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The days of the brotherhood meeting were coming, the gathering days as we call them. The Master determined them for each year. They were expected by everyone with a sacred tremble. On this occasion the Master said:


For 19th of august - the gathering day - you will prepare the same way as for Easter. You will wash up; you will dress with your finest cloths - white coat and white hat.


One brother asked the Master in relation to one idea from today's lecture at the Praying top. The Master said:


When someone has spoken badly of you, pass by this place three times, until you meet him so you can give him a gift. And say nothing to him. Then this man will say: "They speak badly of that man, but he is not bad."


What does it mean Do not resist evil? It means to use Love as an instrument. When someone insults you, when he does something bad to you, do not tell anyone, keep it to yourself, show Love towards him, because he has fallen. If he has fallen, why do you have to fall too? I do not want anyone to come to me and tell me the short comings of any one!


Someone insults you, but you are already in the Love, you are not offended - the law of Love excludes you feeling offended.


The Love you feel for somebody has to be sacred. The one you love has insulted you. What will you do? Because of the Love in which you live, you will turn the bitter feelings into sweet.


You say: "I am not disposed toward that man." Try to come to love the one you hate. Get used to seeing in those you do not love, a manifestation of the Divine. Someone does not love his wife. Let's find in her something nice, one good quality. God is in the minds and hearts of people. A thug speaks to you. Smile to him and take his hand, feed him. When you shake hands with him, he will become smaller, you will grow and he will do nothing to you. A saint passes through the forest. When the thug sees him, he says: "There is no need for me to rob you" - this means that God is manifesting through the thug.


You send a good thought towards someone, but he does not receive it. It will come back to you. As he does not love you, he gives you back the good - he says: "I do not want your good." And when you send him evil, he does not want your evil either - and it comes back to you. When you do him evil, you wake up his mind and he will try to do you even bigger evil. And when you do him good, he may not do you good, but he will not do you evil either.


If you love me because I love you, this is good. But if you love a man, who follows you, this is character. When you do the man who follows you a favor, this is character. When you do a favor to the one, who has insulted you ten times, you are peculiar in your actions. God wants peculiar things like that.


In the external life the stupid serve the smart, the weak - the strong; in the internal life the smart serve the stupid, the strong - the weak, the loving - the unloving.


All of you hold on to one rule: Do not care what the others think of you, whether they love you or not. In a given moment it is not necessary to know whether they love you; it is important for you to be sure that you love them. You are not responsible to decide whether they love you. Who and how they love you - this is not your business; how you love - this is your business.


Do not be interested in how much your friend loves you. If someone loves you, leave him be and tell him that he is on the right path. Do not ask why those people love each other.


You have been sent as ambassadors to love the people and to give them what you have to. What God requires from you, this is the important thing.


People do not have to give me rules on how I have to love. Nobody must intervene in the love of others. There is only one Creature, Which can talk about Love - It is God. Therefore do not intervene in God's work - who loves who and how he loves them. Do not interfere with Love, do not interfere with God, but learn from Him!


I will give you another rule of Love: welcome your beloved firstly in humble cloths, while working in your garden. Do not interrupt your work, let him come to you and help you. And then you will dress with your nicer cloths.


A king's daughter is getting married. She was so loved in Heaven, that God sent an angel bearing gifts. But he fell in love with her and could not come back. When a man becomes attached to something, he cannot go back. Let's be happy for those relationships, which God has developed.


Many of you have been connected artificially to see if you know how to break the connection. If you cannot break it, you have not passed the test. You do not love somebody - this is a relationship.


Man has to think that he is in a world where everything is arranged. And if there are any contradictions, he should know that he has not completely understood things.


There is no better thing than having a friend, who has the same opinion of you as you have of yourself. This friend, to be ready to sacrifice his life for you; and you, to be ready to sacrifice your life for him.


Whoever loves is a mother. If you love, you are a mother, no matter what form you have.


What God has done for us, we have to do for others.


The service of the servant is related to Love. When we love someone, we foresee everything, we are mindful. The mindfulness is a quality of Love. You will be careful toward the one you love. You will learn what he needs.


When you love, you will be loved back. If you do not love anyone, there is no one to help you. When you love someone, you are ready to do anything for him. You have to give him freedom, not to racketeer him. You have to be very delicate, careful with the mind, heart and soul of your beloved, so he would not think that you want to use him, but think that you want to sacrifice yourself for him. If he thinks that you want to use him, you are lost.


