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1944_07_12 He comes!

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 1


He comes!


V Lecture, held by the Master on 12th July 1944, Peter’s day, the village of Marchaevo, Sofia region


The Good prayer.


I will read to you chapter 13 of the First message to the Corinthians.


„The spirit of God“.


Let me read just one sentence: „The immeasurable God’s Love, Wisdom and Truth are flesh f God’s spirit.“


I will read part of the lecture „The voice of the soul“ from the volume „Eternal good“ on page 121 from „There are three laws in the world, to which all the people strain, consciously or unconsciously...“


/The Master reads to the end of the page and continues reading page 122 to the harmony, as well as the harmonious movements are inevitable /.


In this harmony everything is in place. It is a healthy state. When a man is satisfied with life, he is in the real. What do you lack? You are a child, you want to be old. This is a delusion. You are old, you want to be young, it is another delusion. You are young, you want to be beautiful. This is another delusion. Life, Love carries everybody in itself. You want to be beautiful, it is an external delusion. You want to be more than the other people, to say, “There is no one like me”. Then two people will come to compete for their beauty. Here is the contradiction. It is true, that there is no one like you. In the world there is only one character [sample] of everything. The carnation is a flower. They say there are 20 sorts. There are no sorts, the carnation is one. This is a delusion that there are 20 sorts of the carnation. The rose is one, there are not many sorts of roses, there is one rose. These are our delusions, these are shadows of life. Sometimes you think that you know a lot. It is a delusion. Sometimes you think that you do not know anything, it is another delusion. That you know everything – everything knows only God. That you do not know anything – this is you, the human. That you know nothing, what does it imply. Be happy that you do not know anything. If you know what illness is, what is the use of it for you? If you know what poverty is, what is the use for you? If you know what death is, what is the use for you? If you know what anger, doubt, greediness is, what is the use for you? – They are unreal things. Someone says, I know much, I have suffered a lot. What is it in suffering, tell me now. Who has grown up of suffering, tell me now. You say that sufferings teach the man. Who has become rich of suffering? Who has become erudite of the suffering? They have written that the evil comes out of the good. When we do not understand the good, it turns into evil. When we do not understand the evil, it turns into good. Now you will say, why does this happen? – I do not know, this is it now. When a fruit stays for a long time, it decays. When you pick up a fruit form a tree and it stays for a long time, it decays. Until it is on the tree, it does not get rotten. We keep it picked off for a long time and it rots away. That is why you do not have the right to keep a fruit picked off. When you pick it off, you will take it and give it the most respectable place. And then all contemporary people suffer when they pick up a Divine Thought or a Divine Feeling form the tree of life. They do not eat it and it decays in them. And there it causes the worst suffering, nothing more. I tell you: Never pick up the fruit before you have become hungry. When you pick up that fruit, you will eat it. Not a bit should fall down. You will eat it with the pit, with everything. It is not allowed to break the pit. You will eat everything.


Sometimes you say, What is the „New Teaching“? – The new Teaching is based on that to know how to take down the rucksack that you have put on your back. Someone comes and tells you that you are a poor man. Do not delude yourself when you are told that you are a poor man, or that you are not a gifted man. You say, She is a hen. This hen is no clever. Or you say, This a sheep, this is a tree. You are deluded. Trees are very clever. Trees know what people do not know. Hens know what people do not know. Only now the erudite people learn how the hens lay their eggs and what substance they are made of. Hens have ever known, long time ago, how to form their eggs, their egg-shells. Before the man appeared, they were erudite hens. Now in your mind you consider what the hen can do. You consider what is not a hen. The hen is a very modest little house where lives a very rational creature. You say, A hen. It is a little hut. In this hut there lives a very rational creature. You see that the man lives in a very nice house, a palace, but the palace is not the man. In many palaces there live stupid people. Who is a stupid man? –Who relies on his house. Hens are cleverer because they do not rely on the house. A man must rely on himself. I will ask you where are your grandmothers, who relied on their houses. Where are your grandfathers. They are gone. Where have they disappeared? You say, They went to the other world. He has not gone to the other world with his house, the house has remained here. You have never seen them. Can you describe what was your grandfather? You can’t. Your grandfather first has been a little child, who weighed 3-4 kilograms. When he has come here. Before he had come to your grandmother, he had weighed not a gram. He weighed one millionth part of the gram or even less. I tell you, that your grandfather has weighed one hundred millionth part of the gram. This has been your grandfather. Tell me now: Can you have a notion of your grandfather, who has weighed one hundred millionth part as a material particle?


