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1921_10_02 Sacrifice, trust and joy (Galina Stoilova)


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Готов превод Жертва, упование и радост - 2.10.1921-ИБ-391 / ...: 2.10.1921-ИБ-391

Sacrifice, trust and joy

When there is sacrifice, we persist in love

When there is trust we persist in faith.

When there is joy, we persist in hope.

So therefore sacrifice  is the result of love, hope is the result of faith
And joy, the result of hope.
When hope materializes, people are joyful.  Hope is the son hence it's home.  Faith is the mother and love is the father.
The father and mother are extreme examples of self-sacrifice. From there a u-turn is made, a returning. You can not walk further. Outside of love, sacrifice can not manifest.
If you do not sacrifice, you will lose love. If you don't trust you will lose faith. If you are not joyful, you will lose hope.
Whoever wants to achieve love without sacrifice, he is standing on a foundation made of sand.
Whoever wants to achieve faith without trust, and hope without joy is also standing on a sandy foundation. So therefore there is no hope without faith
You say.. What is there to be joyful for. There is much to be joyful for. You have a body, brains, lungs and a stomach. The whole world is yours. You will be joyful about everything. You can think, feel, act. You have at your disposal all the main things in life. You will be joyful for everything given to you. All other things will come naturally.

A great law says: outside of love life can not take a different direction.  Deviations can appear but this must not be allowed to happen. When there is wind, the leaves can deviate. The important thing is even when the leaves sway, they still hold on to the tree.
This is good. But it is bad when the leaf falls away from the tree and onto the ground. The same goes for the human. And he needs to walk the path he started. Whether he would meet more or fewer difficulties this is another matter. You must walk. You can not resist.
You resist death, but there is not any human who didn't enter her confines. Both saints and teachers all enter her cage. Even if you resist, you will still enter there. -But I have a will-. What will you have? There will come a day when you will step aside and submit to death. Because all people are under this great law.  They will all submit to it. They will withdraw all resistance.

A man must understand life and its demands the same way a father understands his work in the field. It is heavy work. But he has one joy, his children. This joy makes him endure. He works the land and his thought is in another place, with his children. He says to himself. However heavy my work is, I will do this sacrifice. This sacrifice in the name of his children brings him joy. He has an idea. Like a man working for his home, suffers and is joyful so when he works for God, he will suffer and be glad. If his work for his home is blessed, how much more is God's word blessed.

Short lecture by The Teacher held on Oct 2nd 1921. Sofia

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Galina_Stoilova75 (Galina Stoilova)

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