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Prophecy of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)


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Prophecy of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

Robert Powell, PhD, and Harrie Salman, PhD


Introduction by Robert Powell, PhD

A text of prophecy—or prophecies—of the Bulgarian spiritual teacher Peter Deunov (1864-1944) has been circulating in English on the internet for many years. Evidently translated from the original Bulgarian, although a reasonable translation, the text in circulation has been translated by someone whose mother tongue is clearly not English.

Therefore I asked Dr. Harrie Salman if, through his knowledge of Bulgarian and on account of his study of the works of Peter Deunov in the Bulgarian language, it would be possible for him to provide a true-to-the-original, authentic translation of this important prophetic text, so that it is readily understandable to English-speaking readers. This entailed extensive research on Harrie’s part to track down the original Bulgarian sources of Peter Deunov’s prophecies.

He discovered that the internet text is a compilation of quotations from different years. Because only a few quotations could be traced, he decided to collect prophecies that have a reliable Bulgarian source. Among them is a prophetic message from the angel of the Bulgarian nation that Peter Deunov received in 1898 and that has been translated by Harrie. In 1910 and 1914 Peter Deunov spoke of the Second Coming of Christ. Relevant quotations relating to this have been added. Included are also prophecies from a collection of Words of Peter Deunov from the last year of his life, in which he looked into the future.

Readers familiar with the usual version in circulation will recognize that Harrie’s text that follows below, although partly bearing some similarities with the internet text, is for the most part different and, moreover, is much longer, because of the extra inclusions. In relation to this much more extensive prophetic text compiled by Harrie, I received a prompting from the long-deceased author of the text to include a Preface setting right an incorrect idea—widely circulated—concerning the spiritual identity of the author. (I am using the word “author” here, even though it is not a matter of a written text but, rather, spoken words that were subsequently transcribed.)

Anyone who has deepened into the writings and lectures of any of the great spiritual teachers of humanity—such as Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) or Peter Deunov—will know that TRUTH is all-important with every word (spoken or written) that stems from one of these great individuals. If something that is not true is circulated about such an individual, this is a source of immense pain and suffering, whether the individual is on earth or in spiritual realms. Either way, but especially in the latter case, it is only by way of the individual on a spiritual level finding and making contact with someone on earth who is prepared to bring forward the truth about them that the incorrect idea(s) circulating about

them can be corrected. And this is the main point of the Preface, a point which is highlighted in consideration of Footnote 3 below. It is only by way of presenting the truth that an incorrect idea can be met—and hopefully set right—even if this is sometimes a long-term process.

I am fully aware that “presenting the truth” is a very delicate matter, which raises the question: How does one know the truth?

In some of the books I have written that are referred to below, I have given

much attention to this question, especially to the related question of “truth and error in spiritual research in the domain of reincarnation and karma.”

As a mathematician and astronomer—mathematics and astronomy sometimes being referred to as the exact sciences (that is, those sciences “which admit of absolute precision in their results”)—there is, especially in the case of mathematics, no question about the truth of a mathematical statement such as 2+2=4.

In the case of reincarnation statements, as Rudolf Steiner indicated, a spiritual preparation for reincarnation research is needed—and, moreover, is a prerequisite—from the preceding incarnation(s). Those who are familiar with my books Hermetic Astrology, volumes 1 & 2, The Astrological Revolution (written together with Kevin Dann), and Elijah Come Again, in which the astrological rules of reincarnation are applied, will know that extreme care and attention has been taken in these works in order to present only that which is absolutely true in the realm of reincarnation and karma.

It is the same with the reincarnation statement concerning Peter Deunov which is presented in the following Preface. I would not make this statement here in this article if I were not one-hundred-percent certain of its absolute truth and authenticity, in the same sense of absolute certainty as in the case of the statements of the exact science of mathematics. Of course, I cannot expect readers to necessarily believe that what is presented in this Preface concerning the spiritual identity of Peter Deunov is true. All that is asked of the reader is that the Preface is read with an open heart and mind, holding the question whether or not this reincarnation indication concerning Peter Deunov is true? In other words, this reincarnation indication can be approached as a hypothesis in which one need neither believe nor disbelieve, but hold open as a possibility—with a view to awaiting confirmation (or not) at some later point in time.

Preface by Robert Powell

In this section I shall try to elucidate upon a question raised by Steve Bonn of Evera Books, the publisher in English translation of the works of Peter Deunov (the Master Beinsa Douno). Steve, as he mentions in his letter below, has some degree of familiarity with the teachings of the great Austrian teacher of esotericism Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), who— like his contemporary, the Bulgarian initiate Peter Deunov (1864-1944)—brought many previously hidden aspects of Esoteric Christianity into the public arena. Rudolf Steiner referred to his teaching as spiritual science or Anthroposophy. Here with Steve’s question:

Dear Robert, Thanks for sharing this. One thing that is a bit confusing for me in the article, is the distinguishing of Master Jesus from the Christ. I generally relate to Jesus Christ as a single being, with a Divine dimension, Christ, and a human dimension, Jesus, but not as two separate beings. I suppose that by the Master Jesus, you are referring to the being who was Zarathustra [in an earlier incarnation], whereas Jesus Christ, if my novice level understanding of Anthroposophy is correct, would refer to the Nathan Jesus being in oneness with the Christ. Is that correct? When you refer to the Christ in the article, are you referring to this Nathan Jesus being in oneness with Christ, the Solar

Logos of this solar system, independent of any human being, or something else? I am sure that other students of Beinsa Douno [Peter Deunov] may be even more confused when

reading this article than I am, unless they are deeply steeped in Anthroposophy. Please clarify. Best Wishes, Steve.

Before clarifying this question raised by Steve, it is important to have some background:

In considering the Circle of Council of the twelve great teachers of humanity around Christ, these twelve sublime spiritual teachers—known as Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist tradition—can be likened to “planets” around the Spiritual Sun, who is Christ, known in the Apocalypse as the Lamb of God, “whose face shines like the Sun at full strength.” Individual Bodhisattvas from this group of twelve incarnate from time to time to bring new aspects of the ever-unfolding message and impulse of Christ—the message being tailored to the time, place, and circumstances prevailing at the location where their teaching mission comes to expression. Often they are the founders of religions or new spiritual streams.

At this time—since the end of the 5000-year long period of Kali Yuga (3102 BC to AD 1899), coinciding with the onset of the Satya Yuga (“Age of Light”) in 1899, and especially since the beginning of Christ’s second coming in 1933, His return in the etheric realm (“in the clouds,” as it is expressed in the Apocalypse)—the Circle of Council plays an analogous role on the spiritual level to the circle of twelve disciples around Jesus Christ on the physical level two thousand years ago.

At that time Christ deliberately chose twelve “ordinary” human beings from the region of Galilee—six of them were fishermen—to make it clear that he had come for all humanity, not just for the rich and powerful, the learned and influential. Now, in this time of Christ’s return in an ethereal (rather than a physical) body, His coming is universal, for the entire Earth and humanity, and the circle of the great teachers of humanity are in His service in order to awaken the universal Christ consciousness and communicate His teaching and impulse of Divine Love for our time. Bearing this in mind, we can see how important the Circle of Council is: that we continuously need to spiritually strive to find a relationship—and contact—with this lofty and sublime Circle of Twelve. Hopefully the following may prove helpful in this spiritual quest.

In my research into the Circle of Twelve, it was from the beginning clear to me that not only is there a correspondence of the twelve disciples with the twelve zodiacal signs, elaborated upon in my 1998 book Christian Hermetic Astrology: The Star of the Magi and the Life of Christ, but also a correspondence of the circle of twelve great teachers of humanity with the twelve signs of the zodiac. From this point of departure, it gradually became clear to me which individualities from the Circle of Twelve correspond to specific zodiacal signs, whereby I must emphasize that this research is ongoing, and so far I have complete and crystal clear clarity of this correspondence only in the case of the Bodhisattvas corresponding to the signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. For now we shall limit the focus of our attention to the Bodhisattva-Master corresponding to Gemini, who, as shall be discussed below, was incarnated long ago as the great Persian initiate Zarathustra, and who continues to incarnate in the post-Christian era and is known esoterically as the Master Jesus.

As shown in my 2012 book Astrogeographia, written together with David Bowden, it is interesting that Ancient Persia (modern Iran) comes under the sidereal sign of Gemini that is embedded in the constellation of the Twins. The great leader of humanity, one of the twelve Bodhisattvas, who was the spiritual teacher of the Ancient Persian civilization during the Age of Gemini (6266-4106 BC, when the vernal point was in the sidereal sign of the Twins) was Zarathustra, whose name means radiant star.

It was known to the ancient Persians, and this was confirmed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), that the star of Zarathustra is Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens—the

sidereal longitude of which is 191⁄2° sidereal Gemini—hence the appropriateness of the name radiant star. There is much that could be said about this Bodhisattva individuality, who was the bearer of the Archangel (Folk Spirit) of Ancient Persia, and perhaps the most significant thing of all was communicated by Rudolf Steiner: that Zarathustra later reincarnated as the child Jesus whose birth is described in the Gospel of Matthew, who was visited by the three kings (Magi), who themselves were reincarnated disciples of Zoroaster (the Greek name for Zarathustra), and that since that time, in his subsequent incarnations—one in almost every century—is known as the Master Jesus.

Rudolf Steiner also indicated that he (RS)—who was asked if the Master Jesus was then physically incarnated—responded positively and added that he (RS) stood in close inner connection with the Master Jesus, who was in the Carpathian Mountains:

In response to a question [date unknown, but possibly 1917, and certainly prior to 1923] from Friedrich Rittelmeyer concerning the Friend of God [from the Oberland, fourteenth century], Rudolf Steiner answered that he was [an incarnation of the] Master Jesus, who since the Mystery of Golgotha was incarnated in every century. Regarding the further question whether he was presently [at that time] incarnated, the answer was that at the present time [i.e. shortly before 1920 or shortly after 1920] he was in the Carpathians— and Rudolf Steiner indicated that he was in purely spiritual connection with him. (See footnote 4 at the end of this article)

Here it is important to be clear about a fundamental discovery made by Rudolf Steiner, which, if one is not aware of it, could lead to misunderstanding. This discovery is that two children, each with the name Jesus, were born in Bethlehem some two thousand years ago. The births of these two children—and their respective biographies—are carefully discussed in my book Chronicle of the Living Christ, published by SteinerBooks in 1996. The birth of the older child is described in the Gospel of Matthew as having taken place in a house in Bethlehem. This child, who was born on the evening of March 5 in the year 6 BC, has an entirely different genealogy (see the Matthew Gospel) to the younger Jesus child, whose genealogy and birth, described in the Gospel of Luke, was born in a cave in Bethlehem and was visited by shepherds. This younger Jesus child was born shortly before midnight on the night of December 6/7 in the year 2 BC. In other words, the Luke Jesus child was four years nine months younger than the Matthew Jesus child. It is this younger Jesus child whom we know as Jesus of Nazareth—Rudolf Steiner also refers to him as the Nathan Jesus, being of the genealogical line of Nathan—who became bearer of the Christ, the Logos, at the event of the baptism in the River Jordan, and who 31⁄2 years later passed through death on the cross at Golgotha on the historical Good Friday, April 3, in the year AD 33.

If one studies the various depictions in the art works from earlier centuries, one makes the extraordinary discovery that one can sometimes differentiate between these two Jesus children. The painting of the Virgin and Child by Fra Angelico reproduced above shows a very alert and awake Jesus child, conscious of his mission in blessing the world. This is clearly the (older) Jesus child of the Gospel of Matthew—the wise and enlightened child who has continued to incarnate as “the Master Jesus, who since the Mystery of Golgotha was incarnated in every century” (Rudolf Steiner—see footnote 4 at the end of this article). It is this individuality, this great teacher of humanity, who is the focus of attention in this article NOT the Luke Jesus child, Jesus of Nazareth, the Nathan Jesus, who had never before incarnated upon the Earth and who since his death on the cross at Golgotha at the age of 33 years and 4 months on April 3 AD 33 has never incarnated upon the Earth again, but works spiritually in guiding humanity and the Earth towards the goal of evolution.

As discussed in my book Chronicle of the Living Christ, there is much more to be

learned concerning the mystery of these two Jesus children. The one under discussion in this article is known esoterically by the name Master Jesus in all his many incarnations since his birth as the Jesus child of the Gospel of Matthew.

This (older) Jesus child had been incarnated many times on the Earth before the time of Christ—for example, as Zarathustra, the great teacher of the Persian

people in the ancient Persian culture during the Age of Gemini around 6000 BC, and then as Zoroaster, who was born into the royal family of the Persian king Cyrus the Great around 600 BC. Zarathustra, whose name means radiant star—in a higher sense this refers to his star as the star Sirius—and Zoroaster are one and the same individuality in different incarnations. And this individuality as Zoroaster, the initiator of Pythagoras (sixth century BC), founded the stream of the Magi, of whom the last representatives were the three kings who came bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the reincarnated Zoroaster as the child Jesus whose birth is described in the Gospel of Matthew.

The foregoing, in response to Steve’s question at the head of this Preface, still needs some further clarification. Here I shall draw upon the background given concerning the mystery of the two Jesus children by Rudolf Steiner as summarized in chapter 4 of my book Chronicle of the Living Christ:

Readers acquainted with Rudolf Steiner’s works will recall his descriptions of the event of the 12-year-old Jesus in the Temple, when the two Jesus children united to become one. In the words of Rudolf Steiner: “This is magnificently presented to us in the Gospel of Luke, in the passage referring to the astounding scene where the 12- year-old Jesus is sitting among the learned Rabbis and saying things that sound utterly strange to them.