We say, The only real thing in the world, this is Love. When you feel one little urge of life: this is Love. What do you lack? You eat a fruit, you feel the sweetness. This sweetness is the Love of the fruit. If you understand the sweetness, this is life. We say, “We have this sweetness, but we need clothes, a hat, shoes, we need this, we need that.” We destroy sweetness. We need no shoes, no hat, this is nonsense. They are a delusion. Hats in the world are very little. When a man is born he is little, and the hat is thousands times smaller. When a man comes into the world, he has everything he needs. Do not look for the hats. In the past the people who wore no hats were considered crazy. In the past the people who wore no shoes were considered insane. They see you walking barefooted and they think that you are in trouble. Now we see that the time taught the people to wear no hats, no shoes. Someone has lost his hat, he cannot buy another and he goes hatless. When you have no hat, where from you will buy a nice hat. The shoes have torn off, where form you will buy nice shoes. A Jew told me that he has sold an old suit, a little bit ragged, for 12 000 levs. Another one has bought a suit for 38 000 levs. Who of you can buy a suit? If you understood God’s Law, if you had such Love to God, calf-love – your life would be different. You understand Love that brings contradictions. A friend of yours loves you and you think whether he loves only you or he loves the others, too. It is very natural, if your friend is a man or a woman, first he loved his mother, then his father, then his bothers, his sisters, his uncles. You are the last who has come from somewhere and you think whether he loves only you. Before you he love the pears, the apples. You say, “Do you love only me”. Not only you, this is not understanding of Love. You must be happy that this person loves his father. Because if he loves his father, he will love you, too. If he loves his mother, he will love you, too. If he loves his brother, he will love you, too. Do not consider yourself the first man whom he loves. Do not think that when you meet somebody you love him and that you love him for the first time. This is a delusion. This is where contradictions come from.


The Only, the First, Who has loved us for the first time, this is God. And the First whom you love, this is God. If you do not love God and if God has not loved you first and if you have not loved Him first: there is no knowledge, there is no light, there is no freedom. The only love, the only Light, the only Freedom come from the Love that God had to you. The only acceptance of Love. Light and freedom is when you have loved God. Nowadays you say, “I have suffered a lot in life.”


There is a song “he comes, he comes“ sing it. Everything came from this song “he comes’. Some say not to sing this song. Since the one who comes in the world ran after those who did not fulfil that law. They started running and involved us, too. And we are running. From the Love that comes everybody is running and we are running. I say, Since he comes, now we all have to meet Him. You have not seen Him coming. You saw only those who raise the dust, they came, threw bombs and stole what they could steal. And they ruined what they could and left.


The one, who comes into the world brings Love, brings Life. The One, Who comes into the world brings the light, brings knowledge. The One who comes into the world brings the freedom for all the people. Everybody to be free in it. Not only the people, but also everybody to be free.


So, I say, we all are in the following contradiction: „A brave, reasonable man felt that a thief was thrusting his hand in his pocket. He did not get angry, but he calmly took his hand, smiled to him and said, “Listen, my friend, let me thrust my hand in my pocket, I will give you more than you can take with your hand.” Do not rummage in the other people’s pockets. Do not pick up the fruits from the other people’s gardens. Some children pick up fruits from the trees and when they see the fruits are not ripe yet, they throw them on the ground. Others pick up ripe fruits, put them in their pockets and pass away at an easy pace. They do not know that every theft, every lie brings its consequences in the far future. There will come a day when misfortunes will pour over them. They are results of thefts, lies and crimes in the far past!


