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1944_10_25 Servants on the Earth

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 3


Servants on the Earth


Year 24, XII lecture of the general class, 25th October 1944, Wednesday, 5 h. a.m., Sofia, Izgreva


The good prayer.


„In the beginning there was the word“.


What is your subject today? What are your lessons? Then I am asking why God created the light and why He created the warmth. It is said: It is an easy thing. All people want easy things. Here there are a lot of pictures, the artists have painted them. Why is one of the faces oblong, and why is the nose long, you do not know. Some people have thick eyebrows, you do not know why. You do not know the simplest things in the world, and you solve issues that are difficult. The difficult issues always depend on the simple things.


Let's say you have the numbers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. When you combine them the great numbers are formed. Knowledge should not be a load, but the subject must be learnt well. A person, who has no knowledge, is deprived of light. The wealth is combined inside with what it is going to be used. Perhaps now you are busy with other things and you want to learn how to live, following God. This is the most difficult thing. You should not want to live following God's rules, but you should learn what God has created. How to live following God? You will learn. What is the base of learning? First you taste an object. For instance, you have sulphur acid. How will you taste it? Using your tongue. You will stick out your tongue in the form of a needle, and when it gets stung [burnt] you will draw it back, and not dip it in the acid. Or, the one who is clever will take a book or a piece of wood and will see what the characteristics of the sulphur acid are. Some of your thoughts are made of sulphur acid. If you tell someone an insulting word and he cannot forget it for many years, a wound remains. Somebody says "What are words - an empty thing". It is an empty thing, but it causes all scandals [rows] in the world. I say: First of all you have to start speaking the human language, or the human tongue has to be educated. You should educate your tongue as a musician. It can bring you the greatest good and the greatest unhappiness.


Why did you smile? What made you smile? This is the mouth. This person is in the deep ground. I draw geometrically. This person has a rather smart mind, but he has not worked on the mouth and on the nose. This nose has been made by his ancestors and forebears. He is still asleep. He bears the nose of his forefathers and grandmothers as an announcement, they had been very clever. Since the nose is not clever, it has not worked; it is lazy and has not studied. Often you say: He got inspired by the spirit. Who among you has not got inspired by the spirit? What is an inspiration? You take in air. Someone breathed in, someone breathed out. When he breathes in, then the air goes out.


What is missing on that portrait? He is intelligent, but he has no eye. Why does he have no eye? He lives in darkness. Half of it is in light, the other half is in darkness. Where should we put the eye now? Art is not only to be able to draw, but it is an art to educate a person. To be educated, he has to know. What exactly does he have to know? There are thousands of shades that the artist draws, but firstly in the face there are certain features that are dynamic. If you catch your nose rudely and start pulling it, the whole day is wasted, it’s a spoiled thing. If you rub rudely your eyes rudely, you will spoil the thing. Then you are wondering why you do not have success. You have placed a bottle on the road; you travel and break the bottle. Do not put the bottle on the road, to break, put it on the table.

So, I am saying: I have seen how someone is living afraid not to be robbed. The one who is rich would be robbed. What will the one who is a doctor do? He will go to the ill. For the rich someone would come, start banging and would say: Give me money. Who has wheat should give wheat. Who has a hoe should go to dig. Who is ill, would lie down in bed, would turn to one side or the other, would moan, a doctor would come, the doctor would touch his neck, would feel his pulse, would prescribe medicines: three drams of camomile, boiled in 50 drams water, to take a teaspoonful every morning. He would immediately boil three drams of camomile in water in a Turkish coffee-pot. This is the simplest way for cure. If you were a doctor, what would you do? You say it is an easy thing. Very good. If you suffer from asthma, what would you do? Tell me what medicine you have for asthma! When you have a suffocating fit, what do you take? Sometimes your stomach is upset, what medicine would you take? You have eaten unsuitable food, your stomach is spoiled, your digestion is upset, and the food is not digested. What kind of a tonic medicine would you take? The Bulgarian takes grated turnip. Or if your stomach is upset, you would take a purgative, so that all the filth goes out. I am talking about these things: The human mind should be purified and the human heart should be purified. Sometimes you do not feel, your desires are not natural – you need purifying, you are mentally indisposed. A doubt arises in you, a suspicion. For yourself you might suspect that you have eaten poisonous food. Recently a group of people came. One of the sisters had eaten mushrooms and got poisoned. She had not studied the mushrooms and thought they were field mushrooms. Her mates had given her milk to cure her. They came to ask me. I said: You have done right. I advised her not to eat mushrooms again if she remained alive. I think she survived. Never eat a thing that you do not know. If you do not know that these are field mushrooms, do not eat them. The other people know. You should rely on their knowledge. In the Sunrise we do not have authority, there is only one authority, dealing with mushrooms. And the other people do not know that. Years ago, in the Rila Mountain, there was a brother who knew the mushrooms well and once, when climbing down, he got a snake mushroom and he had a hard time. It would have killed him, he started falling asleep.

