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1915_01_10 However, when the Son of Man comes would He find faith on the Earth


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However, when the Son of Man comes would He find faith on the Earth


Special lectures, Bourgas23 January 1915г., (Saturday) (unknown hour)

Information about the Lecture

From the book: "Ask for strength – Have faith" – Special lectures by the Master In the period 1914-1919г.,Sofia 1994, IK "Vsemir"

Luke 18; 8

I will start my lecture with one sentence said by Christ: “ However, when the Son of Man comes would He find faith on the Earth”.

The very sentence may appear unrelated  to you and you may say: ”And what common does this have to do with us and the epoch we live in ? This is related exactly to the epoch we are living in. The humankind cannot live without faith, the common faith in life is hidden in everyone. We start everything with a faith: Whoever starts building a house, has faith that he will build it and by the way, there are such ventures, we commence them with faith that we will succeed.

However, Christ does not understand this faith. He envisages faith that does not exists here on the Earth. The faith Christ is talking about is a sensible faith. The faith in my beliefs is soil.. In nature we sow on soil: for wheat, vineyard, plant, etc. there must be soil in order to be sown. Therefore, we can apply this in the human life. Faith must exist on soil, it cannot live without it. In my view, when I say of this culture that it has a soil, I mean culture and faith on the basis of it. Faith is a law of the reasonable world, and in human life it is expressed in soil. We cannot develop a thought without faith. Reasonable faith is based on certain laws. And Christ rightly determined that if we had as much of this faith as a grain of mustard, we could tell a forest to move, and we would have succeeded. And when we have a soil of faith, it will thrive. And according to this soil, we cultivate faith.

Christ means something else. He says: "Son of Man, when did He come ...", implies a new era, during which whether people will have this reasonable faith?

The Jews did not have this soil to accept Christ's teaching, so Christ says that when this new age comes, will such faith be found on Earth. If we do not understand His teaching, it acts destructively. If we had accepted His teaching 2,000 years ago, we would have had the exact opposite result to this one. The current war is a lesson for humanity. And it is due to the fact that people do not know how to benefit from the laws that govern humanity.

I meet people everywhere who ask, "What is going to happen to us?" and everyone knows what's going to happen. - When you are at sea, the less luggage you carry, the easier it will be for you, you will sail if you are lighter. On hikes, you will travel easier if you are lighter and with a smaller load. In order to be able to sail in the water more easily and not seek to take luggage at the shipwreck, we are grateful that we have time to save ourselves, and then we think about our salvation, not about luggage. The same is with us, the smaller our backpack, the easier it will be to go through these events in life.

"Son of Man, when did He come ...." This "Son of Man" is coming. He is expressed in special signs, as we know spring by the fact that we have a rising sun. And summer, autumn, winter also have their positions and we determine them even by the sun.

In the same sense, as we await the Son of Man, we have signs to determine His coming.

The question is whether His coming will be a subjective phenomenon, or vice versa - an objective one. There will be both processes: subjective and objective. In early spring, in March, when the sun begins to rise, diseases appear: all the microbes that were in the mud, various miasmas rise in the air and poison people, so then there are many sick - some recover, others die. And with a new doctrine, at the beginning of a new era, it is the same. In both cases, weak people can suffer a crisis. With the advent of the doctrine, there is a lifting. So, let us deal with this faith and see what it consists of. One blind faith, one blind love do not yield good results. Only a reasonable faith and a reasonable love can yield good results.

If you are asked about the afterlife, whether or not there is an afterlife, what will you answer? - "Either there is or there isn't." However, this is not a scientific answer. An answer without knowledge is not an answer. And a lie in any form is never of benefit. Reasonable knowledge is required. What does this intelligent life that surrounds us rest on? It rests on a reasonable basis. And whoever could follow will see how reasonable it acts and at very little cost. For example, in a factory, in order to extract sugar from beets, how much labour, what machines are needed! And how nature simply works! It takes this little seed of beetroot and forms from it this whole head of beetroot, in which it gathers the sugar without much effort and thus it benefits both itself and others. And if we could master this mode of action of the laws of nature, we would have used nature and our lives would have been different. When Christ has said this sentence, He has meant you and today's people in general, because there is a connection between Him and us. There is a connection between the past and you, as there is a connection between the father and the son, as there is a connection between you and your ancestors. We can prove this with an experiment, and in order to prove that a certain element exists, we must give it conditions to manifest. For example, if we take a rose seed and tell you that it contains a rose, you will say, "It is a question of whether it contains or not, prove that!" - All right! We plant this seed and in a few months you will see that a rose will come out of this seed. The power that a rose can produce from this seed is hidden in the seed. When a person dies, he does not get lost, he just turns to seed. Take a caterpillar in its development. While it is an egg, it lives a limited life, and for some time this caterpillar will have to tuck into a cocoon, from which it turns into a butterfly again. The life of the egg implies the caterpillar, the life of the caterpillar implies the butterfly. The question now is, does this change that is happening to this caterpillar, these three changes have anything to do with the life of the egg from which the caterpillar hatched. From what has followed, the question becomes clear, so they are connected. The human soul follows the same analogy. One might say, "Why does a person sometimes lose consciousness?" This shows that the movement can be changed, or the conditions simply change. If you see a tram, during its movement a rail is captured on the wire, stretched on the tram. However, if this rail is somehow knocked off, the tram stops. Is the energy disappearing? Not. So, there is a disconnection and therefore, the movement stops, but it nevertheless still exists. Whenever we lose our consciousness, there is such a cut off as with the rail on the tram. Life is in us. When we do not feel and think, there is darkness - we have lost consciousness, but when we put together the sun, light, heat, immediately everything is normal, it comes to life.

