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1921_04_10 Love, a foundation (herald) of life/Love - a herald of everlasting life (mariaivanova52) - 56.8%


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Готов превод Любовта, носителка на живота / Любовь – носителка на вѣчния животъ - 10.4.1921-НБ-354 / ...: 10.4.1921-НБ-354

Love, a foundation (herald) of life/Love - a herald of everlasting life

But he said: "No, rather, Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it" (Luke 11:28)

In verse 27 from the same chapter is written: "Now as he was saying these things a certain woman out of the crowd raised her voice and said to him: "Happy is the womb that carried you and the breasts that you sucked. Jesus answered: "Much happier is the one who hears the word of God and keep it". "Keep it" means to implement it. The power of any composer, actor, violinist, artist, sculptor or anybody else is not in having an idea in their own mind, but in implementing and fulfilling of this idea in reality. All of you are so rich in having ideas. There is not anybody who does not have lots of ideas. Someone thinks, that they will need years to share their ideas. After reading two - three lectures, all material goes to an end. Ideas do not finish, but the forms, through which these ideas are revealed, finish. Everyone can incubate 600 chickens, but not everyone can breed and feed them. The issue with the ideas is quite simple: it is much more important how to breed and feed them.

So, it is not just enough to conceive thoughts, feelings and desires; they need to be implemented and executed. The realization or implementation of an idea, as well as it delay, produce different results. The character of a man strengthens in implementing of any idea and weakens in postponement. Failure to implement ideas produce a backlash on the human character. What you will be born in the future depends on your current life. Someone says: "How would I want to be a genius or a great man!" - Yes, but geniuses, great people are not chicken that hatch now. To be born a genius, you must have worked in the past on your noble thoughts and desires, realized and fulfilled them.

"They are more blessed who hear the Word of God and do it". The Word implies divine thoughts. Millions of years were needed until the present Word was created. Some clairvoyants, as well as many of those who have departed who have infiltrated the higher fields of the spiritual world, say this world is speechless. They consider it to be a world of absolute silence; it is an absolutely ideal world. Whoever went to that world and returned to earth said, "I'm not going there the second time"
Why? – Because there is absolute silence there. That's where everyone lives for themselves. I say: This is the biggest misunderstanding. The divine world is not in silence, but a world of complete harmony, of beautiful musical speech. The most beautiful speech is that of the Divine World. To understand this, one must possess such organs through which to perceive the supreme vibrations of the Divine Word. The occult literature speaks of the different fields of the higher worlds, which are named differently: physical field, astral, higher mental, mental or abstract, causative or other. It is not important that different fields exist; it is important why one field is given the name physical, on the other field – astral, mental, etc. It is also important what is the relationship between thoughts and feelings, between feelings and actions, between thoughts and actions, or between thoughts and causes of things. It is a deep philosophy that neither Christians nor you can solve. Each world is determined by the degree of development of intelligent beings who live there. Every form of the physical world is the result of the activity of a rational force that created it in the past. Every limitation of the physical world shows that behind the restriction lies intelligent beings who defend themselves, set their own boundaries. If your garden is surrounded by a fence, it shows that behind it lies a living, reasonable being. If I come to your house and find it's locked everywhere, it shows something. If I walk into a city and see that the doors and windows of all the houses are closed, I draw a conclusion about the culture of this city. It shows that the citizens of this city do not trust each other, or like to steal. If the women of this town cover their heads with scarfs, it speaks about the moral of these citizens. If I see, that the men of this town wear long beards, I draw some conclusions. Men don't like bearded women. The man says: "I've had enough of a beard from myself, I don't want to look at a woman with a beard." The woman says, "I don't like men without a beard and moustache." Why does a woman love a man with a beard and moustache, and a man loves a woman without a beard and a moustache? You say, "Nature has ordered this." If someone shaves your head, is that what nature did?

