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1921_12_11 Get up and Get dressed! (nikimarinova)


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Готов превод Стани и опаши се! - 11.12.1921-НБ-403 / ...: 11.12.1921-НБ-403

Get up and Get dressed!

And the angel said: “Get dressed and put on your sandals“. And he did what he was told. Then the angel said: „Now put on your coat and follow me.”. (Acts 12:8)

I have on my mind a difficult problem, which I am now solving: “Why have Christians failed so far in understanding the Teaching of Jesus Christ? And not merely to state that they do not understand it, but also to explain the reasons why. This is a difficult task, which belongs to higher maths, to the domain of irrational numbers, i.e. this problem cannot be solved by applying ordinary mathematical rules. There are problems like this in each and every life. Not only why have Christians failed to understand the teachings of Jesus, but what I am asking now is: why have you failed to understand yet the meaning of your lives? And there’s another important question: Why have people failed to adopt Love, to apply it in its entirety? Now, this is a question, which will be considered and discussed by the future culture, the future mankind. These are serious problems, problems for the most intelligent and serious people, people of character, people of bright mind and strong will. Those, who want to solve these problems, will have to be strong enough to control their minds and master their hearts. Their minds must be in their place. By the phrase: “Their minds must be in their place“, I mean consciously, not just mechanically: and this is in fact, the evolution of mankind: one must put his own mind and heart under control. And the sole striving now, of the modern man, is to be rich, to be powerful. This is all good, but these are merely the outcomes, external things, which are the result of an internal cause, much deeper than we can understand. Therefore, one who wants to conquer the world, who wants to get rich, must first put under control his mind and his heart. And his mind and heart must be in complete harmony with his soul. But why do we deviate from the right path? – Instead of conquering his own mind, man wants to conquer others’ minds; instead of conquering his own heart and controlling it, he wants to conquer and control others’ hearts. Why is that? – This is a problem of higher maths, consisting of irrational numbers. But now, as you can see, the world does not allow us to delve into solving these abstract problems. I don’t want to speak much, I’m trying to be brief today, I don’t want to make that mistake: an evangelist priest in America prayed excessively and his prayer continued for two hours after the sermon. A father brought his son, a young, 12-year-old boy, to an evening service, wanting to make him pious. According to the habit, when you go to an evangelist church, you have to kneel on both knees. And half an hour later, the child got tired and asked: “Dad, is it going to be over soon?” And the preacher enjoyed starting from the Genesis, and gradually recited all the verses from the Bible and ended with the Revelations. “Son, he is still in the desert, this is the “Exodus“.“, i.e. this was where he was reciting from. So, I will now try to be very careful and not recite all those facts. “And the angel said: „Get dressed, put on your sandals”. “Art is knowing how to get dressed. With what? – “Put on your sandals” – To put on what? “Now put on your coat”, what coat? Now, you can all say to me: “We know how to get dressed”. Yes, I can grant you that – externally, as an appearance, you know how to get dressed, but on the inside – you have not yet mastered this art. “And come, follow me.“ This angel is a carrier, servant to whom? He is not the servant to old notions and understandings, which the ancient religious people used to have, and even now people do. And this is what I am speaking to you in general: often, during my lectures, I put my finger here and there, to check if your body is healthy. If you do not take offence, I say: “These people are healthy”; and if someone is offended, I say: “This person has wounds”, and I try to diagnose the nature of that wound and if I can heal it or not. And now, can you tell me that you have no wounds at all? There should be at least a callus on a finger, or a tiny wound at the spine, a tiny wound on the neck, a minor inflammation in the nose, sclerosis in the eyes, a cataract. And all those ailments they only occur in dungeons. We now find ourselves in a great dungeon. Modern people, now, speak of culture, of freedom. No, no, you are all in a dungeon, sitting between two soldiers, and guards are on duty outside. But the true power, the greatest thing in the world, the strongest thing in the world, it is prayer, not merely the ordinary praying for salvation, but that other prayer. When people get together to save a brother, to plead him out of prison. And the coming down of that angel is the result of their prayer. You may say: “Can’t we do the same?” – Of course, you can, if you understand irrational numbers.

“And the angel said: “Get dressed”. That angel now says: “Get dressed, get up!” You are sleeping, your spirit is asleep and you do not know that on the next day Herod will take you out and cut-off your head, at the very bottom, as if it was an onion.

