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1927_08_23 A VOICE CAME


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From  The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar






"God reigns in heaven. God reigns in life. May His Name be blessed!"


"Father, glorify Thy name!" Then came a voice from heaven: "I have glorified and will glorify."


Man can make his life significant only by examining it in its richness and in its inner manifestation. Up till now, the insignificance of life and all its contradictions are due to the individual life. Therefore, the anarchy which reigns in all societies is due to the individuals of which it is composed. Similarly, people which form society are responsible for the anarchy in it, and for the anarchy in the world as a whole. It means that the individual as a thinking creature has violated one of the great laws of nature, whereas a disorder in the whole world has arisen. This violation is caused by human desires and egoism.


The first commandment, which God gave to man, was not to taste the fruit of the tree of knowing good and evil. This commandment limits, to a certain extent, his freedom. However, man did not want to sacrifice his freedom. He asked himself: "Why did God, Who gave me freedom, wants to limit me at the same time? Why doesn't He leave me absolutely free under all conditions of life? Why doesn't He allow me to be absolute master of all?" You must know that if a man becomes an absolute master in the world, then God must limit Himself. This is the law. When one man is free, another one must be limited. All men can not be free at the same time. Those who do not understand the laws in the rational life, find a contradiction in this fact. Only the whole is free. Thus, whenever we want to give freedom to the parts, the whole becomes limited. The whole can disappear. How? Imagine that you divide an apple into 12 equal parts, which you give to 12 persons. Each one of these persons takes his part and all of them go to 12 different places. I ask you: Where did the whole go? The whole remained in the nucleus, in the seeds of the apples. Therefore, the whole should be planted in the ground where it will be limited and will undergo much suffering before it can reproduce its own species. What happened with the 12 parts, which were disengaged from the whole? Each part says: "When I go to this person, he will keep me for himself", which is to say that every part of the apple marries one of these wise creatures. How do their beloved behave? They eat them. After everyone has eaten his loved one, he says: "How sweet was this piece! It would be nice if I could only get another one like it? " How many days or months will he remember the taste of that sweet piece? Tomorrow, when he finds other pieces to eat, he will forget the first one. He will not only forget it, but will also throw it out of himself.


I say: There is a law according to which each servant who goes into his master's house, will be either turned out, or sent to work by him. The gypsy man acts in the same way. When he gets married, he lies on his back and says to his wife: "Please, put the bag on your back and go from house to house to gather some flour and knead for me a nice loaf of bread." The gypsy man has some occupation, like the making of nails and all he does is wait for his wife to bring him some flour or some things to eat. His wife puts the bag on her back, takes a stick and starts begging from house to house. In some places dogs bark after her, in others they pull her dress, but she does not give up. In one house she tells fortune by throwing cards; in another she tells fortune by looking at coffee-cups; still in another she tells fortune by throwing beans in the hope to get some flour for her husband. In spite of that, when she returns home, if she is a little late, her husband will beat her.


I take the word "gypsy" not as an external form, which it represents in life, but as an emblem of a specific conception of life. People say about some person: "That person must be beaten, because he has not finished his work on time." You ask: "Why must he be beaten?" Why must the nails be driven in? -To hold something together. If you do not drive in the nail well, it does not hold anything together. You say then that either the nail is soft, or that it is not well pounded in. If the nail is soft, what sort of philosophy is the one you have, which drives in soft nails? If the nail does not hold and you drive it in, you are already to blame. You must realize that you have made a mistake and say to the nail: "Please, be so good and come out of there, you are not for that place!" You say that the nail is to blame, because it does not hold well, and consider yourself right. If you think so, your mind does not hold. Then you take a bigger nail, about 12 centimeters long and you drive it in with the hammer, but that one also does not hold - it curves. You stand and wonder why that nail also gets curved. You say: "It is soft." There are workers who spoil many nails before they drive in one nail well.


Similarly, when you can not solve some difficult problem in life, you stop and wonder why things turn out as they do. I say: All problems in life can be solved if people can answer the question "What individual life is?". To be an individualist is to be an extreme materialist in the spiritual life. You can see this extreme materialism everywhere. You can hear the word "I", "I", everywhere. Do you know what "I" can do? Do you know what "I" have done? What have you done? "I" have done this and that. I ask you: When the world was created were you, the "I", present? Since you, the T", are everything in the world, who separated darkness from the light? I do not know these things. In this respect, the "I" is limited and not so boundless and almighty as it thinks. This is the basis of all contradictions in life. The more offended one is, the greater materialist he is. It doesn't matter whether people realize if they have this trait or not, but you must know it and work towards the improvement of your character. There is a remedy for pettiness. If you do not know how you can change your character, what sort of a man are you? Go to some man who is cultivating fruit-trees and ask him how he increases their fruitfulness. He will answer that he fertilizes them or that he grafts them with a better kind of fruit-trees, in order that the trees may give more and better fruit. What is hidden in the "I"? A Divine idea, which shows that man must have Divine dignity. When he seeks glory, by that he wants to say: "I am of a royal origin, my grandfather was a king and my father was a prince." If you think this way, you come to the state of chosen ducks, who have once boasted of their ancestors for having liberated Rome. A peasant was once leading some ducks to the city-market and on the way, they were saying: "Doesn’t this man know that we are of a noble origin? Doesn't he know that our ancestors liberated Rome? Why is he then treating us now so rudely?" Well, your ancestors saved Rome, but what have you done? In the same way, you say that God is kind, that He has made the world, etc. All this is fine, it is the truth, but whatever God has done, it is for Him, for His glory. What have you done? God has sent you into the world and has given you a mind, a heart, a soul and a spirit, but what have you done with your mind, with your heart, with your soul and spirit, for yourself, for your neighbour and for God? You, people of today, deny the soul and the spirit, but at least, you admit the existence of the mind and the heart. I ask you then: What have you done with your mind and with your heart? When God made the world, He manifested Himself, but after that He gave everything He made to man. When God created heaven and earth and all other luminaries in heaven, He placed man in Paradise and said to him: "I made all this for you." This shows that God has thought for man. Similarly, God has thought for the angels when he has said to them "You will become teachers and bring up these children, which I left to live on the earth," This is a circle of life, bound with the manifestation of God.


