pure, if you have self-control, the White Brothers, the Heaven, will come to you and will help you.

    Let these pictures, that you see here in the Upper Room, remain in your mind.

    The first picture, the triangle, shows the original state of the human soul in God - this blissful peace, when it is still in Him.

    The second picture with the circles shows the revival of the First Divine culture on Earth, when the White Brothers began to work, when man was innocent and pure. The inverted triangle expresses the Fall of man.

    The third picture, in which straight lines emerge from a common center — some from right to left and others from left to right — shows the path of human evolution that women and men take in their lives on Earth. The woman begins her journey from right to left, while the man - from left to right. For example, a sinful man wants to correct his life - he starts from a straight line, goes backwards and reaches the position of a woman. As a woman he becomes very soft, seeks pleasures in life, and the Lord, in order to make the woman rougher, puts her in the other half, where she reaches the form of a man again. This man, if he gets very rough, starts torturing his wife, and is sent again in the form of a woman to be softened. If he also does not correct his behavior now, he will fall down.

    There are descents and ascents in life. If you develop properly, you will have the opportunity to go through all the lines. So, when you become very soft, you will be sent back to Earth in order to harden; if you become very rude, you will be sent to Earth in order to soften. Softness and hardness are conditions under which one must develop. By merging with God, all suffering will cease and you will be neither a man, nor a woman - you will come to the point that when you wake up in the age, in the state of angels, you will neither get a wife, nor a husband. And since you are now in the spinning of this wheel, whatever you think and philosophize, nothing will save you.

    And so, purity of the heart and complete self-control of the mind and heart are the two essential conditions in occultism. Without them, nothing can be achieved.

    - Can these two states not be mixed?

    - Well, a woman who does not work is always soft!

    In the occult school, in the White Brotherhood, it is not allowed to think that you are anything more than other people, to think that others are ignorant and you stand above them. When you think you are above the others and they are ignorant, there will be others who will think the same of you; third ones will think so about the latter ones, etc. And in the end, you will get a number of ignorant people, and you will think that you are very literate. No, you are all under one denominator. You will get rid of the thought of greatness over others and you will know that every person, every soul has the opportunity to ennoble their life and their life to be pure. In your current life, you have enough time to do your work, and you will have one hour of free time to return home. But if during this time you linger hither and thither, you will lose all opportunities for work and a part of your work will remain unfinished, you will finish it in your future life.

    Do not think that you, women, find yourselves in conditions that hinder you. No matter what conditions you are in, they do not hinder you. Once you are ready, the White Brothers will create good working conditions for you - just as they take the young bride out of the house, when she is ready. If you do not walk well on the road, someone will come to take you as a farmhand and harness you in the cart. In occultism, the one who gives you a lot - for example, money - he thinks the greatest evil of you, and the one who does not give you money, thinks well of you. After finishing all his work, the occult disciple says to his Master, "Thank you, Master!" And when the disciple has done his job well, the Master says, "Thank you!" There is no need for any salary, and one gratitude pays for everything.

    So you have conditions to work. And if you want better conditions to be created for you, you will work, and the conditions will come by themselves. As students, you are now saying to yourselves, "Why did this evil befall me?" Such reasoning is not allowed in the occult school. The disciple must work, solve the tasks assigned to him, without asking himself why and for what. In the occult school, no attention is paid to hats and shoes. Be free and know that everything comes in time. You will not stay in the situation that you are in now, but do not think that everything can happen quickly. In this school, everything takes some time. The student Ivan says:

    - I know my lesson.

    Mara says:

    - I also know it.

    - Well then, come to the board and solve the problem!

    He goes - silent. Silence is not a philosophy. Once he is silent, the job is done. The student says:

    - But I think so.

    - Then solve the problem!

    Someone says, "I know occultism." Well, have you solved the problems of self-control, of the purity of your heart? You must solve them decisively and unmistakably. "Yes, but I am living in a sinful world." That does not matter to me - the world may be sinful, but you live as a disciple in the school, so you need purity of heart. I am not saying that your hearts are impure, but I am saying what the law is: for the slightest impurity, for the slightest stain, you will be expelled from this school for thousands of years. Practice these tasks, if you want God to bless you. But if you are looking for easier tasks - there are some too.

    There are also women in the White Brotherhood, who completed their development millions of years ago. Today they are neither men, nor women - they are sent as great Masters and are guiding the destinies of all mankind. They know you, they know your life, and say, "I know you, sister, I know you." When I mention the name of one of you, they tell me, "We know her, we know her stories - she once did something." So you do not have to recommend yourself - not a single fact of your life has been missed. What would you recommend yourself with? You will say that you are better now. I am asking you: have you solved the problem of the purity of your heart, have you learned to control your mind and heart? If you do not have these two elements, if you have not solved these two tasks, they will tell you: “You are not ready yet; go to work outside, in the world, and when you are ready, you will come here."

    Now I want some harmony to be created among you, I want you to do some serious studying, not to leave the secular world and think that you have sacrificed yourself. Let each of you stand in your place in the world, be pure, and practice the art of self-control.

    And so, I want from you absolute purity and absolute self-control - without any exception! You will say, "But is that possible?" For the one who conjugates the verb "I can" - it is possible, but for the one who does not conjugate it - nothing is possible and he will go out. By conjugating the verb "I can" and following the two rules, you will not be deprived of anything - whether as mothers, as teachers, merchants, farmers, and everything will be fine for you. If you are pure, wherever you go, even in America, all your sisters and brothers will look at you warmly, will greet you brotherly. But if you are not pure, wherever you go - England, France, even Bulgaria, there will be a yoke for you everywhere. If you have purity of heart and self-control of mind and heart, you will be well received everywhere.

    I want you to meet these White Brothers and not ask yourselves any other question, for example, whether you are doing well in the world, what Christ is like, what purity is, and so on. If you are not saved, offer your heart to God. A rich American woman loved a bishop and offered him all her wealth to marry her. He answered her, "Give your heart to God, your property - to the poor, and your hand - to the one who wants it." I am also telling you: give your heart to God so that it may be pure; give your mind to your teacher and your hand - to your spirit that guides you. Only then will you not be unhappy in the world. Once you have given your heart to God, your mind - to the one who teaches you, and your hand - to the spirit-angel who guides you, the problem is solved correctly. If you give your heart to someone, the money to this or that, and your hand to the one who does not deserve it, you will see what will happen - there is no need for me to teach you. So you, as disciples in the Occult school, should now have the humility that Christ had in the world, and be as obedient as slaves. If you are obedient - the White Brothers will help you, if you are not obedient, they will show you the door.

    Do not think that you are already in the School - you are still outside of it. The inner School requires self-sacrifice, self-denial - something that you cannot do now. So, you are still far from the School. When you pass this exam now, the second and third ones will come - but the first one is important, the others are easy. You will create good thoughts and desires, you will learn from each other and you will not think that you are standing higher than the others. One stronger student can be a teacher to another, weaker one, and the stronger one will be taught by someone even stronger than him. Everyone in the world has one teacher.

    And so, I recommend to you purity and self-control. You will learn this throughout the year. A little dirt will appear on the spring, some muddy water will come - I will not hold you responsible for this, but I will ask you: is the spring gushing, is there clean water in it, is the dirt pouring out? If it pours out the impurity - that will be good; but if the impurity remains on you, many servants will have to be engaged to work days on end to cleanse you- that will not be. Each of you has to clean themselves, because there is not so much money for servants.

    21 August, Saturday

    06:00 a.m.

    "The Lord's Prayer."


    May God's Righteousness is established on Earth in all its fullness.

    So that it dawns on all homes first.

    To inspire in the hearts of the believers the Divine fervor, so that they perceive it in all its glory, and apply it in all its beauty and fullness.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

    The Path of Life. (prayer)

    The Good Prayer.

    20 August, Friday, 10:30 a.m.

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  10. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 22 август и Работа за през годината - 22.8.1920-СБ-308 / .: 22.8.1920-СБ-308

    Morning Prayer, 22 August and Work for the Year

    22 August, Sunday, 6 am.

    "The Lord's Prayer."


    For the prosperity of the Kingdom of God in us and around us.

    For manifestation of the power of God through us and in us.

    May the Lord remove all obstacles from the path of His Kingdom.

    The motto.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

    The Prayer of the Triune God.

    The Good Prayer.

    7 am.

    Work for the Year.

    The personal work that each of you will have this year, is as follows:

    - You will work on your heart;

    - On your mind;

    - On your willpower;

    - On your life and your health.

    You will strive to be healthy physically, i.e. to have such health that gives you disposition.

    You will strive to acquire the abundance of life.

    You will work on your heart to elevate in it all the noblest feelings and desires.

    You will try to bring the brightest thoughts into your mind and you will strengthen your will, to be firm and determined in all your good intentions, to do God's will without hesitation.

    This is the desire of the Lord. If you listen to His voice and fulfill His Will, He will send His Spirit throughout the year and you will have all His assistance.

    Those who stand in your way and hinder you, will disappear like smoke.

    So, every good thought, every good desire, every good intention and every good action that penetrates your soul, your heart, your mind, believe that it comes from the living Lord; give it a place and you will have His blessing. Draw this power from life, as bees collect nectar from thousands of flowers - these hard-working bees are not ashamed to collect honey even from thistle.

    The Divine Law is such: for the good man everything is good - for the bad man everything is bad. There are no two opinions on this. A smart and good man, when he takes a dirty shirt, will make it clean. How? You know: he will boil water and will wash it. But if a bad man even takes a clean shirt, he will make it dirty. How? You know how again.

    The smart, good man, when taking undeveloped land where thorns and hawthorns grow, can make of it the best fertile fields. And even if you give the best garden to the bad man, he will ruin it.

    Now the Lord is calling us to His fields, to His vineyard. This vineyard is overgrown with thorns and thistles, and if we are smart and good, we will dig it up and clean it. Do not think that this vineyard cannot be cleared today - if smart and good people work on it, in less than ten years this vineyard will thrive and bear abundant fruit.

    Now be brave and determined, hardworking and industrious!

    Work not for money, but for a smile of God!

    Do your work so that when you go to God, He will give you a smile.

    May God's smile be your salary!

    This applies to each one of you. This is the material that you will work on yourself. Only by doing so, will you represent a healthy thread of the whole organism. As long as each thread is strong, these thousands of threads, gathered in one place and intertwined well, form a rope that does not break. But when each thread is weak, frail, no matter how thick the rope, it is no good. Because each of you represents one thread, each thread must be strong. And you know that ropes are needed. For example, to make a bridge, to harness a cart, you need ropes. Sometimes they also use ropes to hang people, but we will not hang anyone. The rope - it is a symbol of human faith.

    By working in this way on yourself, you will already be prepared for that great Divine science that is now coming into the world. You will understand this Divine science only by being pure in mind and heart. It has existed for thousands, millions of years. The Lord does not transmit this knowledge in one way, but there are millions of ways in which He transmits it to every soul. From the knowledge that every soul possesses, He knows how much she can understand what He gives her, so He gives her as much as is necessary.

    Christ says, "When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will remind you of all that has been said from the beginning of the creation of the world and what God has put into it."

    Therefore, listen to this Spirit!

    Today you will spend the whole day, divided into groups, men and women separately, of 72 people in each group.

    You will scatter in different places in the yard and reflect on burning issues of domestic, social and spiritual nature to see how you can work best and what conclusion you will come to.

    If some projects come to mind during these discussions, you will write them down.

    You will discuss the issues amicably and in the broadest sense - as life manifests here, on Earth.

    In the groups, you will be selected according to the law of freedom.

    This distribution is temporary - only for today.

    10-12 am.

    The groups of men and women discussed various issues of a social, domestic and spiritual nature. Each group looked at the questions that interested them most. These discussions continued in the afternoon.

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  11. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 23 август и Работа на учениците - 23.8.1920-СБ-312 / .: 23.8.1920-СБ-312

    Morning Prayer, 23 August and Work of the Disciples

    23 August, Monday, 6 am.

    The Good Prayer.


    About the growth of Divine thoughts in our minds.

    About the awakening of Divine feelings in our souls.

    About the liberation from all remnants of our past existences.

    About the acceptance of the Divine life.

    Prayer of the Spirit.

    The Path of Life. (prayer)

    Prayer of the Kingdom.

    "The Lord's Prayer."

    23 August, Monday, 8 am

    Work of the Disciples

    After breakfast, the following topics were given as a subject for discussion that day.

    How to take food.

    How the blood is formed.

    How the thought is created.

    This year, everyone will choose a branch of life and will study it comprehensively. For example, one of you loves to raise bees - he will study their lives in detail. If he wants to write an essay on this, he should have data based on his own observations and research. Another one, for example, has oxen - let him study why some of their eyes have one color and others have another; let him study all their features. A third one loves gardens - let him grow various vegetables or flowers, study the conditions under which they grow best, etc. Some of you may be studying the mountains and rivers in Bulgaria or the comets, the changes of the Sun - why it is sometimes red and other times it has a different color. If you want, you can study something about hair - why it falls off, why some people have long and others short one, why it sometimes turns gray early. Another may study the eyes - their shape, size, color, etc.

    If you do not take to studying one or another issue comprehensively, the fragmentary knowledge you have on various issues, will not benefit you.

    - Can the issue be determined right now?

    - It can, and it will be even better.

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  12. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 20 август и Мерило за правилно разбиране - 20.8.1920-СБ-305 / .: 20.8.1920-СБ-305

    Morning Prayer, 20 August and A Measure of Correct Understanding

    20 August, Friday

    6 am.

    The Good Prayer.

    Reflection on the coming of the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, in us, Who will enlighten us and reveal to us the deep secrets that are hidden in God.

    The motto. (prayer)

    Psalm 91.

    The Praise.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

    "The Lord's Prayer."

    7 am.

    A Measure of Correct Understanding

    In order for the Divine Light, the Divine Life, to touch your souls, you must live in peace. This Divine life is now passing in Bulgaria, but its shores are crumbling, so at the edges they make it dirty, but at the base and in the middle it is clean. You should know that the Divine teaching will clean up everything, and therefore you should open a free path for it. You should turn religion into a Divine science of understanding.

    A remark (from the audience):

    - Yesterday in his talk, the Russian missionary said that our teaching is not from God, but from the devil.

    - This is not said for the first time. What did the orthodox say about Christ? "This man has rabies. We know that the Lord has spoken only to Moses, He has not spoken to This Man. He is of the devil, His teaching is devilish. ”The Jews told Him,“ We know Moses, but We do not know You. ”But if the Jews knew Moses, they would know Christ — they did not accept Moses' teaching, they also could not accept Christ's. Because of God's Love we endure everything, we also tolerate every person.

    Where did Christ teach putting icons in churches, burning incense? This is the teaching of Moses.

    Some people ask you, "Do you believe in the Holy Trinity?" What have you, as Orthodox, understood by the Holy Trinity?

    - The Holy Trinity is a manifestation of God as Father.

    - A Father, in the full sense of the word, is only the One Who created everything, and such is only God. The Father can be neither one man nor a nation. There is only one Father in the world, and all the others are His sons. God is One. Christ says, “Why do you call Me good? Only God is good.” God is eternal, perfect, unchangeable, everything comes from Him, and no external cause can change His mood.

    Someone says, "I believe in God." Well, if you believe in God, do you have His graciousness and His patience? If you cannot be gracious and patient like Him, your faith is external. If a lamb cannot display its mother's habits, it is not born of a sheep. What is born of God, is Divine.

    Someone says, "I am a communist." Communism is a teaching of brotherhood, so every communist must fight for the rights of his brothers, he must uplift, ennoble them. But today, in the name of this teaching, they slaughter, hang, imprison. I do not understand such communism! Shooting, hanging, imprisonment are devilish, not Divine acts. Shooting in the name of God cannot take place. From God is all goodness, every Love. Then how can these people pursue such a Divine idea, but act in a devilish way? This is because, wanting to push their ideas by force, they follow a crooked path, not the Divine path.

    These people now want to create something new, but it will be ludicrous if a prodigal woman, who has spent decades in unworthy homes, comes out of there and begins to teach people piety! It will be ludicrous if a person with leprosy starts healing others! He must first be completely cleansed of his leprosy, and only then he may touch others. I do not drink water from an unclean pot, nor do I want you to drink. And I recommend this teaching to you: do not drink water from an old, unclean pot, use new pots, new vessels! You can put water in everything, but not in an old pot. The saying is not true: "Do not look at the priest's life, but look at his rank." Priest, mother, father, they should all have pure hearts! This is the Divine Teaching. With your life, you will have to prove to the priests that they are wrong. When a louse enters our hair, we pull it out with the help of a comb and crush it on the comb, or we place it on our nail and chop it with the other nail. Leprosy must come out.

    - How many years have passed since Bulgarians adopted Christianity?

    - Bulgarians adopted Christianity in the year 864. So, it has been more than a thousand years. And in those thousand years, there have been one hundred and fifty wars on the Balkan Peninsula, so there is one war every eight years.

    Some say of us that we are against the war. No, we are also for the war, but to fight without killing. We are fighting for the demolition of prisons and gallows. So, we differ from others in that what they tear down, we build, and what they build - we tear down. They kill people, and we uplift, revive them; they build prisons, and we tear them down. This is how people from the New and Old Teachings differ. Our program includes the destruction of all hospitals and prisons, of all chains and rifles. When the New Teaching is applied in the world, there will be schools even in the most remote places.

    You will now start with the number 1,000 - the pass for all of you will be this number. You will try this pass and see through which door the number 1,000 can come. Only you, who are present here, will know the number 1,000. When you meet someone, you will ask him: "Do you know the number 1,000?" If he says that he knows it, then he is one of ours. So, we start organizing ourselves with the number 1,000. You will study the qualities of this number. What is the basis, what is the root of this number? The one, the ten, i.e. 103. I will now translate this law for you.

    One has to go through two states to understand this motto. Water moves in a plane, in two-dimensional space, while water vapor, air - in a cube, in three-dimensional space. The number 1,000 indicates that one should be able to move like water and air. When the water reaches its limit and its movement stops, it has nowhere else to go, it will take another direction; this direction will be exactly at right angles to the first direction. This means that our current life has come to a standstill, it has reached the freezing point. The only movement left, is upwards - towards God. From the point of view of Heaven the direction is upwards, and from the point of view of the Earth we have to descend downwards. We are ice that needs to melt.

    Now we are gathered here not to do our will, but to create conditions for the Divine Spirit to manifest through all of us - to become good conductors of the Spirit of God. If we are conductors of the Spirit of God, we have nothing to fear; if the Spirit of God is with us and always works with us, what will we be afraid of? Many may oppose us, but He will turn everything into good.

    The first thing you will learn this year is silence - you will speak through silence. You will not argue with the priests, and when you see that they are saying untrue things, you will say to yourself, "They are not right." You will let them say everything bad, and then you will take baskets, load them with all their garbage and let them carry that themselves. You will tell them:

    - We cannot carry your garbage - says the Lord, as it is written in the New teaching. - If you want to eat but leave the garbage to us - this New teaching does not accept that. We do not want to fertilize your fields, but we want to work on the Divine field. The earth is Divine, it is God's property and you have no right to it. And the church is not your property.

    But they will say:

    - She is our mother.

    - She is as much yours, as it is ours. If the church is a Divine Mother, it is to me and to you; if you consider her your mother, that is another question - then she is only your mother. But when it comes to life, the church cannot be yours.

    So, the Divine Church is a church for everyone; it can be neither your nor our property. Our idea is not the church, but the Kingdom of God. The Divine teaching does not say, "Seek the church first," but says, "Seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness." The Apostle Paul says, "You are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you?" Whoever does not have the Kingdom of God in himself, is not in the church and cannot enter it. So we have no reason to argue, but we will proceed to the Kingdom of God, in which God lives - once we find the Kingdom of God, we also find God. The modern church says, "We do not need prophets." And modern Bulgarians say, "We do not need a church." Bulgarians have a custom of extinguishing candles when the ballots are counted. When voting, candles may be extinguished, but when the ballots are counted, it cannot be done without candles. You will all try not to harbor bad feelings towards anyone and to completely avoid lying. You will say to yourself, "We have to love everyone." Love everyone, but do not share in their crooked thoughts, because whatever is crooked stays crooked. You will have your best will for them, but you will loathe their bad and wrong deeds. You will say, "Well, these people may be right." No, one cannot be both right and wrong. When you preach some teaching and in your soul you have the Great Lord, you are on the right side. When God is in your soul and you realize that you work for Him and in all your actions you take Him as a standard, you will say to yourself, "I am right." If you feel that you are not doing that, you will say to yourself, "I am not right", and you will start to correct yourself.

    Also, consider those passages in the Old Testament that speak of Moses, who chose God's servants in the church only from among the Levites. Have you ever wondered why God did not choose His prophets from among the Levites, but chose them from among the common people? The Levites are ministers of the church, and the prophets are servants of God. So we acknowledge that the priests are Levites and we are prophets. They serve the church and we serve the Kingdom of God. Even today, the priests tell us, "Go back to the church!" And it is like saying to a free man, "Go back to prison!" Or telling a free ox, "Put on your yoke!" Suppose we go back to church - what do the priests promise to give us? Salvation. And do they themselves have this salvation? No. Then they will give us grace. And do they themselves have this grace? No. Then they will give us a clean life. And do they have a clean life? I consider them like those counts, barons, princes who do not have any money, but marry rich American women to give them their titles - the rich girl will marry a corrupt prince and will consider herself happy! Even the priests want to give us their titles now, but we do not need such titles.

    So Christ teaches, "The New, Divine teaching is aimed at the coming of the Kingdom of God." He says, "The kingdom of God is at hand, go and preach to every flesh."

    Priests consider us heretics, pagans, they call our teaching heretical. They say of us, "These people do not read the Bible, the Gospel, they are pagans, do not listen to them." I am asking: which Orthodox, which true believer of them has read the Bible and the Gospel as many times as you have? The priests prevent us from manifesting ourselves and thus want to prevent the coming of the Spirit, because He will reveal greater things to us, and the priests know that. The methods they use are the methods of the Black brotherhood. They want to convince us that whatever God wants to say, He will say it through the priests. This is not true. The Lord may also say something through the priests too, but He does not use them. We have the example of the Old Testament with the priest Elijah. He was a patriarch, but through whom did the Lord speak to him? Through Samuel. So the Lord does not speak directly to this high priest, to this patriarch, but through a child, through Samuel. Then where is the foundation? The priests say, "You are children, you are not anointed." Yes, they are right. A person may be anointed with oils several times and still not have the Spirit in him, or he may have the Spirit of God in him without being anointed. First, a person should have the Spirit of God in him, and then should come the anointing. You will keep this in mind.

    Try not to be in doubt and ask yourself if you are on the right track. The rule is: if you live according to God's law and God's Love, you are on the right path - if you are at peace with all people, you are in God's, in Christ's way.

    During the talk, a spider descended around us. The Master said:

    This spider does not even suspect that there are people here. It should not be killed. Always keep in mind the idea that murder is absolutely forbidden in the New teaching - there is no dispute about this. Under no circumstances is murder allowed, even in self-defense; one who wants to be a member of the White Brotherhood, must not commit any murders. If he commits some murder, he is expelled from the Brotherhood, and in order to be accepted again, he must go through a series of trials until he is purified and acquires humility. With the killing of the first man, the Black Lodge was founded - Cain killed Abel; Cain founded the Black Lodge, and so Christ says that he was a murderer in the first place. And who founded the White Lodge? Abel, and after him came Seth. Two thousand years ago, Christ came to lay the foundation of the White Brotherhood.

    - Why did the Russian missionary say in his fairy tale yesterday that the devil is a teacher?

    - Everyone who preaches and supports murder is a teacher, but we do not support that teaching. We acknowledge the facts as they are. The devil exists as a factor, but why and for what - this is another question.

    - What can we use as a trump card in our hands when they attack us?

    - You will quote verses from the Holy Scriptures. For example, Christ said to the Jews, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." They answered, "How is it that we have built it in forty years, and He will only build it in three days?" They understood the temple, and He meant His body. Christ told them, "Unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood, you have no Life in you." They replied, "This man teaches us cannibalism, this is not culture, this is savagery." But by these words Christ understood His teaching, and the Jews took them literally - human flesh and blood.

    The priests say of us that we believe in spirits. We will quote them the Gospel verse by verse, so they see that there is also talk of spirits and conversations with them. What was this man who appeared to the apostle Paul as a vision and said to him: "Pass through Macedonia and help us!" This was a spirit who wanted to improve the situation of his homeland, Macedonia. Was Paul not in communion with these spirits?

    What worship do the priests talk about, is it the one in the church? This service, which they perform, was taken from the Greek church, and it is a performance that the Greeks did in the monasteries. No, there is another worship that the priests have never performed. So their worship is not the Divine worship that they preach and talk about. They say that Christ is God. If He were God, He would not say, “I did not come to do My will, but the Will of My Father, who dwells in me. I am the Son of God.

    The priests condemn us for not going to church. The Samaritan woman said to Christ, "The Jews say they should pray in Jerusalem, we say we should pray in this forest, and what will you say?" Christ answered her, "So it has been until now, but a time is coming when the true worshipers will not worship in Jerusalem or in this forest, but will worship in the Spirit and Truth of their Father, and this will be everywhere."

    I am asking: where are we inconsistent and who is inconsistent - them or us?

    How do they understand the meaning of the word God? By the word God they mean a Being, Who rules everything. The idea we have of God is different. Christ said, "Why do you call Me good - only God is good." If we are not good, why should we consider ourselves gods?

    As many churches as we have today, so many different interpretations are given to gospel truths, and this gives rise to controversy and hatred among them. A Russian tsar sent a written request to forty monasteries in Russia with a request, in whichever monastery the head of St. John the Baptist is located, to send it to him. Forty heads from the forty monasteries arrived. The king convened the Holy Synod and asked, "Do you know how many heads St. John the Baptist had?" "One head," they replied. "No, forty heads." The king led the holy elders and showed the heads to them. "Please remove these delusions," said the king, and sent the heads to their places.

    - The priests ask us where we get the doctrine of reincarnation from, if we have any gospel of ours.

    - You ask them where exactly it is stated in the Gospel that God is in three persons. It is said, "Go and teach men in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit." It is written like that in the Gospel, and nowhere is it explicitly said, "Go and teach men in the name of the triune God."

    Let the priests go anywhere in India to see that rebirth is actually proven there - there are thousands of children there who remember their rebirths. And in Tarnovo there was a six-year-old child who said to his mother: "Mom, I used to make shoes in Gabrovo." She replied: "Do not talk such nonsense!" There can be no two opinions in the law on reincarnation, but since I do not want to argue, I do not make an issue of it. And whether they accept it or not - it does not matter.

    Remember that according to the Divine law of development, these people are necessary for us, like the shadow, to make the light stand out. Ask them what the benefits of suffering are, and they will answer, "Such is the Will of God."

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  13. Готов превод Сутрешен наряд, 21 август и Идване и възприемане на Духа - 21.8.1920-СБ-306 / .: 21.8.1920-СБ-306

    Morning Prayer and Coming and Receiving of the Spirit

    21 August, Saturday

    6 am.

    "The Lord's Prayer."


    May God's Righteousness be established on the Earth in all its


    May it dawn on all homes first.

    May it inspire the Divine jealousy in the hearts of the believers,

    so that they receive it in all its glory and apply it in

    all its beauty and entirety.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul. (song)

    The Path of Life. (prayer)

    The Good Prayer.

    7 am.

    Coming and Receiving of the Spirit

    The first condition for a student of the Occult school is to have an irresistible aspiration that does not stop at anything. This aspiration may be distorted, but this is a secondary thing. First of all, in the consciousness of your soul you must have a great aspiration to God. But what is God? When philosophers want to prove that God exists, that He is this or that, they are misleading people. God, this is the measure of things - through Him we know things, through Him we understand life, through Him we perceive Love, through Him we perceive Truth and Wisdom, as well as all other virtues. In general, everything that manifests, happens through Him. So when you think, God is inside you, and you think through Him. When you feel and love, you feel and love through Him. And after all this, what else will you think about God and what will you prove it for? As soon as we stop thinking about what He is, every feeling, every thought disappears in us and we feel an inner emptiness. Then we say that life has no meaning. Do you have the experience when you start picking on the love of a friend of yours, whether he loves you or not. What do you feel? If you pick on Love, it disappears. God and Love do not tolerate any criticism, nor any division. If a person begins to think about what God is, he loses Him. Thus, according to our structure, according to our language, we are called to study only what proceeds, what comes from God, what is outside of Him.

    All manifestations of the soul go gradually. There are many methods for expressing our thoughts and feelings, but this does not happen indiscriminately. Observe how a small seed from a flower or a fruit tree begins to grow by sowing it in the ground. Does the plant's blossom appear before the seed germinates? No, it takes some time for the roots to go down. The roots are our material life, our body, which has to manifest first. Then in the aspiration of the grain there is a bifurcation, the stem and twigs of the plant appear, which are gradually formed and the buds appear from the inner being of this plant. From them, through a small opening, the flower appears, which is then fertilized. Some time passes, the fruit ripens and then falls to the ground. But you do not have to stop. This process takes place in your mind and in your heart. Imagine that this fruit is ripening - what are you going to do with it? For example, your child is crying, I give him a fruit and he begins to rejoice. Why? Because the process of development of this fruit is produced in the soul of the child and in your soul. Because of this fruit, the mother is happy, and so is the child. And then, when the mother thanks that her child has been given this fruit, this thought begins to blossom again and sets in the angelic world. Then you have a series of manifestations. Do you know how an angel feels when he is given fruit by his child or by any child's heart? You will ask, "Do angels have children?" Yes, you are the children of angels - you are little angels, like those little children who are born in their mother's womb. Understand this figuratively - you will not fully understand this truth today, but in a few billion years you will understand it, but not in its ordinary sense, but in the sense of what the human spirit is. Then the world will take on an accessible form for you, to reveal to you the inner side of this beauty, which we now see in its outer manifestation.

    You often say, "I know this person." No, in order to know man, we have to see the fruit of his feelings; in order to know man, we have to see the fruit of his thoughts; in order to know man, we have to see the fruit of his actions. So, feelings, thoughts and actions are fruits. Because you do not see these fruits yet, there is an inner dissatisfaction in you. Keep in mind that when you reflect about Nature and want to develop properly, you should know that the human soul belongs to the mystical plants, and if some of you become apparent, they lose the direction of their lives. Every thought of yours, every desire and action of yours have to be born in secret - if they are not born in secret, this thought of yours, this desire of yours are not human. One of you may object, "Well, everything has to be revealed, hasn't it?" Only the fruit has to be revealed, and the flowering has to take place in the Divine world. When I say that everything has to be done in secret, I mean that while a thought, a desire or an action is being formed, they should live in the depths of the human soul and once it has been formed, then they should manifest in the physical world and become apparent.

    Now you have to study the Gospel, the Bible, and use all the methods that are found in Living Nature. I mean, the thoughts of Christ and the Living Nature in their deep sense. For example, you read in the Gospels the thought of Christ: "If the eye offends you, take it out." Today's religious, learned people say that what we are saying was misunderstood. I am asking: is the thought of Christ, quoted above, understood? If you take this thought literally, you need to take out one eye and be left with only one. And when you are asked why you did this, you will answer, "Christ tells us to take out one of our eyes if it tempts us, so we have taken it out." I am asking you now: after you have taken out one of your eyes but the temptation remains, what have you gained? This shows that Christ's thought is not well understood. Christ says, "Take out your eye and the temptation will disappear." If you take out your eye and the temptation does not go away, then this method, which Christ implies and offers, has not been used properly. I put this thought of Christ in the following form, I translate it into the third degree. Suppose you are invited as a guest and you are treated to an excellent pie, but to the ignorance of the hostess the flour was a little spoiled, and so was the butter and cheese; you eat well, but then your stomach becomes heavy, you start writhing in pain. I say: take out this food that has seduced you. How does this work? Through purgative means. You throw the food out and say, "Thank God, I am relieved!" And another time, when you are given to eat such a pie, you say, "This pie is like the first one, I do not eat from it." I will translate this thought to you in its second degree as well. Suppose you are invited to listen to a famous speaker, preacher, or scholar in church or in a hall. He has cooked a pie and offers it to you, and you open your eyes and ears, perceive, listen, but when you return home, your mind and heart are disturbed. This man has turned your whole life upside down with his talk and says that what you believe in, is mare's nest. Then you say to yourself, "Why did I go to listen to him?" It is not a question of you going to listen to him. Christ says, "Take out your eye!" How? By vomiting the perceived thought that is bothering you. The law that works in this case is like this: a person who disturbs people's minds also disturbs his mind - a bad person cannot bring peace and joy in people's minds and hearts. The law is the same for the good man: the good, noble man, who is filled with Love, cannot bring sorrow and suffering in the souls of men. Therefore, Good begets Good in man, evil - begets evil, Truth - begets Truth, i.e. every reality has a reflection. Then how will you transform a thought that has bothered you? You will immediately say to yourself, "The truth lives in me, I have tried its influence." Put aside anything that does not uplift your feelings, thoughts and actions, that does not give impetus to your life, that does not give any growth and does not produce Divine action in you. Paul says this in another way: "If an angel from Heaven comes and preaches another gospel to you, do not accept it." When someone comes to preach to you about God, it means that the Love that God has had for you, and the manifestation of that Love has left you. But the gospel is a science that says that God's Love has not changed and does not change - it is always the same. However, you have to set your hearts and minds right, so that they are not dislocated, in order to always perceive God's Love equally. And that is why I am speaking to you on this subject.

