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1917_04_29 Pure-hearted


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"Blessed are the pure-hearted, for they shall see God." (Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 8)

Before I start my talk, I will make some small remarks. Many people ask me, "Why should there be a prayer and singing in a talk?"

There are three very important elements in the basic teaching of life. These elements have been made by humanity itself, not from now, but from thousands of years ago. For thousands of years, people have been praying and singing, so that in order for any work to be done successfully, there should be singing, whatever it is expressed in. Singing in itself never does evil of whatever nature. For the good man, all songs are good, they all have content. Therefore, I place eating, singing and praying as the three main elements in human life. In order for any physical work to be done, eating is needed followed by resting and consequently, working after that again.  When it comes to science and religion, here singing is also needed, it is the nourishment of the soul. We will sing, rest, and start new work again. When we pray, it is singing but modern people have a vague concept about the prayer. When the humankind learns this art of praying, then we will see the kingdom of God on Earth. These remarks I am making are not an innovation, but this is one Divine law we are going through. I would recommend everyone when eating to pray, if your work in the world is not going well, sing and it will go better.

Today's talk will be on the topic, "Blessed are the pure-hearted, because they will see God." What did Christ mean by the word "pure-hearted"? Christ showed the nine elements or the nine methods by which human life can be elevated. I will speak about purity, what role it plays in life, and I will treat this matter freely, not as it has been considered before, but will make some deviations. You may disagree with me or you may agree, but you need to have a reason for both opinions, because you need to have a deep understanding of every important issue in your life. Only then will you have a positive science through which you can build your future life, because the present life is an expression of our past life.

All happiness and misfortune are due to our past actions, and if we want to change our future life, we must understand these fundamental laws that govern the human will, strength, thought, feelings and consciousness. Our understanding does not have to be such, to think that we know everyone has such knowledge, but we need some positive knowledge to change our lives.

If you could understand this deep, central law of the pure-hearted, the future culture will depend on it, the health state of the future families will depend on it, the health state of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters as well as of the whole society will depend on it. What doctors call “a hygiene of the soul” will depend on this law. What is a hygiene? The law of knowledge of purity. For example, all infectious diseases originate from impurity. Therefore, there are microbes in the spiritual life too as there are microbes of the typhus plague, cholera and other microbes in the physical life. There are around 17,000 species of microbes and some scientists go further by alleging that the corrosion of iron is due to special bacilli, microbes. So, iron is also eaten by bacilli. Because these bacilli are alive, they also want to exist as you and I do.

 This is what the modern people call a race or a struggle for life, with some even expressing themselves in the following formula: “In the struggle for life, man for man is a wolf.” These statements are 50 % true. Life is not only a struggle but work too for there is a struggle only on the square where wrestlers fight. Life is work too because the humankind gets elevated with it. When we do not understand life, work turns into labour and as we go downwards labour turns into torment.

Christ says: "Blessed are the pure-hearted, for they shall see God."  Purity is a state of  matter, a natural and rectilinear state. When the matter has this state, this force as there is a barrier, a medium between the spiritual and physical planes and in order for this purity, this force to pass from one state to another from one world to another, it has to adjust according to the laws of this world, the energy has to be transformed. This transformation depends on the purity through which this force, this thermal energy will pass.

 Take, for example, how the sun’s rays are transformed. The strength and beneficence of these rays depend on the purity of the atmosphere. Sometimes you think that the atmosphere is pure but if you look at it through a microscope you will see millions and billions of impurities in it, which need to be washed away by the rain in order for the beneficial effects of the sun rays to work on us.  Do you know that when people live a vicious life, particular compounds come out of them that form a layer in the atmosphere with which they stop the development of life that comes from above, and epidemic diseases arise.

 For example, various illnesses come to life during and after war. People throw the bad thoughts they have into space and thus they create unfavourable environment that affects adversely not only the organism but also the soul of man, creating various mental illnesses.

 Christ says: „Bless are the pure-hearted because they shall see God!“ What is meant by the words “heart” and “God”? Christ understands by the word “heart” that inner medium in man in the form of a physical ether that is the conduit of the higher forces in the spiritual world. So that when the central part of the human heart is pure, these people will see God. What is understood by the word “God”? Christ means by the word “God” all sensible possibilities, which are hidden in these forces and which as they pass through this medium, man, seeing God, becomes blissful, happy and healthy. 