So, I say to you: You, who live on earth, want to manifest yourselves and you are right in wishing that. Your desire for self-manifestation is a Divine principle, an act of creation, but I ask you: To whom will you give whatever you will produce? What God created, He gave to people, charging the angels with their education. Thus, He created work for both people and angels. But you, who say "I", "I", at every step, to whom will you give whatever you will produce? That's why we are led to the law of sacrifice which states: "Every man who retains for himself that which he has produced, can not find the meaning of life. Whatever you have produced, is not for you, you must give it to someone else. I will clarify to you the law of sacrifice by giving you an example. You say: "How is this now, must we give to people all the money, which we have earned? This is an example which partly clarifies the idea. I say: When you make the water run through a fountain, you have some idea for doing that, don't you? What is your idea? That people should draw water from that fountain for their daily needs. You do not want to draw water from it alone, you want people around you to do the same thing. If a desire is born in that fountain to retain all the water running through it for itself alone and no person should draw from it, what would happen? The land around it will be flooded. In order that everyone may see the land again, the fountain must want all people around it to draw from its water. What flows out of the fountain, what it creates is for the Glory of God. People around will come to it for its water.


In this sense when the Scriptures speak about the good man, we understand the life which flows in man. To manifest the good, means to give out that flowing life which flows out of you in the same way as God has given out all that He has created. He created the worlds, inhabited them with living creatures and then gave them out. Not only that, but He continues to care for them even to this very day. We pray every day: "God, send us this or that..." And we see that all the time, during the centuries we live He has never stopped to send us His goods and blessings. Have you ever asked yourself the question: How have we made God be so merciful and kind toward us? I have given you many examples about this, but they are superficial and can not make the idea clear enough.


Now I shall give you an example, which I will examine in its deepest sense. Suppose that a poor, young man, all in rags and bare-footed, comes to be hired as a servant in the house of a rich and famous family. This young man is industrious, honest and works very well. His master sees his work and says: "This young man pleases me, he works well." The master buys him new clothes and new shoes. You see this servant changed, not looking as he did at the beginning. Well dressed, walking straight, looking stately he seems to have come round. The master has a son and daughters and the young man serves them all. They say: "Come, Stoyan, do this for me!" He has hardly finished one thing and he is asked to do another thing. He runs all day, serves everybody, treats everybody kindly and politely, runs from one room to another, as fast as if he had ten feet. He fulfils all orders well and everyone agrees that Stoyan is a fine servant. Why? He foresees the needs of his master and mistress and of their children, that's why they all love him. Not only that, but whatever he makes outside the house, he brings it to his master - he thinks of him all the time. His master loves him, his mistress loves him, the small children love him, the young mistress loves him, but somehow differently than the others. She exceeds the limits of that love, which the laws and customs of that family permit. The laws of that family allow a young girl to be attached only to a man of a noble origin. It is not allowed for such a woman to marry a man of a humble origin.


What is the cause, however, that the young lady loves such a simple man? If the cause is hidden in the fact, that the young man has nice, black eyes, black mustaches, fine eye-bows, or a regular nose, one may find many other handsome young men. But can that girl fall in love with one of these other men, when she loves Stoyan? No, she can not. The cause is hidden somewhere else, not in the black eyes and fine eye-brows, or mustaches. All these things are only an external reflection, a mask of the Truth. The young lady says: "If Stoyan does not remain as a servant in our home during all my life, I can not live." She wants Stoyan to serve her as long as she lives, so that she may always hear his voice.


If you consider this example from a purely physical point of view, you will be wrong. I will explain to you the basic idea by using other examples, because the idea is complicated and must be analyzed and considered in its development. If it is not examined in this way, it will not be understood correctly. In clarifying this, there are three important points to be kept in mind. The first one: you take a bottle full of lemonade, drink all the lemonade and throw away the empty bottle. The second one: you are given a big apple weighing about half a pound. You take the apple and go to a nice clear spring where you wash it and sit in a nice place where you eat it, intending to plant its seeds. You hide the seeds, but you forget to plant them. The third one: you are given a nice book. You put it in your bag, go near a nice spring, sit under the shadow of a tree beside it and start reading the book. You read to a certain page and begin to smile. Then you start reading and smiling again. At the end, you close the book, put it in your bag and return home. Wherever you go, the book is with you. You will open it for a while, read in it, smile happily and close it again. Whoever is looking at you will say: "What is this man doing with this book? What does it say?" The young man represents a sacred book for the young woman and she says: "My Teacher told me that I can not go to school without this book and can not study without it."


That's fine. At school no student can be registered if he does not have this sacred book! It means: no student can go to school without his Teacher! The Scripture says: "No man can go to the Father without his wife, neither can a wife go to the Father without her husband."


Therefore, the sacred book is Love. Love is necessary for your mind and heart, for your soul and spirit. You will remain ignorant and simple without this book. Someone says: "I am sorry I fell in love." What are you in love with? Your love is like the lemonade in the bottle. You drink the lemonade and throw the bottle away. This is the first phase of love, which is called worldly love. The second, nobler love, is represented by the apple which is eaten. The one who eats it intends to plant its seeds, but forgets to do it and they remain useless. The third, the true love is represented by the book. After opening the book, the disciple starts to read, to solve problems, he goes out at night to observe the stars, while in the morning he waits for the rising sun; he studies the different minerals, plants, animals, people, different arts, plays the violin, etc. As soon as he opens the book, he studies and works, when he closes it, he meditates. Everyone who observes the action of the disciple says: "There is something worthwhile in that book."


It is the same in life. Everywhere we see the manifestations of Love. This is true not only for people, but also for all plants, animals, flies and even the smallest microbes. The manifestations of Love can be seen in all creatures. The difference is only in the degree of Love - the degree of development which it has attained. It you observe a microbe under a microscope, you will notice in it the same manifestations of love as in a human being. Love gives people the impulse for life and activity. You meet a young girl, somewhat indolent, absent-minded, spending her time in aimless wanderings, not having any desire for work at home with her mother, but as soon as she finds Stoyan, she begins to work, to sew, to help her mother at once and becomes attentive and kind towards people. What is the cause of this change in her? She has found the sacred book - Stoyan, started to open and read it and became softer and nobler. People say: "How gentle our Draganka has become!" Who made her so gentle? The book Stoyan.


