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1920_11_07 Point, line, plane, cube (Radost)


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Готов превод Точка, линия, плоскост, куб - 7.11.1920-НБ-334 / .: 7.11.1920-НБ-334

Point, line, plane, cube

We sang « I will cheer up»

The Master read 17th Chapter of John's Gospel:

«When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you.»

We sang «Blessed be the Lord, our God».

Afterwards the Master said: I will speak to you about verse 10.

«And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.»

This verse's meaning is very profound. For 2000 years, it has not been studied yet, neither has it been fully examined.

All of you, who have been at school, have you ever studied geometry? The Teacher has explained you what point, line, etc. are.

However, there are three positions, when you study an object. They are: quality, force and live force. Let's take Love. To be able to understand Love, we must study it in terms of quality, in terms of force and in terms of a living being. What is a point? This is quality of the line.The line is the force of the point. Each man is a point and when he connects with another man, both of them form a line. When those two move, they form a plane, and when four men move the plane, they form the cube. So, a man is the main point that forms lines, planes and cubes. You can understand this teaching only when you put it into practice. If you stand on the bank of a river and another man comes from the opposite bank, when you give a hand and hold his hand, you form a line. When two fishermen are fishing, they also form a line. Christ says, «All that is mine is thine, and thine is mine.» Those who do not understand the meaning of these words say, «This thing is terrible.» You cannot shake hands until you extend your hand to another. Christ says, «All that is mine is thine,» – so He extends His hand, and the Lord extends His hand to Him. People must do so, too, but they don't say these words, they just say: «God, give me» without giving anything. Someone asks: «Should I open for the light?» Do not ask anybody, but open your windows in this minute, because as long as you are searching the light, you are on the right track. I call onion's heads all those people who do not open their soul's windows for the light. Take an onion and you will see that it consists of some peels and membranes, it smells and it is a bit spicy at its taste. In this comparison between man and onion, there is an analogy. The onion with pretension is nothing when being boiled. Same is the man, thinking that is something big – God puts him in grave and thus He boils him.

We often feel offended by a bad word from someone. For example, they call us «scoundrel». If we don't do God's will, we only take, but give nothing – that means we are scoundrels towards God.

I must be offended not from the word that has been said, but from the attitude toward others – if I don't help my suffering brother.

Each one, who doesn't give what is his to God, he is a scoundrel. When you say: «All that I have is Yours, Lord», only then you are a human. When you say so, the light also says: «And all that is mine is thine.». Then we will see the harvest out of this Divine truth. You cannot have joy, hapiness, goods, health, unless you say to yourselves: «All that I have, my Lord, is Yours». If a flower is closed and it is asking me what it should do, I would tell it to open and to let the light penetrate within.

The line shows the direction of the point. The point always rotates around itself, it can not move away from itself. We are a point out of the Divine consiousness - it is the centre.

Small and big thing – it's relative here on Earth.

If we say that Sun is bigger than Earth, it means that it's close. Thus, things are small, when they are away, and bigger – when they are close. So we are – when we are close to God, we are big and when we are away, we are small. For example, Sun, which is 92 000 000 miles away from Earth – we see it as a ball, however it is one and a half million times bigger than Earth; but if we were even further, we would have seen it as a point. So, things are relative for us, depending on how and where they are placed. Same is for this Turkish man who has never been out of his village, but saying for France: «Fraca, Lyapca Chak biliuk dildar». It means that France is not very big, but its villages are big. When we say to God that all that is ours is His, then he says that all that is His is ours. This is growth. We often look like snowballs, which by rolling become bigger, but when they reach down the valleys, they melt and disappear. When suffering comes, we melt, too. We must bear these discrepancies in our minds. Same is with modern scientists, studied different sciences: law, engineering, medicine, etc. They think they are very lettered and they fancy they are very big, but in some time, when science changes, they become uneducated. Have you seen a good looking woman with a silky dress, all in ribbons how she walks, acting arrogant, turning her head left and right, to see if people are looking at her from all sides, thinking that all the greatness lays in her dress? But when a misfortune occurs, everything is gone. We often act like children in life, we like doing thngs, forbidden by the Divine law. (Example: one child enjoyed eating the sugar that his mother has hid in a gourd. After all his mother's advices, the child kept taking of the sugar. To teach the child not to do that, the mother put crabs in the gourd. When the child went to take some sugar as usual, he thrusted his hand into the gourd and the crabs caught his hand.) You too often thrust your hands into this gourd – life.

All joy that we have, we must realize deep in our soul that it comes from God, but not waiting for it from outside.

This verse must be put into practice in the new age in this way.

When someone comes to me, I will not give him neither money, nor clothes, but I will give him a wheat grain and will tell him: Go and plant this grain. I will give him some wool and will say: Go wash and spin this wool. I will give him materials and say: Go build a house, and so on.

When two people love each other, they form a line. For example, the woman is a point, together with the man they form a line and later with the childern they form a plane, all of them, aspiring to God, form the cube.

So: Mine is thine and Thine is mine." Put that on your mind and you will be happy.

We sang «Wake up, dear brother».

The Lord's prayer

November 7th, 1920

Veliko Tarnovo

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Radost (Радостина Недева)

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