How many sins and crimes do people do! Is nature to blame for this? Scientists – chemists and doctors, have found various fluids that get into the blood of the human body, thus giving black colour to the face. Is that what nature does? Do not throw your sins on nature. It doesn't make mistakes. It doesn't do anything stupid. Mistakes, nonsense belong to people, and to some extent to angels. - Can an angel be wrong? - Even though they're cultural beings, angels can be wrong. When angels are wrong, people's situations become more difficult. Why does a man want a woman to be without a beard and a moustache? – Very naturally. As the farmer prepares to plough, he searches for a field, plain or a meadow, not for a forest. He said: "I don't need forests, places covered in beards and moustaches. I'm looking for smooth, flat places." When building a house, one needs stones, bricks and beams, not beards and moustaches. The man ploughs, and the woman builds; a man loves the field and a woman loves the forest. Field and forest are symbols that need to be interpreted into your language

"Those, who are listening to the Word of God." The Word represents a man without beard and moustaches. In the invisible world, there is no commemoration to human beards and moustaches. Bearded and moustached people don't exist there. When they get down on the ground, people disguise themselves. So beards and moustaches are a necessity only for the physical world. When someone wants to present themselves to look more as a noble man than they really are, they grow a beard and a moustache. When people see them they say: "What a Noble man he is!" However, when they go to heaven, nobody cares about his beard. It means nothing. There is not anything more absurd than a bearded, moustached man. When a man wants to attract people's attention, especially women, he begins to stroke his beard and moustache. He wants to give himself airs. When he strokes his beard and moustache, the man wants to say to his wife, "You want to build? Here, take trees, beams from me. I have a whole forest, I'm a rich man. Pick up as much as you want." Bearded, moustached and rich man, it's the same thing. Those of you who want to live wisely must have a deep understanding of life.

When I say that you must live wisely, the old ones say, "We lived our time. Now it is time for young people to live their life." There will come a time when they live sensibly, too. There's time for deeper insight into life. – Indeed, the old ones have lived, but if the young live like them, who should they rely on? Outliving and revitalizing is the same thing. What does the weeding of the wheat show? –That it lived. I say: Things should not be only lived, but you need to live wisely, consciously. It is a life of internal, Divine harmony. You say, "We want to live like this, but how can you live this way in such a sinful and impure life?" Your situation is no worse than that of mammals.
Through labour, effort, and persistence, one can overcome all the difficulties of his life. There are many ways to overcome the difficulties.
In Solomon's Proverbs, it is said.
"A soft soul alleviate; a sharp word embitter." I say: The fire softens, the cold freezes, which means, it hardens.

Jesus says, "Blessed is the one, who hears the Word and keeps it" So, it is not important under what condition I was born, who my mother and my father were, whether they were noble and erudite people. It is much more important whether I hear the Word and keep it.

I look at two opposites in life: wealth and poverty. All people want to be rich; no one wants to be poor. – Why do wealth and poverty exist? – It is not possible without both.
Track the life of nature, and you will see that there is also wealth and poorness in it. They are states of sensible life. God gives man the wealth to help him to find out who are his enemies and rivals; to understand what is holding him back in life.
God gives a man a poverty to help him to understand who his friends are, as well as all the encouraging, governing forces that work for his own growth. You say, "I'm a poor man." - Did you find out who your friends are? - "I did not" - Then you did not understand the poverty. . You say, "I am rich." - Do you get to know your enemies? You had to recognize your enemies and pull out your knife and fight them.
By "fighting," I do not mean what contemporary people understand. They got rich, pulled out their knives and start fighting their opponents. From a human point of view, wealth and poorness are two conditions that one must fight against to overcome difficulties in life. As in wealth and poverty, the same way in strength and weakness, in knowledge and ignorance one may have difficulties and temptations. – Who creates man's grief and temptations? – He himself, as well as the people he communicate with.
So, people do not suffer from being ignorant, or being very smart. Stupid one suffers, and so does the smart one. However, smart people suffer more than stupid ones. Often Bulgarian says, "He get drunk like a donkey." - Where did that saying come from? I do not think the donkey drinks alcohol. I did not see a drunken donkey. To say about someone who got drunk with cold and clean water like a donkey, I understand; however, to say that he drank wine like a donkey, that I do not understand. There is another question, if you mean that someone does not know, if there is clean water, like the donkey. People's sayings and folklore are so misinterpreted that you cannot find the truth in them. In order for this truth to be inherited, we have to spread the knowledge everywhere. Otherwise, it will stay for a long time distorted.

