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1916_11_05 - To Become One with Christ Within


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To Become One with Christ Within


“Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ” (Philippians 3:8, New King James Version, (NKJV).

I will focus only on the last phrase: "… and count them as rubbish that I may gain Christ." The word “gain” in the sense of acquiring something is familiar to all young and old people, to scholars and to simpletons, to good and bad folks, to the very intelligent and to the unwise beings – as a rule of a thumb, everyone is willing to acquire and gain something. There is no being that does not seek to acquire something, no matter how small and undeveloped this being may be. It is a completely different matter, though, whether such aspirations correspond to the actual evolutionary needs hidden in the essence of Life’s deep root causes. Truly important is the pursuit of such acquisitions, which provide for the real growth and development of human beings, but it is important to remember that the body, the heart, the mind and the Spirit have their own, different goals.

When we talk about “gaining” Christ within, we need to understand what such a statement involves. I know that you may have different opinions and that all of you want to become one with Christ. You could buy an ox and place it in a barn, you can buy a horse and restrain it within a bridle, you may buy a hen and place it on a roost, you can get a nice dress and put it in the closet, you may acquire a new hat as well as many other things … You could become parent to a child, but you will not place the child in the hen-house or barn, or in the closet, but you will hold the child with your hands and keep it close to your chest.

Therefore, a fundamental difference should be drawn among all things, which are of different value, capacity and meaning, as we need to possess the quality of discerning the true nature of all manifestations. Anyone who has set out on Life’s upright path, the so-called “true path of mankind”, or in the supreme sense - anyone who intends to undertake the true Divine Journey – any such person should distinguish between the essential polarities in Life and be able to differentiate between good and evil, truth and untruth, justice and injustice, love and hatred, wisdom and foolishness. Such a capacity is a must as it is the essence of Life. You believe that you understand well the essence of all things; you may think that some things are positive in their nature, but in fact they may turn out to be evil. When we talk about good or evil, we understand the perception of the divinely intelligent human soul towards all that is, has already been and will ever be.

So what are the aspirations of the soul? Someone may say that they are hungry and may believe this is a personal need of great importance. Your soul, however, does not care about food, since it does not need any physical food substances. One may think that eating is everything life is all about, but that shows that such people do not understand things correctly. You may ask yourself for example: "Well, when I die, will I eat and drink in the outer world?" And if you cannot find an answer to this question, you could begin to think how the outer world may look like. Rest assured that in the Kingdom of God people do not eat and drink - these are things required by the body in the material world only. But the body and your true self are two completely different things and when the body acquires food and drink, please do not assume that your soul acquires or needs them as well - that is an illusion.

Then, you may experience hate, jealousy, lust for revenge and other similar emotions and you may assume that such sentiments are part of the soul's pursuit for Divine Truth. These are but the aspirations of your heart, because anger and jealousy can be indulged in by the heart only and not by the soul.

Occultists would say that such emotions are aspirations inherent to the astral body. For example, someone may have several houses and you would envy them; you may envy someone for their good looks or for their knowledge; you may also become disenchanted with somebody who hires and “steals” your servant away from you and then you become angry and so on … Afterwards you may say to yourself: "I was angry, I did experience all these negative emotions." – no, that is a lie, as all those perturbations are the desires of your heart.

Next, someone may begin to think that they know much and then he becomes full of pride as a result. Such people think that they are very scientific, very powerful, that they know more than the others. Such people start to think they are the center of the Universe, that they are truly elevated beings, that they have acquired something of great value. Such people are so proud of themselves because they believe they have a lot of indispensable knowledge which allows them to teach others and to preach to them – such people believe they know it all. All such and similar dispositions are a manifestation of the mind - this is an expression of your thoughts, not of your true self and one should be able to separate the games of their own mind and behavior from  their true self.

So, where could we ultimately find the Christ? We shall find Him neither in the body, nor in the heart, nor within the mind. Where then shall we find Him? I will tell you. Some of you would understand me and some will not understand me. In the past, I have given some very clear examples in order to show you how to reason properly, but some of you have still not learnt how to think.

