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1914_10_12 The Conditions of the Eternal Life

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 1


The Conditions of the Eternal Life


“And this is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent”  John 17:3


When a young Bulgarian man, pure like the dew, meets his ideal in the world for the first time, he stops and tells himself: “I have found her, it is she. Like Archimedes, I can now determine the specific gravity of bodies, indicate how much silver, copper and gold there is in this king’s crown. Like Newton, I can now say why apples ripen and fall down, why rocks roll from a height, why mountain springs go downwards, jump up and down, murmur and run in speed, why Heavenly bodies run in space and turn around their central foci; now my mind, my heart reveals to me this great secret of motion in Life; I can tell you in what Eternal life lies; I can determine its properties, qualities, conditions and elements. I have found them, I have found the philosopher’s stone, I have acquired the valuable elixir of Life; I am able to be courageous like a lion, patient like an ox, flying like an eagle, sensible like a human. It is quite rightly said: “You have revealed it to the just”. This young man is not far away from the truth, he has comprehended the original language that God had spoken. His conclusions and concepts show that he understands the original from which he draws inspiration, he speaks, thinks, feels and acts correctly – grammatically, logically and philosophically. There is peace and harmony in his soul, no dispute about the word eternal – whether it should be placed before or after the word life. “This is the external shell of things – he says – for me is important that she stayed in my mind, in my heart, has penetrated deep in my soul and supported my Spirit with her Divine fire.”


His reply is correct. Years ago it was normal that coachman sat in front of the carriage while master in back. In newer times the rule changed –master sits in front and coachman – in back. It is all the same whether in front or in back as long as the reins are in proficient hands, the horses are strong, the carriage is in good condition, the coachman is quick-witted, the master is clever and good – the aim is achieved. But someone will ask: “What do you want to say by this?” – Nothing more, simply and clearly that the master and the coachman should be at their places. “And what more do you want to say?” – Can you say as that young man: “I have found her or I have found him?” This is the important question for you. When you give an answer to it, the world and life will obtain a different appearance.


But let us revert to the subject: when Christ said these words about the Eternal life in the presence of His disciples, He revealed them a great law of Life through which two essential elements of Life are delimited and determined, included in the temporary and in the eternal lives, in the conscious and in the super sensual lives. Now, people who do not comprehend the deep sense of the original language may make one or another translation, may change the order of the words but there are certain laws that regulate human thought and do not allow a peculiar change. Until man does not get used to think correctly he will make mistakes and will expiate them through a number of sufferings. The things written in the Great book of Life are for the sensible people; they are not for the lower beings that do not comprehend these laws.


Now, if someone reads Eternal life or Life eternal he will ask what is to understand under the word eternal. There is an external and an internal sense in this word. In our country under eternal life is understood a long, boundless, ceaseless life. In English is eternal but the root of this word is of Sanskrit origin and means land and in Sanskrit land means a being that conceives and bears. Often eternal life is mixed up with the existence of man, but man may exist without living. Metaphysicians argue on this subject but when we enter the field of the trial philosophy to verify Divine laws our conclusions should be based on the Truth and our results should be right.


In human life there are three basic elements that never change; three main principles on which his present life is built up. They are implemented in grammar, in logics and in mathematics. For example, when children study sentences first they say that there are subjects, predicates and conjunctions in sentences. There may be also attributes, objects and so on but the basis is in these three words that give a thought. If I would ask you what is a subject you would say: “The word that indicates the object about which there is a talk in the sentence.” And predicate? – “The word that shows what is told about that object.” Well, if a teacher would have given you to analyze grammatically the verse I read, to show which words are the most important in it, all would pause up on the words God and Jesus Christ. But the main thought here is Eternal life whereas Jesus Christ is a predicate to this thought. God and Jesus Christ are the two principles from which the Eternal life results or the two supports, the two pillars on which it rests. Logically speaking God is the big premise, Jesus Christ is the small premise and Eternal life – the conclusion. Let us make this thought even clearer. The words Eternal life understand the reasonable motion of souls; the word God understands the embryos of the Spirit, the conditions, the forces, the laws in Nature on which this impressive order of things is being built and is lying and Jesus Christ – the reasonable beginning that goes out of the Only God and that directs and keeps all living beings.