How could the 12-year-old Jesus of the Nathan line be capable of this? The explanation is that at that moment the Zarathustra-individuality had passed into him...” (quoted from Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the Gospel of Matthew).

In other words, the (older) Jesus child of the Matthew Gospel—an incarnation of the Zarathustra individuality—passed over at this Temple event to unite spiritually with the bodily constitution of the (younger) Jesus child, Jesus of Nazareth, the Nathan Jesus child of the Luke Gospel, who was twelve years of age at the time of this event. The (older) Jesus child of the Matthew Gospel then started to waste away and died a short time after leaving his body at the time of the Temple event. First there were two Jesus children. Then, at the Temple event, dated April 3 AD 12, the two became one: Wisdom and Love united in the person of the 12-year- old Jesus of Nazareth. The older Jesus child, known esoterically in his subsequent incarnations as the Master Jesus, was a tremendously wise being, full of wisdom, which was suddenly and unexpectedly revealed to the Rabbis in the Temple through his incorporation into the younger Jesus child, known to us as Jesus of Nazareth.

The Nathan Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, who had never before been incarnated, was a being of pure love, who had not undergone any incarnations upon the Earth and had thus not been subject (like other human beings) to the consequences of the Fall—and who then at the age of 29 years and 91⁄2 months united with Christ, the Logos, at the baptism in the River Jordan, and thus became Christ Jesus: the human being Jesus of Nazareth united with the Divine being Christ, sometimes referred to as the Solar Logos, also known as the Son of God. Christ Jesus is thus characterized in Christian theology as the God-Man—the union of the Son of God with the pure and perfect human being, Jesus of Nazareth, who works spiritually for the redemption of the Earth and humanity, and is the great leader of humankind towards the ultimate goal of evolution: the resurrection, which, up to the present point in time, only he has attained.

Returning now to Rudolf Steiner’s statement that at that time—at some time between 1917 and 1923—he spoke of the great teacher, the Master Jesus, as being incarnated in the


Closer research concerning this statement reveals that the Master Jesus was active in his incarnation at that time in the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria, that—as can be seen from any map—are a continuation of the Carpathian Mountains. The Carpathian Mountains meet the great mountainous uplift that covers much of the Balkan Peninsula at a place called the Iron Gates of Orsova. Here, the Danube River cuts through the mountain barrier before making its final run to the Black Sea. The Balkan uplift is composed of numerous mountain ranges, including the Rila Mountains. And the Iskar river takes its source from Rila and runs through the Balkan Mountains forming a gorge to reach the Danube.

Those who know anything about the life of Peter Deunov, also known as the Master Beinsa Douno, will know that he founded the Bulgarian branch of the Great White Brotherhood—also known as the Great White Lodge—in which the yearly retreat high up in the Rila Mountains, in the region of the spectacular Seven Rila Lakes, was central to the activity of this spiritual group. This yearly retreat in the month of August continues still to the present day. In this connection, the following indication is interesting: “The Great White Lodge leads all spiritual movements, and Master Jesus and the Master Christian Rosenkreutz belong to it [the Great White Lodge]” (Rudolf Steiner, Gesamtausgabe, vol.

264, p. 329, lecture of June 1, 1907— see footnote 4 at the end of this article)

On a personal note I would like to mention that I was fortunate to be able to attend the yearly retreat in the Rila Mountains in 1996. Shortly thereafter I met Beredene Jocelyn, author of Citizens of the Cosmos (1981). She described how, as a young woman, she had been working in Bulgaria as a teacher of English and had encountered there the work of Peter Deunov (the Master Beinsa Douno) and had joined the group that had formed around him and had participated in the group activities. After returning from Bulgaria to the United States, she came across Rudolf Steiner’s work and henceforth this became— alongside the work of Peter Deunov— the focal point of her life, as is evident from her book Citizens of the Cosmos.

When I met Beredene—this was in New York in 1997—she introduced me to a Bulgarian woman, Viola Bowman—author of Paneurythmy vols 1 & 2 (Evera Books)—who had studied Paneurythmy with Beinsa Douno before moving to the United States. Beredene had written an Introduction to Paneurythmy volume 1 in which she put forward her perspective that Peter Deunov was the great spiritual teacher for the Slavic people, preparing them for the sixth cultural epoch (Aquarian Age), just as Rudolf Steiner was the great spiritual teacher of the Western European people in the fifth cultural epoch associated with the Age of Pisces, in which we are still living at the present time.

Against the background of the identity of the Master Jesus with the Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov), these words of Rudolf Steiner evidently confirm Beredene Jocelyn’s perspective:

Through the principle of brotherly love, represented by the Master Jesus, the coming together of humanity in the sixth epoch, based on this principle of brotherly love, will be brought about, leading into the future.

(See footnote 4 at the end of this article). Moreover, against the background of Rudolf Steiner’s indication above, let us consider these words communicated by Peter Deunov to a disciple, translated from Bulgarian by Harrie Salman:

I have been inspired and this happened on March 7, 1897 [in the Gregorian calendar on March 19]. Then I received a mission from heaven, I was told that I am a teacher for the whole of humanity. The mission assigned to me is connected with the new path of the Slavs and with the coming of the Sixth race [regarding this quote, see Harrie Salman’s Prophecy article below].

Noting especially the statement “I am a teacher for the whole of humanity”—if we take these words seriously—the identification of the Master Jesus with the Master Beinsa Douno is not only plausible; it is virtually certain, given that a Master, in the deeper esoteric sense of the expression, is a human being who has risen to become a teacher for the whole of humanity.

Rudolf Steiner spoke of two Masters—two teachers “of the whole of humanity”—the Master Jesus being one of them: “At the head of our Western [Esoteric] School stand two Masters: Master Jesus and the Master Christian Rosenkreutz”— see footnote 4 at the end of this article. Moreover, once one studies the sidereal horoscopes of conception, birth, and death of the child Jesus of the Gospel of Matthew with the sidereal horoscopes of conception, birth, and death of Peter Deunov, the child Jesus, whose biography and horoscopes are given with precise dates in my book Chronicle of the Living Christ, the Master Beinsa Douno emerges with a high degree of probability as an incarnation of the Master Jesus. Through precise and accurate astrosophical research, the identity of this child Jesus—an incarnation of the Master Jesus—with the Master Beinsa Douno is more or less certain.

Furthermore, Peter Deunov (the Master Beinsa Douno) is referred to by some of his followers as “the Master sent to teach Love,” which is similar to the above-quoted designation of Rudolf Steiner concerning the Master Jesus as the representative of the “principle of brotherly love”— see footnote 4 at the end of this article. Against this background, the following compilation by Harrie Salman of Peter Deunov’s prophecies is most interesting and illuminating, considering it as the words of the Master Jesus, one of the great guiding initiates of humanity, one of the Circle of Twelve comprising the Circle of Council around Christ. (See, also, footnote 4 at the end of this article).


Peter Deunov (Master Beinsa Douno)

Peter Deunov, also known as the Master Beinsa Douno, was born with the Sun in the constellation of the Twins at 2625’ Gemini in conjunction (within one degree) with the star Castor (2530’) in the star sign of Gemini on the morning of June 29, 1864 in the old Julian calendar in use in Bulgaria at that time, corresponding to July 11 in the New Style Gregorian calendar in use in the West. Venus (2427’ Gemini) was in superior conjunction with the Sun—that is, from the Earth’s perspective Venus was behind the Sun—and was also close to Castor (about one degree away).

The planet Mercury (1914’ Gemini) was closely aligned with the star Sirius (1920’ Gemini), and, moreover, the planet Uranus (351’ Gemini) was located near the beginning of Gemini, close to where the Sun (21⁄2 Gemini) had been located at the historical event of Pentecost on May 24 AD33—the descent of the Holy Spirit, when the early Christian community formed.

The foregoing astrosophical note concerning the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus in Gemini at the birth of the Master Beinsa Douno is of interest in our consideration of his relationship with sidereal Gemini, with which the star Sirius, the star of the Master Jesus (according to Rudolf Steiner) is aligned.

The original Peter Deunov prophecy text that was published in English in 2003 on the internet, speaks of the prophecy as having been given a few days before Peter Deunov’s death on the morning of December 27 in 1944. However, as is evident from Harrie’s article below, it is, rather, a compilation of statements made

by Peter Deunov at different points in time, which has been considerably expanded upon in the following version compiled by Harrie.

Peter Deunov – Prophet of the New Age of Christ

on the 75th occasion of his passing away on 27 December 1944 Harrie Salman

The Spirit of Truth (1884)

Around 1904 Peter Deunov said: “You think that I am Mr. Deunov. No! A long time ago, 20 years ago Peter Deunov left his physical body and now I, who is speaking to you, am the Spirit of the Truth. Peter Deunov ceased to exist at the age of 19. And from that time the Pure Spirit of Truth is living here.”1 In the Gospel of St. John, the Spirit of Truth is a title of the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, who will be sent by the Father in the name of Christ.2 Later in his life the Teacher, as he was called by his disciples, revealed his spiritual name: Beinsa Duno (or Douno). Its meaning is not known.

This change of identity can be compared to the event that took place with the 12 year old Nathan Jesus of the Gospel of Luke, when the “I” of the Solomon Jesus child of the Gospel of Matthew entered the soul of the other Jesus child, the Nathan Jesus, whose birth is described in the Gospel of Luke. According to Rudolf Steiner the Solomon Jesus, who died shortly after this event, was a reincarnation of the spiritual teacher Zarathustra. In his later incarnations he was called Master Jesus. If Steiner’s statement on the 20th century incarnation of Master Jesus as recorded by Friedrich Rittelmeyer is rightly interpreted, then Master Jesus incarnated in the body of Peter Deunov in 1864 and experienced a deep transformation in 1884.

In his spiritual work we may find inner evidence for this point of view. According to Rudolf Steiner Master Jesus prepared the Christian-esoteric path of initiation, on which in the Middle Ages people meditated on the Stations of the Cross. He guides humanity from the present 5th post-Atlantic culture into the next, Slavic culture. He represents the principle of brotherly love and paves the way for Christ.3



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  2. John 14:15-17, 15:26 and 16:13, on the ‘Spirit of Truth and Knowledge’. John 14:26 “He will teach you everything.”

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    Master Jesus was incarnated in Switzerland as the leader of a circle of Friends of God’ in the 14th century, inspiring people who wanted to understand and cultivate the teachings of Christ. These qualities also permeated the work of Peter Deunov, who adopted in 1898, as we shall see, as a Teacher of Love, the mission to prepare the Slavic culture of love and brotherhood.

    Peter Deunov became a Methodist preacher in Bulgaria (1887-1888) and studied at Drew Seminary in Madison, New Jersey, and the Methodist School of Theology in Boston (1888-1895). Back in Bulgaria, various Methodist congregations invited him to become their pastor, but he declined. He made it clear that he could only accept a position as a pastor if it would be without payment. Also the Theosophical Society of Bulgaria invited him to give lectures, but he declined as well. Peter Deunov had meetings with Protestant

    pastors, spiritists and theosophists, he wrote his book Science and Education in 1896, and he began to give lectures, sometimes of a scientific nature, but also of a mystical-spiritual kind.


    The initiation (1897)

    In the archives of Boyan Boev we find the following text about an event that took place when Peter Deunov was 32 years old, of which he said to a disciple:

    I have been inspired and this happened on March 7, 1897 (in the Gregorian calendar on March 19). Then I received a mission from heavens, I was told that I am a teacher for the whole humanity. The mission assigned to me is connected with the new path of the Slavs and with the coming of the Sixth race [the new cycle of cultures that according to Rudolf Steiner will begin in 7894 AD, Harrie Salman].4

    This initiation took place in the presence of his father. A biographer wrote about this: “They were just about to take some rest when Peter was suddenly illuminated by a strange bright light. Reverend Deunovski saw Christ standing by his son and he heard a voice inside ‘I will make him My sound rock and will build My Kingdom upon it.’’’5

    This was the beginning of God’s Mission, as Peter Deunov called it. Beings of Light, including Christ himself, used to visit him and talk with him. A first mystical message from the Spirit was written down by Peter Deunov in 1897. It was the ‘Voice of God’ speaking: “Wake up, you who is sleeping, the time has come. ... I am waiting for an answer at the secret door of your heart.”6 In this year he founded the Society for the Uplifting of the Religious Spirit of the Bulgarian People, which developed in 1906 into the Chain of Divine Love and in 1920 into the School of the White Brotherhood. His work started with three people who became his disciples. On 8 October 1898 the angel Elohil communicated an important message to Peter Deunov. The angel made himself known as the protector and guardian of the Bulgarian nation, and as the angel of God’s Covenant. In the same month Peter Deunov delivered this message as A call to my people – Bulgarian sons of the Slavic family to the Spiritistic Society Miloserdie in Varna.