Let’s take for example a traveler who, whilst tripping and falling into an abyss, caught himself on a tree branch and held onto it for 4,5 hours. After the traveler became exhausted and let go of the branch, what was then their astonishment to find out that the abyss beneath them was only fifteen centimeters deep! Some people may now ask me how to let go of such a similar “branch” in their lives. The answer is simple – if you have a desire that bothers you, just release yourself from it by setting it free and do not assume that the interests of your heart are your own true interests – let such artificial interests go their own way.

Many of you are in the position of that Turkish tough guy who caught a robber and then both of them became so much embroiled into their struggle that they could not let go of each other. The tough guy said to his father: "Dad, I caught a robber." - "Let the robber go." - replied the father. In this example, it is a certain desire which wants to rob you and neither can you release it, nor is the desire able to leave you alone. You may ask how to possibly get rid of such a desire, but such a question only demonstrates the illusions of your mind, since as long as you really want to get rid of it, you'll inevitably learn how to leave such desires behind.

If you go to a chemist and ask them to execute the simplest of trials, and namely, to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen, then do ask the chemist about the properties of both the element and ask him to also show you how to separate the elements from one another. Start thinking properly and you will learn how to conduct similar trials effectively.

Inside yourself you also have a similar compound element which has been created by the merger of the body and the heart. Within yourselves, you may have a compound element consisting of three different substances – such are the acids for example – they also consist of three elements. Therefore, from the union of your body, heart and mind, you would have alchemically created an acid and all chemists say that acids are dangerous to life. Sometimes acids are used to cure, but should be given in a small dosage as otherwise when used in larger quantities, they may cause poisoning.

Now, when I am giving such examples, I do not mean that you do not need a heart, a mind and a body, but I claim that your body has its own interests and it is in its full right to do so; your heart has its own aspirations and it is in its own full right to do so and finally, your mind has its own desires and it is also in its full right to do so. However, the human soul has its own striving as well, and in particular, that is to manifest Mercy, Faith, Hope, Higher Consciousness and Love of God. These are the most exalted feelings of the soul and we live in them and they live within us. The human soul itself is our true life and vehicle. Therefore, if we want to understand the way humans were created, if we want to find Christ and if we want to build upon a body of strength and vigor, we should then live within the sublime atmosphere of the human soul.

If you serve your body only, you would merely be a servant and it will be your master. One day you would eventually grow tired of serving it the very same way young women become disappointed with young men, as they make the mistake of searching for young men with their hearts and not with their soul’s essence which is the only right way of doing so. In such circumstances, people tend to say about such young women that they had lost or had their hearts broken, but these young women would rediscover and mend their hearts because the heart could be “stolen” and then also rediscovered again in the very same way someone may steal money and that money can later be redeemed.

Your mind and your thoughts can also be hijacked because the mind is not what matters most – such a “hijack” shows that one is not able to master and control their mind. When the heart is forsaken, then a person tends to become more crude and people say that such a person has become cruel. The body, the heart and the mind have been fully studied already - do not seek to elaborate more on how they function.

Whoever wants to become One with Christ within, must go beyond these three worlds of the body, heart and mind and enter the fourth kingdom of the soul. I would describe it to you as a magnificent and grand world inhabited by enlightened and noble beings. Perhaps after some time, when people develop their consciousness and perception organs further, they would become able to see and speak about this world. Nonetheless, even now we can talk about it when we share our thoughts on righteousness, peace and Love. This world of the soul has two layers – the first one is called Universal Consciousness, while the second one is represented by the process of internally merging with God. “Eden’s paradise” is what Christians call this world of the soul.

So, in order to find Christ, you should enter into your soul, raise yourself to a new level and acquire the first necessary quality - unselfishness. Talking about unselfishness, we do not mean the negative connotation of abstaining from all things and then subsequently pining away, but to understand what the essential things in life are and also what you need to acquire and what to avoid by all means.