Christ expressed the second phase of Love in the following verse: "I am the living bread and he that eateth me will have eternal life." Yes, but this bread has seeds which you must plant. People have eaten this bread so many years, but where are the seeds? Do you know that the disciples of the occult School are held responsible for the seeds of all the apples they eat? The seed of the apple they have eaten must be planted! Not only that, but the disciples are responsible, if they do not count the seeds of the apple, which they have eaten, if they do not plant them, if they do not know in what soil to plant them, and finally, if they do not know how to cultivate them. The disciple must know everything! In case he does not know, he loses his place as a disciple. Present day people are supposed to have a definite moral about life, a positive philosophy, but when they see someone reading this sacred book, they say: "This man is still young and green." We know these wild young people! Thus, they consider those who read the book of life wild and green, while those who do not read it are counted among the sages!


The Scriptures say: "My son, give me thy heart!" What does the word "give" mean? It implies opening up of the heart. People today are afraid of the word "give". This word implies opening, receiving. First you must unfold yourself and receive something within and then you will give from yourself. First of all, the field opens to receive the seeds within itself, then it closes and after some time it bears fruit. The tree is first planted in the ground where it begins to grow, to receive and then it bears fruit. Therefore, when God says "give", we understand that he has deposited something good within us and we must give what springs from the good - give something of the sacred book of life. The message written in this book has no end.


When I speak to you about the living Word and about the living relations, I mean that such a love must be restored among you, that you will understand each other as living Divine books in which God has written the great Wisdom of Creation. Then when you meet some friend, you should be able to read, at least, one leaf of his sacred book. If you do not understand each other in this way, you will say about each other: "This man is educated, that one is simple; this one is rich, that one is poor." This sort of speaking implies a recognition of the cover of the book only and not of the contents. When we say that someone is educated, we understand that his book is leather-bound, with golden letters on the cover. When we say that some man is simple, we understand that his book is poorly bound without a golden inscription on the cover. I say: Both books are equally noble, but not equally clothed.


Christ says: "Father, glorify Thy name!" Then came a voice from heaven which said: "I have glorified and will glorify."


Thus, if you do not understand the individual life, if you do not have an inner impetus for receiving the new ideas, you will remain such as you are. If Draganka had not met her Stoyan, she would have continued her life in the same way. She would have grown old and finished her life without finding any meaning in it. Knowledge makes life meaningful. From this point of view people in the far past have studied different sciences like astrology, palmistry, the cabala and others. Astrology is considered as a science of the forms of this sacred book of life. What does the planet Venus represent? All the ways and methods by which Love can be manifested in all the worlds are hidden in Venus. In it lie hidden the methods for the expression of Love towards the individual, towards all men and towards God. If a man has this love, he will love both himself and his neighbour. The lowest stage is the Venus type of person who loves only himself. Such people are extreme individualists as all animals which eat food of animal origin. The wolf, for example, is an extreme individualist. He usually lives alone. Can you see a wolf in a group of wolves? He usually does not move in groups, except in winter, when conditions are very difficult. Then out of necessity they form groups of 50-60 wolves and go to look for food.


I will ask you: From an evolutionary point of view what distinguishes the wolf from the sheep? The sheep has more intelligence and nobility of character than the wolf. All carnivorous animals have a well-developed center of destruction. The head of the wolf is broader than that of the sheep, which shows that the sheep is not as energetic as the wolf, but more intelligent than him. A magic power lies in the sheep by which it protects itself from its enemies. The wolf can never eat a sheep. The reason why wolves eat sheep lies in the shepherds. If the shepherd is a good, honest man, who does not lie or steal and lead a "clean" life, the wolves will not eat his sheep. If, however, the shepherd is a bad man, who lies, steals, kills and leads an "unclean" life, the wolves will steal and eat his sheep. When a wolf approaches a sheep, the latter stares at him, stamps with its foot and the wolf turns back and goes away. The sheep says to him: "Do you understand the law of God? Go back quickly!" The bad shepherd is Judas Iscariot, who himself delivers his sheep to the wolf. This is a fact. The sheep is by nature very bold. When a dog comes near it, it looks at him, stamps with its foot and suggests to him to go away. They say that the sheep is very cowardly and soft. This is not true. It is soft and cowardly only when it is delivered by someone to the wolf. Otherwise, it is bold and stamps with its foot not only to the wolf and the dog, but also to the lion and the tiger and makes them go away. What is this due to? At a given moment, the vibrations of the sheep's will are more powerful than those of the carnivorous animals and in this way, the sheep has an advantage over them. The wolf eats only those sheep, which are eating grass somewhere absent-mindedly. They are materialists. Such a sheep has no time to defend itrself, and before it can stamp its foot, the wolf approaches it, takes it by the neck and says: "You are not serving God."


I say: All sheep who do not serve God are materialists, while all spiritual sheep, as soon as they see the wolf, stamp their foot at him, while he is at a distance, yet. Those sheep have presentiment of the coming of the wolf. If some of you are shepherds, they can notice how these sheep are on their guard several hours before the approach of the wolf - they are waiting for him, ready to stamp their foot at him. The materialistic sheep eats grass calmly and does not suspect any danger, while the spiritualistic sheep keeps the herd. I am giving you this example, so that you may know what to do with the difficulties in life, how to deal with the devil. When the devil comes to you, first you will take a good look at him, and then stamp your foot at him. They say that the devil is big and strong. No! You should not fear him, but stamp your foot at him. If you say you must first finish your work and then deal with him, he will take you by the neck and suffocate you. And what will come after that? The shepherd will send his dogs to chase him. Even if you are saved from the mouth of the wolf, the marks of his teeth will remain on your neck and you will say to everyone: "Do you know that the wolf took me by the neck?" Why? - Because you were eating grass when the wolf came. You must be awake! When the devil is coming, you will not be settling your account with the bank, but you should rather be praying to God. Prayer is your protecting tool in the hands of God by which God will chase away the devil. You will pray to God with a foot raised ready and waiting and when the devil comes, you will stamp with that foot. Prepared like this you are armed with the present day "Manliher" guns. You will aim with this gun and shoot, as the sheep stamps with its foot.