    Your mind must be clear and positive. How? I do not want to prove things. Whoever proves much always speaks wrongly. There is evidence that goes straight and consistently according to a mathematical law: when a proof is true, the machine that it spins works correctly - if it does not work correctly, the proof is not true. Suppose I prove to you that 2 + 2 = 4; what will you gain from this? What do you mean when I tell you that 2 + 2 = 4? This means that the father and mother can repeat themselves only twice: 2 × 2 = 4 or 2 + 2 = 4. This means that the mother can give birth to either a girl or a boy - nothing more, a third thing cannot be born in the parents' home. The law can be repeated only twice: the first time it will be repeated in a boy, the second time in a girl, and the number four will be obtained, which shows that the law is true. You can give a different interpretation, but what is the point of that? Therefore, when we speak of one, we always mean the primary cause that drives things to rational action. And when we say I, the one man, the one God, we have to understand all the reasons that drive things to rationality. When we say 2, we have to understand that force in the world that builds, that puts all things in harmony. The number 2 is the mother who gives birth, who brings up. Therefore, by working together, the father and the mother will manifest their results in their sons and daughters. If you ask me what God is, I will tell you that He is what we are - only through our lives, only through our thoughts, desires, and actions can we go back, in order to understand our relationship to God. The love we feel, is His Love; the thoughts we perceive are His thoughts created millions, millions of years ago. But all this is only a small reflection of the Divine, because we are not able to fully perceive Him. If the mother showed all her love for her child, she would suffocate him. Therefore, under these conditions, we prefer someone to love us less, because if he loves us very much, when he catches us, he squeezes us until he has exhausted us. The spider also loves the fly, but when it catches it, it puts its jaws and sucks, sucks until it sucks it out and throws it out. The spider says, "God has made a very good, very tasty thing!" Yes, it is good for you, but not for the fly. The fly, when it finds a rotten apple, puts its proboscis into it and says: "This is a very good thing!" And it is the same with carnivory.

    All the evils in the world have always come from this misunderstood Love - attempts are made everywhere for Love. One day, when you begin to understand Love in a different way, your life will transform. And in order for this transformation to take place, you must receive the Divine Spirit. And you have already reached the stage of receiving the Divine Spirit in your superconsciousness. Do you know how to recognize when the Divine Spirit has come to you? Have you ever watched a daughter get angry with her mother and father - she retorts them, she does not respect them, she is capricious, and they wonder what is happening to her. But when she starts dating, when her lover comes, she becomes soft not only with her mother and father, but also with her brothers and sisters - they can no longer recognize her at home, she has changed so much. Her lover leaves and she becomes sour again. Her parents, her relatives, say, "We do not know why Maria is so sour." I say, "He has gone." All her discomfort stems from the fact that her sun has set. The next day he reappears at the door, she immediately rejoices, becomes cheerful, satisfied. So you often say, "We are somehow not happy, we are somehow not in the mood." This is because the Spirit is not with you. So, when someone asks me why he is in a bad mood, I tell him: the indisposition stems from the fact that Your beloved is not there.

    Do you know how delicate your lover is? When the young man comes home and sees that the maiden is angry with her mother, with her father, that she cannot control herself, he goes outside. Now you maidens are very careful, you have such experiences and you say to yourself, "Let us show ourselves to our lover as right, good." Yes, but the Lord does not love these things because they are the cause of hypocrisy to appear. These are two states that God does not like - a state of personal selfishness and hypocrisy. Altruism, meaning the Divine, must appear in you. These two feelings - altruism and selfishness, they fight in man. You also experience these two states in your religious life. Therefore, the one to whom the Spirit has come, should not allow in himself any bad thoughts, desires or actions, no bifurcation. When the Spirit comes, He is that acquaintance of your, whom your soul knows and expects, he is your Beloved. You will not stop and ask what the Spirit is - you know Him, He is the most beautiful, the most exquisite, the most powerful thing in the world. When the Spirit comes, the soul grows wings and it says, "Everything is possible for me." When the Spirit leaves, the soul says, "I can do nothing anymore, it is all over." That is why Christ says, "Without Me you can do nothing." By the words without Me, Christ means the Divine Spirit. That is why Christ says, "My Father dwells in me, and I do His Will."

    At this year's convention, I am speaking to you about the Spirit, so do not forget the following thought: if you are rude to your mother, father, brothers and sisters, your Beloved will soon be gone. In order for him to live longer in your home, you must necessarily respect your mother and father. That is why the Scriptures say, "Honor your mother and your father, that your life may continue." You ask me why you are sick - your Spirit is gone. As soon as the Spirit comes to you - the illness, the diseases disappear. When you are sour, indisposed, you will tell yourself the Truth: "My beloved has not come." Instead of the word 'spirit', use the word 'my beloved'. If you are sour, say, "My lover is gone." Every maiden wants to be liked. So, when the lad comes, she dresses nicely, adorns herself with ribbons, waiting. The same law also applies to the Spirit. When the Spirit comes, you have to be mentally disposed, to have a noble disposition in your heart and your soul. This is what the Lord wants from you.

    This subject I am talking about now, is the foundation of your life.

    Bad thoughts, bad desires form a dark, cloudy sky, through which the Sun and the stars cannot be observed. Therefore, in order to be able to see the depths of the beautiful Divine world, your inner sky has to be cleared. And if any negative thoughts come to you, your mind will stop, because the vastness of the mind depends on the clarity of human thought. Vices limit the mind - a person without vices has a vast soul and a boundless mind. If a man is narrow-minded, he has vices, but whoever has a broad, noble soul, he has taken out all vices. You all have to do this, because God wants you to be like Him - our Father is not narrow-minded and bigoted, He is not with a clenched hand so that to split the pieces when he gives, and therefore, when He gives, He fills the world. So when we want to be like God, we have to be generous - if we have a wide expansion of thought, if we can love everyone, we are like God. We will love everyone as much as they deserve - the soul that is more developed, we can talk to it about more important things. When we say that we all love, it is according to the degree of Love that lives in us. Love has many degrees. You can pet your cat a little, feed it, thus expressing your love for it. You cannot discuss the Pythagorean theorem with it, or the fact that oil is expensive, etc., because it is not even aware of these things. If you have a sensible, noble friend who is attuned to your soul, he will at once, straight away understand your situation.

    So, we also have to adjust now. I meet many who are waiting for the Spirit to come, and they say, "The time will come when God will send His Spirit." When people prepare their hearts and minds, when they want to act rightly, the Spirit of God will surely come and speak to them with tongues of fire. Some say, "It was a long time ago, the Spirit descended only once." I ask: Does the sun rise only once, does it set only once? It has risen and set millions and billions of times, but you, not understanding God's Law, say that the descent of the Spirit took place in the distant times of the past, in the time of the apostles. No, this is also happening now - Pentecost is happening now too. Since Christ was resurrected, the Spirit has descended and ascended approximately two thousand times since then. The Scriptures say that the Spirit will not return until He bears His fruit. The Spirit of God descends every year and will raise those souls who are prepared to become His fellow workers. And once he raises them, they already have a broad understanding, they comprehend the world correctly and they say: "Now we understand the Divine life!" There are people who have not been able to understand this life for two thousand years. Some say, "How come the Spirit of God will not come to teach us!" These people do not understand the deep meaning. I am telling you: the Spirit of God is coming and will arrive soon. Your beloved is coming and you must wait for him; He is not a kilometre away from you, he is not even half a kilometre away, but only a hundred spiritual meters away from you. He may find some of you undressed, he may find you fussing with this and that, thinking about what will happen, how your affairs will be arranged, and so on. No need to worry, this world was created for us. Which world? The new world. The old world is leaving and we must all be prepared to enter this new world with new thoughts, feelings, desires and techniques. We must say goodbye to the old once and for all.

    I will now share with you one of Christ's experiences: "When Christ had said this, He was troubled in Spirit, and said: Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray Me." Why was the Spirit of Christ troubled? Because one of His disciples would betray him, meaning it would ruin the good deed. I am asking you now: you, who are masters of your house, should you let this traitor disturb the Spirit of Christ again? We say that the Spirit of Christ was troubled, but that Spirit may be troubled even now. If you allow a bad thought in you, it is a traitor, it will trouble your spirit, you will lose your strength and thus you will be unable to work in the world. Therefore, you will not allow anyone to trouble your spirit and you will say, "I do not allow anyone to disturb my beloved."

    As you read the Song of Songs in the Old Testament, there is also one such passage there.

    You must now create for the Spirit of Christ, for your beloved, the best conditions under which He may manifest and create all the best. That is why Christ says, “When the Son of Man comes to earth, will he find enough faith in men to understand this great Divine teaching and to open their souls and hearts to this great Spirit, so that He does what God has wanted to do for thousands of years? ”And when you open your hearts, minds and souls to your beloved, then the best fruits, hidden in God, will manifest.

    The Scripture says, "When I pour out my Spirit on them, they will prophesy and have dreams." It also says, "In the last days." What are the last days? The last days are the ones when the old world is leaving. Then your sons and daughters will have dreams, will prophesy, and so on. Then the newspapers, the teachers, and the mothers will prophesy. But because people today do not believe in prophecy, they say, "This is a lie, there can be no prophets after Christ." If the mother prophesies, they say that her prophecy is not true and that no one can prophesy today, and this happened a long time ago when the prophets lived. I say that in the olden times there was no prophecy, now there is one. All prophets foretell in the present, not in the past. They say, "The bridegroom is coming!" I do not say, "The bridegroom is coming," but I say, "The beloved is coming." Do not think that this beloved is only one - they are many and there will be one for each of you. These are millions of exalted spirits who have been waiting for millions of years to come to Earth. They say, "Let us see these little brothers and sisters of ours, who we have sent to Earth for so many years, what they have done so far." These spirits are our kindred spirits, our beloved ones. What brother or sister is not happy when they see their sister or brother, whom they have not met for millions of years? With what thrill our soul is filled at such a meeting!

    And so, these brothers of ours, who have not come to Earth for millions of years, are now coming. These brothers are only a hundred spiritual meters away from us. You will ask, "How?" They are in front of us and above us. When the Divine Spirit comes, you will start with the great Divine science and the eyes of all of you will be opened. That is why the Scripture says, "And He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures." I say: God will open your minds to understand this great written book, in which you will be able to read the great words written on every sheet. By every leaf, by every branch of the trees, by every fly, you will read and you will be given the opportunity to understand the great secrets that you have not yet comprehended. This is the great Divine book that the Spirit will reveal to you so that you may become joyful and happy to be able to read through it. There is nothing better in the world than to know how to read from this book; there is nothing better than knowing how to eat the Divine Fruits. I will make a comparison to clarify my point: imagine that there are many good fruits in front of you, but your stomach is upset, your eyes and mouth are closed, and everyone around you praises these fruits. What will be your situation? There is nothing better than to open the book of Divine science and to read, to understand these Divine fruits! There is nothing better than reading the living Divine Word and seeing those great changes that God has made in your soul. We will pray to God to open our mouths. Which mouth? The mouth of our soul so that we can talk to Him. We will pray to God to open our eyes, so that we see all the beauty He has created.

    The evangelists will say, "Let us see the word of God!" Where is the Divine in this book? For this Divine book, which is made of rags and written in ink, they say that everything should be perceived from it, as it is written. No, my friends, when you accept everything from it and it enters our soul and mind and is processed, only then will something come out of the Divine word. The Orthodox take one of these books, put it under the pillow, and say, "Salvation will come." No, take a verse from this book, for example, the verse God is Love, put it under the pillow of your soul - then you will grow up and understand what God is. I listened to an old lady say, "I kept this book under my head for a whole month and I did not learn anything." I told her, "Grandma, you will learn nothing like that." "Well how, son?"

    I would like you to abandon your old ideas, the old methods that you used in life, so that to come to that great Divine science. Only the Divine Spirit carries the true knowledge, and when He comes, you will feel full of this Divine light and enlightenment and you will become very beautiful. Sometimes you are dark as black people, a little time passes - you turn white again, you get prettier again. This is due to a number of your lives, spinning on this Divine Wheel. You say, "Well, we have not become angels yet!" It is namely this blackness that has to be removed. And this will happen when this beloved of yours comes. Then your souls will become bright, joyful, you will grow in grace like a fruit tree, and you will bring fruits with which to feed your friends. How will you feed your beloved one? You will pick the best pears and apples, you will wash them and say, "Welcome!" Then you will talk with him sweetly, sweetly. Okay, let us say you do not have any fruit - what will you do if you have nothing to offer your beloved one? Then he will bring fruits, wash them, put them on the table, but your mouth is closed, you cannot eat. One thing remains: either there should be fruit in your garden for him to taste, or your mouth should be open so that you can taste his fruit. I want you to take these thoughts into account, apply them, and start thinking the same way. You say, "My beloved is coming, and I will go to meet him." Do not say this only in words, but do it in secret within yourself. If your mother and father are opposed to welcoming your lover, you will tell them, "Even if you do not accept my beloved, I will accept him, I will go with him, because he will be staying here for a while." And He says, "I am coming here for a while and then I will leave - I am not coming a second time."

    Once you are in this school, the coming of the Divine Spirit upon you is necessary. If someone says that even without the presence of this beloved he can acquire some science, some deep knowledge, he does not speak the Truth. The Divine Spirit must necessarily come to you, because only He is the bearer of the true Divine knowledge, only He can enlighten people, only He is able to enlighten your minds and hearts.

    I would like you to receive the Spirit from the inside first, because in that case you need two more witnesses from the outside. Your spirit is the first witness, I am the second witness, and you are the third one. In this way we make up a trinity.

    7 am.

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  14. Готов превод Възкресение на Любовта / Възкръсение на Любовьта - 1.5.1921-НБ-357 / ...: 1.5.1921-НБ-357

    Resurrection of Love

    Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid; go, tell My brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me.” (Matthew 28:10)

    The modern cultured Christian world celebrates Easter. This year, coincidentally, there are two Easters. One is called Easter for the rich, and the other one - Easter for the poor. I do not know why the rich should have Easter. If they ask me why the rich have Easter, I say: The rich have Easter so that God can free them from wealth. The greatest evil for the rich is money. So the rich man celebrates Easter to get rid of excess wealth: if he is obese, his fat to be reduced a little; if his heart is obese, to get rid of some fat. Doctors know the effect of fats on the body. - Why do the poor celebrate Easter? - In order to eat well. Everything is good to eat! Easter is related to resurrection. Everyone wants to get free from something, to be resurrected. The poor want to free themselves from material slavery.

    Now, in order to understand both Easters, you have to live with both the rich and the poor. It is an art to be able to live with both the rich and the poor. We are not interested in the question of how Christ was resurrected; we are not interested in graves. What is important to us, is the basic idea embedded in the resurrection. Whether Christ is crucified, whether he is in the grave, we are not interested. When he wants to get married, the lad does not care where the maiden was born and in which house she lives. He is interested in the girl and her love for him. The house is a secondary thing. However, the modern cultural world attaches more importance to the house and the cemetery than to the living people. According to the poor, this has its economic considerations. - Why do people serve Christ? - Because he gives them money, grain, bread. If Christ does not provide any budget for the priests, you will see that no one will serve Him. If He reduces some of the bread, people will stop going to church. And the poor, while they have some ideals, they also think only of eating. What unites all people is the common idea of the bread. That Christ came down from heaven, that He lived on earth, that He was crucified and risen, these are minor issues. The difference between people is that some seek Christ and others - do not seek Him. That is a question. "Even if it is true, it is still a lie," say the Turks. You will say that my words are strong. If you travel the world, you will come across this naked truth everywhere. I am not criticizing, but I am stating the fact. When I see a turnip, I say that it is 2 centimetres deep and 1 centimetre wide. If you do not believe, check.

    - Why did Christ come to earth? What was His task? - To apply the law of living love, which resolves all issues: mental, emotional and social. When you apply living love, you will see that all people feel like you. They rejoice and suffer like you. All people have the same needs as you. When you understand this, you will sympathize with each person and you will be able to help them as well as yourself. This is a science that will be applied in the future. This is what humanity requires. What is going on now? Two people meet and say to each other, "Christ is risen!" What does this greeting mean? It is like a guest coming to you and you saying, "Welcome! I am glad you came!" - If he has come for two or three days, welcome! If for a longer time, then the matter becomes more complicated. You start asking him here and there, how long he is going to stay, how he is going to leave, etc. Our friendship has come to two or three days. If it lasts longer, the friendship breaks down. "Jesus said to them." The word Jesus is symbolic. It contains three great basic principles. One principle means a force that creates, transforms life and gives it a new direction. Jesus is a man who does not do ordinary things. He means the great Divine truths that put everything in order.

    The second principle is living energy, which puts everything in order. It does not stab things with needles like those who study bugs and butterflies. It does not kill, but gives life to all beings. It is a force that preserves everything, or, as it is also called, the "law of Love." The third principle is the "law of equilibrium", which regulates all disputes and misunderstandings between people. Why disputes arise you know that better than me. They are a natural consequence of human life. In Bulgaria, in a small town, they made a bathroom. When they had to line the bathroom floor, the citizens were divided into two parties: some maintained the view that the boards should be smooth, planed; others maintained the opposite view: the boards should not be planed. For eight thousand years, people have been arguing about what should be the boards with which to line the bathrooms - planed or rough. Finally, they sent an inspector to resolve the matter. He said that the bathroom should be lined with one planed and one rough board. Thus both views were satisfied. Then whoever maintains the view that the bathroom should be lined with planed boards will step on the planed ones; whoever maintains the other view will step on the rough boards. It is important to have peace! "Jesus said to them." - Jesus is the man who contains the three principles in Himself. - What did He tell them? - "“Go, tell My brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me. - Do not be afraid!" What is the reason for the fear? - Infidelity. Our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters have been cheating for thousands of years and continue to cheat, and today they do not trust anyone. You say to someone, “Is what you are saying true? Will you return the money you have taken?” If the fear has arisen from infidelity, the cure against it is Love. Fear is the most dangerous human disease. It is a trick, a weakness for the human nature. Most crimes are due to fear. Whoever wants to be a hero, must banish fear from his heart. His heart must be full of Love. - With what love? - Living, conscious love, not with love of potatoes or millet, as they call ordinary human love.

    In the olden times wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn went to war, in order to free the world from slavery. Since they had to let one of them feed humanity, they decided to charge the millet with this service. They said to it, "In our absence, you will feed the people. When we return, each of us will take our place and fulfill our duty. " The millet asked them, "Can I let people make a pie from me?" They replied, "You become good enough for bread, do not think of a pie!" Someone talks about culture, about a pie. - He is not good enough for bread, but wants to become a pie. He has not yet rectified his life on earth, but thinks of heaven - what a pie there will be there. I say: First rectify your life on earth, and then think of heaven.

    Christ says, "Do not be afraid!" - Why should they not be afraid? - Because He carries the new element of Love. - For whom? - For His brothers, not for outsiders. Today, I am also talking for my brothers, not for outsiders. Those who recognize the Brotherhood, are people of the new culture. Those who do not acknowledge It, are people of the old culture. If you want to find your name somewhere written in large letters, you will find it in the beadroll of the old culture. There is written the name of some count, prince, bishop, minister, preacher and others. However, you cannot find the man there. You say, "I am a teacher." - What subject do you teach? - "Mathematics." - How do you teach? - “We have ten basic numbers, from 1 to 10; I make different combinations with them, as traders do: I add, I subtract, I multiply, I divide, I extract roots." - However, there is a difference between one extraction and another. It is not the same whether you extract a tooth from a person's mouth, or you pull out a plant with its root and plant it elsewhere. Moreover, you can extract with pliers, or you can extract with a pickax. That is why I call the mathematics that people are now studying, an introduction to mathematics.

    I say: There is a difference between the current science and the one that will come in the future. According to some astronomers, matter was originally in a dormant state. When it awoke, it began to spin and form living circles and spheres. Today they are studying these circles and spheres without mentioning anything about the Reasonable Cause that formed them. The movement that takes place in the universe is due to that Reasonable Spirit, who regulates and governs all forces. Only this movement is real, only it makes the world real. According to philosophers, there are two real things in the world: substance - the visible form of bodies, and essence - the invisible, elusive, which is hidden in these forms. People study mainly the form of things, they have not yet come to the essence.

    And so, when we speak of brotherhood and sisterhood, we mean the substance of things, expressed in two beautiful forms. In the physical world, there are no more beautiful forms than these. Whoever wants to become as beautiful as an angel, must develop in himself the feeling of a brother and a sister. This is a law. I do not see brotherhood and sisterhood in your faces yet. Do you know what a brother's face is and what a sister's face is? There are no thorns in the area where the brother and sister live; there are also no gaps in the area where the brother and sister live. In the words used by the brother and sister, there is only one form, only one content - the idea, and only one meaning, or one sense. In brotherhood and sisterhood, words are not proven. They are strictly defined mathematical values.

    What are people in the world doing? - They are arguing. If they are religious, they are arguing over who is a true Christian. When a new person comes among them, they subject him to tests to see if he can endure. - How do they know that he is ready and able to endure? According to the evangelists, he first weeps, repents of his sins, and then says he is ready to sacrifice for the good of mankind. If he passes through these phases, they accept him as a member of their church. The Orthodox man says he was born Orthodox. As is his father, so is he. This is closer to the truth. The duck hatches ducklings. The Orthodox man has to believe in the church, in the bishops, in the Gospel, in the ecumenical councils and others. The Orthodox are not doing well. I do not reproach them, nor do I ridicule them. In the Brotherhood there is no division between ours and yours, everyone is ours. There are no widows in the Brotherhood. In a nation with widows, there is no talk of brotherhood. And if there is talk of widows in a church, there is no brotherhood or sisterhood there. - What is the cause of widowhood? - The murders. Men go to war, where they are killed. Men were once widowers. - Why? - Because women used to fight then. So, when men are at war, there are widows; when women are at war, there are widowers. There are no brothers and sisters in such societies. This is from the point of view of Christian culture. There is no mention of the dead in it. Everyone there is a saint: saints in relation to the earth, but brothers and sisters in relation to heaven.

    People have turned the world upside down and are wondering why their business is not going well. They have placed the saints in heaven, where there is no need for them, while the brothers and sisters are on earth. The brothers and sisters have to be above, to get the people out of the well. The saints have to be on earth, shining on people, showing them the way. Where are the Bulgarian saints? I do not want any dead saints. They must be alive, carrying their lighted flashlights. Now they want to convince me that there are saints on earth. How are the saints recognized? - They live according to the law of God's Love.

    Christ says, "Go, tell My brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me." Galilee is the place of the mind, where things are understood correctly. In order to go to Galilee, one has to be highly noble and intelligent, not like the wolf that attacks the sheep and carries them to its cubs. You may be offended by this comparison, but I cannot help but listen to the animals' complaints about you. When I meet a hen, I ask what it thinks of people. It says, "They are not true Christians because they slaughter us indiscriminately." - Is this true? - "Come and see what is going on in the chicken coops, see for yourself what I am saying." I meet an ox and I ask: What will you say about people? - "Leave it, there is no Christianity in them. When they harness us in the morning, they unharness us in the evening. From time to time they give us some hay. When we die, they flay our skin. This is terrible slavery. In Isaiah 77, it is said that whoever kills an ox, is like killing a man. The prophet Isaiah, who lived more than three thousand years ago, had higher morals than the present one. After all this, people say, "Christ is risen!" - Christ is risen, but not for your oxen, sheep, hens. Until Christ is resurrected for all living beings, for your oxen, sheep and lambs, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. I take the words ox, hen, sheep in a figurative sense. Two thousand years ago, Christ said, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." There is something omitted in this verse, the whole of it is not taken. That is why I am adding: "You shall love all living beings, from the smallest to the largest, as yourself." There are living beings created by man - I am not talking about them. For example, parasites - lice, bedbugs are the result of human life.

    Several American students decided to make a joke of one of their good professors. They collected parts of different beetles: a head from one, a leg from another, wings from a third one. They glued them well and formed a new beetle specimen. They took it to their professor, telling him, "Professor, we have found a special beetle, we do not know which species to classify it in." The professor took the beetle, examined it carefully, and said, "Young boys, this is the 'hoax' type, i.e. 'human invention'". The professor was not fooled.

    Today's people have also made many "hoax" specimen and are passing them on as God's work. These are human inventions. Can you get into the position of each bug, to find out how it lives? What is the difference between man and small beings? You say, "The more work a living being does, the smarter it is, the higher it stands." From this point of view, humans consider animals to be simple, unconscious beings. Who has taught the spider to weave its web? Can a man weave such a thin web as the stupid spider? The spider's web is a remnant of a past high culture. The spider, at the lowest cost, still weaves its thin web. This represents the culture of the spider. I am asking: Where is our thin thread? The spider has sent its invention to the exhibition. What shall we send to the world fair? What will the Bulgarians send to this exhibition? What will Christians send? - They have nothing to send. I will be extremely grateful if you show me your invention, which you have prepared for the exhibition in heaven. How can Bulgarians, Christians, pay attention to those cultured, sublime beings who live in heaven? Today's people are arguing over who has manifested more, who has done more work on earth.

    Still in prehistoric times, somewhere in present-day Asia, lived a poor man who was distinguished by his kindness. There was no better man than him. Because God was very pleased with him, one day he sent two angels to put a wreath on his head. This man spent his whole life at the roots of a tree in weeping and prayer. "Why did he have to sit by that tree?" What was the tree itself? This tree was unusual; it had a special history. In the distant past, when the culture of angels and archangels was developing, God sent one of them to earth in order to help people. As he descended to earth, the angel met a beautiful girl whom he married. Thus he forgot his designation. As punishment, God turned the angel into a beech tree with his head buried in the ground, to spend like that thousands of years, until he has learned his lesson. The poor man knew the story of this angel, and in order to atone for his mistake, he spent his whole life at the roots of this beech tree, weeping and praying. Seeing the efforts of this weak man, God decided to reward him. For this purpose, He sent angels to lay a crown on his head. Along the way, they met a beautiful girl and started arguing among themselves over who to put the wreath on: the poor man or the beautiful girl. Finally, they decided to divide the wreath into two parts: one half to put on the girl, and the other one - on the poor and holy man.

    What does this wreath represent? - The crown of Love. To this day, this wreath is divided into two parts, so people's affairs are not going well. In fact, who deserves the crown: the beautiful maiden, or the poor man who cries and prays all his life at the roots of the tree to uplift the fallen one. All people have to work like the poor man who cried and prayed all his life for God to turn people's minds and hearts to himself. The intelligent, exalted beings, the angels, when they come down to earth, will always make some mistake. Then a poor man, a heretic, has to be found, weeping and praying for them to uplift them. To this day, the church still reads Basil's prayers to drive evil spirits away from the earth. However, their prayers do not help.

    Today, two angels also descend to earth and wear a wreath. Because the church is considered the bride of Christ, they want to divide the wreath, all churches to get a share of it. This will not be given to them. If they divide the wreath, they will create a new dispute, new misunderstandings. You ask, "Which church does the wreath belong to?" - To none of them. The only one who deserves the whole wreath is Christ. He is alive. And now He is living on earth, but you cannot know Him. To see and know Christ, means to be permeated by His Love. Whoever carries Love in himself, gives the right to each of his younger brother to develop properly. Whoever he meets, he asks: "Are you building?" Remember: There is one law in the world - the law of Love. It includes one rule - you should never lie. This is what the law of Truth requires.

    There is only one way in love - the way of Wisdom. Love brings only one good - virtue. Love uses only one law - God's justice. Now you are sitting around me and digging, you want to know if I am telling the truth, what I am, where I am from, etc. There is no need for digging. As you dig around me, you will also dig yourself. And if you dig, you will not find anything. I am not in this body. I am here seemingly. One day I will disguise myself and get away from here. Even if you meet me, you will not know me. You will ask where I am, but you will not find me. So it was with Christ. You ask, "Do you also know what will happen in Jerusalem?" We can also throw the white hair, get rid of this form, of all external forms. - We do not think of the world like you. In my opinion, all the forms that God has created, are sacred. To me, an ox is as precious as a man; a bird is as valuable as a professor. - "This is too much said." - In every individual, in every form, no matter how small, lives the Spirit of God. Whoever hinders this form or this individual, hinders the work of the Spirit. Therefore, when you stop in front of a tree, you will look at it with awe, without tearing its branches and leaves. As long as people slaughter cattle and are at war with each other, they can never love each other. Where there is no Love, there is no peace. For the new teaching, it does not matter who will rule. Let the rich rule, but not to kill, not to imprison people, not to slaughter cattle. Let the poor rule, but do not kill, do not imprison. All rulers should apply the law of Love. This is necessary not only for the external state system, but also for human souls. This is necessary for both families and individuals. The wife is dissatisfied with her husband and goes to complain to her neighbors. She has not known her husband. The husband complains about his wife. He does not know her, he has not opened the folds of her heart, to see what wellspring is hidden there. He has blocked her heart and wants love from her. Love is not demanded. It is a law: Whoever wants, has no Love in himself. You say, "I love you very much, lend me some money." - How much do you want? I am ready to give to you, as much as you want.

    Christ says, "Go, tell my brothers, who are ready to apply my teaching on earth, to go to Galilee." So it is not said in heaven, but on earth. Indeed, if we cannot live in Love on earth, how are we going to live in heaven? Do you think that imperfect people will be allowed in heaven? If anyone goes to heaven, he will pass and leave as a stranger and will soon return. The greatest art of all is the art of loving.

    Yesterday a friend came to me to ask me what to do with his sick sister, how to treat her. I told him: If your sister applies love, she will be healed. - How will I know, if there is Love? - If her hand has expanded a little, she has Love. This applies to everyone. If at least a microscopic expansion has taken place in your body, you have Love. If there has been no expansion, you have no Love. Christ speaks only to people who have Love. - Why? - Because they are awake. You all need to become brothers and sisters to each other, to speak only what is in your hearts, that is to be honest with yourself and your neighbor.

    The President of the United States invited two prominent Indians to lunch. Among other things, they put mustard on the table. The younger guest spread mustard on his bread and, as he was eating, tears started flowing from his eyes. His companion asked him, "Why are you crying?" - I remembered that last year my father drowned in the Geranovo Lake. After a while, the second Indian ate the mustard. His eyes also filled with tears. "Why are you also crying?" The young Indian asked. "I am crying with regret that you could not drown together with your father too." That means not being honest. Today's Christians talk more about their difficulties, but not about the causes of their difficulties. The fault is not in the mustard. If your father really drowned, the reason lies elsewhere, not in the mustard.

