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1914_10_19 The Fear

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 3


The Fear


“And you don’t have to be afraid from those, who kill the body but can’t kill the soul; but you have to be afraid more from those who can destroy and the body and the soul in hell.”   Mathew 10:28


Fear is one oppressive feeling of the soul which exists not only in people but also in animals – feeling put in the live organism to make some mission. Fear understands that in the environment we live or the conditions we exist with, there are some elements, unlike or harmful for our life. This feeling serves just to keep us from everything which may damage us. When, and in which time did fear appear in people? According to the generally accepted understanding, it arises with the fall of man, before that man hadn’t known what fear was. And actually fear has double manifestations – outside and inside. When one child makes a mistake for first the time, the feeling of fear arises in his soul immediately. The man whom the soul is quite and peaceful, make a small transgression. Immediately this feeling of fear is being notable in it. It means that in the soul some elements enter which endanger it. I suppose that you have a house, the pod of it is made with pine – immediately in you a fear originate that it may catch fire and burn. So there is some element which is put in your pod; substances which may burn and blaze, they may perceive these characteristics and the whole house to burn down. When it works in the organic world for thousands of years, this feeling made the people and the animals to be slaves to the fear. But the fear has and its good feature – thanks to it the vigilance had formed, too. The legs of many animals had become long as a result of the fear; an animal which has long legs is always cowardly - this you may take as a fact. The hind legs of the hare are very long, and the forelegs– short; if and the forelegs were long they could be conducive to his running very much.


Now I shall not launch myself out to tell what the role of the fear in evolution is. Contemporary scientists say that religion is originated from fear. This understanding is wrong because religion had existed and before the appearance of fear. Christ turns to his disciples because he knows that they are in this category, that they are afraid for their house, for their body, and tells them: “Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body but the soul can’t destroy.” Why? If you have some capital put it in the bank and some man may light your house, you will not worry because you will make new and nicer houses. It means that till you have the capital of your soul put it in another place, there is no reason to worry.


Now, let’s take the second part of the verse – from who to scare. – “Be afraid from those who can destroy the body and the soul.” Upon the second part of the verse there were long controversies – who is this second we have to be afraid of. Some say that the one we have to be afraid of, is the devil. I shall tell you that the one we have to be afraid of, is God, and it makes sense to keep ourselves so as not to distress Him, and this means for us to be devout men. If I interpreted the Divine law of Life, I would not tell you who to be afraid of or not to be afraid, but I shall tell you how to execute the Divine law. This is the negative form of fear, and the positive form comes when we have transgressed – who execute the will of God there is no reason to be afraid, but those who don’t execute it always will have fear in their heart and never will be calm and free. In the chapter that has been written from me, Christ wants to assure His disciples that in the world there are some laws which regulate human life: “Even your hairs on the head – says He to the disciples – are counted.” Even one hair can’t fall just like that. If I execute the law of God, I will be under the protection of the law like the birds are.


In contemporary Christians there is one wrong grasping for relations to God, to religion, and as a result of this many sufferings originate in the human soul. For example some consider religion to go without another to church, to light one taper, to make the sign of the cross; and they think that when they do these things they have religion. But religion is something very much deeper. The deepest content of religion is to have Love to God. After you have this main law in yourself, we will be ready to do a thousand other things because of God. But how may we show Love to God when we don’t see Him? Christ says: “Father yours is in Heaven”; I turn my eyes and see He is not there, and I say to myself: “When I exit from my body I shall go to this place.”


Christ turns to his disciples and says: “Don’t afraid of those who are on the earth and kill.” Who are those who kill? If you read the first verse you will see that it is given power to the evil spirits to kill, but this power doesn’t extend upon the good people, but upon the evil. The contemporary Christian says: “I want to rule upon my brothers.” You see that Christ hasn’t given power to the apostles to rule upon the people but to rule upon the bad spirits. Every one of us has to rule upon them. Who doesn’t understand this Divine law will always make mistakes, will have plant from these spirits from here or from there. The people have different methods to threaten against the spirits but the spirits aren’t afraid – they are not scared from sticks, neither words. To have power upon one evil spirit, you don’t have to have its weaknesses; if you have it, you may be a scientist, philosopher, minister – you will be their slave. They will make intrigues, will dethrone kings, they may do everything. If you don’t have its weaknesses, you are their master. That is why Christ had ordered the spirits; He was clean and when says to them: “Get out!” they answered: “We listen.” Those, who bring and who cure the illnesses, are again the bad spirits. You will say: “Wonderfully”, isn’t it? The law is such. If you take money from some man you have to give it back, haven’t you; if you hurt some man, you have to pay for his cure, haven’t you? The Devil did the harm, but you wait for God to set your matters right. God catch the devil and says to him: “You have destroyed the house of this man, go and set it right” – and the devil torments him to set it right. And after that He says to him again: “If you like, destroy the house again!”


