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  1. Готов превод Разговор седми , Заключение - 22.7.1900-ИБ-15 / .: 22.7.1900-ИБ-15 Conversation seventh, Conclusion #1 Shout aloud and do not spare effort, says the Lord. How long will you serve two minds, how long will you stand between two wisdoms. If the Lord speaks, listen to His words and do not be unfaithful but faithful. Can this be spoken more clearly? Don't you still understand the meaning of your Life? What are you afraid of and who are you afraid of? Aren't all these people mortals whose breath sits in their noses? Aren't they waste that blows away from the wind? Today, if they are, tomorrow they will be gone and disappear without a trace. #2 Understand, therefore, the Truth that I have to present to you in this conversation. I am Aphail 17, one of your ministering Spirits, and the Lord has called me and sent me to you to tell you what is to be done. I come from Heaven, from the dwelling of Alfiola 18, from the central house of the Kingdom of Heaven, where all the requests and prayers of this world come in front of the face of God. Because you have been in prayer for a long time and your life is burdened with inner burdens and disturbances, God wants to remove this ulcer from your soul. #3 Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/442/439 Превеждали: VV (V V)
  2. Готов превод Отговори на зададени въпроси - 23.8.1921-СБ-385 / ...: 23.8.1921-СБ-385 TITLE: Answers to questions Several seconds contemplation You promised to write down 20 questions, didn't you? Are the questions put to paper? No, not yet. There are only a few questions submitted. They are written down. I shall answer as many as have been submitted. The world cannot hate you, but me it hates because I testify about it, that its deeds are evil. You go to the feast - I will not go to this feast, because My time has not yet come. And when he had thus spoken unto them, he abode still in Galilee. And when His brethren went to the feast, then He also went, but not openly, but secretly. And the Jews were looking for him at the feast, and said, "Where is he?" And there was much noise among the people. Some said, "He is a good man." Others said, "No, he is deceiving the people." But no one spoke openly about him for fear of the Jews. When the feast was already halfway through, Jesus entered the temple and began to teach. And the Jews marvelled, saying, "How can this man understand the scripture, as he hath not studied?" But Jesus said unto them, "My teaching is not Mine, but of the One that sent Me." (John 7: 7-16) Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/119/117 Превеждали: Mitchevam (Мая Мичева)
  3. Готов превод Жертва, упование и радост - 2.10.1921-ИБ-391 / ...: 2.10.1921-ИБ-391 Sacrifice, trust and joy When there is sacrifice, we persist in love When there is trust we persist in faith. When there is joy, we persist in hope. So therefore sacrifice is the result of love, hope is the result of faith And joy, the result of hope. When hope materializes, people are joyful. Hope is the son hence it's home. Faith is the mother and love is the father. The father and mother are extreme examples of self-sacrifice. From there a u-turn is made, a returning. You can not walk further. Outside of love, sacrifice can not manifest. If you do not sacrifice, you will lose love. If you don't trust you will lose faith. If you are not joyful, you will lose hope. Whoever wants to achieve love without sacrifice, he is standing on a foundation made of sand. Whoever wants to achieve faith without trust, and hope without joy is also standing on a sandy foundation. So therefore there is no hope without faith You say.. What is there to be joyful for. There is much to be joyful for. You have a body, brains, lungs and a stomach. The whole world is yours. You will be joyful about everything. You can think, feel, act. You have at your disposal all the main things in life. You will be joyful for everything given to you. All other things will come naturally. A great law says: outside of love life can not take a different direction. Deviations can appear but this must not be allowed to happen. When there is wind, the leaves can deviate. The important thing is even when the leaves sway, they still hold on to the tree. This is good. But it is bad when the leaf falls away from the tree and onto the ground. The same goes for the human. And he needs to walk the path he started. Whether he would meet more or fewer difficulties this is another matter. You must walk. You can not resist. You resist death, but there is not any human who didn't enter her confines. Both saints and teachers all enter her cage. Even if you resist, you will still enter there. -But I have a will-. What will you have? There will come a day when you will step aside and submit to death. Because all people are under this great law. They will all submit to it. They will withdraw all resistance. A man must understand life and its demands the same way a father understands his work in the field. It is heavy work. But he has one joy, his children. This joy makes him endure. He works the land and his thought is in another place, with his children. He says to himself. However heavy my work is, I will do this sacrifice. This sacrifice in the name of his children brings him joy. He has an idea. Like a man working for his home, suffers and is joyful so when he works for God, he will suffer and be glad. If his work for his home is blessed, how much more is God's word blessed. Short lecture by The Teacher held on Oct 2nd 1921. Sofia Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/125/123 Превеждали: Galina_Stoilova75 (Galina Stoilova)
  4. Готов превод Законът на служенето - 9.8.1914-НБ-91 / .: 9.8.1914-НБ-91 TITLE: The Law of Service Whomever serves Me, let him follow Me, and where I am, there shall be also My servant be. Whoever serves me, he shall be honoured by my Father. John 12:26 Many will probably ask themselves what meaning the following words may contain: "Whoever serves me, he shall be honoured by my Father". The world has various aspirations: modern-day people aspire to accumulate knowledge, riches, lands, houses, glory, greatness, strength - they aspire towards many things. Jesus insists only on one thing: on service - a person to know how to serve. Servant - here is one prosaic word, which illustrates the lowest social status. However, there are different servants - a servant at a brewery, at a pub, at a kitchen, at a theatre, at a university, at a ministry, and so on. In a sense, all people are servants, but not everyone admits this. And so, there are two types of servants: the ones who understand their responsibilities and know how to perform them, and the others who do not know how to serve. We call the latter ordinary ruling people, rulers, who sit and wait for others to serve them, they teach others how to work and serve. Everyone wants to be of the first category - a ruler. The Christian teaching, however, puts it diametrically opposite to this principle; it lays down the principle that he who wants to be a rule must be a servant; it says that the Son of God did not come for others to serve Him, but to serve others. We are obliged to be servants by the law of necessity. Someone says: "I am a ruler"; no, he lies, if he thinks that he is free, that he serves no-one; he serves his stomach at the least, which demands of him to do some work, which is not always pleasant - to cook something nice, to eat and to chew food well, because if he does not serve it well, the stomach will return the food back and will punish him; it will say: "You have to serve me well, or I will fire you". Some think that only a ruler fires his servants, but the stomach fires its ruler. Ask a doctor what the stomach does when it is not served well; to see how well it can fire its ruler! The ability to serve is a quality. So many misfortunes in the world originate because we do not know how to serve! When mothers learn how to raise their children, when teachers learn how to teach their students, when governments learn how to serve its peoples, to satisfy their needs, to create laws, necessary for their people's development, then the world will have a different expression compared to the one it currently has. Modern-day civilisation is put through great tests; millions are called to serve in the armies - some carry brushes, others load cannons and grenade with gunpowder, others hold small threads, which when extended, create thunder-like sounds, others serve horses; all of these are forms of serving. What fate awaits these servants? All these heads, legs, muscles will be crushed into pieces, stirred, and turn into a mess. People call this civilisation, culture; with this, modern-day peoples tell us: "We do not need God - science will elevate us". However, what it taught us - to be hard, to make guns and grenades. Yes, science led us to this test, to make one dangerous attempt, and now the Celestial Realm is testing us through the service we are obliged to do. The world requires servants to serve it, and God also requires his own. Christ says: "Whoever serves me, he shall be honoured by my Father". We are constantly putting our affairs in order, but they constantly remain out of order. We fall ill, we call doctors to treat us, but despite this, death still takes us. We build houses, place security guards to protect our riches, but they get taken at the end. Christ says: "You have been serving this principle of yours for thousands of years and you have seen its consequences; if, however, you serve Me, you will see the meaning of your life". We should serve in the same way as Christ who came not to be served by others, but to serve others. People should become servants of the weaker, the powerless. We should not put bad people to serve the world. Do you know why the modern-day society is spoiled? Mothers, who should be raising their own children, leave this to broken and ignorant servants, while they go to theatres, balls, pubs, and other pleasures. What can depraved and ignorant servants teach children? - the things that they know. Servants raise modern-day children not only in Bulgaria, but in France, Germany, USA - everywhere. I am not saying that all servants are depraved, but most of them are such because of their rulers. If mothers were servants (in the full sense of the word) to their children in the path to looking after and raising them, the world would have had a different expression. Similarly, if only fathers would do the same for their sons. Since fathers and mothers leave their responsibilities to ignorant servants, who do not understand what life is about, to raise their children, while they go to please themselves in the world, the results will be bad. A servant cannot raise a child, also because she did not give birth to and does not have love towards that child. She says to herself: "If my master makes herself comfortable at the pub, why should I look after her children?" I will explain what serving consists of, what qualities should a servant possesses. He should, above all else, have a noble heart, to be sensitive, responsive, to be humble, to be a pliable person - to be able to adapt to all conditions; and to be hard-working, not lazy. Life is demanding, and we have to serve it properly. When a modern-day tailor makes a mistake and cannot properly make a piece of clothing, the customer return it to him, and he has to pay for the fabric and all losses; nature does the same; she gives us a piece of fabric - the life we have is one type of fabric - and tells us: "Tailor and sew together this piece of clothing", and if we cannot to sew it well together, she fines us. If we want to learn how to serve, we should turn to Christ. He to teach us. A servant has to be very smart; a stupid person cannot serve properly. Teachers, priests - they are servants as well. If a teacher understands his calling, he firstly have to understand a child's soul, to know how to direct this child toward knowledge. A priest have to understand the soul of his followers to be able to give them corresponding food for their heart. We have to possess another trait as well - to possess much patience. Many call patient people "oxes" - "He is - they say - an ox". To be patient does not mean to be like an ox; patience is a mindful act; to be able to bear the external discomforts of life, we have to possess internal balance of the soul, heart, and mind. I will tell you a story about a mathematician from centuries ago. He worked on certain calculations for 20 years. He had notes on them scattered around his room, which he always locked; he forgot to lock one day, the servant went into the room, saw many notes scattered around the floor, took all of them and put them in the fire and burned - she cleaned the room well. At some point the mathematician came back and asked: "Where are all of the notes?" - "I put them in the fire; look at how much order there is now." - "Never do such think again" - this was the mathematician's reply. We serve in the same way as this servant - we collect the notes, this does not worth, that does not worth, and we put them in the fire. This educated person, whose 20-year philosophical work was destroyed, did not act as we would have acted, and he demonstrated exemplary patience: he didn't do anything else, but to tell the servant: "Do not do such thing against". Now we are in such a period - your house is poisoned, your servant collects all of the notes, which you will see burned one day and when you find your house cleaned according to your servant's rules, what would you tell her? I know there will be crying - "God, am I the most sinful? Am I the only one with such fate?" And we think we are people who understand God's Law! We have to say as this philosopher did - "Please, do not do this another time". And for us, to accept the task to keep our things in order, to not let our room open, so that servants can access it. Christ says now: "Whoever serves me, he shall be honoured by my Father." You all think about this world, transient things, you think about arranging your current, family affairs, and leave many important questions unarranged - your relationship with your Master, Who will you to report one day. This day is coming. Do you know where you will be in several years? Do you know what will be happening in Europe? What your situation will be? You don't know. The contemporary world will be very cleansed, it will receive a good injection for raising a new way of life. People, who will come to help the civilisation, have to apply Christ's principles, to learn how to serve, and those who don't know how to serve in a way Christ wants, don't have a chance for development. Darwin's theory says that only the capable, healthy people survive. Indeed, those who are spiritually and morally healthy will survive; those with healthy bodies will survive if they have this internal moral strength. Do not deceive yourselves to think that health lies in certain accumulation of fat in the face and body - to have a bigger neck, bigger stomach, to be fatter, and eat more. If one spends their entire life eating and drinking, isn't that one painful condition? How much food does a person who weighs 100 kilograms need? I know of an English woman who ate 9 kilograms of bread, another one, who ate the bread and coffee prepared for 72 children; this is a painful condition. I am not against eating, but contemporary people think that everything is about eating. And indeed, eating takes one third of our lives because we only serve for food from morning to evening; in the morning, we think about what to drink, tea or milk, whether the milk to be with cocoa in German style, or with coffee in Turkish style, with cream or without; we barely finished breakfast, we start to think about what to eat at lunch, is it going to be chicken or beef, how it will be cooked, with tomatoes or courgettes, is the meaning going to be minced, will it have this or that; we finish lunch, we start thinking about what we will have for dinner. Sometime we are satisfied, another time we are not. We constantly make changes to food. And indeed, eating has become entire cooking science, which people specialise in. It is good, but it is not the end goal of life. The power of certain food, which our stomach can utilise, doesn't depend on how it was cooked. Do you think that if you put more salt, pepper or butter, food will be stronger - all of this is for our taste, for the mouth. To test if certain food is good, we have to see, once it spends half an hour in our stomach, how our stomach feels; if there is a bit of heaviness in the stomach, the stomach says: "This food doesn't fit with your health, I cannot utilise its juices". On the next day we say: "Let me give it more, to increase its work", until doctors report enlargement of the stomach. Contemporary people live only for their stomach, which is why big portion of their work involved feelings and thoughts about it. A teacher teaches at school and thinks how much money they will make - 300 or 400 leva, and how they will use it for food, and for this and that. It's all about eating, and after that we wonder why we can't rise as teachers and priests. We are all focused on how to make our body healthier - what food to give it, what house to build it; we all work for the external situation of things, but no one stops to think about the internal side of human life. In the same way our body has to be in good order, so does our mind. if a hygienic house it useful for our body, our heart will also have to be placed in a hygienic environment. I do not consider a person, who has a hygienic house, but not a hygienic heart, to be smart. So, when we judge extremes, we only pay significant attention to service only certain external things, when we should firstly pay attention to our mind and heart, and then to our body. If we only build our lives in this way, we will have God's blessing. Christ says: "If one serves Me, they have to offer their heart". He came to Earth namely to work on the human heart. What does work consist of? All of those weeds, disabilities of our life to be removed. You have been Christians for a long time, you all follow Christ, but if he calls you to an exam now, how many of you would pass an exam on patience and humility, if he gives you the solve the problem not only theoretically but also practically, or if he tests you on the rest of the virtues: Justice, Love, Truth, Wisdom? Do you think you won't fail the exam? You understand whether people love you, but whether you love others, you haven't understood this. Since God demands from us to love others, in this love, we have to reach self-denial. We often say: "These people made me crazy, took everything." Didn't we rob God - all of the riches that we find here on Earth? God has now descended to Earth and says to all his servants who stole and lied: "You have stole and lied a lot, come and report to me!" - this is today's European war. God says: "Report on what I have given you and how you have used it". Many will say that the economic conditions necessitated this war: Germany had too small land and that's why it fought. If Germany has small land, how about Russia and England? So, the question is not about land - there is something else that is missing from people. Everyone wants to rule, every race that rises wants to rule, every people wants to rule over the other peoples, and this is why all get to conflict. If all the people were governed by Christ's principle, to serve humanity, if everyone had their own area of work and contributes their share to humanity, there wouldn't be any conflicts. Now everyone increases their weapons, so they can rule. We say: "How stupid are those who go to war!" But what is happening now happens with us every day: you go to a house and see what happens: two people get married and everyone is happy - "Here is a couple who will leave in peace and mutual understanding"; and you see in 2-3 months, they start to fight; the woman wants to give the orders, but the man says: 'I am the master of this house." However, both of them deceive themselves: neither of them is the master, both of them are servants. "But it has been said that the man is the head." To be the head, it doesn't mean to be the master; to be the head means to be a smart servant and as older than your wife, to teach her how to serve, so both of you can say: "We are servants of our Master; we may be both punished, but I will tell you how we should do this." This is in a metaphorical sense, but it happens every day in the world. Let's leave men and women. Sometimes we are not happy and grumble against ourselves - why? - we say: "I don't have the will power to do this or that". - "Why don't you have will power, aren't you master of yourself; what is the reason?" - "I don't have mind." - "How come you don't have mind, what is the reason for this? There has to be some deep reason." What causes this internal hesitation (duality) in people? It is because we have reach a point of contradiction with God, with the Great Law. And whenever one reach this point of contradiction with God's Law, this internal suffering increases, this hesitation, the mind get frustrated, it doesn't know what to do, it gets absorbed by negative thoughts and desires, which do not consist the true God's force, and life takes on a different colour. Negative desires and thoughts are like a snake, which constantly wrap around and sucks people until all juices, which could feed the mind and heart cease to feed them and one starts to feel paralysed. Do you know what bear trainers, who train bears to dance? They give the bear little flour and attach a big ring to its mouth, so the bear follows orders and is not dangerous when the ring is pulled. We have to attach a ring and chain to the lower lip of our bear and to give it little flour to prevent the development of these instincts that are dangerous. Take how many people have gone instance due to their desire to be rich; they make a thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand, one hundred thousand; one million, ten million - they are not satisfied. They accumulate, accumulate riches; why do they need them? This doesn't have any internal sense. To get rich, people started also to learn new ways, by magnetism and suggestion to influence people, to influence their thoughts and actions. In earlier times, robbers carried guns and hid in forests, and now they are in the cities and carry other means to rob their neighbours. It was said that three American hypnotists in New York mentally made a banker to sign a cheque for fifteen thousand dollars, and he gave the money. The ways of robberies have changed. Everybody wants to have this gift, this power in the world; but do you know what misfortune it brings? I have given this example another time as well. It was said in an old fable that a man wanted to have such power in his hands that anything he touched, it turned into gold. He said to himself: "If I acquire this, it would good for the whole world". One angel told him: "If you request is fulfilled, will you be always satisfied?" - "It will be the greatest happiness for me." - "Let it be according to your desire." And when this man went home, the tables, books, glasses - everything turned into gold. He went out to the yard, the stones, trees - everything turned into gold. He said to himself: "I will not be a servant anymore, I will be a ruler. Wife, we are happy people." The wife served the table, served soup, bread. They sit with their children at the table to eat, the man took the spoon and it turned into gold; went for the soup, and the soup turned into gold; he took the bread, and it turned into gold; touches the table and it turned into gold; touches his wife and she turned into gold. At some point he held his head and started to prey God to save him from this big misfortune. This is where greed and mindlessness may lead to. We may have this power, but it will destroy our life. The wealth is inside us, and not outside us; it is not in our physical strength. The strength of man is not their muscles, but in that delicate and gentle feeling, which can develop all other powers. And God has made the world, so that nature obeys one most weak power - Love. Love is so gentle and delicate while in fact, it rules everything. When Love goes into a person, it disassemble and transforms them. Take one man, who has beaten many servants and maids; he becomes soft at one point and sacrifices