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1921_05_08 The First Sister (nikimarinova)


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Готов превод Първата сестра - 8.5.1921-НБ-3953 / ...: 8.5.1921-НБ-3953

TITLE: The First Sister

I will read Gospel of Mark 4:1-35. I will take Mark 4:28 verse text.

“For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.”1

These words translated into a contemporary language, as I can say, are a parable given to children however, the parable's inner meaning has to be changed if it is translated for adults. Paul said at one place: “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”
Therefore, all things in their development, in their ascending development undergo some changes and these changes should be reasonably understood, like that knitting woman, who knits and catches the stitches knitting them one by one in a row as they make a whole row and that is the way a sock is made. If you miss one of these small stitches, a gap will be formed, therefore a hole will be formed on the missing place and all these holes of our life that exists now are the result of these missing stitches. Some ask why this disharmony is. I say a stitch from the wheel of life is missing. The current main peoples' aspiration has to be understanding and correcting their life. That one who may understand the meaning of his/her individual spiritual, conscious life has found the right way and his/her life will develop properly and normally.
When I talk about individual life, I don't mean the private life of an individual. No, when a person understands the relation to the Whole in the being and his/her development grade and what he/she has to do. A person can't live on their own outside the common conscious Divine life. Like a child can’t originate in himself/herself and can’t be self-born similarly a person can’t originate in himself/herself and can’t be self-born. By all means, there could be someone to give him/her birth.