Or, said in other words: Every fruit that has been eaten without love, every hat that has been put on the head without love, every coat put on the back without love, brings misfortune. Every hat put on the head with love, every coat put on the back with love, every shoe, every apple, eaten with Love, every person met with love brings happiness. This is the law now.


So I say: We, people, are now called. The one who comes in the world, who always comes, He comes in the morning sun and leaves with the sunset. He comes in the clear air that we breathe and leaves with the unclear air. He comes in the limpid water that we drink, goes away with the turbid water we make. He comes in the clean meal that we make and goes away with the unclean meal. Sometimes you sit and you want to re-educate yourselves. What does self-education lie in? The one whom you expect comes. You quarrel, make a row. You will find someone guilty at home. If you are married, who the woman will blame first? The man. If you are married, who the man will blame first? The woman. If you have children, the mother will look for some of them guilty. After the children there come the servants, she will find someone of them guilty, and will make a row. We have been looking for guilty people for thousands of years. The men were guilty, the women were guilty, the children were guilty, the servants were guilty, the oxen, the cats were guilty. All of them are always guilty. Who is then the one who is not guilty, tell me now? There is no one. When you get up in the morning you look for the man in the image of your mind. If he brings the light, you should thank God. You are looking where the woman is guilty. Look for the woman in your heart and thank God, that you have a heart. Since you do not know what a heart is, what music there is in it, you do not know the rhythm of the heart. There is one rhythm of the heart, the man is merry. When the rhythm changes, the state of the man changes, too. There is one rhythm of the man, I call it “andante”, what a sadness, what a pain in bed! You suffer, andante is this, a painful state. When allegro comes to the heart, the man gets up, studies, works, eats, drinks. You need allegro, not andante. You have already learned the andante, everything till now was andante of the music. The man is guilty – andante; the woman is guilty – andante; the child is guilty – andante; the servant is guilty – andante. He is ignorant, he does not know – andante. What is andante in music? It is guilty. I say: the andante is created by us, the people; the allegro is created by God. The andante is made by the old people when they cannot walk. They say, “Slowly, with a walking stick – it is andante. Allegro are the children. When the child is born it suffers first. The child is the old man that was 120 years old and even born he cannot forget that he is old and crawls on the ground; when he learns the andante, he raises up – allegro – the old man has rejuvenated.


I say, “In order to get younger first you have to understand the law of the rhythmic walking. The allegro is the rhythmical walking in nature, the rhythmical feeling and thinking. You make a crime or some sin, you do not seek for the mistake in you, but in the other people. A priest, here in Bulgaria in the time of the Turkish yoke, who was not very clever, because at that time the priests did not have to graduate an ecclesiastical school, when Easter day came did the Resurrection service very easily. He lit a brazier full of coal, filled the censer with charcoal, put incense, thurified with the censer, jumped over the brazier three times and said Christ resurrected. Ten, fifteen year it was easy to resurrect Christ, but once it happened so that a citizen came to this village. An hour passed, two hours passed, the citizen does not come out and Christ Resurrected could not be announced. The villagers asked him: Easter is late this year. Until that devil is here, Easter will not come. He is afraid of that man, because he knows more. To jump over the brazier, this is not Christ Resurrected. I ask, what is jumping over a brazier? It is an easy thing. You know how difficult a jumping over can be corrected..