everything to do good. What is power that takes over that person? That principle Christ says about - "He who servers Love, he serves Me", Christ means this - "This servant will have everything that I have". People seek the truth and Christ puts this truth in life, in that mustard seed. If we put this little sourdough starter, Love, in our and our family's, neighbours', activists', rulers' hearts, it will transform the whole world. Disregard for Christ's teaching created the current cataclysm in the world. In this collision and fight, God put the milk in the churn and people push each other up and down until butter comes on the top; the butter will be used for food, while the rest will remain in the churn - some will become butter, others - leftover buttermilk. God will use both the butter and butter milk for his good goals. Now, it depends on your where you will end up, however, the fate of everyone is determined - either in the butter, or buttermilk. Christ asked the Jews to be His pupils. Some of us say: "I am a believer, I believe in Christ". Those who only believe in Christ, they are listeners; however, His question is for those who want to apply His Law. If you can and to contemplate on the words "I serve Christ"; if you were to try to learn to serve Christ for a whole year, then you would learn the great secret of these words that cannot be said here. It is very simple, but you have to have light, Christ to give you this light, these conditions, under which it can develop; only He can give it to you. I can give you seeds, but conditions for these seeds to grow, only Christ can give. This feeling of Love doesn't depend on our powers and desires, it depends on this contact that we would have with Christ. Some ask: "Where is Christ?", and they expect him from Heaven. Christ is already in the world and the last person can hear him. He comes in two ways. He has two faces: one amiable - "may peace be upon you", while the other one frowned - with fire, guns, and cannons. He says now: "Bring me those who didn't follow My teaching to experience the bitterness of they disobedience. They don't want to serve Me, then let them experience all bitterness of their actions. Everyone will harvest what they sowed", in the same way we cannot forgive a criminal, who slaughter many innocent children, and punish him. Christ says: "If one serves Me, follow Me". And you say: "It is easy to follow; we can follow Him and Tell Him: "Teacher"; but He may reply to you: "You say that not because you want My teaching, but because you fed by the bread and fish". He will ask you: "Did help someone ill, heal them?" For a man to serve God, he doesn't have to search and serve God, but he has to serve His "smaller brothers". People want from God to make their wife and children healthy, to give them money, to have a social status. Two thousand years this is what serving God has been. And now He asks Europe: "What did you do for Me for so many years?" And if Christ appears, what would you tell Him? Contemplate on what you would tell Him - what you did for Him. We can be calm under these events that threaten the world. What is important to us is to know under which category we will fall. Many of you wanted to see Christ; the day when you will see Him is near - some of you will see Him up close, others from far; still others only up in the clouds. Hence I say: the moments, you experience, are the most difficult for you. If from now on you have the illusion to achieve this or that, you lie to yourselves. I give you a piece of advise: in the little time that remains for you, you learn to serve God, so He doesn't meet you unprepared. Don't think that there is more time; there is no time; for this whole generation, there is not time. And children, and adults, and priests, and rulers, and kings - all have to learn how to serve God; if not - they will become leftover buttermilk. The milk is already milked from the cow. What do you understand from what I want to tell you? That the milk come from the flesh and that God will already take out the butter from it. We all see this cow; milked cow - this is what we are. If God has been inviting us for so many thousands of years, how to find us on Earth when He is back? When the father turns around and find the children at home, fighting, what would he think? That the mother didn't bring them up well. Everyone has something against someone; people constantly judge each other, ordinary citizens, teachers, priests, liberals, conservatives, narrow and wide socialists, between religion and science - there is separation of views everywhere; but we have to reach the conviction to reject all that poisons our life, and at least in this moment to reconcile, tot become quiet and calm, to humbly expect the great event that is coming. People have been asking whether there was another world or not; a moment is coming when the Heaven will say whether there are ghosts or not, angels or not; in some years you will see whether there is God or not; you will see whether God can fix the world or not. If someone doesn't believe, let them wait and check. I will not speak with arguments now - the smart ones will comprehend what I am saying. Those who don't want, they will be left to learn anew in the future. Now the question for you. Christ wants all of you to serve Him - those who want to be His pupils, to serve Him in a wide sense of the word; to serve those who suffer, those who are embarrassed, sad, to raise their spirit. There are people in despair who ask: "What will happen to use?" - to show them the true path. I will conclude with one example. A traveller stops at one of the big hotels in New York. He enters a room in which there was another traveller; he had the habit of sleeping very deeply; the hotel catches fire during the night; one of the travellers wakes up and goes to sleepy traveller and tells him: "Wake up because the hotel is on fire"; the other one replies: "Go away, let me sleep calmly"; "Wake up, I am telling, the hotel is on fire", insisted the first one; the other one stands up, kicks the first one out, closes the door and goes to sleep again; the fire takes over the hotel, at last they see the second one on the roof calling for help, but there is nobody to help him. And I am telling you: this hotel, in which you live temporarily, is burning, and I am advising you: save yourselves, because you will later go on the roof and you will be calling for help, but there will nobody to help you. When you are told that the hotel is burning, put on your clothes and get out. Everything that is burning will fall apart, all of the things that have been stumbling humanity's progress will be destroyed, and God will build something new on their remains. Do not think that life will end. A new era is coming, greater than ever before and we can happily await this bright future. We shouldn't be afraid at all of the storms coming to disinfect, cleanse the world. We have to thank God that they are coming. And there is no need to try to prevent them, and we can't prevent them; they will pass through and bring their good. We have to only be ready when Christ comes, Who is coming - He has come for some, for other He is yet to come - when He comes to say to us the words: "If one serves Me, follow Me", then we follow Him. Are we going to follow Him or not? In this following, you will find the ideal of the individual, of home, of society, of people and of the whole humanity: it is the meaning of human life here on Earth. Conversation held on 27 July 1914 in Sofia, Bulgaria Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/677/673 Превеждали: irsimeonov (Ivan Simeonov)
  5. Готов превод Надеждата - 16.1.1920-ИБ-262 / .: 16.1.1920-ИБ-262 Title: Hope And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.* I proceed from a new viewpoint. There are three points I will focus on: love, faith and hope. Love can be seen as an aspiration, but it can also be seen as a feeling, power, and a principle. Faith, too, can be seen as an aspiration, a feeling, power, and a principle. Hope can also be seen as an aspiration, a feeling, power in a man, and a principle. I regard love, faith and hope as principles. People often confuse these three concepts - love, faith and hope, without distinguishing between them. Love encompasses everything, i.e. the entire space and Being, nothing can escape it. Faith encompasses time, and hope - the results arising from these two forces. In other words: Love encompasses eternity, i.e. the infinite life, all possibilities. There is no death in love. Faith encompasses the conditions under which this life unfolds, and hope accomplishes the results. These are processes that run sequentially. People who have hope, faith and love have some particular characteristics. Someone is a pessimist, he walks with his head bowed, he is discontented. Why? - Because hope is poorly developed in him, he doesn't possess that feeling, the principle works poorly in him. I would say of such a person: "There is no hope in him." One of hope's qualities is that when it is strongly developed in a person, it produces joy. And the Scripture says, "Be joyful in hope." It is a quality of faith that it produces trust. When we believe in someone, we have trust in them. It is a quality of Love that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the one we love. Do not confuse love, faith and hope. Some think that there is no difference between them, that they are the same thing. If you feel discouraged in life, hope is weak in you; if you doubt, faith is weak; if you cannot love, love is weak. When a man says that he cannot love, it shows that the principle of love is poorly developed in him. It would be ridiculous for a paralyzed person to say, “I cannot walk”. Of course they cannot walk because their faith is paralyzed, they cannot use their nerves. Somebody says, "To love is stupid.” I ask, „Well, what is reasonable then? If love is a stupid quality of life, what is the clever one?” “Well, to sit down and have a good feed, to have a nice drink!” That's the silliest thing. When you look at that ox, which has its mouth full, chewing and chewing. Is that beautiful? You look at a beautiful maiden, her mouth full, her facial muscles crooked. Is that beautiful? Eating only makes sense when it is done with love. The beautiful maiden, while eating, says, "I will eat, I will mend my ways to be beautiful, to be loved." Eating, drinking, these are only objects, these are only means. One has to eat to regain their strength. Therefore, love, faith, hope, these are inner principles of conscious life. That's how you should understand them. You can make an experiment with them. This is not a doctrine that rests only on theory, but can be experienced every day. So, love, faith and hope are not equally developed in all people. In some people love is highly developed, in others - faith, and in third - hope. The Apostle Paul, who had deep knowledge of occultism and mysticism, says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” And I say that the two wings of love are faith and hope, or faith and hope are the hands of the soul. If you cut off those hands, it's all over. So, hope is a principle that reconciles all the opposites of the physical world. It deals with the visible world, the world of changes. Therefore, when do we hope? - When we have daughters, sons, lands, houses, money invested here and there. Hope sees things closely, it implies the present. This is one of its qualities. Therefore, a person in whom hope is strongly developed, has his eyes open, he sees everything - wherever he goes, whatever he does, he covers everything. Take the hope out of him, and his eyes will close. A man who walks with his eyes closed, heavy-lidded, has little hope. Have you seen what a cat does when it stands in front of a hole watching out for mice? Since the object of its hope is not there, it stays with its eyes closed until it catches the mouse, but when it catches it, the cat opens its eyes and says, "Well, that was worth it, I might as well play with this mouse." You say, "This mouse is unhappy." This mouse is in the hands of its lover. He will play with it and say, "Instead of doing mischief to people and being chased, come to me, come inside." He catches it and eats it, and takes off its clothes. You say, "The cat ate the mouse." I say, "The mouse went to visit the cat." Why? - Because they love each other. Give the cat a frog, it will not eat it. I have seen a cat play with a mouse and let it go. It says, "Аll right, have it your way, I am not ready to receive you today." We must understand hope, this principle, because it is necessary under the present conditions of life. Modern people have mixed up their concepts. They have lost touch with God, they have doubted Him. They ask themselves, "Is there a God or not." It would be strange to ask ourselves whether there is а sun or not. If the sun disappears, the light will also disappear. Once light exists, the sun exists, because light is a manifestation of the sun. If love exists between people, God also exists, because love flows from God. Once love flows from God, faith arises, and faith is the carrier of life. Without faith Divine life cannot be projected here on earth. Therefore it is a thread, a principle that develops the rational, conscious life. Conscious life can never develop without faith. It is present in all people in one way or another. Hope, on the other hand, realizes this life. It is a force that gives form to things. Therefore, every one of you who wants to have a healthy body, to have a healthy brain, to be beautiful, must necessarily have hope. Hope shapes the body. If we start losing hope, our chest, brain, body lose their symmetry. Then a man says, "I don't feel like eating, I don't feel like living," until at last he goes to the other world or goes down to the grave. What is the grave? These are the limited states in which we find ourselves. There is no worse thing than the grave. The greatest prison is the grave. May God keep you away from a grave! And the psalmist says, "He will not let His Holy One see corruption." And now we say, "А grave awaits us." The grave - that is the most foolish belief. It will be funny if someone who has boils talks about them. There is no reason to believe in boils. All modern people, having lost the essential thought, talk about boils. And now we teach each other that we will go to the grave. A mother does not say to her daughter, "Daughter, you will go to God, to the angels to learn," but she says to her, "Daughter, you are beautiful today, but tomorrow you will grow old and ugly and will go to the grave with worms." These are human perceptions. I am often asked if there is life beyond the grave. I say, "From your point of view, there is no life beyond the grave; I see no life in the grave." There is life outside the grave, but there is none in the grave. In the grave there is anguish such as a man has never seen. He who spent ten or fifteen years in the grave, and when he comes out of it, they make him commit some crime, and he says, "Have you ever been in the grave?" "No, I haven't." "I've been and today, I wouldn't get into it again for the world." A person who was once in the grave has the strength and experience of the American who descended in a barrel over Niagara Falls. He wanted to taste the power of Niagara Falls, so he took a barrel, covered it with tar inside, went into it and descended from a height of two hundred feet. When he came out of that barrel, he said, "Not for all the world would I get into it again." I'm telling you, the grave people think of is a barrel from which once you come out, you wouldn't want to get into again for the world. The grave - this is an old belief. The new teaching does not believe in any graves. The new teaching believes that where there is love, faith and hope as principles, there life is eternal. When these principles do not work, then the grave is formed and one feels suffering. Imagine a paralyzed young man. What is his situation? He is suffering. Why? Because he has a desire to get out in nature like others, but he cannot do that. The one who has a weak stomach, he also suffers. Why? Because he cannot fulfil the desires of his stomach. Hope is a principle that opens the free entrance of our life on earth. It is a principle that does not ask if you are English, if you are German, if you are Bulgarian, what party you belong to or whether you are Orthodox, evangelist or whatever. You can be Bulgarian or English and still have a bad stomach. But someone says, "I am Orthodox." "Is your stomach healthy?" "No, it isn't." "Then you are not." "But I am an evangelist." "Is your stomach healthy?" "No, it isn't." "You're not." Where there is hope, the stomach is healthy; where there is faith, the chest is healthy; where there is love, the brain is healthy. If you are not healthy, love, faith and hope are paralyzed in you. Now people are waiting for resurrection. How will Christ resurrect you when you believe in graveyards? How will Christ resurrect you when you say, "When I die, this is how you will dress me, so-and-so priest will read the burial service over me, this is how you will bury me, etc." How will Christ raise you up when you have no faith, hope and love? Hope says, "You will believe only in one Christ, in a life where there is faith, hope and love and where there are no graveyards. When you believe in such a life, there are no limitations for you." People say, "Prove that." It's ridiculous to prove! Imagine a blind man to whom I prove that there is light. He says, "I don't understand it, it's dark." I touch his eyes and his sight is restored, and I ask him, "What do you see? " "Light." "Do you want any evidence?" "No, I don't." "Go walk! Now do you believe?" "I do." "Why?" "Because I'm not stumbling." Now people say, "Prove it!" I don't have time, my time is expensive. I will touch your eyes and ask what you see. "We see the surrounding objects." "Walk. Are you stumbling?" "No, we aren't" "Then you have faith. If you master yourself, you have hope." Everyone who loses hope becomes a slave of the earth. Cowards who despair on the battlefield, they surrender. A trader who has fear liquidates 100%, but one who has hope does not give up. When a person has hope, everything is possible for him. These are not just empty words. You have thousands of occasions to check this in your life. Someone says, "I believe in Christ, Christ has spoken to me, I no longer doubt God." I have been told so by some Orthodox or evangelicals. The next day he starts limping, rheumatism appears in his leg. He calls the doctor and says to him, "Doctor, what is wrong with my leg?" He doesn't ask what Christ would say about his leg, but the doctor. The doctor gives an injection, a second one, but the leg doesn't heal. I say, "Where is your faith, where is your hope?" If you have hope, you will say to the rheumatism, "Go to the thumbs, then to the shoulder, then to the other shoulder." You will take it for a walk around your body and finally you will draw its attention to the fact that it has lost its way and it has to go away, it has to stop doing mischief in your body and the rheumatism will disappear. Those diseases which you cannot move from one place to another in your body are very difficult to heal. I have heard men and women complain to me that they have some disease that moves. Once it moves, do not be afraid, it will pass easily. If the disease settles in you, .....base, that means it wants to become the owner. Once the disease moves, it makes attempts, like an engineer, whether it can settle and where to settle. All diseases in us are living beings that want to make a place for themselves to live. If these three principles - love, faith and hope - were at work in us, we would be strong to defend our freedom. Modern people have not learned to handle their world yet. If you cannot defeat one microbe, one small difficulty, how will you defeat the big ones? As a man manifests himself in small things, so is he in great things. Someone says, "I do not believe in God." God does not want faith without love. You cannot believe in God without love. And there can be no hope without love. In order to believe in God, you must first love Him. And in order to love a man, you must first know him. With a man, you will start by the opposite law. With God you will begin by the law of love, and with a man by the law of hope. A mother can only know her child after she gives birth to it. When she sees what talents, what abilities are hidden in it, she loves it. Why did we come to earth in this temporary life? You will say, "Well, both my mother and my father were born, lived, died, and were buried." When someone goes to England, to America, they say to him, "Come and see my mother's grave, my father's grave." I say, "These are their graves, but your mother and father are not there." For years we have kept these graves, these monuments. Your mother should not live in the cemetery, but you should carry her in your heart, in yourself. Someone asks, "Where is your mother?" If I love, I am a mother; if I believe, I am a father; if I hope, I am a brother and sister. If you do not love, you seek your mother in the cemetery. With these beliefs and conceptions, we think we are very advanced. We ask, "When will the world be made right?" The world can be made right in one day. The outer world is made really right, it is good, but with our inner world being distorted, we say, "When will the outside world be made right?" So in order to make the world right, let each of us apply these three principles to ourselves. I don't care which church you belong to, what your beliefs are, what your hopes are. I am touching on the matter in principle. First of all, one must have a spirit, a mind, a soul, to be full of feelings, to sympathize with every being. Everyone has life within himself/herself that can manifest in his/her body, because on earth life without a body cannot manifest. How will someone prove that there is love in him, is it simply with his sweet words? If we think like that, we will be like that Russian prince who became poor and married a beautiful poor maiden. "Well, let's kiss" - they kissed on the first day. "Well, let's kiss" - on the second day. Also on the third day, but you can't live with that alone. A kiss does not mean love. These lovers should be given some bread. Thus says the Lord's Prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread." It does not ask for tea, coffee, but only bread. So, in order to manifest our love on earth, we need to give of it to those who need love. And love manifests itself in some kind of favour, in whatever sense it may be: either with a sweet word, or by feeding someone, or by looking after him when he is sick, or when someone comes to you and you give him all your trust. We bring only mistrust into our relations with each other. Someone comes to us, asks to borrow some money, and we tell them, "I don't have any." Tell them the truth, "I have money, but I can't, I don't want to give it to you." Why don't you give it to them? Because you don't trust them and you think they will lie to you. By doing this, you do not realize that you are doing harm to yourself, because one day you will fall into the same situation, they will not trust you either. Ask a man how he feels when his wife has lost faith in him or what is the situation of a woman in whom the man has no faith? These man and woman are running away from home, they are on the run. All the tortures in the world stem from distrust. When someone does not believe in you, it means that he has doubted you. Sometimes you feel an offence, a sadness, this shows that you have lost the love of the one who loved you, he/she has closed his/her love for you. When we descend into the physical world, it is hope that makes things happen. We have descended and say "the real world." What is the real world? All people want lots of fields, lots of houses. It is good to have one house, one field, one garden. It is good to have one house, one body that never dies. To have one field, it means one heart in which you sow everything. So the house is the human body, the field is the human heart, and the garden is the human mind. You must have fields, gardens, but not like the ones a Greek priest had. He sowed a field and said, "Know that your master is a priest." "Yes, I had a hundred masters like you, ninety-nine of whom I took away." We also occupy houses, gardens, and then we