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1935_04_21 Except Ye Eat


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Except Ye Eat

“The Lord’s Prayer.”

Song "In the Beginning Was the Word."

I will read only 5 verses from the Gospel of John – chapter 5, verses 5-10*. 

“5 Now a certain man was there who had an infirmity thirty-eight years. 6 When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?” 7 The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.” 8 Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” 9 And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked. And that day was the Sabbath. 10 The Jews therefore said to him who was cured, “It is the Sabbath; it is not lawful for you to carry your bed.” *1

Song "God Is Love". 

“Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.” John 6:53, NKJV.

Coming to this verse inside the Gospels, you will see that it represents a negative sentence with a positive content. What is important for a human being? Eating is a process directly related to one’s health. All healthy organisms *2  eat properly. Those who are ill, eat in a wrong fashion, and those who die, do not eat at all. When a person does not eat in an adequate way, their ribs can be counted, neck becomes thinner, the eyes sink in, cheeks lose their beauty, and finally the body becomes quite emaciated. 

Then Jesus said to them: “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.” This verse has a dual interpretation. If taken literally, it almost does not make any sense, but the essential things that you eat, are not represented by the flesh itself. The essential is what is contained within the flesh. This is the Life itself, which is hidden in the flesh. This is what people knew in the very old days - the life elixir, or the conditions of life, which penetrate the flesh through the intake of food.

I am hereby saying: “There are two different types of life interpretations based on this verse.” Now, I shall not be talking about things that you already know, because I do not want to burden you. This implies that I am not going to offer you shabby, old clothes *3 , because you already have enough of them. Instead, I need to “sell” you new clothes, which you can either try to “resell” to others or you can “wear” them instead. Either way, you would benefit yourselves. In order for a human being to eat properly within the physical realm, their brain and sympathetic nervous system must be well-designed, or scientifically speaking, they must be in a state of musical harmony. Only in this state, can a person eat properly. In a spiritual sense, eating is a process of inner alignment and harmonization.

People should enjoy the food they eat in order to benefit from it. If there is no appreciation for a particular type of food, then we cannot benefit from it. Such type of food caries the most virulent poisons. All people know this, but have not applied it in their everyday lives yet. In future, this knowledge will become common sense, since nowadays people’s minds are too scientifically-bound. 

The modern world is filled with famous scientific theories, which remain unimplemented. Therefore, everything, which is not tried and applied, represents just a mere theory. On the other side, everything that is tried and applied, is a matter of fact already, and the foundations of life are being laid on such facts. There is an ongoing debate between the secular and religious people about society’s correct eating habits. Secular people argue that one should eat four times a day to maintain a healthy body. The Englishmen, for example, do eat four, five times a day, and sometimes three times a day. Religious people, on the other hand, maintain that in 24 hours, a person should eat only once, as the body should not be overfed. Now, let’s leave aside what people believe in - all of them are right in their assumptions. I could provide you with a lot of evidence, but every time a new evidence is shared, and the very same moment one says something innovative, a different theory would be undermined. Consider the statement that whilst building a new house, the old one should be inevitably destroyed. Those, who are innovation supporters, shall be happy with such an assumption, while those, who keep their old belief systems, would say: “Listen, this house should not be torn down”. What should you do in this case? The great art of not knocking down what is already old is only mastered by the Nature *4  itself. Nature not only does not tear the Old down, but it also simultaneously builds the New. It builds the New upon the Old. To achieve something of this type of magnitude, some great skill is required. When people start building, they destroy the Old first and only then build the New, since they know no other way of achieving their goals. Now, I will attempt to build the New without tearing down the Old. Whether this will work out or not, remains unknown. If a lot of dust comes up around us, then you’d know that there is something knocked down; if no dust is raised up in the air, then we would have abided by the laws of Nature. As a result, as we now discuss things in the context of the individual life that we nowadays lead, there will inevitably be some religious, societal, family, or who knows what other belief systems, which may potentially become discredited. 

When a person speaks, he or she needs to be away from other people by a sufficient distance in order not to offend them. Where are the foundations of the human dignity? One of the main foundations, the human dignity is based on, is the human thought. Another characteristic of the human dignity is honesty, and a third trait is one’s kindness. These are the three qualities necessary for the human dignity to exist - kindness, honesty and upright thinking. This is what makes a man stand out. There are other qualities as well, but these three attributes stand out the most. Therefore, every person, who destroys your well-being, cannot be good for you; anyone, who destroys your integrity, cannot be good for you, and anyone, who destroys your right set of mind, cannot be good for you. This is a rule, by which you can tell, who is on the right path of life, as well as who is a good person and who isn’t. 

There is no common set of moral values regarding one’s righteousness. There is no common moral code in the world the way people interpret it nowadays - no, there is absolutely none. But do not get me wrong, there is one universal moral code of conduct, which is needed by each and every creature, and that specific moral code of conduct should be applied. If a certain type of morality regenerates the human body, if this type of morality regenerates the human thoughts, and if this type of morality regenerates the human feelings, then it is the right one to assume. If any particular code of conduct or any particular thought do not help in the rebuilding of the human thoughts and feelings, then generally speaking, they are inappropriate. Now, I will not dwell on the issue of regenerating the human being in the broad sense of the word, but I would state that every thought has three different foundational levels – it should acquire the correct form, or be given a correct form, it should also have appropriate content, and finally, it should entail a future application purpose. Those three qualities represent what can be accomplished by a particular thought. In addition to that, every single thought that interests us, is definitely relevant to our lives. 