Now, why doesn’t God answer to your prayers? I shall say – because you are sinners, when these workers come, you can’t control them and they run. You have, when God sends them, to have power, to order them – to stay upon them with a whip, because after you allow them, they will all run away and your house will not stay built. You never have to have the weaknesses which these spirits have. Some say: “We can’t live without weaknesses.” After you can’t, they will kill you, will take your body, the money, they will imprison you – there is no other exit. Now Christ comes and says: “I shall tell you who to be afraid of.” He says: “Don’t contravene the Divine law.” The second part of this interpretation understands the execution of the Divine law, to set your bodies and souls free.


Every one of us has to make some inspection in his heart and mind, to see what weaknesses there are in them. If you like to fib, all the spirits of the lie are around you, they are on a visit in you, you attract them. If you like to gloat, all the spirits which gloat, are also around you and if you were clairvoyants, you would see that in your houses there are whole hordes from them which only eat and drink. If you hate, all the spirits of the hatred eats and drinks at your expense. That is why the people die. When they come and stay a day – two at you, you start of course to complain: “Here my head hurts, my eyes hurts, the arms hurts, the legs, the stomach, the heart, the lungs.” How you will not feel pain, these evil spirits draw saps from you and start to dim your eyes, start to become blind, to become deaf, your legs and arms start to be ill too, and one day they snatch you up and take you in the grave. And when you go to the God with ragged clothes, He will ask you: “Well, son, did you eat everything that I gave you? “ – “Father, forgive, we ate, drunk, fornicated, we will not do this thing for the future.” And because God is sweet-tempered, says: “It’s enough to learn the lesson, I shall credit you again.”


And that is why Christ says: “I shall tell you who to be afraid of” This dread, this fear is the prudence. When in a man the negative feelings join together with the positive – the feeling of cautiousness and the ability for reasoning, then in him prudence originates. Fear is the negative element of prudence. Therefore Christ wants to say: “Don’t separate these two elements one from the other because after you separate them i.e. after you separate your reason from the feeling of fear – not to control their selves, without doubt you will lose and the body and the soul.” What does hell mean? You will see that it consists in these limited conditions of development where you will spend a life of suffering and in you will stay only one nude consciousness. And do you know what the stand of one man who died is? One day you will feel a little more tangibly this feeling. When the dead man becomes reduced only to bones, his soul surrounds these bones and says: “How beautiful they were”, and cries: “This wealth remained to me, the plaster went.” The bricks and the slabs are there and after time these bones will restore their primary temple. And there why God asks the prophet Ezekiel: “The human son, can these bones revive?” The prophet answers: “You know, God!” God says: “Predict then for the spirit to come and to revive them.” Once Edison made one little joke with some friends of him – he made two skeletons to move automatically, connected his legs and arms with wire, put gramophones to the arms and electrical lamps in the eyes, and then these two automatic machines started to talk: “One time we were like you – ate and drunk, look what are we now!” Everybody was frightened and bolted to run; for a long time Ericsson had to convince them that it is only one joke, made by him. In the present abnormal way of, living every man will find himself in one skeleton, unfit for work, thinking, action.


And that is why Christ turns to his disciples and says: “Don’t be afraid.” If we want to regulate this feeling – the fear, we have to completely bow down to the Divine law – to the consciousness in us that we are connected with God. In us some time a thought arises: “We want to see God, we want to see Jesus Christ.” You see Him every day: after this feeling of Love, of Affection arises in you, He is there and you feel Him – only you have to open up your spiritual eyes to see Him. You see now the outside side of things, but the essential side you don’t see. Every day every one of you is in contact with God – when you suffer and love. When man suffers and he is in a position of a sick man, God cures him and when He wears his wounds it causes some pains and the sick man starts to complain. God explains the reasons for these sufferings:


- Because you didn’t execute My laws, you suffer, but be patient, I shall cure you.

- But these pains are unbearable.

- Yes, but when I told you not to break the law, you didn’t listen.

- But a long time is necessary.

- You will learn.