Now I see many of the older, as well as younger disciples, saying: "Where did the Master find these physical exercises? Where did He find these problems as washing with water and the others? We have no need of them, let Him give us something else." How strange you are! See what the soldiers do! They put the gun on their shoulder, lie on the ground, shoot, get up - shoot again - they are practicing. Why? To be ready when the wolf comes. See that clerk writing, practicing all the time. Why? To be ready when the wolf comes. When the wolf comes, he wants him to sign a bill. Then he takes his daughter and carries her away to the forest like a thief. The clerk starts chasing the thief. He sends after him his bullets, 20 - 30 000 English pounds in gold. This man has worked so many years for these bullets. He puts them in a bag, makes a bomb out of it and says: "Have this bomb explode against the enemy. The enemy will be frightened and will run away, while you will take my daughter and bring her to me." They ask you: "Why have you learned to write?" One of your friends is discouraged and wants to commit a suicide. You take 20 000 of your dum-dum bullets, put the gun on your shoulder, go to your friend, place before him your gun and your dum-dum bullets and say: "Help yourself, my friend, do not fear!" He looks at you, smiles and thanks you. This is what the bullets dum-dum can do. This is the way to speak in a modern language and in fact it is so. You have to have a good inner disposition. God requires of us all to manifest the Great Divine Love and to fulfil the Divine Will.


Several years ago, I gave the disciples an exercise -everyone to go alone at night, after midnight, to the mountain Vitosha. At first, they considered this exercise as impossible and said to themselves: "This exercise is possible for the brothers and for the elder sisters, but not for the young sisters." I told them: Each one will start from his home concentrated in his thought and will not speak to anyone, or greet anybody. All the disciples did this exercise successfully, with the exception of two of them - a brother and a sister. After reaching the village Dragalevtzy, the sister had stopped at a tavern to ask which way to take for the mountain. The tavern-keeper had followed her and frightened her a bit. He was the wolf who came against her. She should not have stopped and talked to anyone, but should have tried to find the way by herself. The brother, on the other hand, while walking, had fallen into deep meditations upon philosophical problems, and had not noticed how a dog had jumped upon him and bitten him. I say: When you go to Vitosha, you will not be distracted by temporary questions, neither meditate upon scientific questions, nor think of yourself. What peo-pie think of you, what they will say about you are secondary questions. If you think a lot about them, some dog will bite you. The questions about money, power, magic, different sciences like astrology, alchemy, and others, are also secondary questions. It is important for you to think of the great question: how to achieve proper relations with God. As individuals, you represent the material and the social worlds. Despite of your relations with God, you must also solve the question what your attitude towards reality must be. This is necessary because the welfare of the individual depends upon the condition of the whole. The physical, mental and spiritual development of every individual in the world is fully determined by the family, or the society in which he lives. If a certain nation is honest, just, benevolent and noble, everyone of its individuals must bear in himself these qualities. The same idea relates to God. If we live for God and love Him, we must include in ourselves the qualities which He has. You say: "Why are we so foolish to pray to God?" The question is not whether you must pray to Him or not, but you must rather make contact with God and acquire those of His qualities which are necessary for your development.


Let us admit now, that someone among you has a strong desire to become a poet in the highest sense of the word. This desire is in its place. To be a poet is the highest position which a man can occupy in the world. It is to live in a higher world. However, not everyone can be a poet. The poet must have specific folds in the upper part of his brain, where the center of poetry is found. Also not everyone can be a musician. The musician has specific folds in the forehead, on the sides of the eyebrows. The phrenologists call these places in the head centers, but I call them - specific folds. If you have such folds, you can manifest poetic or musical abilities; if you do not have them, you can not be a poet or a musician. The spiritual, or religious man has specific folds in the upper part of the brain. From these folds fibres originate which spread into all directions of the brain. The spiritual life is nourished by the material life, that's why we must not reject either of them. The spiritual life is the real life. That's why, if you are to be a poet, you must be a spiritual person. The spiritual life creates the poet. Poetry is the mental side of the spiritual life. It creates the forms of this life. The mental life of the poet causes an expansion in him. In this respect, the poet is an artist of the spiritual world. He paints different forms with colours. He draws the paths along which people will pass. The poet can pass by an ordinary flower and imbue it with such a life and significance, as noone can even suspect.


I shall give you an example to show you how the poet animates all things, even the smallest flowers. Many people pass by a snow-drop, but no one sees anything special in it. The poet passes by the snow-drop, stops, looks at it for a long time and composes a poem about it. He sees many things in that flower and knows how to praise it through a poem. People ask: "Where did that poet find so much material about a small snow-drop? Jde wrote wonders about it!" But the poet knows well the snowdrop. Once upon a time, it was a certain beautiful Draganka, who had fallen in love with the poet - the handsome Stoyan, and since she had not been able to marry him, she had become discouraged and had committed suicide. God sends her today as a small white snow-drop, while He sends Stoyan as a poet to find Draganka and to describe and praise her life in a poem. He says to her: "Once upon a time I could not marry you and you killed yourself in dispair. I knew then your true love and came to praise you in a poem today." Everybody asks: "Why does this poet praise this small snow-drop?" He praises his Draganka. Is there any sense in praising this snow drop? Of course, there is. The poet keeps silent and does not say anything about himself, but he knows the whole story of the snow-drop. They ask him: "How do you know this story?" I had an inspiration. Yes, inspiration will always come. When people say that Divine inspiration has visited someone, I understand that they are speaking about those rational ties, which exist from the beginning of our life. What inspired you? The rational Divine ties. It will depend on you, whether these ties will be positive or negative: if you are wise, you will draw from them the useful and the good elements; if you are not wise, you will be affected by their evil side.


The Scriptures say: "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord." In this sense, every science which you study, must have, first of all, a certain practical application in your own life. Then if you were an educated person in the full sense of the word, you would foresee things. How? You would make use of your knowledge of palmistry. Looking at your palm you would see that, at a certain age, you have to experience a bad crisis. You would notice that there is a dark spot on your life-line, which predicts that crisis. And if you could understand these things, you would take precautions to avoid the crisis. Since you do not understand these things, you call some fortuneteller to tell your future by cards, by beans, or by melted wax. All predictions by these means are relics of a great science in the past, but today humanity is in a different phase of its development.


Today people must study the hand and be interested in it, for everything is written down on it. There is no reason of being afraid to read what is written there, but you must learn how to read it. The occult disciple must look at himself in the mirror every day - not to see how good-looking he is, but to study himself. The beauty of the occult disciple lies in the fact that the lines of honesty, justice, goodness, friendliness, loyalty, etc. are written in his face. If he can see these lines in himself, he will be encouraged for work. For instance, someone tells you that you are not just. Do not be discouraged, but rather see whether you have this line on your face. It is written there and can not be erased. And if your past life has spotted your face, aren't you supposed to act as an antiquarian, who is holding old money in his hands? What does he do? He takes some acid, pours it over the piece of money not to dissolve it, but to clean it on the outside. In the same way, you must uncover your face, in order to recognize its essence. The time has come when you should work to free yourselves of all those sediments which the ages have left on your faces and remain only with that which God has written on them. Someone sees a face and says: "This face pleases me, I would gladly look at it every day." What does he like in that face? - The line of justice. On another face the line of honesty is written down; on a third face - the line of goodness; on a fourth face - the line of benevolence. When I look into the face of these people, something fine flows from them, and it inspires me and evokes the same qualities in me. The lines of politeness, agility, perceptiveness, etc. are written down on the faces of other people. Every person has certain virtues and if we knew how to read, they could represent great resources of the good, which we could benefit by.