say, "Will there be anyone to bury us?" "Yes, there will be." I find it very plausible when a woman laments over her husband, "Ivan, Ivan, shouldn't you have lived by God?" And this means: "you will pay for your sins, so that when you come for a second time, you will not sin." Some say, "She is crying out of love." Does a woman cry when she gives birth? No, she doesn't. She cries when she loses her child. When you lose your husband's love, then you cry, and when you gain his love, you rejoice. When the man comes home, then they say, "There is great joy, now there is love." This is a real understanding of things. We have lost the concepts of things and we speak in an incomprehensible language. God says, "Love one another!" Some say, "Prove what love is." I can prove it to you. I'll take someone, tie his hands and feet with a rope, hit him twenty-five times, stomp on him and ask him, "What is this?" "Torment." Then I'll untie his hands and feet, feed him, kiss him. "What is this?" "This is love." In order to understand love, you have to experience two opposite conditions. This is how nature does it. You lose your house, your fields, your mother, your father, your children, and you say, "My hair turned white, what is all this suffering?" Then your mother and father come, they treat you to a good meal. God begins to show you what faith, hope and love are. Put love in your brain, faith in your chest, and hope in your stomach. When you eat, eat with hope. I am not against eating. You should eat, but neither too much nor too little. I say, "A person who wants to live with hope should not eat too much, he/she should not overeat." Sometimes you eat a little, and you say, "Why haven't I finished my meal?" But when you eat more, you feel disgust. The law of hope makes mothers say to their children, "Eat, my child, eat." But then the child gets spoiled. I say, "Your child finally gets sick out of a lot of hoping, out of too much dressing up." What is your hope like? When King David of Israel went to a battle, he met Goliath and said, "I will fight with him." He went to King Saul and told him about his decision. The king gave him a helmet, a spear, and a bow. He put them on himself, but he was not free to act because of their weight. He took off all his burden, took his sling with twelve stones, went to the battlefield, fought Goliath, and defeated him. The mother thinks the same way as Saul: her son comes, she gives him armour, a helmet, a spear, but after a few months he falls ill, carrying a heavy burden. Give a little food to your children! The little one is blessed in nature. Plenty, glut in the world - this is a sin. Those who live by the law of hope must have only what is necessary in life. When you want to process wool, buy one kilogram and process it, not a hundred or two hundred kilograms. Otherwise you will find yourself in the situation of that villager who, having become rich, changed, taking the properties of his neighbours. One night he had a vivid dream: a large cart full of gold and harnessed with several pairs of oxen was passing through the village. All the villagers approached the cart with a small plate in their hands, gold was poured into it, and they went away. When the rich villager saw this, he said to himself, "Here is an opportunity to get even richer! He went into the cellar, took out a large chest, and went to the man who was giving away the gold. He said to him, "Sir, wait a minute, I want some too.” "All right, I'll give it to you, but you'll lie on your back and put the chest on your chest and I'll put gold in it until you can bear it, and then you'll call out. " "Okay, I'll bear it." They dumped one, two, three, four, five, ten, fifteen shovels on him, and he was still silent. At last he could barely breathe, choking, he began to cry out. "Leave that chest on him, let him bear the consequences of his gluttony! " When he woke up, he realized that he didn’t need this chest, but he had to give away his wealth. A whole chest full is a lot. The present life is hard. I see - many of you have many such chests and want to be given more in them. All right, but if they give you more, you will not be able to bear it. You must have love, faith and hope in yourself in order to gain more. You must use these love, faith and hope for the good of your neighbours. Hope is a principle that belongs to all living things, even the smallest bugs. Therefore, no living being should be deprived of this principle of existence. If you walk on the road and step on a bug, you have deprived it of its hope. It won’t be long before someone stronger than you deprives you of your hope. So Paul says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Now, since you live on earth, begin with the realization of this hope. In what? Hope that you can become good, smart, healthy, rich. Rich in what? In virtues. To hope that you can fix your life. In my opinion, poverty and wealth are two great blessings that God gives to а man. Rich people are half-inclined to admit that wealth is a blessing. The poor don't admit that poverty is a blessing. Why is it a blessing? - Because a poor man is like a little child going to school. He is poor, but he has conditions to develop. His bag can be filled. But an old man cannot get rich. He says, "I know a lot." What shall I tell this old man who is rich? He will tell you that he has experience, he has danced the horo dance for many years, he has loved many lasses. A teacher cannot tell the rich man stories. That is why Christ says,“Unless you become as little children you cannot enter the kingdom of God,” that is, you cannot use life. So, children grow rich, and the old people get poor. They should not tell their stories but learn. Rich people create conditions for others to hate them. Of them they say, "They are rich, but who knows how much they have stolen, who knows how their fathers and grandfathers got rich!" When you are poor, you create conditions for people to love you and to work. A poor man is always thinking what to work and where to go to work. And that is why the future world will be for the poor and not for the rich people. To translate the word "poor" - for children. The rich man is said to go to the cemetery. The old man grows old, and when he goes to the other world, he says, "I'm not getting old anymore." Therefore, in the other world, in the Divine world, there are no old people, but in this world there are old people, there are rich people. Children nowadays say, "Well, let me become like my grandfather!" Young lasses want to become like their grandmothers. You don't need any grandmothers and grandfathers. It's a silly thing to be like them. The word "old" occurs frequently in Scripture, but it has a different meaning there. The word "old man" is a Sanskrit word and means a manifested man, i.e., one who has wisdom, knowledge, and is useful to others. And by "old man" we mean the one who has gotten doddery. He is a grandfather, not an old man. Tomorrow they’ll say of him, "Well, that dotard!" A mother receives her children with joy, and they say, "This dotard will not go away." A mother in Varna told me, "I have four daughters, I gave an education to them with the greatest effort, and then they told me I was stupid, simple-minded. Yes, while I was providing for them to be educated, I was good, and then I became stupid." These are the modern daughters. They are daughters of hopelessness. So hope is needed to reconcile contradictions. You cannot reconcile the following contradictions: why some are rich, educated, and others are poor, uneducated. Only hope can reconcile these contradictions. You think you have come here on earth for the first time. No, all of you who are here have a long history in the past. Some of you do not want to acknowledge your past. Why? When someone's grandfather or father has left them in a lot of debts, they ask the young man, "Аre you from their family, are you the grandson of that person?" "No, I'm not a member of their family." Yes, because the grandfather has a lot of debts. But when the father or grandfather is rich, the son says, "I have a share here." He who does not acknowledge the past has many account books, many debts, and must pay them honestly and honorably. Someone says, "I did not exist in the past." Yes, because you have gone bankrupt a hundred times. And you say, "Don't say that I have lived, that I am the same person." No, you'll admit you have debts to pay and you'll pay them off little by little. A servant comes to you and robs you. He is the one you did the same to in the past. Someone sets your house on fire. He is that creditor of yours from the past whom you owe something. Now you will ask, "Why did God create the world like that?" I ask you, "Why did you sign these policies?" You wanted to become rich, and then you ask why God allowed these policies. The policies - these are diabolical inventions. People can use only their present labour, they can't take for the future. Take a little and do not sell your future. I think only about today, I do not think about tomorrow. This is the Divine teaching. The one who has no hope says, "How can I do this job? He starts thinking about tomorrow, about the next day, about twenty years from now. What are you sure of, in twenty years, what do you know about then? You are not a master, you are a servant. Tomorrow your master may call you. The law of hope is like this: if you spend today well, according to all the rules of the Divine law, there is hope that you will spend all the other days in the same way. If you make a mistake today, you will spend all the other days the same way. Therefore, the future day will be like today. Don't say, "Well, today I sinned, but tomorrow I will correct myself." No, today, not tomorrow. When a man thinks of getting married, there is hope in him. А young man comes, everyone welcomes him, but he is dissatisfied, and he says, "I will decide tomorrow." He refuses to give his word today, he doesn't accept the girl. If he is to say tomorrow, he refuses. The girl who is to answer tomorrow, she gives up too. Do you dare to take the girl today? If you leave it for tomorrow, it will lead nowhere. Some people say, "As I sort matters out today, from tomorrow on, I will start living under God." Our matters are sorted out; it is a false doctrine that we have to sort them out. When a student goes to school to study, his mother and father have already sorted things out. He/she doesn't need trade, he/she needs studying. And when the Lord sends us to the earth, He says, "Son, I am sending you to the earth to learn; I have fixed things up for you, I do not think about them." If the son says, "Well, my mother, my father may die." A mother, a father, these are eternal principles that never die. When a mother goes to the other world, she would provide for her children much better than if she was here, so it doesn't matter where she is. So, hope is one of the great principles on earth, without which earthly life cannot be well resolved. Instill in your children the hope that their hands and hearts will be clean and that they will know that the body they have is a temple for which children must be responsible. Don't leave your children in filth! A man who has hope is always neat, well dressed, his eyes are always open, joyful, cheerful. In order to develop hope in your children, make them joyful. How? Create for them such entertainments that bring joy to their souls. This law is not only for children, but also for men and women. Men should create joy for their wives and women for their husbands. If there is no law of hope in the world, discouragement comes, and in hopelessness all modern evils are born, we become sour, discontented. The man is discontented because his wife has put too much salt in the dish, he is angry, and he says to her, "Don't you have the slightest idea of how to cook?" His anger passes from the woman to the children. The next day the man brings bad meat, the woman gets angry, throws it away and says to him, "Don't you have the slightest idea of meat?" Modern people are like the English reformer Wesley, who got married, but three days later he said to his friend, "It is not worth getting married." Yes, when one loses hope, he/she should not marry. If a young woman or a young man has no hope, they should not marry. That's what I would recommend to them. If they have hope, there will be peace and joy in their house. And today people say, "These young people cannot live together now, but later on they will get along." Not later but now, now. What love is in the beginning, so will it be in the end. So says the law of hope. From the standpoint of love we must understand time, from faith - space, and from hope - all the methods, ways in which this life can develop. If a woman doesn't know how to tidy her house, she has no hope; if a student cannot play, he has no hope; if a priest cannot serve, he has no hope. You have confidence in yourself that you can do something with this hope. Someone says, "What do you think, do I believe in God?" How strange! I have to answer if he believes! Well, open your purse and see! He asks me if he has any money. Open your purse and you will see. Open your heart and see if there is anything there. Open your mind and if you have something inside, you have faith. When people meet me, they ask me, "Do you believe?" "I don't believe in anything. " "How come? Are you an unbeliever?" I know only hope, faith and love. Beliefs, affections, expectations, I have forgotten these things, I have nothing to do with them. Only those who have lost love have to deal with them, they sigh, they want love. When you have love, you are with it. When you are in love with someone, it means you have only one window to look through. This is a misconception. You must be love, faith and hope. You must have faith, you must have hope that every person can raise themselves up. When you have a friend who believes in you, you have wings. When you lose faith in a friend, you become discouraged. When I talk about the invisible world, my understanding and yours are diametrically opposed. All things that are far from us are invisible, and all things that are near are visible. Therefore, things far from us that we have to travel to are invisible. But if we move away from the visible world, it becomes invisible. So the visible and the invisible world imply space. Nowadays people understand the invisible world as something impossible. They call the world we aspire to invisible, and I translate it as "distant world". Human life, which is distant for an ant, is invisible life for it. This is the angelic life for us, for example. When we come to the state of understanding and feeling like them, we will understand this life. It is wonderful. There is no death, no priests, no merchants, and no courts there. You will say, "Well, then, what is there?" What does the judge do? - He sends people to prison. What does a merchant do? - When a tax collector catches someone, he robs him. There is brotherhood and sisterhood in that world. When you go there and walk into a shop to buy something, the merchant will not ask for money, but he will say to you, "It will be a great pleasure for me if you take what you want without money." If you give money to the merchant, he will be offended and will tell you to get out. If you take it for free, he will invite you to come again. The other world has applied hope in this very sense, and in the physical world the conceptions are just the opposite. If you go to the angelic world, you will see what beautiful, slender people there are, not like you. When you go to them, you will say, "Let's run away from here, this world is not for us." Therefore religion is a science that teaches people the laws of love, faith and hope. Nowadays, people learn everything but these things. So, hope is the future great science that will give meaning to life on earth, it will teach us how to reconstruct schools, courts, how to eat. There will be no graveyards in this future world, and then Christ will come. This earth, we now live on, will be reconstructed. This world will sink under water. New continents will be created, there will be new air. If Christ comes to the earth now, what will He find? Everybody will meet Him with a plea - some will complain about her husband, another will complain about his/her brother or sister. Christ will say, "I did not come for this purpose - to judge people. I have come to bring peace, love, faith, and hope." Now the world is being judged/judges itself, and Christ will not judge it. He gives a new commandment of love and asks, "When the Son of Man comes to earth, will He find faith, will He find people willing to accept this teaching?" He says, "If you have love, you will keep Мy teaching, you will apply these three great laws." The world will improve, there are conditions for its improvement. And today they talk about some destiny, but that is a side teaching. Now some people say, "Secular people are unbelievers, we have no hope in them." Well, then, let the evangelicals, let the Catholics apply this teaching. But they can’t see eye to eye. What a ministry is that! I ask, "You, evangelicals, Catholics, merchants, doctors, lawyers, were you born that way?" No, you have acquired these firms later. Then why these misunderstandings? When we understand basically why we came to earth, we will be able to apply the great law of hope, and we will not ask whether God exists or not, but we will ask whether we apply the laws of love, faith, and hope. If we apply these laws, we understand why we came and misunderstandings will disappear. What do people do now? Someone makes a mistake/sins, and he/she goes to prison for three or four years or the church excommunicates him/her. And all the people are fixing the world! Those who believe in God, and those who do not believe in God, they all call the shots. I say: They both have a common denominator. You, who believe in God, will rob me, and you who do not believe in God, will rob me too. What is the difference between them? If a believer robs me, and an unbeliever does not rob me, I'd say that in the latter there is some principle, something good in his soul, which people do not see. That is why I would like us to act a little differently. Тhis teaching is necessary for you. You have to live on earth, be healthy, happy and blessed. Whatever you want to do, you cannot accomplish it if you do not have love, faith and hope. Everything is hidden in these three great principles - love, faith and hope. If you understand them correctly, if you develop them in yourself, you will be strong, powerful, you will have joy, trust and strength in your life. This is the doctrine that Christ preached when He came to reconcile men to God. How? - By teaching them how to live. This is not a belief, but a great art. There is no greater art on earth than learning how to live. This is what we must learn! Young, old, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, masters, servants - all must learn to live wisely, to have peace and harmony among all. So, apply this teaching. Leave all your old views, i.e. do not throw them away, but put them as fertilizer. Graft new branches onto your old beliefs. Everything in the world must be utilized. This experience we have is excellent, take a step forward! Apply the law of hope, to always be joyful and not to know what discouragement is. Even if you become а pauper, still not to be discouraged, for there will be something in your soul that no force can take away from you. You have powers, hidden treasures within you that modern science does not even suspect, although it finds them. There are things one cannot learn from books. If a child undergoes magnetic sleep up to the fifth degree, he/she will develop special abilities, and this child will be able to tell you what is going on in America, will be able to describe the disease of a patient and thus prescribe the most effective drugs. How does this work? The human soul has not yet fully manifested itself; there are forces in man which await the most favourable conditions for development. If you free yourselves and enter into the freedom of the Divine life, you will learn everything. If you perceive God as an all-encompassing Love in which life can manifest, if you perceive Him as a Being who looks with the greatest favor on the smallest and greatest beings, He will exalt you. If you perceive God as a being just waiting to punish, He will not help you. See Him as a being of goodness, a power in which there is no death. With such an understanding of God, the two principles of faith and love will enter into you. In twenty or thirty years, God will call you to Himself, in order to see what His children have learned, and then He will send you back to earth. There is work for everyone. Seeing that you have learned your lesson, He will send you to serve in the Great Universe. In this life, every soul will satisfy all the aspirations it has. There is no desire of the soul that it cannot fulfill. But when? - When we finish this great school, where the law of hope is studied. I would like all of you who are listening about hope to come out of here rejoicing. If you have joy, all is well with you. If a girl sings, her things go well. She opens the windows, she is cheerful. A girl is silent, her situation is bad, she has lost hope. So whatever you do, I would like you to sing. Old, young, sing! Whoever wants to be young must sing, must rejoice. If you stop singing, you're done for. You are an old woman or an old man, and everybody says, "God rest his/her soul!" Your relatives will come and mourn you. I say, "Yes, may God rest your soul, because you do not know how to sing and rejoice." If you do not want water to be poured on your grave, and to have prayers read to you, then sing, rejoice! So, apply hope in your life. There is no melancholy, sorrow, despair in hope.There is only joy and gladness in it. This is how this Divine principle is known. Other 16.01.1920 10:00 Friday, Ruse Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/689/685 Превеждали: Starlet (Стела Каменска)