From now on you have to make an attempt (and this was made from the old Christians) to may go out of your body. Your mind speaks: “It will be gloriously to go out.” Gloriously but you must have knowledge. First, you have to be free from all the weaknesses of these spirits which are around you, and when you go out, you will tell them: “No one will come near to my body, because if not, they will have a whip.” But if the spirits knows that you have weaknesses, after you leave and abandon your body, they will steal it. That is why contemporary people are strongly connected with God for their physical body, because if they leave the body, it will be worse for them – their evolution will stop. Christ turns to his disciples who want to follow Him to understand these secrets of the Divine Kingdom.


And I think that the method for a long life is to stay here. Now I shall suggest to you one fact: take people who suffer and who are angry, who pass in their life through many storms – their life is short. Those men who are calm, as they say – people in good spirits, and don’t get angry, don’t torment themselves, they have a long life. And there why Herbert Spencer says in one place: “When the outside power of the Nature balance with the inside processes of the human organism, we will have eternal life in the physical world.” Which are these outside powers? – They are these harmful elements. When we balance our selves, when we come to understand what we desire, what we want and know how to react against the harmful elements and to subordinate them, then we will possibly live on the Earth for as long we want – a hundred, five hundred, a thousand years – and will possibly leave again, when we want, it will depend on us. After we live several thousand years we will say: “We lived long enough and now we want to depart for long walks for the other world”; then our family and friends will accompany us, how they send us when we catch a train. That will be going – we will be free, will take out a ticket, and will go and our friends will not go after us and to say: “The poor man, the death put an end to his life”. - No – we will say, - I am going to have a walk, I am going to visit my father’s home, one day I may come back again.” And they will wish us a good way.


Christianity is such a science which has to prepare this journey, in which you have to walk a long way. You don’t have to think that the place you go, is very near – it is very near but and very far. Near and far are relative things: if you move with middle speed, you will need two hundred and fifty years to go to the Sun, but if you move with the speed of the sun light, will go for eight-nine minutes. For nine minutes you can’t go from here to the garden of Boris – I need to go from here to the garden of Boris for twenty minutes, and the sun light passes in nine minutes ninety two to ninety three million miles. When we speak for space, we understand it in relation to the speed which we move with. If we went to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, do you know how many years would be needed by us? Thirty four millions years if we move with train and with the speed of light – three years. And if you decide to reach with the speed of the light the nearest universe, which is connected with our universe, ninety millions years are needed. So, it depends where you go. If you go to the Sun And you move with the speed of one train and your friends ask you after how many years you will return, you will say: “Two hundred and fifty years for going and two hundred and fifty years for return – five hundred years, and two hundred and fifty years to live there – it means that after seven hundred and fifty years we will return again.” If you ask one who goes to Alpha Centauri, after how many years he will return, he will tell you: “Thirty four millions years going, thirty four million to return and as many again years staying there – it means that I shall return after a hundred million years.” These are abstract philosophical thoughts, which are in a fitting manner only for Angel minds; you can’t grasp what is that space – thirty four million years; you need one Angel mind to grasp the greatness of the God in this sense.


And Christ, when he turns to his disciples, says: “Don’t be afraid”; He fixes his eyes uphill and adds: “Don’t be afraid for these little houses which you have, don’t torment for these little works because your Father defined great works for you.” Watch to keep your soul clear and brightly – if you have it for capital, you can travel through these spaces. One day, when you go from the Heaven, you will not take your body – you will go with your soul; the body will leave on the Earth because it was taken from here. It is cart, made temporarily from elements of the Earth, and till you are in the Kingdom of these four elements of the Earth, will be in this cart. When you come to a mountain place where you have to walk on a goat track, you will leave the cart and will go by walking. There why Christ says: “Don’t be afraid, when the mountain path comes, not to lose your soul and stop your evolution.”


You want to become masters; don’t become masters to your brothers – the biggest offence of contemporary people is that they want to rule each other. You should not order people; to the evil spirits you may and have to order. – “I want you to rule an evil spirit, to teach it, but to people I do not want to order” – it is what Christ says. Sometimes you want to know who was bigger and who smaller, who was older and who younger, what comes of it? God may send you earlier or later – a man was to the tail or to the head, what comes of it? One day God will put you to the tail, another way – to the head, one day – to the backbone, another way – to the legs – it is indifferent, these things are not essential. The power is there – to feel yourself as a master of the evil spirits, to tell them to listen to you, to tell them to do this or that. – “I want to fear my wife when I beat her.” Good, today you beat, tomorrow beat but she will run away and you will go to ask her. The power of the man is in himself; there he has to turn his attention. Every one of you has to rise up to control these spirits. I know that plenty of people suffer from evil spirits; plenty of people go to Christ to help them. How is he going to help them? He ties them but they untie them. To people like these cannot be helped. Christ with you, with your foxes and wolves is going to occupy? Put them to work – this thought is a little allegoric in form but I give it to you as a rule. You can’t become master of your life until you learn to rule these spirits.