Self-centeredness, for example, can be witnessed when you wish to indulge in things that are despised by your Higher Self, such as pride for example – in this case when acting out of mere self-interest, you desire everyone to extol and love you. When you learn to think correctly, i.e. only when you find the Divine Door in yourself and arrive at it, would you be able to knock on it, so that Christ, who resides within, may open up the gates.

How can one become One with the Christ within? The body wants to absorb food and it intakes the food by first placing it into the mouth. The mouth is the journey’s departure point, where the thirty-two “tooth-servants” are located, each of which is chewing on the substances and stripping them of their outer shell. At the entrance of the mouth stands the tongue as a chief inspector who monitors the inbound food, orders the teeth to work together with the saliva, to chew the food up and to then send it to the “reception room” represented by the stomach. The food then passes through the “corridor” of the intestines to where all other food substances have taken their place and after four hours have passed, then there would be no sign of the food that had entered before, as everything would be completely transformed by then. What’s left of the food would thereafter leave through the “back door” in a different form altogether and not in its original state. When the food then reappears in the open world, it would definitely be a leftover. Such is the desire of the body - it accepts food through the front parade entrance of the mouth, but then sends it out through the “back door”, i.e. it takes all the food in, bit gives nothing of any significant value back. Do not blame the body, such is the way it works. The actual trouble is that many of you are willing to accept Christ within themselves in the very same way, but in this way one would achieve absolutely nothing.

When it comes to the heart, the same thing happens as with the food and the body - you may be attracted to someone and say: "I love you very much.", but when you start  abhorring this person, you shove them out through the back door. And then the man or woman complains that they have had their hearts broken. I assure you that such men and women have never had a heart - they all had no heart, as they were not in true possession of it. The same is true for the mind as well - before the mind absorbs and consumes you fully, it may compliment you first, but one day it will also send you out through the back door. That is why we say that our relationships are unstable as our mental goals tend to fluctuate.

These are, however, only various developmental stages. The body, the heart and the mind are forces given to the human soul which it must conquer in order to thrive through them. The body should never become your master, but must be only a servant instead; your heart should also never be allowed to become your master and the same applies to the mind as well. Someone may say: "I do love with my heart". Whoever loves with their heart only, will love you today and today only and tomorrow they will detest you. That's why people say that living without hatred is not possible. The world of the heart is polarized and I cannot be fooled by its behavior. All those, who want to create a noble and good home for their soul through the polarity of the heart in order to live in peace and harmony, have not grasped the real meaning of Life.

If you live a physical, emotional or mental life, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Modern chemistry signifies the states of the bodies as solids, liquids and gases. The physical body resembles the solids, the heart is associated with the fluid and the mind represents the air. Therefore, you can choose to utilize and work with these three states of matter – those are three powers, three mighty elements.

Saint Paul says: “Yet indeed I also count all things loss." The knowledge of Christ operates under completely different laws. To understand the laws of the body, you need to study anatomy and physiology. Modern people should not be ignorant, but should study the changes within their bodies, know how many times a minute their hearts beat in the morning, at lunch and in the evening and feel their heart’s disposition both during the day and at night. Then, they should also comprehend the state of their mind – at what times and when they think more clearly and when they are less prone to reason well. People need to have a clear picture on what goes on within themselves and to distinguish among these three separate areas of life – body, heart and mind.

When you begin to distinguish your body's wishes (for example, it sometimes wants to walk and sometimes needs to rest), then you can jump on top of your “horse”, i.e. step in charge of your body and take care of it, but you would simultaneously with that know that a walk, for example, is not for your own true self, but for the sake of your body. And when you rest, always know that it is not your real you who is resting, but it is your  body having a break instead. If you despise someone, on the other hand, do say that in this way you are exercising your heart. If you love someone, again, be aware that you would be still exercising your heart because it is the heart that thrives in the atmosphere of hatred and love. Know that you can use hatred and envy as a workout for your heart only, but not for your soul. For example, when you wish to acquire many houses or anything of that sort - take your heart out for a walk, show it quite a few houses, say to your heart that it will have them, say to it that it will have everything it wants.