Now, you may think that saying Eternal life you comprehend and know what Eternal life is actually. But which is the basic element of knowledge? We know only those things that we can try, can do. We do not know anything that we cannot try and do – we have nothing else but an idea and can only guess about such things no matter of what nature they are. If you are given a piece of cloth you will say: “I know how it has been made”, but if you are asked to make it, to spin the woof, to put the warp, you will say: “I do not know.”


Science says that every living being requires an environment and conditions in order to be able to live. For example, the environment of fish is water. What should we understand under the word environment? Environment, basis, soil are things that have many points of contact. In Bulgarian as well as in other languages there is no word to point at the essential difference between these three words. The first element of the Eternal life is that element in which the soul is dipped as the fish is – we call this element an environment. When we start building a house we call this environment a foundation – we erect walls on the foundation and roof the house. When we sow a plant we call this environment soil – in the soil we sow the various seeds. In everything we should find the environment first. What is the environment in the eternal life? God is. However there are two other transitional elements or conditions. Some mix up conditions with environment. There is a difference. For a train to go from Sofia to Varna there should be certain conditions – rails, coal and water. And which are the conditions of life when we speak about man? The environment in which man lives is air – man is dipped in it. But air is not the only element needed for the existence of man, fish and birds; there is a second element – food; but we are not dipped in the food: this element is transitional; it comes from outside, goes into us and goes out of us leaving behind its results. The third element for man, in which fish is dipped – water, is an environment for fish whereas for man it is only a condition; if we dip man in what fish is dipped, he will die. Hence for man water is a condition to exist. Let us take the air which is an environment for man – if we deprive him of air, he will die; for fish air is a condition – this condition is in the water itself and when it passes through the gills of a fish, this air passes through its respiratory system and purifies the blood. Water is an environment for fish; for man an environment is air.


However environment is only one third of the truth. Where are false concepts generated? When we use an example in an analogical way we should know how much truth there is in it. We should be always sincere and not only our conclusions should be true but at the same time the small and the big premises should be true as well. The one premise may be true but if the other is not, your conclusion will be wrong. And when mathematicians and engineers make certain calculations and structures they take into consideration all circumstances precisely in order to avoid any possible errors. You should build up in yourselves on the same law when you want to build up your character – your mind and your heart. You should know how to build it up – should know which one is an environment, which one is a condition and which one – an element, because there are elements as well. The elements are relevant to the supporting of Life whereas the conditions – to the existence of Life. For example, fields, gardens, vineyards and so on form conditions for Life and from which the elements of Life such as wheat, fruit and so on result. Light is an element necessary for Life but it is the forth element; air, food and water are the first three elements. If fish would say: “For me water is quite a lot” because it finds there all its food and if man would want to live in water, too, he would find himself contrary to the basic laws that regulate his life because he is not able to go into water and live there like the fish. The errors in all modern philosophies and religions result exactly from these wrong concepts. There are many dogmatic points in them that are half true.


Let us return to the word eternal. It concerns the Spiritual world; it understands materials in itself from which the immortal life can be built. The word life understands the organic life in the substance that grows up and develops and cannot be ceaseless, everlasting – its form may change and we call this change death. Ideas of death are various, however. For man to die does not mean that he will lose his consciousness at all but means that he may lose those conditions in which Life manifests itself. Consciousness may stay just as human bones remain when people die, Consciousness is the spiritual backbone of man. So the whole nervous system and the organs that function along with the other feelings and abilities are based on this backbone, as is on the human backbone. As for God, He is the supreme power or the necessary environment in which man is dipped spiritually.


Let us explain this analogy: when we say that light is necessary for human eye this means that the cells of the eye are dipped in the light and that it is necessary to keep them alive. Human soul should be dipped too. You have not dipped it – this means that you are outside your environment; you will live as an embryo like many grains of wheat that have stayed in the Egypt pyramids and tombs for five-six thousand years in dry place and have waited for conditions to be sown in order to sprout. Such grains of wheat were recently taken out and sown and they gave an excellent result. Human soul, too, like a grain staying in the Divine granary is waiting for these three necessary elements which the conditions, the forces and the laws contain to be able to start its life again. Speaking in a Christian sense, we should find the conditions at which we will be able to dip and live within God. The effort of every conscious man should be directed in this sense in order to be able to reach that position. You live, you exist but this living and existing is simply vegetating. Your existing consists of only one element and is being restricted by the Divine essence that has created you as grains of wheat and fruit seeds. You cannot avoid your existence, you cannot self-destruct – your existence is beyond time and space. In this state human soul had existed for milliards of years in the womb of the Divine consciousness but its life of that time had been of different nature – it had not been individualized, it had not known the particular life of the individual Spirit; it had lived in the contemplation of the Divine bliss – in a slumbering state. But now, with its waking up it comes to the Earth to learn the inner sense of this Life as well –the individual life, to acquire its own Immortal life by itself and to become a citizen of Heaven with certain rights and obligations. This inner striving is a condition imposed on it by God.