    Christ says, "Go to Galilee, there you will see me." - What does Galilee represent? - The place of Love. You will see it there. So Love can be seen, can be realized. When you see Love, that is when you see Christ, you will bear other names. The time of resurrection is coming! Christ was resurrected two thousand years ago, and now His disciples will be resurrected. The question is who will be resurrected and who will not be resurrected. The resurrection must come overall. Some want to convince me that they have already risen. I am asking: Have you seen Love? Are you ready to sacrifice for everyone? The wife says, "I have left my husband." - Of course, you are not resurrected yet. The husband says, "I have left my wife." - You are not resurrected yet." The resurrected one never leaves his beloved. He goes to the soul of his beloved and shares the truth with her. It is enough to say just one word, so that they understand each other. Only those souls who love each other, make use the truth. To converse in the Divine language, to speak the truth, this means to live in the law of Love. Today, the woman talks to her husband, calls him darling, but inside she wants him to go out as soon as possible, so that she is left home alone. As is her sincerity, so is her husband's one. These are the two Indian heroes who cry without saying the reason for crying. The woman says, "My marriage turned out miserable." And the man says the same thing. - Your unhappiness is not in the marriage, but in the sins you commit. The woman complains that she has given birth to many children. - And that is not the misfortune. The unhappiness lies in the fact that you do not know the Lord. He knocks on your door every morning to wake you up, but you do not want to get up. Someone has lost his wealth, suffering, crying, looking for the culprit. God has taken his wealth and says, "Let us see, is he going to recognize me?" Some bishop grows old, gets fired, and he suffers. He also does not know the Lord. After all this, people pass for believers; they pronounce who is a holy man and who is not; who is righteous, who has Love. This is not their right. Only God knows who is a believer, who is a saint, and who has Love. It is a law: Man cannot give birth to man. And when you multiply 2 by 2, you get four. The number four cannot just produce itself, another number will produce it. You say, "I want to love." - No, you cannot love. It is written in the Scripture, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and your neighbor as yourself." So, first you will love the Lord, and then your neighbor. Where will you get the Love, if you do not love the Lord with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul and strength? Love is not bought on the market. In the future, when you get married, you will ask your beloved: “My dear, have you loved the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength? If you have loved Him, He also lives in you, and I will unite with you." When two people come together, they will form a new number. - What is it? - The child. Do you then have to ask yourself, "Do I love myself?" Do you have to ask yourself if the stove is warm? Once you have lit the fire, the stove will definitely heat up. You say, "You should know I аm a little more peculiar person." - How is your peculiarity expressed? You are special because your purse is bigger, it collects more. (Bagpipes and trumpets were played in the next yard.) - Since we are talking about Love, let them play a little. You will have patience until they finish. They have not learned the art of playing. Their horns are buzzing a lot. This shows that these musicians do not have Love. Young and old, put the Love in yourselves, may Christ live not only in heaven, but in your souls, hearts, minds and will. Only in this way will you apply the new teaching in practice. Enough words! No one should ever criticize! Do not criticize neither your brother, nor your sister! Now I am not going to tell you "Christ is risen!" But I will ask you: Has Love entered into your minds, hearts, souls and will? To those in whom Love has entered their minds, hearts, souls and will, I say: Christ is risen, and Love is risen! Do not wait for the time to come, do not wait for evolution, do not wait for Love to come from outside. May Love come inside you! Only then will you be strong and beautiful. Once you learn to love, you will not grow old, you will be young, 33 years old. As you get older, you will remove your old skins. This way you will be constantly rejuvenated and you will live as long as you want. Let us be young in Love! This is the new teaching. Man is young was long as he loves; once he stops loving, he grows old. Man is learned as long as he loves; once he stops loving, knowledge is lost. Everyone can experience Love. Christ says, "Go, tell my brothers and sisters to go to Galilee, and they will see me there." "Where is Galilee?" - Do not ask, you are not there yet. One day you will learn where Galilee is. The resurrection of Love is coming! Now you will not say "Christ is risen", but you will say: "Let Love rise! Let the enemies, who hate us, scatter! Your present faith, your present teaching, is as follows: “Lord, let it be Your will, but let ours happen! Lord, let Your Love be, but let ours happen! ”I would say: Lord, let it be our will, but let Yours happen! Lord, let it be our love, but let Yours happen! These are the maxims that one can apply. For the one who has Love, no force can counteract him. This is a man with a new understanding. He lives in peace and light. If you have Love, you will marry your daughters in time, and the sons-in-law will go voluntarily and in time. Where there is Love, there is profit, there is knowledge.

    Love is coming into the world. A great current is coming! Whoever is not a hero, should not walk on the shores, because the water will carry him away. It is said in the Scriptures: "The wrath of God is coming!" - For whom? - For those who do not have Love. This teaching is for today, for today's culture. The sufferings of today's people are more severe than those in the time of Christ. The solution to all difficult problems is in Love. It will come in real, living form and sweep away everything old.

    Now I am speaking in your language, Whoever is ready, will be resurrected; whoever is not ready, will turn into water, i.e. will die. However, for the one who knows Love, death does not catch him. I wish you all to meet Christ even today. You are expecting Him in the future, but I want you to meet Him even today. To meet Christ is a great truth that is difficult to understand. There is a difference from one meeting to another. Once the lover meets his beloved and says: "It is not her!" - Why? - She is indisposed, he does not know her like that. That is why, when you meet Christ, be in good disposition. Be heroes! Carry your sufferings lightly! Only in this way will Christ know you, and you will know Him.

    Accept and apply Love. Measure your hand to see how much it has expanded. Only in this way will you deal with evil. This means that Love penetrates into every home - among men, women and children, into every church. Without Love, both the big one and the small one will cry for the father who has drowned in the Geranovo Lake.

    "Go, tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me." These are the last words that Christ addresses to you, to go to Galilee, to see Him, to get to know the Love that He brings. He is coming now to resurrect you. This is the last day!

    I wish you all to resurrect! I see that the stones on some graves are starting to shake. Christ is coming to roll away the stones. Many are coming with Him. Then He will say: “Lazarus, come out!” I congratulate you on the resurrection of Christ! I want you to go to Galilee, to meet Christ, so he tells you the password for the new life - the resurrection of Love.

    Talk by the Master, held on 1 May, Easter, 1921 in Sofia

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  15. Готов превод Път на мисълта - 25.5.1921-ИБ-360 / ...: 25.5.1921-ИБ-360

    The Way of Thought

    Every Divine thought passes through three media: material, substantial and essential, i.e. through the stomach, lungs and brain. From the brain the thought enters the astral world, where it passes again through three media. From the astral world it enters the mental world, also through three media. However, the thought does not stop here too. It enters the causal world, in three other environments, extremely inaccessible to man. Even the most learned man cannot enter the causal world. This is the path of the Divine thoughts that descend to the physical world. There is no Divine thought which, when descending to the physical world, does not become distorted, does not lose its purity. This is due to the distorted human minds and hearts. When a thought is distorted, people clash in their own interests. And indeed, in whatever society or home you enter, you see a collision everywhere. You will rarely meet a home or a society where people's thoughts are perfect, where there is no collision. Therefore, start studying the material world first. Once you have studied this world, you will easily study the spiritual one. One of the tasks of man is to study the relationship between man and woman, brother and sister, master and servant, teacher and student, judge and defendant, and so on. There are many relationships between people in the physical world.

    Speaking of the distorted human mind and human heart, as an excuse, people say that karma forces them to manifest in this way. It is ridiculous to think that karma determines human life. Man creates karma himself. It is impossible for what you have created to determine the direction of your life. Karma has to do only with man's mistakes and folly, but it cannot determine the path of his movement. Conditions may anger or harden a person, but this is not a natural way of development. Having spent his life in poverty and deprivation, he has became angry, but this was the result of misunderstanding. If he understood poverty, he would not be angry. - Well, I will correct myself in another life. - This is questionable. A person can stand up only when he realizes that he is to blame for his own karma. Therefore, once he has created it, he will rectify it himself. If he expects God to free him from his karma, not only will he not get rid of it, but he will get even more confused.

    One man beats his wife because she has not cooked well. Then they both expect God to reconcile them. They will wait long! They have to reconcile themselves. Know that God does not interfere in human disputes and misunderstandings. This has never been, and will not be. No matter how much you call Him as an arbitrator, He will not leave His place. You often play the role of a conciliator with the aim of something to drop into your purse. The lawyer protects, reconciles people in order for something to drop into his purse. The priest reconciles people again with the same goal - for something to drop. And the teacher reconciles his students in order for something to drop into his pocket. Then everyone wonders why the world is going astray. - It is very natural, as long as there are such conciliators, who are guided by the thought of getting something, the world will still go astray for a long time.

    And you, listening to me, say: Will something drop? - Nothing will drop, neither from my side nor from yours. You want to learn something from me. - Do you know how dangerous I am to you? Do you know how dangerous you are to me? Therefore, if you are not ready to accept a truth, do not be in a hurry to be told. When you are not ready, it will bring great confusion to your soul. Someone wants to acquire God's Love. I say: You have not yet applied human love properly, but you are seeking God's. Human love requires little expenses. You cannot pay them, but you strive for God's Love, which requires great expenses. Can you cover these costs? The husband asks his wife: Are you ready to cook for me, wash for me and patch up for me with love? If the wife is not ready to do this with love, how will she talk about God's Love, which requires much greater sacrifices? Can you serve it? Someone comes to me, wanting to tell him the truth. When I say it, he gets arrogant, angry, he does not want to talk to me. I tell him: My friend, you act earthly, but you want something Divine. Anger is a human quality inherent in the earth, that is of earthly love. Whoever loves in a human way, will necessarily be angry. From the point of view of human love, there is no love without anger and there is no anger without love. Therefore I say to the woman: If your lover is angry, marry him; if he is not angry, leave him. - How is that possible? - Quite simply, if the man is not angry, he has no strength to protect his wife. As a woman, you may be attacked somewhere tomorrow. What will you do if your husband is not ready to stand up for you, to protect you? He will get angry, he will break the nose of the one who attacked his wife. He will break his nose, show him that love requires sacrifice. When some blood flows from the man's nose, he begins to think and says: Love requires sacrifices. I lead you to this thought in order to develop a correct understanding. As you live on earth, you have to study the laws that define human relationships. You cannot have a relationship with God until you properly resolve your relationship with people as your neighbors. How will you enter the spirit world if you have quarreled with someone? You say: I have been working on myself for ten years, I am making great efforts but I have not been uplifted yet. - How will you get uplifted? You have connected with so many people, and you want to rise. First, get rid of the ties that hold you to the ground. Then you will rise and acquire the knowledge that you are striving for.

    The law is: Whoever does not settle his material accounts, cannot settle his spiritual ones. Conversely, whoever does not settle his spiritual accounts, cannot settle his material ones too. Whoever arranges his material affairs, will arrange both his spiritual and Divine affairs. This shows that there is a close connection between the material, spiritual and Divine worlds.

    All men and women, both from the old and the new life, strive for the spiritual. How is it achieved? What does spiritual life mean? I would like one of you to come out and explain to me what they mean by "spiritual life." A person has to understand everything that he talks about and does. Here, today we have come to Vitosha. What is the motivating reason for that? There is definitely some reason that made us come here. You enter an inn. What is the motivating reason for this? You will say that hunger forces you to look for food. Not hunger, but bread. And from the quality of the bread, you will decide whether to go to the same inn another time, or to look for another one. By "bread" I mean the food that is offered to you.

    What I am telling you today, on the mountain, I could not say in Sofia. There is no such oil there, with which I can cook food for you. Here I have a special oil with which I can cook you something nice. What do you think is a good meal? The red one? If it is a question of redness of food, it is something external, superficial. After tasting the food, the tongue says: It is perfectly prepared. It quickly gives its opinion and signs. Once the food enters the stomach, it is not in a hurry, it does not sign soon. It tastes the food here and there, and finally says: This food is worth nothing. It should go back! The tongue, that is the taste, and the stomach quarrel. So, tasty things are not always good. They are 50% good and 50% not good.

    When observing the relationship between mothers and children, I come to the following conclusion: children that parents constantly praise, turn out 50% good and 50% spoilt; children who grew up only under the reproaches of their parents, 50% of them stand up, 50% get spoilt; children whom their parents sometimes reproach, sometimes praise, become indifferent. Whatever happens to them in life, they say about everything: It is matter-of-course. I have applied all three methods, I know what results they have. However, there is another method that is the best. It consists in the following: neither to rebuke nor to praise. Pretend that you do not see or hear anything. Be blind and deaf to both good and evil. I have not yet applied this method, I will apply it in the future. With the first and second method, I have a 25% profit, i.e. good result, and 75% loss. With the third method I have only 1% result and 99% loss. I add the result of the three methods: 25 + 25 + 1 = 51 profit. I add the loss for all three methods: 75 + 75 + 99 = 249 loss. Subtracting the profit from the loss, there remains a loss of about 200; 249 - 51 = 198, nearly 200 loss. Everyone holds me responsible for this loss of 200. Apply these methods to yourself. People are easily praised and rebuked. Try to see how you can praise and rebuke yourselves. Everyone has this experience, they know what it means to praise and rebuke oneself.

    When educating, people apply one of these three methods. Someone says: I am a good person, there is no one like me. He applies the first method - praising himself. Another says: I am a bad person. He rebukes himself. A third one says: I am neither good nor bad. He applies the third method. People have applied all three methods in the past and nowadays, but they have not achieved great results. The new life needs a new method - the method of love, according to which you will be blind and deaf, both for good and for evil. The law is: Once you see the good in man, you will also see the evil, you cannot avoid that. This is polarization. If you look for the good features of a person, you will definitely come across the bad ones. And vice versa: if you look for his bad features, you will also find the good ones. If you do not touch either the good or the bad in man, you will only see his relationship with God.

    Therefore, a person's understanding of life has to be the same as a healthy stomach's understanding of food. What will a sick, upset stomach say about food? Whatever food you give to it, in the end, it will be vomited. Therefore, while on earth, in the physical world, consider your stomach, your lungs, and your brain. When the stomach is satisfied with the food, it says to its master: My lord, I am satisfied with what you have given me. I will process this food and send it to the lungs for purification. If they are also satisfied with the food, they send it to the brain, where the right, Divine thought is born. If the thought does not affect the physical world as a beautiful, pleasant feeling, it is not right. And if the feeling does not give an impulse to work, it is not pure, it is not Divine.

    Today, all people, religious and secular, strive for the spiritual world, i.e. to a higher world than the physical one. They are right, but they have to know one thing: First, they will go through the physical world, and then into the spiritual one. No skipping is allowed. How are you going to enter the spiritual world without having studied the physical one? Man has the most points of contact with the physical world. If the newborn baby did not need milk, would he love his mother? If the child did not need an actual, positive knowledge, would a mental connection be established between him, his parents and his teachers? If he did not need any friends to share his games with, would he develop higher feelings of friendship and amity? Therefore, while on earth, man creates three types of connections: physical, that is material, which are related to the stomach; emotional, that is spiritual, which are related to the lungs; and mental, which are related to the brain, that is to the thought. Once he has come to earth, a person must be healthy. A healthy person is recognized by having correct physical perceptions. As long as his physical perceptions are correct, so will be his spiritual perceptions. If a person's willpower is weak, his heart will also be weak. As the willpower grows stronger, so does the heart. They say his feelings are strong. When a person is physically healthy and with a strong willpower, he stands up for love, for his convictions. As soon as his willpower wavers, he also weakens physically. He makes many promises, but cannot keep them. Man's willpower is tested on earth. It is the place to exercise. You admire the heroes on the battlefield. Do you know how many years they have exercised their willpower until they become heroes? It is not easy to become a hero. From the point of view of the spiritual and the Divine world, war is not necessary. From a physical point of view, however, it is inevitable. Whoever has not yet developed his willpower, will have his nose smashed, and he will smash other people's noses; they will beat and kill him, and he will kill. The animals around us are also learning the same law. They will be tempered until they become bold and determined; until they learn not to hesitate.

    Many people ask the question, why suffering comes. I answer with an occult law that says: Suffering will exist, as long as fear exists. If the fear decreases, the suffering will also decrease. When the fear disappears completely, then the suffering will also disappear. That is why it is said in the Scriptures, "The cowardly will not inherit the kingdom of God." - How can I not be afraid when they are going to kill me? - So what? As long as you are cowardly, suffering will follow you. When you get bold and determined, the suffering will gradually move away from you. As you have come to earth, you need to properly settle your relationships with your neighbors and with God. If you do not settle them here, you cannot enter the spiritual world. How are you going to think about the spiritual world, the sublime and the great, if a person is unpleasant to you and you cannot stand them? I knew a woman from Varna, brave, fearless - a tomboy. She used to swim in the sea for four or five hours without any fatigue, but when she saw a leech, she ran away. She felt an indescribable fear of the leech, even in a closed bottle.

    And so, a leech is able to ruin human life. Whether you are a man or a woman does not matter; if there is something you are afraid of, that fear will ruin what you have built all your life. For example, you are a good Christian, ready for all sacrifices for Christ. They chase you, they beat you, you endure everything. However, one day you get sick and they have to put a leech on your neck. You say: I can endure everything, but I cannot look at a leech. If you say so, everything falls apart. Where has your philosophy gone? You should say: I can bear anything for Christ. As I speak to you like this, do not look for the faults of others. Do not criticize this or that person for being cowardly. Criticism is a leech that will hinder you. Being cowardly does not save you. It is important that you are not cowardly. It is not good for you that you know your neighbor's mistakes. The more you know people's mistakes, the more you fall into temptation. The less you know about them, the better for you. This is a law that everyone will apply to themselves.

    Many of you did not come to Vitosha today, they were afraid of the fog and the rain. They looked at their clothes and shoes and said to themselves: Who would want to get wet? We better stay home. Look what terrible clouds there are in the sky! I say: When the best things in life come, then a person will imagine such images that will frighten him. In this way, he misses the beautiful things. Once you are on earth, no rain, no clouds should scare you. Raindrops are a blessing to you. - When? - When you have sown good thoughts and desires in yourselves. If you have sown bad thoughts and desires, the rain brings misfortune to you.

    It is said in the Scripture, “Some seed fell on rocky ground, other - among thorns, still other - on the road. The fourth seed fell on good soil and bore good fruit - one 30, another 60, and other - 100." Every seed falls under such conditions and on such soil that it has created itself. So, whatever you sow, you will reap. The seed, which fell on the road and was pecked by the birds, shows what it means to make roads where you should not. Only one seed had prepared good soil and gave good fruit. You walk on the road and say: These thorns have torn my clothes! - You have created them yourself. - These stones have broken my legs! - You have also created them. You have created all thorns and stones. Now there is nothing left but to work the road well, to plow it, to clear it of thorns and stones, and to sow the good seed.

    Some people come to me and say: Master, sow us something! - I have sown a lot and I will sow again, but some thought will fall among thorns or on stony ground, and you will encounter greater evil than if I had not sown anything. If the Divine seed does not fall on good soil, not only will it not germinate, but it will give bad results. You have created the thorns yourself, to poke with them, you will uproot them yourselves. Someone follows the Divine path, but you tell him: Why have you gone on this path? Why not give it up. It will not bring you any good. - Here, your thorn has stuck in him and hindered him. You meet a capable boy, an evangelist, a third grader. He is preparing to go to high school. You appear before him and begin to persuade him to become a preacher. You tell him: By preaching Christ, you will be blessed. But like this, you will finish high school and gain nothing. And this young man goes with a Bible in his hand to preach. But as he has no knowledge, he fails. At first he is very spiritual, but then he languishes, he loses heart. After a few years, you see, he has left preaching and become a merchant. It is not easy to become a preacher.

    Encourage the young and those able to learn, to acquire knowledge, to strengthen. Then they can become good preachers. When working for Christ, you will serve without money. That is what a sermon means. Where there is working for money, there is no real preaching. If you think you can serve God without knowledge, you are on stony ground. This is one of the reasons why Christianity is not progressing. So, do not expect a result where money plays a role. Whoever works for money, cannot turn anyone to God. The true preacher is selfless. The success of Christianity is due exclusively to the selfless, unpaid preachers, to priests without any races and caps. The real servants, I call singers — crickets. They have developed the road, they have plowed it and sown it with good seeds. And those, the paid employees, they have sown thorns, they have created stones. The bigger the thorns and stones, the better they were paid. They have created the wide road.

    I say: You all have to work for free. Beware of the thought to become preachers in order to profit. Woe to the one who expects to be paid. This is what the new doctrine says. Woe to the one who preaches with money! Woe to the one who serves God with money. In the physical, that is in the material world everything is tolerated, but when it comes to the spiritual world, the requirements there are different. No payment is allowed there. If you have turned someone to God, he must repay you with love, not money. Love is answered with love. Someone saved you from death, and you want to thank him materially. You invite him home, treat him, make him presents. No, this is not repayment. You want to get rid of an obligation easily!

    Start with the physical world. You want to become spiritual before you have studied the physical world. Therefore, shape yourself physically first. Strive to be healthy, to have a healthy brain, healthy lungs, a healthy stomach, so that when you command them, they will listen to you. It is not a question of fasting, of exhaustion, of upsetting your organs. The stomach is your good friend, you will talk to him and tell him: Listen, my friend, let us join forces, work as much as necessary for both of us. You will eat less, load less to live more time on earth. What are people doing now? They eat three times a day: for each meal, the stomach works four hours. So, it works 12 hours a day. By convincing your stomach that it is overworked, it will tell your cells, i.e. its citizens: Let us reduce our labor a little. Thus we will fulfill God's plan. By reducing the work of the stomach, the work of both the lungs and the brain is reduced. Do you know what energy is sent to the brain after 12 hours of stomach work? Until it copes with this energy, the brain cannot do its job. The more the stomach works, the less the brain works. Conversely, the less the stomach works, the more the brain works. To get our brain working, we need to spend six hours a day thinking. That does not mean telling your stomach not to eat. It is another extremity. And nature does not like extremities. You will tell it to be sensible because eating too much is not good for it.

    Now, let us go back to the time of the first people, who had healthy bodies and healthy organs. Today, there are almost no healthy stomachs in the world. In order to make the stomach work, people put various spices in the food that excite the taste. They do not create a natural appetite, but the taste is artificially irritated, and then a person starts eating. When he has eaten, he says: This meal has not satisfied me. You eat this seasoned food, you upset your stomach and then you say: Let us live well, let us love each other, let us serve God. - You cannot love with an upset stomach. Do not expect love from a person with an upset stomach, a weak chest and a sick brain. You say: It does not matter. It is the soul that loves. - If so, why does the soul not manifest outside the human stomach, lungs and brain? In order to manifest, the soul takes food from the stomach, air from the lungs, and thought from the brain. In order for the soul to manifest outside, a person should not make his stomach the goal of his life. If he makes it a goal, God will fire the man himself, will take away his ministry on earth.

    So, work on yourselves to have a healthy body, a healthy stomach, healthy lungs and a healthy brain. Each organ perceives things in its own specific way. If the conditions are not favorable, it suffers. John says, "A thief does not come except to steal, destroy, and slaughter." By "thief" he means the bad conditions of the physical world, where there is eating and drinking for pleasure, where there are thefts and murders. There are no pleasures in the spiritual world, no thefts and murders.

    What did you learn from what I have told you so far? - We realized that the most valuable thing in life is health. - How is it acquired? What method do you know about acquiring health? - By living reasonably. - What do you mean by 'reasonable living?'- Eating right, thinking and feeling right. - I think the answer will be right when you try to live reasonably. What is Christ's method for a reasonable life? - Love. - Where is love? What is called a harmonious, good, fraternal life, these are indefinite values, X's in life. When the rich man becomes poor, he looks for the poor man and calls him a brother. Why does he call him brother? Why does he change his attitude towards him? This is no brotherhood. The brotherhood does not change. No matter if rich or poor, learned or stupid, you should have the same attitude towards man. Is it a brotherhood if your friend occupies a high position and you start to shy away from him? Where has your friendship gone? You are not free with him because he has already changed his attitude towards you. The rule is: Whatever position you take, stay the way you were originally.

    Man has come to the point that when he becomes spiritual, he has an ideal relationship with God. Gradually he starts to fear God, changes his attitude. Why does he change? - Because he has no clear notion of God. God never changes, He always remains the same. To think that God is changing, is the opinion of foreign authors, not yours. Some apostles have abused certain Divine thoughts, thus losing their notion of God. You have also abused the Divine in yourself. One spirit spoke to the apostle Paul, and to him spoke another, higher spirit. And to that higher spirit spoke another, even more exalted one than him. Do you know how many spheres the Divine Thought has passed through, before it reaches you? In order to understand this thought as it is transmitted, you have to grasp it from the first spirit through which it has passed. This does not mean that Paul did not know these things, but he had to go through tests. And when he was struck three times by 39 with a stick, he started writing good epistles and said: "Brothers, with great suffering we will enter the Kingdom of God."

    So, in order to be healthy, the first thing is to come to the basic law that God has put into the physical world. The matter of the physical world, in its primordial state, was of a Divine substance, but once differentiated, it changed. Therefore, we must return to the primordial physical world, which is distinguished by great purity. When we connect with it, we will gain such health, such an organism that will be free from any excess. There will be no decay in it; death and life will be constantly balanced in it. Man needs a pure body in which the Spirit can abide. That is why Paul says, "If this body is destroyed, we will have another one, not made with hands." The new ideas will come through it.

    Now, I would like you to keep in mind the fourth method of self-education: To be blind to the mistakes and virtues of people and to open your eyes to your good and bad traits. It is not a matter of reprimanding and praising, but knowing why you are good or bad. There are three ways in which Christ can save us: in a physical, spiritual, and Divine way. Then the resurrection will come. I explain these ways as follows: You rise - a physical process, you come to life - a spiritual process, you are resurrected - a Divine process. You cannot come to life if you have not risen; you cannot be resurrected if you have not come to life. So, physical life is the basis of both the spiritual and the Divine one. Knowing this, do not say that you want to get rid of physical life. It is important insofar as God has given it the necessary price. The spiritual life will be planted on the physical one, and the Divine will be planted on the spiritual. Therefore, the philosophy of human life is to be healthy: to have a healthy stomach, healthy lungs, a healthy brain. The condition of these organs determines a person's physical life. And spiritual life is also determined by the state of the heart, lungs and brain. When the lungs are healthy, the heart is also healthy; when the brain is healthy, the thought is also right. Therefore, a healthy heart - sublime feelings. A healthy brain - bright thoughts. Strong, rational will - righteous acts. The stomach does not create the will, but the will manifests itself through it.

    Today we have come to Vitosha, as on a Divine stomach, i.e. on good soil. The earth we step on, the rain, the clouds, seemingly unpleasant, require from us the ability to live well and understand nature. Through the raindrops we receive God's blessing. Every drop brings thousands of treasures for us. The school you have entered to study in, requires you to create a favorable atmosphere, both for yourselves and for your surrounding ones. One bad trait can impede you, same as it impedes external people. It is your desire to secure yourself. For example, they give you an apple. You eat it right away and see if there is more, so that to secure yourself for later. One apple brings a blessing, but the others spoil the stomach. You take, but do not think of giving. This is a leech in life. When I see that someone only takes, without giving, I send a spirit to rob them. I say to it: Go rob this man. - Why? - His bag is full, he does not need that much.

    God also uses these spirits-robbers. When they come to you, they say: Give what you are carrying in your bag. You do not need that much. When they rob you, you say: It is good that they did not beat us. When someone sits next to me, I feel as if thorns are pricking me. This shows that this person is sitting next to me in order to take something, to rob me. This is selfishness. When a selfless person sits next to me, I feel great pleasure. He does not want to take anything, but gives of himself. - Why can we sometimes not tolerate each other? - Because everyone wants to rob their neighbor. This is sucking. Nature does not allow this thing. After all, it demagnetizes man. This happens unconsciously. In order to avoid robbery, Christianity recommends selflessness. A person has to make an effort, to rise to a higher level than the one he finds himself on. This implies consciously transferring energy from the stomach to the lungs and from the lungs to the brain.

    A large public meeting in Sofia was attended by many people. One prominent public speaker was talking. Someone from the audience, a large, strong man, excited by the speech, began to wave his hands, to applaud. At one point, he heard a shout from below: Please, you crushed my hat! It was only at this moment that the tall, large gentleman noticed that a small, short man was standing beneath him. It is dangerous for someone to get excited, to raise and lay one's hands, to applaud loudly. There will always be a person beneath him who will suffer. Once you get excited, you will go where there are no people. The giants have a strong will. When they get excited, they may inadvertently hurt someone.

    As I speak to you, something remains unclear to you. The ambiguity is due to the fact that people do not see the connection between the physical and the spiritual world, on the one hand, and between the spiritual and the Divine world, on the other hand. The physical and Divine worlds are poles. What do we notice among people? They cannot stand each other, especially when they see a healthy, beautiful person. They cannot stand him, they envy him. If you enter a religious society, you hear them say that the spiritual person must be weak, yellow. This is a pathological understanding. This is also how they thing about the saint. In my opinion, the saint should have a bright face. He should be strong and healthy, not weak and yellow. The task of man is to correct his mistakes, which are the cause of his painful condition. It is not the result of his present life, but of his distant past.

    Man's present life is determined by his past. Everyone has to be honest, to acknowledge this fact. You say: Tell me the mistakes. - First, you have to fix your stomach, then your lungs, and finally your brain. There is nothing better than this method of correcting mistakes and self-education. It is not enough to tell someone that he is ambitious; another one, that he is vain; a third one - that he does not love the truth. The reasons for these shortcomings must be known. Some shortcomings stem from the stomach, others - from the lungs, and still others - from the brain. We cannot eradicate our mistakes if we do not know where evil lies. If I give you a method for developing feelings, I will tell you: Breathe deeply in order to widen your nose. As the nose widens, the feelings expand. If the nose is flattened, the feelings are also flattened. The same goes for the lungs. As the lungs expand, so do the feelings. That is why I tell everyone: Widen your nose; expand your lungs too! - No, I will expand myself with prayer. - Whoever breathes deeply, prays well. There are yogis who breathe deeply and hold their breath for 20 minutes. Deep breathing is needed! You should hold your breath for 1-20 minutes. This means consciously directing your thoughts to God. This is a real prayer. When irritated, man does not pray well. The more focused he is, the better he prays. Prayer is a force by which one transforms one's condition.

    Someone insults you and, if you cannot control yourself, you say: I will show you who I am! If you control yourself for a moment, you act with diplomacy. You say nothing to him, but you think: This time I will be silent, but one day, when you do not expect, then I will answer you properly. This person cannot pray well, and his prayer is not accepted. When they insult you, you should immediately polarize and throw the poison out. If you keep a part of the poison in yourself, it shows that there is a defect in the astral body that prevents you from forgiving.

    In the future, a large school will be opened, where various objects will be made, same as the way men and women work in life today. Different methods will be applied to try which ones are better. How many of you, who are subjected to exams, will pass them? You return from a sermon enthusiastic, well-disposed. Immediately your family pounce on you and start annoying you. If you keep your peace and joy, it shows that you have understood the Divine and you look at all ordeals as temporary, transient. One sister recounts: Today I came out of a talk with a great disposition. But one sister worried me, and I lost what I had gained. - This is the leech that you saw. Divine life requires an understanding of the laws of the physical world. Only in this way will we endure suffering.

    In this regard, I am also trying to see how much I can endure. I am just working on something, I hear several sisters arguing. They confuse everything, and everything around me gets confused. I sit down again, to put order in everything. I take the brushes, the paints, in order to repair the spoiled drawing. I have barely repaired the drawing, they start quarreling again and they stir the brushes and paints. My work is funny: now I paint, now I correct. If I act humanly, I will disperse them with my cane. It is important to resolve the issue in a Divine way. I put everything in order again. This is a science that applies to everyone, not just me. Obstacles are found everywhere. Everyone will pass these exams and you have to pass them well. There is no privilege for anyone there - you will study. Thus, you will gain patience, knowledge, experience. If you do not study, my virtues will not

    help you. They can only tempt you.

    Remember: Be blind and deaf to people's mistakes and goodness: neither praise them nor rebuke them. Today you love someone, you praise him. Tomorrow something happens between you, you start reprimanding him. That is what people do. As long as a woman does her husband's will, there is no one better than her. If she opposes him, there is no one worse than her. It is the same with the man. I am not saying that you should do the will of the man or the woman, but I am saying: In order to walk on the right path, fulfill the will of God. Be blind to both good and evil! Someone wants to know what I think of him. If he asks me for a favor, I will serve him, but I will not give my opinion on him. What is the point of telling him that he is a good and honest man, but I am not ready to help him with a small amount? Where is my consistency between words and deeds? By giving him the amount he wants, I express my confidence in him. Actions are demanded of us, not words.

    I would like at least one thought from today's talk to remain in your mind: Be blind and deaf to the mistakes and virtues of people. Be 75% blind and deaf, and 25% you may see.

    I wish you to be fresh and cheerful.

    Now we will have lunch, we will rest a little. Then we will race.

    A talk by the Master, held on Vitosha - at the camp, Ascension of the Lord Day (Spasov Den), 1921.

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  16. Готов превод Хигиена на човешката душа - 8.2.1917-ИБ|БС-151 / .: 8.2.1917-ИБ|БС-151

    Hygiene of the Human Soul

    (Talks in front of the Sisters, 08.02.1917 Thursday, Sofia)

    "If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body." James 3: 2

    Today I will speak to you in a special language - as the teacher speaks to the students when they start learning the alphabet, as the woman starts washing the wool, dragging and spinning it, in order to make fabric. Today I will call my talk "Hygiene of the human soul".