The next day, you shall place the “saddle” on your mind instead and you would take it out for a walk just like you did with your heart previously. - The mind would want to know the mystery of God, it may become agitated and you would tell your mind that you already know everything, that you have all the earthly glory and that you have written all the books which exist in the world – the mind would then certainly be glad to hear such news. And so, in this way you will know that your body, heart and mind are being active and are still being kept satisfied in a positive way.

Next, you shall “take your soul for a walk” - for example, you may encounter an unhappy person and help them as much as you can by giving them more faith and hope. The natural inclination of the soul is to give and share with those around you. Then you will say to your body: "Please wait a little bit for me until I give this person something." Following, you would spread love, faith and hope and when you return to your home, you shall find Christ to have appeared within you. You would then say: "How easy it was; it was not hard work at all!" It's very easy to become One with Christ. All you have to do is to take your body, heart, mind and soul for a walk and you may then come back within yourself to find the miracle of finding Christ to have already happened.

Through the expression "Yet indeed I also count all things loss“, Paul understands that the knowledge we can have about the body, the heart and the mind, cannot be compared to what Christ can give us in resonance with our soul when we learn to give and share with those around us. When the plants begin to bloom, note that each blossom turns its face to the Sun. Place a plant, such as an apple tree, into a dark, confined space and watch what happens to it - the plants live in open places where there is plenty of sunlight. Therefore, to find Christ, you must illuminate your heart, mind and soul. Your soul must not be disturbed by anything.

For example, if you feel like eating a chicken or if you say: "How dare they criticize me!",  or alternatively state that you wish to be intelligent and scholarly, you would then never be able to find Christ and you will not find Him because you have chosen to stay in the dark confined space and not in the realm of the Divine Light.

Alternatively, you may go to a church to find Christ in there, but He is not to be found in there either. Someone may say: "I belong to this or that church." When it assumes that there are many churches, the modern Christianity is effectively advocating polygamy. How many churches are there in the world? I say there is only one Church as a symbol of the Feminine principle. About this Church, Christ says that it is a reasonable and wise principle.

Initially, God created one man and one woman only and that is the accurate picture we should have in our mind. And if someone asks me who I am or what I stand for, that means that they are asking me, if I tend to associate myself with my body, my heart or my mind. The Church that I know has always been only One and throughout all ages there will be one such church only. Anyone who wants to find Christ should have the right understanding and the right concepts of these things. Some may preach to you for thousands of years, but they will not tell you the Truth. A priest who tells you that this or that church is the best one, does not tell you the Truth. If, by their own church, the priest understands the Divine Church, which acts as a spring which shares its water for free, thus pouring out its blessing into the world, then I would agree. But if a church takes advantage of people to just use and abuse them, then such church is not the real Church of God.

Christ came among the Jews who were the chosen people, but their church was a church of robbery. If the Jews are scattered around the world nowadays, it is because they were greedy and the Lord cursed them and punished them. The Lord did not actually curse them in the literal sense of the word, but they have brought this suffering upon themselves completely on their own. Some people hate the Jews; the Jews should not be hated, but accepted as an example. I believe that if the Jews one day receive Christ within themselves properly and come into the realm of the soul, they would say: "In Jesus Christ, there are neither Greeks, nor Jews." Christ unites all beings in Himself!

These things are not contradictory, but the trouble is that you are unable to differentiate between the interests of the body and the mind and that is why your inner peace and harmony tend to disappear. For example, you are born a woman and you are unhappy because of your gender. What is represented by the woman? The woman lives in the heart, i.e. the heart is a house, in which the human Spirit has entered in order to live in there. You rented this house and you should know that in this heart you are a “tenant” and this heart should be a good friend and companion of yours. The man, however, lives on the “third floor”[1], i.e. the woman lives on the “second floor” of the heart figuratively speaking, while the man lives on the third floor, but both the man and the woman are just “renting”.

