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1927_12_18 The Solid Food


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The Solid Food


"But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both Good and evil” (Hebrews 5:14, New King James Version (NKJV).


One of the most important human abilities is to distinguish Good from evil. The sorrows of mankind are the direct consequence of evil, and mankind’s joys are the direct consequence of Good – so it stands in principle terms. From a Divine point of view, however, the woes of mankind happen for the sake of people’s own benefit. In His Infinite Wisdom, God transforms the miseries of all nations, societies, people and souls into a greater Good. This is in the interest of God's Kingdom, as God does not tolerate any disharmony.

Therefore, when it comes to recognizing Good from evil, it implies studying the essence of Divine Life. When a certain person begins to investigate the aspects of Divine Life, they cannot and should not afford to compromise their good actions for the sake of evil ones. If such a person does something wrong, nothing could justify it. The Good is always Good, and the evil remains always evil. Within the Divine Life itself, both Good and evil are strictly differentiated. Whoever asks for a definition of what is Good and what is evil may choose to read a certain number of philosophical essays on this topic. However, we do not deem it necessary to explain what is Good and what is evil.

We know that the Good represents the plus (+) sign, which stands for a positive value, while the evil at the same time is represented by the minus (-) sign, which denotes a negative value. In this respect, both Good and evil, by being depicted as values, may be utilized in mathematical terms, as it is also in the case of all other mathematical notions. When Good and evil are used as mathematical notions, at their correct place and at the right time, they become useful indeed. However, if they are not used at the right place and time, they tend to cause great trouble and harm to humanity. For example, in winter it is fine to sit nearby the fire, but it is scary to sit as close to it as to have one’s hair set aflame. Moreover, it is uncomfortable to carry a whole bunch of apples on top of one’s head, but it is quite nice to have some of these apples in one’s stomach. Whilst sitting at a sufficient distance away from the fire, it is all good, but sitting too close to it is dangerous. In this sense, no matter how much coveted the Good is, once it is given to the human beings in a quantity greater than what’s necessary, it then becomes intolerable.

So therefore, no matter whether we speak about Good or evil, when those two mathematical dimensions are in disproportionate amounts, and are not offered at their right place and time, they cannot benefit any human being. Knowledge, for example, is food for the human mind, but too much knowledge may become cumbersome, and even more so, if it is not duly integrated within oneself as part of our own nature. From a Divine point of view, the mind is the physical body of the human spirit. The spirit uses the mind as a garment in order to appear before God Himself. The mind does not yet represent the real human being, but it is an excellent servant, which solves all life’s questions. Within the physical world, the human mind is one of the major life factors, and in addition to it there are two other major factors - the heart and the physical body. Therefore, there are different worlds related to the life of the physical body, the heart and the mind, and each one of those three worlds is divided into another three sublevels. No matter how much is spoken about these worlds, such information would offer unnecessary knowledge to certain individuals. If some people fail to benefit from it, a substantial load may accumulate in their minds. Indeed, if the causes of human suffering are to be traced back to their origins, it would be evidenced that one of the reasons is due to the accumulation of excessive energy in the physical, mental and the so-called star (astral) body, which is also called spiritual body. The accumulation of these unnecessary substances within these three different subcategories of the human body would produce an anomaly in one’s life. For example, all negative feelings, such as hatred, envy, anger, etc. are due to redundant substances in one’s astral body. Pride, limited self-consciousness, ambition, and many more negative manifestations are due to excessive substances inside one’s mental body. As a result of these surpluses, one may fall into an unnatural state, either physically, mentally or emotionally. So when it comes to self-education, it is hereby implied to educate one’s body, heart and mind. The body, the heart and the mind are the three major factors that play an important role in the development of the human spirit and the human soul.

In the Bible chapter we’ve just read, it says that women are forbidden to speak inside any church, and I am here asking you to state whether this is a principle written in stone or not. Indeed, while someone is ill, such a person should not talk, but once they heal, then they shall speak. The ill patient should not eat any food, but when one heals, he or she could eat whatever food they please. So, in the time of Apostle Paul, it was forbidden for women to speak inside any church because they did not know what to say. Only the ones who know what to talk about, and who have also long studied, can later on speak freely. One should have completed at least one university degree, but not at universities like the ones we see nowadays. One should have studied at the Cosmic University, so that when they come out to speak, they would know when, what, and how to speak.

The speaker should not be like the pretzel vendors in the streets who buy their goods from the bakeries and then just resell someone else’s products. It is acceptable to trade, but to trade only both as a producer and as a vendor, not just as a vendor. As the trade goes on, one gets to know people, but sometimes one may not get along with them quite so well. The same thing can be said about agriculture and science. Until people do not know yet, how and what to talk about, they would meet each other and would then tend to quarrel. Therefore, they have to reach to such a position in life, whereby they act in such a way that everyone around them becomes pleased with them.

"But solid food belongs to those who are of full age … " - Life represents the solid food in this quote, but if one does not understand where life comes from, should they then give up on it? If somebody is unable to complete a university degree, should he or she give up completely on acquiring knowledge? If nobody loves you, should you give up on Love? If no one has done you any Good, should you therefore give up on doing Good to others? Some of you say: “Because nobody has done me any Good, I refuse to do any Good to people as well.” Or alternatively, because one has not obtained a university degree, they do not wish to learn at all.

So how many years do you need to complete a university course? - It takes four years to complete a university course on Earth, but to receive education in the angelic world, 777 reincarnations are indeed needed. What do you think about that? This is a mathematical probability, but whoever has completed the angelic university, knows a great deal, and does become a real scientist indeed. It is enough for such a scientist to breathe out some air towards a stalk of wheat, and its grains will ripen immediately. This type of knowledge would become available, but to whom would it become available? – Only to the ones who are perfect!

You may say: “What's life’s real purpose?” - You could understand the meaning of life only after you have been reborn 777 times on Earth, and these rebirths actually represent 777 fundamental transformations in which you would have done something great and outstanding. Could you possibly imagine then how many fundamental and also how many other completely ordinary incarnations in total should a person experience on Earth?!? – When the Turks, for example, are unable to answer some difficult question, they tend to say: "Seven layers on top and seven at the bottom.” – In other words, there is no need to further mull over such a difficult question.

It is said in the Scriptures: "Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies (1 Corinthians 8:1, NKJV). What does this verse mean? – It means that knowledge without Love makes one arrogant, but knowledge combined with Love instills peace. Many think that knowledge does not need Love. You should know that it is Love precisely that brings knowledge with itself. Apostle Paul himself said that knowledge should not be separated from Love. Knowledge without Love makes one arrogant. In this respect, Wisdom represents the most painful route in life, since a more difficult path than the path of the Wisdom does not actually exist. There is no easier science in life than Love, so Love is intended for the “children”, while Wisdom is meant for the “elderly” – i.e. for those who are perfect. There is no contradiction in this way, as both the “children” and the “elderly” would enter the path which is intended for them. As a “child”, one walks in the path of Love; as a “grown-up” one enters the path of Wisdom.

