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The Spiritual Calendar for 1971

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The Master sent to Promote Brotherhood


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Our pure love draws us nearer to the Creator, to the source of all life, to His kindness and authority, and to His widsom and everlasting barmony.


There are real and unreal things in life on earth. The sensible man who strives to uplift himself takes heed of the real things. For instance, real are the terms: Master - Pupil -Brotherhood. There is a connection between them, they express the intelligent conscious life.


The pupil of the New Life studies these essential conceptions and when he succeds in penetrating into them, he develops properly and harmoniously.


By “MASTER” we imply the Eternal Divine Spirit, who guides and teaches us. By “PUPIL” we imply the souls sent to earth, the Great School of Life. By the word “BROTHERHOOD” we imply the souls within whom conscious life has began.


These have, as Christ says, built their house upon a rock. This is the inward path of the spiritual life.


The epoch in which we live is very important for it is the New Cosmic Working Day of universal creativeness, involving our earthly humanity in cooperation with heaven and earth.


Humanity is waking up; it needs knowledge, of the real life.


The Master Beinsa Douno, by his teaching and his school, gives us this knowledge and the Calendar presents some of the laws and the methods of the New Life for us to learn and apply.






* * *






The following is its method of use:


Each Sunday, preferably in the morning when the mind is fresh and the thought free, read the thoughts given under the corresponding date - read slowly, in such a way that you well assimilate the idea they contain.


Then each following day of the week, reread or meditate on that idea, either in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before you go to bed, or any time of the day suitable to you.


Each of you, busy with your own perfection, might wish to take up an idea suitable to your problem at the moment. When the thought given for the current week does not correspond to your immediate search for Truth, you can easily find more suitable thoughts in this small collection, so conveniently carried about in your pocket or in your handbag.


With the constant use of this Calendar, new ideas spring up in the consciousness of man and a real inner renewal is effected. Thus, an inner connection is also made both with the Higher World, and with all pupils throughout the earth who aspire to fathom the eternal laws of life and who unceasingly perfect themselves.


We are already laying a foundation for the fulfillment of the divine law of love, wisdom, and truth, which is the great foundation of our future. A new heaven and a new earth will be built upon these three great principles.


Let us say, “We shall fulfull without fear and without darkness the will of our God, the Father of love, of wisdom, and of truth. Then in us there will live and be manifested the spirit of Christ.”


January 3rd


The members of the new humanity will be bearers of light.


The world needs new people, people of the resurrection, citizens of the Kingdom of God. Walk straight forward on the new path of light. This is the only way you can transform your lives. Man has come to earth to be a coworker of God and not to suffer or to be happy. Suffering and happiness are secondary. First and foremost is work.


On coming to earth, man resolved to realize the divine ideas and principles, and to do the Will of God. Aspire towards the great ideal of true life, without regretting the past. Detach yourselves spiritually from those who still live the old life! The pupil of the New Life, in whatever surroundings he may be, must treat everyone with respect and confidence. Never forget that the eyes of the higher beings continuously observe from above the way in which you manifest divine love.


January 17 th


People of the New Age will be recognized by their morality and by the good they do in the name of God. Man must rise above circumstances, above time, above people, and must manifest the divine within himself. The application of morality begins with the human body and gradually expands to include other beings, first near then further away. This is why we say that the way man acts towards himself is also the way he will act toward others.


January 24th


Thoughts and feelings are sacred processes. Only through them can man come in touch with life. Each thought, good or bad, returns to its source bringing along with it the acquisitions of its journey. For this reason the great teachers point out to people the right way of thinking. They say that no one can escape the consequences of his thoughts, feelings, and deeds. If you want to test the quality of your thoughts and feelings, look at your deeds. Every right thought is the voice of God.


January 31st


Man’s strength is in his thought. Thought nourishes man as does bread. If a man’s thoughts are not healthy, no matter how well he feeds himself, he still will pine away. He who lives according to the laws of love, of faith, and of hope, though he eats only dry crusts of bread, will be healthy and happy.


Every thought which passes through a man’s eyes nourishes the eyes themselves. The more elevated the thoughts that pass through a man’s head, the more refined is the nourishment they provide for him.


The spiritual life is as natural as eating and breathing. If a man does not eat well, if he does not breathe and think rightly, he cannot live a spiritual life. Health is but the result of moral living. As health represents the outer side of physical life, so does moral conduct represent the outer side of spiritual life. It has been proven that a man with moral stability lives longer than does one without it.


