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The Master Peter Deunov personally invited 62 of his disciples to Veliko Tumovo for a special meeting held 15-21 August 1912.


15 A ugust 1912 Virgin Mary Day


The meeting began at 10.30 a.m. The "GoodPrayer" was said and the song "We sing to You" was sung. The Master started his talk.


The verses contained in this book (THE TESTAMENT OF THE COLOUR RAYS OF LIGHT) are the pure Word of God passed down, spoken and tested for thousands of years. These are verses from the Book of the Lord arranged in such an order that, when read attentively and reverently, they produce all the colours necessary for spiritual upliftmentand perfection in the Path of the Lord. I shall read everything the Spirit has prepared for you and this will be published in a special book which will be given to you for your use. In this book will be given in order, clearly and in detail, not only the verses, but also the colours corresponding with the various virtues which evoke and produce the vibrations of these verses.


The Master started to read the verses about the red and orange colours. Two songs were sung and the Master continued.


I want us to create a powerful current of the seven colours because Christ is near the physical plane and He is present this year at the Congress. All these verses and explanations are written under His guidance; that is why, any time you use them, the Lord will be helping. All these verses are His Words and when you begin to work with them you will obtain power, but first let us purify ourselves from sin.


While I was taking the verses out of the Lords Book, the discamates caused me much trouble. They even tried to hamper my health, because the verses with their vibrations form the rays necessary for all of us. But the Lord God overcomes everything. You all know that Christ is with us this year and He says that He is coming to put everything in order. Everyone is free to test the karmic law in the world, but I would like you to live according to the law of Christ. Reconcile with each other and do not allow any hatred among you. Forgive each other in the Name of God because Christ is acting now and you will prove this.


Very important changes will be performed in the world. You must not be afraid of this, because these changes are fundamental and Christ is coming to balance things, to lay the foundations of things and to set them right. After that, the work will proceed and develop in a normal way. Continue to be good fathers and mothers, teachers and priests, and then the new light will appear in your consciousness. Thus you will witness, ensure, and experience the miracle years which will come.


The Master continued to read the verses about the colours and when he finished the verses for the green colour he said:

Success depends on the green colour. Refreshment is included in that colour too. Poverty is born out of an insufficiency of this colour, but its surplus leads to covetousness and stinginess. Therefore when the green colour assumes large proportions, we must turn to the red colour which will tone it down. The inordinate desires in this world produce the green colour. Self-denial means getting rid of the desire for useless things.


When we combine the verses with certain solar rays, we benefit. It is a fact that when we unite ourselves with the colour rays, we begin to create.


The Earth is a school and we must study in it. Someone says he cannot love; this shows his lack of the red colour. He needs to find a person of the green colour. We must often use the green colour. For example, if you need money, turn to the green colour. The cause of our search for love is a surplus of the red colour. The organ of development and growth is in the green colour. When we want to grow, we need to experience this colour in all its degrees.


All disputes are due to the lack of colours. For example, the lack of the red colour leads to hatred. Let us make use of light, for everything depends on light which is essential to life. We shall include all colours in this life and then the seven spirits will unite and humanity will return to its original source. Christ came down with the purpose of teaching mankind.


Now Christ wants you to use these colours in a very simple manner. Suppose someone hates a person. He should read the verses connected with that colour which supplies him with love. However, we should know how to use these verses and colours. For many times, we have tried to attain humility, but have not had a law which could guide us. So Christ wants us to know how to combine things and benefit by this simple law.


All good spirits issue out of light. The Divine spirits also come in the morning with the light and return to God the same way in the evening. We have to understand the Christ teachings in this way: Christ is blowing and this wind is transforming into light and the light is transforming into life.


The dark red colour imparts activity. In the spiritual life, we must constantly sow something if we want to harvest later on. We should daily take advantage of all opportunities for the Divine attributes which can be realised now. Christ gave us in this epoch a simple method of applying the colour rays in order to help us. He came into the world to bring new light, to enlighten human minds. People owe all education and culture to Him.


The number "seven" is dominant everywhere and it is always Divine. The Bible is a book which seems to us disorderly, but there is no order like it, for it contains all the colours. It contains three other colours besides the seven.