“Get up!”, is what the angel says, “Don’t sleep!” And they are all putting you down to sleep. How? What do doctors use, when they want to operate you? They put some chloroform under your nose, and once he gets up, the patient feels the pain. He used to feel no pain, and all he had to ask was: Why the suffering? – You’ve undergone a surgery. And you are now asking me what is the reason for suffering. Someone put you down to sleep and operated on you. And if I put some chloroform under your nose now, and you fall asleep, and then I operate on your pocket – your safety box, when you wake up and see, you will find yourself head in hands – here’s suffering! Isn’t it a masterful operation? And when they put chloroform under your nose and drug you, and then take your honour away?... this is very generally speaking now. You can hardly find any honourable people anyway in the world nowadays. I am not saying that people are dishonest. But can we find people with honour, with divine honour? I am not talking about ordinary honour, here. When I say “an honourable man” I mean: can we find an artist-fiddler, of whom – when we hear his playing, we would say: “This is a true master, who plays flawlessly and from his soul!” This is art. In my mind, honour is a great art of human mind. To be truly honest, this means to know how to play.

“Get up! – the angel says. – Don’t sleep!” and what do current suffering has to say? Isn’t that the angel, who prods people in their ribs: “Get up!”, is what he says. And then they will write in the paper, that in Washington a union of nations would restore the peace. Turks say: “Gel, kuzui, gel!”, and Bulgarians say: “While the grass grows, the horse starves”. We are like those oxen, working in the field, when the farmer says to them: “Go, plough now, and then, when you’re done I will give you piles of straw, we will put wheat in the barn, and you will eat straw during winter”. And it is what people are now saying: “There will be peace, and you will get the straw”.

The Angel says: “Get up, don’t sleep!” This refers to falling asleep inside the world. “And the angel said: “Get dressed, put on your sandals!” And he did what he was told. Then the angel said: “Now put on your coat and follow me.”.” This is what we must do. So that you can get dressed, as told, that, higher human conscious, must first be awoken inside of you. You must know the rights, the Lord has placed inside of you: what powers has God placed into you, what capabilities; when man started from heaven and when should he be back there – he must find the schedule and follow that divine schedule. This is what every reasonable person who has woken-up should do in the world. You, modern people, are too afraid, and you are not afraid by great, terrible things, but by tiny little things. For example, you feel scared of the following fact: “And what if I am left starving, if I find myself barefoot?” Some 10 years ago I had this experience in Sofia. I will give you an example, of a little girl. The fact is true, in terms of its contents and meaning, but not of its shape. I was walking near the St. King church, where they are selling newspapers. So, I was walking near that place one evening, and a little girl of about 12, ran up to me, asking: “Hey, Mister, won’t you buy “Peace”?” And I looked at her – she was barefoot: “I will be happy to”. And I reached down in my pocket, but found no spare change, then checked my other pocket, and found a 5 leva banknote there, and I have it to the girl: “But I don’t have change”. – “Take it all”. “Oh, no, not all – I have decided to earn my living with honest labour, I don’t want anything for free.” So, I said: “I am a good man”. “You might be good, but I know all about such “good” people, like you”. And I asked her: “So, what will you do? How much more do you need?” – “One lev.” And I said – let’s walk together, and while we are talking, someone might just buy a newspaper. So, we started walking and talking: “You look at me and see that I am barefoot,” she told me. “Yes, so I see.” “But, do you know why am I barefoot? Because I am not good, if I was good, I would have shoes on my feet. And now, when a rich lady, dressed in fine clothes, passes by me, I say to myself: you would too be like this lady, but now you learn to be barefoot. One day, I saw a lady and a gentleman sitting in an alehouse, drinking and talking politely; and I said to myself: Well, you’re going to start selling papers, just like me!” and she said: “Now I am punishing myself, there is something in me, saying to me: I don’t want anything for free”. And so, we walked here and there, talking with this little girl. I asked her: “Don’t you want to go to school?” “Of course, I do, if I can earn my own living; and if not – I don’t need education. There are so many educated people in the world. If I can, through my own labour...” Then, I asked her: “What if I buy you shoes?”. “No, no: you will make me think that you are a very bad person; and you seem to me to be a nice man, but I don’t think highly of people buying others shoes. Be careful, you may find yourself barefoot one day, if you just give around money for free, buying strangers shoes.” “You are a very good girl.” “Stop, talking to me so kindly, for you will walk barefoot”, and she looked at me in a testing manner. And I said to myself: here’s a noble little girl – strong-minded. So, two days later, I walked past her once again, and I saw about ten boys standing around her, being all respectful, and waiting to hear her authoritative opinion.

