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1944_06_22 Love, Understood and Not Understood

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 1


Love, Understood and Not Understood


IV Lecture, held on 22nd July, 1944


At the Ostrets peak in the Vitosha mountain


The Good prayer.


91 psalm


The Prayer of the Kingdom.


„It was the Speech at the beginning“.


The Lord’s prayer.


I will read chapter 13 of the First message to the Corinthians.


Now in the world the thing that is most understood and most not understood is love. There is one thing that is understood and not understood. This is love. As much you understand it, as much you do not. The more you understand it, the more you do not understand it. This is a reverse process. Why it is so, it is not your business. And why it is not so, again it is not your business. Now we can say, “Why it is like that”. It is clear. Some things are understood, they are close. The distant things are not understood. Love is close and far. Hence, the close love is understood, and the distant love is not understood. What is the matter, why it is not understood? Because it is distant. Why it is understood? Because it is close. It is all done. The beauty of love is when it is not understood. The beauty of love is when it is understood. In both cases it is equally beautiful. You should keep in mind two things. Do not think that you understand love completely. This is a delusion. You say that you know close love. You should never doubt it. For the distant love you should say, “This thing is not for us”. If you ask me about the distant love, I do not know anything. For the close love you should never say that you do not know it. Now you all know the close love, your close love. Everybody knows his close love. And nobody knows his distant love. These are two notions. For example, you can take up a little stone. It is the little love. If you lift a stone, that weights 4-5 tons, what would you do with it? If you are given 10 years, you could carry it. You would crash it, you would break it up into little pieces and you will carry it. When a man is making his best to understand the entire love, he is crushed, his backbone is broken, he becomes a neurasthenic, indisposed, murmuring, discontented.


Never aim to carry the big love. It is not necessary to carry it. The only thing that does not need to be carried, this is love. Sometimes we want to show love. What we show to the people is not love. The only thing that cannot be carried is love. The only thing that does not want to carry you is again love. It does not want to you to carry it, nor wants it to carry you. What you carry is not love. And what carries you is not love. If you want to know if love carries you, you are weak. If you carry love, it is weak. Love considers you a rational child, it does not want to carry you, it considers you a spoilt brat. All of us are little big spoilt brats. Sometimes you show that you are suffering a lot. On your faces you show pain [suffering], you are actors. It is funny, this is acting. Why you are not satisfied with life? Your father is rich, you have nice clothes, shoes, a hat, you have a room and you are still capricious that something is not enough. What is not enough? It is that you want to carry love and you want it to carry you. These are two things absolutely impossible.


Now you would ask how I understand love. I can tell you how I understand love, this is something different. What I understand, I always keep it for me. What I do not understand, I also keep it for me. I do not want you to keep what I understand. I also do not want you to keep what I do not understand. Sometimes you keep in your mind what the Teacher understands. This is not your business. What I do not understand is also not your business. I also do not want to deal with what you do not understand. It is not my business, it is yours. I do not want to deal with what you understand. It is not my business, it is your business.


What do we have to deal with? With what love tells us. What it is telling us in the given situation, this is the only thing that we have to deal with. When love is talking, you have to listen. Someone says one thing, another one says another thing, leave all that. You have to listen to what love is telling. Nobody can talk in the way love does. Nobody in the world, neither a poet, nor a philosopher, is able to talk as love does. When it is talking to you, you will listen to it. And you will not compare it to anybody else. Everybody else must become shadows of love. It has to stand out and then you will be able to understand it. Sometimes you want to show the people how love has manifested to you. What love reveals to you, it does not want you to tell it to somebody else. If it is necessary, love will talk Love does not need interpreters. The only power in the world that does not bear interpreter, this is love. The other might want interpreters, but love does not. When it comes, it knows all languages, it can talk to you and you will understand. When love talks, everybody understands it.


Someone comes and wants to teach me what is love. There are many interpreters of love. I do not want to interpret love for you. I say, “When love is talking to you, listen to it”. There is nothing better than this. What is the point talking about the sun? What is the sun, what is the light? When the sun is talking to you, listen to it, instead of listening to whoever philosopher, telling you about the sun and the light. What the sun has given you, what you have seen, what you have felt, this is the knowledge that the sun gives you. The other things are mechanical tools or transport vehicles. You want to know how a man has come from Sofia. It does not mean anything. This man could have come by a vehicle or on his feet. What is the best transport vehicle? – The feet.


