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1920_11_08 A beam (Radost)


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Готов превод Една греда - 8.11.1920-ИБ-335 / .: 8.11.1920-ИБ-335

TITLE: A beam

We gathered just friends from Tarnovo, there were 16 of us.

1. Konstantin Ilarionov, 2. Atanas Boynov, 3. Ivan Divitakov, 4. Rajko Borisov, 5. M.Kostanov, 6. Elena Ilarionova, 7. Parashkeva Boynova, 8. Veneta Divitakova, 9. Zornitsa Petkova, 10. Mariika ..., 11. Stefanka Simeonova, 12. Mariya ..., 13. Fanka Hristova, 14. M.Karatova, 15. Siika Dinova, 16. Elena Kostadinova

The Master begun:

Today we will start some work, which is more specific . You know how mothers treat little children, while they are still young - mothers are being more indulgent, but when childer grow up - mothers become strict.

If you want to acquire knowledge in your home with caresse, you cannot achieve it. Also, many of you, if you come here to be caressed, you would rather waist your time and learn nothing. There are certain methods to acquire knowledge. So, the world, the life are also a school. And the Divine School is for people, who are awake. When the child goes to school, he must disown his father and mother, his brothers and sisters. So, for those, who want to study at the Divine School - should they leave their parents? No, they must only devote their time to acquire the Divine knowledge.

I want you to spend only one hour from your time weekly to remain in silence and in deep meditation, devided in two groups. During this meditation you will not pay attention to the position of the others, but you will concentrate and introspect as much as you start ignoring the actions of the others.

You will make this on Frydays, from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Each of you will bring his own Gospels book and sometimes he might read a chapter from his book and meditate on it. This will be his preparation for concentration in himself.

Whoever cannot remain silent, whoever is affraid, he cannot learn - he cannot be a scholar.

When a bad thought comes to you, you must reject it immediately. Try to acquire knowledge within yourself.

I call true knowledge this - when you are unsatisfied, but you still know how to act; when you have certain troubles, but you can transform it into something good.

In summer we will gather at 7 o'clock. You will call this time "an hour for studies". When you come to the gathering place, you will only greet with the words: "There is no such love, as the Lord's love. Only the Lord's love is love."

Only a person, who does not have a fester, can be silent. This is a discipline of your mind, sometimes you can also call it discipline of the heart.

Every thought of ours must be healed. You will try to create an initiative among you. You must not be like tied horses. If a deep impulse for a good deed comes to you from your soul, do what your inner voice asks you to do, without looking for advice from anybody else.

It's better to have duty with knowledge than to have neither knowledge, nor duty.

Good life without suffering is impossible. You will thus acquire new experience and some more things, that you cannot acquire through another experience.

All mistakes in our life come from the old people. How the old age comes? When a man leaves love, he becomes old. If a young woman remains without love, she gets old. People, who have love in themselves, are always young and never grow old. I will give you an explanation.

A writer - as long as the thought is in himself, this is force; after he finishes his book - it is quality; when someone reads the book and take advantage on it - it is the living force.

We pland a seed, it grows, this is force, but when it gives fruits - this is living force. People's life consists of such planted seeds. I consider a man positive only when all brothers in him think alike and are in concord.

This is the occult side of the new teaching. You will always gather in even, not in odd number. This concerns the number of the scholars from these classes. If any troubles arise, we will solve them afterwards. If you do not learn how to concentrate, you will become like slack water in a swamp.

When you are in meditation and somebody knocks on the door outside, you will imagine that you are holding a beam and if you drop this beam to open the door and let the one who is knocking in, the building that supports this beam will collapse. Your work with God is more important than the one who knocks on the door, whoever it might be.

The black lodge was founded when a man was killed for the first time.

November 8th , 1920, 10 am


Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Radost (Радостина Недева)

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