Now, some want to become incarnated and at the same time to live as God lives. But to live like God is a contradiction because you need not to go out of God in order to live like Him. What need does this Divine Consciousness have to separate itself, to search for some other life? This shows that human soul has always existed in God and it is its eternal striving to search for Him in all His manifestations and to follow His example.


But let us return to the scientific aspect of the subject – ruling over these three basic things: environment, conditions and elements for existence. In church this idea is expressed as a Triple-face of God. What does this word mean? It means three different beings that have the same thought, the same will – the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. In grammar they are subject, predicate and conjunction; in logic – big premise, small premise and conclusion. God is the environment for all beings and for our soul, too. Christ is the element that brings Life within Himself and the conditions that contribute Life to manifest are in the Holy Ghost.


When you change the order of things you should at the same time change the laws that regulate the forms of things. You can dip into the water but in order to live in it you should change your human form to a fish one as well. This would be a degradation of Life because you would convert the condition (the water in this case) into an environment. And when you convert the environment into condition there will be an advancement of Life. In both cases the form of the being should change of necessity. We can change the form of a fish only when we change its environment. If we draw it out and introduce it bit by bit in the air its organism will surely reorganize as well, it will become a bird, will adapt to the air. Then water will become a condition for its existence as food and light are. When Christ says: “This is life eternal, that they might know You the Only true God”, what does He want to say under the words the Only true God? This is that Supreme power that moves constantly within us, that brings Life within itself and creates the conditions through which we are able to know it. A being that is dipped in a certain environment cannot know this environment; for example, fish cannot know the water in which it is dipped. Some want to know God. If you are dipped in God you will not know Him because you are inside Him; then you only live in Him without knowing Him. And you should go out of Him and make Him a condition of your existence if you want to know Him.


Let us suppose that you are talking to a cell that lives in you. Human cells are reasonable beings, they have a certain kind of intelligence – they are like fish and birds. It may seem strange to you but it is true. You can make an attempt to talk and these cells will understand you. And speaking in their language they will perform their duties excellently. You may also intimidate them and they will cower. If now a cell says: “I want to know what man is” it will be the same as when man says: “I want to see what God is”; then God should not be an environment, man should go out of Him. – “But is it possible?” It is, you only should change your form. – “But I cannot!” “Wait then until you change it – here is the philosophy of the matter. And, in order to be able to know what man is, the cell should journey through milliards of conditions, through all tissues – to be in the stomach, in the heart, in the lungs, in the brain and so on – and only them it would be able to stop and say: “I have formed my opinion on man, I already know what man is.” And now we, the philosophers of this world, after we have been everywhere, we stop and say: “Come to tell you what God is – He is all-powerful, did you understand now?” - “Yes, I did.” You have understood nothing. Only when you go out of this environment, when you pass through the door called death, when you die, only then you will know what God is – that is why people die. And when a desire to know God arises in a soul, then it should die saying to itself: “I should die in order to know God” - this is the most correct definition of knowledge of God.


Those ones who wrote the Gospel were very wise people. Some think that the evangelists, being fishermen, were simple-minded, uneducated and that Christ was also simple-minded, uneducated. But this is absolutely not right. Christ studied in the Heaven school; He had no need to study on the Earth. I wonder at this superficial conclusion that a person who had never studied was able to change the world and to take people to God. The materialists, the pantheists say: “You, the Christians, are utter fools, there is no logic in you – you rely on a person who has been simple-minded, uneducated to take you to God. When we reason – they add, - we take into consideration everything.” While preaching one day in a church that Christ had fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish and in order to make it possible for the audience to comprehend that miracle, one said: “You do not think that this bread was normal, do you? No, it was big as hills”. Hearing this, a shepherd whistled and said: “Why do you speak in this way? I do not wonder that the bread was so big but I wonder how big the mouth of the bakery was where this bread had been baked.” This is our lack of logic, our superficial way of thinking.