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According to Peter Deunov, God had given to his angel Elohil the task to lead the Bulgarian nation and the Slavic nations in general. Here is the full text:


A Call to My People – Bulgarian Sons of the Slavic Family (1898)7

Listen to the words of Heaven:

Brothers and sisters from the Slavic house, family of suffering, tribe of discord, soul and heart of the time to come, Life and Salvation of the present, bearers and defenders of peace, Sons of the Kingdom of God, listen to the Word:

Heaven has assigned you a sacred office in the coming Kingdom of Peace, which is coming and approaching in its power, to mark a great event in the life of this world, and if you prove to be faithful from now on to this noble and sacred calling awaiting you, then believe that the God of Hosts Himself will enwreathe you in the glory and the greatness of His life and will inscribe your names in the Supreme Books of the higher worlds that minister to the Supreme Holy Work of the great redemption. A glorious future is awaiting you, coming not to wipe out or destroy life but to resurrect it in its perfect fullness. All

chosen people and nations, constituting the flower of the new generations of humanity are called to partake in this life. Your time is approaching, your trial is coming to an end, the hour of your calling has come and the moment of your life has arrived to wake up and to enter into this gentle life which is coming to this long-suffering land.

I come from above at the supreme command of God, your Heavenly Father, Who has entrusted me with the great mission of warning you against the bad ways and to announce you the Truth of Life which descends from the heavenly dwellings of the eternal Light, in order to enlighten each mind, revive each heart, to uplift and renew all spirits – the chosen children of Truth preordained to form the seed of the New Humanity of which the Slavic family, the stock of Judah,8 will become the hearth.

The leader of this salvation, the anointed of Zion, the Lord’s King, the brother of those who suffer, will arrive in all His power and spiritual fullness and will change the appearance of this world. You will soon be elevated in the order of the redeemed higher worlds, which gradually yet steadily rise one after the other into a new region of the upper supreme worlds, into the Heaven of the Divine Instructions, into which also your world will step forward to take its place among the others as assigned to it by the Supreme Father. Your stepping into these new infinite boundaries of the New Kingdom of the everlasting worlds will be marked by being given the sign from the Supreme Lord, Ruler and King over everything. He with all the angelic hierarchies will meet you, will receive you with joy and cheer as fellow citizens of the Everlasting Kingdom of endless power and glory.

Do not grieve God by your conduct; do not doubt His Truth, which He brings to you from the Heavenly Dwellings as a sign of His faithfulness and His love for you. Become enlightened, pull yourselves together, become conscious of the truth of life.



  1. Translated by Harrie Salman.

  2. A reference to the book of Isaiah 48:1, where the house of Jacob, sprung from the stock of his son Judah, is addressed.


    He Who has given birth to you keeps watch over you. You know His Name. Doubt not or hesitate, but put aside your faintheartedness; come to the eternal light of life to know the eternal ways of God, Who has raised you from the ashes of nothingness to the glory and greatness of immortality. Do not err, but make a place for Him Who gives you life. In Him the families, generations and nations do not disappear, but they are restored and regenerated through this same Eternal Spirit, Who puts everything in this great Divine World in order. Renewal is a great blessing for you, which contributes to your becoming worthy of entering the path of light, which is endowed with peace and love at every step.

    This blessing is the powerful and eternal generator of life, which uplifts all the fallen in spirit. It is the path to salvation which unfortunate mankind takes, summoned from Heaven to perform one more heroic deed, with which everything that is destined will be completed.

    The path on which I come to lead you, so that you enter the Kingdom of God, serve Him, is eternal. It is a path filled with all the sweetness of life. All the heavenly hierarchies and dwellers, before the origin of that very eternity without beginning or end, have passed along this path. Between you and this path of the Heavenly Dwellers exists a great distance which no mighty power can fathom, yet there is an invisible bond connecting everything in one indivisible brotherhood. This bond is the love of the Eternal and Invisible God, the Source of Life.

    It is this infinite love of Him Who loves you and cares for you that called upon me from on high in order to come and help you in these hard times that lie ahead for the last time in this world. Before you lies a great danger which is getting ready to destroy all holy

    things which have been planted by the hand of your Heavenly Father. This is why I came to this world to guide you in person through this most dangerous moment of your lives. Be brave, strong and steadfast, faithful to your calling, and braced for battle. Each of you, make the necessary self-sacrifices for the truth to triumph. Now is the right time to show that you are the chosen kindred, a Royal Seed, a nation whose ruler is the God of Hosts.

    I come to support the Slavic family to whom is given to prevail over all its enemies and foes standing in its way to the noble knowledge for which it is striving and in its way to its destiny as ordained by Supreme Providence. The time is drawing near and is by the gates of this world. Truth will triumph and will reign in all its beauty, which will illumine the face of this world with heavenly radiance. This is the day of Truth that has given birth to you for His glory. Listen to His voice. He is coming from above, raise your eyes to see that which is awaiting you, open your ears to hear the sweet songs, the pleasant hymns, the great anthems, the songs of praise sung by the angels who are preparing themselves for this glorious day.

    Listen: faithfulness is the first step for entering the new life, the first condition of passage through the narrow gates of admission; it is the first fruit of Love which you shall place before the Hearth of the Father’s altar. There is no time left to involve yourselves with irrelevant discussions of the past which are of no use to you, unless past errors teach you a lesson to correct the present ones. Your rebirth requires pure virtues which are lacking. It is now superficial and not fundamental; it is of a transient and inessential nature, not able to bring the expected good fruits. This nation is yearning to be led and ruled by holy and godly principles, which are necessary to succeed. These principles were established long ago by God, Who takes care for the improvement of all His nations, and these principles are implanted in your souls. In the revival of the nations, the mind and the heart must be in harmony, love and virtue must be together, power and reason must jointly lead and steer the way of their good endeavours. Without these conditions everything is irretrievably lost for the nations. This is why you need to stop and consider the situation in which you find yourselves, in order to avoid the total destruction which is hanging already over all your heads.

    I arrive in this depraved world at this important moment to exert the necessary influence, to lead you away from this pernicious path into which the nations on earth rushed to pursue recklessly. Remember, if you repudiate my good advice and oppose my Divine Directions which I gave you because you are dear to My heart, then I will employ also other measures which are much worse and I am bound to apply in response to your disobedience to the holy Divine Commandments. You are under my protection and it is my duty to guide and educate you in the Word of Truth. I am your protector and a supreme leader among the Heavenly Dwellers. When I took upon myself to take you under my guardianship, I could foresee all the difficulties which time would present to me until I lead you to safety. I knew how many obstacles and how many failures in this great battle you and I would have to face, yet my spirit will not depart from my intention. My love for you dictates this sacred duty to me, so I stepped forward to take you under my supreme protection. In this distant past your spirit did not possess any beauty to attract me and make me love you. You looked disgusting and those who looked at you were repulsed by the rudeness of your heart. I did not reject you because of your flaws, nor did I disdain you because of the crudeness of the external garments in which your soul was wrapped, but I came to love you completely with all my kind spirit, which undertook to probe you and to find any Divine virtue, any kind feature of your soul, which my spirit could cultivate and make fertile, so that it might bring plenty of good fruits and that a pure, holy and sublime behaviour might be formed in you, so that you could deserve the honour to join the family

    of the first nations which the God of Hosts has chosen to fulfill His everlasting holy will. The day has already come to determine the main destiny of this corrupt world, in which Heaven is going to make a radical and great change, and that very soon in the approaching New Age, to mark new pages on the face of the earth. It is my desire to prepare you for this, because you are far behind due to your present crimes as well as past national sins; for them you were required to go through countless sufferings and sacrifices, until you wash away and clean the disgusting vileness with which you annoyed God. This made Him turn His face away from you and leave you in the ordeal which took centuries,9 so that you might recognize and repent for your sins, that tear the sacred bonds of His Love. Yet, God is not angry forever. His mercy is from generation to generation and His kindness is always with those who love Him and His blessing does not withdraw.



  3. The years under Byzantine rule (1018-1186) and Turkish rule (1396-1878). The Bulgarians were under Turkish bondage as a punishment for the persecution of the Bogomils, as Peter Deunov later explained.


    He guides you with a strong hand through all the dark ages and His eye watches you, especially when you were passing through the dangerous paths of this world. As your Supreme Protector, I had to exert great efforts and make sacrifices in order to correct your past behaviour, to educate you and adorn you with the beauty of the eternal assigned to you. For this purpose I deigned to call forth from afar, from the farthest realms of Heaven, the two brothers,10 luminaries of the Slavic family, and to hand to them the Word of Truth and the Word of Life, so that they could bring them to you and teach you the path, so you could climb along it towards the Eternal Light in which I dwell, i.e. the Light of Life which I sent you to live in forever.

    “The world did not accept this Light but refused it and exposed Jesus, My Anointed of the Covenant, to violation and death because the deeds of these people were evil. But the transgressors of My Testament have paid for their lawlessness, and now all has come to an end. Righteousness is everlasting, My Father is unchangeable and His deeds can not be changed; you are My nation.”11

    The Lord searched for a dwelling for Himself and His choice fell upon the Slavic family which Heaven has come to love because of its Divine virtue. For this reason I sent My two servants to bring you good tidings, to abandon the darkness of gloomy pagan gods. And there was great joy in the worlds of the Light when God placed the seal of His great name upon you and put His Spirit into your hearts as an eternal covenant. And I appeared to your royal Ruler at that time,12 and let him know the Will of Heaven to receive My Messengers of the New Testament; and he listened to my voice and was honoured in my presence to become the founder of your spiritual renewal. I can assure you that since him there has not been a more modest and pure-hearted ruler born to the family of Slavs. He fulfilled the given promise with unshakable faith, like Abraham who did not spare his son, but presented him as a living sacrifice to God; in this way acted your pious ruler and father of the Slavic family, who gave the eyes of his firstborn son as an auspicious sacrifice, a chosen gift to God, as a sign of his unshakable faithfulness to Him;13 this very day your calling was initiated by the God of Hosts, Who ordained in His immeasurable wisdom to glorify, together with you, the whole Slavic family in which God Almighty abides and which He has destined to take the first place in His Kingdom which is now coming into power in this long-suffering world.



  4. The two brothers St. Cyril (827/28-869) and St. Methodius (815/20-885), who devised the Slavonic

    alphabet, the so-called Glagolitic alphabet. During their missionary work in Moravia (863) they began to translate the Bible into the language of the Slavs (now called Old Bulgarian or Church Slavonic).

  5. In these sentences not the angel Elohil, but God the Father and Christ are speaking. Quotation marks were added.

  6. The Bulgarian king Boris I (ruled 852-889, died in 907), who adopted the Christian religion in 865- 866 and later introduced the Slavonic alphabet. He welcomed the disciples of the two brothers, St. Cyril and St. Methodius, in 886 and founded schools where they could teach and translate Biblical texts into Old Bulgarian.

  7. King Boris I abdicated the throne in 889 and became a monk. When his son and successor Vladimir attempted to restore the pagan religion of the past, Boris emerged from his monastery to save Christianity and defeated him in 893. Vladimir was blinded and replaced by his brother Simeon.


    Understand the unchangeable truth that the elevation of the Slavic family is an elevation necessary for all, which God Himself is performing for His chosen one, the Leader of Salvation, Who will appear soon among you in his full Glory and Power to restore the eternal Kingdom of Peace, God's Kingdom on earth.

    “And he who challenges your pre-eminence from now on, says the Lord Himself, challenges Mine, for I have the power to give Mine to whomever I wish, and if I give out of My good will, who would oppose Me and ask Me what I am doing? He who has the courage to do so, let him come and try his strength and he will see. I am one, My Word never changes, I am faithful and true in all My ways. My Word is irrefutable.”14

    The Lord is to you a Leader, He is to you a Bridegroom Who sends forth His gifts, Who is delighted as a newly-married man with the love which you have accepted faithfully from Him, Who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This is why I come from the eternal dwellings to awaken you to a good and holy life and to protect you not to trespass anew against the supreme will of Heaven, so that it may reject you as it did in the past, when you annoyed God with your unlawful acts and He let you fall into the hands of your enemies, who came from far away to punish you for your crimes and to fulfill the Supreme Judge’s will against you. Yet, at that time during your fall I supported you with My Love, because you had not been completely rejected from the sight of Him who had chosen you. And thus during this longlasting bondage I steadily guided you along the path of patience and humility and taught you to correct your life, to become conscious of your sins, to repent and turn to God the Lord with your whole hearts, with Whom you are united in the marital ties of pure and immaculate life. In all your sufferings and trials I supported you with My hand and gave you spiritual power and strength, so that you would not completely decline spiritually and become lost in the mire of life and in despair. And with all the power which I possess I began to create in you a pure and immaculate soul with Divine conduct. And at the end of your trial of many centuries, when Heaven under a Supreme judgment of Divine Providence decided to deliver you from the heavy slavery,15 I was the first to appear, to intercede for your liberation, supposing that you would take advantage of this given blessing and correct your past behaviour; yet, you misused the gifts of your freedom.

    Anyway, I began the process of your liberation by putting into action all my mighty powers to work everywhere for the accomplishment and realisation of the great idea which I shall bring about in the shortest time. This is waiting for My supreme order, but your discord, your new sinful life are interfering with the sacred idea which I keep in my heart for your good and for the good of the whole mankind. There is a limit to everything and you must know that. During these last years of your newly begun life I have guided you safely until the present moment and have made greatest efforts to protect you from many dangerous evils. Give praise to God that I am not one of those who can be defeated.



  8. In these sentences the Lord is speaking. Quotation marks were added.

  9. After the Bulgarian uprising of April 1876, Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire in 1877 and liberated the Bulgarian territories. A much smaller Bulgarian state was established at the Conference of Berlin in 1878.