 When Christ says that a man can see God, He does not envisage seeing God in a given form, but understands a given good that has to come into us and ascend us mentally and spiritually. Each of us has to work out this inner process of purification for himself. The word” purity” implies impurity. We are not responsible for the impurity that can accumulate in us for when a man takes food, a part of it turns into juices and blood while the other part that could not be assimilated comes out. Nature has taken care for this unprocessed food by taking it out in various ways. There are two ways of getting rid of our impurities: a way of dilution and a way of thickening.

 I will explain to you how this thought is positioned in my mind. For example, you have muddy water but in order to purify it, you have to take it through sandy layers in order to seep and get it filtered. As it goes through these layers, the impurities, the murkiness remain in the sandy layers, while the water is clarified, purified and after passing through these layers, it emerges as a pure spring. Therefore, the sand is a condition for purification. For man, society is a condition for filtration. When you get filtered, you must not stay in these layers but have to go outside. Another way for purification is

evaporation. For example, in order for muddy water to get purified, it can be left on the sun’s rays, due to the action of the sun’s rays the water evaporates and elevates in the form of vapours upwards where it gets condensed again and in the form of water droplets it comes again to the earth while the impurities remain on the earth.

 You have to also pass through these two ways of purification. Sometimes, you will find yourself in the most unfavourable conditions when misfortunes come to you for example. And the misfortunes are a process of filtration. You lose your house, wealth, health, wife, children, friends, it is all a process of filtration, sinking downwards.

 You cannot understand what the meaning of filtration is, but you have to know that you need to come out pure and transparent in the world. When a tired passenger arrives to a purified spring and satisfies his thirst, then he will understand why one has to get filtered. Every man is a spring in his life be he a man, a woman, a priest, a teacher and others. And we have to drink from these springs. For example, someone says: “People do not love me, this and the other one does not love me. “ I interpret these words in the following way: You would like to drink from my spring,  whose water is murky , I have not gone through filtration therefore you will wait a day, two, three and more until I get filtered and when I pass through a mountain, I will then give you all my love.” Everyone will leave the world, evaporate and go to these layers through which they could purify themselves.

 When a man is dying, this is also a filtration. He elevates to a certain position and following the same law of condensation, he comes again like a newly born child and the mother will drink from his spring. This child may once have been her beloved but when he is purified, he comes as her child.

 As you listen to me, you will say to yourselves: Could this be? Yes, this is what always happens but only the ignorant people who do not understand this law could not believe it.  In this sense, many animals understand life much better than we do. For example, birds wash themselves, smoothen their feathers, clean themselves.

 You will say “they are playing”. They are studying the first art, they are cleaning their feathers. Watch the cat when it passes through a dirty place, it cleans its legs in order to enter the house of its master. You will say: “well she is a cat”. Yes, but she is smarter than people. When you enter the Divine temple, do you go inside with clean feet? You have to enter like a cat. How many priests, holly men, teachers, judges enter with their unclean feet into their house, into God’s temple and afterwards say: The plague has come to us”. There is no plague but there is filth in this house.

 Therefore, a hygiene is necessary not only for the healthy condition of our body but also for the soul. All my respect for doctors who pay attention to the hygiene of the body, but they have to go a step further and pay attention to the hygiene of the heart.

 For example, all women and men go to a public bath, sometimes once a month other twice and others three times and more but how many of them go to a spiritual bath?

You will say: is there a spiritual bath? Yes, there is, there is a spiritual bath as well as showers in the spiritual world. Some of you when they go to a bath, act like this: they go into the water, get hot and from there they go to the cold showers. There is no bigger recklessness, no greater error than this. When the iron heats up and then suddenly cools down it hardens. If you want to catch a rheumatism, if you wish your mind, heart and soul to get hardened take such showers.

After such disorders, no doctor could help you and various illnesses will start coming to you. Nature says: Never make asperities, gradually go from one state to another. This state of going straight from warm to cold and vice versa is a state of the gods alone, not of men. Only God, who stands on high, can descend from high to low; only the eagle that has learned the art of flying can do that. However, he who has no wings, who has no knowledge, should not engage in such things, because he will break his head.