I therefore affirm that in the spiritually-aspiring people a strong desire for learning should be manifested. Even if someone has not much knowledge, he or she needs to have mastered it so well that it could be successfully put to the test. All the trials, all the good and bad thoughts that pass through one’s mind are not random; they are numbers and dimensions which are precisely defined. The human spirit and the human soul do indeed always travel and move about without any interruption in the open space, and in this way they learn. The spirit and the soul as well as the mind and the heart are in eternal motion. Everything in the world is moving. As you move, you see different trees, flowers, birds, stars, the sunrise and the sunset, and so on. You may ask if the trees and the rivers have any relation to us. - They have, of course, but you do not know what their attitude towards you is. You know, for example, that one river flows to the east, another - westwards, a third one - northwards and the fourth one - southwards, but you know nothing else about them. What the river’s attitude towards you is, what its purpose in nature is – those things you don’t know. Nothing in the world has been accidentally created. Everything has its own strict purpose and relation to other things.

Someone may say: “What do I care about the size of the Great or the Pacific Ocean?” - So, why are you then interested how much money your father has left behind in the National Bank after he passed away?" The way you are interested in the question of your father’s written will, the same way you should be interested in the topic regarding the size of the Pacific Ocean because according to a previous research conducted by some scientists, it is assumed that within this ocean, as well as within some other oceans and seas, about ten million tons of dissolved gold may be present. Ten million tons of gold! – This is a significant wealth.

It would have been nice if the Bulgarians could get hold of this gold, don’t you think so? You should be interested in the oceans because they present opportunities, which are conditions for your own development. They represent a virgin soil that is being prepared for the future upcoming culture. The waters of the Great Ocean would, for example, flood some of the present day continents, and many of the people on Earth would have to migrate to new lands. You may ask if it is possible for the Lord to take us outside of Europe and place us on new soil within the Great Ocean under completely new conditions. - There is nothing wrong with that. As you have left the Heavens and have landed down on Earth, so you would also leave Europe in the very same way. This is nothing but a resettlement. At one time you were in the Heavens, you rejoiced with the Sons of God, but then you left the Heavens and went travelling. In the past, the human race used to live in the Promised Land, but then they left it, and for thousands of years they have been constantly roaming. Therefore, the humans have left a vast space in the Heavens and came to Earth to work and to learn, as it is indeed verified by the Bible’s “Proverbs” chapter, which mentions that the people rejoiced in the Promised Land.

Modern scientists claim that the Central Cosmic Sun is 75 million times larger and brighter than our sun. Based on this, I can make the following comparison: In space there is also a land that you have once left in order to come to our little Earth. This land is also 75 million times bigger than our Earth. Do you remember that you have lived in this land in the past? Do you remember some of its landscapes? - You would say that you do not remember anything. I am then asking you: “How do you explain your strange dreams then?” - You dream, for example, that you are somewhere, but neither on Earth nor up above it in the spiritual world. Since you cannot explain those dreams with the help of your earthly knowledge, you treat them with disdain and claim that this is all fantasy. No, a series of impressions are stored in your subconsciousness. – Those are series of memories that speak of your life in the distant past. The Cosmic land I'm talking about is still inhabited by real and perfect beings which have completed their personal evolution. Many call this land "Paradise", and some call it "The Kingdom of God." This land has its outer and inner layers. For someone to arrive at these facts, he or she must participate in the work of God. – This means to connect with Him. If you do not feel God's Love, God's power and thought, then where is your real human nature? If you do not have a righteous relationship with the First Reason, you would live under constant fear, and you would flee from God as the animals flee from the human beings. Why do animals flee from the humans? - Because humans have weapons with which they kill, massacre and destroy. The soil is also afraid of humans. Why? - Because people grab the plough and start ripping the soil apart in order to cultivate it.

The modern-day so-called “cultured” people are similar to the plough that rips the soil apart. And then they say: "We are plowing." - If you are plowing in the correct way, it makes sense for you to do so, but if you do not do things correctly, you would do more damage than any Good. If you want to know what is required from you, ask the trees, the rocks and the mountains. Ask them also what they would say about you. The modern day humans cut down forests and drill tunnels, but they cause havoc and destruction along with all these actions. Advanced creatures have created the mountains and the forests, but the people destroy them.

For example, what should be considered a greater artistry: to prepare a garment without passing a needle through it or to produce a garment by means of putting it together from various cut out pieces that are afterwards stitched by a sewing machine? The first method is superior and more difficult than the second method. The invisible world works in the first way, while people, on the other hand, adopt the second way. They destroy what has been completed already and go over it with machines, re-cultivating it and are indeed saying: “The modern day culture requires this.”

When a “dressmaker”[1] produces a piece of clothing, many would admire him or her and say: "This dressmaker has got some great skill! They have acquired their expertise in Paris!”. I have to say that as long as the “iron needles and the sewing machines” pass through the clothes of modern people, nothing new can be expected from mankind. Such “sewing” of clothes cannot have a positive impact on mankind’s progress. Only the shirts of the sick can be “sewn” with iron needles in order to make them healthier and stronger. On the other hand, the shirts of the healthy people should be “knit or sewn” with golden hooks and golden needles. The iron needles bring something disharmonious into the nature of healthy people. Modern people often use iron needles and iron awls.

For example, a woman may be living well with her husband, but her neighboring “dressmaker” would come up to her one day and may start saying: “As I see, you live well with your husband. - Yes, we get on well with each other. - That's good, but one thing I'll say to you, and namely, that I see your husband is a little bit playful; he loves to look back and forth! Be careful, watch him closely, see what he does. He is a man after all; he doesn’t have to be fully trusted.”

So afterwards, this neighbor sits around for a while, talks a bit and then goes away. The young wife remains alone and begins to think. What is she thinking about? An “iron awl” is already drilling into her heart. When her husband returns from work, she starts scanning for any changes in him. The man wonders why his wife is looking at him so earnestly. "What is it, milady?”, he asks. – “Nothing.”, she replies, but there is something going on nonetheless. - The neighbor has previously come in to visit and then also raised a suspicion within the wife. What does suspicion represent? - Suspicion is a certain impurity that enters the astral, i.e. the human stellar body, and one would experience envy, hate, doubt, and may say: “I do not know what's going on with me, but I've lost my peace. What should I do now?”

The answer is not to welcome at home “dressmakers” who work with “iron needles” that are intended for the sick people only. And if you go to the house of your neighboring “dressmaker”, who has acquired their trade in Paris, you should tell them: “I have a sick neighbor, for whom I would ask you to “sew” a shirt.” If your neighboring dressmaker agrees, you will take them to the ill “patient”, so that they can obtain the actual measurements of the patient’s shirt – in this way you would not be letting the “dressmaker” enter your own house to spread rumors and gossip, but would direct them to the people in need instead. And indeed, it is said in the Bible that those who are ill should be comforted. I advise you to ponder over the “iron needles and the iron awls” and to apply this analogy in your life in order to make full use of it.

You are now asking: “What is life’s purpose?” - Life has a threefold purpose. First, the meaning of life refers to the necessity of creating a strong and well-organized physical body, in which the spirit and soul shall live, so that both of them could to do their work on Earth. Second, the meaning of life encompasses the need of improving the astral body (star body) by means of elevating one’s feelings and desires to such a level, as to balance the heart’s full potential. Once the heart is organized, Love would penetrate it with both its energy and force and shall bring life into it. Otherwise, the human body would be full of negative feelings and inferior desires, which would soon or late inevitably cause one’s death. And finally, the meaning of life also refers to the purpose of creating a healthy brain, so that the mental body could perceive only those thoughts that are necessary for the development of the human spirit. Once a person understands the meaning of life in this particular way, he or she would be already at the gates of the Divine world, facing the life of the human soul where the laws of complete harmony exist – these are the laws of everlasting beauty and unity.