Someone may say that being a man or a woman is in accordance with the law the Lord has placed. The fact of matter is that the woman should reside on the second floor, while the man should inhabit the third floor. If the man falls down from the third floor, he would hurt himself more than if the woman falls down from the second floor. Therefore, in order to find Christ, you must cease to think of yourself in terms of being a man or a woman and you have to go out in the open, to go out into the realm of the soul. Then, when you turn yourselves to God and send your true and natural desires to Him, you will blossom. Only then would the Divine energy and Divine Light descend upon your blossom and the Divine in you shall be conceived. When you leave your heart, your mind and your body behind, only then could those blossoms of the soul be pollinated and you would then enjoy the real fruits of Life. Try doing so in order to rediscover your true selves in the next one year!

Paul says that if you sacrifice your riches and your body, you will never find Christ and that in this case you are on the correct path, but are not yet walking on it yet. When you enter the realm of your soul and then arrive at the next realm of Love - to love Christ and to hold Him as everything for you, then you would have found Him. When you stop thinking about yourself, your body, your heart, your mind and your soul, when you stop thinking on how to save your own self only, then you will find Christ. When you have gone beyond these four areas of the body, heart, mind and soul, you will understand the great meaning of Love and you would understand it through a single experience only. Only when you are nailed down to the cross in this state of Divine Love, as Christ Himself was nailed, then you would say: "Forgive them because they know nothing." Now, I happen to know many men and women who say: "I will find Christ." The woman then starts praying and the man listens to her and says: "I will take four nails and I will crucify her.", but she starts crying and complaining becomes angry and the man says, "You are a true liar, don’t you know that I live on the third floor and you live one story lower?" Another time the man is praying and the woman listens to him, takes four nails and wants to crucify him, but he then gets angry, shouts and then she tells him: "Oh what a true liar you are!" In this way, the two of them try to find Christ every day. For eight thousand years there have been plenty of partially crucified people and I do see how they shout at each other.

Now, people ask why Christianity had not advanced much over the centuries. Any person, who wants to evolve, should understand the deep inner meaning of progress itself and free themselves from their bodies. You can live without a body as it is a mere collection of many cells, which can manage on their own just fine without your help anyway - they are your servants and one day, when your earthly life comes to an end, they will leave you. The same will happen with your heart and with your mind one day and they will tell you: "Come out of your body, so that its true master may enter." To elaborate on the joint work of the body, the heart and the mind, I will share an analogy that somewhat explains these notions. Imagine that we have a horse-wagon which represents the human body and also a horse which represents the human heart and the true human being is to be found inside the horse-wagon. If the wagon breaks, you’d get on the horseback; if you go uphill, you will leave the horse behind and you shall walk on foot. Therefore, you should leave these three areas for good and reach out beyond them. And when Christ says: “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself” (Matthew, 16:24, NKJV).” This phrase calls for the denying the domination of the body, the heart and the mind and accepting your soul as your best companion instead. Because the soul is an “righteous dame”, its interests are in common with the interests of the Spirit and it would give everything away for the sake of the Divine. That is why Christ says: "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul (Matthew, 16:26, NKJV)?” If you are a soulless person and do not seek the companionship of your soul, then your body, your heart and your mind will one day leave you and you will lose everything.

So Paul says: “Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord." Now, I want this thought to become clear to you. I do not want to use empty words because the thought I am expressing is precisely defined in my mind. I do not want you to lie to me either. For example, I recognize the  facts when some of you come here once, twice, three times and so on. This example is a scientific one indeed because I am able to find how exactly long it will take before someone comes back again.

There is a fairy tale about a wolf which ate a donkey in springtime and after nine months the wolf thought: "Let me go back to the same place to see if there is another donkey in there." If it is spring- or summertime, the donkey might potentially be found in the same place, but if it is winter, the donkey would be somewhere safe and warm. So the third time the wolf would come back to the same place, it should be during spring or summer and may only then find another donkey in this very same place indeed ... This is a fairy tale that has a very great meaning and significance.

Someone may say: "Something terrible happened to me" and I say to him: "In future, something good will happen to you." If someone is very happy and pleased, then I say to them: "When time passes, some misfortune will happen to you." Ask yourselves why is this so because these relationships need to be examined.