Someone says "I cannot love," but when we give him the red colour, we notice that his condition changes. Thus by reading this book, our longings are satisfied in a wonderful way.


When we understand these truths, harmony will be restored between us. It is not a secret that there are people radiating certain rays and we avoid them because they are intolerable. It is the same as when some people go away from Christ because He enlightens them and their dark spots appear. But we must not be afraid, for Christ is our friend.


Another person says: "I am weak-minded" but his state shows a lack of the yellow colour and with it, he will grow wiser.


We shall be able to work on our heart by means of these verses. For instance, "What is fear?" It is a surplus of the orange colour.


These verses from the Bible are the rays of light which we shall utilise now. First we shall work with the mind and then with the body. This is the law of Christ and the Spirit will tell you and reveal to you the deeper things in life which are not mentioned now, but the Spirit will impart them directly to you; for the basic things in the Bible are hidden in nature and in our soul which is a Divine treasury. So I repeat that life in itself is simple and we can easily attain it.


Let us all open the windows of our soul that the light may enter and illumine it. These are the very things Christ wants to regulate and this method (the verses with the colour rays) which is given you will make you free.


Some of you are rich in the red colour, but others are lacking. So it is with all the colours. The red colour is the emblem of Love which has certain vibrations. All the colours are built on Love because on the one hand it acts positively, but on the other hand its influences are negative. We should not fear, since Christ is with us. If He does not become the basic tone of our life, other things will substitute for Him. All our actions must very often be tuned to the basic tone of the red colour which is Love. Yes, Love is a colour and those who have not seen it do not and cannot know what Love is.


What is faith? It is a guide to those who sin. But when we are reconciled to God, we walk by sight, and then we know the pink colour in which Christ lives. I wish all of you to see the basic colour in which Christ lives. Christ is waiting to show us the principles comprising life which are of a most essential nature. It is most important for us to find the basic tone in which all Spirits live and then there will be no more divisions.


Now this is the first lesson Christ is giving you and whoever decides to apply it, I shall give it to him - only he should take care that if he does not apply it, it may have a negative effect and turn into his damnation. When you are given the book with the verses containing the rays, I shall tell each one of you what to read according to your need.


Try to apply by all means this simple method Christ is giving you. The Yogi, for instance, have very complex methods; but the one given by Christ is very simple and is not found anywhere else because Christ is the last gate. The Lord is among us listening to us. He is rejoicing and loving us, since the Lord is giving you this method, not I. You should think of His Love which I wish to see in the face of each of you. The Lord is testing you and you are listening to His voice.


16 August 1912


The "Good Prayer" was said and the song "We sing to You ” was sung. Then the Master said: "These are the basic colours with which the progress and the civilisation on the Earth is proceeding." The Master continued:


Now people are not yet ready for the blue colour. They see it only when assailed by misfortune. The blue colour is that of the Spirit of Truth. Only the blue colour can give us an idea of the beautiful and those who possess this colour love beauty. By this colour alone can you apply the verse: "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report - think on these things." He whose faith is weak should evoke this colour within himself and his faith will be strengthened.


Concerning the violet colour, we may say that the salvation of humanity is being performed by that colour. Power flows from the violet colour; kindness and reverence also belong to it.


The Master read the corresponding verses for these colours.


The amethyst colour is the Spirit of grace and has higher vibrations than the violet and is also the colour of humility. When God would like to purify someone, He passes this person through sufferings in order to prepare him; these sufferings we cannot avoid. Joy is the fruit of the amethyst colour. Sanctity also belongs to it; and when this colour prevails in you, it will reconcile the five senses which are now in apparent contradiction.


I must tell you that it is very hard to work with these last violet and amethyst colours. That is why you should begin with the first five colours; for you see, we have five fingers. A higher organisation is necessary for us, if we are to work with the last colours. The Spirit always tries to use the lower life, in order to impregnate it with higher vibrations.


I wish you all to go in the way I recommend for you because then you will be able to benefit from the exercises which are given to you in the book THE TESTAMENT OF THE COLOUR RAYS OF LIGHT.