The human beings of our times are confronted by a number of contradictions due to the conditions they are living in, as well as due to their own belief systems. In order to resolve these contradictions correctly, people need to know whether these contradictions stem from their physical, astral or mental bodies. Humans should know where exactly within their own selves the Good and the evil are born. Good and evil are two forces, which work not only in nature, but also in all aspects of the human body. These forces are transmitted from one person to another by means of influencing each other and act in the same way as diseases, which spread around in the environment. When an “infected dressmaker” comes to your home and brings along a contagious disease, this “dressmaker” shall also leave something from their sickness inside the “piece of clothing” they would “sew” for you. Could an “infected dressmaker” have created your garment in a sound way? - The outer garment may have been sewn well, but inside this newly made piece of clothing there would be something hidden that is not good in itself.

In the same way the diseases are transmitted, so can Love be also spread in the world, but how should proper “dressmaking” be conducted in future? - In future, clothes would not be “sewn”. - If you understand this thought literally, you may find yourself in a contradiction and may ask how it is possible not to sew when garments are being made, but by saying that there will be no sewing in future, I am hinting that the human thought shall act in such a way that it would flow seamlessly and without interruption. The thought of modern people represents a compilation of individual, separate facts. Facts are limits, which could only confirm certain truths, but they do not represent the whole Truth in its completeness. One fact may show signs of life, but this manifestation may not yet be the real Life itself. Facts only testify that life is being manifested in a certain place. Therefore, Life is truly manifested only when it flows seamlessly and without any interruption. - This is what it means to make your clothes in a new way, “without stitching and without cutting out various pieces”, which represent the different parts of the one and complete reality. Whoever wants to make a garment in this newly-suggested fashion should keep their physical, astral and mental bodies clean and should also maintain a steady interconnection among all three of them. - This is the method on how to correctly understand the essence of life.

The heart is the center of the star (astral) body, and the brain is the center of the mental body. Whoever cannot master their physical, astral and mental bodies would always be exposed to suffering, contradictions and misfortunes in life. Personal failures typically occur due to some certain fluctuations and hesitations in one’s mind. Our minds should not hesitate. Personal failures also happen due to people postponing or delaying the execution of their tasks. – If there is a nice thought in your mind, or some noble feeling in your heart, do not postpone their realization!

Let’s say that a poor person comes to your home and whispers into your ear that they wish to come in, but because you are stingy, you refuse to invite them and defend yourself by saying that you do not have the possibility of doing so today. You say to yourself that you couldn’t welcome this poor person today, but that on some other day this would certainly happen since the same poor person would again visit your home at a different time. Yes indeed, Nature may choose to postpone the counteraction to your personal deeds, but it doesn’t ever forget any of our particular omissions. A day would come when the situation of this poor person shall change, and then you may have to ask this previously poor person for help. That is why every intelligent person should display the wisdom of a sage by being able to foresee things and to perceive every human as a soul which has descended from God in order to complete their work on Earth.

Many ask if the human soul suffers. - No matter how sublime, the soul always suffers, as it has its own difficulties and predicaments. The human mind and heart often fall into disturbances and hesitation. No matter how noble and strong the human spirit may be, when it comes to Earth, it also carries some burden with itself. God has foreseen all circumstances, and consequently places every person under the right conditions which are necessary for their growth and uplifting. God has decided to save mankind, so he sent his Son among the people. But then again, people are ungrateful and say: “Why do we need the mind, if we suffer so much?" - This mind would save you, but you should use it wisely! "Why do we need the heart, if we suffer so much?" - This heart, in particular, shall save you, but you need to use its powers accordingly!

The only thing that will save humanity is suffering. God speaks to mankind through suffering, and angels speak to humans through joy. The Lord asks mankind: “Do you know why you suffer?  - We don’t know, dear Lord. - You suffer because you have left your father's house, forgotten your mother, father, brothers and sisters and roam around the world like strangers. Come back to your home where everyone is awaiting your return! It is cold outside - 36 degrees Celsius below the zero - and you're walking barefoot in your ragged clothes. Come back to your home, where a warm room and loving creatures are waiting for you!”

Once the individual realizes their aberration from the normal evolutionary path, they enter their home in the Heavens and end up by being surrounded by creatures that are full of love. If you encounter any of these sublime beings who live in the Heavens, you may initially become afraid of them, but then you would immediately calm down and understand that you are facing a being which possesses no negative thoughts and feelings. When Christ appeared to His disciples after His Resurrection, they were first afraid of Him, but when He told them: "Peace be with you.", they then calmed down. The conversation that Christ had with His disciples at the time is not mentioned in the Gospels, but it is one of the most beautiful conversations the Christ disciples had ever conducted with their Master.

Apostle Paul says that until the new knowledge is fully integrated, the old wisdom should not be completely discarded. Why? - Because humans are now passing from one transient state to another different and more permanent state, but until one enters the new state, the firm soil of the old understanding needs to remain beneath their feet. If someone destroys the old foundations before people have built a new solid framework, they would be helplessly “dangling in the air”.

In the past, God descended upon the human mind in order to uplift it, but back then the human consciousness was mainly concentrated in the area of the heart. Today, God is descending upon Earth in order to inspire the human soul, and at the same time, He would uplift the female principle, which is the principle of the Virgin. - Future people will lead a virgin life.

Some want to know whether they should marry or not. It is not a question of marriage, but people should live in absolute purity in their thoughts, feelings and deeds. When a man encounters a “virgin” woman, a bright and a beautiful thought would be awakened in his mind, and in his heart a lofty feeling shall also appear, and he would be ready to assist such a “virgin” with total unselfishness. All this means that such a “virgin” has offered something Divine to the man which has transformed him.

You are saying that such transformation may happen, but not in the world of crimes where we live. I am asking you: “Could crimes be committed at a temperature of 10,000 or five million degrees Celsius?” - So therefore, crimes are being committed nowadays because the temperature of this world is too low. How would you live in a world where the atmosphere particles move faster than the light itself? Would you be then able to again commit any crimes whatsoever? – No, there would be no criminals in such a world. If a criminal enters such a world, they would forget why they have arrived into this world. The criminal would see different valuable items lying around, but no thought to steal something would occur to their mind. However, when such a person comes back to Earth, they would wake up from the deep sleep they were in and would feel sorry they didn’t steal some of the treasures that were surrounding them. The same thing happens with people on Earth. While they are young, they have high ideals and purity, but when they grow older, they regret that they hadn’t stolen anything from their master's wealth since their morality was different at this younger age, and because of it they couldn’t act as thieves. The actual reason for such purity, however, is not one’s personal decency, but the “conjoint life with a saint”, whereby this saint thrived in a world full of illustrious light and high temperature, in which all unclean thoughts and desires were immediately burnt. Whoever may enter such a world of pure and holy beings only once cannot come out of it as a poor person. Those noble beings would give their visitor a “bag of full of gold”, so that any further possible temptations are eliminated.