Sometimes, you wish to go on an airplane, but you are not capable of controlling it and will fall. This is like a man who suddenly wants to love the whole world and takes a cold shower but afterwards tries the opposite result of hardening his soul. What would the opposite result be expressed in? Dissatisfaction and meaninglessness in life. You will resemble that rich American whose father left him BGN 100 000. He ate, drunk, tried all the pleasures and at the end he contracted the illness hypochondria.

He wanted to commit a suicide but did not have the valour of this Englishman whom he met with in Venice when he was travelling through Italy. This Englishman noticed one night an Italian count who took a revolver, put it in his mouth, took it out and put it again. The Englishman asks him: What do you want to do?”- I was rich but now I am impoverished so I want to commit a suicide. The Englishman took out money and paid his debts and committed a suicide instead of the count. However, this hypochondriac American was not so valiant.

When I talk about suicide, I envisage the killing of the bad habits in yourself while many people do not have the courage to get rid of them. You like to steal, drop the bullet on this habit of yours, kill the man of theft in yourself. You love to corrupt, drop this bullet on the man of depravity who lives in you, kill this vice, let it die and you live free from it. What benefit is there from this depraved man in you? A pervert, thief, this is a fleshless corpse, dead ox, dead dog, dead lion, which can spread the infection without bringing any benefit.

This ill American began to visit all the doctors to ask for their advice. He spent and spent money but could not find the cure because the modern medicine is not familiar with ways of treating such illnesses.  Finally, he goes to New York to a famous doctor and asks for his help. “I will help you, but I will make a condition with you that no matter what methods I use for your treatment, you will not protest." "I am ready to abide by this contract," replied the patient. “First, you will pay BGN 25,000 for the first examination. He gives the money. The doctor took him for treatment and said to his assistants: "Perform surgery on this patient by cutting off his right leg below the knee." They cut off his leg and when he wakes up, he sees himself without a leg.

 With this, his hypochondria disappears  and he starts thinking: How happy I was before, I could go to balls, ride a horse, etc” He could hardly wait for the doctor to arrive and meets him by pouring out all the epithets, which the modern culture provides. The doctor tells him: “You are now very nervous, calm down while after two weeks I will come to see you”. In the meantime, the ill man starts crying and asks to either be cured or killed as this is not life.  The doctor tells him: “I will make you a very nice leg that you will live with very well in the future and which you will pay BGN 25,000  more for”. After that, this American calmed down, all hypochondria disappeared, and he lived happily ever after. He learnt with this to know what purity is. 

And now in the battlefields, God cuts legs, hands, takes the eyes out, cuts noses in order to create a culture in the future, a culture of love but not this love which is understood now but love, which will expand our soul, that will make people close to one another  and will provide an opportunity to every soul to develop as necessary. God will apply His Divine plan. What is this Divine Plan? We are destined to have such a purity as that of the angels. What is an angel? A being who knows how to fulfil God’s will, a being who you could not be bribed with any goods. This higher spirit, this angel will come to some poor people, s/he will fulfil her/his mission and will return to God again, while are the present people ready to serve God? No, they are not. Why? Because they are not pure in their soul.

This is why Christ says: Blessed are the pure-hearted, because they shall see God.” If people are pure, the Divine spirit will pass by them and they will see Him. If we do not see God, how will we recognise Him?  Many times, we are very interesting when we want to see God. Everyone can see God if not more then at least three times in their lives, but purity is required for this. Have you lived in purity for at least 10 years in your life? However, you will say: Fine if we live in a society of noble people but when we are with such sinners, what purity could there exist?” If this is true, this means you are sinners too because you are people living amongst sinners and so you are. What is sin? Sin shows that we are poor. You will say: Why did God allow sin?” Because He is strong. If He was a coward like us, he would not have allowed sin. When we are helpless of putting the world in order, God will descend from above and will put it in order in 100 years’ time at the most. This is one Divine day.

You will say: “Well, 100 years is so long!” The more or less and the length and shortness, are mental and relative things. The minute could seem very long while the year very short, depending on many circumstances. Imagine that you are convicted of being beheaded in a year time. This year will appear a very short time to you. When you expect a darling one to come, even 5 minutes seem like long hours. Therefore, the concept of time is relative in our consciousness and depends on the intensity of our perceptions. When we talk about the Divine laws, we have only one subjective perception and in order to understand the order of things, we have to enter into living in all people at once. In order to understand what people are, we have to enter both the highest and lowest strata, and only then will we have a knowledge about humankind. 