Avoid the misbelief that your life is separate from the life of the Whole. Your life is a sea drop in the life of the Whole, and this drop will soon or late return to its Source. Do not assume that once this drop returns to the Oneness, it will lose its essence. Not only will it not lose its essence, but you will also gain something additional to your life, you will add something to your own life essence. 

Now, if the above statement is unclear, do not try to clarify it. Why? - Because so far, I have not seen a single philosopher, who has made it clear. For example, you love a good-looking human being and you say: “I love this person, they are so attractive, and I just cannot cast my glance away from them.” - Where is their beauty hidden? – In the ears, in the eyes … a fetching person that is indeed... 

Without consciously deciphering the scientific meaning of a particular manifestation of the attractiveness itself, the person who is in love has nevertheless some understanding of this particular splendor on display, or otherwise such a person would not be going after the object of their desires all day long. Because of such gorgeousness, a man leaves both his wife and children behind, and goes all day long after a woman in order to marvel at her. If you, for example, see a striking picture, it is very difficult to say where its beauty lies - beauty is not something physical, it is a spiritual thing. Today you see it in one place; tomorrow you will not see it in the same place because a certain change has occurred. You could have a glimpse at it only for a moment, and the very next moment, the beauty would have already departed elsewhere. To you and to all the educated people, it is strange that beauty cannot be defined - you meet one person in one place, but the next moment, he or she is no longer at the same place - they have moved one meter away, therefore they are no longer at the same place. Moreover, the other people in that person’s immediate surroundings are no longer at their old places either – they have also changed places. Furthermore, the people themselves have changed as well - they are no longer the same, they have become completely different. For example, you meet a man half an hour before their meal, then you meet this person half an hour after lunch, and their weight would already be quite different. Along the gained weight comes also the influence of the chef who has cooked the meat. If lamb was eaten, then there is the influence of the lamb, and if apples or pears were eaten, then this person would have acquired their respective qualities. Therefore, the respective person has gained the disposition of the lamb, the disposition of the pear, the disposition of the apple and so on. 

On the other hand, we assume that pears and apples cannot think. No, pears and apples in fact think better than we do. In fact, they think so well, that they are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the human beings. Apples and pears do not consciously apply the doctrine of Christ, but they still say: “If you do not eat my flesh, you have no life in you.” The lambs also say the same and lambs are sometimes full of grief, but nevertheless utter: “Lord, because of you, we shall make this sacrifice. We are sad, but because of you, we shall give our lives away.” 

The apples and the pears do not say so. When an apple spots you, it smiles back a little and says: “If you eat me, you’ll be well, if you do not eat me, you’ll be unwell.” In my opinion, people have to start off by adopting the morality of the fruit trees, to be kind like them, to be like the pears, apples, plums, cherries and so on… If people had those qualities, which are already possessed by the fruits, no other human beings could have ever been superior to them. If I had to write a moral code of conduct, I would say that you should have the morality of the cherries - to be reddish like them, to be sweet as they are and, also, you should have the morals of the plums – figuratively speaking, you should be white or blue in order to resemble them … You should be like the apples - reddish and smooth - just like them… 

Nowadays, we are looking for appropriate morality outside of the Nature itself and say: “This is not right, that is not right.” Those are relative things. All people talk about righteousness, but nevertheless, the world still lives in depravity. Our world displays an ostensible order, but ultimately it lives in complete disorder. I can prove this to you, but if I chose to prove it, I would offend the half of humanity, so I refuse to lay down any such proofs. I would prefer to leave some things unproven, rather than to insult you. Nonetheless, you need to reason for yourselves. For example, someone says: “But you do not believe in God? How strange! What is your creed?” 

Where is the difference with regards to our faith in God? - There must be something substantial, which makes us different. This difference cannot be found only in the realm of benign verbal expressions. You are saying: “One should be kind.” Kindness is a positive character trait, but it can also be dangerous. For example, although the earthly soil in general is fine for walking purposes, and you can walk around safely on solid ground, if you afterwards run into soft ground, then you may find yourself bogged down. 

Additionally, a certain philosophy exists, whereby people prefer to remain constantly kind to others regardless of their own current situation and without understanding the danger of such a behavior, given their particular personal circumstances. Others, on the other side, maintain that we should be tough and strong. What if everyone is as tough and as rough as a “stone” - what will happen then? 
The answer is that the stones ought to be as hard as the soil, and that the soil should not be as soft as the mud. While I am here reasoning in such a metaphorical fashion, it turns out that this is a brand new idea for me as well - We should be neither as hard as the stones, nor as soft as the mud.

The mud is something exceptional. The mud appears only occasionally in nature, and within the intelligent Nature itself, there is no “mud” *5  whatsoever. The mud is a human invention, and the only new thing created by the humans in this world is indeed the mud itself. When the human beings created the mud, and the Lord descended from Heaven, He took part of that mud and made the first Man *6  out of it. That is why the successors of Man have something Divine in themselves, while the remaining part of them is mud. After descending onto Earth, God saw that the stone cannot be transformed, so He turned it into soil, and He then transformed the soil into mud and made Man out of it. But please, understand me precisely. The mud is not a bad thing. Men have also done something in a masterful way – the modelling of the mud. For millions of years, they barely managed to make a combination of the soil and the water, and when God saw their invention, He said: “Men are scholars”. 