It is easy to say an insulting word, you know how difficult it can be erased. You create a form that is not accepted in the invisible world. To mend {correct} a word is not an easy thing. So, I say, “the tongue is not bad.” Sometimes a man says something bad, there is a reason for that. You take the worst in the least form. The tongue is set like the strings, they depend on the weather, on humidity. When you take the tone, it is false. A slight tuning is necessary. Love is a pitchfork. When you come to the law of love, it is a pitchfork. What is Love? Love is what makes the tuning. What is Wisdom? Wisdom is what makes the tuning. What is Truth? Truth is what makes the tuning. If you do not tune your life according to Love, if you do not tune your thought according to Wisdom and if you do not tune your deeds according to Truth, you cannot show as a man. Have you ever heard the voice of God to blame you about anything till now? Have you ever heard God revile at you? No. The only creature that always talks kindly, this is God. When the sun rises in the morning, when the weather is clear, how do you go out in springtime, how do you see the voice of God. He is quiet. In nature when sometimes there are storms, you blame God, but these storms are formed by completely different creatures. The first thing, this is the voice of God that creates. It is the best thing that exists. It is the good of life. The storms and what we see are dissonance. When a man gets angry, he starts shouting at home. After the father gets angry, he blames God. He is an earthly father. It is not bad to get angry, he has the right to do it.


Here there is a brother saying that his father has beaten him. He often says that if his father had not beaten him, he would not make good. If his father had not beaten him, he would have grown a better man. He has spoiled because of his father’s beating. The rectification [correction] of the man that he has to go through.


You want Christ to come to earth. Christ cannot come to earth now. He has been beaten and he cannot forget it for two thousand years. He bears it but this is the great love. When he thinks that he was not accepted, to come to earth he says, “Little further from the earth”. You want Christ to come among you but he will find discord and quarrels. Why shall I listen to those who are croaking like frogs. I have listened to the frogs croaking a lot. This is a king of comparison.


We have to be satisfied with life. You are satisfied to have a nice thought, you are glad to have nice feelings. Because God shows in the nice thoughts. In the good situation God shows. You do not have this disposition. A tiny speck of dust falls into your eye, the eye starts crying. What is the reason? The little speck of dust. Then God sends you water to clean the eye and you start crying. Why dies a man cry? There are many specks of dust in the eye. Put some water in the eye to clean. Without it the people would have prematurely become blind.


Now start. What is the new life based on? To spend a day without worrying. When the bombs came to Sofia, why cannot you go out. Let the bombs fall, this is allegro. You will walk. Running is allegro. These are the Greek races, the Olympic races for some wreath. Some people ran more.


Now the people are telling me only about Christ’s Love. I wonder. I have never met a man in Bulgaria talking about love. What they are telling is nonsense. They tell how Christ has suffered. They do not know how he has suffered. I do not know how he has suffered. What to say, how has he suffered. I may know, but even I am crucified, if they beat me all night long, if they mock at me, then I will understand. Now I have not been beaten. Someone says, how Christ has suffered. If you understand how Christ has suffered, you will never make a sin. You have not understood Christ’s suffering. If you have been insulted, you know really what an insult is. When the others get insulted, you do not know what it is like.


I say, “Do your best your day today to pass without internal troubles”. Let’s say that you are worried that the sun will not rise. You worry because the scientists say that the Earth will stop moving. They calculate when it will stop. This may happen but it may not happen. Life can never stop. We can stop but the movement of life does not stop. You all get confused of one thing – that you can lose love. The only thing in the world that cannot be lost, this is love. Everything can be lost, but love does not get lost. Then correct yourselves. Correct yourselves in the law of love. Someone says, “I cannot love”. You cannot love, this is another question. You are not an authority. Love does not evolve [come] from you. If you do not love, this shows that you have not understood what love is. Now what do you understand. In the old time the Bulgarians used to put out love easily, they used to blow the kerosene lamp and put it out. Now if you blow the modern /electric/ lights, how will you put them out. You have a switch. Even a child can turn the switch off. The whole village of Marchaevo can gather to blow the lights, but they will not go out. When the youngest stupid child comes and turns the switch, he will put out the light. If your love goes out with the electricity, it is the children’s fault. If nobody can put out your light of electricity, you have such a transparent shield. When somebody is blowing, it repels it. Even if the whole world is blowing, it cannot be put out.