Chris says : In order to be able to enter mankind, to have the correct perceptions you have to necessarily be pure because only the pure person when he comes down, will have immunity, he will not be infected by any diseases.“ This is what the occult people say too. When a man is pure in mind and heart, no force can affect him and therefore, the strength of your will, heart and mind will be determined by this inner physical, spiritual and Divine purity that you have.

What I am saying to you could be checked, I am not just talking in theory. You will ask: How can it be checked?”–Very easy.  For example, the one who will relocate a plant, asks how to do that and learns.  He takes a small bud, a twig from a nice tree and places it under the skin of a plain one.  However, it must be known replanting does not happen at all times but only when there are juices. These juices are called” sap”.  After you put this bud under the skin of this plant, this new branch will acquire new life. This is how, by following the same law, every good thought will live in you. With this re-planting, with this splitting, there will be pain, but you cannot do without it. There are always two types of suffering in the process of purification: Ennoblement takes place in some types of suffering, while in others - resentment and fierceness.  The second type is when we go down in life, where we become fierce and rough, when we want to destroy the world and all criminals were born in this way of re-planting, because they do not understand the law, they have stopped themselves in one direction, while they should have gone to the bottom.

This is the case with that passenger who travelled at night-time through an abyss and fell down there. He managed to catch a branch and so he stayed attached to the branch for 7 hours, during which time he spent stayed like this on the branch for 7 whole hours during which time he has gone through the most horrifying state. He started to shout, cry and said: My life is over, there is a huge chasm beneath me.” What was his astonishment, however, when in the morning he saw that beneath him the chasm he had imagined was only 15 cm.  Therefore, if you have fallen down, if you are a sinner, go down to the bottom.  I call the fallen, sinned people those ones who go down- heroes. I call heroes also those ones who go upwards. The former are heroes of falling down, while the others- heroes of ascending. The former are heroes of falling down because when they fall, they have the brevity to ascend, while those ones who ascend are heroes of the ascension because they have the courage to descend.  Do you understand this deep philosophy of life?

Some say: I don’t want to either ascend or descend.” This is a materialistic perception. When you eat, it is not a question of what you eat but how you eat. You should eat with enjoyableness and pleasure. A man who cannot eat pleasantly cannot be healthy.  Some parents, mothers cook meat, eggs and ‘banitza” to their children, and they are still dissatisfied and unhappy.  The taste is to blame, there should be purity in the taste. Such a child should be subject to starving. Let his mother leave him starve for 24, 36, 40 ,50 hours and she will see how the child will start loving any food.   In such a case, there would be at least 50%improvement in the children.  This is a general law in nature and when man starts to lose the meaning of life, illnesses come about. They are necessary for our purification.  First of all, we lose our taste and say to ourselves: “How well we used to eat”.5-6 days go by when we begin to rejoice in what we have lost.

When it comes to upbringing, I said hold yourselves onto nature, look at what the plants, animals, springs, forest and clouds do in it and leave all English, American and other methods. Observe how the sun rises, which one time you see behind the clouds, black, while another time - clear and nice. This is how I see you often too. You say: „I am not in the mood today”. I said:” There are a few clouds around your sun, there will be a storm, and wind, and your sun will become clear again.  Why is this wind? I met a gentleman a prominent Bulgarian merchant and asked him how he thought about this question? He said: „ I will confirm from experience that this is exactly the case. “He started elaborating: In my life, I did not know what a misfortune was, everything was going well for me like honey and butter. I got up one morning and saw that half of my body was paralysed. The doctors told me not to work anything for 3-4 years. After that, I started my work, but the first time I lost BGN 8,000 leva, while the second– BGN 2,000 and after that I finally completely recovered. This lost BGN 10,000 produced a big change in him. He had to give this money to the poor people, doctors or had to be robbed by someone.  This money was one impurity in him. It is a boil that has to be healed for which aim the doctor makes an incision and cleans it up.