I say: Do not become bearers of things that are not true. All the people cannot become doctors. God has not made them. It is determined how many doctors there would be in the world. All people cannot be bakers. It is determined how many bakers there would be in the world. All the people cannot be farmers, all the people cannot be greengrocers, all the people cannot be women, all the people cannot be men, all the people cannot be children, all the people cannot be boys, all the people cannot be girls. In the world there are statistics, they are determined.


Now some people come and ask me which party should they join, since there are four of them. They should go to the party for which they were born. If you are bread, go to the stomach. If you are air, go to the lungs. If you are warmth, go to the heart. If you are light, go to the mind. With whom do you compare? Let's say that you join a party, what will you solve? If you are a communist, you will go around all day long, you will dig with the hoe, you will work. If you are a farmer, you will plough the ground, you will sow something to get hold of. If you are a broad socialist, you will get hold of your lungs. If you are a member of the "Zveno" party, you will get hold of the human mind; I do not know if all members of the "Zveno" party are like that. Because some of them are gold-plated. They are people of science, they are educated. Or we say: He is a man of the mind. The people think that the man of the mind is an erudite person. Not in the least is he an erudite. The man of spirit has a particular attitude to himself. He considers himself a man of noble origin, an aristocrat, a man of heavy gait. He is of heavy gait because his legs are weak. Someone who is healthy wants to gain prestige. It is good like that, too.


You want to serve God. How should God be served right? In order to serve God, you should know how to look at the sun when you wake up in the morning. You look at the sun, blinking, staring, but this is not the right way to look at something. You should look at things from a short distance, focused. For each object that is not looked at a focal distance you receive a false idea. The idea would not be true.


In life you have a delusion. It is the following. All people have a delusion. You meet a person and you are ill-disposed toward him. This ill-disposition is due to you. First you have placed a reflection and this is your reflection. The person that you do not like is you. You say "You are a bad person". This is you. He is a mirror. You do not recognize yourself in the bad person you are talking about. When a sister comes to me, gossiping about another sister, the former is the same, nothing else. When you criticise someone, you criticise yourself. Sometimes you criticise me that I have not looked at someone well. How can I look at him! If I look at him I will frighten him. That's why I do not look at the person. I do not want to look at him, because he is not very nice; how should I look at him when he is blowing his nose. Occult students. Some of you are 40 or 45 years old. Turn aside, clean up your nose delicately with a handkerchief. You have no manners. And you want attention. I look at you when meeting someone, you stick out. When you meet somebody what should be the posture that you have to take? You do not know how to pose. You stick out or crouch. This is not a way to welcome. These are natural things. What posture would you take? What does it mean when you cross your arms on your chest? First of all, to meet a person I have to find in him one distinctive Divine feature that does not change. Every person has one distinctive feature. When you find it, that person will become your friend. If you cannot find this feature in a person, you would never be his friend. Neither could he be a friend of yours if he does not find this feature in you. You say – a man with dignity. Where is the dignity of the man? Here is the dignity. When the brain in the front is heavier, the man raises his head. He holds his head upright, so that it is lighter. When the person's head is heavy in the front part, this man has dignity. When the head is light in front, that man has no dignity. The Bulgarian is a very figurative person. If it is said that he should stay, he stays. Dignity is a human feature. You say - this person is very honest. Honesty is a human dignity. It is a Divine dignity. The honest man is honest in certain conditions. In other conditions he follows his interests. When he promises something, he keeps his promise. When he promises to do something, he does it. The honest person keeps his word. Honesty does not show any stable feelings. The man should be just. Justice is a Divine feeling. It is a criterion to measure things. Honesty has two criterions: when you give a word to beat somebody, beat him, and when you promise not to beat somebody, don’t beat him. A promise is a promise. To do what you have said. An honesty that would beat a person. In Bulgaria, the father beats his son very often. A young lad, about 15-16 years old, has made passes at someone's daughter. Her father, having a hot temper, caught him and asked: Why do you make passes at my daughter? A slap, another one, a third one. He fights it out. Now you say: We are not like that. Do you know how you can slap - in your mind you are great bullies. Mentally you slap, you beat. Sometimes when you are walking someone slaps you in the face just like that, not saying a word and goes on his way. Recently I was told that one of our young brothers had said that the communists were not very clever people. How could he evaluate them? The others were insulted. They said if they heard him talking like that again, he would lose his job. Do not give your opinion about anybody. Be students, rise above things. Do not deal with the people. The people are good, let them do their job. Somebody did not dig well. Give him an example. Why should you tell him that he does not dig well. Tell him how to dig, show him.