When Christ says this verse, He understands whether there will be this light in people, and when He comes, He will want to give this light. And how will Christ come? - There is an example of a Hindu student who, having studied all sciences, wanted to study the method of love. He went to ask a Hindu Teacher about it who did not answer him, but only remained silent. On the second day he was also silent, he did not answer him again on the third and on the fourth days. It was not until the seventh day that he got up, took his hand, and led him to the Ganges River, where he dipped his head in the water. After holding it like this for 5 minutes, he released and asked him, "How did you feel in the water?" "How will I feel? I had a great need to breathe." –So when you feel the need in your soul for love, then you will understand what love is. We are now in the same position as the student in the river under the water surface in order to make sure air is needed. We ask, "Why does God keep us in this suffering?" "To learn what He can do." What does the caterpillar say? "My world is only the leaf that gives me food. Leaves, give me leaves! That there were flowers, what do I need."  Our life is like that of a caterpillar. So people like her say: "Matter, matter, talk to us about it! That there has been an afterlife, another world, what is in our business!" And the caterpillar, having eaten a leaf, says: "This world of mine is over, I need another world." Thus, from leaf to leaf, until it comes to such a position - it forms in itself the fluid needed for the tissue of the cocoon in which it has derived from. After staying there for a while, a butterfly comes out and now says, "Flowers, only flowers do I need! "You are in the position of the caterpillar - the physical world of the caterpillar is the cocoon, and the spiritual world of the caterpillar is a butterfly. If we have no idea about the spiritual world, it will be alien to us. Imagine that a famous first-class violinist came in your city, he can play very well at the concert he will give, but how would you have benefited if you were deaf or if you did not have developed musical feelings?

Now, when Christ says, "Son of Man, when He comes, whether he will find faith on Earth," He implies a reasonable faith, and there are only reasonable principles in this reasonable faith. And when it enters man as soil, he will build his own life. In order for the thought to manifest, there must be some form. If we can show form, we can also show will. With this faith man will create his form of will, form of desires, etc. There are no forms in modern people and therefore, they have no will. To kill a man is not a will; to destroy a city is not a will; to set fire to a house is not a will; these things are done by the children too. However, there is a reasonable will in the creation of a city and so on. There is will only in the creation of something supreme.

There is reasonable faith in the reasonable will, and there must be consciousness in reasonable love. When a nation is pushed back and forward in their lives, does it have a will? As a nation, we have a relationship with all of humanity and therefore a certain job.  The same is with every organ of the human body: the brain, the lungs and the stomach. Everyone should ask themselves, "What should I do?" Because you are a reasonable unit in your place. It is always a man who can fix the world. Anyone can be a focal point around which everyone will be grouped. When we come to this consciousness that we can fix the world, then the world will be fine. Otherwise, if we talk, we are lying. God has made man in His image and likeness, that is, we can do everything. Ask a chemist who has found the laws that govern the elements and works on those laws in his lab but if he accidentally mixes up their relations, he will cause an explosion. Also, when a driver is on the locomotive, he measures with a device what the pressure of the steam in the cauldron is, how many atmospheres its pressure is.  Modern people have taken a random path: they walk without looking at this device, and as a consequence, their whole culture brings them closer to catastrophe, because they used their culture to find ways to destroy. That is why today's civilization is negative, with negative ideas. People create only destructive elements: 42-centimeter cannons, torpedoes and more. And when Christ says, "Son of Man, when He comes, will He find faith on earth?" it is understood that when Christ comes among these people of negative science, will He find faith, reasonable love, etc. Now is the time. Don't think that this course of the world war is so arbitrarily? "Universal war, universal war, universal war," it was provoked by the constant talk of it. We created it, we put the fuel. We will now begin to say the opposite. We created it, we will stop it. We set the fire, we will take away this fuel. This reasonable faith will be created by us, the humans. In the modern order, women and men hold the key to the future good life. The latter have this main purpose of building the future individuals of society.