And I say: Here’s a flower, growing the dirt. It has a strong spirit inside, this angel has spoken to this little girl – “Get up!” – and she had gotten up, started selling newspapers, but she had vowed to never get anything for free from others! She preferred walking barefoot, so she makes her own living, working honourably. And I said: “Will you let me – I have these people that sometimes I talk to – you will let me give you as an example?” – “You should never do that.” “But I will only tell them about the outer side of things, I will never say anything about the inner side.” “You can tell them what you want, but you never tell them my name, because then I will think very poorly of you. And those people, who listen to you, they don’t need me.” When I left that little girl, I said: Well, here’s an example to look up to, a strong-minded, 12-year old little girl.”

And so the angel spoke to Peter: “Get up!” – “What will come of us!” You should not be afraid. You must be independent. Barefooted, but knowing why you are barefooted; with your shoes, on, but always knowing why you have your shoes on; rich, but knowing why you are rich; poor, but always knowing why you are poor. If you are educated, everything that is inside of you, you should understand it. Only by following this teaching, you will get your lives straight. You think that the Lord pours down talents, just like that. No, He is not, talent is only given for free to those that are skilful. Talent – this is an instrument, it is a force. Whom would you give the best fiddle to play on? The best fiddle should be in the hands of the great fiddler. He is deserving of such a fiddle, and the best bow is once again to be found in such fiddler’s hand. Therefore, when the Lord gives talents, He has carefully made His calculations, and you should never assume that he would give you a great talent. But he will put you in the position of that little girl, and once He sees your independence of character, then He will assign your talent. And now you may say: “But the Lord knows everything, doesn’t He?” Do you know what knowledge is? You can only acquire knowledge by living; if you live in the world without life, there will be no knowledge. And the knowledge that God has, is due to the billions of years of living and during which time He has acquired knowledge from experience. He has tried everything, He knows all things, which you can find in the world. And if some of you now asks: “Can’t we know, too?” You can know, too, but only through living. Therefore, knowledge is the result of conscious life. At any moment, in all situations, to understand and to say: “This is what I need”. At any moment – as a teacher, and as a doctor, as a woman, whatever shape you find yourself in, if you are aware of your position and comply with the fundamental laws inside, you will acquire that knowledge. Where is Love? You may meet somebody, love them, they attract you. Why do you find that person attractive? Here’s what I will ask: Why do you find attractive that beautiful lawn, the clear spring, the magnificent scenery? Why are you attracted to them? – because they answer all your striving and yearnings. Now, someone might say: “He inspires you”. Some say: “I want to love”. How many categories Love has? Do you know how many permutations it has? Weren’t they 35 million? Yes, they were. To love one, who is filled with Love, this is one thing; and to love someone, who does not have Love in himself, who is in a desert, these are two contradicting situations. Everyone is capable of the former, and few can accomplish the latter. There are thousands and millions of men, who would marry the most beautiful girl, the richest one – everybody would be a candidate. But how many men are there in the world, who would marry a woman, who is leprous! How many would bind their destiny to hers? They are but a few. And Apostle Paul says: “Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person”. And Jesus Christ died for us, who are sinful. What does that mean? It is the great philosophy of the angel, who says: „Get up! Do not fool yourself; get up, you are free! You will be free today!” And thinks that it is dream: it may be true, but it may be not. So Peter got up and walked, thinking it was all a dream.

He went outside to the street, and when the angel left him, he said: “It is true, I am saved”. So you, modern people, you want this angel to take you out of the dungeon, to take you to the last street and tell you: “You are saved, you may go”. And the righteous would say: “I’d rather go to prison and become a martyr”. The Lord needs no martyrs anymore! When that drunkard is killed as a martyr, is this really martyrdom? When a killer is hanged, is this martyrdom? And when a husband kills his wife, or when a wife poisons her husband, is this martyrdom? The world is full of such martyrs. We need nothing of them, we need people who live.