Now you are angry that somebody does not love you. This is the funniest [most ridiculous] thing in the world, to want someone to love you. There is nothing more ridiculous than wanting to be loved. I ask, “A man, who in the given situation is bringing water to you, wouldn’t you love him?” With a man, who does not want to serve you, the question is predetermined. The one that does services to you, you love, the one that does not, you do not love. I do not know what else love there might be. I will give you a very simple example. Karma – this is the interpretation of humans. In love there is no karma. In love there is no philosophy. When you go to it, you will give up everything that you know. You would not tell about your sufferings, you will not tell about anything. Love does not want to know these things. Love does not want someone ever to talk to it about the past. Love does not want someone ever to talk to it about the future. Love talks only about the present. It does not want you to interpret love. Leave the interpretations. For your love, it is another question.


So, I say, “Important is the love that is talking to us in the given situation. Sometimes the people think that God is angry with them. When we think, that God is angry with us, that is us. When we look at ourselves in God’s mirror, we see ourselves angry. We say, “God is angry with us”. Leave this delusion aside. God never gets angry. He is not the God of anger, but he is the God of Love. Since we lose our temper [get angry], we think that He also gets angry. The place of anger is outside Love. But in Love it has no place. There is no room for anger in love. When anger comes into love, it not accepted, there is no bed for it, it is held to walk around outside the house. Anger is held as a servant. Then it gets angry that it is not accepted in the house. Now when you are angry, you are walking around the house of love. If you are angry for ten years, you will still walk around. If you want to enter love, you will leave anger, and you will go inside.


Let’s assume that someone has no aspirations to you. You think in that way. At the physical level not all the people can take the first place. If you go into the theatre, how many people sit in the first rows? There are about ten places. Or how many people can take the front boxes [baignoires]? A few. I ask, “Those who take the front seats, what will they gain, will they get younger?” Do the old people, who take the front seats, get younger? They remain old even on the first seat. When the old person listens to the best music, does he get younger? He still remains old. The young person, taking the last seat, is again young. When he is listening to the music at the back seat, he is still young. Which do you prefer: to be at the first seat and be old, or to be at the last seat and be young? What is preferable?


All people that are on the front seats are seeking the misunderstood love. Those on the back seats see the understood love. When you are at the last seat, you understand love. When you are at the front seat, you do not understand it, you have no love. All kings, bishops, priests, saints, they do not understand love. The only creatures that understand love are the children. It is said, „If you do not become like little children, you could not enter in the Kingdom of God”. I am talking about love, do not think about the front seats. You say, “There is great love”. These are notions of the contemporary world. It is a misunderstood world. How will you know that love is talking? When you listen to love, wherever you go, all the people will accept you. When you show love, the people will understand you. When you do not show it and you think that love has left [abandoned] you, they will chase you away. In both cases this is a delusion. You cannot carry love. Love will never leave you. When you do not understand love, you leave it and you want to lie to the people that it has abandoned you. Now the woman wants to say that her husband has beaten her up, because she does not want to live with him. What is wrong with beating? When the fiddle is beaten, it plays. When the bow is rubbing the fiddle on the strings, it plays. When we press and shorten the strings, we produce different tones. You are talking about a beating that is not a musical one. This kind of beating is not understood, a misunderstood playing. In the understood music there are chords. In the other thing we just want to produce the effect.