Now you have the idea that you are citizens and you are getting ready for the Kingdom of God. Leave these delusions aside. The kingdom of God is like the musician who knows how to play well. There the people can play well. Whoever cannot play, cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You must live before you ever wish to enter the Kingdom of God. You say: I love it. You do not love what you cannot do. If I cannot play music, I do not love music. I like listening, you say. Everyone likes listening to music. If the five senses do not take part in a human thought, this thought is not right. After you touch an object with your hand, then you taste it with your tongue, you smell it with your nose, you hear it with your ear and you see it with your eye, you are very close to have a real notion of the object. You have caught a glimpse of a person, and you say: I saw him. The five senses must take part. They contain five characteristics that the object has.


One person is right when he loves truth, when he is wise, loving, just and good. These are the features that he must have. He is a candidate for the Kingdom of God. He must enforce these characteristics. Truth is also music. Now I do not want to talk to get people frightened. The priests frighten the people that the latter will go to hell. These are empty words. The just language is soft and nice. What you do is not good, it is not dignified, it is not fair. (The Teacher pronounced this sentence softly and quietly.) You can roar or you can shout out that you do not love him. There is no use in shouting. We, the contemporary people are strange. God has not made us sing. He just has made us to bring the music to those, who play and we consider that a dignity. You will just bring the music to the person, that’s it. The music sheets were creased, because the one who carried them did not know how to do it. You will put them on the music stand and then move away. Now watch how they are playing. He says; I am not interested in music. When a young woman looks at a young man, what is the thing in him that she is interested in? He is a musician, a composer. She wants to put a rope on his neck, to lead him as an ox, to give him orders. He becomes a private, and she becomes a lieutenant. She says: Let’s go for a walk. The young man got in trouble. She says: I love him very much. I am ready to die for you. Today (the present day) dies, tomorrow she would die, then he dies and she lives again.


At the Sunrise you always die, but the other people die at the battlefields. We are still alive. This is not an ideal. I do not support the idea for people to die. We have to learn to live. Now it is time to live. Many people have died. The world is full of cemeteries. There are thousands and millions of monuments of dead people, great people, but there are no monuments of living people yet. How many people are there in the world that are alive? I know one called Enoch, and another one called Elijah. Enoch has a monument. Elijah was returned and beheaded. You should not think that if you are like Elijah, you would go to the invisible world. You will be returned. A man, who killed four hundred prophets, comes back. This brother (he points at the brother Simeon) has been here for twenty years and he is only a candidate, he has hardly snooped [looked] through the window. He says: This is still not for me. After he snooped through the little window he said; this place is still not for me. It is for masters. When I look, I see the people playing. If you make a comparison you will see that this person realizes, has knowledge, perceives, looks behind his back, too, and sees what is there.