The first Man then said: “Hold on, let me craft a doll to have something to keep myself busy with”. After seeing what God has made, men started attempting to recreate the same things. And to this day and age, all people try to recreate what the Lord has already created. 

On the surface, it may seem that people have come closer to God with respect to the structure of the outer shapes they craft, but the inner living content, which God has placed inside the human beings, cannot be achieved or recreated by them. There are many good bookbinders in the world, who can perfectly bind books, and one has to pay them 1,000-2,000 leva *7  per book for their work. They are great masters of the outer shell, masters of the shape, but they cannot read the content of Life’s philosophical book – they do not understand it. 

Now, let me tell you a short story. A father has a son, but could not read his character traits well. The father looks at the son, and looks at him again, telling his own self: “My child is very intelligent”. One day this father met me and said: “Let me take you home as you tend to conduct various scientific researches. I want you to state your conclusions, to witness how much of a genius my child is.” And the father started describing the child - his eyes were such and such, his eyebrows were such and such, his ears were such and such … I got interested and said: “Let me go and see this miracle child who was born in Bulgaria.” What was my surprise, when I arrived and saw a child, who was no different to any other child. I'm not saying that the father did not speak the truth, but in the mind of the father there is something, which pictures things not exactly the way they are - You already understand what I mean. 

So from my standpoint, the father was right, as I am not saying that the child is not gifted – it is gifted and talented, but it cannot pass for a genius. According to me at least, the child did not possess the traits of a genius. I told the father: “Your child is very gifted and a candidate for a genius. – “Well, what kind of genius? A top genius or a genius of lower caliber?” – “In future, the child will be a genius” is what I said in order not to offend him. When I say that that the child is very talented, I understand one thing, but the father interprets it in a completely different way, thinking that he has a brilliant child. 

So, he thought that not only is his child a genius, but a very gifted genius as well. I did not dwell on the details, but I thought: “The father is right. If I were in his shoes, I would probably see things the very same way.” This state of matters represents a clear contradiction, and after some time has elapsed, the father may realize the fallacies in his own perception. The father would see that he deluded himself in his own expectations, and eventually, everything would turn out for the better. 

Now, let’s investigate a different scenario. Sometimes, we see an exceedingly good-looking person and say: “How attractive this person is!” – It is strange that initially this person is good-looking, and then their beauty somehow disappears. Nonetheless, I say: “Beauty in the physical world is an expression of the upright human thought, honesty and kindness. These are, broadly speaking, the underlying causes of the beauty’s manifestation. While humans have just thoughts, they remain good-looking. One could not help but notice something diligent in the muscles of such beautiful faces. The muscles in such faces are placed geometrically in accordance with the rules of the organic *8  geometry. 

Nowadays, doctors describe the different diseases by means of enumerating man’s various pathological states. In my opinion, pathology is not a science. What science is it to be listing the pathological conditions of the eye, for example? If you ask me, medicine is not a science, and phrenology is not a science, and litigation is not a science either. In my understanding, many arts are no real arts at all. Acting, for example, is no art whatsoever. Which one of you is not an actor at home? When someone starts expressing their thoughts, they already assume the role of an actor.

Nowadays, everyone tends to assume a major role in the theater of human life, everybody wants to take on a prominent role and to occupy a prominent position in society, but to be just playing an important role is nothing so special. In fact, in order for a human being to be able to play a successful role in society, above all, one has to assume the role of a person, who possesses an upright thought. Moreover, one needs to be able to perceive and recognize in any one moment whether their thought is upright or not.

Now, I am not highlighting the issue from a single point of view. One can take part in a role play, but should only act in a direction, which is specifically desired by their soul. Whatever the direction of manifestation may be, it is important that one’s thought is upright. On one hand, possessing such an upright thought would definitely be a positive sum game, while on the other hand, it is important to emphasize that all pathological states represent deviations from the upright way of thinking. 

For example, there are pathological states in the science of geology as well. The bending of the earth layers is a pathological condition; it is not a science. First and foremost, it is important to restore the initial position of the earth layers, and only afterwards to draw inferences, as to why Earth’s harmony had been violated. One needs to know the reasons for such earth layer fragmentations. It was not nature that created these fissures; there are other reasons for this phenomenon. 

Originally, the Earth was built in a completely different manner. Now, I would raise this question to which you may not have an answer, and a dispute may arise as a result, because most likely you would not believe in my theory. Nevertheless, there has been a time when there were no broken layers inside the Earth’s physical structure, and mountains did not exist back then. Formerly, the Earth had been as smooth as a ball. This had been the time when the most intelligent beings populated the Earth. 

So far, evolution has been going very well, and if we are willing to place ourselves in a world of absolute perfection, as the earth once was millions of years ago, that would be the greatest possible misfortune for us. Would you like to know why would this be a misfortune for us given the current state of our existence? The answer is quite simple. 

Let me tell you that I could make each of you unhappy in this very same moment. How? This can be achieved by means of joining together in marriage an ugly man and a beautiful woman. This beautiful woman would be always attracting anything between 100 to 200 men around herself, and her unattractive man would be very unhappy as a result of such a possible status quo. Indeed, the poor man would be unable to live in his skin. Different men would write letters to this beautiful wife, and he will not be able to get rid of all those other men, who may ultimately even try to murder him. The poor husband would be unable to protect his lady from the attention of all her admirers, but eventually the man should assume the role of a true and loyal servant to his beautiful wife, as opposed to the role of a mere husband, and if then those other men attempt to harm him, his good-looking lady would step in to defend him. I gave this example for illustration purposes, but such an event is very unlikely and almost impossible to materialize in reality.