The first thing a Christian should do is to get free from all false conclusions, false thoughts and false desires. And he is able to do it. A rational person can free himself at once. And a disciple might check how correct the sentence is: “Man is a being with two legs, every being with two legs is a man; therefore a hen that has two legs is a man, too.” The conclusion is very correct but the two legs are not the things that characterize man – he can walk on four legs as well; and the things that may characterize man are his mind, his heart and his soul – these are three elements. Legs or hands are only a conclusion, i.e. an external physical product of human activity. When man has to take action he should have hands and legs – the conditions will create them. You will ask: “What will be they?” They will correspond to the environment. We say that it is not possible for certain organs to be changed as long as the being lives in one and the same environment. If we take fish we will say that the fins by which it swims are necessary for it in the water and they cannot change. But if fish would go out of the water, if it would be able to do this and would want to become a human, its fins would have to be converted into hands and legs. We who want to pass into the Spiritual world are like fish dipped in an environment. If we want to get acquainted with the conditions in which Angels live, they would tell us as we would tell the fish that would want to go out of the water and to enter our environment, to think and act: “First you have to change your fins, to form lungs and to learn to breathe.” The fish that would teach some other how to make lungs would be the most learned fish. Now, I too recommend you this learning – to make lungs for the other world, because if you do not have this you will not enter it. You should be prepared so that your life could continue upwards when you leave the Earth.


Now, let us turn to the word knowledge. In our written speech words are composed of certain symbols - the letters by which they are written. As an example, let us take the Bulgarian word ПОЗНАВАНЕ (knowledge): first there are two lines drawn from above downwards; when you put one more line on top, it becomes the letter П. We want to make O – we draw a circle, we put it next to П and it becomes ПО. For the letter З we take the two halves of O and put the one above the other. For the Н we take the vertical lines of П and put the upper line in their middle. We are to write А, we take two lines touched in the upper part and joined by a line in the middle. For the B we take a straight line and stick the symbol of З to it and so on. But the one who has created these symbols had a certain idea in him. By analogy I reason about plants, flowers in the following way: while growing a flower stays like a glass open upwards until it takes an embryo; once it takes the embryo it starts turning upside down and finally it droops – it forms the letter П. And I say: in knowledge the glass is turned to God in order to have something poured and learning this thing it wants to try what this thing is – it creates the experience. Or, in the organic sense we understand that the blossom has already knitted and that the fruit should ripen. So you cannot have any knowledge until you do not conceive – otherwise you would be an empty soul turned upwards. When the soul turns downwards we will say that God has put something in you. This fruit may fall down prematurely but then it will have to repeat the process of developing and ripening because no pains, no gains. The “0”, the zero is nothing, they say, but in mathematics it has the power to increase and to decrease ten times if we put it before or after a figure. For example, if we put 0 after 1 we will have a ten times bigger number whereas if we put 0 before 1, we will have a ten times smaller number. Then, the nothing is something, too. How is it possible that something that does not have anything in itself be able to increase or decrease things? In my opinion, time and space in the nothing exist as two elements of our organic development; Light and Warmth act in the space. So, when we put a zero after the П this shows that there are conditions for the blossom to develop.


But we are get down in this tree which has a double life: upwards – in the trunk and in the branches and downwards – in the roots. We say that fish is dipped into the water whereas man – into the air; this is half true. There are also other elements which if removed life will be stopped, too. Fruit trees have two environments: soil for the roots and atmosphere for the branches and the blossoms. Then knowledge understands knowledge of the soil as an environment for the branches and for the roots as a condition for getting food for the branches, the leaves and the blossoms. Let us say that while traveling this tree – the Tree of life, you are in the roots. There is a double life in it – material one in the roots and spiritual one in the branches. They are like a subject and a predicate. The world of spirits, of Angels, called by some an astral world is the conjunction between the human world (the physical, the material) and the purely Spiritual or the Divine world. The One who speaks is God – He represents the predicate, the source of knowledge, Power and Life; man is the subject, the soil that prepares the saps of Life whereas the auxiliary verb “is” – these are the spirits, the Angels that connect the physical world with the Spiritual one and that apply the laws of the harmonious function of these two worlds. You may have a subject, may have a predicate but if you do not have this conjunction you do not have a sentence. The Angels are the ones that bring the knowledge of God in us without which we can have no Life in ourselves.


