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1900_10_14 The three things. A conversation with the Spirit of the Lord (svetlozar3)


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Готов превод Трите неща. Разговор с Духа Господен - 14.10.1900-ИБ-16 / .: 14.10.1900-ИБ-16

TITLE: The three things. A conversation with the Spirit of the Lord

A conversation with the Teacher Deunov recorded on October 1st, 1900.

Three things requires the Spirit of God: to eat well, live well and to think well. The food is His Word, the good life is God's Will and the good thinking is His Love.

To eat nice is to perceive everything that God has determined for the Life. To live nice is to perform everything that God has ordered. To think nice is to watch and comprehend what God has created. But whatever else you think outside of these boundaries that God has established, it will not help you, nor will it give you a single inch of life.

Life stands in those things that God has created, and its rise and ennoblement is consisted of their acceptance. Fullness however, of the the perfect and holy Life depends on knowledge and perception of God's Truth and His Love. Where the Spirit of God lives and acts, there is Peace and Joy. This is the only sufficient Spirit that can give you everything and that will make you know the entire Truth, which is God of the Salvation. He can instill in your soul the true Knowledge and Wisdom for God's ordinances. What do you desire now? - Wisdom. What do you want? - Knowledge. And what do you need for Life? - Health, food, clothing.

Remember, God has promised that He will not deprive His children of anything good. This is as true and veridical as the Sun of the day. What are the worries, the disturbances of this life? They are ghosts, a shadow that has nothing behind it. Alter your thoughts - your mood will also change; and vice versa, change your mood - your thoughts will also change. Isn't the heart, after all, the engine of everything, according to the direction of thought, according to aspiration and mood. What bothers you, the future? Okay, put it aside. Why would you need it when it hurts you? Then what else worries you, the attitude of others? Put it aside and don't think about it anymore. The same mother gives birth to all people, there is no-one better than the rest. Everyone becomes what they want to be.

Adam was in Paradise, the place of bliss, and he was well, and he did not suffer from anything, his head did not hurt. But one day, on the advice of his wife, he wanted to taste from the last tree in this place, which was forbidden to him. And what came of the taste of this last fruit that came in and mingled with the tastes of all the rest? One wish ruined his happiness for thousands of years. It was a real poison. Okay, take an example from this now. If there is only one wish in your life that you have not tried, don't grudge. This desire is the last, like the tree of Adam. Do not wish its fruit. Feed on the Tree of Life and you will be healed - this tree is Christ and its fruit is the Truth. Have His mind - let the mind of Christ be in you.

So, understand what I have to say to you. Because this will be written in another place, much better - there, in your heart, where God will write it with His hand and you will read it yourself. God's law is to comply with all good things in the soul, which is the embodiment of everything He does. It is the Divine Book in which His works are inscribed together with His words. Do not get bored when God works inside your soul. If He does not tire of repairing your heart, at least have patience not to disturb Him and not to stumble in His work, which He does for you. Not only that, but help to finish it sooner. The empty thoughts shall cease, the vain deeds shall cease, but the work of the Lord shall continue. All human ordinances will one day disappear in this world, but only your soul will remain with God to enter the Divine society of God's world. Then He will be your Father and all who love Him - your brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Now, if you understand the meaning of these words of mine, I have nothing more to tell you about it. Remember, the goal is perfection, Love is bliss, and good thought is heavenly beauty. Stay close to the eternal source of God's Spirit. It is the right way to attain and acquire all the heavenly Virtues. He is the secret connection of everything. His works will always tell about His Glory and proclaim His righteousness and His mercy from generation to generation.

Accept the cup of Lord's Salvation and do not murmur about your fate. Whatever is assigned to you, whatever happens to you, carry it with patience and humility. With these weapons you will win. Think well and do His Will. His goodness will guide you, His hand will sustain you. In His Light, the path of the Lord will be revealed to you. It's dark now - then it will be seen. Remember, there is no betrayal in God. That's what I'm telling you. The testimony of this Spirit, who testifies with you, is true.

Whatever you ask in My name, I will do.

October 1, 1900, Novi Pazar

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: svetlozar3 (Светлозар Тодоров)

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