Now there is a misunderstood dissatisfaction in you. You are dissatisfies when you think that two people love you. Both of them will be dissatisfied with you. Therefore it is ridiculous [funny] to say that two people love you. In the present case only one person in the world can love you. If two people love you, already there is a scandal. I say, “The entire misunderstanding between the people comes from an inner misinterpretation of the love with which God wants to teach the people on the earth to live. Let’s assume now that I love one fish. Man can get to love the fish, because in the world there are women, who are from the fish kingdom. Always the fish woman, when she gets angry, wants to jump in the water to get drowned. She is a fish, she does not want to live with him. She has got married to a man who is not a fish. He wants her go out of the water. He is a crab. She wonders how it is possible for the crab to go out of the water. The crab is wondering how it is possible for the fish to live constantly in the water. They do not get along. The man is a crab, the woman is a fish – they do not get along. What is the problem? Sometimes the man wants to go out to the dry land. He says to himself, “How can I do that and she cannot do it.’ The fish wants the crab to go in the water and constantly to live there. This is impossible, I am not used to it. She says, “You are a completely crotchety person” who is on the right side? I think that on the right side is the one who comes out of the water. The fish understood the close love. The crab that goes out of the water wants to understand the misunderstood love. Therefore he is curved, because he is looking for an object that nobody has investigated. He wants to understand the distant love. There is a great philosophy, there are entire compositions written by the crabs about the misunderstood love.


It is namely apostle Paul who according to the mind-set of the Christians at that time attempted to figure out some basic features, characteristics of love that could be applied. Some people think they speak languages, they have a lot of knowledge. He says, “All these things are transient”. He says, “Is it languages, they will die out, is it knowledge – it will disappear. Now we know partially “.


The only thing that will remain for the future, it is love – when it is talking to us, we should listen to it. Then you have to be patient. When love is talking, you must have patience to wait for it. Love will come to talk to you alone. You will understand that it will come today. It can come today, tomorrow, on the next day, it can come after a year. You will be patient. When it says that it will be after one year and this year passes, it should seem to you that it was only one hour. The time must seem shorter. Love always shortens the time. The misunderstood love prolongs the time. What prolongs in you the time, is the misunderstood love. What shortens the time, is the understood love.


Now the following question will arise: “Why should not we understand it?” because you want to bear [carry] love. Why I do not understand? Because you want love to carry you. These are two impossible things in the world. Because if love carries you, you are weak, if you carry love, it is weak. The almighty, the immortal thing in the world, this is love. If love carries you, you are a mortal. If love carries you, you are a man, incapable of culture. If you walk filled with love and you listen to it, you understand everything well. Then you may have knowledge, that love will give to you. As soon as you think whether someone else understands it, as you do, you will lose what you have. Love does not like you to make comparisons. It knows everything, the people it is talking to understand it. You have to think when it is talking to you and understand it. When it is talking to you and think that you do not understand it, you are in a contradiction. I say, “For the present social system the reason is that they want love to carry them and they to carry love. About a mother, carrying s child, we think that she might have love. I can give you another example: The robber, who has taken money and carries it with him, and the mother, carrying the child, what is the difference? The mother is a robber, who has stolen the purse, she has stolen the child. This child belongs to someone else, she has stolen him/her. This child is stolen. The unstolen things must go. When you carry something, that means that you have stolen it. The unstolen things must go. You say, “It is a queer [strange] thing. To have a clear notion, we are talking about the essential things. That which goes with you and which you do not carry and listens to you, this is the real. The other things are also nice. Not that it is bad for the robber to carry gold. You can carry the child, too. But what you carry is not gold. The child that you carry is not a child, it is something else. You wear a piece of clothing. For it does not matter if you wear it. You like wearing the cloth, but does the cloth like it.


Love never dies out. The other gifts, if they are prophecies they will be ceased, if they are languages they will die out, if it is knowledge it will disappear. But when the “perfect”, i.e. when love comes, “this that is partial will be ceased”. A man says, „Since I have become a man, since I have understood close love that was revealed to me, I left what belonged to the childhood”. Because now we see unclearly, as if through a mirror. And then we will look face to face.


We want some person to show us a model [pattern] of love. Do not look for a model. Love is manifested through all the people. The only thing that does not need interpreters and someone to represent it, this is love. It is the only thing in the world that everybody understands and that understands everybody. There is no argument between love and the human soul. It is always understood. If there is something that it does not understand, it is partially. I say, “The only thing that understands you, is love”. The only thing that you do not understand, it is love. The only thing that does not understand you, it is again love. Love does not understand you, too. When you want to carry [bear] it, then it does not understand you. It will be funny. If you take the earth in your hands, where will you carry it? Or, if you invite the sun to visit the earth, in which room will you put it? You want to invite the sun. It is impossible. You will leave it to be at a distance. What you take from it, the little light, is understood. You should go close to the big sun. If you want it to come to you, you want what is not understood in the world.