I will make a comparison. Let us presume that in winter time you go out in the night, you are trembling and basking in the moon. Someone asks you: “Why are you sitting here?” – “I am basking”. “But there is no Sun.” – “You are blind, you deceive yourself, this Sun will warm me little by little.”


When you have no idea about God this shows that between God and you there is a certain gap, a certain barrier that cuts the connection of your life with the Divine one.


Now I have noticed that maybe in this speech there is something vague for your mind. Do you know why? There is an interstice when I change over from this world to explain you the things of the other world. If I tell you about music I will say that with his ear man is able to distinguish from thirty two thousand to forty six thousand vibrations of sound waves per second at most. When we come to the light it appears straightaway as a red ray produced in our eye by four hundred and twenty eight milliards vibrations per second. Going up this scale, we will see that there are seven hundred and thirty nine milliards of vibrations per second between the red and the purple rays. Our speech can be logic only when we restrict ourselves within the narrow circle of things that we are able to realize, i.e. that we can try and comprehend. Once we pass from the sound to the light sharp we cannot be always logic because between sound and light there are certain vibrations that we have not taken into consideration. We have passed from the sound to the light but have omitted some fields about which we had no the idea. We leave for the other world from thirty two thousand vibrations and go to forty six thousand vibrations per second – to the world accessible to our ear and we say: “We know up to here”, but when we go on we are in darkness and say: “We do not know this.” Reaching the red rays, we say: “Thank God, we passed this desert”, but this desert covers an unimaginably huge space between two limits of forty six thousand and four hundred and twenty eight milliards of vibrations per second. All that things that people do not comprehend are a desert for them in which nothing grows, nothing exists. When Christ spoke about Eternal life He was very careful. He had filled all interstices, had joined the worlds together: the Spiritual world – with the world of the Angels, the Divine world – with the world of the Trinity, the physical world – with the world of people – the souls. That is why He says: “I am the Way from the Truth of Life – I join these two worlds and lead equally to both the world of the Angels and the world of God, of Truth. Therefore, that one who follows Me and starts along the Way that I will show him, will find that good which is necessary for his soul – the Divine Peace.” That is why He also says: “I give you Peace, I leave you My peace.” And Peace is a child of Heaven; it is reared in the home of God. From the above we conclude the following: the Way – this is the motion of the Spirit in the reasonable application of the laws in Nature; Life is the harmonic arrangement of the elements and the development of the forces in the Divine soul; Truth is the manifestation of the Only God who creates the conditions at which human Spirit and human soul can strive to something better and brighter in this broad world.


Let us take the Eternal Life as a spring that flows out of a mountain peak of the Divinity, below a rock – water is the element that carries Life; the stream of the river is the Way of this descending to a lower direction, to a lower world. That is why Christ says: “I came out of Truth - of God and descended into the material world to help people, to give them this life-giving water.” That is why He says in another place: “I am life-giving water.” These three things about which I am talking: Eternal Life–God–Jesus Christ, Way–Truth and Life are connected between each other. If the water does not spring from the mountain peak and if it does not start running along this Way, along the bed of the river about which Christ speaks, then it cannot bring the expected good. And from purely Christian point of view we should be near to this spring. The living Christ is the Spring – one should merely know how to drink the water of this Spring. I do not say that you do not know how to drink but you drink this water five hundred or a thousand kilometers away from the Spring and then you say that you know what Christ is. And you know not how many other elements have gone into this water, have troubled it, misleading thus your taste. You should start upstream – the way is slightly long, blisters will be raised on the feet but on reaching the Spring you will say: “This is what I call water.” And those who cannot go to the Spring will drink troubled water – troubled because it is ever worse without any water. I tell you: even though blisters will be raised on your feet, do go to the Spring and drink Its pure water. When coming back you will have a clear and sharp mind, a good heart and a breadth of view. Much effort is needed, much work on himself in order man to be able to apply Christ’s teaching, to obtain those good results that will raise him to be one day a fellow-citizen in the Heaven, to live among the saints and the Angels.


