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1944_11_08 The Easiest Thing

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 1


The Easiest Thing


Year 1924, XVIII lecture from the general class, 8th November, 1944, Wednesday, 5:00 a.m., Sofia, Izgreva


The Good Prayer.


„Strength and health are wealth“.


The first words that the man has said first are not long words; they are very short ones. They were made of voice and one sound. There is transitional knowledge; there is another knowledge that is constantly growing. There is knowledge that is like the snow, that melts; it increases in winter and decreases in summer. There is knowledge that is growing. It is like the fruit trees. There are many theories now. You also have theories; they are good. Theories are pictures, shadows. They are a movie. You should not talk to the ill person about nice clothes, nice shoes. It is essential. They say, “Clothes do not cost money. Even if you dress the ill man, he is still ill. If you put on him nice shoes, he is still ill. Until we reach the state to have health that is constant. Now health is transitory. For instance, you have a stomach-ache and you don’t know what the reason is. Sometimes you have a headache, you don’t know the reason. Sometimes you have pains in the back. The head and the stomach give directives to the illnesses. When the head suffers, the reasons are physical. When the stomach suffers, the reasons are spiritual. The stomach suffers when it is not pious, when it does not make God’s Will. And there are cases when the earthly things are not judged well. For example, you are a grocer and you take aside one lev for you, you have the brains to do it. You do not follow God’s Will; you think about material things. You get dressed but you want to be liked be the other people. A man must dress well to encourage the others for the good. A man must dress well not only to please the other people. A man to dress well, this is goodness. It is like the fruit tree, which must give fruits. Every tree is known by its fruits. A man is known by his clothes. What the clothes are, such is the man. It is not an easy thing to know how to dress. How will you dress? If you have attire and you have it stolen, what will you put on? You have some nice pairs of shoes and you have them stolen, what will you put on your feet?


So I say: You all need a stimulus. Now people do not have one essential stimulus. There are stimuli but they are not essential. You have to know what to start first with. When you get up in the morning, what is most important? You will step with your feet on the ground. You want to read a book. You will take it with your hands. What is essential? It is when it comes to your mind to read a book, to know how to use your hands and legs, as a fiddler, who plays well. Everybody can play, everybody can sing. There is no person, who cannot play. If you love one person, when he sings to you, you like his singing, because love mends singing. If you do not love him, even if he sings and plays well, you find fault with him again. When you love him, everything is good.


Often people say that there is egoism. If you would have a real love to yourselves, life would be right. If the man has the stimulus of love in him, he would not commit a crime. All crimes are due to external reasons.


Let the man start now with the love to himself, to the Divine that is hidden in the man. If you start now, there will be an immediate change in all of you. Now you struggle with yourselves, with some of your hopes, you are constantly finding some faults. You expect when you go to the other world to correct yourselves among the angels, to become angels. Among the angels you cannot become angels. You have to learn. You have to know the word learning, how to get the learning, how to use it. Then, what direction to give to that knowledge of learning.


I say: We shall start with the least obstacles. Not to leave now what you have. Somebody says, “We should renounce ourselves. This renouncement and denial is an internal process. It is a Divine process. Let’s say that you go to the market. You take money; you have copper coins and golden coins. In the choice it is important what money you will take. If you go to buy some material with copper coins, you have one disposition. If you go to buy with golden coins, you will have different disposition. Now you buy with paper money. There is no stability with the paper money. This shows that people have quite faith. It is not bad to believe in paper books. But in the Divine world things are real only when hyper-reality is on their side. The knowledge should not be like a paper book, it should not be like a coin that gets rusted and bears poison. And this is necessary.