    You have listened to many preachers. James says, "If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body." The body is your capital, it is the essential thing. That is why I will start from what you see. You pay very little attention to your soul, but the body is a vast garden in which the Divine Spirit works. Movement provides the blood for watering the Divine garden. The hostess is known by the way she maintains the house. You did not come to build houses, but to arrange them. You will apply this teaching to yourself. You are looking for happiness and you cannot find it, but if I deprive you of food, water and air, then you will understand it. Your happiness is built on food, water and air. Food is related to eating and the body, water is related to drinking and the heart, air is related to breathing and the mind.

    You need to have suffering in order to work. Whoever gives up work, God gives them labor; if they give up labor, suffering comes; if they give up suffering, torture comes. To be able to work, you need to have art, talent - only great artists can work. Work is for scholars. To launder and gossip is labor. You have left the work that God has given you, and now you are laboring. There is no happiness in labor, suffering and torture. Suffering is a hard nut; the art is to learn how to break it and use it.

    Now I will talk to you about the word "I can". You are not aware of your situation, but you need to wake up for the good of your happiness. It is all around you, but you need to start working properly. You need to loosen the strings of your violin. Your heart is very dry, it needs a little moisture. Without water, you know, you cannot clean, dust is lifted.

    First of all, you must have faith. You have to check everything that is given to you, in order to use it. Why do you pray, why do you eat, why do you drink? - Prayer is a process of breathing. If you are thinking whether the Lord will hear your prayer, then you are praying with doubt in God. Even though you do not see where He is, you can feel Him.

    In every desire and thought, there are three things - width, depth and height. Whoever has depth, does not make noise. You have to unlearn to command others, but you have to learn to command yourselves. These thoughts that are bothering you now, you have to start throwing them away in faith. Faith is a principle. Faith must be positive - a place where the Divine life can enter. You need to start working with a plan on yourselves, same as the gardener works. Once you have done your house chores, start with yourselves.

    The first thing is to be healthy physically and mentally. A person who has lost all faith is sick. Just as children often cut with scissors and mess about, there are writers and preachers who spoil things with their scissors. They are notorious spoilers, so you must leave those teachers who spoil. If you have a bad thought that wants to cut with its knife and mess about, throw it out. Or someone wants to beat a drum - tell him that he cannot. Your thoughts are alive, they play inside you and around you like children. A thought enters your head and disturbs you, for example, they said something about you. Thoughts can worry you and control you. No, you have to teach them. The false teacher is the devil - he leads you and teaches you until you are left with ripped clothes. Then he leaves you and you go to the Lord with your ripped clothes, but He will not accept you and will drive you away. However, if there is one grain left, there is hope that you will recover in twelve years. One noble thought, if you cultivate it, will make you the most noble woman in twelve years.

    You are constantly demagnetizing, getting angry, getting worried. Thus, in your nervous system there is muddling to the bottom, cracking and leakage. Once you are indifferent, your magnetic force is reduced. When you are healthy, you can feel the condition of others. The heart can lose its magnetic force. Do not carry your husband, children and others like a wolf carries a fox. You often carry healthy people on your back. When you do a service to healthy people, you teach them laziness. God has sent all women to work, but you are crushing stones. If the woman was meant to be a servant, the Lord would make her from the man's feet, if she was to be a mistress - from the man's head. But He made her from the man's rib - it means to be his companion at work. And now, what do women do? They stand in front of the mirror and think about marriage. By marriage, I mean that a person passes from an animal to a human state and from a human to a Divine state. This marriage happens once - in order to become citizens of Heaven. This requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy heart.

    How do you feed your soul, mind and heart? You feed your body somewhat well, but how do you feed your heart and mind? The food you eat without thanking, cannot deliver the necessary feelings to your heart and mind. Your thoughts and desires want food, clothes, you do not give them and they die. You have excessive desires. Strive to have essential thoughts that are not at odds with others around you. A person who works loses a lot of energy, hence you need to save your energy.

    You must have unwavering faith in God, that He has provided for everything. God takes care of even the smallest worms. Not a hair of your head can fall without His will. Every thought and desire, everything you ask for, will be given to you, but you must have unwavering faith. Do not regret anything that does not happen in your life, it is not for you. A girl's fiancé leaves her - it happens because he is not for her. Sometimes you want big pants or a large dress, as a small child wants clothes like his older brother's, but it is not his time yet. You all have unnecessary thoughts and desires, which shows that your faith is weak.

    God is a great spring - go to Him for fresh water in the morning, at noon and in the evening. He will not come to you, but you will go to Him. However, you will bring a vessel with you. Good thoughts are a vessel in which the Lord will pour out His blessing. As long as you have good thoughts and desires, God will bless you. If you feel that he does not bless you, borrow a vessel - read a good book, take out the beautiful from people. Let there be no gossip - whoever wants to succeed, let them not gossip.

    Now, for the remaining five minutes, without moving, turn your thoughts to God. You will feel a tingling sensation, but if you move, you will spoil the exercise. For example, one day you say that you will not gossip, but someone comes and says something bad about you, you start gossiping and you spoil the exercise. You light candles, consecrate oil and still have no blessing - it is because you gossip.

    Now, start the exercise with one, two, three, four or five minutes - try not to move at all, to be able to control yourself. Then do a five-minute exercise to think about only one thing: five minutes of exercise on your body, five minutes of exercise on your mind, five minutes of exercise on your heart.

    Whatever you gain from these exercises, do not tell anyone. It takes twelve months for a wish, a thought, to come true. It takes a year for one thought to be born, others require ten years, and so on. Good thoughts and desires form the clothes of the Angels. Thoughts and desires are clothes in which the Divine spirits are dressed.

    If you can dance this horo (Bulgarian folk dance), join in; if not, think hard and do not join in. The result of these exercises comes slowly, maybe after a year, but do not tell anyone what you are doing. Until you have woven the canvas, do not cut it to the measure to bring it to the market.

    Start with the smallest one - with the word "I can". If you are engulfed in great sorrow - say "I can" in yourself, you suffer - "I can", you labor - "I can". Say to yourself, "I can do anything through Christ!" If you do not understand the word "I can", you cannot understand Christ. In Christ's teaching there is always the word "I can". When Peter said to Christ: "Let it not be so, Lord...", Christ answered with the word "I can". Conjugate the verb "I can". If you cannot solve some problem, say "I can". The Lord goes and says, "Fill his pitcher up," but whoever does not say "I can", his pitcher does not get filled.

    The bad that is inside you, is fuel. The bad thoughts that come to you are an impulse in your development, if you overcome them. If a bad thought comes to you, ask the Lord for a place for it. Do not say anything, do not gossip, be silent - at first you will feel annoyance, but then it will burn and you will receive energy. If you get sick, do not be afraid - it is a little massage, it is a blessing. To be sensible means to be perfect in the Word. People are crying, they are unhappy, but I say it is a blessing because people are working and I am rejoicing and thanking God. One hundred and one million Angels are working on Earth and helping. Some cleaning is happening now and you have to be cheerful and happy in these times - there have been no more glorious times. Now people are watering their gardens.

    Today's religion does not have to be like the old one. Once a poor religious man passed under the open window of a rich man's house, he saw a purse of money left on the sill and took it, thinking it was a gift from God. In the days that followed, however, with each prayer, the purse appeared in front of him, and he could not pray. He finally brought it back. You have also picked up some rich man's purse, therefore something is holding you back. When you gossip, it is like a theft of a purse. Return the purse so that your prayer can be heard. Do not think badly of anyone; if such a thought comes to you, throw it out. Be silent on the outside and work on the inside. In order for every wish to come true, there is a term, you have to wait. It may take one, two, ten years - do not hurry. When you want your desire to be fulfilled quickly, the Lord will send you to the roots of the tree - He will give you a bad husband or wife. And all your current misfortunes are from your past life - you have had bad thoughts and desires.

    You need to have a healthy body. When you start getting a little fat, you rejoice, but this is not health. You need to have strong muscles, to be meek, humble. I do not mean that you need to be flaccid, but to be active. For example, one of your sisters is burdened - give up faith, encourage her, but do not cry with her, because you will both lose your faith. Or someone has died; no, he did not die, only his house was demolished and it will be rebuilt in years to come. The essence of man is in the good qualities of his soul. Death is the filtering of water, the passage of Life from one layer to another, and coming to the surface like a good spout. You have to go through this world, through matter, in order to be filtered.

    Now, you are listening here to all this, but the world will make you hesitate. However, you should say, "I can!" You will take Psalm 119 and memorize a part of it every day with the word "I can". You have to learn it in twenty-two days. Every day, before you start studying, you will wash your hands and feet and say, "We will be as good, patient, and obedient as our feet." If the human heart were as good as the feet, people would be saints. And when we wash our hands, we will say, “We will be obedient, good, and righteous like our hands." Your mind must be ready to work like the hands. How good God is, to give us hands and feet, to teach us how to work! Unite with the Lord and with all people, and everything will be achievable for you. You have to be patient and helpful like your feet and righteous like your hands. You have to control your body and let harmony come among you. If you can adjust within a year, it will be good. You have to be free like the birds, patient like the mammals, brave like the lion, and intelligent like the man.

    Start applying the word "I can". If it is for good, it is like a key, but if you use it for bad, it will not serve you. Use it for the upliftment of humanity, for the enlightenment of the mind and heart, but not for anything bad. Within a year, you need to learn to understand the word "I can". The particle "not", the first syllable of the word "not able", you have to put at the end. If you are worried, say, "I can!" so that your mood changes. And let the particle "not" stay there, leave it to rest.

    When you study the psalm, some of you will have a result of one or two, others will have a result of three to ten - differently. And even if the result is one, it is still a blessing.

    Talks in front of the Sisters

    08.02.1917 Thursday, Sofia

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  17. Готов превод Живата енергия / Хлѣбътъ и живата енергия - 22.5.1921-НБ-359 / ...: 22.5.1921-НБ-359

    The Bread and Living Energy

    And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground. (John 8:8)

    "And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground". All great things are done in silence and in secret. Great questions, great thoughts and great feelings are born in silence.

    Christ came to earth to perform a great deed. "He stooped down and wrote on the ground."

    "And they brought unto him a woman caught in adultery, and when they set her in the midst, they said to him: "Master, this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act. Now, Moses, in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned. But what do you say?” Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with His finger. He was solving a great law, whether the woman should be killed and, if killed or convicted, how to do this. When He resolved the issue, he stood up and said, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first."

    The conclusion we can draw from this conversation is that judges have to be sinless people. If you ask me why people suffer, why their lives are not going well, I answer: Because judges are sinful people. What good will a judge, who is bribed with money or public opinion, bring for his people? Can the nation, whose judges are corrupt people, prosper? - Never! Therefore, he who holds the office of judge, must judge according to the teachings of Christ. He has to be sinless. If the sinless man stones you, not only will he not kill you, but you will be resurrected. The stones will fall on you without hurting you. Now people full of sins come to power and, as they stone you, they hurt you. There is life in the judgment of the righteous; there is no life in the judgment of the wicked. If so, it is preferable that a righteous person judges you.

    "He stooped down and wrote on the ground." Now, as I speak, I see that some are taking notes. Some write with a desire to learn, and others - to find something wrong, to catch me. They deliberately distort the facts. In my opinion, whoever says that he does not say the right things, is sinless, and I agree that he stones me. Whoever is sinful, let him shut his mouth and be silent! If the mouths of sinners are not silenced, the Lord will shut them up. If you do not believe that the Lord shuts the mouths of the people, go to the cemetery. You will see that all the mouths there are shut. For eight thousand years, the Lord has shut the mouths of all people. In this respect those who die are sinful; those who are born are righteous. I draw such a conclusion.

    When He had raised Himself up, Christ said to the woman, “Beware that in the future you shall bring forth righteous and pure souls. If you continue to live as you do now, you will not end well. Try, woman, to bring forth pure souls, because both those who believe and those who do not believe have gone astray. Make an effort to give birth to something better." The good, the sublime, the noble are not born under conditions created with a cup in hand. It is not born in the courts when someone is sentenced to death; it is not born on the battlefield with a weapon in hand; it is not born in the diplomacy of people, nor in the intrigues between them. Under these conditions, children of crime are born; thoughts, desires and actions of crime are born there.

    Christ said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first." They knew the law, and one by one they got up and went out. If they had not gone out, they would have fallen to the bottom of hell. Everyone went out. - Of where? - From the inside and out. And you, according to the same law, when your Pharisees and Sadducees are grumbling against the harlot, tell them, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first!"

    And Jesus remained alone with the woman, and He said to her, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?" - “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you. Go away, and sin no more." Now your conclusion is: This woman is guilty; women always get into trouble, they are not good for anything else. When God created man, there were no troubles in the world. With the creation of the woman also came the troubles. That is what women's opponents say. This is a question. If the world had been left without women for a long time, there might have been more troubles than there are now. That is why the Lord said, "Let the woman come into the world, so that there are not many troubles happening." This is my conclusion. - How will you prove this? - How will you prove your claim? Things are proved only when the principles and values that determine them are the same. If you have the unknown x to varying degrees x, x2, x3, x4, how will we understand each other if, for example, I use x2 and you use x? These values are not the same. If I work with the value x3, the difference will be greater than x2; if I work with x4, the difference will be even bigger.

    Today, all people - men and women - talk about morality. - What does morality represent? - An unknown value created only for the weak one. - Why? - Because when the weak one steals, he immediately gets punished; when the strong one steals, no one can punish him. If a lion enters the barn and picks up a sheep, you say: Good thing it did not pick me up. If a little troublemaker enters the barn and disperses the sheep, you will immediately take a stick to hit him and you will say, "If you dare, enter the barn again!" The present world is full of little troublemakers who are constantly being punished. Big tigers and lions are not caught by any law. And the people know this and say, "The law is for the weak, but not for the strong."

    I say: The law should be for everyone - from the smallest to the largest. The law must be absolute and be enforced consciously by everyone, not through guards. If you use guards and pass for honest, I doubt your honesty. If you use prisons and pass for honest, I doubt your honesty. If there are no prisons, gallows, guards in a country and it is open everywhere, then I can say that there are honest people in that country.

    Today you meet soldiers, guards everywhere, and then you say that you are cultured people. This depository of thoughts and feelings, of understandings and morals, what direction can it give to life? What inner meaning will you give to your life? What is the meaning of family? - To educate good citizens. - What is the meaning of the church? - To make honest and loving worshipers. - What is the purpose of the state? - To bring up good and honest citizens. One of the basic laws of Christianity is, "Only the righteous should be punished." When this law is understood, public life will undergo a major reform. - Who can be a teacher? - The capable, the learned one. The ignorant one cannot be a teacher. Everyone supports that. What should the priest be like? - Not only should he have knowledge and ability, but he should be absolutely pure and sinless. They say, “Do not look at the deeds of the priest, but listen to what he says; look how he is dressed." - The priest's robe is a human invention, there is nothing to look at it. Look at the nobility and holiness of man. You say, "Look at the man's hat." - What in particular will you see in his hat? It is another matter to see a bright human thought. Tell me a bright man-made thought. Why can a man not create such a thought? - Because he lives only for himself.

    Human morality is created on the basis of selfishness. You say, "When I am fine, the world also goes well." Wherever you go - in churches, in homes, the same morality reigns everywhere. As long as the man brings home everything necessary, he is kind and dear, there is no one like him; when he brings nothing in, both the woman and the children scold him, they call him a fool, a simpleton. When he loses his money, he also loses his mind. Can the mind be dependent on money? They are a product of the human mind. Therefore, it is impossible for the mind to depend on money. It's funny to think that losing your money will make you stupid. Rather, the opposite is true: when you lose your money, you get smarter. While being poor, one never robs. When he gets rich, he starts thinking about how to earn more. Rich people gather and start gambling, robbing each other. Knowing this, God takes man's money away to straighten his mind. The woman says, "One cannot live without money." - Did your first mother have money when she gave birth to you? She gave birth to you without money. There was no money in heaven. A child was born to a poor clerk in Sofia. He said to himself, "What am I going to do with this small salary? How will I handle the new costs? Where will I get money for the baptism of the child?” However, the same day he was called and given a higher office. After two or three days, going to work, he found a banknote of one hundred levs. He took the money and was glad he had something to baptize his child with. The child lived for eight years. During this time, his affairs were getting better day by day. It so happened that the child became ill and died. From that day on, his condition gradually deteriorated until he reached the position he was in before the child was born. I ask: Was the child the reason for the improvement of the financial situation of the father, or the financial situation created the child? Today's people need children to bring light to human minds and hearts. Only in this way will they understand the great law of Love, which creates the good geniuses of mankind. The world needs good geniuses who create and form, not evil geniuses who ruin and destroy. And Christ stooped down to the ground and whispered, "Woman, from the revision I am doing, I see that you are not giving good direction to your children." Here the earth is guilty, so the Lord punishes it. I do not look at the earth as you understand it, but I dwell on its philosophical significance. If you want to know what is inside the grain or the acorn, you have to plant them in the ground to grow. In this way the earth will develop, it will create better conditions for the plants. If you can rise above the conditions of the earth, you will see that it is not as you know it. Those who say they see the earth are still at the bottom. Fish also see only water, but not the earth. In order to see the earth in its true state, you must come out of the conditions in which you live. Whoever lives only on the earth says, "Everything is on the earth." The fish says, "Everything is in the water." Which culture is higher: the one of land or the water? What would you think of me if I told you that there is another earth besides the one you know. You will say that I am missing something. The fish also do not believe that there is an earth outside the water with a higher culture than that in the water. When someone has something missing, it is said that they have a screw loose. - It is still needed for one screw to be loose. When the church's bell is ringing, the worshipers go to pray. It is preferable for the ocean waters to clatter and roar than to be quiet. - Why? - So that they warn us. Quiet waters are dangerous. I prefer the rocks to make noise, to warn us that there is an obstacle in our way. Silence, stillness are preferred when a person does good. According to occult science, silence is necessary until a certain idea is born. Once born, there must be noise, in order for it to be sown and grow.

    Modern society needs a positive philosophy, a proper understanding of life. This will bring the necessary elements for our growth. You have come to earth not as guests, but as students of a great school, with eagerness to learn. However, everyone needs to know what to learn. The mother says: "Thank God, I gave birth to four children, I can leave freely, but I am worried about who will look after them after my death." The merchant thinks he has done some work, but he is also worried about who he will leave his wealth to. Both the minister and the priest are worried about who will succeed them. I ask: Is it important, from the point of view of the Divine world, to be a king, a minister or a bishop? Is it important to be a man or a woman? These are minor things. You say, "What should I be born - a man or a woman?" -This is not important. Whether you will have a mustache or long hair, this is a secondary thing. Parents argue about what the child should be, a boy or a girl. In today's conditions it is not easy to give birth to and raise a girl. Not only will you sell your daughter, but you have to pay for that sale. What a culture is that! Once upon a time, when a girl got married, the young man gave money to her father and gave clothes to her sisters. Today's people have turned things upside down.

    Today, all people say, "We have to work!" - Why? - "We have daughters, we need money to marry them." - Marriage is also secondary. Think about the essential thing in life - Love. You will say that the essential thing is a mare's nest. It is not like that. When you find the essentials in life, you solve some questions individually, namely: where do you come from, what will you do, where will you go, what strength do you carry within you, how can you develop properly, etc. You say, "The mother creates the child, she takes care of him." If I told you that the opposite was true, what would you object to that? In my opinion, the child creates the mother, it forces her to work. Observe the manifestations of nature. You see a hen that is ready to run away from its shadow - she is cowardly. As soon as she has chicks, she immediately becomes fearless, it all bristles. It is enough for someone to approach her and she will attack him. Even the ox runs away from her. Where does this courage in the hen come from?

    Here is another misconception. You say that only old people can rule. - Why? - Because they are smart. - Until now, old people have ruled, but have they fixed the world? Since they could not fix it, now the young people are coming to rule. The old ones say, "Ever since the young came to power, they have ruined the world." They want to blame the young for their own mistakes. No, the old people have ruined the world and they have to correct their mistakes. Do not take offense. In my opinion, the one who lives for himself is old. The old man says, "I used to do a lot of things, now I cannot do anything." He passes for a holy man, for a nobleman. It is true that his legs are no longer holding. Go back to his young years, there you will see how holy and noble he is! We are not deceived by the changes that happen to man. I ask again: What is essential in life? Few can answer this question. If you say that the mind is essential, you see that it is disturbed. Someone hits you in the head and your brain stops working: you cannot think right, you cannot reason. Where is your mind? Scientists say that in this case the brain cells are disorganized and one cannot think and speak correctly. So the thought is not the man. Where is the man then? Thought is a condition for the manifestation of man, but man is beyond his thought. You will say that man is in his heart and in his feelings. However, both the heart and the feelings change. The husband loves his wife, but as she gets older, he says, "I am tired of this old woman!" The wife loves her husband, but as he gets older, she says, "Let that old man get away from me!"
    He looks at a young girl, twists his mustache and says, "Oh, this young woman!" Then he apologizes for joking. - No, he is telling the truth. There is no joke. When one cannot tell the truth directly, he tells it as a joke.

    In the Russo-Turkish war, two Russian soldiers stopped in front of a fishmonger's to watch the fish. At one point they both looked at a big, nice carp. However, they had no money and could not buy it. They decided to quarrel, so that they could reach the carp. There was finally a fight. The fisherman looked at them laughing. One of them grabbed the carp and aimed it at his companion. What happened next? Both the soldiers and the carp disappeared.

    You will say that this is a man's cunning, not a joke. Sometimes you make jokes when you cannot act right. Sometimes a joke ends with a trick. I do not admit any jokes. In that case, what is essential? If I say that the soul is essential, you will not believe. You do not have the experience to talk to yourself, that is with your soul. I am talking about positive science, in which everything has to be tried. - How can we talk to our soul? - This is the greatest science. If you can talk to your soul, you will learn great things. If you cannot talk, you will remain ignorant. The soul is the mother of man. Mother means "yeast" - that which has clothed man in matter. In fact, man has two mothers: one of spiritual origin and the other of material origin. The first mother is called the Divine soul, and the second is called matter. It creates all contradictions and delusions in man. By "Divine soul" we mean the state of nirvana. When you enter nirvana, you will forget all the difficulties and contradictions, you will be ready to bear your sins, as well as people's sins. Christ's words, "If you do not deny your mother," imply a denial of "yeast," which insists that she gave birth to you and is therefore has a right over you. She says: "You have morals, but you will listen to me, you will try to secure yourself. When it comes to your good, you may even commit a crime." The "yeast" mother does not raise her children well, she leads them in the wrong direction. How do mothers nowadays raise their children? A mother tells her daughter, "You have to eat well, to be healthy and red, to be liked by a rich guy and marry him. When you meet him, you will smile, to attract him to you." This mother does not know her daughter's soul. She sees her as a cattle that she wants to sell. You will excuse me for using the word "cattle." In my mind, it has a different meaning.

    The letter "Г" ("G" in English) is a sign of eternity, that is Divine greatness. In the face of her daughter, the mother has a treasure that she uses in a wrong way. Is the master right to stab an ox with his prod? Can he not make it work for him in some other way? The ox bows its head and pulls the plow. The same ox, when hearing the hornet's hum, wags its tail and flees. - Why? Something buzzed around his ears. Now the newspapers are also buzzing, writing that the price of bread has risen. One kilo costs six leva, they say. Then they write that the bread's price has dropped to four leva. After a couple of days it rises again - eight leva. Should bread be sold? When God created the bread, He forbade people to sell it. A great curse hangs on humanity. - Why? - Because they sell bread - the great good in life. It is absolutely forbidden to sell bread and flour. After all this, do you have to ask why the world is bad, why people are bad? The first condition that must be met, is to give away the bread without money. There is no greater dishonor than buying and selling bread. In the future, people will wonder at today's people that they were such cattle, as to sell and buy bread. These are the cattle of the twentieth century. The first people, who abused wheat by selling and buying it, did not see any good until the fourth generation. Remember: Karmic law does not forgive. I am not saying that the new idea of giving bread away without money will be accepted suddenly. It is important that this idea penetrates the human mind and gradually makes its way. No memory should remain of the thought that bread needs to be sold. Bulgaria must be the first country to apply the Divine law on earth - bread has to be given for free. Only he can apply this law, who is absolutely pure and sinless. The sinner, not only will not apply this law, but will create an even worse one. So only the wise, the righteous and the noble one can apply this law.

    Do you know how many women, how many girls have sold their honor just for bread? Do you know how many people have sold the sublime and noble in themselves just for bread? Then you say: "Lord, may it be Your will!" - May it be Your will, but may our will be done. You dress well, with nice hats and toppers, but your sisters rot in vice! They sell their honor for a loaf of bread! How will you justify this, you, fathers, mothers, teachers, priests, professors, kings? You will say that God has ordered things this way. This is a lie! Past generations have done this. Therefore, what people have done, people have to face it! We need to fix this. If someone has ruined their neighbor's house, smart people have to fix it! That is why the great impulse of Love has to enter everyone, and not just that we belong to some school and say that God is one way or another.

    I ask: Is bread being sold in your city? - It is being sold: wholemeal bread is cheaper, white bread is more expensive. "We are cultured people." - If so, I have a special opinion of you and your culture. If this perception does not change, life in the future will become a hundred times worse than it is now. For a hundred years, only humans will degenerate. The falsification of bread, its mixing with beans, sand, lime will degenerate humanity. - Why do they falsify bread? - For profit. Everyone wants to profit from it. Religious people say: "This is not our job, there are statesmen who will impose the new law on bread." I ask: Is a cloud formed from a drop of water? Every drop has a desire to wash something, to irrigate the earth and to water the flowers, in short, to bring some benefit. Thanks to the thousands of drops, everything in nature grows and develops. Every man is a drop of water. Therefore, if you do not put your mind, your heart, your willpower and desire into work, what will happen in the world? It is written in the Scripture, "When you seek me with all your heart, I will appear to you." - What does it mean to find the Lord? - This means that the great law of Love begins to work in your souls. - "How will this happen?" Start eating the simplest food available to everyone, so that to create a wave that embraces all people. Only in this way will the world be healed. What is going on today? Some families spend a thousand or more levs for one lunch or dinner, others barely find 50-60 levs for dinner, and others go to bed hungry. Some put two or three meals on their table, but others - none. Then they will bring to court a hooker who sold herself for a loaf of bread. Then they ask Christ what to do with this hooker. Christ answers, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first."

    You ask, "Who is to blame for this woman's fall?" - All of you collectively caused her to fall. Therefore, you have to make it right. This requires purity - to be absolutely clean! The teaching that comes from the invisible world requires from everyone not comforting, but absolute purity. When one acquires purity, he becomes powerful, strong, nothing discourages him. Purity brings health to the human mind, to the human heart and to the human soul. That is why the first hygiene, that is imposed on man, is the purity of mind, heart and soul. The new teaching recommends medicine for healthy people, not for the sick. The human world has prisons for criminals, hospitals for the sick, shelters for orphans and the elderly, but nowhere will you find places for healthy, good and smart people. Only now are small experiments being made in schools. If these attempts lead to good results -for all prisons, hospitals, shelters to be closed, we say that something valuable has been achieved. Now what does the sick person do? - He immediately calls a doctor. He touches the pulse - abnormal; the heart does not work well, the liver is upset. What is the cause of the general disorder of the body? - The bread. In the future, bakers have to be selected. A sick, sinful, dishonest person cannot be a baker. Only the good, the honest, the healthy person can become a baker. As he kneads the bread, he has to sing, to think well of everyone. If the hostess is indisposed, she should not knead bread. Indisposition is like leprosy. Do not bring this leprosy into the bread. If you are indisposed, ask your neighbor to knead the bread for you. You say, "Today, the bread is not well kneaded and baked." - Why? - Because you have set out to persecute the hooker and punish her." You do not care that bread and flour are being bought and sold. You say, "This is the order of things, established by law." Everyone has to resolve this issue alone for themselves. If you do not resolve it, there are other forces outside of you that will resolve it.

    There are rational, intelligent forces in the world that have great power and activity. If you do not obey them voluntarily, they will force you. - How? - The same way as the dust is cleaned from the drum. Seeing that the drum is dusty, the drummer takes a stick and beats it hard. He does not stop beating until the sin has been removed. Now you are also on the drum. If you do not obey his laws, the drummer will start beating. When he beats several times, you will bounce away. When the law of Love comes, it will not ask you what you are and what party you belong to, but it will ask you: "Are you buying bread with money and selling it?" - "Yes." - "Then, off the drum! ” Kings, ministers, bishops, they will all be flying in the air! The Lord will say, "You have no right to sell and buy the good I have given you! You have no right to corrupt your brothers and sisters!” You say,“ I have special beliefs.” - Down with your beliefs! Only one law exists in the world - the law of Love. Should everyone not perceive the great Love of God? Should everyone not accept God's thought? Why not wish everyone good? Even if we want it, it will not come suddenly, but at least we will prepare for its coming. Everyone needs sincerity. A wife should be equally disposed towards her husband, both when he brings something home and when he does not. If she only calls him "darling" when she brings meat, bread, butter, then I say: Bang! - get off the drum!

    I say: You women preach to all people that bread should be without money. This is what the Lord said originally. I will calculate how much bread Bulgaria needs and how many decares of land it needs to sow. I will be the first to work without money. We will plow the fields, we will sow them, we will reap them without money, so that the bread will be for all people without money. Let's all work to make the bread free. Is there anything wrong with that? Allocate as much land as is needed for bread. God is good for everything else. The Lord's Prayer speaks only of the bread: "Give us this day our daily bread." Now the newspapers are writing that the price of bread has risen to six and eight levs. Everyone is wondering what will be done next. I say: Instead of creating Article 4, create Article 10, according to which bread should be given for free. Let each citizen take a certain amount of land to work a little, so that the bread is given for free. Then they will not bring the hooker before us and ask, "Master, how shall we deal with her?" The answer is simple and clear: "Whoever is without sin, let him throw a stone at her first." I will quote a story to clarify the above thought. One king had three daughters with different gifts and abilities. The youngest was the most beautiful and virtuous one. In order to protect her from human gaze, her father always kept her closed. The princes from the neighboring kingdoms learned about this king's daughter and sent suitors to ask her for a wife. The father, advised by the sages in his kingdom, decided to test which of the princes was most worthy of his beautiful daughter, before answering the suitors. For this purpose, he chose several beautiful maidens from his kingdom, among whom he placed his daughters. All the maidens were ten in number. He ordered them to be dressed as servants. He smeared his youngest daughter's face with charcoal, so that she looked the ugliest. The princes came to check out the maidens. Each of them liked a different maiden, but no one approached the king's daughters - they did not pay them any attention. Everyone wanted a beautiful girl. They married their chosen ones, but things did not go well in their kingdoms. Before the selection took place, an accident happened to one of the princes. He was the wisest and best of them all. Out of respect for the maidens, he bowed politely to everyone, but, inadvertently, slipped and broke his leg. The girls, who were not of royal descent, fled, they did not want to be burdened with taking care of the sick. However, the youngest daughter of the king, who looked dirty and ugliest of all, immediately came to help him. She bandaged the prince's leg and said, "Never mind, this is a small misfortune." He said to himself, "This is the real daughter. I recognized her." Modern people also do not know the real king's daughter, because she is dressed in simple clothes and has her face smeared with charcoal. However, she will come to bandage your broken leg. Therefore, the three king's daughters must come among you. Everyone talks about love, but they do not have Love. Everyone talks about truth and wisdom, but they do not have Truth and Wisdom. I have asked many people: Do you know Love? "Indeed, our hearts have burned." I say, Love burns, but it does not scorch. You say: "I know what I have experienced with my sweetheart! I know how much my heart used to burn! ” - Is it burning now? - "It's not burning." - Your fire was fake. You have not tasted the Divine Fire. Chickens and lambs are not roasted in this fire. Fruits ripen in it, everything grows in it. The first attempt we made during the (First World) war was to familiarize people with the living solar energy, so that they meet the sun and use its early morning rays. The clergy has made a great fuss about this. I look at solar energy as living energy in which everything grows, blooms and matures. This living energy comes only in the morning when the sun rises. It does not come from the sun itself. "Where does it come from?" I will not tell you. - It comes from God. - "Where is God?" - Everywhere - above, at the front, at the back, but not below. You say that the enemy comes from everywhere. This is the case in the ordinary circle of movement, but living energy does not come from everywhere. Apart from living energy, no other living being descends in its path. Even the angels do not follow its path. It is a special energy. The clergy say, “Do not seek this energy in the morning in nature; look for it in the church. ” - In which church? - If the living energy is in the church, where is the life? Show me one church, in which the sick are healed and the dead are resurrected. If you carry Love in your heart, Wisdom in your mind and Truth in your soul, living nature will manifest itself in a special way.