When Christ says: “Blessed are the pure-hearted”, He understands people without boils. Now everyone, look for all your boils. You will say: “We don’t have such”. Until now, I have not met a person without boils, it might be only one boil but one always has some. If someone does not have boils let him come to me, I will give him BGN1,000, BGN2,000, BGN5,000, I will cash it to him immediately. You will say: Where would you find it from”? I will honour my word provided such a person is found.  

It is a great thing to confess your sin. What is religion? With this process of religion, we have to raise our minds and hearts upwards. What is re-planting? It is such a process by which one sacrifices oneself for another, endures all adversity, deprivation, persecution and one day, all those people whom he has done something for will say: We had a great man, he did a lot for us and our people. He was a spring which our people quenched their thirst from.” „

Now to the question of Christ’s words: Blessed are the pure in heart. “What does Christ mean by the word” “blessed”? He understands first: the aspiration of man to go upwards. Second: This aspiration should be just in time so that there is a corresponding aspiration from top to bottom.  The same law also applies in nature.  When you sow an apple seed or wheat grain not only does it need to have the strength to grow, not only does it need better soil, but it needs other three essential elements for its growth, namely: light, heat and moisture. The same is valid for man.  He must strive but he also needs these three Divine elements: warmth, light and moisture. Moisture this is life, heat is Love, the light- the Truth. I am not going to interpret these for you as if I start interpreting what Love is, I would go very far. I would like you to come with me, to repeat this word a certain number of times and for a certain time of the day and if you do this for only a few months, then you will understand what love is.

When you are listening to me, you will say: Mr Dunov says whatever comes to him: the Turkish say about the man who talks what he wants the following: Chock Biljam Chock…”.i.e. “ whoever knows lots, talks lots and suffers lots.” I would like you to check and try my thought now. However, you will say: “What should we strive for?” Sow an apple seed and observe how it will sprout, how it will take shape in a few years’ time, while you study all this. „Therefore, I told you: “Sow in yourself the words ”blessed are the pure in heart”.  Do not consider this as an abstract thought, it is related to your body, heart and mind. Blessed is a man who has conditions to climb from bottom to top, but also has conditions to descent from top to bottom and can use these conditions. While the pure-hearted are those ones who understand the process of descending and ascending. A heart means the centre, to know where your life originates from.

I travelled once from Sofia to Varna. The Bulgarians have a custom of asking about where you are traveling for and where you are coming from, etc., It is a good habit but when they often ask- it becomes a bore. I am sitting in a compartment and a few Bulgarian lawyers are talking about some important political questions. I am contemplating and observing nature. One of the gentlemen asks me: “Where are you from”? I answered: from the Sun. He said:  Then tell me what is there? “– “There are people there but with a higher culture, people there are not afraid, and I have come here on the Earth. “The gentleman answered: Then I am from the Sun too. “Yes, you are but you do not know you have come from the Sun while I know I am from the Sun. Some ask: “Where is Mr Dunov from?”- From the Sun. “

There are 7 elements in life, I am talking about only one element, i.e. more correctly about its state. The old occultists call it the element of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Do you know what these elements are? Saturn, Moon, Sun are processes of condensation. Saturn means knowing how to condense yourself, to move from one state to another.  When you come to the Earth you will start afterwards the reverse process of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and will go back where you came from with which you will make such a circle as comets do. Some ask: “Why do these comets appear? “They have a purpose. Why did the Halley’s Comet appear? All thought that the world will end.  It meant this great war, this catastrophe that came.  It was saying with its tail: I am coming to cleanse the world. “Whether you accept it or not, it doesn't matter, it was said in passing.

 Christ says: Blessed are the pure in heart. “The first thing in man is purity. In order to elaborate on my thought, I would provide an example. One famous Italian Artist wanted to paint Christ and looked for the subject who looked a little like Christ for long time.   At last, he found a young man in his 20s and 21s and asked him to pose for him and he drew the image of Christ. In 3-4 years, the same Artist desired to draw Judas.  He searched for a face to remind him of Judas for long time. At last, he found a young man who looked a little like Judas. The Artist asked him to serve as his model if he wanted. The young man agreed but replied:  How come I could now serve you as a model of Judas when 4 years ago you used me to draw Christ? Where is the mistake now that one and the same face is used for drawing Christ and Judas? The mistake lied in the young man. In the course of 4 years, the young man lived such an impure life that his face changed. Therefore, when a man attacks someone like this artist, he is right. This is why, we should endure too.

