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The Sun. Essence


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The Sun




Small things are the limit of the great things. Small things are the beginning of the great things. A man who cannot start a small thing cannot do a great thing. Thus the world cannot be created. The world has not been created as the scientists think. At 12 billion miles away from our solar system, all the space has been filled with matter. All this matter has been gathered, it has formed the Sun; it has formed all the planets. There are more planets that the scientists will find out. Whether they will find them or not, this compressed matter is the material world. There are other worlds that are invisible.


The scientists have a lot of theories about the creation of the world. According to one of these theories, it has initially represented a nebula and its rotation around the centre has formed Sun. So this nebula has gradually hardened, has shaped, until finally has become a solid mass. At first the Sun has occupied several billion kilometres space volume, but then around it has appeared a few hoops that have divided it into several parts, which have gradually formed a line of planets such as the Earth, Venus, Jupiter and others. Currently (1926) our astronomers know only seven planets, but there are two still unknown to them - nine planets in total. The number 7 is a strict number. It is the judge that hangs you with a rope without thinking that God exists. The number 9 is the dealer that puts you in front of the liquidation table. How will you liquidate? You will liquidate with a 25% interest. I ask you: you, the people of today, starting your liquidation, with how many percent will you liquidate?


At first the Sun has occupied huge space, but gradually its matter has thickened, while it has made its current form and shape. Thus are all the planets have been formed.


According to the Bible God has created at first the Heaven and the Earth, and on the fourth day He has created the Sun.


According to the modern scientific theories, it is somewhat inconsistent, because the Earth has come out of the Sun. According to them the Earth has ever been in the Sun and then it has gone out of it. The same can be said about the other planets. And they have come out of the Sun.


In the Scripture it is said that at the beginning God has created the Heaven and the Earth and then the Moon and the Sun. The Sun is necessary because it determines the seasons and the years; it determines conscious life as the life of evolution. The Sun chronicles all that is done under heaven. It records everything in the great book of life.


All objects in the universe are interconnected and form a single, great body. All the planets governed by this body, yet are absolutely free.


Among all the planets have been routed roads and communications for the citizens of one planet with the citizens of another. Each planet has been turning around its axis and around its sun. Between the planets has risen something that caused discord that ultimately put them in their respective place. The Sun has taken over the centre stage and around it has begun circling the other planets.


Our Earth is moving at breakneck speed through space, the Sun too. The Sun is a million and a half times bigger than the Earth; it is heavy and moves in this rare matter. Who holds these huge bodies in that space, let me know! Only the thought, mind alone holds these huge objects in space. The entire nature, the eternity, all space is permeated with mind and thought.


Sun sends to the people air, gold, and life.


That man who has knowledge would make his clothes from sunlight. Wool, food, everything comes from the Sun. Man who has knowledge will collect his food, his fuel from Sun. He will not give money for food and coal, he will not argue with anyone, because there will be nothing to argue about.


A man who has knowledge can check the status of the Sun. You, if you have those vibrations of red, or if you have the vibrations of yellow, or if you have the vibration of the blue, you can enter in connection with people of the Sun and talk to them. Because light is the language of the inhabitants of the Sun, as they talk, they form the light and send it worldwide. Light is their speech, therefore it is so nice.


I believe that in the centre of the Sun is the intelligence of Sun. The Sun is rational, the Earth is rational. Between these two rationalities there is a relation. The visible land is the body of the Earth. And the Earth has a soul, and the Sun has a soul.


And the good man is inspired by the Sun and the bad man inspired by the Sun. When man does not think much, he says: "To remove evil from the world!" How could you remove evil, when the Sun is both the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the world? What would you say about this on top? You say: "Whether is it true or not true?" If it is true, it is true, if it is not true, not true. This cannot be proved. This does not mean that the evil arises from the Sun. That is the reason for evil in the world: the Sun has a dark area that goes around the Earth. The dark area around the Sun is due to the dark rays coming out of it. So, around the bright Sun, we see very bright and dark suns. Dark Suns obstruct the light. They are invisible, but produce a blackout, as a result of which appears this is a dark zone around the Earth. These dark suns are a guard measure. So when people say that there is a dark area around the Earth, they must know that there is a dark area and around the human mind, and around the human heart. These dark areas around the mind and heart of man are precautions so do not be afraid of them. When man wants to taste the evil in the world, then this dark zone opens and all darkness invades his mind and his heart. Then we say that to this man come all the misfortunes. It is enough at least opening the area for human life to become miserable for at least 100 years. It is enough at least the smallest effort to strengthen the faith, to make the life happy for at least 100 years. Human happiness or misery depends on man himself.


Heaven in the solar system is the Sun. How would I prove it? One day you can see it for yourself. You can place your spine to the Sun to bake. And if you know how to put your back, you will have a film; you'll know what there is on the Sun, like a film it will be presented on canvas. Pictures of the Sun will start. What happens on the Sun you will start seeing it.