So, when you come to mistakes of men, you will know that many of them are created by a foolish and unreasonable life; many mistakes are also created by people's sensible and intelligent lives. However, a sensible and intelligent life has created many good, many qualities. Stupid and smart people are fundamentally different. The foolish one, doing good, does not ask for reward; by doing evil, don't think he wil be punished. - Why? – In both cases he is not clearly aware of what he is doing. The smart one, however, has an awareness of what he is doing. Therefore, when a person goes from one state to another, it is about making mistakes in conscious life. However, instead of learning a lesson from his mistakes, he does new ones. – What is the reason for mistakes? – Man's desire to change his life, to impose his understandings. In this regard, a man falls into the position of that royal son, who on the day of his wedding had to be punished.

The royal son fell in love with a young, beautiful girl, also of royal origin. They both loved each other and get on with each other well. Only in one thing they did not come along: he liked to eat garlic, and she had a great disgust with garlic. On the day of the wedding, delicious meals were prepared, but most of them with garlic. The royal son got carried away in the deliciously prepared dishes and ate more than he should have. In the evening, as they returned to their room, the royal daughter felt the smell of garlic and, as she jumped out of her seat like she has been stung, unhappy with her beloved one. She immediately called her servants and told them, "Please give this man few sticks, so he can learn his lesson not to eat garlic again." He said: 'I'm not eating garlic anymore. I'll think a lot until I decide to eat or give up the garlic.'

What does the royal daughter represent? - The truth. She can't stand the smell of garlic. However, the Bulgarian loves garlic. By translating the word "garlic", you will see what impact it will have, both on your character and on the character of the people who are around you. Both you and the people from your circle, contain such elements, which means, thoughts with an unpleasant smell, like garlic. – Why are some people unpleasant to you? – Because there is something in their blood, as in their thoughts and feelings, that does not suit your taste. If your sense of smell is highly developed and your friend who ate garlic kisses you, you are unlikely to get rid of that smell in a year. If a man, who has committed murder, kisses you, I don't think you will be able to get rid of this act in even in 10 years.

With a fairy tale, I will present to you the power of unclean thought or of a sin in general. There was a monk who lived in a monastery, and he was a saint. He wanted to see a relative of his own, now deceased, whom he knew was in hell. The Saint wanted to see him and give him some instruction on how to raise from the sins. An angel heard the saint's request and said, "Do you know that if your relative come here, the monastery will fail? He curries great dirtiness with himself." - I just want him to come for a moment. The angel satisfied the desire of the saint – he let his relative out of hell, but then the monastery deserted. Such dirtiness he had brought himself that nothing could clear the monastery. A scary thing is sin! It is the strongest poison, the worst smell that people know. To neutralize the power of sin, people are forced to eat garlic. You treat it with something similar to cure it.

Now, I speak to you in symbolic language. I take garlic as a symbol. It is a good cure. When someone wants to disinfect his mouth, or improve the condition of his stomach and chest, one should eat garlic. I prescribe garlic to the sick man, but not to the healthy one. To the sick, I recommend turnips, but not the healthy one. If your stomach is upset, boil turnips and drink its juice. If your stomach is weak, drink a small glass of wine; once you've healed, no wine is allowed. Only Fermented wine is prohibited, not sweet one.

Christ says, "Blessed is the one who hears the Word of God and keeps it." The Word of God brings the great ideas to the world. These ideas are coming from somewhere. One can embrace these ideas only when he is in harmony with the Divine beginning within himself. You lie if you think you can embrace these ideas from the present world. This world is lacking in ideas. Show me in the current literature a new, great idea. All the ideas that deal with the present mankind are old, out of their time. They are more experiences of the past.