When you build a house, you follow certain rules, you choose good, healthy materials. If we have to build the future conditions in which to live, they can be created by good mothers and fathers with good thoughts. As are the thoughts of the mothers and fathers so will the thoughts of the children be. We may have only thoughts of theft, and our children will be thieves. Our thoughts and desires are realised in society. Whatever we think, it's going to happen. Our thoughts and desires will necessarily be realised in 1, 2, 3, 4 generations.

Bulgarians need to correct themselves, it depends on us. You can do a lot of things, as long as you connect with those forces that work in nature. There are different degrees of intelligence in nature, and whatever you connect with, you become the same. By all means, according to these laws, we must connect with these reasonable laws in nature. But we say we don't see them. This is because we do not train our vision through constant exercise. Recently, a friend told me how, over time, he has been able to distinguish the smallest butterflies from a distance of 50 meters, which, even if you are next to them, are difficult to see. And when he showed me his collections, I had to use my magnifying glass to look at them. And he said to me, "I wonder how that's possible." The thing is that from the constant strain of his vision, this centre in his brain has expanded.

Our coming to Earth is to be free. Love will set us free. Modern people live in restrictive conditions and cannot change them. From a religious point of view, their position is the will of God. Do we know the philosophy of units? - We say: one horse, one house, etc., but with the originally created one, what did the Creator want to designate with it? - The One who created the numbers said that there is one measure in the world that will serve as a definition: only one principle, which we call God. We measure with Him, with the number 1 - the Unit.

In the physical world, the number 2 means that life, in order to manifest, must have two fulcrums, two forces are needed to act on each other. That is why the man and the woman come together and from this point of view ten men, a hundred men, a thousand men are again one man. The number 2 shows the process, which nature works through and that the process of dividing into two is a process of evolution.

One tree gives branches, but they all come from one place and are connected to each other. In the branching of things, they must be connected to their foundation. All your thoughts and desires must be related to your soul. Why do the branches grow upwards and the roots downwards? This question is pending, but there must be a growth up and down. And we, like plants, have a dual aspiration. Those who are at the roots say that the world is just matter. The atoms that make up matter are units of force. By the word "matter" we mean a mother who gives birth. The visible is a substance, which our mother "matter" has enveloped us with. It is said that there has been a struggle between spirit and matter. The struggle that is between them is only a struggle for growth in the path of evolution, as it is between a man and a woman, only if this can be called a struggle.

The flesh was the devil, if we could harness the devil to work, he would be a very good worker. Because modern people can't do that, the devil has created a job for them, he teaches them, and they will be smarter in the future. Initially, man was a master, but when he ruined himself, he ruined everyone else. Wolves, lice, moths and others were not created by God, but by humans. God created only good people, but not murderers, thieves, etc. We created them. However, it is all because there is a deviation in us. Modern society must take a turn, modern people must turn to a different path of movement.

We need to know which things are needed. Money is of use, but it is not a necessity. The house too. We need those things that God has created for our upliftment, while useful are those things that God has created and that help us, and that appear in our way of life.

Modern people will ask themselves how to live - the idea of the life of the Brotherhood will come to them. Christ says we must work in the path of Brotherhood, Love. It is not a question of being Russophiles and Austrophiles.  Now is the time to resolve the issue, every nation to have the right to freedom and brotherhood: young and old to have the right to own land in order to live freely, etc. Every brother in a family must live like this. Great nations, like big brothers, need to be smart and enforce this right, to show that they love their younger brothers. Reciprocity between nations will be established. The current war is in its infancy. It is not over, and when this peoples’ unrest, the consequences of the war, the revolutions in the great countries come, what will we comfort with? When the warriors come and say, "We will not fight!" They will want to live freely. Then the reasonable principle will appear, people will say: "We don't want the old way of warfare!" Let every nation and language have its own. Now are the best times the world is going through and which will bring the bright future to humanity. They will bring purification and resurrection.

By "resurrection" I mean a change in the present life.

