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1922_05_09 The seeds (Stephanie_Dimitrova)


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Готов превод Семената - 9.5.1922-ИБ-451 / ...: 9.5.1922-ИБ-451

Title: The seeds

Secret prayer

The goal of every occult class is to learn those things that are essential, necessary, and needed for life itself. There are no unnecessary things to learn in the occult class.

Now, what are the elements of music? Aren't the notes? The first seven tones need to be learned. You also need to learn the key to music, through which you know the notes. Colors and shapes must be studied in art. When learning a language, the alphabet must be learned. When studying mathematics, the relations of numbers must be studied. Now, you will gradually become acquainted with the basic principles of occult science. Of course, as in all other branches of knowledge, so in the occult school, students are not always equally capable of perceiving great truths. Some are more capable, and others now need to prepare. What distinguishes an occult student who graduates successfully? - He is constant, not affected by difficulties. A student who wants to finish must be brave and determined, to face all difficulties.

Now the mind of a student entering an occult school must be very receptive, flexible, agile, cheerful and fresh, to perceive every new thought and to understand every relation. His heart must be bold and determined, and his will must be firm as a diamond. In the occult class you will encounter great difficulties. These difficulties are natural. When you enter a music class, everyone will easily learn the tricks, but as you go forward, the exercises become more complicated and some students say, "These things are very difficult, they can't be done," and they end up with the music. Some start with math, at first easily - addition, subtraction, but when they come to those higher problems in mathematics, they stop. For the language - too. If someone asks you how many words you speak in Bulgarian, have you read how many words you speak? - No more than 500 words are used in ordinary conversation. The best speakers know about 4,000 words.

I do not want you to use all your time, you will give your extra time. You will only practice during the time you do not know what to do. You will not leave your job. Have all of you considered, will you be able to follow well? The matter will not be very difficult. Now, at the beginning, I will give you a topic. You will write a little. Half a sheet on "The Qualities of a Good Student." You will not write much. Not what the children said, ie the others, but as you understand - what makes a good student different. You will write directly. A little, as you understand. Beauty is there when one speaks naturally. They may ask you what makes a good student stand out. You can define in 10 words; in 20-30 words...

Now, there will be a desire in all of you to apply what you are learning gradually, because if it is not applied in life, it will be useless knowledge. Wisdom is for the mind; virtue is for the heart, the heart is enriched by virtue; power is for the will, will strengthens through power, truth is for the soul. So, if you want to be successful in the world, you must have knowledge and wisdom. I take the world in a broad sense - the Divine world. If you want to be loved by your friends, by your loved ones, you must be virtuous, and if you want others to trust you, you must have a strong will. A person with a weak will can promise a lot, but he does not fulfill anything. Let's say you have a friend, he promises something, but you don't fulfill it two or three times, and you lose trust in him, and you can't be his friend. If you promise and do not fulfill, even your father will lose confidence in you. If the lie reigns in your soul, you are alienated from God. In an occult class there should be no mention of lies. In other cases, lying may make sense, but in the soul absolutely no exception! Do you know how you will feel when you become alienated from God? - A great sorrow, burden, meaninglessness in life and you will not know where to go. To be successful in life, you need to know the truth. Truth is the connection between God and man. There is nothing greater than Love and there is nothing better and more beautiful than the Truth in life. He who wants to be beautiful and beautiful, the Truth must live in his soul. Take, for example, that gardener who is full of diligence. When you enter the garden, when it is arranged, the person becomes light in the soul. So it is with the man who has the truth in his soul. Now, if you are asked such a question: "What is the beauty of the garden?" "In the fruit trees." Every garden is beautiful on the trees that are inside it. Uproot these trees, the garden costs nothing. The land is only a condition, and the trees form a beautiful garden. If I ask: How is a person known? - A man is known by his heart, by his mind and by his will. If these qualities are eradicated, there is nothing left of man, he is lost - there is no man. Therefore, in an occult school you will have methods to develop your mind, your heart and your will. Why don't so many gardens exist now? - There is land, no seeds. So, the garden exists only in the seeds. Once you sow the seeds, the garden is formed. It is only a matter of time before the garden is formed. That is why, according to the rules of this school, I want you to gain all the knowledge that the world has. Don't think now that you have to leave the knowledge of this world. No. The more knowledge you can acquire, the better. Those in the world who are smart, learned and graduated, and have a higher education will be better occult students. You will all learn, you will not be lazy, you will not say: "When I enter the occult school, I will learn everything at once - we do not need worldly knowledge!" Secular knowledge is a preface to occult science. Where higher mathematics on earth stops, occult science begins. Music and math are needed. Some are musicians, but some are weak in math. Mathematics and geometry are needed.

An occult student should not be pretentious. He must be very humble in his soul. To be like a deep, quiet water. To be like an installation in which a strong current flows, but from the outside it shows nothing, and if someone says: "Do you have knowledge?", You will tell him: "Push me, turn the key!" But wire by wire there is a difference. Some may say, "We have knowledge." When we turn the key, there is no light. Someone says, "I have a light during the day," but when you turn the key, it doesn't work. And I want you to be such wires, an installation full of energy. Take the nervous system, this is an installation. Now we will teach you to install the nerves, because some nerves are even inactive - atrophied.

How many people are you? - 25. - And it will gradually settle. Your class is not yet settled. You will now take notes. Afterwards, when the subject is brought, you will make a general extract.

Secret prayer

9 May 1922 year, Tuesday, time 19:30, Sofia

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Stephanie_Dimitrova (Стефка Димитрова)

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