Let me now return to the matter: when we talk about Eternal life in the sense of immortality, everyone will say that such Life is impossible here, on the Earth. Sure enough, is it possible for one to obtain Life when he dies? The conclusion is correct but not all correct conclusions are true, because how do we know that man dies totally? When someone had not worked in spring, in summer, in autumn and is saying “I am going to work in winter”, I will tell him: you have no conditions to work. If you have not made money in spring, in summer and in autumn, how will you make money in winter, if you have not worked when the time was to how will you acquire Eternal life? You can acquire Eternal life now, today, if only you have the courage of that Bulgarian shepherd – to carry your stick correctly and to know how to use it, how to hit. Hitting, translated in a scientific form means the circumstances at which you can react when meeting a difficulty in your life. You often say “As God has said” but God says that the sheep of such a coward will be taken and he will be a slave and will stay in Egypt like the Jews to make bricks. And indeed, we only make bricks and houses: we build and build, make a house and God comes and turn us out; we start again: we save five, ten, fifteen, twenty years and some years later He takes it again. Why is this vain labour? I do not want to say that we must not work but we should work wisely, to earn something that will be ours.


When I preach in this way someone may say: “But you teach us not to work.” I teach that you should work. That one, who has come – the tax-collector will walk away with your property and your heart and will sell them but he has never sold the mind of man. How many hearts and how many souls have been pawned and sold! And people say that they are owners. We can see many who do not know how to think, how to act – they can hate but cannot love. All these people make karma with their corrupted minds and hearts and you can see how in the future the whole population will suffer and cry from the laws that their representatives have published. Do ask your deputies, your parliament what laws do they make? From a certain parliament they say: “We make such laws that in the future religion will not be taught in school; some other say: “God will be abolished, this is something obsolete; churches will not be visited, the new ideas will be respected and those who will not fulfill this law will be fined so many leva1. You say: “What to do, such are the deputies that we have sent to make laws and now we will disobey.” But you will say still further: “The law that has been passed is not fair”. You will have to bring other deputies of yours who will make a different law after proving your rightness. What happens in the world happens in us as well. Christ says that in order to acquire Eternal life man should first learn to think and act correctly.


You are now telling yourselves: “We know – as soon as we come back home we will start applying the law correctly.” What will you apply? The old law again – some small trouble will run you off the rails and you will forget the Eternal life. Should the housemaid burns the meal you will shout at her and argue and will lose in that meal your whole mind and your heart. Do you know what you look like? Many times clever people have composed stories about certain cases. For example, a dog was passing a bridge and seeing in the water that another dog was carrying a bone it dropped its bone and plunged into the river to seize the other one – it lost its bone. Often we do the same – we drop the substance for the shadow. Let the housemaid burn your meal – let this does not disturb you. When you are preparing an Eternal life for yourselves, do have the patience and the self-control of that philosopher who, after twenty years of work on certain mathematical matters which he had been noting down on slips of paper, did not get angry with of the housemaid when, on coming back home, he saw that she had thrown all his slips of paper in the fire while tidying the room. And you should keep your slips of paper. Now you often take, collect these slips of paper which God has written and say: “What are these rags?” and you throw them in the fire. When God comes and asks where your papers are what will you answer? – “We cleaned our room.” – “This should not happen any more.” You should not clean your Divine room in this way. These slips of paper are the different centers in man in which God has written many and quite valuable for you things – everything should be put in order. There are many things thrown about the building that God is constructing – there are bricks, sand, stones scattered; all these materials will be used in the building of your new dwelling – you should prepare these materials by yourselves. That is why Christ says: “When you know inside you the Only true God who builds, who is an environment, a condition, and an element for you, then you will acquire the Eternal life.”