There are seven steps which you have to walk on before you can rule upon the evil spirits. The evil spirits are afraid of Light. The first thing you have to do is to turn yourself round to God. What is a turn? You are now turned round towards God with your back, in your world there is darkness; turn right-about with your face to God – without turning to Him it can’t. When you want to shake out a cloth from the dust, how can you turn it round? Therefore you will take your heart and your mind to turn them round and will shake the dust out from inside. The turn has a double sense – turn round to the Sun and turn the cloth to the inside to shake out the dust.


The second necessary thing is Repentance – inspection, liquidation of the calculation. You put announcement over the firm: “I stop all the payments – neither give, neither take – I will make a yearly balance-sheet.” You make it balance, calculate: you have to take this, have to give this, in the end it remains ten thousand leva in debt; there is no way but to go to your creditors and to ask them – it is repentance. You bring out the registers: “Friends, I am an honest man, I don’t know how but I lost ten thousand leva, you will prostate, will excuse me but you will credit me a little more” – if you don’t ask they will imprison you. After they inspect your calculation and they convince that you are honest you will say: “We had dealings with you, we will forgive you, we will credit you again.”


Forgiving and Salvation are two things connected. What we call Salvation in Christianity comes after we passed the two periods of Turn and Repentance to the Christ. He says: “I give you new credit and send you again in the world to work.” You open the firm again: “So and so start to function again, give and take.”


The fourth step is Regeneration. The Regeneration I shall explain with another process from farming: one farmer has one garden; he destroys it and plants it again; when the new apples start to germinate – in him there is hope that the new garden will give fruits again. And in Christianity after this process passes, in us it becomes Regeneration – the new has started to grow uphill. Regeneration is a process of flowering and setting.


There is Turn, Repentance, Salvation, Regeneration and New birth – the fifth. In the new birth man frees himself from the karmic law of the causes and the consequences – then you are free citizens, masters, no one can rule you. Only in this fifth step you may lord it over the evil spirits; only when you are in the place of Christ may you order these spirits. Then you will be a disciple of Christ, and this is a high thing. He gave His disciples the power over evil spirits and sent them to cure and resurrect people. How this power can be given when man has just turned round and still did not mark the calculation? They still don’t forgive him, he still doesn’t regenerate and he wants to rule the world. It can’t. You want to order the evil spirits – it can’t, you have to pass through these four steps and then you will be absolute masters of your situation.


Now you sit and think, but afraid again if you have this virtue or not. There are two extremes in Christianity: some show they are more humbled than they are in fact, and some feel more sinful than they are in fact – and the one is extreme, and the other. Tell to yourself the right: “I have ten thousand leva in the cash box”, but no, when you have ten thousand, to say “five thousand” – you lie. You have ten thousand but say “five thousand” – you lie. If you have ten thousand include in the calculation ten thousand – not upper or lower. We always have to tell the truth as we know it in our selves, we have to talk clearly, categorically, positive – then our outside relations to the people will be good. Why? Because these spirits that rule you live in Heaven; when you arrange the calculations with your spirit, he will arrange the calculations and with the others spirits and they can’t hate you. They may say: “I shall kill you” – you will answer them calmly: “You can’t because you are tied.” Some say: “I shall make this.” – You cannot, just try.” One day one man said to me:


- If I take out the revolver you will see!

- Do it! But if it stays in the air glued in your arm?

- Then. I shall take out a knife!


Do it! Did you take out a knife to see what it was? It can’t be taken out just like that; it needs permission from high quarters.


If from the high quarters you want to test if you are hard, if you have patience and self-denial, they may put you under some test and you have to stand them; but if from high quarters there is no permission, all the world may rise but only will move around you.


One Englishman bets four thousand leva with another Englishman who had forty dogs from the breed bulldog and who said: “From my dogs there are none more awful, you can’t get near them.” The first Englishman bets and pulls one circle around him, and the other let his dogs loose on him, but they gathered around the circle but couldn’t pass. In the end that Englishman whistled in a special way and the dogs bolted to run through the people. What did he frighten them with? He had some power in himself. He didn’t chase them with a rifle, neither with a stick – he had some power which he used, that is why they run away. I ask where your power is. Some day some evil spirit may say: “When I set my dogs free!” – “Set them free, I shall make one circle and after I whistle they will disappear as a dim.” The power is in this Divine whistle and who has it, he is always free and competent.