Many of you have had very nice voices. Because of lack of knowledge you have maimed the voice. You say, “Next time when we come to earth.” Next time when you come is a question. People are far from perfect in their religious understanding. For example, you say, “I serve God.” Every day you serve God, but you are not afraid of Him. Whatever you do 20 times in a day, you are not afraid, neither you have love. You have one God, you have made him like that. God is yours. He is the same as you are. Now what am I, if I love myself, then I will have that real image. “God made the man in his personification.” So, we have to exalt God’s image not in a mechanical way. It is a very easy thing. If you go to America, you can play all songs to some American, they also have their own songs, like the Bulgarians. They have a song called “Yankee do do”; when you start playing it, the American is absolutely delighted. This song is nothing special, it is an ordinary song. The American says, “Could you play “Yankee do do” for me?” The Bulgarian says, “Could you play for me the song “The forest has started crying” or “Stoyan was talking to his mom.” For Bulgarians this is a classical song; everybody knows it. Someone says, “Start singing a horo song. You stand up; you do not sing the horo songs. You don’t know how to dance them; it is not easy to dance a horo song. A have watched few dancers who could dance well. They dance in a classical way, musically, it is a real art. There is certain flexibility of the body. Not only to tramp with the whole foot and raise dust.


Then, there are many things, we shake hands, we glance, we talk, but like an allegory, we make it willy-nilly, just to have it done. Well, it is not our fault. We wear certain clothes that have been imposed on us. Sometimes you go to buy a piece of clothing; the clothier will convince you that some colour is good. You have something in mind, but you have been convinced; later you are sorry that you have bought this cloth. It is the same as religion is concerned. Some things inside you are tuned in a certain way, but you feel that there is something wrong with what you believe in. You talk about love; you feel that there is something wrong in love. A man who has been leavened with love is very prudent, very careful. Some years ago we were traveling toward an eastern country and we were passing by a village. I said, “There is one good man in this village.” Since the whole sky is cloudy, there is one whole circle of clear blue sky above the village. This colour is because of the soul and the spirit of that man in the village. The good weather depends on the rational people. The fruits that are born on the earth depend on the rational people. All the good is due to the good people, who work. You say, “If we live well, what is it as we live? There will be fruits, rivers will flow, the ice will melt, the sun will shine well. If all the people would have thought in that way, if they would live in that way, this war would not happen. Now this war happened. Those who allowed it will correct it. To avoid wars in the future, the people must change their lives. To change the life, God has decided to change the sky and the earth. He has decided to put the old earth aside and to create new sky and new earth. A new earth, where there will be no sins and no vices; there will be no place for wars. With the earth and the sky that we have the war is unavoidable. Whatever you say, the war will come.


Now, say a number from this book so to read /The King’s Way of the Soul/, there are about 344 pages. Choose a number, no matter what. One of you to give the number, the luckiest one; someone, who is the best among you. /He read the following on page 214: „As long as you live in the world of contradictions you have to know that you are under the law of suggestion. No one mortal, even no one immortal is free from this law”. – So it can be suggested. Because there is a difference between suggestion and inspiration. /The Master read the whole 115 page and continued on page 116 up to … “I say both to the men and women to take out their capital from the human banks and to put it in the Divine bank.”


Now we live in an age where the banks go bankrupt. In the past war in America 12 thousand banks went bankrupt. (He continued reading.) “If they do not live well, the reason is that God is not among them. They believe each other, but they do not believe God and as a result they get disappointed. The contemporary humanity lives in lack of faith. If it comes to the official faith, everybody has such, but the head of the people has turned grey of official faiths.”


Wherever you look now, there are millions of wounded people; some have a leg or an arm torn off, some has his eye taken out, there are different wounds. Why? You would say, “This is in duty, may be it is necessary for the fatherland.” So, I say, as we make this war due to suggestion because of people, if in the same way we would do what God wants, then what a big difference there would exist. Someone will ask how to love somebody. I will give you an example. If you want to try love, start with the bees. Take water to them. Find a nice flower, put it in water and place it where there are bees. This is love. The bees will perch on the flower and will drink water. They would not know; they would thank that the Providence, God’s Providence has been providential. This water is your love that manifests. And I say: All good things that we try, come to our mind, to our heart due to creatures that apply the law of love. Some day you are merry. You remember that state during your whole life. It is due to some creature that shows what real love is in. There are such states when God withdraws from the world and then darkness falls, the people do not recognize each other. You pray, you feel, God is not there. Someone says, “I am indisposed.” You are indisposed, there is some obstacle.