Modern people, regardless of whether they are religious or secular, are unhappy about life in general and reason that the surrounding world is still imperfect. People should know one thing, and namely, that the world is conceived and designed in its most perfect form, but because people are not yet ready to perceive it in its original form, the world is revealed before their eyes to an extent that corresponds to their level of consciousness. In this particular sense, God has not yet revealed and manifested Himself fully.

By studying contemporary scholars, writers, poets, artists and musicians, I perceive them as the torch-bearers of the Divine. God wants to manifest Himself through them, but because they are not well-organized yet, they cannot properly convey the Divine ideas. This is not meant to be a reproach against them. A day would come when they shall be able to correctly communicate the Divine ideas and feelings. Therefore, all scientists, all musicians and artists are the bearers of the Divine, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. The Divine ideas in humanity are gradually growing and producing positive results. They develop slowly, but steadily.

To illustrate it with an example, on your way you may meet two enemy armies, both of which are well-equipped with the most modern weapons, cannons, supplies, telegraphs, telephones, radio sets, and so on. When they pass by, they cause fear and trembling amongst the population, as everyone is asking themselves which of the two opposing armies would win. You then continue with your journey and meet a poor and simple horse-wagon driver who is on his way as well. Afterwards, you ask the driver about his destination, and the driver states that he is bringing a grain of wheat to his master, so that the grain can be planted. You would laugh and conclude that this is an insignificant matter.

What do you think, what would be the result of the fighting between the two enemy armies, and what would be the result of the wheat grain growth? - You shall soon find out that there is nothing left from the two enemy armies other than the bad consequences of destruction, despite the armies being so grand and impressive before the fighting had commenced. Death, poverty and weeping is what you witness. Mothers cry for their lost men and sons, fathers - for their sons, sisters - for their fathers and brothers, but in the case of the wheat grain that was planted you see something that is exactly the opposite. The grain’s original form is tiny and goes unnoticed, but its final result is truly grand and impressive. In 15 years, this single grain of wheat will increase to such numbers, that it would give a great yield, which shall drain the tears of all those who suffer on the face of the Earth. What is preferable in this case then? - To meet a grand army or a simple person instead who brings in his horse-wagon a grain of wheat to his master?

Now, please transfer these two figurative images to your personal life, to the public life and to the life of the human soul. Through its battles, the army can only temporarily save its homeland, but it cannot offer food to the people. Armies kill, destroy, and impoverish the mankind, while the wheat grains bring life, harmony, and bliss to humanity. Where one finds wheat and bread, in there they would also hear songs and witness joy. Therefore, when the Heavens send to you an ordinary person with a grain of wheat in their horse-wagon, do not turn such a person away, but thank God for the health and joy that is offered to you by accepting this grain. Take the grain, plant it in the ground, and when it bears fruit, chew it and use the hidden power it carries in itself. Once you understand the power that lies in the grain of wheat, you would perceive what’s placed inside the soul of every person, and you would find out why they were born. The grain of wheat is the hard food that one has to chew and eat. There is something great in it, which in time will yield good results.

Once upon a time, to one of the prophets of Israel, named Elisha (TN: Prophet Elijah's successor), came one of the Syrian king messengers by the name of Hazael to ask him about the health of his king. Elisha adopted a stern facial expression without the blink of an eye until Hazael became ashamed, and then Elisha, the man of God, wept. Hazael asked Elisha why he was crying, and Elisha answered that he is weeping because he knew how much evil would be inflicted upon the sons of Israel by Hazael. Hazael was surprised to hear this, but Elisha clarified his words by saying that Syria’s crown will be placed onto Hazael’s head. So why did the prophet cry? - He wept because he saw the “solid food” that was being offered by God to his people. The people of Israel, to whom God was very gracious, could not understand God though. Why? – Because there were some unfavorable conditions at that time. Moses also worked among the same people, but finally he also concluded that they have not understood God's laws.

And here we stand nowadays when modern people are also ungrateful to God, Who wants to free and help them by refining their bodies, hearts and minds, and later on to also improve their souls and spirits. This can be achieved only through acquiring knowledge. No glory can be achieved without knowledge. There is knowledge of the mind, knowledge of the soul and knowledge of the spirit. One needs to achieve the knowledge of the spirit, as no uncertainty whatsoever is present in this type of knowledge, since this is the Divine Wisdom itself. When we speak about the various types of sciences, we could draw the same conclusions for religion as well. Religions have existed since the most ancient times, and they still exist today. The best religion existed at the time of the very first human being, as did exist back then also a very special type of a science. This very first human being is still talking about the skies and about the stars.

In the past, various calculations were made and are still being made in order to reflect on the changes in the skies, which signify the various transitions from one culture to another and from one level of consciousness to another. The first human being possessed the knowledge of this great science that was later on forgotten and ultimately disappeared. Modern-day people are utilizing the present science and religion to acquire the knowledge they have lost in the past. These efforts and strivings are indeed well intended. That is why Christ said: "What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing” (Luke 15:4-5, NKJV). Contemporary people live in the culture of this very same “shepherd” who has lost a single sheep, and they say: “This culture is excellent.” Yes, the culture of the single lost sheep may seem excellent, but there is tragedy today in the modern world, tragedy exists in the human souls, tragedy is also present in the human belief systems. Today, there are about 500 million Christ followers who know by heart the commandment "Do not kill.", but still cannot be uplifted at least to a level not to kill their own brothers. Can this type of  a culture be possibly called a real culture?

Let me tell you that every person for themselves represents this “lost sheep”, as a result of which the manifestations of this contemporary culture are more or less negative. That is the objective truth. When people are told the truth, they tend to become offended, and this is normal. Nevertheless, one has to know what tomorrow brings for them. The future of your life would be determined by the solidity of the foundation you are laying down today. Living a wicked life means building a bridge out of hay, on top of which heavy artillery would be later on transported. What could possibly be the fate of such a bridge?!

Great science and great knowledge is needed by today’s mankind. Apostle Paul said: "But solid food belongs to those who are of full age …" Knowing this, the ancient scientists denoted the Aries zodiac sign as a symbol for self-sacrifice. Today everyone knows that there is an equinox in March. The second equinox is in September. The spring equinox or the sign of the Aries represents the Divine principle of self-sacrifice. The passage of the sun through the North Pole, which in symbolizes the “Pole of Truth”, implies the law of self-sacrifice. To obtain the Truth, the Divine needs to descend into the material world through these souls who are already on Earth. When we say that there is a drama and a tragedy for the human souls, we mean the blind entanglement of these souls inside the physical matter, and I assure you that these souls have to be freed because they are oppressed by the weight of a “great building” on their shoulders, as represented by the material world itself. No one, however, suspects this.

No one knows where they have come from, why they have come here and where they would go, once they pass away. The modern-day people have lost the history of their past, they have lost their ontology, and by reverting back to the law of self-sacrifice, they will come back to the idea of their genesis. After the first equinox, in April, the sign of the Taurus (the so-called Bull) moves in, which denotes the principle of the mother and the principle of the force which connects all things. Next comes the "Gemini" sign, which represents the principle of the Cosmic consciousness. - This is, so to speak, the principle of the Divine mind that unites all creatures into Oneness. These three signs in the zodiac represent a triad that is repeated four times a year. The four fields through which the human beings have come down to Earth are as follows: 1. Humans went down from the causal world into the mental world. 2. From the mental world they went into the astral world. 3. From the astral world they entered the physical plane where they finally stopped.