Now, I will present to you a different point of view. I ask you: “What is it that makes those intelligent beings leave their planets and come to Earth? Where did they come from?” These creatures were once happy on Earth, but then things changed. Why? The sole reason is that once upon a time a certain being came to Earth and it made a small furrow inside the earthly stratum, and from this point on, seeing this furrow, all these other intelligent creatures have left the Earth. Next came other beings who made even bigger furrows inside the Earth, until finally, humans got here as well and bent the ground even further. 
What would you think of those creatures who can bend the earth? They are not very simplistic in their nature in fact. On the contrary – they are very scientifically-minded. But after all, those are all abstract concepts. Nevertheless, those topics may be acceptable for presentation purposes, as they purport a scientific thesis, which can be further discussed and analyzed. 
There is still some of the above-described earth-bending behavior, which persists inside the nature of the human beings. Here is how I can prove it. The young child, for example, represents the original state of the Earth. The child’s face is nice and round as the moon’s image. On this very same smooth surface once lived the original inhabitants of the Earth. Next, after some time has gone by, a wrinkle appeared on the child’s forehead, and in order to make the grown up child feel better, somebody may say that the wrinkle is a sign of maturing and personal development. When the wrinkles’ count goes up to four, someone may further say that this grown-up child has now become very intelligent, while various scientists and phrenologists may potentially interpret those wrinkles as a sign of advanced affiliation towards society. Next, the same wrinkles would appear on top of the chin, and those scientists may affirm that the individual’s will is now being cultivated. After all, those are all scientific assumptions. 
The original human being did not look like its contemporaries. The people of today only resemble their distant forefathers. The original Man has been a sentient and a very adaptable being, since he was irrevocably able to shift his shape each and every time anyone would meet him. That is why the original Man is very interesting to observe and study, while the cotemporary man always retains one and only shape. Initially, the original Man has invariably kept on changing his nature, or figuratively speaking – he was living in the world of “Paris Couture”. Bear in mind that those analogies are given for explanation purposes only.         
Moving to the next point in this lecture, I would say that expressing oneself in a lengthy way makes sense only when it achieves a certain noble goal. For example, let’s assume that I am conducting a surgery. Let’s also assume that somebody wants to speak to me, while I am performing my surgeon duties, and consequently, I refuse their company, since I am already occupied with a different task. That person would ask me as to why I am not accepting their company, and I would explain that I am a prominent professor, that I am conducting a surgery, and I would also say that the work I am occupied with does not allow me to join that person’s company. The person on the other side may wonder how come, but in fact, there is a patient out there in the surgery room and I am already busy helping them. Which one of those two needs to wait? – The one inside the surgery room, or the one outside?

I have been visited by some very interesting people, who have told me they have an important matter to discuss with me, and they need to be attended to as soon as possible. I tell them that I am busy, but they nevertheless insist on seeing me, as their affairs require immediate attention. Ultimately, I acquiesce and initiate a conversation with them to only find out that they want to start up a business and wish to know, if they would be successful or not. To their surprise, I reply that their endeavor would be unsuccessful, since the small amount of money they have would be wasted in this particularly intended trade. The next question I am asked is what to do instead, and I suggest to downscale and participate in a smaller business, but they insist on receiving a very exact explanation. Then I tell them that my reply is scientific enough and nothing more scientific could be expected. 

First and foremost, those people do not have a commercial aptitude to know and recognize the other parties they would be dealing with and also no skill in recognizing the environment they would be operating in. Such necessary abilities remain undeveloped, and those people’s minds are full of such phantasies that the small investment sums they have, would be lost without a doubt and their entire family may become destitute. 

These people ask me: “But what can I do when the amount of money I have is so small?” I tell them that if they persevere with their business ideas, the small amount of money they have would become even smaller. They thank me for the advice, and I ask them how much they are inclined to pay for the favor I have just done to them. I act as a typical English gentleman – I let them choose how much they can spare, but then follow up to say that my advice is all free of charge for the time being, and if they find a suitable trade, which works out well for them at the end, only then could they potentially share half of the proceeds with me. In reply to this statement of mine, they only smile a little bit and then leave, while in the same time I wish them well.   

I offer such people the good advice of buying a piano or a violin and of playing those instruments, as their family has a traditional flair for music. I mention that they would have better fortunes dealing with music rather than dealing with commerce, as within 10 years in the music trade, they would earn much more as a musician rather than as a merchant. I tell them not to waste their time, and that when they earn well from their first job as musicians, then they could pay me back by sharing half of their earnings, but for the time being, I am unwilling to charge them anything for my valuable advice… So, what is the moral of the entire story? – First, one should work with and utilize their best talents and strong sides only. 

" Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood …” This phrase means namely that if you do not nourish your strongest and most powerful characteristics within yourself, and as those character traits act as the backbone for your mind, you shall not have life in you. Moreover, do not incorporate any negative belief-systems within yourselves. One way or the other, you would be confronted by negative thoughts, but there is no need to submit yourselves to them. Now, I am not talking about all the stray thoughts that surround us and would inevitably occur to your mind. All these stray thoughts I am not even mentioning. I only say not to let these thoughts build a nest on top of your heads, nor let them stay within you indefinitely. In any case, never leave any parasitic thoughts inside your mind – do take them out of your mind! Leave nothing negative in your mind. All those thoughts that bring you nothing, take them all out. 