So, I say: All of you must use part of your spare time to study your face, so that you might see what great things God has written there, and not say anymore that there is nothing specific in your face. You will find a teacher, who could acquaint you, at least, with the fundamental lines of your face. First of all, learn to distinguish which foreheads are nice, which noses, eyes, ears and eyebrows are beautiful. For instance, which eyes are beautiful? The beautiful eyes are clear and a deep. The ray of light, which they emit, is not horizontal, but has an upward inclination, thus forming a small angle. A man with such eyes is a balanced person. The depth and contents of a man are revealed by the eyes. They are one's heaven. If that heaven is clear or cloudy, we see what is hidden in the man himself.


Christ says: "Father, glorify Thy name!" How can God be glorified in us? If we are all a reflection of that great Wisdom, which God has deposited at the very beginning in us. When


God created our eyes, He wanted to express a great idea. The external eye corresponds to an internal organ. In the human brain, there are numerous folds, behind which he certain feelings, forces and abilities. The disciple must understand the forces which he possesses. He must study and understand the changes which take place in him. For instance, why does one speak sometimes softly and pleasantly, and other times rudely. Notice that deaf people usually speak in a high-pitched and rude voice. Every person who speaks in a high tone of voice and rudely is deaf. While a person is young, he speaks softly and tenderly, but as soon as he becomes older; he begins to speak rudely. I say about such a person: Your Dragan is somewhat deaf. People whose hearing is acute and well-developed, ordinarily speak quietly and softly. You must study these things and grow in knowledge, in order to give your souls a chance to be manifested. You should be responsive and feel the sufferings of people. Then, when you see a person, you will know his needs and what his life is. You say: "It is dangerous to know each other." So, according to you, it is dangerous to know a person and safe not to know him! However, the opposite is true: not to know a person is dangerous, while to know him is not dangerous.


I will ask you the following question: What distinguishes Jesus Christ from the other people? He sacrificed His life, in order to glorify God in Himself. Christ says: "For this end came I into the world." Even today, He is teaching His disciples on the earth the same law. Now you are ready to go to Christ with empty hands like poor beggars and to leave your possessions to the other people. I ask you: How must the sheep go to its master? Must it have its wool sheared and its milk taken and appear infront of him like this or should it take its wool and milk to him? The sheep must go to its master with its wool and milk and say to him: "Now you can take my wool and milk." This is the sacrifice, the tribute, which the sheep must pay to its master. If it should go to him sheared and milked beforehand, do you know what that may be compared to? To the credo of people today, according to which they say: "The young can not serve God. First, they must spend their youth as they desire and when they become older, they may serve God." This is equal to the devil first milking him and shearing his wool and then letting him go to God. Why? Because the devil has already cast him out as useless. Yes, then God also will cast him out. You say: "During old ages we can serve God. What sort of a philosophy, what sort of a religion is this? It is the philosophy and the religion of the world. It is in the days of youth, that one should serve God! God is not a God to the sinful, but to the wise and beloved children of His, whom He keeps written in His right palm. And since God loves these children of His, it is because of them that He has compassion and forgiveness towards the poor, also. If God is benevolent towards the sinful, it is for the sake of those whom He loves.


From this point of view, all contemporary sciences must undergo a thorough transformation. All sciences must have a rational application in life, otherwise their development is doomed to death. Take, for example, phrenology. It suffered a defeat in America. This defeat was caused by the sole fact, that it was not wisely applied in life. Phrenology was used for telling-fortune and for material gain. You go to some phrenologist and want him to tell you something. You pay him beforehand and he puts his hands on your head and starts measuring it. As soon as money came first, phrenology stopped to progress and could not advance as a science. In this way the very foundation of this science was discredited. Not only phrenology, but also all sciences of today came to a place where their further development stopped.


Today people expect everything from God and say: "God will teach us." Since you think and believe that God will teach you everything I say: There is a Divine Science in the world, which describes the life of the soul. That's why you must begin to study it. You must begin to understand the life of your soul. For instance, have you ever studied the eye? Can you tell what a beautiful eye looks like? Do you know what eyebrows are beautiful? In my investigations and observations, which I have made for many years, it is very rarely, that I have come across people with beautiful eyes, ears, eyebrows, noses, foreheads and faces. Beautiful faces are those, in which a certain idea is concealed - there is depth in them. Beautiful people are models for the rest of the people. They are living models. They keep still, but others are inspired by them. They inspire the poets and writers. The beautiful mothers and fathers keep still, but their silence inspires their sons and daughters. Their silence means this: take the wealth which we have gathered and manifest it in the world.


Today, all ministers invite people to turn to God. If you are sent among ignorant people to preach, what will you begin with? How do you think, will you be successful or not? An English minister had been sent to Ceylon to work and after 20 years of efforts he had not been able to turn even one person to God. He had regretted much the sad fact, and in despair had thrown away all his documents, given to him at the end of his theological studies in the universities. One day deeply grieving, he had turned to God with a prayer to be shown by Him the causes for his failure. After that, he had called all those people with whom he had worked during his 20 year stay, and had said to them: "I have preached to you for such a long time, but as yet, I have not spoken to you about the essence of the Teaching of Christ." He says: "If you have two garments give the one to your neighbour." This means, if you have money and lands, share them with the ones in need. He had told them, at last, how to act with the poor and needy. And what had happened then? Not before long his followers had started, one by one, to visit him at his home and to tell him, that they were pleased with the sermons and with him. In a short time, however, his house was emptied by these visitors and he had remained there with nothing, but his coat and his underwear. The natives had stolen everything there and had stopped to visit him. The minister had turned again to God and asked Him: "God, is there anything more, which I have not fulfiled yet?" He had been ready to do anything God would have asked him to. This exam-pie shows that we can see how to serve God. About a week later his followers changed and said: "This man has lived 20 years among us and we have not done anything good for him. Moreover we have stolen everything from him. Come, let us give him back all that we have taken." Then one by one, they started to take back to him the stolen things.