How did the seed come to life? Was it grown on its own? It is said above “in our image, after our likeness”. And this earth, the soil has the power to make it like grass, i.e. likewise our life – to give it an unconscious life, a life of motion.
And this life looks like a pipe, going into one side and out from the other. And all people who live this unconscious life look like a pipe saying let’s eat and drink. Therefore, where is the meaning? Scientists and philosophers say – meaning of our pipe is going in and out. The meaning of life is not going in and out. Going in and out doesn’t solve any issues. If you say, let’s take something from the cashbox and you don’t take it. After that, you say let’s put something and don’t put it, what do you think? I say, I took and put. Yes, in my thoughts. However, this imaginary putting in and taking out it’s not worth for the cash-box.
Contemporary people say: “Let’s do that, let’s take these faults out of this life.” They put in and take out and after that, they are not doing well. Why is life not going well? They make mental calculations. It is said in the proverb that the seed needed to be sown in the ground, with water and life given to it. There is a link between grass and God. While creating the world God has given life to grass. Therefore, animal life has its origin in the grass. People receive fruit, so human life originated from fruit. Human beings start rising and developing from life.
The grass and the grain of wheat are the two poles, and the ear is the beam [middle?]. Why are the grains outlined in such a right gradation? Have you made your observations on the grain of wheat? The way grains are arranged one after another and the difference between all of them is so different in their nature, like two children born from the same mother. There is a huge difference between two grains of wheat, like the difference between the son and the daughter or between two sisters. Despite we all don’t see this difference and we say that all grains are equal. No, they aren’t. Now, why Christ took the wheat as an example?
Wheat’s origin is great. A whole hierarchy of elevated beings from the heavenly world came to Earth when the fall of humans happened and sacrificed their lives to elevate the present human race. All these grains of wheat are from angel’s origin, having beings from all hierarchies, from highest to the lowest. Contemporary people take these beings in their bushel and argue about the price, saying sometimes that wheat is very expensive and now it comes for wheat to be sold for 4 leva1. They say it is very expensive however, there are 16 000 up to 20 000 grains of wheat in one kilo.
We have learned only to buy and sell. When people say that they are people of culture, I say that contemporary people have learned two actions only: buying and selling – one of these is subtraction the other one is addition. And this is the most important in the order.
We have come to buy and sell only, nothing more. Therefore, we are at a very low stage in our understanding of this life. You need to ask all contemporary people of culture, all religious people: where did they come from? They will tell you: “God sent us from heaven.” What is the relation between God and them? The sower is not like the seed – there is a huge difference between the seed and the sower. There is likeness, but what kind of likeness is that and in what does this likeness lay. This likeness is not on Earth yet and this “image” hasn’t formed yet.
I will give you a story from past centuries of human culture. There were two kingdoms – of the Piesists and the other of the Salumans. There were two customs in these two cultural nations. When somebody came to visit Piesists, they welcomed the visitor very kindly and started threatening them with delicious meals. However, 30 days after that they made them drowsy and cut a piece from the fattest part of their leg to see how the meat of this visitor was. They healed the visitor again and in thirty days – again the other leg. The visitor didn’t know what was going on because Piesists made them drowsy till the visitor was completely disfigured.
The visitor came back from Piesists and started talking about their adventures, how kind Piesists were and the way they treated them to a good dinner. However, the visitor's body suffered, especially the soft parts. When a visitor came to the other nation – Salumans, they also treated them to a good dinner, and they also made them drowsy and take of their blood to make golden rings. The Salumans took from their blood many times and when the visitor came back to his country they became as a hook (cop3) learning everything about both cultures. And they were different.
Now you will say: “Thank God that we have outgrown these customs of these two nations”. No, you haven’t. These customs still exist among you. You have a friend who will invite you and will treat you to a good dinner but will turn your breech to a leather riddle with holes. And from the other friend, you will come back as a complete neuralisten without knowing the reason for that. The reason is that the first one will try your flesh, and the second one will make a golden ring for himself/herself. These two races exist in the astral world. Here, they often do the same. They disfigure people. All these wounds were due to Piesists, and the other illnesses of the neurasthenic are because of Salumans.
Contemporary science is indeed a story, however, it’s a story we excuse. There are microbes, which take our blood and eat our flesh.
I am asking, why do all these contradictions exist? What is the reason? The evil – some people say. What is the reason for evil to exist? Why are there wars, murders, quarrels among people? You will say that this is the law of necessity. Have you checked this law? You will say that this is God’s order. Have you checked that? Contemporary culture demands. Have you checked that?
Does contemporary science demand make ham and all sorts of preserves in tins? Now we have a series of such philosophy statements which aren’t determined by any scientific basis and any moral principles. For example, we say that a person is bad, or another is good, but how do we measure a good or a bad person?
Thus, Piesists treat people to a good dinner for 30 days. You will say that these people are people of culture, and they have to live like this. However, when it comes to cutting the meat, you won’t know the reason. And how will you explain you coming back with these wounds?
In these two races, there was a desire of trying human meat. The reason is deeper. We draw this law psychologically from life, it is true. When two love each other, a desire appears in one of them to stab the other in order to fill them and to cut their meat. Why is there stubbing? Those who love each other stub each other. All stabbings and sufferings aren’t made because of hate but of love. Therefore, hate is a consequence of love. You will say that I blame Love. No, I don’t blame Love however, I see things differently, in a more philosopher’s way.
However, this contradiction from your point of view. When there is a seed in the earth, doesn’t the earth dust it? The earth takes seed’s shells living the Divine life. Then the new life begins, the new plant starts forming. Thus, Love will cut up your back and chap your skin. You will have to become unfortunate, you will have to suffer because Love says that suffering is an impulse of understanding my nature. Suffering is a solution. And I ask if we today's people, who are getting away from this cruelty, do you think that death is less cruel? Death not only cuts up the tick parts but takes all, leaving the bones only. This is cruel according to the physical world and contemporary life’s point of view. That’s that for that who doesn’t know how to build but only demolish. However, it’s a noble feature of that master who demolishes the house to build a better one.