I say, Love that comes from God is like that. The only thing that sometimes can put it out is the lack of love. A child turns the switch and it is out. Now you start walking around the village to look for the child that has turned the switch off. You cannot find him the whole day. When somebody turns the switch off, you turn it back on. Why will you go to look for these children? Sometimes you have a dress that has a little stain on it. Who has spoiled the dress? What hinders you from getting a piece of cloth and clean the stain. Sometimes somebody has one. The goad has become dirty. Who has made it dirty? Take little water, wash the goad and leave it. The goad you carry has an awl. Do not use this awl to poke the oxen, when you come to love. When you poke with this awl, a day will come when you will get poked. A goad has an application not only to life. You will use it. It is for all the people. It is used everywhere. Never use a goad where you should not. If you use it, take it out. I tell you now, this is the good thing for these goads – the people started writing with them. In the old time they used to poke the oxen with the goads. Now they use them to write the best things. Now put your goads, do not throw them outside, make pens to write the best things.


No one in the world can get younger without love. This is a basic law. If you say how, you have a suspicion. This is ignorance. Do not think that if you graduate all universities in the world you will know how to get younger. This does not depend on the present knowledge of people. Imagine that you have never eaten something sweet and you do not know what it is like. What does the sweetness of an apple in? if all erudite professors gather to tell you about this, will you understand what sweetness is? You will think that you have a notion about it. Give that apple to a child and after he tastes it, he will have a real understanding of sweetness, without any professors. The real knowledge that we are looking for, that makes you younger, it does not come from professors. It comes from God. What comes from straight from God, it makes younger. What comes from the people, it does not make younger, it makes older. People create old age, God creates youth. To get younger you must have God’s love. When God looks at you, you are young. How will you get younger? God will look at you. How will people get younger? God must look at them. How does this happen, I do not know. I know how it happens, but I don’t know it in the human way. When I eat the apple I know the sweetness. When God looks at you, you are joyful, merry. When people look at you, you are sorrowful, sad. When people look at you, you fall asleep. When God looks at you, you wake up. When people look at you are indisposed, you are discouraged, life has no sense. When God looks at you, you are joyful, merry, life has sense.


I say, “Let’s leave the human things aside, and take God’s good in us.” It is the Divine. It is the new in the world that you expect. The good comes from God, do not expect it through the people. The people are only conditions. The Divine comes straight to you. You will not tell how it has come. What comes from God, you cannot tell anybody. It is impossible. Sometimes I see people, who want to tell me some experience of theirs, haw they have suffered. I cannot understand them. He says, “I am very happy.” I know what my happiness is, but I don’t know his happiness. I know when this happiness comes to me, but I don’t know his happiness. Do not talk about the happiness that comes from God. When the light shines on the trees, it bears the good fruits. When you taste the fruits you know what light is.


A man, to whom God has talked, can be recognized. If someone is ill I will tell him, “Put your hand.” If he puts his hand on the ill person and the latter does not recover, he should not say that God has talked to him; it is the people that have talked to him. Someone says, “He is an ignoramus”. Even when I take the most erudite professor and put him in a room and give him the Bible to read and there is no light, he is an ignoramus. When there is light he can read, when there is no light, he is an ignoramus in the darkness. Who of you can read if the light is out?


I tell you the only thing: “When Love comes, it brings life.” Life cannot be acquired, it comes from Love. Knowledge cannot be acquired, it comes from Wisdom. Freedom cannot be acquired, all the people want freedom, it comes from the Truth. Do not talk about it, do not say, “I am free.” You, who are talking about freedom, you are not free. No one can limit you in freedom. It is impossible. When the people think to limit you, you will be in the sun. How will they limit you?


Sometimes you ask yourselves why you have to love? In order to get younger. Why do you have to have love to Wisdom? In order for the light to come. Without love to wisdom the light cannot come. It knows these three laws.