The important question is not whether the stolen things will be brought back or not, but rather, in all of us a strong inner desire to fulfil the will of God must be born and we have to understand it in the depth of our soul, not as it is written in the books. Every science must be for the Glory of God. And then only, by such a science, can we obtain a positive knowledge about life. For instance, a man goes to an astrologer who says to him: "This March, a misfortune will befall you, so you must be cautious." By the position of the planets in certain seasons, the astrologer can make predictions. Thus, he can advise some people not to travel during those days and to postpone their journey. The English writer Stead had been warned not to travel with the Titanic, but he did not pay attention. His disobedience led him to the bottom of the ocean. That's science! The chemist, in his turn, will take a small amount of sweat from someone and analyzing it, will say: "There is a surplus of acids in your organism. You must take care otherwise something dangerous will happen to you. If you do not throw them out of your organism in 4-5 months, you will experience the consequences." After that, the chemist will give you methods for the elimination of the extra acids. When the doctor comes, he will look at your nails, because all unhealthy conditions are written on them. He will tell you what disease you may develop and will tell you how to prevent it. I consider as real that science, which can foresee things and tell you how to prevent them.


I say: When a man leads consciously a good life, it is again for the Glory of God. Christ says: "You are a temple of God." I ask you if we are a temple of God, mustn't this temple be well plastered and painted on the outside? The windows -the eyes of this temple, wouldn't they be well painted and clean? The main entrance - the mouth of this temple - mustn't it be well arranged and clean? The telephones and their receivers -the ears - wouldn't they be in order? The curtains - the eyelids of the temple - mustn't they be in order? The tassels - the hairs of this temple - wouldn't they be well smoothed and clean?" Everything must be in its place in this temple! Some people say: "My hair turned white! What do these words mean?" I will not explain to you these things, but I will say: Everything in the world must be for the Glory of God!


We must all have an inner impulse, an inner stimulus to push us forward. There is no progress without this impulse. Love is this stimulus. You can not make any progress without Love. If you do not love someone, you can not study. You must study either for your father, for your mother, brother, sister, friend; either for Draganka, for your servant, or for your master - you must study for someone. You must love at least, one rational creature for whom you will study. You must not live only for yourselves, but for others as well. To live for others is to give an impetus to the Divine Love within you. Therefore, if you love God, He will be an inner stimulus for you and you will be able to manifest your soul. If you can not love God, then love your neighbour; if you can not love your neighbour, love Draganka; if you can not love Draganka, love your friend, or your mother, or your father, sister, brother, or the ox, which works in the field, or a small flower in your garden, or at least a stone. There are people who love their ring, or some other jewel. One must always love someone or something.


I say: Love is the great stimulus in life. If you begin to love someone, be sure that God will bless you for this Love. If you change your love, you can not elevate yourself. There is no excuse for the person who is not true to love. This means that the invisible world remains indifferent to him. The Scriptures say: "He that denies God and does not love Him, is denied and rejected by God." God rejects you when you reject Him. You say: "What can we do then?" Start loving. This is the Truth. You want God to come and bow to you. No! God is Love, He is the Creator of everything in the world. He cares for everyone and says: "Everyone is in a state to be like Me." You can be as pure as God. There are methods for acquiring this state.


I will give you an example, which you have heard before. When water came to the world, it was dressed in a clean, white as the snow dress. The ox saw it and fell in love with it. Later, he spotted its dress, which saddened the water and it started to cry and to complain to God about the ox. God sent the sun to help it. The sun started to shine powerfully, melted the snow and the water, pure and light again, started to ascend toward the sky in the form of steam. Thus, its spotted dress became clean again. Similarly, your dress can be spotted by some ox, but should this stop your love? Love is deaf to all the bad, offensive words. You can not embitter the heart of one who loves, neither can you darken his mind, or disturb his soul. He will smile at all offenses and bitternesses. Love is an unconquerable power. He who has love is strong. You can all ha,ve this power, for it is obtained by grace, without any violence. As far as Wisdom, Truth, knowledge and the rest of the virtues are concerned, you will pay with your blood for them. The only virtue given freely is Love.


Why do difficulties come in my life? God knows all about good and bad habits of people and sees that they will not receive Love voluntarily, that's why He makes them pass through difficulties and sufferings. If you ask why God makes you pass through difficulties, you must know that the reason for that is the fact, that you have not accepted Love. All people who do not accept Love, will pass through the narrow way, which is a way without Love. When they pass that way, they will call Love and say to it: "Please, come with us and do not leave us! Do not let us pass this way a second time! We will not go anywhere without you!"


I shall tell you of that American, who, in order to become famous, had decided to pass Niagara Falls in a barrel. He closed himself tightly in a tarred barrel. Those who had seen him enter the barrel, had advised him not to make the experiment, but he had said: "I want you to drop me from the top of the waterfall. I am ready for that." They had let him go down with the water, watching what would happen. When he had come down, they had quickly opened the barrel to take him out of it. In what state had they found him? The fast motion of the vessel and the heavy knocks upon it had rendered him unconscious. It had taken them a long time to bring him back to consciousness. When he had become conscious again, he had said: "I would never pass the Niagara Falls in a barrel a second time not even if the whole world was given to me." Just the same way, after you pass through some bitter experience, as a consequence of an unwise act, you say: "I would never again enter a barrel, even if the whole world were given to me." I ask you: Who made you enter that barrel?


I say: We, people of the new teaching, must distinguish ourselves not by our religion, neither by our science, nor by our power or goodness, but by our Love. This is the natural way. When we acquire even the smallest part of Love, we shall already have a different culture in which will flow the New Life. We have passed through many different ways, but now we will pass through the New Way - the Way of Love. Once on the way of Love, all doubts will vanish. Even if you were cut into thousands of pieces, you will not feel doubt. Not only that, but while you are being cut, you will sing. You will be like John FIuss, who sang while he was burning. You say: "What will be our credo?" The credo of John Huss - to sing while you burn." What will be our credo?" The credo of the Apostles, who after being beaten, returned rejoicing for having had the honour to be beaten for the sake of the Lord. "What will be our credo?"-The credo of apostle Paul, who after the shipwreck had passed, remained with the passangers on an island where the.y made a fire, and he was encouraging everybody with his sermon. "What will be our credo?" The law of Love.