Now, in the time of bombings how did you pray? If now you pray like that, the others will consider you insane. You shouted in your prayers to cry down the din from the shells and bombs that were falling down; you competed in shouting. You said, “Get away; do not burst around us’. Leave these people pray. I say, they pray very well. Now it seems to you funny. You say, “Aren’t we educated”. I wonder for one thing. We cannot do the easiest thing in the world. There is nothing easier than love. It is the easiest thing. The flies know how to do it; the plants know how to do it. We, the people cannot do it. Love first manifests God, than itself. Finally it manifests the others. Or first you should manifest God’s love. It should manifest itself in you as it is. If you take a prism and drive the ray through it, is it you who create the light. You diffract the light, but you do not make the colours. You have the prism, you diffract the light, and you make an image of a scene. Somebody says I cannot do this. You cannot do it by yourself, but when you put the prism, the light gets diffracted. You put the other prism, the light gets together. It depends on us to put the prism. The prism in this case is our mind, through which God’s Love must pass, so that we can see it. Do you paint the wall with the prism? You can project the light on the wall; the red colour does not become an image. So, love does not become an image in us. As far as it exists, there are images [scenes]; when it withdraws, all images disappear. Love does not leave its image anywhere. You cannot tell love “Leave this for us.” It does not leave the images that it uses. It can show you all its images, but it will never leave an image. You want to separate something from love. Love is something inseparable. So, you have to be an artist, to remember that image and make a drawing, if you are a poet or if you are a tailor and you sew a piece of clothing with a feeling of love, the person who wears this cloth will consider it a relic. When he puts it on, he will be joyous. If somebody sews a piece of cloth for you with love, you say, “I like this cloth.” You like it because it is spun with love, it is woven with love and it is sewn with love. When you put it on with love, you enjoy the cloth. Some of you have such love clothes.


Now I am not talking to you about the most difficult things, but about the easy things, which even the flowers know. You are yet to learn them. For example, when you pick a flower, it does not feel not in the least as the man. Since it is done with love, it says “Next year I will bloom, I will not take anything.” The flower is never angry. Since flowers are the exhibition of angels, in this case do not damage the exhibition of the angels. Therefore, do not pick flowers. When their exhibition is over, then you can pick them. When you pass by, pay your respects; rational creatures have put the exhibition; and you pass by, and pick up. There is no education in us. You say that behind that flower there is a rational creature. The odour that you feel is not its. This odour is of that creature. The flowers are connection between people and angels. The plants are connection between angels and people. The mammals that plough for us, the sheep, the white oxen, the black buffalos, they are connection between archangels and people. The ox ploughs for you because of the archangels. He says, when he looks at them, “I have come for them, out of love.” So, I say “If we see the archangels behind the big oxen, what would be our situation?” After you have poked the ox or the buffalo, if this archangel comes up and you see him? If he says, “If now I apply the same rule, to poke you”, what it would be then! I have often drawn a conclusion. The ox ruminates, but he has goad marks on his back. He says, “It’s nothing. This is the understanding of people.” He looks and says, “They will learn. When they are put in our place, they will learn.” When you begin suffering, you will learn. But when you begin to rejoice, you will learn again. We learn in suffering and we learn in joy, as well. We learn in love, too. Love is the best teaching. Wisdom is there, it is teaching. The old clothes will be used again; the dry trees will be needed for the fire.


Since love starts with minor things, you all aim not to lose you dignity. If the people know that you are going to bring water to a bee, they will say, “He is out of his mind. The bee has winglets, why should I go and bring water to the bees; people are hungry and thirsty, I do not go to the people, but to the bees. A man, who does not go to the bees, does not go to the people, either. There is the law: The big things are made of the little things. The big trees are made of the little seeds. We think that after thousand years these big trees are great. The big rocks are made of little specks. The whole earth, where we live, is made of the little specks.