    Anyone can check this. - When are good and ingenious children born? - When the mother comes out just at that time, when the living energy comes down from above. When this living energy falls on man, great ideas are born in his mind. Good does not always come. Life also does not always come, except at specific moments when God - the great power - descends to earth. It is enough to absorb this energy only once, in order to use it for a lifetime. It is enough to see the face of the real king's daughter once, in order to say: “I have understood the meaning of life! I am ready, Lord, to fulfill Your will." Now, you read different books, someone has written like this, another one has written like that, they describe the different fields, they describe hell and heaven. - Where is heaven? Have you been there? The heaven that I am talking about is inaccessible to you. He who has bought and sold bread, cannot look into the Kingdom of God, i.e. in true heaven. His foot cannot step in there. When you go to the other world, you will see for yourself. It is written there, "He who has bought and sold bread, cannot step into heaven." This is a bitter truth, but a great one. This truth - eating bread for free - must already be applied to the earth. You are not allowed to sell bread to your brother. You are not allowed to buy bread from your brother. Eat bread without money, for free! This is the new teaching. If you apply it, you will receive the blessing of all the luminous forces that work in the world, of all the good people on the face of the earth. There are good people on earth, but the lists of their names are above. If you think that your name, as a good person, is written in a church and will be accepted above, you are wrong. These lists above are empty. Whatever society or church you are enrolled in, this does not apply above. It is important to be recorded in the book of heaven. Those who are recorded there are collectively called "children of God" - sons and daughters of God. They are ready to sacrifice for the good of humanity. There are many more blank sheets in the Divine Book in which your names can also be written.

    Now, when you hear me talk like that, you say, "This man wants to set our hearts on fire." - That is the greatest thing you can hear. Write the words: Love, unity, accord. Love of God. Unity and harmony with God, Who is Love and loves all souls. Accord with God, Who wants to put order in the world. He made some of his children crystals, others he has put upside down - plants, others he made flies, beetles, fish, birds, mammals, and finally he created man who walks with two legs and thinks. Man is considered the crown of creation and says to himself, "I am not like other beings." - Wait, your head has also not come out of the dense matter yet. You also must become a living tree, with leaves, flowers and branches, to bear fruit and your fruit to ripen.

    "He stooped down and wrote on the ground." What was he writing? - "You are still far from understanding God's ways. You are still far from judging your brothers.” And today Christ is writing again. The wife yells at her husband and says, "Lord, should I have married such a man?" Christ writes, "Woman, if you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at him." The husband also says, like his wife: “Lord, why have you given me this ugly woman? Why have you not given me a beautiful woman? My wife has made me a martyr, she has ruined me." Christ writes, "If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at her." The teacher says, “Lord, why have you given me these bad, ill-mannered children? What is this destiny of mine, to entertain these cattle!" Christ writes: “If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at them.” The priest says, "Where have these worshipers, these hypocrites come from to burden me?" Christ says, "If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at them." Christ writes for everyone. Those who understand what is written, they get up one by one and go out. They leave the church one by one and only the hooker and Christ remain. The most honest, the most sincere, the noblest soul they brought to Christ was the hooker. Christ asked her, "Woman, has anyone condemned you?" - "No one, Lord." - "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more." There was something sublime and noble hiding in that soul. Do you know how this woman got out of there? I will not complete my talk. It is up to you to draw the conclusion. For the clever one, even a little is enough.


    Love is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

    Wisdom is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

    Truth is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

    Righteousness is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

    Virtue is not bought with money, and not sold for money.

    Talk by the Master held on 22 May, 1921 in Sofia.

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  18. Готов превод Без товар - 22.3.1917-ИБ|БС-156 / .: 22.3.1917-ИБ|БС-156

    Without Burden

    "And the disciples came and said to Him,"

    “Why do You speak to them in parables?”

    "He answered and said to them,"

    “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven,"

    "but to them it has not been given."

    "Matthew 13: 10, 11, 12"

    “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given." The mysteries of the Kingdom of God are a matter for reflection, an aspiration of the human spirit. You will understand this when light is shed on your mind about this idea. By idea, I understand the image of a living and rational essence, which develops not like dead objects, but as something living and essential. "To you, says Christ, to whom it has been given." So everyone who listens, has been given. Do not take things in a negative sense - "I have not been given", because this is a stain on God. From the predisposition of your mind, heart and willpower, God will also give you. Modern men of the 20th century and contemporaries of the 1st century, when Christ came to earth, have a great resemblance between each other. "To you, says Christ, the people of the future, it is given to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, but not to the people of the past." It is given to people who live with the future, not with the past. This fact is vivid and truthful. People who live with the past are like a bankrupt merchant, who digs up old ledgers and looks at how much he has to take, but he cannot take anything - and so, every day until the ledgers finally comes to life in his mind and he lives only with it. Such people are not given to understand the Kingdom of God. Say that you will not take from anyone. As you give to your neighbors, you are given to understand the Kingdom of God. These words represent for me a great picture, it is so vast in its design and so beautifully made by God's hands, and with angelic colors. When your eyes open, the eyes of your Divine soul open. When you close the current ledger and put a cross on it, then it means you have nothing to take. "I forgive him," that is what the cross represents. The meaning of the cross, the elements of the cross, the true cross that saves and opens the doors of the Kingdom of God, that is the cross of Christ. The first line of the cross (the perpendicular line) are those beings who have fallen from above and are upside down, and they are in complete contradiction. They are the plants. The second line of the cross is the animals, they are not given to understand the Kingdom of God, same as the plants. All people who want material goods and benefits, their feet are also turned to God. Other people have their backs to God. David says, "And I saw the Lord before my face." The third element of the cross is the living man Christ, nailed to it with the head up. Why is he nailed? Three crosses are gathered together: 1. the cross of the plants, 2. the cross of the animals and 3. the cross - the saving element. He is nailed in three places. The nailed legs mean that He lowered them to raise people with their heads to God. The nailed hands - to raise the plants to God and He tells them: "Enough going down." He holds the animals with both hands, turning their backs around to face God. Christ said on the cross, "Father, why have You forsaken Me?" "To forsake" - it means "why have You left these brothers of Mine?" He put his hands down and said, "Here is your salvation." The mind is also an upright animal, with its back and heart facing down, we must turn them to God. The mysteries of the Kingdom of God have directions to which His head turns.

    I want you to be serious today, because Christ is coming like lightning. Are you waiting for any goods in this world? Many people ask me - why does our mind not expand to understand this secret? - If the birds have a lot of luggage on their backs, can they fly? We need to be free from all burdens in the mind and heart and to base ourselves on this faith in God's mind. Until the age of 21, the father has to take care of the children. We are not yet 21 years old, we are now 12-13 years old, God and the angels will work for us for a long time. God has sent His sons to school on earth, and because they do not study, they run away from school, that is why the stick comes, that is why there is suffering now. Through the suffering He endured, Christ wanted to show modern people that every mistake will have consequences. Suffering is the tuning of the human soul.

    The cross that saves must be composed of two necessary elements. It should not be made of wood, foolish, upside down; it should not be wayward (waywardness means grumbling in suffering, then we have our backs turned to God). Modern people carry these two crosses. Both women and men say to themselves, "Is suffering all for me?" I am tired of looking at these stupid crosses "- crosses without Christ nailed to them, Who can show them where salvation is.

    Men, women and children all say, "We will take revenge." You will put Christ on this cross
    upside down and will say, "Lord, I will do your will and obey the law of Your love. I will benefit from all suffering; when I am beaten, I will say, 'This is a blessing and I will sing, and I will glorify You." You have the two elements of your cross, so put the third element today. When Christ was nailed, He did great things. When they laid him in the tomb, he was nailed again, he went down to hell to bring out all His brothers. He stayed in hell for three days and preached to them, in order to turn them and bring them to God. You will also go down to your ancestors, preach to them, and then you will go out to God. You will go down to your hell, I say, in order to see what your ancestors are doing. "I have saved you, and you will save others," says the Lord. It is His justice that will bring about a transformation in our lives. Let us not detach ourselves from the world, but join in order to organize this inner world that is within us. Christ descends to earth every two thousand years, he used to live 33 years, and now when he comes, he will live longer. And you will be able to see Him and talk to Him, but only if you have these three elements of the cross. A man has to participate in the Divine goods.

    Christ says: "It has been given to you."

    Parable of the sower.

    The first seed is the people without beliefs, whatever they hear, they always change their beliefs. Same as Nasreddin Hodja, who built a house on wheels and turned it around, as people told him. Such a position is convenient in the physical world, but when we come to the soul, it should not turn around. It should only be moving towards God. The first seed are people on the lowest step.

    The second category are modern scientists with different theories, which change every 20-50 years. They emerge, but they have no basis.

    The third seed - these are the rich people who want great glory, happiness on earth. Happiness is an internal process: for example, you speak smartly - it is happiness. God speaks to you - it is happiness. You are affected by the Divine Spirit - happiness. The Lord speaks only to those who listen to Him, but He nails the stubborn ones.

    There is another element in the cross: the two thieves with broken knees and Christ's pierced rib. The two thieves were Adam and Eve, their legs were broken because it is said in the law of Moses: "Cursed are all who go to steal." Modern virtue, because it steals, has its legs broken. Since the heart of God wanted to create the first people, He was pierced in the heart. Whoever "wishes", gets pierced in the heart, whoever steals, gets his knees broken. The nailed thief, on the left side of Christ, was the woman. The thief said to Christ, "You have saved many, save Yourself and us." And Christ said to the other robber, on His right hand (the one who said, "Help me, O God, when you come into the kingdom of God"): "Today you will be with me in the kingdom of God" and took him above, but left the woman on the ground. Now Christ takes all the men in heaven and leaves the women, who will meet Christ on earth. Christ is coming, I am talking to you, women, prepare to meet Him, prepare your crosses.

    God created man on the 9th day of March, when it was Friday. Great and wonderful things are happening in the world, but they will come gradually, like the dawn. Do not be afraid. The cowards will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Be heroes! You will go down now, we will study the lesser mysteries and there is another door to the Kingdom of God from there. You have been given to understand these secrets. You need to have a notion of astronomy to understand the secrets. You need to understand some anatomy, physiology. You do not see your thoughts and desires, you only feel them. And when your eyes are opened, you will say, "How great is this world!"

    Why this war, these events and this turmoil? First thing - your hearts are filled with dissatisfaction. When we are indisposed, we think that the whole world is bad. Happy people are drunk, while suffering souls are sober people. In the 19th century, all people were drunk, but now, in the 20th century, they have sobered up. Modern people say, "There are great misfortunes." But now they are sober and I can talk to them. Those who are at the (battle) front, I tell them, they are graduating, they are undergoing initiation, and the women are in the rear, and they will also suffer and sober up. There is an inner joy that we have to keep in balance. We should think that we are in unity with all good people. You can converse with all the good people in America, England, with your dead ones.

    March is an idea of the human spirit. Let the human spirit be master of the earth, water, air and fire that are within us. If a bad thought, a malevolent mood comes to you, say, "My spirit is the master of

    my earth."

    How will Christ find you when he comes to earth - with your back turned, or your feet up, or your hands down? Try this cross with the three elements - the two thieves with broken legs on both sides of Christ, and Christ with a pierced heart. Whoever shows you another cross, reject it, as it is not the cross that saves. Anyone who comes and turns his legs or back to the Lord, does not yet know how to think correctly. I would like the woman to shine like a candle in the house. Talk with your mind, your heart, and finally, with your mouth to yourself. When the cross enters man, he becomes master of himself. His soul becomes powerful, he can watch calmly when being beaten, he will have light in himself. Christ received 80,000 blows and said, "Hit, so that others are blessed through these blows." He suffered all reproaches for His brothers. Your thought then was, "Here is a man who has not understood the meaning of life, a young, stupid man, gone."

    Justice, purity, faith, hope and love - feed on them every day. Do not gossip about people. Share the joy, the sorrow with everyone, these are great secrets in life. Christ is coming, you will see Him; your ancestors, they will also come. Christ is now bringing wreaths to women. Because the earth is round and is a place of wisdom, it is a school of wisdom, that is why He puts a wreath on the woman's head. Christ is coming and will be questioning you to see what you have learned. He will ask some in calculus, in addition, others in multiplication, in chemistry, in physics, others in marriage, what they have received, and so on. I want you to have good topics. He will put wreaths of thorns on bishops, He will take off their golden crowns and will put a crown of thorns on them, because whoever has not worn it, is not worthy of wearing a crown. Christ is also wearing it now, but after the crown of thorns. Whoever has learned the wisdom of life, can wear a crown. Place Christ on your cross with the head up and say, "Father, why have You forsaken Me?" Cary out from the bottom of your soul and He will call you that He has not abandoned you. Have this blessing. Reach out to all churches, so that to have common beliefs. God will give you everything, but be faithful to Him. We are in paradise and we will bring up all animals, and we will live in peace and love, and He will tell you, "Come to Me." Women should change their men's minds, but should not twist them. Today is a day of work and God will give work to women. Their men are above now, and the women are below.

    Women, organize your gardens!

    22 March 1917 (Old Style), Thursday, Talk to women

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  19. Готов превод Братя и сестри на Христа - 9.10.1921-НБ-393 / .: 9.10.1921-НБ-393

    Brothers and Sisters of Christ

    "For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother." (Matthew 12:50)

    This verse has been read, perhaps, a thousand times. There are at least a hundred written volumes, talks and sermons on it, what has not been said about him! And I think that if this verse had been interpreted correctly or understood and applied correctly, the world would have been fixed by now. But because the world is not fixed, I understand that the verse has not been interpreted, nor understood, not applied correctly. That is why I am going to further explain it to you.

    Christ lays down a principle on which he builds the foundation of his teaching, that is the material side, the visible, the physical side. When he speaks of brother, sister and mother, he understands the purely physical side, as the world is now manifested. I am not talking about heaven, because in the Divine world there are often no such relationships. The most sublime on earth are the brother, the sister and the mother. You may ask me, what are the relationships in heaven? They are the same as on earth. But according to your reasoning, you will say, "If it is in heaven the same as it is on earth, then there is not much difference." Things on earth are good in themselves, but you have to wash them a hundred times in water, so that to clean them of their dirt and see them in their original purity. One has to be a brother and sister not just in words. Above all, brother and sister means purity. In what? Purity in thoughts, desires and actions. An expansion of the mind and the heart is necessary.

    "For whoever does the will"- the will, this is the great law that is operating on earth now. So far, God's will has been passive. Until now, angels and archangels have ruled the world, and many others have also ruled, but they could not impose the required law and order in the world. Now the Lord has put His great Spirit into action and has put His will to work, and woe to those who disobey His will. That is why Christ says, "Whoever does the will, not my will, but the will of My Father, Who is in heaven." Christ gives a strict, unambiguous definition of heaven according to the law of Wisdom. But how is heaven understood now? People stand up, look at the stars, and say that astronomers have studied the sky. They use their tubes to examine the movement of celestial bodies in space, but they have no idea of the sky. Astronomers study shadows in space. They will research a microscopic star. Some stars are 300 million times larger than the sun, and the astronomer says that he has studied some star, then he reports on his mathematical research: what is light, what are the elements, what is the state of the planet, to which phase of development it belongs. He has not researched anything! A microscopic ray from a star, billions of kilometers away, has fallen into his eyes. And our astronomers need to be a little more modest. That astronomer, looking in the tube, thinks he has learned something. No tubes are needed, but a mind! Today the world is full of tubes everywhere, there are tubes in the cart, tubes in the motor cars, tubes in the railways, the military always play with tubes. The world is full of tubes, but knowledge has not yet come into the world. Christ is saying now, "Whoever does the will of My Father is My brother." So this is one of the conditions. It is a difficult condition to be a brother or sister, or a mother of Christ. Now you will excuse me, but what the church is talking about the Mother of God is a completely different matter. Christ uses the word "mother" in a slightly different sense. You will know your brother when you are hurt, when you are in trouble: he will embrace you, kiss you, take you to your home; so will the sister. And how will you know the mother? The brother and sister have come out of the mother. The mother - this is the most sublime thing on earth, so Christ means Love and it is the mother who sacrifices everything. Christ implies the Love accomplished on earth. If you love, you are a mother; if you do not love, you are not a mother. Anyone can be a mother. Giving birth does not mean that you are a mother. It is the easiest thing - to give birth. The fish gives birth, i.e. spawns, and there are 300,000 embryos of small fish in it. But is this birth? Some mammals give birth to 5-6 cubs at a time. Is this also birth? And the mother will give birth to one, in exceptional cases two children. Birth is a preface to motherhood. If that mother's heart is not full of love, she is not a mother. Therefore, in Christ's definition, "Whoever does the will of My Father," they are His brother and sister and mother. Does the mother know who has come inside her? A spirit has come from space. This little spirit becomes a big man. I ask: Is this little man and the big man the same? Modern mothers know their children only by form. Some are only just getting to know them by content, and it will take thousands of years to know them in true sense. And regarding the spirit that has come, it can be known only in the new culture. Now I do not want to discourage you. Your order is an order. I do not mind. But Christ implies things a little differently. He was a very strange man. Now let me make you a comparison. There are things in the world that are possible. Can the daughter of a gypsy become the bride of the king's son? Never! She can imagine this, but is it possible? It is not possible. It is even more impossible to become a brother or sister of Christ in this world. Why can this gypsy woman not become the bride of the king's son? Because in order for it to become like that, royal blood must flow in her veins. Therefore, I say to that girl who may imagine that she can take the king's son: You only imagine the things that cannot happen. - Why? - Because royal blood does not flow in you. Even if it flows, there is still some impossibility. The king's son may have some whims - he does not love you. And then he cannot marry you. Therefore, some want to say that it is very easy to be brothers. Everyone can say that he is a brother, but what does Christ say? And the gypsy's daughter may say, "I will also marry the king's son." And she may imagine every night that she married him, that she married a king's son. And do you know what that will look like? A Bulgarian who had returned from abroad, found the mother and daughter crying. He asked what it was, why they were crying, and the mother said: "Last night our daughter was dreaming that she married the king's son and gave birth to a child, but the child died and now we are crying for the dead child of the king's son." The father wondered and said, "I have never seen such stupid people in the world, and unless I see some more stupid people, I will not return to you." And he started travelling around Bulgaria again, however he did not see this, the current Bulgaria, but the old one of 10,000 years ago. He wandered for a long time and found a Bulgarian - then in that culture, pants were in vogue - and this Bulgarian had his pants sewn, but he did not know how to put them on. He thought, thought how to put them on, and finally tied them to a roof and wanted to throw himself into them so he could put them on. The father passed by, saw him and said to him: "Wait, what do you want to do?" - "I sewed myself pants, I want to put them on." - "Well, my friend, you do not put on pants like that, take them off and I will tell you how to put them on." So now you are resolving this issue of Christianity, like this Bulgarian who wanted to put his pants on the roof. And I say: You are all resolving it - from the roof, from above.

    So, this will is needed, that is Love, as a great principle, must penetrate the human soul; and only then can we be united with Christ and become brother and sister and mother of Christ. It is possible, according to the law of reincarnation, that the daughter of that gypsy - as Providence may order that- is born in a royal family and gets married the king's son. So, the impossible in this life becomes possible in another life, but time is needed. Now that is what Christ means to us. But we need to change the times. Now you sit and say, "If only we were also (living) in the time of Christ!" Well, millions of people were living in the time of Christ, how many scholars were there to whom he spoke, but did they accept him? They did not accept him. In their eyes, Christ was an ordinary man, the son of a carpenter. And all those who believed in him, the Jews called them crazy people who have come to fix the world, to bring something new. It is not so! And they objected to him: "Moses led the people out of Egypt, and led them through the wilderness, and fed them with manna (bread of heaven), but what do you give? - Here we are under Roman rule, can you save us, can you become king? Then we will recognize you." But do you think that if Christ had become king, he would have succeeded? The situation of modern kings is not very enviable. Because, once you become king, you will have the most enemies. And wherever you go, you will have to look in four directions. So, royal blood is necessary. And the will of God, Love is necessary for you to be a brother, a sister and a mother of Christ. "Mother" implies the law of Love. When you perceive Love, you will understand motherhood in another way. In a certain case, everyone can be a mother, but only when Love manifests in your soul. You can be a servant of the living nature. When a great teacher appears in the world, he must bring something very essential that is embedded in living nature. By the words "living nature", I do not understand what modern naturalists understand. For us, Nature is something great not only in its structure, but also in the intelligence and rationality that it exhibits. And all of us today are under the direct guidance not of God, but of Nature. And every day she carries her wand. And she is so careful that when she put it on top of you!...Sometimes she will put it on your hand - you will have rheumatism; sometimes she will put it on your heart - you will get palpitations; she will put it on your lungs - you will have tuberculosis; on your head - you will get a headache, etc., and she says to you: “Those organs which I have created in your body for your good; those forces that I put into you, those feelings, you did not use them in their right place." And therefore she rightly punishes modern people. And now a whole science is coming to help humanity. Against whom? Against that Mother who teaches children to stand up. Then the doctor comes and says, "He has diabetes," but he does not explain the cause of the disease. What is diabetes? - A sugar disease. - What is a sugar disease? - Accumulation of sugar in the body. - So what is wrong with that? How much is a kilogram of sugar now? The reason must be known: why this sugar has accumulated in the body. This sugar had to be given to other people. Nature does not tolerate excess. One has collected a pile of sugar that he wants to sell. And Nature says, "You have diabetes. You will throw the sugar out." I do not know how." The doctor comes, gives you an injection, two, three, four - that is the doctor. Get rid of "diabetes"! You should want the good, sweet things not only for yourself, but also for others. I do not want to heal, but in order for you to see, if someone has any diabetes, I will cure it in 10 minutes. I will neither take too much from him, nor too little. If he is rich, I will tell him: "You will give away the 10 million, you will change your life completely and dedicate it to God, you will not eat much." And I will give him a strict diet, which he has not seen. Then I will tell him: "You have met other women, you have ruined other people's families - you have to fix all this and then the disease will go away." And when in Christianity it is said, "Let a man repent", the Greek Orthodoxy understands that the priest should put an epitrachelion on him, read him a few prayers and then his sins are forgiven! Nature does not forgive so easily. You can put an epitrachelion ten times, and your sins can still remain. Nature forgives you only by conforming to the will of God, and you should not only have it as a simple law, but apply that law in life; and that this law should penetrate as a great Love into all your thoughts and desires, that you may become brothers, sisters and mother of Christ. And once you become brothers, sisters, and a mother, then you will enter into the new science that we are now preaching. Now some people come to me and say, "How can I become a disciple, how can I know the secrets of Nature, how can my eyes be opened?" But I look at him, I look and say, "There is still time for you, come later." What if I tell him, "Give me all the money you have." He will raise his hand, scratch his head, and say, "Wait, let me think a little." He is not ready. And I save time and space and say, "This is not for you." If I ask him, "Can you become a disciple?", he will talk to me for two hours that he can. No, it is not like that!

    Now I will tell you: in order to become a disciple, in order to be entrusted with those secrets of Nature, first of all, you must become a brother and sister and mother of Christ. The rule is clear. God's will, as it passes through all the living cells of your body and turns your material and real love, you will be at the door of the Temple, and Christ will then come out and say: "Welcome, brother, sister and mother!", He will put the key, open the door and lead you into the Temple. And He will start telling you about those great secrets in Nature. You are not in Nature yet. I am speaking allegorically. Nature is still locked for you, and you are only going around it. It is a great but closed world. Do you know what beauties there are in it, what beings live in this world? All these great kings, princes, lords, professors remain in this world. These are all failed students for centuries, bankrupt merchants. Nothing exists for them anymore, so they are crippled, blind, lame and deaf. This is our modern world - the bankrupt world. I call it the world of bankrupt disciples who have not passed the most basic exam of brotherhood and sisterhood. They are outside of Nature. Now I am not saying this about everyone. In general, this is the situation in the world. It is the world I am talking about. And this is the most correct view. Now you will say, "But we, who have left everything behind, what awaits us?" Christ says, "There is none that has sacrificed either father or mother, or house and has done the will of God, that he might not receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life."

    You have only just begun. You have made an introduction. Some of you have written the first chapter, congratulations. Some have written the second chapter, some the third, the fourth. But do not have any illusions: do not say, "There is nothing like my work.", until you have written your whole book. You do not know what your job is and what it will turn out to be. Only when you finish it, only then you will know.

    The one who wants to be a brother, sister and mother of Christ, he must be a first-class hero in the world. A first-class hero not only in the ordinary sense, but to be a hero in mind, soul and spirit. He must have a heart, as pure as a crystal; to have in his mind a light like the sun; to have a sublime and noble soul, as vast as the whole universe; a Spirit as strong as God!

    This is what is required and what is needed. I am not telling you this for discouragement. I want to show you what great laws lie hidden in life. Great is the will of God. It will never change, in any way. This is a mathematical problem that needs to be solved. Until you fulfill the will of this One Father, who is up in heaven, you cannot become a brother and sister of the great Teacher and Christ. Do you know what Father means? Father - this is the One Who moves the world; the One Who puts everything in order; Who cares and contemplates progress, the conditions of all beings that He has created. All this is clear before His eyes and before His mind. And He has foreseen everything so well that He has missed nothing. And Christ says, "Whoever does the will of my Father, Who knows all things, Who moves the earth; Who orders harmony in the world, only he can be my brother and sister and mother, like these ones - my disciples. Only the one who has this intelligence of His, His Love, Truth, Wisdom, and all that penetrates his soul, he can be my brother, my sister and my mother. Do not be discouraged, because if you are discouraged, you will resemble the gypsy daughter; this is said only figuratively. In the next life you will have royal blood and you can take the king's son. I tell you the only way you can do the will of the Father. You are now doing the will of God exactly, but under the watchman's whip, under the strict threat of the law. You go as a soldier and say: "For the fatherland, I am going to do the will of God". You are a patriot because there is a whip.

    But when I speak of the will of that Father, it is diametrically opposed to this will. To do the will of God is the most sublime, the holiest thing we can reach in this life. I will tell you a short story as an example. In ancient times, with the king of the Armans lived a pious servant, who one day inadvertently made a mistake and the king took him and sentenced him to death. After the sentence, after the execution of this servant, one of the prominent sages of this country appeared and said to the king: “Because you have treated this servant unjustly, you will marry and have a son, but he will be deaf, blind and dumb. And this is the least punishment that Providence will give you. And indeed, a son was born to the king, as this sage had said: he was blind, deaf and dumb. And he complained that he had the greatest misfortune in the world. Then the sage appeared a second time and said, "Since you have not gladly accepted this punishment, you will be given a bigger one than that." And he left, but did not say what that punishment would be. The king's son set out to travel the world, to seek a cure for himself. He came to the neighboring kingdom of the Kelvs. The king there had a daughter, she was very beautiful, but no one had seen her face, she was not interested in people, she never wanted to appear in front of people, but when she heard that this blind, deaf and dumb prince had come to her kingdom, she invited him to her house and said to him, "Do you want me to take some of your suffering away from you?" - "Oh, you will do me the greatest good," he replied. She touched his eyes, ears, and tongue, and the king's son regained his senses, but she got hidden to him. But when he saw her, he fell in love with her, so that when he lost her, he got very sad and said: "My first sorrow was nothing compared to this one." Now you are in the position of this king's son, who was both blind and deaf and dumb, you have forgotten the sin of the slain good servant and you say, "Is there no one to open our eyes?" Yes, but if he opens your eyes, you will be ten times more unhappy. There is no greater misfortune than to see Love and not have it.

    So what are you going to do? Are you going to seek the king's daughter or correct your sins? Yes, you have to return the life of that slain servant. Your father, your mother, and everyone must return this unjustly taken life. So, in order for this principle to come, every crime must be swept away, no trace of crimes should remain in the world. All crimes must be completely swept out of our world, and when you cleanse your world of all criminal deeds, bad thoughts and desires, and project this Divine Love through your soul and spirit, you will become sisters and brothers and a mother. Then come to me and I will open the door of the Temple myself and introduce you inside. I am telling you clearly! You are asked to be heroes in the new teaching; heroes, not cowards! You need new things! You do not need university diplomas. Whether they are doctors, priests, whatever they are, they always pass for gentlemen, for being honest. The whole world is full of "honest" people, and yet dishonor reigns from one end to the other. Someone has graduated with a diploma, but when being put to the smallest exam, he cannot pass it. Christ has checked that and says, "This teaching, on which the present social order rests, is false in all its foundations, it is obsolete." Whatever you do and whatever you learn, will always remain there. There is a punishment on you for giving birth to a son who is blind, deaf and dumb. It is like that now. And if you ask me - why can you not live well? I will answer you: Can blind, deaf and dumb people live well? It is not just about saying, "I love you." This is an American advertisement. There is no love in that "I love." Someone says, "I am holy," but has no holiness. "I am a learned man," but has no learning. So, you will understand that the element, this is the will of God, on which you have to put your thought. You have to stop then and say, "Am I ready to do God's will?" And when you come to solving this question, you should not say, "I have a husband, I have children." You have no husband and no children. "I am an honest woman." Honesty is far from you! Where are the honest people today? I am not speaking according to the measure you understand, but I am speaking from the point of view of brother, sister and mother! I speak to those who are getting ready.

    I am giving you instructions, and what I am telling you now, in the past you had to spend 30 years in a pagoda or a shrine and be given many exams to be told the words that I am telling you. Now you will say again: "Strange thing, this system turned out not a system, this teaching turned out not a teaching, our modern mothers turned out no mothers. So what are we then? ”You will also say, “Are we not a Christian people, we serve Christ, we know His teachings? ”The year 1914 showed what Christian nations were like. 25 million Christians fell victim to the battlefield, and another 25 million were maimed, disabled, so 50 million in total. And Christ said, "You shall not murder!" And then think how the modern Christian nations will justify this disgrace. It is written in heaven. These nations are not Christian, but pagan under a Christian sign. And now an order has been given by Nature, and it has raised its stick, and only dust and fluff will rise from these nations. Not a single nation of today will remain not beaten and its sins not cleansed. And if some remain not cleansed, they will be small remnants of this old culture. This is what Christ says about those who have not fulfilled God's will. Now in these nations there is a germ of a new humanity and there will emerge another nation of brotherhood, sisterhood and motherhood. Therefore, the next race in which new nations will be born, will be a race of brotherhood, sisterhood, and motherhood. But the present nations are in bondage, in servitude, in labor, in torment and suffering. These are the modern nations. Now, in order to pass from Bulgaria to England, to be given a passport, you will see and you will suffer. We should not have any illusions. This morality of Christ is strange. Christ was strange, he is a special man: he does not compromise with anyone, but speaks only the truth and demands only it. Now you want to be heroes, you say, "I work for Christ." You have not done anything yet! So says Christ. When I say 'nothing', you may have done a lot of good things, but not the essential thing: it will be funny when a maiden does me a thousand favors and wants in return to marry me. The king's son may have stopped at the gypsy's house out of necessity, but it is ridiculous for the gypsy's daughter to think that he could become her husband. You also think like that. No, no; he will leave you some blessing - he is noble, but nothing more than that.

    In order for you to become brothers and sisters, the will of the Father must necessarily abide in your souls. You should never talk about your nobleness. Modern scientists say that diamond is made from coal. I dispute this and say: Diamond forms coal. They say, "When coal melts, it gets purified and becomes a diamond." I say: The diamond, not retaining its luster, turns into coal. When a person is righteous, pure, he is a diamond, but when he sins, he becomes coal. If you are a diamond, it shows that you are not tarnished. A sinful man cannot become a righteous man. How can a sinful person become a diamond? A diamond is always a diamond! Some layers may form around the diamond and it may darken, but it is just some dust on the outside. And I say: the diamonds burned by the fire have become coals. What is this fire? It is the unbridled human passions that have formed all these coals. Modern scientists say, "A lot of heat, a lot of pressure is required to form a diamond." We agree here. Diamonds are formed by the fire of Divine Love, by the pressure of God's Wisdom and by the action of God's will. The diamond, this stone, is a living, intelligent being. I have met many diamonds that complain and say, "We are always handed over, sold, someone says, 'Very nice stone,' he takes us, but when he finds himself in a tight corner, he sells us immediately. They constantly sell us like sheep and cattle, but that is why we will never reveal our lives to them, and people will never understand us; they can sell us as much as they want, but we will not reveal our lives to these people. " I am speaking figuratively. Someone righteous comes, and people sell him from one place to another. However, selling will not settle anything. Whoever wants to become a disciple, cannot begin the new teaching without fulfilling the will of the Father and becoming a brother, sister, and mother of Christ.