    “The time has come when you will feel My Power and you will know that I am God, Who cannot be deceived, but you are a self-willed nation who does not see where its own good is hiding.”16

    The weak side of your soul is the general lack of unity and discord which hinders the sacred cause of the Slavic family, yet I am faithful to the work of Him, Who has sent Me. For Him there are no obstacles, no difficulties, His will is eternal and unbending and all He has said shall come to pass, but not in your days, if you turn back as did the Israelite nation in the desert, and like them you shall leave your bones because of your faintheartedness and general disbelief. Yet, the new generation which the God of Hosts Himself shall raise, shall bring to completion His intentions as ordained to be carried out. You may speed up or hinder the development of your cause, if you become involved in the licentious life of the corrupt nations, and this makes Me be more watchful over you, so that you may not turn back again and fall into the trap of evil, which fall shall cost you your lives. This has forced Me to come among you from above and to intercede for you again and to wipe out and remove the infernal hatred towards your brotherly nation which has sacrificed innumerable human lives for you. This is holy Russia for which God has ordained a great future, to fulfill His will for your glory and for the glory of His Kingdom. You will receive a gift from Russia as Melchizedek received from Abraham whom he blessed.17 She owes her present power and glory to you; such are the Divine orders: one sows and another reaps, but in the end all will partake in the blessings of God. The infernal venom is being put aside today, the events are taking another course, the powers of hell are yielding the leading role on the battlefield; those who disturb the Peace of God will be punished everywhere and His justice shall be re- established on earth. The kingdom which I will restore is not a kingdom of hatred, but of love; raise your eyes to see that the world is ripe for harvest. Soon I shall prove the truth of my Divine words. One more great deed and all hearts shall tremble and the speculations of the world shall cease once and forever. As a sign of its benevolence, Heaven has given you a sacred pledge of great mercy and love which is kept between you, and from the day when the answer is given, your redemption shall begin; and I am warning you to protect what I am building, not to destroy it, because it is sacred and if you try to commit a sacrilege, I shall send three evils upon you: hunger, plague and devastation, and I shall have no mercy on you and I shall judge you so that you shall forever remember that God has spoken to you. Mind My words. In the Pledge, which I have entrusted to you, your future rests; it is the legacy of your house, it is the hope and life of your family. Listen to me, Slavic house, be witness that I have spoken to you.

    Now I am addressing you, my servants, leaders and teachers and to you scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites, and I command you to not corrupt My people which I have entrusted to you. Turn away from your evil paths, it is time for you to consider, guide my people on the path of the truth and do not mislead them, help the defenseless in their sorrows and do not injure the poor. Put away lawlessness, renounce injustice, leave depravity behind, for God can no longer look upon these evil deeds which are being committed everywhere before His eyes. He is out of patience, I have been called to bring an end to the mass of evil. Heed this while there is still time left, for the moment is coming when it shall be too late to seek me; think about this, the lack of faith which has taken over you

    wilfully, won't bring you any good.







  10. God is speaking here. Quotation marks were added. 17 It is not clear what kind of gift is referred to


    This is my second coming since you have become my people, in order to see with my

    own eyes how you are and how you live and My spirit is moved when I see the dismal picture. You are to be pitied, you for whom I have sacrificed all that I acquired: life, glory, and honour; you have misused My goodness and love. In front of My eyes a great number of your unhappy brothers and sisters are standing whom you yourselves have violated and plundered. Go to them and confess your trespasses and make peace with your neighbours. On the day when I am coming to reveal myself to you in My full glory, I wish it to be a day of joy and not of sorrow, a day dedicated to My Lord.

    I am Elohil, the Angel of the Lord's Covenant.18 (Communicated on 8 October 1898, Varna, Bulgaria)



    First disciples (1899)

    Peter Deunov’s spiritual diary, the spiritual messages he wrote down and the letters to his first disciples show the depth of his inner transformation in 1899 and 1900.19 In 1903 and 1904 Christ spoke through him to his pupils on three occasions.20 Later he would say: “I am not Christ, but Christ is in me. ... I and Christ are One.”21

    At the heart of the work of Peter Deunov stands the prophetic message that in the new Slavic culture of love and brotherhood Christ will return, and that He will establish his Kingdom in a more distant future, in the sixth cycle of cultures. The return of Christ (the Second Coming) initiates the New Age, proclaimed by the angel Elohil. It is in fact the New Age of Christ, who is returning, according to Peter Deunov, not in a physical body, but in the hearts of people, where he can be found.


    Prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ (1910)

    In October 1910 Peter Deunov announced the Second Coming of Christ, in the same year as Rudolf Steiner did (who spoke of the year 1933 as the beginning of the Second Coming):

    Christ has already come. He has not, however, manifested himself in the way the churches have been expecting, but in a completely different way. Christ will come in 1914.22

    On Sunday March 22, 1914, at the beginning of spring, Peter Deunov invited the spiritual circle that had gathered for his lectures during a number of years, for a festive dinner. After reading from the last chapter of each of the four gospels, he spoke the following words:



    18 In some editions the name ‘Elohim‘ is given.

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    2. Beinsa Douno, The Teacher, vol. 1, The Dawning Epoch, London 2016, p. 1-14. 21 Peter Deunov – Prorokut, Stara Zagora 2009, p. 111.

22 Beinsa Douno, The Teacher, vol. 1, The Dawning Epoch, London 2016, p. 15.



Not many people realise the importance of this day. It will be a day to remember,

because today one epoch has ended and a new one is beginning. Today is a great spiritual day. There is a gathering up above from where all our friends are sending you their greetings.

The closing words of his speech were:

Let us uplift ourselves and imagine the divine picture of today’s celebration in heaven. The spirits will descend from heaven to make human beings satisfied with what they have. And Christ will come with them. Either they will come with a blessing, a renovation of the contemporary order, or, if it seems that it cannot be renovated, they will come with a catastrophe, that destroys from the foundations, after which the building will begin completely anew. We must not be afraid of this possibility. Christ is always above us and among us. Let us leave this meeting with Christ in our souls, let us open our souls and hearts, so that Christ can enter them and bless us23

On March 22, 1914 a new chapter in the history of mankind began. It is the realization of the prophetic message of 1898 – the beginning of the Second Coming. Since 1914, this day of March 22 is celebrated in the School of the White Brotherhood as the first day of the spiritual New Year. One week after this Sunday meeting, on March 29, 1914 the public Sunday Lectures of Peter Deunov, collected in the volumes of Power and Life, officially began. Informally these lectures had already begun in 1911. They present the new teaching about the development of consciousness in the New Age.

Throughout his life Peter Deunov was consistent in his prophetic message. In the book The Teacher, a group of disciples collected the following words:

This Christ is coming now to visit human minds and hearts. (...) Remember that Christ is a manifestation of the Love of God. And He will come as an inner Light in the minds and hearts of the people. This Light will attract everybody around Christ as a great Centre. The opening of the human minds and hearts and the reception of Christ from within – this will be ‘the Second Coming of Christ’ on earth. He will preach above all the great science of Love and the methods how to apply it. (...) Prepare to meet Christ! Prepare, so that everybody in one’s time can meet Christ. Put on your new clothes. For some Christ will come even today, for others – tomorrow, still for others – in years. You will see Him when you are prepared. Receive Christ in your hearts as a friend, and in your mind – as Teacher. Christ is now working. (...) If you are in harmony with Christ, your consciousness will wake up, you will see Him. Christ is coming to the world with His Intelligence and Love. Christ is already coming to the Earth to bring Divine Love for all the people. He will teach people self- sacrifice and Love. He brings Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Freedom! The Light of Christ penetrates everywhere!24



23 Idem, p. 119-122. 24 Metodi Konstantinov, Boyan Boev, Maria Todorova and Boris Nikolov,

Uchitelya, Sofia, 2005, p. 394-396.


The Border between Two Epochs

In Peter Deunov’s view the first period of the history of humanity is a process of involution, a turning away from God. Human beings descended into the darkness of the material world and lost their primordial sublime life, in which they were with God and dwelled among the Angels. They came down to Earth as part of a learning process. “A new epoch is now coming for humankind in which the Intelligent World will show people the way that they can return to their primordial Life.” The second period of evolution is beginning. Humanity can return to God and climb up toward the Light.

At present, said Peter Deunov, we are in the transient time between involution and evolution. At the border between these two epochs the greatest resistance, the greatest

suffering, exists. Christ is there, heralding the beginning of the evolutionary epoch.

The Earth now enters into the new, Divine conditions. The whole world is awakening. The one who desires to remain in the old conditions can do so. The whole world, the whole solar system, the whole Universe, everything is moving in a new direction. Human consciousness is expanding. You will be witnesses to that Great Expansion; you will be witnesses to that Great Transformation for which God now prepares the whole of humankind. The world will come to know that God shall not be mocked.25

For thousands of years the Earth has been passing through a region of space which is full of poison. The entire Solar System has been passing through that region. There was another system in that place which passed away long ago but its dust has remained and it poisons all beings in the Solar System with the exception of a few of those on the sun itself.” “This is a sphere of great contradictions. Now we are approaching the end of the sphere – soon we shall exit that sphere of the Universe [the 13th sphere]. So much blood, so many tears.26

Our Solar System will depart from heavier matter and enter into a less dense medium. Because of this, there will exist conditions for the manifestation of a higher consciousness for humankind. The Solar System departs from the so- called ‘13th sphere’. At the same time, the Sun will enter the Age of Aquarius. Now is the end of the dark epoch, the Kali Yuga.27

According to Peter Deunov the Kali Yuga began in 4481 BC and ended in 1999.28 For Rudolf Steiner it began in 3101 BC and ended in 1899, having a total length of 5000 years. After Kali Yuga we now live in Satya Yuga, the Age of Light, which will last 2500 years. This equals more or less the duration of the Second Coming, which began for Steiner around 1933.




25 Beinsa Douno (compiled by Antoaneta Krushevska and Ernestina Staleva), The Wellspring of Good – The Last Words of the Master Beinsa Douno, Sofia 2013, p. 212. 26 Beinsa Douno, Sacred Words of the Master, Sofia 2004, p. 215-216. 27 Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of Good, p. 292.

  1. Peter Deunov – Prorokut, Stara Zagora 2009, p. 239.


    Another difference is that Peter Deunov took the year 1914, which he celebrated as the beginning of the Second Coming, as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, which he considered the Age of the returning Christ.

    Due to the movement of the vernal equinox through constellations of the Zodiac (the astronomical phenomenon of precession), the vernal sun rises every 2160 years from another constellation. This calculation is based upon a division of the Zodiac in 12 equal parts. From this point of view the sun will rise from the constellation of Aquarius in 2375. This beginning of the Age of Aquarius was for Steiner not yet the beginning of the culture of Aquarius, the 6th Slavic culture. Inspirations need time to work in human culture, in his view 1199 years, which would place the beginning of the next culture in the year 3574.

    Peter Deunov did not fix the year of the beginning of this culture, but he did announce the inspirations coming from Aquarius in 1914, linking them to the Second Coming of Christ. Evidently, Rudolf Steiner and Peter Deunov spoke about the same events, but placed them in different frameworks.

    From 1914 until his death in 1944 Peter Deunov gave many prophecies concerning the Second Coming, the Slavic culture, the new cycle of cultures (called in Theosophy the ‘Sixth Root race’ and by Peter Deunov also the ‘Race of Love’ that will emerge from all

    nations and will be prepared by the Slavic culture) and the Kingdom of God that will be established in this new cycle of cultures. These prophecies can be found in his lectures and in the compilations made by his disciples.

    In the next sections we publish chapters from the book Wellspring of Good, in which his words have been collected from the last year of his life. They were taken down in shorthand by Boyan Boev and Boris Nikolov during the nine month stay of Peter Deunov and a group of his disciples in the home of Temelko, in the village of Murchaevo, near Sofia, in 1944. These 6 chapters are called: Eradication of the Old, The New Epoch, Daybreak, The Sixth Race, The Man of the Sixth Race, and The Slavic Nation.

    The so-called Prophecy of Peter Deunov regarding the end of our civilization and the beginning of the Golden Age on Earth, that is circulating on the internet, was not given in this form by Peter Deunov, but represents a compilation of paragraphs partly taken from the following chapters.


    From the last talks (1944)

    1. Eradication of the Old29

      Material culture creates the forms and goods, but it remains fruitless and meaningless if people do not realize the Laws of the Eternal Life. Once when a question about the New Culture arose, the Master said: (...)

      A new Wave is coming from out of the Cosmic Space, the Wave of Divine Love. It is also called ‘Wave of Fire’. This Wave has powerful vibrations, which not every human being can endure. For this reason, it has been said that God is an all-consuming Fire.



  2. Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of Good, p. 285-292.


    Those who are ready to withstand the vibrations of this Wave and receive this Wave will become luminous. Yet for those who cannot bear them, it will be a Fire that will either consume them or will cause them to pass through great suffering. This will prepare them to awaken and receive Love. For this reason, this Wave of Love, which is coming, is also called the Divine Fire. Everything old and impure will burn in it. After humankind passes through this Divine Fire, the Kingdom of God will come to Earth. I say: When the Fire of Love comes, some people will become luminous; but others will burn and pass through repentance.