You are now saying that those are simply the three months of the year - March, April and May, which we all know very well indeed, but do you actually understand the importance of the month of March? If you understood the meaning of this month, you could resolve all your troubles. How? - By restoring your relationship with God! In April, you would be able to amend your relationship with your brethren, while in May you could connect to your own self. So, it is enough for a person to get in the right relationship with the forces that influence these months, so that in a single month one can only further improve their life. How would you achieve that? - By hard work, by perseverance and not in the way a drunkard by the name of Zdravko has done before in the below fable.

Zdravko had been continuously intoxicating himself for twenty years. At one point, he found several books on how to resolve one’s drinking problems. He read these books and said to himself: "Zdravko, you should not drink any longer! Let the tavern owner know that you have decided to start abstaining from alcohol.” The next day he passed by the pub, but did not come in and said to himself: "Well done Zdravko, you resisted the temptation successfully! Let’s now go into it and celebrate the occasion!” He then went into the pub and got drunk. - This example highlights the division in the human consciousness. So many modern people behave in the same manner by saying that they won’t be angry and will not by envious. The following day they pass by the “pub”, whilst managing to initially abstain from any inner violence, and they do not immediately become angry or envious, but only a few steps further down the road they congratulate themselves for the self-control and decide to go back to the “pub” to get “drunk” again, and so anger and envy yet again find their way into them.

Nobody can get rid of these negative manifestations unless their original source is found. These behaviors are to be found in the astral body, so that is why people should work on it. For example, people may say about somebody that a certain person is conceited. The center of conceit is located somewhere in the brain. If this center is cut off, one may nevertheless still show their pride. This shows that conceit has laid its deep roots within the entire human brain! There are occasions when even mad people have become conceited, since they thought to be beings of such high stature, as to be able to give orders to everyone else.

In Sofia there was a Macedonian lady by the name of Sultana, who was a little bit out of her own mind. She often said: “I carry the whole world on my palm - the Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, as well as all the people. Whatever I say does in fact always happen.” - Yes, what she was saying was indeed happening, but it was happening to her only, not to the others. Her prophecies were similar to those given by a once famous astrologist as described below.

One of the French kings summoned this astrologist and said, "I think I want to start a war with Austria, but I want you to make the necessary calculations to confirm if this war would be successful." The astrologist made his calculations and told the king that according to the planets, war could be declared on Austria, since the conditions were favorable. The French king started the war, but France suffered a huge defeat. Because of the wrong prediction, the king decided to kill the astrologist. He summoned the astrologist to himself again and asked him: "Do you know when I’m going to pass away?" The astrologer was a clever person and immediately realized that the king had devised something against him, and then told the King: “You will die 24 hours after my death.” The king immediately thought to himself: "If that is the case, I'd better spare his life in order to preserve my own.” This shows that the king was a clever man as well. He believed in the words of the astrologist and said: "If my death would occur after his own death, let me spare his life, so that I can save my own life.” - The king knew the law which stipulates that what comes around goes around.

All in all, you should find a sound foundation for your life and not blame your destiny for your misfortunes and failures. Every person is the creator of their own destiny. People “drink”, and the “pub owner” assumes the role of the destiny, by means of writing down how much is owed by the pub visitors for the “drinks” they order. As soon as the pub visitors try to get help from the “state’s legislature” to avoid paying their “bills”, the state automatically defends the “pub owner” and says to those who drank: "You will pay! The state has allowed the pub owners to require from their visitors to pay for what was consumed on premise.” And the pub owner also says: “This account of mine for what you have drunk so far entitles me to claim the money you owe me.”

Similarly, you may go to a merchant, and today you may take a credit, you would also take a credit tomorrow, until one day you would be indebted by thousands of leva (TN: that is the name of the Bulgarian state national currency) and say: “For God's sake! Please don’t be in a rush, wait a minute, I'll pay you back." However, the reply the borrower hears is: “I cannot wait for the sake of God. I need the money, and you will pay me back – that is all!” The law defends the lender, not the borrower. If this merchant is a benign, good-natured person, a resolution to the issue may be found. However, if the merchant is a cruel and a crude person, he or she would abuse you verbally and hurt your feelings, so that you could always remember well what happens when you do not meet your debt obligations.

Who is to blame for all this? Those who are clever have no debts. You may say: “What shall we do now, as we have incurred so much debt?” That is what the invisible world now wants to help you with – to free you from your debts. The invisible world is willing to show you how to get rid of your debts in the easiest way possible. It is said in the Bible that “…the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one” (1 John 5:19, NKJV). This means that the world is bogged down in debts that need to be repaid. By coming to the Earth and remaining on it, Christ has shown people a way in which they can repay their debts.

Modern people say that Christ sacrificed Himself for the sake of mankind, i.e. He has repaid all human debts. Indeed, Christ did repay the debts of mankind, but only those debts, which were accrued in the Divine world. All people have to pay back to Christ the very significant amounts they owe, and they would have to certainly pay back soon or late. Christ shall summon those who owe Him to repay their debts, but if they ask Him for an option to delay the repayment because they have no opportunity to do so, He would forgive them. If the ones, to whom Christ has forgiven their debts, afterwards go to bother and torture their own debtors for a petty sum of money, Christ will tell His servants: "Bring these people back to me to have them repay their debt!" The servants will bring such debtors back to Christ who shall then ask: "Are you ready to write off your brethren's small debt the same way I have already forgiven you your own large personal debts to me? If you are willing to set aside the debt of your brother, then I will not claim back what you owe me.”

So, I am here asking you which one of you is ready to write off the debt of your brothers and sisters? If you forget about the debts of your brothers and sisters who owe you, there would be no more complaints, no court applications shall be filled in, and no litigations would take place. However, you forget the law that “For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you” (Matthew 7:2, NKJV), and still you continue to act according to your own personal preferences only.

What could be more dignified than a friend asking you for a loan of 100 leva, provided that in ten days, he or she promises to repay the money, and you later on witness that in exactly ten days your friend returns the loan, which would in itself demonstrate the famous English type of punctuality. If your friend cannot repay their debt on time, he or she needs to come back to you to apologize for the delay and ask to run an errand for you, so that they can repay their debt. The Englishmen take money on a loan and return it exactly at the specified time, but the Bulgarians take a loan, then they do not return it easily. They also act in the same way when they borrow a book. Bulgarians take the book and finish reading it, but do not think about returning the book to its rightful owner. In general, Bulgarians are unreliable. In addition, their punctuality is quite poor.

For example, you may meet a Bulgarian peasant and ask them how long it takes to reach a certain village. The peasant would describe the exact route and tell you that you would need an hour to reach your intended destination, but you would be continuously going for an hour, then for two hours, then for three hours, and still there would be no sight of the village. This indicates that the respective brain phrenological time center is not well-developed within this peasant or that perhaps the peasant is guided by a different sort of mathematics.