February 14th


Man must be exacting of himself; he must possess a deep and steadfast moral outlook and not a superficial one. If he is not exacting of himself, if he fails in relation to his higher consciousness, he will lose his inner strength and equilibrium. If he cuts off his connection with the higher divine consciousness, man loses his inner peace, his inner strength, his credit.


If you think that things work themselves out here on earth, you are mistaken. All matters are arranged somewhere far away, and here we see only their reflection. You are the reflection of what happens in the invisible world.


Our faith and our love must be progressive. However, they will meet many obstacles on their way. This should not discourage you. Without hindrances and contradictions, no strength can manifest itself. Read about the lives of great men and you will see that when they were the most discouraged and dissatisfied with themselves, then their accomplishments were the best.


February 28th


When a man relies on Divine Providence, he can always free himself from the difficulties of life. If he gets stuck somewhere, if his affairs get confused, it is sufficient to call upon Divine Providence for help and he will free himself from the difficulties into which he has fallen. No other power can straighten the crooked paths of man and open his way to the bright thought of God that will help him to rid himself of the old and take the path toward the new.


The love of young people is falling in love. Falling in love is more oriented towards physical nature, but we are speaking of love that lives in the soul and is accessible to all people.


Physical love is a drain. Love only that which can add something to your life. Love that causes confusion, worries, and anxieties, love that casts a shadow over human consciousness, is not true love.


March 14th    


When you rise in the morning from sleep, do not begin your work until you have met God within yourself, and given thanks for all the good that has been given to you.


Rely on God within you and beyond yourself, so that your affairs may come to a good end.


When you help the weak and the sick, you provide an opportunity for the divine in you to manifest itself, and to open the way to great possibilities and achievements.


In order to avoid one-sided development, turn your attention to everything. It is good if you sing, or play an instrument, or if you paint, if you engage yourself in art or in poetry. As long as you live on earth, imagine that you are rich, strong, that you are a poet, a learned man, a philosopher. In this way you will model your forehead.


Man must come to an inner understanding of life. He must free himself from all the prejudices of his time, he must free his mind from all unnecessary thoughts.


March 22nd - Vernal Equinox


We ought first to have love and then we may speak about brotherhood and equality. Occult powers are applicable only in divine love. It is the only power that can govern all other powers.


Love brings everything into balance. Therefore, when love enters into us, there will be no difficulties that cannot be overcome.


In truly divine love, there is no falling in love and falling out of love. In divine love there burns an eternal inextinguishable fire, kindled by the divine Spirit. This fire never stops burning. When love enters into a man, it transforms him, giving him talents he has never known, turning him from idleness and sloth to diligence.


Love brings a great stimulus to man. Love gives meaning to life. Through love man easily copes with poverty, with hunger, and with dif-iculties.


April 4th


The only place where you can hear the still, small voice of God is the vale of sorrow and suffering. And not the external sufferings which all can see, but the inner sorrow one feels when he becomes conscious of his mistakes. This we call moral suffering.


Suffer so that you may gain life. Rejoice so that you may gain strength for work. Work so that you may fulfill your destiny.


The blessings of life come through suffering. If it were possible without suffering, Christ would have brought salvation to humanity without it. Suffering is not yours alone. Thousands of beings suffer together with you. In order to free yourself from suffering, elevate your mind above its ordinary consciousness. In a short time your suffering will cease. If you rejoice in your suffering, no one will be able to deprive you of your joy.


April 18th


Suffering is a blessing through whose agency the higher beings want to free you from delusions. Sorrow is the mother of the soul where everything grows. Joy is the womb of the spirit where everything matures. To transform sorrow into joy means to change the incomprehensible sorrow into a known and understood one. As long as man sings he always finds the way out of sorrow. When he stops singing, all the paths of his life become closed.


Christ lived in the flesh in human form among human beings, but He will not come a second time in this way. His blood is free from the conditions of sickness and cannot flow in human veins. Christ’s blood is the living, divine Word, the living bread that comes from heaven. The body in which Christ’s blood flows is healthy, strong, and free from external influences and impurities. Evil kneels at the feet of Christ, the loving man and becomes His servant.        


May 2nd


Rejuvenation is possible only through your intense thought. Rebirth and right growth are aspects of rejuvenation. It has to do with your connection with the higher beings who always hold you in their thoughts and help you.