Now you would wonder why we have been so ignorant in the world. You should be happy that you have been ignorant. If you know what is it in the world, you would know what would happen? This will be the worst misfortune that can befall you: to know everything. The hell is formed from the idea that we know everything. Heaven is formed from the idea that we know little. So, heaven is a place where the people know little. Hell is the place where the people know much. Someone says, “What I do know, how I have suffered”. When you know everything and you suffer, this is hell. Why do I suffer? Because you know too much. The Turks have a saying: „Chok bilim, chock ceker“, which means “Much knowledge, a lot of hardships”. I do not tell you to throw away what you know. Not to accept the new and throw out the old, to put on the new clothes. You should put on the new only on the Easter day. You will not put it every day, you have to keep it. When you are in a great contradiction, you will put on the new clothes. When suffering comes, you will put the new clothes on. You should wear the ordinary [everyday] clothes.


„God got to love the world so much that He sent love to teach the people how to live” in the world. The words „sent His son“, mean he sent his love to teach us the love that you cannot carry and that cannot carry us. The love that will teach us to live in the way God wants us to.


How did we call our yesterday’s conversation? A prosecutor’s deed. There were all kinds of contradictions. There were no solutions. Since we live in the world, there is nothing that can reconcile us. I see, there is strife between you. Someone got insulted. A sister of ours thinks in one way, another sister thinks in another way. One of them says, “I brought [led] her to the Teacher /she does not recognize me/”. The other one says, „I devoted her“. She has brought her to me. I do not need such eggs, counting who how many has brought. This is not love. She is the servant of love. These are the servants who are telling lies. There is nothing better in the world than love. When it speaks, you have everything. There is no greater suffering when love stops talking to you. When it does not talk to you, these are things that we can understand. When you understand it, love opens all doors. When you do not understand it, it suddenly closes all doors. And this is something very natural. In the little that you understand all doors are open. The big, when it is not understood, the doors are closed. When there are closed doors, you do not go to knock on them. Where the doors are open, there is love. Where the doors are closed, there is no love. Every closed door is a sign of not understood love. Every open door tells about understood love. You should not go to a closed door. It is said, “The heart is closed”. In the world we want to be educated, in the world we want to be rich, in the world we want to be strong. These are closed doors. These things are clothing. They have nothing in common with love. When somebody thinks that if he has knowledge, he would be loved, he is just a servant of love. Knowledge would never lead you to love. Love does not need knowledge. Knowledge is just a transport vehicle. Love alone will come to visit, will talk to you. You have to listen to it. You would not want to get on her chariot to take you around. There shouldn’t be things like that. Someone can preach you chariots, there are a lot of chariots, but love has no chariots. The only thing that has no vehicle, that is love. The only thing that does not have interpreters, that is love. Why it is like that, I also do not know. Knowledge means I cannot live [experience] it. For example I cannot tell you how the whole mankind is suffering and I cannot understand it. When a man is destroyed, I don’t know, I don’t feel it. I suppose. It is impossible to have his knowledge. When this happens to me, I will know. I cannot give my knowledge. I cannot give my love. Neither you can give your love. This is you specific understanding. In the given situation when love is between us, we can understand each other. When it goes away, what is left at its place?


Now you should not want the people to understand what I am talking about. When love comes, they will understand you. When love is gone, you will not be understood. Sometimes it is good for the love to be free to leave. It goes away, so you can be glad. When it comes back, you are glad again. The leaving of love has to bring us joy. Coming of love has to bring us joy, too. Love is the only thing that brings joy when it comes and when it goes away. Now, don’t think that the joy is not the same. The joy when love leaves is equally strong as when love comes. When love comes to you, you will be a mother carrying your child. When love goes away, your child will be at school, it will have grown up, it will talk to you. Therefore love is the thing that reconciles all contradictions in the world.