 We should have the patience of this artist who when he drew a painting and could not draw the shoes of the figure, asked a shoemaker to make them. When the shoemaker made the shoes, he dared to ask to rectify other things in the painting but the artist told him that the rest was not the shoemaker’s speciality. We need to have humility and know what work is for us and what is not. If a mother comes to me and tells me ways of raising children, I will listen to her very carefully. If a judge comes to me and shows me a good path, why not listen to him? Therefore, Christ says: “Blessed are the pure in heart”. 

 If we are so pure-hearted, we will notice that the law of expediency for our upliftment works throughout our life. Do not rush to resolve all issues. People are interesting when they hurry and worry about solving the problems sooner because there have been too many such ones for solving.  And what? There is no need to hurry. If a farmer says: “I have whole barns of wheat, how am I going to eat it? “Let him be happy that he has so many barns of wheat- it will serve him for more years, he will eat as much as he needs. So do you, be happy that you have so many questions to solve, you will have work for more years.  Some say: When we go to the heavens, we will drink and eat.” Yes, but there is also work there, even more work than here where there is work and labour. Therefore, Christ says: Come to me all who are burdened and tired” and not “those who are all the time working”.

 The first secret is to learn to strain yourselves. I am ready to serve this one who is strained and who has learnt this art. Tarasu Bulu has done well when he was sending his two sons off and asked them to box each other and remained very satisfied when one of his sons beat him. Similarly, God is pleased when He sees that we are overcoming the suffering.

Some say that I have not used Bulgarian examples. I came across a few Bulgarian songs, which I will present a few characters from. The first song is “Yanka and Petur” Yanka is a woman who is dissatisfied with her wealth and searches for the happiness of her heart. Peter overhears her and offers that they both escape. Then she steals from her husband, loads her fortune on 3 horses and runs through the forest.  She falls asleep on Peter’s lap and when she fell asleep, Peter ran away for he was very pure, after which she started crying, shouting: 

I Song

O God, Higher Lord,

Forest,  part with me,

Water, deliver yourself to me,

Peter, call me!

Neither did the forest divide,

 Nor did water deliver itself,

Neither did  Peter call.


II Song

Balio and Vella

Vella felt sleepy,

So Vella lied down on Balio’s lap and sweetly fell asleep.

As Balio is “ Dekrya[1]

He took sharp scissors out

To cut his lap off

He stole gold and silver

And ran away from Vella


III Song

Kirushka and Stoyan

Do you see that hill

A big village lies behind it

There, I have a beloved and something else-

With a young boy

Kirushka was telling him

Stoyane, damned Stoyane,

How cunningly you deceived me

Don’t you have a younger brother  

So that you can give me to him

 There should be no such Bulgarians as are described in folk poetry. These people have had the brevity to describe the characters as they are. If these things exist in abundance, we cannot be pure.  This is not a judgement- such a thought is far from me, but I am stating only the fact, and everyone needs to know whether they are pure or not. Whatever you may be, an activist of a political party, a judge, priest, teacher ask yourselves the question: “Am I pure or not?” Have I done my job properly or not?”. If you are a man, then are you pure in relation to your wife and vice versa; a daughter and a son are you pure in relation to your parents? While now we say: „This is what Tolstoy has said, Victor Jugo has said so, Zola, etc. ”These people have really said very well, my admirations to them. All is good but you need to apply these things in life, while purity will come only with some great convictions.

 When will purity come? When a man starts to think that he does not die. Three young men came to me a few days ago: one musician, the other studies to be a doctor , while the 3rd one- with different beliefs. The first one says: “I am fed up with life , I want to commit a suicide.” I ask him: “ Were you the one who created this life, if you were then take it away. You will be a greater hero if you endure everything. The musician says: I'm not doing well, no matter what I do, I can't do it. I told him: You are very dry, you need some moisture” and what does “moisture” mean? You have to love people. The third one says: I always have the opposite of what I want, the opposite comes out.” I told him,“ You suffer from a lot of swamps, you have to channel yourself, to get drier.” The three of you should become a trinity and you will help each other.

A lecture held on 29th April 1917


Translated by Proletina Dragoeva-Jones, Petworth, UK, 01.12.2020

[1] Dekryia or “декрия” is a Bulgarian folklore word that cannot be translated

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