  6. Готов превод Любовта, носителка на живота / Любовь – носителка на вѣчния животъ - 10.4.1921-НБ-354 / ...: 10.4.1921-НБ-354 Love, a foundation (herald) of life/Love - a herald of everlasting life But he said: "No, rather, Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it" (Luke 11:28) In verse 27 from the same chapter is written: "Now as he was saying these things a certain woman out of the crowd raised her voice and said to him: "Happy is the womb that carried you and the breasts that you sucked. Jesus answered: "Much happier is the one who hears the word of God and keep it". "Keep it" means to implement it. The power of any composer, actor, violinist, artist, sculptor or anybody else is not in having an idea in their own mind, but in implementing and fulfilling of this idea in reality. All of you are so rich in having ideas. There is not anybody who does not have lots of ideas. Someone thinks, that they will need years to share their ideas. After reading two - three lectures, all material goes to an end. Ideas do not finish, but the forms, through which these ideas are revealed, finish. Everyone can incubate 600 chickens, but not everyone can breed and feed them. The issue with the ideas is quite simple: it is much more important how to breed and feed them. So, it is not just enough to conceive thoughts, feelings and desires; they need to be implemented and executed. The realization or implementation of an idea, as well as it delay, produce different results. The character of a man strengthens in implementing of any idea and weakens in postponement. Failure to implement ideas produce a backlash on the human character. What you will be born in the future depends on your current life. Someone says: "How would I want to be a genius or a great man!" - Yes, but geniuses, great people are not chicken that hatch now. To be born a genius, you must have worked in the past on your noble thoughts and desires, realized and fulfilled them. "They are more blessed who hear the Word of God and do it". The Word implies divine thoughts. Millions of years were needed until the present Word was created. Some clairvoyants, as well as many of those who have departed who have infiltrated the higher fields of the spiritual world, say this world is speechless. They consider it to be a world of absolute silence; it is an absolutely ideal world. Whoever went to that world and returned to earth said, "I'm not going there the second time" Why? – Because there is absolute silence there. That's where everyone lives for themselves. I say: This is the biggest misunderstanding. The divine world is not in silence, but a world of complete harmony, of beautiful musical speech. The most beautiful speech is that of the Divine World. To understand this, one must possess such organs through which to perceive the supreme vibrations of the Divine Word. The occult literature speaks of the different fields of the higher worlds, which are named differently: physical field, astral, higher mental, mental or abstract, causative or other. It is not important that different fields exist; it is important why one field is given the name physical, on the other field – astral, mental, etc. It is also important what is the relationship between thoughts and feelings, between feelings and actions, between thoughts and actions, or between thoughts and causes of things. It is a deep philosophy that neither Christians nor you can solve. Each world is determined by the degree of development of intelligent beings who live there. Every form of the physical world is the result of the activity of a rational force that created it in the past. Every limitation of the physical world shows that behind the restriction lies intelligent beings who defend themselves, set their own boundaries. If your garden is surrounded by a fence, it shows that behind it lies a living, reasonable being. If I come to your house and find it's locked everywhere, it shows something. If I walk into a city and see that the doors and windows of all the houses are closed, I draw a conclusion about the culture of this city. It shows that the citizens of this city do not trust each other, or like to steal. If the women of this town cover their heads with scarfs, it speaks about the moral of these citizens. If I see, that the men of this town wear long beards, I draw some conclusions. Men don't like bearded women. The man says: "I've had enough of a beard from myself, I don't want to look at a woman with a beard." The woman says, "I don't like men without a beard and moustache." Why does a woman love a man with a beard and moustache, and a man loves a woman without a beard and a moustache? You say, "Nature has ordered this." If someone shaves your head, is that what nature did? How many sins and crimes do people do! Is nature to blame for this? Scientists – chemists and doctors, have found various fluids that get into the blood of the human body, thus giving black colour to the face. Is that what nature does? Do not throw your sins on nature. It doesn't make mistakes. It doesn't do anything stupid. Mistakes, nonsense belong to people, and to some extent to angels. - Can an angel be wrong? - Even though they're cultural beings, angels can be wrong. When angels are wrong, people's situations become more difficult. Why does a man want a woman to be without a beard and a moustache? – Very naturally. As the farmer prepares to plough, he searches for a field, plain or a meadow, not for a forest. He said: "I don't need forests, places covered in beards and moustaches. I'm looking for smooth, flat places." When building a house, one needs stones, bricks and beams, not beards and moustaches. The man ploughs, and the woman builds; a man loves the field and a woman loves the forest. Field and forest are symbols that need to be interpreted into your language "Those, who are listening to the Word of God." The Word represents a man without beard and moustaches. In the invisible world, there is no commemoration to human beards and moustaches. Bearded and moustached people don't exist there. When they get down on the ground, people disguise themselves. So beards and moustaches are a necessity only for the physical world. When someone wants to present themselves to look more as a noble man than they really are, they grow a beard and a moustache. When people see them they say: "What a Noble man he is!" However, when they go to heaven, nobody cares about his beard. It means nothing. There is not anything more absurd than a bearded, moustached man. When a man wants to attract people's attention, especially women, he begins to stroke his beard and moustache. He wants to give himself airs. When he strokes his beard and moustache, the man wants to say to his wife, "You want to build? Here, take trees, beams from me. I have a whole forest, I'm a rich man. Pick up as much as you want." Bearded, moustached and rich man, it's the same thing. Those of you who want to live wisely must have a deep understanding of life. When I say that you must live wisely, the old ones say, "We lived our time. Now it is time for young people to live their life." There will come a time when they live sensibly, too. There's time for deeper insight into life. – Indeed, the old ones have lived, but if the young live like them, who should they rely on? Outliving and revitalizing is the same thing. What does the weeding of the wheat show? –That it lived. I say: Things should not be only lived, but you need to live wisely, consciously. It is a life of internal, Divine harmony. You say, "We want to live like this, but how can you live this way in such a sinful and impure life?" Your situation is no worse than that of mammals. Through labour, effort, and persistence, one can overcome all the difficulties of his life. There are many ways to overcome the difficulties. In Solomon's Proverbs, it is said. "A soft soul alleviate; a sharp word embitter." I say: The fire softens, the cold freezes, which means, it hardens. Jesus says, "Blessed is the one, who hears the Word and keeps it" So, it is not important under what condition I was born, who my mother and my father were, whether they were noble and erudite people. It is much more important whether I hear the Word and keep it. I look at two opposites in life: wealth and poverty. All people want to be rich; no one wants to be poor. – Why do wealth and poverty exist? – It is not possible without both. Track the life of nature, and you will see that there is also wealth and poorness in it. They are states of sensible life. God gives man the wealth to help him to find out who are his enemies and rivals; to understand what is holding him back in life. God gives a man a poverty to help him to understand who his friends are, as well as all the encouraging, governing forces that work for his own growth. You say, "I'm a poor man." - Did you find out who your friends are? - "I did not" - Then you did not understand the poverty. . You say, "I am rich." - Do you get to know your enemies? You had to recognize your enemies and pull out your knife and fight them. By "fighting," I do not mean what contemporary people understand. They got rich, pulled out their knives and start fighting their opponents. From a human point of view, wealth and poorness are two conditions that one must fight against to overcome difficulties in life. As in wealth and poverty, the same way in strength and weakness, in knowledge and ignorance one may have difficulties and temptations. – Who creates man's grief and temptations? – He himself, as well as the people he communicate with. So, people do not suffer from being ignorant, or being very smart. Stupid one suffers, and so does the smart one. However, smart people suffer more than stupid ones. Often Bulgarian says, "He get drunk like a donkey." - Where did that saying come from? I do not think the donkey drinks alcohol. I did not see a drunken donkey. To say about someone who got drunk with cold and clean water like a donkey, I understand; however, to say that he drank wine like a donkey, that I do not understand. There is another question, if you mean that someone does not know, if there is clean water, like the donkey. People's sayings and folklore are so misinterpreted that you cannot find the truth in them. In order for this truth to be inherited, we have to spread the knowledge everywhere. Otherwise, it will stay for a long time distorted. So, when you come to mistakes of men, you will know that many of them are created by a foolish and unreasonable life; many mistakes are also created by people's sensible and intelligent lives. However, a sensible and intelligent life has created many good, many qualities. Stupid and smart people are fundamentally different. The foolish one, doing good, does not ask for reward; by doing evil, don't think he wil be punished. - Why? – In both cases he is not clearly aware of what he is doing. The smart one, however, has an awareness of what he is doing. Therefore, when a person goes from one state to another, it is about making mistakes in conscious life. However, instead of learning a lesson from his mistakes, he does new ones. – What is the reason for mistakes? – Man's desire to change his life, to impose his understandings. In this regard, a man falls into the position of that royal son, who on the day of his wedding had to be punished. The royal son fell in love with a young, beautiful girl, also of royal origin. They both loved each other and get on with each other well. Only in one thing they did not come along: he liked to eat garlic, and she had a great disgust with garlic. On the day of the wedding, delicious meals were prepared, but most of them with garlic. The royal son got carried away in the deliciously prepared dishes and ate more than he should have. In the evening, as they returned to their room, the royal daughter felt the smell of garlic and, as she jumped out of her seat like she has been stung, unhappy with her beloved one. She immediately called her servants and told them, "Please give this man few sticks, so he can learn his lesson not to eat garlic again." He said: 'I'm not eating garlic anymore. I'll think a lot until I decide to eat or give up the garlic.' What does the royal daughter represent? - The truth. She can't stand the smell of garlic. However, the Bulgarian loves garlic. By translating the word "garlic", you will see what impact it will have, both on your character and on the character of the people who are around you. Both you and the people from your circle, contain such elements, which means, thoughts with an unpleasant smell, like garlic. – Why are some people unpleasant to you? – Because there is something in their blood, as in their thoughts and feelings, that does not suit your taste. If your sense of smell is highly developed and your friend who ate garlic kisses you, you are unlikely to get rid of that smell in a year. If a man, who has committed murder, kisses you, I don't think you will be able to get rid of this act in even in 10 years. With a fairy tale, I will present to you the power of unclean thought or of a sin in general. There was a monk who lived in a monastery, and he was a saint. He wanted to see a relative of his own, now deceased, whom he knew was in hell. The Saint wanted to see him and give him some instruction on how to raise from the sins. An angel heard the saint's request and said, "Do you know that if your relative come here, the monastery will fail? He curries great dirtiness with himself." - I just want him to come for a moment. The angel satisfied the desire of the saint – he let his relative out of hell, but then the monastery deserted. Such dirtiness he had brought himself that nothing could clear the monastery. A scary thing is sin! It is the strongest poison, the worst smell that people know. To neutralize the power of sin, people are forced to eat garlic. You treat it with something similar to cure it. Now, I speak to you in symbolic language. I take garlic as a symbol. It is a good cure. When someone wants to disinfect his mouth, or improve the condition of his stomach and chest, one should eat garlic. I prescribe garlic to the sick man, but not to the healthy one. To the sick, I recommend turnips, but not the healthy one. If your stomach is upset, boil turnips and drink its juice. If your stomach is weak, drink a small glass of wine; once you've healed, no wine is allowed. Only Fermented wine is prohibited, not sweet one. Christ says, "Blessed is the one who hears the Word of God and keeps it." The Word of God brings the great ideas to the world. These ideas are coming from somewhere. One can embrace these ideas only when he is in harmony with the Divine beginning within himself. You lie if you think you can embrace these ideas from the present world. This world is lacking in ideas. Show me in the current literature a new, great idea. All the ideas that deal with the present mankind are old, out of their time. They are more experiences of the past. I've attended big concerts, listened to prominent virtuoso musicians, everyone's repeating the old. Americans still sing their ancient songs. Musically, they are weak, so they repeat the same thing. Years ago, they invited a great Czech composer to collect their folk songs, to process their folk music. - Why aren't Americans musical? – Because they are very practical. They look at things more with their mind than with their heart. A young American was visiting his father. When he was leaving, his father presented a note in which he wrote the bill — the son's debt for the time spent. The father said, "Son, you spent 31 days with me. You had two dollars a day. So, for all this time you owe me $62." The son took the bill , but added: "Dad, I was visiting my friend for three days. When I get the $6 bill out, I owe you $56." He paid that amount to his father, and they parted friendly. You say, "Cultural people are Americans!" - Yes, they're cultural, they're honest, they're fair, but this is not a real culture. When a father wants to play his son and son to play the father, it's not a culture. When a father expects his children to support him, and when children rely on their father's wealth to provide them, it's not a culture. The present Christian peoples have misinterpreted Christ's doctrine as well as the loyalty to God. Today, the church is served, not God. Today they make churches, gold-plated icons, open banks, but this is not essential. Virtues are essential in life. They need to be planted and cultivated. Today, the lie is spread everywhere, yet people go to church; the priest makes them peace. You say, "This man is not truthfully Orthodox." – It is funny to talk about orthodoxy! Which man is Orthodox? Who's a mathematician? He's a real mathematician who solves the tasks of life well. Which person can call himself an astronomer, physicist, chemist, astrologer, sociologist? Anyone who understands their subject matter and solves their tasks correctly shall bear their name with dignity. Anyone who wants to rebuild society must understand the laws that govern it and the ways in which it can be rebuilt. You say, "We've decided to rebuild society, and there's nothing to think about." – You must think and think a lot! What do birds do? – Before laying their eggs, they consider making their nest and how to do so. Then they lay their eggs and begin to hatch them. Therefore, when you embark on a reconstruction of society, you will first think, and then act. You must put a sharp line between the old and the new! The old one can't be towels. Old and new views cannot be reconciled. Old and new truths cannot be reconciled. The truth is one thing. Therefore, there can be no talk of old and new truth. Whoever speaks of the old truth does not understand the divine law. The truth is one, unchanging; it is essential for every human life. "Blessed is this man, who hears the Word of God and follows it." By "Word," we understand a reasonable life that manifests itself in the right shapes, in the right tones. In this life, every tone, every word has its own meaning. Have you attempted to pronounce one single word correctly and see its result? Pronounce the word "health" and see what result you will have. According to occult science, each word has its own key. If you find the key to the word "health" and pronounce it three times in front of someone sick, they will definitely restore thir health. By pronouncing the words correctly, you will check the strength contained in them. Both the tap water that passes through the tree washes the dirt at a long distance, and the words, correctly pronounced, wash away all the impurities they encounter in their way. You say, "I want to be healthy, but May God give me that health!" –You have closed the tap water yourself, and you are waiting for the Lord to come from somewhere, you are waiting Him to unlock you. If you want to be healthy, the Lord tells you, "Learn to pronounce the word "healthy" correctly. You're unhappy - learn to pronounce the word "happy" correctly. You're stupid- learn to pronounce the word "wisdom" correctly. You want to be happy, healthy, smart, and you don't think that it's up to you to pronounce those words properly and from your correct pronunciation depends your happiness, health and wisdom. The husband tells his wife, "Please slaughter a hen today and cook it. Do you know how to cook it? – “No, dear, can you tell me how? He begins, "You're going to slaughter the chicken, you're going to skald it with boiling water, you're going to pluck it. Then you’ll staff it with rice and raisins, fry it in butter and onions and let it cool. Be careful not to burn it when cooking." The woman listens to her husband's instructions and acts as ordered. As he returns from work, the husband sits at the table and says, "Thank God, she cooked it well." I say: If the woman had patience to listen to her husband, and if he had patience to explain everything, why can't they both wait to hear how happiness is acquired? It's a method, it's a law that exists deep somewhere in the human soul. How are you going to fix your life up if you're unlucky? Without happiness, life presents numerous disappointments, afflictions, difficulties sufferings. Without happiness, life doesn't make sense. This applies to you, not to secular people. How many times have you stumbled from the smallest challenges? Christ says, "Blessed is the one who hears the Word of God and protects it." The Word includes everything within itself. It brings love, which manifests itself only in reasonable life, between intelligent people. In an unreasonable life, no Love exists. - We must love each other! – If you acquire a reasonable life, you will love each other. Once it comes in between you, with one swing, it corrects all the crooked things. So the arriving of Love is preceded by a reasonable life. Today, most people get fooled. - Why are they fooling around? – Because they do not know truth and love. He who preaches does not know the truth; who creates, writes, and produces something also does not know truth. However, everyone is talking about truth, imagining that they know it. I will tell you a story about people's delusions. Three comrades went to a mill together. They also carried a loaf of bread in their bag and a roasted chicken. They decided to have their dinner. They looked at the chicken, but realized it was too small, so they did not know how to share it equally between themselves. They finally decided to lie down, get a good night's sleep, and whoever has the best dream, he will get the chicken. They slept for an hour, then they woke up and started telling what they were dreaming about. The first said, "I dreamed that I had moved to heaven, between the angels. I heard and saw so many wonderful things there! Angels with white gowns, with wreaths on their heads, sang and played. Such wonderful songs, what a fantastic music!". The second said, "I moved to the moon. I cannot describe with words what I saw there! It is not possible to be described even if I speak all day and night.' The third one said, “When I saw that one of you went to heaven and the other to the moon, I realized that you were not coming back, and I decided to eat the chicken myself. I got up, ate the chicken and thanked God for having a good dinner. " Until now there are some people who are fooling us into being in heaven, others on the moon and others are using the occasions to eat and drink. However, all three categories of people do not get to the meaning of life. Social issues must be resolved! Life needs to be thought through! There is only one way to apply fairness. That's the way to manifest. People will get out, melt, turn to water, and God will pass them through fine filters while purifying them. Only in this way will they achieve absolute purity. There will be no hard fabric, no beard, no hair left on them. What is the term "water"? – A man pure in his thoughts, feelings, and actions. He's brave and determined in all his business. There's no power greater than water. It is lively, flexible and mobile. Wherever it passes, it will do some good. However, people don't aim to be like water and say, "Become as hard as iron." They don't understand the qualities of water yet. A man becomes as hard and hefty as iron and stone, but nothing good comes out of it. When it dries, it gets stiff, loses its flexibility and says, "My mind cannot hold this truth." - You're starting to dry up. – "I can't love anymore." – Your heart has hardened, it's dry. – "I can't work." – You're dry already. Get up and say, "There's anything I can do. I can go up; I can go down." That means being a hero. When I say that you must live the demands of a reasonable life, you answer, "To live like this, it means to starve to death." No matter how you live, you will always die hungry. There will come a day when your throat dries up, it will not accept anything; your eyes will close. It is true that you will die hungry, but if you walk in the crooked road. If you walk the crooked road, you will meet gallows, prisons. After all this, there will be talk about rules and orders! Where there are sufferings and diseases, gallows and prisons, no order and rules exists. This world is a world of anarchy. The Lord's prayer says, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, both in heaven and on earth." Strive for the kingdom of God, for the divine world. The human world will give you nothing: neither reverence nor glory. Christ says, "Seek not glory from men, but from God." It makes sense to seek glory from intelligent people who feed on pure and sublime thoughts and feelings. There is no point in seeking fame from people who live for themselves. Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/87/85 Превеждали: mariaivanova52 (Мария Иванова)
  7. Готов превод Мисли от г,н П.Дънов - 10.10.1911-ИБ-39 / .: 10.10.1911-ИБ-39 Thoughts from Mr. P. Danov On 27 September 1911 at 8 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Danov shared the following thoughts: From now on, and especially after 1914, there will be drastic changes in affairs. There will be hard days, unrest, persecution for justice and the lead of the negative elements will begin. The year 1914 will be a climax, a starting point, when all the movements, struggles, tremors and changes for the triumph of the Kingdom of God will begin. These phenomena will continue until 1927 or 1933, as long as you work on the European continent, which sets the tone for everything in the world, does not gain a foothold for good. It is possible that a universal plague will follow, in which the earth will be cleansed of all negativity, to give place to the good people who will remain to serve as a lift for the coming of the Kingdom of God, and then Christ will reign. Especially in an interval of three years between 1914 and 1927 or 1933, sharp events will take place in a very heated atmosphere, with hard and painful days. In these three years it is the bonds * of evil and all the denials of order and order, of all the unbelieving and ungodly masses, that will be untied. A temporary overcoming influence will be allowed. Then the faith of the clergy will be tested, if it is not in its place. How many kamelaukion will be rolling in the streets! Because a persecution against the clergy will certainly be allowed. And those who truly believe and walk in the way of the Lord will have no one to perish, as long as they are in the fulfillment of their duty, because there will be others who will distract the troublemakers. But when exactly these three hard, with sharp events, years will occur, it is not allowed to call. One can only know that they will be between the years 1914 and 1927 or 1933. Jerusalem, this is modern Europe. And as once all evil and good reigned in Jerusalem, so today it is, this is modern Europe. And as once all evil and good reigned in Jerusalem, so today it is seen in Europe, because it is she who for the time being sets the tone in the government of the world; good comes out of it, so does evil. And America is a force in itself, something like Europe, but it is left to the future, when Europe is now dictating, so it is the one that must be fixed first, because it is "the great harlot of the earth.". And when Christ was on earth, Satan was in the astral peace, and now it is just the opposite: Satan is on the earth, and Christ is acting in the astral peace, and as such, the destruction of Satan will be far greater than any other time. Satan will incarnate here in Europe in a reigning house, will attract all the negative elements, and then he will finally be crucified. 27 September 1911 year Sofia Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/466/463 Превеждали: Stephanie_Dimitrova (Стефка Димитрова)