Therefore, God demolishes in order to build something great in the world. God will demolish our present culture, leaving only the bones in the grave. Only dead bones will be left from this culture of the 19th, 20th centuries and the culture of religious beliefs. And when God demolishes the bones of all people of culture - scientists, patriarchs, priests, and others who philosophised, God will tell them: “Dead bones say what is the meaning in life?”. They will say: “God, we don’t know, we are divided”. This is because you have lost Love.
You all want to rest on your limbs without having a mere fleabite, to be nicely dressed, surrounded by servants and maids, to be heroes wearing St. George’s cross order, to say that you are people of culture, but when it comes to the sublime you say this life is not a life. The whole contemporary culture is due to microbes. First comes the helminths, then comes the moles. Moles are very useful because by making the soil acid they always bring benefit. Where mole passes through everything becomes green while everything dries where there is a human squat.
And this human says: “I am a man of culture”. I say – cultured man of dryness. Enter the contemporary homes, churches, schools – there is no sincerity and love. Turkish people say: “Who gives the money, plays the pipe”. Today, when you give money, everything happens with money. One can find a job with money, they serve mass with money, mothers give births with money, schools are paid. A bride after having a neckless starts preparing for motherhood and becomes a mother. The mother who represents something very noble sullied herself and they need to put a neckless and a golden ring and then she will say “my child” – I am a mother.
Someone says: “I believe in God because I have gold.” You don’t believe in God of Love, but you believe in a god of gold and power. Present people believe in money. They say: “I believe.” I say: “Your god is in the purse.” Your god says: “Money, money your almighty ruler, in paradise with it, but in the end without it.”
With the understanding we Bulgarians have and the whole present cultural world has, what kind of cultural world (peace4) and what progress can be created? There is a need for new morals that can transform peoples’ souls and minds. And I will believe that this new culture comes only when people start working without money.
Another thing is to give. All of you have to find modus – something to replace the money. It’s possible to live without money, but it’s not possible to live without a soul, a mind, and a heart. Leaving without money is possible. We must be wise.
Contemporary people have made money their goal. Money must become a servant, however now money gives the order to the whole world. There are no secrets money can unriddle. All sorts of coded telegrams sent by kings and ministers and kept locked were unriddled by people in which hands they were passed away as if they were clairvoyant. Hold in locked safes and these safes were opened magically. After counting out 1000, 2000, 10 000 in gold, the safe was opened and the code unriddled by the almighty money.
The woman’s heart locked by God with seven keys was also unlocked with money by people. When the young man came to a maiden, he gave her 1000, 2000, 10 000 and she gave the key, etc. till he took all the keys. And then she said: “He lied to me”. I don’t think this about you.
A person who handles money can’t be honest. The woman’s and man’s hearts must not be opened by money. And that maiden who gave up her seven keys will be born in the world seven by seven times and will go through such great suffering which if she knew it her head would turn to white nine times. And if you ask me why these sufferings exist – this is because you have given the keys of your heart for money. Some of you repented themselves, you will be put on exam again. How will you pass the exam? Don’t be tempted by money.
And now the so sown seed will be sown in us. Why do people want these keys? The most sublime and the noblest grow in the human’s heart. |The human’s heart is an altar where the fire of life is burning. The mind is the altar’s candlestick, and all desires are the fire under the heart, which fire is fuelled and has to exist in a sacrifice. Desires are needed.
When a human comes to visit us, we will slaughter a [lamb]. And when three-four angels came to visit Abraham, he had slaughtered one calf. This has a mystic character: you will slaughter one desire, the best one, then you will roast it and will feed the guest with these desires. You will sacrifice one desire – you will give the guest the purest food.
God said 2000 years ago: “I don’t want your calf, nor your slaughtered oxen.” It was said by the prophet in chapter 66 by Isaiah that he that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog's neck. Therefore, we are far away from the truth.
Someone earns a little bit of money – “I will give the church 10 000–15 000 leva” – and thinks that they had done much or makes a gold halo to the Virgin’s Mary and this person thinks that they had done much. Where did all these golden and silver halos go in Russia? Bolsheviks melted them. The Divine Spirit wants to say: “I don’t want such wreathes.” I am not saying that to reproach you. When one of our brothers or sisters suffers, we have to put this wreath on them, to put a halo on them. He/she who wants to kill themselves need a wreath. The church is the human heart – when it calls us, we must answer. And then we can make a difference between the present teaching and this one. You will enter in contact with the invisible world. We preach one truth, there is one faith, the faith is only one. We have stopped going with beliеf.
These are live facts, laws, that we see every day. We see something greater in all living creatures than other people can see. Now you have to understand me. You will say: “Let us see too.” But if your eyes are opened, you will bring anarchy in Heaven. A human, who has eyes must not make any crimes, absolutely no crimes, neither a lie to enter in their heart. Somebody says: let’s be able to see. It is possible. Have you thrown the lie, the killing, have you thrown the malice away?
Put Love in your soul and you will be able to see for a day. Put Love and all your life will change for a day, and you will become powerful and mighty doing what God wants. But we have lost God in waiting for God to come.
The maiden waited for her beloved one to save her from her mother and father and after saving her, he put a wreath on her, and the rescuing came. In 3-4 months, the maiden was not well:
“He lied to me. I lost my youth.”
Why was he not good? He was from black brothers. He was from those who cut from bottoms and took blood.
After pressing her, he told her:
“Go to your mother, give me some money.”
While her mother said:
“There is no money left.”
And he told her:
“I don’t want you. Money, money is what I want”
A son says to his father – “money, money”, the brother – “money, money”; teachers – “money, money”. And the whole world now is on trial because people talk all about money. The evolution to form stem from grass, making impulse of those sublime thoughts for changing life, hasn’t started yet. It’s not too difficult for life to be transformed and contemporary people must come to the point to say the truth.