    Now that you have started your preface, you have written perhaps the first chapter, you should continue. Because, if your husband is very bad, he will give you some ink to write the story; and if he is very strict, he will blow like a headwind and you will travel very fast. Then Love will turn all opposing forces into good for this world. And there is the deep meaning that Love brings to the soul, in which the will of God has been accomplished. Then everything in the world will become for their good. And they will understand the secrets that God has ordained to be revealed to them. And now, if you complain about your husband, you are not a brother, sister and mother of Christ. If you cannot bear the slightest hardship, you are not yet a brother, sister and mother. But if you can endure everything, you are close to the Temple, you will go inside. Christ will come soon, he will unlock it and say, "Enter the sanctuary, you are my brother, sister, and mother, and you can be a disciple." And Christ says to His disciples, "Here are my brothers, sisters, and mother." These are the conditions for everyone who wants to become disciples. I am telling you this in public! You must first be brothers, sisters and mother, to fulfill the will of God. Love must become a factor in your soul, in your hearts and in your spirits, and thus be realized and materialized, and then you will be at the door of the Temple to accept the new life of the resurrection.

    Those who are ready, because there is a mobilization announced from heaven, there is already a manifesto issued, anyone who wants can sign up. There are no machine guns here, only volunteers are wanted - heroes, to do that voluntarily. Whoever wants, let them sign up. Let them raise their rifles, but without killing; their knives, but without stabbing; their backpacks, everything should be neat, they should be well-shod with new and sturdy moccasin shoes, they should take enough cartridges, but should not take hands. There is no reserve there. In the battle that will begin, the ammunition has to be sufficient. This is serious matter; there will be "whoosh, whoosh!" And so, in this new mobilization, all those of you who want, are able to enroll. But how? When you go there, there is a commission: there is a general, a colonel, a lieutenant colonel, a major, a captain, a first lieutenant, a second lieutenant, a sergeant major, a platoon commander, there is a corporal and a simple soldier. The general will greet you first, and finally the corporal and the ordinary soldier. And he may ask you the question, "Are you a brother, and a sister, and a mother of Christ?" If you answer "Yes!", he will sign you up immediately. This is how it is with our mobilization. You will ask me, "Where is this commission?" You will remember. Do not be discouraged. I am telling you: The path is painful, difficult, but it is a path that must be overcome. I am telling you: For the human soul, who wants to follow in the path, there is nothing impossible. Give freedom to your soul, and it will take you to the desired shore! Your soul will be the mediator to make you brothers and sisters and mother of Christ. Only your soul, and no other force, is able to do this, and this soul that once came out of God is inside you, but you do not know her. You will turn towards her. She is the simple soldier who will enroll you. Do not petition anywhere else. Go to her, say, "Please," and she will sign you up. And I think all of you, who are listening to me, believe that you have a soul. I can prove to everyone in 5 minutes that they have a soul. It is very easy to prove that you have a soul. We have other evidence for the soul. Do you know what this evidence is? It is effective. Two-three years ago, a very learned man came and told me: “I can make my way anywhere in society. I have two revolvers, the cartridges are very efficient. If my work stops somewhere, I take out my revolver, it explodes and the chief immediately signs the order. One of my cartridges was a thousand golden levs, the second one - too. And when I shot them, the job was done. The next day I went to the minister but he would not sign for giving me a job. I pulled out my revolver. I fired six bullets and he said, "Enough, do not kill me," and immediately signed. "Do you see them? - I told him. I have a reliable weapon." And if he starts shooting - he is a smart man - he will not kill people. I praise him. Instead of shooting a bullet at the minister and killing him, it is better to draw six thousand (golden levs) for him. In this way, one is healthy and the other one is also healthy. But this is preferable to the great evil. This is the philosophy of modern life, but it does not stand up to criticism: he remains physically healthy and literate, but spiritually he is dead.

    Now we are going to return to those basic things. Put this will, not God's will, in you. You do not know God. He is unknown. But that Father, of whom Christ speaks, His will we do know. He has woken up and is saying, "All those children of mine have to do my will." And there is no going back, we all have to fulfill his will. Anything may happen, the whole universe may be destroyed, but this will - it is never going to change! And this Father will ultimately light the strongest fire and will make us fulfill his will. And we should know that his will is sacred. And Christ says, "It is better now," in his day. I say: The will of This Father is now coming into the world.

    Now, on the one hand, you have the king's son - blind, deaf, dumb; on the other hand, you have the beautiful king's daughter, and thirdly, you have that murdered servant. How will you resolve this issue?

    Some say, "Let our eyes be opened, let us see." It is dangerous to see now. But if you are afraid, that servant will be waiting for you. He will not forgive you. You find yourselves between two dilemmas: between the king's daughter and the slain servant. What is required now? There is one way in which the question can be resolved: to fulfill the will of God, to receive God's Love. It is the narrow door, it is the narrow path that you all have to go through. I am speaking only of those who want to be disciples and in whom consciousness is awakened. There is nothing to argue about. This is a teaching that you will check. That is right. And now I am calling on you to enroll in the new mobilization. The invitation has already been issued all over the world, all over Europe, in America and in all Christian nations, also in pagan ones, enrollments are taking place everywhere.

    And those who enroll will be called God's people. They will be a chosen people. They will be kings and priests of the living God. They will form the new generations, they will be the citizens of the new culture, of the Kingdom of God.

    Heaven and earth will greet all those of you who will enroll. There may be someone already registered, but all those who have not enrolled should hurry, because there is no time left. There comes a time when the ledgers will close, and then you will no longer be able to sign up. A ten-day period is given - these are God's days, days of grace.

    So, from my point of view, in the future I want you to be both brothers, and sisters, and mother of Christ, to do His will and the will of the Father, and then we can already say that the kingdom of God has come down to earth.

    Talk, held on 19 October, 1921 in Sofia

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    Explain this Parable to Us

    Peter answered and said to Him, “Explain this parable to us.” (Matthew 15:15)

    “Explain this parable to us.” I have taken a verse, the content of which is unknown. Christ has spoken on many topics, but what needs to be interpreted is not in the Gospel. The parable in question is not there. What is this parable? Mathematicians have the word here. They deal with unknown quantities, i.e. they reveal the secrets. Give a mathematician the most mysterious questions, and when he works on them for four or five months, he will always make something. Whatever numbers you give him, he will always combine them in some way.

    Peter answered and said to Him, "Explain this parable to us!" I am asking: What is the most important parable for you at the moment? If I ask a young maiden the same question, she will answer, "The most important parable for me is who will love me." If you ask a young man what is the most important parable for him, he will answer like the maiden. If you ask this question to the mother, she will say, "The most important parable for me is what will be the child that I will give birth to, a boy or a girl." The one who is preparing to become a professor will say, "The most important parable for me is whether I will be able to become a professor." The doctor will say, "The most important parable for me is whether I will become a prominent doctor." The priest will say, "The most important parable for me is whether I will reach a high spiritual position." Every person has a parable in life, which they resolve themselves. And you, who are listening to me, also each have a parable.

    I will consider only one parable - the most important one. In my opinion, the most important parable is life itself. How it originated, what was its beginning, who is its mother and who is its father, how has it developed, etc. You will say that God is the Father of life. - That is right, but God is a far-fetched idea. You are focusing on something closer to life - your situation, which you anticipate every day. If you are in the military, you think what will happen to you when war breaks out. First you examine your rifle, your sword, so that you know what condition they are in. The success of the war depends on the condition of the weapons and cannons. These are mathematical quantities that one works with. What will you find out from the numbers 502, 516, 869, 634, 739 and 604? You will say that this is a play. Kids also have fun writing numbers. Do you know how many bones the human body is made of? According to some, their number is about 280. Bones do not represent the whole body, but only part of it. Muscles also make up part of the weight. Bones and muscles, however, do not represent the functions of the human body.

    From a person's skull you can tell what he was like: man or woman, stupid or learned, honest or dishonest, patient or impatient. By placing a lighted candle in a person's skull, you will read on it like on a book. By the skull, you will know the whole life of the man who lived thousands of years ago. By the skull, it is known what death a person died from. In the future, when people learn to read the skull, they will learn all the secrets. Then people will be more silent. And whether you are praised or reprimanded, you will always be silent. It does not matter what people think of you today; it is important what they will think in the future, when they will be able to read on the head, on the face and on the hand. Studying these sciences, you will come to the conclusion that the cells of the human body are alive. And when a person dies, they do not rot, but pass from one place to another: some become part of the minerals, others - in the composition of plants, and still others - in the composition of animals, while some - in the composition of the human body. Someone plucks an apple from the cemetery, washes it well and eats it. Then he wonders why his mood has deteriorated. - Very naturally, he has perceived some elements of the body of one of the great dead. So his discomfort is due to the discomfort of the deceased. By your disposition or discomfort, you can tell what that person was. So, if you are asking why you suffer, I am saying: Today's people suffer from the thoughts of their predecessors. Their thoughts are not scattered in space, but are materialized and make up the organisms of minerals, plants and animals. Many of the thoughts of past humanity are an integral part of parasites, microbes and other lower plants and animals. There exist about 16 thousand microbes, some of which have not been well studied. These microbes are the cause of various diseases: tuberculosis, typhoid, plague, cholera and others. Diseases are the result of the thoughts of scientists and philosophers who followed the path of the black brotherhood. Knowing this, do not think that evil can disappear by itself. Evil and good are continuous. You say, "Let us destroy evil!" - This is impossible. To understand evil as a force, not as a manifestation, you must know the laws of rational nature, as well as those of psychology. Have you studied evil as a force, as a feeling, and as a principle? Many call evil by the word devil and ask, "Where did this devil come from among us?" - Why are people dissatisfied with the devil? - Because he makes a man work, but never works himself. When he enters among people, he confuses all their affairs. He is a money-lender, he gives money with high interest rates and he does not want to know how this interest will be paid.

    The devil is able to shave even the child. That is why he is called the first teacher of mankind. He is the master of all banks. Is there anything wrong with that? Banks serve people, lend them money. They pay interest on the money, but at least the wheel is spinning. The banker sometimes fleeces his client - it means nothing, but sometimes he helps him. Whoever has entered the path should stop dealing with the devil, should not think that he is bad. So the devil is bad and you are good. You have to study the forces of evil, to harmonize them. Use only those that are in harmony with you. Do not be afraid of the forces of evil, but work with them to turn them into positive ones.

    It is said that a person gets sick from a lot of thinking or a lot of studying. - It is not true. Throughout my research, I have not had a case of a person getting sick from thinking or learning. If it is a matter of wrong thoughts, of special experiences, one can get sick; right thoughts, however, lift the human spirit. If you are in Don Quixote's position, you may go crazy. If you are in Sancho Panza's situation, you will be healed. Don Quixote is a man with highly developed personal feelings. He thinks he knows and understands everything: science, art and politics. The world is full of Don Quixotes and Sancho Panzas. If this were not true, the world would have to be in perfect order. Wherever you turn, you will always meet a Don Quixote. He is a noble, pious man, but without a deep understanding of life. Sancho Panza is extremely naïve. He is ready to follow Don Quixote everywhere, hoping to be saved someday. He awaits his salvation from Don Quixote.

    Today I have decided to answer all those who expect their salvation from man. This is a misunderstanding. Salvation comes only from Love. It is a force that transforms everything. Whoever achieves it, enters the realm of reason. Where there is Love, there is reason. Love is expressed through right thoughts and feelings, through noble deeds. Therefore, when Love visits you, it is good to measure your nose, neck and arm. If your thought improves, your nose gradually lengthens and narrows; if your feelings intensify, your nose widens and shortens. And finally, if your actions become more noble, your will is strengthened. This affects the chin, it gradually takes shape, it acquires a more beautiful shape.

    You say, "We are not interested if the nose lengthens or shortens." - You have to be interested, as the engine driver is, whether the steam pressure in the boiler increases or decreases. If the pressure is higher than it should be, the boiler will burst. The benefits of knowledge are great. If you know these things, you will easily straighten the curvatures in your life. When you know that you cannot widen your nose, you will try to elongate it. Your thought will come to the rescue. If you do not have the opportunity to elongate your nose, you will seek help in your feelings, you will try to widen your nose. This means making a mental change in your life. In this way, one can avoid many misfortunes. When a mother gets angry with her children, her nose widens. Instead of transforming her condition, she widens her nose. She takes a stick and beats the child. This is not a correct solution to the problem. Have you watched your children cry? If you have not watched, why did you get married? Why become a father or a mother, just to give birth? This is also how fish give birth. Then you pass for scientists and philosophers, you think you will go to heaven. Do you know that when you go to heaven, the first question they will ask you will be, "How do your children cry and how do they clean their eyes?" If you say that you do not know, they will immediately bring you back to earth to learn what you do not know. This means straightening your mind and heart, i.e. to learn to think according to the laws of the mind and to feel according to the laws of the heart.

    Peter answered and said to Him, “Explain this parable to us." - Which parable? - The parable of a life that resolves all contradictions and misunderstandings. This parable explains why people do not accept the Word when you preach it. Christ replied to Peter, "Contradictions exist because people's noses get wider than they should." They get wide at the expense of elongation. When an artist paints a person's nose, he can elongate it, he can widen it - it does not mean anything. Everything is possible on paper. However, what is important, is the living nose that is constantly changing. Why does someone's nose curves to one side or the other? - There is a reason for that. - Why is the pig's nose turned up? - Because it likes to dig. Those people who dig or delve, they raise their hands. So the pig also likes to dig, but with its nose. Birds of prey have their beaks curved downwards.

    Now, as I speak to you like this, I do not want you to draw erroneous conclusions, but I do say that every strongly negative feature is marked on your nose - its length or its width. This is marked not only on the external shape of the nose, but also on your thoughts and feelings. Whoever reads thoughts and feelings, knows in what mind and in what heart they are born. Every thought produces a certain effect on the human mind, and every feeling - on his heart. This is what Christ's words mean: "There is nothing hidden in the world." You say, "What are we going to do when we enter the spiritual world?" - You will study your thoughts and feelings for thousands of years. And once you have studied them, when you see their pros and cons, you will study the reason for it. You will finally be sent back to earth to learn other things. Some preach an easy way of salvation, for Christ to come and remove all the sins of men. They are like those maidens who are looking for a rich man to dress them nicely, to walk them - in short, they want a comfortable life. Such are the ideas of many. A comfortable life does not solve the problems. It provides a bad future. Every life carries both good and bad conditions, and those who do not understand this make their lives worse. Whoever thinks only of himself will inevitably make his life worse. He says: "Today I have to think of myself. Tomorrow I will think of others." No, you have to think for yourself every day and do a little good. There is a program that determines how many good deeds you should do per day and how many people you should help. If you do not follow this program, there will be some gaps appearing in your life. If you help people, they will also help you; if you do not help them, they will not help you either. This law is true both for the individual and for every society and every nation. In every home, in every society, in every nation, in every race, as well as in all humanity, there is one common soul that encompasses the individual units. Common souls are grouped into one common whole. If you say this to outside people, they will think you are doing nonsense. For the one who cannot calculate, calculation is nonsense. However, this is not the case for the one who knows how to calculate.

    Now, I would like a person, who has the same thoughts and feelings as mine, to come to me and we try to draw simultaneously the same object from nature. If there is not a relative but an absolute unity in our understandings between us, our actions will also be the same. So if a person's thoughts and feelings are right, his actions will also be right. This is a law in which there is no exception. You say, "I am right in all my actions." - You are right in the present moment. If you are right in the present moment, you will always be right. And vice versa: if you are not right now, you will neither be right in the future.

    A Hindu gave an apple seed to his youngest son, telling him, "Son, look what this seed contains." The son took the seed, boiled it, and said to his father, "Father, I boiled the seed, but nothing came of it." The father gave another seed to his second son, for him to examine it. The son ate the seed and said to his father, "Father, I ate the seed, it turned out to be a little bitter, I did not understand anything else." Finally, the third son received an apple seed. He sowed the seed and said to his father, "Father, I have sown the seed, and in time we will see what will come of it." Therefore, give the person a seed to see how he will act. One will boil the seed, another will eat it, a third one will plant it. Few people plant the seed. The son who planted the seed, only he understood the power that lies in it. The seed is the unmanifested tree. For the same reason, I say: Every thought has to be sown, to grow and bear fruit. How is the power of a thought known? - By its brightness and nobleness. Whoever has bright and noble thoughts, is able to love his enemy as well. You may have planned to commit murder, but if the Divine Love visits you, you immediately become polarized. Murder does not conquer things. Murder does not resolve the issues. What will you gain if you open a bottle containing poisonous gas? The poisonous gas needs to be thickened, to be turned into a liquid and then processed. Evil must be thickened, but not expanded. This is a law.

    Today's European nations are in the phase of destruction. They are not applying the teachings of Christ, but the old teachings of the distant past. War is a remnant of an old belief. Idols are remnants of old beliefs. This is the old culture, which appears in new forms. You say, "We are fighting in a new, modern way. Therefore, we are cultured people." In America, they use electricity to kill people. In France, they cut their heads off.

    "Explain this parable to us." Those of you who are still asking this question, they must first ask themselves what this parable is, what the main task of this parable is. - The parable is life itself. Where does life come from? You will say that life comes from Love. Are you connected with this Love? It gave birth to life millions and billions of years ago. Life is not being born today. If the wheat grains are destroyed, they will no longer exist. If the cells of the human body are also destroyed, they will not be born a second time. They were born millions of years ago. Everything is created under special conditions that do not repeat themselves. Moreover, we cannot create these conditions. Every thought, every desire is created at a special time and at a special combination of conditions. And there is a special time for Love. The woman says, "One can feel love at any time." - No, you cannot. You can feel, you can adjust at any time, but to love in such a way as to get transformed, to free yourself from all instincts, to tame the wolf, the tiger in you, this is not always possible. What irritates man and awakens the lower in him, is not Love. It is the distorted human life that is now manifesting.

    As I speak to you, many want me to tell them a secret. I can only show you the door to the secret, but you will find your own way. Bulgarians say: "Show him the door, he will find the barn himself." Who cannot find the barn is not ready for work.

    So, think about the two dimensions of the nose - its length and width. I have not talked about depth yet. - What determines the length of the nose? - The right thought. - And the width? - The right feelings. If you connect properly with the great law of Love, which works in the whole universe, your nose will have the necessary length and width. This means to be in harmony with the great harmony of life, with all the stars and planets. If your nose widens properly, you are in touch with all beings of Love. Whoever is connected with Love, never does evil. You say, "We are completely entangled, we cannot understand what is required of us." - And that is good. Unless you become entangled, you cannot recover. See how the trees intertwine! There are trees whose roots - their head, is ten meters deep in the ground. Sometimes a person buries himself deep in his difficulties and cannot see until he passes through them. When someone has great suffering, I say that his head is buried in the ground. Once he is free from suffering, he takes his head out. In order for the forces to manifest in your body, you have to sink deep into the matter. Therefore, the true spiritual life in man will manifest only after he is buried in matter and then resurrected. Very few understand the spiritual life. They say, "Spiritual life is like air and wind." - It is not like that. There is wind only on earth, but not in the spiritual world. What do the winds show? That there are stupid people on earth. Gaps, which produce winds, are formed between them. Therefore, when the winds blow and the trees bend, I say: Stupid people reign. Everything can be expected from them. Their car turns in all directions, like Nasreddin Hodja's car. They have no morals. According to them, the right belongs to the strong. The moral of life is in eating and drinking. As you live, you have to be rich and strong. If someone hits you once, you hit them twice. This is the philosophy of people with empty heads. There are such people everywhere. They cause suffering to all. The only thing that can fix people's lives is sanity. When there is a lull and the winds stop, we say that smart people are reigning.

    So, if you think that today I have a desire to make you adepts and followers of my teaching, you are on the wrong path. I want you to say after thousands and millions of years that the teaching I am preaching to you is right. The true belief is only the Divine one. All human beliefs have certain shortcomings. However, human language is not so flexible and plastic as to express the Divine. Nouns and verbs are often not put in their place, according to the rules of grammar, and people derive from my words things contrary to what I have said. They say I speak against the priests. I speak not against them, but against all the false beliefs which make men miserable; I speak against all the false beliefs that cause wars; I speak against all the crooked beliefs that cause atrocities in life. Peter answered and said to Him, "Explain this parable to us." Do you know what modern people look like? In ancient times there lived a black magician, who set himself the task of capturing the human soul when it came out of the body and closing it in a new form. For his experiments, he chose Egyptians of high origin. For this purpose, he made statues from a special substance and, when the moment of a woman's death was approaching, he put her soul immediately in its new form and wrote: "Here lives the soul of a princess." Thus he locked the souls of many men and women in new forms. He kept them locked up for thousands of years, but he could not make them work. To this day, people are still trying to capture the souls of their loved ones, to make them work for them. They can do anything, but they cannot make them work. You can work, but voluntarily, through the law of Love. No one can force you to work. It is a delusion to think that you can force a person to work. Not only that, but some think they can force Love to work for them. That is impossible. Work is the result of Love. Whoever wants to learn to work, must accept Love. Once you acquire rational life, you enter Love. However, if you fall into an unreasonable life, you will experience anguish. I am asking: How did you enter your bodies - freely or by force? If you change your nose, your face, you have entered your body voluntarily; if you cannot change, the black magician has forced you into these artificial forms. Therefore, if you ask what causes evil, I will say: Evil stems from the fact that people are slaves to their passions. And the passions are nothing but the black magician who closes souls in artificial forms. That is why sometimes the man is wayward, angry, furious, shouting; sometimes the woman is wayward. To this day, people still serve this black Egyptian magician. As you entered the artificial forms made by him, did you ask the Lord whether to enter or not. - You have not asked Him. You will be honest to tell the truth.

    A wealthy merchant met a young man who was complaining about his wife. "I got married, but I am not happy. My wife is constantly tormenting me. The merchant took pity on him and invited him to live together at his home. The young man abused his hospitality and disgraced the merchant's daughter. After this dishonest act, he fled. That way the world will never get better. Evil increases evil, good increases good, Love increases Love. These are laws that operate both in nature and in life. In Love, you will expand and ascend; in lack of love, you will shrink and descend. The only thing that can save you from evil, is Love. You will live wisely and you will know that Love reigns everywhere in the world. I am not talking about your love, I am not talking about love between men and women, nor about love between friends; I am not even talking about brother-sister love. The Love I am talking about is special. It works in you too, but you do not pay attention to it. When a bright thought visits you, it is Love, however, it soon disappears. As bright thoughts pass through you, you are deceived, you begin to feel like deities. Make no mistake! The Divine is strong, powerful. Where is your strength? You say, "I am a learned man." - Where is your knowledge? The Divine man has Love in his soul. Whoever has no Love, is a black magician who can close the human soul in an artificial form at any moment. Do not be afraid. Old forms must be destroyed. That is why death comes. It will destroy all bodies turned into automata. Therefore, death brings liberation to all imprisoned souls.

    "Do not kill!" This means: Do not kill the soul that has entered a body and works according to the law of Love. However, if a soul has entered a bottle and has become a slave to someone, I say: Break this form. The principle is as follows: Never destroy the dwelling of a soul in which God lives and which works according to the law of Love. If you kill such a soul, God will not forgive you neither in this world, nor in the next. If you break a bottle with a soul locked up, you have done good. If a soul that works according to the law of Love dies, we have to cry; if a soul locked in a bottle dies, we have to rejoice. The free soul is not destined to die, but sometimes it becomes a sacrifice for the upliftment of humanity. Do not kill a soul that loves you and works for your good. It is a crime to kill an ox that works all day in your field. In the future state, people will be punished equally for killing a man and an ox. This requires a new morality, a new understanding of life. The good souls who will come to earth to work in the name of Love, will not strive for high positions - kings, bishops, patriarchs, ministers, but will be good mothers and fathers, good teachers and priests who will work selflessly. When these souls take over, the world will get better. Apply the new teaching and do not expect Christ to come, so that you live happily. When He comes, He will break all the bottles, all the automata. The graves in question are those locked souls who have been waiting for years for the time of their resurrection. Until now, the Orthodox have been debating whether they will be resurrected with their old bodies or with new ones. - There will be no other body than the one you are now living in. The soul will follow the path of the Divine, the path of Love. The woman, when seeing her husband, will not ask for money, as she does today. And the man will not ask his wife for money. Now they think only of money, they call each other "darling" as long as they have something. These are two people locked in bottles. These are two souls locked in bottles. While they are against each other, they are dissatisfied, they want to separate. When they separate, they suffer for each other. No, you must have the same attitude towards the person when he is with you and when he is away from you. This is what true Christianity requires.

    Today, everyone is arguing about their faith and beliefs. One thing must be known: man creates beliefs, but they cannot create man. Man has created many things, from which he himself suffers today. Therefore, do not cry over what you have created, but change it. Do not pray to your works, but change them. The human spirit is able to change all the beliefs and systems that it has created. Therefore, one can change one's life alone, be resurrected, learn the truth. You say, "Are you right, or not?" - You will answer for yourselves, whether my words are true or not. - "We are very hot!" - What should you do when the sun is shining brightly? You will go to work. Today I am speaking to everyone and asking you: Are you free souls or not? Are you free citizens of the Kingdom of God, or slaves to someone? Do you have a free religion, or the religion of the ages, which enslaves souls. Decide which Lord you serve: the Lord of truth or the Lord of the cross? If I come to you and you rob me, I know who you serve. If I come to you tired, jaded, and ask you to receive me into your home, I will know whom you serve. If you say that you are indisposed and have no space in your home, I already know which God you serve. You may have right beliefs, but your actions toward the jaded and unhappy person will determine who you serve. It is important how you act at that moment. The prophet Ezekiel said, "One good deed erases all bad deeds." And the opposite is also true: One bad deed erases all good ones. It is said, "He who has fallen, let him see that he rises." Do you have to cry that you have fallen? Get up and continue on your way! So, if you want to be comforted, apply the great law of Love. Use this law! You can never touch the sun, shake hands with it, but you can always use its light. You can never go to God, you can never talk directly to Him, but you can always go to His Spirit. Going to God means merging with Him, forgetting everything earthly, losing everything, and awakening in the Divine world. Are you ready for that? - "I am not ready." - Then go to the sun on the left and when you get tired, come to me. Now God has released you on earth. Do you know where you will be next time? The earth has passed half of its way. It has half the way left. When it gets there, the bell will start ringing. Then you will go from one train to another, you will carry your luggage. Where will you go? Wherever your eyes see. You say, "God is good." - I am glad that you think so. Do you hear the voice of Christ? Do you talk to Him, or do you assume that you hear Him? Your assumption may be like that of the suitors who go to the maiden and start praising the young man that he is good, handsome, noble.

    A young Turk was forced to marry a girl, whom they recommended as very beautiful and good. After the wedding, she asked him, "Who should I show myself to?" - "To whoever you want, but not to me." She was so ugly.

    Now they also tell you about Christ, that he was good, that he saved people. And you, after all, will marry not the Christ whom your soul expects, but the one whom people recommend to you. Many Christs and many Virgin Mary's exist. The world is full of such Christs and Virgin Mary's. One is the true Virgin Mary. I know her, she is excellent. There is one God in the world. There is one Christ. Make no mistake. Everything else is a reflection. The soul that is placed in you is God, this is Christ, this is the Holy Virgin Mary. That soul is imprisoned today. Can you release her? She often moans and cries, but when you do not understand her, you say, "We need money!" She says, "Enough is enough, you do not need it anymore!" - "No, more, more!" I am not saying that wealth is necessary, but the real wealth is in the present, in the present moment. Be rich at the moment. Know that when you are sleeping, eating and working, you are rich. Do not think about tomorrow. I wonder about today's people! A friend comes to you whom you have not seen for years, and instead of feeding him you worry about tomorrow, not to lose anything. Feed your friend and do not think about tomorrow. God will not leave you. With our irrational lives we cause ourselves suffering. You have everything - a wife, children, houses, money and you are still dissatisfied. What else do you want? You want to be rich more than you can bear. Whoever is truly rich today, will always be rich. Therefore, be rich today, be content today, accept the truth today. You say, "What you are telling us is beyond our reason." So says the one from whom you want to borrow money. He scratches his head and says, "I will think about it!" - No matter how much you think, you will not think of anything. As I am watching you, I see your dissatisfaction and distrust. You say, "This man wants us to invest in his bank at high interest rates." - I do not want anything from you. Try this thing! You may doubt as much as you want. On earth, any doubt is allowed, however, we can test ourselves. Try the teaching and whatever you accept with your mind and heart, it will be true for you. What is true on the inside, is also true on the outside. If you do not trust yourself, you cannot trust others. If you love the Spirit, you will love others. - What does the Spirit represent? - When you are drowning and someone saves you, that is the Spirit. - What is love? - If you are hungry and they give you food and drink, this is Love, this is a manifestation of the soul. Believe in the Spirit, Who has brought you out of the water. Believe in the soul that has fed you.

    "Explain this parable to us." - What is this parable? - The life that resolves all contradictions and grievances.

    We will turn dissatisfaction into a virtue. The student is dissatisfied that he does not know his lesson. - He will learn it. The maiden is unhappy that she is not beautiful. - It depends on her to become beautiful. If you are satisfied, go to work with your loved ones, to show them how you have become happy.

    So, change your nose. If you can elongate it with at least one hundred millionth of a millimeter, you have achieved a lot. This is genius. This can happen in both the mind and the heart. You are required to reasonably elongate and widen your nose. Only then will you get rid of misunderstandings in your life.

    Therefore, if you elongate and widen your nose by one hundred millionth of a millimeter, you will achieve the whole. What work can a nose that is elongated by one hundred millionth of a millimeter do?

    Imagine that you are pouring water from a barrel on the ground. - Will this water do any work? - No, it will do no work. The water will be spilled, it will form a path - nothing more. It is another matter if this water is poured into a lake. No matter how small the amount of this water, it will still add something to the lake. A certain amount of energy will flow into it. For the same reason I say: The energy that is transmitted to the nose with its elongation, no matter how small, it will flow into the whole body. It penetrates it, but does not spill out. Doubt is an infirmity of the mind, while envy, malice - of the heart. These infirmities have to be thrown out of the person, same as the water from the barrel is poured directly on the ground. Those who cannot free their hearts from hatred are slaves to the black magus. Life is toying with them. The same goes for the mind. It also has to get rid of its infirmities.

    So, at the center of your life - your mind, the water must be pure, crystal clear. No impurities are allowed! You need to know the depth and size of your lake - the heart. Then, the Divine energy that penetrates you, will elongate your nose by one hundred millionth of a millimeter. From the point of view of calculus, not only the length and width of the nose can be calculated, but also the volume of the whole human life. Do not say that these questions are not for you. - Why are they not for you? - We are old now. - The devil is old because he does not want to work for others. Anyone who says that he does not want to work, is one of the black brothers. Whoever wants to work in the name of the great Love, in the name of the Great God, is one of the white brothers. - "We are stupid, we can not work." - There is no stupid person among you. Break with that thought that limits you! - "How are we going to live in these difficult conditions?" - What conditions? In the bottle? - Do not be afraid of anything! Love is a force that melts all barriers. Put this thought into yourselves, in order to help yourselves not only individually but also collectively, and say, “We can live according to the requirements of Love and we can explain this parable ourselves. We can continue and widen our nose by the same magnitude."

    Write down the motto: "Warm heart, fresh soul, bright mind and strong spirit." When the mind is bright, a man is freed from limitations. The strong spirit creates and recreates things. Say to yourself, "My heart is warm, my soul is fresh, my mind is bright, my spirit is strong, because I live in the law of Love, in which there is no change." This is the new rule of life. If you say that to yourselves, you will immediately solve your problem. Do you know how much this rule costs? - Not less than 25 billion. There are people who have worked hard for 20-25 lives until they learn this formula. You say, “Simple task! We know these things." - This order, in which the words "warm, fresh, bright, and strong" are given, you have not known until now.

    Now, when you return to your homes, apply the new rule. When women apply it, it will become easier for men; when men apply it, it will become easier for women. When mothers apply it, it will become easier for children; when children apply it, it will become easier for mothers. When teachers apply it, it will become easier for students; when students apply it, it will become easier for teachers. Let softness be brought into the lives of all people. This will indicate that you have applied the new rule. If you say that you have applied it, I will ask you: Has it become easier for you? - "No." - So you have not applied it. Those who do not apply the new rule will pay one percent interest on 25 billion. Come on, let me reduce it - one thousandth. I can reduce it further - one millionth. No matter how small the fine, you will still pay something.

    So, you have learned a new rule, but if you do not apply it, you will pay a fine.