So, I say: you are the right people to start learning. I see some of you at the age of 40–45, saying: We have grown old. I cannot be easily lied to; I do not believe old people. They just pretend. Because when they do not want to pay their debts, they will become old, their legs will not hold them anymore, and that is not right. No, no. I consider an old person if he is 5-6 million years old, as the Vitosha mountain. Vitosha is about 5 million years old; it is a young woman, not an old one, getting ready for marriage. It is a young maid that is still single. You are 45 years old, and you got married when you were 20. The Vitosha Mountain is 5 million years old and now is getting ready for marriage; it is a young maid, a beautiful maid. At the age of 20 you say: Let’s do that thing. This is the greatest service that we can undertake in the world – to get married. When someone comes to me I do not dare laugh. Someone comes to me and says: I do not live well with my beloved, we got divorced. He got dismissed and she got dismissed. What is divorce? A dismissal from service. He does not know what service is. He found a woman, whom he does not know and he got somebody else’s rib. The man has taken a woman and tried to place her where God has taken her out. He tried and tried, but he could not fit her and they got divorced. He should not have taken her. There is a trick. Now the man has 12 ribs, Eve is the thirteenth one; therefore it is an unfortunate number. The number is not unfortunate, it is a good number, but Adam was not ready for this number 13. The man should understand if he is of those kinds of ribs or not. The young man will see if he is of these ribs. The young woman should also see if she is of those kinds of ribs. Now it seems funny. By the word rib I mean a man who is good and clever. For me this is a rib. Clever and good, this is a rib. It is made of good material, of two qualities, of two ribs is made the rib that is good and clever. The man is created from the ground and the woman is created from the good and the mind. The man is created from life. The best material is taken from life and out of it is made the man. In that man God breathed into and the man turned into a living soul. The woman – the virgin is a projection of life outside. Adam is the soil from which Eve grows up, blooms and gives fruit. For me this is very natural. God told him: You should not pick fruits from that tree. The fruits are green, when they get ripe, only then can you pick them. Eve ate from the green fruits of Adam prematurely. She tasted the green fruits. She did not wait for them get ripe. Now you taste a fruit, it is unripe and you throw it away. You should wait for the fruit to get ripe.


I say: be patient, wait until the fruits of your thoughts, of your desires, of your deeds get ripe and then God will let you eat. Can you give hard food to children? They drink milk, starting with their mother’s milk. If a mother tries to give hard food, she will kill her child. I do not want to discuss marriage, motherhood, fatherhood. One day I will discuss these matters. I will talk to you about what the mother is, what the father is in my opinion, but it is not the right time now. Now the ideas that you have are enough. One day I will talk to you about what the virgin is, what a young man is, what an adult is, what an old man is.


Nowadays you often say: She is a saint. I have never met a more sophisticated young woman than Korteza. However, Korteza had one shortcoming: she was hot-tempered. Her nails were not developed, they were short. I said to her: You are hot-tempered. She confessed. I have to pray. When she was moving among the people she realized that characteristic, she was inpatient. When she saw someone she used to say: Let him move way. Now what do you lack. Korteza was hot-tempered, and what do you lack?


I would like whatever you write in the newspapers of the Sunrise to be true, the facts to have been checked. God has created you to become servants, to serve here on earth. Imagine that a man has been a free spirit. After he goes to the other world, do you know what he will meet? When he enters, he will meet a person with his back turned toward him. The first man says: For me you are a stranger. He looks at his back He sees another man looking at him angrily. He has created him. You will meet all the contradictions that you have made. The man will not meet any face that will look at him joyfully. All of them are angry, not saying anything, remaining silent. Thus he can see the essence of his own art. The people say: this art is yours. The man with the turned back is you. The man with the angry face, with the broken leg, he is everywhere. He sees stabbed cattle, looking at him. He sees the hens that he had eaten and they are looking at him. All have gathered, he looks everywhere and walks with a face swollen with pride. From this world he goes to God. When God sees him with this suite, He says: Send him back, send him with the entire crowd to the other world. When you enter the other world, you will see how many things will emerge that are hidden here. No one will understand, no one will tell you a word. You will come from the other world back to earth. You say: this is not for us, we are occultists. It will rasp namely you. Destiny will start with you. It is the little errors that are judged. The first trial is in the world court, the second instance is the regional court, the third instance is the court of appeal and the fourth instance is the court of cassation. I do not want to talk because you will not understand. Sometimes when I talk I see that some of you understand it literary.


