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Today, when we came back from the Praying top, we danced Paneurhythmy by the second lake. After breakfast we did the following exercise: we stood around the lake with some distance between us, we took off our shoes and we stepped a little into the water. We washed our hands, face and head, after that we scooped water with both our hands and we splashed in front of us. We came out of the water lively and refreshed.


The Master said: kids can do this exercise in school. If there is no lake, a clear river or a spring can be used. The water works mitigating - it calms down, brings softness. It works very healthily on the nerves - drenching with water acts therapeutically on the nervous system, but it has to be done with warm water. The people from villages where you can find a lot of water differ from the people from villages with less water.


On the physical plane there are two powerful elements - water and bread. Another element is air; it has a certain relationship with the nervous system. The forth element is the light; it is related to thought. The bread, the water and the air are condensed energy, or to be more specific, they are condensed light, and the light is condensed Divine thought.


Light has to be consumed the same way as the bread -you have to chew bread and you also have to chew light. What does it mean to chew the light? It means to accept it with your mind, with the participation of the consciousness, in order to perceive the Divine thought which is in it - only then will enlightenment come. When he perceives light, a man must be aware that it is a condensed Divine thought.


When you step into the water, be thankful. When you step out, be thankful again. When you breathe, be thankful. Whatever you do, be thankful.


We have to perceive Love through our heart, which is where its place is.

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