“Get up!“ What was the first thing? “Get dressed!” This means: put on your will. What do people use to get dressed? – Their hands. Bulgarians often put on their belts, and tighten them, so that they can walk well then. “Get dressed!” What should you dress-up in? As the Scripture says – what do you get dressed in! I will not tell you. You tell me the second thing. “Put on your sandals!” What do you have to put on? And then, again: “Get dressed!” In what? Get dressed in Christ, get dressed in Love. When Love becomes your coat, you will live the most hygienic and meaningful life, not an ordinary coat, but when the power of Love, which is in your body, covers each of your thoughts, each of your feelings and actions, then, this Divine coat so penetrates you, and your tiny cells, then the angel will say: “Come, follow me!” This means, you are a man, worthy of freedom, you should no longer sit in this disgraceful dungeon and Herod may not cut your head off. And you say: “What are all these teachings, these all are supposed to be the reasons, isn’t it written so!” Let me clear a delusion. So you enter a pub. You have no debt at all. And you say: “Ivan, give me a litre of wine”. Here is your 1 litre. “No, give me one more!” and you don’t pay. Ivan writes down on the black-board: “Stoyan has drunk one litre of wine”. Then the same happens on the next day: “Ivan, give me 1 litre of wine!” So, Ivan writes down on his black-board again. And so, Ivan kept writing down like this every day. 10–15 years later, Stoyan has lost all his possessions, Ivan has covered the entire black-board, and Stoyan has nothing. What then? – “This is destiny.” No, it isn’t, Stoyan has made his own destiny. He had made Ivan write down his debt. And now, modern religious people say: “It is written so by the Lord”. The Lord has written so, for you have been drinking, and he has been writing. But we needed a bitter occurrence to wake us up from this delusion. A Bulgarian, after drinking away all he had at a pub, entered the pub, without a dime in his pocket, and there was a basket of cherries at the bar! So, he stretched out his hand to take a cherry: “Wait, how dare you take cherries without permission?”, the bartender said. So, Ivan was startled and said to himself: “I’ve given this man all I’ve got, and now he doesn’t want to give me a single cherry! Good bye, I now see clearly”, so he went out and said: “From now on, I will not drink a drop of wine, I will go back to work, and earn back all I have lost”. On the next day, while passing by the pub, the bartender called upon him: “Ivan, come here”. – “I know, I will now eat cherries, not only you will have them.” These cherries in the basket, they are for all of us. “Get up! – said the angel. – Come out of this dungeon.” You may say: “This is what the conditions are, poverty...” – You were not born to be poor, you were not born to be sinful, to be a spineless person; nor to be an evangelist, nor orthodox. You were born to be a son of God, you were born to be a free person, and not for Herod to cut off your head. Get up! Put virtue on your feet, be free, think as a man, no one can cut your head off. And now you are saying: “But wait, is this all in conformity with the Bible?” Those, who had written the Bible were not like modern people, they wrote the Bible with their blood. All of them were martyrs. And Jesus Christ, who gave us the New Testament, He was a martyr too, he wrote it down with his own blood. Christ’s teachings are true, for they were written with his blood. Years ago, when I used to say: “Does the Bulgarian clergy have Christ’s blood in them?”, what I meant was: “These teachings of Jesus, is it in the spirits of the Bulgarian bishops and priests?” What I say is: I am not Christian, you are Christian. And now I am asking you: Have you fulfilled and lived up to the teachings of Jesus Christ? I act as a committee here in the world, and I am going to issue a report, like no one has ever presented, and once I give this report, the earth will be upside down! I will stick at nothing: even if all the people lose their heads, I will still do that! And there should be no criminals on the Earth, but only free people. Someone might say: “There is no sin”. There is sin, there is crime in this world. “And what about at God’s side...” It is a completely different matter at God’s side. And what are things like, here on Earth? I was born, and so what should I do – to sin or live an upright life! Someone might say: “But this is what the conditions are, it is the upbringing, this is how I was born by my mother, it is “destiny””. No, it is not destiny, but delusion. You go drinking, and Ivan is writing it all down on the black-board and then they say: “It is destiny”. It is not destiny, I can explain the reasons, but I feel sorry for the feet of those people, outside. No, I have decided to speak briefly now, I try to see through the eyes of the barefooted girl, this is what she would say: “I can’t wait for this preacher to stop talking”. A little, but all good. Do not be slaves to sin. You should all be independent. There are those, who think that they are independent; no, they are not. If you just go from one church to another you are not free; if you go from one country to another, you are not free. You must be free in your mind, so no matter what your living conditions are, you would be able to cope with all difficulties in this life. This is the great knowledge! And now a wife expects her husband to be an angel. Well, can you expect such a perfect man to marry a stupid wife? Or a perfect girl to marry a stupid man? She would be a total nincompoop. A stupid person marries another stupid person, and a smart one marries another one like them. This is how it is. And now people say: “It is how God wants it to be”. The Lord wants a smart person to be paired with a smart person, a stupid with another stupid, a righteous with another righteous person and a sinner with a sinner. This is how things are. A righteous person cannot marry a stupid person. One could say: “There are cases like this”. There are such cases of people joined together – both wolves and sheep can enter the same pit, but this is more of an exception. It is not a fact of Nature. Sheep and wolves are separated in Nature. Everything is separated in the world.