I see in a particular kind of way, I see in a strange way, I see the thing differently. I see several young women sitting with a young man and I see that they are telling him something softly in his ear. At his other side I see several young men talking to him, too. He pays attention to them, too. What do they say in this discussion? On one side the women say: You have to do the job with these young men. The young men say: You have to do the job with the maids. He plays the role of a mediator and he gets paid. He makes connections between them. He bargains about what he would get paid, what they would do for him, as well. He says: It costs a thousand leva? No, no. It is two thousand? Oh, no. It costs ten thousand, twenty thousand? Twenty thousand is okay. To the young woman he says: How much will you pay? He takes from the woman. He takes from the man, too. Sometimes they are very interesting. I see this young man. When I see clairvoyants, I see them dressed in patriarch, light-coloured clothes, telling something. Someone comes and says: You are the only saint. I have come to you. Can you appoint someone to an office in such and such eparchy? She, the saint, cannot be satisfied with 50 thousand, neither is one or two thousand enough for her. Five thousand is okay, she says. She writes it down.


So, now all of you are offices. All of you want to be happy. The young men and the young women have to come to you and to set the matter right. Let the young people and the doctors come. A mother wants to ask for a baby to be born. On one side the mother, on the other side the father - they both pay for a child to be born. Leave this aside. When someone comes, be honest. I will tell you what honesty is. I will give you the office; I will connect you with the invisible world to tell them to settle the matters from there. I do not take part in this affair. This is not my job. I have an office and in my office you can turn for advice to the invisible world. Everyone can do this, but you should not take part in it. This is not a business for you. This is God's business, not ours. When a child comes, where will we send him/her? Knowledge is required. This child will be dissatisfied with his mother. If we send a child somewhere or if we connect two people to be happy; there are a thousand things, where we can help.


In the present lecture I'm telling you: You should first clean your eyes from the moisture to see clearly. Then we have to clean our ears to hear the music. Let's clean our nose, our mouth, our hands. In that way I can give an explanation to you about the sufferings that we bear. The hardships are due to these false images that exist in the astral worlds that have twined us inside. Someone says: Smile, so that he has a good opinion about you. No. First God must have a certain opinion about you. Or said in other words: the Love that passes through you must be glad that you are very good conductor. Love must be happy. You decide whom to love. Leave the question whom to love aside. Let God love whoever he wants. In this situation you have to pay attention to God's love, not to anything else. Not all fruits have been given for you. When you take this fruit, eat what you have to eat. What remains of love, it is in place. You know what the world would be if all of us were clean? I find in me one fault - that I see your defects. I wonder how to fix them. When I see the mistakes of a person, it is a difficult thing to fix them. I become his associate. I have to correct him. The image that I have seen I have to correct both in him and in me. He will consider that I am the reason for which he has made these mistakes. He says: He pushed me in this direction.


So, I say: You should rely on those gifts that God has given to you and do not be deal with other people's gifts. Leave them to deal with their own gifts. God has given you more than enough gifts to deal with, leave other people aside. When your job is finished, you can take care of others. But it is a very difficult thing to be concerned with the gifts and mistakes of other people. It is the hardest thing. There is something typical about the humans: there is a brother who was so insulted by another man, who had made some mistake that he says: Now if I find him I will take his guts out of him. Well, now. If you meet another man who already has a boil, that has festered, how should you turn to him? You should say, brother, you have a very good ripe fruit. I am interested in the sap of that fruit. I need to take out a little of this juice, I need a little ointment. If you smear a maid with the ointment of a young man, she will become beautiful. This pus is an excellent ointment, the maids become the most beautiful with it, you just have to know what to add to it. Some chemical substances are needed. Now I will not tell you about this art, and not in the least will I tell you about this ointment. Then you will slightly touch the boil so that you carefully take some sap. You have to smear it with olive oil and say: thank you very much, what a big boil. He would say: If such things can happen of my boil, what would happen of the pure blood. This will raise his self-confidence. These are allegories.