When you turn aside from the right path, the higher beings abandon you and you begin to suffer.


In order to be rejuvenated in a natural way, hold positive thoughts in your mind and kind feelings in your heart.


ASSIGNEMENT: during the whole week think about light. With a deep, sincere desire ask God to help you to transform yourself into light. Do not say that you are a sinner, but say to yourself, “Unknown are the ways . of God.”


No one can soil the human soul. It has always been pure and will remain so forever.


For God all things are possible. Seek God as a child seeks its father and thank Him that He has taken you, too, into consideration.


May 16th


Do not search for God here and there, but trust His presence within you. He is in your consciousness, in the sanctuary of your soul. He dwells in the immortal essence of man, and not in the mortal nature. Therefore, direct your thought towards God, towards your consciousness, and realize that you will receive a double portion for everything. If you behave badly, you will receive a double portion of the evil, whereas if you act rightly, you will receive a double portion of the good.


The awakened consciousness is like a lighted candle that illumines man’s path. As long as he thinks and feels rightly, his consciousness is awake and he can see his way even in the darkest and stormiest night.


The moment your candle goes out you enter the realm of delusions and conflicts. Every good disposition of your spirit indicates that you are under the influence of beings whose thoughts and comprehensions are higher than yours.


May 30th


To live wisely is to strive upwards. Wise living implies a harmony among the thoughts, the feelings, and the deeds of a man. Listen to the inner voice in yourself because thoughts and feelings are outer advisors that can easily mislead you.


A virtue acquired in youth is more valuable than one acquired in old age. From his early years the youth must be a worker and lead a good life.


AN ASSIGNEMENT: During the entire week think rightly, feel rightly, and act rightly. Say to yourself: “For the sake of God I shall think rightly, feel rightly, and act rightly.” Your success for thousands of years to come depends upon your correct thoughts, feelings, and deeds. Only God can teach us what things are suitable for us and how to accept them. When He enters into us He will teach us everything - to think, to feel, and to act rightly.


June 13th


The good life implies the participation of consciousness. This is not a mechanical process. However, without the good will of the spirit, consciousness cannot function in man. And without it nothing can be achieved. If you lose the good in yourself, you lose the conditions for eternal life. It is in the interest of your soul to be good. Through the good you protect yourself, you sustain your organism.


For two individuals to live in harmony, it is important that they be ready to sacrifice for one another. If a man is not ready to sacrifice for what is sublime in the world, he is not able to free himself from the difficulties of life. If people had learned not to interfere in the love of their acquaintances, the world by now would be a better place.


June 27th


To love a person wisely means to unfold in him the qualities that uplift him. When we speak about Christ’s love, we mean pure, selfless love free from outer influences. Love that casts a shadow upon a man’s consciousness is not true love.


A father must love the spirit and soul of his son - not his form. If he loves the form, the love will soon abandon him.


In the world there is only one Teacher. He is the Teacher of Love. He is One alone. Do not think that there are many teachers. One only is the Great Teacher of Love, and all other teachers are a manifestation of His love. When we speak about the Teacher we mean the great and boundless Love that expresses itself in giving knowledge, wisdom, happiness, and blessedness to all beings on earth.


July 4th


Life is a combination of lessons. We shall live and learn so that we may free ourselves from the illusions of life. Do not ask what you can do; ask what the divine in you can do.


If you get confused and do not know what to do, turn to God and He will give you the needed advice.


God answers all who seek Him, who work, and who rely on Him.


July 11th


Prayer is a spiritual means of fulfilling human desires. Man must pray so that he may gain life. Man has come to earth with a task - to strive to attain love, knowledge, and freedom. To this end he must think about the higher world which bears immortality.


Thoughts are born in the world of thought. , They arise there, and are realized in the physical world. Do not obstruct good thoughts and feelings. Let them flow freely, following the way to the infinite.


July 18th


The aim of the pupil is to free his consciousness from thoughts and desires that hinder his development. He must distinguish the uplifting ones from those that pull him downwards. There are desires that impose themselves upon the consciousness like unwelcome guests. If a young man permits a young woman to obsess him, she will deprive him of all his wealth. Where there is true love, temptations and seductions do not exist.


Aim for what is great in life that disperses all the shadows from the consciousness, enlightens the mind, and warms the heart.