    Talk by the Master, held on 15 May, 1921 in Sofia

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  21. Готов превод Да ги изпита / Аритметическитѣ дѣйствия въ живота. Събиране, умножение и степенуване - 29.5.1921-НБ-361 / ...: 29.5.1921-НБ-361

    To Test Them / The Arithmetic Operations in Life. Addition, Multiplication and Exponentiation

    "But this He said to test them, for He Himself knew what He would do." (John 6:6)

    I will start the talk with a simple arithmetic operation - addition. Mathematicians say that if the same numbers are added, we have the multiplication operation. If the multipliers are equal when multiplying, we have the effect of
    exponentiation. So in order for two people to come together in one place, they have to be different. If they are not different, they cannot come together. Addition and multiplication are two opposite processes. Multiplication comes from addition, and exponentiation comes from multiplication. When you want to resolve an issue under the law of addition, the parties to that action, or the addends, have to be different. In other words, you can never bring two men or two women together; however, you can always gather a man and a woman in one place. The Lord also starts with the addition. Since it is known that multiplication comes from addition, we say that children, when born, lead to multiplication. They are gradually multiplying. The children in the family have to be equal. Indeed, equal multipliers can only exist in multiplication. Then multiplication turns into gradation: 5 by 5 by 5 = 5 to the 3rd degree. We call this operation in life, raising a person to a higher degree.

    Now, let us move on to the subject. Life, in itself, is a great problem that can be solved by addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We start with addition and multiplication. Then we proceed to the other two actions - subtraction and division. You have all studied these operations, but you have not penetrated them to see what great secrets they hide! When you learn to add, subtract, multiply, divide and exponentiate correctly, then you will understand what great secrets are hidden in them. You cannot multiply before you have added and you cannot exponentiate before you have multiplied and added. "He was testing them". - In what? - How they were living. Because all people strive for life, they are looking for a way to improve it. - How will they improve it? - Through food. Today, everyone supports the idea that you cannot live without bread. It is ridiculous to think that you cannot live without bread. If you are living, you can do without bread; if you are not living, you cannot do without bread. What does the statement or denial of a fact show? Stating a fact shows that it is in the physical world. Denying it shows that it is in the spirit world. Therefore, it is impossible for the same thing to manifest simultaneously in two worlds or in two directions. You cannot be good and bad simultaneously. I take the word "bad" or "evil" as a manifestation, not in the sense in which you interpret it. There is relative evil, there is also fundamental evil. What hinders a person is evil to him; however, the same can be good for someone else. You eat chicken, lamb and say you are fine. Ask the lamb if it is good for it when you eat it. How will you justify yourself? You will say that when you live, you must eat. One day, as you ascend to a higher level, you will realize your mistake.

    "He tested them." Today, all people want to add, multiply and exponentiate - this is a natural aspiration for them. But when it comes to ordeals, no one wants to be tested. They say, "Everything is good, but not the ordeals." In order to make this verse clearer, I will tell you an occult story in parables or in symbols. - Why do I not convey it literally? - Because the truth, with its light, is unbearable for human eyes. It must go through a certain medium in order to soften. What this medium will be does not matter. It can be water, it can be air. As soon as it softens a little, it becomes tolerable for the eyes. In ancient times, 12,000 years ago, this is what the legend says - I speak according to legend, not facts, somewhere in Asia, lived an extremely pious king. He had a son who was very promising from an early age. All the sages and astrologers in the kingdom predicted that with his gifts and abilities he would bring great good to mankind. However, all this would be overshadowed by one event in his life. If this happened, the life and destiny of the young king would change radically. One day, after the death of his beloved father, the young prince went hunting. While chasing a deer to kill it, he stumbled, fell, and a dry branch entered his right eye. His eye was gone right away and he was left with one eye. In order not to expose himself to his subjects for his carelessness, he said that the sky favored him with great good - they took out his right eye and left him with only one eye - the left one. This was one of the great initiations that the chosen ones go through. All good people should have only one eye - the left one. He issued an order: Anyone who wanted to visit him and enjoy his favor, had to take out his right eye. This was considered a privilege. Therefore, every man at that time who did not have a right eye made a visit to the king. The day came for the prince to inherit his father's kingdom. For this purpose, they chose a beautiful princess as the prince's wife. They got married. One day, while walking in nature, a large stone fell from a rock and hit the nose of the young queen. Seeing that her nose was crushed, and she could not introduce herself to the citizens with such a nose, she decided to accept only those women who had a crushed nose. When they met men with one eye and women with crushed noses, they all knew that these were people who visited the king and the queen. To this day, we still notice in people a desire to brag about their shortcomings. Instead of looking for the cause of their shortcomings, they say that it is a privilege that heaven gives them.

    Why do some men like to cut their hair short? In my opinion, this is a remnant of the past. One of the old French kings used to cut his hair short. Because he had a wound on his head, he deliberately cut his hair short, to show people that he is a hero, that he is not shy about anything. Some prominent men started imitating him by cutting their hair short. However, even in this situation, their good qualities are not visible. If you meet women today with flattened noses and men with only one eye, you will know that they have visited the king and the queen, in heart or mind. - When did they visit them? - As far back as 12,000 years ago. - This is not how problems are solved. You cannot solve the problems of your life with a crushed nose, nor with a removed right eye.

    Now, I am talking about the conscious life that is nested in you. It has its origins. By "origin" of life I mean the form through which it has manifested. You ask, "Where did the form of life come from?" From the formless. So the formed derives from the formless, the named - from the nameless, the finite - from the infinite. So first the form appears, and then its name. When the eternal or the infinite determined itself, then the finite things appeared. - What is finite? - The shaped one. It is connected with the shapeless, with the infinite. The named one is connected with the nameless. Is there any contradiction in this? In my opinion, there is no contradiction. Everything becomes understood when it is shaped, named and limited. In this respect, earthly life is shaped, named, and limited, i. e. finite. By "finite", I do not mean that life on earth is coming to an end. These are philosophical thoughts that need to be pondered about for a long time. Many people want to enter the formless world. - This is a misunderstanding of life. If in the Lord, from infinite eternity, there is a desire to create a form, a name and an end of things, are we smarter than Him, to strive to become formless, nameless and infinite? It is madness that causes suffering to people. The desire of the people is, when they commit a crime, that it loses its shape, so that its name is not known and they can limit it. This is not life; these are anomalies, deviations from real life. These are small water droplets that deviate from the general course of life. I do not mind deviations. It is important to know that your life has come from the infinite. - What do the finite and the infinite represent? - Finite is what man does. Infinite is what God does. The finite things come from the infinite ones. Imagine that your benefactor puts in the bank a large amount of money in your name, and you can withdraw from it as much as you want. As long as you withdraw a certain amount, your business is going well. However, one day you commit a crime. Your benefactor tells the cashier, "Do not give this man any more money." Here, your aid becomes finite, i.e. it is terminated. - Why? - Because you committed a crime. When a man commits a crime, his benefits are suspended; as soon as the good ceases, suffering comes immediately. This means turning infinite things into finite ones. Everything that a person loses becomes finite. That is why, when one dies, one says, "It is all over!" What is over? - His life. From infinite, it becomes finite. - Why does a person die? - In order to give an account in the Divine bank how he used his life. You will say that you have the right to live, eat and drink as you understand it. - No, you have no right to live as you want. -Why? - You are not free. Only he is free who knows how to add, multiply and exponentiate correctly. And the mother is also free when she gives birth to good and smart children. Man and woman represent addition, children represent multiplication, and their development - exponentiation. So human development begins with addition, goes through multiplication and continues with exponentiation.

    "But this He said to test them, for He Himself knew what He would do." Christ asked His disciples where they would get bread to feed these people. If you ask the current farmers where they will get bread from, they will say, "We will take wheat, sow it in the fields, and when it grows, we will reap it and put it in the barn." What will citizens say on this issue? They go to the farmers, measure a certain amount of grain and their business goes well. I am asking: Is there any other way of eating besides the one that people are doing now? - There is another way. In the future, people will take food directly from nature, as they take the air today. Then the food will not be ground, kept in barns, kneaded, as is the case with wheat. Breathing is also a process of eating. In one minute a person takes 20 breaths, i.e. accepts 20 lunches. - When will this happen? - When people learn to add, multiply and exponentiate correctly; when they stop bragging about their shortcomings. People often brag about their shortcomings and crimes in order to pass as heroes. Then they will look for a way to justify themselves, to plead innocent. - Why are they doing this? - To be released from any liability. They will say that society was bad, conditions were bad, generations were bad, and so on. Everyone is guilty, only they do not bear any guilt! The daughter and the son are dissatisfied with life and ask their mother: "Why did you give birth to us?" - "Listen, son, listen, daughter", the mother answers: "I did not give birth to you of my own free will. You made me give birth to you. You made me go to the horo (Bulgarian folk dance), to meet young men, so that someone likes me and gets married to me. You are the reason you came to this world."

    Now you also ask the Lord why He created the world. I will answer you: You made the Lord create the world. And today you ask Him why He created this world. The Lord answers, "This world is yours. I created it according to your plan. That is how you wanted it, that is how I created it." Everyone you meet today says that the world was not created properly. - What do you want more? You want this, you want that, and when you are given everything you want, you are still dissatisfied. When I speak of this world, I mean the human world. Make a distinction between the Divine world and the human one. There is disharmony, contradictions, good and evil in the human world. To this day, you wonder why good and evil exist, why some people are good and others are bad. No one can force anyone to live well or badly. Everyone has voluntarily accepted the good or the bad life. You live badly because you find pleasure in this life. Is it bad for a wolf to eat a sheep? When the shepherd catches him and peels his skin, he says: If I knew that for one sheep they would skin me, I would eat grass. So when the day comes to realize your crimes and mistakes, you will say like a wolf, "If I knew I would be accountable for everything, I could have lived differently." Man is not the only factor in being able to act freely. So the finite beings who formed the finite forms, and the finite names are the cause of everything finite.

    The present world is made only of threads and spools. You hear machines everywhere, "clank-clank". Many things are sewn with threads and then unstitched. Very naturally, they are made of threads. Human thoughts and actions, human morality are all threads. The woman says, "I live honestly and decently, I have morals." - Why does he live like that? - Because she has a master who applies the stick. The woman is afraid of her husband, the man is afraid of his wife; families are afraid of society, society - of the state, etc. Everyone lives fairly and honestly because there is a stick. This stick is not raw, but dry. I take the stick in a broad sense, as a symbol of those limitations that cause you misfortunes. Not knowing how to deal with your misfortunes, you encounter a number of contradictions.

    Now Christ is testing His disciples. - With what? He asks them, "Can the world be created any other way?" The material world can be recreated in many ways. Then what is the difference between the physical, astral and mental worlds? From an occult point of view, each world is shaped by the laws that operate in it. Despite that, there is some connection between them. One of the qualities of the physical world is firmness. In the astral world, this quality is replaced by the intensity of desires. The stronger, the hotter a desire, the firmer it is. The same way a hard object may hurt you, a firm, that is an intense desire may hurt your heart. If you enter the mental or intellectual world, the firmness there corresponds to the strength or intensity of thought. The stronger the thought, the harder it is. Therefore, if a strong thought comes to you, it will produce the same effect as the solid object of the physical world. Therefore, when passing from one world to another, one must know the laws of the transformation of matter from one state to another. There is a certain resemblance between a solid object, a desire and a thought, but there is also a huge difference.

    And so, things on earth become solid from the intensity of desires and thoughts. From this point of view, the hardest people are those who live only for themselves - the egoists. So the strongest force is the centrifugal one. It has concentrated all cosmic forces to work for man. When a hard man rules the world, he will create the greatest misfortunes and upheavals for humanity. All misfortunes stem from the law of the cosmic concentration of forces to one center, but in the opposite direction to the Divine center. This law is not in accordance with the law of God's Love.

    "For He Himself knew what He would do." Christ took the five loaves and, according to the law he knew, multiplied them and fed five thousand people with them, leaving 12 baskets of leftover bread. I think that you, who are listening to me, would eat these five loaves and there would still remain 12 baskets of leftover bread.

    Now, let us get back to the essentials - to life. Only through life will you find your soul, your mind and your heart. - Why? - Life will give shape to your soul. In order to know things, you need form. The formation depends on the law of development. When your soul develops, then it will become visible; when your mind develops, then it will manifest. The beauty of things manifests itself when they become visible. According to philosophers, some things are visible and others are invisible. They say that those bodies that can be touched, felt and perceived only through the five senses, are visible. It is not like that. Those things, that are perceived outside the five senses, are also visible. According to occult science, man has seven bodies; each body has seven senses. So 49 senses in total. If you multiply 49 by 49, how much will you get? If you multiply the resulting number by 49, how much will you get? This shows that the feelings and senses in man are innumerable. We want to bring them to a rational number with which to work and know them. It is said in the Scripture that man can know God as God knows him only when he develops all 49 senses. You may ask, "If we develop all the senses, are we going to be happy?" - That is exactly what I do not want. - Why? - Because it is impossible for a man to be very happy. Why would you strive for impossible things? If someone says he wishes you happiness, he is deceiving you. It is another matter if you want a warm heart, a fresh soul, a bright mind and a strong spirit - conditions for you to develop. Your friend should want you to grow, to progress in your development, but not to make you happy. And the mother should strive for her child to grow and develop properly, not to be happy. Today, children expect their parents to make them happy; parents expect happiness from their children. Servants expect happiness from their masters, masters - from their servants. This is a false, distorted philosophy. Everyone promises to give what they cannot. There is no form of organization or society that can make you happy. It can only serve you as a condition for growth and strengthening. You say, "We will be happy in the future." - That is possible, but in what world? If it is in the physical one, I doubt it. Therefore, as long as you live on earth, happiness can only be like a distant goal, but not like an object to be achieved. In the Divine world you can talk about happiness, however, in the physical world you will talk about achievements of the mind, heart and soul. Only then will you use the life that has been given to you. When a maiden wants to marry a young man in order to be happy, it is her visit to the king, who will take out her right eye. It is a privilege to visit this king, but one eye will go for this privilege. "How can I stay unmarried?" - If you want to marry your king, you must be ready to take out your right eye. Christ says, "If you want to marry your queen, you must be ready for your nose to be crushed." All the maidens who are married have one eye; all the lads who are married have crushed noses. Therefore, according to the law of heredity, all the girls who resemble their mother, are without a right eye; all the boys who look like their father, have crushed noses. You ask, "Why are we unhappy?" - Because 12,000 years ago a king's son went hunting and, chasing a deer to kill it, inadvertently took out his right eye. In order not to be ashamed in front of his subjects, he issued an order: “All good people should be with one eye. Whoever wants to visit him, must take out his right eye." Nature has adopted this thought, so to this day people are born blind with one eye. Christ comes to the woman and asks her, "Woman, why are you blind with your right eye?" - "Lord, my husband has taken out my eye." - It was a great privilege for you to visit this king, to bow to him. What did you gain from this visit?

    Christ says, "If your right eye causes you to stumble, take it out." The woman must take out her eye before going to her husband. If she takes it out, she no longer wants to go to him. The man is a temptation for the woman. The fall of women is due to men. They corrupt women. And vice versa: "Women corrupt men." A woman cannot spoil a woman. So those who took out their right eye corrupted the women; those who crushed their noses corrupted the men. Do you think that the man, who takes care of the woman just to dress her and introduce her to people, is acting smart? He wants to brag about her, as they brag about a fat horse and thus increase its price. Despite that, all women want to be well dressed, to be liked by people. It is good to be dressed both outside and inside. I am asking: Has your beloved dressed his soul with Love? He can dress you on the outside, but inside you remain naked. I am asking women the same question: What have you done for your husbands? How have you dressed them? If you only care about their appearance, you are seducing them.

    So, in the future, men and women will dress in the new forms that the universe is now creating. There are sewn new costumes for men and women who are preparing for marriage. Do you know what the new form is? Whoever has decided to get married should go there, buy a new suit, a new hat and shoes - in the latest fashion. When you bring them, you will put a new inscription. What will be the new inscription, the new name of these forms, is not allowed to say. Whoever wants to know the name of the new form and the new company, let them go to the priests, the statesmen, the teachers, the philosophers, the scientists, the theosophists, the occultists. By going around and questioning them all, he will find out which is the new company now formed in the universe. If they know, they will tell you how to find it. They know the following: Whoever does evil, can also do good. Whoever knows this world, will know the other world as well. That is how I reason.

    Christ asked His disciples, "Where shall we buy bread to feed these five thousand people?" Now I am asking: What are we going to feed the people, who are starving today, with?" I say: Bread will not fix the world. Now we need wedding clothes from the new company. When mothers conceive and give birth to their children with love, then they will solve the great task of addition, multiplication and exponentiation. Only then will the employees of the new culture come. Only then will people understand what it means to be good, smart, fair and loving. You say, "It is a great thing to love!" I ask: Those who have loved, do they not repent of it? How many times has a man repented of his love! - Why has he repented? - Because his love was not what it should be. Where there is remorse, love is not real there. Love that cannot withstand all the trials of life, is not true love. It is a mood, a feeling or a temporary disposition. This is not the love that brings life. I am not saying you do not have love, but you focus only on the side effects of love, not on love itself. You dwell on the insignificant in life, but you do not dwell on the essential - on love.

    "But this Christ said to test them, for He Himself knew what He would do." A great misfortune or hardship befalls you - it is important how you will resolve it. Everyone knows how hardships are resolved. Solomon says, “A soft answer is a consolation; a kind word gives comfort, but love, expressed in time, gives life." Can you always talk about love? Throughout man's earthly life, he is given only one year, one month, one week, one day, one hour, one minute, one second when he can talk about love or say the word "love." If you use this time, you will have all the achievements. If you do not use it, your whole life is lost. This is just a moment. Everything else is just preparation for that moment, for this second. If you catch it, you will have bread for five thousand people. If you miss it, you will have disappointments, doubts and contradictions in your life. I say: Friends, you have lost the great moment of love in your life. This is not an allegory, but a great truth that each of you can verify. I am not saying, which is this year of your life. It is not earlier than your 21st year, but no later than your 120th. So from the age of 21 to 120 you will count and calculate, like astronomers, to get the day, hour, minute or second when the comet of love passes in front of you, so that you see it. All great people have a desire to capture the moment of love. All mothers and fathers have the same desire - to capture the great moment of love. There is nothing better than going into a home and exchanging two reasonable words with the hosts - two words about love. What are today's people doing? They gather somewhere and start, "Babble-babble-babble-babble." As they disperse, everyone says, "My head hurts from talking. I am dizzy from the chatter." Both should have said only one word to each other: they to you and you to them.

    Many of you pass for great philosophers and say, "Give us tools, give us good mothers and fathers, you will see what we can do." I ask: If you pass for geniuses and say that you have created many things, can you not find tools and good mothers and fathers? If you could force God to create a world according to your understanding, then you have to find everything you need yourselves. You wonder how it is possible to force God to do what you want. This is a philosophical thought. You can only force a person to do something for you, if he loves you. Because God is infinite Love, you can force Him to do something for people. Therefore, we have forced the Lord to create this world, and He says, "This is what my children want." - Why did God create this world like that? - Because he loves people and they wanted this world. You ask, "How will it be proved that God loves people?" - By the fact that there is evil in the world. Because He loves you, He has given you unlimited rights to manifest freely. This is the reason for the existence of both good and evil, but you will bear the consequences yourselves. So Love is known by the fact that it has allowed evil. - Why are people unhappy? - Because they have put Love outside, not inside themselves. When Love manifests in the physical field from the outside, evil immediately comes. Children love fruit. Looking at the apples on the tree, they start fighting for them, who will take more. If the brothers have a good, conscious relationship with each other, they will share the apples equally and will not fight for them. Four brothers will divide the apple into four. Therefore, when Love is manifested only from without, evil is born; when it is manifested from within, good is born. That is why some people resolve issues externally and others - internally. In the first case the result is one, in the second case - another. However, both are doing God's will. If you did not have love for the apple, there would be no dispute between you.

    You say, "If the apple that Eve ate had not existed, we would have been happy until today, our hair would not have turned white." - What is the first apple? - It is the first fruit of life - the woman. She is the apple of discord. There are no men in today's world, they are all women. When the woman saw that she was alone, she wanted there to be men, so that she projects herself. That is why some people today are women and others - men. The present world is not going well because only the woman rules and the man has not yet come to earth. What we call a man is only a reflection of the real man. The current woman also plays the role of a man. In the future, when the real man comes, then the world will be fixed. You say, "Let there be no men!" - You have not seen the man yet. And the man is dissatisfied with the woman and says: "This woman!" You are also a woman like her. - "My shape is different." - Whatever the shape, the man and the woman are alike. This is the law of multiplication, but there has to be addition. With addition, the numbers being added are usually different. The man is angry and the woman is angry; the man beats and the woman beats; the man plucks the woman's hair and the woman plucks the man's hair. How are you different? This is multiplication. Where is the addition? Where are the first man and the first woman? Look at life philosophically. I am giving you a reason to think, not to follow some foolish philosophy, that the world was created that way. This world was created by humans, therefore it is called a world of illusions. I know the Divine world, I live in it. There are no illusions there.

    You say that the world is transient. A transient world is only the one that is created by human thoughts, feelings and actions. Despite that, people call this world Divine and make an effort to study it. I say: This world is pathological, created by humans. According to Lombroso, this world is full of criminal types. It is not a rational world. Some say, "Let us study the criminal types!" - There is no need to study them. If you want to learn something, study healthy people. What is your moral? Why do man and woman get together? What foundation do they lay in their lives? The man says, "I love her." The woman says, "I love him." It's good that they love each other, but once they get together they become enemies to each other. As soon as they see each other, they pull out rifles and revolvers, and you hear "bang-bang!" all day long. If there is no shootout every day, you hear shootings here and there at least once a year, once a month or once a week. Then they say that God created both man and woman in this way. This is a pathological view, not a divine one. God said that a man should have only one wife and a woman - only one man. Today's men, however, have many women, and today's women have many men. This used to be matter-of-course once, but today it is not allowed! It is written in the Divine Law: "A man has only one woman and a woman - only one man." However, the man says, "My wife is a little ugly, I want a beautiful woman." And the woman says, "My husband is smart, but ugly, he does not have much money, I want a rich man." What kind of philosophy is this?

    After all this, the teachers say, "Let us bring up the new generation!" - It is ridiculous to bring up a wolf. You can make him a shepherd dog, guard the flock, but one day he will steal a sheep. Teachers and parents nowadays raise children who are not amenable to upbringing. The church educates its congregation, but it is also not amenable to upbringing. Until the principle is applied in life, that a man will have only one woman, and a woman only one man, no heart and no mind can change. If she loves her husband, the woman is ready to sacrifice herself for humanity. If he loves his wife, the man is also ready to sacrifice for humanity. This is a woman! This is a man! This is the first couple that can make the world better. I hope you understand me correctly. Every woman, who distinguishes between the love of her husband and other men, creates the conditions for evil. Evil creates cracks in life, and cracks are the result of bifurcation. When thoughts and feelings are divided, one encounters contradictions and difficulties. Every bifurcation in love produces cracks in human life. I do not condemn you, but I even justify you. You are in the preface of life. Therefore, your marriage is also a preface to the future life. Christ said to the harlot, "Go and sin no more!" Now I am also saying to you: Go and sin no more. Do not get married, as you have married before. I say this not only to the old, but also to the young. You have to understand life as it really is. Once you understand it, you will properly resolve the important social issue of marriage. Only in this way will you work with God, be in harmony with Him, and know Him as He knows you. I am talking about today, not about the future. Now is the auspicious moment to sow this little grain in your soul. Do not miss the good conditions for sowing. Clear the weeds, sow the small grain and water it. As it grows, it will give you the right direction in life.

    "This He said to test them." And now Christ is testing you. - "What should we do?" I solve this pivotal question as follows: A woman should have only one man, and a man - only one woman. And there should be no sign of jealousy in the heart of the man and the woman . You say that God is jealous too. This is your interpretation. Christ says, "Only the Lord is good." He is not outraged by anything. Spirits can also be jealous, but the ideal, the sublime, the Divine excludes all jealousy. The ideal excludes all doubt, suspicion, rudeness and violence. All people are in the same field and wonder what needs to be done. They are all aware that the current morality is in decline, that the current system is collapsing. All people must live in a divine way. According to this understanding, a man should not have one eye and a woman should not have a crushed nose. You will say that Christ also said that one should take out their right eye. - Yes, but Christ has set the condition "if". - "If your right eye seduces you, take it out. If it does not seduce you, it is better to enter the Kingdom of God with two eyes."

    So, today's men will enter the Kingdom of God with one eye, and the women - with crushed noses. And you will be received there like that, but they will know the story of your life. It is better to enter the Kingdom of God with two eyes and a healthy nose, because the Divine requires everything to be in order. By "nose" I mean the human mind, and by "right eye" - the human heart. Not taking out your "right eye" means not hindering the development of your heart. - When does a woman remain with one eye? - When she loves for the first time. Then she is afraid to love. - Why? - She does not give her eye anymore. The one she falls in love with a second time, will want her to take out both her eyes. What is this love, I do not understand. "for He knew what He would do." - Not only must Christ know what to do, but we must also know what to do. I do not dispute that the Lord knows what to do, but we must also know what to do. Do not expect the Lord to fix the world alone. You also need to know what to do today. Everyone needs to know what their task is. Everyone needs to know what thoughts to allow in their mind, what desires to allow in their heart and how to act. You need to know what to do every moment. - We are ignorant, we know nothing. - How did you become ignorant? - I can make you ignorant in one moment and scientists - in one moment. When you enter my room, I will immediately turn off the lamp. You will walk around the room, but will not be able to find anything. Not only will you find nothing, but you will break and knock down everything you encounter on your way. This shows that you are ignorant. As soon as I turn on the lights, you immediately see things and know where you are going. You immediately become knowledgeable. So once you close the keys to your minds and hearts, you become ignorant. Once you turn on the lights, you become knowledgeable. You need to know how to believe and how to love. Do not succumb to philosophical delusions, but hold on to faith and love. You tell someone you love them. This is not enough. It is important what content you put into the word love. If you do not put anything, it is an empty word. When you tell someone you love them, that has to be true. When you say you believe, that also has to be true. If you say something, you have to stand up for it. This is what Christ is testing you for. He is testing me too.

    Many doubt what I am saying. I read in your eyes and I see that you doubt. I say, Brothers, I also went through what you are going through. It is an art not to deceive people, but to live well. I am teaching you to live right. I am not asking you to believe, but I am asking you to check what I am telling you. If it is true, apply it. What I am telling you is essential. It has existed in the infinite eternity. The whole life rests on it. These are truths that are told not only by me, but also by many. Truth and Love are not a monopoly. They are available to all people, not just to one. Everyone can utilize them.

    Now I am reading your mind and I see that some consider me a hypnotist. I cannot hypnotize because I do not have a mask, my face is exposed. If I want to hypnotize someone, I will take out my gun and say, "Give me your purse!" Then I will take my beard off my mask and you will not recognize me. The one who hypnotizes always wears a mask on his face. My desire is for you to have pure hearts, to develop spiritually, to enlighten your minds, and to strengthen yourselves from knowledge to knowledge and from strength to strength. As for happiness, I do not want you to be happy. Happiness on earth makes a person unhappy. If I enter your home and see that you have set happiness as an ideal, I will say: Take off this icon. Put another one in its place! - "I want to earn a lot of money, to ensure my happiness." - You will be happy with money! If you get sick and die, what do you need this happiness for? That means making futile efforts. Happiness is in the one who loves you. If you have a friend who loves you, he will never harm you. Friendship ensures happiness. That is why, you should do everything possible to get a friend who loves you, who is ready to endure at all moments of your life. This is everyone's task: to be a friend and to have a friend. So, take off the icon of happiness and, instead, put the following inscription: "Love requires a feat, courage and determination in life, for the upliftment of all brothers and sisters in the world." Apply what is written and see what result you will have. Then you will hear angels coming and going, singing and blessing you. These are not philosophical statements and reasoning, nor hypnotizing or enchanting. This is the great philosophy of life, the great truth that can make you happy, strengthen your spirit, enlighten your minds, purify your hearts, and make you citizens of the Kingdom of God that fills the entire cosmos. Once you put this inscription, the fear will come out of you. The wife will not be afraid of her husband, and the husband will not be afraid of his wife. They will know and understand each other. This is how the principle of Love works, which begins with the individual, enters the home, the society, the people and finally - the whole of humanity. This principle covers everything. It penetrates everywhere as light, air and water penetrate. There will be no substance left, no matter how hard and dense, in which this principle will not penetrate. It will soften even the hardest brains of scientists. It will soften all bones and muscles. This is not rickets, but it will turn the rough matter into soft and gentle one, the unreasonable into reasonable, the disharmonious into harmonious. Divine harmony will come among the people, so that they understand each other in mind and heart. I am asking: Do you all have the new inscription? Are you ready to sacrifice everything for the Lord? Are you ready to perform a feat for Love, not for one, but for all? If you are willing to sacrifice everything for the Lord, He will also sacrifice everything for you. Then the new life, the new people with new understandings, will come.

    Now I am not preaching to you morality, but a pure and holy life. I am not talking about priestly holiness, I am not talking about teacher's holiness, nor about motherly holiness, but about a holiness that is not tarnished by anything, that John said about in the verse: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it."

    Morality that turns into darkness is not real. There is a morality that shines forever in the darkness, and the darkness has not overtaken it. Rise, you dead!

    Come alive you, who have risen!

    Resurrect you, who have come alive!

    The Lord will be with you.

    Talk by the Master, held on 29 May, 1921 in Sofia

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  22. Готов превод С думата „може“ - 30.12.1920-ИБ-339 / .: 30.12.1920-ИБ-339

    With the Word "Can"

    Knowledge is like fertilizer - if it is not adapted to man (the tree), it will burn him.

    Every child should manifest itself where it has an inclination. Let the children get used to labor - to do their own work, personally, if they can do it.

    In 25 billions of space we can accommodate 3,000 solar systems like ours.

    Flammarion estimates that 29 cents of the time of Christ, calculated at compound interest, gives a number with 39 digits, which, if they were a debt, would be repaid in 9,000 years with gold the size of a ball as big as the Earth, which falls every 9 minutes.

    A nation with God can do anything, because God is a great magnitude in which everything can. With the word "can" we attract all good conditions and success for work is guaranteed.

    Poplar as a calendar

    If the lower leaves fall first - winter is in the beginning,

    if the middle ones fall - winter is in the middle,

    if the top ones fall - winter is over,

    if they fall evenly - winter is long.

    8 am.

    Revelation 19: 19-21

    Birds = proletarians, Communists.

    Chapter 20 = XX century = century of judgment on earth = century of destiny on earth, but not above in heaven.

    Today's people are in the position of a donkey laden with salt, which entered the water, squatted, the salt melted, it came out of the water and roared with joy that the load was relieved. The second time it was loaded with wool, it wanted to cheat again. It squatted in the water, but the wave soaked and it could no longer stand up. Today's people are loaded with wool, and before they used to be loaded with salt. People squat due to small reasons. A grain in the foot of a great hero makes him lame and he puts the "knife in the scabbard". People are changed easily by small things.

    2 pm.

    There are solar hurricanes that emit huge energies 180,000 km outside the solar surface, and these hurricanes return to the Sun.

    The moon has only one side to the Earth. What is on the other side is unknown. "This is a great secret."

    In the future, the new culture will have to develop and discover many things. Communication with the Moon will be established.

    There are cosmic currents to the Sun and the Moon and back to the Earth. When taking these currents, people will use them for travel.

    Hens do not know there are stars. They only see the eagle above.

    7:30 pm.

    30 December 1920, Thursday.

    Ruse, the home of brother Nikola Vatev

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  23. Готов превод Где е правият път? - 27.12.1920-ИБ-336 / .: 27.12.1920-ИБ-336

    Where is the Right Way?

    Where is the right way? - In suffering. They immediately show us the right way. Suffering is on the right way. Someone has to cross a river, walks along the shore to look for a convenient place - a ford, to pass. This slows him down. But if he comes across difficulties, if he finds himself in danger, he immediately enters the river and finds the right way, without looking to see if there is a ford or not, he does not think whether it is shallow or deep.

    27 December 1920, at noon


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  24. Готов превод Три закона - 28.12.1920-ИБ-337 / .: 28.12.1920-ИБ-337

    Three Laws

    In every commune there should be three laws:

    Doing good in the name of God's Love - this is the spiritual world.

    If you can do good for the well-being of your soul, and not burden it with sins - this is the Divine world.