    Today you find yourselves in a great phase of Life. Not too much time will pass before you find yourselves passing through the Fire. This will be in your lifetime. This Wave of Fire will soon pass over the world and purify it. All human thoughts and desires will pass through this Fire and become purified in the most perfect way. The Great Life will enter you and you will become transformed. As the smith places the iron in the fire in order to refine it, so too, the Great Intelligent World will pass us through the Fire so that we can be purified and tempered.

    Those Beings who descend from above, say, “We will turn the Earth on its head and will chase away evil from it.” Evil will not attempt to come among you again. The great destruction that occurs today is due to this great Life, which is coming now. If people do not accept Christ voluntarily, the modern culture will pass through Fire seven times, but in the end, it will be purified and renewed.

    The Wave of Fire will pass through the minds of all people. You all will pass through this Divine Fire; you will free your souls and be liberated from bondage.

    If people do not awaken and arise, all the ‘blankets’ in which they are wrapped will burn. Everything that one has created will burn and turn into ashes and dust. What I am speaking of is the Coming of the Day of the Lord. I say now: We are in the Day of the Lord!

    Only a half hour remains before the last train leaves. Woe to those who have not yet managed to settle their accounts. If Europe does not correct her past mistakes, great tribulations will come her way. The Lord is coming and He has already set His Foot upon the Earth. I can easily prove that He has set His foot upon the Earth. How? The great suffering, which is constantly increasing, is the proof that the Lord is coming into this world. Do you know what His decision is? Everything impure is to burn. One has never before seen the dust that will be raised on Earth. You have never suspected what great cleansing is coming before the Great Day. Nothing will remain of the European nations and of the planning of the European diplomats. Love will destroy everything old. After that we will begin to build.

    This turbulence among societies, this unrest among those who are in distress, indicates that God permeates everything. All this is linked to the eradication of the karma of humankind, which has accumulated for thousands of years. Until all old concepts, thoughts, and feelings burn in the Fire of suffering, humans cannot enter into the New Life, which is due to come now.

    It is because for thousands of years we have been under the influence of negative forces that these forces now turn against us. People have strayed from the right path, and all misfortunes are due to that. They have deviated from many things

    and for this reason have remained behind in their development. The Invisible World wants to help them so that they may develop properly. The Invisible World is sending workers with their hammers to work on people’s homes. These misfortunes are called ‘the unfavourable conditions of life.’ With their imprudent way of life, people let evil loose, and as a result, tribulations come. What we today experience and feel hanging heavily over us is our own karma. This is a debt that is due to be paid. In Matthew, Chapter 24, the woman who was ‘taken’ has paid her karma; she is free of any debt. On the other hand, the woman who was ‘left’ has not yet eliminated her karma. And so, the present events indicate the paying off of an old debt, the eradication of karma. Acceleration in the eradication of the past error of humankind is taking place at present. Everything that has accumulated is being eradicated.

    In autumn, all old leaves fall whether they want to or not. Only the buds that will produce new branches, leaves, and flowers in the coming spring remain on the trees. The beauty of life is in the changes. After a storm, the weather clears. The present events are like a storm: they will pass. Everything that occurs is for the better. We think that the present order is good, yet God is weary of the transgressions that people commit.

    The karma of the European nations is already ripe and creates suffering for the whole of humankind. These tribulations indicate that people need to change their way of life and apply the Divine Teaching. The Jews did not accept the Teachings of Christ, and tribulations came upon them. The Christian nations did not apply Christ’s Teaching and the present tribulations came. Troubled times are coming because people did not accept voluntarily and with an awakened consciousness the fulfilment of the Will of God. These troubled times have already come. Even greater disturbances, external as well as internal, will come in order for people to awaken and fulfil the Will of God, to serve God. This will be forced upon humankind.

    Modern culture is in its departure. The New Culture is coming, and its application in life will begin. The Invisible World has decided to teach modern civilized people a lesson, which they will remember for a thousand years. The Scripture says, “Because of these things, the wrath of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience.” (Colossians 3:6). In other words, the Potter will break the imperfect pots. On another occasion, the Master said:

    The whole Earth at present is undergoing a great change, a reconstruction. This will

    continue until its forces become balanced. The Earth will undergo disturbances. There exist ways to predict in which region of the planet the greatest turbulence will occur.

    All of Europe is in turmoil. The entire world is in disarray. Be not afraid. In such times of trouble, people will come to know God. They will come to understand that He is the Great Omniscient Power that turns all things to good. You need to remain calm and peaceful and know that the times in which you live are most favourable.

    All of Europe will pass through unimaginable trials. Modern Europeans have built a dam on the river that one day will collapse. Therefore, whoever is above the

    town should search for refuge in the mountains, and whoever is at the low level should run for higher ground. I speak symbolically.

    People ask what will become of them in the future. Imagine that you live on the North Pole where everything is ice. Your homes are made of ice; nowhere can you see water. I say to you that you need to take some precautionary measures because the Earth will undergo great changes. The Sun will start to shine very hot. It will melt the ice, the homes will fall apart, and you will start to sink. You say, “What bad fortune has come to us.” This is not bad fortune, the ice simply melts. I say the same to you now: If you do not correct your life, the same will happen to you. I do not say this to frighten you. It is the natural course of Life.

    The Great Wave, which comes now, breaks up the ice and turns it into water. This is the Great Omniscient Wave in the world that already draws near.

    After these events, human egotism will vanish, and people will begin to live freely and as brothers. The time has come for all people to abandon the old way of life.

    The God of whom I speak to you will shake the Earth. Only then you will come to understand whether or not I have been speaking the Truth. The Scripture says that God will shake the Earth and that every living creature will realize that Justice, Truth, Virtue, Love, and Wisdom exist. All people everywhere need to know that God is present in the world— and people will come to know this.

    You say, “We are not prepared yet.” When will you be ready? You say, “The time has not come yet.” Who told you that the time has not come yet? If you do not follow the Divine, the Earth will begin to shake.

    After the Earth shakes, after all your guns and cannons are destroyed, you will be asked, “Will you obey?” You will say, “Yes, we will obey.” When you observe all these things, you will become wiser. The entire Earth will shake with such power that no trace will remain of the present culture. This will take place as based upon the great natural Laws.

    Not one nation in Europe will remain unpunished, the present order and all human falsehoods will vanish.

    Christ has said, “The Sun will be darkened, and the Moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from Heaven.’’ (Matthew 24:29). Interpreted, this means that all false human religious beliefs will lose their meaning, all worldly power will be overshadowed and lose its hold. Therefore, the disciples should work to improve themselves. They should clothe themselves in armor and put on helmets in order to withstand this Wave of suffering and trials that humankind needs to endure. This armor is Love.

    Many people are given the ability to learn only from their own mistakes. If one tries to speak to them, they will not comprehend. Such people will learn on the path of suffering.

    The turbulent flow, which represents the tribulations and conflicts of humankind, will abate by the end of the present century. Naturally, human souls who are more advanced will be freed from this flood sooner. The nations are healed through suffering. It is impossible to heal a nation without suffering. It is the only medicine. What needs to be corrected will be corrected. What needs to be destroyed will be destroyed. Take advantage of the short time that remains. Now is the time to begin living the New Life. Evil has

    exhausted all the conditions for its existence. It can no

    longer succeed and it is retreating; only its dregs have remained. The Light will drive away all the darkness. Owing to the present tribulations, humankind will awaken.

    Unless the pure is sifted from the impure, human life will be meaningless.

    After these events, the New will immediately gain control of the world. Good times will come. Now it is difficult. We all know that life is hard during winter and it is easier when spring comes. It is also easier to live in summer and fall. At present, we are coming to the end of the winter.

    When the New comes, violence will no longer exist. Nothing will remain of modern weapons or of modern courts and prisons. The present order will be cast out. God is creating a New World. The old world is giving way to the New.

    When people enter the New Life, they will converse with the Angels and with God.

    How will they speak with God? In silence. In silence you will look at the stars, the moon, the Sun, and you will be filled with gladness. God is in all of them. You will be joyful for every little stone, plant, and animal. God lives within them. You will rejoice in the soft wind, the pure wellspring. Within them is God.


    1. The New Epoch30

      The world was in darkness. Humankind was caught in the madness of destruction. One could not find a way out, nor could a light be seen. Anxiety filled the hearts of all; uncertainty was pervasive. In such moments, the Master possessed the ability to bring peace and to inspire faith. He revealed opportunities for a bright future, describing the image of renewed, reborn, and enlightened humankind. A question about the coming new epoch was asked.

      The Master said:

      The Earth, after making many millions of rotations, makes one exception from its usual rotation. This departure is occurring today.

      New organs are forming in the human brain for the human beings of the future. Until they are formed, many things will remain unexplained. When a great artist begins to paint a painting, is it possible for the beauty of it to emerge immediately? No. On the first day, he will only dash colors on the canvas with a brush. Even if we do not like the painting, he would only smile. On the second day, you will see that the painting is in the same state. The artist will tell you, “Do not hurry with your judgment. When I finish the painting, then you can express your opinion.” You hurry to express your opinion about Life now, but Life is not yet finished.

      A sister asked, “Master, when will the time come when everything will become clear to



      We are now in this time. Today, the world comes to a specific stage, a stage of

      transformations that will become its new principles of organization. Today a new type of human being, a new race is being formed.



  3. Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of Good, p. 292-296.


    God leaves to people the free will to arrange the small things, yet the big ones He arranges by Himself. The contemporary epoch is one of the birth of the new race.

    Every new epoch begins with a new rhythm. Today a new rhythm to Life comes. The Divine makes its way everywhere. The Wave, which is coming now, will elevate not only us, but all minerals, plants, and animals as well. Those who cannot be uplifted by this Wave will remain for the future. Remember: There will be no other Wave such as this because in Nature there is no repetition of phenomena. If you wait until the future, the conditions will

    be more difficult then.

    A New Knowledge, a New Culture is coming into the world. I call it: the Culture of Divine Love, Wisdom, and Truth. It will teach people how to live.

    The old life is suffering, but the new, joy. The roots are the old life, and the branches the new one. Today we are at the end of the deprivation of love and at the beginning of Divine, unconditional Love.

    Who awakens the human being? That one who is taking care of him. The mother awakens the child. This shows that she is taking care of her infant. God is the Watcher for humans, which shows that He is taking care of them.

    Those who do not awaken during the modern epoch will be left for other times. We wonder what will happen to those people who are not able to accept the Divine. The issue is clear. I come to a fruit tree and collect the ripe fruit, and for the others, I will wait. When they ripen, I will pick them as well, and the bad fruit I will use as fertilizer. Afterward, they will become beautiful fruits as well. You ask, “Why is it so?”

    Because it is not possible to be otherwise.

    It is said in the Scriptures, “Search for Me until I am close.”31 This means: use the favorable conditions until I am close to you. If people were to be surprised by what the future is bringing to them, this surprise would deprive them of the opportunity to make use of the Good that is coming. Therefore, in order to make use of the conditions of Life, one needs to possess the knowledge that brings peace into one’s soul. Ignorance fills people with worry.

    Today the New is coming into the world everywhere. What is the New? In what form it will manifest that can be understood only by a few? A new cycle is being formed. Those who can enter into it will find before themselves great opportunities.

    If you are not ready, then you will miss the favourable conditions. The Divine is coming into the world.

    Today is a most dangerous time. You could fall asleep and remain on the outside. The Divine Train is very punctual! You may be late by only a second. Therefore, your consciousness, your heart, and your mind need to be vigilant. The one who has lived for thousands and millions of years on the Earth and has been through so much suffering— does that person want to miss this moment, to miss the Train and not receive the Divine? If God finds you vigilant when He comes to you, you will grow up like the seed; you will develop and will give fruit.



  4. See also Jeremiah 29:13, “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”


    The day has two halves. One is when the Sun is rising, and the second is when the Sun is setting. Until noon, we have ascent; and in the afternoon, descent. The Law is the same with relation to this epoch. The current epoch is in descent and this cannot be stopped. The forces of darkness are leaving. The Good will come exactly at the determined time, just as the spring comes at its time. When spring comes, everything blossoms.

    The same will happen with the coming of the Divine.

    An illuminated epoch is coming. The idea of brotherhood will come into realization.

    This Divine Spring will come gradually, not all at once. People will change without noticing. They simply will not notice how they will change. One day they will awaken, and they will find themselves in a new stage similar to the caterpillar, which enfolds into the cocoon, and, once inside, transforms itself into a butterfly that cannot feed on leaves any more. What is coming now can be called “Manifestation of the Divine Origin in the human being”. The new

    generation that is coming will renew the world. This means that we are in the epoch when the caterpillars will transform into butterflies. Those caterpillars that did not become butterflies yet will ask how one can live in the air. When they become butterflies, then they will learn. As caterpillars, they cannot learn. Today life is more active. Years ago infants could open their eyes not earlier than three weeks after birth. But today, they open their eyes the moment they are born. This exists everywhere, in every nation.

    Humble people will put the world in order. Who are the humble? Once two people went to court. The son of one of them came and told his father, “Father, we do not need that for which you are in court. Let’s forget and forgive.” This son was considered unassertive, but he stopped the trial.


    1. Daybreak32

      The Master said:

      The Invisible World is organized very well. Now it is preparing something to put order into the world. One of the greatest experiments in the Universe is set before us. Advanced Beings are descending from the Invisible World. They come to transform the conditions of life. They will put order into the world. Do you know what Forces these Great Brothers have at their disposal! The Luminous Beings are coming and bringing the New Culture. After these events, spiritual knowledge will be applied on the physical plane. Those who work in the Divine Arena will be needed more than ever.