Many of you complain, there are things they cannot overcome. Now, I am going to give you an example, for which I am not sure how true it is, but a certain author has given it before. A young man married the daughter of a rich merchant. Her father contributed to their wedding with a very significant dowry. The father bought a beautiful bridal dress, nice shoes, an expensive hat and also some high-priced necklaces, rings and everything his daughter needed. The young man, however, was very fond of drinking, but unfortunately for him, his wife kept money in the bank in her name only. Since he could not gain access to her money, one day he stole the rings, sold them and spent it all. The next day he did the same with his wife’s necklace, and day after day, he stole everything from his wife’s dowry, sold it and wasted all the cash to quench his thirst for drinking. 

One day, as both husband and wife were speaking to each other, the wife pointed out that her entire dowry is gone missing and wondered who may have done this. What happened afterwards? The husband’s consciousness was awakened while he listened how his wife wondered as to who may have stolen all her valuables, and he experienced a significant inner struggle on whether he should admit to what he had done or whether he should keep all quiet about it. Now, all of you keep on asking yourselves, if this really happened or not. 

I say: “If you sell one of your virtues and drink away all you have earned from it, or if you sell one of your just feelings, or if you sell one of your Divine feelings, isn’t that wasting the dowry that was given to you?” You say: “In the past I used to pray, I had faith, I loved God, but here we go, I “sold” everything and wasted it. In the past, I was righteous, but I wasted even this feeling, now there is nothing left in me.” So you realize that the relationship you once had with God is no longer present in the current moment. Therefore, you have lost something. Now, aren’t you in exactly the same situation as the young bride who had lost all her wedding gifts? 

With regards to the above story, somebody may be in a dilemma, whether they should say the truth or whether they should keep quiet. The young husband sat and listened to what his wife was saying and sighed from time to time, whilst paying attention to her saying: "If I know who the thief is, I'll find them. They cannot escape from me.” 

As a result of the inner perturbations, the young man began to work and first redeemed his wife's rings. He then redeemed his wife's necklace. He continued working until he finally redeemed the dress, the shoes, and the hat of his wife, and gave everything back to her. Those were the deeds of an honest man. Having returned everything stolen back to his wife, the husband then said to her: “Thank God, I found this thief and took everything from his hands, but please be considerate enough not to ask who the thief was. If you are very interested in knowing who the thief was, I can tell you, but it will cause you unnecessary suffering. Therefore, it's better for you not to know any more details.”  

I say: “Everyone should go through this second process of repentance. By saying that you know the one who committed all the crimes, you need be ready to find all the lost valuables of your beloved ones and to bring “the jewels” back to them. Anything that someone has done can be fixed. The power of man sits in rectifying all that he has ever done. This is possible. I can interpret this story in its negative sense, but I am emphasizing on its positive side, so that you can take advantage of it. 

The author of the story has presented the events in a very vague way. For example, Dante described hell, while Milton described the lost paradise. Dante is strong in his description of hell. In general, they are all strong when they describe hell, but when it comes to heaven, they cannot describe it well. – Why is this? Because we live in hell – that is why we can easily describe it. But since we do not live in heaven, we can hardly describe the way paradise looks like. In the very same way, we can also hardly describe heavenly life.

"Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood…” So, an inner relationship needs to form during the “eating” process. There cannot be a normal interaction between two beings, if these beings do not communicate effectively with each other. This is also true from a mental point of view. If you cannot perceive the thoughts and feelings of the person you love and you cannot assimilate them in yourself, and if your beloved one cannot also perceive your thoughts and feelings within themselves and also assimilate them, then both of you cannot connect to each other. 

Christ said:” Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.” With this verse, Christ has spoken half of the Truth. He then said, "As my Father loves me…” - which means – “As you feed on my Love, I also cherish being food for you, so that you may enter into my being. And then whoever finds abode in me, lives also in my Father.” 

When it comes to God, in the very same way, we need to be “food” for the others. I shared this notion with you so that I can show you the law, which states that no intimate and perfect understanding between any two people is possible, if the thoughts of the one you love, is not food for them, and if their feelings are not food for you. If that is the case, then such a person does not love you.

And when Christ says: "If you do not eat my flesh," His Love becomes known through the process of eating. This means: “From the Word I give you, you will perceive this Word and recognize My Love.”  If over the last two thousand years you had adopted Christ's doctrine in its simplicity, it would have had tremendous results in your lives. Nowadays unfortunately, we want to apply the doctrine of Christ by adjusting it to the surrounding environment in order to ensure that people do not consider us as being aberrant from the common societal norms. 

What is the real norm in life? The only norm, which is acting as a measure for things in real life, is Love. The only norm, with which knowledge is measured, is Love. The only norm, with which righteousness is measured, is Love. Everywhere, and at the heart of all aspirations in the whole of Nature, you will always find Love. You fight for your country because you love it. In this case, the sacrifice you want to accomplish is again down to Love. Whether you understand Love correctly or not is another question. You advocate religion - that is Love. You uphold science – that is Love again. And in order for me to bring in a clarification, it is important to mention that in any particular case, Love always requires a driving force.  