You will never become more than the other people. Consider that you have as much right as God has given you. You will not exceed your rights in the world. You have a servant, you will tell him, “Stoyan, today you will serve me as God has taught you.” If I call a tailor, I will give him the cloth and tell him, “Cut that garment as God has taught you.” I will not tell him anything. When he makes the garment I will put it on as he has sewed it. And I will pay him as God has taught me. The woman to tell her husband, “Today listen to me as God has taught you.” The man must tell his wife, “Listen to me today as God has taught you.” I will tell your son, “Listen to me as God has taught you.” To your daughter you will tell, too, to listen to you as God has taught her. The son must tell his mother to do as God has taught her.


Start now with the new. What has Moses written, what have the prophets said. The prophets said good things, but they remained not understood. Tell me some words, as God has taught you. Play to me as God has taught you. Now you will tell what I have told you. You have not applied. If you do not apply it, you have not understood anything. Now I believe in one thing: I believe that today you will understand. With you all the people will understand it how? You should not make the hungry people eat. You can make someone who is not hungry to eat. To the hungry you will give only bread, you will not give him instructions how this will happen. Leave the food to the hungry man, do not give him instructions, he knows what to do. You just watch from a distance.


The people know how to apply God’s law. Just the food must be put and left, they know what to do. This teaching must be applied, as they understand it. I say to the world the following, “Do as God has taught you”. When someone comes and says, “What to do?” I say, “Do what God has taught you, nothing more.” He would say, “I don’t know”. No, it is not a policy that you don’t know. Often when people have to give they forget, but when they have to take they never forget. Someone says, “I have forgotten that I had to pay.” Since he has to give, he has forgotten. When he has to take he does not forget at all. You have not paid for such a long time. So, I say, “Let’s remember when we have to take and when we have to give.” You have to take – remember it, you have to give – remember it, too. In my opinion we have to remember when we have to take and less when we have to take. Till now we remember when we take. To remember when we have to take will be the last. When we have to give, giving must be first, taking must be last in your mind.


So, the first thing: you must learn three things in the world that are impossible. Nobody can take your life. Nobody can put out your light. Nobody can limit your freedom. This must be in you, if God lives. If God does not live, this is another question. When you explain Christ’s words “ those who hear my voice will come back to life in the last day”, “in the last day” means “when love starts talking”. Love, this is the last day. The last day, when the Wisdom starts talking. The last day when the Truth starts talking, it will be all that. It is when God starts talking in the world. You realize your mistakes. God has started talking. You have the desire to learn. God has started talking. You have the desire to start a new life. God has started talking. Do not leave that over. Do not postpone the present day. You think to do it another day. The present day will never repeat. The sun rises and sets down only once. Do not think that in life the sun rises and sets down many times. Once it has risen you will enjoy it. It brings all fruits. Then you have to believe in yourselves. You get ill, believe that illness is the old. All people that believe in the old teaching are ill. Those who will believe in the new teaching, there will be no illness. To understand the sweetness of a fruit, you must be hungry. If there is no hunger for love in the world, you cannot get to know it. Only when there is hunger you can know love. Only when there is hunger you can know what the light is. Only when there is hunger you can know what freedom is. Without hunger freedom remains incomprehensible. Without hunger light remains incomprehensible. Without hunger life itself remains incomprehensible. Hunger is what stimulates. It is love. I call love hunger. Without love in the world everything remains incomprehensible. What is love? Love is hunger in the world. Without love nothing in the world can be raised. The original is love. The first that always gives, this is love, it never takes. What always gives and never takes, this is love. You should not be afraid that love would look for what it has given. If it does, this is slavery. Love never looks for what it has given. Love is happy in hunger. When you are hungry, you will thank God for what He has given to you. You all must be satisfied with what God has given you. Today this must come to the soul, to be pleased with the great goods. You expect to die one day and go to the other world, to come to resurrect. You think how this resurrection will happen. It will not be as they preach in the church, as scientists write. You can resurrect today, too. When you doubt, death comes. Love excludes absolutely all doubts, suspicions. Everything in it is clear. How can this be so, I do not talk, I know that it is so. If someone asks me what sweetness is, I give him an apple. When he tastes it, he does not ask. Do not tell about the sweet things, just say, “Eat an apple.” He says, “I already know.”