There are three laws in our society which bind us. The first law is:" To love God with all your heart, mind, will and soul." The second law is: "To love your neighbour as yourself." The third law is: "To be perfect as our Father is perfect." In order to have success in all your affairs, you must follow these directions. Each fear and doubt must disappear and they will disappear when we embrace boundless Love.


17 August 1912


The Master said:

I will tell you something about prayer. There are special rules for praying. When someone turns to God in order to receive help, all colours must disappear from his consciousness. Then the situation will be changed and the Light will come and we must thank God for that.


Each colour contains a great theme. That is why I would like you to understand the spirit of these things.


The Master continued to read the verses about the colours. He explained:


On the physical level, Heaven represents superconsciousness, the Earth - consciousness, and the sea - subconsciousness. When you come into harmony with all these verses, you will obtain a new power. Begin to apply them the best you can, because there are some verses for the colours for which some of our friends are not ready yet.


Pray, always pray.


18 August 1912

The Master said:

I shall tell you the colour corresponding to each day of the week so that you may know which colour to apply each day.


Monday - green

Tuesday - red 

Wednesday - yellow 

Thursday - blue 

Friday - pink 

Saturday - violet 

Sunday - amethyst


By means of the colours you can also help others. If you wish to help someone who is having material difficulties, use all the verses of the green colour and the beings supporting the green colour will go to his aid. If you want to help someone in bad health, use the verses of the orange colour. In cases of disputes within a group, use the yellow colour, quoting all the verses about wisdom which can smooth dogmatic or other kinds of disputes. If, however, a religious way cannot be made clear, use also the verses of the blue colour and then the Spirit of Truth will throw light on their minds and they will stop arguing.


The rainbow contains the best and most natural colours; that is why you should observe it, for there you will see the five basic colours. You can observe these colours through a glass prism also on a white background

when there is sunshine. In this way you will study the colours and remember them. But before doing this exercise, if you are in a bad mood, use the pink colour and read the corresponding verses.


First of all, you must restore your inner peace, for only then will you be able to act correctly. So we shall make the first experiment with the safest method at a low cost, for there are other more costly methods which, once performed, you will not wish to repeat. Since this is Christ's method, although simple, the results will be most gratifying. In this way we shall create harmony among us and be connected with the White Brotherhood, The Brotherhood of Light which has been helping you greatly, very greatly.


19 August 1912


The Master said:

There is a symbolism portrayed in these words.

The tree "ICON-LAMP" symbolises the manifestations of God and means the Holy Trinity. There are "CANDLESTICKS" under the tree "ICON-LAMP" which symbolise the seven rays - these are "THE SEVEN SPIRITS" which were sent to serve. Thus we come to the number 10. The chalices there are arranged to form the the first letter of the name of Christ. The chair on the right side symbolises the KINGDOM OF GOD.


Christ would like to say that the Path is within the body, the soul and the spirit. That is why Christ would like to heal the body that it may be able to accept the Truth. The Light which we see is His Spirit. Pray that through this tree, things may be revealed to you.


I see that you would like to be useful and to do a great work, but in order to be able to do that, you need to be one with Christ.You must have Christ within you in three elements: Justice, Truth and Life. Hold this thought within you and desire the Christ to embody within you.


10 August 1914


The Master Peter Deunov personally invited 81 of his disciples to Veliko Tumovo for a special meeting held 10-18 August 1914. The Master read pages 5, 6 and 7 from the book THE TESTAMENT OF THE COLOUR RAYS OF LIGHT and explained:


"THE ETERNAL SPIRIT” (page 5 in THE TESTAMENT OF THE COLOUR RAYS OF LIGHT) means immortality, towards which we all aspire.


”BE YE THEREFORE PERFECT” (page 5 in THE TESTAMENT OF THE COLOUR RAYS OF LIGHT) means to be perfect as God is perfect in compassion, goodness and tolerance. The first talent with which we must begin is compassion. Christ is coming; His power will be seven times bigger than in ages before, and consequently the progress of humanity will also be magnified.


’THE GOLDEN CANDLESTICK” (page 7 in THE TESTAMENT OF THE COLOUR RAYS OF LIGHT) means the Christ teachings for which people now are longing and which will be established. Now most people are sleeping, but "THE SEVEN SPIRITS” are acting. When the last trumpet sounds, you will see quickly how to understand everything.