      The Luminous Brothers have besought all of humankind and have given people an ultimatum. If people do not subject themselves to the Divine, they will move into

      action. Through the Light, the Advanced Beings—the Forces of Light—fight with the forces of darkness. The Light is the most powerful weapon. The Forces of Light have already had the upper hand over the forces of darkness. Victory is on the side of the Good.



  5. Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of Good, p. 296-298.


    Today, we are engaged in great battles. When we finish traveling, we will reach the Promised Land. We will sit under the fig tree, and we will rest.

    The reason for the failure of prior cultures was that the Astral World had not yet been ordered and cleansed.

    The New Culture of the Astral World will be introduced to the Earth.

    The most beautiful Life is coming now. Until now, you have had no brothers and sisters. Your brothers and sisters are coming now. Great Blessings are coming to the Earth after its adversity. Something good is coming into the world. It is better for hardship to come first and then the blessing than vice versa.

    The contradictions will continue until we come into Love, which overcomes everything in the world.

    The New Teaching does not need to make a stir in the world. We do not come to uproot: there are others who will come before us who will uproot and weed out. We will plant the seeds and cultivate them quietly and patiently until they mature.

    You need to be happy that you live in one of the greatest epochs.

    The following transformation will occur in the world. When the good people were in service to the bad ones, the bad ones were the masters. Now the opposite will occur: the bad people will serve the good ones. You want to eliminate the bad people. No. They will learn how to serve the good ones. Now the order is changing: the good will rule and the bad will be in servitude, just as the good were the servants until now. This means that the good will take the place of the bad in the leadership of the world.

    1. The Sixth Race33

      The Master lifted the corners of the curtain and, for an instant, revealed the future that is descending from Above. For the ordinary person, this was like a fairy tale from “One Thousand and One Nights.” Nevertheless, this was the real Life toward which humankind is headed.

      The Master said:

      Each new epoch is a creative Act of God. Modern times cannot be compared to the future that is coming. Now a nucleus of people from all nations is forming in the world. English, French, German, Russian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turk, Serb, and so on are forming a new race, a nation with a new understanding, which is different from the present. Who unites these spirits? The Great Divine Law attracts them that they may come to know one another and work together. I ask: Could the Bulgarians be a contingent of such people? Yes, they can. If the Bulgarians do not send their representatives there, they will be its servants. Those nations that send their representatives to this nucleus will have their names inscribed upon this great kingdom. Those who do not, will see their names erased. The Scriptures stated thousands of years ago, “Those nations that do not serve God have no future.”34



  6. Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of Good, p. 370-372 (in this edition called: The New, Sixth Generation

– One of Love). 34 See also Isaiah 60:12, “For the nation and kingdom which will not serve you shall perish, and those nations shall be utterly ruined.”


A glorious moment is coming for which you need to prepare. Be glad for your future and what is awaiting you.

Everywhere, in all nations, there are people present of the sixth race. You can encounter representatives of the sixth race as an intelligent child, as a young person with a noble character, or as an elderly person.

One sister asked, “Are we going to see them?” The Master replied:

You have seen them. It is said in the Scriptures, “All nations will come together and the Name of God will be glorified.”35 From the 12 tribes of Israel, one understands that humankind will be united. The 12 tribes are the 12 symbols of the zodiac, the 12 qualities of humankind.

People have small ideas. The Bulgarians wish for a great Bulgaria, the Serbs for a great Serbia. All wish to be great. In the Kingdom of God, all nations will be united. By the ‘Kingdom of God’, one should understand the people of the sixth race. They will live as brothers. All nations will be represented in one unity.

Those who do not understand the prophecies are worried about the future. Read Chapter 60 from Isaiah. This chapter is about the coming of the sixth race. In Jude 1:14–15, it is written, “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds.” This is about an epoch whose beginning is now. Until now, the Good has being cultivated in the greenhouse. And yet, when the Kingdom of God comes, all flowers will leave the greenhouse; natural growing conditions will exist for them.

From the Invisible World, Advanced Beings, people of the sublime Love or the so- called forerunners of humankind, are coming. These are Workers who are coming from Above. When they find souls ready to work, they will incarnate in them and act through them.

New ideas are coming into this world. They will clash with the old ones. Why? It is because the old refuses to give up its realm. The new will reform the world radically. The old systems will be replaced with new ones. Those who accept these new ideas will be transformed. Their face will become illuminated and will take on a new expression. We are in a transitional epoch. We will all pass into the new epoch and will live in a new way. The old forms have become obsolete. The old life has no more material for work. The time has come for all people to raise their consciousness a step upward and give way to the Divine Power.

  1. The Human Being of the Sixth Race36

    Each race is characterized by certain qualities. Black people are notable for their imagination and strong feelings; the native peoples of the Americas—for their ability to apply geometry and mathematics.



    1. See also Revelation 21:12, “Also she had a great and high wall with twelve gates, and twelve angels at the gates, and names written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.”

    2. Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of Good, p. 373-376. (in this edition called: The Human Being of the New Epoch).


      Asians are notable for their objective mind, and Caucasians—for their rationality: ever since they have been on Earth, they have been measuring and exploring things with precision.

      The sixth race expected to develop in the future has all the good qualities of the preceding races. In this regard, it represents the essential synthesis of the human virtues.

      While living on Earth one passes through all preceding stages of human development. As cautious as one might be, one nevertheless passes through these preceding stages and, if people are wise, they learn from this process.

      The sixth race is one of Justice and of the Kingdom of God. This race is already coming, and then the Kingdom of God, on a small scale, will be established on Earth.

      A brother asked, “Master, is not justice inferior when compared to the Kingdom of God?

      Because, according to the human law of justice, whoever works less earns less. Whereas, according to the higher spiritual Law, everyone must receive in compliance with their needs.”

      The Master replied:

      The Kingdom of God—it is the same as Justice. I have in mind the Divine Justice.

      The culture of the mind creates the external forms. The sixth race will impart content to these forms.

      Each race has its own contribution. The one that follows, the race of Love, will offer the most. It will be represented by sublime, luminous souls. It will bring the New Culture to Earth. The ideas of the sixth race are like the air: they already permeate all.

      The Slavs will give an impulse to the sixth race. After the events happening now, the people of Love will become active in life. They will begin to take leadership. Many more representatives of the new epoch will be present on Earth than at the moment. They will give a new direction to the culture. The Slavic people will serve as the base for the engraftment of the sixth race.

      One brother asked, “Is there a possibility that representatives of the new epoch will appear in Bulgaria?” The Master answered:

      Yes, the conditions exist. For several thousand years, Bulgaria has been worked upon for this purpose.

      The sixth race will give order to the world. It will take up leadership in its hands. The Divine within man puts to sleep the base, the animal nature, within him. For thousands of

      years, the Divine has been lulling it to sleep in a manner similar to lulling a snake to sleep. The people of Love will be in charge and the rest will execute their orders. The learned ones, who will come, will put order and structure into the world. These are the people of the future.

      The awakened people from all nations will form the sixth race.

      Slowly but surely you are advancing toward the sixth race. It is in store for you to meet with the luminous souls who love you. Do not waiver and do not doubt!

      In the new epoch, each and every one will be aware that others have the same rights and privileges as he does.

      It is said in the Scriptures, “If you are not born again ...”37 These words imply the sixth race. The rebirth discussed in Christianity refers to the entering into the sixth race— and repentance, conversion, and so on, are the preparation for it. Those “born again” are already of the sixth race. Within it death will exist no more. When the time comes to depart, one will dematerialize, will become invisible. Cemeteries will no longer exist. They will exist only for the rest of the people, but not for the people of Love. = At present, existing simultaneously with the white race, there are the black, the red, the yellow. This will be the case with the sixth race too. We are only paving the way for Love, for the sixth race. The people of Love will be different. The mention of ‘the first resurrection’ in the Scriptures is meant for them.38 The Manifestation of Love in humankind is the first resurrection.

      The sixth race brings positive beauty. The people of that race will have very proportional features: they will be beautiful. They will be inspired by the high ideal within themselves, which will make them beautiful. They will be a much more beautiful people than you have seen until now. The facial angle of the European is 80 degrees; in the dog it is 35 degrees. In the human being of the sixth race, it will be 90 degrees. Rarely have I seen really beautiful people.

      The brows of the people of the new epoch will be straighter. They will be curved very little, indicating that they are part of a very large Circle. The color of these people will be radiant like someone illuminated by the Sun. Light will emanate from their faces as if they were radiating. At night there will be no need for lamps. Wherever these people go, there will be light because human beings will radiate light. Their eyes will see at a distance; they will see also in the dark. When you look at a person from a distance, you do not know who he is. Yet, a member of the sixth race, will see the details from far away.

      We need to acquire that quality of light—selflessness—and that quality of water— suppleness. What the light has accomplished in illuminating space, you should do as well. And what the water has done in purifying things, you should do as well.

      The human beings of the sixth race are already created—they exist. They have been here for thousands of years, but are kept under guard, they are hidden. They are not shown to everyone. Nature exists as a closed book. The one who knows how to open it can read from it. Many look at this closed book only from without, only at its cover.

      With the coming of the sixth race, humankind will enter Paradise and will depart from error.

      In the future, one will remember his past incarnations. It will be pleasing for him to remember them, but he will feel that he has departed from his old state—like the butterfly that previously had been a caterpillar.



    3. See also John 3:3, “Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.’”

    4. See Revelation 20:5, “But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.”

      The human being of the sixth race will be musical. When he visits people who are not well, just by singing or playing an instrument to them, the ill regain their health.


  2. The Slavic Nation39

After the air raids, we went with the Master to the mountain for a few days. There it was isolated and uninhabited. Down in the valley, the city of Sofia lay destroyed, burned down, and deserted. It was very windy, cold, and damp. Heavy clouds were moving above the mountain peaks. From time to time, the Sun was seen between the clouds. The Sun peeked through, and blessed warm rays came upon us. One could feel the freshness and vitality of the pristine life.

Every color, every breath, every movement, every form was filled with this life. The mountain was a shrine. Man has lost his ability to talk to God. But even now, man can find again the lost Paradise.

We were seated around the Master on the soft fleecy rug of grass and were talking. The clouds withdrew, and the Sun shone over the meadows. A question about the Slavic nation arose. The Master said:

The western nations have reached the height of their development. They have blossomed and have come to fruition. The Slavic people will blossom from now on and give fruit.

It is wrong to think that the Slavic nations need to dominate, to command other nations. The opposite is true; they will be the sphere in which the positive features of other nations will manifest.

The Slavic people will bring something new. They come now to create the New Culture. In a sense, they are now the spiritual Israel.

It is interesting to compare Russia and Palestine. The Caspian Sea in the Slavic region is a closed sea. There is an analogy between this sea and the Dead Sea in Palestine. The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea, and the Jordan River—into the Dead Sea. The Volga is the counterpart of the Jordan River. The Volga is a big river, and the Jordan, a small one. The Dead Sea is 25 meters under sea level, and the Caspian Sea is also under sea level. The difference is that there is no life in the Dead Sea whereas the Caspian Sea is full of life. The rivers from the Slavic region flow into the Arctic Ocean, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and other seas. In Palestine, no river flows into an open sea. Therefore, the Slavs carry the Jewish culture to some extent, but there is also a difference.

The back of the head in the Slavs is developed. This means that they possess strong family ties and the capacity for a settled life.

The Slavs need to overcome a remaining influence from preceding stages in human civilization manifested as extreme materialism.

In general, western people have a developed intellect. In the Latin people, the feelings and heart are developed. The Slavic people now carry the power of the soul—Love. They are the people of Love for humankind. They carry the Culture of Brotherhood.



  1. Beinsa Douno, The Wellspring of Good, p. 377-380.


    Among all the Slavic nations, Bulgaria represents the will. Therefore, it is like a central point in which the two forces—mind and love—need to become balanced.

    God wants the Slavs to fulfill a mission. Through the Slavs, a sense of the new, of generosity, needs to be introduced. Generosity is a Slavic quality; no other people are as generous as the Slavs. One of the great characteristics of the Slavic nations is self-sacrifice. In the Slavs, the spirit of sacrifice is working.

    Therefore, the future is in the Slavic nations. The New Culture will be born out of the Slavs. A beautiful quality of the Slavic nations is altruism. This is the Divine Cause within them. Until now, such a density of people as the Slavs, ready for the New Culture, has not existed.

    The Slavic nations are the bearers of the Divine Idea. In the Slavic consciousness, there is something sublime: the Love for God.

    God is passing the Slavs through Fire. There are no other people in the world who have gone through such suffering as the Slavs. God says, “From you, something good must come.” It is determined that the Slavs, as one great family, need to fulfill God’s Will. In this lies the greatness of their mission.

    By the end of the 20th century, many Advanced Beings—the Brothers of Love and ancestors of humankind—will incarnate among the Slavic nations. They will bring a great spiritual uplifting. Yet they are not only the vanguards: they are the main forces.

    The changes that are happening now in Russia are due to the actions of these Advanced Beings. These Beings who are now coming into the Slavic nations are bringing the Slavs unification and are working for their mission.

    Scattered throughout different places in Russia, there are people who are working for the Divine Science. These are the Initiates, the Divine Messengers. In Russia, new forms of life for the future are developing. Russia is the creative field for these forms.

    It is interesting that America and Russia are connected in the north. This means that they will come to an understanding through the Truth, that is to say: by being free.