The other contradiction. You would say that people are bad. How does God bear these people. He can bear them, we cannot. What God can bear, we also have to bear. What God loves, we also have to love. Do not want God to love your sins, because he will place you to try them too. I say in the plain sense.


Those of you who are married, should have a paragon {ideal example] that there is a man in the world, who is perfect, who has never said an insulting word to his beloved. There is a woman in the world, who has never sad an insulting world to her beloved. You must have an ideal example in the world.


Now some of you want to be first, am I right? Be first to correct your mistakes, be last to do the greatest things in the world. To feed the whole world, this is the last thing. Big deals are last. An ant is drowning. You say, “Let it get drowned.” Rescue it, it will not be an effort for you. Reach you finger, take the ant out.


Now the priest in Marchaevo says, “These people are still not believers”. He is right. The law of love, as I am talking to you, is still not applied. The priest himself has not applied it. He and we are alike. We reproach him how he could dare talk. He says, “The people do not have love”. He is right. But his lips are unclean, too. I would praise him if his lips are clean. Quite a lot of slops came out of his mouth. When they pour clean water on me I understand, but when they pout slops on me, I do not understand. To sprinkle holy water with a bunch, I understand, but to sprinkle slots, it is not in a priest’s manner. I want when you sprinkle, to sprinkle with pure water and the bunch to be of sweet basil. You all will be priests. I tell all of you to sprinkle with water. Take a bunch of basil and go around, start sprinkling., nothing more. If someone blames you, tell him that I have made you priests. Go with the bunch so that all arguments stop. People live well. People argue, we already know this.


The first thing: Today to thank God for all goods that he has given us and for the good that is to come. The old goes away and the new is coming. What is the new? Love. The old is going away, it is those not understood things. The new is to see the good in you and in the others. The old is slavery in the world and it is going away. Freedom is coming, God’s freedom. To free the mind of torments, to free the heart of worries and the body of illnesses. We all to become healthy, we all to be joyful and merry for the Divine life. To start playing as the little children.


Three things in the world are important: Love is a fruit of God’s spirit. Knowledge is a fruit of God’s spirit and freedom is a fruit of God’s spirit. And when we accept [take] these fruits of the spirit, we will already know what freedom is. Everybody, who eats from the tree of life, he has life, he has knowledge and he has freedom.


The Spirit of God.


I will read the following: „God is great in his Love. God is great in his Wisdom. God is great in his Truth. God in his Love teaches, in His Wisdom enlightens, in his Truth frees”. God is merciful and compassionate and His kindness is over everything. His omnipotence holds everything. Everything in God lives and moves. He is gayety, delight for all.”


You will have this in mind as God has taught you. You will not tell how he has taught you. When Adam committed a sin, God called him: Adam, Adam! He kept silent. He says, “I’ve heard the voice, but I was afraid”. Fear comes when we do not know God’s law. In the law of love there is no fear. Fear must be outside. What frightens people, this is the lack of love. What encourages people, this is love.