People are connected vessels. Unconsciously one is receptive to the mistakes of others. If you pay attention to your neighbour’s mistakes, they will inevitably enter into you.


“Judge not, that ye be not judged.” This means that you should not look for other people’s mistakes or you may become contaminated by them. Live properly; think and feel rightly. In this way you create the right conditions for a good future. Your future depends upon your good thoughts and feelings.


August 1st


A well-behaved person is one who receives a person well even when he feels indisposed. Whether or not you are well disposed, you must have control over yourself. Without selfmastery nothing can be achieved. He who does not have control over himself gathers impurities along the way and disperses them on all sides. Only the wise person can be patient. He who speaks well of other people uplifts himself. He who speaks ill of others lowers himself.


Perform the following EXPERIMENT: For ten days do not permit a single negative thought to enter your mind, nor a single negative feeling to enter your heart. Be thankful for everything that happens to you during this time. Say, “God, I thank Thee for leading me along this path.’’ Many negative thoughts will come to your mind, but be wakeful so that you do not give them a chance to manifest themselves. Whatever happens to you, say to yourself, “Everything will work together for good.’’


August 15th


The misfortune of a person is due to the fact that through his ill disposition he obstructs the blessings which come from the invisible world or from God. The reason for any sickness is likewise a man’s ill disposition. It produces in the organism residues, leftovers, and inert matter, and the person becomes sick. In reality, diseases come as a cure. Therefore, all illness is not a punishment but an incentive, a stimulus that causes man to dispose of all his impurities.


One’s right development depends upon his good disposition. Such a disposition is like a passcard. Without it nothing can be achieved. When you are a visitor your disposition determines the way you are welcomed and the way you are bidden farewell.


From the moment that you awaken from sleep, start thinking about something uplifting so that you may acquire a good disposition.


Never pray without being well disposed.


Do not work without being well disposed.


Do not speak without being well disposed.


Do not eat without being well disposed.


August 29th


When you rise in the morning say to yourself, “Today I am in a good mood.” Imagine that you are strong, healthy, and beautiful. A man’s strength is in his good disposition. By good disposition we mean such a mood as will not interfere with higher aims and deeds. Only he can be well disposed who has developed in himself something steady, something firm.


If you are angry or sick, turn to God and say, “God lives in me and I live in God. In the name of His love I shall master my anger and my illness.” When you call upon Love, every difficulty and every suffering will disappear. These are given as conditions for concentration, for attaining a connection between the human soul and God.


Rejoice when you are ill and when you are healthy. Rejoice when you suffer and when you do not suffer.


Everything is for the glory of God.


September 12th


Prayer is a spiritual process. What breathing is for the physical world, prayer is for the divine world. It is spiritual breathing. It is the connection between the human soul and the higher rational world from which man draws strength for sustaining his life. When he inclines his heart to God, man breathes the elexir of God. Pray often and you will see how uplifted your soul will be.


September 19th


Turn to God, the God of abundant and full life, and ask all things of Him. There is no other being as approachable as God. Call upon Him and He will answer you. Keep in touch with God. He is a capital upon which you can always rely.


The pupil of the New Teaching always says, “I can.” If you say, “I cannot,” you weaken the divine in yourself. When you say, “I can”, you give it power to manifest itself.


September 22nd - Autumn Equinox


Every pupil who has awakened to the divine comes into contact with his inner master, and follows his advice. This master will convey to him methods of work. He will inspire him; he will awaken all his power, talent, and capacity for work. He will show him what life is and what death is. He will explain to him the manifestations and phenomena of life and nature. And when he has adequately equipped him with knowledge, he will leave him alone to apply it.


Every work must begin and end with a sacred thrill and with complete selflessness.


Work with love. If you apply the slightest feeling of selfishness in your work, it will destroy the foundation of the work as the worm eats away the tender roots of a plant. He who desires to exploit others, disgraces himself.


Every action must be based on purity and holiness. Only thus can people understand and help each other.


October 3rd


As pupils you must use all your talents and abilities. Do not take anything for granted. It is not enough to believe my words. You ought to believe and to work. When you have a difficulty or a problem to solve, turn to God. As a soul, you represent a part of the divine organism. If you keep this in mind, your affairs will work out a divine way.


Your success depends upon your love for your work and for people. The better and the more diligently you work, the sooner will you get results. He who is diligent solves his problems at once, for he does not procrastinate. Anyone who calls himself a pupil but still waits for others to help him, is on the wrong path.