Thus, Love must be an impulse for all of us. Only this way can we receive something better from the Divine world. Only through Love can we impart to our mind, to our heart, soul and spirit greater riches than we are now gathering. As you listen to me talk to you like this, you say: "Is this possible?" I say: For some of you this will be possible after one day, for others - after one week, one month or one year, while for some, it may happen after 60 years. You can live 60 years, which will pass like one day. If a man decides to fulfil the will of God, his life will be prolonged, but if he does not fulfil the will of God, his life will be shortened. The length of one's life depends on his decision to fulfil or not the will of God. One's life, as well as his learning, are subjected to this law which is the standard measure.


Now you say: "Is it really like this?" For me, it is and I shall not stop to prove it to you. I have tested and verified everything I say to you. You may believe, if you want to; if you can not believe, examine everything I say. For example, I may give you a ball of yarn and say: There are so many kilometers from here to the sun. If you want to verify it, I shall hold one end of the yarn on earth, while you will take the other end and start for the sun. Once upon a time, my Master showed me how to go to the sun and told me how many kilometers I have to travel and I believed him. I went to the sun and saw that everything there was as He had told me. If you believe, you will shorten the time, if you do not - you may go to the sun alone. You say: "How shall we understand what our Master tells us: literally or figuratively?" I say: To understand things literally does not mean to understand them at all, while understanding them figuratively is more comprehensible. But neither the literal nor the figurative sense can explain the reality of things; they explain it only partially. For instance, if you go to the sun what will you learn? Nothing special. Will you understand anything about the creatures that live on the sun, about the intimate family relations among men and women, among mothers and children? Will you understand anything about their schools, about the organization of their nation, or about their culture in general? You will understand nothing. You will only know something about the outside of the sun - whether it is a burning body, as scientists state, or not. Will you be able to explain what the sun spots are? If I begin to explain to the scientists today what the sun spots are, I shall enter into conflict with them. I shall tell these educated people that I have been on the sun, but I shall tell them the following: in the far past, there had been an educated person, who had known well the optical laws and had constructed a telescope, which had been able to magnify things 900 million times. Today, the greatest secrets of the universe can be uncovered by this telescope. - "Is this true?" - Yes, that telescope is till this day in a cave. A scientific expedition will set out in search of it. Actually, this telescope exists in the world. Whoever can go to the cave will find it, but as soon as he looks at it, he will fall asleep.


Christ says: "The Father hath taught me thus." Do you understand the inner meaning of the words? How does God teach people? There is a way by which God teaches them. All those whom God is teaching, must fall asleep. Sleeping is actually transferring people from one world into another, where they can study more than when they are awake. In order to be able to study, we must all be calm. It is so nice to have self-possession in the midst of disturbances and troubles. It is so nice to help your friend in the difficult moments of his life when he is discouraged and in despair. Notice how scientists today help each other. A scientist who has made some scientific discovery, makes it available to another scientist, who has also made a discovery in the same field and who in turn reveals his own discovery to the first scientist. Thus, by mutual assistance, they cooperate in a better way for a final success in their inventions. Similarly, spiritual people must help each other in their discoveries. One of the problems of spiritual people is the study of life. What is life? It is a great science.


So, I say to you: You must all begin to work on yourselves to overcome all difficulties and to help each other. Do not be afraid of the world, but rather fight till victory. This means: work on yourselves till you turn out to be victorious over the wolf. As soon as the wolf comes, stamp your foot at him. As soon as a difficulty comes, prepare your foot and wait for it.


Someone will ask you: "What is this pose you have taken?" "I am waiting for the wolf to come, so that I can stamp my foot at him. Let the sheep be an example for you. There are problems in life which are difficult to solve, you try to do your best to find the proper solution. Do not leave in your mind unclarified, unexplained questions. Search for the relation which exists among all things. When to your home comes a brother, who has written something nice and wishes to read it to you, be happy about it, listen to him carefully, share your opinion or idea with him and God will bless both of you. You must be correct and careful in everything. In case you find that there is something laking in the work of your brother, you will say: "Brother, add something more to your article to make it more complete." Another brother has printed his works, but no one reads them. Tell him: "Never mind, brother, the time for them will come. Those for whom you have written your works have not come yet." It is the new, the young generation, which will read your works. When Christ wrote His book, how many people read it? Were there as many ready souls at that time as there are today? The souls that are ready will descend from above, but there must be homes ready for them on earth. Have you prepared homes for these souls? If you have done that, you have already solved the important problem. When one of the disciples comes into your home, your life will go on wheels. After Jacob went to Lavane what happened to Lavane? He was blessed. Every place, where the foot of a good man steps, is blessed. When a great thought is born in one's soul, it inevitably brings a great blessing into his life. The same thing can be said about a home, or a nation. Every great thought is alive. It is nothing other than life itself. This great thought has taken a living form and whispers to you: "Do this, do not do that." It is one of your good friends, it is the light in your life, which says to you: "Listen to my words and do not be afraid! Go forward!". Sometimes, it may speak to you from outside, sometimes - from within. If you doubt it, however, and admit that it is not telling you the truth, you shake the foundation of your faith. Your doubt shows that you believe in the devil more than you believe in God. I say to you: Believe in the devil, but even more believe in God. Love the devil, but even more love God. Be afraid of the evil, but even more love the good. Here is a maxim, which you can apply at the begining of your new life. This is what it means to have the name of God glorified within us. You must receive the Divine Love right now and believe in God with all the simplicity of your soul, so that you may acquire knowledge. From this day on everyone must begin to feel his heart and mind expand. This expansion may be very small, microscopic, but small things are blessed.


After this talk, get together in groups and read and meditate upon the 14th chapter of the Gospel of Luke.


I will give you the following topic for meditation during the year: "Methods for Self-Education of the Individual, Methods for the Education of Society and Methods for the Education of Mankind." I wish all of you to bring this topic worked out and developed at the next Conference. Everyone must work alone and not copy someone else's work. You will consider every question from the stand-point of the four kinds of life. For instance, you will examine the self-education of the individual from the stand-point of the old life; then from the stand-point of the new life; from the stand-point of the life of the righteous and at last, from the stand-point of the life of the disciple. Just the same way you will consider the methods for the education of society and of humanity from the stand-points of these four kinds of life. Thus, you will develop the theme in 12 different ways, which represent the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. This means that the individual must make a circle and pass through 12 different worlds during his self-education. What is an individual? He represents a relation of the part toward the whole, i.e. a relation of a person toward God. The part must know what its relation toward the whole is and then - what its relation is toward the other parts, i. e. - the part has a relation toward the half, toward the one quarter and toward all the smaller parts of the whole. This is an inner law which determines our conceptions.