  8. Готов превод Семената - 9.5.1922-ИБ-451 / ...: 9.5.1922-ИБ-451 Title: The seeds Secret prayer The goal of every occult class is to learn those things that are essential, necessary, and needed for life itself. There are no unnecessary things to learn in the occult class. Now, what are the elements of music? Aren't the notes? The first seven tones need to be learned. You also need to learn the key to music, through which you know the notes. Colors and shapes must be studied in art. When learning a language, the alphabet must be learned. When studying mathematics, the relations of numbers must be studied. Now, you will gradually become acquainted with the basic principles of occult science. Of course, as in all other branches of knowledge, so in the occult school, students are not always equally capable of perceiving great truths. Some are more capable, and others now need to prepare. What distinguishes an occult student who graduates successfully? - He is constant, not affected by difficulties. A student who wants to finish must be brave and determined, to face all difficulties. Now the mind of a student entering an occult school must be very receptive, flexible, agile, cheerful and fresh, to perceive every new thought and to understand every relation. His heart must be bold and determined, and his will must be firm as a diamond. In the occult class you will encounter great difficulties. These difficulties are natural. When you enter a music class, everyone will easily learn the tricks, but as you go forward, the exercises become more complicated and some students say, "These things are very difficult, they can't be done," and they end up with the music. Some start with math, at first easily - addition, subtraction, but when they come to those higher problems in mathematics, they stop. For the language - too. If someone asks you how many words you speak in Bulgarian, have you read how many words you speak? - No more than 500 words are used in ordinary conversation. The best speakers know about 4,000 words. I do not want you to use all your time, you will give your extra time. You will only practice during the time you do not know what to do. You will not leave your job. Have all of you considered, will you be able to follow well? The matter will not be very difficult. Now, at the beginning, I will give you a topic. You will write a little. Half a sheet on "The Qualities of a Good Student." You will not write much. Not what the children said, ie the others, but as you understand - what makes a good student different. You will write directly. A little, as you understand. Beauty is there when one speaks naturally. They may ask you what makes a good student stand out. You can define in 10 words; in 20-30 words... Now, there will be a desire in all of you to apply what you are learning gradually, because if it is not applied in life, it will be useless knowledge. Wisdom is for the mind; virtue is for the heart, the heart is enriched by virtue; power is for the will, will strengthens through power, truth is for the soul. So, if you want to be successful in the world, you must have knowledge and wisdom. I take the world in a broad sense - the Divine world. If you want to be loved by your friends, by your loved ones, you must be virtuous, and if you want others to trust you, you must have a strong will. A person with a weak will can promise a lot, but he does not fulfill anything. Let's say you have a friend, he promises something, but you don't fulfill it two or three times, and you lose trust in him, and you can't be his friend. If you promise and do not fulfill, even your father will lose confidence in you. If the lie reigns in your soul, you are alienated from God. In an occult class there should be no mention of lies. In other cases, lying may make sense, but in the soul absolutely no exception! Do you know how you will feel when you become alienated from God? - A great sorrow, burden, meaninglessness in life and you will not know where to go. To be successful in life, you need to know the truth. Truth is the connection between God and man. There is nothing greater than Love and there is nothing better and more beautiful than the Truth in life. He who wants to be beautiful and beautiful, the Truth must live in his soul. Take, for example, that gardener who is full of diligence. When you enter the garden, when it is arranged, the person becomes light in the soul. So it is with the man who has the truth in his soul. Now, if you are asked such a question: "What is the beauty of the garden?" "In the fruit trees." Every garden is beautiful on the trees that are inside it. Uproot these trees, the garden costs nothing. The land is only a condition, and the trees form a beautiful garden. If I ask: How is a person known? - A man is known by his heart, by his mind and by his will. If these qualities are eradicated, there is nothing left of man, he is lost - there is no man. Therefore, in an occult school you will have methods to develop your mind, your heart and your will. Why don't so many gardens exist now? - There is land, no seeds. So, the garden exists only in the seeds. Once you sow the seeds, the garden is formed. It is only a matter of time before the garden is formed. That is why, according to the rules of this school, I want you to gain all the knowledge that the world has. Don't think now that you have to leave the knowledge of this world. No. The more knowledge you can acquire, the better. Those in the world who are smart, learned and graduated, and have a higher education will be better occult students. You will all learn, you will not be lazy, you will not say: "When I enter the occult school, I will learn everything at once - we do not need worldly knowledge!" Secular knowledge is a preface to occult science. Where higher mathematics on earth stops, occult science begins. Music and math are needed. Some are musicians, but some are weak in math. Mathematics and geometry are needed. An occult student should not be pretentious. He must be very humble in his soul. To be like a deep, quiet water. To be like an installation in which a strong current flows, but from the outside it shows nothing, and if someone says: "Do you have knowledge?", You will tell him: "Push me, turn the key!" But wire by wire there is a difference. Some may say, "We have knowledge." When we turn the key, there is no light. Someone says, "I have a light during the day," but when you turn the key, it doesn't work. And I want you to be such wires, an installation full of energy. Take the nervous system, this is an installation. Now we will teach you to install the nerves, because some nerves are even inactive - atrophied. How many people are you? - 25. - And it will gradually settle. Your class is not yet settled. You will now take notes. Afterwards, when the subject is brought, you will make a general extract. Secret prayer 9 May 1922 year, Tuesday, time 19:30, Sofia Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/2012/2077 Превеждали: Stephanie_Dimitrova (Стефка Димитрова)
  9. Готов превод Правилник за учениците на първи окултен клас на Бялото Братство - 1.4.1922-ИБ-433 / ...: 1.4.1922-ИБ-433 TITLE: Rules for the students of the first occult class of the White Brotherhood We sang "Fir - Fur Fen Tao Bi Aumen". At the doorstep of the occult class, the listener should know the following: 1. Whoever once tried to correct the Absolute, the Great, the Divine, is removed from the class. 2. Whoever does not do his lesson once is removed from the class. 3. Anyone who does not come to class twice (without an important, urgent reason) will be removed from the class. 4. Three times if there is rudeness between the disciples, both parties are removed from the class. Angry people are absolutely not allowed among the students. Note: Deep in his soul, in front of his conscience, the disciple must know the reasons that kept him from attending class. The importance of the cause remains absolutely on the student's conscience. A disciple should never lie to himself. If he lies to himself, he is himself out of class. 5. He who comes here, to come because of love, without coercion. 6. The disciple must be true to himself. To be a strict judge of his actions. 7. The greatness of the disciple's character lies in this - he always fulfills the promise he has made to himself. 8. The disciple enters the classroom with full faith, without fear and doubt to the words of the Master - doubts and thoughts are not allowed. The disciple obeys, listens, and executes the Master's words. 9. A disciple is only one who is regular with his lessons and always attends lectures. He is absolutely accurate and never late. 10. A disciple is only one who is in harmony with the Absolute. The disciples need to know one thing - the Divine is never corrected. A disciple is only one who never, either in class or out of class, is rude to anyone. 11. The disciple is not offended, but always seeks the good in the words that are said to him. He seeks Love in everything. 12. The disciple does not take anything out of what is said in class, outside, until he has processed it, until this knowledge becomes his. 13. The disciple does not show any curiosity. He neither asks nor allows others to question him much. He is free to remain silent. He is content only with what he is told. 14. The tasks given to the disciple must be performed without doubt or hesitation. The slightest doubt is an obstacle. The best way for a disciple is the one, in which his soul is freed from those connections that have hindered him in the past, which still hinder him today. 16. The disciple must have absolute obedience and attention to his Master. Obedience must come from the consciousness. The disciple must listen and perform. To have such feelings and abilities with which to know his Master. He who doubts his Master is not a disciple. If the disciple doubts his Master, it is all over with him. If the Master violates even the smallest Divine law, also with him everything is all over. 17. If he does not work with the law of Love, the disciple can achieve nothing. The main task of the disciple is to realize the Love of God, ie the Love to all. 18. Constantly awake consciousness and accuracy is required from the disciple. With these two qualities he will be able to correct his mistakes. “Get up, go, do it on time!”- This is the law of the nature. The disciple is not allowed to speak idle words. 20. The disciple does not marry, nor does he become a slave. He is free. He who does not want to study and serve God, can marry as much as he wants. Who wants to flirt - out of class! Who is jealous - out of class! The disciple is pure, honest and sincere. The disciples to help each other, do not use each other. 21. The student works consciously to acquire the perfection to which he constantly strives. 1 April 1922 Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/2013/2078 Превеждали: Stephanie_Dimitrova (Стефка Димитрова)
  10. Готов превод Да се родите изново - 13.6.1943-НБ-3825 / .: 13.6.1943-НБ-3825 TO BE BORN AGAIN 'Our father' I will read just one verse which you have read for many times already. 'Do not wonder that I told you that you need to be born again' John, chapter 3, verse 7. I want to talk to you about one method, which is not accessible for the nature. The language nature uses is incomprehensible for us. All human languages are very incomprehensible. For example. You are talking about good, but good is something unclear. You are talking about health, but it is unclear. When you say 'sweet', you don't feel the sweetness. In nature when you say 'sweet', it is sweet. when you say 'bitterly', it is bitterly. Whatever you say, it is that. With human languages you talk something but it isn't that. Now I will try to speak as it is. It is talked about love, but it isn't love. Nature doesn't say 'love' but says 'give', 'take'. How will I give? When nature needs to give, she has scales. When she gives to you, she says 'Much take'. When they take from you, you say: 'They rоb me'. She got scales, she will weigh you. If you lost weigh, they rob you. If you say, you got robbed, but when she scales you , you haven't lost anything, she sees that nothing has been taken from you. This isn't the language of the nature. In natures' language, whatever you say, it is true. You are saying they robbed you, but you weigh more than you are supposed to. You must free from all the unnecessary stuff in your life. Redundancy nature doesn't suffer, also doesn't suffer deficit. Where there is deficit, she always reach out to fulfill that deficit, where there is redundancy, she takes it back. Deficit brings suffer and redundancy brings even more suffer. There are many people who are dying from hunger but most of the people are dying from gluttony. Some times they die from hunger. Nature gives hunger – dying, they don't have what to eat. They won't trade-wind the grass. We, contemporary people suffer from deficit of sunlight. We, contemporary people suffer from lack of warmth. We contemporary people suffer from lack of strength. There is external force called mechanical strength, there is internal force, organic one. From the word 'Born' we define human which is given the opportunity to go deep and explore the world in many ways. Somebody, who has been flesh born, will discover the world in flesh way. It is not bad to be flesh born, it is not bad to be born by Spirit. At first you need to be flesh born, after by Spirit and explore the world by two positions. Fleshly life is good 'Flesh' means in dense matter. 'Spiritually' means matter, which is moving, full with energy. We are thinking that when we grow older, we are smarter but when we were children we weren't smart. Relatively this is true. The child conceive things much better than the old but the kid cannot manifest the same. In the kid there is will to make good, to make bad but feels its weakness and gives up. The old feels stronger and therefore acts. During childhood you are unable to do it. You are from the weak people. Old people are strong people. When it comes to them, they say: 'Do you know what experience I have in life? Already 85 years I live on earth. The earth circled the Sun for 85 times already. Do you know how many times I have been circling around, what sidewalks I have been done?'. Now you can multiply and find out what is the distance which the earth made for 85 years. Because 150 billion kilometers is the distance from the Sun to the Earth, you multiply 3 times, you will measure. Those who have studied geometry; how many times does the diameter fit to the circle and how many times does the radius fit to it? These things you have studied. It is an easy job. Keep the process of new born in up rise level. From the morning until noon time you are born, this is youth ages. From noon until night time is old ages. From night until midnight you are in hell. Night like midnight, keep silence. From midnight until morning you are going out of hell. Therefore in the morning we are getting into paradise and going out of hell and by night time we are entering the hell. At midnight we are going out of hell. Don’t think about hell. The hell is place for straightening. It is experimental school. Whoever has a mistake needs to straighten it. You need to come out of your body, because these workers need to clean the body, there is plenty of dirtiness. When you come out, because you are master, the workers will clean up your body. When they clean, they will say: ‘Here you go master, everything has been cleaned up’ By night time when you cannot sleep, you are doing a big treat, because the house has been left unclean. You all want to work night time. Give up. Leave this work for the servant, they to clean the body. Somebody is excusing and say that all night prayed. Somebody is excusing that was thinking all night on how to innovate something: some shotgun, some cannon. These are good things, all the things in the world are good. The weapon is good for the soldier. The pen is good for the penman. Apples are good for children. Clothes are good for girls. Fur caps are good for boys. Hand gloves are good for ladies. Pianos’ are good for pianists. Violins are good for violinists. A Bulgarian who was in America and carrying violin in a box was telling me. They have asked him: ‘Are you fine?’ He said: ‘I am fine, my fiancée is with me.’ He takes out his violin and says: ‘My fiancee to play some music.’ The Bulgarian is very witty. After which, the Bulgarian is very generous. Thereafter a Bulgarian who is in an awkward situation. He said: ''There was a guy I knew from sight, he was an old evangelic preacher, he invited me to be his guest. As a Bulgarian, I invited another two persons. He told me: 'Maybe the Bulgarians are having this habit, but you were supposed to inform me in advance so I can prepare for the rest. Therefore I am going to punish you by taking from your meal to give to your friends. '' And this Bulgarian is telling me: 'I couldn't get enough food back then.' Bulgarians are very generous on the sake of others belongings. When the Bulgarian is free, he doesn't give anything. By Turkish slavery time they were telling me an anecdote. One Bulgarian says to another: „Hey Ivan, 'yuzbasi' came.” - 'I am not giving anything to this squeezer.' 'Oh, Ivan.' - Started to beat Dragana. Then Ivan said: 'We will find something to give from somewhere.' Now, what is the difference in Bulgarians during Turkish slavery? When some Turkish 'yuzbasi' comes (yuzbasi means lead of 100 people, binbashi means leader of 1000 people, major), when yuzbasi comes, then Bulgarian comes out, takes his well-fed horse and Ivan starts to walk around the horse. After he is done walking around the horse, he will feed the horse and Ivan will not ride the horse himself. Ivan will bring the horse and 'yusbasi' will jump on the horse and get away. If you just walk around the horse who belongs to 'yusbasi', you are Ivan. If you get on the horse to ride it, you are the 'yusbasi'. Ivan should well know how to walk around the horse, because this horse takes it hard, it may brake. Ivan will gently shake the horse with his hand, will make the horse feel comfortable having some food, to have some water. He must know not to make any mistake, because Ivan has responsibility. Now I am doing comparison. If you have an idea which you are walking around as Ivan did, what are you going to learn? You must ride your dream, to be on top of it and be like 'yusbasi'. If you are only walking your idea like Ivan did, you must know that your dream is a horse. We, contemporary people are not paying attention. I have done scientific observations and pay attention on smallest things. Sometimes I do scientific observations at home. Sometimes a mother gives bread to her child, I observe and watch how the kid is eating. Watching how it opens its mouth, watching what is the position of its body. Some kids, I am looking, are taking big bites, eating fast. Just swallow, it isn't harmonic. Some are swallowing nicely. I am observing some kids eating very fast. As soon as they give them some bread, the kid starts eating immediately. But some kids, when they givst, take a good look at it good kids, when they are given the bread, they look at it, take a good look at it and than start eating it. I am saying, this child will become a person. The other child, which is starting to eat fast, I am making a conclusion for. You are eating and thinking that this bread, this piece contains that force. If you take that bite with your three fingers and don't believe in the force which is hidden in this bite, no force you can take from it. The force of this bite will reach out to the innermost part of your brain, it will go to the innermost station of your heart and it will reach out to the innermost station of your soul. Why don't we learn to be thankful for the smallest things in life which the nature has given to us? Now we are worried about things, which are not our job. We are worried about how will we end our life. It is better not to know when we will end. If you know and if you don't know, you will get older. The old should take care about old ages. The young to take care of youth. You are using the young one also using the old one. The young is your servant, the old is your servant. You are grown man. You are talking about Divine Beginning. The Divine Beginning uses the old. Sunrise, this is new born. The sunset, this is dying. By midnight you are in hell. After one hour, you are going out of hell. Be joyful you are going out when the Sun is born again. Be joyful when you go into hell, because some of your mistakes will be ironed out and also unnatural wishes in people. Suffering in human is growing and developing like the fruit trees, but the suffering is bearing bitter fruits, as the joy bears sweet fruits. One suffers you will graft with one joy. You will learn to graft. Lemons, you will be able to graft, apples you may graft, cherry you may graft. You are saying: God will providence. God providence long time ago but we should providence now. What would God say? He long time ago said it. I believe in what God said in the past, I believe in this, what God is saying now, I believe in this, what God will say in future. For me God has spoken in the past, he is speaking to us now, will also speak in future to the people. God is always speaking. For God, the present, and the past, and the future is one. For us, the people on Earth, there are three times: past, present, and future. I am Saying you: Listen to This, Who is speaking to us. Or saying: Listen to that, what the Love is speaking to you. To tell you more clearly: Listen to this what the apple speaks to you. Listen to the apple. When you take the pear and bite it she also speaks to you. When you squeeze it, the pear starts speaking. Saying: 'Do you know why you want me to get into you, do you know what might happen?' You need to listen. She says: 'Please be so kind, whatever you say, I will do it.' You are drinking water and water is asking you: 'You know why are you drinking me?' The Bulgarian often drinks water by night time, without listening what the water is saying to him. Bulgarians often have the habit, waking up by the middle of the night and drink one or two mugs of water. Says: 'I don't know what happened, misfortune happened'. He drunk one-two kilos of water (a little exaggeratedly is this). Some of you admire from some colors. You don't have the same Love to all of the colors. You will love the red color, the orange one, yellow one, green one, blue one, clear blue color, dark blue, the violet one, you are going to love them all the same. Your health depends on these 7 rays. If you are biased and love only one color, you are ruing the harmony. All together these colors are forming the light. The colors are creditors green one, the red one is crediting the orange one. The orange one is crediting the yellow one, the yellow one is crediting the green one. The green color is crediting the clear blue one. The clear blue one is crediting the dark blue one. {The dark blue one} is crediting the violet one. There is a science in which we should be studying about the light, same as studying the music. A human who does not have clear view for the red color, never can take the proper 'C' tone. The one who is familiar with the red color, immediately taking the tone very clearly. I have been making tests and seen correlation between the red color and the main tone in life. Because the main color is the red one, the scarlet one. There is one red color like fire. When you stair at the red color, you will heal. If you are looking into the flame, once you lighten fire, you look into the fire, the illness disappears. There are many people in the world who are wearing red color. But when you look at it, you are bringing to yourselves trouble. Some man is seeking for red a like woman. Man needs this color. Man is looking for cure. When he looks, what? He takes from her. Saying: 'When I saw this woman, I felt better' and the others saying: 'A-a, you felt better once you have seen her!'