    England and Russia can have agreement in the name of Divine Justice.

    The Slavic nations are a living tree onto which England, Germany, America, and France will be grafted. They are the four teachers of the Slavic nations. And the sixth race will be the fruit of this grafted tree. This fruit will combine all the positive features of these nations.

    In the Russians, the nose is childlike, but it is blessed. It is written, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”40

    The Slavic people have already passed through their period of terrible frost and are now rising. Russia and the Slavic nations are now out of the cold black zone, out of the dark age.

    The Slavic nations now have the potential to take their place in the world.



  2. See also Matthew 18:2–3, “Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’”



Bulgarians are the pioneers among the Slavs.

The Latin people have given the forms, and the Slavic people will give the content.

We call the Slavs the ‘sunny people’. Some call them coarse. The coarseness comes from the Sun because within the Sun’s energy, there is abundant light and warmth. From this energy the animals and the plants are alive.

The Asian, the Eastern nations, have great confidence in the Slavic nations. The Slavs will introduce into these nations what they need: the Divine Order.

The Slavs will be united; they will be the bridge between Europe and Asia. All Slavic people need to unite into one. After the unification of the Slavs, the whole world will unite. The future people of Love will unite all.

The Slavs will introduce a spiritual element into the world—that we may become as

brothers. Their mission is the unification of all nations.


Footnote 1 added by RP—in gratitude to Emily Michael, who has written this wonderful book that links two of the great spiritual teachers of humanity belonging to the Circle of Twelve: Sealed by the Sun—Life between Rudolf Steiner and Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno, The Master) by Emily Michael.

The review below first appeared in the Easter/Pentecost 2015 issue of Starlight, volume 15, no. 1, of the journal of the Sophia Foundation, whose administration is located in Boulder, Colorado. Here with a link to this issue of Starlight: https://sophiafoundation.org/wp- content/uploads/2017/04/Starlight_Easter_2015.corrected_sm.pdf

Book Review by Lacquanna Paul & Robert Powell: This year we received an important book written by Emily Michael from

Bulgaria, concerning the thread of connection between the work of the Bulgarian spiritual teacher, Peter Deunov (1864-1944)—also known as Beinsa Douno—and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Emily kindly sent us a copy of her book from Bulgaria as a gift.

As a contemporary of Rudolf Steiner, Peter Deunov’s spiritual mission was as the Teacher of Love— that is, to awaken a new capacity of spiritual love—in the hearts and souls of the Slavic people. He began his mission at the start of the twentieth century. The focus of his teaching activity in Bulgaria was to awaken the true spirit of the Bulgarian folk soul in the hearts of the Slavic people, to awaken them to their future role as transmitters of brotherly and sisterly love as the foundation for the sixth cultural epoch, known as the Slavic epoch.

The seeds of this next cultural epoch, the Slavic epoch, due to arise around 3574 and lasting for 2160 years (until 5734), need to be sown in the Slavic world now. The task of sowing these seeds was given to Peter Deunov as the Teacher of Love, and he began this task in the Slavic world at the start of the twentieth century, in parallel with Rudolf Steiner’s emergence in Western Europe as the teacher of spiritual science, the new science for the future of humankind.

The new coming spiritual “sixth race” of humanity, prepared in seed form by the teaching of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno), heralds the community of the sixth

cultural epoch belonging to a future time (3574-5734), wherein the capacities of the love (warmth) of the human heart toward gnosis (spiritual knowing) become a literal force-field of Divine Love activating the thinking of the heart. “The preparation of the new epoch starts during the previous one, as the buds of the trees are prepared in the previous year.”*

Emily Michael’s book, written in English, titled: Sealed by the Sun—Life between Rudolf Steiner and Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno, The Master) [www.emily- michael.info], was published by the author in Varna, Bulgaria in 2014. The book is a biographical “garland of roses” containing rare documents, letters, and photos. It is focused on the link between Rudolf Steiner and Peter Deunov as the corner stones of Western and Eastern Esoteric Christianity, both being inspired by Christ and the Archangel Michael. Against the background of a biographical panorama of Boyan Boev, a student of Rudolf Steiner’s first Esoteric School, who later became the closest disciple—and subsequently the personal secretary—of Peter Deunov, are woven threads of archaeology, culture, and history. In reading the book one will find answers to questions such as:

Why did Rudolf Steiner send his devoted student Boyan Boev back to Bulgaria?

Why did Peter Deunov, after having lived in the United States for several years, initiate his mission in Bulgaria?

Why is Peter Deunov’s teaching of significance for the whole of humankind?

And why is his teaching an important part of the great divine plan of evolution for humanity and the



According to Peter Deunov the question of the new coming spiritual “sixth race” is of significance both

for America and for the Slavic peoples: “Now in America the physical type of the sixth race is taking shape, while the spiritual type is arising in the Slavic realm—later the East and West will unite.”** On reading this book one gains an impression as to how the great teachers of humanity work together over the centuries— aware of each other’s mission, even though incarnated in different locations on the Earth—yet each serving to raise the consciousness of humanity in his or her chosen field of activity. This coming sixth epoch was seen in vision and described by the Russian mystic Daniel Andreev (1906-1959), who was a prophet of the coming Slavic epoch, naming it the Rose of the World, which carries a profound symbolic meaning.

See Daniel Andreev, The Rose of the World (Great Barrington, MA: Lindisfarne Books, 1997).

*Emily Michael, Sealed by the Sun—Life between Rudolf Steiner and Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno, The Master), p. 437. **Words of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno), whose works in English translation are available in the United States from www.everabooks.com

Footnote 2 added by RP—in gratitude to Emily Michael, who translated and sent the following Beinsa Douno quotes, which offer additional inspiration in relation to the main theme of the Preface


From the Invisible World will come thousands, millions of advanced Beings,

who are now in the heavenly space of Paradise. They will bring orderliness and order to the Earth....

The difference between the Fifth and the Sixth Races is that the Fifth Race seeks to establish order in the world through guns and cannons, through violence, and the Sixth Race through Love. And then Divine Love will be a measure of everything in it....

Now the Race of Love is being born, which will show us the way in which we need to serve God. I call that race, the Sixth, the Race of Love, because it serves from the Love of God. Anyone who serves with the Love of God has already entered the Sixth Race.... Anyone who is not ready to serve remains in the Fifth Race. For anyone who is ready to serve, the Resurrection will come. There is a future for one who is ready to serve and to rise again. Anyone who is not ready to serve with Love, must wait for the second resurrection.

In the Sixth Race, the Sons of God will come and settle into [incorporate into] souls that are ready to cooperate with them. A tremendous creation of new life on Earth will begin. Then there will be Love and Brotherhood [and Sisterhood]. The whole Earth will be like one family. Humans will have one mind and one heart. Everyone will manifest Love....

Everyone will work with Love....

There is a wave of the Sixth Race that is coming which you should all be prepared for. Its members will be at a stage of transition between angels and human beings. In the Sixth Race, everyone will be clairvoyant. It is the Race of Love that will bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

A new Heaven and a new Earth are coming. There comes an order in which Love will reign in the world. One Brotherhood [and Sisterhood] will be created around the world. A New Culture is coming! The Sixth Race is coming! The Divine is coming into the world!

Among the Slavs will be born the Sixth Race. It will occur all over the Earth, but Slavdom [the Slavic peoples] will be its cradle. The Earth will be transformed according to the Sixth Race....In the coming times, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, [and] 4th races will be [looked upon as] the roots of the tree, the White Race (5th) will be [seen as] the stalk and the branches, and the Sixth Race will be the fruit. The fruits of the Sixth Race will be freedom and understanding between peoples of the world. They will be one flock with one Shepherd—and this will not be in any kind of legal sense, but [rather] Love will unite all peoples....

Summary: Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) is the Master sent to bring the Divine Teaching of the New Culture of Love, the culture of the sixth epoch that will arise during the coming Age of Aquarius. His Teaching is a Teaching of Love, and on this account some of his followers refer to him as “the Master sent to teach Love.”

Footnote 3 added by RP—the Preface above is written in full awareness of the book by Filip Filipov, Preslav Pavlov, and Dimiter Kalev, who are Bulgarian followers of Peter Deunov. The book was written in Bulgarian and an English translation is included in the book. The English title of their book is: The Bodhisattva in the 20th Century: Seeking the Word of the Bodhisattva Maitreya: the 20th century Grail (Sofia, Bulgaria: A Publishing House, 2007).

This book gives an excellent overview of the life of Peter Deunov (the Master Beinsa Douno) interspersed with many of Rudolf Steiner’s indications.

Unfortunately, however, the authors incorrectly identified Peter Deunov as an incarnation of the Bodhisattva individual who will become the next Buddha, the Maitreya Buddha. It needs to be borne in mind that Peter Deunov was born in 1864. The authors evidently did not know of Rudolf Steiner’s very explicit indication—or, rather, they did not know the full indication—which begins by stating that this Bodhisattva individual “was born at the beginning of the century”—that is, around the year 1900. Here with the relevant quote of the full indication by Rudolf Steiner (in italics):

Referring to Jeshu ben Pandira as an earlier incarnation of the Bodhisattva who will become the Maitreya Buddha, in response to a question from Friedrich Rittelmeyer, Rudolf Steiner replied: “Jeshu ben Pandira [i.e. the reincarnated Jeshu ben Pandira] was born at the beginning of this century, and if we live another fifteen years, we shall notice his activity.” This remark, made in August 1921, points to a birth in the year 1900 or thereabouts. It also indicates the beginning of the activity in the 1930s of the Bodhisattva who will become the future Maitreya Buddha. Rudolf Steiner indicated that this activity would become noticeable by about 1936.

The foregoing is quoted from my article “Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, and the Return of Christ in the Etheric” posted under Articles on the Sophia Foundation website: www.sophiafoundation.org

Reading the English translation of the work of the three Bulgarian authors, it is clear that they are familiar with the first part of the above indication by Rudolf Steiner, as they do make reference to this: “Jeshu ben Pandira was born at the beginning of this century...” and also give August 1921 as the date of this indication. Apparently the three authors were not aware, however, of the second part of Rudolf Steiner’s statement. Nevertheless, it is difficult to see how it would be possible—as the three authors did—to interpret

Rudolf Steiner’s words “born at the beginning of this century” not to mean the actual birth of this great individual, but the year of the beginning of this individual’s spiritual activity, which in the case of Peter Deunov was around the year 1900. By way of comparison, Rudolf Steiner refers to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth at the beginning of our era, and while revealing the descent of Christ to incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth at the baptism in the River Jordan, which took place in the year AD 29, Rudolf Steiner does not say: “Christ Jesus was born at the baptism in the River Jordan.”

Significantly, the second part of Rudolf Steiner’s statement about Jeshu ben Pandira—“and if we live another fifteen years, we shall notice his activity”—makes it clear that it certainly was not to Peter Deunov that Rudolf Steiner was referring, whose activity was “noticeable” long before 1936. There is much more that could be added here regarding this crucial point, but this would go beyond the scope of this article.

Once again, I wish to emphasize the excellence of the book in Bulgarian, with English translation, by the three Bulgarian authors—with the exception of the incorrect identification of Peter Deunov (Master Beinsa Douno) with the Bodhisattva who will become the Maitreya Buddha in about 2500 years time, instead of identifying the Master Beinsa Douno with the Master Jesus, whom Rudolf



Steiner described as the Master who is “the representative of the principle of brotherly Love,” the truth of which is evident if one meditates upon these words of Peter Deunov, the Master Beinsa Douno:

Love stands above nationality. Love stands above any religion. Love itself creates the religious. There are no religions in the divine world. There exists only Love. The atmosphere of the divine world is Love.

Therein everything breathes Love. Religions appear because Love cannot manifest itself on earth.

If you wish to do the will of God, by all means, replace religion with Love. Then everyone who loves you will be priests and ministers in your temple. The greatest thing in the world is to come to know God as

Love. The beauty of our life is in our connection with God, who is Love.

Love contains within itself all conditions, all possibilities, all methods by which the human soul might develop to its fullness. Only Love can awaken within the soul its hidden potentialities. Science and art cannot be the stimuli for the awakening of the human soul. This is temporary knowledge. The only true work in the world is the science of Love. It is the great object of learning for the soul....

When the first ray of Love shines out for you, you will experience within your soul such indescribable bliss, such light, such a mighty impulse in your mind, and such a striving of your will, that all obstacles of the world will begin to melt before you.

A few moments of existence within Divine Love are infinitely more precious than a thousand years of ordinary human life spent in great pleasures and enjoyments. In loving, we seek God. We have to love God in order to receive and experience Him.

In receiving Him, we experience His wisdom. It is written in the Scripture: “Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself.” This is the only law that manifests itself in three worlds. Loving God, you are in the divine world. Loving yourself, your soul, you are in the spiritual world. Loving your neighbor, you are in the physical world. If humans adhere to this law, there will be no power in the world that can resist them, no thought that will not be subject to them and that will not help them to attain their ideal.