„Get up!”, the angel says. And now he once again says: “Get up!” and I want to take you out of this prison. You are now just like Peter, rubbing your eyes in disbelief: “Is it true, does he speak the truth or is trying to deceive us?” And so, when we get out in the street and I disappear, then you will know. And when I leave Bulgaria, then Bulgarians will know. And I will not come here a second time! Even if you light 10 million candles for me, I will still not come. I will not come! Do you understand? I need no candles. I want human hearts to be lighted. We want Love! We want no churches, we don’t want stone churches. We want hearts that love, people, order and lawfulness in each and every home, in each and every school – this is what is now wanted in the world. This is the law of evolution. Let all priests put away their cleric garments and start visiting the poor. The invisible world has had enough of these prayers. And now they say: “The Lord is good and merciful”. Everybody knows that? Are you, brother, as fair as our Lord? And now they keep mumbling the psalms: mumble, mumble… People have been reading these psalms for two thousand years, and David, he used to hide, he did not read the psalms, the way clergymen do now. One day Bulgarians will know that I had been a great friend to them. But when I leave, I don’t want any monuments and if they make monuments in my name, I will destroy them. God wants Love, He wants all people to love each other like brothers and sisters, these are the monuments of the future. This is what should be driven into head of every priest, every preacher, teacher, mother: brotherhood and sisterhood is what the world needs! And then we will enter a new philosophy – in the irrational numbers of the higher maths. I can tell you a lot, but you need to be healthy, to hear it all. There is great knowledge.

“Get up!“, this is what this angel says. And now, of course, without me saying that, he will come anyway, but here’s what I say: My words are the words of God, these are not my words. What the Lord intends to do in the future – they will know. “Get up! – says the angel. –Obey God’s will!” And that God of Love wants to see from us the law, he has put inside each of us. What is this law?

Let me give you a summary explanation. An example from the nineteenth century, from modern culture. Let’s see how you will be able to rationalize this. This happened in France, the story is taken from an unpublished novel, it was written by a writer, who did not publish it. One count Morelli had a young daughter, named Elisabetta, she was about 21–22 years of age, very intelligent, with a strong mind, strong will, exceptionally beautiful. A prominent poet and musician, almost a virtuoso, was walking one day along the street, met her and fell madly in love with her, but being very sensitive, he was trying to find a way to meet her. He spent numerous nights thinking over various plots to meet her. So, he came up with a bright idea, and wrote down a note, saying: “It is hard to live without an ideal”. He put the note in an envelope, found out all about her habits, where did she go, and one day approached her and secretly put the letter in her pocket, without her noticing. In the evening, when she got home, she found the letter in her pocket and read it: “It is hard to live without an ideal”. What does that mean: “It is hard to live without an ideal?” – “Of course, one of my friends has obviously written that.” Two weeks later he put another letter in her pocket, saying: “But if one has seen his ideal from a far, what should he do?” In the evening, she read the letter, still thinking: “That friend of mine… if she saw it, what should she do?” A month later he wrote yet another letter and put that secretly in her pocket once again: “If that ideal is as high above as the sun, how should one reach it”. The fourth time he wrote: “One needs wings, but it takes time to grow them”. “What will be there this time in the letter? – she thought. – Are wings what is needed? If you have no ideal, go look for it.” But when he wanted to put the fifth letter in her pocket, she had a 10 000 francs cheque in her pocket, she was going to the shop to buy a dress. She put the fifth letter in her pocket, the letter saying: “There is no other force like Love”. When he reached to put the letter in her pocket, he took out the cheque, planning to wait for her to announce in the papers that she has lost it, and then he would go and take it to her, and finally meet her this way. But right at this moment, a police officer caught him, and the young woman turned around and said to him: “Mister, you were born for nobler pursuits, you are talented, you should not engage in such things”. And, once she looked at him, he forgot everything, he was so embarrassed, saw his great mistake and didn’t know what to do. “But miss, what is it that you are saying?” – “Let him go, this man has done nothing wrong”, but she looked him sternly in the eye and only noticed a tear there. So did these two people understand each other? What impression did he make on her? That he was a petty criminal, right? Now you, modern Christians, are just like that musician, you are sending love letters to Jesus, trying to find a way to meet him. Evangelists do that in one way, Baptists, the Orthodox, Buddhists, occultists, the followers of Theosophy – all of them show us different good paths.