Fathers, mothers and sisters are now praying for their loved ones on the battlefields. And these worshipers will overcome and change life. To pray is to breathe. You now have a disease - a little cold - breathe deeply and you will recover. The request exists everywhere and it is a necessary factor. Only then will the request cease when the needs cease. And the needs will never cease. Wisdom, justice, truth are a necessity. And when the Son of Man comes, people will ask Him, "Why did the Lord give us this evil?" Christ is coming and will tell us, " 2000 years ago I came to prevent this misfortune of yours and I told you: Do not resist evil!” You give space to your evil. If you applied this law, today's war would not have been allowed. Everyone on Earth wants to live a tolerable life. They are all masters, no one wants to be a servant. However, how is this possible, when, if all the earth's wealth was distributed evenly, there would have been 90 BGN per person. How is a tolerable life possible with such a small amount? Where will the shortage come from?  The law is: When all people are well, I will be well too. Therefore, we must turn to that reasonable Lord, Who is in us and reminds us of our mistakes. And when He comes to us and we meet and receive Him, there will be no poverty. Because, if we say to Him: "Be silent and stay in heaven", we are not forgiven and we miss the essential. We must have reasonable faith that will give us a foundation for a happy life. This reasonable faith will become the basis for future science and future love. The whole modern world needs radical transformations of its ideas and a ground must be given to the development of these ideas.

Christ says, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am with them; and whatsoever they ask for, they shall have." That is why fathers and mothers come together, and if in the name of this law they want to have a good son, they will have one. And if two or three people come together and ask for good priests, good teachers, good rulers, they will have them. It is up to us to have good conditions in life. However, therefore Christ wants a reasonable faith from us. And then we will know how to understand the language of all the elements. If we can throw a grenade at 10-20 kilometres, then we can send an embodied thought that will give good results. God wants to fix the world, and in order to fix the world, our world, our thoughts and desires must be fixed. One defendant was accused of stealing a sum and his lawyer tried to acquit him; as an argument he presented the circumstance that the accused was satisfied only with this small amount - BGN 25, when ten thousand BGN was at the table. At that moment, the accused cried. The judge thought he was repenting and asked him why he was crying. "Ah," he said, "I am sad that I haven't seen the 10,000 BGN."

Bulgarians grieve that Serbs and Greeks took away what was their right last year. But the Serbs will not keep what they have taken. The Greeks will not detain anything too. Theft is a dangerous act.

There are some special frogs in the Nile that swim on top of the water (I gave this example last year as well). When a large crocodile swallows one of these frogs, after a while they eat his stomach and he turns with a punctured belly dead, and the frog comes out. Serbs, Greeks, Turks, Romanians - swallowed one such frog. It will eat their bellies. It will eat the bellies of many.

There is a Divine right that regulates things in the world. Now the international law has fallen and it is time to study the Divine law. Mankind will describe this law, but it is not like the international law that everyone has broken. However, he who transgresses this law will give and answer. The current war seems to be a misfortune, but it will bring great benefits to humanity. There will be good philosophers, good writers, many professors, scientists and others who will describe it and draw the lessons. There will be for many years to be written on me by the future generation. And therefore, Christ says, "Will there then be reasonable faith?" - Will we be able to benefit from our lives? Happy is he who can derive his happiness from his misfortune. The best things people can expect now, but more importantly, how will we find that foundation of reasonable faith, on which we will build the future life. Now it will be the same as what happens to a pupa - it comes out as a butterfly and lives. The same is with people.There will be a blessing of mankind - to love God with all its heart, with all its mind and with all its soul. All warring states will bring one good - they will weaken and then that necessary consciousness of the right human life will come.

Many nations have been lost for failing to deliver on their promises. It is the same with every person. He has undertaken before Heaven and it is written in the book of Heaven - we must fulfil the Divine right. And I would like all Bulgarians to have this reasonable faith, reasonable love and reasonable justice, so that they could serve as the basis of future life, of unification. The Bulgarian people did not live properly. The Bulgarian kingdoms barely reached 50-60 years because they lived apart. Now a reasonable unification between the Bulgarian people is required, let the fuss be forgotten.

This lesson, which Bulgarians learned ten months ago and became more reasonable, other countries are now learning it in order to become smarter too.

The Bulgarian people will give birth to smart people.

In the current war, there will be no losers and no winners. Russia, France, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, will all be defeated. They will only do the will of God, and the winner will be Christ. And now He says that if they did not accept Him 2,000 years ago, they are now experiencing the consequences to redeem what has been done and take another turn. Because if we continued like this, in 2000 years we would have had an uglier catastrophe. But if you accept the teachings of Christ, you must love a very sublime culture. The Earth will be a garden and the governance - in the hands of the smartest. Therefore, it is required to form a cocoon and transform.

January 10, 1915, Saturday, 20:30 pm

In the drugstore of G. Zurkov


Translation, Proletina Dragoeva-Jones

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