The first servant is God. Let's decide to be servants, so we can be together with God.


Until you gain the power through which you find pleasure in serving, in providing benevolence towards the smallest, and realize that this is a privilege, until then you cannot say you know something. This is the law of the angels, of the White Brotherhood, which now leads the world. All the White Brothers, all the angels fulfill this great law.


Someone is unhappy because he has not learned the law of serving. Open your hearts for Love and God will begin to talk to you as clearly as he never has before. He will tell you: "This is how this will be is done, do that, this is how you serve."


Love firstly serves the others and then itself. Only Love can make a sacrifice in the world. Without Love, no sacrifice is possible. A sacrifice, in which there is no Love, is not accepted. If you are ready to sacrifice your life for the one you love, you will be ready to sacrifice yourself for God too.


We will begin our life with the teaching of Love. Do not say to anyone: "You will do this for me", this is not in the Divine teaching. I do not have the right to tell anyone: "Do that for me, don't you have Love?"


Everybody should race in Love!


When we say about someone that he loves, this means that he has provided for every need of his beloved. In Love you tremble for the one you love and you try to satisfy all his needs.


When you love certain people, God has entrusted them to you so you can raise them. This means they are entrusted to you by God.


The one who has real Love will give to you, he will not want anything from you. But the one who gave you one and wants ten, loves you with human love.


You have written what I have been saying. You can read it to others. This is the good you can do. After you gather water from the fountain, you will bring from it to others.


While you place someone lower than yourself, you do not love him.


Whoever loves you truly will cure you, will teach you, will show you Nature, etc. He cannot be unhappy.


When in Love a man wants to take, then he is unhappy.


You can never influence people if you do not love them. To influence a plant, you have to water it, to hoe it. When you love a man, he represents a flower or a tree you are watering.


Christ with His Love has been carrying the sufferings of all mankind for thousands of years. With this Love He can carry all the sufferings of the world.


When you are very sad, this shows that there are clouds in your mind - darkness. And when you are happy, the sky is clean. The Sun always shines, but the ones who are sad, have not perceived its rays.


Man needs softness. If you are not soft, flexible, you cannot endure. People get old because they are not flexible.


If you are with Love, everywhere they will stop you and tell you: "Come, take this watermelon", "Come to our garden and take some apples." But if you are without Love, they will not stop you anywhere, and they will tell you: "Leave."


You have come to the world to find out who loves you.


Now workers are needed for the New teaching.


If you put a prism, it refracts light. If you put a simple stone, it does not refract and does not reflect light. This way the human soul must reflect Divine Love and Divine knowledge.


Be joyful now. Do not lose your heart, because I often find lost hearts. You give your hearts to anyone, but God says: "Give


Me your heart" - because the human heart has to be in very good hands. When it falls in the hands of God, this is a blessing, but when it falls in human hands, someone will touch it, cut it, so he can study it, and when he gives it back, it is all cut up.


Loved is the man who always gives. When a man is not loved, outside they pay him for work, and when they love him, they do not pay him anything - they pay him with Love.


There is no bigger foundation than the foundation of Love, there is no holier thought than the thought of Love and there is no brighter feeling than the feeling of Love. Because of that, always rest in Love. Outside Love are the shadows, the unreal, but the unreal things give nothing to man; they take, but do not give.


An important law is: in Love you must not lose yourself. Do not lose yourself. People first love each other and then they begin to lose themselves, i.e. they leave their work, the growth of the spirit falls behind. When you lose yourself, the soul stops its growth and Love leaves. Two people love each other and start drifting - for instance when you love someone, you cease your writing, your reading, your praying, you forget everything. You must love and work!


All good people must gather and then they must scatter, so they can help.


Be joyous. I say this: do not take off your smile, never take off the smile from your face. Always, even in your saddest moment, there always has to be a smile to be noticed, because if you do not smile, the worst comes.


Love smiles to everybody without exceptions.


When someone smiles, I am happy, because that smile is like the morning zephyr, like the dawn. The smile increases the human capital.


Always smile, do not be serious. A man should be satisfied when everybody is satisfied, this is the order of things; but to be satisfied among unsatisfied people - this is art. When you go to unsatisfied people, you will bring a donkey loaded with gifts: bread, fruit, and clothes. Then the faces of everybody will brighten up and they will become satisfied.


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