Some of you, when you get up in the morning and you look at the sun, have you said to the sun, “From now on I want to be like you. As you are at work from the moment of rising, I want to follow your way. I want to become friends with you.” The sky is not always clear. There are clouds. The rays penetrate through the clouds. Some want us always to be happy and merry. Sometimes the light that comes out of our sun, out of our soul will darken. This should not disturb you. What makes the darkness is not close to the soul, it is far. The clouds that dim the sun are not near the sun, they are on the earth.


The Bulgarians have a song called, “Dear flower, nice flower”. This song cannot be corrected by any Bulgarian. If you decide to correct it, it will turn into something different. You talk something different about the dear and nice flower. Make another poem, a better one. Leave this dear and nice flower, as it has grown out. (He turned to brother Simeonov) Can you play this song? – (Yes, I can.) The brother played “Dear flower, nice flower”. It is a spiritual song. Our brother played it, who can sing it so freely? If his voice would tremble, if he would be afraid, he should stay back. Let the good one stand up and sing, as to the little children. It is evident that since the hall is not heated, the audience is not disposed, and you cannot sing.


Now I will play for you, when I am most indisposed to play. Now, I will not play something classical. (The Master played something Bulgarian.) This Bulgarian has freed himself of all his old things, saying “I quit everything. When I sing, I will sing.” Let me play for you the song “Dear flower, nice flower” /The Master played the song, then he played a merry Bulgarian motive/. Because of the nice word, let me play for you when I am indisposed. The word ‘indisposed’ is a collective word. When the young man gets married and has children, he becomes very indisposed. (While speaking he wrapped his fiddle and put it in the case.) When I take care for the fiddle, it plays. If I do not take care for it, it does not play.


I choose page 91. (The Master read from the end of page 90, starting from “There are two types of saints: one of them are crotchety, the others are not crotchety…” – he read page 91 and continued on page 92 up to “In order to come to this situation, the old way of understanding must be changed, the whole philosophic thought of the mankind should be changed”.)


So, I say: One of the easiest things is to come. What does it cost you, when you pass by just to smile a little? How much energy will you spend? Or what does it cost you to greet your friend, to say a good word to him. Your friend will be delighted during the whole day. It is not that you should grin. The reason is that you have nobody to love. There must be someone to love. The difficulty is in that. It is not that the man does not know to eat. Stoyan has no baked bread; why don’t to cook for him? He says, “I cannot eat.” You cannot eat, there is nothing cooked. It must be cooked now. You have to cook it. There is nothing cooked and you want somebody to smile at you. You first must give such an example. You want that smile; you want good hand-shaking. Give an example of that hand-shaking. But you have forgotten this. You know how to smile. There is no one of you who does not know. But since you value the smile highly, therefore you do not show it. You show the other ordinary expressions of the face. Since this is expensive, you keep it in reserve. Start with the best that you have. When a flower grows up, it blooms. The nicest thing is the blossom. The blossom is the most beautiful form. Then it knits and then the fruit gets ripe. I say, “The smile – this is the blossom of the human soul.” After that smile the best fruit will be born. If you do not smile, you are not in blossom and there can be no fruit.


I am talking about all achievements of man. There are thousands of achievements that he must reach. Now we are talking about Love. We come here, it is not here either. We bear certain love. When you look at me you might never think that I can play such a Bulgarian song. I am interested in music. I have made it smooth, it is a valuable thing. Somebody has put his soul in this song. Somebody has changed it, but there is something of genius in it. It is us who create everything. There are things, created by God; there are great things, created by people. We should fulfil these Divine things and those that are created by people. Then after we explore this, we will create something, too. Those who come after us will study our things.


Now three young sisters can sort how many words are repeated, how many of them are diverse, and how many of them are the same. We will see which of this you are most interested in. It is very important, it is an urge, it is power. Who of them will you nominate? The young people should learn to work. Come one, Teofana, Vesela Nestorova and Siyka Dinova. They will write on a good piece of paper. Then you will be good to give them back to those, who have written them. Let’s see how many words they have written and how many times some of them are repeated. Here we have the most powerful words that you have written.


„The Lord’s Prayer“.







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