So, that musician had written in his letter: “It is hard to live without an ideal”, but the ideal is something of the inner life. And he decided to punish himself; he removed all his fine clothes, put on worker's clothes, all torn and patched, threw away his shoes, and decided to go barefooted serves at Count Morelli’s, who owned a large estate. So finally, he managed to get a simple job, as a simple, shabby worker at Count Morelli’s garden. And he managed to make an excellent impression on the count with his modesty. He said: “I have never had servants like you”. But why did he act as a servant there? – It was all for Count Morelli’s daughter: “It is hard to live without an ideal”. It is true. Reach out for ideal! And he said: “But if one has seen his ideal from a far, what should he do?”. “It is far.” –Go towards your ideal. But how? – Just like that barefooted musician, like that barefooted little girl in Sofia.

Don’t expect to be a professor or a prominent person – these are all minor things. Try to be a good man, loved by God, and one who loves God, try to know all your brothers and sisters, to love them and be ready to sacrifice yourself for them. You might say: “We are all heroes then”. I am glad then, I am not saying that you are not – you are excellent heroes.

And then there is the second thing. You have so far put so many letters in the pocket of Jesus Christ, what you now have to do is put away your fine clothes and shoes and work barefooted in Count Morelli’s garden. That garden is the future world, the future culture, where, with bare feet and absolute purity, you must work for the new culture and build the world on the new foundations. And not merely talking: “brotherhood and equality”, and there still being prisons there; “love”, while you still kill each other. I am talking about all people. This is what future happiness will be based on. And now, when you look at me, saying: “Well, our master...” It is a law. I am forced to work hard – I’ve placed you all in the churn, trying to make butter. Some may ask: “Why are you beating about with that staff?” – I am trying to make butter, all the butter you have in you, I want to bring it out, you have all gotten sour, and now – when I churn you well – I will sell the butter, and put the money in the bank and tell you: “You have these money from your own butter, take your money”. You, people, are all dissatisfied – you are like yoghurt. And in Paris, they say: “Yoghurt extends life”. It is true that yoghurt extends life, but if the milk gets sour – it is spoilt. While you feel hunger as an urge to eat, it is a formative hunger; and if it turns into a merely formal hunger – it destroys. Everything is true to a certain degree, and somewhat untrue at the same time. The example with the little girl in Sofia – this was a thing I noticed so many years ago, and it grabbed my attention. I would be happy if all residents of Sofia are like that little girl, I would like to see all the ministers, bishops, professors, all doctors, mothers, brothers and sisters, all your children be like that little girl. Many things have disappeared, have been lost to my memory, but the image of that little girl is still there and it will remain in my mind as a precious memory. Do you understand? Every word of his is impressed upon my memory, there is no cleaving: “No, no mister”. It is true. There is one moral in the world. One must be honest and independent, to make his living working hard. This is what the Lord says – by the sweat of one’s brow, and that is why he banished Adam and Eve from heaven, so that they learn to work, and we are all banished out of heaven to work, to develop a magnificent mind, a magnificent heart and to return rich to the spiritual world.

And that angel said to Peter: “Get up!” You are all now staying in the dungeon and dreaming, some dream of being rich and counting their money. Some think that while in the dungeon, they are getting married; some think of themselves in that dungeon, as being very clever. People think all sorts of things, but once they are awake, they will see that they are inside a dungeon. Where freedom is?

Love does not enslave! And when someone tells me that their heart is burning, that love has made them absentminded, here is what I say: This is not love. Love does not make people absentminded. Heart is burning, but this fire is so good, calm, pleasant, the greatest thoughts are uncovered by that fire. It reveals – meaning of Nature, it reveals –the hearts of men. In order for those hearts to open up, our lives must be fused with theirs. The must be such fusion in the world. I put clear water in my mouth, but I would never do that with sand. Therefore, Love is an elixir, it gets inside of you, bringing life. Sometimes, when I talk to you, you get agitated and say: “As soon as we get back, we will resolve that issue”. I have been trying for so many years, and you’ve kept on resolving it, but have never actually resolved it. “Our Master knows.” And do you know? Tomorrow, they might tell you: “Your master is stupid”, but then you are stupid yourselves. You must judge for yourselves. What is stupid is stupid, and what is clever is clever. A clever man cannot be stupid, he cannot play two roles; and a stupid man cannot be clever, because he lacks those materials, which you can use to transform your thoughts. Stupid is one who has no material to work with. Peter was an extreme conservative, he had to be put into that jail, and after he came out, he was still unable to let go of his old beliefs, of his national spirit.