And now I want to leave you three things on which you should think – environment, conditions and elements. Those who cannot think of this let them think of what they can. But those who think let them see whether they are dipped in that environment called God, whether they have the conditions and the elements; is their air clear, are their windows opened, are their eyes, their tongues in their places. Tongue is not as small as seen; the tongue, this small tongue that creates and destroys in the world shows slightly, it is invisible but what a hero it is – it breaks bones; it rouses people to fight one against other. If the tongue is not in its place you should tighten its screws to not stay untuned because when God comes He will look if all screws of your tongue are in their places, if the tongue functions as He had made it once. There are damaged screws somewhere – it chatters; take the screws here! How many screws lost I know! You should bring the lost screws, the rings, all parts of your tongue, of your mind, of your heart – all this should be put in its place. That is why Christ is coming now. You have thrown the small ring out – you would have not. – “How is it that?” Scientists say that the blind gut is not necessary and should be removed so that one could get rid of it when it starts to hurt. How can you say that it is not in its place? There will come time for it to start functioning. Doctors say: “There is an inflammation of the blind gut, let us cut it.” – Better I die than dispense with it, because the disease will appear in some other place. No organs should be cut because how many millions of years had this blind gut taken God to make it and now a foolish doctor has found it be not necessary and clips it out to free man from it. Many times the blind gut starts revolting and saying: “Meat should not be eaten, animals should not be slaughtered.” Beans, lentils and other similar things will not give any pain. But we say: “Let the blind gut out, we will eat meat again!” But the blind gut has friends in the heart and in the mind – if we cut it below, its friend inside the heart and above in the mind will die along with it.


That is why Christ says: “You should place in their proper places these three elements of Life – conditions, forces and laws.” This is what the Christianity understands and here is the deep science of Life. I do not want to give you an empty philosophy but I want you to check and try in life what I am saying. How will the world mend? It will mend when all screws are in their places and Life starts functioning like a clock. I will give you an example: one bought a clock that stopped working shortly afterwards. He thought: “I gave so much money, I haven’t used it even a week and it stopped. He went to a watchmaker and asked him to make the clock run. – “How much money do you want?” The watchmaker looked at the clock and said: - “Ten groshes”2. – “OK”. The watchmaker blew in the mechanism of the clock, a jammed louse dropped and the clock started running. – “Can you take ten groshes for only a blow?” – “That much.”


And God will come, will blow and everything will go well – how easy. These little animals should not stay in the clock - they are for some other place. The Christianity is the philosophy that wants to free human soul from all kinds of vermin; to have the screws of the tongue, the mind and the heart set. And when all screws are put in their places, when mind and heart are in their places and in good order, the conditions of the Eternal life will come. Then resurrection will be realizable and possible.


I know that to put the screws in their places is a difficult and hard job. But when it will be done successfully the mankind will celebrate its jubilee on the Earth: children - sons and daughters - will sing the new song of Life for their parents having found and adjusted the screws and for the bright future coming for them themselves; nations will exult, will praise and glorify the Good God for their spiritual heads (priests, preachers, teachers, kings and ministers) having found and adjusted their screws and for a bright future coming for their lives on the Earth as well. All will sing one song but a great song of Life that will touch their hearts and souls to the full. The whole past will be announced, the whole future will flow, and the spirit of the New life will be expressed in this song. But someone would say: “What kind of screws are they, what can they do?” The way that should be kept is laid down in these screws – they join, they tighten the disunited parts of Life. And that one who looks steadily at their spiral threads and at the hand that screws them up will comprehend the deep sense of the Great laws that move everything to a defined aim. These are Divine forces that according God’s will soon appear in Life and will put the untuned elements into their proper places, will direct the Divine saps to the human soul, will put the soul in its true environment, will create most favourable conditions for its development, will carry in it the true elements of Life. Then our soul will suck as a baby sucks healthy, pure non-admixed milk from the breasts of its mother. Then in our sub consciousness the roots of the Divine consciousness will appear and on it the trunk will raise, the branches will grow, the leaves of our self-consciousness will put forth and in the twigs of the latter the buds and the blossoms of the super consciousness – of the Angels, will appear.


When this happens, it will be a sign of the spiritual spring – human soul will find itself in the field of immortality, out of the jaws of death, sin and criminality. And with positive faith and positive knowledge we can expect the invaluable wealth – the fruit from the Tree of the Eternal life, the leaves of which are used for healing of human defects, whereas the fruits – for the supporting and the immortality of human soul and its unity with God. And this great event is on the brink of today’s life.


25th October 1914, Sofia



1 Bulgarian currency

2 An obsolete coin equal to 20 stotinki




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