Once upon a time, there was a very vainglorious king. After wearing all the clothes, all the fabrics, he said finally: “I want such a thin and beautiful textile and so well-tailored to look like it hadn’t been touched by human hands. With these clothes, I will put the world to rights.” Finally, two people appeared and said to the king. “We will weave such a textile.”
Credit was given and they set the loom but start weaving without hands. The king sent the ministers to have a look. They went one by another, while all ten ministers went. And they said: “Such an excellent textile, there is no anything like that.” Time had come and the king got dressed his new clothes and set out.” People gathered music was playing, and all watched without seeing anything. And who would dare to say that there wasn’t any textile? However, there was a five-year-old child who cried out: “The king is naked!” So, we contemporary people have become morally naked like this king, as well as mentally naked.

Tell me now an original idea of yours that has never been expressed before. I will give you 100 000 leva. Tell me an idea that has never been expressed in the world. Here you have a mean to become rich immediately. In the USA, 25 years ago, someone gave 25 000 leva for a new idea, and I will give you 100 000 leva. All we turn the same gruel made from flour, turning and turning without any result. The stars and the Earth came from the original gruel, but nothing comes from your gruel. Why? Because we are not able to recognise that great truth. We deny everything and we deny our life.
If we ask someone where they come from, they will say - France, America. If they ask us where we came from on Earth, we won’t know what to say. Well, we don’t know, let’s see what the scientists say. They will say that we came from a small microbe, that was rising and rising. Have these scientists seen this microbe? Were they there when this microbe came down? It wasn’t so small then. In the future, for the first time, it is yet to be examined and its formation. Contemporary science will have to examine again the science issues.