. No understanding of the law. That the woman to feel better, that this other woman helped her husband to tell her: 'I am very happy, thank You very much that when you came into our home my husband was sick and healed once he have seen you. You brought the Goddess bliss in our home.' Now you are persecuting the Divine. When this woman comes, you are thinking for her to disappear. to go away. From this day the man is hiding. The woman says: “Where did this 'Jidiya' ('Jidiya' means Jewess) came from?” You want to be spoken to. You are keeping away the Goddess blessing. God sends you some young girl with life. An Angel from the Sky came into this girl, spreading light and you are not going to be happy that an Angel came into your house but thinking for her to go away. You are saying: 'Since the Angel came there is bad intention.' I am fortune teller. I have been telling many people: 'This sister is bringing a bliss in that young woman Jesus came.' - 'Do not say!' He is saying: 'Does it choose young ones?' He is choosing young ones. The old ones are thick-headed. It is hard to boil the old one’s head, the old one is proud, graduated university, saying: 'What do I know...' Do not focus on how much you know. I know more from you, but I am still a little kid on the planet earth, I am learning what may it be on earth. Jesus says: humility. You are saying: 'I remember much.' What do you remember? What was the weather like one year ago on today's day? You have forgotten it. What the weather would be in one year from now, you do not know. We are thinking we know much. What happened a year ago we don't know and what is happening now we don't know but we are feeling like we are educated people. I see a lot of exaggerated stuff into the human order. Let us say you have 1000 leva; do you know how much 1000 leva is? What is the current price? These are 1000 stotinki (cents). Each 1 lev equals 1 stotinka (cent), golden stotinka (cent). Because in 10 leva there are 1000 leva equals 10 leva. You are saying: 'I gave him 1000 leva' but in my mind you gave him 10 leva. You are saying: 'I made him a big favor.' For me, the biggest favors are the smallest ones, and the smallest favors are the biggest ones. I never stop by a single process which is a big one. The big processes are only for the God. You become friend with somebody, you do not know the character of this person and you want from this person to do whatever you want. Who said so? Leave it to be its own will and not you to overcome your will. Then it is not friend. By law, you may be captain. You will give order: 'You will do this; you will do that.' This isn't friendship, this is subjection. When I am making him orders, this is not by free will. Saying: 'You know what happened with me.' In the holy writ the apostle Paul is saying: 'It would be bad for me if I don't preach.' But this is the Jewishness in apostle Paul. In the certain case I proceed from anxiety. Because God did all for me, based on this ground I can also do everything for God. Thus, who made all because of me, I am also ready to do everything because of Him. Thus, who did not make anything for me, I am also not ready to do anything for him. It would be a shame for one person doing everything for me, he credited me, when he comes to my home, I cannot do anything for him. Can't I give him a lunch? What will it cost me to behave well with him? We are all people now. The servant is thinking on how to pleasant its master. Priests are thinking on how to pleasant the church adherents. They are thinking on how to pleasant the priest, everyone is trying to please each other. You will meat very least people who want to indulge This, who made everything on planet Earth because of him. He gave (him) all needed conditions, and to thank Him. He stairs and thinking, is there God or not. 'Where it is, I haven't seen Him thus far.' Ok, I am seeing in daylight time but during night hours when there is dark outside, your friend is talking to you and the only think you are sensing is his voice, you are not seeing him. When you are not seeing him, is that making him surreal? He is real. There is one law in the reality, the following one. Every one of you can make a test. You are saying that you believe in God, but it does not mean anything, on my perspective these are empty words. You are out of time in a particular moment. Whenever you point your mind to God, in the certain case outside its time – there will be а change in you. If you are having the worst disposal, having the worst sickness, you might be having leprosy, if you point your mind to God with belief, the leprosy will disappear immediately. There is one leprosy which will disappear, and a light will appear. Once you start doubting – the leprosy will come back right away. Once you believe – again the leprosy disappears. You start doubting, the leprosy comes back. You start doubting in richness, it disappears. You start believing in poorness, the richness comes to you. You start believing in richness, the poorness is coming. That is the law. Once you believe in richness, you must know that poorness will come. Once you believe in poorness, the richness will come. They are helping each other. The poorness is helping the richness and the richness is helping the poorness. Sickness is helping to the health and health and the health is helping the sickness. There are creatures in sick people. When you got sick, this sickness is due to some mindful creatures. When they come to you, to understand them, they will make you sick. You will focus into yourselves and whatever they are telling you, you will understand it. If you stay strong, you will not understand anything from their language. There is a law. When Jacob was coming back, because he was very clever, by nighttime a creature came to him and he said that he fought with it all night. He is telling: 'You lied your brother for a (cup) of lentil meal and have stolen the Benedictine', showed him his other mistakes. Afterwards going to the Laban and showing him what mistake he have made. And told him: 'Now, when you came back, you have stolen gods of the Laban and bringing new gods. You are bringing not the true gods but bringing gods of the oldness.' Jacob was excusing himself, he wanted to leave, and both were talking to each other over the whole night. Jacob told him: 'I will not let you down until you bless me'. To bless him, he touched him on the hip, and he became fall lame. Afterwards he let him go. How will you fight now? I am seeing this fight always happens between one maid and a lad. When he grabs the maid, he does not release her. She is talking to him, that he should be thankful, he says: 'I don't want to let you go, you will give something to me.' Young maids are a strong one. Each of the young maids has an Angel. All the lads showed whatever they can do. Once the heart gets on fire, the whole house is burning out, you will twist in a circle, you cannot sleep. Not only the young maid but also the lads, too. I am saying: In the world pay respect to the young maids and lads, because from the respect to the young maid and the young lad we will have the respect of the old grand mom and grand dad. You do not respect the young maid – the old grand mom also would not be respected. You do not respect the young lad – the old grand dad will also not be respected. You are saying: 'They are green'. All the young people are sent from God, they bring something very beautiful in themselves. All those old grand dads and grand moms, because they are prepping out to go to God, to bring their richness and then come back again. Old people should learn to be respectful on young ones and young people to be respectful to the older ones. This respect should come from one inner conscious of the man. In every single good man, you are who is living in the inside. And the man lives inside yourself. Nowadays there was one brother, who told me: 'I wanted to rule with power, but I see that the power doesn't work.' If one man starts building a house by himself, he is saying: 'To do it by myself', for how many years he will build the house himself? Let it be one and a half floor house – for how long would you build it for? To bring all the stones, the mud and the burnt lime. To bring all this upstairs, how long would this take you? Things are going fast in the world when they got collectively cooperated 10, 20, 100, 1000, a million of people, one nation – and the work is going well. In life, when people got cooperated each other, the jobs go well. Also in the sky, in the unseen world they are also cooperating, angels are cooperating, the bright spirits also – and the things are going well. You are saying: 'I will do the job myself'. You will do your job yourself thus much, like that Bulgarian did, who said to his wife: 'Tomorrow morning, I will prepare the bogie and will go to the grape yard to trim it out.' The wife says: 'Ivan, say: If God says so.' - 'Said, or not said, I will go to trim the grape out. What job has God to do there?' She says: 'Ivan, say: If God says so.' 'I am telling you: I don't want to ask neither God neither anybody!' He gets up in the morning, puts a team of oxen to the yoke, he climes up the cart and goes. The Turks meets him, catches him, and make him work for them corvee (corvee is a form of unpaid, unfree labor). And during the whole day, they brought him here and there. And so, until late night. Ivan comes during the night and start knocking on the door to his wife and says: 'Woman, open the door, if God says so.' If you are on the battlefield and those bombs, which are falling from the airplane, big bombs are blowing around yourself, once you come back, what would you talk about? You will say: 'Thank God.' You are wondering how you stay alive after all this. You are thankful inside your soul that during the biggest dangers in life, there is One who takes care of you. Saying: 'Thousands would fall on your side and ten thousand to your right side.' I am talking your language now, not to preach to the others, this is not needed. I am not winning anything when I am telling you one Truth. Saying: 'To convince him.' I do not want to convince him. I want you to be honest on your promises, which you gave, when you came to Earth. To fulfill these promises and be honest. Not to promise in front of me now, this is useless. When you fulfill the promises which you have given, you can do other things too. Now I want you to fulfill your promises. What (has) the youth girl promise? - Never to seduce the young boys. What have the young boy promise? - Not to seduce the youth girls. What does seduce mean? - Not to judge themselves, not to take from themselves, to open their path, to cooperate themselves. The youth girl wants to study science, she wants to paint, she wants to sing – all that let her do it. She should not seduce him, not to tell him: 'Quit all these stupid things, let us go for a dinner together, let us go smoking, a little modern, to drink some cognac, some sweet wine.' This is seducing. This is where the youth girl will put her hat in the wrong way (twisted), the young boy will put his hat in the wrong way (twisted). These twisted hats have made the world wrong for the boys and girls, too. We do not need twisting, but we do need the human brain renewed every minute. We need the human heart to be renewed on a minute base, minute-based refresh of the human spirit. A minute-based refresh. This is a Divine process. Once this process stops, we start getting old. The holy writ says: 'I will send you my Spirit and will give you life.' When I take the Spirit back, you are getting old. When the Spirit gets withdraw, you die. You will start praying: 'Lord, sent your Spirit' to be born again. I am saying: The human should keep sacred the Name of the God in his mind, to keep sacred the Name of the God into his heart, to keep sacred the Name of the God into his spirit. You will put this into yourselves, this is the human. What it is the human? - Whoever can keep the Name of the God sacred into its spirit, who can keep sacred the Name of the God into his soul, who can keep sacred the Name of the God into his mind, who can keep the Name of the God sacred into his heart, and at last: who keeps the Name of the God into his body. Somebody says: 'Why do I need exercises for?' Religion is for exercising. Tell her: 'God, I bow in front of your Strength', you raise your hands and saying: 'I accept your Blessing.' We are raising our hand – why do we do that? 'I am going to work with the hands, you gave me.' Each movement should be considered. Why do we remain sit, why do we stand up? Twelve English officers are sitting on a treat in India. A Wizard comes to them. The English as they love witting told him: 'Can't you show as a trick?' 'I can,’ said the Wizard. He stayed with them for half an hour and told them: 'Gentlemen, I am leaving but you wouldn't be able to stand up from the chairs.' They are saying: 'Look at this one, he is a perk. We are English mans, how can't we not being able to stand up from our chairs?' They started laughing and told him: 'Have a nice trip, we will be able to handle with that job.' But afterwards when they attempted to stand up, they could not do that, they were sitting like nailed to the chairs. All of them were wobbling around, cannot stand up. What is this like? One hour later the Wizard comes and set them free. He tells them: 'Gentlemen, this is a trick, how does it happen, this is my work.' I am telling you now: If you cannot give order (to the) evil into yourself to remain sit on its chair, you are not a Wizard. Every evil, every bad thought, bad wish isn't bad because it came to you. He might be an officer, you will tell him: 'Until I come back, you will remain sit on the chair. You are not allowed to stand up without my will.' I am saying: You want to have a strong will, pretending to be a strong man, who gives orders. One bad thought, bad wish, one bad act, this is a strong man. Whomever cannot give orders, is not strong, but the weak man is not weak, he has will. Nowadays the new times require another thing. We are suited in times which are very uneasy. Isn't it God who rules the world? Isn't it Him who watches over all that humans are doing all the time? That Bulgarian farmer who watches while the grain is put on the threshing floor, while the horses are threshing around, he is saying: 'Why did they put the wheat in such suffer?', he is looking otherwise. Once they thresh the wheat, he is putting away the straw from it and takes only the wheat away. Nowadays in the world there is only threshing. From spiritual sight of it there is threshing going on in the world. The straw is put into the outbuilding and the wheat into the barn. Thereafter we will come to meet the future sufferings. The present sufferings will be a good thing for the future because the people will learn a new law – that God is in the world, which is ironing the world. He built it and he will iron the world out. And what are we like? We are only Gods employees. Now, if God wants, he might quit the war immediately, but the people will not learn anything if this happens. If an earthquake happens in the Earth, all the houses come down, everything fells apart, they will stop fighting. Once everything becomes mess, how will they fight? God wants us to be wise. Everyone of you wants to defeat, to defeat whom? I want the people who love God to win. To win the people which think well, which thoughts are good, which are thinking well about the benefit of all mankind. The people who want to bring the Goddess freedom to all people win. Let them win. If it is going to be Love, may it be Love for everyone of us, if it is some knowledge, may everyone uses this knowledge for themselves, let everyone use as far, as he was meant to use. Everyone should work in that direction. To declare Goddess Love, to conduct it all over. To express Goddess knowledge. Now I know you, that all of you are very pious. The roles you have played in live, you have played them very well, I cannot put a spell on you. In future you will be given a very heavy role to play. You should learn a new role in future. The knowledge which you are having, would be like secondary one. You will learn for a long time on how to go around the people. You know how sad it is to go around the people. When someone does not do whatever, we wanted to, we are changing and saying: 'He is not a good man.' When you do not do good to the Bulgarian, he is saying: 'He is a bad man', when you do good to him, he says: ''He is a good man' This is right in parts. Man can sometimes be kinder there are different ways to do good. At first pick one hour from the week not to think bad about anybody. No bad people to exist for you at least for an hour. Because as you are thinking, if people were bad, God will clear them out. Because God is seeing that these people are doing bad from a good will, from jealousy... Apostle Paul from jealousy, from devotion was chasing the Christians. By loving Moses more than Jesus Christ, he was chasing the Christians. If he was loving the Christians the most, he was not going to chaise themselves. When we are loving more our people, we are chasing the others. This was you are walking on; you are all going to die. You are going to get older, you will lose your strength, the legs will join, the stomach will become imbalanced, the lungs will break one day. Everything that you are having will be taken from you and you will be sent to another world. You will be sent with one luggage of 33 grams. 33 grams you can take from the Earth. Because it will go through 3 stations, they will sequestrate 10 grams on each station and once you reach out the Goddess world, you will be having 1 gram left. One little cell you will be having, and no one will be able to see you. You will remain there, you will feel disgusted from life and you will not see anything, you will also not be going to be able to feel yourselves. You will know that once you have been a King and become a nonentity which is billion times smaller than modern ion. If we increase one ion by the size of the Earth, it will remain invisible. It is important what God is saying to you now. Listen to Him. There is no youth without God. There is no knowledge without God. There is no freedom without God. If you are thinking that the life exists without God, you are mistaken. You are living and, in this life, there is God. You have knowledge and, in this knowledge, it is God. You have freedom and, in this freedom, there is God. Where is God? He is in your life in which you are living in. You have freedom, you have knowledge, and you doubt it that this light is God. The life you are having, God is your life, and you regret It. However small the life is, however, small the knowledge is, however small the freedom is, you know that God of Love is there. I am talking about that God, who has equal attitude to all the people, He has given such freedom to all the people, which matches to their own growth. This doctrine should go throughout the country, in one political law – that law is. Those who rule (well), they are hired by God. Those who does not rule well, they don't get the Goddess law. Those who fight on the battlefield, that brain was given to them by God. There is one war in this world. Two fighters are in it. One of them hands down the other, pushes him down, does not kill him. Saying: You are having a wish to destroy the evil in yourselves. Do you know what it is to destroy the evil? You say: It does not work with good attitude. If you take the good us of there, what will remain? If you take the evil away from the world, the good will disappear. If you take the good out of the world, the evil will disappear. You will support both. The good and evil in the world are supporting people's life, but nowadays the evil takes advantage, and the war is creating it. This war is a lesson. Nothing is produced by the good itself, but the evil nothing well can bring to you either. The evil does not bring ripe fruits. But rotten fruits it can bring you as many you wish. The good it is bringing ripe fruits in the world. Every positive thought is a fruit of the good. Every negative thought is fruit of the evil. Every bad feeling is fruit of the evil, every good feeling is fruit of the good. These fruits ripe into us all the time. Let us be thankful for the good fruits into ourselves the rotten fruits of the evil becomes manure to the good fruits. This was the good organizes the fruits of the evil. The good from sour fruits of the evil knows how to turn them into sweet ones. How this works, I do not know. Because man did not know the laws of good and evil. God has forbidden not to touch, not to enter this world. Because man goes into this world, God allows him. You have a habit now, saying: 'What should we do then?' If a bad person comes, threat him well – the person will soften out a little. If you threat him bad, it will become worse. Am saying now: Be at least microscopically God alike. God is very long-suffering – you can be little suffering. Be as suffer as you want the rest to suffer you. You make a mistake; you want the others to iron it out. Be as suffer as you want the others to be with you. Notice: somewhere there is tiny mistake, somewhere in the written spelling I might have forgotten to place a period or a comma, or both. The English are not placing periods and commas very often. The Bulgarian is writing commas and periods more often. You need to understand the periods and commas well. There, on this station do not stay for more than 10 minutes. The comma is the lesser stay – 1-2 minutes you are having. Period and comma – about 10 minutes. And the period itself about half an hour. You are all having knowledge; you all know when the people are behaving well with you. Because of what you have studied so far, you know who acted well, how do you know this? You act with others however you wish them to act with you. At least this, there is no one besides you who does not know it. You are saying: 'I know, it isn't a retour, I went home, they did not feed me, they did not give we water to wash my legs; It doesn't let me come visit, (but) having plenty of rooms there.' When they welcome me somewhere, I am saying: Whatever they do to me, I will do the same with the others. To this who come visit me, I will warm water, I will prepare bread, I will feed him/her. For one night I can do this. What is this going to cost myself? The lake is about 100 steps away from me – what will it cost me to go bring some water from there? Every good the human does, he/she is also taking advantage from it – this is the law. At first – he/she is taking advantage from it. When the good is coming above, it will go through me and if I step away from it, the good will be lost for myself and for yourselves. You are saying: 'We might not know.' I am not from these who are being lied. I am looking about my own interest, I am cautious. Nothing faulty can pass through me. I can save the good for myself, but whatever is coming from God, it is all clear. First, I am not needing of a weak man, I do not need to hear 'well done' from the people. I am happy to hear this from one person who admires me, because he is cleaning his tang. When he admires me, his tang is cleaning at that time. Whenever he compliments me, his brain is cleaning. When he compliments me, his heart clears. When he compliments me, his soul is getting younger, when he compliments me, his spirit is becoming strong. I am glad of this, whatever he has acknowledged and I, to make myself younger, I am start complimenting God. I do not want to compliment people. When I want to get younger, I am complimenting God. I am lightning His name in my mind, I am lightning His name in my heart, in my soul. This is a law. Let us be faithful in this law. There is no exception in it. You are saying: 'Maybe he wants to talk that way.' No, sometimes I want to talk as God is wants to – I know how strong I become. I have had gone through salty stuff. There is an anecdote about the salty stuff. A Bulgarian is getting engaged. (The example is a Bulgarian anecdote.) His fiancée was a very beautiful girl. He had a friend and wanted to bring him to meet his fiancée, to see how noble she is, how beautiful, how exquisite she is. She had all the good will to feed them. She made them coffee, but the sugar can, and the salty can were right next to each other. She made the coffee to the visitor with sugar and to her beloved she put salt by mistake, instead of sugar. She made the two coffee separately and wanted to make her beloved coffee sweeter, she put extra salt in it. Two spoons of extra salt she put in her beloved's coffee. Once he starts drinking the coffee, he notices the coffee is salty then he looks at his friend who was drinking the coffee. He starts wondering that he is drinking it without his face muscles shrinking. After which he says: 'The coffee was very salty.' Not that the youth fiancée wanted to make it this way for a purpose, she did that because she was in a hurry. You are saying: 'I put salt on him.' Do not put 2 spoons of salt on your beloved. He has enough salt. Put some more sugar. I am not recommending you putting salt. Even healthy persons should put salt for healthy purpose. Salt is medicinal substance. I am recommending you now, from the unseen world they say: Each meal which is cooked, every thought to be salted with the salt of Love, every feeling to be salted with the salt of Love, every action, every force, everything, whatever you say, to be salted with that salt of Love. I am holding in my mind only one educational method. It is the following one – same like in the nature: ''When the cherry fruit sees me, it says: 'Taste me.' When the pear sees me, it says: 'Taste me.' When the apple sees me, it says: 'Taste me.' Once I tasted them, I get to know them.'' Sacred prayer Discourse number 34, led by the Master. On June 13, 1943, Sunday at 10 o'clock in the morning, Sofia, 'Izgrev' Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/2010/2075 Превеждали: anchostanev (Ангел Станев)
