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1914_04_19 The Four Basic Elements

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 4


The Four Basic Elements


„Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood, have eternal life and I will raise them from the dead in the final day.” John 6: 54


There are four elements for building spiritual life: God’s Love, God’s Life, God’s Thought, and God’s Will.


When children study arithmetic, they have four basic operations. When a chemist studies chemistry, he will also come across four elements. When God’s Love is restricted within its boundaries, it manifests God’s Life that bears God’s thought. From God’s Thought, God’s Will is born and from God’s Will – our life.


If God’s life is not produced in us, we are not able to think. When we want God to come alive in us, we have to create His Love – we must love Him, otherwise He will not live in us. To create these four elements, there are six more things that we have to know.


There are three things that lie to us: first, the taste wants to test the stomach to see what it needs. Some food may be cooked from bad meat but can be well seasoned and can deceive the taste, but when it goes into the stomach, the food is rejected. Second, our heart lies to us; that’s why we have to listen to our soul – it never lies because the heart accepts what the soul rejects. Third, the intellect; just as the relationship between the heart and the soul, so is the relationship between the intellect and the mind – the Spirit controls them. To re-educate the taste, the heart, and the intellect, we have to listen to the advice of the stomach, the soul, and the Spirit, and to do that we have to know how to nourish our stomach, soul, and mind. If we know that, we will be healthy. Where is the food we need? Our lungs do not search for the air – when we open our mouth, air penetrates the lungs. There are thousands of objects around us for intellectual food and we accept it with our eyes and ears.


How do we apply these four basic elements? – Through Love. People are unhappy because they search for Love. And what is Love? It means to be ready for self-sacrifice. We love someone because they give us something. We love Christ, because he gives us food, because he sacrificed himself for us – he is in the corn grain that we eat. That’s why it is said: “To eat My flesh and drink My blood”. If you want to be loved you have to be ready for self-sacrifice; to love means to sacrifice oneself, i.e. to sow – we have to sow Love in order to reap Love. Our life is valuable as long as it is useful to our fellow men. Life is a power that God has given to us; it can be taken as it was given.


Now we have no Life – we groan, lie down, turn over in bed and so on. The Man must have three things that are necessary for Life: strong and deep Peace and self-sacrifice for God. Christ has shown us the way of Life. First is self-sacrifice and it means to sacrifice our mind, heart, and property for our fellow men. Christ has put His Life where it can grow. The first condition for our life is to give up a lot of our desires and dirt. The river flows pure into the sea, but when it runs out it brings also filth. We should not come back with the filthy, bad desires.


To get closer to God, we have to turn to God’s Love, life, thought, and will. After we let them inside us, we will have them in our life and God will send His Spirit and we will be healthy and intelligent.


Let’s leave our sins and not constantly repeat them, “God will use them for fresh soil to sow wheat”. The Sun shines everyday, and God is before us every day. God lives above us as the Sun is above the Earth. It sends us the warmth and light we need to grow, removing the cold that reigns in the Universe and hinders any progress. In the same way, by His spirit, God lights up, warms and helps us grow. When we are healthy, intelligent and lively, the Spirit is with us and God is with us. For that life and world there is no need for a special programme; it is enough to follow what is given to us by God’s original plan and we will be rich. We suffer because we alter God’s plan. We have to get free of false notions and external influence and to consult God within us. Let’s listen to our internal voice – to consult God inside us; let’s listen to our internal voice – our soul.


If God is in the soul – I can do anything; and if the devil is in the soul – I can’t do anything; i.e. to each of God’s deeds we have to say “I can”, and to each deed not of God there is sense to say “I can’t”. After we say, “I can”, God will come and help us with the most difficult things – when we say, “I can”, we surely will do it. The devil has power because we say, “I can”, when he urges us to lie and do similar things. The woman does wrong by saying: “I can’t please my husband”, as well as the mother when she says, “I can’t educate my children.” Christ wants us to use two phrases: I can and I can’t. – I can love, I can’t hate, I can tell the truth, I can’t lie and so on. In that way both spirits appear and they are with us every day – the good one tells us something and we reject it, but we are not free because the spirit of evil is waiting for us. Christ is here to teach us to say, “I can” when Good comes, and to say, “I can’t“ when the Evil is here. A corn-field cannot be owned by two proprietors – it should be owned either by the Good or by the Evil. It is the same situation with the man. God teaches us everything, which is Good. Be faithful to God who lives inside of you.


We must have the four basic elements – God’s Love, God’s Life, God’s Thought, and God’s Will – to plant in us taste, heart, mind, and intellect and to develop our heart, soul, and Spirit. Never to say, “I didn’t understand” but only say, “I understood”. Then God will let us understand everything in practice.


Let us be faithful to God, to Christ. Christ – that is Life and Love – the vivid thoughts that teach people to love. He is unification of the Sublime spirits, teaching people how to live, giving them the laws and ruling them. Christ is the one who frees us from the chains we get voluntarily entangled in. If now we do not see Him, He will show up one day and will demand the tithe. He is our oldest brother. The day of His appearance is soon. It is too late for those who have not searched for Him. There is already light everywhere, the way of life is changing.


Let us be faithful to our God, to our Christ who we already know. He has given us Life and health and He will always be with us and in us.


19th April 1914, Burgas




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