I'm not talking about love, as people in this day and age understand it. The way life is designed at present, it is better not to deal with its corresponding type of love. We have evidenced the consequences of this type of love already. The way the individual, family and public life now exist is due to the old understanding of love. What we currently see is the end result of our interpretation of love so far, but if we insist on prolonging the life of our contemporary understanding of love, we would have exactly the same results as before, as we would continue to hold onto our old belief-systems. Therefore, when I talk about Love, I reveal a completely new point of view that will yield new outcomes and new forms.

And Christ says: "If your righteousness, if your Love do not surpass that of ordinary people, you will not enter the Kingdom of God, you have no life in you. *9 " And if you are not ready to do everything for the sake of the Divine Love, you have no life in yourself. So that you can achieve everything, which is necessary, you need to get rid of the inner fear, to get rid of its corresponding inner feeling. For example, you have noble desires, but fear thwarts them. You may choose to do something good, but suddenly you say to yourself: “What could possibly happen to me as a result of my actions?” The worst thing that could happen to you is that you will eventually lose your temporary earthly life, or you may suffer, get ill, and one way or the other you will pass away soon or late.

For example, you adhere to some religious beliefs, but you do not want to sacrifice yourself for them. Many martyrs have abandoned Christ. When suffering and torture come their way, then they say: “”We do not believe in Christ.” What have they gained by renouncing themselves from Christ? Have they kept their lives? – No, they haven’t. They still remain dead. When you begin to speak the truth, nobody forces you to tell who you love and who you don’t love. Every person needs to be fair to themselves, every person should feel Christ’s Love. Whatever people may be saying, one should know that they love God - nothing more.

For the Love of God one should be ready to do all he or she is ready to do for their own selves. All people should have this moral. This moral stance does not apply to a few exceptionally developed individuals only; it applies to all of you. This is the Divine primordial principle in us, and if we keep on thinking the way we typically reason nowadays, God will never appear, God shall not work within us. 

Many are searching for God in the outside world. No, God is manifesting Himself inside the inner world of both believers and agnostics. He manifests himself in all people. Somebody may not believe in God, but when God whispers to their heart to go help a suffering person, the agnostic goes out there and renders the necessary assistance. Sometimes God whispers to the heart of a believer to go and help someone in need, but the believer says: "I have no time now, I'm going to pray.”

Very often, the so-called non-believers obey God and help those who suffer much better than the so-called believers, who prefer to deal with themselves only. What is more important? To do God’s Will or to go to God and to tell Him that you love Him very much? What is more crucial? To say to the Lord that you love Him very much and believe in Him or to fulfill His Will? Serving God is more important than having faith and Love, but when those three virtues join forces together, then the reality of Love manifests itself. 

If faith enters into love, and if love enters into serving those in need, an inner curve is formed. Then all the conditions contributing to a healthy and fulfilling way of life are being created. If one wants to be successful in all their endeavors, they must necessarily have faith, must necessarily have love, and must surely act as a loyal and truthful servant. Therefore, such person has to be a man of faith, a man of love and a man of true service.

" Unless you eat… ". This means that if the Word is not perceived accordingly, you do not have life in yourselves. Many think that the modern worldly problems can be resolved easily. According to my calculations, in order for the present state of affairs to advance by a tiny bit only, it would take at least 1,000 years for a single microscopic improvement to occur. For two such minor improvements to occur, it would consequently take approximately 2,000 years, and to achieve three such small improvements, it would roughly take 3,000 years.

2,000 years are required for obtaining the Truth, and finally a total of 3,000 years are required to acquire Truth and Love and to learn how to serve God. That pertains to the whole of mankind. Now, I am hereby reducing this timeframe by removing the two zeros at the end and saying: “Ten years for obtaining faith, ten years for acquiring Love and ten years for learning how to serve truly.” Therefore, after 30 years have elapsed, it would be possible for you to justifiably desire what you already wish to accomplish right now.

For the whole of mankind, it would take 3,000 years, and for each person individually it may take 30 years only, and ultimately you could be able to have what you want. You may be interested in finding out how I arrived at those calculations. Well… that's the reason why my hair has grown grey. 

One day when I cease to think about these matters, my hair will be the same color as it originally was. While I was searching for those answers, my hair grew grey. I was doing those calculations for the sake of myself and for the sake of serving God. In my opinion, it is not easy to resolve the challenges we face in the areas of religion, public order, friendship, family, faith and love the way people believe that is possible. For all these matters, I have a completely different approach. Those questions regarding conflict can be conceived both ways – One way is the way of your pre-conceived notions and the other way is the way, which deviates from your notions. Because you do not understand things correctly, your hair is grey and because my understanding of things differs from yours, my hair, as a result, has grown grey as well.

If you look at the color and the greyness of both my hair and yours, you will see that those two types of greyness are very different. Concentrating on the hair’s greyness is unimportant, as for me personally, there is no trouble that my hair is grey. How can this bother me? Someone says that he has grown old and their hair, as a result, has become grey. This statement means nothing, since in a similar fashion, it would not mean that one can become young only by just dying their hair. 

The black hair shows that it is “springtime” and the seeds should be sown. My grey hair shows that it is “wintertime”, and everyone has to study and read as there's nothing better to be done outside on the field. In “wintertime”, everybody should master their own art in their own privacy – one needs to work inside their own church, but instead, nowadays I see that the elderly people prefer to rest and do not want to work within themselves. 

Here's my understanding - The old man, being a violin player, has to play the violin all day long, but instead of that, the old man says that their hands are too frail to persevere with playing the violin. That is, however, their own weakness in perception. The young man should help the old man in the outside world, while the old man should play the violin from within oneself in order to help the young man out.