  11. Готов превод Двата велики закона - 2.1.1921-ИБ-343 / ...: 2.1.1921-ИБ-343 The Two Great Laws "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind nd with all your strength.[...] 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Matthew 22:37-39 We sang "Praise the Lord our God" (three times). The Master quoted from the Gospel of John, Chap. 14, verse 1 "Let not your heart be troubled: Believe in God. Believe also in me." I will speak of the two great laws that determine [everything], and on which human life rests. When Christ was asked about this question, He expressed these two laws with the following thought: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind nd with all your strength.[...]'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Scripture says, "God is love," we often say, "Do you love God? Do you believe in God?". To believe in God is according to [Scripture's] verse, but when you say, "Do you love God?" - this is no longer according to the verse of faith. For example, you say a person is honest. This is a belief. Belief is about the present life. Therefore, what gives meaning to human life is the correct understanding of real life. Both young and old want to make their lives meaningful. Everyone wants to continue their life, to be happy and to be smart. We have to be as smart as the engineers and the technicians who do the calculation of the highway construction, otherwise it will not be constructed well. Secular people consider their affairs very well. Faith alone is not enough, it is a third of the truth. Hope is also one third of the truth. Love is one third of the truth. By adding these three [faith, hope and love], you will get the complete truth. Hope is the present world, it inspires us. All people live in this world to eat only. If people were thinking in a more ideal way, the world would be different. Everyone wants to increase their property and insure themselves. Secular people say that what they see is real, it is the hope. Faith is the inner content of things. I divide the real world into three categories: 1. A world that changes and variates - this is the physical world, the physical field. Once it changes and variates, it is lost. For example, a criminal - if he has entered the category of honest and respectable people - a category, which does not change and variate, he will no longer be as he was. 2. A world that does not change, but variates, this is the Angelic World. For example, the sown grain of wheat does not change, but only variates. [Analogically to the grain of what in the soil] the dead are not gone - if we enter the spiritual world, we will find them. 3. A world that neither changes nor variates is the Spiritual World. It is a foundation - everything is built on [this world].. You have a bottle that is empty - it is a reality in form but not in content. If the same bottle is full, it is real in form and content. Here you have conditions that do not variate, nor do they change, ie this is something real in force. Everything inside your life is lame from a misunderstanding of this life, due to the poor application of the laws of nature, [the laws] of God. These great laws must be applied to all our feelings and desires. You have attended a concert and you see a virtuoso playing. The good virtuoso musician plays by strict rules for the movement of the bow, the sounds, etc. The good human is a good virtuoso in life. Bulgarians say: "Цигулар къща не гледа", which means that a violinist can not feed his family from what he earns by violin playing]. No, on the contrary a violinist's can feed the family! This violin must be inside [the violinist], i.e. to have own harmonious inner world and [violinist's] life to give a wonderful melody. Many say that we don't need to play music. Everyone should know how to play music. I ask you: when the mother gives birth to her child and [the baby cried] with his voice, is everyone in this house happy? - Yes. If [the baby] does not produce a voice, everyone is not happy: "The baby will not come to life!" Now I want to bring you to the great thought of love. Amen. Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/76/74 Превеждали: Emmy (Емилия Иванова)
  12. Готов превод Четирите съвета - 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-380 / ...: 21.8.1921-СБ|БР-380 The Four Councils I am going to read to you the 21st chapter of Revelation. Chapter 21 has a connection with the 21st year. Israel - these are all the sons of mankind. The twelve gates are for all races. The three gates to the east are for the yellow race, the three gates to the north are for the white race, the three gates to the south are for the red race, and the three gates to the west are for the black race. As you can see, the mussels that formed these pearls were very large. Because now God is making a New Heaven, your old heaven will be destroyed - because this heaven is going away, your heaven will also liquidate your old understandings, convictions, beliefs; all this will go away and there will not be even a trace left of it. Do you know what situation you will find yourself in? You will be like that man who married a beautiful woman whom he only hugged and kissed; when she died, he kissed her again, but she was not there, she was gone! This is not Love, this is not Life - to lose touch with reality and live in dreams and illusions. Life is the greatest suffering - there is no greater suffering. You are like those passengers who travel through a desert and see a spring in front of them; they travel for a day or two, always approaching the spring, but it does not appear. Distant mirages that only affect your life! We often have such mirages - do not be fooled by them, this is a distant reality that has nothing to do with you. A small spring is preferable to a large spring, which in order to reach, you have to travel 400-500 kilometres. Since God is building the new in us, He is telling us to beware of these illusions that deceive us. I will not dwell on illusions - you have enough experience for them. Since I am calling this year a jubilee year, you have to settle your accounts - any give-and-take. To whom you have anything to give, you will return it and you will say, "Brother, I have something to give you, so take it." And if there is anything that you need to take back, you will take it, you will say, ”Brother, give me back what you have taken from me." Let everyone take what belongs to them! You will cross nine rivers but you will take what is yours. However, you should not to take your brother by the throat and say, "Brother, give me what you have taken!" Then say instead, "You also take me (by the throat)." By taking by the throat, I mean Love. Is not that how kids get caught? You should not to take him by the throat and shake him, but according to the law of Love you will catch him and say to him: "Brother, give me mine and I will give you yours and we will start the New Life that is coming." Each of you must personally liquidate his accounts this year if he wants to study, be a disciple, and understand the teachings of Christ in the future. He must liquidate his accounts. Someone will say, "There is time." There is no time! Once this year passes - you will lose everything. There is no time! And this Jerusalem, which is already descending, these are the new bodies in which people will be clothed. Figuratively speaking; every day you will remove, you will take off these old clothes, these rags. You will try to take them off as soon as possible, to put on the new clothes, and then your soul will be in the New Jerusalem. Until we are dressed, while we are in prison, guards will be coming in to beat us. Can there be any bliss in prison - there is no Love in prisons. They will go to the prisons to do an audit, they will let you out from time to time for 5-10-15 minutes, for half an hour. And then you will go into the prison again. Everything is measured there. This is modern life - to be imprisoned. We are all prisoners: the priest, the judge, the teacher, the mother, the father - they are all imprisoned. Anyone cooking in the kitchen is imprisoned all day. The teacher is also in prison, and so are the students. The teacher is a big prisoner, and the students are little prisoners. The teacher teaches them the new culture. You will believe in God - but what faith is there in prison! The priest preaches, but what is in this sermon? Everyone is waiting for money - there is no faith in the church, it gives a blessing but wants money. This is a false teaching, it is all about money! These are lies! I say: we will leave these prisons. And you say, "When we go to school, we will become scholars, and when we go to church, we will become pious." No, you will enter the school with one devil, you will go out with ten devils. That is right. When a child goes to school, he will go meek, gentle, and when he returns, he will be with his eyes open - he will know how to deceive both his mother and his father, how to steal from them. "My son is very learned!" Yes, he knows how to steal from his father. This is no science! The priest will come, he will sanctify oil, he will sanctify water - well, his own oil is not sanctified! A person who cannot sanctify oil for himself, how will he sanctify it for others? Let us not be deceived - God cannot send His blessing through impure means, through impure channels. Do not be deceived, if a preacher tells you that through him God is sending His grace. God always chooses pure means. When God had to send His Word, He sent His Son and through Him sent His grace. Some will find themselves saying that grace can come not only through Christ, but also through them. Do not be fooled - they are lying! This is the Truth. If someone says that God can speak through him, he is lying to himself - God cannot speak through you. Do you feel your situation as that of the Son? If you do not feel it, God cannot speak through you. Do you feel that when the Lord puts you to all suffering, you will be able to sacrifice yourself and say, "Lord, let it be Your Will!" If you feel this, the Lord can speak through you, if you do not feel this - He cannot speak. But for God to send pure, holy Love through you - this is not possible! It cannot pass through small and dirty channels. Therefore, the law is true - the New always passes through a piping made of the most brilliant, cleanest pipes. When God makes things new, He sends the best, therefore we must all be pure and holy. Do not be afraid of purity and holiness! And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, "Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them, and be their God." So, the Lord must necessarily come and live with us. If we unite with Him, there will be no more marriages in the future like the present ones. The present ones are without the Lord. They have got married, but you see - the Lord is not there. The husband does not get along with his wife, nor with his children. The Lord is not there. And where there is no Lord, there is no understanding. When the Lord comes to dwell among them, the woman will see her husband and embrace him; when the man sees his wife, he will embrace her; when the children see their mother and father, they will embrace them. And there will be peace and joy everywhere. Therefore, the Lord must come to live among us. If He does not come, you will not understand me and I will not understand you. Do you know what to say when the Lord is not among you? "Well, let him talk!" But everything the Lord says is not fulfilled. And I will say, I also speak to fulfill my duty, but the Lord is not among us. And then the work is lame. Why? Because the Lord is not among us. We have plowed, we have sown, but the weather was dry, nothing has grown. We go to the field - it has not borne any fruit. However, when this living Lord comes among us, with Him we will finish everything, says the Scripture, and that inner growth will begin, and everything will happen without compulsion. Now you meet someone and say: "He is a teacher, he will be appointed by law - he must have a qualification, he must have graduated from university." You are right. But when the Lord comes to live among us, there will be only one Master and this Master will be living in all of us. And when He speaks in anyone, we will listen to Him, we will recognize His voice. When this Master speaks, His words are definite, special, His voice is special. This Master speaks with the Word of Love. Do you know how strong Love is? When a person says a word to you with Love, how your heart opens and you are ready to do anything. And when someone tells you something without Love, you say, "Enough, enough, I understand that, I do not want you to talk to me anymore!" When someone talks to you with Love, you say, "Tell me one more word." Love does not say much, it says one word, but that word is remembered for years. It grows, develops, lives and brings its blessing. The most important thing is to have this experience. The Lord is in your hearts, you know Him. Or do you want me to show you what He is like? You know Him, you have been to Him many times and you have returned. Sometimes you have felt the Divine staff of knowledge on yourself. How many times it has landed on you! How many times He has taught you and asked, "Do you know me?" You know Him, but you are in a hypnotic state. The devil has hypnotized you, and therefore you do not know the Lord. My goal now is to disenchant you, so I make reverse movements. When they want to do something with you, they stare at you. So does the devil, like the wolf - he catches you, looks you in the eye, and then shakes you. Then he enters all your limbs, takes a place in your brain, and says, "You will do this, you will do that." And you obey his commands. He says, "The Lord is not what you think, He has undergone a certain change." We now make reverse movements (the Master spreads his hands aside and blows), and with each movement of the hands we say: "This is already a law" and according to this law we give Love on one side, and Wisdom - on the other. When we say these words and blow, the devil's threads are torn, there is a shaking in the person and he says: "Where have I been until now, where have I been?" So now you will ask yourself where you have been - you have been at the bottom of hell. Well, you all need to get rid of this hypnotic state. That is why I am telling you that you should work with Love and Wisdom, because they are God's hands. And you will start in a straight line. This is what I call purifying breathing - you shall project the willpower into yourself and say, "In the name of God's Love, in which there is no betrayal, and in the name of God's Wisdom, and in the name of His Word, so be it!" There is no force in the world that can withstand this magic, this force. Thus all the foundations of the black lodge will be shaken and all its forces will be removed. Therefore, each of you will be trying to wake up. I have seen someone - they come and give a peculiar look. This is not a good look. How do you, mothers, look at your children? How many types of look do you use? That is magnetism, isn't it? - Depending on the disposition. You have lost the first art! How careful we should be, in which direction we pull our hand! What attention is required! You can do some small experiments with yourselves to see how quickly these vibrations are disrupted, because outside of your physical body a person is clothed with his astral body, which is inside an etheric, mobile form, and when he runs his hand over it, he causes some shock there. Sometimes, as we are among people from whom malice emanates, these arrows of malice cause us some discomfort. This is because they have caused certain blows in us, which we perceive as pain. The first rule when approaching someone is: do not rush to go towards them suddenly, but stop, raise your hands and say, “In the name of God’s Love and in the name of God’s Wisdom in which we live and move, and in the name of His Word, let all evil and every evil thought be scattered! ” (with blowing) If you say this, you will notice that every evil thought, all the arrows and ammunition of your enemy will be scattered. He surrenders his weapon and says, "I surrender!" If you do not do this, if you do not prepare, you will be ambushed. Then come the doubts, the torments, the hatred, the malice, and then you say, "Something is suffocating me." Now I want the disciples of the White Brotherhood to walk sensibly and use this weapon. I am giving you a law, apply it to anyone - whoever it is, you will always do like that. - Should we do this in front of them? No, from afar, as soon as you notice the enemy. We have the right to use our weapons. The Scripture says, "Arm yourselves there." How? If they use certain forces, we will use others in opposition. You will do your exercise from afar - you will look up and do the exercise. Whoever sees you will say, "What is he doing?" He will not understand anything. This is just one way to focus your mind to counteract. You can also do this exercise mentally, but when the hands are involved, the impact is stronger - both our mind and our heart are involved. - What about when we are very close to the enemy? Then you will act closely, but these are exceptions - one case in 10,000. If your opponent comes close, it shows that he has already enchanted you from afar. If you put in the effort, you will see him in advance. It is like that in the spiritual world - whoever sees first, they win. The white brothers are strong in seeing from afar and taking action. When the dark ones see you first, they win. Sometimes we may lose the battle and retreat, we will correct our mistake. But that does not mean anything. Sometimes we will win the battle, but I say that we have to fight like men. Now you will all unite and work according to this law of Love. You will put the law of harmony into action and it will begin to open your way. God's thoughts will come in you. This world belongs to God, we are His servants and we will work for Him. Nothing more. We will not work for any church - neither Orthodox, nor Protestant, nor Catholic. We will work for the Kingdom of God. And if these churches also work for the Kingdom of God - they are welcome, we are with them! But if they do not work for God, I will not give them a single hair. One hair of my beard is more valuable than such a church. Our principle is to consciously serve the One who gave us life, the One who gave us everything. We will not allow anyone to lie to us, enough lies! We and you, the churches, are servants of the Lord, and what you do, that you want to lie to us - it will not pass. We know these lies. Men and women dress up before they get married, don't they? The man dresses up pretending to be very noble, the woman dresses up pretending to be very noble, and then, when they get married, they say to each other: "Do not dress up for me, we know each other - that was before, but now we have got to know each other!" What to lie about - now the pure truth should come out so that we can be renewed, and then we will become disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, we will become disciples of Christ in this sense. We will not run away from the world now - there is no reason. Now the world is running away from us - once we had to run away from the world, but now the world is running away from us. They ask, "Should we live in the world, or should we run away from the world?" There is no need to run away - the world is leaving on its own. So the issue is resolved. Its time has come, the world is leaving us. "I am leaving you," - it says. "Well, good luck!" I will give some suggestions for work during the year to those present here. You will choose the ones that you harmonize more with, because not only are you in the same area of development, but also your connections from the past are stronger. Start corresponding with each other. You will be developing three types of work: first - work in the physical realm, second - work in the mental world and third - work in the spiritual world. Let a practical method of work that will give results, not just a theoretical one, come out of you. Let two, three or five people gather to exchange letters on how to work in the physical realm: to plant orchards with fruits - apples, pears, vegetables and others. Or to establish small colonies, day care centers for children or small schools, as well as exchange thoughts on different teaching methods. Or to open inns; in general, to show your initiative everywhere. It is good to deal with young children - to take part in their doll games. Why not? If you cannot handle young children, how will you deal with adults? Each of you has something very valuable in their experience. You can create a general plan for the next year and everyone can make use of it. As I told you, during this year your work cannot last, we cannot say that we will do this or that. During this year you will settle your accounts, open your notebooks and say, "Brother, I have some balance left from your grandmother, from your grandfather - come and get it." The other one will write: "Brother, I have with you the balance left from my grandfather - I will come to get it." So you will write to each other and start an exchange and trade-off between yourselves. Then your consciousness will begin to brighten and your mind will start working. Let those of you who show the most initiative start something, so that both the younger and the older ones can all start working, as they start in life. First the young ones start, then the adults, and finally the old ones. When an old man is healthy and smart, even in his old age he can start writing something good, which young people will be excited to read. If he is not healthy and smart, but sick, he will only talk about his illnesses, he will say that there is no one to look after him, that his legs do not hold him, that his head hurts. Spiritual work, however, consists in the following: you will gather in groups of 5-10-15-20-100 sisters in one group and you will pray for one of your brothers or sisters. For example, a brother of yours is suffering, you will pray for him and he will be helped. We will call this group the Counselors of the Divine Prayers. Men will do the same - you will set special days during which you will pray for a brother whose work is not going well in any respect. This is a collective method of helping. But now you say, "May God help him!" Well, when I want to do something, my mind, my