So now you have the method how to rule over the evil spirits – not to have their weaknesses. There why throw out all these weaknesses from yourselves. – “But – you say – I shall not do this thing, I shall not smoke” – and again, on the next day you smoke it. Do it without saying it. – “I decided to plant” – but there is something you still haven’t planted. Plant and then call your friends and say: “Come, friends, to see what I have done” – they will be happy. You say: “I have decided to be good, come to see what my plan will be – I shall do this, I shall do that!” You will do nothing, I have sawn a millions plans – the whole hell is full with the plans. You think of doing something – don’t say anything, just say: “God, come to help me.” And when your garden grows and yields fruit, call all friends and say to them: “Eat, drink and cheer” – then God will bless you. This is it: Christianity.


And when Christ says to you: “Don’t be afraid from these who kill the body, but from these who kill the spirit”, He wants to say that what they will take, could be taken, as the proverb says, and at Easter – the prescription will expire one day and will be taken from you. You are carter – your cart will be taken and you will say: “They expelled me from the house.” Why not expel you? Thanks to the fact that they had the goodness to wait for you so many years. The spirits are masters of these elements which you have on the Earth, they are theirs. That is why the writing says that in this world we are new-comers, that this Earth we live on, is not ours – God sent us to imagine it by force. And you want to fascinate about it, to be masters, but wait firstly to fascinate about the spirits, and after that the outside elements, because every element has its master. You can’t be masters of the water if you don’t fascinate about the spirits of the water; you can’t be masters of the air till you fascinate about the spirits of the air; neither can you be masters of the fire until you fascinate about the spirits of the fire and etc. Therefore Christ gives us one law which we have to act on: the first thing is to be clear and then to turn round ourselves to Him.


Now, because Christ comes to this world, how is it going to find you? Of course, some will find rich, and others – poor. It is said: ”And on this base from above if somebody builds gold, silver, precious stones, trees, hay, straw, the work of everyone will become obvious; because the day will show it, because with fire opens it and the fire will test everyone what is his work; to that man which work he built, resisted, he will take a salary, and to the man whose work fires will be damaged, but he himself will save, but like from fire.” And everyone who doesn’t obey the rule of chastity and doesn’t have in himself the fear of God, ”such a man to deliver to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, in order to be saved from the Spirit in the day of God Jesus.” If you obtained experience from so many thousand years, you had been suffered, you hold high the flag of the Truth, weren’t afraid from those who kill the body, and you sacrificed yourself for the triumph of the Truth, for the solemnity of the Kingdom of God, God will exalt you again, He will resurrect you.


And that is why Christ says: “Don’t be afraid from those who kill the body” – if they kill your body, your soul will remain free, and this is the precious thing in Life. Every other way which diverts you from the Truth, is pernicious for your body, and for your soul. Because the cowardly, the pusillanimous men will not inherit the Kingdom of God. In the right cause of God, in the right cause of humanity, in the right cause of the nation, in the right cause of society, in the right cause of the home, in the right cause of the individual the soul would not have neither fear, neither hesitation, neither pusillanimity, nor retreat from the great beginning of Life. The Right is always correct. Love and fear are things which are incompatible in the human Spirit – in the Spirit of the real man. There where Love is, fear is missing and there where fear is, Love is missing. Love is a sign of completeness, of unity in all powers, feelings and abilities of the human Spirit; and the fear is a sign of absence, disunion of this inside and harmony of the spiritual peace.


With these last words I understand the high, the noble, the good in the man. I don’t understand that impudence, that rudeness, that hard-heartedness, that heartlessness, which often passes for bravery and fearlessness. The ideal for heroism consist in this – when they put you in the pillory for the right cause, to be able with magnanimity to stand all the sufferings, the whole disgrace, all the abuses and all the gloating and accusations of the bystanders, even to the whole world, and to say to your Mother: “For You, who had brought me into this Divine world, I sacrifice everything. In Your Love I find my last support of my soul. The fear from the world, from those who kills my body, has been outmoded its century. I am not afraid because I know you. Dali you will give me death, or life – I will accept with gratitude. With You and in death has sense; without You and in life there is no aim. In death or in Life You will always be my light nimbus for my Spirit.”


1st of November 1914, Sofia




*we say “to overstep the mark”. This means to act inappropriately towards someone in authority. NOT “step over” the law.





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