Everything exists in the world. Everything exists initially. Life on Earth that manifests itself, it hasn’t yet manifested itself completely and there is a need of million years to be completed. If it was a microbe initially and now is a human, what will become from it, how it will change in so many years? I would like you to give me a sketch of a human transformation. Have you seen angels, cherubim, sixwings? Have you seen them? Some may have seen them. Put in your mind to think. The new teaching requires these truths that exist in the world to be checked most consciously. And you must not make this mistake.
I will tell you a short story. God gave a small field to a moneyless farmer, who had been sent to the Earth to progress. The field was of four decares but God gave him very rocky soil. For twenty years the man, his wife, and children have ploughed but nothing came out of it. He applied all advice that people had given to him – the field yielded no grain. He became stricken by poverty.
One day while the farmer was sitting at his field a wise old man passed and told him. “My brother, why are you so thoughtful and desperate?” – How? God gave me a field on which I worked for 20 years and this field didn’t produce anything. God has a very bad will on me and I think to hide, to escape. God doesn’t love me.
Then the old man told him. “I will give you a method.” He took out and gave him three golden grains. “You will sow them at three different places and pour them water but don’t tell anyone. And the field will start yielding.” And he left.
When he took these grains, they started enlarging in his hand. He thought: “I can sell them. I am not going to sow them. I have worked for 20 years on the field. Now, I will take a lot of money for them and I am not going to work.” He put them in his bag and went to the town. He went to a goldsmith and told him: “I have some special gold [grains].” He took them out of his bag and saw three mushrooms inside. The goldsmith told him that he had a screw loose and that wouldn’t go down with him.
He came back in the field, opened the bag and found the golden grains again. “Ah, this magician made me look like I had a screw loose.” And he buried the three grains with the bag and started running. He didn’t go well – sufferings over again, he lost his eyesight and was on the point of death.
The same old man passed by him again:
“Why do you cry? Tell me how to help you?”
“Once, there was a man like you who made me the laughingstock of people and now I lost my eyesight, my health, so I don’t want your kindness.”
“But I want to help you.”
Both came back to the field and saw that it was overgrown with weeds. They took out the bag with grains and the old man said:
“In the name of Love lets your eyesight restore”. And he was able to see again. He took the second grain and said:
“In the name of faith let your health restore”. Then the man recovered and became younger again.
“And the name of the third grain lets your field give bounteous fruit.”
Truly, in one year his field gave the most fruit.
“Do you know why you didn’t do well? Because you buried the grains with the bag”.
And the bag is your egoism. When you take the Divine truth. You won’t think what would happen to you. You will say: “In the name of this Love, in the name of the faith, of the wise faith and in the name of the hope – the third grain, may you have fruit”.
Thus, will come all goodness. Now I ask you where are your grains? Or I will have to come with you to burrow them. Come back to your fields, all of you have to come back and burrow the bag in order to restore your eyesight, your health and your field to give abundant fruit.