I've attended big concerts, listened to prominent virtuoso musicians, everyone's repeating the old. Americans still sing their ancient songs. Musically, they are weak, so they repeat the same thing. Years ago, they invited a great Czech composer to collect their folk songs, to process their folk music. - Why aren't Americans musical? – Because they are very practical. They look at things more with their mind than with their heart.

A young American was visiting his father. When he was leaving, his father presented a note in which he wrote the bill — the son's debt for the time spent. The father said, "Son, you spent 31 days with me. You had two dollars a day. So, for all this time you owe me $62." The son took the bill , but added: "Dad, I was visiting my friend for three days. When I get the $6 bill out, I owe you $56." He paid that amount to his father, and they parted friendly. You say, "Cultural people are Americans!" - Yes, they're cultural, they're honest, they're fair, but this is not a real culture. When a father wants to play his son and son to play the father, it's not a culture. When a father expects his children to support him, and when children rely on their father's wealth to provide them, it's not a culture.

The present Christian peoples have misinterpreted Christ's doctrine as well as the loyalty to God. Today, the church is served, not God. Today they make churches, gold-plated icons, open banks, but this is not essential. Virtues are essential in life. They need to be planted and cultivated. Today, the lie is spread everywhere, yet people go to church; the priest makes them peace. You say, "This man is not truthfully Orthodox." – It is funny to talk about orthodoxy! Which man is Orthodox? Who's a mathematician? He's a real mathematician who solves the tasks of life well. Which person can call himself an astronomer, physicist, chemist, astrologer, sociologist? Anyone who understands their subject matter and solves their tasks correctly shall bear their name with dignity. Anyone who wants to rebuild society must understand the laws that govern it and the ways in which it can be rebuilt. You say, "We've decided to rebuild society, and there's nothing to think about." – You must think and think a lot! What do birds do? – Before laying their eggs, they consider making their nest and how to do so. Then they lay their eggs and begin to hatch them. Therefore, when you embark on a reconstruction of society, you will first think, and then act. You must put a sharp line between the old and the new! The old one can't be towels. Old and new views cannot be reconciled. Old and new truths cannot be reconciled. The truth is one thing. Therefore, there can be no talk of old and new truth. Whoever speaks of the old truth does not understand the divine law. The truth is one, unchanging; it is essential for every human life.

"Blessed is this man, who hears the Word of God and follows it." By "Word," we understand a reasonable life that manifests itself in the right shapes, in the right tones. In this life, every tone, every word has its own meaning. Have you attempted to pronounce one single word correctly and see its result? Pronounce the word "health" and see what result you will have. According to occult science, each word has its own key. If you find the key to the word "health" and pronounce it three times in front of someone sick, they will definitely restore thir health. By pronouncing the words correctly, you will check the strength contained in them. Both the tap water that passes through the tree washes the dirt at a long distance, and the words, correctly pronounced, wash away all the impurities they encounter in their way. You say, "I want to be healthy, but May God give me that health!" –You have closed the tap water yourself, and you are waiting for the Lord to come from somewhere, you are waiting Him to unlock you. If you want to be healthy, the Lord tells you, "Learn to pronounce the word "healthy" correctly. You're unhappy - learn to pronounce the word "happy" correctly. You're stupid- learn to pronounce the word "wisdom" correctly. You want to be happy, healthy, smart, and you don't think that it's up to you to pronounce those words properly and from your correct pronunciation depends your happiness, health and wisdom.