Georgi Radev, the disciple of the

Master Beinsa Douno



As the tones of a sound ascend in higher octaves, so do the rainbow colours radiate in higher and higher octaves - the octaves of the colour rays.


Humans hear several octaves, but at present the eye can see only the colour octave vibrating in the rainbow. However, there are higher octaves of light which are manifested in realms of finer matter than that of the physical plane.


In these worlds - astral and causal - the rainbow colours are still seven but differ in vibratory frequency, quality and effect. The higher the colour octave, the more beautiful and delicate the colours. In the causal world, the colours are finest and blend most harmoniously. They flow into one another most naturally and harmoniously, unnoticeably.


The great mystics of all times speak of this living rational world of light vibrating in all possible colours, ever finer and more ethereal the higher the realm. They say that in this boundless world of light, the colours are living and they fill man's soul with great power.


In fact, underlying every colour exists an intelligent universal power. Underlying the red colour is the great cosmic power of Love. Underlying the yellow colour is the cosmic power of Wisdom and underlying the blue colour is the cosmic power of Truth.


From the heart of all sublime beings of Love, a red light issues forth and spreads over all the world as a powerful vital current. But if one wishes to contact the magic power of that red colour, one should transform the visible red colour on the earth seven times, or raise it seven octaves. For the red we see is only a reflection of the real red colour. In fact, all the rainbow colours are only reflections or passive masks of the real colours. The real colours are living and conscious, possessing great powers. When man enters their aura, he can do wonders.

It is clear therefore that the effect of the colours depends on the vibratory frequency in the octave in which they are found. The finer and purer the medium they pass through, the clearer and brighter they are and the better their effect - both organically and psychically.


That is why the manifestation of the colours is different in different media and why the interpretation of the symbolic language of the colour ray differs in the various octaves.


Thus the red colour in itself is the expression of a superior world. It is the emblem of life issuing forth from Love in its original state. That is why the red colour is the bearer of vital power. In its pure state, it is so beautiful and delicate that on contacting it one can feel the intense vibrations of a higher life.


The lower the red colour descends from octave to octave, the coarser it becomes until on the physical plane, although it transmits, it arouses combative and destructive instincts. That is why all beings who have stored up the red light in their organisms are extremely active and coarse. This is true of man as well. When a man becomes very excited and gives vent to his angry feelings, this colour always appears on his face. Such one has absorbed little light - only the coarse vibrations of the red light. He has not absorbed the whole gamut of colours which complement one another and are harmonised. And in reality wrath always appears when the natural manifestation of the whole Universe is blocked.


In conclusion, we shall say the following about the red colour:


The red colour in its higher and purer form imparts power and vitality and is enlivening. But if it is received in its coarse state, it arouses the coarse instincts within man.


What we have said about the red colour applies to the other colours also. Their organic and psychic effects, depending on their purity, may be described briefly thus:


The pure orange colour produces noble sentiments - individualisation, high spirits and self-expression. The impure colour nourishes vanity, self-satisfaction and egotism.


The pure yellow colour imparts a balance of thoughts and feelings. It produces peace, calmness and contentment. In its impure form, it engenders painful physical and psychic states. The psychic balance is disrupted by heightened personal feelings, mostly pride.


The pure green colour enhances both organic and psychic growth. It inspires confidence and hope. But if it is received in its impure state and gets the upper hand over the other colours, it has a negative effect. It arouses covetousness - greed for private possession and security .The inferior green colour is extremely materialistic. The materialism of this epoch is largely due to the fact that the whole earth is dipped in green colours.

Some day, when humanity emerges from this colour, the earth will enter the blue colour. In its development humanity first passed through the red colour, then the orange, and now it is in the green colour. In the future, it will pass into the light blue colour and complete its development on earth in the golden - yellow colour.

The bright blue colour with its high vibrations uplifts one spiritually and expands the feelings. It arouses the most sublime emotions and leads to idealism and faith. Received in small quantities in its impure state, it causes doubt, lackoffaith and faint-heartedness.


The dark blue colour in its pure state imparts firmness, resoluteness and stability. In its impure form, it creates inconstancy. The pure violet colour strengthens the character, but in its impure form it causes weakness.