If you apply the methods which I give you, nature will open wide its doors and will say to you: "Welcome in, I know you!" If you go to her without what I am telling you, you will not hear her voice, for she will not say a word to you. If you fulfil all that I am telling you, then the stones, the springs, the trees and flowers, the animals, the people, everything will speak to you. Why? Because they will know you. This is not a fable, it is a great Truth. I draw this idea from the great Principle, hidden in the life of these small creatures. The Great surrounds us from all sides.


You are not aware now of the privileges given to you from above. You look at the beautiful sky, feel happy, laugh and say to each other: "We wish everything to be fine next year, as fine as it is now!" But who created all these conditions? You do not think about that. Your duty was only to take your money and to come by train. Some of you came on foot. Remember that God created these favourable conditions for all of you during this Conference. One of the brothers came on foot all the way from Varna. He travelled two whole months, wanting to see, if he could endure the trip. He decided start not taking any horse, carriage or train. At a moment he felt that his feet could not carry him any longer and said: "Eh, if there was a horse now! But, behold, the temptation came!" At the same time a man on a horse passed and said: "Say, man, why are you walking? Get on my horse!" - "No, I do not wish to ride your horse. Only sick people ride horses." He continued on his way, but after some time, he felt tired again. "If I had a ticket for the train now!" After a while someone offered to pay for his ticket. - "No, only sick people travel by train." And so he continued on his way, and two months later, he arrived in Sofia. He now says: "Really, I overcame many difficulties, but I acquired a very valuable experience."


This is a good example, which may be a good lesson for you. On the way, he had been asked by many: "Why are you, an old man, walking all this way? Wasn't there a horse, a carriage, or a train for you?" - "I love Bulgaria and want to see it better by travelling this way." - "Why did you not do this during your youth?" - "I didn't think then the way I think now." There was time when he felt inner temptations and then he would whisper: "Why are you travelling by foot? You are an old man!" - "I am not old", an inner voice would answer. - "But why do you not ride a horse?" - "Sick men ride horses, my feet are strong". I wish all of you to be able to endure and persist in life, as this brother did. One faces many difficulties, which must bear to the end.


I want you to try everything I am telling you, otherwise you will have only theoretical knowledge. There are essential things, which must become alive like flesh and blood in you, so that you could say: "This is the Truth itself!" You ask: "How much longer do we have to wait until we acquire this knowledge?" If you think the way I am telling you, you will not be burdened by anything, your souls will be glad and joyful, your hearts and minds will be renewed and the knowledge which you expect, will come from above. The Scriptures say: "All will be taught by God." To whom does God give? - To those whom He loves. Why? Because they also work for God out of love. Those who do not love Him and do not work for Him, need money.


I shall illustrate this thought by an example. We wanted to buy a nice telescope, but since telescopes are very expensive abroad, an educated Bulgarian, who had finished his studies in Astronomy, promised to make one for us. When we ordered the telescope, we thought that the price he offered included the mirror, as well as the other parts of the telescope. We waited for some time, but that Bulgarian proved to be a very practical man. He said: "If you want to receive your telescope, you must bring me 6 500 leva more for the mirror. If you bring this money, you will have the telescope, otherwise I will not give it to you." We took that money to him and received our telescope. This is what I call without love. He says: "You want to amuse yourselves, to observe the sky, but I need money, that's why I work." You will say: "This man is somewhat eccentric." You must know one thing: love can not bear any sort of abuse. You can abuse it, and it will not be angry, but those who abuse it, form in themselves bad habits, which lead one towards death. Love is patient, but the bad habit isolates men from Love, it breaks their bond and relation with God. The bad habit is the mud in a person. Then what is the use of it? Your ties with God must always be pure and constant.


That's why, upon rising in the morning, deposit in your mind the thought to be in constant connection with God. I had a friend once, an old man, who used to dance the "horo" every time he was in some difficult situation. His wife would ask him: "Why are you dancing?" - "I am dancing to the difficulty." You say: "Work can not be accomplished by dancing." It can be done by dancing also. That man was dancing, but all the time he was thinking and trying to overcome the difficulty. There is an idea in such dancing!


You often do your morning physical exercises quickly, looking at them as at a part of a program to be performed. These exercises are significant and very beneficial for you, but you must enter into conscious contact with living nature through them. They are ties, by means of which you will express your respect toward the laws and rules of nature. Someone says: T do not want to perform any exercise, or make any movements." I ask you: When you sit in a chair, don't you move to the right, to the left, up and down? When you are walking outside don't you make different movements? We make thousands of movements, until we reach a certain place. The beauty of life lies in the rational movements. From the moment you were born your life has been nothing but movements. There is no life without movement. Even the Hindus and the Chinese, who can concentrate their thought, make many movements. The face of a Chinese never betrays a thought. A Chinese is sitting in a train calmly, dressed in special Chinese clothes, with braided hair on the back of his head, while an American is sitting just opposite him, thinking: "What great conservatives these Chinese are! They have been for so many years among us, but they have not adopted any American habits!" At the same time the Chinese thinks: "You people are just like us!" I say: We must not be as conservative as the Chinese, who is proud of his long hair. Today, women also bob their hair. By that, they want to say: "We do not want to look like Chinese any more!" I say: If after cutting your hair, your life becomes better, so that you start to think more correctly, or to write better, or to work more earnestly and become more energetic, the cutting of your hair is a proper act." But if after cutting your hair nothing better happens, it means that you have not cut your hair in the right time.


Now you will not become angry, or offended - these are external things. But all your acts must be rational. We must all be pure-hearted and magnanimous, because only this way can we receive the blessing of God. That's why we say: "Loyal, true, pure and kind you must always be and the God of Peace will fill your life with blessings. All that your soul longs for, all that you desire will come to you." And then you will say like the Psalmist: "When I see Thy face, when I see that eternal beauty, I shall be fully contented with my life."


I wish you to have the experience of the Psalmist, to have the experience of the words: "Loyal, true, pure and kind you must always be!" All of you can have this experience.


Christ says: "Father, glorify Thy name!" Since God has decided to glorify His name in the world, we will also glorify Him. This is our task in life.

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