The husband tells his wife, "Please slaughter a hen today and cook it. Do you know how to cook it? – “No, dear, can you tell me how? He begins, "You're going to slaughter the chicken, you're going to skald it with boiling water, you're going to pluck it. Then you’ll staff it with rice and raisins, fry it in butter and onions and let it cool. Be careful not to burn it when cooking." The woman listens to her husband's instructions and acts as ordered. As he returns from work, the husband sits at the table and says, "Thank God, she cooked it well." I say: If the woman had patience to listen to her husband, and if he had patience to explain everything, why can't they both wait to hear how happiness is acquired? It's a method, it's a law that exists deep somewhere in the human soul. How are you going to fix your life up if you're unlucky? Without happiness, life presents numerous disappointments, afflictions, difficulties sufferings. Without happiness, life doesn't make sense. This applies to you, not to secular people. How many times have you stumbled from the smallest challenges?

Christ says, "Blessed is the one who hears the Word of God and protects it." The Word includes everything within itself. It brings love, which manifests itself only in reasonable life, between intelligent people. In an unreasonable life, no Love exists. - We must love each other! – If you acquire a reasonable life, you will love each other. Once it comes in between you, with one swing, it corrects all the crooked things. So the arriving of Love is preceded by a reasonable life. Today, most people get fooled. - Why are they fooling around? – Because they do not know truth and love. He who preaches does not know the truth; who creates, writes, and produces something also does not know truth. However, everyone is talking about truth, imagining that they know it.

I will tell you a story about people's delusions. Three comrades went to a mill together. They also carried a loaf of bread in their bag and a roasted chicken. They decided to have their dinner. They looked at the chicken, but realized it was too small, so they did not know how to share it equally between themselves. They finally decided to lie down, get a good night's sleep, and whoever has the best dream, he will get the chicken. They slept for an hour, then they woke up and started telling what they were dreaming about. The first said, "I dreamed that I had moved to heaven, between the angels. I heard and saw so many wonderful things there! Angels with white gowns, with wreaths on their heads, sang and played. Such wonderful songs, what a fantastic music!". The second said, "I moved to the moon. I cannot describe with words what I saw there! It is not possible to be described even if I speak all day and night.' The third one said, “When I saw that one of you went to heaven and the other to the moon, I realized that you were not coming back, and I decided to eat the chicken myself. I got up, ate the chicken and thanked God for having a good dinner. "

Until now there are some people who are fooling us into being in heaven, others on the moon and others are using the occasions to eat and drink. However, all three categories of people do not get to the meaning of life. Social issues must be resolved! Life needs to be thought through! There is only one way to apply fairness. That's the way to manifest. People will get out, melt, turn to water, and God will pass them through fine filters while purifying them. Only in this way will they achieve absolute purity. There will be no hard fabric, no beard, no hair left on them.

What is the term "water"? – A man pure in his thoughts, feelings, and actions. He's brave and determined in all his business. There's no power greater than water. It is lively, flexible and mobile. Wherever it passes, it will do some good. However, people don't aim to be like water and say, "Become as hard as iron." They don't understand the qualities of water yet. A man becomes as hard and hefty as iron and stone, but nothing good comes out of it. When it dries, it gets stiff, loses its flexibility and says, "My mind cannot hold this truth." - You're starting to dry up. – "I can't love anymore." – Your heart has hardened, it's dry. – "I can't work." – You're dry already. Get up and say, "There's anything I can do. I can go up; I can go down." That means being a hero.

When I say that you must live the demands of a reasonable life, you answer, "To live like this, it means to starve to death." No matter how you live, you will always die hungry. There will come a day when your throat dries up, it will not accept anything; your eyes will close. It is true that you will die hungry, but if you walk in the crooked road. If you walk the crooked road, you will meet gallows, prisons. After all this, there will be talk about rules and orders! Where there are sufferings and diseases, gallows and prisons, no order and rules exists. This world is a world of anarchy. The Lord's prayer says, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, both in heaven and on earth." Strive for the kingdom of God, for the divine world. The human world will give you nothing: neither reverence nor glory. Christ says, "Seek not glory from men, but from God." It makes sense to seek glory from intelligent people who feed on pure and sublime thoughts and feelings. There is no point in seeking fame from people who live for themselves.

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