Quoted from: Beinsa Douno, The Master Speaks (Sunrise Press: Los Angeles, 1970), pp. 16-17. Works by Beinsa Douno in English translation are available from Evera Books, Email: stevebonn@everabooks.com Website: www.everabooks.com

In contemplating the above words of the Master Beinsa Douno, perhaps it may appear to the reader that Peter Deunov could be described as the Friend of God? Let



us bear in mind Rudolf Steiner’s indication that the Master Jesus was incarnated in the fourteenth century as the Friend of God from the Oberland—generally thought to be the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, with its wonderful lakes and high mountains. Evidently the Friend of God, the Master Jesus, reincarnated again from 1864 to 1944, becoming active in the beautiful mountainous region with high mountains and wonderful lakes, the Rila Mountains. One further point to consider is that Beinsa Douno is addressed in the English- speaking literature as Master, a title used, for example, in Freemasonry and in the English-speaking theosophical world and in the German tradition of Masters (great religious or spiritual leaders so designated in relation to their disciples—Meister in German). In this context the use in the western world of the title Master Beinsa Douno has the same connotation as the designation Master Jesus. However, as Harrie points out, in Bulgaria Peter Deunov has always been called Uchitel (spoken ootchitel), which means Teacher.

Here in the space of an article, it is not possible to go deeply into the significance of a Bodhisattva being addressed as Master. Briefly, it points to something very profound, highlighting such an individual as a World Teacher, who continues to incarnate until the end of the evolution of the Earth, whereas a Bodhisattva who

becomes a Buddha then ceases to continue to incarnate and, instead, from that point in time of attaining Buddhahood works no longer upon the Earth but continues to work inspiringly from spiritual realms.

Another important point that needs consideration in relation to this book by the three Bulgarian authors is their methodological starting point. In the last sentence of the first paragraph in their Introduction, they write: “...it is an attempt to offer a completely new thesis on the issue [of the “Bodhisattva question”].

And then, in the first sentence of the last paragraph on the first page of the Introduction, they continue: “The first impulses of the new thesis stated in the book date to the spring and summer of 1994.” In the preceding paragraph we read concerning their methodology in proceeding with this thesis: “...immense research in spritual- scientific esoteric texts, accompanied by spiritual-scientific analysis and comparison of information; developing of a working hypothesis and theses...” Here we need to remember that their thesis essentially amounts to a reincarnation statement identifying the Master Beinsa Douno with the Bodhisattva who will become the next Buddha, the Maitreya Buddha, who, according to Rudolf Steiner, was incarnated in Ancient Israel as the great teacher of the Essenes—Jeshu ben Pandira—whose mission it was to prepare for the coming of Jesus of Nazareth. On November 4 & 5, 1911, Rudolf Steiner held two lectures on Jesus ben Pandira. In the first lecture, he says:

Who was this Jeshu ben Pandira? He is a great individuality who, since the time of Buddha—that is, about 600 BC—has been incarnated once in nearly every century in order to bring humanity forward.... The successor to the Gautama-Buddha-Bodhisattva was that individuality who incarnated a hundred years before Christ as Jeshu ben Pandira, as a herald of Christ in the physical body. He is now to be the Bodhisattva of humanity until he shall in his turn advance to the rank of Buddha.... In other words, he will require exactly 5000 years to rise from a Bodhisattva to a Buddha. He who has been

incarnated nearly every century since that time, is now also already incarnated, and will be the real herald of the Christ in etheric raiment, just as he proclaimed the Christ at that time in advance as the physical Christ. (https://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA130/English/AP1942/19111104p02. html)

A true esotericist would never hypothesize about the karmic identity, the previous incarnation(s), of anyone. Yet through considering the foregoing words quoted above from their Introduction, it is evident that the three authors are putting forward a thesis/hypothesis that Jeshu ben Pandira reincarnated in the nineteenth/twentieth centuries as Peter Deunov, the Master Beinsa Douno, who will become the Maitreya Buddha in approximately 2500 years. The three authors indicate that they spent much time gathering Rudolf Steiner’s indications in support of their thesis/hypothesis.

A speculative approach to existential questions may be appropriate in certain domains of science. But this kind of approach—putting forward a thesis and gathering evidence in support of this hypothesis—is the antithesis of how a true esotericist comes to knowledge of the truth regarding reincarnation and karma.

Consider these words of Rudolf Steiner on this subject:

Perception of the karma of an individual human being, or even of one's own karma, requires the right attitude, the right mood of soul. The whole study of karma is profaned if this study is pursued in the attitude of mind arising from our modern education and civilization. The mood in which all teachings about karma should be received is one of piety, of reverence. Whenever human beings approaches a truth relating to karma, their soul should feel as though part of the veil of Isis were being lifted. For in truth it is karma that reveals, in a way most intimately connected with human life, what Isis was—the Being designated outwardly as: “I am that which was, is, and will be.” This must still be the attitude of soul in all study of human karma. In truth, only when we study karma in the way we have now been doing and having observed how it takes effect in the process of world- evolution acquire the reverence befitting such study, then and only then can we gaze with the right attitude of soul at what may be our own karma, perceiving how from earlier earthly lives it has unfolded and taken shape as a result of experiences in the spiritual worlds of the stars between death and a new birth. [Rudolf Steiner, Gesamtausgabe, vol. 239, p. 182 (lecture of June 10, 1924) — Gesamtausgabe = German edition of the Complete Works]

Rudolf Steiner never put forward a hypothesis about a human individual being the reincarnation of another human being from an earlier time. Whatever he spoke of in the domain of reincarnation and karma is absolutely true—in other words, there is no shadow of doubt about it. This is the only way for true esotericism. For the true esotericist it is forbidden to speculate about reincarnation and karma—or other spiritual matters. Either one knows a reincarnation with certainty or one does not know. And if one does not know, one does not speak about it.

Here, in this context, I can add that it is absolutely true that the Master Jesus incarnated on Earth as Peter Deunov, the Master Beinsa Douno. This is an absolutely



certain fact of humanity’s spiritual life that the “Master sent to teach Love”—the Master Jesus as the representative of the “principle of brotherly love” (Rudolf Steiner)—lived from 1864 to 1944 and was the founder of the Bulgarian branch of the Great White Brotherhood.

Finally, here with some words from the Master Beinsa Douno about himself, when somebody asked who he was, again translated from Bulgarian by Emily Michael:

I do not want you to know who I am. I want to avoid that because I know the soul of the Bulgarian people and I do not want to create negative karma for them. Jesus Christ manifested Himself to the Jewish people, but they have not accepted Him and consequently received negative karma. If I do not reveal who I am, it means that I want to leave the people to develop in a natural way....

I can be in my body and out of my body. I am in this hall, and I am outside of this hall. I am in the solar system. I am in the cosmos, and I am outside the cosmos. Do you understand what that means?

Do you understand this philosophy? You will find out. I am outside the Earth; I am outside the solar system; I am outside the cosmos. Where is my kingdom? Not in this world. I have come to Earth to do a service to the Angelic Hierarchies and to you. If I do not succeed, I will come again. I will come until my mission is accomplished—to perfection. A Master descends to manifest Love. This is not an external process. Through him are passing pure streams of Love toward all that is living. And what is the Love of a Master? He wants to bring souls to the light and to the joy in which he lives....I have come to manifest Love—to bring it to Earth. This is my mission! ....I live in this world and in the other world simultaneously.... Behind me stands the entire Heaven. The Word which I speak is not mine, it belongs to the Beings behind me, and they are millions. My ideas are the ideas of God, of the Great Spirit, which penetrates all Creation.

Excerpted from a private communication, from the Bulgarian archives of Peter Deunov, and translated into English by Emily Michael, received [by RP] on April 7, 2015.

Footnote 4—Master Jesus quotes translated by RP from volume 264 of the Complete Works CW (Gesamtausgabe GA) of Rudolf Steiner.

GA 264, p. 214: (lecture of 12.02.1906) — John the Baptist proclaimed Christ Jesus in the middle of the fourth cultural epoch. Now, on the other hand, the individuality of the Master Jesus is leading humanity from the fifth to the sixth [cultural] epoch— again to John the Baptist, the Water Bearer.

GA 264, p. 215: (lecture of 12.02.1906) — Through the principle of brotherly Love, represented by the Master Jesus, the coming together of humanity in the sixth epoch, based on this principle of brotherly Love, will be effected [and] will lead into the future.

GA 264, p. 217 (lecture of 22.10.1906) — The twelve Masters of the White Lodge have all absolved the entire evolution of our Earth....We have to elevate our consciousness to them. Through the [Esoteric] School they work upon us, and in us and through us.

GA 264, p. 217: (lecture of 22.10.1906) — “Jesus, the leader of his Church, works especially on the feeling life.”

GA 264, p. 238: In response to a question [date unknown, but possibly 1917, and certainly prior to 1923] from Friedrich Rittelmeyer concerning the Friend of God [from the Oberland, fourteenth century] Rudolf Steiner answered that he was [an incarnation of] the Master Jesus, who since the Mystery of Golgotha was incarnated in every century. Regarding the further question whether he was presently [at that time] incarnated, the answer was that at the present time [i.e. shortly before 1920 or shortly after 1920] he was in the Carpathians—and Rudolf Steiner indicated that he was in purely spiritual connection with him.

GA 264, p. 329: (lecture of 01.06.1907) — The Masters always live in harmony....At the head of our Western [Esoteric] School stand two Masters: Master Jesus and the Master Christian Rosenkreutz. And two ways guide us: the Christian [mystical way] and the Christian Rosicrucian way. The Great White Lodge leads all the spiritual movements, and Master Jesus and the Master Christian Rosenkreutz belong to it [the Great White Lodge].

GA 264, p. 387: (lecture of 29.01.1906) — The disciples were a necessity for Jesus— they formed the “ground” of His existence.

GA 264, p. 398: (lecture of 07.03. 1907) — The appearance [on Earth] of Christ Jesus was prepared through a series of individuals, the founders of religions: Zarathustra, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Pythagoras.* All their teachings follow the same goal: to allow wisdom to flow into humanity in the appropriate form according to the relevant people.

*In GA 266a, p. 190, also Krishna, Zoroaster, and Buddha are mentioned.

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За хипотезата: Учителя Беинса Дуно — Учителя Исус


Димитър Калев


Хипотезата е лансирана в статията Prophecy of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) на двамата автори Robert Powell и Harrie Salman (виж оргиналния текст на английски след рецензията) и изцяло се позовава на сведения от изследванията на Рудолф Щайнер за индивидуалностите, известни на западноевропейската езотерична традиция като Бодхисатва Майтрея и Учителя Исус. Текстът полемизира с тезата на някои български изследователи (Мангуров, Калев, Павлов, Филипов), които разглеждат делото на Петър Дънов, Учителя, като проява на Бодхисатва Майтрея през 20. век. Анализирайки исторически и културологични факти и съответствията им с указани от Щайнер окултни признаци, Powell и Salman формулират твърдението, че Учителя Беинса Дуно трябва да се припознава като поредното физическо прераждане на Учителя Исус, чиято инкарнационна верига отвежда до персийския Заратустра, през Витлеемския Исус от родословието на Соломон, описан в Евангилие от Матей.


Както се очаква, методологията на двамата културолози не използва оригинално духовно изследване, а изцяло се позовава на съпоставяне за и против на цитати от текстове на Щайнер за проявата през 20. век на двете специфични категории духовни Учители — от колегиума на 12-e Бодхисатви и от колегиума на 7-те Учители на мъдростта и сетивното съзвучие. Тъкмо в техниката на това съпоставяне лесно изпъкват сериозни пропуски, неточности и противоречия, които биха могли да бъдат резюмирани в следните 4 пункта:


  1. Бодхисатвата на 20. век трябвало да бъде роден (според цитиранията) в началото на столетието и това противоречало на факта за рождената година на Петър Дънов (1864 г.), но Щайнер визира особеността, че всеки Бодхисатва, преди да израстне до Буда, не се ражда чрез зачатие а постепенно се инкорпорира (вселява) в предварително избрано тяло около неговата 33-та годишнина; неяснотата в интерпретацията очевидно се състои във въпроса за кое “раждане” свидетелства Щайнер, защото в действителност Петър Дънов се ражда като Учител през първите 5 години на миналия век.


  2. Учителя Исус бил вече прероден във физическо тяло (според цитата от 1920 г.) на Карпатите, но опитът на авторите да идентифицират Рило-Родопския масив и въобще оста на Петър-Дъновата активност (Варна-Търново-София-Рила) като “продължение” на Карпатските планини е най-малкото несериозен.


  3. Активността на Бодхисатвата на 20. век, свързана или не с прераждането на Йешуа бен Пандира (вселяване на Бодхисатва Майтрея през 1. век) трябвало да стане забележима (според цитата) около 1936 г., но по това време нито в региона на Карпатите, нито другаде в Европа не са известни духовни събития, докато точно в посочената година Петър Дънов, Учителя, преживява открито пред света мистерията с трансформирането на поразения от кръвоизлив свой мозък и парализираните си крайници, т.е. онова, с което по думите на Щайнер Бодхисатвата трябва да започне да превръща плътта в Слово.


  4. Липсват указания на Щайнер за формата на деятелност на Учителя Исус (освен като представящ принципа на братската любов), докато за Бодхисатвата категорично се посочва, че главни негови прояви са етерното пришествие на Христос и Словото, което е сила и живот — първообразът и книжовното заглавие на всички публични слова,

изнесени от Петър Дънов, Учителя; с изключение на самия Щайнер, през първата половина на 20. век в Европа не е регистрирана толкова мащабна езотерична проповедническа дейност.


Както е известно, битието на Бодхисатвата ще може исторически да се оповестява едва 100 години след смъртта на физическото му тяло, т.е. след 2044 г. Дотогава изследванията за него и за Учителя Исус ще си остават само стерилни аудиторни хипотези.

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