The Earth hides great treasures, these are small mysteries. The Earth carries small secrets and the Sun carries big secrets. There is Love greater than that of the Earth. It is the Love of the Sun. Speaking of "heavenly things," Christ has had in mind the great mysteries of the Sun. There is a large dark sun that does not give any heat. And it is not about size. There is a dark sun. Yet the science of the future will study these dark suns. They say it is energy supply that exists in nature. When one sun above starts to weaken, it takes power from stock. Collected in these suns energy is stored inside.


In contrast to the Sun there is another black sun, from which that Sun takes all of its matter.


And you have one dark sun. What is the dark sun? Good is the bright sun that works. So you will put the bright sun between the dark sun and you. You should not communicate directly with the dark sun. The bright should be between you and the dark sun. It is the straight path. When you have an enemy put one friend between you and him, to protect you. Never enter in a relationship with one of your enemy of yours directly. There are stars that make a turn in 2 million years. Our sun makes a turn once in 20 million years. According to the scientists, when a star rotates 400 million years, it is possible to collide only once. A star must collide four times, so that the mind to come to her head. Do you know what it means "the mind to come to her head?" The mind to come to her head means to balance, not to spend the energy in vain, as our current Sun, which is considered rational. Those suns that give more light are lighter. And those who give less light are heavier. Every sun that collides four times becomes lighter and becomes more rational. It can live for millions and millions of years. They have a long life.


Scientists know the weight of the Earth. On what scales have they weighed it? They have ways for that. They also know the weight of the sun. There might be a small error in their calculations, but they have come around to the actual weight of the Earth and the Sun.


We know the things only when we try them. What is there on the Sun? Now the scientists think from 92 million miles, that the Sun is in the molten state and say what elements there are there. If these scientists would have gone to the Sun and returned back, and have verified their theories they would have had quite different concepts.


It is a truth, which manifests itself from 92 million miles. This position of the Sun is only true when it is 92 million miles away.


The Sun is put 92 million miles away, which is aligned according to the organisms on the Earth. This distance is not arbitrary; it is aligned with the creatures that live there.


Scientists cannot know the boundaries of space. From here to the Sun, they calculate the distance, but where are the boundaries of the Sun, no one knows. According to my calculations, on the Sun there are there 25 million degrees of heat. If this temperature of 25 million degrees passes through your body, it will clean it but it will not amend it. You will become geniuses, you will light up; your faces will become angelic.


This is exactly the music; it is a fire that does not destroy. Thought without ruining music, it is passion, love without destroying music.


It is assumed that on the Sun there are 35 million degrees heat, and this heat, I am talking about cannot be measured by any thermometer. Only it is able to purify the hearts and minds of people. When that fire comes it will clean it the hearts, it will free them from worries and disturbances.


You are troubled by thoughts that are not yours. You are troubled by feelings and desires that are not yours. You are troubled by acts, which are also not yours. God has created the world, and yet you are troubled, what will happen to the Earth, which has existed since thousands of years. Our scientists discuss the question since how many thousands of years the Earth has existed and in how many thousands of years the Sun will be gone out. What do they know of the issue of when and how the Sun will be gone out? Indeed, if the Sun is like a candle made of a similar matter, then you can make a mathematical calculation in how many years this Sun will go out.


Dry wood are burning on fire, but the fire should come from outside. The same can be said for the Sun: combustible matter is in it, but the energy that develops in combustion comes from outside somewhere. So some scientists think. And man must always be on the side of truth.


A scholar in Germany proves that the sun is cold. He says that on the surface of the Sun it is 6,000 degrees, but inside there is cold water. This cold water forms patches on the Sun. He has concluded that the light produced by a firefly to be formed needs 1165 degrees. Firefly does not have this heat, but glows. He says: as firefly does not have these 1165 degrees, it is cold, but lights, and the Sun is shining but it's cold. This work is misunderstood. I think the question is: the Sun has a magnetic surface and the interior of the Sun is electric, there is cold light in there, but that does not mean that there is frost. There is a light in nature that is cold. All forces that go in a straight line are cold, and all that go in a curved line are hot. The straight line shows no coldness, but the vibrations are special. In the summer when the wind blows it cools. This movement is pleasant to you. This is not the cold that takes, that is cold that feeds things. Electricity feeds magnetism. I call electricity - potential and magnetism - dynamic. If a body hits anywhere, its energy is converted into heat. Your magnetism that you're wearing on the outside, it is flexible, you have to be magnetic.


The Sun today is better than it has been 2,000 years ago. The Sun now gives more energy to the Earth than 2,000 years ago. And in 2000 years it will provide more than now.


The Sun will start to rise from elsewhere, what will happen in a lot of time.


One day, when man learns to serve his mind, heart and soul, then he will walk to the Sun himself and he will check how has happened the creation of the world. Today he lives on a relatively small planet the Earth and can not embrace it, but what would be the situation if he has been living on the Sun, which is 1 million and 500,000 times greater than the Earth? A time will come when the Sun will be populated as the Earth and will be shined by another sun, larger than it. As ants cannot cover the idea what is the Earth on which they live, and we cannot imagine what the Sun is and how it is possible to live on it.

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