We have on homeland, one great Father in the world, we have forgotten His name and now we pass ourselves as Christians. Christians need another philosophy. For two thousand years, Christians were unable to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ, they have failed to do that; and that is why the simplest people will come to this world and apply those teachings. This is the solution, now what you think of that? You, women – they are the simplest, – you will apply the teachings. Women are the simplest people. In general, people speak of women contemptuously: women are cows. Yes, I say, you eat from these cows, from their milk, and you must be thankful to these cows, all of you men, I am talking to you. And to all you women, here’s what I say: Get up! And come out of the dungeons! Now, if you marry in dungeon, you will have little prisoners as children. I would show you a number of examples of those slaves during the civil wars between the North and the South States in America. Negroes gave birth to children, but their children were being sold. And the whole of America was separated into two parties: one was fighting for the liberation of the negroes, and the other – against that; the latter claimed that slavery was in accordance with the Bible; and the former proved that man must be free – again in accordance with the Bible. And now these scholars are trying to prove that each new teaching comes from the devil, and that the old teachings were not from the devil. If the new teachings are from the devil, then the old one was from the devil as well.; and if the new teaching is from God, then the old teaching is from God as well. And if we have not applied those teachings, it is not the Lord’s fault, it is all ours.

And so, this is when the great philosophy will come. Unification is required at schools, at the universities, to start the new life, the vast life, where all people will be free to think. Let there be order and rules, and law everywhere. And the Scripture says: “There is no Gentile or Jew, no slave, nor Scythian, for all are one in Christ”, and all are free, one spirit penetrates all. We live according to a single great law of Love. Therefore, all our thoughts, feelings, actions, must be clear and defined. We do not support slavery, we do not support limits on our minds. The Lord did things otherwise, the Lord has said: “Freedom to all my children on earth!” Go, tell them – all these children must get out of their dungeons. Freedom! Go tell those children to never believe them, who say that it is what I have written – they have all made it up! All their councils, all their books, they are all theirs.

My teaching is a teaching of Love, of brotherhood and sisterhood, of absolute freedom, where everyone respects the rights of others. And the most powerful, are ready to be servants to the week and small. This is the Divine teaching, this is what Christ said and this is what Christ will say, Who now comes here from above. What is that about Christ coming down? Let’s not talk about how he is coming. He will come, and you will see him, the time is near. And now tonight, when you go back home, your angel will knock on your door and tell you: “Get up!” He will knock, you will see, and he will tell you: “Get dressed!” And then he will say: “Put on your sandals and get dressed!” You will resolve this issue tonight. It is tonight or never! This is the great law of the White Brotherhood in the world! And now you may say: “Wait, what are we to see”. What are you to see? Once you are awake, and the angel is gone, you will say: “It is true, we are free from prison!” This is what you will know. You will know that you are free. And if the angel comes tonight, and you feel the chains falling, your minds free, your hearts free, and yourselves – free from prison. Enough of your dealings with parties, this religion and that, with reservations and what not. You are free! And you just lie there in the dungeon. Get up!

There are those who say that I am hypnotizing people. If I put some jerk in the trap, whom am I hypnotizing? The mouse will just walk around, saying: “See how he is looking at me and waiting for me”, and it starts calculating, using irrational numbers: “Once I get inside and get hold of the jerk, I will be just fine”. You will be fine in the trap, that’s right. Do not believe that, no one can hypnotize you! No one can take your freedom away! Man is strong, he is like a miniature God! In what respect? God can do whatever he can in the world, and no one can force us do what we don’t want to do! There is no power up in heaven or down on earth that can force us do what we don’t want to do! This is what makes us strong. And now, they hit you twice with a club, you grab a gun and start off to fight for your country. Is this usual? You are a man without will, without mind, without heart! And some may ask: what to do when two people get into a fight? – Go out of Herod’s dungeon! Get dressed in Truth, put Virtue on your feet, get dressed in Love! And the problem is solved – you are free!

Did I keep my word? The first thing that I am bestowing on you now – and you should know this well – you are free! I have opened prison’s door, get up right now! And whoever fails to come out – it is a sin! And then for those, who fail to come out, I will say this: “These people are coming out”, and for those, still, who remain inside, I will say: “They want to come out”. Do not say, then, that there has been no one to speak to you truthfully. Here I am, speaking to you now. And I will meet you one more time, I will meet those, who are in prison, who have failed to come out, and I will meet those, who have come out of prison.