How do the white and the black colours affect us? Both are passive but of an opposite character. The black colour absorbs almost all sunbeams so that it preserves more heat. The white colour, on the contrary, reflects the sunbeams, preserving less heat.


The black colour in itself is not bad, for it shows a state of rest, but when it starts penetrating people’s minds it makes them ill. In such a case, they must change their life by harnessing all their energy.


Anyone who wants to change their life and receive an impetus for the beautiful and sublime should absorb in their mind the white colour as of purity.


The white colour is the colour of harmony. It unites all the colours, smoothing their deficiencies and harmonising them; for every separate colour, regardless of its valuable qualities, is incomplete and has certain shortcomings. In the white colour, the separate colours complement one another and blend in a unified harmony.


Let us get acquainted now with the symbolic language of the colours. The different colours exemplify various thoughts, feelings and states - that is why they serve as symbols of the beautiful language of light; but in the lower octaves their interpretation is q uite different from that in the higher octaves. The beings inhabiting the densest media and receiving the coarsest vibrations of light interpret the colours thus:


They say about the black colour: ’’This colour shows that man must live only for himself. One should take everything and give nothing."


About the red colour they say: "This colour shows that life is a struggle. Take revenge on those who oppose you."

About the orange colour they say: "This colour shows that man must differentiate himself and rise as an individual. If he is well, all the world is well."


The yellow colour says to them: "Develop your intellect and rise above the crowd, but use your knowledge only for yourself."


They interpret the blue colour thus: "Speak about religion and faith in God, about ideals and peace among people, but have faith only in yourself; do not rely on your neighbour, and prepare for war."


Finally, they interpret the violet colour thus: "As a man you must be strong, but keep the strength only for yourself."

The highly evolved beings who perceive the lower octaves of the colour rays give a different interpretation of them.


According to them, the red colour symbolises life as a gift from God. Man must live for God and sacrifice his life for his neighbour.


The orange colour signifies man's individuality which must be devoted to the service of God and the whole of humanity.


The green colour means growth and development. Man must develop and work for his own uplifting and perfection and at the same time help his brothers and sisters.


The yellow colour expresses human intelligence which must be placed in the service of mankind.


The blue colour means service of the Truth.


The violet colour determines the human's power, the power of his spirit which is to be used for the benefit of all.

The high vibrations which come from the higher worlds enter the human aura and create beautiful multicoloured images. The vibrations coming from the lower worlds create low energies and darken one's aura.


When you are indisposed, you must know where your indisposition comes from and which colour you are in at that moment. You are very often in disharmony with these high living colours.


For instance, if your heart does not feel right, or suffers some disorder, you are not in harmony with the red colour. If your thoughts are inharmonious, the high vibrations of the yellow colour cannot penetrate your aura. If your liver is in disorder, you cannot perceive the vibrations of the green colour correctly.


In general, it depends on the person which colours he will attract in his aura, the higher or the lower. When one has a high ideal in life and wants to live for God, he attracts the higher colours which are beneficial to his development. The red colour, for instance, has a most beneficial effect on such a man, for the Divine life begins to flow into him. But if one is an egotist and serves only oneself, the Divine life borne by the red colour cannot pass through.


Egotism is the greatest barrier to the penetration of the Divine life into man. Here is the key to healing with the colour rays. If a man wants to heal himself by the help of the colours without preparing within himself the conditions for attracting the higher colours which alone are curative, he will not be the beneficiary of any essential results.


First of all, one must reach a psychic attunement to the higher vibrations of the colour rays and become a good conductor of these rays. Is not the law of receiving and transmitting the solar energy in the organic world the same? Both the sheep and the wolf receive solar energy, either directly, or in a condensed form as food; but the sheep prepares milk and wool, while the wolf, sharp teeth and nails. It is clear therefore of what essential significance for the usage of the colour rays is the key given above. Turn this key wisely, because on this depends the opening of the door either to the lower worlds, or to the higher colour rays which bring the great benefits of light.









First published in English in Bulgaria 1995

by Vsemir

Copyright © Vsemir, 1995 All rights reserved.

ISBN 954 - 8447 - 04 - 5


Thanks to Phyllis Thorpe who helped

with the English edition.

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