This is the thought which Christ put in. The Earth is the human soul in which the sown is growing when Love rules when hope is linked with the human soul and all that strength that is in us and all sublime desires. If you have this Love and you are brought to the scaffold, a great joy of going to your homeland will come to you. The Earth is not our homeland. The present conditions in which we exist here are like a prison and all this argument I call argument of prisoners.
Now, in this prison, to have progress, we have to put Love in. You still don’t know this Love. Someone will say: “Ah, my heart is on fire.” Yes, Love burns. However, if this fire burns you, this is not Love. It’s a science that you should learn. Now you have to learn what Love is to take these seeds out of the bag. From now on you will know what Love is: your heart will have another rate, your eyes, thoughts, feelings will be different. There won’t be any gallows in the world. When Love comes, there won’t be any national assemblies where people fight. In England either the people’s servants fights. And they say: “God is Love, let’s love each other”. I already tested this love. Thirty days they will feed you and after that will cut a piece of meat from your back.
Maidens say: “My heart is burning”. No no, I say: Are you ready to sacrifice everything to God? To God – I understand, to sacrifice your life for all your brothers in this world.
You will say: “If we sacrifice ourselves what will happen to us?”
If we sacrifice ourselves, we will become humans! If a grain of wheat doesn’t go into the soil it will not grow. And when dies it increases. And when a human sacrifices, they rise and their spirit becomes powerful and mighty.
Have you ever talked to the God of Love? I don’t deny that you have had a conversation. People start very well – 30 days they treat you very well. They feed you well however, this love is like the love of salumans – they treat you well but what about your blood? Life is in the blood. Christ said: “I came to give them life”. However, we present people go only to take. I haven’t seen somebody bringing anything. The maiden goes to take and the swain wants to take.
Also, the Turkish people say: “That who is dextrous takes the rabbit”. And all people go only to take. And we have to give this principle when we go somewhere to give first. In the name of the living Love let your eyesight restore, in the name of the living faith let your health restore. And when I preach, you say that is good but not applicable. It’s not applicable on their own. Well, how do you think it has to be applied? You will have to buy a new textile, new understanding and all your old ideas and understanding you should put aside.
I don’t want to throw reproach upon you, that you are sinners, but I am telling you. You brothers with all your knowledge that you have you want to lie God in you. You lie God in school, in church, in your homes. You lie to God everywhere. Why the world is out of joint? God says: “Because you lie Me.” It’s said for someone: “He is a criminal.” He is sentenced, hanged and all newspapers write about it without assessing is that right or not.
In Russia, a criminal went to confess to a monk. The criminal put the pocket knife in the monk’s pocket before leaving and there was a law for the monks not to reveal something that was said to them in confession. At the moment of sentencing the criminal, he said: “Look where is the pocket-knife.” They found it in the monk and hang the monk on the rope. Did the judges understand that this person was guilty?
We all need to be judges and when we think we all must think, when we feel we all have to feel. “My wife loves me.” And you, do you love her? “My teacher loves me.” Do you love him? There has to be reciprocity. And this reciprocity must be put on high purity, absolute purity.
There should not be any divided purpose. There is no more loathsome thing to use somebody’s love, Love is something sacred […] it hasn’t been allowed to stay 10 km from your soul. When we start thinking like this, you all be different. When Christ comes, this will happen here. Life on Earth will have to be transformed. Grass will have to sprout, growing up till growing in your sublime life. If you can’t endure your sufferings on Earth and you are doubt in their inner sense you won’t find them in Heaven. Therefore, earth made first the grass from itself, then the ear and later that grain of wheat, which gives the allegory or the symbol of our life. Now, go back home and give it a try. Let your world transform. Your world can transform soon.
A man asked me three-four months ago when I was in Ruse. They dig a well on a hill at a depth of 35 metres. At a lower place, they dig a well at a depth of 50 metres. And engineers were wondering about that. However, there are favourable conditions even on high. You will have to dig to find those springs of your life.
You will have to believe in one thing, the more difficulties you have the more conditions of your progress will be higher. The more your life is opulent, the worst will be the conditions for the progress of your soul. Poverty or wealth are not hindrances to our progress if they come naturally to us. Poverty stimulates people of labour and constancy.
After going through poverty and wealth comes, this is for a human to use everything that is gained before. When wealth comes it will reveal all your weaknesses, and poverty will make you use all those good circumstances in which you can raise. The one only who can endure wealth is with me, but not the one who cannot. Thus, under this grain we understand the Divine teaching, that will grow in us. Now, what type of grain it will be? Will it be the grain that fell on rocky ground, among thorns, or will it be from those grains that fell on good soil?
I appeal to you like disciples to solve this task. And how will you solve it? You will light a candle of your Love in the wheat. The one only who has lighted up this fire will love this truth. Under this Divine fire of Love, you will find the hidden clues to your heart. Say this: “I want to know this Love.” Some people say: “We have love.” However, I see them and I read a misunderstanding: “What if there is a lie?”. There is no lie. If you have Love some lie will come, but it will be a helper, all the powers in the world will come to help you. If you don’t have Love, your bottom will be made into leather riddles and a lot of golden rings - from your blood. Have you got this Divine Love, not the present one?
How long love last in marriage nowadays? I have given you an example of a French man, when he married, he gave 3000 kisses to his wife in their first year, 2000 in their second year, and no kisses in their fifth year. So, there were kisses till the fifth year. Life without kisses looks like a vase without water. It is bad if a human kisses a lot and it’s also bad if you aren’t given any kisses. Not to be kissed and poured with some lye, but with clean water. I mean kisses that bring life and power to the human soul. To have wings when you are kissed, instead of saying: “I have been sullied, everything went out”. Therefore, everything was some lye.
You sisters, I would like you to give sisters’ kisses. And you brothers, what kind of kisses do you give? It is not for you to say then: “How he/she smells”. This is a formality. Everything has to originate from the depth of our soul. And now the old will say: “It’s a shame to kiss, it’s decorously”. But they also kissed long ago. Now the old become judicious. The old tell the young: “Don’t kiss with some lye”. Namely, you can kiss but be chaste. Kisses must be rare. Have been kissed once in life or a year, you will remember this Love in your whole life if it’s a kiss. But there is no kiss, I see only lye.
You will say that I talk for Love only. Should I talk about baked hens? There is something essential in Love and we must build Love in ourselves. Put some conditions of your will. First, give place to that Divine love to speak in your soul. If you want to know how you have to go to an agrarian. He sows the seeds not so deep – by digging the soil up, the seeds spring up. So, you will shovel out three or four fingers and will sow. In this way, all the precious seeds that are hiding now will grow.
And I say, there is another world in front of you. Everybody believes in this world. This is the new world that now comes. If you don’t accept Love you can’t enter the new world and there will be poking and digging. And when you enter the new world there will be kisses like angels are giving each other, and some wings will grow.