And now, when I speak like this, once you are out in the streets, do not get crazy – don’t do that. The first thing to do, without anyone knowing anything about you, is to go to your friends, don’t write in the papers that Mr. so-and-so, was mercifully freed from prison. No one should know that you are out, and there would be an alarm that someone has gotten out of prison. You should go to your people. To whom? – To the ones who love you and who had prayed for you. Your first duty is to go to them and tell them that their prayers have been heard. “You are free”, says Christ. “All peoples now in Europe are free”, says Christ. Rich and poor, everyone is free. And he summons you all to a new culture. Men and women, irrespective of their position. He is coming and those, who say: the first anomaly is coming, you will notice that an anomaly in the sun is on its way, that an anomaly in the earth is on its way. Everybody will see this anomaly. An English scholar says now: “An anomaly was observed on the moon”. And I say, if it was observed on the moon, it will be observed on the Earth as well. It affects our lives. And if people of the future would live, as they now do, you are deciding your destiny. How are you doing that? – In two ways: you either live in freedom, or die in the dungeon. And now all of you should go to your people, and to women, this is what I have to say: Love your men, who pray and work for you. And to men I say: you’re your women, who pray for you. To brothers I say: Love your sisters, who pray for you. I mean praying with prayers, doing work for you. Love is work, serious work. Serious work is required from us. And once you meet someone, you should not treat them differently. Often, when I have a walk, I notice how difficult it is to treat everyone the same. When you meet a rich and a poor person, you should love and respect them the same, without a difference, you should have the same spiritual disposition towards them, without any hatred in your heart. Tomorrow, if this rich person finds himself in need, you should be able to help him, and do the same for the poor person. You should have the same disposition – this is what is required of the new culture now. This is the only way we can develop a healthy atmosphere. Freedom! You are all free! Get up, get dressed, put on your sandals.

Keep in mind the story of Count Morelli and his daughter, and that musician, as well as of the poor little girl in Sofia, with her bare feet. Come out of your dungeons, go to your people and then a new life will begin, new horizons will be there in your minds, and you will become clairvoyants. I sometimes make the mistake of telling what I see. I do not see the way clairvoyants see – there is a big difference. If I look at a mirror, I see myself. I don’t look in the mirror, I can see very clearly without the mirror, I don’t see shadows. I can see everywhere a real world, where things don’t change. There are beings, much more real than myself, these are material beings, much more material than you. And I have said that on other occasions: Now, the is no Bulgarian who has not met Christ, and there is no Englishman who has not met Christ, but they don’t know Him. Why? You may say it’s been a miracle. These are irrational numbers. Two of His disciples, who were traveling towards Emmaus, said to Christ: “Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there in these days?” In order to know someone, you must love him. How could you know him, without loving him? Sometimes you say: “The master was very inspired, his face was radiant”. You have not seen your Master’s face. I am masked now, you see me here before you with a beard, already half-white. Modern people say: “We must be serious”. And when is on the most serious? When he is steeling. How serious is a person, who is forcing open a safety-box! There is no laughter there. And I say: I am not serious. Why? – Because I am not trained in this trade; once I start learning it, I too will be serious, but now I am not.

And so, be free so that the atmosphere of Love comes about. Let’s start with Love, with Truth, which brings freedom: pray for each other: “Pray for each other, so that you are healed”. No, wait. Pray. But not merely pray – in this prayer, we will do thousands of other things, so that we are all healed. And once you go outside, do not prod around with your goads: “Did you do that?” Don’t speak to each other. No goad is necessary. So you must say to yourselves: “Ivan, did you do that thing properly?” You Dragan, Stoyan, you, you, in yourself – it is time now to stop with the sins of others. Your sins – they are like ice, and the sun that is coming, it will melt down that ice. And, here’s what I have to say once again, since the Lord says: “I will erase your sins, and never mention them again”. This is why the Lord is coming, the Lord will judge, but whom? – Those, who have taken too much, and He shall give to those, who have nothing, because he has said: “I will erase all your sins, I will wipe away your tears and there will be no crying; the hungry will be fed. All of you have it, and like Bashanian calves, you will start jumping and dancing”. Yes, now your uterus, your mind and your heart will start dancing.

“Get up!”, says the angel, that angel of yours, I can already see him already – and it is not just a single angel, but many angels. Now you’re looking at me wandering: “Does our Master speak the truth?” I can see an angel, sitting up there now, calling on to you, and you’re not thinking of this. You say: “He sees the angle, but we cannot see a thing”. The fact that you don’t see anything is not a proof that there is no angel: you are blind, you don’t see; and if I see it, you may say: “This is a hallucination”. There is a reason for everything. There are three types of reasons in the world, producing three types of results. There are primary, secondary and tertiary reasons, and there are primary, secondary and tertiary consequences. And so, now Christ, the Love of Christ is the primary reason, which comes to ensure law and order. And you would be in harmony with Him, your conscious will be awoken, you will see Him. And your mind and heart will be awoken and you will be powerful!

Get dressed tonight, put on your sandals and go to your people! Address your Heavenly Father with a warm prayer of gratitude!

Lecture, held on 11 December 1921 in Sofia.

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