Whoever wants to find Christ should understand these profound concepts. For me, these concepts have a dual meaning: for example, music has a purely instrumental and also a purely psychic side. If you want to play a musical instrument in order to acquire the necessary skills, you need to have a teacher. If you want to listen to quality music performed by a great musician, then you will have to pay ten leva for a ticket. During the second case scenario while just listening to the music, you’ll be benefiting from the music at a far lower cost. Now, if you want to listen to me playing the violin, I will tell you that my tickets cost ten Leva (for the poor it is free of charge), but if you want to learn how to play, then you will have to “pay” me more. For example, if you want to study a violin, you will have to pay your teacher every single time and every day you will use a few hours to exercise yourself. There are four strings in the violin and you will have to play the first one first, then the second one, then the third and finally the fourth one. Your mother may become tired of all your screeching, but when you finally learn how to play the last fourth string, you would say: "I have already completed my violin course." In order to find Christ, you should know very well how to play your violin - only then shall Christ become your Master.

The modern educational system is very well-established: first you need to pass through pre-school, then through high school, then through college and university and only afterwards can a great master come into your life. Someone says: "I will come to Christ", but Christ has no time to deal with you. He can only offer you one concert to listen to, but if you want to learn the art of Life, you have to live as violin players do. The great violin player Paganini had been playing the violin twelve hours a day and what he has done in the past cannot be repeated by anyone today.

Now you say: "I have gained Christ." When you become one with Christ, then you will understand the meaning of Life and there will be nothing impossible for you in this world. Then you would be like the Indian prince, who visited a Hindu saint, who had a very fine cow. The prince liked the cow very much and offered the saint a large sum of money, but the saint refused the deal. The prince threatened to take the cow by force, but the saint replied: "Just try it." The prince then sent a whole army of soldiers, but the saint laid the entire army on the ground by just throwing a glance at it. After this, the prince decided to examine the life of the saint and after studying the life of the saint for one thousand years, the prince gained some strength and knowledge and went back with his armed men to take the cow, but the same thing happened again. Then, for another one thousand years, the prince again studied the life of the saint, acquired more new powers and knowledge and reattempted to take the cow by force, but again he did not succeed. The prince nevertheless persisted in studying the life of the saint, gained extra new knowledge and became so strong and virtuous that even all the gods bowed to him. Finally, after all these three thousand years of learning, the prince went to the saint and told him: "I no longer need your cow." This means that when the prince went beyond his body, his heart and his mind, the cow was no longer of any value to him.

How many times does the body complain because of the way the heart acts; thus causing the body some suffering. Sometimes the mind is acting poorly and then the heart suffers - such is the law. Be aware that all sins start from the mind. All diseases originate from within the mind, the heart or the body, so the diseases can be categorized as mental, emotional or somatic. Cast away all your negative thoughts and all somatic diseases shall disappear. Bring these new soul juices into your life and your body will thrive. This strategy is also practiced by the modern medicine - when someone's blood is very impure, doctors open one of their veins, transfuse blood from a healthy person into the patient's body and the patient then heals. The juices of the soul must pass through your mind, heart and body and then you will become the master of all three of them.

In order to acquire Christ, His Spirit must unite with your spirit and once both of them unite, you will feel completeness, you will feel that the whole universe is in peace and that all things, whether good or evil, are in perfect harmony. Good and evil things only happen in relation to you because you perceive them this way, but God, who has been generous enough to place His Spirit in everything that surrounds us, has a reason to allow for Good and evil to exist. He knows, for example, why he sent the wolf to this world and you are not the one who could judge Him. God said: "I have made you a man; therefore don’t act as a wolf, as a bear or as a snake, but act as a rational being instead." So if you hate, you do live within your heart; if you enjoy eating, you identify yourself with your body; and when you are disproportionately proud of yourself, you are living within your mind then. In all those cases, you are not One with Christ yet. Humans need to learn what is essential for them and should realize that their true food is different to what they are used to in their normal everyday lives. Truth, Love, Wisdom, Righteousness and Virtuousness - this is the “food”, through which you will unite with Christ. When you indulge in this type of “food”, Christ shall join forces with you because there will be something of value that you can offer to Him. As soon as all of you begin to live with this food for the soul, you will be all fine and will look in a different way. You would be good-looking, will have a correct posture and your body will then say: "Thank God that my master became prudent, otherwise he would have dug himself even deeper into me, without setting himself free." The purpose of all humans is to free their minds, hearts and bodies from all evils and diseases.