We say, “When we die. When we stop to carry love.” While you are carrying a child, it is an ignorant. The moment you leave him walk, he gets to understand. It walks away from his mother. When moving away the children get enlightened [educated]. When the mother hold the child by the hand, he does not understand his mother. I say, “If love would hold you by the hands, you would never get enlightened”. You would be little children. Since till now all other people have carried you and have talked to you about love, now you will enter into the world, where love itself will talk to you. Imagine that you have been in a world where someone has described what the sun is like. Do you think that all candles can present the sun? When you see the sun, what would you say then? Now I understand what is the reality in the world. The candles are in place, but they can never replace the sun. Your love can never replace the sun of love.


„We know partially and we have partially accepted.“ Everyone lives and moves in Him. God has given us freedom to live in [inside] Him. He is not angry with us. We punish ourselves alone and we consider it God’s punishment. The man beats the woman. The woman says, “God let him beat me”. You love him and you say again, “God did that”. Do you always have to love people? Imagine that I want to visit thousand people. I start with the first one. I have five minutes to stay with each person. Does he have the right to hold me stay for ten minutes with him? He should be glad with the five minutes that I can give him. How am I obliged to him. Love is not obliged to me to stay for ten minutes. It has determined five minutes. I have to wait, when it goes around to thousand people it will come back to me again. What I am talking to the other people, it is not your business. What it is talking to you, this is what you should be occupied with. What it has talked to the other people, it is their business. If one day someone tries to tell what love has said, he is right. He can give [tell] as much as love has talked. I don’t mean that you cannot retell. But the knowledge that everybody can give about love is partial.


He says, “I understood it”. We know partially. When love comes we will know, it will show. You would say, “Now my eyes opened, now my heart opened, I understand what live is”. It is in what man has to revive. When you revive, you have no longer to be a mortal.


„Now there are these three: Hope, Faith and Love.“ I consider hope related to the physical world. Faith is connected with the world of knowledge, with the spiritual world, and love – with the Divine world. Hope is the reception room, you will enjoy eating. Faith is the classroom where you have to learn something. Love is the freedom. You will come to walk around, you can make an excursion everywhere. You will go wherever you want and as much as you want. You can visit the sun, the moon, the stars. When you get bored, you can go back to the classroom. When you get bored to be there, you can go back to the reception room. Hope, live in the physical world. Believe, live in the spiritual world. Love, live in the world of love, in the Divine world. Live in the way you understand it. When I say live as you understand it, this is love. Live as you have been taught. Live as the clothes love you. You dress up in different ways, aren’t you? You will stay still, someone will talk to you, they will dress you in your clothes, as the brides are dressed up. Now many weeks do the brides wear their clothes? Then they wear a bride’s banner and they get it torn into four pieces and the pieces are thrown in the four directions of the world. I interpret this in the following way: The bride has the right to live in the west, in the east, in the north and in the south. I say, “This is the law of love, you have the right to live everywhere”.


When we started talking about love, the clouds got scattered. If I had not talked about love, it would be cloudy. Now the sun protruded [showed up].


We should be glad that there is one thing that we can count on. We should be glad that there is something that makes us ignorant and wise [aware], it makes us weak and strong, it makes us satisfied and dissatisfied. Contracts. Dissatisfaction is karma. When love comes, it reconciles all these contrasts, it immediately reconciles all contradictions. When Love retreats, the contradictions come. You should know that when contradictions come, love has gone. When the contradictions are gone, love has come. Do not think that you are in the Kingdom of God. When a saint goes in hell, it can turn it into heaven. When Christ came in hell, He turned it into heaven. He preached to these people and everyone followed him, he led them out. Love came in and all devils forgot the contradictions. When the guards that stood guard over these souls saw love, their weapon fell down, they forgot. When Christ came in they said, “How stupid we were. The people we guarded left.” When love comes to you, you say, “We have lost”. When it comes, you know a lot. When it is gone, you say, “How stupid we were” you should be glad that you are stupid. Stupid means Buddha, it means Christ. Allah means God’s Christ.


Can we build up a fire?










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