So, I say, “Do not teach those, whom God has taught.” Leave them do as God has taught them the mistake of the contemporary people is that they learn from one another. Then arguments arise. There should be no teaching. It is said, “Everybody will be taught by God.” What must be done? Leave the people show as God has taught them. The fiddler to play as God has taught him. The one who talks, to talk as God has taught him. Do not teach him. You also talk as God has taught you. Do not talk as God has not taught you. Now some people smile. They say, we know it. You don’t know it. Your smile does not show knowledge. Someone smiles, he thinks that he knows. As I see people I also can smile, I can thrust out walking, I can show off. When I walk I see my steps in a different way. When I step sometimes I stop to look at myself if I could be in harmony with all the people on the earth. By any chance to push somebody, or step on an ant. I have to observe to law. Not to think only about myself that I am a holy man or a good man. This is a delusion. A mirror can reflect the light, but it does not radiate in the least. Sometimes we think that we are very good or very bad. These are delusions. I am what God has made me. I show what God has given to me. I am happy when I manifest God’s love. I am happy when I manifest God’s Wisdom. I am happy when I manifest God’s freedom. I say, “I wish now you too to be happy with what God had given you. I do not want to be happy with anything else, to wait. Be happy with what you have put in the larder till now, not look for it to come from outside. You make the following mistake: A mayoress, a rich woman, was very illustrious [high-born]. The master brought wood for the fire, everybody served her, she did not know what is work. The master died and she remained alone. There was nobody to do the housework. She had no wood and she went to a neighbour of hers. He did not have wood, too. He told her, “Go to the forest, there is a very good helpmate, its name is Need. Gather wood, call her and it will help you immediately. The rich lady went to the forest, gathered the wood and called out: “Need, Need!” She called the whole day long. Then she said to herself: “It will not come, but I will take the wood on my back”. I say, “Take the wood on your shoulder and go straight home.” The problem will be solved. What you can do, it is the Divine. Be happy that you can take a little load and carry it home. How many times Christ had come to you and said, “Can you do a little favour?” someone says, “I am busy now”. God, please excuse me, I have married my beloved… God left. Ten years later a child was born in your family, God comes and says, “Can you do this for me?” you answer, “I have children”. He leaves again. He comes when you are 120 years old to do something. You say, “God, my legs do not hold me anymore.” First it is the woman to blame, the second time the children have come, finally at the age of 120 the legs do not hold him. God is in this beloved one. When God comes to you, take your beloved woman and both you start working for God. When God comes for the second time, both the beloved and the children must work. The three of them to do this work. At old age all of you must work together. There should be no old age. If your beloved cannot love God, he is not of them. If the child cannot help you, he is not of them. When you start doing God’s Will, your beloved will come with you and say, “Wherever you go, I will come with you. Whatever you do, I will do it with you.” The child to say, “Wherever you go, I will come with you. Whatever you do, I will do it with you.” If your children do not go in your way, if your beloved does not go in your way, they are not from them. If you do not go in the way of your beloved, you are not of the beloved, too. I say, “The law is equal” I say, “You are free. When God comes, where one of you goes, you all should go there.” Whoever he is, the last or the first, the one who goes first, follow him. In the world only God is the first. He says, “I am alpha and omega.” God is first and last. He is the first and the last. The first and the last thoughts are Divine. The first and the last feelings are Divine. The first deed of every person and the last deed are Divine. In the first step you feel something powerful. The day is clear, nice, you have everything in your disposal. The people come to help from everywhere. Where God is, everything flows in.


Now you will see when God comes in the world. He is coming and when he comes peace will come. He is coming, but he has not come yet. When he steps peace will come, the roar of airplanes will stop, the bombs will stop. One more step and the peace will come. He has lifted his foot. You say, “When will this happen?” I see the lifted foot. God has lifted his foot and when he steps down, the peace will come. When He steps, not when the people step. When He steps, the peace will come. Then you all will see him. This will be one of the happiest days. /Amen/ Amen will be when the peace comes. Since everybody ran in different directions, God is free. Everybody hid in the hiding-places, He will not step on anybody. Everybody is hidden in the hiding-places, His way is free, there is no danger to step on somebody. The people did a good thing to hide. The peace will come; we will go out of the hiding-places and will see that God has arrived. Those who have oppressed us ran away, they are gone.


Do as God has taught you. As God has taught you, act in that way.


Our Father.


God’s Love brings the abundant full life. (three times)


God’s Wisdom brings the abundant knowledge. (three times)


God’s Truth brings the abundant freedom. (three times)










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