Remember the law: When you condemn someone, it is yourself that you blame. This is a law. If you do not understand, it is you. If you do understand, again it is you. Therefore you have to understand things well, so that you come to a balance. How can such a contradiction exist, how is it possible. At first one fruit is astringent, then it becomes a bit sour, and finally it becomes sweet. First the fruits are bitter, the bitter fruits turn into astringent, the astringent fruits turn into sour and the sour ones become sweet. If we do not see this Divine process after some time God's love will turn the bitter things into sweet ones. We have to be patient. A man who is now hot-tempered can become a very good person. When the good man observes bad people, he becomes bad. This cannot be changed. When the bad person observes good people for a long time, he becomes good, he adapts. It is written in the Scripture: If the bad man observes the good for a long time, he becomes bad, people adapt. If the good man observes bad people, he also adapts and becomes a bad person. If you pay much attention to something, you will get adapted. Then some clever man must come to push that graft, to free you.


Now you should count on what God has initially put in you. The mistakes that you have made are due to things of all sides. These are inserted things that you have gradually to get rid of. I say: How could you remake a bad word? You have said a bad word, how would you correct it? I will leave you the second way to think how to correct a bad word. You would say to that brother: Listen to me. What I saw in you was myself. I am a bad person, you are a good one. He does not get insulted. I told you that you are very bad. You will put things right. In you I saw that I am a bad person. In this respect you are clean. Only in this way things can be mended. That is why, what is the penance in this world? I can repent, I can see my mistakes. I cannot see the other people repenting. God demands man to repent by himself. The people repent, they see other things. A man must see his own mistakes and correct them. He will feel happy. This is wealth for his sake. No one must regret having made a mistake. Who makes a mistake wins once, who corrects the mistakes, he wins twice. Who makes mistakes loses once, who does not correct them, loses twice. So, now God has sent us to the world for judgement. God has sent us little mistakes to correct. Our language should become soft. Our sense of smell should become excellent, so that we could be able to feel the best fragrance that exists. Our ear should become delicate, to catch the vibrations, the best vibrations, those of justice. The word just should have just one meaning. When you say justice, it should mean justice and nothing else.


So, now do not be sorry. All of you are communists, because you walk on the earth and work. You all are farmers, because you plough the ground and eat. You all are broad socialists because you all breathe. You all are members of the "Zveno" party, because you all can read. Since you live in Bulgaria, you have the Fatherland Front. Say: I bear all these in me: I am communist, and a farmer, and a broad socialist and a member of the "Zveno" party. The Fatherland Front is also in me. I am in a relation of brotherhood and equality with all of them.

Why don't you sing a song now? Of all that I have told you, remember the most important. There are things that I do not want you to forget. There are three things in the lecture that I do not want you to forget. You can forget all the rest, but three, four things you must remember. You should bear the communist, you should bear the farmer, you should bear the broad socialist, as well as the member of the "Zveno" party. The last one is necessary. The Fatherland Front is also necessary. Finally you reach the love. These are the servants that come to the love. They will bring the luggage. The communist, the farmer, the broad socialist and the member of the "Zveno" party will bring the luggage to love and will leave it there. You will kiss them and will enter the school of love to study.


We sang: A light ray comes from above. A kind word on the lips.


I see how much the fiddle has become coarse from the bomb attacks, it is really a lot. (He was fixing his fiddle.) The man can become coarse, but this cannot be understood. You should play for a very long time. There is a division in the mind. (The Teacher played a music piece.)


It is the past time that has not been used.



The Lord's Prayer.


Now I am trying to use this time and I have found a music figure to mend the lost time.













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