Now, you can say that I express myself as a professional public speaker just for the sake of producing a certain effect within my audience. I could possibly talk to you about these things in a lower voice, but when I raise my voice, I want to insert a “nail” deeper into you, so that you may grasp the ideas better.

When you are hungry, say to yourself: "This is not me"; when you are afraid, say to yourself: "This is not me"; and when you are overflowing with pride, do say: "This is not me." Then you should ask yourself: "Then who am I?" and your soul will come down to you, so that you may show your mercy and maybe help someone with a little bit of money for example. Giving money to someone does not, of course, mean that you love someone because if you give away some money, the beneficiaries may be able to use them wisely, only if they are intelligent. The most serious crimes nowadays happen because of money. If you look back into history, you shall see that money has wrecked our world due to the heart’s desire to acquire more and more. Courts and galleys have been erected, but those who are being sentenced to death because of their transgressions, upon entering the outer world, become even more dangerous. That is why I believe that criminals should be placed in jail to be able re-educate and transform themselves. This has to be done in future, as those sentenced to death are far more dangerous to humanity than the ones who go to prison. To illustrate - if you pour a poison into ten liters of water, it will infect more people than if you infused it into a few milliliters of liquid only.

And so, in order for you to get to know Christ, you need to acquire the essential knowledge that is necessary for our life as individuals. If you’re feeling afraid or hungry, just say: "I have not found Christ yet". If you love glory, say the same. If someone boasts that they are going to church – this means they enjoy their bodies more than what is necessary, but I do not criticize such people because I also eat. Eating, however, should not be one’s purpose in life. Sometimes they ask me what I would like to eat - I say: "Give my “horse[2]” whatever is there for the taking, give my “horse” some beans, some salt." Sometimes when people invite me to a meal and prepare many dishes, I do say to myself: “Well, what a great honor they bestow upon my ‘horse’!" All this means that they have not found the Christ yet and it is better to give food to the poor and those who suffer instead. Food is necessary for the body, for the mind and for the heart, but the soul should also eat its own correct type of food. Saying the word “food” I bring in a connotation, which includes, for example, feeding a person who has been traumatized or has decided to commit a suicide.

And now you only think of how to save yourselves and say, "Let's go to Mr. Deunoff in order for him to tell us something; he knows a lot, he is a great scholar." Why do I preach? If the water spring does not flow down the slopes of the mountain, it will implode on itself because the water within it needs to make its way through. That is why I preach – in order for you to receive a blessing. Somebody may say: "I want to be loved", but who can possibly drink from a dry water fountain and possibly love it for its dryness? Let your living waters run freely and observe how everyone shall love you and kiss you afterwards. For people to kiss you, you have to give them something. Someone stops in front of a water fountain and says: "How beautiful is the stone of this water fountain!", but it is not the water fountain’s stone that is important, but the Living Water – the new Word, the new creed and the new teaching that comes into the world.

One day when I see you all happy from within up above in the invisible world, I will rejoice and say: "I am glad they have found the Lord!" You have to be happy and to act joyfully because when the heart is joyful, you pray and when the mind thinks, you pray again. Rejoice in the body when it eats; rejoice in the heart when it feels; rejoice in the mind when it thinks – those are all devices that will guide you throughout your life’s journey. When you are traveling through the physical world, your body shall be both useful and necessary to you. The heart is required in the astral world and the mind is needed in the mental realm, while in the spiritual planes, the soul is the one which is indeed needed. That is why Paul says: “… that I may gain Christ.” Christ is a great master and in whatever form or shape He may appear in front of you, whether He is a woman, a man, a child or a servant, He can always show you the path leading to the Truth. Let the thought that God is One and Only remain in your mind. The Word can enter into you through various places, but its source is only one - there may be many rivers in the world, but the spring of the Fountain of Life remains irrevocably one.