I talk to you in the name of this live Love, that will have to transform everything. And when Love comes, there will be songs from one end of the Earth to the other. There will be songs from people, birds, flowers will sing and not only flowers will sing but also the springs. Everything will sing the most beautiful songs. And you will feel a Divine symphony and will say that this is the meaning of life. Whatever is yours, it is not a life. If my life hasn’t got a place in you – there is no life. When you participate in my life, in my conscious life, then you have respect and life.
We can act, we can grow till we are connected to God. The day we doubt to love, to believe, to hope we immediately start weakening. Then despondency appears, we all become neurasthenic and dissatisfied. And I say: “You have separate yourself from your father, your brother, come back to them.”

Do you know who is your first sister? I will say who your first sister is. This is Love.
Therefore, men and women find your first sister – Love. She is very rich; she has created the universe. And every day she sends her servants and says: “Brothers and sisters come back to me.” God is Love. Yes, God manifests itself in our first sister – Love. Haven’t you seen your first sister? You have seen her image. Sometimes she comes in rags, she is disguised since she hides. Otherwise, evil would kill her.
You don’t understand this Love. Sometimes she is hiding in sufferings, in the greatest misery. She will fondle you and will go away. And when she goes away immediately your soul will feel relief.
You should know that when the greatest sufferings come, this Divine sister of Love has come in your home. This is not an allegory; this is a great truth. We have one sister only. This is the first sister, the first, and the last. There are many more sisters, but she is the first sister of Love.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Or you will tell me again: if it’s the truth it must be a big lie. The biggest lie, but also the biggest truth. Behind the biggest truth lies the biggest lie and behind the biggest mountain lies the biggest shadow.
Behind the greatest Love stay the biggest evil. If the evil is too big you should search for Truth, search for Love and you will find it. You are not far away from the Devine world.
“Whereunto shall I liken the kingdom of God?” Seed, when it is sown in the earth it produces of itself first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.” Your reasonable life that we now begin starts from this wheat of grain.
In this lecture, my goal is to tell you that your first sister gives you an invitation. You are all invited. She has prepared for you a big feast. Now you will say: “Who will take us?” Everybody will go on their own. I am giving you the invitations.

When you go home tell yourself: “We will also go to the feast.”

1 The First Sister - it's a working title.

2 напокон - finally (an archaic word)

3 бръмка - a stitch (a dialect word)

4 търба - a pipe. (a dialect word)

5 дедермон - a leather riddle with large holes (a dialect word)

6 джамбон (from french) - ham

7 телина – calf

8 гръцмон – a neck (a dialect word)

9 на парила - on trial.

10 ешафот - scaffold, a wooden stage for executions. (a dialect word)

11 предрешвам се - disguised as in somebody's clothes in order not to be recognised

1. – The English bible texts are taken from King James Bible.
2. – leva – Bulgarian currency.
3. – cop – The Bulgarian word “кука” can also be translated as "cop" in English.
4. – world - The Bulgarian word “мир” can also be translated as "world" in English.

Lecture held on 8 May 1921 in Sofia

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikimarinova (Николина Маринова)

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