    For the well-being of your neighbor - this is your body. It must be strong. It is your ox, your cattle, etc. that you work with. You have to look after its interests as well. Your neighbor is the body. God, these are all goods, they should not be abused, otherwise all cash desks will be closed. We should not want what we do not need. Everything we want will be fulfilled according to our will - good or evil, according to our thoughts and desires.

    10:15 am.

    From a conversation with the Master in the home of brother N. Vatev

    The Master tells the example: a king's son married a peasant daughter. He made a palace for her, but told her that she would have to sweep the palace herself, he would not find any maid for her so that she would not forget her origin. The peasant daughter - this is our soul, who has to serve herself, not be served. Sometimes the body does not want to go where the soul wants to go - this happens because the body is very shattered, excessively exhausted at work.

    The donkey crosses some water or a bridge, if it is grabbed by its tail and pulled back. The donkey is the very stubborn mind, but because the tail is its mind, if it is grabbed, the donkey immediately starts thinking and giving way.

    The human body is made up of billions of souls gathered together. They are rational beings and we cannot ignore their will, their opinion. Therefore, when we overwork an organ, its cells, the souls of that organ, get sick, they go on strike because we have abused them. The stomach alone has 10 million souls, intelligent beings that work for us, to prepare us mash, juices to absorb into the body and feed it.

    We are now living our past life. In the future we will live our present life. What you sow will sprout, this is what you will reap. We are Christians. What is Christianity? - It is a liberation from our past life. Therefore, now we must sow only good seeds in thoughts, desires and deeds - heart, mind and will. Life has a high meaning, everyone must find this meaning of life. The best teacher in life is experience, but we must not forget to use the experiences of other souls. Humans can benefit from bees. Go to an apiary, stay with the bees, observe them, study their life with interest and you will benefit too much. There is great harmony, magnetism, they will convey healing to you through suggestion. Neurasthenia is treated there. Each of you should have 1-2 hives, to study them and draw lessons from them in harmony, with diligence.

    Growing fruit trees - you get in the mood. Each of you should grow several fruit trees of different species. There is purity in the apple - there is no hatred there.

    There is also a good side to trade. What you sell

    to people - that is also what you will teach them, and you are preachers there. With the good merchandise, give good thoughts to people and they will think well of you. This is according to the new law, although the old merchant finds that this will give him a loss. In trade, it has to be remembered that large rivers - profits - are formed by small tributaries - small profits. Our friends should not trade in products that carry karma and are subject to spoilage. Any purchase and sale between our friends and in trade in general, even with people outside of us, have to be liquidated and balanced immediately.

    The best trade is in production. Our friends should get to love beekeeping (10-20 hives), fruit growing, vegetable gardening and cereals production.

    Our treatment of animals must be good. There will be a law in the future on the good treatment of animals and how much to load them. Motor plows and other new agricultural implements are already relieving animals from work a lot. One has to ask oneself, "If I am put to work plowing hard, will I be feeling well?" - Thus, he will find the right answer and apply it in his life.

    In their quest to secure themselves, people steal from each other: the servant - from his master and the master - from his servant, and that is why harmony is disturbed. Bad life consists of monotony. Everyone should practice all the arts and work whatever they want, this is the commune. All evil is in self-interest. The former servant has to hold his place as the good servant. I liken the present man to the evangelical servant, who, as they were to deduct, reduce the debts of the debtors to his master, he made use of it and took the remainder for himself to secure himself.

    The future man is like the parable about the hired workers who were all paid the same. One has to work a little, but with quality. A failure at the beginning of a job is a success at the end of the same job. It is better to start with failure and end with success. Thus began Christianity. The first Christian, Christ, was crucified, His disciples scattered and said, "It is finished with Him!" We have the opposite result: success is in the end.

    The world will get better with giving. You carry on your back a bag of 80 kg of wheat at a distance of 10 kilometers, you carry it all the way, but you fall exhausted and you are done. Give half of the wheat to another one at the first kilometer and it will get easier for you. Give another 10 kg on the second kilometer, give another 10 kg on the fourth, another 10 on the sixth and you will go home with 10 kg, but healthy. And now, because people have not given voluntarily, it will be taken from them by force. The material thing is easily lost - the Lord gives it and takes it, but if we use it properly, it is not lost.

    Knowledge is tried on earth, not acquired.

    We must sow, not sell the seed; because the fields will be grassed and God will tell us that we have sold a lot.

    When a man gives - he gives for himself, but he should give in the name of God, and not for himself, in his own name. Otherwise it will not be given back, but we will be beaten. God humbles people. Wilhelm (this probably refers to the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II), they say, is now cutting wood, not waiting for the Lord to take away his pride. Ferdinand (the second monarch of the Third Bulgarian State from 1887 to 1918), he has also humbled himself. He is crying for Bulgaria now, but it is too late.

    The law of Moses is good. We need to know the laws very well.

    Every seventh year the fields, the vineyard, the trees rest.

    Every 49th-50th year is a jubilee year - it is a year of giving back. Everyone has the right of possession only 49 years, but on the 50th he has to return everything possessed.

    The current commune implies the sharing of profits, not what has been acquired, and that is the sharing of labour from now on. What has already been produced is not to be shared - you will make a mistake. The finished product will be eaten. By eating what is already produced, people learn to be lazy. In the commune everyone can work their own craft, but their income should be paid into the general treasury of the commune. When a guest, a brother, comes to the commune, he will stay idle for one or two, at most three days, but on the fourth day he must choose a job and start working with all members of the commune.

    In the new ways of living, one should not be a slave to labour, as it has been in the old ways. The old ways are going away irrevocably. One should be able to do the necessary work on their own. When a man does his work himself, he will not rebuke the workmen.

    Where people unite and are in agreement, there is a blessing - the fruit is born in abundance. Then the work, when distributed among 20-30 brothers, is done more quickly. (The Master is probably talking about the commune in the village of Achlare near Ruse.)

    11:20 am.

    Where the land is fertile, there are magnetic nodes, and when you sit in such a place, you rest quickly. Where there are no magnetic nodes on earth, there is no fertility. The commune must be formed first in order for the people to be toned. Whoever comes there will rest, cheer up and start working.

    11:45 am.

    The pentagram is combined with the colors:

    at the top in light blue - Truth,

    bright red - Love,

    bright yellow - Wisdom,

    light green - Justice (the judge's table),

    golden (ripe wheat) - Virtue.

    Pink color is for love. One day I will take to describe the colors of the pentagram.

    The colors of the pentagram correspond to the organs of the human body.

    The light blue color is for the spiritual person.

    The bright red color - for the heart, the lungs.

    The bright yellow color - for the mind.

    The light green color - for the gall, the liver.

    6 pm.

    Every child should be watched when born, what voice it makes, in what tone it begins its life. One starts with "do", another with "re", etc. This will show us what its life will be like.

    8 pm.

    In the evening a meeting of the brothers and sisters from the Ruse circle took place. Brother Nikola Vatev read the typewritten lecture "The Prayer" by the Master - "And you, when you pray, go into your secret room and pray to your Father, and the Father Who sees in secret will reward you openly."

    8:30 pm.

    Conversation between the Master, Vatev, Ilarionov and Sotirov on politics. (There is this great secret.) - The world will tremble at the political events and natural disasters that begin from 1921 onwards.

    11 pm.

    28 December 1920, Tuesday


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  25. Готов превод Каквото вържете на земята - 25.12.1921-НБ-406 / ...: 25.12.1921-НБ-406

    Whatever you Bind on Earth

    "Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 18:18)

    This verse is a trump card, the greatest trump card in the hands of the church and of the ministers, of the orthodox - that whatever they bind on earth will be bound in heaven; and whatsoever they loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Therefore, they say, "If you do not listen to us, we bind, but if you listen to us, we loose." I will take this wool to comb it a little on my carder and, like the carder who rattles, I will rattle it. Who binds? - The one who is strong. Who unties? The strong one again. That is right. But who is a strong man? - The clever one. And who is clever? - The good one. Therefore, the strong, the smart, the good man can bind and untie on earth and in heaven. But to tie what? - Now Christ has said this, but they take this verse and adjust it accordingly, as a merchant adjusts his accounts. He has two invoices: one for the real price that he bought the goods at, and another dummy invoice for the price he should sell them at. So there are two invoices.

    Untie those who were bound of evil, untie the imprisoned; if you untie those bound on earth, they will also be untied up in heaven.

    Connect someone with the good: the person who drowns in the sea, tie him with the lifeline.

    Now in your philosophy, you take the position of that gypsy who is mentioned in an anecdote. What was that situation? When the wife of a gypsy fell ill, he started praying to the Lord: “Lord, I need this gypsy woman, who will beg, who will feed me? If you heal her, I have a mare, I will sell it and I will light a big candle for you with the money." And indeed, his wife was healed. True to his promise, he untied the mare, but also took out a cat, tied it to the mare's tail and took them to the market - the cat and the mare, to sell them both. A buyer asked, "How much do you want for the horse?" - "Sixty coins." - "And for the cat?" - "300 groschen." - "Why is that?" - "That is if you want them both, if not, I am not selling them." The horse is promised to the Lord, and the cat remains for the gypsy. He wants 60 coins for the mare and 300 groschen. So modern people often take both the cat and the mare, and sell them together. They are true, then, to the letter of the law. To the Lord - as He promised - He will light a candle for 60 coins. However, his wife will not get sick only once, she may get sick a second time. “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” And these are the reasons - according to what we do on earth, they will do to us above, for that is exactly what the Lord does. Here is the law of cause and effect. The reason, it is a connection: if we bind something on earth, it will be bound in heaven, and if we untie something on earth, it will be untied in heaven - it is a consequence. If we bind on earth, it will be bound... Now, these words of Christ are a little abstract, aren't they? But abstract things, hidden things in life, they are pleasant. What is hidden is valuable; what is far away is pure. Close things, external things, they have depreciated. And when you want to express a grand idea, you say that it is great, boundless. Then your mind realizes the value of this idea.

    Now we can untie and bind, but when? We need to understand these laws thoroughly. Because if you bind someone and after 100 years you bind yourself in his place, and if you untie someone and after 100 years you untie yourself, what do you get out of it?

    When you study the law of heredity, you will see fathers and mothers binding and untying, i.e. they bring up their children well or badly, and they bind and untie themselves. Therefore, everything we bind and everything we untie in life will be bound and untied. You understand now. In order to make my point a little clearer, I will tell you: you have all studied arithmetic, you have dealt with the divisibility of numbers. How much is each number divisible by? For example, how many are the numbers from 1 to 10 divisible by? First of all, they are divisible by 1 and themselves. And then, some of them are divisible by other numbers as well: 4 is divisible by 2, 6 is divisible by 2 and 3, 8 is divisible by 4 and 2, 9 is divisible by 3. These are the numbers from 1 to 10. Have you considered the divisibility of the numbers from 10 to 100 - from 100 to 1000? You will say, "So what, if a number is divisible?" - Where a number is divisible, it is the weak side. Therefore, the weak side of 4 is the 2. The 4 - this is a man, right? He is resilient, rich, stingy, he gives nothing, does not care, beats the servants. But when a woman comes and divides him, all the wealth goes out of his purse. - He is divisible into two. Man and woman are symbols. Do not take this comparison literally. Man and woman are symbols of those laws and forces that work in life. Therefore, everyone should find out what he is divisible into. Those people who are divided a lot, they are called unstable compounds in chemistry. There is a constant connection and decomposition there - unstable compounds, you cannot rely on such a connection.

    When Christ tells His disciples, "Whatever you bind...", He speaks to disciples who understand the laws of the kingdom of God and comply with these laws. "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven." Do not think that you can bind something without the will of God, i.e. understanding those laws that work in life. You cannot eat anything that you want. I have listened to many heroes say, "I can eat everything." Yes, you can eat everything, but then there will be writhing. You cannot eat everything. You will eat only what you love and what suits your nature.

    Therefore, we can bind and untie in life. But we can soften the conditions, untie our karma, it means that it will ripen, and we can also tie our karma. We can improve life, and we can make it worse. A person who has lived for 20 years can also ruin his life with one word. What does it cost you to bring just one small match to that bomb that was placed at home, to light the wick? A bomb is a force created against enemies, but this bomb may also explode among friends. And Christ says to His disciples, "Whatever you bind..." do not bind, do not set rules, as the Hebrew prophet says: "You tie rules on rules and you do not want to lift them with your finger," it is not about such rules. Now, in order to understand the thought of Christ, you have to return, men and women, to that pure, rational state from which man has departed. For 8,000 years, men and women have been moving away from Nature. And they are so far away now that neither the woman is a woman nor the man is a man. And if you today compared men, as well as women, to their primary original, do you know what a funny caricature you would see? Not only should the woman have a female form, and the man - a male form. No. What should be hidden in a female form? All the great virtues have to be hidden, all the noblest thoughts and feelings have to be hidden. The woman is the bearer of the most sublime in the world - of that tenderness which is stored in her. The woman can build and the man can create, but only what is reasonable. If you look at the workings of men and women, you will see how many women are women of Love, and how many men are men of Wisdom. The man has to keep repeating to the woman, "Do you know that I am a man?" Well, does the woman not know that you are a man? He says every day, "You must know that I am a man." What does this mean? When the rich man becomes poor, he talks a lot about his wealth and says, "Once upon a time, when my father was alive, we used to have..." When you lose things, you talk a lot about them. And the woman says to her husband, "You must know that I am a woman." - Well, what a woman? - "I am weak, you should not make me work." Well, no. The man says to the woman, "You must know that I am a man, I am the head of the house. And because I am a head, you should not push me." However, both the woman and the man are pushing.

    I will now give you as an example a short story to explain my thought. But you will take everything I tell you, figuratively. I have taken this little story from American life, from an unpublished novel, an unwritten diary in which the heroine is Mary Clinton. That was the name of this young lady, the daughter of a professor, with a high education, noble in character. When she graduated from college, she met a friend of hers - because the colleges are mixed there - a young colleague named James. After talking for a long time about ideas, about friends, James fell in love with Mary. One day he confessed his love to her and said, "I cannot live without you, I want to kiss you." She asked him, "Have you not kissed another woman before?" - "One first cousin, I have only kissed her." - "Well, it is not a big mistake, first cousin; you will be able to kiss me.” He kisses her. A year later he finished college, but in the second year he married another rich girl. Mary wrote in her diary: "The one who kissed his first cousin and kissed me, married a rich woman." The second one who met her was named Richard. He also fell in love with Mary, and he also confessed his love to her: "I cannot live without you, I want to kiss you." She asked him, "Have you kissed another woman?" - "I had two cousins, I only kissed them." She thought, "It is not a big sin - two cousins; I was kissed by one, I can give something more of myself." And he also kissed her. But a year later he married a millionaire woman. And Mary wrote, "The one who kissed his two cousins and kissed me, married a millionaire woman." Finally came the third character, named Alfred. He also fell in love, he also confessed his love, and he also wanted to kiss her. Mary Clinton asked again, "Have you not kissed another woman?" - "I have not kissed any woman!" - "Well, I do not want you to soil your mouth with mine, because my mouth is unclean. I am not giving you a kiss." Now she did not know what would come out of him, because no woman had ever kissed him. She wondered. A year later, this Alfred wrote a poem in honor of Mary Clinton: he praised her - he became a poet. She wrote again: “The one who had kissed his first cousin and me, married a rich woman; the one who had kissed his two cousins and me, married a millionaire; and the one who has not kissed any woman - became a poet." So the first two got married, ended up with the material, but she told the third one, who had not kissed at all: "I have nothing to sacrifice to you, because two of them kissed me, and you have not kissed anyone." He became a poet, and Mary Clinton remained as an ideal in his mind.

    Now all things on earth have their deep causes. Both in public life and in religious life, whatever we do has a reason. This reason can be real, it can also be fictitious. We may believe in God only to improve our situation. It is not a deep reason in us. We may sometimes profess disbelief, without it being deep inside us. Faith and disbelief, it is fashionable today. I have also explained it another time: when someone says that he believes or does not believe, I determine: you believe because you have not lost the object yet. You have a rich friend or relative, you expect an inheritance from him, don't you? You talk about him with sweet words. You believe in him, but one day, when he dies and leaves you nothing, you no longer believe in him. Why? - Because there is no object. The reason for our modern faith is due to money.

    Christ says, "He who wants to bind and loose..." can only do so in two ways: through Love and through Wisdom - this is the idea that is not expressed here, in the verse.

    Love always binds, it never unties. Someone says, "You are free, you walk like a bear," but you see a woman - you are bound. The maiden is also free, but when she gives birth to a child, she is bound; when that child cries in the cradle... love has bound her. But one thing is to be bound by a child, and another thing is to be bound by your money in the safe-deposit box! The child will cry, you will caress him. You can also caress the money, but they do not cry and they cannot talk to you. But the child is bound, so the woman is also bound, and they both always have responsibilities.

    And who unties? - Wisdom. Therefore, when you send your child, your son, to school, what will he be untied from? - From those misconceptions about love. And the mother says, "My child's tongue is loose." But sometimes, when his tongue is loosened, the son becomes stubborn, wayward, disobedient. Wisdom has untied him.

    Therefore, Christ says, “Whatever you bind with Love on earth will be bound with Love in heaven; and whatever you loose with Wisdom on earth will be loosed in heaven." So, someone tries to untie himself with Love and cannot, you have to be very smart, very smart. I have studied many cases. You know, there is one art, it is Love. Whoever understands this great law of Love, he is Divine, and whoever understands Wisdom, he can untie. In these two great laws are hidden the conditions under which we can build the future home and find our future friends. And not as the current states and societies are - look what they are. You can mathematically calculate how many years each country may live. The Russians say that the Slav is strong with his back mind. Therefore, the Slav knows how to bind, but does not know how to untie. If you bind all your friends when the enemy attacks you, who will fight for you? How will you bind your enemies? Hatred, it is another type of binding. If you quarrel with all your good friends, one day, when misfortunes come to your life, who will help you? So the language has to be altered - through the law of Love: when you bind your friend, there is a key, tell him: "I am binding you temporarily." But when you want to untie him: "You will unlock it with this key" - give him the key, do not say: "When I bind you, I will untie you." I would like those in the church to say that to their congregation or believers, to give them the key to untying themselves. The key to the untying is the Divine Wisdom. And if you do not give the key, then you do not believe in them, and if you do not believe in them, then you cannot love them. A person who does not believe in me, cannot love me. Others may say, "But you do not believe in me either." Well, what do you want me to believe in? - In you? If you sacrifice all your possessions for the poor, I believe in you. If you can live well with your wife, I believe in you. If you are a statesman and make good laws - to improve society, I believe in you. Can I not believe it? But if you enter this society and do not produce these results, then I have the right to doubt a little.

    By the word "heaven", Christ means rational life. What you do in the physical world will be reflected in your spiritual life. If you untie, the same will be reflected in your spiritual life. The law is absolutely correct. If you think, "I have a house, money in the bank, an income of 10-15 thousand a month," your mind is free, you have untied your mind. Some will tell me, "I do not want to give my money in the bank, I will put it in the Divine Bank." Have you seen the door to the Divine Bank? We, the modern people of the new teaching, should not talk about things that we do not know. If you have seen this door, if you have seen this Divine building, that is good; but if you do not know, you will find someone to ask where the Divine Bank is and where the entrance is - from the south, from the west, from the north or from the east. Well, when someone comes to the city, he does ask: “Where is the National Bank? On which street, where is the entrance?”- people definitely know. But when we come to religious life, how much do we know? You will say, "This one wrote like that, another one said like that, we know who went and saw." Well then, these people have gone, they have seen, but have you gone? Someone will come to you and say, as the first lover went to this Mary Clinton: "I want to kiss you." - Have you not kissed another woman?" He will say, "My cousin." - "Well, it is not a big sin." He will kiss you and in two years' time he will marry a rich woman. If this guy had not kissed Mary Clinton, he would not have married the rich one. For mathematical reasons, I say that the second one who kissed her would not have married that millionaire woman, if he had not kissed Mary; and the third one would not have become a poet, if he had not met her. However, they both kissed her physically and the poet - spiritually. He kept the image in his mind and wrote a book, while the other two took wives and forgot her, the third one wrote a book because of her.

    I am asking now: Does the image of Christ sit in the church? There are two kinds of Christians: some like James, others like Richard. The first one kissed his first cousin, Mary, and his wife; so he split into three women. The second one kissed his two cousins, kissed Mary and his wife; so he split into four women. And the third one did not kiss any woman. He became a poet. Now I am asking like this: Is the teaching of Christ in the minds of people, in its original purity? And after you go into the spiritual life, how do you imagine Christ? He will say, "Have you kissed anyone?" - "Well, my first cousin." Christ will say, "I can sacrifice something for you." The Lord sacrifices something: He will give him a rich woman, he will get married. The second one will come, these cousins are symbols: "Have you kissed a woman?" - "Only my two cousins." - "Well, I can sacrifice something for you." The third one will come and say: "I have not kissed any woman.“ Christ says, "I cannot give you a kiss." Now I know, you will say in your mind: "What has our teacher set out to do, where did he find such things?" I am speaking to you in your language. Kissing his first cousin, it is a symbol, transforming energy from heaven to earth, and from earth to heaven. These are all symbols. You should set out to study the history of the kiss: When did the kiss come to earth? What are the conditions for its use? I will not address this issue now, but it is a very important, psychological issue.

    And therefore the kiss is a connection with the Divine world. When we want to connect with the Divine world, we use the kiss. It is the lowest thing in the Divine world. And if you want to deceive the Lord with your kiss, to sell the horse for 60 coins, and the cat for 300 groschen, then you will neither be able to untie, nor bind in the world. If you have difficulties now - you do have difficulties in life, right? - I want to direct your mind in another direction. You say, "Some things are possible, some are impossible." I say that for Love anything is possible. How is it possible? If you can love all people, anything is possible. Not just to love them like that, no, no; this feeling is the most sublime, the noblest, which has to develop in the human soul hereafter. The feeling of Love has not yet started to develop in you. When this feeling appears in your soul - I call it insight - a person receives such strength that he comes to terms with everything. And he sees no evil in anything, not only does he not see evil, but he is a master and can turn all things into good. He can connect and disconnect, he can bind and untie. And occultists say that he has become a magician. And this stick, which the magician uses, where does he carry it? Priests wear wide sleeves, and these are the sleeves of magicians. In this wide sleeve the magician carries his staff with which he performs his miracles. This wide sleeve shows that everything should go out freely, to be like an abundant spring. The sleeves of the priests are very wide but the legs are narrow. Why are their pants narrow underneath and not wide? I like secular people, I see culture in them: their pants are wide underneath. All external forms in man are due to certain changes that take place in the mental world; they appear first in the subconscious, then in the consciousness, and finally in the superconscious, but consciousness is a transient state. Once consciousness comes into you, you will see only your mistakes; when you become a conscious person, you will see and say to yourself: "I should not have done this, that..." Consciousness means a servant who must constantly deposit and withdraw money from his master's bank. Consciousness is a pack animal that is constantly loaded or unloaded. And they say, "He leads a conscious life." I say: Let us lead a subconscious and a superconscious life. This is life. If you put an idea in your subconscious, it will come true; if you put it in your consciousness, it will not come true. Make an experiment. Conscious life spoils: it is the one that carries the hammer and constantly crushes stones, prepares materials. And that is why occult science and smart people say that we should be silent, i.e. live in the subconscious, not to talk much. It is a philosophy - not to make your self-consciousness painful. Why? - If you become so self-conscious that you constantly self-condemn, you must know the law of transcending into super-consciousness. If you have made a mistake, there is nothing to dwell on. If the student who plays the violin makes a mistake, he will not leave his violin and shed buckets of tears. The teacher will say, "Hold your violin, fix your tone." And modern Christians are still crying, so you will cry too, but the Lord says: “Hold the violin and the bow, enough of these tears!” When you play a lot, then you cry. And now some say, "Let them cry." - Well, let them cry, but play and cry, do not leave the violin and cry, this crying is out of place. You neither bind nor untie. Therefore, in today's world, women should not cry. I said in one of my talks: a woman should not cry. How come? - She should not put her violin down and cry." She should not say, "Why did I marry this man?" No one bound you, you bound yourself. This man did not take you by force. Well, you travelled the world because of him, from Bulgaria to America. How many love letters did you write him: "I cannot live without you." You forced him to marry you, and then you say, "Why did I get married?" You bound yourself and you did well to bind yourself. Now you will learn the second process: to untie yourself wisely. Binding - what is binding? - When I put my finger on the violin, it is Love, after this small pause, we transfer one tone from one position to another, therefore Wisdom will come in to distinguish between the tones, to separate them, to put them in harmony. So Christ says to His disciples, "Whatever you bind (on earth) will be bound (in heaven), and whatever you loose (on earth) will be loosed (in heaven)." This is a law. And the prophets, whatever bad they foretold, it has happened; and whatever good they foretold, it has also happened. Now modern people are waiting for their salvation from science, right? Salvation is not from outside your mind, but from what is inside your soul. Well, you are all idolaters. Science is a great idol: one said so, another said otherwise, they gathered everything in one book and called it "science." And they say, "This science will save us." For nineteen centuries already, science has been saving us. So what will save us? Cannons, machine guns, and everyone says, "What a great science this is! It is a culture! There is a mind here." Yes, this is the culture of the gypsy who sold the horse for 60 coins and the cat for 300 groschen. So, in today's budget, let us say in England, how much is there? - There is one and a half billion for the state, and for the church they will allocate 50-60 million and that is the 60 coins for the horse. They praise the Lord: "Lord, we are lighting candles for you now." They spend whatnot on the military, but when it comes to a good cause, there are few of them there. And they say that the church binds and unties. Well, why did the church not untie the world war and not let it happen? It was powerful, wasn't it? But not only did it not untie, but the church bound things even more! If some hear me, they will say, "This is how the prestige of the church is damaged." But you yourself damaged this prestige, because you did not work with God's Love and God's Wisdom, you yourself damaged this prestige! And the One above, this Lord sees, He is coming now and will judge everyone. He will first judge the leaders, the priests, the bishops, the patriarchs, the kings, the teachers, the most prominent ones, but he will leave the common people, he will tell them, "I forgive you." To whom much has been given, much will be required of him. It is mot me who says this: And they do not believe, but they will all believe. Now I am also binding and untying. I am going into the world and I will bind, so that no one will be able to untie this knot! And I will untie, so that no one will bind what I untie! I will bind people to live in Love, so that everyone will see in the face of his brother a brother, for whom he will sacrifice everything. And I will untie it, so that not a trace of any lie remains. These are the words of Christ, I quote His words. This is what Christ said: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations... and I will be with you unto the end of the world." It is happening now. Those are His words. He is therefore binding and untying. And if Christ lives in your heart, you will bind and untie together with him. You will learn the new law.

    So, we must apply the teachings of Christ in our lives. This teaching is not for the heaven - you will be given other things to do there. This teaching is for the earth. Well, if we cannot live with Love now, how can we live in harmony in the other world? A Frenchman went to Africa and became a millionaire, he did not get married there, returned to Paris to his two cousins and wanted to find out which of the two he could live with. He pretended to have made a lot of money, 100 million, but then he lost all his possessions and money and got in a lot of trouble. His first cousin said, "You can stay with me." After living for a month, the cousin told him, "We cannot deal with your ill fate, go somewhere else." He went to the second cousin, who told him, "Come, what we have, you will also have." He lived there well for a whole year and said to his cousin, "I am not poor, I am leaving you heirs of all my wealth." When the first cousin heard, he came, but it was too late. This is how Christ tests us - whom he should leave his wealth to.

    Christ says, "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven." Put in the idea that each of you can bind and untie. You are all strong to bind. So watch over your tongue. First of all, your tongue, it is a terrible machine gun, the most terrible machine gun. I do not know a more terrible machine gun in the world than the tongue. Watch over this machine gun! And let each of us speak through the law of Love. When suffering comes, we will know how to untie this suffering, to see what the causes are. Let us untie them here, so they can be untied above. I can explain to you the causes of suffering, this can happen in a school. Your stomach hurts, does it not? If you have a stomach ache, put both hands on your stomach, and after 4-5 minutes you will have no pain. What happened? - You have untied: the pain is gone. You can untie by putting both hands together; this is done by virtue of a law: the cosmic current of Love passes through the left hand, and the cosmic current of Wisdom, of knowledge, passes through the right hand.

    We now shake hands only with the right hand, and when we love someone, we must shake hands with both hands. And now we shake hands in an aristocratic way - with one hand. When we love, we must hold with both hands, to put in both Wisdom and Love. The divine has to be transmitted and to pass everywhere. So, Christ says, "Whatever you bind with Love will be bound." Because God is Love. And whatever you untie with Wisdom - the suffering of people - they will also be untied because God is Wisdom.

    I want two things from all of you to distinguish yourselves: to be people of Love and Wisdom. Whoever does not bear these two great laws of Love and Wisdom cannot be of the new teaching. Someone will say: "I am weak, sinful..." No, no, we do not accept weak people. When you come among us, we will introduce you to a committee and ask you: "Can you bind?" - "I can." - "Come here, you are with us." Another will come: "Can you bind?" - "I am weak, I cannot." - "Get out! Can you untie?” - “ I am weak.” - “You are not for us.” A man who can neither bind nor untie is a dangerous man. You will look out for two things: you will be people of Love - to bind, and you will be people of Wisdom - to untie. This is what modern society needs. And if you bring in these two principles, I will reveal wonderful things to you. And we will be able to talk. I will ask you: Can you bind me? - "We can." Well then, I will let you tie me up, I will say that I am not afraid. You will all gather to bind me. Then I will ask you, "Can I untie myself?" You will say, "You can." And I will make a few movements, and I will untie myself immediately. Then I will say, "Wait for me to bind you now." I will test you like that, not to be cowardly: "Can you untie yourselves?" - "We can."

    And so, we will bind and untie, and we will be free people, without any fear. Well, this is an important psychological law. Bind your brother with Love then, untie him with Wisdom and help him in good. This is the teaching that we must apply everywhere. And I would like you all to become poets now. Write a book. “Whatever you bind will be bound; and whatever you loose will be loosed. ”And that is why these forces of binding and untying are working in the world now. We untie ourselves from the old, we bind ourselves to the new. There is binding and untying. And the new life will be a life of binding and untying. I am translating now: it will be a life of Love, a life of Wisdom. When I meet you, I will ask you: is your daughter untied? So, is she wise? I will ask: Is your son bound? "He is bound, he is bound." I am glad. Can he bind and untie himself? - "He can." I say: Your home is a happy home because it can be bound and untied.

    These are the words, this is the idea, the deep meaning that Christ has put in his words: “Whatever you bind with Love will be bound; and whatever you loose with the Divine Wisdom will always be loosed. " And I want those who are bound to remain bound; and those who are untied, let them be untied. That is, I want men to be always untied. I do not want to see a bound man. And I want all women bound. Then who has more? The man who is not bound has no rope, but the woman has a rope, and when she unties it, she has a trump card. Women are like a whip in the world: they untie their ropes, whip the world, so it is dangerous to touch the women. Bound people are dangerous because they have very powerful weapons. I speak in symbolic language: you should be women and men. And if my words were to be interpreted in years to come, theologians would appear and say, "What did Mr. Deunov mean by: 'The woman has to be bound and the man to be untied?'"

    The bound man is a man of Love. He is strong. The untied man is a man of Wisdom, therefore the man must be untied and the woman - bound. And then there will be harmony and peace in the world. And you should be no longer the way you are now. I do not like you women: there are many women in male form. And there is nothing more disgusting: a man in female form. They are the most disgusting things in the world. Therefore, you should return: women to put on the image of the original Love, and men to put on the image of the original Wisdom.

    And then know that the world will be fixed.

    What you bind, women of Love, will be bound; and what you untie, men of Wisdom, it will be untied. These are the words of Christ. And, therefore, women in the world can tie everything, and men can untie everything. Everything is given in our hands. And therefore make this alliance: let men untie, and let women bind. Whatever you, women of Love, bind on earth, will also be bound in heaven; and whatever you, men of Wisdom, untie on earth, will also be untied in heaven.

    This is the teaching that Christ preached; this is the teaching that Christ brings to all of you. I want you to be people of Love now! People - it is a Greek word, you have to invent a new word in the Bulgarian language. The present world needs a woman to know Love and man to be wise. Then your children, and your sons, and your daughters - they will also be like you. The son will be wise and the daughter will love. And Wisdom and Love, when they meet, will form the greatest vibrations in the world. They will change the culture, and when we meet, everyone will produce joy in others from afar.

    Now think about these words, I have clarified them for you, but there is still much to be clarified.

    "Whatever you bind, will be bound; and whatever you loose, will be loosed."

    Talk, held on 25 December 1921 in Sofia.

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