If I would recreate the world from scratch, this is what I would do - The youngsters would do the hard physical work, and the old ones would be dispatched to accompany them. The old ones would amuse the youngsters, and the young ones would act as a solid support to the elderly. And then the young ones would do the hard labor, while the elderly would entertain them, and so both old and young shall work together simultaneously. I would scientifically describe this state in the following words: “The old ones will do their work inside the mind, and the youngsters will concentrate on the physical accomplishments, so that both the human mind and the body shall develop at the same time.”

In nature, young people perform one type of duties, while the elderly execute a different type of duties. The young people are the builders of the human body. Without their work, humans would be crippled. On the other hand, if the old men disappear, people's minds would be distorted. In this sense, both young and old people are needed. The body is larger than the head. However, the old people, on the other hand, maintain the most important part of the human apparatus, which is the human mind. Why are young people necessary? - To maintain the human body. Why are the old people also necessary? – To take care of the human mind. Combining mind and body together and uniting them for the sake of Love, would allow you to accomplish everything. When the so-called “young” and “old” join forces together, they can achieve anything they like. 

Old people subconsciously love the young. The old man should not believe that he was born to grow old. When looking at their bodies, the old people should know that their bodies are young, but their minds are mature. The man of the New Age believes that only one’s mind is mature, but not one’s body or face. 

What kind of suffering has to be endured by the face, so that it grows old? First of all, the face is incapable of thinking; therefore it cannot grow old. Only those who think so, do become old eventually, but those who do not think so, tend not to age. If you place a young person in a magnetic state of sleep, they will never grow old. Even if you keep them 100 years in this state of magnetic sleep, they will still not change. What makes human beings grow old is the disharmonic influence of various thoughts and feelings. Consequently, one can effectively harmonize their thoughts and feelings in such a way, as to remain young for 120 years. Any person could remove the wrinkles from their face anytime they want and become as young as they once were.

“Unless you eat …". Now, I want you to comprehend my thoughts correctly. I am unwilling to stand up against your beliefs. Do not think that I'm belittling your worthiness. Not at all. I am glad that you have your own current knowledge because if you did not already have this knowledge, you could not have possibly listened to and understood my talks, since if a schoolchild had not completed its fourth grade, it cannot enter lower secondary school, and if it had not graduated from lower secondary school, it cannot attend high school, and then, if it had not finished high school, it cannot go to university, and only after graduating from university, can this person then enter public life and work.

It is important to note the consistency and coherence in Mother Nature. God’s Word is necessary in order for a person to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Do not assume that you do not need to adopt new ideas. Learning is essential for the existence of the human being. The whole Universe is a great school, not just the Earth, but the entire solar system too, as well as all other systems, which provide access to important educational areas. These are numerous cultures, and each and every one of them is quite splendid in its essence. If a contemporary genius writer were to describe the whole Universe in a novel, if one could present such a story in an understandable manner, such a person would then establish themselves as one of the most famous musicians, artists or poets.

However, it is very hard to write about those topics. It is difficult to write about the sun, the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the inhabitants of the sun etc., as above all, a contradiction would arise. For example, you may ask if these beings can physically live on the sun? You tend to imagine that they are similar to us humans. They can live on the sun, but that does not imply that these beings will be in the same type of living environment as we are on Earth. Also, they do not have a physiology, which is similar to our one. To make an analogy, under the current conditions on Earth, for example, there is a certain number of germs that can withstand a temperature of about 2,000 degrees Celsius. How would you comment on this?

Take for example the primordial, ephemeral matter the human essence is made out of - the matter of our protogenic life, which cannot be destroyed by a temperature of 45 million degrees. Only the outer shell enveloping the human life itself can indeed melt. However, there is an inner life shell that cannot be affected by these heat waves in any way. Heat simply fails to penetrate this inner shell. 

We have a vague notion of heat. Even the warmth that exists on Earth, however large it may be, is still only a part of the total available heat. Once you soar into outer space, no such heat is immediately felt because it is hidden. There is a different type of energy in outer space, and if you are a genius and enter the cosmos, you would find enough energy that can be utilized.

However, if you would go into open space with your type of understanding and current knowledge, you will find yourself at a temperature of minus 273 degrees Celsius. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon. No matter how important these types of physical phenomena are, we would not pay that much attention to them, since we are not interested in the amount of cold inside the open space. 

We are interested in both heat and cold, as far as both of them offer certain benefits. Decay is not present inside cold areas, while on the other hand, heat causes rotting and decomposition, but is also a major contributing factor to life creation. Inside cold environments, life develops very slowly, but there is almost no putrefaction. Often, much of the suffering and perturbations in people's lives are caused by excessive amounts of heat they possess within themselves – the amount of the that type of heat needs to be reduced, and one would then reassume a peaceful state of mind. Sometimes, for example, individuals are told not to be so hot-tempered. Therefore, these people have too much heat within themselves. Following from that, they need to regulate the quality and quantity of their inner heat. 

What is the normal temperature of the human body? According to some, it is 37 degrees Celsius, and according to others it is 36 degrees Celsius, while I would set it anywhere between both those values. Once the temperature rises above 37 degrees, painful conditions occur, and if the temperature rises to 38, 39, 40 or 41 degrees, people can no longer withstand the heat and may even die. In that case, if we reduce the temperature of the sick by two or three degrees, we could bring them back to life.