For instance, someone promises somebody else that they would turn up in half an hour, but actually arrive after several hours. I have done some calculations and found out that the Bulgarian version of “half an hour” equates to six European hours. Therefore, if a Bulgarian says that they would show up in an hour, you’d have to wait for about twelve European hours before he or she appears. Consequently, we can conclude that the Bulgarians are guided by different time interval estimates, which are in reality much higher than the worldwide standard.

Because the Bulgarians are democrats by default, the Divine has engraved one more character trait into them, which demonstrates that before they have taken something from somebody else, they say that everything a person has earned or made on their own belongs to that very same person only. However, as soon as Bulgarians succeed in acquiring what they desire from somebody else, then they affirm that everything belongs to God! – That is in fact true because such is the law of Christ. However, if this law is applied in their own life, they would immediately call this law pure anarchy. - No, everyone needs to be consistent, since if such a law is interpreted as “anarchy” by one person, then this law should be interpreted and applied in the same way by the entire society, and not selectively for solely one’s own benefit when possible.

Contrary to the Bulgarians, the Turks say: “I am not looking to redeem what I have already given, but then what I take, I do not return." When the Bulgarians fail to pay off their debts on time, they apologize with a number of reasons such as having had a lot of work or that they had guests who prevented them from coming on time etc.  Bulgarians typically say that it is completely natural and human to make an omission like this because there is always some predicament in one’s way, but that everything would be repaid with all the corresponding interest on top of it. If the lender goes to the debtor’s house to remind them that the deadline is approaching, the Bulgarian debtor would warmly welcome their benefactor, shall afterwards offer them a home meal and would apologize again. Bulgarians are normally willing to do what needs to be done with respect to their own business, but if you compare them to the Englishmen, they would fall short of the golden standard.

This type of behavior is typical not only for the Bulgarians, but for all the Slavs in general. If, for an instance, you order a book from abroad, it would not take long before the book arrives to you in due course. If, however, you order a book from Russia, you’d wait for a long time before it reaches you because the typical Russian would say: "Hmmm, well, let's see if this book is here or not." All of you should know one thing. - Nature does not like the act of postponing. From the standpoint of the Spirit, postponing the execution of one’s actions represents a poor quality in human nature. Excessively rushing to accomplish things is a bad attribute as well, but postponement is no better. One has to do everything exactly at the right time – not earlier and not later.

As I observe the development of modern science, I see that it prepares humanity for a great future. The science is nothing else but a preparation for this grand future. Great beings, who guide the fate of humanity, take part in this preparation. These beings bear different names. - Christians call them angels of the winds, forests, waters, seas, grains, societies, nations, and so on. Hindus call them Gods. In relation to these angels, the various nations have created a series of traditions as part of their lives, and these traditions, however, are not mere superstitions. Such traditions show that there is a design of specific order that governs this world of ours. Therefore, where there is an intelligent design and order, there is legitimacy as well as wisdom. A rational being is beneath the surface of every law. The law is a sign of supreme intelligence, and the laws exclude even the tiniest injustice.

And when to you it seems that the world is lawless, in fact, it only superficially seems so. There is an absolute righteousness in the world, which judges everyone according to what they deserve. This does not yet mean that this righteousness immediately punishes people; it only shows them the law, which is necessary for the fulfillment of God’s Will. Whoever fails to follow this particular law would be held accountable as a result of their own personal choice. There is a Divine plan for all things in the world. No matter how much people are deviating from this plan, they shall eventually fulfill it, but they would go through great suffering. Beautiful is the Divine plan indeed!

Do you know what is required from people, so that they can understand the Divine plan and execute it well afterwards? One should bring harmony in the relationship between their soul and their astral and mental bodies on one hand, and on the other hand, to harmonize the soul with their spirit. Only in this way would humans be able to manifest the dormant possibilities that are hidden within them. If people follow this plan, they would rejuvenate. This is the way all people, who are today for example at the age of eighty, could rejuvenate themselves. Why do people age today? - Because they live in the Law of Limitations which invariably causes death. Death itself is like a “tax collector” who serves the Karmic spirits. These spirits are also called “debt-collectors” or “watchmen”. They are present when everybody dies and compete for their souls. The Revelation says that Archangel Michael argued with Satan over Moses' body. Once there was a dispute over Moses' body, it shows that Moses owed something. Who is Satan? - He is the ruler of the Earth or the so-called "prince of this world." He enforces law and order in the world, and for those who do not obey his law and order, there are gallows, bullets, knives, swords, etc. The prince of this world says: "I rule in here, so you have to obey me, and it is my responsibility to afterwards answer to God. What you think of me, I do not care one whit.” There are Christians who do not know anything about this so-called “prince”, and consequently fall into a contradiction. The Scripture says not to ever criticize or defame other people, i.e. not to talk bad things about anyone. Therefore, despite the fact that many call the Satan a “fallen spirit”, do not talk badly about him either. I will now share a story showing that the ones who allow themselves to talk badly about the prince of this world, whom some call Lucifer, do suffer quite badly from their own misguided actions.

Once upon a time, a poverty-stricken man spoke badly about Lucifer, who one day stopped him on the road and said to him: “Listen, stop talking about me! What I do on Earth is my own business. You are a penniless person and you should keep your mouth shut. I can cause you so much trouble that you would remember me forever and shall understand what real deference and respect mean. – “I don’t want to know”, said the poor man. - “Okay - replied the prince of this world – You’ll see what I can do to you.” So, one day Lucifer converted one of his servants into a donkey and told him: "I will send you to Earth where your human owner will bring you to a market and sell you cheaply, so that the poor man I have in mind could buy you. You know what to do next.”

And indeed, the servant descended upon Earth in the image of a donkey and was brought to the local market by his owner. When the poor man, who was fond of criticizing Lucifer, saw this donkey, he immediately wanted to buy it and asked how much it cost. "I’ll sell it cheaply", the donkey’s owner said. "That's what I'm looking for; I'm poor, I do not have a lot of money”, retorted the destitute person. The deal for the donkey went ahead easily. After buying the donkey, the poor man headed home and was fully satisfied that he got such a good deal. He put a lead on the donkey and took it to a water fountain in order for it to drink some water. As it leaned to drink, the donkey went inside the water fountain spout, and it reached such a depth that only its ears were visible.

The poor man sat in front of the water fountain and was keen to get the donkey out of the spout, but he could not manage to do so as the donkey itself would not come out. At one time, another man came over to drink some water and asked the poor person if the water is any good. The poor man said that the water is fine, but that there's a donkey inside the water fountain spout. The other man looked inside the spout, but saw nothing and before leaving, he gave the poor person a good beating because he thought that the story was a lie. The poor man remained in front of the water fountain, wondering what to do. Next, a second person came over to drink some water. The poor man told him as well that a donkey was hidden inside the water fountain spout, but the second stranger saw nothing as well, he got aggravated by the seemingly ludicrous story, beat up the poor man and went away. A third person came over, and he also punished the poor man for what seemed like a straightforward lie. So, the poor person just stood there and said: “What should I do? I see the donkey's ears, but I am fearful to tell people that a donkey is hiding in the water fountain spout. I can no longer bear the brunt of the punches; I don’t want to be beaten up. I'm now afraid to tell people about my donkey.”