When Christ becomes one with you, He will teach you the right way of understanding things and you will learn which of your deeds are good and which are bad. You do not have to say: "I have now improved a little bit as a person; I’ve become a little bit wiser." That is not sufficient and you should complete fully all the tasks you’ve been given. When a teacher shows a student a particular object to paint, the student should paint the object well. The body is a teacher, the heart is a teacher too and the mind is also a teacher. And when you enter your soul, afterwards you will find the Christ and then your body, your heart and your mind will resurrect and you will become masters and no longer be servants of your bodies - all of you shall become an eternal Oneness and you will be strong in your manifestations in the world. In future, your children will not look like today’s children. Now you are surrounded by strangers who pretend to be your children. What is represented by the body? - it is a “house” that is inhabited by human beings. Someone says: "My child doesn’t know me". – In order to understand why, try to identify your child's most prominent character trait. In order for you to recognize and know your children, with whom you have come to Earth many times before, there must be a union between you and them - the mother should sacrifice for her child and vice versa. If a son or a daughter is unwilling to sacrifice for their parents, then they are not their true children. I would like all the sons to sacrifice for their fathers, the daughters for their mothers, the servants for their masters and the disciples for their spiritual teachers.

When Christ comes to Earth, then true order will be implemented and this will be a completely different status quo. This is the teaching that can reform the world – the teaching of unity within the Christ. I told you in my last lecture that Christ is now descending from up above as Light upon us and all of you, who are willing to blossom, will eventually blossom. Those of you, who are unprepared to blossom, will fall behind until the next suitable era arrives, when you will again have the conditions to flourish. If you are not ready to sacrifice, do not worry because the world has never been as good as it is now. You may say that there is a Great War going on – don’t worry about it and fear not, as this war is cleansing the world and its people. It reminds me of a woman who gets up early in the morning and starts sweeping around. She thinks she had cleaned the house quite well already, but after four or five hours, the dust settles down again. I see that everyone who got killed in war has fallen off their “horse”, but such people are better off now, as they are no longer thinking on only how to fill their stomachs. Someone may ask what the soldiers’ fate in the invisible world is. The fallen soldiers are better off than you are right now and will most certainly live. You will live with them and with the Christ, Who is now coming and has come many times before on Earth.

Somebody may say that Christ has come only once to Earth. Yes, but He is coming again – and is coming to see how His teaching is being applied, to see how the judges preside over courts, how men and women live together, to see how the soldiers live, to observe how things are done. Everyone has to be in the right place because the world has been created by God Himself. And if harmony comes to dwell in us, we shall know that we are already serving God.

Do not envy the kings and don’t sympathize with the poor – you don’t help them out in this way. Love them and tell them: "Brother, you are doing well at learning your lesson, I am glad for you." – That is how I talk to those who suffer. And you say: "Poor fella, look how they are trembling!" -  If anyone trembles, help them out, give them something to eat, offer them a warm shelter! Do love the beggar and don’t think about their past sins. Some people have become sinners because they have lived in such conditions. But whoever has not passed their exam and has had no chance to sin, should better keep silent, for not having sinned yet does not indicate that one is righteous.

Be alert in your thinking and remember that you are not the physical body, that you are not the heart and that you are not the mind either. Only when you connect to your soul and rise up to a new level, only then you will become a powerful force in its own right. I would like all Bulgarians to understand things in this very same way and if we live in that way, we shall be great beings because God is our teacher and we are all His children.

Sunday Talks, November 5, 1916, Sofia, Bulgaria.


[1]The third floor represents the mind, while the lower second floor represents the heart.

[2]“Horse” denotes the human body in this case.

Translated by: Pavel Iordanov

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