Therefore, high body temperature can cause death. Those dying due to high temperature can be saved by means of only dropping their temperature by two or three degrees. As a rule of thumb, doctors give different medications to lower bodily temperature, but ultimately, and in order to obtain stable results, it is necessary to overhaul the psychological state of man. Modern people are dying for the sole reason that all their thoughts, feelings and faculties do not function consistently and in the right way. If, according to the newly available data, a person succeeds in awakening all their thoughts, feelings and faculties in order for all three of them to function properly, such a person could possibly live up to the age of 120 years.

If at some point you can awaken within a sick person certain appropriate thoughts and feelings, that person would be able to recuperate. Previously, I have given you the example of the American wife who was seriously ill and the doctors, who were monitoring her state, told her husband that she would inevitably pass away. When the husband told his wife to prepare for her departure from this world, she asked him to promise her something. And what was the promise she requested from him? She wanted her husband not to ever get married again. The husband could not, however, take on such an oath, and as a result, his wife chose to live and to be worthy of her husband. And indeed, every woman who passes away prematurely is not worthy of her husband, and every man who dies prematurely is not worthy of his wife either.

Now, please do not draw faulty conclusions. I interpret the word “dying” in a sense that if you die and people forget you, then this is real death; but if you pass away and people still remember you, then that type of dying is what life is all about. Hence, you see that I use such words in a positive way.

Christ says: " Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you." That is to say that if you do not perceive His Love, if you do not perceive His sacrifice, you do not have life in yourselves. I preach to you a doctrine that you should try, and when you try it, you have to either accept or deny it, but if you do not accept it, you shall not have life in yourselves. 

Now, all of you have misconceptions about life itself, but all of you have to redeem yourselves. Currently, we are only at the beginning stages of our ultimately intended way of existence, as for the time being, we only represent a temporary and mediocre form of human life. Mankind, as a whole, has so far barely covered a short evolutionary distance, which is only halfway down the road.

By saying the whole of mankind, I understand the entire civilized world. So far, humanity has been descending to the very bottom of hell, but from now on, it has started ascending and has come to a new starting point for its evolution. This is the new energy that comes; this is the new evolutionary curve that is being shaped. This is the new era and the new progress, which are now being reached by the humankind. It is the return of humanity to a new state, to a new life, to the best life that is now coming. Until now, existence had been full of suffering and misfortunes. 

Whatever evil may happen to you, consider it a form of the past. In future, new creations, positive developments and better conditions will appear, so keep your courage. If you are disheartened, just sing a song, and in this way, gradually you will leave this zone of discomfort and lack of faith. The lack of faith always stems from losing something. Faith always comes alongside newly arriving gains. Similarly, lack of Love comes as a result of losing something, but Love reappears again, when something is gained. Therefore, if you lose your Love, it shows that you have endured a loss. If Love comes back into your heart, it only shows that you have gained something one way or the other. If losing something is represented by a downward movement, then realizing a gain can be pictured as an upward movement - this is how I reason in this case. Therefore, when you lose something, you delve downwards and when you win something, you then change direction and move upwards.

Now I say that you are all in the age of ascension and progress. Do not live for the sake of your past and for the sake of the archaic descent. If you choose to descend, you will always complain about your fate and will ask yourself what your destiny might be. 

All of you are now attending a school, all of you have the very same syllabus and your teachers are telling you that you have to learn well - that's what they require from you. You have the best conditions to learn and you shall pull yourselves together in order to learn. – “We will see”, you may say. – “There's nothing for you to see”, I would answer. You shall simply pull yourselves together and learn. Do not assume you are old. You shall all know that your mind is mature and that your body is young and capable. After this type of understanding appears, just have faith, love truly and do the God’s Will!

These are the first steps of the new culture, of the new humankind, of the new understanding, of the new union of nations. Every nation needs to have trust in the other nations. Every nation should love the other nations and every nation should serve the other nations. If the small nations think well of the great nations and believe in them, if all nations love each other and serve one another, then that would be to the advantage of all people and their brethren.

Song "Blessed Be the Lord Our God".

“The Lord’s Prayer”.

28th Sunday talk by the Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunoff) from the book "This is the living bread" (1934-1935), held on 21 April 1935 / on the day of the Bulgarian ”Vrabnitsa” celebration /.

Bulgaria, Sofia, district of “Izgrev”.

Translated by Pavel Iordanov

Edited by Maria Braikova


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[1] John 5:5-10, NKJV (New King James Version).

[2] The word “organisms” in this context represents the material structure of all living beings and encompasses not only the simplest, but also the most advanced forms of life. 

[3] Knowledge and perception are implied by the usage the figurative word “clothes” in this particular case.

[4] The word Nature is capitalized, because it represents not only the physical forms of our environment, but also the inner Intelligence inherent to Divine Life.

[5] Here, the word “mud” should be interpreted in a way different to its literal sense.

[6] Capitalized, the word “Man” describes the first primordial human as a pure, divine archetype for the whole of humanity, which archetype innately possesses the qualities of His Creator. In the context of the narrative, non-capitalized, the word “man” refers to all human beings without any gender differentiation.

[7] “Lev” (also “leva” in plural) is the name of the Bulgarian national currency.

[8] Here referance is made to the sacred, living and evolving geometry of the intelligent Nature.

[9] This sentence is not a direct quote from the Bible, but an interpretation by the Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunoff).

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