So, therefore I say: “Do not talk badly about anyone!” There is nothing more beautiful for any human being than being able to discern what to talk about and when to talk about it. Everything should be said at the right point in time. As for the mistakes of the people - do not dwell on them! There is One who deals with the people's mistakes. First, everyone should study their own mistakes, and then a whole myriad of beings will study these mistakes by making a series of mathematical calculations. To deal with people's mistakes is a poison. What one thinks about, and what one does – that is what actually happens in one’s life. That is why every human being should relate to everything, which is positive, not only within their own selves, but to also connect with the positive side of those around them as well. When you meet a person, just look for what’s good and beautiful in them, and with regards to what’s evil in them, wish God to help them out and to return them on the right path. Only a perfectly accomplished person has the right to deal with the mistakes of other people because such a perfectly accomplished person is in a position to rectify these weaknesses. Sometimes God sends a prophet to a sinner to tell the sinner to restore his or her relationship to God, their brethren and their own selves. If the sinner does not do so, God would lift His protection from them and let them bear the consequences of their poor life.

So, as disciples of the New Doctrine, you should strive to gain access to the Divine Science and to the Perfect Life, for both of which everyone has innate growth conditions within themselves. However, in order to achieve these you should apply the knowledge that you already possess. Some of you, for example, are worried that they have become too sensitive. - There is nothing bad about this, since for a person to be able to study, they would inevitably need to develop their own sensitivity. A friend of ours had previously become somewhat ill, and as a result, his feelings had become more refined. Afterwards, he began to see things from the invisible world that he had not seen before, and being left alone in his room, he talked to beings from the invisible world. When his wife didn’t know the reason for what was happening, she began to worry that something bad may have occurred to her husband. Scared and worried, she came over to me and told me the whole story. I told her not to fret over it, and that there's nothing wrong with her husband’s experience. Her husband had become quite sensitive, as a result of which, he was communicating on his own “radio” with the inhabitants of the invisible world in the same way people on Earth are communicating on radio with all those different cities and countries all over the planet.

Every person has an in-built “antenna” that allows them to communicate with all the other people on Earth. One day, for example, a person may catch a message in the air, which is inviting them to board an airplane, but may choose to refuse the invitation, and in fact, they may have unintentionally overheard a conversation involving some other people.

As people become ill, many of them start to unconsciously rave. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Unconscious raving is nothing more than a message exchange with the invisible world, but because the person is ill, they cannot properly perceive and transmit such messages. One has to be so sensitive, as to be able to perceive and grasp the things that would happen after decades, and to also sometimes understand matters that would eventually materialize after centuries. The more sensitive a person is, however, the greater their suffering is. Nonetheless, this should not scare anyone. Suffering is good for the human beings because it protects them from certain temptations.

Once upon a time, a beautiful lady visited a Russian saint of noble aristocratic origin with the sole intention of seducing him. When he saw her, he put his finger into the flame of a burning candle and began to talk to her. During all that time his finger was burning. He consciously caused this pain to himself to divert his mind from the thoughts of his visitor. He said to himself: "It is better for my finger to burn than for my heart to suffer."

And indeed, it is better to burn one's finger because the finger is a small body part rather than to burn one’s heart that makes up almost the entire human being. Having seen all this, the woman was suddenly disturbed by her own behavior and told the saint: "Please excuse me! I entered your retreat with a bad intention, but I'm now sorry and I'm ready to change the way I live. Take your finger out of the flame! This act of yours has awakened in me a desire to lead a pure life, to serve God, my brethren and my own self in exactly the same way you already do.

Someone may suffer, groan, fall in despair and say: "There is no life for me any longer", to which I say: “Don’t be so unfaithful! Follow the path that takes you to God and do not be frightened! Your suffering is not great. God has placed your finger inside the candle flame, but if your finger can save one of your sisters or brothers, your suffering is then justified. You can freely and willingly place your finger inside the candle flame and thrive in the pain you would experience.” The small pains of one person may save many other suffering souls. In this sense, suffering is nothing more than a redemption and a salvation for many souls, who are also suffering themselves.

You may choose to interpret my words either literally or as a metaphor, but while you are thinking about them, you should know that suffering can be substantial, only when it is imposed by Life itself, and that it may also be quite insignificant, but only when it is caused purely by the people themselves. The same could be said about the joys. - There are necessary joys brought forward by Life itself, and there are insignificant joys born by your own personalities. As a result, and contrary to the common logic, some joys may cause evil to humanity, while, on the other hand, some sufferings tend to act to the benefit of mankind.

So first, one has to study and develop their physical body, then their astral or so-called star body, and finally they should study and work with their mental body. So, when you experience a feeling of hatred or envy in your heart, do carefully grab it with “a set of pliers” and examine it scientifically, as the followers of natural science do with the various butterflies, insects and animals in order to able to give their conclusions at the end of the surveys they have conducted.

Someone says: “I was very angry.” - This is not you. The state of anger is not intrinsic to the human beings. It is funny to say, for example, when someone from outside sprays onto you some rose water, a perfume or a foul odor, that the pleasant or unpleasant smell comes directly out of you. The reason for the pleasant or the unpleasant smell is not directly related to you, since someone from outside has spread this odor around you. Therefore, temporarily you may exude some fragrance, but this is not you yet. Temporary changes, which occur in the human heart and in the human mind, do not influence the human soul in reality. All temporary changes and temporary states are transient and exist due to the nature of the life which is led by the mankind today. You are not the only one responsible for them. - There are many factors, which need to be taken into consideration. You are not responsible for all the “mud” that people may throw upon you. When you return home, your parents may start a quarrel because of your “dirty clothes”, since they may be stained and ripped into pieces, but that is not purely your fault. When your parents would be scolding you because of your “torn and stained clothes”, do tell them: “Come into my shoes under the same conditions, and you shall find out how you would return back home.” There is a possibility to avoid these attacks by the people, but the conditions have to change. – You would have to take a car or an airplane, and fly over your attackers with a speed of a bird, so that none of their weapons could reach you. Otherwise, under the conditions in which you are now living, and in the way you now cater for your own food, you would always make mistakes! If you do not re-educate yourselves, you cannot get rid of everything that you have inherited from your parents!

“But solid food belongs to those who are of full age…” Since the solid food is for those who are full of age, do separate it from the food you are using every day. When you encounter some suffering, look at it from a close perspective to find out if this suffering is significant or not. If you are crying for one reason or another, pause for a second to find out the root cause behind your tears and do not say you are unhappy, but instead be pleased that you can cry. If someone asks you why you are crying, tell them that you are a water fountain that has to give some of its waters to some sad and sorrowful souls. From the water of such fountains, many thirsty souls are able to quench their thirst, and many sorrowful souls may wash their eyes. – This is how human tears should be seen and interpreted.