Do not expect me to teach you without any effort on your part. The important thing is that you follow me step by step today and increase the capital of your life.


October 17th


All of you have been called to do the will of God. You have this possibility at least in small way, though it may lie hidden in your soul. Do not expect anyone to come and urge you. Each must use his own initiative. If you do not apply the new, the old will come, bringing suffering.


The essence of the new is goodness.


Goodness must be the ideal for man. It brings favorable conditions for the development of human thought and for the manifestation of the higher life.


Treasure even what is small. All the people you meet are equally valuable and important. The new teaching requires that your enemies become your friends. In this way your conflicting thoughts, feelings, and deeds will become your friends and will take part in your life.


All souls are united in one indivisible whole. Fealize this connection that exists among you as souls.


October 31st


The relation to God must be sustained without interruption. Maintain a sacred feeling for God and say to yourself, “Thousands of changes can occur in me and around me, but there can be no change in the relation of God to me. God does not change.”


Everything - good or bad - directed to God multiplies and returns to the sender. Nourish the good in yourself so that it may multiply a hundredfold.


If you are a pupil, you will be deaf to reproach as well as to praise. Love excludes both reproach and praise. He who is wise proceeds on his way and listens neither to the one who scolds him, nor to the one who praises him. He knows that both err. And if he stops to explain to them, he, too, will err.


Never argue with an evil person. He only waits for you to provoke him. Nor should you speak to a person who praises you. Both of them harbor some selfish aim, intending to get something from you.


November 14th


Only love has the power to raise a man’s soul. It is a power that works from within outward. Man never raises himself through force. Love in which one cannot forget himself is not love. To forget yourself means to be connected with God, with all human beings, with all living beings. To forget yourself means to take the last place in life. Then the joys and sorrows of others are also your joys and sorrows.


Man’s primary task is to free himself from inner fear. If someone complains that he has not become rich, strong, and good, it is because of his fear. If you fear for the future, you will always be in conflict with God, with wise nature.


Rid yourself of fear so that you may be in harmony with living nature and enjoy God’s blessing. It has been said, “The fearful cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.” What is the Kingdom of God? The sum of the blessings assigned by God to all living beings on earth.


November 28th


Whoever wants to live a good life must manifest wisdom, goodness, and inner strength. Only thus can he attain his ideal, and purify his life from all the dregs of the past.


A pure life is expected of everyone. Impurity is easy to remove. It is not a quality of the soul. He who thinks rightly can transform the energies of fear into energies of a higher level — into conscience.


Conscience is related to the mind. You cannot be conscious if you do not think rightly.


December 5th


I speak about the inner, the pure, the divine life of man. I say, “Do not limit the powers of divine love and of the good that manifest through you.” These are currents that flow through man. Divine love is a positive power that can perform miracles. It transforms one’s character -- the evil becomes good; the weak, strong; the lazy, industrious.


He who has passed through the fire of divine love can be distinguished by his moral steadfastness.


December 12th


At every moment you must be aware of the direction in which you are going. If your soul is at peace, if your thoughts, feelings, and deeds are correct, then you are on the right path.


You cannot develop properly if you do not practise love in all the trials and tribulations of life.


Only he who has awakened and is conscientious and humble can achieve something and be fruitful. If you do not awaken, you cannot work. If you do not humble yourself, your work will be fruitless.


I want to help you to be healed, to free yourselves from the inner discontent which causes fermentation. Such fermentation is the cause of many diseases.


You must turn your attention to wise nature, to life, and to all forms, in order to find the divine hidden in them. Only in this way will you come to find the spirit of things, to find true knowledge of God, and to have true communion with the First Cause.


The power of a man is in the knowledge that he receives from the Spirit.


December 26th


“We are crucified!” - “Never mind, you are nearer to Me,” God replies, You will enter into the Kingdom of God only when you are crucified. Therefore, let us rejoice that we have something in excess in this world. Let all of us be followers of Christ and bear the name Christian with dignity. And let us never stumble on this great path but let us fight fearlessly and decisively. And let us encourage everyone who fights along with us. This is the power by which we shall overcome the present difficulties.


* * *


God loves the best that is in us.


* * *

The one who loves speaks of Love.

The one who is afraid speaks of Fear.


* * *

Love is sublime! It is that Great principle which always fills and invigorates the soul of the disciple.


* * *

Beinsa Douno



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