brain, my legs, my muscles, my whole body have to take part, right? And when we ask something from the Lord, He also has to move, right? That is why we, being His limbs, will move. When the Lord begins to work, whether you are a foot, a claw, a hand, or whatever you are, you will take your place and work; another one cannot take your place. You will say, "Well, am I determined for this job?" Yes, you are determined. You will say to yourselves, "Lord, we can do Your Will." God's Spirit will give us some suggestions. I will be very happy if some good things can come out of you. If I give you some things, as I have given you so far, I have observed, you look at them then say to yourself: “It is close to the mind, it is a good idea, but can it be executed? Let us leave that for another time.” And when the child comes out of you, when it is born, the mother enjoys it more and brings it up more easily. The foster child is alien, but when the child is yours, you will commit to it. Now I want each of you to commit to something, to give birth to something. So, you will form three councils of one hundred counselors each - the Council of Physical Labor, the Council of Spiritual Life and the Council of Education. In this way you will distinguish which matters fall under the Council of Education, which ones are under the Council of Spiritual Life and which ones are in the sphere of physical labor. The latter is the most important. Do not deceive yourselves, but start working. The law of your current development requires you to start with the physical council - to start with the material, not the spiritual. This is necessary. The Apostle Paul says, "First with the visible, and then with the invisible." First we will arrange all matters that are close to us - the physical ones. And if we can arrange them, we will be able to arrange the spiritual ones according to the same law of development; when we arrange the spiritual ones, we will also arrange the educational ones. We will start with the physical matters. If there is a sister who worries about her sustenance, she cannot serve the Lord, she cannot be spiritual. In order to be spiritual, one should not be afraid. And if he is spiritual and afraid, he is not a great hero. Can you pray to the Lord when you are being beaten? There are few such people. Take the little child - when his mother beats him, he says: "Please, mom, do not beat me!" Your first duty is to try to fix your work in the physical realm. You will create a job for everyone - if one of the sisters does not have a job, you will create one for her! Do not consider it humiliating among you that a sister is poor and ashamed to work and expect alms. We will do everything out of Love. One sister is poor, she will go to another sister who is wealthy and will tell her, "Sister, I will come today to do your laundry out of Love." And the other one will answer, "Sister, I will also help you out of Love." She will wash your clothes out of Love and you will open your purse out of Love. But now she comes to you, she starts talking: "I am poor, my husband this and that" - she complains. We do not have such a teaching, it is from the devil. One of my brothers is poor, he has no job - he goes to his brother: "Brother, let me help you in the shop!" And the other one, closing the shop in the evening, says: "Brother, I will give you something from what I have won, out of Love.” In this way we will try to put Christ's teaching into practice. You will sweat a little, but if you apply it this way, the Lord will say, "Because you sanctify My Name, I will bless you, I will go with you." And then there will be no woman whose husband is bad, there will be no man whose wife has not kneaded the dough for her bread, who has not washed her clothes - and everything will go well and will be blessed. We now have to settle our affairs, we must work for ourselves for God's sake. Not only will one person work, but you will all begin to work, insofar as the consciousness in everyone is awakened; but not by force, each one of us will work consciously, out of Love. Each of us will consciously open his purse and help his brother out of Love, he will say: "Brother, let me do it out of Love." "Well, I will accept it with Love, but without Love I will not take it." This is the rule that I am giving you. Apply it, and your mind will create something. This rule will create small rules and by applying them in life, you will create a lot of things. When we get together next year, you will tell me about some things that will also make me happy. In addition to these three councils, you will select another hundred people for the so-called Council of Conciliators, which will address all misunderstandings that arise in the cities. And when a small scandal breaks out for the first and last time, these hundred people will come together for advice and settle the issue. Then everyone will raise their hand and say, "In the name of God's Love, in the name of God's Wisdom, and by the power of His Word, let all devilish things disappear" (you need to blow) - and everything will be fine. So, you will have four councils: the Council of Physical Labor, the Council of Spiritual Life, the Council of Education, the Council of Conciliators. Each council will consist of one hundred people, men and women will be mixed. Each city can also make something similar separately in miniature, but these councils will be connected. And so there will be four hundred of you clerks, but without any salary, without any portfolio. This afternoon, towards three o'clock, you will gather and select these four councils, so that they start work immediately. Of the 100 people, half will be men and half - women. They will also include young members - the young boys and girls should be 21 years old and above. They will be in stock, in reserve. They will replace the old ones when they lead the battle. You will put the old ones at the front and the young ones behind, because the old ones are hardened. When the young ones see a couple of battles, their turn will also come - they are already heroes. - How will the selection be made? You will figure it out yourselves - you know that better. Get together, do something and then tell me what you have done. I will agree with you and whatever you do, we will put it into action. And next year, if there is any issue, we will fix it. And so, you will exchange thoughts seriously. Do not think that this work is very difficult. It is not difficult, it is good fun. Now no one will be left behind. When a hundred people come in, they will still do some work. You will write to each other during the year. We will have a council to bring harmony, and we will work throughout the year to create this Divine harmony, we will be sincere to ourselves, to our neighbors and to God. And then greater blessings, greater manifestations will come. There may appear among us people with greater abilities, with more open eyes, musicians, poets, with abilities in the arts, all areas will be included, everything that is Divine. I would like all the misunderstandings that have existed so far, to be gradually cleared up. There is no need to stumble under the old Heaven and the old Earth, which are leaving. When you are left alone, you will be heroes. If you want, get busy making that choice right now. In order not to bother you, I will leave you alone for an hour, so that you settle your job. Well, what do you plan to do? Each council will select ten people among you, who will be the permanent presence, so that the work can be done faster. When necessary, you will send the ten of them as an executive committee. Those who will join the Physical Work Council will need to have strong muscles and willpower. Those on the Conciliatory Council will need to have judicial knowledge and be reconciled themselves; those on the Spiritual Council will need to have more developed hearts, and those on the Educational Council will need to have a more developed mind. Conciliators are people of mercy. (400 people were chosen by lot for the four councils.) Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/114/112 Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)
  13. Готов превод Точка, линия, плоскост, куб - 7.11.1920-НБ-334 / .: 7.11.1920-НБ-334 Point, line, plane, cube We sang « I will cheer up» The Master read 17th Chapter of John's Gospel: «When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you.» We sang «Blessed be the Lord, our God». Afterwards the Master said: I will speak to you about verse 10. «And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.» This verse's meaning is very profound. For 2000 years, it has not been studied yet, neither has it been fully examined. All of you, who have been at school, have you ever studied geometry? The Teacher has explained you what point, line, etc. are. However, there are three positions, when you study an object. They are: quality, force and live force. Let's take Love. To be able to understand Love, we must study it in terms of quality, in terms of force and in terms of a living being. What is a point? This is quality of the line.The line is the force of the point. Each man is a point and when he connects with another man, both of them form a line. When those two move, they form a plane, and when four men move the plane, they form the cube. So, a man is the main point that forms lines, planes and cubes. You can understand this teaching only when you put it into practice. If you stand on the bank of a river and another man comes from the opposite bank, when you give a hand and hold his hand, you form a line. When two fishermen are fishing, they also form a line. Christ says, «All that is mine is thine, and thine is mine.» Those who do not understand the meaning of these words say, «This thing is terrible.» You cannot shake hands until you extend your hand to another. Christ says, «All that is mine is thine,» – so He extends His hand, and the Lord extends His hand to Him. People must do so, too, but they don't say these words, they just say: «God, give me» without giving anything. Someone asks: «Should I open for the light?» Do not ask anybody, but open your windows in this minute, because as long as you are searching the light, you are on the right track. I call onion's heads all those people who do not open their soul's windows for the light. Take an onion and you will see that it consists of some peels and membranes, it smells and it is a bit spicy at its taste. In this comparison between man and onion, there is an analogy. The onion with pretension is nothing when being boiled. Same is the man, thinking that is something big – God puts him in grave and thus He boils him. We often feel offended by a bad word from someone. For example, they call us «scoundrel». If we don't do God's will, we only take, but give nothing – that means we are scoundrels towards God. I must be offended not from the word that has been said, but from the attitude toward others – if I don't help my suffering brother. Each one, who doesn't give what is his to God, he is a scoundrel. When you say: «All that I have is Yours, Lord», only then you are a human. When you say so, the light also says: «And all that is mine is thine.». Then we will see the harvest out of this Divine truth. You cannot have joy, hapiness, goods, health, unless you say to yourselves: «All that I have, my Lord, is Yours». If a flower is closed and it is asking me what it should do, I would tell it to open and to let the light penetrate within. The line shows the direction of the point. The point always rotates around itself, it can not move away from itself. We are a point out of the Divine consiousness - it is the centre. Small and big thing – it's relative here on Earth. If we say that Sun is bigger than Earth, it means that it's close. Thus, things are small, when they are away, and bigger – when they are close. So we are – when we are close to God, we are big and when we are away, we are small. For example, Sun, which is 92 000 000 miles away from Earth – we see it as a ball, however it is one and a half million times bigger than Earth; but if we were even further, we would have seen it as a point. So, things are relative for us, depending on how and where they are placed. Same is for this Turkish man who has never been out of his village, but saying for France: «Fraca, Lyapca Chak biliuk dildar». It means that France is not very big, but its villages are big. When we say to God that all that is ours is His, then he says that all that is His is ours. This is growth. We often look like snowballs, which by rolling become bigger, but when they reach down the valleys, they melt and disappear. When suffering comes, we melt, too. We must bear these discrepancies in our minds. Same is with modern scientists, studied different sciences: law, engineering, medicine, etc. They think they are very lettered and they fancy they are very big, but in some time, when science changes, they become uneducated. Have you seen a good looking woman with a silky dress, all in ribbons how she walks, acting arrogant, turning her head left and right, to see if people are looking at her from all sides, thinking that all the greatness lays in her dress? But when a misfortune occurs, everything is gone. We often act like children in life, we like doing thngs, forbidden by the Divine law. (Example: one child enjoyed eating the sugar that his mother has hid in a gourd. After all his mother's advices, the child kept taking of the sugar. To teach the child not to do that, the mother put crabs in the gourd. When the child went to take some sugar as usual, he thrusted his hand into the gourd and the crabs caught his hand.) You too often thrust your hands into this gourd – life. All joy that we have, we must realize deep in our soul that it comes from God, but not waiting for it from outside. This verse must be put into practice in the new age in this way. When someone comes to me, I will not give him neither money, nor clothes, but I will give him a wheat grain and will tell him: Go and plant this grain. I will give him some wool and will say: Go wash and spin this wool. I will give him materials and say: Go build a house, and so on. When two people love each other, they form a line. For example, the woman is a point, together with the man they form a line and later with the childern they form a plane, all of them, aspiring to God, form the cube. So: Mine is thine and Thine is mine." Put that on your mind and you will be happy. We sang «Wake up, dear brother». The Lord's prayer November 7th, 1920 Veliko Tarnovo Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/669/665 Превеждали: Radost (Радостина Недева)
  14. Готов превод Една греда - 8.11.1920-ИБ-335 / .: 8.11.1920-ИБ-335 TITLE: A beam We gathered just friends from Tarnovo, there were 16 of us. 1. Konstantin Ilarionov, 2. Atanas Boynov, 3. Ivan Divitakov, 4. Rajko Borisov, 5. M.Kostanov, 6. Elena Ilarionova, 7. Parashkeva Boynova, 8. Veneta Divitakova, 9. Zornitsa Petkova, 10. Mariika ..., 11. Stefanka Simeonova, 12. Mariya ..., 13. Fanka Hristova, 14. M.Karatova, 15. Siika Dinova, 16. Elena Kostadinova The Master begun: Today we will start some work, which is more specific . You know how mothers treat little children, while they are still young - mothers are being more indulgent, but when childer grow up - mothers become strict. If you want to acquire knowledge in your home with caresse, you cannot achieve it. Also, many of you, if you come here to be caressed, you would rather waist your time and learn nothing. There are certain methods to acquire knowledge. So, the world, the life are also a school. And the Divine School is for people, who are awake. When the child goes to school, he must disown his father and mother, his brothers and sisters. So, for those, who want to study at the Divine School - should they leave their parents? No, they must only devote their time to acquire the Divine knowledge. I want you to spend only one hour from your time weekly to remain in silence and in deep meditation, devided in two groups. During this meditation you will not pay attention to the position of the others, but you will concentrate and introspect as much as you start ignoring the actions of the others. You will make this on Frydays, from 8 pm to 9 pm. Each of you will bring his own Gospels book and sometimes he might read a chapter from his book and meditate on it. This will be his preparation for concentration in himself. Whoever cannot remain silent, whoever is affraid, he cannot learn - he cannot be a scholar. When a bad thought comes to you, you must reject it immediately. Try to acquire knowledge within yourself. I call true knowledge this - when you are unsatisfied, but you still know how to act; when you have certain troubles, but you can transform it into something good. In summer we will gather at 7 o'clock. You will call this time "an hour for studies". When you come to the gathering place, you will only greet with the words: "There is no such love, as the Lord's love. Only the Lord's love is love." Only a person, who does not have a fester, can be silent. This is a discipline of your mind, sometimes you can also call it discipline of the heart. Every thought of ours must be healed. You will try to create an initiative among you. You must not be like tied horses. If a deep impulse for a good deed comes to you from your soul, do what your inner voice asks you to do, without looking for advice from anybody else. It's better to have duty with knowledge than to have neither knowledge, nor duty. Good life without suffering is impossible. You will thus acquire new experience and some more things, that you cannot acquire through another experience. All mistakes in our life come from the old people. How the old age comes? When a man leaves love, he becomes old. If a young woman remains without love, she gets old. People, who have love in themselves, are always young and never grow old. I will give you an explanation. A writer - as long as the thought is in himself, this is force; after he finishes his book - it is quality; when someone reads the book and take advantage on it - it is the living force. We pland a seed, it grows, this is force, but when it gives fruits - this is living force. People's life consists of such planted seeds. I consider a man positive only when all brothers in him think alike and are in concord. This is the occult side of the new teaching. You will always gather in even, not in odd number. This concerns the number of the scholars from these classes. If any troubles arise, we will solve them afterwards. If you do not learn how to concentrate, you will become like slack water in a swamp. When you are in meditation and somebody knocks on the door outside, you will imagine that you are holding a beam and if you drop this beam to open the door and let the one who is knocking in, the building that supports this beam will collapse. Your work with God is more important than the one who knocks on the door, whoever it might be. The black lodge was founded when a man was killed for the first time. November 8th , 1920, 10 am V.Tarnovo Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/670/666 Превеждали: Radost (Радостина Недева)
  15. Готов превод Когато дойде Духът - 14.9.1920-ИБ-319 / .: 14.9.1920-ИБ-319 TITLE: When the Spirt comes When the time comes to judge you, the Lord will not ask you why you have sinned, but why you have not straighten your life under so many conditions that have been given to you. As long as a man is alive, we don't tell him a kind word, but when he dies, we grieve and perform so many ceremonies. It is better to read a soothing prayer for him when he dies and to make him a modest funeral. Am I on the right track? - As long as you love God, as long as you love your neighbour, as long as you love yourself, you are on the right track. It will be funny if a harlot starts teaching others morality. What you destry, we build. What we build, you destroy. We will destroy all prisons and hospitals. Our program is to fill the world with schools. You must study the Gospel and the Bible, those methods, which are in living nature. "If your eye seduces you, take it out." If you understand these words litteraly, you will all take out an eye, but if you take out the eye and the temptations remain, then taking the eye out was in vain. You are invited in someone's house and treated with banitsa (a kind of bread in Bulgaria), and the hostess has put spoilt flour, butter, cheese, etc. by accident. But once you take out what you ate, you will immediately feel good, well. You are invited to go to church and listen to a preacher's sermon, but when you go home, you feel embarrassed. Bad person cannot put peace, calmness and joy in people's hearts and souls. Each thing, each thought, that does not put God's Love in you, should be left aside. The Gospel is a science, saying that God has not changed. Our minds and our hearts should not be twisted. If they prove that 2 + 2 = 4, then the mother and the father could reproduce themselves only twice. When we speak about the number 1, we always mean this Primal Force, which pushes all creatures toward reasonableness. What a thing is God? God is what we are not. All wrong-doings in the world origin from the carnivorousness. The spider sucks the blood of the fly it caugth. The fly sucks the juice of the apple and so on. Have you seen the daughter, demonstrating her anger toward her mother and her father; but when her beloved comes, she becomes good, kind and polite toward everybody. He in whom the Spirit comes, he must be always cheerful, contented, kind and attentive. When the Spirit comes, wings of the soul grow. If you insult your mother, if you insult your children, if you insult your father, your beloved will leave. When the Spirit comes, diseases leave, griefs disappear and sufferings disappear. Bad thoughts, bad desires form dark skies, through which we cannot see a thing. There are no vices, but only purity in the enlightened mind. The mind, full of vices, is limited. The Sun has risen and set for million times and it will rise and set another million times. God's Spirit is coming and soon will be here. He is not a kilometer, nor 500 meters nor 100 meters away, but close to you. "After saying these things, Jesus was troubled in his spirit, and testified, “Truly, truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me.” As soon as your spirits troubles, you will lose your force. “‘And in the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.". I say: People have been always prophesied in present tense. Our spiritual brothers are 100 meters away from us. These are one hundred spiritual meters. "God will open your minds to understad and know what you must say". There is no better thing in the world than knowing how to read and how to eat. To read - it means to feed yourself. We will pray to God to open our mouths. Which mouth? The mouth of our soul. When you take God's Word in your mind, it will sprout there and you will learn a lot. I want you to take those thoughts of mine under consideration and to put them into practice in life, we need the presence of the Divine Spirit in this school - the bearer of all Divine goods. The first criteria for an occult scholar is to have a great ideal, aspiration to God. And when wcientists want to prove that God is this way or another, they are misleading the world. Through Him we perceive thought, through Him we love, and so on. When we strive to think if there is a God, or wether God thinks of us, then we lose Him. Love and God do not tolerate any philosophy. So, we are called for studying everything that comes out or origin from God. Observe - you plant a seed and afterwards - does it sprout immediately? First it spreads down roots, their branching, the stem sprouts and spreads leaves, flowers, fruit. But we must not stop once it is ripe. The process of this plant must continue. You are children of angels, you are little angels, and you will gradually grow until you reach the degree of perfect angels. The human soul belongs to the mysteriously- married plants, and if any of you become openly married, he loses his meaning. Only the fruit should be in the open, and growth, flowering, ripening - in secret. September 14th, 1920 V.Tarnovo Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов. Статус на превода: превежда се Преведено в Beinsa.eu http://beinsa.eu/book/654/650 Превеждали: Radost (Радостина Недева)
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