The tears hide within themselves one of the greater gifts for the human soul. Do you know how many tears you have shed from your childhood years up until now? Have you ever counted how many tears have come out of your eyes in an hour’s time? I have previously told you to wipe your tears with a clean, fine handkerchief, but I am now asking you to collect your tears in small vials and to stick labels on them describing on what day you have cried, for how long and to also specify the exact number of collected tear drops. Now, you tend to let your tears fall onto the ground, but the Heavens do not look with approval at such practices. Many consider crying to be a symbol of one’s personal weakness. Let me ask you: “Which one of you has not wept before?” It is said for the Christ - one of the great Teachers in the world - that He Himself has wept as well. Not only Christ, but also all the Gods who have descended onto Earth have wept too. There is not one creature on Earth, which has not cried at least a single time. Crying is not a bad thing. Crying is a good sign – it shows that there is law and order in the world. Crying shows that one has understood the Divine that speaks inside of them. One may then say: “My Lord, I have the desire to fulfill Your Will and to amend all the mistakes I’ve made. When a person weeps a little bit, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, a master or a servant, a scientist or an illiterate, this act would always make their soul feel lighter. If a person is crying all day long, this is no longer crying, but wailing instead, which shows that this person's emotions are much stirred. It is beautiful when you see two or three tears in the eyes of a grieving person, when these tears roll down their face. Such a person possesses a certain degree of nobleness. However, if someone begins to howl and wail as much as they can, then such behavior does not yet express any deep sorrow. This is an expression of something which is torturing the respective person. This type of emotional expression is determined by the individual nature of every human being.

“But solid food belongs to those who are of full age…” The question of solid food bears a great significance. If you begin to try solving this question, another question, which is more pertinent to you, shall spring up, and namely, this new relevant question sounds as: “How would you improve your current state of existence?” - To be able to change your life, you should be able to redefine and recreate it, and this would be achieved only when people start using the favorable conditions offered to them. The world needs intelligent people who know how to use such favorable conditions. One should be familiar with the physical, astral and mental aspects of the human life, to understand where the human virtues and weaknesses lie and to be able to choose the appropriate methods to help mankind. You say that people should love each other. - Therefore, Love is one of the best ways for the mankind to redeem itself!

Now, to those of you who wish to become perfect themselves, I recommend using “solid food”, understanding the implications of what is happening in their lives, and not to become more and more aggravated as the time goes by. For this specific reason, you should constantly pray. Prayer does not imply only talking about God and reading written prayers or beautifully-versed words to Him. There is neither need to complain to God nor to boast to Him. The prayers to God should be a natural conversation similar to the way the human souls communicate with each other. Once you begin to talk to God in this way, all your personal affairs would thrive, your character will soften, and you shall see all people as souls who have come out of God. Such would be the bearers of the New Doctrine and servants of the New Creed. This creed does not divide people into nationalities and classes or according to their wealth or knowledge. This new creed sees and treats all souls in the very same way. This means to be full of mercy for each other; this means wishing well to the whole of mankind. For thousands of years, people have prayed for the Kingdom of God to come onto Earth, but in order for this Kingdom to arrive, people should be perfect in every aspect of their lives. Unless we open our souls to God and give Him place to work within us, and we then also begin to work in Him, the Kingdom of God will not descend upon Earth.

The main thought of this lecture that should remain in your mind is to always examine your varying personal states of being and to know which ones of them relate to your physical, astral or mental bodies. Afterwards, do take care of the main pursuit of your soul - the pursuit of Love. Do not be thwarted by the fact that someone may be saying something bad about you, but make sure that all your feelings are sincere instead. Aim to manifest more and more Love with the arrival of every new day. Your love needs to expand and to encompass more beings within your hearts and souls. Connect with the good people by studying the positive aspects of their lives, but you should also realize that there is something good in every single person as well.

Even during the worst moments in your life, you could still manifest a Divine feeling. The Divine exists in all people, but in some it is more developed, while in others it is less easy to observe. Give place to the Divine feelings in yourselves, in which there is no envy and hatred! Give space to the Divine thoughts in yourselves, where there is no pride! Do not think that whoever makes a concession is a weak person. The human nobleness lies in the conscious choice of making a concession. If a lion or a wolf makes way for you to pass, this does not signify any weakness, but shows nobility of character instead. Only with a single leap, both the lion and the wolf can indeed attack you, but due to their own noble character, they may choose to retreat instead.

So, you must all be perfect, or at least strive for perfection and for a proper understanding of life. Unless you understand life, you will not get the favorable conditions you are aiming for. Why? – Because even when these favorable conditions are granted to you, you would not be able to make reasonable use of them. It is said in the Scripture: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock (Revelation 3:20, NKJV)."

Who is knocking on the door of the human heart? – It is the Spirit, the Sublime in every single person.

"And the solid food” metaphor denotes the fact that the sublime knowledge is only for those who are perfect. All of you can be perfect, and this does not mean that what you have done so far has no bearing or importance. All the human strivings for good deeds have yielded some fruits, but you can achieve even far better things. Do not set limits to your own capabilities! Modern people suffer from the predicament that that they set limitations on everything including knowledge, music, virtues, life, etc. And at the end and after all this, they say: "We are done for." They are right to assume so as far as it pertains to the fact that only certain things can be accomplished at any particular point in time. It may not be possible for the same things to be accomplished in a different aspect and situation, but the pursuit for their completion can be indeed started. There are areas in human life that can be explored only when one has reached maturity. Therefore, attempt to do everything at the right moment in time. Work in accord with your soul to release it from all the limitations and obstacles that you have imposed onto yourselves. This does not mean that you have to leave this world or the surrounding environment, but that you should use your conditions wisely.

It is also desirable that while you are still on Earth, you settle all your outstanding debts and obligations, so that one day, upon leaving this world, you would not be obliged to come back to it. All souls shall together leave at the same time for the place they originally came from, so that they can arrive in there as a full group. Thus, the souls would be waiting for each other before they could collectively set off towards their spiritual land. These souls who have already left the Earth would wait in a certain place, then gather together with those souls arriving later on, and would eventually go back to their original abodes in glory and joy.

You may say that the prophet Elijah was taken up in the sky by a chariot of fire. He was only temporarily in the sky, but then he was brought back to Earth, just as in the case of John the Baptist. The chariot with which Elijah the prophet was taken up in the sky was fiery and red, but there is another “chariot” with which every man should ascend. Whoever leaves the Earth, as a righteous person, shall be collected by a “friend” who will be dressed in white, luminous clothes, and the two of them would then fly off together towards the invisible world.

This is the type of perfection you should be striving for. Achieve this perfection, and peace will come upon you, and therefore, all the worldly conflicts, which are now disturbing you, would be ultimately resolved. Now you are solving these questions in human terms: one goes to power, another one comes down; one becomes rich and another one becomes poor; one is born, while another one dies. Whoever thinks that they can change the order and the setup of this world does not really have a clear understanding. In this respect, we are not preparing to adjust ourselves to the world’s circumstances, but to finish our work in it. Once we have finished our work, we shall leave our own accumulated wealth to the world and bid farewell to it. Some may say that in order to be saved, the world must be first shaken up. - There is nothing more to shake up - the world is already stirred. Once we complete our work, we would get a “ticket” and we shall leave.

"“But solid food belongs to those who are of full age …" - The knowledge that I speak about is only for those who are perfect. Christ says: "Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48, NKJV). " This means that we need to understand things in the way God understands them! Be in agreement with God, with your brethren and with your soul! This is the meaning of human life on Earth!


A talk by the Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunoff), held on December 18, 1927 in the district of Izgrev, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Translated by Pavel Yordanov

[1] In this case, the term “dressmaker” allegorically denotes someone who is actually disturbing one’s astral and mental bodies by means of spreading unjustified suggestions and allusions, which are then adopted by their victim.

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